—What ______ do you like?

—I like dogs.

A. sports    B. colors    C. subjects    D. pets


—I'm tired after long work.

—OK.Let's ______ for twenty minutes.

A. learn    B. speak    C. relax    D. work


I can see ________ elephant and ________ cat in it






The ______ neck(脖子) is very long.

A. cat's    B. panda's    C. koala's    D. giraffe's


假如你是莉莉,准备以“What Can We Do for the Environment”为题,写一篇保护环境的英语演讲稿。


1.在购物时用布袋(cloth bag)替代塑料袋(plastic bag);





注意:1.词数:80词左右。 开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数;


What Can We Do for the Environment

Hello,everyone. I’m Lily. It’s nice to speak about what we can do for the environment, and I think each of us can do a little bit to help with this problem.






In fact, even the simplest everyday activities can make a real difference to the environment. I believe we can make the world a better place to live in.

Thank you for listening!


These years, with the development of society (社会), more and more teenagers have suffered from stress(压力). Some of the problems can make them feel very w1. and unhappy all day. Who can help them? A teacher from a college tried h2.  best to help them. He thought of a lot of ways to help them. O3.  Monday and Thursday, you can visit him. Here are some ideas on h4. to keep the young men healthier in every way.

F5. , it is very important to keep healthy. To get enough  sleep every day is also n6. . Try to have a healthy diet every day. Secondly, maybe you are not the top student. It doesn't m7. . The most important thing is to work h8. . If you try your best, your teachers and parents will understand you. If you have some p9. , you should be able to talk with your teachers and parents. They can help you. Remember to share your happiness and sadness with your good friends. Sometimes you can go out for a walk.

In a word, you can try to make you happy by yourselves. I'm s10.  you can be happy every day.


Are you angry when others smoke in a restaurant or shopping mall? You don't have to worry about it anymore. People can't smoke in public indoor places in China now.

Smoking is a bad habit. Smokers are more likely to get lung cancer(肺癌) and heart disease. Besides, if you smoke a lot, your teeth and fingers may turn an ugly yellow.

Smoking is also harmful to non-smokers because they can get sick from breathing in second-hand smoke. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008, second-hand smoke causes about 600,000 deaths every year.

According to WHO, two million people die because of smoking every year. So it is very important to ban(禁止)smoking. On January 1, 2007, smoking in most public places in Hong Kong, China became illegal(非法的). The UK also introduced the ban in 2007.

Different countries have different ways of helping people to stop smoking. In Thailand(泰国), scary(恐怖的) signs come on the cigarette packs, such as pictures of black lungs of a smoking skull(骷髅). People might change their minds about smoking when they see this.

1.People can’t smoke in any ________ ________ places in China now.

2.Smokers are more likely to get ________ ________ and heart disease.

3.It’s harmful for ________ to breathe in second-hand smoke.

4.There are ________ ________ to help people stop smoking in different countries.

5.Scary ________ on the cigarette packs are used for stopping smoking in________ .




He didn’t ever _______ ______ his dream of winning the game.


Many people _______ ________ illness in the hard times.


You don’t have to ________ ________ him every time.


He always _________ __________ trouble.


She will have to _________ __________ her foolish behavior.


A.I often go to Tianjin on business.

B.Would you mind telling me what you come here for?

C.May I ask you some questions?

D.Have a great time.

E.How will you do that?

F.When did you get to Tianjin?

G.Where do you come from?

A:Excuse me, I am a reporter from a student magazine. 1.

B:Sure, please.


B:I come from France.


B:I got here the day before yesterday.

A:How do you like Tianjin?

B:I like your city very much. The people here are very friendly. But I’m still not used to the weather here. I have a sore throat today.

A:The weather in Tianjin is kind of dry. Drinking more water can make you feel better.

B:Thanks for your suggestion.


B:Of course not.  I come here for visiting my friends. And then I’m planning to go to Tianjin Food Street to taste the delicious food.

A:Great. Thank you for answering my questions. 5.

B:Thank you.


In a small mountain village, there was a rich farmer. Everybody knew he was a very mean(吝啬的) man, and no one wanted to work for him. One day he said, “I will give three meals and five dollars if anyone does a day’s work for me.” On the first two days no one came to him. On the early morning of the third day a poor hungry man to his house and said that he was willing(心甘情愿的) to work for him. This man was more interested in the meals than money.

“You can have your breakfast.” said the rich farmer. The poor man had a very small breakfast. “Now you can have your lunch. This will save a lot of time.” The man agreed and ate a poor lunch. After lunch the farmer said, “How about having your supper as well?”

“I will try to enjoy another meal.” answered the man. Then he had his supper. This was again a poor one. When it was over, the farmer looked very pleased said, “Now, you can do a long day’s work.”

“I never work after supper!” said the man as he got up to leave.

1.The rich man was very _____.

A. mean    B. kind    C. bad    D. friendly

2.Nobody came to him until______.

A. the first day    B. the second day    C. the third day    D. the fourth day

3.The poor man was interested ______.

A. in the meals    B. in the money    C. in the meat    D. in the fruits

4.The third meal was ________.

A. very heavy    B. quite rich    C. still poor    D. quite rich

5.The poor man_____.

A. had to work    B. didn’t work    C. was willing to work    D. was happy


I went to England last year. I enjoyed my stay, and I noticed something interesting with the English way of life.

For example, you must say Mr or Mrs when you meet someone for the first time. When you get to know each other better or when they ask you to, you can just use their first names.

One day, we visited some friends and had afternoon tea together. Afternoon tea is not just a drink but a light meal at around 4 pm. We ate sandwiches and a large fruit cake. In England, you usually drink tea with milk. So I tried to drink tea with milk too.

