It's ten five.

A. ten to five    B. ten past five    C. five past ten


The girl in white is Jane.

A. has a white dress    B. with a white dress    C. wearing a white dress


Rose and Jane are in the same class.

A. classmates    B. schoolmates    C. deskmates


You can go to Zhongshan Park on foot.

A. walk to Zhongshan Park

B. go to Zhongshan Park by foot

C. go to Zhongshan Park by walk


Which apple do you want?

A. do you like    B. would you want    C. would you like


Excuse me. Where's Shanghai Zoo?

A. How far is    B. How can I get to    C. Where can I go to



1.Linda can swim very fast. She is a good____________________________(swim).

2.It's late. We can't play any____________________________(long).

3.Mary is much____________________________(good) today.

4.That is a new boy.____________________________ (He)name is Jack.

5.---- Here's your book. ---____________________________(Thank) a lot.

6.Today is the____________________________(nine)of June.

7.I____________________________(have) a shower at this time yesterday.

8.San was in the___________________________(sit) room just now.

9.Lucy writes____________________________(carefully) than Lily.

10.My father____________________________(read)a newspaper last night.


at, on, to, like, for, in front of, from 填空

1.What's the weather____________________________in Shanghai?

2.A storm is coming____________________________South China Sea.

3.Here's the weather report____________________________tomorrow.

4.Mr. Smith has many pigs____________________________his farm.

5.Father is cleaning his car____________________________the house.

6.I get up____________________________six o'clock in the morning.

7.We are eating dinner____________________________the table.

8.It's raining. We can watch TV    home.

9.What can I do____________________________you?

10.It's five____________________________twelve in the morning.



1.--- Thank you very much! --- With p____________________________.

2.W____________________________comes after Tuesday.

3.What do you have for b____________________________.

4.This is Peter's e____________________________life.

5.F____________________________is the second month of a year.


1.spring           B.summer    C.autumn

2.A.bread       B.meat       D.butter

3.A.cupboard B.desk          C.window  D.chair

4.A.sunny       B.rain          C.cloudy     D.snowy

5.A.the           B.near          C.behind     D.on










  A student from No.1 Middle School. He needs a book which can help him with his study.


  A fat girl. She wants to keep fit by doing sports like badminton.

(___3___)3. David

  He admires Harry Potter a lot, so he is crazy about watching it again and again. And he can’t live without music.

 (___4___) 4.Zhang Rui

  He is from China but he is keen on western food, so he often eats it instead of Chinese food.

 (____5____)5. Kitty

  A beautiful girl. She makes herself look attractive all the time. Therefore, she makes up every day and wears fashion clothes.

A.     Floor One

CDs, VCDs, DVDs, computers, televisions, radios, etc.

Tel: 38864728

B.      Floor Two

Books on social sciences, ancients books, entertainment books.

Tel: 38800718

C.      Floor Three

Books for different kinds of level education. People in different ages are welcome.

Tel: 38868256

D.     Floor Four

Literature, art, PE equipment like baseball bats, badminton rackets.

Tel: 38804108

E.      Floor Five

Candies, cookies, cakes, bread, milk, butter, salt, sugar, oil, etc.

Tel: 38808269

F.      Floor Six

Sports shoes, tennis shoes, sandal, high-heeled shoes, thick-sold shoes.

Tel: 38804206

G.     Floor Seven

Shirt, skirt, jacket, belt, T-shirt, jeans, socks, gloves, etc.

Tel: 38800715

H.     Floor Eight

American fast food, sushi, chafing fish, pizza, etc.

Tel: 3880913




Bikes are popular in the Dutch. In fact, nearly half of all travel in the Dutch is by bike. Now, one Dutch bike designer (设计师), Thomas, has taken the country’s interest in bikes by making a school bus bike.

The big bike has eight sets of pedals (踏板) for kids, a driver seat for an adult, and three other seats, comfortably letting little kids for their trip to and from school. The bike even has a motor, which can help with high hills or at times when few kids on it.

So far, Thomas tells Fast Company, he’s sold 25 school-bikes, at a price of $ 25,000 each—less than it would cost to buy a traditional school bus with the same number of seats. Along with the traditional color, the bikes are colored yellow so that they can be seen easily.

