Alice spends too much time _______computer games.

A. play    B. plays    C. to play    D. playing


--- Is your hair long_____ short? -- It's long.

A. and    B. but    C. or    D. so


---Is there a library in your school?                     --- ______.

A. Yes, it is.    B. No, it isn’t.    C. Yes, there is.    D. No, there aren’t.


---What________ Jenny's mother_____?

---She is of medium height.

A. does; looks like    B. do; look like    C. do; looks like    D. does; look like


The hotel is ______ the bank.

A. across    B. from    C. across form    D. next


—Is that beautiful girl ________ actress

—Noshe isn’tShe is ________ singer

A. aan

B. ana

C. aa

D. anan


Can you swim _______ the river?

A. near    B. between    C. from    D. across











A:Hey, Lisa. 1.

B:I’m reading a book.

A:Oh, 2.

B:Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl. Have you read it before?

A:No. What’s it about? 3.

B:Of course. It’s about a girl named Audrey. She enters a different palce and meets some stange people there. And then some stange stories happen.

A:It’s very interesting. 4.

B:I don’t know. Let’s read it together.

A:All right. Thank you very much.

B: 5.




A.happy   B.die   C.understand  D.talking   E.alive   F.but

G.have    H.future  I.liked   J.all the time

There was once a man who was very rich but very stingy (吝啬的) at the same time. Nobody

1. him in the village. One day he said to them, “I know you don’t like me. When I 2., I will give everything to you. Then everyone will be 3..”

Even then nobody believed him. The rich man couldn’t 4. why they didn’t believe him. One day he went for a walk. Under a tree he happened to hear a pig and a cow 5..

The pig said to the cow, “Everybody likes you 6. nobody likes me. Why? When I provide people with meat, ham (火腿) and so on, I give three or four things to them. But you give only one thing-milk. Why do people like you 7. but not me?”

The cow answered, “Look, I give milk while I’m 8.. they see that I am generous (慷慨) with what I 9.. But you don’t give them anything while you are alive. Only after you’re dead do you give meat, ham and so on. People don’t believe in the 10., they believe in the present (现在). If you give while you are alive, people will like you.”

From that moment on, the rich man wasn’t stingy any more. Everyone began to like him. And he felt quite happy.


There was a pilot and three people in a small plane. Suddenly there was something wrong

with the plane when it was flying in the air. The smoke was everywhere in the plane. The pilot told the people there were only three parachutes (降落伞). They all became worried and started to make excuses.

“I must go and mend the machine.” said the pilot, taking one of the parachutes. There was

nothing he could do, so he just jumped out.

The next person said, “I must have a parachute. I am a very clever person, and I have to

attend an important sports game. I know I am going to win the game because I am going to be the cleverest person there.” He picked up a pack and jumped out.

Two men were left, an old businessman and a young mountain climber. By this time the plane was going down fast. The businessman said, “Young man, I am old, but you’re still young. You take the last parachute.” the young mountain climber smiled, “Don’t worry,” he said, “we can both jump to safety because there are still two parachutes. Just now the clever person jumped out with my backpack.”

1.All the people became worried because _______.

A. they couldn’t find the parachutes

B. they were afraid the plane would be broken and knew there were not enough parachutes for each person

C. there was too much smoke and they couldn’t jump out from the plane

D. they saw the pilot jump out first

2.The clever man jumped out with ______

A. parachute    B. nothing

C. the pack of the climber’s    D. two parachutes

3.All the people thought of themselves except _________.

A. the pilot    B. the clever man    C. the doctor    D. the businessman

4.From this story, we know_________ would die.

A. the clever man    B. the businessman

C. the pilot    D. a young mountain climber

5._______ was a kind hearted man.

A. The pilot    B. The mountain climber

C. The businessman    D. A young mountain climber




I’m ________ ________ ________ hungry. Let’s go out to eat.


I ________ _______ to the movie ________ he invites me.


Mum was ________ ________ ________ she cried.


Who _________ ________ my dictionary?


I don’t _________ ________ you.


_______ _______ he is from Shanghai.


He _______ _________ _______ science at last.


Parents _______ _______ _______ _______ love their children.


_______ _______ _______ _______, there was a child who loved reading.


They _______ _______ _______ _______ the place as soon as they got there.



1.What could you do instead of ________ (play) computer games?

2.As soon as she ________ (get) here, she will call me at once.

3.The man said that his son could continue ________ (do) the same things after he died.

4.—When did you finish ________ (read) the book?

—Last Monday.

5.If we keep _______ (try), I believe we can succeed in the end.

6.—What are they doing?

—They are trying _________ (move) the mountains.

7.You won’t pass the exam unless you _________ (work) hard to prepare for it.

