Mrs.. Green sees an ad(广告) in a newspaper for a nice bed in a shop. It costs 100 dollars. Mrs.. Green likes it, so she goes to the shop. The shopkeeper shows one to her. Mrs.. Green has a look at it and says, “There aren’t any beautiful pillows(枕头)on this bed, but there are many on the bed in your ad.”

“Yes, madam, that is an ad,” answers the shopkeeper. “If you want a bed the same as the one in the ad, you need to pay 10 dollars more.”

Mrs. Green isn’t happy. Then she says, “That’s dishonest.”

“Well, madam,” answers the shopkeeper. “Look, there is a girl on a bike in an ad in your newspaper too, but can you buy the bike with the girl?”

1.How does Mrs. Green know about the bed?

A.From an ad on TV.

B.From one of her friends.

C.From an ad in a newspaper.

D.From the shopkeeper.

2.How much does the bed with the pillows cost?

A.100 dollars.                            B.110 dollars.

C.50 dollars.                             D.60.dollars.

3.What does “dishonest” mean?

A.不公平的         B.不诚实的          C.不美观的         D.小气的

4.Who is Mrs. Green?

A.She is a student.

B.She is a shopkeeper of another shop.

C.She is a customer. She wants to buy a bed.

D.She is a worker in a bike shop.


A woman is having some trouble(患病)with her eyes, so she goes to see the doctor. He is a new doctor and doesn't know her, so he asks some questions and one of them is, "How old are you?"The woman says, "I don't know, doctor, but let me think about it." She thinks for a minute and then says, "Yes, I know now, Doctor!When I marry(结婚), I am eighteen years old, and my husband is thirty. Now my husband is sixty. And that is twice(两倍)thirty. So I am twice eighteen. That's thirty-six, isn’t it?”

1.Something is wrong with the woman's ____    .

A.head             B.eyes             C.ears              D.mouth

2.The woman can't remember          age.

A.thedoctor's        B.her husband's      C.her              D.her son’s

3.The woman is          years old now.

A.eighteen          B.thirty             C.thirty-six          D.forty-eight

4.The  woman is          younger thanher husband.

A.twelve            B.eighteen          C.twenty            D.twenty-four







 New Delhi

 Hindi and English



English and French








 Singapore City

Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English


1.If you go to ______, maybe some people can understand you.

A.Russia            B.Singapore         C.Egypt             D.India

2.The capital of Egypt is _______.

A.Moscow          B.Cairo             C.New Delhi         D.Singapore city

3.From the form(表格), we can see that ______ is the most important language.

A.English           B.Russian           C.French           D.Tamil



Mrs Black was waiting ___1__ an important __2___, but she had ___3___ bread in the house, so she left the baby at home and said to her five-year-old son. “I’m going to the shop, Jimmy, and I’ll __4___ in a few minutes.”

When she was __5__, the telephone rang, and Jimmy answered. “Hello,” said a man, “Is your mother there?” “No,” Jimmy answered. “Well, when she comes back, tell her that Mr Baker telephoned.” “What?” “Mr Baker. Write it __6___.” “I can’t write.” “Little boy, is there anybody else ___7__ you? Any brothers or sisters?” “My brother Billy is here.” “Good! I want to talk to him, please.” “All right,” Jimmy took the ___8___ to the baby’s bed and gave it to Billy.

When their mother came back, she asked, “Did ___9___ telephone?” “Yes,” said Jimmy, “A man only wants to talk to ___10__.”

1.                   B.for  


2.                A.telephone call   B.bus   D.woman


3.                A.some             C.and  D.not


4.                A.back  back back be back


5.                A.home             C.out  D.back


6.                A.up            B.down          C.away D.out


7.                A.with           B.and            C./    D.or


8.                 B.pen            C.paper    D.telephone


9.                A.someone       B.anyone         C.somebody one


10.                 B.Billy           C.Jimmy D.You



 --- Sorry ,I can't sing English songs?

