Last week, Lily’s father bought her        Mp4 as        birthday present.

A. a; a          B. an; an      C. a; an       D. an; a


这个周末你有什么计划和打算呢?请根据下面表格中所给的内容提示,写一篇题为 “My plans for this weekend”的英语短文,要求语句通顺,句意连贯,语法正确,字数在60词左右。


去看爷爷奶奶; 帮他们做家务







My plans for this weekend




1.yours;  are ; crayons;  these ; (?)


2.future;  in ;  different;  schools ; will;  be ;  the  (?)

                                                                                         ?;  can;  she;  well;  really    (.)


4. colour;  she;  what;  does;  like  (?)


5.I;  and;  a;  going;  Lingling;  to;  piano;  are;  have; lesson (.)




I'm Kitty. I'm going to the s___1.___ to buy several things. On the first floor, I'm going to buy some b___2.___, because my grandma likes fruits. The fruits are cheap and f___3.__. I also want to buy some flour (面粉) because I want to m ___4.___ biscuits. It is not easy but I want to t___5.____.On the second floor, I want to buy some eggs. They are h__6.___ price on Friday. The normal price is 6 yuan a kilo but today is three yuan. On the third floor, I want to buy a jacket f___7.___ my father. I know he likes blue, but I don't know his s___8.____.I'll call my mother and ask h ___9.____ about it. I think my father will b___10._____ happy with my present.



(Betty and Lingling are standing in front of Tian’anmen Square.)

Tourist: Excuse me ! Can you tell me the way to Wangfujing Dajie?

Betty: Certainly. Go across Dong Chang’an Jie, go along the street and turn left at the third street on the left. It’s near here, so you can walk there.

Tourist: Great. And I’d like to buy a guidebook about Beijing. ___________1.______________ ?

Lingling: Yes, there is a big bookshop over there, just along Xi Chang’an Jie, on the right, opposite the bank.

Tourist: Right, Ok! I also want to visit the National Stadium. ___________2.____________?

Lingling: Sorry, I’m not sure. _____________________3._________________?

Tourist: Thank you .

Betty and Lingling: You’re welcome.

Tourist: _______________4._____________ ?

Policeman: Sure! Go along the street and you’ll see an underground station. Take the underground to the Olympic Sports Center, or you can take a bus or a taxi.

Tourist: Thanks a lot.

Policeman: You’re welcome. __________5.____________ !




There are  ______  _______ people in the park.


I’ m sure everybody ______  _______ a clean classroom.


Mary often helps others, so her classmates like to _________ _________ with her.


He’s a singer, and a writer                   .


This T-shirt is really nice! May I ______ it _______?














Dear Lily,

Welcome to our school for a visit. I am very glad to tell you how to get to our school. Here is the route. When you walk out of the station, please turn left, walk on and pass a crossing. You should walk on till the first traffic light and turn right. Then you will find a park on your left side. Walk along the street and pass the park. Then you will see a bank. Across from the bank is a narrow lane(小路).Just go into the lane and walk about 100 meters, and you are sure to get to our school gate, at which the board reads No.1 Middle School in both Chinese and English.


Li Ming

1.What does Li Ming do?

A.He is a doctor.     B.He is a student.

C.He is a bank clerk.   D.He is a guide.

2.What is the meaning of the underlined word “route”?

A.助理  B.导航     C.路线  D.协议

3.Is there a traffic light on the way to school?

A.Yes, it is.     B.No, it isn't.

C.Yes, there is.  D.No, there isn't.

4.Where is the bank?

A.Across from a narrow lane.

B.In front of a narrow lane.

C.Near a school.

D.Between a school and a park.

5.What is the name of the school?

A.Yuying Middle School.          B.No.11 Middle School.

C.No.1 Middle School.            D.Yucai Middle School.




Is this your computer game?

Call John at 495­3638.


My ID card.

Please call 685­6034.

My name is Mike.


Is this your watch?

Please call Gina.

Phone: 929­3012.

1.________ found a computer game.

A.John     B.Mike           C.Gina

2.John's telephone number is ________.

A.495­3638  B.685­6034        C.929­3012

3.Mike lost ________.

A.his computer game    B.his ID card     C.his ring

4.Gina found ________.

A.a computer game ID card        C.a watch

5.Alice lost a watch. She can call ________.

A.685­6034  B.495­3638        C.929­3012


There are many new ways of shopping , and online shopping is one of them. You can buy almost everything on the Internet, and it’s very easy. First, you choose something—clothes, tickets, a mobile phone, even a new computer—and pay for it. Then you receive it a few days later by post.

Online shopping has several advantages. First, you can shop at any time. The shops are always open. Second, shopping usually takes a lot of time. But to shop on the Internet you only need a computer and a mouse! You can also compare the prices of the same product and spend a lot… or save money.

