After a serious earthquake (地震) happened a father left his wife safely at home and rushed to his son’s school only to find that the building where his son studied had collapsed and looked like a pancake.

   He was shocked. He didn’t know what he should do for a while then he remembered the words he had said to his son “No matter what happens I’ll always be there for you!” And tears began to fill his eyes. He started digging through the ruins (废墟).

   As he was digging other helpless parents and the firemen arrived and tried to pull him off the ruins saying “It’s too late! They’re all dead! There’s nothing you can do !” To them he replied “Are you going to help me now?” And then he kept on digging.

  No one helped however. He went on alone because he needed to know for himself “Is my boy alive or he is dead?” He dug for eight hours…12 hours… 24 hours …36 hours …then in the 39th hour he pulled back a rock and heard his son’s words. He shouted his son’s name “ARMAND!” He heard back “Dad! It’s me Dad! I told the other kids not to worry. I told them that if you were alive you’d save me and when you saved me they’d be saved. You promised ‘No matter what happens I’ll always be there for you!’ You did it Dad!” “What’s going on there? How is it?” the father asked.

   “There are 14 of us left out of 33 Dad. We’re frightened hungry thirsty and thankful you’re here. When the building fell down it made a triangle (三角) and it saved me.”

   “Come out boy!”

   “No Dad! Let the other kids out first because I know you’ll get me! No matter what happens I know you’ll always be there for me!”

1.The underlined word “collapsed” probably means “___________”.

A. take down     B. stand by       C. set up

2.Who came to help the father when he was digging?

A. His wife.      B. Other parents.   C. No one.

3.Other parents and firemen wanted to pull him off the ruins because they thought ____________.

A. he was mad.

B. all the children had died in the earthquake.

C. he was too dangerous to others.

4.How many students were already dead when the father found them in the ruins?

A. Fourteen     B. Thirty-three     C. Nineteen

5.We can learn from the passage that __________.

A. it took the father one day to find his son and other students.

B. his wife died in the earthquake.

C. his son was the last one to come out of the ruins.



Foggy weather (雾霾天气) always makes people uncomfortable. When it comes to our health it becomes more dangerous. When winter comes we see a lot of foggy days in North China. The air is very bad for our health. The government decided to fight air pollution until the end. On December 5th the Ministry of Environment Protection made a plan for cutting down air pollution for the coming years. According to this plan China tries to cut the PM 2.5 pollution at least 5 % by 2015 in 117 cities. Human activities are the biggest reason of the PM 2.5 pollution especially like motor vehicle emissions (机动车排放物).

   Health experts say that smaller particles (颗粒) are far more dangerous and may get bad results on hearts and other important parts of our bodies. They can not be stopped in our nose so they can travel into our bodies.

   "The beginning of the plan is to improve air quality and solve the PM 2.5 problem. This problem has a bad result to many people" said Zhao Hualin who works for the ministry. He added that the key point is to protect (保护) people's health.

   To finish the five-year-plan China will use clean energy (清洁能源). At the same time the country will use more city buses and subways to control the number of new cars.

1.China tries to cut the PM 2.5 pollution at least 15 % by 2015 in117 cities.

2.Smaller particles are far more dangerous and may get bad results.

3.The key point of the China government is to cut down the use of cars.

4.China will use more city buses and subways to control the number of new cars.

5.The China government decided to fight air pollution until the end.


One summer a library in Texas in the US was having a terrible problem. For years the number of books in the library     growing. As a result they became too big for the     and had to move to a newly-built library across the town.      was finished and paid for but the workers in the library found out that they didn't leave       to move their mountain of books across the town. Even   _  moving company (公司) was going to ask for several thousand dollars to move the books. What could they do? They thought and thought.   one clever worker had a good idea. She said that during that time the library would be closed.     allow the readers to borrow more books and ask them to come in to borrow 20 40 or 100 books? At the end of the summer they could       them to the new library. The idea      beautifully and the     were happy to have more books to enjoy. The library saved a lot of money and people read a lot of books.

1.A. go on               B. continue             C. kept

2.A. building              B. home               C. university

3.A. Something            B. Everything           C. Nothing

4.A. enough books          B. enough money         C. enough people

5.A. the cheapest           B. the cheaper           C. the cheap

6.A. Finally               B. At first              C. At the same time

7.A. Why not                B. Why don't            C. Let's

8.A. give back             B. return                C. bring

9.A. was                  B. work                C. worked out

10.A. workers              B. writers               C. readers


It was Sunday afternoon. My brother and I were alone at home. My parents went out. I was doing my homework while my younger brother was watching TV. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Ding-Dong! My brother thought that it was our parents so he opened the    quickly.

