假如你是李 梅。你的美国笔友 Tom 在昨天的 E-mail 中告诉你,最近他对中国文化产生了浓厚的兴趣,希望你能给他介绍一些经典故事。请你根据下面所给图画,给 Tom 回复一封 E-mail,向他讲述这一经典故事,并希望知道他对该故事及主人公的看法。

Sima Guang hit the tank(缸)

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play hide and seek(捉迷藏), full of water    fall into, be frightened(惊恐的), cry, run for help

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think over, pick up, throw at                     break, be saved


1. 文章需包括所有图画的内容,可以适当发挥,使全文连贯;

2. 文中不得出现可能透露考生真实身份的任何信息;

3. 100 词左右(邮件的开头、结尾已给出,不计入总词数)



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There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them to go and look at a pear tree far away in turns.

The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer, and the youngest son in the fall.

When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen. The first son said that the tree was ugly. The second son said no; it was covered with green leaves, and full of hope. The third so n disagreed. He said there were many flowers that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen. The last son disagreed with all of them, he said there was lots of fruit in the tree, full of life and harvest(收获).

The man then explained to his sons that they were all right, but they had each seen only one season in the tree's life. He told them"You cannot judge a tree, or a person by only one season and its true nature —the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be judged at the end, when all the seasons are up."

If you give up when it's winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, harvest of your fall. Don't let the pain of one season kill the joy of all the rest.

1.Why did the man ask his sons to go and look at a pear tree in turns? (no more than 15 words)

2.Did the four sons have the same answer? (no more than 5 words)

3.What did the man think about his sons' answers?  (no more than 20 words)




Lisa Hawkins loves riding her BMX bike (极限单车)and her dream is to go to the Olympics. Lisa first got interested in BMX racing at the age of ten. Once she hired a bike for a pound and immediately 1.  (fall) in love with the sport. "It was the best pound I ever spent," she says. Lisa is only 16 but she 2. already 3.  (have) lots of success, and got first prize in a world BMX competition last year. BMX racing is quite a dangerous sport. But this didn't stop her 4. (want) to do more competition. Lisa exercises every day. Like many sports people, she 5.  (believe) in luck as well as hard work.

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阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空, 必要时可加助动词或情态动词。

It's four o'clock in the afternoon. Some students 1. (talk) about the future. Here is one of their predictions. I believe we will be able to live in the space. There 2. (be) many big clean hotels in the space. We can fly our rockets to the space hotel there. And also we 3.  (play) sports and enjoy all kinds of interesting food in the sky.  John




1.Mount Tai is 1545 meters h _______ above sea level.

2. There is a famous saying,  "East or w_______, home is the best."

3.You can lose w_______ by eating less and keeping exercise more.

4. I didn't s _______ well. I woke up several times during the night.

5.Please keep _______(安静)when you are in a library.

6.Do you need to _______(讨论)the problem in groups?

7.Students should answer questions loudly and _______(清楚)in class.

8. Jack looked through the ______(介绍)about the book before he decided to buy it.



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Fraser Island is in Queensland, Australia, about 200 kilometers north of Brisbane. It is about 120 kilometers long and 240 kilometers wide. It is a very important island because it is completely made of sand. In fact, it is the largest sand island in the world. There is no airport on the island, but there is a long beach along the east coast. Planes arrive and leave from here.

The sand makes unusual shapes. There are hills made of sand called sandblows. Nothing grows on them. They move one or two meters a year from the northwest towards the southeast of the island, getting bigger and bigger. At other places on the island, such as Rainbow Gorge, The Cathedrals and Red Canyon, the sandy ro cks have different colors. Sometimes the rocks are so brown that they turn the sea brown, like coffee.

Surprisingly, the sandy island has a lot of different plants and animals. There are dark forests—eucalyptus woods, beautiful flowers and over a hundred lakes. There are many kinds of birds, like owls and curlews. There are many animals there, too, such as crocodiles, flying foxes and wild dogs called dingoes.

About 500,000 people visit the island every year to see the island's beauty and nature. People enjoy camping and hiking(徒步)there. Unluckily, the visitors create problems. They damage plants and frighten animals. Their sun cream(防晒霜)makes the water dirty. So it is necessary  to manage the visitors. For example, people may not use motor boats or go fishing in the lakes, and they need official papers to drive there.

