— Does the tiger come from Europe?

— No, it doesn’t. It comes from ________.

A.Chinese      B.Asian C.Asia   D.European


I like Britney Spears. She’s ________ favorite singer.

A.her     B.my      C.me     D.you


In the UK, there are two different types of school. One is free for every child in the country;   41   kind makes you pay for your education.

The free schools are known as “state schools” and the schools that   42   are known as “public schools”.

The UK has many famous public schools, such as Eton (伊顿公学), Harrow (哈罗中学) and Winchester (温彻斯特中学). Children from around the world come to the UK to study at these schools. Prince William studied at Eton.

  43   most kids go to state schools. Only about one in 10 goes to a public school. Fees (学费) at public schools can be very   44  . It can cost around 200,000 yuan for one year.

There are differences between state and public schools. Public schools generally attract better   45  , because they offer higher salaries(薪水).

Because public schools have   46   money to spend than state schools, they also have nicer facilities (设施). Some have football fields, gyms and swimming pools for their students to use.

Facilities in state schools are not usually as good. They often have to   47   with other nearby schools.

Despite (尽管) these differences, kids learn the same things, whichever type of school they go to.   48   schools must follow the National Curriculum, which is set by the government. It   49   teachers what they must teach their students.

This means that whether you are rich or poor, you will still receive a basic level of  50  .

1. A. other                B. others              C. another           D. the other 

2. A. cost                 B. pay                C. spend             D. take

3. A. And                     B. But                C. Although           D. Besides

4. A. high         B. low                C. expensive            D. cheap

5. A. students       B. teachers             C. professors            D. visitors

6. A. less        B. little                C. much            D. more

7. A. share        B. talk       C. play              D. help

8. A. Every        B. Some               C. Most             D. All

9. A. says         B. asks                C. tells                   D. allows

10. A. living       B. work      C. education           D. study


M: What about your history class this afternoon, Millie?

W: We were supposed to have a history class, but Mr Johnson was ill   36  . So we had a geography class instead.

M: Your mother and I will go   37   on Saturday. Will you join us?

W: I’d like to, but I have to take an exam on Sunday. I think I’d better   38   at home and study. By the way, will you go climbing in the mountains?

M: Yes, why?

W: I know it’s summer   39   it can get quite cold in the mountains even in June, so bring a coat with you. You’ll need   40   in the early morning.

M: OK, we will.

1.A. in hospital                  B. in a hospital          C. in a school             D. at school

2.A. climbing            B. climbs                    C. climbed                  D. walking

3.A. to stay             B. stay                        C. not stay                 D. not to stay

4. A. and                    B. but                          C. so                           D. or

5. A. it                       B. that                       C. one                         D. ones  


Which one of the following is NOT RIGHT?

     A. He listened carefully in every class. As a result, he got full marks in the exam.

B. He listened so carefully in every class that he got full marks in the exam.

C. He got full marks in the exam. As a result, he listened carefully in every class.


I read it aloud ________ clearly.

     A. so that I can hear you       B. in order to be heard   C. to hear


________ you can’t decide ________ to go or not, just stay at home and sleep all day.

     A. Whether, if                         B. If, whether                    C. If, weather


 ________ it is very noisy in the big cities, many people ________ love living there.

     A. Although, still                     B. But, still                         C. Although, but still


Can you share me the information about Gong Li ________ you got from the Internet?

A. who                                       B. that                                C. what


 ________ I listen to the story, ________ I like it.

A. The less, the more          B. The more, the less    C. The more, the fewer


—Could you look after my dog while I am away?   —_______.

A. No, thanks.                   B. With pleasure           C. It’s a pleasure  


 Who ________ running, Jim or Jack?

     A. is good at                             B. is better at                     C. is the best


I have his address, so I did not have any ________ his house.

     A. difficulty finding out            B. difficulty finding           C. difficulty looking for


I ________ that the earth moves around the sun.

     A. often doubt                         B. never doubt                            C. sometimes doubt


You can say ‘I’m feeling blue’ when you are feeling ________.

     A. happy                                     B. sad                                   C. frightened


Peter is imaginative enough to ________ new ideas.

     A. run up with             B. meet up with                 C. come up with


It’s clear that people with ________ opinions may do things ________.

     A. different, differently         B. difference, different   C. different, different


Jack and Peter, together with Bob, ________ to the moon.

     A. has never been                   B. has never gone            C. have never been


The poor boy loves playing ________ football, and he really wants to have ________.

