We must work hard to make our dream ______ true.

A. to come    B. come    C. coming    D. comes


– Put on your raincoat. Don’t get      outside.

   -- All right.

A. dry    B. wet    C. hurt    D. warm


--Could I use your computer to send an e-mail?

   --Sure, but you must wait a few minutes. I _______ some information about Easter.

A. downloaded    B. download    C. am downloading    D. was downloading


We can see more police than usual at the crossings ________ snowy days.

A. in    B. at    C. on    D. With


Look at the brown shoes. Do you like ________?

A. it    B. them    C. her    D. hers


The door won’t open if you don’t give it ______ hard push.

A. a    B. an    C. the    D. /


提示:在我们的日常生活中,我们会遇到各种各样的困难,因此,我们会需要他人的帮助,但是同时我们也要学会帮助他人,其实,帮助他人就是在帮助自己,请你结合身边的事例,以“Everyone Needs Help”为题,用英语写一篇短文。


2. 语言流畅,书写规范,卷面整洁。文中不得使用你的真实姓名、校名,否则以零分计;





第二节   将下列句子中的汉语部分译成英语,注意使用适当的形式,并将答案写在答题卡的相应位置上。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)

1.We should help_______________ in our daily life.(残疾人)

2.It is not easy to______________ classmates.(和睦相处)

3.We need to ________________a plan.(想出;提出)

4.Children shouldn’t ______________ their parents too much. (依赖)

5.After hearing this news, we walked home ____________ . (沉默地)




1.Don’t worry. We can take care of _____________. (we)

2.I have a strong ___________  of satisfaction.(feel)

3.Do you mind _________  the window?(open)

4.The rain began to beat ___________  against the windows. (heavy)

5.Tony __________  when the rainstorm came.(sleep)


第三节  根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。将所选答案涂到答题卡的相应位置上。(共5小题,每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)

1. When you are feeling unhappy or forget how great you are, there are six ways to make you feel good about yourself.

1.Look in the mirror (镜子) and say to yourself, “I’m a special person and there’s no one in the world like me. I can do anything!” It may not sound so good, but it really works!

2.Do something nice for someone. 2.

3.Smile(微笑)! 3. Look for the good things in your friends and family.

4.Learn something new! Have you always wanted to decorate(装饰) your own room or learn how to swim? Go for it! New challenges (挑战) are fun and give you a sense of accomplishment(成就感) when you have finished.

5.Read and start a diary. Turn off the TV and let your imagination(想象) fly! If you have any thoughts, dreams or anything you want, write them down! 4.

6.5. We all need our family time. Talk with your Mom and Dad or maybe even your cousin.

A. Be friendly to people you meet.

B. Helping others always makes you feel good.

C. Writing always helps to express (表达) your feelings.

D. We have a lot of trouble in our life, but we have to face them.

E. Spend time with your family.

F. Listening to music can make you relax.

G. Doing chores is important.


What do you usually do on the subway? Emma Watson wants people to read books. Watson became famous for acting in the Harry Potter movies. She put 100 copies(册) of a book on the London Subway. And she did the same thing in New York too.

The name of the book is Mom & Me & Mom, and Maya Angelou wrote it. With each book, there is a handwritten note by Watson. She wrote, “When you finish reading it, please leave it on the subway again for someone else to find.”

Watson’s work is part of the movement Books on the subway. Hollie Belton started it in 2012. It calls on (号召) people to leave their books on the subway so other people can enjoy them too. Belton loves reading on the subway. Over the years, she has left over 2,000 books of her own.

1.Where did Watson put the books?

A. In the library    B. On the bus    C. In the park.    D. On the subway

2.Who is the writer of Mom & Me & Mom?

A. Emma Watson    B. Maya Angelou    C. Hollie Belton    D. Harry Potter

3.When did Belton start the movement Books on the subway?

A. In 2012    B. In 2016    C. In 2002    D. In 2006

4.How many books has Belton left on the subway?

A. About 100    B. More than 2,000

C. About 200    D. Less than 2,000

5.Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Watson became famous for acting in the Harry Potter movies.

B. Watson wrote a note on each copy of Mom & Me & Mom on the subway

C. Watson left books on the London subway only.

D. Watson wanted more people to read books on the subway.


Dogs like living with people. They are very friendly. They can do many things for people.

   Some dogs help people to look after sheep, other dogs help them to find the lost children. And some of the dogs can help the blind.(盲人)

   There is a kind of dog whose name is Seeing Eye Dog. Now we can see this kind of dog all over the world. They are working for the blind. The Seeing Eye Dog is strong and easy to train. He helps the blind to walk from place to place. Before a dog becomes a Seeing Eye Dog, he must be in a training school for about three months. First the dog has to learn to sit or stay when he hears the trainer’s call. In his next lesson the dog learns to take his trainer across busy streets. The dog has many things to learn. At the end of the training, he must take tests. When he passes the tests, the Seeing Eye Dog will do things by himself.

