My mother often _______some money _______some useless things.

A.spends ; buying

B.spends ;to buy

C.pays ; buying

D.pays ; on


The result is so ______ that we can hardly believe it.






What ____________ at nine o’clock last Sunday morning.?

A.was you doing

B.were you doing

C.are they doing you do


An earthquake _______at  Dachaidan County in Qinghai province on the morning of April18.



C.took place



No one knows ____________ in fifty years.

A.what will our life be like

B.what is our life like

C.what our life will be like

D.what our life is like


There is going to_________ a football game on TV this evening.





My father will be back ______ the morning of May 15.





Dear Li Ming,

I am sorry to hear you are ill again. I… …


Dear Zhang Jing,

My grandpa 81____ going to Changchun next month, because he has heard a lot 82.______ the city and he would like 83.___ see it himself. He says the bus service in Changchun is very good now, and people can go anywhere 84.____ bus. Is he right? Can you tell me something more about it?

I hope to 85._____ from you soon.




When do you think of a forest, what do you see? Just trees? Or do you see many other things, such as singing birds, colorful plants and wild flowers?

The forest is a whole world of its own. It is full of many different living things(生物). But even though they are all different, they have one thing in common: they all need each other in order to live on.

The trees feed the forest “people” by making food in their leaves; by using sunlight to join water and minerals(矿物) from the soil and air. Their deep network of roots joins the soil together and stops it from dying out, making it possible for living things to live in it.

Human beings(人类) are like the living things in the forest. We need one another in order to live. We need the farmers to grow our food, railroad and truck drivers to bring it to our shops and clerks(售货员) to sell it to us. We need people to prepare our food and cook it and others to take our waste things away. Then, of course, we need doctors, nurses, government leaders, mailmen, telephone operators, and many others.

We also need other human beings in another way. We need people for friendship, to talk over our problems, exchange ideas. Think how lonely and unhappy you would be if you lived all alone.

Life is a matter of giving and taking. We need to help other people as much as we need other people to help us. Think what a good feeling you have when you have done something for someone else!

1.According to the text, colorful plants and flowers live on _____.

A.the leaves of the trees

B.water and minerals

C.the soil and air

D.all of the above

2. It is the ____ that make it possible for living things to live in the forest.




3.According to the writer, human beings are ______ the forest “people”.

A.different from


D.unhappy with

4.The writer mainly wants to tell us_______.

A.we need people for friendship

B.we need one another in order to live

C.the forest is a whole world of its own

D.the forest is full of different living things

5. Which one is the relationship(关系) between a forest and your life?

A.We can see trees in the forests.

B.We like the living things in the forest.

C.We need farmers to grow our food in the forest.

D.We are the same as the forest; We need each other to live on.


One day a poor man was cutting a big piece of wood (木头) near a river. Suddenly his old axe (斧子) fell into the water. He felt very sad because he lost his only axe. Then all at once a beautiful fairy (仙女) came out and asked the man what was the matter.

“I have lost my axe.” he said, “It fell into the water when I was cutting the wood.”

The fairy showed him a gold axe and asked, “Is that yours?”

“No.” said the man.

The fairy then showed him a silver (银) axe and asked again, “Is this yours?”

“No.” again answered the man.

Then she showed him the old axe.

“Yes, that is mine.” called out the happy man.

“I know it well enough.” said the fairy, “I only wanted to see if you would tell me the truth, and now I’ll give you the gold axe and the silver axe besides (包括) your own one.”


1. The man was so poor that he only had one axe.

2. The old axe fell into the river when the man was cutting the wood.

3.. The fairy asked the man if he lost a gold axe, then the man said “No”.

4.. When he saw his own axe, the man was very happy.

5.. At last, the man had two axes.


Mary was a 911 operator(接线员) in Los Angeles. One Thursday morning, she was surprised to get a call from a young child who said, “Mom is ill, Mom is ill”, again and again. Mary hurried to find the address of the call. She called the police. In a minute, the policemen and doctors arrived at the house. They broke the door open, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. The little child was so young that maybe she could not walk! She was sitting beside her mother and holding her mother’s hand. Tears(眼泪) were running down her face.

The doctor gave the woman some medicine and soon she woke up. Later, she told people , “Everyone was surprised that my daughter could call 911. One Monday I tried to teach her how to call 911.” “It’s the first time I’ve seen a two-year-old child call 911.”

1. What did Mary do every day? ______________

A.She answered the telephone calls.

B.She talked with the policemen and the doctors.

C.She played with the children.

D.She dealt with emergencies(紧急情况).

