---What can I do ______ you?

---Do you have any socks ______ sale?

A. on, for    B. for, with    C. for, on    D. with, on


The shop sells books ________a very good price.

A. at    B. for    C. in    D. with


A:Can I 1. you?

B:Yes, please. I 2. a pair of shoes.

A:What 3. do you want?


A:I am sorry. We 4. have any. Do you 5. these black ones?

B:Yes, I do. How 6. are they?

A:Ten yuan.

B:I will 7. it. Thanks.

A:You’re 8 8..


A.How much is this hat?     B.I’ll take it.

C.Can I help you?            D.It’s twelve dollars.

E.Yes, please. I want a hat.     F.Here you are.

G.You’re welcome.          H.Thank you.

I.We have hats in all colors.











How _______ bags do you want?  How _______ are they?

A. much, many    B. many, much    C. many, much    D. much, much


---How much are the socks?       --- __________six dollars.

A. They’re    B. It’s    C. They is    D. It are


How much _______ the shirt and the sweater?

A. is    B. are    C. has    D. have


The black pants ________ 10 yuan.

A. is    B. are    C. has    D. have


The red sweater ______ 10 dollars.

A. is    B. are    C. has    D. have


--- What is the ________ ________ your sweater?

---It is $50.

A. color of    B. price of    C. price at    D. color at


_______ ______ coffee do you want?

A. How mnay    B. How much    C. How    D. Where


How much ________ these blue pants?

A. is    B. are    C. do    D. have



1.---How much are your red pants?

---They’re 48 d________.

2.---What colour do you like? ---G__________.

3.It is cold outside, please wear your black s___________.

4.---Can I h__________you?      ---Yes. please.

5.---Thank you.         ---You are w__________.


请根据下列提示,以"The Friends and Friendship"为题用英文写一篇短文。



2朋友是可以分享(share)快乐( happiness)和痛苦(sadness)的人;



The Friends and Friendship



My name is Bob. I am 16 years old now. I've felt lonely since I was 9. I didn't like my classmates, my parents or anyone else. My classmates didn't want to talk with me and my parents were always saying that other kids were better than me. I thought I was the most unlucky person in the world

One day I had a big fight with one of my classmates. I was so angry that I hit him on the face. Just at that moment, a boy stood up and stopped the fight. He was the monitor of our class.

After that,he often helped me and we became good friends. Whenever I got angry or sad,he would help me to cool down. My life began to change because of the boy, my best friend. We spent a lot of interesting days together. As time goes by,I have become happier with people and things. And it seems that people around me have changed, too. My parents don't shout at me any more and my classmates become friendly to me

Information Card

How did Bob feel when he was nine years old?

He was 1.

Why did Bob feel that?


One day what happened to Bob?


Who stood up and stopped the fight?


What has Bob changed because of his best friend?

He has become 85 with people and things 5.






Long ago there was a man with the name Smith. He made a 1.by making caps. One day he went to sell his caps. He went 2. a forest. There were many monkeys in it. It was very hot and the man wanted to have a 3.He came up to a large tree, put his caps on the ground, took one of them and put it on his head. Then he lay down and soon fell 4.

"Where are my caps?" Smith cried when he5.up. He looked up and saw many monkeys in the tree and each monkey had a cap on its head.

"Give me 6.my caps!" the man shouted at the monkeys. But the monkeys didn't understand him. They only laughed. The man got angry, took off his own cap,7.it on the ground and cried, "If you want all my caps, you may take

this 8.,too!"

And what do you think happened next? The little animals did the same. Each mon-key took off 9. cap and threw it on the ground. The man was very glad. He 10.collected all his caps and went on his way


Traveling is one of the most important activities and people have been interested in it for many years. Modern traffic develops fast,so traveling to different places has become much easier than before.

Staying healthy while traveling can make your trip happier.But do you know how to keep healthy during a trip?The following information may be useful for you.

Before traveling:

●Wear comfortable shoes,a hat and sunglasses.

●Take some necessary medicine with you.They can be used when you get sick or have other problems.

●If you do lots of sports like walking or climbing during your trip,you should do some exercise for weeks or months before you leave.

While traveling:

●Be sure not to eat dirty food or bad fruit.

●Have enough time to take a rest during your trip.

●Tap water is not safe,so drink bottled water and always clean the cover on the bottle.

1.Traveling has become much easier because of the ______.

A. modern technology

B. modern traffic development

C. travel agencies

D. development of people's lives

2.You should______before you leave your home for a trip.

A. take some medicine with you

B. clean the cover

C. drink much water

D. wear warm clothes

3.You had better not______while you are having a trip.

A. wear glasses

B. be too tired

C. wear a hat

D. take a rest

4.If you ______while traveling,your trip will be happier.

A. walk fast

B. eat too much

5.The passage mainly talks about______.