   Now he can help the blind people. The new master(主人) may be a man , a woman or even a child. It takes the dog and his blind master about a month learning to work and live together.

1.The underline words “Seeing Eye Dog” means_________.

A. 导盲犬    B. 看门狗    C. 宠物狗    D. 电子狗

2.Seeing Eye Dog can help ________ people.

A. deaf    B. blind    C. unhappy    D. lonely

3.This kind of dog has to be trained for about ________ months.

A. one    B. two    C. three    D. four

4.Seeing Eye Dog don’t have to __________.

A. learn to sit or stay when he hears the trainer’s call

B. learn to take his trainer across the streets

C. take tests

D. learn to buy things for the trainer

5.From this passage, we know that dogs are very ________.

A. lovely    B. dangerous    C. helpful    D. interesting


Do you often have a cold, headache or sore back? If your answer is “Yes”, your health is a problem. Healthy food is good for our health. Tofu is a kind of healthy food. It is also a traditional Chinese food. We often eat it in China. Now, many people in other countries think tofu is good for health, too. They also like eating it.

Milk is another kind of healthy food. You should drink one or two glasses of milk every day.

Vegetables are important, too. You should eat lots of them. There are vitamin(维生素)A, B, C, D, E and other vitamins in them.

Of course, it’s important to eat a balanced diet. You need some pork, chicken or beef every day. But you shouldn’t eat much of them.


1.If you often have a cold, headache and backache, you aren’t healthy.

2.Tofu is healthy food.

3.People only in China eat tofu.

4.To keep healthy we should drink some milk every day.

5.We should eat a lot of pork, chicken or beef.



Daniel is a Duck. But he is different from the ______ ones.

Daniel became famous after someone posted his photos on the Internet. In the photos, he wears red clothes and sits on the _______with a woman.

You must______how Daniel could be an air passenger. That’s because he is a helper for his ______ . Carla brought Daniel home______a pet in 2012, when he was two days old. Just one year later, Carla had a bad accident. She felt______in both body and spirit. Daniel was there for her when she needed him. “He could _______ something wrong,” Carla said. “Then, he would come and give me lots of hugs and kisses to ______me up.”

Now Carla is well, ______she is used to going everywhere with Daniel. “Most people have dogs or cats. I have a duck,” Carla said. “A duck can ______make a very great helper.”

1.A. necessary    B. strong    C. common    D. clever

2.A. train    B. plane    C. bus    D. subway

3.A. know    B. wonder    C. believe    D. hope

4.A. owner    B. volunteer    C. mom    D. doctor

5.A. by    B. with    C. as    D. For

6.A. broken    B. excited    C. alone    D. terrible

7.A. notice    B. change    C. imagine    D. fix

8.A. give    B. get    C. cheer    D. wake

9.A. though    B. because    C. so    D. but

10.A. already    B. also    C. yet    D. too


—My mother has a really bad cough. I should go to see her in the hospital.

  —_____________ .

A. I’m afraid.    B. I’m sorry to hear that.

C. I hope so.    D. Great.


Could you ________ the window? I feel a little cold.

A. please not open    B. please not to open

C. not please to open    D. not please open


_________ my mother was cooking, I got home.

A. Though    B. Because    C. When    D. While


_________ pressure is bad for a child’s development.

A. Too much    B. Too many    C. Much too    D. Many too


___________ friends you have, __________ you will be.

A. Many; friendly    B. More; friendlier

C. The more; the friendlier    D. The most; the friendliest


—What’s wrong?

    —I ________ my homework at home this morning, and my teacher was angry.

A. forget    B. forgot    C. leave    D. left


—Let’s volunteer to help homeless people.


A. No, I don’t want to.    B. That sounds good.

C. You’re right.    D. That’s all right.


Tom, could I _________ your bike? I promise that I won’t _________it to others.

A. borrow; lend    B. lend; borrow    C. borrow; borrow    D. lend; lend


I don’t know how to learn English well. Can you give me________?

A. an advice    B. two advices    C. any advices    D. some advice


He looks sad, let’s _________.

A. cheer up him    B. cheer he up    C. cheer him up    D. cheer up he


It is raining heavily. We have to __________ our sports meeting.

A. put off    B. put up    C. cut off    D. call up


The old man lives________but he doesn’t feel________

A. lonelyalone

B. alonealone

C. alonelonely

D. lonelylonely


Some students go to school without _______ breakfast.

A. have    B. to have    C. to having    D. having


I used to ________ a bus to school. But now I am used to _______ to school.

A. take; walk    B. taking; walk    C. take; walking    D. taking; walking


The lady got ________ X-ray and she showed ________ X-ray to the doctor.

A. a; the    B. an; the    C. a; a    D. an; a


提示:同学们的日常生活既忙碌充实有丰富多彩。作为一个学生,每个人的生活都应该有规律,你的生活有规律吗?请以My Day 为题写出自己一天的活动。  


2. 语言流畅,书写规范,卷面整洁。文中不得使用你的真实姓名、校名,否则以零分计;




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