—Where’s your brother? I haven’t seen him for several days.

    —He      Tibet for holiday.

     A. have been to          B. has gone to           C. went to


Nancy does well in many kinds of sports. So she is      stronger than             girl in her school.

A. more; any other          B. much; any other           C. a little; the others


Stop talking! Miss Li has      to tell us.

A. something important          B. important something        C. anything important


My father arrived      Beijing      a cold morning.

     A. in; in          B. at; in           C. in; on


Tony asked Mike       .

A. where did he come from         

B. where he comes from          

C. where he came from


The pupils will go to plant trees if it      tomorrow.

     A. won’t rain          B. doesn’t rain           C. isn’t rain


      the girl was walking down the street, the alien      into a store.

     A. Until; went          B. While; went           C. While; was going


—Where is       eraser? I can’t find it.

    —Is the blue one yours?

    —No,       is yellow.

     A. my; mine          B. your; mine           C. mine; mine


—Do you like playing      soccer?

    —No, I don’t like sports. But I like playing      violin..

     A. a; a          B. the; the           C. ∕; the


—How many      are there in the basket?

    —There’s only one.

     A. tomatoes          B. potatos           C. carrotes


近来由于极端天气,我国长江中下游发生了特大旱情,致使小河断流,湖泊干涸,鱼类死亡,湖底成了牧场。请结合下面的提示词,以“Let’s Do Something to Save Our Environment”为题写一篇80字左右的短文。内容应包括从干旱引出的环境现状、环保意识到节水,节能,控制污染等环保措施方面的描述。首句已给出,不计入字数。

提示词: bad weather, bottom(底部), river, lake, grass land, save water, drop, tap(水龙头), energy, turn on / off, recycle, control pollution, tears(眼泪).

要求: 1. 条理清楚,有表明自己观点的句子。

    2. 书写工整,句式规范,标点符号使用正确。

    3. 短文中应尽量包括提示内容,可适当发挥,但不能出现真实的人名、地名。

Let’s Do Something to Save Our Environment

It is recently reported that some rivers and lakes have dried up in South China.            







根据短文内容和首字母的提示,把所缺单词填写在短文后面的横线上。You have probably never heard of Amy Winterbourne, but she is a most

u70   woman. She lives in a house that she built herself out o 71 trash. Well, the stuff used to be called trash, but now it’s called“recycled”material. The windows and doors came from old buildings around the town that were being pulled down. The walls are made from old glass bottles that are g 72   together. The roof is made from d 73    tiles. And the fence is built out of used soda cans. Amy recently won an a74   from the Help Save Our Planet Society. The president Jackson Smith said, “Amy is an i 75      to us all.”

1. u                   2. o              3. g          

4.d                    5. a              6. i               


Failure is what often happens. It is everywhere in our life. Students may fail in exams, scientists may fail in their research work, and players may fail in competitions. (A) Although failure happens to everyone, but different people’s attitudes(态度) towards failure are different.

Some people don’t think that their failure is an important thing at all. So they pay no attention to it. As a result, they will have the (B)      failure later. Some people think they themselves are fools and lose their hearts in everything after they get a failure. Then they(C)      

their time and energy on useless things. At last, they may really be fools as they have thought.

(D)Other people are quite different from these two kinds of people mentioned above. Instead of being hopeless and lost, they draw a lesson from every failure and become more experienced. (E) they, after, will ,hard, in, work, be , the, successful , end. So we should draw a lesson from every failure and become more experienced.

任务一: 1. (A)处句中有一处错误,请找出并改正。(可用文字叙述)


任务二: 2. 在( B )、(C )处的横线上分别填上一个单词(B)        (C)           

任务三:3.将(D)处句子译成汉语:                                              。

任务四: 4.将(E)处的单词连成句子:                                           


任务五: 5.请从下面的选项中给短文选个标题,将答案标号填在此横线上:             

A.Draw a lesson from every failure

B.The attitudes towards failure

C.Failure is everywhere in our life

D.Failure is very important



M: I hear there’s going to be a basketball match this Sunday. Tom and I are going to watch it. 1.          

W: Of course. Basketball is my favorite, but I have no ticket to the match. What a pity!

M: You’re lucky. I have some free tickets. 2.      

W: Great!  3.        

M: Let’s meet at the bus stop at half past five.

W: I think there must be a big crowd of people there at that time. 4.           

M: OK. See you at five o’clock.