1. The passage is mainly about _______.

A. the shape of Fraser Island         

B. nature on Fraser Island

C. the history of Fraser Island 

D. daily life on Fraser Island

2. From Para.1 we know _______.

A. how large Fraser Island is  

B. Fraser Island is the largest island

C. many people live on Fraser Island 

D. people will build an airport there

3.The underlined word "They" in Para. 2 refers to(指)the________.

A. unusual shapes           B. sandy hills

C. sandy rocks             D. different plants

4.From the 3rd paragraph we can infer(推断)that ________ is a kind of plant.

A. eucalyptus  B. owl  C. curlew  D. dingo

5. Visitors may not be allowed to _______ on Fraser Island soon.

A. camp and hike 

B. go fishing in the sea

C. wear sun cream

D. drive without official papers


2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Monkeys are so smart and cute, and so many people like them. They have become a part of culture. Here are some stories to help you learn more about them.

New stamps for the year

The China Post Group made special stamps for the year. They made two styles. On the first one, a monkey hangs on a branch(树枝), holding a big red peach. This means to give luck to people. On the other stamp, a mother monkey holds two monkey babies in her arms. It shows the happy reunion(团聚) of families. The monkey stamps were for sale on Jan.5th.

Monkey show

In China, there is an ancient drama called Monkey Show. It tells the story of Monkey King. When actors perform, they will paint "monkey faces" with colors. Red is the main color. Interestingly, they don't draw eyebrows(眉毛).

Influence on personality

In Chinese culture, the monkey is a symbol of wisdom. Those who were born in the Year of the Monkey are said to be smart and outgoing. They are also said to have strong leadership and social skills. They can solve all kinds of problems in life and be kind to others.

Fun Fact

Did you know? The world's smallest monkey is the finger monkey. It is only 10cm tall. They live in the Amazon rainforest (亚马逊雨林) of South America. Amazingly, they can turn their heads 180 degrees.

1.Which of the following stamp means "the happy reunion of families"?

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2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Actors learn how to paint "monkey faces" from Monkey Show.

B. Those born in the Year of the Monkey are thought to be friendly.

C. Stories about the Year of the Monkey is the culture of many countries.

D. The finger monkey which is 180cm tall is the smallest in the world.

3.The best title of this passage is _______.

A. Year of Monkey B. New Monkey Stamps

C. Monkey Show      D. Different Monkeys


I arrived in the UK last weekend to learn English. So far I have already made a few friends and had some traditional English food there. But after having three days of hamburgers, sandwiches and potatoes, I thought none could be more delicious than Chinese food, especially my favorite —huo guo. You can't imagine how excited I was when I got to know that there was going to be a free meal of hotpot to welcome the new students. On the way to the canteen, I seemed to smell huo guo in the air.

To my surprise, when I stepped into the room, I didn't see any sign of huo guo. Where was it?

With many questions in my head, I sat down to have the free meal. After talking with an English girl, I got to know that Chinese huo guo is completely different from hotpot. Chinese huo guo is written in two words-hot pot; and hotpot, one word, is a traditional English dish.

Hotpot is made from mutton and onion. On the top are pieces of potatoes. People put it in the oven all day in a heavy pot on a low heat. It takes very little effort to prepare. You can often see it at parties in the UK because it's easy to prepare for a large number of people and is not expensive.

Hotpot doesn't taste bad. However, I still miss huo guo-hot pot, two words!

1.The writer felt excited when she learnt she would _______.

A. learn English in the UK

B. meet some new friends

C. have hamburgers and potatoes

D. have her favorite food

2. The underlined word "canteen" means a place for people to _______.

A. play sports

B. have parties

C. have food and drink

D. buy books and magazines

3.Hotpot is often prepared for parties because it is_______.

A. very p opular              B. quite expensive 

C. easy to prepare           D. good for health

4.After the free meal, the writer learnt that_______.

A. "hotpot" wasn't "hot pot" 

B. hotpot took little time to cook

C. hotpot wasn't traditional in the UK

D. the English girl knew little about hotpot


Summer vacation is coming. Do you want to enjoy some films? Here are four great ones to be on show.

