children there are in a family,        their life will be.

A. The less, the better    B. The fewer, the better

C. Fewer, richer             D. More, poorer


Reading in bed isn't       our eyes.

A. good at      B. weak in      C. bad for     D. good for


The plane to Hongkong       at this time of day.

A. takes off         B. gets to     C. leaves for        D. takes away


—Would you like to go and watch the football game with me?


A. Not at all        B. Excuse me, I can't

C. Yes, I'd love to     D. That's right


These books should       to the library on time.

A. send               B. be returned

C. give back        D. be got back


Taiwan is part of China. It is       the southeast of our country.

A. to              B. on             C. in            D. at


      a  year does  your school  have  sports meetings?

—Twice a year.

A. How often      B. How soon

C. How long        D. How many times


The river is very long and it is about       .

A. 20 metres wide   B. 15 metres long       C. 30 metres high   D. 50 metres tall


Xi'an is one of       capital       in China.

A. older, city       B. the older, city

C. oldest, cities     D. the oldest, cities


        our football team failed in the match, we did our best.

A. Though     B. But           C. Because    D. As


It's too hot today. Please give        a bottle of orange.

A. mine         B. he              C. her           D. our


This is        empty bottle. Could  you  give me       full one?

A. a, a           B. an, a          C. the, the    D. /, a


/d/  A. hoped           B. rained      C. lasted      D. talked


/W/  A. brother         B. both        C. than        D. those


/ B:/ A. walk           B. salt             C. half             D. also


/C/   A. sock            B. move         C. love         D. who


/ei/ A. bread               B. meat         C. great       D. seat






1. I have two ____________.     ( knife)

2. Whose ______________ are these ?       ( child )

3. These photos are hers. They are not ____________.     (I)

4. What about ____________ shopping?   (go)

5. The little girl is ____________ on her hat now.     (put)



One Sunday morning Mr Green and his child , Bill ,are in a big shop . Mr Green wants to

buy a new blouse for Mrs Green . Bill likes oranges , so his father buys two kilos(公斤)of

oranges for him , too . Bill wants to buy some picture—books and colour pencils , too . There

are many people in the shop . They are men and women , old and young . They all want to buy

something there .

 1.Mr Green goes to the shop with ___.

    A.Mrs green   B.his son   C.his daughter  D.his father

 2.Mr Green wants to buy a new blouse for ___.

     A.Bill’s mother   B.Bill   C.his friend   D.other people

 3.Bill likes ___.

    A.all the things   B.the new blouse   C.oranges

 4.Bill wants to buy ___.

    A.some picture—books  B.some colour pencils  C.clothes in the shop  D.A and B

 5.The shop is ___.

    A.empty   B.close   C.full of children   D.full of people





Mr Jones and Mr Brown work in the same office (办公室).One day Mr Jones says to Mr Brown ,

 “I will have a small party at our house on Monday evening . Would you and your wife like to

come ?”

    Mr Brown says , “Thank you very much . I’d love to , but let me ask my wife first .” 

So Mr Brown goes to the other room and telephones his wife . Then he comes back and looks very

worried .

    “What’s the matter?” asks Mr Jones . “Is you wife there at home ?”

    “No,” answers Mr Brown . “She isn’t there . My small son answers the telephone . I 

say to him , ‘Is your mother there , David ?’ and he answers ‘No , she isn’t in the

house.’‘Where is she ?’ I ask ,‘She is somewhere outside(在外面) .’‘What’s she doing?’

 ‘She is looking for me .’”


  1.There is a party at Mr Jones’s house on Monday evening . (  )

  2.Mr Jones asks Mr Brown and his wife to go to the party . (  )

  3.The telephone is in Mr Brown’s office. (  )

  4.Mr Brown speaks to Mrs Brown on the telephone . (  )

  5.Mrs Brown is looking for her son . (  )



Jan:I have new photos of my family, but they' re not very good. This is my sister…

Mark:Where is she?  Is she at the library?

Jan:No, she' s in the living room. She s doing her homework. And that s my brother.

Mark:Is he doing his homework, too? What's he eating?

Jan:He' s watching a scary movie on TV and eating french fries.

This is a picture of my aunt and my mother.

Mark:Is that -your mother in the pool?

Jan:No, that's my aunt. My mother can't swim. And this is my mother and my aunt at the shop. They really like shopping and eating at the shop. Mark: Interesting photos.

 1. The pictures are ______.

A. good   B. interesting   C. scary

2. Jan' s sister is doing her homework ______.

A. at the library   B. at the pool   C. in the living room

3. Jan' s brother isn' t ______.

A. doing his homework   B. watching TV    C. eating french fries

4. Jan' s ______ can' t swim.

A. sister   B. mother   C. aunt

5. Jan' s mother and aunt like ______ at the shop.

A. eating french fries   B. shopping    C. swimming



I am a middle-school student. Now let ___1___ tell you something ___2___ our classroom.

It's very ___3___. There are two maps ___4___ the back wall. ___5___ is a map of China.

___6___ is a map of the world (世界).

    There are ___7___ desks and chairs in our classroom. There is a big desk ___8___ the

teacher in the front of it. We ___9___ four classes in the ___10___ and two in the afternoon

    1. a. I      b. my        c. me      d. we

    2. a. about    b. in        c. on       d. at

    3. a. small     b. big        c. bigger     d. biggest

    4. a. in      b. on        c. under     d. over

    5. a. It      b. It's       c. One      d. one

    6. a. Other     b. Others      c. Another    d. The other

    7. a. fourty    b. forty       c. forteen    d. fourteenth

    8. a. for      b. of        c. to       d. about

    9. a. there is   b. there are     c. has      d. have

    10. a. moning   b. mourning     c. morning    d. moring


He is_____American.I’m_____E     nglish.

A.a,a,a   C.the,the    D./,/[源:Zxxk.Com]


There are _____pens_____pencils in the box.

A.not ,and,and     C.don’t,/,or


She doesn’t like milk but likes orange______. all    B.little    C.a lot     D.a lot of


Who teaches_____English this team?

A.we     C.our     D.ours


How do you_____this book?     B.want     D.write


What are they doing? They ____________.

A. take photos         B. are taking photo   C. take a photo        D. are taking photos


 Some girls are on the hill. Where are ____________?

A. another girl          B. others girls   C. the other girls            D. the other girl


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