—Wish you a pleasant journey!

—Thanks! I’ll give you a________as soon as I arrive in Hong Kong.



Miss Wang________in America when she was very young.

A.used to living            B.used to live

C.is used to living        D.is used to live


Mary is so_________that everybody gets on we11 with her.

A. quiet   B.active   C.nice   D.cool


Which school is more beautiful,ours or___________?

A.they    B.them     C.their   D.theirs


Tu Youyou is very popular because she is the only Chinese________won Nobel Prize in 2015.

A.which         B.whom         C.whose          D.that


—Who is singing in the next room? Is it Betty?

—It_________be her.She has gone to London.

A. must     B.mustn’t      C.can      D.can’t


He________computer  games  when  his parents  left  home.So he didn’t know where they were.

A. is playing   B. plays    C.played   D:was playing


I could speak________French_______Chinese,  but luckily I could talk with them in English.

A. both;and           B. neither;nor

C.either;or          D.not only;but also


We’ve talked a lot_________cars.What about trains?



Hurry up! If we miss _______ last bus,we’ll have to go home by _______ taxi.

A.the;the   B.the;a   C.the;不填   D.a;不填




    提示问题:.What are students problems in protecting the school environment?

              .What should you do to solve the problems?

              .Why is it important to build a green school?

In our school,some students do not pay attention to environmental protection_






    提示词语:bus,read,play games,songs,stones,gifts,help

    提示问题:When and how are you going to the Children s Home?

              What are you going to do there?

              What do you advise Peter to prepare for the volunteer work?




                                    Clowning Around

    Its almost time for the summer holidays. The thought of sunshine,no school or homework and traveling around are in everyone s mind. However, a lot of teenagers stay at home during the summer holidays. If you dont have any plans this summer and want to team something cool and fun,why don t you try a circus(杂技)skill? There are plenty of skills that are easy to team with a bit of practice.

   Hula hooping is a good choice because it s a fun way to keep fit Once you ve teamed how to keep the hoop moving around your waist, you can try around your arms,legs and even neck!

     Or how about juggling? This is a skill that takes a little bit of practice regularly. If you master the basics,there are lots of simple tricks that look exciting.

Most juggling beginners start with three soft balls. You can throw and catch them so that one is always in the air and the others in your hands. After perfecting this skill,you can add more balls. Some people can juggle up to ten balls.

       To people who don t like the sound of hula hooping,perhaps diabolo is more suitable. This looks like two plastic cones(圆锥体)joined together at the tips placed on a piece of string held by the player. You can spin,throw and catch the diabolo to show off some interesting but simple tricks.

    All of these are exciting to try. Most of the equipment(装备)can be found in toy shops or some websites on the Internet Most cities will have a circus club for teenagers to try out the different tricks and they even offer workshops to teach the skills properly and safely. Once you find the skill for you,I m sure you It be practicing all summer long,eager to impress your classmates when September comes around again.

1. Do a lot of teenagers stay at home during summer holidays?

2. Why is hula hooping a good choice?

3. What do most juggling beginners start with?

4. Where can most of the equipment be found?

5.What does the passage mainly talk about?



                                      Driven to See Movies

     Have you ever thought of a new idea that you would like to try? In the 1930s,a man named Richard Hollingshead did. He thought of an idea to bring together his two favorite interests:cars and movies. He wanted to start a business.  1.  Richard tested the idea in his driveway. First he put a machine called a movre projector(放映机)on his car. Then he put up a sheet(床单)between two trees. The sheet was like the white screen used in theaters. Richard played a movie on the screen using the movie projector. Next,Richard placed a radio behind the sheet.   2.  .He tried to test whether the sound could be heard from the car. He rolled his car windows up and down to find the best way to hear the movie. Finally,he tested whether a movie could be seen and heard in the rain.   3. 

    In 1933,he opened the first drive in movie theater. The theater was as big as a football field.

