People ____ in the factory can have ____day off.

A. work;one more    B. living;another    C. are living;one more    D. living;another one


--Which of these skirts do you like best?

  --I’ll take ____. They are both expensive and out of fashion.

A. neither    B. either    C. none    D. both


--He’s never spoken to a foreigner, ____ he?

  --____. He was abroad for two months.

A. is;Yes    B. isn’t;No    C. has;Yes    D. hasn’t;No


The girl ____red helped me find my ____ key.

A. on;lost    B. in;missed    C. in;lost    D. on;missing


Kate ____ the hills when she was young.

A. prefer to climb    B. prefers climbing    C. preferred to climb    D. preferred climb


--Do you know how many students ____ in the classroom?  --____.

A. are there;nobody    B. are there;none    C. there are;nobody    D. there are;none


So many kinds of sweets! I really can’t decide ______.

A. what to buy    B. which to buy    C. to buy what    D. to buy which


____ will our world ____ if there is only white and black?

A. What;be    B. What;be like    C. How;like    D. How;be like


There are many boys ____ football on the playground ____ with grass.

A. playing;covered    B. to play;covered    C. playing;covering    D. to play;covering


She feels uncomfortable, ____?

A. doesn’t she    B. does she    C. isn’t she    D. is she


Millie is not in the classroom now. She _____ to the playground with Amy.

A. went    B. has been    C. has gone    D. goes





















It’s a picture of a small (小的)room. There is a girl in it. Her name is Sally. It’s her room. There is a bed and a desk in her room .What’s that on the wall? It’s a map of England. Next to the map we can see a photo. It’s Sally’s photo .We can see a clock on the desk. Is it her black cat on the bed? Yes, it is. Where’s her schoolbag? It’s on her bed,too.


1.Whose (谁的)room is it?


2.Is the room big (大的)?


3.What’s that on the wall?


4.Where’s the clock?


5.What color is Sally’s cat?




This is my1.tree. You can see2.people (人们) in it. Harry Green is my3.His 4. name is Green. My grandmother’s name is5.Green. Jeff Green is my6.My Helen Green. Jeff and Helen parents. I have a is Kate Green. My10. is Jim Green. I have a happy family.


Kate:Hello, Tom.1.

Tom:I’m fine. What about you, Kate?

Kate:I’m OK, thank you. 2.

Tom:It’s a photo of my family.


Tom:He is my brother. He is only six.


Tom:No, she isn’t .She is my aunt.

Kate:Excuse me, Tom.5.

Tom:Look. It’s under the chair. I like it.

A.Who is this boy?

B.What’s this?

C.Is this boy your brother?

D.How are you?

E.What color is it?

F.Where is your call?

G.Is the woman your mother?



1.My name is Alice.(改为同义句)

__________ _________Alice.

2.This is my ID card. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ __________ _________ID card?

3.Her telephone number is 286-5689.(对画线部分提问)

___________ her telephone number? |

4.That is my friend.(改为复数句)

__________ __________my_________.

5.This is my jacket.(改为否定句)

This_________ _________my jacket.




Helen’s______________ is on the table.


Do you _________ the girl _________ the sofa?


___________ _________, is this your pencil?


My friend is___________ ____________.


You can _______ Lucy _______ your book.



1.Are____________ (this) boys your brothers?

2.That’s not__________ (you) pen, Miss Green.

3.These___________ (photo)are Jack’s.

4.This is__________ (one) class in the morning.

5.________( spell) it, please.

6.Look at the girl._________ (her) is my sister.

7.Here ___________ (be) two jackets for you and your sister.

8.__________ (Jim) mother is my aunt.

9.—Who is it?

—It’s______________( my ).

10.Bob and Mike are in____________ (Chinese) now.



Hi, I’m Alice. What can you see in my room? My computer is on the desk. Some keys are on the chair. My yellow schoolbag is on the bed. What are those under the bed? Oh, they are two basketballs. They are my friend Anna’s. Where are my books? They are everywhere. Some are on the chair. Others (其他的)are on the sofa.


My name’s Peter. This is my room. On the bed is my white quilt. Look! Many CDs are in the bookcase. I like music very much. My brother’s clock is in the bookcase, too. Where is my black schoolbag? Oh, it is on the desk.