New Times Movie Theatre

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1. 10-year-old Tom should pay _______ if he watches Where are we going, Dad?

A. ¥15  B. ¥20  C. ¥30  D. ¥35

2.If you love a super hero, you can watch _______.

A. Where are we going, Dad?         B. Ant-Man

C. Finding Dory                      D. The Martian

3.Mike should get to the theatre before _______ to enjoy a cartoon film.

A. 9:00 a.m. Saturday         B. 2:00 p.m. Saturday

C. 9:00 a.m. Sunday           D. 3:00 p.m. Sunday

4. From The Martian we know that _______.

A. there are many challenges in a forest trip 

B. Lang can protect the magic suit

C. Dory experiences a lot under the sea

D. the astronaut can live on the Mar



阅读下面短文,从每小题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个能填入文中相应空白处 的最佳答案。

Once there was a king. He was wise but everyone was afraid of him. His face showed the sadness deep in his heart. So there were deep     lines(皱纹)on his face.

In his country lived a beautiful girl. Everyone seemed to love her, so did the king. He wanted to    her, and finally he decided to speak to her of his love. After he dressed in his best clothes, he looked in the     , but he saw a hard face,      when he tried to smile.

"How about wearing a mask(面具)?" he thought. Then he ordered his magician to paint a mask that looked kind and happy and handsome. The magician      and said: "But you must keep your own face in the same lines that I paint and be kind to all people from your heart. If not, the mask will break." The mask looked so     that no one knew it was not the true face of the king. Months passed, the beautiful lady got married to the king, and the king treated everyone    to keep the mask from breaking.

At last, the king didn't want to cheat his beautiful wife any more.       he asked the magician to take the mask off. Surprisingly, he found his face was just like the mask he had worn for so long!

This story tells us that a man is what he is in his heart.

1.A. ugly         B. kind         C. beautiful       D. peaceful

2.A. love         B. hate          C. kill            D. marry

3.A. wall          B. door         C. mirror         D. window

4.A. yet           B. even          C. just           D. still

5.A. looked       B. refused       C. agreed         D. laughed

6.A. sad          B. happy         C. natural        D. serious

7.A. badly        B. kindly        C. coldly         D. differently

8.A. So           B. Or            C. But            D. However


We have been expecting Rio 2016 Olympics_______ the Olympic flame(圣火) was lit.

A. if  B. unless  C. since  D. though


Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy_____ over 10,000,000 yuan to help the poor in 2015.

A. gave up            B. gave off

C. gave out           D. gave away


The show was so funny that it made everyone ______ again and again.

A. laugh B. laughed C. laughing D. to laugh


—_______ can you read in English?

About 100 words a minute.

A. How far  B. How much  C. How fast  D. How many


In order to pass the exam, You need to work much ________now.

A. hard  B. harder  C. hardest  D. hardly


We should be kind to the old and take care    them in daily life.

A. of  B. for  C. with  D. about


—What a nice model plane!

Thanks. I made it with 3-D printer by______.

A. me  B. him  C. itself  D. myself


_____ apple a day keeps the doctor away.

A. A  B. An  C. The  D./


Jane had two children to raise. She had to pay for the housing and     clothes. She had a lot of bills. She worked in a     every day and got $600 a week. Even when she was     , she went to work.

Jane worked hard and did a great job. She depended on tips (小费) to help her get enough money to pay the bills. 

One night, after Jane had served dinner to a family,     left a big tip on the table. It was

    . Jane was taking care of another family at their table. When she turned back, she found the money had been    

Jane saw a woman at another table staring at her when she     the restaurant. Jane went to ask her what food she wanted. She     just a sandwich. She did not leave a tip after eating and Jane heard that she paid with a $20 bill. Jane was sure the woman had stolen her     , but she couldn’t prove (证明) it. 

The next night, the     woman came into the restaurant. She gave Jane $50. She said, “I was so sorry I took your money last     . I had a bad day. Someone stole my wallet. So I was angry. So I took your money.     that was not right. People should     good things. Not bad things. So I want you to take the money.”

“I’ll take the $20 but you keep the     . I know you need it,” said Jane.

“You should have called the police,” the manager said to Jane.

Jane said, “No. We should forgive (原谅) when someone says     and wants to make it right. We should try to help each other.”

