We should try our best to save those _______ animals.

A. dangerous    B. endanger    C. endangered    D. danger


----The box is too heavy to carry. What’s in it?

----Oh, it ______ books.

A. is filled with    B. is used for    C. is aimed at    D. is full with


Our city is becoming______.

A. more beautiful and more    B. more and more beautiful

C. more beautiful and beautiful    D. more beautiful and more beautiful


I’m _____ in collecting stamps at all.

A. interested    B. interesting    C. not interesting    D. not interested


There ______ a school trip this weekend. We will have a great time.

A. is    B. are    C. will be    D. be


_____ birth, a baby panda_______ about 0.2 kilos.

A. on; weigh    B. on; weighs    C. at; weighs    D. when; weigh


----What do you think of the movie?

----Not bad. It’s much______ than I expected.

A. good    B. better    C. best    D. well


近日,“校园欺凌”(bullying in school)已经成为社会热点话题,阅读完上面的帖子后你有何感想?请你根据下面的写作要求,写一篇演讲稿谈谈你的看法。内容包括:


2.碰到此类事件,我们应该怎样做? 请提出两点建议。





Good afternoon , everyone .

Today I am going to talk something about bullying in school._______________________




That's all . Thank you



Information Card

The country that Rob is from


The thing that Rob has to do every weekend


The number of Canadian schools that celebrate Blue Day


The reason that many students are afraid to talk about bullying


The date that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang talked about this problem





Mr. Lee is a rich old man. He had a golden box in his room. He never let anyone 1. it. A couple worked for the old man. One day, the old man said to them, “I will be away for a few days. Look after my box. 2. open it.”

The man’s wife was always 3. in this box. The next day she said to her husband , “There must be something expensive in the box. Let’s open it, shall we ?” Her husband refused , 4.the woman didn’t give up. One day, the woman couldn’t help opening the box and looked inside. To her5., there was nothing inside. She tried hard to close the box, but she6..

That evening, the old man came 7.home . When he found the box was open, he was so angry . The couple regretted 8. doing that and kept saying sorry. The old man told them to leave his home immediately . “But we didn’t take 9. at all,” the wife said. The old man shouted, “The box isn't important. Now I know I can’t believe you. That’s the most important!” 

As we all know, honesty(诚信) is the best policy . It's important for each of us to learn to be 10.honest person all the time.



1.Jane likes shopping online. She bought an iPhone6 last week. She would like to find a new way to pay online .


2.John has a new job in Shanghai. He goes to work by subway every day . His company is about half a kilometer away from the station .So he wants to find a way to solve it .


3.Linda has just bought a car . She wants to drive to visit her parents in Shenzhen . She is afraid she will get lost in the city . Now she is looking for an app .


4.Tom is busy preparing the English exam .He has trouble in learning all the words . He wants to find a way to help him remember the new words .


5.Kate is interested in taking photos . She wants to have a trip with her friend next month . She is looking for an app to take beautiful photos during their trip .

A.Baicizhan  This app tells you how many English words you need to learn every day. It can also be fun. The learning is like playing a guessing game. And you can practice remembering the new word in different ways.

B.Douban FM  A radio app like Douban FM might be the right music app for you. You can use the buttons (按钮) to mark the songs you like . Those marked with a heart will be kept in another list as your favorites for you to enjoy again at any time you want.

C.Apple Pay  It came to China on Feb 18th ,2017 . China is the fifth country to have this service . People who have cards from 19 banks can use it with Apple products, like iPhone6 or Apple watches .

D.Moment Camera  Many people like this app because of its sequence shots (连拍) and different-sized frames (边框). The best thing about the app is not what it does, but what it leaves out. The photos are clear and the app is easy to use.

E.Flipboard  It is one of the hottest news apps. But the difference is that you can make everything personal . Open up the app, choose whatever interests you, and click the “+” button. You’ll have your own magazine with news, articles and information.

F.Mobike   It is a bike-sharing app. It's a good way of solving the "last mile" problem . Download this app at http://mobike.com/ and you can find the nearest bike .You don't need to walk for a long way to the place you like .

G.Baidu Map  It can provide you with on-line map searching service . It covers nearly 400 cities in China .With the app , you can search the streets , restaurants, banks, schools and so on . When you want a guide in a new city, it's the best choice .









Chinese handwriting is an important part of our culture. It has a long history . “ Though the computer is widely used today, Chinese people still need to master the skill of writing with hands,” said a person who works in a government office.

With the development of the modern science ,the computer has become a very useful tool to help people to write. People use computers more often than before, so many people have forgotten how to write Chinese characters(字).People often make a lot of mistakes in writing.

Now China has realized that it is important to help students and teachers to improve their writing . With the help of the information technology, teachers can write their questions on the board and students should answer them by writing, too.

Lots of surveys show that many college students' handwriting has become worse. Lots of college students do not know how to make up words or sentences in Chinese character in the right way. Not only kids, but also many adults have problems . They might be able to tell the general form of a certain character. However, if you ask them to spell out all the strokes of the character in the right order , they can't. But they can easily type(打字) it on a computer .

In the national language teaching course, we can solve this problem with the use of some technologies. Besides technology, there is a lot that we can do. For example, we may ask students to finish their homework by writing with hands instead of typing .

1.Many people have forgotten how to write Chinese characters because _______________.

A. they use too much English    B. they use computers to write too often

C. Chinese characters are too difficult to write    D. they don't like Chinese handwriting

2.People can use the computers widely , but they need to master the skill of____________.

A. writing with hands    B. using computers correctly

C. mending computers    D. using computers to work for people

3.China is trying to help students and teachers to improve their writing by _________ .

A. punishing people who can’t write    B. asking people not to use computers

C. using the information technology    D. asking them to write everything with hands

4.The underlined word “strokes” in the passage may mean_____________ .