--- ___. I'll teach you.

A.You are welcome.   B.OK               C.Never mind        D.Thank you


There is _________ swimming pool in front of Jhon's house. 80- metres-long

B.a 80- metre-long

C.80 metres long 80- metre – long


 --What can you see on the table?

–We can see four ___ and six ______.

A.bottle of milk, tomato

B.bottle of milks, tomatos

C.bottles of milk, tomatoes

D.bottles of milks, tomatoes


 Mary came ______in the Chinese exam. This is _______time she got the good mark.

A.first, second                           B.the first; the second

C.first; the second                        D.the first; second


Six million, six hundred and sixty-six thousand, six hundred and sixty-six is________.

A.6,666,666         B.666,666,666       C.6,600,666         D.60,600,666


The room isn’t big enough for us ________. live   live in in   in


 I hope _________ fun at the birthday party. you have                   to have having                   can have


There is ______ food in the fridge.

A.none                  C.not     any


Let’s _______ them _______ our home town., visit                   , around show, to visit                show; around


There are about          teachers in our school.

A.two hundreds of                        B.two hundreds

C.two hundred                           D.two hundred of


 Would you like _________  bananas?

A.another           B.any more          C.some more more


He arrived _______ Shanghai ______ 6:00______the morning of June 2nd., at, in                     , at, on, at, in                     , in, on


What _______ things can you see in the picture?

A.else              B.other             C.the other          D.Another


This key ring doesn’t belong to _______, maybe it’s ________., her           B.hers, his           C.him, hers          D.her, him


This is ______ my pen. I’m writing with _____ pen.

A.the, /             B./, the             C.a, an   , /


 The old lady lives ______ in a ______ house, but she doesn’t feel _____.

A.alone; alone; lonely                     B.lonely; lonely; alone

C.alone; lonely; lonely                     D.alone; lonely; alone


— Have you ________ watched the dolphin show in the Ocean Park in Hong Kong?

—Not _________.

A.ever; never        B.already; never      C.yet; ever          D.ever; yet


 Do you know when _________ he ________ the Football Club ? And how long ______ he _______ it ?

A.did join ; has been

B.did join in ; have been a member of

C.did join ; has been in

D.has joined ; has been a member of


— This is _________ film I’ve told you about many times.

—It’s great. I’ve never seen ________ more moving one.

A.a; a              B.the; the           C.a; the            D.the; a


书面表达 (满分10分)












当一名校长 (headmaster),让学生有更多的时间娱乐;



 要求:1. 注意文章条理,语句通顺;2. 词数80左右,邮件的开头和结尾已给出,不


Dear David,

How are you? I’m writing to introduce my classmate Wang Ming to you.





I hope you can make friends with him as soon as possible. Maybe you can show him around your country at the Spring Festival.

Best wishes,


Li Jun



There are over 800 boarding (寄宿) schools in the UK with students from home (国内) and (1) f       countries. Boarding schools started hundreds of years ago in the country. But the earliest boarding schools were set up for white, rich boys only. Now (2) b        boys and girls can go to boarding schools from the age of 7 to 18.

(3) B_______ boarding schools have three terms in a school year, with about 13 weeks in each term. (4) A       all students at boarding schools wear a school uniform. Boys usually wear a shirt and a tie, and girls wear a white blouse, sometimes also a tie and a skirt.

In the UK, boarding schools provide (提供) students with tasty food. Students can also make (5) t        something to eat at any time in a kitchen, or drink tea or have a snack between meals.



The world we live in is full of amazing things. Do you know the following things?

★Chocolate tastes nice but it may make the little dog die.

★We may sleep for eight hours at a time but a snail (蜗牛) may sleep for three years.

★Our ears and nose become bigger when we grow up but eyes keep the same after a person is born.

★You may think a bear walks slowly. In fact, it can run as fast as a horse.

