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Sometimes, the best gifts from Parents d...

    Sometimes, the best gifts from Parents don’t come in boxes. When I think of the first ______my father had given to me, it would be a love of ______. He is not usually an observer of life, but he can be thoughtful and______. He is always right in our study reading and gave me a love of _________. He has been totally deaf in one ear since he was two years old, so we ______ listen to music. In my childhood, storybooks were king—not songs.

The second is ______ all. Even when my sister and I were little, the ______ around the dinner table was noisy but adult-level. Your______didn’t matter. If you ______ an opinion, you had to present your case and give evidence. He treats everything the same,______or adult, cleaner or CEO.

The greatest gift to us, however, was that he took ______ in our brains but not our ______. He always told us reading enriched the minds which was more important than looks. I know most successful women had fathers who_______ their intelligence and maybe I will be. My father said my mother was the most _____ person he had ever met. He still says that. They met while camping out in a golden autumn. Trees was______ in sunshine and a girl was reading under one. Impressed by the ______, he approached and told her that she _______him of Jane Austen’s Emma, then mistakenly quoted the book. She ______ him and he was in______ from that moment.

Over the years, my father taught me never to stand still and accept the way things are; I should fight for______ and I will continue to follow his lead.

1.A.chance B.gift C.answer D.advice

2.A.reading B.working C.writing D.exercising

3.A.serious B.cheerful C.influential D.modest

4.A.science B.poems C.pictures D.words

5.A.normally B.eventually C.rarely D.naturally

6.A.controlling B.respecting C.analyzing D.describing

7.A.joke B.interview C.speech D.conversation

8.A.skill B.experience C.age D.reputation

9.A.voiced B.shared C.accepted D.formed

10.A.plant B.animal C.teacher D.child

11.A.pride B.pleasure C.part D.interest

12.A.practice B.scores C.appearances D.awards

13.A.valued B.praised C.balanced D.doubted

14.A.elegant B.humorous C.enthusiastic D.intelligent

15.A.lost B.bathed C.deep D.hidden

16.A.surroundings B.setting C.scene D.scenery

17.A.reminded B.informed C.warned D.told

18.A.comforted B.guided C.criticized D.corrected

19.A.love B.panic C.sorrow D.thought

20.A.wealth B.freedom C.change D.knowledge


1.B 2.A 3.C 4.D 5.C 6.B 7.D 8.C 9.A 10.D 11.D 12.C 13.A 14.D 15.B 16.C 17.A 18.D 19.A 20.C 【解析】 这是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者回想父亲给自己最好的礼物,第一是对阅读的热爱、第二是尊重所有人,最好的礼物是重视思维大于外貌。文中还描述了父亲和母亲初次见面的场景。多年来,父亲教导作者不要停滞不前,要接受现实;应该为改变而奋斗,作者将继续跟随他的领导。 1. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:当我想到父亲给我的第一份礼物时,我会想到热爱阅读。A. chance机会;B. gift礼物;C. answer回答;D. advice建议。结合上文Sometimes, the best gifts from Parents don’t come in boxes.可知此处指父亲送给作者的第一份礼物。故选B。 2. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:当我想到父亲给我的第一份礼物时,我会想到热爱阅读。A. reading阅读;B. working工作;C. writing写;D. exercising锻炼。根据后文He is always right in our study reading可知父亲给作者的第一份礼物时对阅读的热爱。故选A。 3. 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:他通常不善于观察生活,但他可以很有思想,很有影响力。A. serious严肃的;B. cheerful快乐的;C. influential有影响力的;D. modest谦虚的。结合上文but he can be thoughtful and可知父亲是个有想法,有影响力的人。