A. traveling development

B. how to keep healthy during a trip

C. activities before traveling

D. activities while traveling



1.Monday 19:00~21:00

Space and Man Dr. John Smith

Would you like to know more about the space? (4 weeks)

2.Tuesday 8:00~10:00

Computer Science

Professor Harry Green from Oxford University

Learn how to use Windows XP (5 weeks)

3.Thursday 19:00~21:00

Modern Medicine

Professor May Black

Would you like to know medical advance? (4 weeks)

4.Saturday 14:00~17:00

American Sports Professor Jeff Beet

Do you want to learn about the American ball games? (16 weeks)

5.Sunday 9:00~11:00

Personal Invention show by the Students

You may also bring your inventions. (2 weeks)

Mike wants to learn something about satellites. He wants to fly to the moon when he grows up.

Lucas comes from a doctor’s family. He wants to be a student at the Medical University of Los Angeles like her mother.

Jana is interested in computer science very much. She learns much from Internet. She thinks that network makes the world a global village.

Timmy enjoys singing pop songs old and new. She is one of the members of the school singing club.

Jack is looking forward to a chance to introduce his invention. He enjoys sharing his nice work and getting some new ideas.

May wants to become a writer after learning the history of China for several years.

Ben is going to study in New York with his family. He is good at playing with his family. He is good at playing basketball and football. He wants to learn good English too.


If you get lost, this is what you should do. Sit down and stay where you are. Don’t try to find your friends—let them find you. You can help them find you by staying in one place. There is another way to help your friends or other people to find you. You can shout or whistle (吹口哨)three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle three times again. Any signal(信号)for three times is a call for help.

Keep up shouting or whistling. Always three times together. When people hear you, they will know that you are not just making a noise for fun. They will let you know that they have heard your signal. They will give you two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice, it is an answer to a call for help.

If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes,___________________________________________.

When you need some water, you have to leave your little branch house to look for it. Don’t just walk away. Pick off small branches and drop them as you walk in order to go back again easily. When you are lost, the most important thing to do is to stay in one place.

1.If you get lost in the forest, you should___________.

A. try to find your friends    B. stay in one place and give signals

C. walk around the forest    D. shout as loudly as possible

2.Which signal is a call for help?   

A shouting here and there

A. shouting or whistling three times together    B. crying twice

C. whistling every where in the forest

3.When you hear two shouts or two whistles, you know that_____.

A. someone is afraid of an animal    B. people will come to help you

C. someone needs help    D. something terrible will happen

4.What’s the meaning of the underlined sentence?(划线句子)

A. Drop branches to find your way back

B. Pick off branches to build another house

C. Use branches to make a bed

D. Drop branches to look for water

5.The main(主要的)idea of the passage is_____________.

A. how to travel in the forest

B. how to spend the night in the forest

C. what you should do if you want to get some water

D. what you should do if you are lost in the forest


When you plan to go to a party, you may think about the gift for the party host or hostess. To make things__, try to find out the reason why he or she has the party __ you select the gift for the host or hostess. A party can be for many__like a birthday party or a housewarming party. When you know why, all you__to do is to get a gift that suits the party. Here is some advice for you

If you are going to a dinner party or a cocktail party,you can___ a box of chocolate or flowers to the host or hostess___sure you know the host's or hostess' favorite flowers.

If you know the hobbies and__of the host or hostess, you can select the gift according to them ____if your party host or hostess is a music lover, a music CD of his or her favorite singer can be the best way to thank him or her for the party.

For a lovely brunch or cocktail party, you should plan to send a thank-you note to the host or hostess. You can also give the host or hostess a ___to thank him or her the next day. Be sure to let him or her know that you __ good time.

If the party is large and formal and you don't know the host or hostess well,you shouldn't take a gift

1.A. easy    B. fun    C. happy    D. difficult

2.A. before    B. while    C. when    D. after

3.A. ideas    B. kinds    C. reasons    D. interests

4.A. want    B. have    C. plan    D. need

5.A. bring    B. take    C. buy    D. get

6.A. Making    B. To be    C. Make    D. Being

7.A. ideas    B. dislikes    C. interests    D. opinions

8.A. For example    B. As    C. So    D. However

9.A. letter    B. message    C. call    D. note

10.A. have    B. had    C. are having    D. has


Your son often smokes.Please advise him ______it.

A.to smoke             B.not to smoke

C.smoking               D.not smoking


I haven't received any messages from Sophia for two days. What's wrong with her?

Don't blame her for it She's busying______ an exam

A. get ready for    B. preparing to pass

C. preparing for    D. to get ready to


I am looking forward_____ some of you guys during my stay in Egypt

A. to hear from    B. hearing of

C. to receiving letters from    D. to hearing


William_____ some gifts from his friends, but he didn't_____ them.

A. received; accept    B. accepted; receive

C. receive; accept    D. accept; receive


Our school held a sports meeting______ the end of last year.

A. in    B. at    C. by    D. till


No one tells us________,so we need your help

A. how we should do    B. what should we do

C. how to do it    D. what to do it


When I was on my way to school this morning, I saw two thieves_______ out of the bank

A. run    B. ran    C. gone    D. running


_____ great your idea is!

A. What a    B. What    C. How    D. How a


It's December 19th tomorrow. Ted will go back to the States on December 20th You mean, he's going back______?

A. the day before yesterday    B. today

C. the other day    D. the day after tomorrow


He_____ to bed until eleven last night

A. went    B. not go    C. didn't go    D. goes


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