One day, three turtles decided to have a party. So they went into a cafe and ordered three cups of coffee. However, the lovely weather suddenly turned into heavy rain. The oldest turtle said to the youngest one, “Go home and get the umbrella.”

“I will, if you don’t drink my coffee.” the youngest answered.

“Of course! We won’t drink your coffee!” the other two turtles said. The youngest turtle then went to the door to leave. Time flew by quickly and two years passed. The two turtles were still at the table waiting. The oldest turtle said to the other one, “Well, I guess he isn’t coming back, so we can drink his coffee.”

At that moment, a voice came from outside the door. It was from the youngest turtle. “Oh, no! If you drink my coffee, I won’t go.” he said.


1.Did the three turtles order coffee or water?

A. Yes, they did.    B. No, they didn’t.

C. Coffee.    D. Water.

2.Why did they need to go home and get the umbrella?

A. Because the lovely weather suddenly turned into heavy rain.

B. Because they felt tired.

C. Because the old turtle wanted to drink the coffee.

D. Because the youngest turtle was afraid.

3.Who got the umbrella at last?

A. The oldest turtle.    B. The youngest turtle.

C. All of the three turtles.    D. No one.

4.How long have the two turtles waited ?

A. For two days.    B. For two months.

C. For two weeks.    D. For two years.

5.What did the youngest turtle do while the other two were waiting?

A. He went home to get the umbrella.

B. He stayed in the café and drank coffee.

C. He got lost.

D. He was waiting to drink the coffee.


Do you enjoy the modern life nowadays? Modern life is ________without traveling. The ________ way of traveling is by air. With a modern airline you can travel in one day to places. But it ________ a month or more to get to these places a hundred years ago. 

Traveling by train is ________ than by air , but it has its advantages(便利). You can see the country you are traveling through. Modern trains have comfortable seats and dining cars. They make even the longest journey _________ .

Some people ________ travel by sea if it is possible. There are large liners and river boats. You can visit many other countries and different places. Traveling by sea is a very _______ way to _______ a holiday.

Many people like to travel by ________ . You can make your _________ timetable. You can travel three or four hundred miles or only fifty or one hundred miles a day, just ________ you like. You can stop ________ you wish—where there is something interesting to see, at a good restaurant where you can _________ a good meal, or at a hotel to spend the night. That is __________ traveling by car is popular for pleasure trips, while people usually take a train or a plane when they are traveling _______ business.

1.A. impossible    B. possible    C. good    D. bad

2.A. fastest    B. faster    C. slowest    D. slower

3.A. spend    B. took    C. cost    D. worth

4.A. faster    B. fast    C. slower    D. slow

5.A. enjoy    B. harmful    C. enjoyable    D. tired

6.A. prefer to    B. prefer    C. prefers    D. prefers to

7.A. pleased    B. pleasure    C. pleasant    D. please

8.A. takes    B. spend    C. cost    D. visit

9.A. jeep    B. truck    C. car    D. bike

10.A. owns    B. own’s    C. owns’    D. own

11.A. to    B. from    C. as    D. with

12.A. whatever    B. wherever    C. however    D. whichever

13.A. enjoy    B. like    C. love    D. eats

14.A. what    B. why    C. where    D. which

15.A. in    B. with    C. for    D. under


A:What are you going to do after the exams?

B:1.Do you have any good ideas?

A:Yes, I want to relax myself. So I want to go on a trip.

B:Sounds great! 2.

A:I’d like to go somewhere interesting and exciting.

B:There is a new zoo in Jingyue, Changchun. 3.

A:No, I haven’t. What about you?

B: 4.But my cousin went there last week. He told me people could watch the animals there in a more natural environment.

A:Really? That sounds interesting. Let’s go to the zoo together.

B:OK. We can go there by bus tomorrow.

A: 5.It’s not too far from here. And riding a bike is a kind of good exercise.

B: OK. I can’t wait.

A.Nothing much.

B.Why not ride a bike?

C.Have you ever been there?

D.Where would you like to go?

E.Neither have I.

F.How would you like to visit?


—Hello! May I speak to Kate?

—Sorry, she isn’t here now. She      to Shanghai.

A. went    B. has been    C. has gone    D. will go


—When will he leave for Shanghai?

—As soon as he _ his work.

A. finished    B. will finish    C. is finishing    D. finishes


Her son _____ Coke, but now he _____ milk.

A. used to drink; is used to drinking

B. used to drinking ; drinks

C. is used to drinking; used to drink

D. is used to drink; is drinking


I met a good friend of mine while I _____ on the street.

A. walks    B. walk    C. was walking    D. an walking


With the help of computers, people will find it easier to keep the traffic      smoothly.

A. to run    B. run    C. running    D. ran


To protect the environment supermarkets don’t ____free plastic bags to shoppers.

A. take B. show  C. provide  D. carry


She got up early this morning _________ she could catch the first bus.

A. in order to    B. so that    C. all that    D. whether


— Is your father or mother a teachers?

           . My father is a doctor and my mother is an office worker.

A. BothB. EitherC. NeitherD. None


Bruce agreed          his plan at last.

