—What’s your favourite sport?

         —I like      .

A. run              B. running      C. runing           D. runs


—What       the weather       today?

         —It’s cold.

A. it; /                B. is; like         C. does; like       D. can; be


Are these your parents?    Yes,       .

A. they’re          B. there are        C. those are        D. they are


I’m       Class Two      Li Fang and Zhang Xia.

A. in, and          B. at, with     C. in, with     D. at, and


This is       Li, he is my English teacher.

A. Mr               B. Mrs          C. Ms           D. Miss


Tony and I      good friends.

A. am               B. is               C. ar   e           D. be


下面的四组字母中不含有相同的元音音素的是(    )

A. b, t, c              B. s, l, n          C. q, u, w          D. a, k, f


This is my son.           is a student.

A. He               B. She          C. Him          D. Her.


—What’s this?      —It’s       

A. a apple          B. apples           C. an apple     D. an apples





假如你叫Gina Brown, 请介绍一下你的姓、名、电话号码(0571-82538974)、家庭成员(父母和一个哥哥,叫Dave)),并简单介绍一下你的房间里物品及物品位置(自选3样物品)。词数:50词左右。




 are  pencil  a  she  he  on  cousin  family  parent  good

 Hello , I’m Kate. Today is Sunday . My __1___are all at home. My grandparents are in the living room (客厅). They like watching TV. They have _2___color TV. Look, that is my __3___. She is a nice girl . ___4__ name is Mary Smith. She has two erasers and three___5___. My little brother Jack is __6__ the sofa. __7___ is playing computer game. My __8____ are in the kitchen(厨房). They are cooking. Mary and I __9___ in the same school . We are ___10___students.


Mary,Laura, Jim, Jack和Jenny各自丢失了一样东西,请你仔细阅读第6-10题中的他们对各自失物的描述,然后从A到F六个选项中选择相对应的图片(有一项多余)。

6.Mary: Hi, my name is Mary. My ID card is lost. My card number is zero three eight five six. Thank you

7.Laura: Hi, I’m Laura. I lost my notebook. Its color is yellow. It’s not a very big one. Thanks

8.Jim: Help, help! I can’t find my favorite football. It is white and black. It’s a new ball. Please help me.

9.Jack: I’m Jack Brown. I lost a photo of my family. My father, mother, sister and I are in the photo.

10.Jenny: My name is Jenny. I am new here. I am not happy because my black watch is lost. My telephone number is 5649-0983. Please call me.



A. 6ec8aac122bd4f6e     B. 6ec8aac122bd4f6e    C. 6ec8aac122bd4f6e


 Mary Green

 No: 03856

D.6ec8aac122bd4f6e   E.6ec8aac122bd4f6e   F.



Mary and Lily are sisters. They share(合用)a room. This is their room. It’s not a big one. You can see two beds in the room. Mary’s bed is yellow and Lily’s bed is red. Their schoolbags are now on the beds. You can’t see their shoes. They are under the beds. The two sisters have only one desk. It’s a big desk. Their alarm clock, books and dictionaries are on the desk. They often do their homework there.

1.   What room is it?

A. It’s a classroom.             B. It’s a big room. 

C. It’s a meeting(会议) room.      D. It’s a bedroom.

2.   Which one is Lily’s bed?

A.   The yellow one.             B. The red one.

C.  The white one.              D. The green one.

3. Where are their schoolbags?

 A. They are on the wall.         B. They are behind the chair.

 C. They are under their beds.      D. They are on the beds.

4. Where are their shoes?

 A. They are under their beds.      B. They are on the beds.

 C. They are lost.                D. We don’t know.

5. Which one is RIGHT(对的)?

 A. Lily’s jacket is on the desk.     B. Mary and Lily are cousins

 C. Lily’s shoes are under the desk.  D. Two beds are in the room.



1. That is his sister.(改为一般疑问句)  

  _______  ________ his sister?

2. Mike is fine.(对划线部分提问)

  ______  _______ Mike?

3.This is my watch. (改为复数形式)

  ______ ­­­­­­are my ______ .

4. Those are my brother’s computers.(改为否定句)

  ______ ________my brother’s computers.

5. photo, here,family,is my, a, of (连词成句)



Jack Black has a big ___1___. His grandfather and grandmother ___2___ in England. They are at home. Their ___3___ are Nick Black and Anna Black. But Jack’s parents are in China. Jack’s ___4___ is an English teacher. He works in a middle school. Jack’s mother ___5___ a teacher. She is a doctor (医生). Jack and his ___6___ Mary are students. They go to the same (同一个) ___7___ in Beijing. Jack is ___8___ Class One, Grade Seven. At school Jack has ___9___ good friends. They are Lin Feng, Li Lei, and Sun Weiming. Mary has many good friends, too. They ___10___ their school.

  1. A. bag        B. room        C. family        D. school

2. A. is          B. are         C. be            D. am

3. A. names      B. numbers     C. address        D. ID cards

  4. A. sister       B. mother      C. brother        D. father

5. A. is          B. isn’t        C. don’t          D. are

6. A. sister       B. brother.      C. friend         D. uncle

 7. A. class       B. grade        C. school         D. classroom

8. A. at          B. in.          C. on            D. under

9. A. two        B. three        C. four          D. five

  10.A. have       B. like         C. meet          D. look


______ are my sister’s pencils and ______ my ruler.

  A. Those; that         B. These; that’s    C. This; that’s      D. That; this is


—Simon, your mother looks nice!


Thank you.        B. OK.           C. No, she isn’t.    D. Yes, that’s nice.


—Can you see the map on the wall?


I do           B. I can            C. I am          D. I can’t


Tim, thank you_______ your eraser.

    A.  in            B. to               C. for           D. with


—Is that Jean?

      —________ It is Tina.

A.   Yes, she is.     B. Yes, it is.         C. No,she isn’t.    D. No, it isn’t.


My name is Amy. ______ name is Alice and ______ is Frank.

A. Her; his         B. She; his         C. Her; he         D. She; her


—______, Sonia. Is this your backpack?

   —Yes, it is. Thank you.

    A. Sorry           B. Goodbye        C. Excuse me      D. OK



     —They’re under the chair.

A. Where is your baseball?          B. Where are your baseball?

C. Where are your keys?            D. Where is your keys.?


Please ______ these books here .I need them.

      A. take           B.to take           C. bring           D.to bring


—Is this ______ dictionary?

     —No, ______ isn’t. It’s ______ dictionary.

A. his; it; her      B. your; it; my      C. her; this; his     D. your; that; his


Please call me ______ 235—5680.

A.in            B. on             C. at              D. for


She is Linda Brown. Her ______ is Brown.

A. first name     B. family name     C. given name      D. full name


— _________ is your ruler?

—It’s blue.

A. What          B. What’s color       C. How            D. What color


_______ alarm clock is on the desk. It’s _______ red alarm clock.

An, an        B.  A, a           C. An, a             D. A, an



—Good afternoon, Cindy.

A.              Good morning, Cindy.       B. Good afternoon, Eric.

C.   How are you?              D. Good evening, Alice.


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