Thomas says he’s sold school bus bikes to neighboring countries such as Belgium. England and Germany, but so far, the school bus bike hasn't been sold in the United States. If the U.S. agrees to buy this kind of school bus bike, it could do a lot of good to improve exercise for a young age and help them keep healthy.

1.Where is the school bus bike designer from?

2.How many seats does the school bus bike have?

3.Why are the school buses colored yellow?

4.How much does the school bus bike cost?

5.What do you think of the school bus bike?


People may have different dreams as they grow older.What do you want to be when you grow up?Everyone needs to answer this question.

When_I_was_a_little_girl,my_parents_always_asked_me_what_I_wanted_to_be_when_I_grew_up.I used to tell them a general,doctor,guard,and many more that I probably don't remember.But now I really know what I want to be.I want to be a fashion designer.

What made me want to be a fashion designer?I often watch TV.The fashion shows on TV are fascinating.The tall,thin models wear beautiful clothes and walk beautifully on the stage.So I decide to be a designer and design beautiful clothes for people and make them look even better.

I have all kinds of dolls and I enjoy looking at their colorful clothes.I often change my dolls' clothes.I try to put one doll's clothes on another doll and see how it looks.Sometimes a skirt looks nice on one doll,but doesn't look so good on another.

I also like reading fashion magazines.They are quite expensive,but my parents say they will pay for them if I am really interested in reading them.They want me to learn as much as possible.For me,我会尽最大的努力实现自己的梦想。I believe that one day my parents will take pride in what I can do.

1.What does the writer want to be now?


2.What does the writer think of the fashion shows on TV?


3.What does the writer often do with her dolls?







If you go into the forest with friends, stay with them .If you don’t, you may get lost. If you do get lost, this is what you should do.

Sit down and stay where you are. Don’t try to find your friends. Let them find you. You can help them to find you by stay in one place.

There is anther way to help your friends or other people to find you. Give them a signal(信号)outing or whistling (吹口哨) three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle three times again. Any signal given three times is a call for help.

Keep on shouting or whistling, always three times together. When people hear you, they will give two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice, it is an answer to a call for help.

If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a small room with branches.(树枝)

What should you do if you get hungry or need drinking water ? You would have to leave your little branch room to look for something to eat and drink. Don’t just walk away. Pick up small brunches and drop them as you walk so that you can find your way back.

The most important thing to do when you are lost ---stay in one place.


1.If you get lost in the forest, you should walk everywhere to find your friends as soon as possible.(尽快)

2.You can keep on shouting or whistling always three times together for help.

3.When you hear two shouts or whistles, you know that people will come to help you.

4.You can’t go anywhere even when you feel thirsty(口渴的) or hungry.

5.You can find your way back to your branch room easily without leaving any branches as you walk.


I asked three of my friends how they had changed since they came to our middle school.And here are their answers.


  I didn't do well in my study before,but since I began to study in this school,things have changed.The teachers here are all energetic,active and helpful.They always encourage me by saying “I'm sure you can make it”or “You are one of the cleverest students I have ever met”.These words really mean a lot to me.Now I'm one of the top students in my class,and I like studying as well.


  I used to be a fat boy who could hardly run 500 meters.When I entered the middle school,my father worried that I would be laughed at by my new classmates,so he decided to do morning exercises with me every day.It really worked.Now I'm used to running and exercising in the morning,and I am slim and strong.Besides,my P.E.teacher thinks I can be a good runner in the future!


  I used to like to be alone and didn't feel like talking to anyone.But when I met Robin and Dick,I found that they were really good people.Then gradually we became closer and finally became good friends.Thanks to them,I'm talkative and outgoing now,and I have made many other friends.I talk and play with my friends every day and each day I feel happy.



1.Who always encourages Robin after he came to the middle school?

A. His teachers.    B. His friends.    C. His parents.

2.Why did Dick's father do exercise with him?

A. Because he wanted to lose weight.

B. Because he wanted his son to be healthy.

C. Because he worried that his son would be laughed at at school.

3.Thanks to ______,Jason is an outgoing boy now.

A. Dick and Robin    B. Dick and Tim    C. Robin and Tim

4.The underlined word “talkative” means “______” in Chinese.

