It is foggy(多雾的) today. The plane can't       .

A. land    B. landed    C. take off    D. taking off


If you bring snacks to the party, the teachers will ___________.

A. take it away    B. take them away

C. take away it    D. take away them


My friend has the same haircut __________ I do.

A. as    B. like    C. seem    D. looks like


I think you should _______ some money _______ your friends.

A. borrow; for    B. borrow; from    C. lend; from    D. borrow; to


He doesn’t have any money, _______ do I.

A. too    B. also    C. either    D. neither


Some scientists think that it may take ____________ years to make robots look like people, and do the same things as us.

A. hundreds of

B. two hundreds of

C. two hundreds


Will there be fewer trees?


A. Yesthere will.    B. Yesthey will.

C. Nothere aren’t.    D. Nothey won’t.


Kids won’t go to school. They will study _____ home ______computers.

A. in, in    B. at, on    C. at, by    D. at, from


D. Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题): ( 12分)

    One Saturday afternoon, Tom and his sister, Viv, were having tea in a café. Tom was telling Viv about his history project. “On Monday I am giving a speech in front of the class. It will be about famous inventions,” Tom told Viv. “Let’s go to the public library and find a book on inventions,” suggested Viv. “We’ll call the library first to see what time it closes.”

    They walked over to an old telephone box and went inside. Just as Viv was about to ring ‘1888’, the number for Directory Enquiries(电话号查询台), there was a loud crash outside the phone box. A woman had dropped her shopping bags.

    Viv dialed the number. When she had finished, the telephone box started shaking, and a loud noise filled their ears. The shopping centre disappeared, and everything went dark. Suddenly there was a big bump. The telephone box stopped shaking and everything was quiet. Tom and Viv looked out of the window. They couldn’t believe their eyes! They were in the middle of a large field. Tom pushed the door and stepped outside.

    “This is amazing!” he said. “I think we’ve travelled through time.” Suddenly some men on horses appeared. They were wearing strange clothes. They saw the children and started riding towards them, shouting.

    “Let’s get out of here!” Tom shouted. They ran back inside and closed the door behind them.

    “Those men look like people from the past,” Tom said. “You dialed the number ‘1888’ for Directory Enquiries. If we dial ‘2010’, perhaps we’ll return home.”

    Tom dialed the number. He was nervous, however, and dialed ‘3010’ by mistake. The telephone box started shaking again, and the field disappeared. There was another large bump. Looking outside, the children saw strange buildings and cars. A face suddenly appeared outside the window. The person had three eyes! Viv shouted with fear.

    “I don’t want to be in the future. I want to go home,” said Viv. Tom quickly dialed ‘2010’. Soon they were back in the shopping centre. Outside, a woman was picking up some shopping that she had dropped. Tom recognized the woman. “We’re back! Let’s help that woman with her shopping,” he said.

    “Thank you. You’re very kind,” the woman replied to Tom’s offer of help.

She turned to look at the children. Tom and Viv jumped in horror. The woman had three eyes…

1.What speech would Tom give in front of the class?


2.Did they know the telephone number of the public library?


3.How did they travel through time to the past?


4.Which number would enable them to go back home?


5.How did Viv feel when she saw a face with three eyes in the year 3010?


6.Where had the woman probably come from?



C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给):(14分)

     “There is no love which is more sincere than the love of food,” said Anglo-Irish writer George Bernard Shaw. Like Bernard Shaw, many writers e1. food very much, and they say and write interesting things about it.

    British poet Owen Meredith(1831-1891) learnt a lot about food when he lived in Paris. He famously said, “We may live without friends, we may live without books, but civilized(文明的) men cannot live without c2.

    American writer Mark Twain also wrote a lot about food. “When you have t3. watermelon,” he wrote, “you know what angels eat.”    

American cookbook writer Alice May Brock has some simple rules about food from different c 4.;“If you want to cook international food, it’s easy,” she wrote. “Put tomatoes on the plate and it’s Italian. Use soy sauce and it’s Chinese. A 5. wine to the recipe(食谱) and its French. Sour cream makes it Russian and lemon makes it Greek. But garlic makes it good! Cheers!”

Tea and coffee are even more i 6. for some people. There is a Chinese saying, “It is better to go without food for three days, than tea for one.”

