1.  Please t_______ these sentences into Chinese.

2.  He c________ reading his novel after he finished his homework.

3.  Nick never tells lies. He is an h_________ boy.

4.  The population of the world is i_________ very fast.

My clothes are s________ to Sally’s because we have the same taste.


某英语杂志开辟中学生栏目。请以If I enter my favorite high school,I'll________为题,写一篇短文,以便为该栏目投稿。词数80~100。步骤与要点如下:









If I enter my favorite high school,I'll________________

The entrance exam(升学考试)will be over,and I'll be free for nearly two months.If I enter my favorite high school.I'll ...





1.If you make the wheels

  A  ,they will turn more easily.

2.The plants will die if you

don't give them   B 

3.If I work hard,I'll    C   good

exam results.

4.If I go to Beijing,I'll visit   D

5.If Sam buys  E  newspapers a week,he spends




 Do you carry too much on the way to school or home? Don’t worry.Try e-readers(电子阅读器)and say goodbye to your heavy schoolbag.

       An e-reader has the memory space to hold hundreds of books.So people want to(A)扔掉沉书包 and read with small, light e-readers.For example,Cushing Academy,a high school in Massachusetts,USA,replaced(替换)most of the 20,000 books in (B) its library last summer.Teachers and students will use e-readers instead.

      Most e-readers are thin and weigh less than 500g.They can download(下载)an e-book in 60 seconds.“It's (C) so easy.You can have a lot of books right at your fingers!” said Meghan Chensusky.16.

         Chinese schoolchildren are also trying e-readers.At the Shanghai World Expo(世博会),an e-schoolbag is now on show.It is a special e-reader.Students can use it to download textbooks from the school servers(服务器).(D)It can also send and receive homework.Some Schools in Beijing and Shanghai have tried this e-schoolbag for a few years.“It’s excellent.I (E)don't have to carry a heavy schoolbag anymore,”said Xiao Qi,15,Beijing.

         New e-readers are not just for reading.They have Wi-Fi and multimedia(无线电视和多媒体).Parents worry that these may hurt their children's study habits. “I think Wi-Fi is not necessary for kids,”said Zeng Wenwen,43, Beijing.



3.写出文中划线部分(C)和(E)的同义词或近义词:________ ________

4.将文中划线部分(D)改写为:Homework can also_______ _______and received through it.

5.从文中找出两个修饰或描写e-reader的形容词:________ ________


 Is there a chocolate-powered racing car in the world? Hey! You have read too (A)________ children's books! But wait! Now,there is really such a racing car in the world.A team from a British university made it.

         The chocolate-powered racing car's engine(发动机) uses waste from chocolate factories or vegetable oil as fuel (燃料).Its body (B)用土豆制成,its steering wheel is made from carrots,its seat is made of soybeans,(C)________its brake pads(刹车片)are made from nuts! Well,can this car run very fast?  (D) Certainly! It can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds,and go as fast as 135 miles per hour.When the racing car is running,it cleans itself and lets out oxygen.

  “It took us more than nine months to (E) complete the racing car,”said a team member.“The car is really green. You can find many of the car's parts at a farmer's market or even in a litter bin because most of the materials(材料) are waste in most people’s eyes.It’s fun.”

However,(F)this eco-friendly  (环保的) car cannot be driven in the official(正式的)race because of the engine's unusual fue.

1.在文中(A)和(C)的空白处分别填入适当的词 ________ ________


3.写出文中划线部分(D)和(E)的同义词语或近义词语:________ ________

4.将文中划线部分(F)改写为:the engine's unusual fuel makes it________ to________ this eco-friendly car in the official race




    Climbing the highest mountains in the world is not an  1.   (easily) job.You have to fight bad weather,illness and fear.But Jordan Romero,a thirteen-year-old boy from America,will climb 2. (Asia) highest mountain,Mount Qomolangma.He will set out this month.3. (He)parents and helpers will climb with him.He plans to take  4.  (second)months for his climb.“I'm ready.But if I don't reach the top  5.  (successful),I'll try next time,”he said. Jordan has already climbed the highest mountains of six other continents(洲).If he  6.  (get)to the top this time,he will become the youngest person to climb the world's highest mountain.


