—“Food Safety” has become one of the hottest topics recently.

—Yeah, it receives ________ Internet hits a day.

A. thousands    B. thousands of    C. thousand


I've never ________ the news.

A. heard of    B. hear    C. heard


—________ of the books are pictures.

—Then the children can understand them easily.

A. Three fourth    B. Three fourths    C. Three four


—Let's go________ today.

—Sounds great.

A. anywhere interesting    B. somewhere interesting    C. interesting somewhere


—What did you do last weekend,Jenny?

—I went camping with my friends.We ________ a tent by ourselves.

A. put away    B. put on    C. put up


(题文)________ you like swimming, fishing ________ boating, you’ll have fun in the water park.

A. Whether;or    B. If;or    C. Either;or


Do you have any problem ________ foreigners?

A. talk with    B. talking with    C. to talking about


He will say “hello” to his friends from ________ Countries.

A. speak English    B. English ­speaking    C. English speak


________ you are free, come to my home and let's have some coffee.

A. Whatever    B. Whenever    C. Whoever


The island is quite warm all year round, because it's ________ the equator.

A. next    B. close to    C. across from


—I have heard of the news.   —________.

A. So do I    B. So have I    C. Neither have I


—I hear they are ________.

—Yes, they come from ________.

A. German;German    B. Germen;Germany    C. Germans;Germany


—I've never been to Japan.What about you?


A. I neither    B. Me too    C. Me neither


Neither Jim nor Tom ________ Australia before, but they know the country very well.

A. has gone to    B. has been to    C. have been to


We haven't seen the film ________.

A. already    B. yet    C. ever




提示:1. 在第四中学上学,学校很大,很漂亮,在学校很开心;

2. 我家离学校很近,我经常步行上学,到校花费我十分钟。

3. 我们有一个图书馆,有四个阅览室,五个电脑房;

4. 操场在教室的前面,我们可以在那儿打篮球;

5. 老师对我们很友好,我们很喜欢他们。








We can ________ _______ _______ ________ programmes on CCTV-3.


Please _______ _______ _______ your ________.


—Do you often _______ books __________ your teacher?

—Yes. He often _______books _______ me.


He sits __________ __________ __________ ___________ the classroom.


—Is there a map __________ __________ __________?

—Yes,_______ is.


This is my school. It is in front of a park. It is very big and beautiful. There are twenty-one classes in our school. There are about six hundred students in it. It has three small gardens. There are three teaching buildings, too. Building A is for Grade 7. Building B is for Grade 8 and Building C is for Grade 9. There is another(另一个)building behind (之后) the teaching buildings. There are two libraries and some reading rooms in it. We can borrow all kinds of books from our school libraries. I like my school.

1.Where is this school?

A. In front of a park.    B. In front of a zoo.

C. In front of a supermarket.    D. In front of a bus station.

2.How many gardens are there in this school?

A. Two big gardens.    B. Two small gardens.

C. Three big gardens.    D. Three small gardens.

3.How many classes are there in this school?

A. 12.    B. 20.    C. 21.    D. 22.

4.Which Grade is Building B for?

A. It is for Grade 6.    B. It is for Grade 7.

C. It is for Grade 8.    D. It is for Grade 9.

5.How many libraries are there in this school?

A. 1.    B. 2.    C. 3.    D. 4.





Middle School

old but big, 1,200 students, 95 teachers, the Computer Club, the Reading Club, the Football Club, three halls, five buildings

No. 1 Middle School

new and big, 1,800 students, 130 teachers, eight buildings, nine computer rooms, an art room, two halls, the Basketball Club, the Reading Club

Moonlight Art School

new but small, an art school, 400 students, 40 teachers, the Drawing Club, the Singing Club, the Dancing Club, five art rooms, five dancing rooms, two music rooms

Modern Middle School

new and modern, but small, 500 students, 60 teachers, 20 classrooms, two big halls, two libraries, the Reading Club, the Volleyball Club


1.How is Sunshine Middle School?_________________

A. It is big and new.    B. It is new and small.

C. It is new and modern.    D. It is big and old.

2.How many students are there in No. 1 Middle School? _________

A. 1,800.    B. 400.    C. 500    D. 1,200.

3.___________________ has 40 teachers.

A. Sunshine Middle School

B. No. 1 Middle School

C. Moonlight Art School

D. Modern Middle School

4.Which is an art school? _________________

A. Sunshine Middle School.    B. No. 1 Middle School.

C. Moonlight Art School.    D. Modern Middle School.

5.Which is RIGHT about the four schools? _________________

A. Modern Middle School has three big halls.

B. No. 1 Middle School has eight buildings.

C. There isn’t a dancing club in Moonlight Art School.

D. Sunshine Middle School has two halls.


Dear Bob,

How are you?

Today is my first day in this school, and I want to________you something about my new school.

My school is not ______ but very beautiful. It is ______ to the People’s Library. There is a post office ______ our school and the park. There are ______ buildings in our school, the ______ building, the teachers’ building and a library.