W: See you.

A.What about making it a little earlier?

B.Let’s share them together.

C.Do you want to watch the match?

D.When and where shall we meet?



In the United States, parents usually encourage their children to develop their potential (潜能). They pay attention to what their kids can do, not what they can’t. As a result, US boys and girls hope to be actors, athletes and doctors; many even want to become presidents when they grow up.

US parents often encourage their children to take part in all kinds of activities at school. They believe that joining in these activities can make their children mature(成熟). Schoolwork is important, but they think that social skills are important as well.

But things in China are different. Chinese parents often tell their children to study hard and pass exams. They think that, for a student, staying away from schoolbooks means wasting time. This puts a lot of pressure on Chinese students, so leaders in China’s education department have called for less homework at the lower grades. Only healthy kids can become healthy adults.

1.American parents think that           .

A.Schoolwork is as important as social skills

B.Schoolwork is more important than social skills

C.Schoolwork is less important than social skills

D.Passing exams is the most important for their children

2.Why do many American children have their dream jobs?

A.Because they start school earlier than Chinese children.

B.Because they study hard.

C.Because their parents encourage them to do less homework.

D.Because their parents usually pay attention to what they can do,not what they can’t.

3.Chinese parents think that          .

A.taking part in all kinds of activities at school can make their children mature

B.staying away from schoolbooks means wasting time

C.their children should do what they want to do

D.social skills is necessary for the students at lower grades

4.According to this passage the writer thinks         .

A.China’s education is better than America’s

B.America’s education is better than China’s

C.Chinese students at the lower grades should have more homework

D.Chinese students have less pressure than America’s


Michael Jackson is one of the world’s best singers. Michael Jackson was born in the middle west of the city of Gary, Indiana, in 1958. He began singing with his four brothers. They called the group “The Jackson Five”. The group became very popular after appearing on a television program. They started singing in 1965, and became popular soon. In 1970 the group made their first record with the name of “I Want You Back”. It was very popular. One of their hit records was “Never Say Goodbye”.

Michael was good at dancing as well as singing, for example, his dance moves and moon walking. He was asked to act in a film in 1978 for the first time, and in the same year he made a record on his own, which sold eight million copies all over the world.

Michael nearly didn’t go out because he was too famous. Once his fans went off in a faint(晕倒) when they saw him at the concert. No one can do it by now. He lived in a large house and kept lots of animals. He never ate meat. He often raised money for Charity. This made him win the Guinness World Records(吉尼斯世界记录)in 2006. He died on June 25th, 2009, but he would live in our heart forever.

1. How many people are there in Michael’s group?





2. What’s the name of their first record?

A.“Never Say Goodbye”.

B.“See You, See Me”.

C.“I Want You Back”.

D.“On the World”.

3. The underlined word “copies” means           in Chinese.





4. Michael was good at         according to the passage.

A.rock music

B.street dance

C.playing the piano

D.moon walking

5.Why did Michael have to stay at home most of time?

A.Because he was too famous.

B.Because he often felt lonely.

C.Because he had no friends.

D.Because his company asked him to do so.


Paris is the capital of France. Its subway is also very special. You can enjoy its culture when you are in this city. First you can see many people reading books in the subway. Whenever they are in the subway or at the station, there is always a book in the hand.

The subway station in Paris is not big, but each of them has its special facts. Some stations look like ships. Some stations have clothes, caps and shoes. And every station has a big advertisement picture. But many of them are for selling clothes and cosmetics(化妆品).

You can meet some beggars(乞丐) in the subway. But the beggars in the Paris subway are also very special. They often play the violin or guitar in the train. They don’t feel shy at all. Instead they think it is natural. After playing, they will go around the train and ask you to give them some money.

If you want to learn more about Paris, go to the subway and enjoy its culture by yourself.

1. What do many people usually do when they are in the subway?

A.Listen to music.

B.Beg some money.

C.Sell clothes and cosmetics. 

D.Read books.

2. How do the beggars get money from people in the subway?

A.They often play the violin or guitar in the train.

B.They usually brush shoes for the passengers.

C.They often steal money from the shops.

D.They usually help the passengers carry suitcases.

3. What’s the main idea of this passage?

A.Reading in the Paris subway.

B.The subway is a window of the Paris culture.

C.The beggars in the Paris subway usually have some skills.

D.Each of the subway station in Paris has its special facts.


