Tom likes looking out ________ the playground _________ the classroom.

A. at; of     B. of; at     C. of; from    D. at; from


Do you know about Los Angeles?

Yes. It is the second largest city in _______.

A. Russia     B. the UK        C. the USA    D. Canada


_______cook some nice food for mother on Mother’s Day?

Good idea! It’s a good way to show her our love.

A. What about   B. Are we        C. Shall we    D. Do we


How do you say 15,858?

A. Fifteen thousands, eight hundred and fifty-eight

B. Fifteen thousand, eight hundreds and fifty eight.

C. Fifteen thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight

D. Fifteen thousand and eight hundred and fifty-eight.


__________ is it from Sunshine Town to the center of Beijing?

It’s about 20 kilometers ________ our school.

A.How far, far from

B. How long, away from

C.How far, far away from

D. How far, away from


---Can you       anything strange?   ---It        like a small mouse.

A. listen; sounds    B. hear; listens

C. hear; sounds      D. sound; hears


Water park is a good place_________________ .

A. to have fun    B. have fun

C.having fun     D. to have a fun


There _______ any classes tomorrow if there ______ too much snow.

A. isn’t going to be; is going to be

B. isn’t going to have; is

C. aren’t goidng to be; is

D. aren’t going to be; is going to be


"Take this medicine and it will make you_____better soon," the nurse says to the _______ boy.

A. feel; sick    B. to feel; sick

C. feeling; ill    D. feels; ill


—Don’ t play football in the street, children.

—Sorry, we__________ do it again.

A. do        B. will  C. don’ t       D. won’ t


Andy ______ swimming and he can swim______ a fish.

A. likes; likes      B. likes; like

C. like; likes      D. like; like


Thanks for________ the cake with all your friends.

A .share       B.sharing with    C.share in    D.sharing


—Excuse me . May I speak to Jill, please?  —___________

A. Yes, I am        B. Do you know him?

C. I am speaking     D. This is Jill speaking


The teachers from         USA live in        Fifth Street.

A.the ; /          B. /; the         C. /; /       D. the; the


As we all know, playing        chess is usually        one-to-one game.

A. a; a            B. /; a            C. /; an         D. the; a



1.Please keep quiet in the l____ .

2.Tom c____ from Australia.

3.She is a______ of the dark.(黑暗)

4.--What a ________do you like?   ---I like dogs.

5.I like China and I can s_________ Chinese well.

6.Look! They _____ (swim)  in the pool ..

7.Don’t be_____(noise)in the hall.

8.Don’t talk! Your brother ______(sleep) in the room.

9.Jane ______(cross) the bridge to school every day.

10.We must save the trees and not buy things ________ (make) of ivory.


--Hello. How’s it going?    -- _____ .

A.I don’t like it

B.I will go to school

C.Not bad




1.Look! Jim and Mary ___________ (dance).

2.He ---------- (not do) his homework. He’s reading.

3.We should be g_____ with old people.

4.He wants to m_______ friends with us.

5.My home is 8 k_______ from school.

6.It usually t__________ her 25 minutes to go to school from her home.

7.I am s_________ I am late.

8.There are many people here on v__________.

9.I like s__________ because I like swimming.

10.She is s________ of money now. Can you help her ?


—Wow what a cool bike! How long have you       it?

—For two weeks.

A. bought    B. got     C. had     D. chosen


Their performance was       great success. The audience couldn’t help clapping their hands.

A. /    B. a     C. an     D. the


Now the train service is very good. The trains are ________ on time.

A. hardly   B. never   C. always    D. often


The world is becoming smaller and smaller because the Internet gets us ________.

A. less   B. more   C. farther    D. closer


—I hear you have to get up early in the morning.

—Yes it is one of the ________ in my family.

A. plans   B. orders   C. rules    D. results


Is there any difference between your idea and ________?

A. he    B. his   C. she    D. her


I am strongly ________ keeping animals in the zoo because I think animals should also have the right to enjoy freedom.

A. up    B. down   C. for    D. against


In Nanjing we stayed at a very nice hotel. But I can’t remember ________ name of it.

A. the       B. a         C. an             D. /


Sam looks so sad. Let's go and __.

A.cheer up her   B. cheer her up

C. cheer up him  D. cheer him up


You won't have any problems __the  place.

A.find    B.found    C.finding find


-What's the matter __ you?

-I have pains in the eyes.

A.for     B.of    C.on     D. With


—Jack, is Maths difficult to learn in high school?

—Sure. No subject can be learned well        hard work.

A. without        B. through         C. by             D. With


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