—Could I use your telephone?  —    . Please go ahead.

A. Sure    B. That’s all right    C. You are welcome    D. It doesn’t matter


I don’t know        he has time to help us. Let’s ask him.

A. that    B. whether    C. how    D. what


—Why didn’t you go with them to the party yesterday evening?

—I was    busy    go to the party.

A. so; that    B. both; and    C. too; to    D. neither; nor


Can you imagine        the Great Wall in such a short time?

A. to climb    B. climb    C. climbed    D. climbing


I’m too tired and I need    a good rest.

A. taking    B. to take    C. to taking    D. taken


    life on Mars? —I hate it.

A. What do you think    B. How do you like

C. What do you find    D. How do you think


If you want to be my friend, you must never do anything I        .

A. like    B. do    C. want    D. hate


According to the traffic rule, when riding a motorbike, you must wear a  to  protect your head.

A. helmet    B. shirt    C. cap    D. mask


—When was    first robot    ?  —In 1959.

A. a; invent    B. the; invent    C. a; invented    D. the; invented




Kate: do homework, look for her little brother

Andy: a noon break, bed, shake(摇晃), get out

Bob: play basketball, stop, safe place

Lisa: shop, things fall down, run out

It was really a terrible earthquake. When it happened, ________________________________




Li Yang: Good morning, Mathew.

Mathew:  Good morning, Li Yang. 1.

Li Yang: There's still smog(雾霾)today. We'll have to go to school with face masks(口罩).

Mathew:2.         According to the news, PM2.5 pollution is the main problem with air pollution.

LiYang:  Yes, and air pollution has done harm to people's health.

Mathew:  So the Chinese government and Chinese people must take action to fight it.

Ji Yang:3.

Mathew:  Since PM2.5 is mainly caused by vehicles(机动车)and factories, cars with large emissions(排放)should not be allowed and factories should be closely watched.

LiYang:4.       We hope that more and more people will join us in making the blue skies return for good.




A. I hope so, too.

B. Can you give any advice?

C. I don't think so.

D. What a pityl

E. I agree.

F. What's the weather like today?

G. That's OK.











It was a rainy morning, when the doctor came into his office, a man 1.(sit) there. Then he told the doctor about his health problem.

“Please help me, doctor,” he said. “I love football and I always play football in the afternoon. But my life 2.(be) terrible since I became 3.(interest) in football and it is getting even 4.(bad) now. I can’t even get away 5. it in my sleep. When I close my eyes, I feel as if I’m out there in the football field running after a flying ball. When I wake up, I’m more tired than I was when I went to bed. 6. should I do?”

The doctor sat back and said, “7. of all, you have to do your best not to dream about football. Before you are falling 8.(sleep), try to make 9. think about something else. Try to think you are at a party and someone is going to give you several million dollars.”

“Oh!” the man shouted. “If so, I’ll be10. excited to close my eyes even for a short time.”




so that    sadly    say     look through    they

David: You look1., Kim. What’s wrong?

Kim: Well, I found my sister2. my things yesterday. She took some of my magazines and CDs.

David: Hmm…that’s not very nice. Did she give3. back to you?

Kim: Yes, but I’m still angry with her. What should I do?

David: Well, I guess you could tell her4. sorry. But why don’t you forget about it 5. you can be friends again? Although she’s wrong, it’s not a big deal.

Kim: You’re right. Thanks for your advice.

David: No problem. Hope things work out.



  “No one loves music more than I do,” Jack thought. He has enjoyed singing 1.(自…以来) he was a child. Although his parents don’t think he sings very well, Jack believes that he will become a music star one day.

   In order to make his 2. (梦想) come true, Jack has started a band at school. Jack is the lead singer, and there are two other 3. (成员). They practice twice a week at Jack’s home.

Yesterday Jack heard a piece of good 4.(消息). His town will have a music 5.(比赛)next month. “What a great chance!” Jack said to his friends, but they didn’t look as happy as Jack was. “I like music, but I will be 6.(紧张的) to stand in front of so many people,” Danny said. He plays the drums in Jack’s band. “I don’t think we are good enough to be the7.(获胜者),” Jerry, the bass player(贝斯手) said.

“Maybe you are right, but in my8.(看法),if we don’t have a 9.(尝试), we will never know what we can do.” Jack said. Danny and Jerry looked at each other. They all agreed and decided to practice more in the next few weeks. 10.(也许) they can really create a miracle(奇迹). Let’s wait and see.


Today we find that school students hardly spend much time on sports. Is it because they aren’t interested in sports? No, they often say they have other more important things to do.

    What are these important things? Exams. They have to spend much time on all kinds of exams at school. So many of them almost become tired. Books stop them from going for sports. Because of the pressure from their parents and teachers, the students have to work harder and spend most of their time on books. As for the students, they want to get good results in order to improve their studies. So it is necessary for them to give all of their free time to their studies and stop their school sports.