4.  . The screen was 30 feet high and 40 feet wide. Speakers were placed next to the screen so the sound could be heard. Right away,the drive in movie theater became popular. The cost to see a movie was just 25 cents per person. By the 1950s,there were about 5 ,000 drive in movie theaters.

They remained popular until the television came along.

     5.  . But people who live near the theater still enjoy this fun activity. Today drive in movie theaters give people the same joy as they did more than 80 years ago.

A. Every test he tried was successful

B. And it was big enough for about 400 cars

C. Sound for the movie came from the radio

D. People could watch movies from their cars

E. Today there are fewer than 800 drive—in movie theaters


Circle of Knowledge

      Most students today depend on the rapidness and convenience of the Internet to provide the facts they look for. Given a research task,many students make use of a website known as Wikipedia,which is available(可获得的)to all users of the Internet. However,before the introduction of  the Internet, students journeyed to the library to search for facts,figures and stories in a huge collection of books known as encyclopedias(百科全书) The word“encyclopedia",meaning“whole circle of knowledge”,comes from the ancient Greek language. The first encyclopedias were organized by topic. These early collections were the works of a single writer. The first book of this kind was written by a Roman,Pliny the Elder, nearly 2,000 years ago. Plinys collection remained popular for almost 1,500 years. Producing such huge works was a difficult task. So experts began to work together, sharing responsibility for writing about different topics. The first set of books to use many authors was An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences published in 1728. The multiple-author model became the most widely used format.

    Today there are many encyclopedias in different media. The online encyclopedia Wikipedia was started in 2001. Users can visit the free website on the Internet. But the online information has mistakes. Users are warned that newer articles may have large mistakes. Printed encyclopedias are more or less free of mistakes. However, it is expensive to make sure of the correctness.

    Wikipedia is trying to improve its correctness. They employ(雇用)1,000“fact checkers" to look through the website and correct mistakes. The website managers also state that older articles are more complete and balanced. Encyclopedia Britannica has even made moves away from being a single-format book too. The company started a free online version. The free articles are short;however, longer articles are available after users pay for them.

    Both online and print editions(版本)have disadvantages. The mistakes can be corrected,but the process takes time. Print editions are resistant(顽固的)to such mistakes. They are also resistant to something else:change. Sometimes new information becomes available after an encyclopedia is printed. Publishers can wait to include the new information in the next edition,but that might be a year or more away.

    More changes are likely for encyclopedias,whether in print or online. As time goes by,the knowledge of humankind will still need to be recorded,sorted,and stored. The story of how that information will look in 20,50 or even 100 years is still unwritten.

1.What is the second paragraph mainly about?

A. The readers of encyclopedias. 

B. The journey to the library.

C. The history of encyclopedias. 

D. The change to the library.

2.The problem of online encyclopedia Wikipedia might be that   

A. the services cost too much

B. new articles cannot be found

C. users cannot visit the website

D. the information has mistakes

3.We can team from the passage that   

A. the future look of information is unknown to the world

B. older articles on the website are usually easy and short

C. the first encyclopedias were the works of many writers

D. print editions of encyclopedias change information fast

4.What is the purpose of writing the passage?

A. To suggest reading printed encyclopedias.

B. To advise people to use online encyclopedias.

C. To sell some editions of encyclopedias online.

D. To introduce the development of encyclopedias.



For those who haven t heard of it,the Apple watch is the latest invention from the creators of the iPhone and Apple Mac. As the name suggests,this creation is a device(装置)designed to tell us the time. This is Apple,however,and an Apple watch is never just a watch. Not only does it show us the time,but it also acts as a fitness monitor and a messaging device that can be connected with an iPhone.

    Is this a smart invention or technology gone too far? While the Apple watch is stylish in appearance,I cant help but question certain aspects(方面)of the new device. Is it a positive thing to be able to receive messages through a watch,or is this another way of letting technology upset our social lives?

