Peter was the best table tennis player in his school and hardly ever lost a match. He hated losing anything. When he 1. ,he would feel really good. If he lost, he would feel terrible. It seemed to Peter that losing was the  2. thing in the world .

A new kid, Albert, came to Peter’s school .He was good at table tennis, too. Soon there would be a match     3. Peter and Albert. Peter worked hard to get ready for the match, but Albert didn’t seem to think 4. of it. When the match began, Albert was a real player. There was always a   5. on his face, while Peter looked serious all the time. Peter thought it was so important to win the match that he even wanted to cheat(舞弊) , but he lost in the end.

You played very well, Peter. I think we can play again sometime, ”said  Albert.

But Peter didn’t 6.  happy and couldn’t fall asleep that night .

One day, Peter saw Albert playing basketball.   7. he lost again and again, the happy smile never left his face. Peter found Albert was great at table tennis but bad at basketball. However, he enjoyed   8. of them.

Whether he won or lost the game, Albert enjoyed it. Peter came to realize that enjoying a game was much more important than winning or losing it. He felt happier than ever before.



1.The box is too heavy for me to carry. (同义句)

The box is ______ heavy ______ I can’t carry it.

2.My brother usually studies English by working with friends.(划线部分提问)

______ ______ your brother usually study English ?

3.What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation ? (同义句)

_______  ______ read aloud to practice pronunciation ?

4.I have learned English for 5 years. (变成一般疑问句)

______ you _______ English for 5 years ?

5.The boy does his homework at home every day. (否定句)

The boy ______ ______ his homework at home every day.



1.You can learn new words by __________ (make) word cards.

2.It’s too hard to understand his _________(speak) English.

3.Can you finish ___________ (do) your homework before nine o’clock?

4.We need to practice _____________(speak) English every day.

5.Reading English aloud will help you improve your __________ (pronounce).

6.At first, it's too hard for me __________ (study) English grammar.

7.What about________ (read) the textbook together?

8.I improve my __________(speak) skills by practicing with foreigners.

9.What is the best way __________(learn) English ?

10.I can’t hear you . Can you speak ________(aloud) ?


II. 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。 (20分)


We improve our spoken English _______ ______ ______.


This sentence is _______ hard for me ________ understand.


  I’ve learned ________ ________ _______ ________.


He often ________ his friends ________ help when he is in trouble.


______do you _______ _______ a test ?


Do you ______  _________  ________ your friends ?


  We usually study ______ English test ______  _______ with a group.


--- How could I improve my writing?  ---  _________ writing e-mails to your pen pal?

A. Why not    B. Why don't    C. How    D. How about


I think he is _______ young _______ go to school.

A. so, that    B. so, to    C. too, to    D. enough , to


Why did Wei Fen find _____difficult to learn English?

A. that    B. it    C. it’s    D. it is


_______ students have learned _______ from the stories.

A. A lot of, a lot of    B. A lot, a lot of    C. A lot, lots of    D. A lot of, a lot


--- How do you study ______ a test?

--- I study ______ working with a group.

A. for, by    B. by, in    C. for, from    D. by, for


Don’t always cry . I don’t think it ______.

A. likes    B. does    C. do    D. helps


The little girl shouted _________ when she couldn’t find her mother.

A. loud    B. aloud    C. louder    D. loudly


Reading English newspapers can help you learn English _______.

A. a lot    B. a lot of    C. lots of    D. lot


There’s a policeman over there . Let’s ask him ________.

A. to help    B. for help

C. for helping    D. for helps


We can save money _________ cooking our own meals instead of eating outside.

A. by    B. to    C. for    D. with


New Year’s resolutions

Xu Hui, 13, from Shanghai

In 2016, I really wish that I could make friends with some boys in my class. I have many friends, but they are all girls. It will be quite cool and interesting to talk with boys and play games with them. Also, my math and physics scores are not very good. I want to improve them.

Zhao Yujie, 14, from Jiangsu

My biggest resolution is to volunteer more. I want to help homeless children and old people. I think it’s important for us to spread laughter and warmth to others. So I’m willing to do this and hope everyone around me will be happy.