But many people like going out and shopping with friends. They don’t like shopping on the Internet because they can’t see the product or try the clothes on. Also paying over the Internet isn’t always safe.

Online shopping is changing our way of life. One day no one will go to the shops any more, because you’ll be able to buy anything on the Internet, and you will be able to receive it anywhere in the world at any time!

1. According to the passage, you pay for online shopping _________ you receive it.

A. before    B. after   C. when      D. as

2. Which is not the advantage of online shopping?

A. Save money.

B. Easy and quick.

C. Paying over the Internet isn’t always safe.

D. You can compare the prices of the same product.

3.Do all the people like shopping on the Internet?

A. Yes, they don’t        B. Yes, they do.

C. No, they don’t.        D. No, they do.

4.How is online shopping changing our lives?

A. We don’t need to go to the shops to buy things.

B. We can shop at any time.

C. We can compare the prices of the same product and spend a lot… or save money.

D. Above all.

5.What does this passage talk about?

A. Shopping

B. The advantages of online shopping

C. The disadvantages of online shopping

D. Online shopping



Life in the future

What will life be like in the future ? How will things change ? Here are some ideas. Which ones will____________?

In the future, a change of weather won’t mean a change of clothes. We’ll ________a new kind of clothes. They’ll be warm when we’re cold, and ___________ when we’re hot.

There’ll be no more  __________rain and cold wind in spring. The weather will be quite warm or even hot all year, __________ heavy rain and wind.____________ will rise as well.

We won’t travel by bus ___________bike any more. Every family will have a small plane. No more expensive _____________-----it’ll be cheap to travel everywhere by plane, not only over land, but also over the sea or even into space. Maybe there’ll be traffic jams in the air.

Do you like long holidays? Well, you’re going to like the future ___________machines and robots will do all the heavy and difficult jobs, and we’ll only do light and easy work. __________ will be short so people will have long holidays.

1.A. comes true    B. comes ture    C. come true     D. come ture

2.A. put on        B. wear          C. dress          D. take

3.A. cool          B. warm        C. cold           D. wind

4.A. heavy        B. strong        C. big            D. light

5.A. of           B. because      C. with           D. so

6.A. The ground    B. The sea level C. The seas level D. The lake

7.A. or            B. and         C. by             D. take

8.A. plane         B. bus         C. train         D. cars

9.A. so           B. because of    C. because       D. so that

10.A. Work hours   B. Resting hours C. Working hours  D. Playing hours


—Jenny, I need some milk.

Ok,Mum.           do you need?

A.How much        B. How many

C. How often       D. How long



------I’ looking for a pair of google glasses for my grandson..

A. How is it going            B. Who’s that speaking

C. What can I do for you     D. Is there a market


He promises ________ his old friend when he stays in Tianjin.

A. see       B. seeing     C. saw       D. to see


Don’t forget to take your bag when you _________ the bus.

A. get off              B. take off

C. turn off             D. put off


If you want to change the world, you have to        yourself first.

A. enjoy       B. check           C. help               D. change


—________ are you late today?

—Because my bike is broken.

A. What        B. How           C. When              D. why


—Tom, would you like to go to our English party this Saturday?


A. Yes, please.          B. I don’t like to.

C. Yes, I’d love to.     D. Yes, thanks.


There _______ two nice films this evening.

A. are going to be     B. are going to have

C. is going to be     D. will have


I will pay five yuan ______ the book.

A. on       B. in       C. to    D. for


The boys are looking forward ______ swimming tomorrow afternoon .

A. go       B. to going      C. to go     D. going


The day after tomorrow they ________ a volleyball match.

A. will watching     B. watches

C. is watching       D. are going to watch


-----What can I do for you?

------I hope I have a nice house _______ a big garden.

A. of      B. with      C. from      D. about


—Excuse me. Can you tell me what time it is now?

—Sorry,I _________. My watch doesn’t work.

A. can’t     B. may not     C. mustn’t     D. needn’t


I will visit the Great Wall__________.

A.every day   B. a few days ago

C. one day  D. several days


I like playing        the violin, but Jack likes playing        volleyball.

A. the;the     B.the;/   C. /; /    D. /; the


Can he_____ basketball?

A. plays    B. play  C. playing   D. to play


There are       students in our school.

A. thousand of        B. two thousands

C. two thousands of    D. two thousand


—Do you often go shopping ________ Saturday morning?

—Yes,I ________.

A. in;do   B. on;do      C. on;are      D. in;is


--- Could you tell me how to get to Xuzhou Station,please?


A. No,I couldn’t.

B. Don’t ask me.

C. Thank you all the same.

D. Certainly.You can take the No. 1  Bus.


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