短文填空 (共15小题, 每小题1分; 满分15分)


 by  together  housework  invited  is  however  anyone  that

      As the World Cup is going on, South Africa's football grandmothers are also working hard. The team  1. made up of 35 women, aged from 50 to 84. It was developed 2.  a housewife five years ago to help old women keep fit. The project has been so successful  3.  they will take part in the Veterans Cup competition (元老杯足球联赛) in the USA.

      "We are 4. to play in the Veterans Cup, where many grandmothers from all over the world come  5. and play football, "said the team leader.

      Whatever happens, 6. , the grandmothers have no regrets. Most of them often play football in their aprons (围裙) after  7. .

      "I suffered back pain and sore knees (腰酸腿痛) before joining the team three years ago. Now I am fresh. I don't feel 8.  pain in my body,and I can run.At home I do all the housework by myself!” said 9.  of the grandmothers.


Island University has a competition for middle school students.

Read about the competition on their web site.

School Competition

 Students! Here is your chance to help the physically disabled(残疾人). Think out a robot or a machine to help them live better. There'll be three prizes. The winning schools will each get $15,000. Read the information below:

        What do you have to do?

·Try to know problems faced by the physically disabled in Hong Kong. Write a 200-word article on the difficulties these people have to suffer each day.

·Try to know modern inventions that help the physically disabled. Then think out a robot or a machine that will improve the lives of the physically disabled. Draw your invention. You can make as many drawings as you like to show your invention. You can even make a small model of your invention.

· Write a short description of your invention.

Who can join?

All middle school students in Hang Kong.

So, come on! Join the competition, and get the chance!

1.Where can you find the information?

2.Why is the school competition held?

3.What prize will each winning school get?

4.How many words should be written on the difficulties the disabled have to suffer each day?

5.Who can join the competition?


A poor farmer had a friend who was famous for the wonderful apple tree he grew.

     One day, his friend gave the farmer a young apple tree and told him to plant it. The farmer was pleased with the gift, but he did not know where to plant it.

     He was afraid that if he planted the tree near the road, strangers would steal the fruit. If he planted the tree in one of his fields, his neighbors would come at night and steal some of the apples. If he planted the tree near his house, his children would take the fruit. Finally he planted the tree in his wood. But without sunlight and good soil(土壤),the tree soon died,

     Later the friend asked the farmer why he had planted the tree in such a poor place. "What's the difference? " the farmer said angrily and then told what he had thought.

     "Yes," said the friend, "but at least someone could have enjoyed the fruit. Now you not only have robbed everyone of the fruit, but also you have destroyed (毁掉) a good apple tree !"

1.What gift did the farmer get from his friend one day?

2.How many people are there in the story?

3.Where did the farmer plant the apple tree at last?

4.Why did the apple tree soon die?

5.Who destroyed the apple tree?




1.How much does it cost children under 4 to travel Hawaii?


2.What kind of hotel will be provided?


3.When is County Animal Hospital open?


4.Where is County Animal Hospital?


5.Do you need any pay to visit County Animal Hospital?


阅读并排序  下面的短文由六个段落组成,开头和结尾已给出,其余的四个段落均是随机排列的。请根据段落之间的逻辑关系,用字母A、B、C、 D重新排列这四个段落的顺序,使短文通顺。

    Samuel Clemens was born in 1835,Missouri.When he was four,his family moved to the town of Hannibal,a port on the Mississippi River,and Clemens loved to watch the big steamboats going up and down the river.He said that all the boys in his school had one ambition in life:to work on a steamboat.

1. In 1857, he achieved his ambition and got a job working on a steamboat. He sailed up and down the wide Mississippi River until the American Civil War began.

2. His father died when he was just 12 years old and Clemens then went to work for a printer to help support his family. He traveled around, and worked in many different cities.

3.In 1865,Clemens wrote a story about a jumping frog with his pen-name. The story and the writer became famous. After that, he wrote many books, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It was published in 1876. He also gave many lectures, and became a very famous and popular man.

4. Clemens moved around the USA on the steamboat, and tried several jobs. He was a soldier, and a silver miner. And then he started working as a writer for a newspaper. At this time, he decided to use a pen-name for his stories, and he chose the name "Mark Twain". Samuel Clemens died in 1910. He is considered to be one of the greatest writers in American history


At nine o'clock in the evening on 15 September,1961, Mr and Mrs Hill were driving along Motorway 3 (3号高速公路) when they saw a spaceship.