A kind of little cars may be seen in the streets in the future. People will like this kind of small cars better than the big ones. The car is as small as a bike. But it can carry two people in it. Everybody can drive it easily, just like riding a bike. Even children and old people can drive them to schools or parks.

If everyone drives such cars in the future, there will be less pollution in the air. There will be more space for all the cars in cities, and there will also be more space for people to walk in the streets.

The little cars of the future will cost less money to buy and to drive. These little cars can go only 65 kilometers an hour, so driving will be safer. The cars of the future will be fine for going around the city, but they will not be useful for a long trip.

This kind of cars can save a lot of gas. They will go 450 kilometers, then they have to stop for more gas.

They are nice cars, aren’t they?

1.If you drive this kind of little cars for four hours, you can probably go      at most.  

A.260 kilometers

B.65 kilometers

C.450 kilometers

D.130 kilometers

2.Why do these little cars have to stop after going 450 kilometers?

A.For more water.

B.For more gas.

C.To have a rest.

D.To charge (充电)

3. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A.Driving big cars can make the air dirtier.

B.The little cars can make more space for other cars and people.

C.These little cars will be useful for a long trip.

D.This kind of cars can save much gas.


Tom is the son of a farm owner. One New Year’s Day, when he was 15, his father asked him 36  on the farm for one year when he was free. Tom was 37  with his father’s idea.“That isn’t my job. I have  38 school work to do.” Hearing this, his father said, “I promise to give you the best present if you  39  finish one year’s work.” Tom thought for a while and 40  .

Starting one Saturday, the boy got up early and worked hard until evening, just like  41 farmer. Time passed quickly. Tom’s crops(庄稼) grew well. 42  the last day of the year, the father called his son to him. “I’m happy to see that you have worked very hard the whole year,” said the father. “Now, tell me  43  you want.”

The boy smiled and showed his father a big piece of bread   44  his wheat. I’ve already got the best present: No pain, no gain. I think this is what you wanted me to know.” His father was  45  to hear that.




C.to work










A.much too

B.too much

C.a lot

















B.the others

C.any else

D.any other















A.made by

B.made of

C.made in

D.made from








The largest earthquake in Japanese history 31   in northern Japan at 2:46 pm of March 11, 2011. A tsunami (海啸) followed, causing major flooding in  32  areas of Japan, as well as many strong aftershocks(余震). So far more than 13,000 people

33  with about 14,000 people missing. When news of this disaster(灾难) 34   China, many Chinese people expressed their35 for Japan and the Japanese, remembering that Japan helpedthe Chinese during China’s 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.


A.was happened


C.had happened






C.a lot




A.lost their life

B.lose their lives

C.have lost their lives

D.have been died




B.is reached










— Do you know Lucy’s grandma?

— Of course. She is a kind woman, but she has       for about a month since she     in the accident.

A.been dead; was killed

B.died; was killed

C.been dead; killed

D.died; killed


When people want to relax themselves, they prefer     TV or listen to music rather

than     newspapers.

A.watching; read

B.watching; to read

C.to watch; read

D.to watch; reading


—If a="4," b="5," what’s the answer to the question “ a + 2ab +1 =?”

   —     .




D.One hundred and twenty-one


— I don’t know if Aunt Li       these “stay-home children”tomorrow morning.

— If I       her, I would come earlier.

A.will come to take care of; am

B.come to look after; were

C.will come to take care of; were

D.comes to come up with; am


—Up to now the Chinese Communist Party(中国共产党)has nearly     history.

—Yes, it was founded       July 23rd, 1921.

A.90 years; at

B.90-year; in

C.90-years; of

D.90-year; on


—How many     teachers are there in your school?

—      them     over two hundred.

A.woman; The number of; is

B.women; The number of; is

C.woman; A number of; is

D.women; A number of; are


—Where did you go last week?

 —I went to Zhang Aiping’s hometown and visited the house       he was born in.







—Tom didn’t go to school this morning, did he?

 —     .Though he had a bad cold.

A.Yes, he didn’t

B.Yes, he did

C.No, he didn’t

D.No, he did


— Could you please tell me     ?

 —Tomorrow morning.

A.how I can get to the post office

B.how long can I keep the book

C.when to leave for Beijing

D.where I should take the early bus


—What       useful book it is!

—Yeah, it tells you how to play       guitar.


A.an; the

B.a; a

C.a; the

D.an; a


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