—________.How can I get to the bank?

—Just go straight and you can find it.

A. Sorry    B. Yes    C. Excuse me    D. Pardon me


______?     —They are studying.

A. What are they doing    B. Where are they

C. How are they    D. What do they do


Many people enjoy ________ in the park.

A. play    B. playing    C. to play    D. plays


The pay phone is _____Green Street and it’s across ______ the library.

A. in, to    B. on, from    C. at, through    D. by, of


Dale, are you having a good time ______ the village?

A. visit    B. to visit    C. visits    D. visiting


Today I want to drive to work but my car doesn’t ______.

A. work    B. walk    C. run    D. go


Some boys _______ basketball now.

A. playing    B. are playing    C. is playing    D. play


—_______ is the weather ______ Beijing?

—It’s windy.

A. How; in    B. How; about    C. What; in    D. What; about


That beautiful girl is ____actress. She likes playing      chess.

A. a; the    B. a; a    C. /; the    D. an; /


目前,越来越多的孩子们利用周末和假期参加各种各样的课外辅导班。作为一名中学生,你怎么看待这一现象呢?请以“My opinions about after-school classes ”为题写一篇短文,内容须包含以下要点:

Do you think kids should take after-school classes?

Please tell us at least three reasons

What would you like to do in your free time?

要求:1.词数不少于80,提示词仅供参考; 2.文中不得出现真实的人名、校名。




sweet , pick, she, when, minute, child, high, tall, sit, while, notice, anymore.



  One day, I took my two kids to the playground in our neighborhood. The1. I got there, my daughter ran to the swing(秋千)and asked for a push. While I was helping my daughter, I 2. another girl trying to make her own swing go high by herself. Her old grandma was 3.on the chair nearby and smiled at me.

  I gave my daughter one big push and then walked towards(朝,向) the little girl. I asked if she wanted me to give 4. a push. She smiled and said “yes”. For the next two hours, I pushed the swings and played with my two 5.and the little girl. When we went home, I was very tired. But my heart was flying much 6. than the swings.

  One day two years later, after a day’s work, I was a little tired. But I needed 7. up my kids before going home. 8. I was waiting outside the school, the little girl came over. She smiled at me9.and gave me a big hug(拥抱)before catching her school bus. When I watched her running away, I didn’t feel tired 10.

In life, the love we give others will find its way back to us with a big surprise.



  Do kids in small villages do chores at home? How about the kids in big cities? Last month we made a survey about kids doing chores at home. We asked 4,000 kids in China. Half of them come from big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The others are from small villages. We made a diagram(图表) according to our survey. Let's have a look at it.

  We can find out that kids from small villages do more chores than those from big cities.  Maybe it is because they live a harder life. We will give our advice to parents in big cities. We think parents in big cities should give their children some chores to do .We think it’s a good chance for teenagers to learn how to take care of themselves.

1.What is the survey about?


2.How many kids from small villages did they ask?


3.Is it true that the number of kids in big cities is more than that in small villages only in making the bed?


4.Why does the writer think parents in big cities should give their children some chores to do?


5.What kind of chores do you often do at home? One kind is OK.



Sport is very common in our daily life. We can find many people competing in sports. Why so many people love sports? 1.

Firstly, doing sports is good for our health. 2. On the one hand, swimming can make our blood circulatory system run regularly. On the other hand, swimming can make the muscles (肌肉) stronger.

3. We know that some sports are team sports. When playing sports with others, people must face the situation of getting along with others.

Thirdly, doing sports may be a good idea to make friends with a stranger. This is because you share the time and the fun with each other, 4.

5.Yes, that’s right. But the advantages(优点) of sports are more than its disadvantages. So let’s do sports together.


A. Secondly, sport is a way of communication.    

B. Here are some reasons for this.

C. Just take swimming for example. 

D. Some people may say it is easy to be hurt while doing sports.

E. And you can get satisfaction from the competitive sports easily.   



  It is difficult for the parents of every family to teach their children to be responsible(有责任的)for housework.

  Shatian School in Shanghai is making its students do housework for their parents.Third graders(…年级学生)must learn how to cook and clean,sixth graders do the laundry,and seventh and eighth graders cook balanced meals with 15 yuan.

  Many parents think it's a good way for children to try housework,but they don't know how to do it at home.With the following ideas,you really can get your children to help at home.

  If you want to make your children think that they can do everything quite right,please don't scold(批评)them but give them lots of praise at home.Talk more about what he did right,not about what he didn't do.If your child finishes some difficult work,give him or her a Sunday trip or a ball game with Dad as a reward

1.Who should learn to cook balanced meals with 15 yuan according to the passage?

A. A third grader    B. A sixth grader    C. A seventh grader

2.What should parents do when the children do housework?

A. Scold them when they are wrong.    B. Give them a lot of praise.

C. Tell them not to do difficult work.

3.From the passage we know that _________.

A. all the children like to do housework

B. all the parents don’t want their children to do housework

C. doing housework is the students’ homework in Shatian School

4.What's the meaning of the word “reward'’ in the passage?

A. 说明    B. 奖励    C. 惩罚

5.The best title of the passage may be _________.

A. Make Children Do Housework    B. How to Teach Children

C. Housework


  Helping others is easier than you think. You don't need to wait to become a rich man like Bill Gates to help the poor. You can become a volunteer, you can donate (捐献) your time, you can donate your old clothes and so on. And in doing so, you can become a better and happier person.

  Choose some people to support. For example, homeless people, poor children and so on. All of these are suitable (合适的).

  Decide what you are able to give. Yes! Sometimes it isn't only money——you can give away your time as a volunteer, you can donate your knowledge teaching poor children, you can donate your old clothes, you can donate food or you can share a meal with a hungry child.