Li Langjing, 14, from Fujian

In the new year, I want to take more trips with my friends. Especially, I hope I can go to Xinjiang and Taiwan. I really want to climb the beautiful Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang and taste delicious snacks in Taiwan.

Ma Yue, 15, from Beijing

My new year's wish is to get a ticket to a Scorpions (蝎子乐队)concert. They are a German rock band. I love their metal music. They will have a concert in February. I don’t want to miss it.

Li Yunxiao, 15, from Zhejiang

I hope that my family and I will have good health. That’s the most important thing I think. As it’s my last year in junior high school, I’d like to cherish (珍惜)every moment with my classmates. We may be under great pressure. But I want to make sweet memories. What’s more,I want to grow taller!


1.Xu Hui has few friends and she wishes to make friends with some boys in her class.

2.Zhao Yujie thinks it's important for them to spread laughter and warmth to others.

3.Li Langjing wants to climb mountains in Xinjiang and Taiwan.

4.A rock band will have a contest in February, and Ma Yue wants to get a ticket to it.

5.Li Yunxiao hopes that his family will have good health and he wants to grow taller.


A:What do you want to be 1.?


A:Why? Many students don't like their teachers.

B:Because my grandma is a teacher. She is very friendly, and her students all love her very much.

A:I think 3.

B:Thanks. What about you? Brad Pitt(布拉德皮特).

B:Wow, he is very smart and cool. I like his films very much.

A:Yeah. 5.these days. I hope my dream can come true one day.

B:Good luck!


— You shouldn’t forget what he says at the meeting.

—I’ll________his words.

A. write down    B. cut up

C. fall down    D. put up


The sofa is so large that it           half of the room area.

A. takes up    B. picks up

C. turns up    D. puts up


Are you afraid of the_________ English test?

A. come    B. to come    C. came    D. coming


—You played the violin so well. Who taught you?

—I taught________.

A. me    B. him    C. her    D. myself


—Mom, I will eat less fast food this year, believe me.

—If you make a        , you must keep it.

A. joke    B. Noise    C. mistake    D. promise


—Can we ask David for help?

Sorry. He is________ old to do anything.

A. so    B. too    C. very    D. quite


Minnie_______ herself that she is going to study hard and get good grades next term.

A. keeps    B. takes    C. promises    D. gets


—My New Year’s resolution is to travel to Qingdao.


A. Sounds interesting    B. Sorry to hear that

C. Sure    D. I’d love to


—What’s your New Year’s            ?

—I’m going to eat more vegetables.

A. idea    B. job    C. subject    D. resolution


Lots of students are interested in soccer, so we are going to_________a soccer team this term.

A. grow    B. have    C. do    D. make



1.My brother learned__________(play) soccer when he was five years old.

2.He began to work hard at the____________(begin) of last year.

3.I think hobbies like___________(sing) and dancing are very relaxing. They are good for our health.

4.—How are you going to get good grades? Do you have a_________(week) plan for your schoolwork?

Yes, I do.

5.—I think your resolution is difficult ___________(keep).

—If I try my best, I can keep it.



1.Look, that s our__________(外国的)teacher,Mr.Green.

2.—What are you going to do when you are in America?

—I am going to try my best to i___________ my English.

3.If you p_________ something to others, you must try your best to keep it.

4.Do you need to_________(讨论)the problem in groups?

5.—What’s the________(意思) of the word?

—Sorry, I don’t know.




Some are________ _________ __________.


Many resolutions________ _________ _________ _________self-improvement.


Some people might say they are going to_______ _________a hobby like painting or taking photos, or learn to play the guitar.


Most resolutions___________ one thing _________ _________.


_______ ________ __________, some people say the best resolution is to have no resolutions!


1.New Year’s resolutions                 A.做大量运动

2.learn to play the piano                  B.新年决心

3. make the soccer team                   C.取得好成绩

4. get good grades                        D.成为足球队的一员

5.get lots of exercise                      E.学习弹钢琴







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