It was Mother's Day. John was so busy with his work that he had no time 1.  home. When he passed by a flower shop in the evening, he got an idea. "I'll send Mum some roses (玫瑰). "

   2. John was picking his flowers, another young man went inside. "How many roses can I get for only five dollars, Madam?" he asked. The assistant Nancy was trying to tell him roses were as expensive as forty dollars a dozen (一打). Maybe he would only buy some carnations(康乃馨).

    "No, I have to have red roses. " He said, "My mum was badly ill last year and I didn't spend much time with her. Now I want to get something 3., it has to be roses because rose is her favourite. "

   After4. it, John said he would pay the rest of the money for the young man. When the young man took the roses, he almost jumped into the air and ran out of the shop. John was quite excited to see that. Then John took out his money and 5.  for his roses and asked the assistant to send them to his mother.


A: 选择合适的选项填在括号内。

  Mrs Brown had a small garden in front of her house. She ______  some vegetables in her garden and ______them well. When summer came, the _____look very nice. One evening Mrs Brown says to her son, “Tomorrow I am going to______ the vegetables for you.”

But the next morning she____that her neighbor's ducks _____her vegetables. Mrs Brown ____ and was ______ with her neighbor. Her neighbor was very sorry for that. On Christmas Day, the neighbor _____ Mrs Brown a beautiful, fat roast duck, and said, “Mrs Brown, please _____ your vegetables now.”

1.A. planted    B. put    C. took    D. sent

2.A. watched    B. cared for    C. looked at    D. kept

3.A. ducks    B. gardens    C. vegetables    D. houses

4.A. sell    B. cook    C. water    D. pick

5.A. found    B. knew    C. watched    D. looked

6.A. was picking up    B. was eating up    C. was taking off    D. was pulling up

7.A. shouted    B. smiled    C. spoke    D. talked

8.A. sorry    B. happy    C. surprised    D. angry

9.A. borrowed    B. brought    C. showed    D. threw

10.A. cook    B. pick    C. enjoy    D. grow




My friend ______________________last Sunday.


Could you give me ______________


  We shouldn’t _______________ our parents too much.


  We _______ go home ________ the rain stopped.


  The prince _________________the poor girl













A: Hi, Tom. (46) 1.?

B: I’m going to the gym.

A: (47) 2.?

B: I’m going to take part in a basketball match there. Could you please go there to cheer me on (为……加油)?

A: (48) 3..

B: That’s great. Do you enjoy playing basketball?

A: (49) 4.. But I can’t play it very well.

B: You need more practice.

A: You’re right. (50) 5.?

B: It begins at three o’clock.




    Miss Wu:Can I help you?

  Li Gang:Yes,I'd like to return this book,please.

  Miss Wu: 1.

  Li Gang:No,I couldn’t read it.I had a hard time reading a few pages, and then I decided to give up.

  Miss Wu: 2.

 Li Gang:It wasn’t the language It was the words。They are too small for me.

  Miss Wu: 3..What call I do for you then?

  Li Gang:Well,Pd be glad if you could find me another book.

  Miss Wu: 4.

  Li Gang:Yes,but one with bigger words.

  Miss Wu: 5.

  Li Gang:Oh,Oliver Twist.This one is fine.And the words arc much bigger.Thank you very much

 Miss Wu:You’re welcome.


___you called me ,I_____ through a newspaper.

A. While / looked    B. When / was looking    C. When /looked    D. While /was looking


— I had a fight with my brother this morning.  

     — _________

A. That’s nothing    B. Great!You are right.

C. You should say sorry to him.    D. You shouldn’t talk to him first.


His right leg was hurt badly.The doctors ______.

A. cut off it    B. cut them off    C. cut it off    D. cut off them


She is only a child, so there is no need ______ her so much stress.

A. give    B. to giving    C. to give    D. giving


The disabled man has trouble _______common things like carrying things.

A. do    B. to do    C. does    D. doing


Grace kept on __________ , although she was ill.

A. work    B. to work    C. working    D. worked


Sorry, I______my homework at home.

A. forgot    B. left    C. missed    D. lost


.My mother was tired. She spent all day      the housework.

A. for    B. at    C. in    D. on


They plan to write some notices and ________after school.

A. give away them    B. give them away

C. hand out them    D. hand them out


My uncle isn’t _____ at the moment.

A. feel well    B. feeling well.

C. feeling good    D. felt good.


    a volunteer is great.

A. Being    B. Be    C. To    D. To being


---I have a sore throat.   

      ---You _________drink more hot tea ________honey.

A. should, has    B. should, with    C. need, has    D. need, with


Mary used to_____interested in music, but now she’s used to ____tennis.

A. be, play    B. being, play

C. being, playing    D. be, playing


His foot was hurt and he had to give up ________soccer.

A. play    B. to play    C. playing    D. played


Susan used my ruler without      . I was not happy about that.

A. ask    B. asking    C. asks    D. asked


To our _________, Jack arrived on time today.

A. surprise    B. surprised    C. surprising    D. surprises


My money ________ last week .

A. run out of    B. run out    C. ran out of    D. ran out


I don’t want to go there _________. Will you please go with me?

A. alone    B. lonely    C. right away    D. myself


_____________ the doctor , the old man is out of danger.

A. In front of    B. Thanks to    C. As for    D. Across from


—_______?    —My watch doesn’t work.

A. Why are you here    B. How do you do

C. What’s wrong    D. What’s this



B:It was great.I visited my uncle on a farm.

A:Sounds good.2.

B:By bus.It took about half an hour.


B:I helped my uncle feed horses.

A:It must be fun. 4.

B:I saw lots of cows and chickens.

A:I see.5.

B:Yes,I did.I’ll bring them to school tomorrow.



A.What did you do there?

B.Sow did you get there?

C.Did you take any photos there?

D.How was your last weekend?

E.What other animals did you see?




1.Was the chicken soup delicious?(补全否定答语)

No,________ ________

2.Dale and his father went fishing yesterday afternoon.(改为一般疑问句)

________ Dale and his father ________ fishing yesterday afternoon?

3.My sister arrived late for school last Monday.(改为否定句)

My sister ________ ________ late for school last Monday.

4.Jill’s summer vacation was boring.(对画线部分提问)

________ ________ Jill’s summer vacation?

5.Amy and her friends climbed a mountain two days ago.(对画线部分提问)

________ ________ Amy and her friends do two days ago?


--        ,Grandma.I can help you to get back home.

--Thanks a lot.

A. Excuse me    B. Don’t worry

C. I’m sorry    D. All in all


--Did you have        on the farm?

--Yes.We had a great time.

A. a lot fun    B. a lots fun

C. a lot of funs    D. a lot of fun


--How much is the dress?

--It’s very        .Only 80 Yuan.

A. cheap    B. expensive    C. new    D. lovely


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