Linda, _______ girl, is also the second _______ one in our class.

A. funny; tall    B. funnier; taller    C. funniest; tallest    D. the funniest; tallest


---How long ________ you _______ the book ? --- For only a week.

A. have ; borrowed    B. did ; lend    C. have ; kept    D. did ; have


It’s kind  ______them to give away money to UNICEF. It's important _________ them to help

poor children go to school.

A. to; for    B. for; of    C. of; to    D. of; for


We should try to think up a good way________ the problem.

A. works out    B. to work out    C. working out    D. work out


—Look! It’s raining heavily.        take a umbrella with you?

---Well, I’ll take one right now.

A. Why don’t    B. Why not

C. Would you mind    D. Would you like


一Where is Mr. Black? I haven't seen him for a long time.

一He _________Switzerland. He _________there for several months.

A. has gone to; has been to    B. has gone to; has been

C. has been to; has been    D. has been to; has gone


---______ have you studied English?

--–Since 2002.

A. How often    B. How long    C. How many times    D. How old


一Has Tom finished reading his book yet?

一I've no idea, but he  _________it the whole morning.

A. read    B. was reading    C. has done    D. would read


Although the old man lives in a house ___, but he does not feel ____.

A. alone, alone    B. alone, lonely

C. lonely, alone    D. lonely, lonely


一How much should I _________ on this radio?

一Fifty pounds _________ enough.

A. spend; are    B. pay; is    C. cost; is    D. spend; is


--- Could you please sweep the floor?

---______. I have to do my homework.

A. Yes, sure    B. Sorry, I can’t

C. Sorry, you can’t    D. Yes, you can


Britain is ________ European country. It is also________ island country.

A. an, a    B. the, an    C. a, an    D. an, an


亲爱的同学们,七年级这学期就要结束了, 暑假即将来临。在这一年的中学生活中,你一定结交了许多好朋友。请以My best friend 为题,用英语写一篇短文,介绍一下你最好的朋友Daniel。内容要点如下:




1. 聪明、兴趣广泛;

2. 喜爱动物;

3. 善良、乐于助人(举一例)。


1. 多读书来了解世界;

2. 帮父母做家务;

3. 和父母去旅游,因为






My best friend

Daniel is my best friend.______________________________________________________



Do you like taking music lessons? A study shows music lessons can make children have

b1. memories(记忆力) than others. The Canadian study shows that a2. one year of training in music, c 3. could get better grades(分数) in a memory test than others.

There were two groups of children aged b4. 14 and 16 in the study. One group of children took music lessons outside school, and the o5. group didn’t take any lessons. In one year, they took four tests at d6. times. The results showed that the children taking music lessons not only d7. better in music listening but also made much progress in other subjects, s 8. as English and math.

People say music is the medicine for a sad heart.Now it shows music can also with our memories.We are s10. to find more in the wonderful world of music.


八、任务型阅读 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一最恰当的单词,每个空格只填1个单词。(10分)

A good book can teach you things beyond(超出) your class. It can open your eyes and clear your minds. If you want to get into a good reading habit, there are a number of ways to develop it.

Plan your time

You should give yourself at least thirty minutes in all for reading every day. When time is set, nothing can change it. For example, make it a habit to read during breakfast or lunch time.

Always carry a book

Wherever you go, take a book with you. When you leave the house, make sure that you always carry a good book as well as your school things. Remember that a book always stays with you.

Find a quiet place

Find a place in your home where you can sit in a comfortable chair. When you read a book, no one will trouble you. There should be no televisions, computers, music or even noisy family members around you.

Have a library day

Have a library card, and you can read as many good books as possible in the library. Make it a weekly trip to the library. You can save a lot of money.

Blog it

One of the best ways to develop a good reading habit is to put it on your blog (博客) . If you don’t have one, create one. It’s free. Ask your friends and family to go there to share your ideas and give you some advice.


Some ways to have a good reading1. .

Plan your time

You should read at least half a(n) 2. every day. Make it a habit of 3.   during breakfast or lunch time.

Always 4.  a book

Make sure a book always with you wherever you go.

Find a quiet place

Find a place at home 5.  a comfortable chair and without televisions,   6. , music or noisy people around you.

Have a 7. day

It is a very cheap way to read good books in the library. Go on a trip to the library every 8..

Blog it

It 9.  no money to create a blog. Your friends and family can share your ideas and give you some






Don’t put ______ ______ ______ the rubbish bin.


______, he ______ someone ______  to him: “Don’t be afraid!”


Later, some firemen came and ______ ______ the fire.


______ _______ ______ ______, I could play the violin when I was 5.


Lask week, a five-year-old girl ______ ______ _____ and was crying in the street.


