A:I like apples. 1. you2.apples?

B:Yes, I3..

A:Do you like tomatoes?

B:No, I4..

A:5. your brother like ice-cream?

B:No, he doesn’t. He likes salad












My name is Joe and I am from London. But now I live in China. There are four people in my family. They are my parents, my brother and I. We like different foods and fruits.

For food, my father likes noodles, my mother likes rice, my brother likes hamburgers and I like fish. Hamburgers are not healthy food. My parents advise my brother not to eat them.

For fruit, my father likes oranges. My mother likes apples. My brother and I like pears. My mother advises us to eat fruit.

1.Joe is from___________.

A. England    B. China    C. Japan    D. the USA

2.How many people are there in Joe’s family?

A. Three.    B. Four.    C. Five.    D. Six.

3.For food,Joe’s mother likes             .

A.     B.     C.     D.

4.Who likes pears?

A. Joe’s father.    B. Joe’s mother.

C. Only Joe.    D. Joe and his brother.

5.Joe’s mother advises them                 .

A. not to eat fruit    B. not to eat apples

C. to eat fruit    D. to eat hamburgers


I   a brother, Ethan. I have five    2  and two oranges. He    3  four bananas and three   4   . I don’t like    5   , but she   6   . He doesn’t like salad,    7  I do. My father    8  broccoli, but my   9   doesn’t. I   10  my family.

1.A. am     B. have     C. like    D. has

2.A. banana    B. orange   C. bananas   D. salads

3.A. is       B. likes     C. has      D. have

4.A. oranges   B. hamburger   C. orange   D. hamburgeres

5.A. tomato    B. tomatos     C. tomatoes   D. a tomatoes

6.A. do       B. does       C. like      D. /

7.A. but      B. and      C. or      D. for

8.A. likes     B. have     C. like     D. does

9.A. friend   B. sister     C. mother   D. uncle

10.A. likes    B. am     C. do      D. like


A:Good morning, Dale.

B:Good morning, Tom.

A: 1.

B:I have some bread and milk for breakfast. 2.

A:Oh, I have two eggs and porridge(粥).

B:Does your brother like eggs?

A:3. He likes hamburgers.

B:What does your sister Cindy like?

A:She likes ice-cream.

B:Oh, I like it, too. 4.

A:You don’t want to be fat?

B:No. I think it’s not healthy food.

A:Yes, you are right.5.

B:OK. Let’s go to school.

A.But I don’t want to be fat.

B.No, he doesn’t.

C.What do you have for breakfast?

D.We must eat some healthy food.

E.What about you?


I often have _______ egg and a glass of milk for _______ breakfast every day.

A. an; /    B. a; /    C. an; the    D. a; the


There are some  ____ and  ____  in the fridge.

A. tomatos;milk    B. tomatos;milks

C. Tomatoes;milk    D. Tomatoes;milks


—________David and Jane like bananas?

—Yes, _________

A. Do; he does    B. Do; they do

C. Does; he does    D. Do; they


(2013广西玉林)Eating more vegetables is good for our healthI often eat lettucebroccoli and ________






How many__________ are there in the basket?

A. potato    B. bread    C. tomatoes


Could you please get me some ________? Im hungry.

A. appleB. waterC. breadD. egg


—Jenny, what's your favorite_____________?

—I like bananas best.

A. vegetable    B. fruit    C. drink


Tom is in good health, because he often exercises and eats a lot of healthy  .

A. food    B. water    C. pear    D. carrot


—What can I do for you?

—Err, I want a glass of milk, some bread and        .

A. some chickens

B. any chickens

C. some chicken


Every day, Cathy eats___________ apple to keep fit.

A. a    B. an    C. the    D. /



1.I like apples.(改为否定句)

I____________ ________apples.

2.My sister likes milk.(改为否定句)

My sister___________ _________milk.

