—_____ you _____ take a bus to school?

—Yes. But now I usually go to school on foot.

A. Did, use to    B. Do, used to    C. Did, used to


—How do you usually go to school?

—I_____ take a bus, but now I _____ there.

A. was used to, am used to walk

B. was used to, am used to walking

C. used to, am used to walking


There _____ great changes in our city in the last ten years.

A. have been    B. had    C. would be


You'd better learn to _____ different kinds of problems by yourself.

A. give up    B. look up    C. deal with


Steve has to attend an important meeting, so he'll be absent _____ your birthday party.

A. about    B. with    C. from


—Peter, you got to school by taxi?

—Oh, I _____ take a taxi to school, but my bike needs repairing today.

A. usually    B. sometimes    C. seldom


Susan is so brave that she _____ to speak in front of many people.

A. dare    B. dares    C. dared




注意:1. 词数90左右。短文的开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数;

2. 短文须包括所有要点,不要逐词解释,可适当发挥,使短文连贯、通顺;

3. 短文中不得出现真实的人名、校名等相关信息。

参考词汇:theme n.主题;   firework n.烟火

Good morning , children !

As a volunteer from Shanghai Disneyland , I’d like to say something about the park and tell you how to behave well in it .






The park is worth your visit . I hope you will have fun .




Please believe me. I won't _______________.


The news _______________.


He is only a teacher _______________ _______________ an artist.


In our exam, the _______________ careful we are, the _______________ mistakes we'll make.

5.To start with, the computer room must _______________ (保持清洁).



Nick and his friends were talking about things that can bring them luck. “I have a lucky red pen,” said Andy. “I have a lucky coin,” said Peter. “Every time I take a test, I carry my lucky coin.” Nick thought for a moment, and said, “My blue socks.” “Blue socks?” the boys were surprised and asked together. Nick said that every time he wore his blue socks to school before a test, he got a good mark.

The next day Nick had a Chinese test. He was sad because he couldn’t find his blue socks. “Mom!” shouted Nick. “Where are my blue socks? I have a Chinese test today, and I need to wear them.”

“Don’t be silly,” Nick’s mom said. “They need to be washed.” “When I wear them, I get a good grade. ” Nick said.

“Did you prepare for your test?” asked Mom.


“Then don’t worry aboutit. Just do your best.” Mom encouraged.

A few days later, Nick’s teacher told him that he got 95 in his test. Nick was so excited that he couldn’t wait to tell Mom he did well in his test. Mom said, “It wasn’t the blue socks that made you success. In fact, it was made by yourself.”

1.Who could get luck from a red pen?(根据短文内容回答问题)

2.Why was Nick sad the next day?(根据短文内容回答问题)

3.Was Nick’s good mark made by the blue socks or by himself?(根据短文内容回答问题)


Nick was so excited that he couldn’t wait to tell Mom he did well in his test.

5.In this passage, the underlined word “it” refers to ________.



1.Give some candies to the little boy. Don't _______________(使失望) him.

2.Don't worry. We are all in _______________(一致) with you.

3.The teacher, Yang Xiangming showed great _______________(勇气) to jump into the river to save the boy.

4.You've put on _______________(重量), haven't you?

5.Knowledge is the most precious _______________(财富) of all things.

6.It′s very _______________(不舒服的) to sit in the armchair.

7.To be a scientist is my _______________(目标).

8.The famous Brazilian soccer team has ever had many excellent _______________(教练).

9.Our _______________(友谊) will be remembered forever.

10.The boy fell into the hole. We _______________() him up.



1.Are we in a_______________ about the price?

2.Don't p_______________ the door! You should push it.

3.The man is full of c_______________ to face the illness.

4.--- What's the w_______________ of the baby giant panda?

--- It's 100 grams.

5.His personal w_______________ is estimated(估计) at around $100 million.

6.The doctors always e_______________ their patients carefully.

7.The little girl is too frightened, and her face turns p_______________.

8.The chair is very hard. It's u_______________ to sit on.

9.It's not my f_______________, so I shouldn't say sorry.

10.You must k_______________ the ball, not throw the ball because you are a football player.


I arrived in the UK last weekend to learn English.So far I have already made a few friends and had some traditional English food there.But after having three days of hamburgers,sandwiches and potatoes,I thought none could be more delicious than Chinese food,especially my favorite﹣huo guo.You can't imagine how excited I was when I got to know that there was going to be a free meal of hotpot to welcome the new students.On the way to the canteen,I seemed to smell huo guo in the air.

To my surprise,when I went into the room,I didn't see any sign of huo guo.Where was it?

With many questions in my head,I sat down to have the free meal.After talking with an English girl,I got to know that Chinese huo guo is completely different from hotpot.Chinese huo guo is written in two words﹣hot pot; and hotpot,one word,is a traditional English dish.

Hotpot is made from mutton and onion.On the top are pieces of potatoes.People put it in the oven all day in a heavy pot on a low heat.It takes very little effort to prepare.You can often see it at parties in the UK because it's easy to prepare for a large number of people and is not expensive.

Hotpot doesn't taste bad.However,I still miss huo guo﹣hot pot,two words!

1.The writer felt excited when she thought she would.

