The little boy saved his classmates in the earthquake.       brave he was!

A. What    B. How    C. What a


The sunshine shines       the window into the room.

A. across    B. to    C. through


All the people look      because they are too busy.

A. friendly    B. carefully    C. tired


The newspaper wants       from the readers.

A. some advice    B. some advices    C. an advice


Don’t be       about the boys.They will be OK.

A. interested    B. worried    C. excited



1.Jack can make ordinary things sound interesting.

A. normal    B. different    C. same

2.I need some advice on how to solve this problem.

A. forms    B. moment    C. suggestions

3.Alex often disagree with me.

A. doesn’t leave    B. doesn’t passes    C. doesn’t agree

4.She was in a hurry to see her child because he hurt his leg.

A. is worried about    B. was glad to see    C. hurried to see

5.Tim went out the classroom quickly

A. slowly    B. very slow    C. very fast





BBC is one of the most famous the world.It has its own offices in London and in many other parts of the country,even in the2.countries.

People can find out all the BBC programmes in the BBC’s magazine Radio Times.The magazine has much more readers than any3.magazine in Britain.BBC has a lot of radio channels(频道)and TV channels.There are all kinds of

4.on them.Some are for parents,and some are for5..Some are for workers and farmers,and some are for teachers and students.Some give main news and some give music or sports.You can choose what you like to listen to or to watch.




Don’t_______ _______ ________the window in class.


You can ask me________ ________,if you have any question.


She________ _______at me,saying nothing.


He never_______ _______help from others.


The girl sat_______ _______her mother,listening to the story.


Mr Black doesn’t agree to keep a cat        a pet because he hates cats.

A. for    B. on    C. as    D. with


--How beautifully she sings!

--SO she does.She has a sweet       

A. sound    B. voice    C. noise    D. singing


--How do you study for a test?

--I study by asking the teacher       help.

A. to    B. for    C. at    D. of


The world’s population     larger,and there is less land and water for        rice.

A. are growing,grow    B. is growing,grow

C. grow,to grow    D. is growing,growing



1.He doesn’t seem________(like)the idea.

2.These__________(listen)were very excited when they heard the good news.

3.Tom learned Chinese by_________(watch)TV.

4.As he grew________(old),he became stronger and stronger.

5.When I was young,I remembered________(play)games with Tom.



1.They asked________two bottles of water and some bread this morning.

2.I did this_________taking some pictures.

3.________the age of ten,I sold newspapers in the street.

4.Her interest_________history is growing day by day.



1.--Where is Mr King?

--He is in the__________(录音室).

2.It s________that no one knows what has happened to her.

3.What is the p_______of your visit?

4.He wrote an_________(文章)about space.




The radio manager_______ _______ _______me.


I sat_______ ________the radio in the living room,________to my favourite programmes and________the voices of my favourite presenters.


It________that they were speaking_________to lots of listeners but to me__________ __.


________the age of nine,I________ ________part time jobs in small radio station.


I did this_______ _______out of the window.



















1. 由董卿主持,每次涵盖不同主题,深受人们喜爱,值得观看;

2. 朗读让人认识世界,增长知识;

3. 邀请不同人来朗读,讲述感人故事;

4. 比如,一位父亲通过读一封信来表达对儿子的爱;

5. 这个节目鼓励我们…… 我们应该……

注意:1. 必须包括上述所有要点,语句通顺,意思连贯;

      2. 要点中第5点省略号处请用2-3句话合理发挥;

3. 词数90个左右,短文开头不计入总词数。


A new program called The Reader is a great surprise to us viewers. I would like to recommend it to you.



七、完成句子  按所给的汉语,用英语完成下列句子,并将答案写在答题卡对应题号的横线上。


WangYuan ,one of the TF Boys, is _______________________________ at the UN Forum(论坛).


Chinese Dream is a great way to bring people together and _________________________our own country.


