Jim didn’t understand ____.

 A. which is the way to the museum   B. why his wife always goes shopping

 C. what was the way to the museum   D. how I could get to the station


---         you            the cat?---Yes, I have.

    ---When          you         it? ---Ten minutes ago.

    A. Did, feed; did, feed        B. Have, fed; have, fed

    C. Did, feed; have, fed      D. Have, fed; did, feed


We need friends to ____, or we will feel ____.

    A. chat, alone   B. chat with, lonely   C. speak, lonely    D. talk with, alone


Because of Project Hope,_______children have better lives.

A. thousand         B. thousands        C. thousand of      D. thousands of


The little boy ____ by the big one this morning.

A. made cry   B. was made cry      C. made to cry     D. was made to cry


I Mr. Black is strongly _______keeping animals in the zoo,because he thinks animals should also have the right to enjoy freedom.

A. up           B. for          C. against      D. down


Loud music may make people ____ fast.

A. to eat      B. eat       C. eated       D. eats


I dreamed that Bill Gates _____ money ____ me last night.

A. lent; from      B. borrowed; from    C. lend ; to  D. borrow; to


I find ____ difficult to remember everything, though I’m still young.

A. that        B. this      C. it     D. one


Everyone is supposed ____ a seat belt in the car.

A. wearing      B. to wear     C. to be worn   D. wears


This is ____book I borrowed yesterday. Isn't it ____interesting one?

A. the; the        B. the; a         C. a; the         D. the; an


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