  Tell people about it. Tell your friends or your children. Put it in your blog or on your website(网络). In this way, the good work you do will be multiplied (增加)!

1.People usually think helping others is _______.

A. easy    B. difficult    C. interesting

2.How can you help others if you are poor according the passage?

A. Donate your time.    B. Donate your knowledge.    C. Both A and B.

3.What's the meaning of the underlined word "homeless"?

A. 家境贫寒的    B. 无家可归的    C. 无依无靠的

4.Which is the following right?

A. You can only give away money to help others.

B. It’s difficult for the poor to help others

C. You can become a better and happier person by helping others.

5.What's the best title of this passage?

A. Help those who need help.    B. It is hard to help others.

C. Donate your time.


Here are four labels (标签)of T-shirts

Size: 38B                 Price: 29.8dollars       Made in China 

Material: wool 75%  polyester(化纤) 25%

Keep in dry and cool places                      No washing in water

                     Lucky Cat

Size: 36B                 Price: 39.8dollars       Made in Korea 

Material: wool 100% 

Keep in dry and cool places                       Dry-clean only

                     Clever Kiddy
Size: 39B                 Price: 49.8dollars       Made in China 

Material: silk 100%                             Dry-clean only

                     Flying Fish

Size: 37B                 Price: 19 dollars       Made in China 

Material: cotton 100%                          No washing in hot water



1.Tom has only 20 dollars with him, which T-shirt can he buy?

A. Superhero    B. Lucky Cat    C. Flying Fish

2.Jim tries on a Superhero, but it’s too small for him. What will he do?

A. Try a Lucky Cat    B. Try a Clever Kiddy    C. Try a Flying Fish

3.Which of the following is not made in China?

A. Lucky Cat    B. Clever Kiddy    C. Flying Fish

4.What’s the Clever Kiddy made of?

A. wool    B. silk    C. cotton

5.Which of the sentences is not true?

A. Only the Flying Fish can be washed in water.

B. The Clever Kiddy costs more than the Lucky Cat .

C. It’s good to keep the Lucky Cat in a wet place.


I lived in a small village when I was young. At the age of 18,I ________ my studies at high school. I gave up going to college,________ my parents didn't have much money. I decided to leave my home to work in New York. I took the _______alone to the city with only twenty dollars with me. After five hours,the train _______ and I got off the train. Then I felt very________,I wanted to buy something to eat. So I went into a ________. But I couldn't find my wallet. I was very scared.I began to _______.Then an old woman walked up to me. ______ asked me why I was crying. I told her what was wrong. Then she bought some food ________me and gave me some money.

From then on,when I had any________ in my life. I would think of that kind woman. I would be confident(自信的)again. I'll never forget her.

1.A. liked    B. started    C. finished

2.A. although    B. because    C. so

3.A. train    B. bus    C. plane

4.A. arrived    B. came    C. left

5.A. excited    B. thirsty    C. hungry

6.A. school    B. restaurant    C. hospital

7.A. cry    B. shout    C. work

8.A. He    B. She    C. They

9.A. to    B. for    C. from

10.A. ideas    B. hobbies    C. problems




A.What should I do?

B.He often borrows my school things without asking.

C.What’s wrong?

D.Why don’t you offer to help with his schoolwork?

E.He always copied my homework.

F.Hope things work out.

G.You could tell him this makes you angry so that he’ll ask you next time.


A:Hi, Alex!

B:Hello, Jim! You look sad. 1.

A:I argued with my best friend. 2.

B:That’s not very nice. I think you should tell him that copying homework is wrong

A:I did. But he is angry with me.3.

B: Although he’s wrong. It’s not a big deal.


A:Good idea. Thanks for your advice.

B:You’re welcome. 5.


—Were you at home at 9:00 last night?

—Yes, I __________ for a call from my mother at that time.

A. waited    B. was waiting    C. will wait


—Could I hang out with my friends after school?

_________.You have a test tomorrow.

A. No, you couldn’t.    B. Yes, you can.    C. Sorry, you can’t.


We’re going to ________ many schools in the west of China.

A. clean up    B. cheer up    C. set up


Computers makes ________ possible to find out what’s going on around the world at home.

A. this    B. it    C. that


We won’t put off having the sports meeting ______ it rains.

A. unless    B. if    C. as soon as


         , volunteering is both a chance to help others and a good way to develop ourselves.

A. To my surprise    B. At first    C. In my opinion


I was walking home when it began to rain heavily, so I was ________ wet.

A. completely    B. suddenly    C. recently


—I often feel       before exam.

—Maybe you should learn to relax.

A. pleased    B. nervous    C. surprised


—Judy won the tennis game last week.

—It's hard to ______ a girl with only one arm can play tennis so well.

A. expect    B. wonder    C. imagine


My friend has a sore______. I think she should drink some hot tea with honey.

A. throat    B. stomach    C. knee



请你以My Free Time为题,描述一下自己的课余生活。




My Free Time

I have a lot of things to do in my free time. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dear David,

It’s nice to get your e-mail. Here’s h1. I spent my last summer holidays. First, I spent some time p2. computer games. Next, on August 4, I flew to Beijing w3.my parents. On August 5 and August 6, we v4. many interesting places in Beijing like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. On August 8, we w5. the opening ceremony (开幕式) of the 29th Olympic Games in the Bird’s Nest (鸟巢). The 29th Olympic Games in Beijing were so s6. that all the Chinese people are proud (自豪的) of it.

On holiday I learned to swim and do the housework. I also r7. my lessons in primary school so that I can get r8. for my study in middle school.

How about your s9. holidays, Mike? I’m looking f10. to getting your e-mail.

Best wishes,

Yours, Li Hua


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