I’m Linda. Welcome to my room. My ID card and schoolbag are on the desk. What are those in the bookcase? They are my tapes and keys. On the sofa is my dictionary. It’s useful. With its help, I know many words (单词).

1.Where are Alice’s keys?

A. On the sofa.    B. On the bed.

C. On the chair.    D. Under the bed.

2.What color is Peter’s schoolbag?

A. Yellow.    B. Black.    C. Green.    D. White.

3.The underlined ( 划线的)word “useful” means_____.

A. 可爱的    B. 便宜的    C. 有用的    D. 漂亮的

4.Which of the following(下面哪个)is in Linda’s room?

A. Two basketballs.    B. CDs.

C. An ID card.    D. A clock.

5.Whose room is not tidy?

A. Alice’s.    B. Peter’s.    C. Linda’s.    D. Anna’s.



There is a family photo on the desk. Look! It’s Jim’s family photo. That’s his father, Tom. And that is his mother, Mary. She is a pretty woman. The girl is his sister. She is one year younger than Jim. Look! Jim’s grandparents are very old but healthy. How happy they are!

1.Whose family photo is it?

A. Jim’s.    B. Bill’s.    C. Jimmy’s    D. Jenny’s.

2.Jim has a( n)______.

A. older sister    B. older brother

C. younger sister    D. younger brother

3.Where is the family photo?

A. On the desk.            C.On the floor.

B. In the desk.             D.In the tree.

4.Are Jim’s grandparents healthy?

A. Yes, they are.    B. No, they aren’t.

C. Yes, he is.    D. Yes, she is.

5.What’s Jim’s mother’s name?

A. Tom.    B. Mary.    C. Henry.    D. Pretty.


Diana:I’m looking for my ID card and pencil box.

Mike:OK. What’s your name?

Diana:My name’s Diana Schwartz.

Mike:How do you spell your last name?

Diana: S-C-H-W-A-R-T-Z.

Mike:OK. Here you are.

Diana:Thank you very much.

Mike:You're welcome. And is this your pencil box? !

Diana:No, it isn’t. My pencil box is blue. I think it’s Steve’s pencil box.

Mike:Hi, Steve! Is this your pencil box?

Steve:Oh , yes. And that’s my pen. Thank you.

Mike:That’s OK.

1.Diana is looking for her________.

A. pencil box i

B. pencil box and ID card

C. pen and pencil

2.Diana’s last name is          .

A. Diana

B. Schwartz

C. Steve

3.The ID card is         .

A. Diana’s

B. Mike’s

C. Steve’s

4.That’s        pencil box.

A. Diana’s

B. Mike’s

C. Steve’s

5.Diana’s pencil box is

A. blue

B. red

C. yellow



This is Jim’s ____.There is a bed, a table, a desk and other _____in the room. The desk is_____the window. There is a chair next to the_____. There is a soccer ball

______ the chair. The bed and the table_____near the wall. There is____ alarm____on the table. There_____a kite and some nice pictures_____ the walls.

1.A. family    B. room    C. classroom    D. school

2.A. things    B. books    C. kites    D. clocks

3.A. on    B. in    C. near    D. under

4.A. window    B. wall    C. bed    D. desk

5.A. on    B. under    C. near    D. behind

6.A. be    B. am    C. are    D. is

7.A. a    B. an    C. the    D. /

8.A. clock    B. book    C. box    D. watch

9.A. is    B. am    C. be    D. are

10.A. in    B. at    C. near    D. on


The ruler is in the pencil box.______ the pen?

—It’s in the pencil box, too.

A. How is    B. What about

C. What color    D. Is that


Look! This is a picture ______my bedroom._______ bedroom is tidy.

A. of ; A    B. of ; The

C. for; A    D. for; The


—Bob, ________ is my brother Frank.

—Nice to meet you, Frank.

A. it    B. these    C. this    D. those


Mom, can you          me? I can’t find my ruler.

—It’s in your room.

A. help    B. spell    C. know    D. have


Thank you very much.


A. You’re welcome    B. You are right

C. OK    D. That’s right


—Is Mike your brother?

—______. He’s my friend.

A. Yes, it is    B. No, he isn’t

C. Yes, he is    D. No, they aren’t


Please __________ me. I can’t find my mother.

A. see    B. help    C. excuse    D. ask


—Is this your schoolbag?

—No, it isn’t. _______is under the desk.

A. My    B. Mine     C. Me


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