subject, is, science, My , favorite,  (.)



favorite, your, is ,What, subject,(?)

___________________________         ______


—Do you like music?     —________

A. Yes, it does.                     B. No, it isn’t.

C. Yes, because it’s relaxing.     D. No, I do.


—Where does he live?         —He _________in Beijing.

A. lives                 B. live

C. is living           D. to live


We have politics ______ Tuesday.

A. on                B. in

C. at                 D. /


—___  does he have P.E ?  —He has P.E. at 3:00 in the afternoon .

A. When.           B. What

C. Where           D. Why


I dont like math _______it’s difficult for me.

A. but               B. and

C. or                 D. because


—____ does your music teacher come?    —At nine o’clock.

A. When                B. What

C. Who                D. Why


—What’s Tom’s favorite city? —______ favorite city is New York.

A. Its               B. It’s

C. His                D. He


—______ does he like science?   —Because it’s interesting.

A. What               B. Why

C. When                D. Where



1.Jack has an eraser in his pencil case.(改为一般疑问)

Jack              an eraser in his pencil case?

2. I think tennis is very interesting.  (改为否定句)

I                             tennis is very interesting.

3. Her books are on the sofa.(对划线部分提问)

.             are              books?

4.There are old bikes under the tree.(变为单数句)

There                                old bike under the tree.


Playing ping-pong is                                 me.



Dear Jane,

I have to(必须) go to work (工作) now. I prepare(准备) these things for you. Your schoolbag is on the desk. Your pen, books, keys and your school card are in your schoolbag. Your clothes and hat are on the sofa. The shoes are under your bed. Don't forget your breakfast(早餐).It's in the microwave oven(微波炉).


1.          leaves(留下) the note(便条).

A. Jane.                B. Jane's father

C. Jane's mother         D. Jane's friend

2.What's in the schoolbag?

a. the pen   b. the shoes   c. the keys d. the school card e. the hat

A. b c d                B. a b d

C. a b e             D. a c d

3. The shoes are          .

A. on the bed            B. on the dresser

C. under the bed        D. on the sofa

4.The schoolbag is          .

A. on the desk           B. on the bed

C. under the desk        D. in the microwave oven

5. The underlined(划线的)“forget" means(意思是)“          ”.

A.拿走                 B.忘记

C.带来                D.记得



My name is Kitty. I have a very big and nice room and I have a great school things collection. My brother’s room is near my room. He is Mike. And he has a big sports collection. I have twenty erasers, ten pencils, nine rulers and eight pens in my schoolbag. My brother has two baseballs, four soccer balls and five basketballs under his bed.

1.Does Kitty have a brother?

A. No. she doesn’t          B. Yes, she does.

C. Yes. she has.              D. No, she hasn’t.

2. Does Mike have a great sports collection?

A. Yes, he does.              B. No, he doesn't.

C. We don't know.            D. No, I don't.

3.How many(多少)erasers does Kitty have?

A. 10                 B. 20

C. 9                D.8

4. How many balls does Mike have?

A. 4                  B. 5

C. 11               D. 10

5.Where is Mike's sports collection?

A. Under his bed.          B. Under Kitty's bed.

C. In his schoolbag.        D. In Kitty’s schoolbag.



A: Good morning.      B: 1.

A: Do you have a friend here?   B: Yes, I do.

A: 2.B: Oh. She is my friend, Amy.

A: 3. B: She comes from the USA.

A: She looks like Judy.         B: 4.

A: Are they in the same grade?       B: Yes. 5.

A: Is Judy your friend, too?       B: No, she isn’t.

A. Who is that girl?      B. But they’re in different classes.

C. Where is she?     D. They are sisters.      E. Good morning.

F. Thank you.        G. Where does she come from?





1.What does he look like?        A. It’s yellow.

2.Is his bike new?              B. Yes, they are.

3.Whose book is this?            C. He has gray hair.

4. Are these your apples?       D. Sorry, I don’t know.

5.What color is your coat?       E. It’s mine.



请根据下面的表格,以“My good friend” 为题目, 写一篇介绍Jim的短文。要求:1. 语言流畅,语法正确,不少于50词,开头已给出,不计入总数。2. 作文写在答题卡相应位置, 必须用表格所给的信息。3.字迹工整,不工整的扣3分以上。


Jim Green



Date of birth

January 26th










French fries

School activities

art festival

September 15th










This is my family. We all (都) like doing 1.. My father's name is John. He likes 2. very much. He thinks it is 3. . He often (经常) 4. soccer games (足球比赛) on TV. My brother Tony also (也) likes soccer. He has three soccer 5.. And he often plays it at 6. with his classmates. My mother is Susan.  She doesn't like soccer because she thinks it is too 7. for her. But she likes tennis. She8. three tennis 9. and ten tennis balls. My name is Amy. I like tennis, too. I often play it with my mother.

Doing sports is great. 10.go for it!



Hi,my name is Dave. I’m 8  ____ old. My birthday is ____

December 12th. I have ______ birthday party every year. Today I have my ____ birthday party. I get some gifts at the party. _____ are very good and I really like them. This ____ T-shirt is from my mother. Green is my ____ color. My mother buys me a pair of green ____, too. My father buys some ____ about history for me, because I like ____ best. I think these books ____ very interesting. My grandparents ____ I like playing basketball, ____ they buy me a basketball. I can ____ it with my friends after class. I’m very happy today.

____ is your birthday, my friend? Do you have a party, too?

1.A. years        B. months          C. weeks

2.A. in         B. at            C. on

3.A. a           B. an              C.\

4.A. eight        B. eighth          C. the eighth

5.A. They        B. It              C. He

6.A. blue       B. green          C. red

7.A. boring      B. interesting     C. favorite

8.A. shoes       B. shoe            C. shoe’s

9.A. CDs       B. books           C. a book

10.A. math        B. Chinese       C. history

11.A. are       B. is             C. am

12.A. know       B. knows           C. don’t know

13.A. but         B. so              C. or

14.A. play        B. see              C. call

15.A. When      B. Where            C. What


---I’m going to take my driving test tomorrow.

---        .

A. Have a good time.          B. Good luck.         C. Come on.


_______ is Simon’s birthday? Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe it’s in November.

A. What           B. Where          C. When


I will meet my uncle       the morning      December 21st.

A. on, in               B. in, at             C. on, of


---Let’s play basketball together(一起).


A. Thank you           B. That’s all right       C. That sounds good


---Are Jack and Jim in the room?

A. No, they aren’t         B. Yes, they’re        C. Yes. he is


---Where’s the video tape?

---           .

A. It’s blue           B. It’s boring         C. It’s in the drawer


---Do you have a ruler?

---         . Here you are.

A. Yes, I am         B. No, I am not     C. Yes, I do


______ do you like science?

--- Because it is fun.

A. Why               B. When           C. What


What’s _____ favorite color?

--- Yellow.

A. Scott is           B.  Scotts           C. Scott’s


September is ______ month of the year.

A. nine                B. ninth             C. the ninth



This is a _______ _______ term.



We can _______ _______ _______ _______ here.


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