--Excuse me could you please show me how to use the computer?


A. Certainly! It’s here.  B. Yes you can. 

C. Sure with pleasure. D. Not at all.


______ fine weather today! Why not go out for a walk?

A. What      B. What a    C. How       D. How a


You used to be careful,________?

A. did you      B. didn’t you

C. do you      D. don’t you


They are from_______ they’re ________.

A . Germany Germans        B. Germans Germany

C. German Germany          D. Germany Germen



1. The little boy couldn’t find his mother and began to c______.

2. In China it’s impolite to use your chopsticks to hit an e________ bowl.

3. Middle school students need p______ of time to do all kinds of activities every day.

4.Although he’s n________ 80 he is still very active.

5.Uncle Wang is full of e_________. He never feels tired.






2.了解到许多名人及他们的事迹。(举1-2个例子,参考人名:Spud Tan Dun Armstrong Marie Curie Audrey Hepburn...)



学习压力(feel stressed in...)大,......(再举1-2个例子)




    求:   1)表达清楚,语法正确,上下文连贯;  




Dear Dad & Mum

I will leave junior school and meet a new challenge of my life. Now I would like tell you what I have done in the past three years.




Yours Sincerely


















What can little money do? It’s w   1.   thinking it over.

    A few weeks ago I got $120 from a f   2.  in a Smile Group. He asked me to do good things with the money. Since then I have used the 3.   to help strangers and raised a lot of smiles.

    One day I was in a shop looking at the second-hand 4.   . It happened that the book shelves were next to the toy shelf. I n   5.   that a poorly dressed woman standing behind me. A little girl about 3 years old came over to the toy shelf. At once her attention was c   6.   by a toy dog. She spoke to her mother and her mother asked the shop owner how much it c   7.   The answer was $3. Then she said "no". The child said n   8.   . Maybe "no" was not new for her but she couldn't keep the disappointment away from her face.

    I had a total of $5. I put the money in the m   9.   hand and said "Buy her a book too.” I didn't wait to see the end. I walked out of the shop.

    The money the friend gave me was to help me find happiness in the world. Was there any better way to get so much happiness with so l   10.  money?




Many people think dreams are full of messages that may not be clear to us common people. But if we think about what is going on in our lives we can usually come up with an answer. Let’s look at some of the most common dreams. What are the meanings of these dreams?


You’re falling falling falling… and then you wake up. This dream is said to mean you are in fear of something or worried about something. There may be something in your life that is out of control and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Another explanation is that you may experience failure in something. Maybe you’re not doing well in school or work.

Taking an exam (or forgetting that you have one)

You suddenly realize you have to take an exam at that very moment. You might be running here and there to find your classroom. Scientists say this dream may mean you’re being tested about something or maybe you are facing a challenge.


Dreaming that you are flying means you are on top of things. You are in control of the things that matter to you. It may also mean you have confidence in yourself and think no one and nothing can beat you.

Trying to run but going nowhere

You’re trying to run but either of your legs won’t move or you simply aren’t going anywhere. Some scientists think this dream means you’re trying to do too many things at once and can’t catch up or move forward.

In fact unlike these dreams there are also many strange dreams that scientists may not be able to explain.

Title What do dreams    1.   ?

Descriptions of dreams

Answers to dreams


*You have something to be 2.    of or worry about.

*You may   3.  in something like schooling or work.

Taking an exam

(or forgetting that you have one)

* Maybe you’re taking part in a 4.  .

* You may face something   5.  .


*You’re able to   6. what matters to you.

*You believe in yourself and think that you can beat anyone and   7. .

Trying to run but going   8.

*You’re trying to do too many things at the same time and it prevents you from    9.  forward.

Conclusion Scientists can    10.  some dreams but not all the dreams.




1. The man seems to be in his       . (四十)

2.This is probably the       painting I’ve ever seen.(丑陋的)

3.The book that is       by a little American girl sells well. (写)

4.The boy learns to play the piano every       evening. (星期二)

5.Animals are our friends and we can live       together. (和平地)

6.We see this English speech competition as a chance to prove      (we).