    They drove on to Sand field, the next town. They got there the next morning. Mr Hill looked at his watch.

    "Why did it take us so long? " he asked. "Three hundred and four kilometers in seven hours?"

     Mrs Hill went white in the face. "Something is strange, "she said." But I can't remember anything."

     Later, with the help of, a doctor, they remembered everything. After they saw the spaceship, they got out of their car and then they "lost" several hours.

     They remembered they heard a "bleep, bleep" noise from the spaceship. When they tried to run back to their car, there were three aliens (外星人) between them and their car.

     The aliens took them to their spaceship. They asked them questions about the food and drink on Earth. They were very interested in Mr Hill's teeth because his teeth could come out!

     Finally, the aliens took them back to their car and the spaceship flew away.


1.What time do you think the Hills arrived at Sand field?

        A. At4 a.m. on 15 September.      B. At 4 a.m. on 16 September.

        C. At 6 a.m. on 15 September.      D. At 6 a.m. on 16 September.

2.What made Mrs Hill feel strange at first?

        A. Short way but long time.          B. Short time but long way.

        C. Poor memory during the drive.     D. Careful driving on Motorway 3.

3.The right order to show what happened to the Hills is

a. they got out of the car                  b. they saw a spaceship

c. they were asked some questions          d. they met three aliens

A. b;a;d;c                   B. a;b;c;d

C. d;a:b:c                   D. c:d:b:a

4.Which of the following pictures can best explain why the aliens were interested in Mr Hill's teeth?



                           Britain Today


     British people like good food, and more than half of them go to a restaurant every month. Fast food is also very popular— 30% of all adults have a hamburger every three months, but

46% have fish and chips!


     British people don't do a lot of sports. Only 17% of people go swimming every week, about 9% go cycling and 8% play golf—and only 6% of people play football( but 32% go to watch it ).

     Cinema and TV

     Films are very popular in Britain, and about 60% of people between 15 and 24 go to the cinema every month. At home, men watch TV for about three hours every day — two quarters more than women.


     British people love going on holiday, and have 56 million holidays every year. Most of these holidays aren't in the UK—27% are in Spain,10% are in the USA, and 9% are in France. Maybe this is because the weather in Britain isn't very good!


1.Which food could be more popular among British adults, a hamburger or fish and chips?

        A. A hamburger.         B. Fish and chips.

        C. Both.               D. Neither.

2.Which of the followings can show the right percentage (百分比) about Sports in Britain?


3.hose who are interested in movies are ____.

A. men                     B. women

C. old people                D. young people

4.How long do British women spend watching TV every day?

A. Three hours.              B. Three hours and a half

C. Two hours                D. Two hours and a half

5. British people's favorite country for a holiday is ____.

       A. Spain    B. France     C. America    D. Australia


 James is a good student and he has lots of friends,but he also has a problem.Some older boys are bullying(欺负)him at school.James is very unhappy and he doesn't know what to do about it.Here are some suggestions to him and other teenagers in this situation.

    Don't feel worried.It's not your fault(过错)! Being bullied can make you feel very lonely and angry,but you are not alone.Don't feel that you have to hide the problem.You should find a person you can trust,and tell them.It might be your teacher,your parents,or even your friend's parents.After you tell someone,you will get some support and feel some relief(解脱).

    Speaking to an adult might make you nervous,but here are other things you can do.Some people express their feelings more easily on paper.Write a letter to someone or keep a diary.Include all the details(细节)about what the bullies do, as well as when and where the bullying happens.You can use it as proof to show what is going on.And it is a wonderful idea to

 show your letter or diary to a teacher or another responsible adult.Then the bullies will feel very afraid if their names appear in a letter!

Also,don't show you are sad and don't try and fight with the bullies. You could get in trouble yourself. Ignore them and just walk away. The bullies will soon stop.


1.What do you think the text is trying to tell us?

        A. What to do about being bullied.

        B. How to be a good student at school.

        C. What to write well in a diary.

        D. How to give suggestions to teenagers.

2.Why does the text advise you not to feel worried if bullied?

       A. Because you are not alone.

       B. Because it is not your fault.

       C. Because someone has known about it.

       D. Because you' re doing something wrong.

3.You'd better go and find a person you can trust and ____.

A. know what happens        B. learn from them

C. ask for help               D. make them lonely

4.If you remember and follow the suggestions above, ____.