A. try traditional English food    B. learn English in the UK

C. have her favorite huo guo    D. meet some new friends

2.The underlined word"canteen"means"B"in Chinese.

A. 宿舍    B. 餐厅    C. 实验室    D. 体育馆

3.Why is hotpot often prepared for parties?

A. Because it's easy to prepare.    B. Because it's very popular.

C. Because it's quite expensive.    D. Because it's good for health.

4.After the free meal,the writer learnt that.

A. "hotpot"wasn't"hot pot"    B. hotpot took little time to cook

C. hotpot wasn't traditional in the UK    D. the girl knew nothing about hotpot

5.What is the writer's favorite food?

A. Sandwiches    B. Mutton    C. Hotpot    D. Hot pot.


I think smiling is as important as sunshine(阳光). Smiling _________ sunshine because it can make people happy and have a good day. If you aren't happy, you can smile, and then you will feel ________. Someone may say, "I don't feel happy." Then I would say, "Please smile when you are unhappy or play with your friends happily, then you will really be happy _________."

You don't like crying, right? So you must _________ smiling, and you know smiling will let people _________ everything unhappy. Every day we see teachers or classmates and say, "Hi! How are you?" At ________ time, you are smiling, right?

Smiling can let you have _________ friends. With a smile, people will know you're a ________ person. They will talk with you, _________ you will have more and more friends.

So I think _________ is like a flower, the sunshine, and warmth(温暖). It will give you happiness.

1.A. likes    B. is like    C. like    D. are like

2.A. happy    B. sad    C. angry    D. upset

3.A. ago    B. before    C. again    D. after

4.A. fond    B. hate    C. worry    D. prefer

5.A. stop    B. remember    C. forget    D. know

6.A. different    B. the same    C. same    D. the different

7.A. more    B. less    C. least    D. most

8.A. unfriendly    B. serious    C. kind    D. busy

9.A. but    B. if    C. because    D. so

10.A. crying    B. saying    C. speaking    D. smiling


The teacher made us                English exercises all the time.

A. did    B. do    C. doing    D. to do


You're supposed to keep the classroom                 .

A. clean    B. cleans    C. cleaned    D. cleaning


Which do you preferChinese food or Western food?

I would rather _______ Chinese foodLet’s have noodles

A. to have    B. having    C. had    D. have


Mum,I volunteer my time                the plates.

A. to wash    B. washing    C. washed    D. be washed


—Why are you so excited today?

—We were told ____ a picnic this weekend.

A. have    B. to have

C. having    D. had


---                Lily                Lucy has joined the swimming club because they have no time.

--- It's a pity!

A. Both; and    B. Either; or    C. Neither; or    D. Neither; nor


The more you smile, the____ you’ll be.

A. happy    B. happier

C. happily    D. more happily


Father often tells me ________ too much time on computer games.

A. don’t spend    B. not spend    C. not to spend    D. not spending


The assistant won’t let you ______ the cinema if you haven’t a ticket.

A. enter    B. to enter    C. entering


We will have a field trip this afternoon .The news makes everyone

A .excited   B. frightened   C. happily  D,luckily




I will _________ this cake _________ five parts.


I ________ a child ________ near the river when I went home.


There are _________ _________ _________ foreign players in the CBA.


Our teachers _________ us _________ _________ hard.


People _________ _________ _________ the young hero very much.



        Time is very important to us. When and by whom were the watches or clocks _________? Perhaps nobody knows. How could we tell time if there were no watches or clocks anywhere in the world?

        The ________ was probably the world's first "clock", except in the far north, where the Eskimos live. There, it's dark most of the winter, and _________ most of the summer. But _________ most of the world, people have used the sun for day. _________ you don't have a clock that shows time, you still know that when the sun shines, it's day, and when it's dark, it's night. The sun can not only tell you whether it's day or night but also it's morning, noon, or afternoon. When the sun is almost directly overhead, it's _________.

        People who live near the sea know time from the tides(潮汐). In the daytime, for about six hours, the water rises _________ on the beach. The same thing _________ again at night. There are two high tides and two _________ tides every 24 hours.

        In some places in the world the wind comes up at about the same time every day or changes direction or stops __________. In these places the wind can be the clock.

1.A. discovered    B. found    C. invented    D. made

2.A. sun    B. moon    C. star    D. planet

3.A. wonderful    B. large    C. heavy    D. light

4.A. on    B. around    C. in    D. of

5.A. If    B. When    C. Although    D. As

6.A. morning    B. noon    C. afternoon    D. evening


A. high and high    B. higher and high

C. higher and higher    D. high and higher


A. takes place    B. is taking place

C. is taken place    D. will take place

9.A. wide    B. narrow    C. long    D. low

10.A. blows    B. blowing    C. blow    D. to blow


In our library there          a number of books, and in these years the number of them          growing larger and larger.

A. are, is    B. is, are    C. have, are    D. has, is


— When was Jack born?

— He was born          June 12, 2010.

A. at    B. in    C. on    D. for


Many accidents          by careless drivers last year.

A. are caused    B. were caused

C. have caused    D. will cause


Whenever I see the birds, I’ll           flying in the sky.

A. think up    B. dream of    C. work on    D. pick up


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