8.I think there are many ways _________ (learn) English well, but reading aloud in the morning is a good way.

9.Many children were _________ (excite) when they watched the action movie.

10.If you don’t leave for school right now, you __________ (be) late for class.



1.These _________ (mountain) are very high. They are difficult to climb.

2.Their _________ (wife) stay at home and look after the children.

3.________ (final), all of them got to school on time.

4.—What do you think of the story?        —I think it’s _________ (real) interesting.

5.Li Lei runs ________ (fast) than any ontehr student in our class.

6.The god can turn _________ (him) into many things.

7.The little boy became _________ (interest) in the movie as soon as it came out.

8.Spring Festival is the __________ (tradition) Chinese festivel and we can have a good time with our parents and relatives.

9.I only ate three __________ (piece) of bread this morning and i feel hungry now.

10.Look at the _________ (wonder) house. How beautiful it is!


Miss Brown is one of        teachers in our school.

A.popular          B.more popular

C. most popular    D.the most popular


It took us much time ________ the mountain.

A. climb    B. climbed    C. to climb    D. to climbing


My mother is _______ busy _______ she can’t cook for us at noon.

A. so; that    B. such; that    C. too; to    D. as; as


—_______ happened _______ him last night?

—He fell down and hurt himself.

A. How; with    B. How; to    C. What; with    D. What; to


The twin brothers are very lazy. ______ of them are good at English and other subjects.

A. Both    B. All    C. Neither    D. None


The old photo reminds my mother _______ her classmates.

A. for    B. with    C. to    D. of


The house is made _______ stone and it looks very beautiful.

A. of    B. from    C. into    D. by


She keeps _______ the piano for two hours every day and is good at it.

A. play    B. to play    C. playing    D. is playing


This shirt is too small and doesn’t _______ me. Do you have a big one?

A. allow    B. wear    C. fit    D. beat


The story was very funny and she couldn’t stop ________.

A. to laugh    B. laughing    C. laughed    D. laugh


Mary is worried about her 16-year-old daughter,Sophia.One day,Sophia comes back from a party,upset and unhappy.From then on,she______nothing but how to

lose weight and become beautiful.She refuses to eat and keeps on______exercise.

Sophia has always been a little heavy,so Mary encourages her to go on a diet.She feels that her daughter would______more attractive(有吸引力的)if she lost 5 kilograms.However,Sophia has lost over 10 kilograms until now.Her eating and exercising habits are having a harmful effect(影响)on her__.She is too thin and is often sick.

Her mother is trying to prevent her from going on a diet and______weight,but Sophia thinks that she is still too heavy and refuses to start eating as______.Sophia’s

mind is full of the idea of looking like a model.Every day she goes to a club to do exercise.Sometimes she_______her time reading magazines like Fashion&Beauty

The models in these magazines are very thin and beautiful.Sophia says,“If I look like these models,I will be happy and the boys will like me.”

Mary feels sorry for having encouraged her at first,because Sophia______feels good or pleased with her body.She’s afraid that Sophia will never be happy______she always compares herself with the models in the magazines.Mary tries to tell Sophia that true______comes from the heart.The most ordinary face becomes beautiful when the person is filled with confidence.

1.A. thinks out    B. thinks about    C. thinks of    D. thinks up

2.A. doing    B. do    C. to do    D. done

3.A. watch    B. see    C. look    D. look at

4.A. health    B. healthy    C. healthily    D. healths

5.A. keeping    B. losing    C. improving    D. putting

6.A. unusual    B. usually    C. usual    D. unusually

7.A. takes    B. spends    C. costs    D. pays

8.A. no longer    B. always    C. extremely    D. often

9.A. unless    B. if    C. though    D. since

10.A. love    B. friendship    C. beauty    D. friend



1.What is Tom good at?Can you tell me?

Can you tell me________ ________ _________good at?

2.I want to know.Can they go camping next Sunday?

I want to know________ ________ _______they can go camping next Sunday.

3.Why does she come here?I don’t know.

I don’t know_______ ________ ________here.

4.When did he buy this book?Do you know?

Do you know________ ________ ________this book?

5.Did Sally tell you?She won the competition.

Did Sally tell you________ ________ _______the competition?


I hurt myself yesterday.Sometimes I felt my leg       

A. pain    B. paining    C. to pain    D. pained


The London Olympics make people all over the world __________ go there very much.

A. want to    B. fly to    C. flying    D. to want to


—I wonder___ like to be an astronaut(宇航员).

—I don’t know, but I imagine it’s exciting.

A. what is it    B. what it is

C. whether is it    D. whether it is.


--May I speak to Mr Smith?

--       ,please.I’ll see if he is in.

A. Look out    B. Hold the line    C. Keep up    D. Come on


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