1. A. buy     B. design    C. make     D. wash

2. A. bookstore   B. hospital   C. restaurant    D. school

3. A. angry    B. afraid    C. happy    D. tired

4. A. he    B. she    C. we    D. they

5. A. $20    B. $30    C. $40    D. $50

6. A. handed in   B. taken away   C. given back   D. thrown out

7. A. looked at   B. looked around  C. looked after   D. looked for

8. A. ordered   B. made    C. sold    D. served

9. A. book    B. money    C. dinner    D. wallet

10. A. old    B. beautiful   C. same    D. strange

11. A. night   B. week    C. month    D. year

12.A. And    B. But    C. So    D. Or

13.A. accept   B. borrow   C. cook    D. share

14.A. money   B. promises   C. rest    D. words

15.A. hello   B. thanks    C. goodbye   D. Sorry


Write a passage on “A letter to my headmaster/headmistress in at least 60 words according to the given situation (以“给校长的一封信”为题,写一篇不少于60词的文章。)



Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage

The International Climate Champions (ICC、 project began in 2007. It gives young people of school age a chance to speak publicly on climate change and to call on people to take action to reduce its_________  .

Each country involved selects three teenagers to be Climate Champions, who take part in local and international activities.

Climate Champion Irene Sanna lived on the Italian island of Sardinia. Irene is interested in solar energy, and _________ believes that Sardinia should use the waves around its coast to produce electricity. 'We must make our plans to save our coast, which still has no pollution. We must protect the animals, birds and fish in danger from global warming. And we must recycle.'

Chinese student Ding Yinghan is the Beijing Climate Champion. Ding feels it is not  _________ to say that just one country - his own - is causing climate change. He says the air pollution that leads to global warming comes from many parts of the world, including poorer countries that are now growing more quickly. He believes the only way to_________   the situation getting even worse is for rich and poor countriesto work together.

Sophia Angelis, a junior student in California, is a US Champion. She's against young people's generation lack of interest in politics and feels they need to discuss the problems that really matter to their generation. Sophia strongly believes that climate change is an important issue for her generation. For her, _________ in the way teenagers behave are an important way of influencing choices made by parents.

In 2008, the Climate Champion attended the International Conference of Environment Ministers in the Japanese city of Kobe.   _________,30 countries are involved in the ICC, and more countries are expected to join soon.

1.A、 support       B、 amount         C、 costs             D、 effects

2.A、 hardly        B、 also            C、 never             D、 only

3.A、 proud         B、 common          C、 fair              D、 important

4.A、 protect      B、 improve        C、 prevent           D、 explain

5.A、 changes       B、 problems        C、 characters       D、 advantages

6.A、 After all     B、 At present      C、 For example       D、 What's more


Once upon a time if we wanted to make a phone call or wait for someone to contact us, we had to sit at home or at our desks. There were public phones in the street of course, but it could be hard to find one that was working and there were often long queues to use them. And of course you had to bring a lot of coins to pay for the calls.

So people didn't phone their friends as often. Mobile phones, these small pieces of electronic equipment which allow us to talk with friends and family while we are on the move, have greatly changed the way we live. Before the age of the mobile phone, our loved ones would sit around worried sick if we were late coming home. There were no quick calls to tell mum that there would be additional guests coming for dinner. We would have to depend on notes left on fridges or desks to communicate messages.

But mobile phones have also had a negative effect and what people don't seem to realize is that we've lost something very valuable: our privacy. Now our friends and family can contact us wherever and whenever they want to. We can never get away from them. The way people communicate with each other is totally different now. It's difficult to have a conversation face-to-face with a friend without being disturbed every couple of minutes by the ring of their phones, ,most people don't see anything wrong in having a long conversation on their mobile phone while forgetting all about the person sitting opposite. It seems the art of real conversation may be dying.

Of course, people could leave their mobile phones at home or even switch them off but no one ever does that. Why not? Because the worrying thing is we can't live without our phones. We've become communication addicts, unable to spend even a few minutes out of contact, in case we miss something  'important'.

1. What does the underlined sentence tell us?

A、 No all-day public phone service was provided in the street.

B、 Public phones were in poor condition and not always available.

C、 Public phones were everywhere but they were always in use.

