“How many common English words were invented by Shakespeare?”

How long did it take people to find the answer to this question 15 years ago? And now! you can google it and find the answer immediately!

Google is the most popular Internet search engine in the world. It was invented by two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They met in 1993, when they were studying computer science at Stanford University, USA. They dreamed of producing something that could also answer any question in seconds.

Internet search engines at that time were slow and gave many websites that weren't useful. In January 1996, Page and Brin decided to make a better and faster search engine. They thought the results should be based on the most popular websites.

Nobody would give them money for their project, so they used their own money. They also borrowed money from family and friends. Then, in 1998, they were given achequefor $100,000, and they started their own company. Their first office was in a friend's garage. The company's name is Google, a word which comes from mathematics. A “google” is a very high number----1 followed by a hundred zeros.

The google search engine was soon used by thousands of people worldwide because it was fast, easy and correct. By 2002 it was the biggest search engine on the Internet. Now, more questions have been answered by Google than any other Internet service, from sport to science, and from music to medicine. Google hopes that in the future all the world's information will be put on the Internet, so that everybody can find everything.

1.Why did the writer begin this passage by asking you a question?

A. Because he or she liked to begin this passage by asking readers a question.

B. Because he or she was afraid that the readers didn't know this question.

C. Because he or she wanted to make the readers interested in this passage.

D. Because Shakespeare is one of the most famous people in the world.

2.The underline word“cheque”in the fifth paragraph means ________.

A. 楼房    B. 帐单    C. 订单    D. 支票

3.From the passage we know that at the beginning of their project,______.

A. there was not any search engine on the Internet.

B. nobody supported them except their family and friends.

C. Larry Page and Sergey Brin dreamed to answer any question.

D. one of the most popular websites gave them a cheque for $100,000.

4.Which statement is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Now the Google search engine is widely used in the world.

B. The google search engine was not the biggest one before 2002.

C. Larry Page and Sergey Brin named google after a hundred zeros.

D. The service of the Google search engine is very popular.

5.The passage mainly tells us ________.

A. the development of the Google search engine.

B. about Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

C. how to find information on the Internet.

D. how to use the Google search engine.









The _____is black and  white.

A.     B.     C.     D.



A. C    B. G    C. J


—you say that again(再,又),please?

A. Does    B. Are    C. ls    D. Can


—Do you like _________.

—No.I like blue.

A.orange     B.apples    C.flowers     D.Milk


—Do you think the________of this skirt suits me?

—Of course! You always look beautiful in red.

A. size    B. design

C. price    D. color


— Jack, ________ you ride a bike?

— Yes, I can.

A. can    B. may    C. need    D. must


I find____pen on the   ground. Whose is______ pen?

A. a;the    B. the;a    C. a;a


—What color is your bag?

A. It's yellovr.    B. lt's nice.    C. lt's old.    D. lt's big.


英语中共有______ 个字母,其中______个元音字母。

A. 26; 5                 B. 26; 6

C.28; 5                  D. 28; 6



A. VOA          B. NBA        C. AEO       D. UFO



A. L;R    B. I;V    C. A;H


—What's _____ orange. _____ orange  is_____ orange.

A. an;An;the    B. an;The;/    C. The;the;The;    D. an;An;/


I have _____orange.lt's ____ yellow orange.

A. a;an    B. an;a    C. the;the    D. an;an


—What _____ is  it?

—It's red.

A. time    B. this    C. that    D. color



A. ABD    B. AEO    C. CET    D. DFG



A. H    B. K    C. T    D. Z


hello,am,a,good, it, an.are,color

A: 1. , Frank. I 2.Dale.

B:Hi, Dale.3. afternoon!


B:I'm fine, thank you, Dale! And you?

A:I'm fine, too.

B:What's this in English, Dale?

A:It is5. key.

B:What 6.is it?

A:It is black.

B:Oh, what's that?

A:lt is  7. 0range. I like to eat 8. !

B:Oh, no! I clon't like it! I like to eat applesi



1.She is fine.(对画线部分提问)

____ ____she?

2.Gina's jacket is yellow. (对画线部分提问)

____ _____ ____Gina's jacket?

3.This is a red quilt.(改为同义句)

_____ ____ is ______.

4.That is a yellow key.(对画线部分提问)

____ _____ that?

5.quilt, the,is, yellow, green, and (连词成句)



A:Good 1. ,Jenny.

B:Good  afternoon, Mike.

A:2. are you?

B:I am 3. ,thanks. How are you?

A:I am OK.

B:4. is this 5.English?

A:6.a book.

B:And 7. is it?

A:lt's white and black.

B:And8. what? 

A:lt is a 9..

B:10.it, please.




B:Good morning! How are you?



A:It's an orange.




A:lt's red.

B:Thank you very much.

A:You are welcome.

A.Good morning!

B.Spell it, please.

C.What’s this in English?

D.I’m fine, thank you.

E.What color is it ?


The key is yellow .的同义句是:_____________

A. The key  yellow.

B. The is a yellow key.

C. This is a yellow key.



A. L;M;S    B. M;L;S    C. L;S;M


—Is this_____?—Yes_______.

A. orange it is    B. an orangeit's

C. an orangeit is    D. A or C


The pen is blue.The ruler is too ().

A. black    B. yellow    C. green    D. blue



A. 5;12    B. 10;12    C. 5;20    D. 5;8



1.A. Hh    B. Jj    C. Zz    D. Kk

2.A. Qq    B. Ww    C. Uu    D. Pp

3.A. fine    B. in    C. quilt    D. English

4.A. ogrange    B. OK    C. not    D. Bob

5.A. jacket    B. map    C. black    D. name




What's this____  ____?


What_____ ______that ruler?


The eup is ________.




I can ___ my ABCs.



I  have  a  nice  ruler.___ ruler is  black. It´s very  expensuve(昂贵)

A. My    B. I    C. Me    D. Mice


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