Libraries give kids a quiet and safe place to read and learn. For over 100 years, libraries have played an important role in Americans’ education. But how are these book-filled buildings changing with the times? You may be surprised to find out.

Benjamin Franklin famously founded America’s first lending library in 1731. But the public library system got its biggest development in the American history in the late 1800’s. Businessman Andrew Carnegie donated millions of dollars to help build free public libraries across the country. Between 1886 and 1919, Carnegie’s donations helped build 1,679 new libraries.

Carnegie believed that libraries could offer the chances to Americans, young and old. He knew that the more libraries there were, the more people would have opportunities to read and use books, speeches and news.

If you can easily find a public library in your community, you’ll get more chances. After all, the United States has 9,225 public libraries. Today, libraries keep growing. Seven tenths of the libraries have free Internet. It provides much more information and opportunities to ask for jobs online.

Libraries are also teaching kids about the fun of reading. The new program Read! Build! Play! adds reading into playtime. As kids listen to a book that is being read aloud, they use Legos (乐高积木) to build images(图像)from the story happily. Today’s libraries are always looking for creative programs to bring people into the library.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The doors of wisdom are never shut.” As long as the doors of public libraries are open, what he said is most certainly correct!

1.How many public libraries have free Internet in the US now?

A. 2767.    B. 6458.    C. 9225.    D. 1679.

2.What is the right order of the following statements?

①The public library system in America developed fast.

②The first lending library was founded.

③Libraries provide information and chances to ask for job online.

④Libraries try to bring people into the library by using creative programs.

A. ②①③④    B. ②③④①    C. ③④①②    D. ①②③④

3.What does the last paragraph mainly tells us?

A. Libraries have played an important role in Americans’ education.

B. Public libraries in the US should never close the doors.

C. The writer doesn’t agree with Benjamin Franklin.

D. Libraries help people to open the doors of wisdom.

4.What would be the best title for the passage?

A. The Libraries in the World

B. Libraries And Opportunities

C. Libraries Teach Kids to Read And Learn

D. The Development of the American Libraries



What if you fall out of a boat and can’t swim? Don’t be frightened. Remember, your body is full of air. Learn to bounce(弹起) in the water bouncing can save your life.

First take a deep breath and hold it. Then stand up in the water. You really can float standing up. The water will cover your eyes, but the top of your head should stick out. Let your arms and legs hang loose. Put your chin on your chest.

Stay under the water until you need a breath. Then bounce out of the water to get one. Bouncing is very easy to do. Raise your arms in front of you, with your hands facing down. Keep them just under the top of the water. Then raise one leg. Pretend you’re trying to walk. Now push your hands down and step. After you do this, your head will come out of the water. Blow out all your air, and shout for help.

Now take a breath of air and hold it. Let yourself slip under the water again. Let your arms and legs hang loose. When you need more air, bounce up again. Keep doing this until people come to help you.

Anyone can learn bouncing. It doesn’t take long to learn. The man who thought of bouncing shows it to little children. Bouncing is easy. And it has saved many lives.

1.What should you do first to bounce in the water?

A. Bring your hands up in front of you.

B. Look around and shout for help.

C. Hold your breath and stand up in the water.

D. Try to get our head out of water.

2.What does the underlined word “one” refer to?

A. A shout.    B. A rest.    C. A walk.    D. A breath.

3.What can we learn from the passage?

A. It’s not easy for children to learn bouncing.

B. When you bounce up for air, you should also shout for help.

C. You can stay under the water until people come to help you.

D. Bouncing in the water can produce fresh air for people.

4.What’s the passage mainly about?

A. How to bounce in water.

B. How to breathe in water.

C. The importance of bouncing in water.

D. The importance of swimming in the right way.



Come and visit England—museums and parks

British Museum

Subway: Tottenham Court Rd

You can get the information about Rosetta Stone inscriptions (碑文)here.

You can also take a walk in Great Court. It is the biggest indoor square in


National Library

Subway: Charing Cross

You can see more than 2000 famous paintings from the famous Europeans


It is one of the largest art galleries in the world.

Natural History Museum

Subway: South Kensington

You can experience the fearful time. It brings you to the terrible time of the


You can see other wonders of nature here with your own eyes.

Greenwich Park

Light rails

You can see the beautiful roses here.

