1——Don’t put the bike_______the teaching building.

——Sorry, I won’t.

A.on         B.under          C.around       D.of


1_____ people in the world are sending are receiving e-mails every day.

A.Million of              B.Many millions of

C.Several millions’      D.Several millions


1I have never heard______.

A.so wonderful a music    B.so wonderful music

C.such a wonderful music  D.such wonderful music


1The traffic accident _____ last Sunday morning.

A.was happened     B.happened        C.had happened        D.happening


1Jim has a _____. He is going to the USA to visit his sister.

A. two-months holiday   B. two months’ holidays

C. two-month holiday    D. two months holiday


1This is the song I’ve told you about. Isn’t it _____ beautiful one?

A.a        B. an          C.the          D. /




go to her uncle’s


finish her science report


go to the dentist’s


have a piano lesson from 18:00-20:00


study for a math test


go to the movies with  Lily in the evening


play tennis with her friends







1. He was born in 1991.(对画线部分提问)

           he born?

2. I have a big bag. He has a small bag.

My bag is________than______.

3.There were some pingpong players in our school last year.(改为一般疑问句)

    there      pingpong players in your school last year?

4. He is too young to go to school.(改为同义句)

He is _______  ________ enough to go to school.

5. They are staying there for three weeks.(对划线部分提问)

                   are they staying there?



ride,  visit  something  stay,  mix up,  get , quiet,  join,  want  turn on

1         Mom ________me to get up at 6:00 and play ping –pong with her.

2         Don’t _______stressed out. It’s not healthy.

3         Eat a balanced diet ________ healthy.

4         I like _________ my bike on weekend.

5         I can’t _______you because I have to help my mom.

6         My American friend is going to ________me next vacation.

7         I’m _________than she is.

8         Add some cinnamon and __________ the ingredients.

9         __________the blender for about two minutes.

10. She shouldn’t eat _____________.


Mr. Brown was on his way home from the railway station. It was very late, and he was alone on the dark road. Suddenly he heard someone behind him. He began to walk faster. The man behind him walked faster, too. He walked more slowly, and the man moved more slowly, too. He began to run, and the man was following him and he was really scared.

There was a wall on one side of the road, and he quickly climbed up on it and jumped down on the other side. “If he passes and doesn’t stop,” Mr. Brown thought, “everything will be all right.” But the man didn’t pass. He climbed up on the wall and jumped down, too. Mr. Brown’s only thought was, “I’m in great danger!” He stood up and shouted, “What do you want? Why are you following me?”

The man was so tired that at first it was difficult for him to speak. “I didn’t know that you were a very good runner,” he said at last, “I have to go to Mr. White’s house, but I don’t know the way. A man at the station told me that you lived next to Mr. White’s and he told me to follow you. I’m too tired to go any farther (更远).”

(  ) 1. Mr. Brown came home from _____.

A. the police station                   B. the railway station

C. the hospital                       D. Mr. White’s house

(  ) 2. Mr. Brown was really _____.

A. in great danger               B. a policeman

C. afraid of the man            D. too tired to move

(  ) 3. The man followed Mr. Brown because _____.

A. he wanted to scare Mr. Brown         

B. he wanted to get some money from Mr. Brown

C. Mr. Brown lived next to Mr. White

D. Mr. Brown was one of his good friends

(  ) 4. The man was _____.

A. a thief                      B. a good runner

C. too tired to speak            D. very angry with Mr. Brown

(  ) 5. Which is wrong?

A. There were few people on the road.

B. The man didn’t know where Mr. White lived.

C. Mr. Brown thought he was in great danger.

D. Mr. Brown didn’t know where Mr. White lived.


Tom lived a long way from the city. One day he went to the city to buy something in the shop, and after he bought them, he went into a restaurant(餐厅) and sat down at a table. When he looked round, he saw some old people put eye glasses(眼镜)on before reading their books, so after lunch he went to a shop to buy some glasses, too. He walked along the road, and soon found a shop. The man in the shop made him try on(试戴) a lot of glasses, but Tom always said, “No, I can’t read with these.”

The man became more and more puzzled(困惑). At last he said, “Excuse me, but can you read at all?”

“No, I can’t,” Tom said, “If I can read, do you think I come here to buy glasses?”

