All the students in Class 5 will climb the mountain if it _______ rain tomorrow.

        A. won’t          B. don’t          C. didn’t         D. doesn’t


The matter is just a secret     you      me. Please don’t tell others about it.

A. from; to     B. between; and      C. from; and     D. between; to




活    动


















Tom’s Sunday




Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American holiday in the United States.

In 1620, the settlers, or Pilgrims, sailed to America on the May Flower. They wanted to find a place where they could have freedom to worship(敬拜)God.

During their first winter, over half of the settlers died because they were cold and hungry. Those alive began sowing(播种)in the first spring.

All summer long they waited and finally the fields produced a rich harvest. And so they decided that a day of thanksgiving to the Lord should be fixed. Years later, President of the Unite States proclaimed(宣布)the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day every year. The celebration of Thanksgiving Day has been on that date until today.

The Thanksgiving celebration has never changed through the years. The big family dinner is planned months ahead. On the dinner table, people will find apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and grapes. There will be varieties of food. The best and most attractive among them are roast turkey and pumpkin pie. They are the most traditional and favorite food on Thanksgiving Day.

1.Choose the best word which means “settlers”?

A.visitors       B.Pilgrims      C.people        D.Americans

2.Why did half of the settlers die?


3.On which day do people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?


4.What is the most traditional and favorite food on Thanksgiving Day?


5.What should we think of and say to our family and friends on Thanksgiving Day?





We have ________ at half ________ eleven.


He reads _______ but he never ________ to the cinema.


This is an ________ camel and it ________ often drink.


________ the elephant ________ from Asia?


This is a ________ wolf and it lives in the ________.


I download music from the ________.



A.celebrate    B.presents    D.birthday

F.Christmas   G.tell       I.give       J.was born

Why do people 1.________ Christmas? In western countries, it is the biggest 2.________ of the year. People enjoy parties, decorations, music and fun. When many people think of Christmas, they think of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and 3.________. But Christmas is much more than that. It celebrates a very special person’s 4.________.

A long time ago, a baby boy 5.________. His name was Jesus. He wasn’t born in a nice 6.________. He was born in a stable(马槽)! Jesus was a special baby. He came to the world to bring 7.________, peace and joy. He came to 8.________ people about God. At his birth, angels sang. Later, wise men brought him gifts. Today we 9.________ gifts to each other at 10.________ because of the wise men.



Happiness is for everyone. You don’t need to care about those people who have beautiful houses with large gardens and swimming pools or 1.________ and so on. Why? Because those who have big houses may often feel lonely(孤独的)and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads at their free time.

In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it. 2.________. When you study hard at your lessons, your parents are always taking good care of your life and your health. When you get success, your friends will say congratulations(祝贺)to you. When you do something wrong, people around you will help you to correct it. 3.________. All these are your happiness. If you notice(注意到) a bit of them, you can see that happiness is always around you.

Happiness is not the same as money. It is a feeling of your heart. When you are poor, you can also say you are very happy, because you have something else that can’t be bought with money. When you meet with difficulties, you can say loudly you are very happy, because you have more chances to challenge(挑战)yourself. So you cannot always say you are poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes, life is like a revolving(旋转的)door. When it closes, it also opens. 4.________.

A.When you are in trouble at school, your friends will help you

B.If you take every chance you get, you can be a happy and lucky person

C.those who have nice cars and a lot of money

D.And when you do something good to others, you will feel happy, too

E.those who have no houses


Do you know why you sleep? You may think it’s because you’re tired. Or perhaps you’ve been told sleep is good for you. Yet no one knows exactly why or how people sleep.

Until the early 1950s, most scientists thought the body and brain rested during sleep. Then a scientist watched people sleep. He noticed that during periods of between 5 and 30 minutes each, sleepers’ eyes made rapid movements, as if they were watching something. He called these periods REM sleep, for Rapid Eye Movement. Periods when sleepers’ eyes did not move he called non-REM sleep.