Chinese people often say, “You can ______________________________________.”


Since last April, ______________________________________ shared bikes to schools, workplaces or to go sightseeing.


The hot TV series called In The Name of the People is so wonderful ________________________________________ by the audience.


  Please make _________________________________ in order not to wake the kids up.


六、阅读填空    先通读下面的短文,然后根据短文内容,在文章后表格的空格内填入一个最恰当的单词。所填单词必须写在答题卡对应题号的横线上。每个空格只能填一个单词。

Yu Minhong, president of New Oriental Education, shared his ideas with the young after the English speech competition of the 14th China Daily. Here is some of his advice to young people:

“One suggestion I’d like to give you is that it’s important to do what you like without fear of failure. And the process(过程)of working toward your dreams matters more than the results. Young people should take chances to show off talents. Take competitions like this one as an example: If you are afraid to fail, you’ll never get the chance to stand on the stage and make a speech. Above all, it’s most important to take part.

Another suggestion I want to give you is to read books. It is not easy to keep reading every day. For me, it is much more difficult and challenging to keep reading and taking notes every day than it is to walk 10,000 steps.”

In his speech, Yu also shared his view on life. He chose a different life rather than a more successful one. He uses the famous lines of American poet Robert Frost (1874–1963) to make his point:“Two roads diverged (分叉) in a wood, and I … took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”Yu pointed out, “Your happiness should not be what others think you should run after, but instead you should decide what it is. It is you who should make choices for your own life.”

Yu Minhong’s speech to young people

His advice

● He thinks the process is more 1. than results,

  so young people should take chances to show off their


● He also suggests that we should read books. It’s 3. to

  keep reading all the time.

His views on life

● Yu prefers a different life 4. a more successful one.

● He says that your happiness should be decided by 5.

instead of what others think.




五、动词填空  用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,并将答案写在答题卡对应题号的横线上。

1.Those against the laws ________ (expect) to be punished sooner or later.

2.— What brought joy to John just now?

________ (receive) a gift from his boss.

3.The recent terrorist attack (恐怖袭击) in London _________ (leave) four killed and at least 40 wounded.

4.As soon as Jeff finishes the task, he _________ (offer) a two-week holiday.

5.— Where is your father?

— He has drunk too much and ________ (lie) in the sofa.

6.— Hi, Judy. You have returned from abroad?

—Yes. I________ (travel) a lot during my stay there.

7.The young man can’t decide which girl ________ (marry) because both of the girls love him.

8.When John entered the office, the manager ________just________ (leave), so they had little time to talk about the agreement.


(B) 根据句意,在答题卡对应题号的横线上,写出括号内所给单词的适当形式。

1.Those who call ________ (they) net addicts(网虫) spend at least 6 hours online every day.

2.Some movies come and go, but some classical ones never seem to become________ (know).

3.As people are aging, they feel even ________ (lonely).

4.Drivers are always asked to avoid ________ (care) while driving on the road.


(A) 根据句意和汉语注释,在答题卡对应题号的横线上,写出单词的正确形式。

1.On March 15, customers are encouraged to complain if they are not ________ (满意) with the products or service.

2.Thank you for giving me some useful ________ (建议). They’re of great value to me.

3.To everyone’s surprise, such a big award was ________ (颁发) to a singer.

4.It’s too noisy to hear you clearly. Would you mind _________ (升高) your voice?



Do you and your friends ever talk about your dreams with each other? If you do, you might have noticed something interesting – some of your friends seldom remember their dreams, but some can always describe their dreams so clearly that it seems like they’re describing things that really happened to them. What makes those people different?

The answer is simple. There are two different types of dreamers – low dream recallers(回忆者)and high dream recallers.

Low dream recallers usually remember their dreams only twice a month. But high dream recallers are able to remember them about five mornings a week. And a new study suggests that activity in a certain part of the brain could have something to do with it, reported The Huffington Post.

