—They didn’t go to the park yesterday

--- ________.

A.So did we                  B. So we did

C. Neither did we           D. Neither we did


_______ jeans were invented over 100 years ago, theyˈre still in fashion today.

A. Because B. If  C. Although   D. Since






Where to work

When to leave home


How far

How long


At a school



10 kilometers

20 minutes


At a radio station



2 kilometers

5 minutes

Dear Jane,

Thanks for your last letter. You want to know how my parents go to work, right?___________________________________________________________________________________











  Wang Hui is my classmate .He often gets up at six thirty.After he brushes his   1.,he runs for half an  2.   . Then he has his breakfast . He   3.to scool at seven thirty. Classes start at 8 o’clock. He

   4.six classes a day .School is over at five . He   5.takes the No. 2 bus to go home.He gets home at6.five twenty . Then he does his7.. He and his parents8.dinner at seven in the evening. After dinner ,he likes to9.to the music in bed or watch TV with his family . He takes a10.  at nine thirty . Then he goes to bed.



Hi! I’m Tony. I don’t like   1.(get) up early. In the morning, I get up at eight. Then I go to school at eight thirty. I 2.(not have) much time for breakfast, so I usually eat very quickly. For lunch, I usually eat hamburgers. After school, I sometimes play basketball for half an hour. When I get home, I always do my homework first. In the evening, I either watch TV or 3.(play) computer games. At ten thirty, I brush my teeth and then I go to bed.

Mary 4. (be) my sister. She usually  5.(get) up at six thirty. Then she always takes a shower and eats a good breakfast. After that, she  6.(go) to school at eight thirty. At twelve, she eats lots of fruit and vegetables for lunch. After lunch, she sometimes plays volleyball. She always eats ice-cream after dinner. She knows it  7. (not be) good for her, but it tastes good! In the evening, she8.   (do) her homework and usually swims or takes a walk. At nine thirty, she goes to bed.



1.We want two ______ (music) for our school band.

2.I like writing ______ (story) , so I want to be a writer when I grow up.

3.The boy brushes his ________(tooth) every morning .

4.Scott has an ____________(interest) job.

5.Can you play the violin__________(good) ?

6.Many ________(village) dream to have a bridge in the village .

7.That’s a ________(fun) time for breakfast.


Many people like to travel(旅行) by plane because it is fast .But I don’t like it because the airport(飞机场) is too far from my home. It takes me about 50 minutes to get there by taxi. I like to travel by train . I think it is easy for me to take the train because it is not far from my house. When you are late for the train, you can take another (另一列) train. You can walk around the train and open the window. You can see many interesting things on the way. It’s interesting .I also like cars because we don’t need to go to the bus station or the train station. And we can take many things with us in the car. My father often drives his car to travel with us on weekends. But now there are too many cars on the road.

1.Why doesn’t the writer like to travel by plane?


2.How long does it take the writer to get to the airport by taxi?


3.Is it difficult for him to take the train?


4.What does he think of the trip by train?


5.How do they usually travel on weekends?



David is an English boy.   1.  Tony and Alice have two sons, Mike and Jack.   2.   Gina is Mike’s wife(妻子).   3.  The boy and the girl are David and Kelsey. Jack and his wife have a son and two daughters. The boy is Bob, and the girls are Kim and Linda.   4. They often play together. Look!  5.  In the photos, they have a good day.

A. Mike is David’s father, and Jack is David’s uncle.

B. David, Kelsey, Bob, Kim and Linda are good friends.

C. She and Mike have a son and a daughter.

D. These are two photos of them.

E. He is in a good middle school.

F. His grandparents are Tony and Alice.



Jenny gets up early in the morning. She has her breakfast and goes to school. She walks to the bus stop and takes a bus. She gets to school at about half past seven.

Jenny is never late for school. She likes school and works hard. Classes begin at 8:00. She has six classes every day. Jenny is good at all her lessons, and she likes English best.

