We were greatly ______ by the program performed by Xiao Shengyang on CCTV.

A. impressing        B. impressed            C. memorizing           D. realized


—How do you study      a test?

—I study      working      a group.

A. for; in; with        B. for; by; at          C. of; in; by           D. for; by; with


I  _____ to you as soon as I get there.

A. write            B. wrote                C. have written     D. will write


To my great ______ , he finished the work only in a few days.

A. surprised            B .surprising           C. surprises            D. surprise


—Excuse me. Could you please not smoke here?


A. Sorry, I won’t       B. No problem           C. You’re welcome       D. It doesn’t matter


______ my little brother is a child , he knows a lot.

A. Even         B. If                   C. Even though      D. Until


—Excuse me, could you tell me_________?

—Sorry, I don't know. I'm new here, too.

A. when the museum will open                B the Olympic Village is where

C. how long the lady had lived here         D. how do you celebrate New Year


—I don’t know ______ with this problem. It’s too hard. —You can ask Mr Wang for help.

A. which to deal    B. when to deal     C. what to deal     D. how to deal


— Must I stay here with you?

—No, you_____. You may go home, but you ______go to the net bar.

A. mustn’t , needn’t                     B. needn’t, mustn’t

C. must, need                           D. need, must


I used to go to sleep ________ my bedroom light ________.

A. with, open       B. with, on         C. and, open            D. in, on


I t doesn’t matter if _______ boys play basketball too much instead of watching TV.

A. sixteen-years-old                        B. sixteen-year-olds

C. sixteen year old                     D. sixteen-year-old


The boy likes to sleep with his parents. He is ________ the dark.

A. interested in        B. afraid of            C. sure of              D terrified


Last year my sister tried to lose weight, but ______ putting weight back on.

A .cut up           B. looked up            C .ended up         D. make up


—I usually watch TV till 11 o’clock in the evening.

—Really ? Are you __________?

A . allowed to stay up                      B. allow to stay up    

C .allowing staying up                  D. allowed stay up



Your classmates

1.  良好的语言环境,更利于语言的学习

2.  拓宽视野。

1.  中学生年纪太小,缺乏生活经验

2.  学习生活费用高。

Your idea





In recent years, studying abroad has been popular in our country. More and more middle school students go abroad for studies.                                        




1.I saw an alien get out of the UFO. Isn't that a________.

2.The old men should be spoken to p________.

3.——Shall we meet on W_______ or Thursday?——Either day is OK with me.

4.I don't remember w________ I have left my keys at home or in the car.

5.Don’t tell anybody. It’s just b________ you and me.

6.Many young people like to study a________, such as in Britain or in the USA.

7.Keep s________ and have a happier, healthier and better life.

8.S_________ across the Pacific Ocean when it is possible. This is what your parents said.

9.When I got to the school, I r________ I had made a mistake that I had left my homework at home.

10.I think as teenagers, we should be allowed to make d________ for ourselves.


1用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空, 使短文通顺、正确、连贯(每个单词限用一次)。


A Bag of Kindness

“Boys and girls, tomorrow I want you to bring a cup of macaroni(通心粉)for our craft class, OK?” These     1    from my teacher rang in my mind all evening. I was afraid of the next day because I knew we had no macaroni at home. Living in an alcoholic(嗜酒的)family, we never had too much of anything      2     beer bottles.

I went home after school. Where could I find macaroni? I knew that the local bottle shop gave ten cents for a beer bottle, so I decided to sell some bottles to get money for macaroni. I started to

3    the bottles. After selling those bottles, I earned eighty cents. Although I did my     4    ,I still had no macaroni for my craft class.

“Weren’t you     5    when I asked you to bring it, John?”my teacher asked.

I went red in the face. I didn’t know what to say and other children started laughing. Then a little girl, Rosalyn, who sat beside me turned to me and said, “You can have some of     6    .”She offered a bag of macaroni to me. The k    6    in her eyes made me cry and I ran out of the room. I     8    took her macaroni or thanked her for her bag of kindness. However, I often think about Rosalyn and the way she turned to save me t hat day. I used to spend a great deal of my life complaining and keep kind people like Rosalyn a     9    ,After that class, I     10    .I am grateful  to all the people like Rosalyn that made this world a better place to live in.