Perrine Ruby, a French researcher at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, studied 41 people (21 high dream recallers and 20 low dream recallers) and recorded their brain activity.

She found that a part of the brain called the temporo-parietal junction (颞顶联合区) was more active in high dream recallers than in low dream recallers – both when they were sleeping and awake.

This brain area collects and processes(编程)information from the outside world. This means that high dream recallers know more about what’s happening around them. For example, when they are awake, they respond (对……有反应) more strongly to hearing their own names, and when they are sleeping, they are woken more easily by sounds and movements.

By closely studying people’s brain activities, Ruby found that high dream recallers have twice as much “wakefulness time” during sleep as low dream recallers do. And it is during these short times of wakefulness that the brain remembers dreams.

“The sleeping brain is not able to remember new information,” Ruby told The Washington Post. “It needs to wake up to be able to do that.”

This is not hard to understand. Just try to think of your own sleeping experiences. If you are worried during the night, you are more likely to remember your dreams, but if you sleep well, you will remember little in the morning, and this is because “you never get a chance to remember”, Robert Stickgold, a Harvard Medical School researcher, told The Washington Post.

1.According to the article, high dream recallers ______.

A. have very little brain activity during sleep

B. can remember their dreams clearly

C. don’t know how to describe their dreams

D. remember their dreams twice a week

2.Compared to high dream recallers, low dream recallers ______.

A. have higher sleep quality

B. have more sleepless nights

C. are more easily woken at night

D. respond faster when hearing their names

3.What is the main purpose of the last paragraph?

A. To show the advantages of being a low dream recaller.

B. To suggest what to do to become a low dream recaller.

C. To make readers interested in future studies.

D. To further explain Ruby’s research.


The wind tried pushing Colin to the ground. It felt as if Colin’s news-bag was full of potatoes.

Maybe it had to do with the news Dad read before Colin left. The morning headlines(标题)were full of the usual sad stories.

“No good news again!” Dad said.

Car accidents! House burns! Storm damage(损害)!

Colin moved quickly from house to house leaving papers in the mailbox. He wished he could bring only good news to his family, also to his friendly neighbours. “How could I make things better for everyone?” he wondered.

Colin noticed Alice coming. She only had one real eye. The other was made of glass. He liked Alice even if many others laughed at her. He didn’t realize how much it helped her, having a friend like Colin.

Each time Colin left a paper by a customer’s door, he thought, “How could I make some good news?”

Colin gave his usual cheerful “Hi” to everyone on his way. His smile was like the rising sun.

Someone was crying and he ran to where a little boy had fallen and hurt his leg. Colin calmed him down until the boy’s mother arrived.

“I’m glad you’re my paperboy,” she told Colin.

He continued on his way, but he didn’t feel tired. It was fun doing what he usually did—helping others.

He raced up the street to his last customer. Mrs. Williams saw Colin coming and had peanut butter cookies as a treat for her favourite paperboy. She wondered why such a lively boy always had time to chat with an old lady.

Colin’s own treat for his customers came from his heart. He did have much good news to share, even if he didn’t realize it. His smile and polite manners brought cheering-up news to all his customers.

1.What was Colin’s trouble?

A. His news-bag was too heavy.

B. He had heard of many sad stories.

C. His dad didn’t like his job as a paperboy.

D. He couldn’t bring good news to his customers.

2.Why did Mrs. Williams think Colin was her favourite boy?

A. Because he would always like to chat with her.

B. Because he liked her peanut butter cookies.

C. Because he didn’t bring bad news to her.

D. Because he always sent papers to her as fast as he could.

3.What was Colin’s treat for his customers?

A. His smile and polite manners.    B. His papers full of good news.

C. His honesty and happiness.    D. His confidence and friendship.

4.What’s the best title of this passage?

A. No news is good news

B. How paperboys work

C. The boring job as a paperboy

D. A sunny paperboy


Black Spider(蜘蛛)was having trouble catching bugs(臭虫)in his web, while Grey Spider caught two bugs in his.