This pair of shoes ______ ______. I want to ______ ______ _____



1.It’s about 10 minutes on foot from the railway station to the hotel. (对划线部分提问)

________ ______ is it from the railway station to the hotel?

2.Alice did her homework last night. (改为否定句)

Alice ______ ______ her homework last night.

3.She spent one hour writing the letter yesterday. (同意句转换)

It ______ ______ one hour ______ ______ the letter yesterday.

4.There was only one knife on the desk when I went back home. (对划线部分提问)

______ ______ ______ ______ there on the desk when you went back home?

5.Our teacher told us something about his pet dog. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ your teacher ______ you ______ about his pet dog?

6.He went to bed.  He didn’t have supper last night. (句意不变,合并成一句) He went to bed_____ _____ _______last night.

7.They met some of their classmates last week. (用next week改写句子)

They _______ _______  some of their classmates next week.



1.We all think China has the __________ (able) to solve (解决) the problems in the South China Sea.

2.The girl does her homework ___________ (care), so she makes few mistakes.

3.Fire can be very ___________(danger), so it’s important for us to be careful with it.

4.Judy, ________ (not cross) the street when the traffic light is red.

5.I don’t know all the ___________ (visit) names.

6.“Are you OK? ” I asked. He __________ (nod) and smiled.



1.The moonlight shone in ________ (穿过) the window. Everything in the room looked so nice.

2.You can find lots of __________ (信息) about MH370 on the Internet.

3.On his __________ (四十) birthday, he got an iPad from his friend.

4.We should begin to learn to ___________ (保护) ourselves when we are young.


As students, you may have many dreams. They can be very big like becoming Superman, or they can be small. You may just want to become one of the ten best students in your class.

If you find a dream, what do you do with it? Do you ever try to make your dream come true? Follow Your Heart by Australian writer Andrew Matthews tells us that making our dreams come true is life’s biggest challenge.

“You may think you’re not very good at some school subjects, or that it is impossible (不可能) for you to become a star. These ideas stop you from realizing your dream,” the book says.

In fact, everyone can make his dream come true. The first important thing you must do is to remember what your dream is.

Don’t let it leave your heart (心). Keep telling yourself what you want. Do this step by step (一步一步地) and your dream will come true faster. A big dream is, in fact, many small dreams.

Never give up (放弃) your dream. There will be difficulties on the road. But the biggest problem comes from yourself.You need to decide what is the most important. Studying instead of (代替) watching TV will bring you better exam points. Saving five yuan instead of buying an ice cream means you can buy a new book. When you get closer to your dream, it may change a little. Then you will be able to learn more skills and find new interests.

1.Follow Your Heart is _______.

A. the first thing you must do to make your dream come true

B. the most important dream to have for students

C. the name of a book by Andrew Matthews

D. the name of a famous Australian writer

2.If you want to make your dream come true, you should _______.

A. remember what your dream is first

B. keep telling yourself what you want

C. never be afraid of the big difficulties

D. try to start with all the things above

3.From the text, we know the word “challenge” means _______.

A. 变化    B. 挑战    C. 决定    D. 态度

4.What you should NOT do to make your dream come true?

A. Watch TV to get better exam points.

B. Do what you should do step by step.

C. Always remember what your dream is.

D. Read more books, learn more skills and find new interests.

5.What is the best title (标题) of the text?

A. Keep Your Dream in Your Heart.

B. How to Find Your Dream.

C. Make Your Dream Come True.

D. Students Have Many Dreams.


Many Chinese students ask for advice on how to improve(提高) their English. There are three common questions.

The first question is about real English. Li Gang said, “I want to learn real English. But I don’t know what to do.”

Watching English films is a good way to learn real English. You can watch them when you are tired after studying for a long time. While watching them, you can relax and learn real English at the same time.

The second question is about speaking. Chen Ming said, “I’m too shy to talk with foreigners.”

“How are you?” “Where are you from?” “What do you think of China?” These are good questions to start a conversation. Many people are shy when they speak English, so before you begin, take a deep breath(呼吸) and smile! Smiling always helps.

The third question is about vocabulary. Li Jia said, “I want to remember all the new words. I write them down, but I forget them soon.”

Try to remember eight or ten words a day. Write them on a piece of paper and put it in your bedroom. Spell the words whenever you see them, and change them every day. And when you’re shopping, how about counting the English words, or saying the English names for everything you see?

1.How many questions about learning English are mentioned(提及) in the message?

A. Two.    B. Three.    C. Four.    D. Five.

2.If you want to talk with a foreigner, you’d better __________ before speaking according to the passage.