A tall man wearing a black raincoat stood outside. He said that he came to sell books and asked politely if our parents were at home.

Without thinking my brother said" No." Then the man asked if we would like to       some story books. I refused him. When I wanted to close the door he suddenly pushed the door very hard and came into our house. He took out a     and ordered me to tie up my brother's hands with a rope (绳子). I tied up his hands in a special way so my brother could untie (解开)      easily. The man then tied my hands up and locked     of us in the kitchen. Soon he went upstairs to     money. I taught my brother to untie the rope on his hands. He then untied me. I rushed to the telephone to call the police       _ the line was dead. The doors were all locked from the outside. It was lucky that the man forgot to lock the kitchen window. We got out of the house through the kitchen window and to the     pay phone to call the police. Soon   came to our house and the man was caught. By that time my parents had come home. We told them the whole story. My parents were     that we were not hurt. They told me that I should stop my brother from opening the door to strangers. I learnt a lesson on safety.

1.A. window           B. door               C. book

2.A. lend               B. sell                 C. buy

3.A. book              B. knife                C. gift

4.A. himself            B. myself             C. herself

5.A. all                B. neither             C. both

6.A. look for          B. look at              C. look after

7.A. and               B. so                  C. but

8.A. farthest            B. nearest               C. largest

9.A. my friends         B. the neighbors         C. the police

10.A. glad             B. angry               C. sad



A You look unhappy. 1._____________

B I don’t know what to do on weekends.

A I have a good idea. 2._____________

B Sure I’d love to.

A We’re going to the old people’s home this weekend. You can join us.

B OK. 3._____________

A You’re so good at reading. You can read newspapers to the old people.

B Sounds great! 4.____________

A No problem.

B See you.

A See you then.

A. What can I do there?

B. Could you please call me up at that time?

C. What’s the matter?

D. Would you like to be a volunteer?







You are seriously ill please don't           going to see the doctor.

A. put up              B. put off                    C. take off


Although they lost the soccer game they played with great __________.

A. spirit           B. independence        C. fairness


--Let’s go camping tomorrow Dad!     --If it ______fine we _______ go camping Tom. 

A. will be can

B. is can 

C. isn’t will


Can you remember what you _________ when the rainstorm suddenly came?

A. were doing     B. are doing       C. did


Kate didn’t go shopping yesterday and _____.

A. me too.

B. so did I.

C. neither did I.


She used to ____ a bike to school but now she is used to _____ to school.

A. ride walk 

B. riding walk   

C. ride walking


The girl in red is new here so ________ people know her.

A. few      B. little        C. a few


Study hard! ______ you study _________ results youll get.

A. The harder the better 

B. harder better  

C. hard good


-- Could you please sweep the floor?  -- ________

A. No I couldn’t. 

B. Yes I’ll do it right now.

C. Yes I could.


We middle school students always have _______ homework to do every day that we often feel tired during the day.

A. too much      B. too many       C. so much


His grandparents live       in a small house but they don’t feel       .

A. lonely alone  

B. alone lonely

C. lonely lonely


--There is going to be _____ NBA game tonight. Would you like to watch it with me?

--Yes I’d love to .

A. a       B. an         C. the



A. some   B. As a result of   C. felt sick   D. is similar to

1.After walking in the rain for a few hours he was ill at last.

2.Thanks to the help of the kind people and the doctors the old man was saved in time.

3.It was 700pm. I still saw several students playing basketball on the playground.

4.Mary takes after her mother. Both of them like helping others.



你知道中国古代的四大发明吗? 你认为哪项发明是最有用的? 请阐述你的观点并详细介绍 这项发明。 词数80个左右。











(A reporter is interviewing a foreign visitor on the Great Wall

A: Excuse me . I`m a reporter from a student magazine.

1.                                             ?   

B: Sure ,please .  

A: 2.                                                 ?

B: I`m from Australia .

A: 3.                                                      ?

B: I came to Beijing three days ago .   

A: 4.                                                           ?

B: Yes, just a little.  I began studying Chinese  four months ago.   

A: How do you like the Great Wall ?

B: It`s great . I like it very much. 

A: Thank you for answering my question. 5.                                  ?