D、 You could always see people repairing the public phones.

2.What's the writer's point about using telephones before the invention of mobile phones?

A、 Using a telephone was expensive.

B、 Phone calls were much shorter.

C、 People made fewer phone calls.

D、 People relied on notes a lot.

3.What does the writer think about life before mobile phones?

A、 Life was less convenient.

B、 People were more punctual.

C、 Things were more relaxed.

D、 Everyone managed very well.

4. What's the writer's main argument against mobile phones?

A、 They have damaged relationships.

B、 We give out too much information.

C、 They are harmful to our body and mind.

D、 It's impossible to escape from them.

5.Which word best describes how the writer feels about the use of mobile phones.'?

A、 Disappointed.   B、 Satisfied.

C、 Worried.          D、 Surprised.

6.What's the writer's main purpose in writing this article?

A、 To inform people about means of communication in the past.

B、 To show disadvantages of the way people communicate today.

C、 To advise readers to stop using the mobile phone.

D、 To compare different types of phone conversation.


Rewrite the following sentences as required.

1.You have to pay to park here. (改为否定句)

You ______ _______ to pay to park here

2.Henry Ford invented the world’s first assembly line in 1913. (划线提问)

_______ ________ Henry Ford invent the world’s first assembly line?

3.They created a Children’s Fund to provide money for those who are ill. (保持句意)

They _______ ________ a Children’s Fund to provide money for those who are ill.

4.The newspapers will publish the results of the survey. (改为被动语态)

The results of the survey will _____ _______ in the newspapers.

5.We cannot drink salt water . we cannot take a shower with it, either. (保持句意)

We can _____ drink salt water ____ take a shower with it.

6.“Have you collected any materials about earthquakes?” asked Ms Ward. (改为宾语从句)

Ms Ward asked me _____ I _____ collected any materials about earthquakes.

7.a blanket, covered, Tom’s, with, legs, were (连词成句)



Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.

1.With my saving, I bought  _________ a mobile phone for his birthday. (he)

2.Our ______ have been polluted by waste from factories. (river)

3.The wheelchair gives him the _______ to go out on his own. (free)

4.Black shoes go very well with jeans, and are much _________ to keep clean. (easy)

5.One soldier was killed and three others were _______ when their tank was hit by a rocket. (wounD、

6.The modern fashion in education is to let the child _____ everything. (decision)

7.Hundreds of houses were ______ damaged in the hurricane. (heavy)

8.The growing problem of _______ cats and dogs has caused much trouble in the town. (home)



A no longer    B completely   C compete    D given up   E encourage


Though the sale of bottled water is still on the rise. Certain policy makers have taken steps to reduce it and   1.   people to drink tap water. In September 2009, the Australian city of Bundanoon became the first city in the world to  2.  stop bottled water from being sold in stores, building water fountains instead.

Among the cities in America that have taken action are San Francisco and Seattle, which 3.  buy water for city use, and Chicago which adds a five-cent tax on each bottle. Several restaurants in those cities have also  4.  bottled water for tap water. Other cities are also considering taking action.



A source   B on average   C plastic   D fixed   E examined


The US public uses about 50 billion water bottles a year and most of those    1.  bottles are not recycled, according to Elizabeth Royte’s book Bottlemanid: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It.

More than $100 billion is spent every year on bottled water in the U.S. in many developing countries where there isn’t a safe   2.   of tap water, bottled water is the only choice.

In the US, tap water is controlled by the government and often  3.  for dangerous substances(物质). Each American drinks 79 litres of bottled water per year  4.   . The bottled water industry is so successful that it has outpaced milk, coffee, and juice in the number of gallons of drinks sold putting it behind only beer and soda.


–I’m sorry I’m late the traffic was terrible.

-____. The traffic situation is getting worse these days.

A. That’s OK         B. You’re welcome

C. I don’t think so  D. Please go ahead.


–More underground lines should be built in our city!--_____

A.I’m glad to hear that  B. Not exactly

C. I couldn’t agree more   D. I’m on your side


____ amazing the stage play War Horse is!

A. What   B. What a   C. What an   D. How


Half of the Beijing’s private cars ____ off the roads due to heavy smog on Friday.

A .order   B. are ordered   C. ordered   D. were ordered


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