— Would you like me to show you the way?      ---_________.

      A. No way      B. Yes, you would .  C.  It’s right.    D. That’s very kind of you.


_________happily the children are flying kites!

A.What     B.What  a      C.How           D.How a


Stop smoking, _______ you will get better soon.

     A. and         B. or           C. but             D. after


—How long have you _______________ the motorbike?

—For about two weeks.

A. bought     B. had            C. borrowed      D. lent


–Attention, please. The flight has to be_______ because of the heavy rain.

     A. put on       B. put off         C. put away      D. put up


–I don’t know your brother.

-Oh. The man _______came to see me yesterday is my brother.

     A. who         B. whose        C. where            D. whom


On April 14, 2010, a serious earthquake happened in Yushu. More than 2,000 people ______ in it.

     A. dead         B. death         C. died          D. die


People _______the southwest of China were in great need of water a couple of months ago.

     A. in           B. at            C. to            D. on


—Is this your sweater, Joy?

—No, It's not________ sweater. ________is yellow.

A. my, My      B. my, Mine      C. mine, Mine     D. mine, My


---_______ the Internet ___________ in your school?

        ---Yes, but the computer in our office has broken down.

    A. Is, used     B. Is, using      C. Does, use      D. Has, used


—Could you tell me _____________ last night?

—Er, I was watching TV at home.

A. what you were doing           B. what were you doing

C. what you are doing             D. what are you doing


–Whose shirt is this?

--It _______ be Li Lei’s. It is too big for him.

     A. could          B. must       C. can’t          D. might


I saw many ____________ eating grass on the hill.

     A. horse        B. cow    C. rabbit       D. sheep


—By the way, have you got ______ e-mail address?

—Oh, yes, it is swimonland @ hotmail.com.

A. a             B. an         C. the        D. /


—Can I help you ? — I’m looking for some _____________.

A.bottles of orange juice

B.kilos of mango

C.packets of salts

D.bag of rice


All the members in our family love NBA except ________ .

A.you and I

B.you and me

C.I and you

D.he and me


— ____ do you do to celebrate Christmas?  

—We have a party and give presents to each other.






Kitty is a very _____ dancer and she dances very _____.

A.good; well

B.well; good

C.good; good

D.well; well


— Where is Millie? — She ______ a trip in her room.



C.is plan

D.is planning


___________ great fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!

A.What a

B.How a




At the _______, we eat moon-cakes and on _______, we eat Turkey.

A.Dragon Boat Festival, Thanksgiving Day

B.National Day, Halloween

C.Mid-Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving Day

D.Chinese New Year, Christmas


“ Laughing all the way” is from the song _________ ”  

A.My heart will go on

B.Jingle bells

C.Pretty boy

D.Yesterday once more


—We hope you ________ China next year.—Thanks.I will.

A.to visit



D.will visit


It’s popular to use QQ to _________ with each other on the Internet now.






 My classmates plays ________ computer games at the weekends.

A.too much

B.too many

C.much too

D.many too


—Is there _______ juice in the glass?—Yes, there is_______.

A.some; any

B.any; some

C.some; some

D.any; any


_____your friend from the USA ? No, he’s an English boy.






— Do you know who teaches ______ Chinese? — Yes . Mr Wang does.










1. I have two ____________.     ( knife)

2. Whose ______________ are these ?       ( child )

3. These photos are hers. They are not ____________.     (I)

4. What about ____________ shopping?   (go)

5. The little girl is ____________ on her hat now.     (put)


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