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How will the woman go to the concert? A....

How will the woman go to the concert?

A.By underground. B.By bus. C.By car.


C 【解析】 【原文】 W: I don't want to go to the concert today. I hate waiting for a bus on such weather conditions. And the underground station is far from here. M: Oh, come on. I have my dad's car today.  

















Last week, a group of international students visit our school. To help them better understand our tea-drinking culture, we took them to the tea room in our school, that I introduced the history of tea-making and different kinds of tea and so on. All the international students were quite interested my introduction.

Then I showed them what to make tea. I sat at a table, explaining every step of the process while making tea. All of them were amazing. They couldn’t wait to have a try for them. Soon the tea room became live with every international student trying to make their own tea. We had a lot of fun, practicing, and enjoy the tea.

At the last, we took a group photo, with cups or tea in our hand, to record this unforgettable experience.



    I just ended a six-year relationship. I found myself alone, feeling _______, often with an empty room for company(陪伴)on weekends. For the first time, I wondered if I had a mental_______.

After weeks of feeling_______ and sitting on my sofa crying, I decided to take action to turn my_______around. I realized I didn’t have disease. I just hadn’t been meeting my basic needs in a_______ and balanced way.

After taking action to_______ a new diploma(文凭), I reflected(思考)on how much better after I was meeting my basic needs, and how happy and_______ I felt as a result. I also recognized that I was meeting the_________in a new way. People were amazed when I told them what I was_______.

I never ________the basic need. At the moment I am__________ for my third marathon. People tell me how____________I am when I am running. I feel very happy, so I look after my body better. I have achieved a goal, and I go on to do something__________ with my time to meet other needs.

My dear friends, as we head into the New Year, I’d like to__________ you to spend an evening together, ____________some music you enjoy, look at each of the different needs and check how well you are__________ each one of your needs. If you do not meet a need fully, don’t worry. Worry is useless. __________, think about what action you can take to improve this__________, and write down some steps to achieve that. Like me with my__________, you may find that while meeting one need, you end up meeting others__________ as a result.

1.A.excited B.lonely C.curious D.joyful

2.A.disease B.energy C.determination D.enjoyment

3.A.content B.cheerful C.fortunate D.helpless

4.A.body B.sofa C.life D.title

5.A.dangerous B.broad C.healthy D.traditional

6.A.get B.make C.sell D.mend

7.A.alone B.alive C.asleep D.awake

8.A.condition B.friend C.stranger D.need

9.A.studying B.buying C.teaching D.missing

10.A.forget B.misunderstand C.ruin D.gain

11.A.training B.searching C.reporting D.watching

12.A.intelligent B.troublesome C.confident D.tiresome

13.A.generous B.unimportant C.unfair D.positive

14.A.allow B.invite C.order D.employ

15.A.put off B.put away C.put down D.put on

16.A.attracting B.meeting C.knowing D.remembering

17.A.Moreover B.Otherwise C.Instead D.Besides

18.A.story B.situation C.design D.music

19.A.boyfriend B.failure C.sickness D.marathon

20.A.humorously B.painfully C.naturally D.violently



How to Forgive Someone

Forgiving someone who has done something wrong and hurt you can be difficult and painful. 1.  While this is natural, holding on to your anger causes you to become more painful. For this reason, it is necessary to choose to forgive, not for the other person, but for yourself. The following suggestions will help you forgive someone.

Release your anger. Let go of all the negative feelings you have towards the other person. Allow yourself to cry, go into nature, and talk to someone you trust, or do whatever helps you release these bad feelings. 2.

Give it time. Forgiveness does not come easily. 3. It is something that can be realized little by little every day.

4. Once you've had time to cool down and think things through, you may clearly explain to the other person, in a calm manner, how his actions have hurt you and how they have made you feel. This is very important, or you will bottle up feelings of anger towards the other person, making true forgiveness impossible.

Focus on the future. Once you have made the decision to forgive someone, you need to forget the past and focus on the future. 5. It might be just what your relationship needs.

A.Get angry at someone.

B.Tell the other person how you feel.

C.Your first reaction is probably to hold on to your anger.

D.It requires self-control, determination and, above all, time.

E.Look on the bright side of the future and make a fresh start.

F.If not, the bad feelings will cause you to become more painful.

G.It's unnecessary to rebuild a relationship with anyone or let him go.



    Vegetarianism is growing in popularity in a lot of countries. And now, South Africa is one of them. Today, more and more South Africans are experimenting with the vegetarian (素食者)way of life by cutting meat out of their diet.

Some others are exploring veganism. Vegans (纯素者)are similar to vegetarians but they avoid all animal-based products, including milk and eggs. Some vegans even do not eat honey. There is no official count of how many vegans there are in South Africa. But the interest has led to the birth of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Johannesburg, the nation's economic center. And this year, Africa's first big vegan and plant-based festival was held in Cape Town. The Vegan &. Plant Powered Show took place at the end of May.

But veganism can be a lonely road for many South Africans. The country is Africa's top consumer of meat from cows, pigs and sheep, based on information from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Many South Africans express shock at the thought of giving up meat, which is central to celebrations and spirituality.

This is an issue for many African vegans, including Anesu Mbizvo. "In African traditional culture, a big part of a family's worth is their livestock (家畜),which decide the wealth of a family. And so when an African kills an animal at a gathering, it's thought that he would give away his wealth. "  But she adds, "Offering home-grown vegetables would not be considered to be valuable. I think that thought mainly prevents some people of African cultures from being vegans."

Some South Africans are finding their path somewhere in the middle. Thirty-one-year-old Thandiwe Ngubeni is a communications specialist. She still eats meat-but less and less of it as time goes by. "I feel more energetic when I eat a vegan meal. It actually gives me more energy.

1.What can we learn about vegans?

A.They can drink milk.

B.They eat some animal meat.

C.They enjoy opening vegan restaurants.

D.They refuse any product based on animals.

2.What mainly stops some Africans being vegans according to Anesu Mbizvo?

A.Too many animals in the wild. B.Traditional views of livestock.

C.The influence from other countries. D.Not enough vegetables in the restaurant.

3.What do we know about Thandiwe  Ngubeni?

A.She is a vegan.

B.She is an animal specialist.

C.She looks forward to eating much more meat.

D.She has a limit on the amount of meat she eats.

4.What can be the best title for the text?

A.Vegans' Behaviors Are Too Extreme

B.Vegetarians Are Not Popular Any Longer

C.Many South Africans Welcome a Vegan Lifestyle

D.Meat in South Africa Will Become Less Delicious



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