“You are so lucky,” Black Spider said to Grey Spider. “You have two bugs while I have none. It’s not fair(公平的).”

Everyone has lucky days and unlucky days. Let’s eat the bugs together,” said Grey Spider.

Black Spider decided to join Grey Spider for lunch.

“You must do some special things to get lucky, is it magic?” Grey Spider whispered.

“No, build your web!” said Black Spider. “Repair your web! Enlarge your web! Make your web wider!” 

“Is that all?”

“Yes, build a new web!” said Grey Spider.

After lunch, Black Spider went back and made a new web. He built his web wider. Once he was done he slept all through the night because he was very tired.

In the morning, Black Spider was excited to see four bugs in his web. He told Grey Spider about it. Grey Spider smiled at Black Spider. “By enlarging your web, you have enlarged your possibility to catch all these bugs,” Grey Spider said. “There is chance all around us. Luck is everywhere. You need to work to make it so more good luck comes your way.”

1.After the Black Spider built his web wider, he slept all night because_______ .

A. he could do nothing but wait

B. the bugs only came out at night

C. he could use the web next morning

D. he got really tired building the web

2.Which of the following is close to the underlined(划线)sentence?

A. Every coin has two sides.

B. Every dog has its day.

C. Everything has its cause.

D. Every road leads to Rome.

3.What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Always get a plan when you are in trouble.

B. To show people how a spider catches bugs.

C. Luck comes to those who work for it.

D. Life is not always fair, so we need to find a way out.




1.The audition for the musical show will be held on_______.

A. March 6    B. March 10    C. March 27    D. April 10

2.Students who take part in the field trip need to take their_______ with them.

A. notebooks    B. backpacks    C. sunglasses    D. cameras

3.How long will the field day last?

A. One hour.    B. Two hours.    C. One day.    D. Three days.


二、完形填空  先通读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后在每小题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。(本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

You might be surprised to learn that India produces about 800 movies a year, and that number continues to grow. Just as the center of the American film industry is Hollywood, the movie center of India is Mumbai, known ______ Bombay. “Bollywood” is a combination (结合) of the ______“Bombay”and“Hollywood”.

Bollywood is not a physical place. Some people ______ the name, saying that it makes the industry look like a poor cousin to Hollywood.______, Bollywood is one of the largest centers of film production in the world.

No Bollywood movie is thought complete ______ a few songs and dances. In fact, music is an important part of Bollywood movies. Even a bad movie can still be ______  if the music is good. Because of this, music directors are sometimes more popular than actors. A Bollywood movie has five to six songs in it, often explaining what the dances mean. A film’s success often _______ on the quality of such musical numbers. In some ways, Bollywood has been influencing ______ films in the western world since the 2000s.

Bollywood may be different from Hollywood when it comes to musical style, but it is very ______ to Hollywood in several ways. Bollywood hero Shark Khan uses a gun just like Hollywood star Tom Cruise. News reporters follow Bollywood stars just as often as Hollywood stars. The personal lives of Indian actors and actresses catch the headlines, just as ______ do in the United States.

1.A. for    B. to    C. as    D. at

2.A. cities    B. words    C. films    D. factories

3.A. like    B. dislike    C. agree    D. disagree

4.A. But    B. However    C. Though    D. Otherwise

5.A. with    B. without    C. except    D. besides

6.A. successful    B. necessary    C. serious    D. worse

7.A. decides    B. divides    C. depends    D. dreams

8.A. romantic    B. action    C. funny    D. musical

9.A. different    B. difficult    C. similar    D. same

10.A. we    B. they    C. you    D. them


— Nowadays, it seems that many young people can’t live without smart phones.

— ________. I think it’s bad for their health.

A. I’m afraid not    B. I hope not.    C. Exactly.    D. Of course.


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