I like sleeping late_____ every Sunday morning.






---There is a tall building on Taoze Road. Do you know?

---I know it. It ________ has 10 floors.


B.at least




We have __________ Art lesson every Monday.






--- Your picture is very good.

--- ______________.

A.That’s OK

B.Thank you

C.That’s right

D.Sorry, I don’t know


根据中文提示完成下列句子。(注意所写词的形式 )


1. 那个女孩找不到她的自行车就报了警。

   The girl couldn’t find her bike and she _____  _____  _____ .

2. 将来,我将成为一名医生去帮助别人。

   _____  _____  _____ , I will be a doctor to help others.

3. David 正在攒钱要支付夏令营。

    David is saving money to _____  _____ summer camp.

4. 他很烦闷因为他发现他的朋友没有告诉他真相。

    He was upset because he _____  _____ that his friend didn’t tell him the truth.

5. 昨天,我和我最好的朋友就我们是否该打电脑游戏的事情争吵了一番。

Yesterday, I _____  _____ my best friend about if we should play computer games.

6. 我一回来就给你打电话。

I will _____  _____  _____ as soon as I come back .

7. 当他们听说日本地震时正在学校学习。

   They were studying at school when they _____  _____ the earthquake in Japan.

8. Mary的裙子和我的一样。

   Mary’s dress is _____  _____  _____ mine.



adult       child      free         push     hard         they              plan         end         start          do        teach         much




Now, lots of parents take their children from activity to activity. So, many 1.________ are under too much pressure. Teachers also complain about 2.________ tired kids in the classroom . 3._______ parents are nothing new, but now parents seem to push their children a lot 4.________. In some families, competition 5.________ from a very young age. Parents see other children 6.________ a lot of things, and they feel their own children should do the same. Children say their parents are always comparing 7.________ with other children. They think parents shouldn’t push them so 8.________. They may find it hard 9._______ for themselves when they are older. So please give children more 10.________ to relax.




Are you the only child in the family? If so, you are the most important in your family. Parents are the closest people to you in the world. But most middle school students have a problem. They feel they're not as close to their parents as before.

Some students complain that their parents often say a lot to them, but never listen to them. Some say their parents ask them not to play computer games when other classmates are doing that. Others say when they’re making phone calls to friends, their parents like to ask if the children are speaking to a boy or a girl. These make them very unhappy. Some students even decide to leave home because they’re afraid to tell their parents when they have done something wrong. Then they usually think running away is the only choice. But they don’t know running away may bring them some more problems.

Problems are parts of life. Here are some suggestions for you to solve the problems.

·Find a good time to talk with your parents. Don’t be afraid to tell them your feelings.

·Get help from others like good friends or teachers.

·Keep a diary to help you understand more about yourself and your feelings.

·Show your parents you’re growing up. Then they’ll feel you’re not a small child.

If you follow the advice, you’ll have a happy life and never think of running away.


1.Who are the closest people to you if you are the only child in the family?


2.Do most students feel they are not as close to their parents as before?


3. What do some parents like to do while their children are making phone calls to friends?


4.What could you do to understand more about yourselves and your feelings?


5. How many suggestions does the writer give?





I have made a time machine. It can take people to the past or the future for five hours. I thought that it would be fun to see what my father was like when he was 10 years old.

I got into my time machine and keyed in the words, “1981, 11 Niven Road, New York ” then pressed the button … In a moment, I was in front of a house, 11 Niven Road.

I saw four children looking for a lost dog. They were my father, my uncle Tom, my aunts Peek and Janet. I went up to them and helped them look for their dog, Jack.

We wanted to climb a hill and looked for Jack. When we reached the top, we heard a dog barking. “Jack!” my father shouted . Then we saw Jack was standing in front of a man.

We asked the man to return Jack to us. The man had to give Jack back to us.

Happily, We went back to 11 Niven Road and I said goodbye to them . My five hours were almost up. I ran to the machine and soon I was back in my time . What an unusual experience!


1. Which of the following is TRUE ?

A. The time machine can take people to the past or the future for five hours.

B. I wanted to see what my father was like ten years ago.

C. I couldn’t see what my father was like ten years ago.

2. When was my father born ?

A. In 1971.

B. In 1981.

C. In 1991.

3. Why did we climb to the top of the hill ?

A. Because we wanted to play games there .

B. Because we wanted to look for the dog .

C. Because we wanted to look for the man .

4. How long did I travel to the past ?

A. 10 hours

B. 5 hours

C. 2 hours

5. Which is the best title ?

A. An unusual experience

B. A lovely dog called Jack

C. An experience to the future




       Saturday Kids’ Club

Kids’ Club starts at 10:30 a.m., with creative activities, followed by the films at 11:30 a.m. For 3 ~ 16 years old.

There will be no Kids’ Club on March 5 and March 26.







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NOTE TO PARENTS: Parents can leave children over eight alone in the cinema. If you leave your children in the cinema, please be there on time to collect them at the end of the film.


1. This is a (n) ________.

   A. poster from a club

   B. note to parents

   C. poster from a supermarket

2.Mr. White will take her 5-year-old son to see a film in the club. She hopes the film will be over before 1 p.m.. So they should go to the club on________.

   A. April 2

   B. April 9

   C. March 19

3.________ can go to the cinema in the club alone.