       A. nobody will speak to the bullies

       B. everybody will feel some relief

       C. someone will express their feelings

       D. the bullies will soon stop

5.What does the underlined word "ignore" mean in the text?

        A. take no notice of           B. take care of

        C. make full use of           D. get more help from


Do you have the ability to live cheaply? Now here's a true story of an American girl,Sarah.

     21  Sarah left university,she began to live in New York City on her own.She   22  a job in a publishing house,but the salary(薪水)was   23  $30,000 a year.Her parents thought her life would be hard,but Sarah  24  live on her salary and still saved $5,000 in a year.How was that  25  in one of the most expensive cities in the world?

    Cheap living  26  starts with keeping the big cost small.For most people,that  27 housing.So Sarah chose to share a flat with three other friends.Her next biggest cost was   28 .When she ate out,she went to cheap restaurants. 29  she bought a $9.99 whole chicken at a local restaurant.She then   30 the chicken bones(骨头)home and made soup out of them.Nowadays young people often  31  a lot of money on entertainment(娱乐).But Sarah said,“I enjoy walking  32  in New York City.I love going to museums and parks.”  Did Sarah feel poor  33  cheap living? Not really.She even managed to take two trips,one to the Netherlands, 34  to Portland.

  “Don't think of saving money as something  35 .It's a kind of game,”said Sarah.

1.A.Until         B.Because            C.After                         D.Unless

2.A.found        B.tried                  C.asked for                D.looked for

3.A.more than     B.less than       C shorter than                       D.higher than

4.A.can          B.may                      C.could                            D.might

5.A.difficult      B.possible              C.useful                       D.different

6.A.already       B.sometimes      C.hardly                D.always

7.A.helps         B.becomes                C.makes                          D.means

8.A.food          B.rest                C.studying                 D.playing

9.A.Soon         B.Finally            C.Once                   D.Again

10.A.prepared      B.took            C.caught                     D.picked

11.A.pay          B.lend                   C.spend                       D.save

12.A.along         B.up                   C.down                     D.around

13.A.by            B.up                   C.at                              D.between

14.A.another       B.the other              C.others                    D.the others

15.A.hard          B.interesting      C.nice                   D.great



A:How are you?

B: 1.

A:It's a great party, 2.

B:Yes,it is.Do you like the music?

A: 3. I play this kind of music with my band(乐队).

B:You're in a band?

A:Yeah, 4.

B:Really? Well,I work on the Internet all my free time.

A:  5.

B:You're right,it's cool.

A.What do you mean?

B.isn't it?

C.That sounds good.

D.Oh,no.What a pity!

E.we play in our free time.

F.I love it.



—Whose computer doesn't work?

        — ____ ,I think.

       A.John has    B.John does     C.John   D.John's


—Do you like playing tennis?

        —No, ____ I like sports.I play football every Sunday

       A.and      B. but       C.so        D. or


____ early,and you won't be late for school.

       A.Turn down    B.Turn up    C.Get up   D.Get down


—Excuse me, ____ is the post office?

        —About 500 meters away.

       A.how often    B.how long   C.how far   D.how soon


—Where ____ you ____ lunch?

        —At home.There was no school lunch

       A.did;have    B.are;having C.will;have D.do;have


I'm not sure about the meaning of the word. You'd better look it up in a ____ .

       A.letter    B.dictionary C.postcard D.notice


Trees ____ fight air pollution.They are natural air conditioners.

       A.should    B.must    C.need   D.can


 ____ it snowed heavily yesterday, nobody in our class missed the lesson.

       A.Though    B.Because C.Unless D.Since


Tomorrow there's a programmed about our school on TV,then it ____ by millions of people.

       A.will see    B.saw    C.will be seen  D.was seen


My brother is two meters in height.It's very difficult to find clothes big enough ____ him.

       A.about    B.at    C.with D.for


—Have you ____ joined in a dragon boat race?

          —Yes,I have.

       A.never    B.still    C.seldom   D.ever


I forget to bring a pen.Would you lend me ____?

       A.one    B.that                   C.it            D.this


—Dad,I've passed the exam.

       — ____ !

       A.Never mind    B.Good luck    C.Well done   D.All right


Jenny goes to school on foot.It takes her about half  ____  hour to get there.

       A.an      B.a    C.the       D.(不填)


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