We are doing ____________.

A. our homeworks        B. us homework    C. we homework              D. our homework


The birds are singing ____________ the tree.

A. on         B. in    C. of          D. at


 ___________________ are Young Pioneers.

A. All student       B. All of students    C. All of the students          D. All students


Excuse me, we can't ____________ our tickets.

A. look for            B. find     C. to look for           D. to find


 What about ____________ computer games.

A. to play         B. to playing    C. playing             D. play


 Do you have ____________ to buy a computer?

A. many money          B. enough money    C. money enough       D. a lot money


 There ____________ a lot of food at home.

A. are       B. is    C. have           D. has


What do you often do ____________ Sunday morning?

A. on         B. in   C. at       D. for


 When ____________ Mary ____________ to school?

A. is, go        B. do, go    C. do, goes       D. does, go


 Are you ____________ music?

A. listen to       B. listening to   C. listening          D. listen at


 We should learn ____________ each other.

A. to        B. with    C. from       D. for '


She isn' t good ___________ maths. Could you help her __________ her maths?

A. with, with      B. at, at    C. with, at     D. at, with


What do you have ____________ supper?

A. for      B. at   C. with        D. on


地球是我们人类共同的家园。“低碳、环保”已成为当今时代主题。目前,我市英语学会准备在全市中学生中开展以“Save(拯救)our earth”为主题的英文征文活动。现请你根据以下三个方面的提示,写一篇80词左右的短文参评。




参考词汇:disaster n.灾难  protect v. 保护




Save Our Earth

We all live in the earth. The earth is our home.                               .



W: John, you don’t look very well. What’s the matter?

M: 81.                       

W: Oh dear! Why don’t you go to bed for a rest?

M: 82.                             

W: Shall I call your teacher and tell him you’re ill?

M: 83.                             

W: OK, I’ll do that. I’m going to the shops now. Can I get you some medicine?

M: 84.                             

W: Yes, of course. Is there anything else I can do?

M: 85.                             

W: See you later. Take care!


A. Oh, yes, please. His number is 6086354.

B. No, I’ll be all right. Thanks for your help.

C. My head hurts and I feel really hot.

D. Could you buy me a bottle of aspirin (阿司匹林)?

E. I can’t. I will have an English test this afternoon.


Top student Liu Weijian had a problem recently. The 14-year-old from Xiamen used to get marks of over 110 points (out of 120 points) on his math tests. ①But during last semester’s final exams, his math score was only 90 points.

    “I didn’t know what happened,” said Liu, who kept feeling nervous and frustrated about math during the following month.

    Like Liu, many of us experience setbacks (挫折) in life. ②你会怎样应对这些挫折呢? Would you just let them be and give up?

    Liu chose to face his problem. His parents and teacher also gave him help. After some hard work, he now gets marks between 100 and 110 points on his math tests. “Don’t be afraid of setbacks,” he said. “You will beat them.”

    Guo Xingjuan in Shenzhen also has a story to tell. The 15-year-old girl is not good at doing sit-ups (仰卧起坐), ③which is necessary for the coming high school P.E. entrance test (体育中考). One has to do at least 35 sit-ups in a minute to pass the test. However, she could only do 20.

    Feeling worried, Guo decided to do something. She did sit-ups for half an hour every day after school. Now, after a month, she can do 30 sit-ups a minute. “I finally found what made me slow through practice, and then I improved the skill little by little,” said Guo. “I believe next month I will be able to do 40!”









    The underlined phrase “little by little” means “_____________” in Chinese.


    What did both Liu Weijian and Guo Xingjuan do when they met with setbacks?



6ec8aac122bd4f6e  Life today has brought about new problem. One of the biggest problems of every nation is pollution. In America, there are laws ___66_____the air and water clean. These are new laws and it has taken much time __67____ a polluted river or lake. Now the fish are healthy again and people can enjoy __68_____in the clean water. 

  When food is brought from the store to the home, it is packed in paper, glass, or plastic. Every day a newspaper comes to the home. Americans use __69_____all these materials in the garbage which was picked up by a large truck. The truck these materials to a garbage dump or a land-fill. The truck dumped the garbage into a large hole and then earth was pushed over the garbage until the hole was filled. Then, a new hole must be found.

  As the years went by, the garbage increased as the population __70_______. Scientists suggested using some garbage again. They advised businessmen _____71____money by recycling or using paper, glass, and plastic again.

  Now, a recycling truck comes to each home once a week __72_______ up materials. American families are told _____73_____their newspaper in boxes and clean all glass, and plastic. The truck takes them to factories for recycling.

  Recycling is a way _____74_____the environment from pollution by __75_____ many materials again.


On October 31st, 2009, Chinese famous scientist Qian Xuesen, died in Beijing when he was 98 years old. He is famous as “the country’s father of space technology and king of rocketry”.

Qian was born in 1911 in Hangzhou. He left for the United States after winning a schol­arship to graduate school in 1936. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute{学院) of Technology and later at the California Institute of Technology.

Qian began his career in the US and was regarded as one of the brightest minds in the new field of aeronautics{航空学) before returning to China in 1955.

After he returned, Qian set up the first missile (导弹) and rocket research institute of China. The institute later helped start Chinese space program. He led the development of China's first nuclear-armed ballistic missile and worked on its first satellite.

He retired in the year before Chinese manned space program was launched in 1992. But his research formed the basis for the Long March CZ -2F rocket that carried astronaut Yang Liwei into orbit in 2003.

