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American and British people both speak E...

    American and British people both speak English of course. But sometimes it does not seem like the same language. In fact, there are some important differences between British English and American English.

1.Often, Americans don’t say each word separately. They say several words together. Americans may say “I dunno” instead of “I don’t know”. Or they may say “Whaddya say?” instead of “What did you say?” However, the British are more careful in their speech. They usually say all the words and keep them separate.

Sound is not the only difference between British English and American English. Words sometimes have different meanings too.2.Americans drive trucks, but in England people drive lorries.

3. In England, if you are going to telephone your friends, you “phone them up”. In America, you “give them a call”. There are also some differences in grammar. For example, Americans usually use the helping verb “do” when they ask a question. They say “Do you have a storybook?” But the British often leave out the helping verb. 4.

Most languages are like this. Languages change over time. When people live in separate places, the languages Change in different ways. This is what has happened to English. 5. Many people in Canada speak French but their French is very different from the French of France.

A.It can also happen to other languages, such as French.

B.For example, the vocabulary for cars and driving is very different.

C.They say “Have you a storybook?”

D.English in these two counties is different only in sound.

E.First of all, they sound very different.

F.Many expressions are also different in the two countries.


1.E 2.B 3.F 4.C 5.A 【解析】 美国人和英国人都说英语,但有的时候似乎说的不是相同的语言,本文简述了英式英语和美式英语之间的重要的不同之处。 1. 第一段是总起段,说了英式英语和美式英语中有很多重要的不同之处,这里是开始说不同之处,本段讲了美国人不分开讲每个词,这是关于发音的,也就是听起来不一样,结合选项“首先,它们听起来非常不同”,符合语境。故选E。 2. 空格后面原文“Americans drive trucks, but in England people drive lorries.”美国人开卡车,英国人开卡车,这里两个卡车的单词不一样,此处介绍的是词汇方面的不同,结合选项,“例如,汽车和驾驶的词汇非常不同”符合语境;故选B。 3. 后文举了例子,在英国打电话的时候是说“phone them up”给他们打个电话,而在美国是说“give them a call”,说明许多短语、表达方式是不一样的,结合选项“在两个国家之间许多短语表达方式也不同”符合语境;故选F。 4. 前句说“the British often leave out the helping verb”英国人经常会把助动词删掉,所以他们可能会说的句子是“Have you a storybook”你有故事书吗,结合选项“他们说‘你有故事书吗?’”符合语境;故选C。 5. 空格后原文“Many people in Canada speak French but their French is very different from the French of France.”加拿大的许多人讲法语,但他们的法语与法国的法语非常不同;这是在引述法语的例子,说明在其他语言中也有类似英语的情况,结合选项“它也可能发生在其他语言中,例如法语”符合语境;故选A。

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the novel coronavirus (冠状病毒) outbreak a global public health emergency (突发事件) after the spread of the disease across the world. WHO made the decision in its third meeting about the coronavirus, after it decided not to take such a step in the first two meetings. It is considered to be a public health risk through the international spread of disease. It suggests a serious, sudden and unusual situation in which the world must act quickly. Since 2009, there have been a few global health emergencies, including the 2009 swine flu pandemic(猪流感) and the 2014 outbreak of ebola in West Africa.

The novel coronavirus has got attention because of its similarity to SARS which killed about 800 people across the world in 2002-2003. So far, the novel coronavirus does not seem to be as deadly as SARS, but there have been more cases. Its declaration could  cause trade and travel restrictions (限制). Those who have made holiday plans might have their plans influenced in some parts of the world. The WHO said its greatest worry was the potential (潜在性) for the virus to spread to counties with weaker health systems, who might not be able to deal with it. “We are all in this together and we can only stop it together,” said the WHO’s Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

When the virus hit China, many companies that make cars, smartphones and clothes started making face masks, too. Daddy Baby is a baby care company. It can make 700,000 masks each day. “We believe each mask we produce may save one more person,” said Lin Yangting. He is a manager at the company. When fighting the novel coronavirus, time is important. To save more lives, thousands of people work day and night. They build hospitals quickly, as well as make and transport medical things at a high speed. The surprising speed is a result of China’s unique system (独特的角度). With the Chinese speed, China has saved many patients.

1.What does the underlined phrase “take such a step” mean in the first paragraph?

A.Spread the coronavirus across the world.

B.Announce the coronavirus a global public health emergency.

C.Hold the third meeting about the coronavirus.

D.Restrict trade and travel across the world.

2.Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A.The 2009 swine flu pandemic was a global public health emergency,

B.SARS killed about 800 people across the world in 2009.

C.The new coronavirus has fewer cases than SARS.

D.The spread of the coronavirus has no risk.

3.What could the declaration of global public health emergency cause?

A.Bigger outbreak of the coronavirus. B.Trade and travel restrictions.

C.A weaker health system. D.Immediate stop of the coronavirus.