    In fact, education can’t go without physical(体力的)exercises, because a quick mind hardly goes along with a weak body. If you don’t have a strong body, you can never get anything or any great success in your life.

1.Because of _______, the school students can’t spend much time on sports.

A. no interest    B. exercise    C. education    D. exams

2.The word “pressure” means ________.

A. happy feeling    B. good idea    C. nervous feeling    D. deep love

3.If you don’t have ________, you can never get anything.

A. good parents    B. a strong body    C. a weak body    D. enough time

4.In the writer’s opinion, students should _______.

A. work all day and night    B. not have sports

C. have sports after studying    D. spend all their free time studying


The expression “Go for it!” is a way of encouraging someone to try something. It means you should not worry about failure or be too careful. You should take a chance and be brave.

“Go for it!” gets its name from football. But it is not the football played in most countries such as England, France or Japan, but the kind of football played in the United States and Canada.

One of the most exciting times in football comes when a team has failed, after three tries, to move the ball forward ten yards. The team must make a very important decision.

The conservative (保守的) choice is to kick the ball and accept temporary (暂时的)defeat in order to get a good position for your team the next time it gets the ball. The more exciting choice, however, is to try a fourth and final time to get the remaining yards needed.

People now are certain to shout their advice. Some will shout, “Kick the ball!” But others will encourage the team to take a chance. “Go for it!” they will shout loudly.

In the 1980s, people began using this expression in many kinds of situations to encourage someone to act bravely.

There is no guarantee (保障) that the action you “Go for it!” will succeed. But that is the chance you take when you decide to go for it. You put your fears behind. You choose courage over safety. You hold your breath and go for it.

1.What does “Go for it!” mean?

A. You should go straight on.

B. You should take a chance and be brave.

C. You should go to school and ask teachers for help.

D. You should be very careful.

2.The expression “Go for it!” comes from _____________ football.

A. English    B. French    C. Japanese    D. American

3.What does the underlined word “defeat” mean in Chinese?

A. 失败    B. 成功    C. 冒险    D. 解脱

4.The writer makes his idea clear by __________.

A. telling stories    B. making comparisons

C. giving explanations    D. using famous people’s words


Life in space is much different from life on earth. How do astronauts live in space?


In the past, astronauts could eat only small pieces of dried food. But now astronauts are able to eat more everyday food like fruit, vegetables and ice cream.


All the people in the ISS(国际空间站) have their own rooms. They have to tie (系) themselves to their beds, or they’ll fly away! That seems like a strange way to sleep, but astronauts say sleeping in space is really not too bad.


This is more important in space than on earth. Astronauts exercise on bikes and other machines(机器) for about two hours every day. That way, they can still be healthy when they get back home.

Having fun

    Astronauts can read books, play cards, listen to music or send e-mails to their friends and families when they aren’t working. Sometimes they just sit and look out of the window. It’s also much fun!

Astronauts are hardworking whether in space or on the earth. Though the work sometimes is difficult, they are still interested in it and love the job. Many people think their lives are very interesting and their dream jobs are to be the astronauts.

1.We probably read the passage from______.

A. a report card    B. a letter    C. an e-mail    D. a science magazine

2.How often do the astronauts exercise?

A. two hours    B. two hours a day

C. one hour every day    D. every day

3.It can be inferred(推断) from the passage that _______.

A. Astronauts could eat only small pieces of dried food every day.

B. Astronauts couldn’t sleep well because they had to tie themselves to their beds.

C. Astronauts exercise on bikes and other machine in space so they are healthy.

D. Astronauts couldn’t get messages from their friends and families.

4.What's the best title of the passage?

A. People in Space    B. Have Fun in Space    C. Astronauts    D. Astronauts’ life


Chores were not popular at my house. My children didn’t like to do chores. They always saw me do chores, but they hardly ever helped me do them.

     A year ago, I made a game called "The Endless Chore Game". It is really great. Here’s how the game works.

     I make a card with forty squares (方框), and I write a different chore on each square. These chores can be easy and interesting like making dessert. Then my family rolls the dice (骰子) to decide what chores we have to do. The card also has a few squares with fun things, like watching TV and singing. If you are lucky, you can watch TV when the others are doing the chores.

     My son likes the game very much. He goes to the kitchen happily every morning to do the game. It is really a good way to make my children do chores. You can have a try if you have the same problem with me.

1.The writer’s family began to do the game ________ ago.

A. one year    B. one month    C. two years    D. two months

2.When does the writer’s family do the game?

A. In the morning.    B. In the afternoon.    C. In the evening.    D. We don’t know.

3.The writer made this game to _________.