In August, 2009, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Qian and praised him for devoting his life to Chinese defense technologies. Qian told him, “I'm trying to live to be 100 years old”

1. Qian was regarded as __________ before returning to China.

    A. A father of space technology        B. king of rocketry

    C. one of the brightest minds in the new field of aeronautics

    D. one of the best-known scientists

2.When did Qian Xuesen retire?

    A. In 1970       B. In 1991      C. In 1992       D. In 2009 

3. What does the under­lined word mean in Chinese?

    A. 发奖品        B. 批评      C. 赞扬          D. 鼓励

4. List the following things in correct orders. Which is the correct?

    ① left for the United States      ② won a scholarship to graduate school

    ③ returned to China from the United States

    ④ set up the first missile and rocket research institute of China

    ⑤ studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    A. ②①③④⑤    B. ②①⑤③④.   C. ⑤③④②①   D. ⑤②①③④

5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

    A. Qian was born in 1936 in Hangzhou.    

B. Qian began his career in China.

    C. The Lρng March CZ-2Frocket carried YangLiwei into orbit in 2009.

    D. Wen Jiabao visited QianXuesen in August 2009.


What is color? Why do some of the things around us look red, some green, others blue?

Colors are really made by deflected (反射) light. We see color because most of the things reflect light. In the same way, if something is green, it reflects most of the green light. If something reflects all light, it is white. If it doesn’t reflect any light, it is black.

Some of the light is reflected and some is taken in (吸引) and turned into (变成) heat (热能).The darker the color is, the less light is reflected, the more light is taken in. So dark-colored clothes are warmer in the sun than light-colored clothes.

1.When something reflects light, we can _____.

A. see its color B. see its heat   C. not see its color   D. see nothing

2.Something looks white because it reflects _____.

A. some light B. no light C. all light   D. most light

3.the dark-colored clothes are warm because ____ is taken in.

A. more light B. less light C. more color D. less color

4.In summer ______ make people feel cool.

A. dark-colored clothes      B. red-colored clothes

C. green-colored clothes     D. light-colored clothes

5.What’s the best title(标题)of this passage( 短文 )?

A. Dark color   B. Color   C. Heat   D. Clothes  





1.The advertisements above are about ______.

    A. shopping    B. food    C. travel   D. hotels

2.If you go to Bangkok, you can ______.

    A. Climb Mountains         B. enjoy the scenery of the forests

    C. live in the Post Hotel       D. buy fruits while sitting in your boat

3. _____ is one better way to prevent the strong sunshine in Bangkok

    A. Going to the sandy beaches       B. wearing a hat

    C. Climbing up the mountains        D. staying in the forests

4.Which place will you choose if you want to visit both mountains and beaches?

A. Soll in Austria.        B. Bangkok in Thailand.

C. the Floating Market.     D. Kauai in Hawaii.

5.According to(根据) the advertisements, we know that _______.

A. the hottest travel place is Soll  

B. maybe it often rains in the centre of Kauai

C. the Floating Market is in the middle of Bangkok

D. the Post Hotel in Austria is clean but the price is high


Have you ever planted a few trees on Tree Planting Day? Each year, millions of people, both 41.______, plant a lot of trees. But this may not be the best way to make your home a 42._____ place.

   Last week we visited a park in Hebei. We were 43._____ to find most of the trees had been burned. The workers told us that the trees 44._____ soon after they were planted because they weren’t watered well enough. 45._____ workers burned them and cleaned the place for 46._____ trees to be planted this year. 47.______ a card found in one of the dead trees, a student wrote,” I hope this tree will grow up with me to 48.______ the backbone (栋梁) of our country.” The workers said that the survival (存活) of the trees was really more important than 49.______ trees were planted.

   Some people in Beijing now have a new idea that they can donate (捐赠) some money and let professional (专业人士) plant and 50.______ the trees.

1. A. students and teachers     B. old and young 

C. boys and girls                 D. mother and father

2.A. smaller        B. colder        C. warmer         D. larger

3.A. pleased        B. happy        C. interesting       D. surprised

4.A. died          B. grew         C. bought           D. planted

5.A. Though        B. When         C. Because          D. So

6.A. few           B. old            C. new            D. dead

7.A. Over           B. From          C. On              D. About

8.A. need          B. hold           C. plant             D. be

9.A. how many     B. when           C. how soon         D. why

10.A. take out      B. take down        C. take up        D. take care of


Be careful of the dog! It’s         . Keep away from it.

A. gentle   B. aggressive   C. lovely   D. interesting


I prefer ____a gift to ____ one.

A. receive, give   B. give, receive   C. receiving, give   D. giving, receiving


You are too late. The film ______ since half an hour ago.

A. has begun     B. has been on      C. began    D。begins


My friend, Darren, is coming to visit us. I’m looking forward ____ him.

A. meet   B. meeting   C. to meet   D. to meeting


_____ the kind people around, he was sent to hospital in time and saved by the doctors.

    A. Thanks to      B. Thanks for     C. Because       D. Because for


--- You haven’t been to the West Lake in Hangzhou, have you?

---______. How I wish to go there!

    A. Yes, I have      B. Yes, I haven’t C. No, I have       D. No, I haven’t


—This new model bike _______ Uncle Wang last week.

—How beautiful! By the way, what’s it ________?

A. was made by; made of    B. was made; made from

C. was made to; make up    D. made by; made of


The letter____Tommy received from his company yesterday is very important.

   A. who         B. where      C. what         D. that


---How long have you been studying at this school?

--- I have been studying here­­­­____.

 A. since I was thirteen years old         B. when I was thirteen     

 C. at the age of thirteen                D. after I was thirteen


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