Usually Jenny has lunch at school. Sometimes she helps her classmates with their lessons. Jenny goes home at five in the afternoon. Sometimes, she helps her friends with their lessons. After supper she usually watches TV news. Then she does her homework. She goes to bed at about 9:30. Jenny is a good girl.

1.Where does Jenny have her breakfast?

A. At home                     B. At school

C. On her way to school        D. On the bus

2.How does Jenny do at her lessons?

A. She doesn’t like going to school. 

B. She can’t do her lessons.

C. She does very well in her lessons.

D. She doesn’t know her lessons at all.

3.How many hours is Jenny at school?

A. Seven hours

B. Seven and a half hours  

C. Eight hours 

D. Nine and a half hours

4.What does Jenny sometimes do after school?

A. She has supper with her classmates at school.

B. She helps her friends study their lessons.

C. She does some shopping for her mother.

D. She goes home with her friends.

5.What does Jenny do after supper?

A. She watches TV and then goes to bed. 

B. She watches TV and does some housework.

C. She watches TV and does her lessons.

D. She reads her English and does some sports.



I have a good friend, Tom. He is a nice boy, but he eats too much(太多) and he doesn’t like sports.

He has a big breakfast every morning. He has four eggs, some bread and milk. For lunch, he eats two hamburgers, lots of French fries and chicken. He has much Coke(可乐), too. For dinner, he likes beef(牛肉) and salad. He likes ice cream, Coke, hamburgers and dessert. Too much food is not good for Tom. And he is not healthy.

1.Tom eats lots of food and he plays sports every day.

2.Tom eats eggs, bread and milk for breakfast.

3.Tom likes hamburgers.

4.Tom has lots of vegetables and fruits.

5.Tom eats too much food. He isn’t healthy.


My brother _______ the trumpet and he play it _____.

A. can plays, good  B. can’t play, good

C. can play, well   D. doesn’t play, well


We usually play sports _____ three hours every day.

A. for  B. in  C. of  D. at


I get up ________. I’m never late ___________ school.

A. early; for           B. early; to

C. late; for            D. late; to


Tony usually eats breakfast _______ 7:00 a.m. __________ Saturdays.

A. at; at     B. on; on     C. at; at    D. at ; on


----- Can you sing _________ dance?  

----- I can sing.

A. but   B. or   C. and   D. then


---____does it take you to get to school ?  

--- About ten minutes .

A. How long              B. How far

C. How many             D. How much


---____ does your brother go to school on weekdays ?

--- By bus.

A. How   B. What     C. Where   D. When


I want to ______ the chess club. 

A. join   B. join in   C. join to D. join for


----_____is it from your home to the bus stop ? 

---- It’s about 4 kilometers.

A. How longB. How far C. How many   D. How much


---_____do classes start ?

--- At seven thirty.

A. Where B. What time C. How  D. Who


Tom is good_____dancing. He is good ____children in the club.

A. with, at B. at, with C. at , atD.  with , with


She wants_____a sports club .

A. to join B. joins C. join D. joining


—What time do you often do your homework?

—We do ________at 7:30 p.m.

A.my homeworks B.our homework

C.our homeworks  D.my homework


I like to play      piano and he likes to play     chess.

A. the; the                B. the; /

C. /; the                  D. /; /


They usually _______to work.

A. by bus              B. take the bus

C. by the bus          D. ride the bus


Bill goes to bed at ________to ten in the evening.

A.quarter             B.quarters

C.a quarter           D.three quarters


—Can you play the violin?

—________.But I can play the piano.

A.Yes,I can          B.No,I don't 

C.Yes,I do          D.No,I can't


They are talking ________ my parents _______ my study.

A. with  to              B. to  with 

C. with  about            D. about  with


He can ______ , so he wants to join the ________ club

A. swims  swim              B. swims  swimming

C. swimming  swim           D. swim   swimming.


He eats ____ dinner at 7:30 in the evening.

A. a B. anC. theD. /


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