Bob has ten soccer balls, ________ he can't play them.

A. and    B. for

C. but    D. or


Mike’s brother plays         basketball at school

A. the    B. a    C. an    D. /


I__________ a soccer ball and my sister        a volleyball.

A. have; have

B. has; has

C. have; has

D. has; have



1.Mike plays computer games every day.(改为一般疑问句)

____________Mike _______________ computer games every day?

2.Do they have a computer?(作否定回答)

_____________, they ____________.

3.Alice has a tennis racket. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ Alice ___________a tennis racket?

4.Does she have a ping-pong bat?(改为陈述句)

_________ _________ a ping-pong bat.

5.My father plays sports every day.(改为否定句)

My father___________ __________ sports every day.


—Let’s watch TV.

—That__________ good.

A. sound    B. sounds    C. look    D. looks


—Does your sister           a basketball?

—Yes, she___________.

A. have; has    B. have; does

C. has; has    D. has; does


I don’t have a tennis ball, __    __ I have a baseball.

A. and    B. but    C. or    D. too


Jack and Tom___________ four pencils.

A. has    B. have    C. are    D. is


Mr. Wang___________ a watch.

A. doesn't has

B. doesn’t have

C. don’t have

D. don’t has


I_________ a new book,but my brother__________ one.

A. don’t have; have

B. doesn’t have; has

C. have; doesn’t have

D. have; has



1.__________he___________(play) tennis after school?

2.Ann’s father____________ (not have) a baseball bat.

3.—Let's____________(play) volleyball.

—That__________(sound) good.

4.His sister loves to play volleyball and she has five _______________(volleyball).



1.Let__________(我们)take these books to school.

2.Do you have a___________(篮球)?

3.Jim____________ (有)two pencils, but he doesn’t _________(有)a pen.

4.Peter, don’t get up so___________(迟).

5.I play____________(网球)with my friends.

6.—Let’s play soccer.

That s_________ good.





___________ he ___________ a ping-pong __________?

—Yes,he ____________.




_________they ___________a basketball?


That __________ __________.



1.I _________________(复数)

2.he________________(复数) not_________________(缩写形式)

4.does not_____________________(缩写形式)




Su Peng is from a family of three people. They like different kinds of food. Su Peng likes rice a lot. He likes to have rice for every meal. But he doesn’t like vegetables at all. His father doesn’t like rice. He likes bread and fruit very much. His mother likes chicken, vegetables and fruit very much, but she doesn’t like rice or bread.


1.There are____________ people in Su Peng’s family.

2.Su Peng’s father likes____________.

3.Su Peng likes______________ very much, but his father doesn’t like it.

4.Su Peng’s father and mother both like_____________.

5.Su Peng’s mother doesn’t like__________.


My name is Dan. I have ____brothers, Bob and Roy. We like hamburgers ____lunch. Bob and I _____carrots, _____ Roy doesn’t. I don’t like _____ for breakfast, but Bob and Roy_____.For dinner,I ____fruit. Bob _____ vegetables. Roy likes ___ for dinner. We really like chicken and salad for ______.

1.A. one    B. two    C. three    D. four

2.A. in    B. on    C. at    D. for

3.A. play    B. bring    C. like    D. take

4.A. and    B. but    C. to    D. at

5.A. eggs    B. volleyball    C. pen    D. sports

6.A. are    B. is    C. do    D. does

7.A. watch    B. watches    C. likes    D. like

8.A. have    B. likes    C. eat    D. does

9.A. tomatoes    B. pencils    C. soccer balls    D. pens

10.A. sports    B. dinner    C. school    D. birthday


A:Hello, Tom. 1. are you?

B:I’m 2.thank you. How are you?

A:I’m OK. Tom, 3.you4.oranges?

B:Yes, I 5..

A:6. you 7.salad ? I think it’s good.

B:No, I 8.. Jim, do you 9. a basketball ?

A:Yes, I do.

B:Let’s10. basketball.

A:That sounds interesting.


Let me________ the question.

A. thinks about    B. thinking about

C. think about    D. to think about


Anna likes _____,but I don’t like_______.

A. salad; they    B. salad; it

C. salads; it    D. salads; them


_________Nick like oranges?

Yes, he          .

A. Is; is    B. Does; is

C. Does; does    D. Do; does


Paul______ ice-cream every day.

A. has    B. have    C. eat    D. to eat


_________ you like pears or bananas?

A. Are    B. Do    C. Is    D. Does



1.Bob and Alice like eggs.(改为一般疑问句)

_________Bob and Alice ___________eggs?

2.Does she like ice-cream?(作否定回答)

_________, she_________.

3.She has chicken for dinner.(对画线部分提问)

__________ _________she_________ for dinner?

4.Tim likes pears.(改为否定句)

Tim__________ __________ pears.

5.They like bananas.(对画线部分提问)

________ ________they_________?


He has _______ egg and ________ hamburger.;an         B.a;a;a          D.a;an


Do _________ like French fries?

A. he                   B. She

C. Tom and Mary         D. your brother


I like oranges ,but I ________ salad.

A. like                   B. don’t

C. don’t like             D. doesn’t like


—Do they like _           ?

Yes, they do.

A. ice-cream    B. pear

C. hamburger    D. strawberry


_________you like bananas?

No, I___________.

A. Do; do    B. Are; am not

C. Do; don’t    D. Are; am



1.She__________(like) bananas very much.

2.I ___________(not like)math.

3.I want some _____________(tomato)for dinner.

4.Would you like some__________(salad)?

5.Let’s__________(have) some fruit.



1.There are four____________(汉堡包)on the plate.

2.Do you like______________(沙拉)?

3.Jeff likes______________ (草莓)very much.

4.What do you have for___________(正餐)?

5.Children should eat lots of________________(蔬菜).


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