7.You should depend on yourself. It’s you who make final      (decide).

8.It’s reported that another person died of an       virus in South Korea.(know)

9.Many countries think       of China’s high-speed railway technologies. (high)

10.You should drive carefully though you’ve       in passing the driving test. (success)


A computer can get very hot when it works on a lot of programs. It can cost a lot to cool the computer. So some scientists want to know what would happen if the heat from the computer could be used.

        Large Internet companies such as Google and Microsoft have thousands of computers. As these computers deal with information they produce lots of heat so they need huge cooling systems. These systems send the heat into the air.

        A company in Holland thinks paying to make the computers work and then paying again to cool them are a waste of energy. So the company developed a special device—the e-Radiator.

        Boaz Leupe head of the company says that e-Radiator works as a heating system and saves money. He explains that the energy is used twice—once to heat the home and once to cool the computer and that the users don’t have to pay to cool their computers.

         Five homeowners in Holland are testing the heating system in their homes.

     “We pay for the computer using so in that way homeowners get heating for free.” Boaz says.

     Jan Visser is one of the homeowners. “If you use the computer more the e-Radiator producers more heat” he says “It cannot provide enough heat if you don’t use your computer often.” But he is ready to try it. It’s a great help for his family.

      The company says e-Radiators produce heat temperatures of up to 55℃. It says the system could save its users about $440 a year.

1.Before the e-Radiator appears usually the heat of a computer ______.

A. is sent into the air

B. helps the five homeowners

C. is used twice

D. makes the computer work better

2. The e-radiator is mainly used _____.

A. to help Microsoft

B. to provide heat

C. to heat the computer

D. to drive the computer

3.How much could the system save its users a month?

A. About 20 dollars.                      B. About 440 dollars. 

C. About 36 yuan.                        D. About 36 dollars.

4. The best title of the passage may be “_____”.

A. An Environment Problem   

B. The Future Computers 

C. A New Way to Heat Homes 

D. The Energy to Be Wasted


Samantha(her husband John called her Sam)left the doctor’s house looking perfect satisfied with her appearance.

The year was 1862. It seemed that the war with the North would never come to an end. Sam’s father had left as soon as possible fighting for their land for their new government for the South.

At last Samantha reached the house that she and John owned. It was a cold rainy night and she was glad to be home. She stepped into the sitting room. John sat in an armchair reading a book. When he saw her he put the book down and stood reaching his arms out for her. They kissed briefly. He put a hand to her now slightly round belly(肚子) and asked “What did the doctor say?”

“He said the baby was fine and that I seemed healthy. Do you have any news?”

“Surprisingly yes.” John hesitated for a moment as if deciding how he would stop what he was about to say and then unwillingly continued “I’ve been required to join the army.”

Sam screamed “What?” She was near tears. “But-but we’re just starting out.” Her voice shook. “I thought that after two years of begging my mother to let the two of us get married that our life would finally be happy. Isn’t there any way you can get out of this?”

John answered “I’m afraid not.”

    “Please. Please John if you love me please get out of this. Break a leg or do something.” She began to cry. John comforted her resting her head on his shoulder.



“Name the child after me name it John or Joanna. I’ll come back as soon as I can. I promise.”

Sam smiled knowing that John never broke a promise. She put her hand to her belly and unknown to her the baby was a girl.

And unknown to both of them the promise that John had just made would be the only promise he would ever break.

1. Sam visited the doctor probably because she ________.

A. tried to see her husband 

B. wanted to look perfect

C. needed an examination for her baby 

D. was a little worried about her appearance

2.According to the passage which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Sam’s father had been dead for some time.

B. A new government was set up in the South.

C. Sam’s mother lived in the North on her own.

D. The South was attacked by foreign countries.

3.Sam asked John to “break a leg” in order to ________.

A. let John get away from the war    

B. prepare for the birth of their baby

C. make sure that John would come back 

D. know how much John loved her 

4.It can be inferred that John ________.