Whenever the scientist woke people during REM sleep, they were having vivid dreams. Measurements showed that sleepers’ pulses(脉搏)went up quickly during REM sleep. Their breathing, heartbeat, and the blood going to the brain also increased. Far from being a time of rest, REM sleep is a time when the body is hard at work. Scientists still don’t know the reason for this. Some believe REM sleep makes learning easier. Babies spend a lot of time in REM sleep. Because of this, some scientists believe that REM sleep helps the brain grow. Others think REM sleep is a time for the brain to empty the day’s garbage.

One thing all the scientists agree on is that sleep is necessary. Without enough sleep, people make mistakes. Most major car accidents happen during the early morning hours, when people are sleepiest.

1.During REM sleep, a person’s breathing and heartbeat ________.

A.stop   B.increase     C.decrease   D.stay the same

2.Which word in paragraph(段落)3 means “colorful and lively”?

A.easier         B.empty         C.vivid   D.quickly

3.Which paragraph tells what happens when people don’t get enough sleep?

A.1         B.2         C.3         D.4

4.What is the main idea of the article?

A.REM sleep helps the brain grow.

B.REM sleep has been watched and recorded by scientists.

C.REM sleep is a time to empty the day’s garbage.

D.REM sleep is an active time when the body is hard at work.

5.You can decide from the article that REM sleep ________.

A.has a restful effect on people

B.can be avoided with lots of sleep something that all people experience something that all scientists agree on


Many teenagers feel that the most important people in their lives are their friends. They believe that their family members, and in particular, their parents, don’t know them as well as their friends do. In large families, it is quite often for brothers and sisters to fight with each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice.

It is very important for teenagers to have one good friend or a circle of friends Even when they are not with their friends, they usually spend a lot of time talking among them on the phone. This communication is very important in children’s growing up, because friends can discuss something difficult to say to their family members.

However, parents often try to choose their children’s friends for them. Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends. The question of “choice” is an interesting one.

Who chooses your friends?

Do you choose your friends or your friends choose you?

Have you got a good friend your parents don’t like?

Your answers are welcome.

1.Many teenagers think their ________ know them better than their parents do.

A.friends        B.brothers    C.sisters        D.teachers

2.When teenagers stay alone, their usual way of communication is ________. go to their friends talk with their parents have a discussion with their family by phone talk with their friends on the phone

3.Which of the following is different in meaning from the sentences “Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their friends?

A.Some parents may even not allow their children to meet their good friends.

B.Some parents may even ask their children to stay away from their good friends.

C.Some parents may even not let their children meet their good friends.

D.Some parents may want their children to meet their good friends at the stop.

4.Which of the following sentences is right according to the passage?

A.Parents should like everything their children enjoy.

B.In all families children can choose everything they like.

C.Parents should try their best to understand their children better.

D.Teenagers can only go to their friends for help.

5.The sentence “Your answers are welcome” means“________”.

A.You are welcome to have a discussion with us.

B.We’ve got no idea, so your answers are welcome.

C.Your answers are always correct.

D.You can give us all the right answers.

6.Which is the best title of the passage?

A.Only Parents Can Decide  B.Parents and Children

C.Teenagers Need Friends   D.A Strange Question


Many cultures have different ideas about why people catch colds. For example in the United States, some people think that you can catch a cold if your feet get cold. So, mothers tell small children to wear warm boots in the winter. In other places, including parts of the Middle East, some people believe that strong winds cause colds. So, on trains and buses, people usually don’t like to sit next to open windows. In parts of Europe, some people think that wearing wet clothes will give you a cold. They say that after you go swimming, you should quickly put on dry clothes. Today, scientists know that colds are caused by a virus(病毒). But the old ideas are still very strong, and many people still follow them to avoid(避免)getting ill.

1.What is the main idea of this reading?

A.People still believe old ideas about why they catch colds.

B.Colds are the biggest health problem in the world.

C.Some people think that strong winds cause colds.

D.You should take good care of your health in winter.

2.Which is NOT a cause(成因)of colds in the reading?

A.bad food    B.wet clothes        C.a virus        D.strong winds

3.In "people still follow them to avoid getting ill", what does "them" mean?

A.scientists   B.old ideas    C.colds  D.dry clothes

4.According to the reading, which of the following is NOT true?

A.There are many different ideas about how people catch colds.

B.Scientists don’t know how people catch colds.

C.Some people think that wearing wet clothes gives you a cold.

D.In the U.S., many small children wear boots in winter.