A. do less chores    B. tell us an interesting game

C. make her children happy    D. make her children do chores


“I’m really thankful to our government, for it provides us with such a good training program. The training greatly helps us live well. I will certainly study hard and learn the skills. Then I can         my family difficulties and do good to other people.” A learner on the job training program said, feeling         .

The learner’s grandfather is nearly 80 years old, and his mother is         in bed. So his father, who is a famer is the main         of the family. The family is poor. The learner graduated from high school and did not         the college entrance exam. The job training program helps him learn the skills that he’ll         in the workplace.

The story reminds me of another         . It goes like this: Once upon a time, there was a man who liked fishing very much, and was         to catch lots of fish every day. The man was a kind-hearted person, so he always         his fish with his neighbors who did not know how to fish. One day, he thought that it would be             if he taught them how to fish. So he         his neighbors together and showed them how to fish. Everybody was very happy that they could         the fish they themselves caught.

At present, there are still a lot of poor people throughout the world. But it’s not good if we give only         to them.           ,we should give them a chance to learn new skills. Therefore, a technical training is very important to people in need, and they will learn the ability to           money. People can learn a lot of useful things in the training program and what they learn can help them on the way to find jobs.

1.A. solve          B. change           C. study            D. find

2.A. suprised        B. excited           C. relaxed          D. interested

3.A. silent          B. alone             C. ill            D. dangerous

4.A. problem        B. example          C. relative          D. support

5.A. pass           B. copy             C. know            D. mind

6.A. repeat         B. forget            C. need             D. test

7.A. story          B. learner           C. family           D. program

8.A. afraid         B. lucky            C. sorry             D. able

9.A. exchanged     B. cooked             C. shared           D. weighed

10.A. easy         B. great               C. useless          D. crazy

11.A. drove        B. stopped            C. called           D. searched

12.A. feed         B. save               C. touch           D. eat

13.A. food         B. fish               C. time            D. clothing

14.A. Next        B. Instead            C. Luckily          D. Especially

15.A. pay         B. give               C. use              D. make


阳光中学正举办主题为My dream home的征文比赛。假设你是Andy,想给学生会投 稿,请你根据下面的要点提示,写一篇70词左右的短文。要求包含所有要点,适当发 挥,语句通顺,书写整洁。


1. 梦想之家位于海边,很大,有两层;

2. 共有二十个房间,其中有一个大客厅、五间漂亮的卧室和一个大书房;

3. 房子外面有一个足球场,可以和朋友们一起踢球。




Zhang Lei with his parents lives in an o1.house in Nanjing. He is a student of Sunshine Middle School. Every d2.after school, he goes h3.on his own. Then he does his homework or h4.his mother do some cleaning. The h5.is very small, and it has only two r6.. But it is quite clean and quiet. There are many trees in

f7.of the house and there is a small garden b8.it. His parents grow many

flowers and vegetables in the garden.

But now his parents have to buy a new f9.in the centre of the city b10. their old house will be pulled down (拆除) and the government wants to put up new buildings here. Zhang Lei isn’t happy at all. He misses his old house very much.


Do English people live a life similar to ours? Here is something information for you to find

out the answer to this question by yourself.

Many English people would like to live in houses, not flats because most houses have gardens. They like growing vegetables and flowers when they have free time.

Most office workers start work at about nine in the morning and finish it at about five in

the afternoon, with an hour’s break at noon. They don’t go home for lunch. They just have quick meals near their offices. They usually have big meals at the weekend. After work, many English people like outdoor sports. They think sports are good for their health.

Children go to school at about 9:00 a.m. and go back home at about 3:30 p.m. Most

children have lunch at school. All children go to school when they are four or five years old.

Most shops open at about 9:00 a.m. and close at about 6:00 p.m. Usually they don’t close for lunch.





__________________________in Annie’s school.


Millie’s dream home is____and she can have a_________________.


_____climbing with us this weekend?


I always____my classmates at school.


My study____of books.



1.The park is a good place for the old people____ (do) some sports.

2.Each student in our class____ (have) a new basketball.

3.There____ (be) a pencil box and some books on her desk.

4.Thanks for____ (show) me how to use this machine.

5.Would you lik_____ (have) something to drink?



1.She lives on the____ (five) floor and there is no lift in the building.

2.Amy was the____ (one) child of her family. She had two younger brothers.

3.There are three____ (balcony) in my dream house.

4.At home, I also have a study of____ (I) own. I can do my homework there.

5.He wants to live in a____ (France) city.



1.I want to paint my____ (卧室) blue.

2.Do you know what is the____ (首都) of the UK?

3.You can make a short____ (视频) with your own mobile phone.

4.Take off your dirty coat and let me wash it in the washing___________ (机器).

5.I would like to____ (邀请) you to my birthday party.