B: Thank you .




    relax,   watch,   between .   Can.   Oneself,   spend,   learn,    friend,  dad,   channel

  My hobby is watching TV. It becomes an important part of my life. I 1.       two hours a day watching TV. When lying on the sofa and clicking the remote control(遥控器). I feel quite 2.       .Sometimes , I even wish I3.          be a couch potato(电视迷)  all my life.

   I began to watch TV in my childhood, and soon I lost 4.           in it . Because I could keep balance 5.           my hobby and my schoolwork, my parents didn`t insist that  I turn off the TV. My favorite 6.          is Discovery and my favorite show is about history . I have 7._______               many things from it, and it even becomes and affair (事情). That I  can share with my 8.          When I feel upset, watching a variety of shows ca make my 9.            disappear. 

I  will keep 10.            .TV and learning things from it. TV is not only a tool to make my life colorful, but also a friend to accompany(陪伴) me by my side.


Calvin and Hobbes is an American strip(连环漫画)by Bill Watterson. It tells the everyday life of Calvin, a six-year-old boy, and his tiger Hobbes.

Calvin is a young boy who wants everything and wants it now. He hates doing homework, having baths or cleaning his room. Hobbes is Calvins best friend. However, everybody else only sees Hobbes as an old toy.Susie is a young girl of Calvin`s  age . She is Calvin`s classmate, and also his neighbor. She `s a perfect girl: hard-working, serious, mart and calm. But she  has to stand Calvin`s father doesn`t   have a name. He works as a lawyer in the town. Just like his father.his mother has no name . She`s a housewife whose main job is looking after Calvin . The most difficult things she has to do are putting Calvin to bed and making him take a bath .


1.Calvin and Hobbes is about                            and  his  tiger. 

2.Calvin  hates                       , having baths or                      

3.Susie is Calvin`s                          and                            .

4.                            is Calvin`s best friend .

5. Calvin`s mother`s main job is                            .



Mr. Greens Special Lecture for Students

Topic: How can we help to protect the environment?

Time: 8:00 am9:30 am, tomorrow, December 22

Place: In the school hall

Attention: Be on time


Our planet is in trouble! Almost every day we seem to hear about problems of the environment------pollution, acid rain, climate change, the destruction of rainforests, and more and more animals and plants are disappearing.

Nowadays, most of us know that humans have caused a lot of these problems. We are very worried about the future of our earth. We must find ways to solve these problems, or the earth will no longer support human life.

Each of us, whatever age we are, can do something to protect the environment. We are all responsible (有责任的) for the environment. What can we do? Come and listen to Mr. Greens lecture tomorrow.

                                                                   The Students Union

1. How many problems of environment are mentioned in the passage?

A. Three.  B. Four.   C. Five.  D. Six.

2.When will the lecture be?

A. On December 21.     B. On December 22.

C. On December 23.     D. On December 24.

3.How long will be the lecture last?

A. An hour.   B. 90 minutes.   C. Half an hour.   D. 120 minutes.

4. Where will be students go to listen to the lecture?

A. In their classroom.

B. At the gate of their school.

C. In the school hall. 

D. On the playground of their school.

5. The passage is probably a(n)         .

A. ad       B. poster    C. report    D. notice


You may have heard of the famous saying, East or west, home is the best.

What does the word home mean to you? How do you say the word in French? In Chinese? In your language? Although people usually know what the word means, it sometimes has no exact translation. Its not surprising, because the idea of home is different from country to country and from person to person. A home is more than a roof and four walls. Its the cooking ,eating, talking, playing and sleeping that go on inside. And at home you usually feel safe and relaxed.

Homes look different in different countries. They also have different things inside. For example, in cold northern Europe, theres a fire in the living room or kitchen and all the chairs face it, In the south, where the sun shines a lot and its more important to keep the heat out, there are small windows and cool stone floors.

We asked some people about their homes.

How often do people move house in your country?

In my country many people dont stay in one place for a very long time. They often move every ten years or so.

                                                             ------Cheryl, Boston, USA

What are the features of homes in your country?

In Britain, even in town, theres always a garden. We have separate bedrooms and living rooms. But we dont often have balconies. The weather isnt warm enough!

                                                            ------Pat, Exeter, England

1.The word home sometimes has no exact translation because          .

A. people cant find this word in the dictionary

B. no one knows what it is

C. it may have different meaning in different peoples eyes

D. people cant understand each other very well

2.According to the passage, at home, you can do everything except          .

