Most of us trade money for entertainment.  71  But if you think you can’t have a good time

without spending lots of money, read on. You can find some new discoveries.

Remember one sentence: the best things in nature are free. If you have the eyes to find fun

around you, though you have no money, you can have a great time!

72  Stroll through busy streets and see what everybody else is doing. You will probably see

people from all over the world; you will certainly see people of every age, size, and shape, and you

will get a free fashion show, too.

Check the listings in your neighborhood newspaper. Local colleges or schools often welcome the public to hear an interesting speech or a good debate.   73  Be sure to check commercial advertisements in the newspapers, too. A flea market can provide hours of pleasant browsing. Perhaps you can find a free cooking or crafts demonstration in a department store.

74  It is always more pleasant not to have people in front of you in a museum or at a zoo. You may save some money, too, for these places often set aside one or two free admission days at slow times.

Pretend that you are a tourist traveling in this city from time to time, and get to know your city all over again including the sights that people travel miles to see.  75 

Just have a relaxed mind, and you will find entertainment no matter you have money or not.

A.However, money is not highly valued everywhere.

B.The film or concert series at the local public library probably will not cost you a penny.

C.It seems that nowadays we can only use money to enjoy ourselves.

D.Plan ahead for some activities.

E.It won’t cost much ready money, either.

F.With imagination and a spirit of adventure, you can easily find good entertainment at no cost at all.

G.People may be the most interesting show in a large city.



第三部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分40分)

第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)


Recently, one of my best friends, whom I’ve shared just about everything with since the first day of kindergarten, spent the weekend with me. Since I moved to a new town several years ago, we’ve both always looked forward to the few times a year when we can see each other.

Over the weekend, we spent hours and hours, staying up late into the night, talking about the people she was hanging around with. She started telling me stories about her new boyfriend, about how he experimented with drugs and was into other self-destructive behavior. I was blown away! She told me how she had been lying to her parents about where she was going and even stealing out to see this guy because they didn’t want her around him. No matter how hard I tried to tell her that she deserved better, she didn’t believe me. Her self-respect seemed to have disappeared.

I tried to convince her that she was ruining her future and heading for big trouble. I felt like I was getting nowhere. I just couldn’t believe that she really thought it was acceptable to hang with a bunch of losers, especially her boyfriend.

By the time she left, I was really worried about her and exhausted by the experience. It had been so frustrating, I had come close to telling her several times during the weekend that maybe we had just grown too far apart to continue our friendship,but I didn’t. I put the power of friendship to the final test. We’d been friends for far too long. I had to hope that she valued me enough to know that I was trying to save her from hurting herself. I wanted to believe that our friendship could conquer anything.

A few days later, she called to say that she had thought long and hard about our conversation, and then she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend. I just listened on the other end of the phone with tears of joy running down my face. It was one of the truly rewarding moments in my life. Never had I been so proud of a friend.

56. In the writer’s opinion, her friend ________.

A. was a girl with no self-respect

B. could find a better boyfriend

C. was brave enough to stick to her own choice

D. didn’t value the writer’s suggestion

57. What did the writer worry about?

A. She would lose the friendship with her.

B. Her friend’s parents would be worried about their daughter.

C. Her friend would get into great trouble with the boy.

D. Her friend’s boyfriend would be in great trouble.

58. We may leam from Paragraph 3 that the writer ________.

A. didn’t want to go anywhere else

B. hated her friend’s hanging with her boyfriend

C. couldn’t believe that her friend’s choice was acceptable

D. doubted that she could in any way help her friend

59. What can be concluded from the passage?

A. Friendship starting from childhood is not reliable.

B. Friendship is a cure for any injury in life.

C. Friendship should be everlasting once begun.

D. Friendship can have magical power in life.




Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets.

1. 我发现重压之下很难集中精力。(find)

2. 不断增加的世界人口对地球上有限的资源是个极大地消耗。(drain)

3. 做医生需要极大的责任心,因为它事关生死差别。(mean)

4. 尽管三令五申,学生依旧在课堂上开着手机,以至连老师也对此熟视无睹。( in spite of)

5. 第一次尝试你可能不成功,但是记住:只有通过努力你才能变得擅长某件事情。(bear)



Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN 25 WORDS.