1.I am 73 years old. I often watch TV in my free time. Of all the programs, I like the news best. Through the TV, I can learn what is happening in our country and in the world. At seven every evening , I always sit in front of the TV.

2.I am a grandma. I like Chinese traditional opera. From Monday to Thursday, I usually turn on the TV at half past seven. The programs from CCTV7 are my best.

3.I am a basketball fan. I like playing basketball very much. But I am too busy. So I have to watch it on the TV. Every night, I watch the match till midnight.I am crazy about it , especially NBA

4.I am a housewife. I do the housework all day, I’d like to watch TV at night. I prefer to see soap operas like ‘palace”, “meteoric garden” and so on.Because they can make me feel relaxed.

5.I am the only son in the family. I am in Grade Five. I like cartoons best. I often watch cartoons on the TV after doing the homework.

6ec8aac122bd4f6e 6ec8aac122bd4f6e

           A                          B

6ec8aac122bd4f6e 6ec8aac122bd4f6e

C                          D                      

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            E                         F.


New York is one of the last large American cities to have some of its policemen on horseback. The New York police have 170 horses working in certain parts of the city. The horses are expensive to feed, but it is even more expensive to look after them. Because the horses must walk on the streets, they need special horseshoes. In fact , they need more than 8,000 of them each year. Every police horse in New York gets new shoes every month. Keeping these shoes in good repair is the job of six blacksmiths. There are only about thirty-five of these blacksmiths in the whole United States.

The cost of shoing a horse is between twenty dollars and thirty-five dollars, and it takes a good blacksmith two or three hours to do the job.

A blacksmith’s job is not an easy one. He must be able to shape a shoe from a piece of metal and then fit it to the horse’s foot. The blacksmith must bend over all the time when he is fitting the shoe and must hold the weight of the horse’s leg while he works. Clearly, a blacksmith must be very storng. But even more important, he must be able to deal with horses---for before the blacksmith can begin his work, he has to get the horse to lift its leg.

One of the blacksmiths in New York is James Corbin. He came to the country from Ireland in 1948. He not only makes horseshoes for the police but also works for a group of horse owners near the city. Corbin became interested in blacksmithing because his father did it, and,as the puts it, “It’s a good way to make a living.”

1.According to the reading passage, a blacksmith must be likely a______ man.

A. clever       B. rich        C. strong       D. lucky

2.James Corbin became a blacksmith because he__________.

A. was interested in horses        B. was needed by the policemen

C. drew a picture of the horseshoe  D. had a make a living

3.In the reading passage “to shape a shoe” is to__________.

A. fit it on the horse’s foot

B. use it for two or three hours

C. make the from of a horseshoe from a piece of metal

D. draw a picture of the shoe

4.The best title for the passage is “__________”.

A. Policemen on Horseback      B. Blacksmiths and Horseshoeing

C. James Corbin, a Blacksmith    D. Horseshoeing is a Good Way to Make a Living

5.Which of the following is true?

A. Only a few large American cities have some policemen on horseback. 

B. New York is the only city in America to have some policemen on horseback. 

C. Policemen on horseback enjoy travelling around the United States. 

D. Policemen on horseback are less expensive than those in cars.


Lisa never had the chance to know her father. He and her mother divorced when she was just a young child. Even though he didn’t move far, he never came to visit his children.

Lisa often wondered about her father. What did he looked like and what he was doing. All she knew was his name: Jeff White.

After Lisa grew up, she became a nurse at a hospital, where she would help provide medicine and comfort for patients in their final days. A few weeks ago, she receieved a new patient whose name was Jeff White.

When Jeff came into his room, Lisa asked him if he had any children. Jeff told her that he had two daughters, Lisa and Elly. Lisa couldn’t hold her tears back. She told him, “ I am Lisa, your daughter.”

Jeff embraced her, saying that he was not a good father. And the daghter held his hand and kissed him. Then Jeff began to sing This Magic Moment.

Jeff could have just weeks left to live, so Lisa wanted to make the most of the time she had with him. Lisa also brought her kids to the hospital to meet their grandfather. The kid made cards for him with the words, “ I love you.”