A. 读音    B. 笔划    C. 意义    D. 用法

5.This passage mainly tells us________________ .

A. computers are harmful to our handwriting

B. how we can write good Chinese characters

C. Chinese people should not forget the skill of writing with hands

D. not to use other languages too often


EASY to Join Our Band !

This year will be one of our greatest years . We are looking for more great young musicians! Band members

must take their own instruments, enjoy concerts, like playing on a spring tour, enjoy parties . Here you can enjoy Saturday and Sunday band classes ! Joining the band is also a great way to make new friends. As you know , you can learn much more to be in the band. All the band members have great self-confidence, improve problem-solving skills . And at the end of the year ,everyone will have a trophy  (纪念品 ) !  Read through this newsletter to learn more about our own school band !If you want to join it , please do the following things .

1.Choose any band instrument you like .

2.Show this newsletter to your parents and talk about it with them .

3.Come to the New Band Parents' Meeting.


Date & Time: 7:30 PM ,July 15th

Place: In the main room

All band parents and students should come to a

short but very important meeting about the band. You will have a chance to sign up for the band at the end of this meeting.


1.The band members have band classes        .

A. once a week    B. twice a week    C. once a month    D. twice a month

2.Joining the band will have the following advantages EXCEPT ___________ .

A. improving the health    B. making new friends

C. developing self-confidence    D. improving problem-solving skills

3.Maria wants to join the band , she has to talk about it with her        .

A. teacher    B. friends    C. parents    D. team leader

4.New Band Parents' Meeting will be held____________ .

A. in the dining hall    B. on the playground    C. on June 15th    D. on July 15th

5.The purpose of this newsletter is to __________ .

A. explain why kids should join the band

B. tell us the history of the school band

C. invite all the students to take part in New Band Parents' Meeting

D. ask more students to join the band team


When I was a little boy,I got angry easily and was not good at communicating with others.

I will never forget an early autumn morning.The _______ on the trees started to turn yellow and the weather became cool.One day,as I was getting ready for school,my careless mother handed me my father's vest(背心)______.At that time,I was getting to have a _____size than my father.______ I put on the vest,I felt as if I wasn't able to breathe ! I realized that it was a mistake which was made by my mother,and the breathless feeling was so strong that it made me angrier.

After I got home that evening , I threw the vest to my mother angrily .My mother said sorry ______ a smile,but I shouted at her without thinking much. I ______the vest wildly and I made a hole (破洞)in it.I put on my own vest and rushed out of the house.

My mother felt sad and said to my father,"See what your son has done." Instead of scolding(责备)or beating me,my father asked my mother to ______the hole.

Later when my mother told me about it,I felt sorry for _____ bad behavior.My father's kindness taught me a lesson which I would remember forever.

______,I decided not to let anger control me any longer.Of course,there are times when I am angry.However,whenever it happens,I will try to remember my father's vest.It ______tells me to think about others' feelings when I get angry.

1.A. lives    B. sky    C. leaves    D. flowers

2.A. by mistake    B. by the way    C. by air    D. by herself

3.A. longer    B. shorter    C. smaller    D. larger

4.A. Before    B. Until    C. Though    D. When

5.A. on    B. with    C. in    D. for

6.A. took off    B. turned off    C. set off    D. got off

7.A. buy    B. mend    C. lend    D. send

8.A. my    B. her    C. our    D. their

9.A. In other words    B. First of all    C. From then on    D. Out of order

10.A. sometimes    B. never    C. seldom    D. always


— Would you like to go to Shanghai Disneyland? It opened last year .

— ________. I’m sure I’ll have a great time there.

A. I’m afraid not    B. It doesn’t matter    C. That sounds like fun    D. That's all right


—Excuse me . I want to take exercise, but I am new here . Could you tell me ______ ?

— Sure . Go down this road and you'll find it on the right .

A. how I can get to the zoo    B. where the bookstore is

C. what is wrong with you    D. which is the way to the sports center


The rich man is very kind and helpful to the people ______ have difficulties.

A. which    B. whom    C. who    D. what


—____________ town it is !

—Yes .Great changes have taken place here since we began to build a civilized(文明的)city .

A. How beautiful    B. How a beautiful    C. What beautiful    D. What a beautiful


---I think you should stop ______ him in English.

---I see. He can’t understand English at all. Let me try in French.

A. talking to    B. to talk to

C. talk to    D. to talking to


—Oh, my god. I have ___________ 2 kg this month .

—Don’t worry. It’s normal for a growing girl.

A. put up    B. put off    C. put on    D. put down


The cake _____ into ten pieces so that everybody can taste it.

A. divides    B. will divide    C. is dividing    D. will be divided


My parents      a good example for me since I was young. They teach me to be a good child .

A. were    B. have been    C. will be    D. are


For our own safety, it’s important to      the traffic rules on the way to school.

A. follow    B. change    C. make    D. break


You _______ go through the security check (安检) before getting on the train.

A. can    B. must    C. may    D. might


This house is one of ________ buildings in the town.We must take actions to protect it.

A. old    B. older    C. oldest    D. the oldest


The manager sounded _________ on the phone.He offered to show us around the company.

A. softly    B. friendly    C. hardly    D. carefully


—Look! So many colorful bicycles in two lines over there.

—They’re for public. This kind of green smart traffic is ______ in big cities now.

A. everything    B. everyone    C. everyday    D. everywhere


When Jack arrived _____the airport,he found it hard to look for a place to park his car.

A. in    B. at    C. on    D. to


On no-car day, ______ students ______ teachers are allowed to drive to school.

A. either; or    B. not only; but also    C. neither; nor    D. both; and


The nurse won't leave her patients ______she's sure they are all taken good care of.

A. unless    B. because    C. so    D. if


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