A. 爱开玩笑的    B. 兴奋的    C. 健谈的

5.Which of the following is TRUE according to the text?

A. Robin thinks the teachers in the middle school are humorous.

B. Dick runs every morning.

C. Jason is too shy to talk to people and make friends with them.


My grandfather is an eighty­year­old man.He has changed,and he often says that life used to be better.

Families aren't families the way they used to be.A lot of families have broken up.If husband and wife have problems with their marriage,they no longer stay together.And mothers used to stay at home and take care of their children,but now everyone's working.No one has time to look after children at home.

And the cars!No one walks any more:everyone drives.We used to walk five miles to school every day,even in winter.But now we don't.And in school,the children don't have to think any more.In math class,for example,we used to add,subtract,multiply and divide in our heads.Kids don't use their heads any more,instead,they use calculators(计算器).

Most families have computers now.In the past we didn't have computers.We didn't even have lights.My mother used to spend all day cooking in the kitchen.But now nobody eats home­cooked food any more.

And people don't talk to each other any more.They are too busy to talk,too busy to eat,too busy to think…

Life used to be simple,but it isn't any more.

1.My grandfather thinks that life ______.

A. is better than it used to be    B. is worse than it used to be

C. is as good as it used to be

2.What does the underlined word “marriage” mean in Chinese?

A. 生活    B. 工作    C. 婚姻

3.What changes have happened to some families?

There are lights at home.

People like to eat home­cooked food.

Lots of families have computers.

Lots of couples live apart because of some problems.

A. ①②④    B. ②③④    C. ①③④

4.Which is TRUE according to the passage?

A. People have too much time to talk with each other.

B. Life now is very simple.

C. Many families have broken up because of problems between husbands and wives.

5.Which is the best title for this passage?

A. How life used to be    B. The better life

C. The changes in our life


When I was a boy,I used to travel by bus or by motorbike.My grandparents used to live in a small town,but my parents used to work in another town.It's far from my home to my grandparents'.It's about 100 miles.We used to take a bus or ride a motorbike to visit my grandparents.There were always many people on the bus.I always felt terrible when I was on it.Therefore(因此),my parents used to take me to my grandparents' home by motorbike,but it was too cold in winter.We had to stop to stay warm for a while and have a short rest for several times on the way.

Now,it has changed a lot.My father bought a nice car three years ago.We can drive to my grandparents' home.And I am an 18­year­old college student.I don't feel terrible even though I travel by bus.I usually feel comfortable when I travel by car.

1.How did the writer use to travel when he was young?

A. By bus.    B. By motorbike.    C. A and B.

2.Did his parents use to live with his grandparents?

A. Yes,they did.    B. No,they didn't.    C. It's not mentioned.

3.How far is it from his parents' home to his grandparents' home?

A. It's about 10 miles.    B. It's about 100 kilometers.

C. It's about 100 miles.

4.How did the writer use to feel when he traveled by bus?

A. Cold.    B. Terrible.    C. Comfortable.

5.How old is the writer now?

A. Eighteen.    B. Eight.    C. Eighty.


I used to hate my mother because she worked a lot and didn’t spend much time with me. Then one Friday morning I took part in a three-day self-help program for teenagers. Whether you believe it or not, that weekend changed my life.

About 100 other teenagers were there. During the first two days I met a lot of great people. I was glad because I made so many friends there.

On Sunday, the leader did an interesting exercise called “Chocolate or Toys”. He asked a girl which she liked better, chocolate or toys. She chose chocolate. Then he asked her to choose again between chocolate and chocolate. Of course, she didn’t have a choice.

This exercise told us that sometimes we don’t have a choice in life, and that sometimes we have to accept something, rather than complaining(抱怨).

A girl stood up and started talking about her mom who was a drug addict (吸毒者)and how much she hated her mother.

“I want a new mom,” she cried.

“Unluckily, you can’t have one,” the leader replied.

“You have to accept the mother that you have.”

This hit me hard. I realized that, for better or worse, my mom was my mom. I couldn’t choose another mom, but I could try to make the best of the situation.

1.The writer used to hate his mother because ________.

A. she didn’t care for him.

B. she had no time to be with him

C. she was a drug addict.

D. she was too strict with him.

2.The self-help program for teenagers lasted ___________.