5.Many people in different countries have ________ ideas about why people catch colds.    C.the same   D.different



Blue Water World

A great place for the whole family

We have...

* a gym

* a hot spring bath

* swimming pools

* a cinema

all with activities or lessons for both you and your children

Price: ¥80 a person

¥40 for children under 14

Open: 11:00 a.m.~ 11:00 p.m. except Monday

The fun never stops at Blue Water World!

Telephone: 555-5683/555-5686


1.Mr. Smith wants to go to Blue Water World with his family, so they can go there ________. 5:00 pm on Monday 10:00 am on Tuesday 2:00 pm on Sunday 11:00 am on Monday

2.Who would most likely go to Blue Water World often?

A.Mr. Wang; he loves taking a hot spring bath.

B.Miss Gao; she is looking for a place to go fishing.

C.Mr. Chen; he enjoys swimming in the early morning.

D.Mrs. Jin; she needs a quiet place to talk about business.

3.Mr. Lin wants to go to Blue Water World with his eight-year-old twin sons this Saturday. How much will they have to pay?

A.¥80  B.¥240         C.¥160         D.¥40

4.If you go to Blue Water World, you can do all the following things there except _______.

A.watching movies                 B.doing exercise

C.taking a bath                   D.eating Italian food


Dear friends,

My name is Helen. I’m 12 years old. I   36   from Taxas, America. I’m really   37   in Chinese geography. It’s fun! And I hope you can tell me more. I like hamburgers best,   38   I try to eat them twice a week   39   it’s a kind of   40   food. And I like to drink lemon   41   . As for sports, I often go swimming with my parents on weekends.

I   42   in Cobb Street School. My   43   subjects in school are ME and art. They are really fun! After school, I like to go to the   44   with my family or friends. I like action movies and cartoons. They’re   45   How about you? Do you often go to the cinema with your family or friends?



1.A.come       B.comes        C.coming come

2.A.different B.interested C.same     D.great          B.and        C.but          D.or

4.A.because B.with          C.and          D.or

5.A.Asian       B.delicious    C.healthy       D.unhealthy

6.A.tree C.juice        B.start         C.ride      B.hate         C.favorite      D.first

9.A.library     D.cinema

10.A.boring   B.exciting      C.awful         D.difficult


— ________ do I write the name?

— Write it in the box. OK, then click “save” again.

A.Where        B.What C.When          D.Why


Running stars eat ________ healthy food.

A.a lot   B.lots of         C.lot of  D.lot


—________ playing a game?

— That’s a good idea.

A.How many B.How old     C.How often D.How about


— Mary, can you take good care of ________ while I’m not at home?

— Of course, I can.

A.myself        B.ourselves   C.yourself      D.yourselves


The girl ________ black hair is my sister.

A.has     B.with        D.have


Finally, save your document before you ________ your computer.

A.turn on       B.turn up       C.turn off       D.turn down


Last Sunday was Mr. Wang’s birthday. He invited a lot of people ________. party a party  C.for the party the party


Please ________ as soon as you get up.

A.pick me up          B.shut me up

C.wake me up                 D.wake up me


My sister didn’t feel well, so mum took her to the          C.bookstore


— Would you like ________ with us tonight?

— Yes, but I have to work with my boss.

A.having lunch                B.have dinner have lunch     have dinner


Susan usually ________ her homework at 7:00 in the evening.

A.goes  B.does       D.has


— ________

— It’s Friday.

A.How are you?                 B.What’s the date today?

C.What time is it?                   D.What day is it today?


— What do you usually do on your ________?

— I usually play games and type my homework.  B.blackboard         C.notebook   D.keyboard


The camel comes from Africa. It’s African. It lives in the ________.

A.forest         B.grassland  C.desert        D.water


— Let’s ________ this weekend.

— That’s a good idea.

A.going fishing      B.going to fish       C.go fishing   D.fishes


In the UK and the USA people often give flowers and cakes as birthday presents. They ________ open their presents at once.

A.always        B.never C.sometimes         D.hardly ever


There ________ any computers on our desks.        B.isn’t   C.are     D.aren’t


— When ________ Barb’s birthday party?

— It’s December 22nd.

A.are       C.does


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