2. How did she feel when she answered the little girl’s call? _______________

A.She was worried.

B.She was sorry.

C.She was surprised.

D.She was happy.

3.How did the police and the doctors get into the house?_________________

A.They went in through the windows.

B.They broke the door open.

C.They didn’t go in.

D.The woman was outside. They didn’t need to go in.

4. How could the little girl learn to call 911?________________

A.She learnt it by herself.

B.She called it by chance.(偶然地)

C.Her mother taught her one Monday

D.Her mother often taught her.

5. How old was the little girl?_________________-

A.Only two.

B.She was nine.

C.She was five.

D.She couldn’t walk, so she must be less one.


Mr. Evens works in Sydney. Last week he had a two weeks’ holiday, but he didn’t know where to go. He said to his friend Robert, “I hate the hot weather here, but I can’t find a cool place in Australia. How will I take my holiday?”

“That’s easy,” said Robert. “You’d better go to Moscow. Snow and ice are covering the ground now.”

Mr. Evens agreed with his friend. He bought an air ticket and soon arrived in Moscow. He made a happy journey(旅程) there. But one day He got into trouble. After lunch he went to a park outside the city. He saw a dog following him while he was walking past a house. It was hungry and wished him to give it some food to eat. Bad luck! He had no piece of bread or cake in his pockets. He tried to send it away, but it began to bark at him. He wanted to look for a stick but couldn’t find anything except snow and ice. Suddenly he saw a stone in the ground. He tried to pick it up but he failed.

“How strange Russians(俄国人) are!” Mr. Evens said to himself. “They do not tie their dogs, but firmly(牢牢地) tie the ground!”

1.Mr. Evens is _______________. American Englishman

C.a Russian Australian

2.Mr. Evens wouldn’t spend his holiday in Australia because         . was very hot in his country

B.he liked to make a long journey

C.he had never been to Moscow before

D.Robert told him to leave his country

3.Mr. Evens went to Moscow _______________. train car plane

D.on foot

4. Mr. Evens couldn’t find a stick because _______________.

A.there weren’t any trees in Moscow in winter

B.the ground was covered with snow and ice

C.the Russians had taken all the sticks home

D.the Russians didn’t tell him about it

5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.Russians are all very strange.

B.Russians never tie their dogs.

C.Russians always tie the stones firmly.

D.The stone was firmly frozen(结冰)on the ground.


A: Hey, Ben! I need your help.

B: 1.______________?

A: Linda’s birthday is coming.2_____________?

B:3_______a photo album?

A: No, that’s too boring.

B: Why 4____ get her a scarf?

A: I think it’s too personal.

B: Well, maybe you can hang out this weekend and then decide 5.___ to buy?

A: Thank you!

B: You are welcome..


The earth moves round the sun, and the moon moves round the earth. When our part of the earth turns__46__ the sun, it is day. When our part of the earth runs away __47__ the sun, it is __48__.

The sun is much __49__ than the moon. But sometimes the moon _50__ bigger than the sun, because it’s much __51_ to the earth.

The sun is very bright. It gives very __52__light. The moon looks quite bright, too, but it doesn’t give any light at all. The light __53_ the moon comes from the sun.

The moon looks much bigger and brighter than the stars, _54__ in fact the stars are much bigger and brighter than the moon. __55__ smaller than the moon because they are farther away from the earth.
















































A.It look

B.They look

C.They looks

D.It look


My aunt has a______son.

A.four-years old





Linda has been drawing ______.

A.since 10 years

B.for 10 years ago

C.since 2002 2002


He asked his father        .

A.where it happens

B.what was happen it happened

D.what happens


Our teachers always encourage us        aloud in English class. read




I’m           in any          books.

A.interested; interesting

B.interesting; interested

C.interests; interest

D.interested; interests


I decided to write rather than________.






—It’s necessary ____ our environment(环境).  —I agree with you.


B.protecting protect



I have _______ sugar, so I have to buy some. out of


C.ran out of



_______, what’s your hobby?

A.In the way

B.On the way

C.To your way

D.By the way


-How careful Jim is!  - He writes ____ in our class.

A.more careful

B.most carefully

C.most careful

D.more carefully


 -I can’t get a ticket to the film.  -____

A.Good luck!

B.Well done!


D.What a pity!


-Where is Mr Green now ? I haven’t seen him for a few days .

-He _____ to Hong Kong .


B.will go going

D.has gone


The shirt is ____ strange ____wear.

A.too; to

B.such; that; that

D.too; that


This is a new CD ______“Best Friend”.



C.calling called


-___terrible weather it is! –It is says that it will get____ later.

A.What a;bad





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