Mom will be back from shopping any minute now.

A. at once  B. just now  C. from now on


Tom thought up a good plan in order to finish the work early.

A. come up with

B. came up with 

C. thought of


lucy takes after her mother.

A. looks after 

B. takes care of

C. is similar to




1. Sam 邀请Tina参加他这周六的生日宴会。

2. Tina表示感谢,但因为一些原因参加不了。

3. Tina的奶奶在生病,需要人照顾。父母要到下个月才回来。


5. Tina感到很抱歉。

要求: 1. 你的文章须包含以上的内容。

2. 字数在70词左右(文章开头已给,但不计入总数)。

3. 文章中不得出现真实的姓名和学校。

Dear Sam, 









Every year, people c    the Spring Festival in China. It usually comes in January or February. It is often cold at this time of year,     people are happy. It is the most important festival in China. So before it comes,     . And they often make a special kind of food--- dumplings. It means “Come together”. Parents always buy new clothes for their children and children also buy presents for their parents. On the Spring Festival Eve, all the family members come back home to have fun. They sing, dance and play cards. When they enjoy the meal, they give each other the best wishes for the coming year. All of them have a good time. When we meet, we often say “Happy New Year” to each other.

1.根据句意及首写字母补全单词(答题卡上需完整单词):          .



A. everyone buys many things.

B. everyone is sad.


5.What do we often say to each other when we meet during the Spring Festival?

                  ( three words)





In fact , your father truly                     you.


She will look           to           from you all.


Everyone should           a           in saving the earth. 


I           a           to learn English well.


He           this apple           two halves yesterday.




1.They flew up into the sky 2 years ago. (改为一般疑问句)

          they           up into the sky 2 years ago?

2.There will be a sports meeting the day after tomorrow. (改为否定句)

There                     a sports meeting the day after tomorrow.

3. Mark goes to Nanhu Park four times a month. (对划线部分提问)

                    does Mark go to the Nanhu Park ?

4.Tara doesn’t go swimming because it is raining heavily. (改为同义句)

Tara doesn’t go swimming                     the heavy rain.

5.Jim is twelve years old. Tim is twelve years old, too. (合并为简单句)

Jim is           old           Tim.





—I hope to get good grades this term.      1.

—Why don’t you take part in after-school courses on weekends?

    2.     I have to do my homework on weekends.


      —But I argued (吵架)with my best friend yesterday.


—OK. I’ll say sorry to her.

—I think you shouldn’t play computer games or watch TV any more.

     5.      I’ll spend more tome on my studies from now on.

A. You should say sorry to your friend.

B. I disagree with you.

C. What should I do?

D. You’re quite right.

E. Maybe you could ask your friends for help.

F. What can I do for you?

G. But I don’t have enough time.












Years ago, I lived in a building in a large city. There was another building not far from mine. A woman lived there. I never met her, but I could see her sit by the window each afternoon, sewing(缝纫) or reading.

     After several months, I began to notice that her window was dirty. Everything was unclear through the dirty window. I would say to myself, "What a lazy woman! I wonder why she doesn't wash her window. It really looks terrible."

     One bright morning, I decided to clean my flat(公寓), including the windows. I worked the whole morning. When I finally finished the cleaning, I sat down by the window with a cup of coffee for a rest. What a surprise! Everything in the woman's flat could be seen clearly. Her window was clean!

     I began to understand. I watched the woman's window from my own dirty window. That's the problem.

     From then on, whenever I want to judge someone, I ask myself at first, “Am I looking at him through my dirty window?" Then I try to clean the window of my own world so that I may see others’ world clearly.

1.Where did the writer live years ago ? 

A. In the countryside.

B. In a town.

C. In a city.

2.The woman in another building sitting by the window may be          each afternoon.

A. writing or reading

B. sewing or reading

C. washing or playing

3.The writer didn't see everything clearly because __________.

A. the woman lived far away 

B. the woman's window was dirty 

C. his own window was dirty

4.What does the word judge mean in Chinese according to the passage?

欣赏                       B. 评判                  C. 批评

5.What can we learn from this passage?

A. We should judge ourselves before we judge others.

B. We should look at others through his dirty windows.

C. We shouldn't often keep our windows clean.


Traveling is one of the most important activities and people have been interested in it for many years. Modern traffic develops fast, so traveling to different places has become much easier than before.

Staying healthy while traveling can make your trip happier. But do you know how to keep healthy during a trip? The following information may be useful for you.

Before leaving:

    1. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat and sunglasses.

    2. Take some necessary medicine with you. They can be used when you get sick or have other problems.

    3. If you do lots of sports like walking or climbing on your trip, you should do some exercise for weeks or months before you leave.

While traveling:

  1. Be sure not to eat dirty food or bad fruit.

   2. Have enough time to take a rest during your trip.

   3. Tap water (自来水) is not safe, so drink bottle water and always clean the cover (表面)on the bottle.

1.What should you do before you leave home for a trip?

Get some medicine.

B .Wear warm clothes

C. Drink water.

2.You had better not             while you are having a trip.

A. wear sunglasses

B. be too tired

C. take a rest

3.What should you do during the trip, you should             .

A. not eat bad food

B. drink clean water

C. both A and B

4.What preparations must you do?