A. a week    B. two days

C. three days    D. only one day

3.The writer started to change his thinking ___________.

A. during the first two days of the program

B. after the exercise named “Chocolate or Toys”

C. as soon as he came to the program

D. after he left the program some time

4.From the end of the passage, we can know that ____________.

A. the writer used to love his mom for years

B. the writer’s mom is a very bad person

C. the writer’s mom loves her son very much

D. the writer will try to get along with his mother

5.What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Choices can be made as we like

B. Everyone should take part in a self-help program

C. Chocolate can influence one’s attitude toward things.

D. We should try to accept things instead of complaining about them.


Twenty years ago, I drove a taxi for a living. One night I went to pick up a passenger at 2:30 am. When I arrived to collect, I found the building was dark except for a single light in a ground floor window.

I walked to the door and knocked, “Just a minute,” answered a weak, elderly voice. After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her eighties stood before me. By her side was a small suitcase.

I took the suitcase to the car, and then returned to help the woman. She took my arm and we walked slowly toward the car. She kept thanking me for my kindness. “It’s nothing,” I told her. “I just try to treat my passengers the way I would want my mother treated.”

“Oh, you’re such a good man.” She said. When we got into the taxi, she gave me an address, and then asked, “Could you drive through downtown?”

“It’s not the shortest way,” I answered quickly.

“Oh, I’m in no hurry,” she said. “I’m on my way to a hospice(临终关怀). I don’t have any family left. The doctor says I don’t have very long.”

I quietly reached over and shut off the meter(计价器.

For the next two hours, we drove through the city. She showed me the building where she had once worked, the neighborhood where she had lived, and the furniture shop that had once been a ballroom where she had gone dancing as a girl. Sometimes she’d ask me to slow down in front of a particular building and would sit staring into the darkness, saying nothing.

At dawn, she suddenly said,” I’m tired. Let’s go now.”

We drove in silence to the address she had given me.

“How much do I pay for you?” she asked.

“Nothing.” I said.

“You have to make a living,” she answered. “Oh, there are other passengers,” I answered.

Almost without thinking, I bent and gave her a hug. She held onto tightly. Our hug ended with her remark, “You gave an old woman a little moment of joy.”

1.How was the old woman?

A. She was fine, but she wanted to have a family.

B. She missed her hometown very much.

C. She was ill, but not serious.

D. She was ill and she was dying..

2.The old woman chose to ride through the city in order to ______.

A. show she was familiar with the city

B. see some places for the last time

C. let the driver earn more money

D. reach the destination on time

3.The taxi driver did not charge the old woman because he ______.

A. wanted to do her a favor

B. shut off the meter by mistake

C. had received her payment in advance

D. was in a hurry to take other passengers

4.What can we learn from the story?

A. Giving is always a pleasure.

B. People should respect each other.

C. An act of kindness can bring people great joy.

D. People should learn to appreciate others’ concern.


Saturday,March 24th    We have arrived in the hot, wet city of Bangkok. This is our first trip to Thailand(泰国). All the different smells make us want to try the food. We are going to eat something special for dinner tonight. The hotel we are staying in is cheap, and very clean. We plan to stay here for a few days, visit some places in the city, and then travel to Chiang Mai in the North.   Tuesday, March 27th    Bangkok is wonderful and surprising! The places are interesting. We visited the famous market which was on water, and saw a lot of fruits and vegetables. Everything is so colorful, and we have taken hundreds of photos already! Later today we will leave for Chiang Mai. We will take the train north, stay in Chiang Mai for two days, and then catch a bus to Chiang Rai.   Friday,March 30th    Our trip to Chiang Rai was long and boring. We visited a small village in the mountains. The village people here love the quiet life -- no computers or phones. They are the kindest people I have ever met. They always smile and say “hello”. Kathy and I can only speak a few words of Thai, so smiling is the best way to show our kindness. I feel good here and hope to be able to come back next year.

1.The diaries above show the writer’s ______ days in Thailand.

A. 3    B. 7    C. 15    D. 30

2.It seems that visitors ______ in Bangkok.

A. often feel hungry    B. can always find cheap things

C. can’t take any photos    D. can enjoy themselves

3.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in the south of Thailand.