Fish and chips is traditional food in England. You can buy it and eat it in special fish and chip shops on the high street, or you can take it away and eat it with your fingers! It is delicious!

At the bus stop, you must not push your way onto the bus. You need to stand in a line and wait your turn. Sometimes people are slow to get on the bus. Once I noticed a gentleman touch a young man on the shoulder, smile politely and say, “Excuse me! Are you waiting for this bus?” He was really polite.

1.When you are talking to your friends, you may call them_________.

A. Mr or Mrs    B. by their family names

C. by their first names    D. by their second names

2.When you are invited for afternoon tea, you will have_________.

A. a light meal    B. tea    C. just a drink    D. a big meal

3.Tea in England usually has_________in it.

A. sugar    B. milk    C. orange    D. juice

4._________is traditional food in England.

A. Steak and potatoes    B. Fish and chips

C. Hamburger    D. Sandwich

5.At the bus stop, it is important that you_________.

A. smile politely    B. jump the queue

C. get on the bus quickly    D. wait in a line


The Greens like shopping on the Internet. They all think it’s easy and fun to shop on the Internet.

Mr Green likes reading books. He usually buys new books on the Internet. But sometimes he is too busy and has no time to look for books he wants. So her daughter Lucy often helps him to buy books.

Mrs Green likes beautiful clothes. She always watches new skirts or dresses in clothes shops first and then buys some of them on the Internet. Of course, they are cheap. But sometimes she is upset because many other women wear the same clothes as her!

Lucy likes listening to music. She often buys CDs on the Internet. They are usually cheap. But the only problem(问题)is that some CDs sound (听起来)a little bad.

Eric buys many things on the Internet, from school things to toys. Sometimes his parents think he always spends too much money on shopping!

1.Who likes wearing beautiful clothes in the Green family?

A. Eric.    B. Lucy    C. Mr Green.    D. Mrs Green.

2.What does Mr Green like doing?

A. Reading books.    B. Buying clothes.

C. Listening to music.    D. Playing with toys.

3.What does the underlined word “upset” mean in Chinese?

A. 无聊的    B. 沮丧的    C. 疲劳的    D. 轻松地

4.Why does Mrs Green like shopping on the Internet?

A. Because she’s too busy to go shopping.

B. Because she doesn’t like going to shops.

C. Because the clothes are cheap.

D. Because she doesn’t like clothes in shops.

5.Which of the following is NOT true?

A. There are four people in the Green family.

B. Only Mr Green buys books on the Internet.

C. Lucy often buys CDs on the Internet.

D. Mr Green and Mrs Green think Eric spends too much money on shopping.



Mr. Black loved his daughter Helen very much. Every day he spent all of his free time_____with her. One night, he had much work to do,____couldn't play with his daughter. In order to keep her____, he found a map of the world in a magazine and cut it into pieces. When he____, Helen came running to him and was ready to play. Mr. Black said he had____time to play with her now. He told the girl to put the pieces of paper back together to a map of the world, and then they could both play.

About half an hour later, Helen came to her father and said, "Okay, it's finished. Can we play now? "Mr. Black was surprised and said, "That's____. Let's go and see." And sure enough, there was the picture of the world, all put together, every____in its place.

Mr. Black said, "That's surprising!____did you do that?" Helen said, "It was____. On the back of the page was a picture of a____When I put the man together, the whole world fell into place. "

1.A. working    B. running    C. playing    D. walking

2.A. or    B. and    C. but    D. then

3.A. sleepy    B. warm    C. free    D. busy

4.A. left home    B. got home    C. left the office    D. got to the office

5.A. no    B. enough    C. much    D. some

6.A. right    B. wrong    C. possible    D. impossible

7.A. map    B. picture    C. piece    D. page

8.A. How    B. Why    C. When    D. Where

9.A. hard    B. simple    C. difficult    D. different

10.A. boy    B. girl    C. man    D. woman


—Can I park my car here, sir?

—_______. You see, there's much traffic here.

A. Never mind    B. Of course not

C. You'd better not    D. Yes, please


It’s very kind _____ you ______ help me.

A. for; to    B. for; /    C. of; give    D. of; to


---Please tell him the news quickly.It’svery important.

----OK.I’ll tell him_____I see him.

A.as soon as   B.since  C.because   D.before


I made this bookshelf _____my own.

A. on    B. at    C. in    D. of


She is one of _________women

A. successful    B. more successful    C. successfully    D. the most successful


The girl went to school without ________breakfast.

A. have    B. has    C. having    D. to have


Nothing can stop us from ______ if we want to go.

A. go    B. goes    C. going    D. to go


It’s necessary for us__________ animals in danger.

A. protect    B. protecting    C. to protect    D. protected


If he ____ enough money, he will try his best to help poor people.

A. will have    B. has    C. have    D. is going to have


They decided______ to the church.

A. go    B. to go    C. going    D. goes


Li Hua’s shoes are as _______ as Zhang Hui’s.

A. cheap    B. cheaper    C. the cheaper    D. cheapest


My sister is ill. I have to ______ her at home.

A. look at    B. look after    C. look up    D. look for


The room _______ every day. You can live it now.

A. cleans            B. is cleaning       C. is cleaned       D. has cleaned


My parents enjoy         for a walk after supper.

A. go    B. goes    C. to go    D. going


We must study hard __________ we can have a bright future.

A. so this    B. because    C. so that    D. which


________ visitors visit the Great Wall every year.

A. Two millions    B. Millions    C. Two millions of    D. Millions of


—Why not       John a toy car for his birthday ?

—Good idea! He is crazy about cars.

A. buy    B. buying    C. to buy    D. buys


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