   A. A 2- year-old baby

   B. A 14- year-old student

   C. A 20- year-old parent

4. The film ________ is the longest.

   A. Two Brothers

   B. Mr. Bean’s Holiday

   C. Meet the Robinsons

5. Parents could collect their children in the cinema ________.

A.  at any time

B.  at the start of the film

C.  at the end of the film



完形填空(本题共15小题, 每小题1分, 共15分)

On my first day of high school, I met David. It was cloudy. When I went home after school, I saw a boy also walking back home. He was my classmate, David. He was carrying his books. 21._______ he was walking, I saw a group of kids rushing to him. David 22._______ and his glasses went flying. All his 23._______ fell on the ground. Then the kids ran away. He looked up and I saw sadness in his eyes. I helped him stand up and 24._______ his glasses. Then I saw there 25._______ a big smile on his face.

From then on, we became 26._______. The more I got to know David, the more I liked him. During the four years, we always studied, played together and had a 27._______ time.

On the day when we finished high school, I could see that he was 28._______ about his speech. So I said, “Don’t be stressed out. Believe in 29._______ and you’ll be the best!” Then he began, “Today is a good time to say 30._______ to those people who helped you succeed through the difficult years. Our parents, our teachers, but mostly our 31._______. Being a friend to someone is the best gift you can give them. I’ll 32._______ you a story…” I just looked at the handsome popular boy amazingly when he told the story of the 33._______ day when we met each other.

All of us were 34._______. Everyone was listening to his story in silence. I saw his parents looking at me and smiling. I did not know the deep meaning 35._______ that moment. I know even a small action can change a person’s life. As you know, “Friends are angels to make us rise when our wings have problems flying.”

1. A. Because 

B. While

C. Though

2. A. fall down

B. fell down

C. falling down

3. A. books

B. money

C. glasses

4. A. look for

B. look after

C. look like

5. A. is

B. was

C. will be

6. A. classmates

B. students

C. friends

7.A. happy

B. bad

C. sad

8. A. bored

B. nervous

C. excited

9. A. himself

B. yourself

C. myself

10. A. hello

B. sorry

C. thanks

11. A. friends

B. parents

C. teachers

12.A. give

B. tell

C. ask

13.A. first

B. second

C. last

14. A. crazy

B. quiet

C. strange

15. A. until

B. for

C. but




A: What do you think you will be in 10 years?

B: 1. ______________________________

A: Why do you want to be a doctor?

B: 2.______________________________

A: A great dream!

B: But I don’t know what I should do to make my dream come true.


A: Well, I think you could study hard and go to a famous university.

4. ______________________________

B: Good idea! Thank you very much!

A: 5.______________________________


A.  Could you please give me some advice?

B.  You are welcome.

C.  You should learn English well.

D.  I’ll be a doctor.

E.  It’s important for you to learn something about medicine there.

F.  What can I do for you?

G.  Because when people are ill, I will be able to help them and make them feel better.



- _______ ?

        - I’m going to have a job interview and I’m stressed out.

A. What should I do?  

B. What were you doing at this time yesterday?

C. What’s wrong with you?



Everyone was invited to the party _______ Lily. So she was upset.

         A. except             B. about              C. of



He is popular in his class. Because he _______ his classmates.

         A. falls in love with     B. gets on well with    C. talks with



-I called you at nine this morning, but there was no answer.

           - Oh, sorry. I _______ with my cousin in the supermarket.

         A. shop               B. was shopping       C. will shop


Predicting the future is difficult. So no one knows what the life _______ like in hundreds of years.

         A. will be              B. is               C. was


Don’t always _______ with your parents. You should communicate with them well.

            A. argue            B. talk             C. help


Tim borrowed my book, but he forgot to _______ it to me.

            A. give             B. return           C. send


I want to wash my hands. Could you please tell me where the _______ is?

            A. bathroom         B. kitchen         C. bedroom


There was some bad food in the room. The _______ smell made her feel uncomfortable.

            A. pleasant      B. unpleasant     C. amazing


I need to write down what he says. Could you give me some _______?

A. paper            B. planes           C. pets


- I heard that Lucy went to your house to say sorry to you.

- Yes. She went to my house _______ we were having dinner.

A. while             B. which           C. that


Last weekend, Linda had a very exciting _____. She went to have fun with her friends in Disneyland.

A. news            B. information       C. experience


-______ did he stay up late last night?

          - Because he studied for the English exam.

           A. When            B. Why            C. Where


I don’t know which country will hold the 2020 Olympics, and she has no idea, _______.

A.  too            B. either           C. also


Students should have _______ own ideas when they meet problems.

            A. our            B. their           C. your


假如你叫Liu Mei,你的好朋友Mary邀请你去参加她的生日晚会。可是你的妈妈病了,她要去看医生。你必须在家照顾弟弟。英语要考试了,晚上你要在家学习。因此,你太忙,不能去。请你给她写一封信,告诉她你为什么不能去,并祝她生日快乐。(开头与结尾已给出)

Dear Mary,

Thank you for







Write soon.


Liu Mei



_______ _______hours do you read English every day?


Drinking milk is ______ ______your health.


Sorry,I’m so busy.Maybe ________ ________.


You should drink some hot tea _______ _______.



一What are you doing for vacation?

一I _______ ________ my sister.


1.My mother wants me ________(drink)milk every day.

2.He thought about ______(go)to Greece or Spain.

3.I just finished _________(make)my last movie.

4.A small number of students ______(take) the subway.

5.I like to go ________(fish)with my father.


1.I have a stomachache.(列划线部分提问)

______the _____with you?

2.She surfs the Internet three times  a week.(对划线部分提问)

________ _______ does she surf the Internet?

3.He should cat something for breakfast.(改为否定句)

He_____ eat _____ for breakfast.

4.Show your photos to me when we get back to schoo1.(改为同义句)

________ _____ your photos when we get back to schoo1.

5.She is going to visit us tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句)。

_______ _______ going to visit us tomorrow?


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