B. The writer left Chiang Mai for Chiang Rai by bus.

C. Chiang Rai is a boring city in the mountains.

D. The writer is traveling alone in Thailand.

4.The people in the village _______.

A. are friendly to others    B. like to speak English

C. are very weak    D. hope to live in the cities

5.What is the best title(标题)for the whole diary?

A. My First Travel    B. The Outside World

C. Traveling in Thailand    D. A Country on the Train


Last summer, 15-year-old Bob had a problem. Like a lot of children. Bob was interested in doing many things. He liked dancing most and wanted to join a dancing group. But Bob’s high school didn’t have a boys’ dancing group but a girls’ group. He tried to join the girls’ group. And he made it.    Bob thought his problem was over after he had been one of the dancers in the dancing group. But a bigger problem was just beginning. The school didn’t allow Bob to stay in the girls’ group. “If we let Bob stay in the group,” the school said, “other boys will want to join. Soon, there won’t be any girls in the group." They took Bob off the group.      Bob was very angry about it, so he went to a judge(法官). The judge said it was not a right decision and told the school to let Bob go back to the dancing group.

1.Bob’s favorite was ______ .

A. singing    B. dancing    C. drawing    D. driving

2.It was difficult for Bob to join the school dancing group because _______.

A. the school only had a girls’ dancing group    B. the school didn’t allow boys to dance    C. the group had enough dancers already    D. he was not a good dancer

3.The school worried that ______ if Bob stayed in the group.

A. nobody would watch their dance    B. other boys would join and the girls might leave

C. other schools might laugh at them    D. the parents would be angry about it

4.The judge thought the school’s decision was ______.

A. useful    B. necessary    C. right    D. wrong

5.We can infer(推断)that Bob felt _______ when he went back to the group.

A. hungry    B. sad    C. happy    D. sure


Everyone likes living in a clean and comfortable. environment. If the environment(环境) are bad, it will affect(影响)our body, and make us not feel well. Sometimes we may be terribly ill. At that time we don’t want to work, and we have to stay in bed and rest at home. So the environment is very important to us.

It’s germs that makes us ill. There are germs everywhere, They are very small and you can’t find them with your own eyes, but you can see them with a microscope(显微镜)They are very small and there may be hundreds of them on a very small thing, Germs can always be found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. Germs can also be found in air and dust(灰尘). If you cut your finger, some of the dust from the floor may go into it, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs will go into all of your body, and you will have pain everywhere.

To keep us healthy, we should try to our best to make our environment become cleaner and tidier. This needs us to act together.

1.The writer tell us that________.

A. we like working when we are ill

B. germs can’t live in the water.

C. we can’t feel ill if the environment is bad.

D. we feel well when the environment is good.

2.Germs are________.

A. very small things that you can’t see with your eyes.

B. the things that don’t effect people.

C. the things that you can find with your eyes.

D. the things that are very big.

3.Where can germs be found? They can be found_________.

A. on the small thing    B. in air and dust

C. only in dirty water    D. everywhere

4.How will you feel if germs go into the finger that is cut?

A. I will feel nothing.    B. I won’t mind.

C. I will feel tense.    D. I will feel painful.

5.From the passage we know that________.

A. environment doesn’t affect our life

B. we don’t need to improve our environment

C. germs may make us ill

D. if the environment is better, germs will be more.


----Would you like something to eat?     --_____ . I’m not hungry.

A. I’d like it    B. I would    C. Yes, thanks    D. No, thanks


They asked him ________ any noise.

A. not making    B. no make    C. not to make    D. not make


---What did she do yesterday?    ----She_______  at home.

A. stayed    B. staying    C. staied    D. stays


—It’s my birthday today!


A. Thank you very much!

B. You’re welcome!

C. Happy birthday to you!

D. I’m sorry!


He was really_______ in the _______story book.

A. interesting,interested    B. interested, interested

C. interested, interesting    D. interesting, interesting


—Your hair is very beautiful.    —   __________

A. No, it isn’t    B. Thank you

C. Not at all    D. You’re welcome


Look! They _____ hard _____ the farm.

A.    B. working...on

C. is    D. are working... on


—What does your maths teacher ____ ?—He is thin and tall.

A. look for    B. look after    C. look at    D. look like


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