It isn’t warm today,          the sun is shining.

A. or    B. and    C. because    D. although


—Have you heard of Earth Day?

—Yes. The first Earth Day ____ in 1970 to educate us to protect our planet.

A. celebrates    B. celebrated    C. is celebrated    D. was celebrated


Scientists are trying their best to          ways to treat the terrible disease.

A. come up with    B. look forward to    C. talk about    D. give up


—Your city looks beautiful!

—Yes. Lots of trees and grass ______ last year.

A. are planted    B. have planted    C. were planting    D. were planted




by mistake, in the end, look up to ,more than, come up with, lead to, dream of


1.Many young people _________ the football heroes.

2.It’s difficult to tell who _________ the idea first.

3.All roads _________ Rome.

4.They got on the wrong bus _________.

5.There are _________ 2,000 students in our school.

6.Some students _________ becoming famous stars.

7.We talked about where to go but stayed at home _________.



1.Mr. Liu gives us lots of interesting p________________ in English class.

2.Since then, the p________ of basketball has risen worldwide.

3.His name was m________________ several times at the meeting.

4.Please d________ the class into five groups.

5.Mr. Brown has t________________ many Chinese books into English.

6.Potato chips were invented by m________.

7.There aren't many c________________ in the restaurant because of the bad weather.

8.The young man saved the child. He is a h_________.

9.Before leaving the classroom, you must l________________ the door.

10.There are many c________ in the supermarket at weekends.




Clothes ________ ________ ________ keeping warm.


________ ________ ________ ________, the earthquake ________.


Helen and Jack are talking ________ ________ ________.


I met my English teacher ________ ________ yesterday afternoon.


An apple ________ ________ the water.


How would you use a radio or a telephone if you had no electricity or batteries? These _____ bothered (使烦恼) British inventor Trevor Baylis. So in 1996 he _____ a wind­up (装有发条的) radio. It doesn't need electricity or batteries. You wind it up _____ hand .It plays for about an hour. Then, you wind it up _____.Today it's made in South Africa.

Then in 1999, Baylis invented a mobile telephone that is powered by _____.The shoes contain (含有) a small battery that is powered when you _____.This battery is connected to a mobile phone. These two simple inventions can bring modern _____ to all parts of the world.

Baylis doesn't have a university degree in engineering. In _____, he left high school before graduating (毕业).He just loves _____ things to help people. He never knows ______ ideas will come to him. The idea for the telephone came to him in a dream.

1.A. dreams    B. problems    C. winders    D. wishes

2.A. invented    B. improved    C. borrowed    D. copied

3.A. in    B. at    C. on    D. by

4.A. then    B. slowly    C. again    D. finally

5.A. sun    B. shoes    C. caps    D. wind

6.A. sleep    B. walk    C. rest    D. chat

7.A. communications    B. exhibitions    C. suggestions    D. instructions

8.A. fact    B. order    C. need    D. time

9.A. buying    B. selling    C. making    D. collecting

10.A. while    B. because    C. unless    D. when



1.When did people invent the bus? (改为被动语态)

When ________ the bus ________

2.The potato chips were invented by mistake. (对画线部分提问)

________ ________ the potato chips invented?

3.It was invented by Whitcomb Judson. (对画线部分提问)

________ ________ it invented by?

4.They sold the computer at a low price. (改为被动语态)

The computer ________ ________ at a low price by them.

5.It is used for serving cold ice-cream. (对画线部分提问)

________ ________ it used for?

6.It was summer, but the beach was cool in the morning. (同义句转换)

________ ________ it was summer, the beach was cool in the morning.


My dream hometown is an amazing place          any pollution.

A. with    B. without    C. out    D. in


         an ad can lead you to buy something you don’t need at all. So you have to be careful.

A. Sometime    B. Sometimes

C. Some time    D. Some times


— Why not go out to play, Jack?

— I’m afraid I can’t I have much homework          .

A. do    B. does    C. doing    D. to do


I          remembered that I hadn’t locked the door.

A. sadly    B. softly    C. shortly    D. suddenly


(2013 • 济宁中考)—Maybe you should call him up.

— But I don’t want to talk with him          the phone.

A. on    B. at    C. in    D. with


The telephone________ by the well­known scientist, Alexander Graham Bell.

A. invented    B. inventing    C. was invented    D. invent


The Olympic Games of 2016 will________in Brazil

A. take after

B. take off

C. take place

D. take away


He is an honest boy. I have no reason to _______ what he said.

A. hear    B. doubt    C. repeat    D. believe


—I'm very________ with my own cooking.It looks nice and smells delicious.

—Hmm, it does have a ________ smell.

A. pleasant; pleased    B. pleased; pleased

C. pleasant; pleasant    D. pleased; pleasant


The knife is used ________ cutting.

A. for    B. as    C. by    D. /



1.It is one of the greatest _________ (invent) in history.

2.Lisa _________ (hear) to sing a song in her bedroom just now.

3.It is used for _________ (see) in the dark.

4.Some people often go to work without _________ (have) breakfast.

5.This is the boy _________ (call) David.



1.The ________ (国家的) Day is on October 1st of a year.

2.The clothes are the newest ________ (样式) this year.

3.It is my ________ (高兴) to make a house.

4.The company produces the food without ________ (疑问).

5.It is a ________ (清单) of the things to buy.

6.Without d_________, we can finish the project on time.

7.We have to put the meat into the f_________, or it will go bad.

8.Can you t_________ the following sentence into English?

9.The price of the clothes is very l_________. I can buy them.

10.The earthquake happened all of a s_________ at night.

11.We can get some p_________ from the book.

12.He fell and n_________ broke his leg.

13.Every country has its own n_________ culture.

14.I bought the shoes because I liked the s_________ of them.

15.Don’t forget to l_________ the door when you leave.


My pen is broken, so I have no pen to ____.

A. to write    B. to write with    C. to write on it    D. to write with it


It is ____(当然)that color therapy can help you relax.


____(make)sure there are no mistakes, you must be more careful with your homework.


He doesn’t know what ____ (happen) to his hometown in the last few years.


_____(是否) he will go there tomorrow depends on the weather.


The radio said that it ____ (will) cloudy in the following days.


One of the boys ____(ask) to go to the teacher’s office a moment ago.


The____(决定)our leader has made are of great importance.


The boy is feeling ____ hungry now, so he needs ____ food to eat.

A. a bit;a little of    B. a little;a bit    C. a bit;a bit    D. a bit;a bit of


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