Forgiveness is also a kind of love.

1.what happened to Lisa when she was young?

A. Her father lost his job.

B. Her mother died.

C. Her family moved to another country.

D. Her father left the family.

2.What did Lisa know about her father?

A. Her father’s looks

B. Her mother’s name

C. Her father’s hobby

D. Her father’s job

3.What does the underlined word “patient” mean in this passage?

A. 医生        B. 病人       C. 家属         D. 手术

4.From the passage we know that__________

A. Lisa has a brother.

B. Lisa hates his father.

C. Lisa has a sister.

D. Lisa’s father hates her daughter.

5.This passage mainly tells us that _______

A. Kids should love their father.

B. The father should love his kids.

C. Forgiveness is also a kind of love.

D. Fathers shouldn’t leave their families.


In the depths of my memory, many things I did with my father still live. I call these things  1  and love.

I don’t remember my father ever getting into a swimming pool. But he did  2  the water. Any kind of  ride seemed to give him pleasure.  4  he loved to fish; sometimes he took me along.

But I never really liked being on the water, the way my father did. I liked being  5  the water, moving through it, having it all around me. I was not a strong  6  , or one who learned to swim early, for I had my  . But I loved being in the swimming pool close to my father’s office and  8  those summer days with my father, who  9  come by on a break. I needed him to see what I could do. My father would stand there in his suit, the  10  person not in swimsuit.

After swimming, I would go  11  his office and sit on the wooden chair in front of his big desk, where he let me  12  anything I found in his top desk drawer. Sometimes, if I was left alone at his desk while he worked in the lab, an assistant or a student might come in and tell me perhaps I shouldn’t be playing with his  13  . But my father always showed up and said easily, “Oh, no, it’s fine.” Sometimes he handed me coins and told me to get  14  an ice cream…

A poet once said, “We look at life once, in childhood; the rest is memory.” And I think it is not only what we “look at once, in childhood” that determines our memories, but  15  , in that childhood, look at us.

1.A. hope           B. joy              C. anger           D. worry

2.A. hate           B. refuse           C. praise          D. love

3.A. boat           B. bus              C. train           D. bike

4.A. But                B. Then             C. And             D. Still

5.A. on                 B. off              C. by              D. in

6.A. swimmer            B. rider            C. walker          D. runner

7.A. hopes          B. likes            C. rights          D. fears

8.A. spending       B. saving

C. wasting         D. destroying

9.A. should         B. would            C. had to          D. could

10.A. next          B. only             C. other           D. last

11.A. away from     B. out of           C. by              D. inside

12.A. put up            B. break down       C. play with      D. work out

13.A. fishing net  B. office things

C. wooden chair    D.lab equipment

14.A. the student       B. the assistant    C. myself          D. himself

15.A. which         B. who              C. what            D. whose


1——The dining room is dirty. Can anyone clean it?

——________  I do it all the time.

A.Don't mention it.     B.Why you?      C.Not sure      D.Not me again.


1——Would you mind turning down the music?


A.Yes, I would       B.Yes, I do       C.No, of course.     D.No, not at all.,


1——Why is the classroom so dirty?

——Sorry, Sir. It _____ yesterday. We forgot to do it.

A.doesn't clean          B.didn't clean         C.isn't cleaned  D.wasn't cleaned


1——Have the police caught the thieves _____ the bank last week?

——Yes, they were caught yesterday.

A. that robbed     B.which robbed     C.robbed     D.who have robbed


1I'm new here. Could you please tell me ________ ?

A. what is the building used for           B. when does the first class begin

C. where is the dining hall                D. how many classes our school has


1——Must I park my car behind the building?

——No, you needn’t. You _____ park it here.

A.need      B.must       C.may        D.should


1——TV and computer are so popular these days.

——Yes, they can ____ our eyes to the outside world.

A.call up         B.open up        C.turn up        D.take up


1I called Mary many times yesterday evening. But I couldn't get through.   Her brother _____ on the phone all the time.

A.talked      B.had talked     C.has talked     D.was talking  


1——I haven't got a camera.

——I think you should buy_______. It's useful for you.

A. one                B. this               C. that             D. it


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