     A. the, a                                    B. /, one                                       C. the, one


请你以心理医生Mr. Green的名义给Tom一些晚上更好休息以及如何放宽心态,积极备战的建议。要求通顺达意。字数在80-100词之间。(15分)


参考词汇: relax;  healthy;  happy;  confident (自信的)… …


Dear Tom,

I’m glad to hear from you. In my opinion, though the exam is very important,______________________________________________________________________












Yours truly,

Mr. Green




中考临近,Tom经常很烦闷,晚上睡不着,上课注意力不集中,经常想着万一考不上怎么办?于是他给某报社的心理医生Mr. Green写了一份e-mail进行咨询,希望他能给自己一些建议,以便在冲刺阶段能全力以赴。


Dear Mr. Green,

I’m sorry to trouble you. You know there will be a/an    1   exam this term. But it seems that everything goes wrong with me. I can’t fall    2   at night and I can’t listen to the teachers carefully. I am always    3   about my grades. I know it is not good to do so, but I can’t control myself.        __________________      4    _____________________________         ? (此空格不限字数)

Write to me soon. Best wishes to you !



















One night a hotel caught a fire , and people in it ran out in their night clothes .

_1. (幸运地),nobody was  2. (受伤).

Two men stood outside and looked at the fire.

“Before I came out,” said one, “I ran into some of the rooms and found a lot of money. People don’t think of money when they’re _3. (害怕的).When _4. (任何人) leaves paper money in a fire, the fire burns it. So I took all the bills that I _5. (能够)find. No one will be poor _6. (因为) I took them.”

“You don’t know my work, ” said the 7. (另一个).

“What is your work?”

“I’m a policeman.”

“Oh!” cried the  8.  (第一)man. He thought _9. (迅速地)and said, “And do you know my work?”

“No,” said the policeman.

 “I’m a writer. I’m always telling  10.(故事)about things that never happened.”





get back    polite   twelve   knife   excite




1. Watching a football match can make people feel _________ .

2.The Browns are going to celebrate their daughter’s ________ birthday.

3. His father always ____________ home at 5:00 pm .

4.We should speak to the old  ________ .

5.In Britain, people not only use ________ to cut things but also use them to have meals.



Dictionaries say that “spring fever” is a lazy or restless feeling . People usually have the feeling on the first warm day of spring. Everyone has probably felt it at one time or another . people have talked about it for years.

          Recently, scientists have taken a good look at spring fever. What they found is quite surprising.

          In many places we live in , the winter months often seem dark and dreary. When spring comes late March , the world becomes colorful . The number of daylight hours grows with each passing day. According to many scientists, all the sunlight sets off chemicals in the brain (大脑). The chemicals make our feeling change and bring on spring fever.


(   ) 1. How do people who have spring fever feel ?

              A. active            B. awake           C. energetic       D. restless .

(   ) 2. Scientists think that ______________ cause(s) spring fever .

               A. colors           B. sunlight         C. dark           D. illness

      (   ) 3.According to the passage ,the underlined word “dreary ”means“__________” in Chinese.

               A. 沉闷的         B.暖和的           C. 晴朗的        D.明亮的

      (   ) 4. The best title for the passage is ______________ .

               A. How to Get Over Spring Fever          B. Spring Fever

               C. Darkness in winter                    D.Spring and winter


A survey by baidu.com showed there were 16 million bloggers (写网络日志的人). Xu Jinglei was one of the first famous people that the website sina .com.  invited to open blogs.

              The  web log written by Xu Jinglei is now the world’s most popular . Xu , an actress-turned –director, became famous overseas when she won a Best Director Award for the film. A  Letter From an Unknown Woman in 2004.

              Her blog has broken the domestic (国内的) record  with more than 10 million visits .

              Xu updates (更新) her blog every other day . But if she feels very good she sometimes posts two or three articles in a day .

              Visitors leave thousands of messages about each of her articles , praising (赞扬) her open, free writing style, commenting (评论) on films.


(   ) 1. Now Xu Jinglei’s web log is ________________ .

A.  broken by hacker                       B.written by an unknown woman

C. the world’s most popular              D. closed by government

        (   ) 2. How many visitors does Xu’s blog have ?

                A. About 16 million .    B. About 36.82 million  

C. 2004                  D. over 10 million

        (   ) 3. _________ invited Xu Jinglei who was one of the first famous people to open blogs.

                A. The website baidu.com                    B. The website sina.com

                C. The website Yahoo.com                   D.The website blog.com

        (   ) 4. From the passage we know that ________________ .

A.  a survey by baidu.com showed there were 16 million bloggers writing in English

B.  Xu Jinglei was the only one that the website sina.com invited to open blogs

C.  Xu Jinglei always posts one article in a day

D.  Visitors leave lots of messages about her articles in her blogs



Dear Annie,

I have never written a letter to a newspaper before, I have just never felt the need to do such a thing. I have always felt I was quite able to do everything by myself. But now I know I was wrong.