    American President Abraham Lincoln was often rude about the tea and coffee which was served to him. For example, he was in a Washington restaurant one day, and when the main meal was over, a cup of hot l7.was placed in front of him. He drank a bit and was clearly angry. “Waiter,” he said, “if this is coffee, please bring me some tea; and if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”


B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage. (选择最恰当的单词或词组完成短文): (共12分)

    I was cute, active, happy…until that day when I was 15 months old. I had a bad fall. I landed on a glass rabbit and it cut my eye badly enough to blind it. The doctor said if the eye was taken out, my face would become out of _______, so my scarred(有疤痕的), blind and grey eye lived on with me.

    People often asked uncomfortable questions about my eye or ________ played jokes on me. When the kids played games, I was always the “bad guy”. I grew up imagining that everyone looked down on me.

    Yet every time Mom noticed I was unhappy, she would say to me, “Hold your head up high and face the world.” It helped me move on in life.

    As a child, I told myself, “Be careful or I will fall down or knock into something because I am not looking.” As a teenager, I always looked down to hide my shame, but I found that people liked me when sometimes I held my head up high.

    In high school I was even made monitor, but outside I still felt like a freak(怪物). All I really wanted was to look like ________. When things got really bad, I would cry to my mom and she would look at me with loving eyes and say, “Hold your head up high and face the world. Let them see the love that is inside.” That is ________ Mom taught me pride.

    Mom’s love and encouragement gave me the confidence to remove my own doubt. ________ I was able to look people in the eye. I learned not only to appreciate(欣赏) myself but to have love for others.

    “Hold your head up high” has been heard many times in my home. Each of my children has felt its ________. The gift she gave me lives on in my children.

1.A. fashion    B. order    C. shape    D. date

2.A. still    B. even    C. almost    D. hardly


A. something special    B. something new

C. someone strange    D. everyone else

4.A. when    B. why    C. how    D. where

5.A. Especially    B. Immediately    C. Finally    D. Suddenly

6.A. power    B. promise    C. energy    D. secret


Choose the best answer (根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案) :(12分)

   It was a warm April day when a big fat envelope came in the mail from the only college I had ever imagined attending. I opened the packet. My eyes were fixed on the word "congratulations". I don't remember ever smiling so wide. But then I found that the cost of Dream School's tuition(学费)was around $ 40,000——an impossible amount ! How could I afford to attend? What good reasons did I have to go there when three other fine colleges were offering me free tuition? My other choices were good, solid schools even if they weren't as famous as my first choice.

    In my mind, attending my dream university would be the only way to realize my dream of becoming a world-class writer. My parents understood how l felt. They told me that even though it would be a financial(金融的)problem, I could go wherever I would be happiest. But as I was always careful with money, l wasn't sure what to do.

    One of the schools that offered me had an informational dinner, one night in the spring. Considering my parents' financial difficulties, l decided to drive the 45 minutes and attend. At first, all I had planned to do was smile politely, eat free food, listen quietly. But I surprised myself at dinner. The president of the university talked about the wonderful activities on campus including guest lectures and social gatherings. He also made it perfectly clear that free food would be offered at all future events. He continued with explanations of professors, class sizes, activities, and sporting events on campus. As he spoke, I began to realize that this school, though not as good as my first choice, might be the best one for me. It seemed small yet with many great programs. It seemed care the students. As the president ended his speech, I realized that I would be spending the next four years fighting there.  

   To be frank, my university is not as well-known as my " dream" university. However, it turned out to be the right choice of schools for me.

1.In the sixth line, the underlined word solid means “____”.

A. strong and hard    B. good but special

C. common and cheap    D. expensive but friendly

2.My ambition is to become ___.

A. a scientist    B. a president    C. a writer    D. a professor

3.____ worried me a lot when I got the offer from my dream university.

A. The location of the university

B. The offers from three other colleges

C. The cost of the tuition

D. The activities organized on campus

4.At the informational dinner party, the president left me deep impression by ____.

A. offering me free food and free events

B. his intelligence and politeness

C. showing me a bright future

D. his explanation of the university

5.I made up my mind after the president’s speech because ____

A. the university has a very long history and is very large.

B. there are many famous professors teaching in the university

C. the university is just as well-known as my first choice.

6.We can learn from the passage that ____.

A. the way to success is choosing the best university.

B. only students from rich families go to better universities.

C. it’s wise to choose the right rather than the best.

D. a good speech can make a difference in one’s life.


. Rewrite the following sentences as required.(根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词)

1.At last Tom let his brother go to the concert instead of himself. (改为否定句)

    At last Tom _____ _____ his brother go to the concert Instead of himself.

2.Daniel was keen on playing tennis when he was ten years old. (保持句意不变)

    Daniel was _____ _____ playing tennis when he was ten years old.