A. making friends   

B. cooking and eating

C. playing and talking 

D. sleeping and relaxing

3.Why is it important to keep the heat out of houses in the southern Europe?

A. Because they want to breathe fresh air outside.

B. Because there is a fire in the living room.

C. Because they wear heavy clothes all day long.

D. Because the sun there shines a lot.

4.From the third paragraph, what kind of homes have depends on          .

A. whether they are rich or not 

B. the climate they have

C. how old they are 

D. whether they live in the city or countryside

5.Which one of the following sentences is TRUE?

A. People in Britain seldom have balconies because its so hot outside.

B. Some Americans move house several times during their lifetime.

C. Homes look the same in different countries.

D. Houses in northern Europe have big windows and cool stone floors.


When I arrived in the US, I felt very sad because life in the US was different from life in my country. My first day of school was at Takoma Park Middle School in March last year. I was very nervous in that morning and I didn’t want to get up. When I went to my first class, I didn’t know what to do because I didnt know what the teacher said. But there were many people who spoke the same language as me, while some of them were laughing at me, because they came before me and they understood the language better than me.

But there were three girls who helped me. Their names are Maryori, Jezabel and Beverly. As the days passed, I had some new friends and Beverly became my best friend. She always helped me with my study.

Three months later, the school year ended and I had to come to Blair High School. On my first day of school at Blair, I felt it was different from my first day in middle school because it was a beginning of a new school year and there were many new students. I felt better because I knew that I wasnt the only new student.

That day I met new friends. For some of them it was their first time at school in the US, so I tried to help them because I knew how new students feel when they go to a new school.

1.How did the writer feel when he went to school on the first day in the US?

A. A little moved.    B. A little afraid.

C. Very nervous.       D. Very excited.

2. The writer didnt know what to do in his class because            .

A. he didnt understand the teachers words

B. he couldnt see the blackboard clearly

C. no one spoke the same language as him and couldnt help him

D. no one noticed him and told him what he should do

3.Three good girls gave a helping hand to him when he was          .

A. in his own country   

B. in Takoma Park Middle School

C. in Blair High School

D. laughed at by some teachers

4.When the writer came to another new school, he felt better because          .

A. he knew the language better than before

B. he knew the customs better than before.

C. he had more friends than before

D. he knew he wasnt the only new student

5.Why did the write try to help his new classmates?

A. Because they came from the same country.

B. Because he knew how new students feel when they go to a new school.

C. Because he wanted to set a good example to others.

D. Because the teachers asked him to do.



Dear Sally,

I am eager to tell you how I miss you at the moment. I never realized the value if a         until I lost a loved person,        was very dear to me. I didnt consider our friendship precious before and I am very regrettable (后悔) for it. Now the pain still         in the bottom of my heart. Whenever I watch my parents stay closer to one another, all I can        is you. I know I probably didnt tell you how         you were to me as often as possible, but you were the best in my mind. You always had a       on your face that would bring sunshine to everyone. Only a funny joke or a simple word of yours would keep everyone         . From then on, you began to mean a lot to me, Sally. Everyone in our class learned to         things because of you. I think I was so silly that I would misunderstand your kind help at that time. Now you have gone back to your          ----Canada, but I still want to say that I love you and miss you very much,. I am looking forward to         you.

Will you please drop me a line?


                                                                         Li Ming

1.A. relation       B. friendship     C. union          D. success

2.A. who          B. what         C. which         D. that

3.A. jumps        B. keeps         C. loses          D. relaxes

4.A. think about    B. think of       C. think over      D. think out

5.A. important     B. unimportant    C. silly          D. Unnecessary

6.A. sorrow       B. smile         C. fear           D. fly

7.A. crying       B. laughing       C. sleeping       D. waiting

8.A. share        B. drop          C. export         D. ruin

9.A. city         B. countryside    C. motherland      D. Hometown

10.A. hearing of   B. hearing from   C. meeting        D. watching


Dont worry! I’m sure youll          your classmates if you are kind and friendly to them.

A. catch up with              B. agree with

C. have a word with           D. get along well with


Your homework is well done. Just          some small mistakes in it.

A. create          B. connect            C. correct           D. control


I          some of my free time playing tennis for my school team.

A. spend           B. cost               C. take              D. pay


There will be a stamp show in the museum          we visited last week.

A. who            B. when              C. which            D. what


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