It is London’s oldest royal(皇家的) park with the longest history. The Royal

Weather Station is here, too.



1.If you are interested in the works of Da Vinci, what place can you visit?

A. National Library    B. British Museum

C. Natural History Museum    D. Greenwich Park

2.If you go to visit other wonders of nature, how can you go there?

A. By light rails.    B. By South Kensington subway.

C. By Charing Cross subway.    D. By Tottenham Court Rd subway.

3.What can we do in Greenwich Park?

A. Take a walk with a pet dog.    B. See dinosaurs.

C. Enjoy the paintings anytime.    D. Visit the Royal Weather Station.




powerful   place   create    find    green     local    area    wise    play    use

There was once a very special lion called Simba. Simba would play in this beautiful place, running and jumping with his friends, the leopards(豹)and other lions in the1.. Simba had a very special gift—every time he spoke loudly, he2.such a strong wind. And it seemed like a hurricane(飓风).

On the land where Simba lived were lots of animals: giraffes, elephants, etc. And even though it wasn’t a, there were lots of trees and animals. One day, as Simba was4.with his friends, they saw enormous machines destroying part of the plain by building oil wells.

Day by day, the men built more and more oil wells, destroying the5.nature in the process. Simba had fewer and fewer friends to play with, and run on. Then a7.lion told him that the only way to stop the people using petrol (汽油)was to8.renewable energies. Such as the wind.

So he decided to help people with one of the most9.renewable energies in the world: wind power. Then he went round all the countries in the world roaring(咆哮)with all his might to create a great wind. It would help men10.more renewable energy. In the end, Simba succeeded in getting people to stop using petrol, and his home became lively again.


When I was a child, my father had to do three jobs for a family of seven. Every time I saw him come back late, looking ______, I promised myself that someday I would show my ______ to my father for what he had done.

Over the next twenty years, my father worked hard to _______our big family and suffered a lot from a heart problem. One morning, my father’s old car broke down and he asked me to ______him up after his medical examination. He had ______ refused when I offered to replace (取代) his old car. He said that he did not want something that he couldn’t pay________.

______he stepped out of the doctor’s office, he looked serious. We drove in silence and he made me promise to keep the medical report as a ________. I did this with a heavy heart.

At that time, I was _______a new car. I asked my father to go with me to pick_______out. When I started talking with the salesman, I noticed my father________a brown car. I________chose a white car. My father took one final look at the brown car and seemed kind of ______before leaving. I heard him muttering (嘀咕) to himself, “_______like that car. Wish I could ________it.”

Several days later, I asked my father if he could go with me to pick up______new car. As we arrived, the salesman______him a key to a new car - the brown one - and________that it was for him, from me. My father looked at me in great_______. I told him it was my childhood______and smiled at this man, who had given up everything for his family.

1.A. excited    B. tired    C. angry    D. sad

2.A. thanks    B. jobs    C. talents    D. regrets

3.A. build    B. save    C. protect    D. support

4.A. send    B. give    C. pick    D. look

5.A. strongly    B. hardly    C. exactly    D. happily

6.A. myself    B. itself    C. himself    D. ourselves

7.A. Before    B. Since    C. As    D. Until

8.A. fact    B. secret    C. decision    D. suggestion

9.A. imagining    B. making    C. producing    D. expecting

10.A. it    B. one    C. that    D. him

11.A. attacking    B. admiring    C. buying    D. stealing

12.A. finally    B. suddenly    C. simply    D. easily

13.A. worried    B. pleased    C. sorry    D. proud

14.A. Really    B. Actually    C. Recently    D. Clearly

15.A. borrow    B. afford    C. collect    D. receive

16.A. my    B. your    C. his    D. her

17.A. returned    B. lent    C. handed    D. posted

18.A. created    B. explained    C. warned    D. doubted

19.A. fun    B. pain    C. trouble    D. surprise

20.A. dream    B. promise    C. experience    D. interest


Last year, nearly 28,000 new energy cars________ and 80 percent of them were buses.

A. sold    B. sell    C. are sold    D. were sold


This is a very good picture. Who _______ it?

A. paints

B. is painting

C. painted

D. has painted


—Is this toolbox Mr. Black’s?

—It was, but it is_________ now. I bought it last week.

A. my    B. mine    C. him    D. his


I don’t know        to get off. Would you please remind me of my stop?

