China Dream is a great way to gather people together and          the fast development of our country.

A. push for    B. fit for    C. deal with    D. cheer for


—Is Kate coming to the party this evening?

—No, she _________ be at the party. She________ to the UK.

A. mustn't; has gone    B. mustn't; has been

C. can't; has gone    D. can't; has been


—My bike ________. May I go ________?

—No problem!

A. broke, by yours    B. broke down, on yours

C. was broken down, on yours    D. is broken, on yourself


--How wonderful these paintings are! Which one do you think           the artist?   

    -- Perhaps he __________ the one hanging on the wall.

A. satisfying; satisfies    B. satisfies with ; satisfies    C. satisfies ; is satisfied with    D. satisfied with; is satisfied with


What a day! The car I ___________ seems to go wrong again.

A. have repaired it    B. had repaired    C. had repaired it    D. have it repaired


--Kate says she is going to ______ her job in the hospital and open her own store. Is it serious?

  --I _________ . She never means it.

A. give up; wonder    B. look for; agree    C. keep off; suppose    D. pick up; believe


--Do you think ___________ he has taken the bag?

    --___________ I’m mistaken.

A. that; Until    B. whether; If    C. that; Unless    D. whether; Unless


--It's said that_________ earthquake hit Japan the other day

    --______ bad news! Let's give a helping hand for the people there

A. an, How    B. a; How a    C. the; What a    D. an; What


Write at least 60 words on the topic “Harvest".(以“收获”为题写一篇不少于60个词



  The following is for reference only.(以下问题仅供参考)

  1. Which harvest impressed you most in your growth?

  2. How did the harvest happen?

  3. Why do you think it was a harvest?

  4. Do you have any changes after the harvest?


DAnswer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题)(12分)

Which Chinese city do you think people live a very happy life?

    Well, Chengdu is at the top of the 2015 rankings(排名) for China's Happiest Cities released by Xinhua News Agency and the China Association of Mayors. This is the second year in a row that the capital city of Sichuan is chosen.

    So what has made Chengdu such a happy place to 1ive? As People's Daily said, "Part of the reason is the leisurely and slow-paced(慢节奏的) lifestyle that many people in Chengdu live."

To find the pleasures of the Chengdu lifestyle; the first thing you should try is the food. Chengdu cooking style is famous for the use of the Sichuanese peppercorn(花椒) and hot chillies(辣椒). "Nothing is more-important to Chengdu people than food," said Du Li, a professor at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine. "They love to find small restaurants in out-of-the-way places that have great tastes." There are around 40,000 restaurants in Chengdu, the highest density(密度) of restaurants of any city in the world.

    Another important part of Chengdu life is the teahouses. Found everywhere in the city, the    teahouses are much more than just a place to drink tea. Teahouses are places to do business, meet    with friends, show off pet birds, listen to Chuanju (Sichuan opera), and most importantly, play    mahjong(麻将).As a local saying goes, "If you cannot find someone, he or she is playing     mahjong, or on their way to play mahjong."

1.How many times has Chengdu been at the top of the rankings for China’s Happiest Cities?


2.What are the pleasures of the Chengdu lifestyle?


3.How do people make their dishes more famous and special in Chengdu?


4.What kind of restaurant attracts Chengdu people most?


5.People go to the teahouses found everywhere in the city only for enjoying tea, don't they?


6.Why is Chengdu chosen to be a China's happiest city again? What other necessary factors(要素) do you think a happiest city has?



C) Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给):(14分)

    ‘‘Who am I?" Do you often ask this question? Knowing yourself may be one of the most difficult things in the world. But it's certainly w1. trying. You're sure to discover more about yourself after some unforgettable activities.

    On March 20, 55 students told their stories on the topic of "The Time I Discovered or Freed Myself' at the 13th China Daily "21st Century Cup" National High School English Speaking Competition in Kaifeng, Henan.

The champion, Xia Xiaowen, 15, from Shanghai Foreign Language School talked about how she found her true interest in debating. Xia was a p2. student in her studies and often won first prize, but she had few hobbies in her spare time. However, she found her real passion (热爱的事物) after joining a debate tournament. "Debating changes me," Xia said. "I find real happiness in meeting wonderful arguments and knowing many students who s3. the same interest with me." 

    Third place Lu Yunsong found his brave side during a military training(军训). The 12-year-old from Beijing RDFZ Chaoyang School kept complaining u4. he saw a friend bravely overcome difficulties.-He chose to stick with it and finished the training proudly. "I've realized I'm not a little boy anymore," Lu said. "I'm a man, who is strong and brave."