Sometimes you really need help in life, I guess. And that’s why I’m writing this letter to you.

I have a happy family. I love my children and they love me . I’m a mother of three children. I know well how to bring up (带大)children, and two of them are already over twenty, so it is nothing new for me.

But now I have a serious problem:the Internet problem. My little son is just sixteen, and I feel he should do a lot of homework now , but he doesn’t seem to be interested in it . He can happily spend six or eight hours at a time on the Tnternet every day , He chats with pelple that he has never met before , but speaks little to us .He does lots of useless things on the Internet. And he sees red if you ask him to do his homework.

I just want him to be a good student . Now he seldomdoes his lessons at home. I’m afraid he will drop behind in his class soon. His father is a doctor , a very kind man . He never seems to be afraid of his father.

What can I do ?And don’t tell to talk to him. We’ve tried that and it didn’t work. But this is really a big problem in our family. I have tried everything I can think of . I

wonder how the Internet is so attractive(有吸引力的).You’re my last hope. Please tell me what I can do!


Ellen Smith


(   ) 1. Mrs Snith wrote to Annie because       .

     A. she often asked others for help

     B. she thought she was a great mother

     C. she didn’t know how to stop his son surfing the Internet

     D. she didn’t know how the Internet was so attractive

(   ) 2.What might NOT Mrs Smith’s son do on the Internet?                        

     A. Send e-mails to his friends         B. Prepare for his lessons

     C. Chat with strange people           D.Read the news

(   ) 3. What does the phrase “he sees red”mean in this passage?                   

     A. He feels sorry                    B.He feels happy

     C. He becomes frightened             D. He becomes angry

(   ) 4. What do you think of Mr.Smith?                   

     A. An irresponsible(不负责任的)father who nerver taught his son

     B. A very excellent doctor who was busy with his work and had no time to teach

his son

     C. A very kind man who loved his son

     D.A man who always made his son be afraid of him but failed



Parents today also worry about their children’s diets. Some doctors give the following advice:     



(   ) 1. According to the doctors’ advice ,what does junk food include ?

A. milk and vitamins.                        B. Fruits and sugar.   

C. Vegetables and salt.                       D. Fat, oil, salt and sugar.

(   ) 2.In this passage, doctors think that teenagers should eat more ______ .

A. food with no vitamins.   B. fat and sugar    C. vegetables and fruits  D. salt and oil

(   ) 3.The best title for this passage is ______ .

A. Bad Habits   B. junk Food C. unhealthy Food      D. advice on Healthy Eating



One will feel happy when others flatter( 奉承) him in his face. It is said that the best way of flattering someone is to give him a “top hat” 31 .

A student was going to leave the capital to become  32  official (官员) in a city far away. Before he started, he came to say  33  to his teacher.

“It is  34   job to be a good official.” his teacher said. “ you must be strict  35  yourself and never be careless.”

“Don’t worry about me, sir.” The student answered. “I have already   36   anyone hundred top hats, which will  37  those people quite happy.”

“But we are really gentlemen!  38  could a real gentleman do such a thing ? ” His teacher was a bit   _39  . “ Never forget  40  I taught you in class!”  

 41  are always right, sir. I also hate such things. But, sir,   42   no one really gentleman like you can be seen in the world now.” said the student. It seemed that he had to do so.

  43   hearing this, the teacher was pleased. “What you said is true!”

“I have  44  one top hat already. Now I have ninety-nine  45  .” the student said to his friend later on when he asked the student what he had talked with the teacher about.

(   ) 1. A. to dress        B. dressing             C. wearing      D to wear

(   ) 2. A. a              B . the                 C. an           D. /

(   ) 3. A. hello          B. goodbye            C. OK           D. thanks

(   ) 4. A. not an easy     B. not easy         C. a good       D. difficult

(   ) 5. A. about          B. with           C. from         D. to

(   ) 6. A. made          B. bought              C. prepared         D. repaired

(   ) 7. A. give           B. let           C. keep         D. make

(   ) 8.A. How          B. What             C. Why          D. When

(   ) 9. A. pleased        B. angry             C. excited        D. sorry

(   ) 10. A. that           B. how                  C. why              D. what

(   ) 11.A. You           B. We               C. They       D. Us

(   ) 12. A. hardly         B. about            C. almost       D. nearly

(   ) 13. A. Before        B. After             C. Because       D. If

(   ) 14. A. sent out       B. bought               C. sold         D. borrowed

(   ) 15. A. left           B. already         C. yet          D. else


This sign 6ec8aac122bd4f6emeans______. 

A . Go up       B. No parking    C. Don’t touch     D. Don’t smoke.


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