A. what    B. when    C. if    D. how


—Jenny, you are so beautiful in your new dress!

—Thanks! But I__________ it for several times.

A. wear    B. will wear    C. was wearing    D. have worn


This pair of Nike shoes costs me too much, about 300 yuan, but it’s________ of all the Nike shoes in that shop.

A. cheaper    B. the cheapest    C. more expensive    D. the most expensive


Mike likes watching TV________ he is having dinner.

A. while    B. although    C. because    D. if


You________ take an umbrella. The radio says it won’t rain.

A. shouldn’t    B. mustn’t    C. can’t    D. needn’t


—Long time no see!

—Oh, it         like years since I last saw you.

A. looks    B. seems    C. feels    D. sounds


—You look very tired. What’s the matter? Why didn’t you go to the doctor’s?

—The best________ for me now is a relaxing holiday.

A. medicine    B. health    C. result    D. reason


10月4日是世界动物日,学校组织英语演讲比赛,比赛的主题是“How to protect the animals”。假如你是Mike,请你写一篇80词左右的英语演讲稿参加比赛。内容包括:















Animals are natural resources that people have wasted all through our history. Animals have been killed for their fur and feathers, for food, for sport, and simply because they were in the way. Thousands of kinds of animals have disappeared from the earth forever. It’s a great pity. It is reported that about 170 kinds in the United States alone are considered in danger.

Therefore, we must take care of the animals around us. Once they are gone, they will never come back again. Animals are more than just beautiful or interesting. They are more than a source of food. Every animal has its importance to nature. Destroying one kind of animal can cause many problems. For example, when farmers kill large numbers of hawks(鹰), their eat rats and mice, with fewer or no hawks to keep down their numbers, rats and mice multiply quickly.

Luckily, many people have realized this and have begun to do something to protect animals. Some groups put on performances to make people know the importance of protecting animals. Some raise money to help set up more zoos to keep them safe. Some try to get the government to pass laws on protecting the animals in danger. As a result, the number of these animals is growing.

Information Card

What natural resources people have wasted all through our history



The number of kinds of animals in danger in the USA



Animals that eat rats and mice



The use of the money some groups raise



The result of what people have done








He _______  _______  _______ out the maths problem.


My parents don’t care what job I do as _______  _______ I’m happy.


We had a room _______  _______ you.


_______  _______ silk, cotton is cheap.


We’re _______  _______ a chance of _______ them.


We need to _______  _______ to _______ pollution.


It’s _______  _______  _______.


_______  _______ it is hard work, I enjoy it.



1.Your words gave me the strength to overcome those d_______.

2.The company has r_______ moved into a new office building.

3.The headmaster p_______ the prizes to the winners after the match.

4.We shouldn’t use p_______ bags when we go shopping.

5.The cake is d_______ into six parts.

6.It’s h_______ for Tom to pass the exam because he plays too much computer games.

7.Everyone is here, and no one is a_______.

8.They flew d_______ to London.

9.Please tell me her f________number so that I can pick her up at the airport.

10.She writes to her parents o________ a week.



57Lily is poor in English. She never passes an English exam. But she makes a decision to improve it. So she wants to listens to some lectures about learning English well.

58Jim isn’t good at English. His parents are very worried about this. They talk with his English teacher and ask her for help. His teacher advises them to go to a bookshop and buy a book for him to improve his English.

59My English is poor. I can’t talk with others in English and I can’t understand others when they talk with  me in English. And I want to improve my English by talking with others.

60Lily is a top student in No.1 Middle School. But she has a problem. Before each English exam she is too anxious. She can’t fall asleep sometimes. She tries many ways. But they don’t work on her.

61Mary failed her English writing again. Her English teacher advised her to find a pen pal and write more e-mails in English. In this way, her ability in  English writing would improve a lot.


A. Do you want to look for a book for your kids to improve their English? We have a good one to introduce to you. It’s How to Improve Your English written by a famous teacher.

B. Next Thursday evening there will be a lecture on learning English well in the sports center. If you are poor in learning English, that’s a good lesson for you to listen to.

C. If you are stressed before exams, you should find some ways to relax yourself, such as listening to the soft music, playing basketball with your friends and going shopping.

D. It’s not difficult to face each challenge. Think of the great people in the world who try their best to overcome (克服 ) their difficulties. Believe in yourself and you will never fail.