People live in different kinds of houses in the world. Usually, each house has its own living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Different houses have different names. What are they? Now let’s take a look.A flat is usually in a building. There are usually many families living in the same flat building. People in a flat building share the same stairs and lifts to go up and down.

A townhouse has two floors. In a townhouse, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room are usually on the ground floor, and the bedrooms are usually on the first floor.

A farmhouse is a house on a farm. There are many farmers living there. There is a large yard in front of it. There are also some “houses” for cows, pigs and hens near the farmhouse. The field is not far from the farmhouse, so farmers always go to the field on foot.

A dormitory is a large bedroom in a school, and every 4 to 8 students share one dormitory. They share the same bathroom, but each student has his or her own bed. Students can learn how to get along well with each other in a dormitory.

1.How does a person get into his or her flat on the second floor?

A. He or she climbs a ladder to get into it.

B. He or she uses stairs or lifts to get into it.

C. He or she gets into it on foot.

D. He or she uses a plane to get into it.

2.What do people call a two-floor house?

A. A flat.    B. A townhouse.    C. A farmhouse.    D. A dormitory.

3.Farmers living in farmhouses usually go to the field    .

A. by bike    B. by bus    C. by car    D. on foot

4.Paul and Stephen live in a dormitory, so it’s good for them to learn    there.

A. how to make money    B. how to speak English

C. how to get along with each other    D. how to sing a song

5.The writer tells us    kinds of houses.

A. four    B. five    C. six    D. seven


Hello, everyone. My name is Judy. I live with my mother and father in a flat. The flat is

on the twelfth floor in a tall building. It has twenty-four floors in all. Our flat is not in the centre of the city. It’s about five miles away from the centre. My father works in the city, so he goes to work by underground every day. He doesn’t drive his car. He uses his car only at weekends. He takes us to the country or the beach by car.

There is a bedroom for my mother and father, and another for me. We also have two more

bedrooms for guests. There is a study, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms in our flat.

We don’t have a garden, but we have a small and lovely balcony. There are some plants there. In summer we often sit out on the balcony because it’s very hot inside the flat. Our flat is not very big, but we are very happy in it.

1.What is the passage mainly about?

A. Judy likes living in the centre of the city.

B. Judy lives happily in a flat with her family.

C. Judy’s father works in the city.

D. Judy has her own bedroom.

2.Where is Judy’s flat?

A. It’s fifteen miles from her school.

B. It’s in the centre of the city.

C. It’s in the countryside near the beach.

D. It’s five miles from the city centre.

3.Where do Judy’s family keep some plants?

A. In the living room.    B. In the garden.

C. On the balcony.    D. In the kitchen.

4.How does Judy’s father go to work every day?

A. By bus.    B. By car.    C. By underground.    D. By bike.

5.Why do Judy and her parents often sit on the balcony in summer?

A. Because the flat is too small.    B. Because they can play chess there.

C. Because there are plants there.    D. Because the flat gets very hot.






1.If we want to find a place to live, we have____choices according to the advertisements above.

A. two    B. three    C. four    D. five

2.Which number should Andy call if he wants to buy a house?

A. 3434-5778.    B. 3322-1088.    C. 3322-0178.    D. 3322-7877.

3.Which number should Jack call if he has a car and wants to find a place to live?

A. 3434-5778.    B. 3322-1088.    C. 3322-0178.    D. 3322-7877.

4.How much should Linda pay if she rents a room in the last advertisement for a month?

A. 500 yuan.    B. 600 yuan.    C. 750 yuan.    D. 900 yuan.

5.Which part of a newspaper is probably the information from?

A. The part about school life.    B. The part about sports.

C. The part about daily life.    D. The part about business.



My name is Li Ming. I live in Nanjing with my parents. I am a new student in Sunshine Middle School. I am__________of the best students in my class.

My__________home is in the country. The air there is fresh and it is__________there. My house is very beautiful. There ___at least three floors. There is a river______________my  house and behind it is a big garden. I can___trees and flowers in it. I like__________green everywhere and green is my favourite colour. I like to work in the__________and to watch fish

in the river. I’d like to invite my friends to my home. Then we can chat and play games. I have a computer in the study. I often do my__________and play computer games on it.

My dream house is so nice. I hope I can live a__________life with my family in it one day.

1.A. first    B. the first    C. one    D. the one

2.A. brown    B. drawing    C. dream    D. wooden

3.A. quiet    B. free    C. difficult    D. busy

4.A. are    B. is    C. have    D. has

5.A. in front of    B. in the front of    C. under    D. on

6.A. watch    B. make    C. cut    D. grow

7.A. see    B. to see    C. look    D. to look

8.A. park    B. garden    C. house    D. home

9.A. homework    B. homeworks    C. housework    D. houseworks

10.A. unhappy    B. unhappily    C. happy    D. happily


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