    "Growing up is a5. of knowing yourself," said Feng Feifei, global business development manager of BBC Learning English and one of the judges. "You may discover your potentials (潜力); you may also find the room for improvement."

Zhang Tianrui, from Zhengzhou Foreign Language School may agree with Feng. Once the 14-year-old took part in a Model United Nations meeting and found that there was a big difference

b6. him and excellent delegates(参赛代表). Although Zhang felt disappointed at the beginning, he was really thankful for the experience. "It w7. me up to work harder and improved myself," he said.


B.    Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文)(12分) 

A young college student thought that he chose the wrong major(专业) at a common college, so he drank every day and didn't study at all. He became more and more ______.

    But he was never absent from Professor Yang's biology class. He liked the course. Besides, Yang's class was so interesting that he always listened carefully, never ______ whether the other students were paying attention or not in class.

    Once he put a ______ in the homework he handed in, saying: "Professor, it is said that today's college students are cheaper than potatoes. Do you agree?"   

    That day Professor Yang invited the young student to his home after class. When he came, he found the professor at a table with food on it. They drank ______ over their meal.   

    When they became half drunk, the professor took out a small potato that was sprouting(发芽的). "Do you know how much this costs?" he asked the young man. "It's soft but poisonous (有毒的) . Nobody will take it even if it's ______ . He then threw the potato away.

    The professor then showed him another potato. It was half the size of a football and quite round. "This potato is organic(有机的). It is not only large and fresh but also free of ______. It is in high demand and quite expensive."

    The young man was impressed by what he'd heard. "Be such a potato," said the professor.

1.A. surprised    B. confident    C. upset    D. attractive

2.A. caring about    B. playing with    C. getting ready for    D. depending on

3.A. coin    B. note    C. ticket    D. menu

4.A. luckily    B. sadly    C. worriedly    D. happily

5.A. free    B. beautiful    C. expensive    D. safe

6.A. money    B. exhibition    C. pollution    D. health


A. Choose the best answer (根据文章内容,选择最恰当的答案):(12分)

Liu Yaxuan is totally a homebody. Every weekend, this14-year-old student from Tsinghua High School watches popular TV dramas like The Journey of Flower(《花千骨》) and plays with her mobile phone. She hates playing outdoor sports. "It's too tiring," she said.

    She is not alone. In recent years, more and more Chinese teenagers are becoming homebodies. A 2013 survey of kids aged 2 to 14 showed about half of them spend less than one hour doing outdoor activities every day.

    To some extent, heavy academic pressure (学业压力) caused this phenomenon(现象). Hu Huilan, 12, from Shenzhen Nanshan Language School, is busy with piles of homework and extra classes on weekends. "I don't want to get behind," she said.

    Even if this isn't a problem, kids still prefer indoor life. Wang Yidi, 12, from Anhui No. 50 Middle School, often reads Harry Potter: listens to music and-surfs the Internet at home. "I can do so many things I like at home rather than hang out in smoggy(雾霾的) weather," she said.

    But this causes bad health conditions. Chinese teenagers' physical conditions have been declining (下降) for more than 25 years, reported People's Daily last year.         

    The situation for foreign students is quite different. Zhang Yingke, 15, from Unionville High School in Toronto, Canada, says her peers are not homebodies at all. "They spend their free time outdoors even if it just means going to the park or reading a book under the tree. Nice weather, little homework and rich outdoor activities enable us to do that," she said. After being there for four years, she has fallen in love with running and playing tennis. "It helps me stay energetic,” she said.

1.Homebodies are persons who ______.

A. always stay home at weekends

B. don't need to go to work on weekdays

C. stay at home and never go out

D. do jobs like cleaning houses or cooking meals

2.Wang Yidi's indoor life is rich when she is at home ______ is NOT mentioned below.

A. Reading books    B. Surfing the Internet

C. Doing piles of homework    D. Listening to music

3.According to People's Daily, Chinese teenager's physical conditions have been declining ______.

A. from last year    B. recently

C. since.1989    D. since 2013

4.The teenagers tell us some reasons why they like to be homebodies. ______ is NOT TRUE according to the passage.

A. Doing outdoor activities is too tiring

B. They haven't rich outdoor activities

C. Hanging out in smoggy weather is bad for their health

D. The schoolwork is heavy and they are busy with their studies

5.______ is/are Zhang Yingke's favourite outdoor activity/activities.

A. Running and playing tennis    B. Reading under the tree

C. Swimming in the river        .    D. Going to the Park

6.The passage is mainly about ______.