A. You should exercise for weeks before leaving.

B. You should have a new bag.

C. You should not wear comfortable shoes.

5.Your trip will be happier if you             while traveling.

A. climb a mountain

B. eat too much

C. keep healthy  




    A rich man loved his little boy very much. He wanted     him happy all the time. So he gave him everything that he could buy with     . But the little boy was still       .Where he went, he always wore a frown(皱眉).And he always wished for something he did not have. The rich man didn't know     to make his son happy.

One day, a magician came and said to him, “I can make your son happy and     his frowns into smiles, but you must pay me a great price    telling him the secret."

    “All right," said the man, "No matter what you ask for, I    you." The magician took the boy into a secret room. He wrote something on a piece of paper, and then gave it to the boy. There were some words on the paper, "Do one        thing for someone every day. "The boy followed the     and became one of     boys.

    I think only those who are always thinking about others can be truly happy.

1.A. to keep                B. to get         C. to make

2.A. money                 B. food               C. time

3.A. relaxed               B. unhappy            C. angry

4.A. why                   B. how                C. what 

5.A. turn                  B. come               C. put

6.A. on                    B. for                 C. at 

7.A. will give               B. will ask               C. will answer

8.A. boring                 B. bad                C. kind

9.A. advice                  B. medicine           C. book

10.A. happier                 B. the happiest         C. happy


-- Who dances well, Bob ?

--           .

A. No problem

B. It’s up to you to decide

C. Not at all


-- What are you going to do in the future, Linda?

-- I will go to           university and to be            artist .

A. a; an      B. an; an       C. an; a


Jim will become fatter and fatter            he eat less junk food.

A. because     B. if        C. unless


-- You look so tired , did you stay up late yesterday, Sam?

-- Yes, I           finish my homework           12 O’clock.

A. didn’t ; until

B. did; until

C. wasn’t; until


-- Would you mind me           the TV, Ken?

-- Of course not. I want to watch TV shows, too.

A. turning on

B. turning off

C. to turn on


--           will you go on vacation to New York, Cindy?

-- In a week.

A.How long      B. How soon       C. What


--What’s he going           when he           up? 

-- A teacher.

A. to be; grows

B. to be; grow

C. to do; is growing 


-- How many brothers do you have, Jim?

-- I have two brothers. They           handsome.

A. all are       B. both are        C. are both


-- What does your best friend look like, Lily?

-- She has long hair, but my hair is much           than __________.

A. long; she

B. longer; hers

C. longer; her


-- Hi, Jack. What did you do last week ?

-- I           the English test the whole week.

A. prepared for

B. prepared about

C. prepared


-- Tom, do you know the girl with glasses?

-- Yes, she is my best friend Lucy. She is talented           .

A. to sing

B. at singing

C. in singing


-- Which one do you like           , the green one, the blue one or the red one?

-- I like the green one .

A. better                B. best             C. well


-- Do you like sports , Eric?

-- Yes, I can do many sports,           football, basketball and volleyball.

A. such as

B. for example

C. look like


-- Long time no see, Alice. Would you like           to eat ?

-- Yes, please.

A. something special 

B. anything special

C. special something


选出下列单词重音位置不同的一项:           .

A. loudly      B. winner         C. dislike



世界在发展, 文化在交融, 英语已经成为人们沟通的桥梁., 怎样学好英语是我们一直求索的问题, 请你以“How to learn English Well”为题写一篇短文,介绍你学习英语的方法和心得体会。


1. 学习英语的重要性;

2. 几种学习方法,如,多读,多听,勤练等;

3. 提出鼓励,发出号召;


1.  可适当发挥,60词左右;开头结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

2.  字迹工整,语言流畅,表达正确,逻辑清晰。

All over the world, students are learning English.     





Come on! I’m sure you’ll do better in your English.




A. It’s cool to swim on a hot day.

B. What season do you like best?

C. What do you like to do in spring?

D. Is there a swimming pool near your house?

E. The weather is warm and the trees are green.

James:  Hi, Peter. What’s your favorite season?

Peter:  My favorite season is spring. 1.Everything looks new and fresh.

James:  2.

Peter:  In spring I like to go mountain climbing with my friends. 3.

James:   I like summer because I can go swimming. 4.

Peter:   Yeah. I enjoy swimming, too. 5.

James:   Yes , there is. We can go swimming there together in summer.

Peter:   Amazing! I can’t wait for summer.




I am         your good news.

2. 我得走了,我女儿正在等我。

I have to go. My daughter is    me.

3. 电脑把你和世界联系起来。

Computers       you         the world.

4. 我迫不及待地想见我妈妈了

I see my Mum.

5. 他为他聪明的孩子感到自豪。

He his clever boy.




Win,  open, myself,  make,  or



Dear Jessica,

Let me introduce  1.. My name is Wang Mei. I’m twelve years old. I live with my mother and father. I have no brothers   2.sisters, but I have many friends. I am 1.6 metres tall. I like to play chess. Last year, I 3. first place in my school. My favorite food is noodles. I can     4.noodles myself!

Do you study any other languages in school? I am learning English now. I want to have some more English-speaking friends. Learning English 5. the world up to me.

Here is a picture of me. What do you look like? Can you send me a photo of yourself? I’m looking forward to your reply.

Your new Chinese friend,

Wang Mei


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