--- It's a fine day today. Why not go out for a walk?  


A. Good luck             B. That's OK    C. It's very kind of you    D. Good idea


I want to learn swimming. Can you give me         ?

     A. an advice      B.some advice       C. some advices    D.any advices


---Have you finished         the book?

   ----No,I haven’t.But I will finish it soon.

     A.reading              B.to read           C.looking           D.to look


The plane didn’t take off         the heavy rain

      A. because            B.because of        C. so                   D.on


Mr.Smith has been here for many years,      she has few friends.

A.but               B.and               C.or                D.so 21


Johann Strauss, as a composer, was         more successful and popular than his father.

    A.very              B.so                C. even             D.too


---Do you get _______ well _______ your friends?

        ---Yes,we do.

A. on, to           B. on, with         C. on, and          D. along, to


—Don’t forget their address and telephone number.

—I will _____ in my notebook.

    A. write them down   B. write it down   C. write down it    D. write down them


I          my homework at home this morning.

A.forgot                B.have forgotten        C.leave              D. left


She tried ________ Chinese in English class.

A. to not speak         B. not to speak         C. not speaking    D. didn’t to speak


---      you       the film before?

         ----Yes, I       it last year.

A. Did ; see ; saw                  B.Have ; saw; saw   

C.Have; seen; saw                   D.Have; seen; seen


---Where is your father?

        ---He          to Shanghai    business.

A.has been ;on     B.has gone;  for        C.has been;for      D.has gone;on


Vienna,the capital of Austria,is   the River Danube and The Blue Danube is      Strauss.

A. on; for              B.in; by                C.on;by        D.by;on


Linda didn’t go to school yesterday because she had to         her sick mother at home.

     A.look at              B.look for            C.look after      D.look up


My friend Vivian is an        girl.

A.seventeen- year- old              B.seventeen years old  

C.eighteen –year –old               D.eighteen years old


Sally        her MP4 for 3 years.

        A. have bought       B.has bought         C.have had        D.has had


Quzhou is a wonderful place,       visitors come here every year.

A. two millions         B.million of       C.millions of      D.two million of


The old man has lived in this city     .

A.for 2001          B.since 10 years        C. since 10 years ago    D.for 10 years ago


He’s never had seafood,          ?

A.is he             B.isn’t he              C.hasn’t he       D.has he


He can play    football well , but he can’t play       guitar.

A.the ; /             B./ ; the                 C. / ; /       D. the ; the


这学期你在学校认识了一个新朋友Sue, 根据表格中所提供的信息,写一篇短文向大家介绍一下Sue。


















1.She, in, class, ten, is.


2. listening, to, music, you, like, do?


3.the, colour, what, are, flowers?


4.speak, Chinese, can, not, Lily.


5. this, photo, a, is, my, of, family.




1.I can play computer games(改为一般疑问句)

                  play computer games?

2.Betty is from  America .(对划线部分提问)

                  Betty from?

3. —Do you like English?(作肯定回答)

   —       , I         .

4.What’s your father? (改为同义句)

   What is your                ?

5. I am a student.(改为复数形式)

   We               .



1. Nice to meet you.                        A. I’m Betty.

2. Can you play the piano?                  B. An arm.

3.How are you, Betty?                   C. It’s on the chair.

4.What’s this in English?                   D. He is a hotel manager.

5. Good morning!                        E. No, I can’t.

6.Where is my coat?                     F. Nice to meet you, too.

7.What’s your name?                     G. I’m fine, thanks.

8. What is your father?                 H. Eleven

9. How many people are there?               I. Good morning!

10.Is this a map?                           J. Yes, it is.



warm, blue, spring, swim, nose, leg, hot, green, winter, red, arm, ride, mouth, cool, summer, cold, yellow, walk, autumn, run

1. 表示天气情况的单词:                                                       




5. 表示季节的单词                                                          


A: 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。

1. My mother can        (dance).

  2.Miss Li is our English teacher, we all like       (she).

  3. —What’re these?    —They’re       (foot).

 4.There       (be) a bird in the tree.

5.His father is forty      (year) old.

B: 根据句意和汉语提示完成单词

6. How many      (书本) are there in your schoolbag?

 7.Can you       (骑) horse?

 8.My brother is a        (医生) in a hospital.

9. My hobby is playing         (篮球).

10. Shally         (喜欢) playing the piano.


Lucy, Mary, Tom and Tony are good friends. They are in Class 4, Grade 1. Tom’s favourite subject is maths. Lucy’s favourite subject is English. Mary’s favourite subject is Chinese. Tony likes P.E. best. But they don’t like biology. They think biology is boring. There are many clubs in their school. Lucy can sing well, so she joins(参加) the music club. Mary likes swimming, so she joins the swimming club. Tom likes playing chess, so he joins the chess club. Tony likes drawing, so he joins the art club.


1.Tony’s favourite subject is maths.

2. Lucy sings well.

3. Tom joins the swimming club.

4. Mary likes biology.

5.They are good friends.


Hello, I’m a middle school student from Hainan. My Chinese name is Li Ying. My English name is Alice. I am Chinese. I’m in No. 26 Middle School. I am a good student. Now I am thirteen years old.

Our school is very nice. Ms Smart is my English teacher. I like her and she loves us very much.

There are three people in my family. This is my father. He is a teacher. This is my mother. Her name is Han Jing. I love them very much.

1.Alice is from      .

A. Japan                B. England          C. America          D. China

2. Li Ying is       years old

A. 14               B. 13               C. 12               D. 10

3.Ms Smart is       English teacher.

A. Li Ying’s        B. Li Ping’s        C. Lingling’s           D. Daming’s

4. Li Ying’s father is       .

A. a teacher            B. a doctor         C. a student            D. a worker

5. Li Ying’s mother’s name is       .

A. Han Meimai       B. Han Jing         C. Alice                D. Smart


My name is David. There are many things in my room. There is a sweater  31  the bed. It’s  32 . I also have a pair(双)of  33 . They are blue, too. There is a desk and a chair in  34  room. A football is under the  35 . I like it very much. I  36  play football very well. I often play it with my friends. A picture is on the wall. You can see four people in it. The man and the woman are my  37 . They work in a school and teach Chinese. They are  38 . The little girl is my  39 . She is very lovely(可爱的). She is only three years old. She doesn’t go to school, so she  40  read or write. I have a happy family.

1.A. in         B. on           C. with         D. to

2.A. white          B. green            C. blue         D. black

3.A. shoes          B. coats            C. T-shirts     D. caps

4.A. his            B. her          C. my           D. your

5.A. room           B. desk         C. floor            D. bag

6.A. can            B. am           C. do           D. did

7.A. mother     B. parents      C. father           D. parent

8.A. teachers       B. doctors      C. workers      D. students

9.A. mother     B. brother      C. sister           D. sisters

10.A. can           B. can’t        C. must         D. don’t


It’s very       in summer. We can       in summer.

A. cold, swimming       B. hot, swim        C. warm; swim   D. cool, swimming


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