The red army men walked from Guizhou to Shanxi to avoid ___ big group of


B.met meet



The roads are much too ___ during rushing-time.







A: Excuse me. _1_ is the way to the People’s Cinema? 

B: _2_, I don’t know. You’d _3_ ask that policeman.

A: Excuse me. _4_ can I get to the People’s Cinema?  

B: Walk _5_ the road and _6_ right at the traffic lights. Go on and _7_ the first turning _8_ the left. It’s on your right.

A: How long will it _9_ me to get there?           

B: About half an hour.

A: Oh, it’s far from here.                        

B: You can _10_ a No. 10 bus there.

A: Thank you very much.                        

B: You’re welcome.




__________ ___________ the teaching building ___________ _____________.

2. 他上网去查寻有关旅游信息。

They ________ the Internet ________ ________ ________ information about tour.

3. 我们学校占地面积达100多平方公里。

Our school __________ __________ ___________ an area of 100 km2.

4. 那些动物是以一立一卧的形状成对出现的。

Those animals are ____ ____ ____ one standing and ____ ____ kneeling down.

5. 台湾位于福建省东南方。

Taiwan is _________ _________ _________ __________ Fujian province.

6. 我们在饭店请妈妈吃午饭。

We ________ Mum ___________ lunch at the restaurant.

7. 在飞机飞了四个半小时后,我们终于到达了目的地。 

_____ the airplane flew for _____ ____ ___ ___ ____, we finally ______ _____ the destination.


He _________ __________ us ____________ ____________ ____________ the bus.

9. 直到我看到大海,我才意识到我迷路了。

I ____________ I was ___________ ___________ I saw the sea.

10. 在过去,农民用牛帮助干活。

In ________ ________ _______ farmers ______ cows ______ help them ________.



1.Why not play tennis with us?

_____________ _____________ ____________ tennis with us?

2. We rode our bicycles to Beijing.

We __________ ___________ Beijing __________ ____________.

3. Mum told me some interesting stories before I slept.

Mum told me __________ ____________ before I slept.

4. She is such a beautiful girl that everyone loves her.

She is __________ ___________ a girl ___________ everyone loves her.

5. It’s very expensive.

It costs ___________ ___________.

6. The classroom is full of students.

The classroom is __________ __________ students.

7. Eating too much is bad for your health.

It’s not good ________ you ___________ __________ too much.

8. We really had fun at the party.(同上)

We really __________ _________ at the party.

9. He went to bed when his father came back.

He _________ _________ to bed _________ his father came back.

10.Li Yuchun sings so beautiful.(感叹句)

____________ __________ Li Yuchun __________ !



1.My parents are _________ (satisfy) with my math result.             

2. Liu Xiang ran _________ (fast) in the Sydney Olympic Game.

3. A strong sand storm swept over the _________ (north) part of Huabei.   

4.Thank _________ (good). We found my little boy at last.

5.I have great ________ (interest) in math.



A company began to make a new kind of dog food. A party was held to show the new dog food to everyone. People from the newspapers and TV stations were there.

There was a dog at the party. He was supposed to eat the dog food and have his picture taken. The plan was to show everybody how much the dog would like the new dog food.

When the time came, a plate of the dog food was set in front of the dog. Everyone looked at the dog. But there was one problem. He didn’t eat any of it. The dog didn’t like the dog food!

The boss of the company had to do something fast. All of the people were watching. All of them were laughing. So he ate the dog food himself!

1.The company in the story ___.

A.takes a picture

B.has more than on boss

C.makes dog food

D.makes a new machine

2. A party was held to ___. feed a new animal serve a large lunch

C.for someone’s birthday show a new kind of dog food

3. “To show something” means “___”. wash it with water let people look at it turn on the television feed it to the dogs

4. The dog in the story ___.

A.wanted all the food

B.ate all the food

C.wanted to go to sleep

D.didn’t eat the food

5.The story shows that ___.

A.dogs don’t like to eat

B.people like dog food

C.some plans don’t work

D.dogs will eat anything


___ exciting game it is!


B.What an


D.How much


The dog rushed to the nearest village ___ it could get someone to help his dying owner there.



C.that that


Would you ___ us to Lily’s home?

A.come up with

B.come along with




Students were talking and laughing, then ___.

A.comes the teacher

B.came the teacher

C.the teacher got to

D.the teacher come


Mike saw his friends again, it made him ___ happy.

A.feel feel




He didn’t raise his head until someone slapped ___.

A.his back

B.him in the back

C.him on the back

D.on his back


It took him ___ to finish his homework.

A.two and half hours

B.two and half hour

C.two and a half hours

D.two hour and a half


Darren ___ leave ___ the car was out of sight.

A.didn’t, when

B.didn’t, until

C.will, until

D.won’t, till


Darren ___ the huge stone animals lining the passage.

A.was surprised to

B.was surprised with

C.was surprised at

D.was surprise at


The parking lot was ___ many tour buses, taxis and bicycles.

A.crowd with

B.crowded with

C.crowd of

D.crowded of


A heavy snow swept ___ the south of the Huai River.



--- What ___ that ship look like?  --- It ___ like a fish, I think., looks, is

C.does, looked

D.does, is


--- Bob, it’s getting cold, ___ take a jacket with you?

A.Why not

B.What about

C.Would you

D.You’d better


Sue wants to take ___ this summer vacation, but she isn’t sure where to go.  

A.a shower

B.a trip



This idea sounds ___.





When others give you a hand, you should say “___” to them.






While Mary ___ a letter, the children were playing outside.


B.writes writing

D.was writing


___ any rain in Beijing?

A.Will there have

B.Will there be

C.Will have

D.Will be


We should listen to the weather report before we ___.






People look forward to ___ Chinese Shenzhou 7 and 8 and more.






In the morning

Mom---go shopping and buy a coat for you

In the afternoon

Dad---make a cake for you

Mom---clean the room and buy some flowers

In the evening

You and your friends---have a party at your home


要求:1. 条理清晰,语句通顺。2. 可以适当的进行发挥,60词左右。




Mr. Black usually drive to work. One day,                        1. ___________

he saw a cat behind a woman when he was                             2. ___________

going to work by a car. As the car near them,                     3. ___________

the cat suddenly started to across the road.                       4. ___________

Of course the car hits the poor animal and                        5. ___________

killed it.                           



1.Who did the dishes?

2. What was it yesterday?

3. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

4. When did you have that meeting?

5. How does she go to school every morning?

6. How are you feeling today?

7.How long did they stay there?

8. How many friends do you have?

9. How often does she visit her grandmother?

10. How far is it from here to your school?

A.      Not me.

B.      On foot.

C.      A twenty minutes’ walk

D.     Two

E.      January 5th,2004.

F.      A whole week.

G.     Not bad.

H.      Never.

I.      At 12 o’clock.

J.      Nothing.


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