故选C。 4. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:在我们学习阅读方面,他总是正确的,并且对我说爱的话语。A. science科学;B. poems诗歌;C. pictures图画;D. words话语。根据上文gave me a love of可推知是给作者将爱作者的话语。其他选项不符合语境。故选D。 5. 考查副词词义辨析。句意:他两岁的时候一只耳朵就完全聋了,所以我们很少听音乐。A. normally正常地;B. eventually终于;C. rarely很少地;D. naturally自然地。根据上文He has been totally deaf in one ear since he was two years old可知父亲一只耳朵听不见,所以作者他们很少听音乐。故选C。 6. 考查动词词义辨析。句意:第二个礼物是尊重所有人。A. controlling控制;B. respecting尊重;C. analyzing分析;D. describing描述。根据后文He treats everything the same可知父亲尊重所有人,这是他给作者的第二个礼物。故选B。 7. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:即使在我妹妹和我还小的时候,餐桌上的谈话也很吵,但已是成年人的谈话了。A. joke玩笑;B. interview采访;C. speech演讲;D. conversation对话。结合后文around the dinner table was noisy but adult-level可知是指餐桌上的谈话。故选D。 8. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:你的年龄不重要。A. skill技能;B. experience经历;C. age年龄;D. reputation名誉。根据上文Even when my sister and I were little可知作者和妹妹尽管年纪小,也可以参与到谈话中,说明年龄并不重要。故选C。 9. 考查动词词义辨析。句意:如果你表达意见,你就必须陈述你的论点并提供证据。A. voiced表达;B. shared分享;C. accepted接受;D. formed形成。根据后文宾语an opinion可知是“表达(voiced)”意见。故选A。 10. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:他对待每件事都一样,不管是小孩还是大人,清洁工还是CEO。A. plant植物;B. animal动物;C. teacher老师;D. child孩子。结合后文or adult, cleaner or CEO可知前后对应,大人对应小孩。故选D。 11. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:然而,给我们最好的礼物是,他对我们的思想感兴趣,而不是我们的外表。A. pride自豪;B. pleasure快乐;C. part部分;D. interest兴趣。根据后文He always told us reading enriched the minds which was more important than looks.(他总是告诉我们,阅读丰富了思维,这比外表更重要)可知父亲感兴趣的是人的思想。take interest in表示“对……感兴趣”。故选D。 12. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:然而,给我们最好的礼物是,他对我们的思想感兴趣,而不是我们的外表。A. practice实践;B. scores分数;C. appearances外貌;D. awards奖品。根据后文He always told us reading enriched the minds which was more important than looks.(他总是告诉我们,阅读丰富了思想,这比外表更重要)可知父亲重视的是思想,而不是外表。故选C。 13. 考查动词词义辨析。句意:我知道大多数成功女性的父亲都重视她们的才智,也许我也会成为成功女性。A. valued重视;B. praised赞美;C. balanced平衡;D. doubted怀疑。结合上文根据后文He always told us reading enriched the minds which was more important than looks.可知父亲重视(valued)人的思想,故选A。 14. 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我父亲说我母亲是他见过的最聪明的人。A. elegant优雅的;B. humorous幽默的;C. enthusiastic热情的;D. intelligent聪明的。根据上文their intelligence可知父亲重视的是人的思想,所以此处指母亲是他见过最聪明的(intelligent)人,故选D。 15. 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:树沐浴在阳光下,一个女孩在树下看书。A. lost迷失的;B. bathed沐浴的;C. deep深的;D. hidden隐藏的。根据后文in sunshine可知是指树木沐浴在阳光下,be bathed in“沐浴于”。故选B。 16. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:这个场景给他留下了深刻的印象,他走过去告诉她,她让他想起了简·奥斯汀的《爱玛》,然后他错误地引用了这本书。A. surroundings环境;B. setting设置;C. scene场景;D. scenery风景。结合上文可知父亲遇到母亲时,她在树下读书,这个场景(scene)给他留下了深刻印象。故选C。 17. 考查动词词义辨析。句意:这个场景给他留下了深刻的印象,他走过去告诉她,她让他想起了简·奥斯汀的《爱玛》,然后他错误地引用了这本书。A. reminded使想起,提醒;B. informed通知;C. warned警告;D. told告诉。根据后文him of Jane Austen's Emma可知是指父亲告诉母亲,她让他想起了简·奥斯汀的《爱玛》。短语remind sb. of sth.“使某人想起某事”。故选A。 18. 考查动词词义辨析。句意:她纠正了他的错误,从那一刻起,他爱上了她。A. comforted安慰;B. guided指导;C. criticized批评;D. corrected纠正。结合上文then mistakenly quoted the book可知母亲纠正了父亲的错误。故选D。 19. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:她纠正了他的错误,从那一刻起,他爱上了她。A. love爱;B. panic恐慌;C. sorrow悲伤;D. thought想法。父亲讲述的是第一次和母亲相遇的场景,后来他们结了婚,有了作者和妹妹,说明父亲遇到母亲的那一刻起,就爱上了母亲。故选A。 20. 考查名词词义辨析。句意:多年来,父亲教导我不要停滞不前,要接受现实;我应该为改变而奋斗,我将继续跟随他的领导。A. wealth财富;B. freedom自由;C. change改变;D. knowledge知识。结合上文my father taught me never to stand still可知父亲告诉作者不能停滞不前,即让作者要为改变而奋斗。故选C。