1. Tom met some old people____________.       .

A. far away from the city                      B. in the shop

C. in the restaurant                           D. in the park

2. When did Tom go to the shop to buy some glasses? ____________.

A. After lunch     B. Before lunch    C. In the morning   D. In the evening

3. Tom went to a restaurant to____________.        .

A. buy eye glasses  B. have lunch  C. buy some books D. sell eye glasses

4. Before reading their books the old people in the restaurant____________.     .

A. drank tea           B. took their glasses off

C. bought glasses       D. put their glasses on

5. In fact, Tom ____________.

A. liked eye glasses                   B. liked reading

C. couldn’t read at all               D. knew the man in the shop


It was quite late at night. I was reading a newspaper in my room when I heard someone knocking at the door. I opened it and saw a young man with glasses standing there. Of course, I didn’t know him. He said that he was a friend of my sister’s and wanted to have a talk with her. I wanted to know if my sister had such a friend,but I had to let him in.

As he talked, I found that he knew nothing about my sister. Then I came to know that his words were not true. Suddenly my sister came back and the young man was so surprised that he didn’t know what to do for a moment. I caught the man by the arm at once while my sister was calling the police.

(  ) 1. This happened _____.

A. on one morning              B. on one afternoon

C. on one evening               D. on one night

(  ) 2. There _____ in the room when someone was knocking at the door.

A. was one person                     B. were two persons

C. were three persons                D. were four persons

(  ) 3. The writer saw the young man for the _____ time.

A. first      B. second          C. third      D. fourth

(  ) 4. The young man _____.

A. was a friend of the writer’s    B. was a friend of his sister’s

C. was a stranger to them       D. both A and B

(  ) 5. The young man was _____ when he saw the writer’s sister.

A. sad       B. surprised      C. happy       D. sorry


Come and see the Indian elephants and the new tigers from Africa. The bears are waiting to meet you, and the monkeys from China are waiting to throw things to you. The lovely dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you, the giraffes from Zambia are looking down on you.

Tickets                               Opening time

Grown-up(成人);$2.00            9:00 a. m ~ 4:00 p. m

Children: Over 12:$ 1.00        except(除……外)Friday

Under 12: Free                  10:00 a. m ~3:00 p. m

1. How many kinds of animals are talked about in this passage?

A. Four      B. Five     C. Six     D. Seven.

2. Now Mr. Smith is in the zoo with his two sons, one is 14 and the other is 10, how much are the tickets in common?

A. $.4.00    B. $2.00     C. $ 3. 00     D. $ 100

3. Which of the following is the visiting time?

A. 8:30 a.m. Monday     B. 9:30 a. m. Friday

C. 3:00 p.m. Sunday      D. 5:00 p. m Tuesday

4.From the passage we can guess the animal “monkey’ must be very ______.

A. cute     B. bad     C. good      D. ugly

5.     Which of the following can we do in the zoo?

A.    To give some food to the fish.

B.    To go near the bears.

C.    To throw thing at monkeys

D.    To take a few nice photos.


Our school is __1__ five kilometers __2__ my home. I get up very __3_ every morning..__4___ breakfast I walk __5_ the bus stop. It’s not very far from __6_ home. I __7__ a Number 10 bus to school. It takes me about twenty  __8_. But after school when I__9__, I often go __10__. I think doing more exercises is gook for my health. My parents also say so.

1         A. neat   B. at    C. about   D. for

2         A. away   B.  from   C. at    D. in

3         A. early    B. earlier   C. earliest    D. the earliest

4         A. Before    B. Later    C. At   D. After

5         A. at    B. to    C. for   D. by

6         A. mine   B. I    C. my   D. me

7         A. take    B. sit     C. have    D. go

8         A. seconds    B. minute   C. minutes   D. hours

9         A. back home    B. get to home   C. to home    D. go home

10     A. by foot   B. by walk    C. on feet   D. on foot


—Could I please use your bike?

        . I have to go out.

A.Yes,you can.

B.Yes,you can’t.

C.Yes,I can.

D.Sorry, you can’t.


____ homework , most students do homework every day


B.As for




Sorry, he _____ help his mother.

A.had to


C.has to

D.have to


Do you go to school ______ bike or _____ foot?

A.by; by

B.on ;on

C.by; on

D.on; by


Mr. Wang is leaving ________ Beijing next month.






He is very serious. No one can make him___.



C.to laugh



My best friend is good___ swimming, but I do well ________running.

A.at; in

B.in ; at

C.at; at

D.in; in


Do you enjoy_____?

A.to read





My hair is longer than____.






There aren’t any___ between them.



C.more different



     do you surf the Internet?

—Once a week.


B.How old

C.How often

D.How many times


I’m_____ taller than he.


B.a little




Can you come to my party ____ Monday night?






We usually start the day  ___ breakfast.






Show me your ___ when you get back to school.

A.the photo



D.a photo


My mother ___once a week.



C.to shop



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