★Cats won’t die if they fall off very high places because they can turn themselves up the right way.

★The largest animal on the earth is the blue whale (鲸). It weighs about 80 tons (吨)—more than 24 elephants.

★Most animals will die soon if they lose the head. But a cockroach (蟑螂) can live for nine or ten days when they have no head.

★Not all birds can fly. About forty kinds of birds can’t fly, like the penguin (企鹅) and the ostrich (鸵鸟).

               Some (1) ________ things in the world

(2) _______

It’s nice but you can’t give it to little (3) _______, because it can kill them.


 They can sleep as (4) _______ as three years.

Our eyes

 The size of the eyes doesn’t (5) ________ from birth.


 They can run very (6) _______ like a horse.


 After (7) _______ off very high places, they can stay alive.

Blue whales

 They are the largest animal and a blue whale’s (8) _______ is about 80 tons.


 They can live for nine or ten days (9) _______ the head.


 Most birds are good at (10) _______ but some can’t.



根据所给汉语完成下列句子。 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

1. 世界各地的人们对“江南style”很痴迷。

People around the world __________________ Gangnam Style.


This story is __________________ that one.

3. 我爸爸每天早晨开车送我去上学。

My father _____________________ school every morning.

4. 昨天晚上,他用一条毯子扑灭了厨房里的火。

Last night, he _________________ the fire in the kitchen with a blanket.


Don’t cut down trees, or giant pandas will ___________________.



1.The boy is very rude so he is _________ (popular) with his classmates.

2.The brave boy was in hospital and many ________ (visit) came to see him.

3.The father makes his son ________ (clean) his own bedroom every day.

4.When autumn comes, ________ (leaf) begin to fall off the tree.

5.It’s raining very hard so I decide _________ (not go) out.

6.It’s necessary for us _________ (keep) the classroom clean.

7.There was a lot of traffic on the way, but ________ (lucky), we didn’t miss the film.

8. Yesterday morning, Zhang Ming was late for class because of ________ (get) up late.



1.People like using the Internet because they can get lots of ________ (信息) from it.

2.The girl ________ (听见) something unusual from behind and turned around.

3.The little boy can play the ________ (钢琴) very well.

4.Hearing the amazing news, the girl opened his eyes ________ (张得很开地).

5.Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Can you please ________ (重复) it?

6.This weekend, there is a good ________ (film) on. Let’s go and see it.

7.The restaurant is popular because the food there is very ________ (tasty, nice to eat).


Animals grow up in different ways. They have lots of lessons to learn.

Some animals are born helpless but their mothers protect them. A newborn kangaroo is the size of a bee. She stays in her mother’s safe pouch. She doesn’t open her eyes for at least five months. A newborn monkey cannot walk. His mother carries him.

Other baby animals can walk soon after they’re born. They learn to run with their mother when danger is near. A baby zebra can run an hour after she is born.

Some baby animals are born in a place that is safe. Other baby animals are born in the open. Baby wolves are born in large holes. A baby elephant is born on open, grassy land. Other elephants make a circle (圈) to protect her.

Animals that drink their mothers’ milk are called mammals. A mother bear’s milk is fatty and rich. Baby bears need lots of fat to keep warm in winter. They have milk for six months. Baby zebras drink milk for six months or more! As baby animals grow, they need solid (固体的) food. Baby lions eat what their mother can catch.

1.The underlined word “mammals” probably means _______ in Chinese.

A.两栖动物         B.哺乳动物          C.爬行动物         D.脊椎动物

2. Which of the following is true?

A.Both baby bears and baby zebras drink their mothers’ milk.

B.Wolves make a circle to protect the baby wolf.

C.Newborn monkeys can run one hour after they are born.

D.Baby wolves are born in the open.

3. The best title (标题) of this passage should be “_______”.

A.Animals in danger

B.Mothers protect their babies

C.Animals grow up in different ways

D.How to protect animals


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