There are many teachers in my school. They are kind ______ strict. There are also a lot of students here. We work hard in class. ______ class, we often do some sports or go to music or art clubs. Behind the students’ building, there is a big playground. It is beautiful. On each side of it there are tall trees and all kinds of flowers. On the ______ side, we can play basketball. On the left side we can play ______. In the middle, we can play football. Every day we have fun together on the playground.

I love my school. Welcome to my school!

1.A. say    B. talk    C. speak    D. tell

2.A. tall    B. nice    C. big    D. small

3.A. near    B. next    C. front    D. back

4.A. among    B. for    C. with    D. between

5.A. one    B. two    C. three    D. four

6.A. students’    B. teachers’    C. restaurant    D. parents’

7.A. and    B. still    C. or    D. so

8.A. In    B. On    C. At    D. After

9.A. left    B. right    C. middle    D. front

10.A. the violin    B. volleyball    C. the piano    D. the guitar


I have many good friends. I often play with         after class.

A. they    B. them    C. their    D. theirs


It takes him about an hour        to school.

A. get    B. gets    C. to get    D. getting


—When is your school library open?

—It’s open________ 8 a.m. ________5:30 p.m.

A. between; and    B. from; to    C. at; at    D. at; in


Our school          beautiful. Do you think so?

A. look    B. looks    C. see    D. sees


---What’s the date today?


A. It’s Tuesday

B. It’s October 10th

C. Yes, it’s October 10th

D. No, it’s Monday


I usually come to school ______ bus, but sometimes _______foot.

A. by, by    B. on, on

C. by, on    D. on, by


Mary’s favourite subject is Biology. And she is ________ it.

A. well in    B. well at    C. good at    D. good in


Once an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor examined (检查) him and said, “Medicine won't help you. You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink a lot and smoke one cigar (雪茄烟) a day. Go to a country place for a month.”

After a month the man came to the doctor again, “How are you?” said the doctor. “I'm glad to see you again. You look much younger.” “Oh! Doctor, I feel quite well now,” said the man, “I had a good rest. I went to bed early, drank a lot of milk and walked a lot. Your advice (建议) one cigar a day almost killed me first. It's no joke (玩笑) to start smoking at my age”.

1.The doctor told the man _________.

A. to walk a lot

B. to go to a country place for a month

C. to go to bed early

D. both A, B and C

2.Which of the following sentences is true?

A. Perhaps the doctor told the man to visit a beautiful city of the country for a month.

B. The old man won't really ill.

C. During the month, the old man felt terrible because he smoked one cigar a day.

D. The old man was younger than before after a month.

3.What the doctor said, “Smoke one cigar a day.” means _______________.

A. one cigar a day is good for one's health

B. the old man shouldn't smoke too much

C. the doctor didn't know the old man couldn't smoke

D. one cigar a day would help the man

4.From what the old man said at last, we think ___________.

A. one cigar a day was really helpful to him

B. one cigar a day was better than before

C. smoke made him better than before

D. he didn't understand the doctor's advice

5.The writer wants to tell us _____________.

A. to do as the doctor tells us

B. to see a doctor if you are ill

C. to have a rest if you are ill

D. an interesting story


Rose and Martin are___Canada. They are good friends. They___fishing. They___dance. Rose likes Chinese very much. Martin likes maths. They___school five or six days a week. They play games___Tuesday and Thursday. They stay___home on Saturday and Sunday. They have two Chinese friends.___names are Li Lei and Wang Lin. All of them are in___same class. They like their school. They say, “The Chinese people are very___.The food is nice,____.”

1.A. to    B. of    C. from    D. on

2.A. like    B. can    C. are    D. would like

3.A. goes    B. are    C. would like    D. can

4.A. goes to    B. coming    C. leave    D. go to

5.A. at    B. on    C. of    D. in

6.A. away    B. out    C. at    D. in

7.A. His    B. Their    C. Our    D. Theirs

8.A. A. /    B. an    C. the    D. a

9.A. friend    B. friendly    C. friends    D. make friends

10.A. very    B. too    C. much    D. many


Mrs Brown had a small garden is front of her house. She___some vegetables in her garden and___them carefully. When the summer came, the___looked very nice. One evening Mrs Brown said to her son, “Tomorrow I am going to___the vegetables and eat them.”

But the next morning she___that her neighbor's ducks had___her vegetables. Mrs Brown___and her neighbor was very___for that. On Christmas day, the neighbor___Mrs Brown a beautiful, fat roast () duck, and said, “Mrs Brown, please____your vegetables now.”

1.A. planted    B. put    C. took    D. carried

2.A. watched    B. looked after    C. looked at    D. kept

3.A. house    B. garden    C. vegetables    D. sun

4.A. sell    B. cook    C. water    D. pick

5.A. found    B. knew    C. watched    D. noticed

6.A. dug up    B. eaten up    C. taken away    D. pulled up

7.A. shouted    B. smiled    C. was glad    D. spoke

8.A. sorry    B. happy    C. angry    D. surprised

9.A. borrowed    B. brought    C. showed    D. lent

10.A. cook    B. pick    C. enjoy    D. save


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