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    I have a special place in my heart for libraries. I have for as long as I can remember. I was always an enthusiastic reader, sometimes reading up to three books a day as a child. Stories were like air to me and while other kids played ball or went to parties, I lived out adventures through the books I checked out from the library.

My first job was working at the Ukiah Library when I was 16 years old .It was a dream job and I did everything from shelving books to reading to the children for story time.

As I grew older and became a mother, the library took on a new place and an added meaning in my life. I had several children and books were our main source(来源) of entertainment. It was a big deal for us to load up and go to the local library, where my kids could pick out books to read or books they wanted me to read to them.

I always read ,using different voices ,as though I were acting out the stories with my voice and they loved it !It was a special time to bond with my children and it filled them with the wonderment of books .

Now, I see my children taking their children to the library and I love that the excitement of going to the library lives on form generation to generation.

As a novelist, I’ve found a new relationship with libraries. I encourage readers to go to their local library when they can’t afford to purchase a book. I see libraries as a safe haven(避风港) for readers and writers, a bridge that helps put together a reader with a book. Libraries, in their own way, help fight book piracy(盗版行为) and 1 think all writers should support libraries in a significant way when they can. Encourage readers to use the library. Share library announcements on your social media. Frequent them and talk about them when you can.

1.Which word best describes the author’s relationship with books as a child?

A.Cooperative. B.Uneasy. C.Inseparable. D.Casual.

2.What does the underlined phrase “an added meaning” in paragraph 3 refer to?

A.Pleasure from working in the library.

B.Joy of reading passed on in the family.

C.Wonderment from acting out the stories.

D.A closer bond developed with the readers.

3.What does the author call on other writers to do?

A.Sponsor book fairs. B.Write for social media.

C.Support libraries. D.Purchase her novels.

4.Which can be a suitable title for the text?

A.Reading: A Source of Knowledge

B.My Idea about writing

C.Library: A Haven for the Young

D.My Love of the Library


1.C 2.B 3.C 4.D 【解析】 本文是夹叙夹议文。文章讲述了作者是一个热情的读者,孩提时热衷读书,第一份工作在图书馆。有了孩子以后,一家人去图书馆读书,阅读的习惯代代传承下去。作为小说家,作者呼吁其他作家支持图书馆,宣传图书馆。 1. 推理判断题。根据第一段的 I was always an enthusiastic reader,sometimes reading up to three books a day as a child. Stories were like air to me and while other kids played ball or went to parties. I lived out adventures through the books I checked out from the library.(我一直是一个热情的读者,孩提时,有时候每天读多达三本书。故事对我来说就像空气,而其他孩子则打球或参加聚会。我通过从图书馆借阅来的书籍经历冒险)可推断,作者小时候与书是密不可分的。故选C。 2. 词句猜测题。根据上文As I grew older and became a mother可知,我长大了成了一位母亲,结合下文I had several children and books were our main source (来源) of entertainment. It was a big deal for us to load up and go to the local library, where my kids could pick out books to read or books they wanted me to read to them(我有几个孩子,书是我们娱乐的主要来源。对于我们来说,坐上车去当地的图书馆是件大事,在那里我的孩子们可以挑选要阅读的书或者想让我给他们读的书)可推断,作者成了母亲以后,带着孩子去图书馆,孩子挑选书籍来阅读,或者作者读给他们听,因此可知图书馆在作者的生活中又增添了新的意义,阅读的乐趣在家庭中代代相传”。故选B。 3. 细节理解题。根据最后一段的I think all writers should support libraries in a significant way when they can. Encourage readers to use the library. Share library announcements on your social media. Frequent them and talk about them when you can.( 我认为所有的作家都应该在他们可以的时候以有意义的方式支持图书馆。鼓励读者使用图书馆。在社交媒体上分享图书馆公告。可以的时候常去图书馆,谈论图书馆)可知,作者呼吁其他的作家们支持图书馆。故选C。 4. 主旨大意题。纵观全文可知,文章讲述了作者是一名热情地读者,孩提时喜欢阅读,工作在图书馆。有了孩子以后,一家人去图书馆读书,阅读的习惯代代传承下去,作为小说家,作者呼吁其他作家支持图书馆,宣传图书馆。因此推断全文围绕“作者对图书馆的爱”展开讲述。故D项“我对图书馆的爱”为最佳标题。故选D。

    My name is Matthew. I'm not someone who has many secretsbecause I'm a terrible liar. But there is one huge secret that I kept for years- -I failed my driving test. I had never failed a test before, and had never even come close. Driving made me anxious , but my parents told me I had to. They signed me up for driving lessons. I had gotten a perfect score for my written permit exam , but getting behind the wheel was a different story.

But when October 30th rolled around ,my pride set in. I wanted to be like everyone else at my school , showing off the brand new license they'd gotten. Looking back on that special day,I can't remember if I was nervous. What I do remember is starting the test , pausing at a stop sign after a few seconds , and being asked by the instructor to pull over. I had received an auto-fail since my pause was indeed a pause and not a real stop. I wasn't upset that I was leaving without a license, but I was scared everyone would know that I had failed. So when I got to class, I told everyone I didn't want to take the test on my birthday.