A. was required to join the army    

B. lied to his wife

C. often broke his promises    

D. died in the war


As a kid I read a story of a bird. It described a male bird which takes a lot of pain to build a house and the female bird takes care of the baby in it. When the baby bird learns to fly the whole family flies off to a different place leaving behind the beautiful nest for other birds to grow their family in it. It made me confused(困惑的) How could they so easily give up their house built with so much effort?

One night I got this dream. I was walking on the endless road with beautiful trees on the either side. Attracted by the greenery I went on then I saw a wonderful house. I explored the house. There was a sloping(斜的) roof which matched with the greenery around the large central open yard reminded me of the activities that might have taken place there which felt lively even now. The small water body that kept the house cool added to the beauty of the house of course it was all dried up now. Such liveliness turns the house into a home. People say “THE HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS” and now I felt it and was attracted deeply.

When I woke up from the dream I was clear about everything. I realized what message my dream wanted to convey(传递) me. And years later when I chose my career I thought of the story of the bird and my dream then I was sure what to do. I decided to choose architecture as my career. I wanted to do the same thing that the male bird in the story did to take pain in building a beautiful house and let others stay in it. My dream comes true and the happiness that I gain now from this career is great.

1. When the writer read the story of the bird he felt _______.

A. bored     B. confused     C. amazed    D. worried

2.In the writer's dream what part of the house attracted him most?

A. The sloping roof of the house. 

B. The body of water that keeps the house cool.

C. The large central open yard.

D. The liveliness that he felt around the house.

3. The underlined word “architecture” in Paragraph 3 means _______ in Chinese.

A. 考古      B. 天文         C.建筑    D.艺术

4.The passage is mainly about _______.

A. how the bird could give up their house easily

B. how the writer finally becomes an honest citizen

C. what we need to do when we choose our career

D. why the writer chooses architecture as his career


Name Container Gardens by Number

Cover price $l5.95

Our price $9.49

A book covers 50 easy-to-follow container(容器)designs. Each design provides a simple numbered planting plan that shows exactly how to create each display with an instruction of the finished container and in-depth plant information. The plans are easy to follow and for any type of living space or garden.

Name Off the Beaten Path

Cover price $30.00

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The best-selling Reader’s Digest travel book has 40% new content including over 200 new places of interest over 200 new full-color photographs and all-new up-to-date maps. It introduces over l 000 of the United States’ most beautiful must-see sights.

Name l80l Home Treatment

Cover price $40.00

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Plenty of health problems can be solved at home. Each and every treatment will be tested by a doctor to make sure it is safe and sound.

Lots of conditions are covered from headaches sunburn and bad breath to hiccups(打嗝).

Name Best Weekend Projects

Cover price $l7.95

Our price $l3.96

Choose from 80 ideas to create an unusual living space. The projects are practical as well as attractive and will improve your home and yard and can be made in a weekend. These 80 well-designed projects are presented in a clear easy-to-follow style.

1.How much money can you save if you want to buy a medical book?

A. $6.46.          B. $l0.20.            C. $l3.96.            D. $l0.04.

2. You can most probably read the passage in a ___________.

A. newspaper       B. travel guide

C. news story       D. telephone book

3. The writer writes the passage in order to ___________.

A. develop people’s reading habit  

B. try to ask readers to buy the books

C. teach how to design your living space

D. introduce places of interest in the USA


When I opened the box at my 12th birthday party I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had really gotten a mobile phone!

    As soon as I got to my school the next morning I       off my phone and asked everyone for their       .

It felt like I didn't even exist in that class any more. I wouldn't pay much attention to the teachers because I was too busy on my      . Luckily I didn't get       using it. I was pretty sure that the teacher didn’t      that I stopped paying attention to her     a week later we took a test and I failed. To make matters     my mom had to sign the test.

It was hard to show my mom the      . She was used to seeing As and Bs on my tests. Well at last I showed her and she couldn't     it. She was angry.