    High on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau lies China’s “Water tower” Sanjiangyuan.1.The three rivers: the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and Lancang River, provide water for about half the population of China. However, human activities such as overgrazing(过度放牧) are putting this ecosystem at risk.

2.. In 2016, the Chinese government established Sanjiangyuan National Park, which was a pilot(试行) program for China’s national park system.3.Due to the progress made in the region, Qinghai held the first National Park Forum on Aug 19.

Sanjiangyuan National Park is a model of eco-protection.4.For example, Herdsmen have given their grasslands to nature and resettled in urban area. As for wildlife, they are monitored by field conservation stations to keep the environment in good condition.

The idea of a national park system is still new in China, but it must be realized. As President Xi wrote in the congratulatory letter to the forum, “Building an ecological civilization bears great significance in the development and progress of human civilization.” With great effortspeople may one day be able to enjoy themselves in the vast lands of Sanjiangyuan and run freely across the plains alongside nature’s animals.5.

A.Hopefully, though, we have realized the damage.

B.It’s home to the headwater of China’s three big rivers.

C.Unfortunately, the situation has got worse and worse.

D.It attracts visitors with its fantastic nature beauty and various wildlife.

E.The park has increased the area’s green coverage and attracted more wildlife.

F.Hopefully, the success of Sanjiangyuan will mark the start of a greener future.

G.The local government has different ways of slowing environmental degradation.



    In 2016, a young British father was trampled(踩踏)to death by an elephant on the island of Koh Samui in ThaiJand. The tragedy once again raised questions over whether it is ethical to use elephants as entertainment.

For many visitors, the chance to interact with elephants is at the top of their holiday wish list. There's no shortage of opportunities to do so, from taking photos of baby elephants to riding them through the jungle, to watching them dance.

But what most visitors don't realize is elephants are involved in extremely cruel methods to make them behave. They are often kept in terrible conditions. This includes being chained up when not performing, without interaction with other elephants, a poor diet, etc. They are also subjected to training practices including beatings. Away from their natural habitat and forced to repeat the same routines day in day out, which continues throughout their dramatically-shortened lives.  

Unfortunately, riding elephants is still one of the most popular tourist activities in Asia. The World Animal Protection investigated 3,000 elephants at tourist sites across Southern Asia in 2017. The study found that 77% of them were living in "severely cruel" conditions. It also found that there had been a 30% rise in the number of elephants at tourism venues in Thailand since 2010.

Many parks advertise themselves as sanctuaries (庇护所)but they aren’t. Real sanctuaries will limit contact with the elephants and visitors can only observe them from a distance most of the time.

The government needs to play a much bigger role in putting an end to elephant tourism. As travelers, please avoid any place offering riding or allowing interacting sessions with elephants. When you see abuse happening, do your bit by leaving your review on review sites and social media to warn other tourists. Many parks are now becoming ride-free as a result of pressure from tourists, the industry and the media.

1.What does the underlined word “ethical” most probably mean?

A.Safe B.Welcome C.Moral D.Available

2.What’s the third paragraph mainly about?

A.The cause of elephant tourism. B.The way of interacting with elephants.

C.The opportunities tourist can get. D.The worse condition elephants are in.

3.How does the writer support the main idea in Paragraph 4?

A.By making different comparisons B.By following the order of time and places.

C.By analyzing cause and effect. D.By giving examples and listing numbers.

4.What can we infer from the last paragraph?