One Friday a month later, I went to the test spot again and passed. Later that night I drove for the first time by myself, which brought to me an amazing feeling I've never experienced——but sill, I couldn't imagine ever telling anyone the truth. So I didn't. It wasn't until midway through college that I came clean. It turned out plenty of my college friends had failed too! And I gathered enough courage to speak the fact out. Yes ,I had also failed.

Now I realize failure and imperfection are two things everyone has to experience , without which one couldn't make a true man.

1.What can we learn about Matthew?

A.He was a slow learner of driving. B.He relied heavily on his parents.

C.He was afraid of taking exams. D.He was bored with telling lies.

2.Why did the instructor ask Matthew to pull over?

A.To put an end to his lest. B.To check his parking skills.

C.To give him a second chance, D.To show him a better way of driving.

3.W hat made Matthew feel extremely worried after his first attempt?

A.Failing to get a driving license. B.Missing his birthday celebration.

C.Making his parents disappointed. D.Losing face before his classmates.

4.W hat did Matthew learn from his own experience?

A.Honesty is the best policy. B.Failure is a way to grow up.

C.Truth stands the test of time. D.Imperfection is another form of perfection.



    When other nine-year-old kids were playing games, she was working at a petrol station. When other teens were studying or going out, she struggled to find a place to sleep on the street. But she overcame these terrible setbacks (挫折) to win a highly competitive scholarship and gain entry to Harvard University. And her amazing story has inspired a movie, “Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story”, shown in late April.

Liz Murray, a 22-year-old American girl, has been writing a real-life story of willpower and determination. Liz grew up in the shadow of two drug-addicted parents. There was never enough food or warm clothes in the house. Liz was the only member of the family who had a job. Her mother had AIDS and died when Liz was just 15 years old. The effect of that loss became a turning point in her life. Connecting the environment in which she had grown up with how her mother had died, she decided to do something about it.

Liz went back to school. She threw herself into her studies, never telling her teachers that she was homeless. At night, she lived on the streets. “What drove me to live on had something to do with understanding, by understanding that there was a whole other way of being. I had only experienced a small part of the society,” she wrote in her book Breaking Night.

She admitted that she used envy to drive herself on. She used the benefits that come easily to others, such as a safe living environment, to encourage herself that “next to nothing could hold me down”. She finished high school in just two years and won a full scholarship to study at Harvard University. But Liz decided to leave her top university a couple of months earlier this year in order to take care of her father, who has also developed AIDS. “I love my parents so much. They are drug addicts. But I never forget that they love me all the time.”

Liz wants moviegoers to come away with the idea that changing your life is “as simple as making a decision”.

1.The main idea of the passage is ________.

A.how Liz managed to enter Harvard University

B.how Liz struggled to change her life

C.why Liz loved her parents so much

D.the hard time Liz had in her childhood

2.In which order did the following things happen to Liz?

a. Her mother died of AIDS.

b. She worked at a petrol station.

c. She got admitted into Harvard.

d. The movie about her life was put on.

e. She had trouble finding a place to sleep.

A.b, e, a, d, c B.a, b, c, e, d C.e, d, b, a, c D.b, a, e, c, d

3.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A.Both Liz’s father and mother are AIDS-infected patients.

B.Liz lived a hard time in her childhood.

C.Liz’s story is an inspiration to many people.

D.Liz hated her father because he got addicted to drugs.

4.What actually made her go towards her goal?

A.Envy and encouragement. B.Willpower and determination.

C.Decisions and understanding. D.Love and respect for her parents.




Write a poem about how courage, determination, and strength have helped you face challenges in your life.


3 Grand Prizes:Trip to Washington, D.C. for each of three winners, a parent and one other person of the winner’s choice. Trip includes round-trip air tickets, hotel stay for two nights, and tours of the National Air and Space Museum and the office of National Geographic World.

6 First Prizes:The book Sky Pioneer:A Photobiography of Amelia Earhart signed by author Corinne Szabo and pilot Linda Finch.

50 Honorable Mentions:Judges will choose up to 50 honorable mention winners, who will each receive a T-shirt in memory of Earhart’s final flight.


Follow all rules carefully to prevent disqualification.

■Write a poem using 100 words or fewer. Your poem can be any format, any number of lines.

■Write by hand or type on a single sheet of paper. You may use both the front and back of the paper.

■On the same sheet of paper, write or type your name, address, telephone number, and birth date.

■Mail your entry to us by October 31 this year.

1.How many people can each grand prize winner take on the free trip?

A.Two. B.Three. C.Four. D.Six.

2.What will each of the honorable mention winners get?

A.A plane ticket. B.A book by Corinne Szabo.

C.A special T-shirt. D.A photo of Amelia Earhart.

3.Which of the following will result in disqualification?

A.Typing your poem out. B.Writing a poem of 120 words.

C.Using both sides of the paper. D.Mailing your entry on October 30.





1 接受邀请并表达感谢; 






Dear Tom,



Li Hua








1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

In order to reduce our pressure of learning, on March 28, our school organized all the Senior 3 student to go hiking through the mountain outside the city. At 6 am, all of us have set off. At first, we felt very exciting and confident. After several hours, therefore, some of us were tired and discouraged. When deal with this problem, we inspired and supported each other. Eventual, at 12:30 pm, all the participants arrived at the top of the mountain, that we had lunch and took pictures to mark this activity. At 8:00 pm, we returned school. This activity impressed us a lot. They developed our determination to overcome difficulties, promoted our teamwork and build up our health.



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