A. smile at him or her    B. give him or her a hug

C. introduce yourself    D. talk about the weather

3.Which isn’t a good way to learn English?

A. Watching English films.

B. Practising English with a foreigner in the street.

C. Sitting in your bedroom to remember words.

D. Say the English names for everything you see.

4.What’s Li Jia’s problem?

A. She’s too shy to talk to foreigners.

B. She doesn’t know how to improve her listening in English.

C. She spends too much time watching English films.

D. She can’t remember English words for long.

5.This passage mainly talks about _____________.

A. why so many people learn English

B. how to remember English words

C. why learning English is difficult

D. how to improve English


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

I am writing to thank you for looking after me so well when I came to stay with you in England. You made me feel like part of the family. I felt I was Ann’s sister, although I was just her friend from Singapore. I had a good time when I was in England. We visited many different places and took lots of photos. My mother has kept all the postcards I sent to her. I am going to put them on the bookshelf with some of the photos.

The journey I went home was very relaxing, and the long flight seemed to pass more quickly than usual, thanks to the book Harry Potter Ann gave me to read on the plane. My parents were pleased to see me, and said that they missed me a lot. We will have a busy time soon, as we are moving house next month. I have given Ann my new address, and I hope she will be able to come and stay with us next summer.

I must finish now, because my father is going to the shopping center and he said he would post this letter for me while he is there.

Best wishes,


1.From the letter, Kate is Ann’s __________.

A. sister    B. family member    C. friend    D. cousin

2.Who kept all the postcards for Kate?

A. Ann’s mother.    B. Ann.    C. Mr. Smith.    D. Kate’s mother.

3.Why did kate feel the long flight passed more quickly than usual?

A. She read a book Ann gave her.

B. She missed her parents all the time.

C. She thought Ann would come to stay with her.

D. She thought she would have a new house soon.

4.What will they do next month?

A. Move house.    B. Give Ann a new address.

C. Go to the shopping centre.    D. Ask Ann to stay with them.

5.What does kate write the letter for?

A. To say goodbye.    B. To say thanks

C. To ask for help.    D. To say sorry


A few days ago, I got a call from an old friend of mine. We ________ our school and the good old days. Then, he started talking about his father.

His father was badly ill in hospital. He ________ sleep at night and often talked to himself. My friend was ________ about this and shouted at his father to stop talking. But after stopping

________, his father fell unconscious(不省人事的). My friend was very sad. He thought it was his fault(过错). My friend was so sad that he _________ like a baby on the telephone. He said he would do ________ if his father could wake up.

Some kids often feel unhappy when they have to take care of their ________. But do you know that our parents take care of us ________ stay with us for our lifetime?

My dear friends, from now on, ________ say a bad word to your parents. Take care of them and stay with them. Even if it only ________ you a second, you parents will be happy to be with you! Do you agree with me?

1.A. talked about    B. thought of    C. cared about    D. showed around

2.A. can’t    B. mustn’t    C. couldn’t    D. shouldn’t

3.A. afraid    B. angry    C. tired    D. worried

4.A. speaking    B. saying    C. telling    D. talking

5.A. shouted    B. smiled    C. cried    D. said

6.A. anything    B. something    C. nothing    D. none

7.A. brothers    B. sisters    C. parents    D. friends

8.A. but    B. and    C. or    D. so

9.A. always    B. usually    C. often    D. never

10.A. takes    B. pays    C. spends    D. has


Do you think cats ____________?

A. is easy to look after    B. are easy to look after them

C. are easy to look after    D. is easy to look after it


— I visited Qin Lake National Wetland Park(溱湖国家湿地公园) last Sunday.

         Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

A. You did?    B. I hope so.

C. Have a good time.    D. It’s kind of you.


— You look _______ today.

—Yes, I went to bed late last night to watch a football match.

A. easy    B. happy    C. tired    D. smart


— ______ I sing here, Jim?

— Sorry, I’m afraid you ______.

A. Could; can’t    B. Can; couldn’t

C. Can; may not    D. Could; couldn’t


---Excuse me! You can’t take photos here.Look at the sign(指示牌). It says “NO PHOTOS”.

---Sorry, I _______ it.

A. won’t see     B. am going to see

C. didn’t see    D. don’t see


— _________ Mr Zhang _________ Beijing last week?

— No, but he _________ Beijing with his son next time.

A. Did; visit; visits    B. Did; visit; will visit

C. Does; visit; visits    D. Does; visit; will visit


— The newsper says that an old man always sleeps _______ his eyes _______.

— That’s really amazing.

A. with; closed    B. with; open    C. has; closed    D. has; open


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