E. There’re many kinds of English books in our library, such as novels, magazines and dictionaries. And these books can give you a good way to improve your English.

F. From this Sunday, an English corner will be held in Zhongshan Park from 9:00 to 12:00 p.m. You are welcome to join us!

G. To improve your English writing, you may find a pen pal in America. Then try to write letters or send e-mails to him. In this way, your writing will improve little by little.









Going to college means a lot of changes in their lifestyle for most students. Living in a dormitory remains a major challenge as it means learning how to share space with others who are total strangers.

While some can live together peacefully, others may face conflicts (矛盾) that need to be worked out. According to a recent survey of students in 12 different universities in Wuhan, only 40 percent of them are satisfied with their dormitory friendships and 35 percent said they kept away from conflicts in the dorm.

For those living in a dorm for the first time, sharing things, such as a computer or paper towels, can be a source of conflict. Another common conflict is related to different habits. What they are going to do, such as going to bed, watching movies or studying, will also cause a conflict. Sometimes roommates may also have problems when welcoming guests, especially those of the opposite sex.

However, there are more effective methods to solve problems than screaming at each other. The best way is to talk about an issue before it even becomes a problem. You should treat roommates honestly and directly, and try to work out a solution. And you can also set up rules that everyone can obey. These rules can be written down in an agreement and be put up in a visible (看得见的) place. Students can also outline which items to share and which are for personal use. They can regulate cleaning duties, agree on a time to sleep, and decide on how to receive guests.

In any discussion it is important to talk with your roommates in a positive way. For example, you could mention your roommates good personality. This can help them understand you better and make them more willing to compromise (妥协).

1.       of the students in the survey get on well with their roommates in the dorm.

A. 12%    B. 40%    C. 35%    D. 25%

2.For those living in a dorm for the first time, their conflicts may come from    sources.

A. one    B. two    C. three    D. four

3.The Chinese  meaning of the underlined word “effective” is         .

A. 有效的    B. 积极的    C. 合理的    D. 肯定的

4.In order to solve problems, the best order is         .

A. issue→problem→solution→rules    B. problem→issue→solution→rule

C. issue→problem→rules→solution    D. problem→issue→rules→solution

5.According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?

A. The author did a survey of the students in 12 different universities in Hunan.

B. The girls in the same dorm may face conflicts when a girl goes to visit them.

C. The rules you make can be put up on the door.

D. Talking about others’ bad personality can help them understand you better.


1.The talks will last          .

A. 1.5 hours    B. 2.5 hours    C. 9.5 hours    D. 14.5 hours

2.Smart phones help people      in area where care workers are not enough.

A. know more medical knowledge

B. do more sports to keep fit

C. know more medical care workers

D. get immediate medical treatment

3.The underlined word their refers to        .

A. the smart phones’    B. the animals’

C. the environmental groups’    D. the people’s

4.Which of the following is NOT true?

A. These two talks are given by Dr. Levi Tbile and Dr. Erin Lasiter.

B. People can use smart phone video cameras to record news events.

C. A light lunch will be served in the library after the talks.

D. You have to pay for your ticket before the talk.

5.The above information is about       .

A. the increase of smart phone sales

B. the new ways of spreading information

C. the changes mobile communication has brought to our life

D. health care and environmental protection around the world


We all like the story about the teacher ________ happened in our school last week.

A. whom    B. who    C. which    D. what


The plants should be protected  _____the cold.

A. against    B. for    C. in    D. at


Mother’s Day is on the ______ Sunday in May every year.

A. two    B. second    C. six    D. sixth


—_____is more interesting than _____.

A. Lesson One, Lesson Two    B. The first lesson, second lesson

C. First lesson, the second lesson    D. First Lesson, Second Lesson


I’m  _____, and I have a _____sister.

A. 15 year old, 16-year-old    B. 15 years old, 16-years-old

C. 15-year-old, 16 years old    D. 15 years old, 16-year-old


The weather in summer in Beijing is cooler than _____ in Shanghai.

A. this    B. it    C. that    D. one


—Sam, who teaches  _____ Chinese?

— Mrs. White. She has lived in China for years. _____ Chinese is very good.

A. you; Her    B. your; Hers    C. you; Him    D. your; She


Mary and Gina are my cousins. _____father works in Dongfeng Company.

A. Their    B. They    C. Them    D. Theirs


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