A. change    B. changes    C. to change    D. changing


His grandparents live ____ in a small house, but they dont feel _______.

A. lonely; alone       B. alone; lonely         C. lonely; lonely       D. alone; alone


—Don’t smoke any more. It’s bad for your health.

—I’m trying to ________.It’s really hard, you know.

A. turn it on    B. put it off    C. give it up    D. take it out


—I have ________ in learning English and I’m so worried. Could you help me with it?


A. joy             B. interest

C. trouble          D. fun


The little girl could look after          though she was only five years old.

A. she    B. her    C. hers    D. herself


What          unusual boy! He can play the piano so well.

A. a    B. an    C. the    D. /



1.It is _________ (believe) that they finished the hard work in such a short time.

2.I’m afraid he’s made the wrong __________(decide) on that matter.

3.Look! It’s raining_________ (heavy) outside.

4.Chinese people are proud of the Great Wall. _________ (thousand) of tourists visit it every year.

5.Jack’s grandfather died of a serious _________ (ill) last year.



1.The sun is s_________brightly. Let’s go hiking.

2.France is a W_________country and China is an Eastern country.

3.The d_________ of technology makes our life much easier.

4.Don’t be nervous. I think you can w_______ the competition.

5.We can r___________ money to buy some books for the kids in children’s home.


Who designed(设计)the first helicopter(直升机)? Who painted one of the most famous pictures in the world?  1  There is an answer to all these questions—Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo may have been the greatest genius (天才)people have ever known. He lived in Italy around the year 1500, but many of his inventions seem modern to us today. For example, one of his notebooks has drawings of a helicopter. 2 But scientists say his idea would have worked.

Leonardo wasn’t just an inventor. By the time he was twenty years old, he was called a master painter, and as he got older he became even more famous. Sometimes he drew a hand in ten different ways before he was ready to paint.

  4  You may know one of his most famous works—the smiling woman known as the Mona Lisa.

A.Of course,he couldn’t build a helicopter with the things he had.

B.Many of Leonardo's wonderful paintings are still with us today.

C.Who knew more about the human body than most doctors?

D.He was one of the greatest artists of his day.





5.What is not mentioned in the passage?

A. Leonardo is a famous inventor.

B. Leonardo knew more about the human body.

C. Leonardo drew the helicopter.

D. Leonardo painted the most famous painting in the world.


Little Tom likes cartoons very much. When the cartoons begin on TV, he does nothing until they’re over. Sometimes he’d rather(宁可)wait for a long time and go to bed late. In the morning his mother has to wake him up, or he’ll be late for school.

Yesterday Tom heard there would be an interesting cartoon today. This morning, as soon as he got up, he turned on the television, but he didn’t see the program on it. He had to have breakfast and then go to school. After school he ran home while his mother was cooking supper in the kitchen. He hurried to the sitting room and turned on the television again, but he couldn't find the cartoon. He rushed into the kitchen and asked his mother for help.

“It’s only five now,’’said the woman. “Your program will be after supper. ”

“Well,let’s have supper right now!”

1.Tom goes to bed late sometimes, so___________.

A. his mother has to wake him up

B. he goes to school by bus

C. he can wake himself up in the morning

D. he has to go to school without breakfast

2.Tom spends much time________ when he’s free.

A. playing football

B. watching football matches on TV

C. doing his homework

D. watching cartoons on TV

3.__________, so he turned on the television after getting up this morning.

A. Tom thought he had some time left

B. Tom didn't know when the cartoon would begin

C. Tom wanted to know the important news

D. Tom hoped to watch a TV play

4.Tom was afraid , so he ran home.

A. to miss the interesting cartoon

B. to miss the last bus

C. he would be hungry

D. he had little time to finish his homework

5.The last sentence “Well,let’s have supper right now! ” means “_________”

A. he is hungry now

B. the dinner is delicious

C. he wants to go to bed early

D. he wants to watch TV now


When Tom retired from the company, Peter             his place.

A. took    B. got    C. made    D. put


They are going to buy a house______________ a garden and a garage.

A. in    B. with    C. at


--- Has Jane done the washing yet? --- You cannot _________ her to do such a thing.

A. want    B. hope    C. expect    D. wish


This film isn’t _______ so that nobody is ________ in it.

A. interesting; interested            B. interested; interesting

C. interesting; interesting           D. interested; interested


—You look sad. What happened?

—Everyone__________ us to win the match, but we lost.

A. expect    B. expects    C. hope    D. wish


—Mary is very busy this week. She can’t join the singing group.

—Don’t worry. Judy can___________.

A. ask for help    B. take her place

C. come here    D. stay with us


—What do you think of the movie Gravity?

I think it’s         , but someone thinks it’s much too__________.

A. interesting enough; bored

B. enough interesting; boring

C. interesting enough; boring

D. enough interesting; bored


Mrs. Zhang is 52 years old, but she always dress up _______a girl.

A. of    B. like    C. for    D. in


Helen doesn’t feel well today,so I am taking _______place to give you English lessons.

A. her    B. my    C. a    D. /


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