    Weeks passed and my parents started to      the fact that I had a phone. They would say “We have noticed that you never pay attention to us. It's like you have your own little     now and we don't communicate as much with your phone.”

    I acted like they were wrong but then I started to wonder if it was true that I was spending too much      on the phone.

    A week later I tried       a whole day without a phone. I had so much      because I was actually spending time with my family and paying attention to them. From that day I had a different opinion towards phones.

Phones really take you away from the rest of the world. I'm not saying that phones are      

and not to use them but you do have to spare some time to spend with your family. My phone took away time from my homework and from my family. I will keep using my phone but I will have it under better control.

1.A. took B. put C. turned      D. showed

2.A. numbers     B. names         C. help   D. homework

3.A. job       B. test      C. phone   D. paper

4.A. caught   B. allowed     C. troubled   D. asked

5.A. mention     B. notice      C. prevent   D. punish

6.A. until   B. before      C. though    D. because

7.A. clearer    B. easier       C. worse   D. better

8.A. box   B. book      C. homework  D. paper

9.A. believe     B. receive     C. see    D. achieve

10.A. stress   B. complain     C. accept   D. enjoy

11.A. secret     B. idea      C. world   D. dream

12.A. time   B. force      C. money   D. control

13.A. studying  B. working     C. going   D. thinking

14.A. trouble  B. worry      C. fun   D. improvement

15.A. good      B. bad      C. necessary  D. useful


---Li Ming it’s said that many famous singers will come to Yangzhou in June. How about watching the evening show there?

   ---______! Let’s ask Wang Gang to go with us.

A. Best wishes      B. Sounds great 

C. Good luck         D. That’s all right


---Are you a football player?

--- ______.    

A. Yes I used to             B. No but I am.

C. No but I used to be.       D. Yes but I used to be.


---I’m afraid that I will miss your party because of my poor memory.

---Don’t worry. You will ______ the time one day earlier.

A. remind     B. be reminded

C. remind of    D. be reminded of


---What do you think of the lecture of Li Yang's Crazy English?

---I think it's________,but someone thinks it's much too________.

A. wonderful enough;bored

B. enough wonderful;boring

C. wonderful enough;boring

D. enough wonderful;bored


--- Could you tell me ______?

   --- In two days.

A. how soon can you finish the report 

B. how soon you can finish the report 

C. how long can you finish the report

D. how long you can finish the report


Progress suggests a person’s ability to change the way he is living at the moment and it must ______ a better life and a better way of doing things.

A. lead to        B. devote to

C. make up        D. take up


---Miss Wang once ______art at Badon School for ten years and now is a singer.

---No wonder I often hear her sing in the garden.

A. has taught           B. taught

C. is teaching          D. teaches


---John is so excited.Did he win the competition?

  ---Yes. He was lucky and he had ______one minute to complete the special task,no more

and no less.

A. especially       B. probably

C. exactly          D. hardly


Bella a young singer ______ on January 2015 because of cancer. Her death made us very sad.

A. has been dead         B. has died

C. was dead              D. died


--- How can I stay in shape?

  --- A well-balanced diet together with regular exercise ______ you’ll make it.

A. so        B. and        C. but          D. or


To keep fit he would rather sit than______.

A. sleep           B. sleeping

C. sleeps           D. to sleeping


Tom didn't work hard at his lessons. ______,he failed in his exams.

A. By the way     B. Such as

C. For example     D. As a result


---Is that man in a red T-shirt Mr Smith?

---It______ be Mr Smith. He is on the way to London now.

A. must    B. mustn't    C. can    D. can't


I want to buy a fine watch for my father on Father’s Day but______ is fit for him in the shops nearby.

A. nobody  B. nothing  C. none  D. neither


---Lee Min-ho is ______ actor from South Korea. He sang _____Chinese pop song on the 2014 CCTV New Year’s Gala..

---Let's go to the airport to meet her.

A.an;a    B. /;the    C. a;an    D. a;/


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