As skies fill with millions of migrating birds, European scientists say the seasonal miracle appears to depend on a seeming contradiction: The fatter the bird, the more efficiently it flies. The results of their study contradict a central theory of aerodynamics(空气动力学), which predicts that the power needed to fly increases with weight.

For birds, apparently, the cost of flying with heavy fuel loads is considerably smaller than previously thought. Researchers found that red knot wading birds double their normal body weight of 100 grams before making their twice-a-year, nonstop commute between the British Isles and the Russian Arctic. Distance: 5,000 kilometres.

Another study in the journal Nature measured the benefits of flying in an aerodynamic V formation, which allows birds to save energy by gliding in the lead bird’s air stream.

Flying in formation, their heart rates were as much as 14.5 per cent lower than flying solo, according to Henri Wimerskirch, a French scientist. The findings help explain how birds complete difficult migrations. Researchers had assumed that thinner, more athletic birds would have the best chance of survival.

The first study suggests that building up fat deposits to be burned as fuel during the migration is worth more than the energy it takes to carry the additional weight. Heavier birds apparently use their muscles more efficiently.

In the study, researchers said their team studied the birds flown at different body masses during 28 simulated flights. They were injected with a small amount of water containing a radioactive element that enabled the team to measure the amount of energy burned.

85. How much will a red knot wading bird probably weigh before making its nonstop migrating flight?

86. The additional weight gained before the flight won’t increase the powered needed to fly; on the contrary, it works as _____________________.

87. How did scientists successfully conduct the first study?

88. We can infer from the studies on fat deposits and V formation flying that both factors _____________________________.



Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from the list A-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need.

A.The Decade of Internet Revolution

B.The Era of National Misfortune

C.The Era of Misplaced Anxiety

D.The Decade of Great Feats

E. The Decade of Youth Heroism in Distress

F. The Decade of Great Imbalances

The first decade of the new millennium has come to an end. It’s become a sort of habit to give a representative name to each decade, so, once again, an effort is under way to find a term to fit the years from 2000 to 2009.

80. __________

That shouldn’t be too hard a job for us here in China. First, no country has seen economic growth in the last decade like this. The economy quadrupled, with almost double-digit annual growth, and GDP went from No.6 to No.3. It’s now only slight below that of Japan, and many are saying that it will only be another year or two before we have the world’s second largest economy. In addition, in 2008, China was host to the Olympics, possibly the best organized and hosted Games over, and that impressed the world and boosted Chinese confidence.

81. _________

The economy developed at a breakneck pace, and personal wealth mushroomed--- for many, anyway. Salaries multiplied, stock market investment and real estate were a bubble, then burst, then became a bubble again. China now has one of the largest collections of millionaires and billionaires in the world, and has helped keep the world’s luxury products industry from going under. Meanwhile, the earnings gap has widened in an unprecedented way. Millions are still living near the poverty line and the urban poor has become an obvious problem.

82. _________

Yet, how could we think of the changes without including the Internet? If one thing can be credited with making the most changes in people’s lives, it should be the World Wide Web. We learned to use e-mail, chatrooms, and BBS at the beginning of the decade, and, after witnessing one dotcom burst, it’s time for the second Internet entrepreneurial wave. This time, however, it’s in the form of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Kaixin, as well as video-sites like Youtube and Tudou.

83. __________

Oh, and who could forget the many misfortunes, and the tragedies, that befell China in the last 10 years: mining accidents that killed dozens at a time, a public health crisis like SARS, or the disastrous Wenchuan earthquake that destroyed towns and thousands of family. We seem to have a disproportionate share of tragic things happening here. At the same time, the Chinese, especially  younger ones, have shown an amazing ability to recover from these disasters and be stronger and more unified. Millions of young volunteers poured into Sichuan to offer their help, as they did in other emergencies.

84. ___________

The West has a generally darker view of this past decade. One of The New York Times articles in mid-November said that, in thinking about a name from the American point of view, it seems difficult to find the right expression for so much upheaval, change, and worry: the Y2K millennium bug, which never caused much damage and chaos, the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which were never found; and so on. The United State launched two wars after 9/11, but never realized that the real threat to American interests lay in its own economy and finances until the sub-prime crisis, erupted in 2007.

Others find it an almost impossible job to name the decade, saying it will take many years to name the 2000s because it will take many years to figure out what we feel that we lost during that period.



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