4.Why does WHO worry about the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems?

A.Because these countries don’t have the ability to deal with it.

B.Because these countries are not brave enough.

C.Because these countries won’t pay attention to it.

D.Because these countries have too many people.

5.Which of the following things is NOT done by Chinese in the passage?

A.Making face masks. B.Thousands of people work day and night.

C.Building hospitals quickly. D.People travel everywhere.



    Increasing high as the biggest dark horse in the last few months, the school bullying ( 欺凌)-themed film Better Days (少年的你)has raked in nearly 700 million yuan ($99 million) since its release (发行) on Oct 25, 2019.

The film is from a popular online novel, it is about two teenagers whose fates (命运 ) are unexpectedly changed as the night before gaokao, the national college entrance exam comes.

Produced by Jojo Hui Yuet-chun, the film stars (担任主角)tress Zhou Dongyu and pop idol Jackson Yee (Yi Yang qianxi) , whose performances are praised online. Director

Tsang says he hopes the film can encourage deep thinking over some social problems and make people think about how to help those in trouble and build a better world for young people growing up. As a director in Hong Kong who knew little of gaokao, Tsang said he prepared to better understand it by producing the film. “We interviewed a lot of students and teachers. I really hope the film will remind them of their school days,” Tsang said.

Better Days became the biggest winner by taking home eight awards out of 12 nominations ( 提名) , including the best film, best director, and best actress, at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards on Wednesday May 6th.

1.What does the underlined words dark horse mean?

A.深颜色的房子 B.黑房子 C.神马 D.出人意料的获胜者

2.The film has raked nearly________since its release .

A.700 yuan B.99 million C.99 million yuan D.700 million yuan

3.Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A.The film was made on Oct25, 2019.

B.The story happened on Oct25,2019.

C.The Director hopes the film can make people think about how to help the teenagers who are in trouble.

D.The Director knew a lot about gaokao.

4.How many awards did Better Days win at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards?

A.twelve. B.three.

C.the best film, best director, and best actress. D.eight.

5.Better Days is about        .

A.the school bullying B.the dark horse C.gaokao D.Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee



    If you are home alone, and somebody comes to the door, you will probably shout out “I got it” so that it seems like someone else is there with you and you are not alone at home, this way you can be safe. Then how can we stay safe in our daily lives? Here are some tips:

1. It’s a good idea to give your apartment a safety check—before you even move in. Complete this safety check list. Can you see who’s at the door without opening it? Are your doors made of metal? Have all your doors been rekeyed since you moved in?

2.Become BFFs (best friends forever) with your neighbors. If you’re shy, then you’d probably prefer anything else to chatting with neighbors, But make an effort to be friendly, if only for safety’s sake (面子) . In one way or another, your neighbors may be your best wealth in times of trouble and they’ll be more willing to lend a hand to a friend than they are to help out a stranger.

3.Always throw parties. Burglars (窃贼) are less likely to target busy homes. So yes, this can be your excuse to throw a party. Having people over can make your home seem like there are more people living in it. It’ll also show would-be burglars that a lot of friends have got your back.

4.Be smart about spare keys. Burglars know exactly where to check for spare keys. So don’t think you’re being clever by hiding them in the mailbox, or under a carpet. Instead, you’re better off leaving them to a friend or trusted neighbor.


1.By shouting out “I got it” you want to show that you are alone.

2.You needn’t give your apartment a safety check before moving in.

3.You should try your best to be friends with your neighbors.

4.Throwing parties will bring burglars to your home.

5.Don’t hide your spare keys in the mailbox.



    Many students have some______ . For example, some students do not learn their school subjects ____ . Some are good at learning and do well in many exams, but they are doing very badly in sports and they do not have strong bodies. So their classmates always call ____“bookworms”(书虫). So many students suffer from (遭到) stress. The good news _____that there are some simple ways to deal with stress.

Firstly, ____ a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and doing exercise are very important. How can we be happy if we are unhealthy!

As for schoolwork, making plans can be helpful. Making a list of the things they need to do and planning ____ to do them can help students organize their time. If you are weak in one subject, _____ a teacher for advice can help.

Students should not care about ____ laughing. They should think about the things that are good. Then students should also make enough time for their hobbies. Playing sports, reading and watching movies help them relax. Finally, _____is useful and important for students to share their problems with their ____ and family members.

1.A.friends B.problems C.happiness

2.A.good B.well C.great

3.A.them B.they C.him

4.A.are B.is C.be

5.A.eating B.eat C.eats

6.A.when B.where C.what

7.A.asking B.ask C.asks

8.A.other’s B.others C.others'

9.A.that B.this C.it

10.A.brothers B.friends C.sisters



Her friend asked________.

A.when did she celebrate her birthday

B.who would come to her birthday party

C.what programs there are at her birthday party

D.that she had received the birthday gift from him



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