A. the ways to change this phenomenon

B. the lifestyles of the different countries

C. the activities Chinese teenagers do at home

D. the reasons of becoming homebody and problems it caused


V. Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词)  (共14分)

1.Helen used to be a tour guide in a travel agency.(改为一般疑问句)

   __________ Helen __________ to be a tour guide in a travel agency?

2.Some poor children seldom go to university in the village.(改为反意疑问句)

   Some poor children seldom go to university in the village, __________ __________?

3.You can visit our website on the Internet. You can telephone us, too.(合并为一句)

   You can __________ visit our website on the Internet __________ telephone us.

4.Ken was able to move the heavy box with the help of his parents.(对划线部分提问)

   __________ __________ Ken able to move with the help of his parents?

5."Will you attend the lecture by Dr. Green?" Jack asked.(改为宾语从句)

   Jack asked me ___________ I __________ attend the lecture by Dr. Green.

6.Some of our bad habits can cause water pollution. (改为被动语态)     

   Water pollution can __________ __________ by some of our bad habits.

7.her, for, I, the expensive apple watch, breaking, apologized to(连词成句)



IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号中所给单词    的适当形式完成下列句子)  (共8分)

1.I left my dictionary at home. Luckily Wendy lent __________ to me. (she)

2.George made the first movie in his __________. And it was a big hit. (sixty)

3.Sue said drawing gave her a sense of __________ and independence: (free)

4.Charles is a __________ leader. Everyone would like to follow him. (power)

5.As a director, he __________ pushes the actors in the direction he wants them to go. (gentle)

6.It was really hard for Frank and Emma to believe the __________ of their son. (die)

7.The girl was __________ because she told a lie to the manager about her work experience.


8.Michael can show you how to __________ the 3D printer. He is good at it. (operation)


III. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each can only be used once. (将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空限填一词,每词只能填一次)  (共8分)


A. owners     B. common     C. popular     D. hurt     E. make any noise

Lizards are good pets because they do not need to go for walks or take baths like dogs. So they are easy to care for. They also do not bite their 1. like cats. Lizards are also good pets to keep in apartments(公寓)because they do not 2.. So they will not bother neighbors. One kind of lizard called a bearded dragon is 3. these days. It is active during the day and does not like to be held. It will not 4. people. So it is a good pet for kids.


A. a little     B. wearing     C. improves     D. reasons     E. fits

When standing in the central areas in Tokyo(东京),you can frequently see many girls 5.     school uniforms. So why do Japanese girls love school uniforms so much? One of the 6. may be its fashionable design and good quality. The style is adapted from sailor suits. The color and design of the uniform 7. Japanese girls' skin color and body figure(体型). Every ten years, the style will change 8. to keep up with the trend(潮流). Different from Chinese school uniforms, school uniforms in Japan are well made and thus expensive. It's designed by a name brand, made with good fabric(布料) and produced by a good factory.


- Let's clean our neighborhood this weekend, shall we?

   - ______

A. Yes, please.    B. Never mind.    C. Well done.    D. That's a good idea.


- I'm really sorry about upsetting your plan.

   - ______

A. You'd better talk with someone.    B. Really! How I wish I could help.

C. Oh, forget it. It really doesn't matter.    D. Pardon me. I'm fine with it.


______ amazing film they enjoyed on Christmas's Eve!

A. How    B. What    C. What a    D. What an


It is 11:00 p.m now. Peter hasn't come back yet. His mother ______ be very mad at him.

A. may    B. can    C. must    D. need


Eddie ______ the classroom with his classmates at that time yesterday.

A. was cleaning    B. cleaned    C. has cleaned    D. is cleaning


The boy ______ for her in the rain for nearly half an hour before she appeared.

A. waits    B. waited    C. has waited    D. had waited


Tu Yoyo is the first Chinese scientist ______ the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

A. won    B. wins    C. to win    D. winning


The boy ______ down by a truck when he was running across the road.

A. is knocked    B. was knocked    C. will be knocked    D. has been knocked


- Would you mind ______ my pet dog? I will be away for about a week.

   - Of course not.

A. look after    B. will look after    C. to look after    D. looking after


He became ______ again and left the office with a smile on his face.

A. happy    B. happily    C. unhappy    D. unhappily


______ this is your first visit to Shanghai, let me show you around the city.

A. Although    B. Since    C. Unless    D. When


- Thomas, spend less time on computer games; ______you will do worse in your studies.

   - All right.

A. so    B. but    C. or    D. and


- ______ building did the firemen save the old woman from last night?

   - The blue one.

A. How    B. Which    C. Where    D. Whose


You can find English is used ________than French and Spanish in the world.

A. wider    B. the widest    C. more widely    D. most widely


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