A.The media and internet worked greater.

B.Riding elephants is free with tourists’ efforts.

C.Ending elephant tourism is necessary but hard.

D.Governments and tourists solved the problem together.



    Most of you have heard of the term "big data" by now. When a company records the information of millions of users, it can analyze this "big data" to discover patterns and trends, allowing them to make better business decisions. It sounds like a science experiment, but every single user who gives up their information becomes an unwilling test subject. Companies claim that the data is used to provide "better service".

When shopping on Taobao, for example, you will get product recommendations based on your previous purchases, making it easier to finish a shopping list. However, did you really end up only purchasing items you originally had in mind? Or did you add a few more to the cart as a result of their recommendations?           And the customer? They just become one more point of data in the system.

Of course, you might be fine with spending a little extra from time to time, but that is only a tiny droplet (水滴) in the vast sea of big data. Moreover, companies can actually buy and sell your data. So, that is another way for companies to make quick money. The next time a photo editing application asks for your contacts, location and calendar, you may wonder which company is looking to buy your information.

As technology grows more advanced, there will only be more opportunities for you to be exposed. Every single photo, text or video you post on the internet is there to help someone paint a better picture of you. Perhaps in the near future, someone will have collected enough data to predict the future decisions you will make before you even make them. Actually, given the amount of data that is already at their disposal (任意使用 ), maybe it is already happening.

1.What is the purpose of collecting big data for companies?

A.To cut the cost of running companies B.To assist companies get higher profit

C.To provide better service to customers D.To analyze companies’ economic advantages

2.What of the following is the missing sentence in Paragraph3

A.Big date benefits the customers. B.That’s where the business wins.

C.Taobao dominates the shopping markets. D.Product recommendations make shopping easier.

3.What is the best title for the text?

A.More Data, Less Privacy B.Big Data, Better life

C.More Data, Less Trouble D.Big Data, Future Predictor



Lock and Key: The Gadwall Incident      Author: Ridley Pearson

Narrator: Nicola Barber                          Length: 1 Hour 54 Minutes

The New York Times bestselling author of the Peter and the Starcatcher and Kingdom keepers series, Pearson, brings us the Lock and Key series. Listeners will come to know the dangers that surround the Moriartys before James and Moria are sent off to Baskerville Academy, where they first meet Sherlock Holmes. It's a tale full of false starts and daring getaways, one that will leave listeners desperate to know what's next in the children’s classic.

Anne of Green Gables             Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Narrator: Various Readers               Length: 10 Hours 32 Minutes

The highest standards in editing and production have been applied to the Wordsworth Children's Classics, Anne of Green Gables which tells the story of a redheaded orphan girl. Despite her "tragical" past, Anne is always able to see the best in things. Anne’s life changes considerably when she is accidentally adopted by the Cuthberts. They plan to send Anne back to the orphanage but before they decide, she has begun to work her way into their hearts.

The Jungle Book                     Author: Rudyard Kipling             

Narrator: Meredith Hughes             Length: 5 Hours 2 Minutes

This classic children's book tells the story of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves: his adventures with his dear friends Bagheera and the bear Baloo; his capture by the Monkey-People; his attempt at rejoining civilization and his ultimate triumph over the lame tiger. Listeners will learn more about the story of how an innocent child wins the heart of some of the jungle s fiercest creatures.

1.What do the three books have in common?

A.Talking children's classics. B.Best-selling horror stories.

C.Stories of the same topic. D.Miserable stories of orphans.

2.Which of the following best describes Anne?

A.Tolerant and lonely. B.Generous and traditional.

C.Optimistic and smart. D.Humorous and determined.

3.What kind of book is The Jungle Book?

A.A fairy tale. B.A news report.

C.A biography. D.An adventure story




1.What did the speaker enjoy as a young child?

A.Running. B.Climbing. C.Swimming.

2.What was the speaker doing when he injured himself?

A.The long jump. B.A handstand. C.A forward roll.

3.For how many weeks did the speaker have to give up exercising?

A.Four. B.Eight. C.Twelve.

4.What was the change for the speaker after the incident?

A.He developed a new hobby.

B.He began to read love stories.

C.He enjoyed physical challenges even more.



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