3.A lot of young students go to American because they want to further their study. (就划线部分提问)

   _____ _____ a lot of young students go to American?

4.It was very cold yesterday. He couldn’t go swimming. (合并为一句)

    It was ______ cold for him _____ go swimming yesterday.

5.We must keep our classroom clean and tidy every day. (改为被动语态)

    Our classroom must ______ _____ clean and tidy every day.

6.The farmers stopped working in the fields when the sun set.(保持句意不变)

    The farmers _____ stop working in the fields _____ the sun set.

7.“Will they come to attend the meeting?” asked the boss.(改为宾语从句)

The boss asked _____ they _____ come to the meeting.


. Complete the sentences with the given words in other suitable forms.(用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子。每空限填一词)

1.We still need ______ more chairs for the meeting room.(fifth)

2.Drinking eight _______ of water a day can make us keep healthy.(glass)

3.Mr. Smith told his students to be more careful on _______ days.(wind)

4.Products from _____ are warmly welcomed by most of people in our country. (German)

5.The little girl answered all the question _____ and she got a full mark. (correct)

6.The _____ of Steve Jobs made millions of people very sad all over the world.(die)

7.The little boy wanted to _____ his plans with his parents. (discussion)

8.It was ______ for anyone to get in because no one know the password.(possible)


. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each word or phrase can only be used once.(将下列单词或词组填入空格。 没空格限填一词,每个单词或词组只能填一次)


A. strange    B. airport     C. children   D. looking forward to   E. at first   F. downstairs

G. wrong   H. differently  I. deliver

When I was sixteen years old, I made my first visit to the United States. It was not the first time I had been abroad. But it made a deep impression on me. Like most English 1., I learned French at school and I often went to France, so I was used to (习惯于) speaking a foreign language to the people who didn't understand English. But when I went to America, I was really 2. having a nice easy holiday without any language problems.    How 3. I was! The misunderstanding began at the 4.. I was looking for a public telephone to give my American friend Danny a ring. So I asked an old man. “I want to give my friend a ring. Could you help me?” “Well, that’s 5.,” he answered in surprise. “You look very young. Are you getting married?” “Oh! No,” I replied. “I just want to give a ring to tell her I have arrived. Could you tell me if there is a phone box near here?” “Oh! Sorry,” he said, “There is a phone 6.. ”    When we met up. Danny told the misunderstanding to me clearly. “Don’t worry! I met such problems 7.. There are lots of words which the Americans use 8. in meaning from us British. But Most of the time British and American people can understand each other well! You will soon get used to all the funny things they say.”


-- I’m leaving for Europe on a winter trip next month.


A. Enjoy your time.    B. That’s all right.    C. Congratulations!    D. It’s a pleasure.


-- How about raising some money for the homeless children?

   -- _________.

A. You’re welcome    B. What a pity!    C. Good idea    D. Never mind


Did you ask them ______?

A. when are they going to set out

B. when they are going to set out

C. when were they going to set out

D. when they were going to set out


Teenagers under 19 years old _______ to visit this website according to the rules last year.

A. weren’t allowed    B. weren’t allowing

C. won’t be allowed    D. haven’t been allowed


______ exciting event the 2012 Shanghai F1 Race was!

A. What    B. How    C. What an    D. What a


She didnt go to see the film Lost in Thailand (《泰囧》) with us because she _____ it already.

A. sees    B. saw    C. has seen    D. had seen


I ______ the streets in our neighborhood this time yesterday when you called me.

A. was cleaning    B. have cleaned    C. am cleaning    D. would clean


China ______ its first successful landing of a fighter jet on the Liaoning (“辽宁号”航母) last year.

A. celebrates    B. celebrated    C. is celebrating    D. will celebrate


-_______ can the batteries (电池) keep these cool iPhones and iPads working?

- For about ten hours.

A. How much    B. How many

C. How long    D. How often


South Korean first female president, Par Geun-hye(朴槿惠) promised _______ her best to serve people.

A. do    B. doing    C. did    D. to do


Detective Ken interviewed Jill and Jenny. They both denied ____ the vase.

A. steal    B. stole    C. stealing    D. to steal


We _____ obey the new traffic rules to improve our road safety.

A. can    B. must    C. need    D. may


It is seven o’clock. You will be late for school ______ you get up right now.

A. unless    B. until    C. when    D. though


My grandparents are old, ______ they still work in the fields every day.

A. or    B. so    C. but    D. and


We are so glad to see that Shanghai is developing _______ these years than ever before.

A. quickly    B. more quickly    C. less quickly    D. the most quickly


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