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A Love Note to My Mom When I was a littl...

A Love Note to My Mom

When I was a little girl, I would often accompany you as you modeled (T台展示) for fashion photographers. It was years later that I finally understood what role modeling   36   in your life. Little did I know you were   37   every penny you earned to go to   38   school.

I cannot thank you enough for   39   you told me one autumn afternoon when I was nine. After finishing my homework, I wandered into the dining room where you were buried   40   piles of law books. I was   41  . Why were you doing what I do—memorizing textbooks and studying for   42   ? When you said you were in law school, I was more puzzled. I didn’t know Moms   43   be lawyers too. You smiled and said, “In life, you can do anything you want to do.”

As young as I was, that statement kept   44   in my ears. I watched as you faced the   45   of completing your studies, starting companies with Dad, while still being a   46   and a Mom of five kids. I was exhausted just watching you       47  . With your words of wisdom in my   48   mind, I suddenly felt unlimited freedom to dream. My whole world  49  . I set out to live my life filled with  50  , seeing endless possibilities for personal and professional achievements.

Your words became my motto. I   51   found myself in the unique position of being either the first (woman doctor in Maryland Rotary)   52   one of the few women (chief medical reporters) in my field. I gained strength every time I said, “Yes, I’ll try that.”

Encouraged by your   53  , I have forged ahead(毅然前行) with my life’s journey, less afraid to make mistakes, and   54   meeting each challenge. You did it, and now I’m   55   it. Sorry, got to run. So much to do, so many dreams to live.

1.A. found           B. played         C. kept         D. provided

2.A. saving           B. making          C. donating     D. receiving

3.A. business        B. fashion        C. law          D. medical

4.A. what            B. that            C. which         D. where

5.A. at               B. to              C. upon          D. under

6.A. amused          B. worried        C. puzzled       D. disappointed

7.A. roles            B. tests          C. positions    D. shows

8.A. must            B. ought to        C. need         D. could

9.A. ringing         B. blowing         C. falling       D. beating

10.A. choices        B. chances        C. challenges   D. changes

11.A. professor      B. doctor          C. reporter      D. model

12.A. in danger       B. in action      C. in trouble   D. in charge

13.A. weak           B. powerful        C. youthful     D. empty

14.A. came back      B. closed down    C. went by      D. opened up

15.A. hope            B. hardship       C. harmony       D. sadness

16.A. constantly      B. shortly         C. hardly        D. nearly

17.A. and             B. but            C. or           D. for

18.A. description     B. statement       C. praise       D. introduction

19.A. secretly       B. curiously      C. carelessly   D. eagerly

20.A. doing           B. considering    C. correcting    D. reading


1.B 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.D 6.C 7.B 8.D 9.A 10.C 11.D 12.B 13.C 14.D 15.A 16.A 17.C 18.B 19.D 20.A 【解析】 1.B 注意搭配。一般高考英语完形填空会把原来的短语分开,通过一些句式来考查。 2.A 注意动宾意义上的结合,后面是penny 与金钱有关,所以选 save。 3.C 瞻前顾后,联系上下文,选项(20)的后面有law books 题(23)后有lawyers 作为提示,因此填 law 为正确答案。 4.A 此题考查语法知识,属于功能性考查。tell sb. something,句子缺少宾语,所以填what这个代词。考查语法功能在高考英语完形填空试题中所占比例很轻。 5.D 此题考查语法知识,属于功能性考查。埋头读书,很形象。所以选择under。 6.C 自己不理解,为什么妈妈像自己的孩子一样去记忆繁琐的知识。考查过去分词化形容词。 7.B  for 介词 表目的 学习的目的就是为了考试,所以选tests,符合题意。 8.D could 表示推断,“有可能”之意。属于语法功能考查。 9.A 选项后面的in my ears 是提示性的短语,在耳边回荡,选ringing 发出声响之意,非常恰当。 10.C 后面讲到与爸爸一起创办公司,实属不易,所以面临诸多困难与挑战。 11.D still 是提示词,后面要填的肯定是前面所出现的,身为五个孩子的母亲,还有本身的工作要做。母亲原来做的就是模特,所以填model。 12.B 母亲什么事情都身体力行,所以选in action. in charge是管理 负责的意思,没有协作,共同之意。 13.C 受到妈妈的勤奋好学的思想的积极影响,作者的脑海中也充满了一种激情浩荡,蓬勃向上的朝气,所以选youthful,意思是有朝气的。本文从前至后洋溢着一种进取上进的思想,所以解题时要全文把握,抓住主流。 14.D 高考英语完形填空一般都会有一到两题考查词组。除了掌握词组的本意以外,还要了解它的引申义,比如turn up 本意是把音量开大,引申义是出现的意思。想掌握一个词组,要做到借助句子语境去理解,这样记忆才能牢固。open up 打开,展现 的意思,就是作者的整个世界就像一扇门一样的打开了,从此开始了自己的追梦之旅,取得成就无数。本题解题时要注意前后搭配及其全文整体思想。 15.A 后面的achievements 是个提示词,没有hope就没有achievements,所以选hope,指作者无论做什么事情都满怀希望,持有梦想。准确找到提示词是决定答案的关键。 16.A 考查副词词义。选项前面的Your words became my motto. 是含有提示性的一句。作者经常把妈妈的富有进取的话语当作自己做事的座右铭,时刻激励着自己。 17.C 瞻前顾后。前后是并列关系,表选择。 18.B 表白 之意,考查名词词义,容易区分,较简单。 19.D 考查副词词义。这里选eagerly, 表现了作者迫不及待的心情,时刻准备着去迎接每一个挑战。 20.A you did it 是提示语,did 是做事的意思,所以后面选doing 是非常合理的。找对提示用语或提示词是作出正确判断的关键。

What he wants is _______ his mother as quickly as he can; and what he must do is ____ to the hospital at once.

    A.to see; going                      B.to see; go       

C.see; to go                         D.see; go



—How did you find your visit to the Summer Palace yesterday?

    —_________.I got separated from my 80-year-old grandparents

    A.It couldn’t be better               B.I have no idea

    C.Good luck to me                      D.It couldn’t be worse



You job here is only ______, for you will be removed from it when we have a proper post for you

    A.original         B.accurate        C.initial          D.temporary



The good thing about children is that they ______ very easily to new environments.

    A.attain           B.allocate        C.adapt           D.adopt



——I can’t _______ another task, now I have more than I can do.

    —— In this way, I will ask someone else.

    A.take on          B.take over      

    C.take up          D.take off



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