3.We like computer games.(改为一般疑问句)

_________you__________ computer games?

4.She likes oranges(改为一般疑问句)

__________ _________ __________oranges?

5.Does Mary like salad?(作否定回答) .

No, __________ ________.


—__________ playing baseball?

—That sounds good.

A. Do you like to    B. What about

C. Let’s    D. Go to


The boy likes eggs, but he____________ rice.

A. doesn’t likes    B. don’t like

C. likes    D. doesn’t like


Jack          strawberries.

A. like    B. likes    C. have    D. eat


I don’t like volleyball, but my sister              .

A. like    B. do    C. doesn’t    D. does


—Does he like apples?


A. he does    B. he do

C. it is    D. he doesn’t



1.These___________(tomato) are on the table.

2.Father has some___________ (hamburger) for lunch.

3.I like________________(strawberry) very much.

4.My sister______________(eat) a hamburger for dinner.

5.— What are these?

—They are___________(orange).

6.How about___________(have) some apples?

7.________ he like___________(eat) hamburgers?

8.They_____________ (not like) oranges, but they____________ (like) pears.

9.Let’s___________ (have) some rice.

10.Tom__________ (not like) pears.



1.How do you make a___________(香蕉)milk shake?

2.Let’s think about some food for John’s_______________(生日).

3.Eating more_____________(蔬菜)can help us keep in good health.

4.We all like eating___________(鸡肉).

5.We usually have____________(面包)for breakfast,

6.—Our English teacher likes music.

—Yes, you’re__________(正确的).












bread, pear, milk, chicken, fruit, tomato, salad,

ice-cream, orange, vegetable, egg





每个学校都有自己的体育器械室,里面放着许多体育用品,包括一些球类用品。假设你是器械室管理员,请你根据下面表格的内容,向大家介绍学校的球类用 品吧!



soccer ball

ping-pong bat

ping-pong ball

Tennis ball












Do you like sports? Do you play basketball or baseball in your P.E. class or after school?

My sister and I like sports very much. (A) We are in our school tennis club__俱乐部).We play tennis in the morning. It’s very interesting. First, we do some exercises(热身练习).Then, the teacher teaches tennis. We watch him carefully. Later, we play in pairs. Some boys can play very well,but we can’t. They often come to help  us. Our teacher is glad to see this. He says our school has many clubs. “Do you like sports?” “Yes,we do, ’’ we answer.

Sports are really fun, and they are good for us.



A.     B.     C.


A. 体育    B. 音乐    C. 美术



4.判断下面句子的正(T) 误(F)。

Before(......之前)we play tennis,we do exercises and watch the teacher carefully.

5.判断下面句子的正(T) 误(F)。

We like playing sports. They are good for us but not so interesting.


A:Do you like sports?

B:Yes, I do.1.

A:What do you think of baseball?


A:What sports do you like then(那么)?


A:Do you play tennis?

B:4. It's very relaxing.

A:Does your sister play it?

B:5. She thinks it’s boring.

A.No, she doesn’t.

B.Let’s play volleyball.

C.Well, I love basketball and soccer.

D.No, I don’t.

E.Yes, I always play it with my friends.

F.I think it’s difficult.

G.I like them very much.



1.Volleyball is difficult for me. (改为同义句)

Volleyball___________ _________for me.

2.He plays sports every day.(改为否定句)

He___________ ___________sports every day.

3.Jenny and I play basketball in the club.(改为同义句)

Jenny __________basketball _________me in the club.

4.He has a sports collection.(改为一般疑问句)

__________ __________ __________a sports collection?

5.Tom has a baseball. Tom doesn’t have a baseball bat. ( but连接成一个句子)

Tom ______a baseball, _________ ___________ _______have a baseball bat.




We___________ _________NBA games_______ TV.


My friends___________ __________every day.



—Let’s play ping-pong.

—That_______ _______.


Li Na plays_______ but she_______ play_______.


My brother ______two soccer ________.Let’s ________and find him.


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