    Thanks to the invention of the smartwatch,we will no longer have to reach for our phones to check our messages. Imagine the possible results. A group of friends sitting at a table in a restaurant will overlook each other as everyone will be too busy watching their wrists in expectation of a new message. Students will have a way of checking their inbox during school,despite the fact that using mobile phones is not allowed in class. The list goes on. Although smartwatches may make communicating through technology easier, it seems that using them could actually hinder face to face communication.

    Much like a phone,the watch would also need to be charged(充电)every day. This is yet another aspect of the device which sets it apart from any“normal" watch. If, like me,you struggle when remembering to put your phone on charge,this is not necessarily a positive thing.

    I do have to agree,however, the watch has some interesting and purposeful functions(功能) As a fitness monitor, the device can be used to create and record exercise activities. This could be of particular interest to outdoor fans. While there are several existing Android Apps that can already do this,I can see that the Apple watch would be a more convenient way of exercising without a mobile phone. The question remains,however, is the price worth the benefits?

    While there are clearly both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to Apple s latest invention,I personally like my single-purpose watch that simply tells me the time!What about you?

Would you be interested in having a smartwatch?

1.Thanks to the invention of the Apple watch,    

A. students don t use computers in class

B. mobile phones don t need to be charged

C. messages can be checked without phones

D. outdoor activities have become more popular

2. The underlined word "hinder" in Paragraph 3 probably means“    

A. make up  B. hold back  C. depend on  D. look after

3.From the passage,we can team that the writer    

A. worries about the safety of the smartwatch

B. thinks highly of the progress of technology

C. introduces the newest kind of smartphones

D. prefers single-purpose watches that tell the time

4.What is probably the best title for this passage?

A. The Apple Watch:The Latest Invention

B. The Apple Watch:Smart and Fashionable

C. The Apple Watch:Technology Gone Too Far?

D. The Apple Watch:A Convenient Way to Exercise?


Leaving Her Mark。

     Molly is a little hose. A few yeas ago,she was badly hurt by a dog. The dog bit all four of Molly s legs and left a large cut in her face. Molly s owner,Kaye Harris,took her to an animal hospital. Doctors there tried their best to save Molly s life,but soon one of her legs became very infected(感染)The only way to save her life was to remove the leg.

At fist,doctors thought Molly would die. But Molly changed their minds. Doctors noticed that she shifted(转移)her weight, and rested her good leg from time to time. They knew that Molly had amazing cleverness and a strong will. She wanted to live. Several doctors operated on Molly,and removed her infected leg. A false(假的)leg was made for her and doctors gave Molly a special horseshoe at the bottom of her false leg. This horseshoe had a stamp of a smiling face in it!

    After the operation,Molly walked around on all four legs,as if nothing had ever happened to her!Now,with every step she takes,she stamps a smile in the dirt. Wherever she goes,Molly leaves her mark. Without saying a word,she speaks to people with her kind eyes. Even when she walks away,she leaves an impression.

    Molly leaves her mark in other ways,too. Kaye Harris takes Molly to schools,nursing homes, army bases and hospitals. Molly is famous because she makes people smile and gives them hope. A book is even written about Molly!Molly has become a symbol of hope for people of all ages. Her story leaves a smile on people s faces,just as clearly as her horseshoe leaves a mark in the sand.

1. A few years ago,Molly      

A. fell off the hill   

B. was badly hurt by a dog

C. fell into the river 

D. was hurt in a car accident

2. After the operation,      

A. Mollys leg became very infected

B. Molly walked around on all four legs

C. the doctors thought Molly would die

D. the doctors noticed Molly was clever

3.Molly is famous because      

A. she gives people hope 

B. she acts in a play

C. she speaks to people 

D. she runs fastest

4.What do you think of Molly?

A. Dangerous.     B. Impolite.

C. Hard-working.  D. Strong-willed.


Everyone in our class has our own characters. Each plays his or her part in our class. All in

all,we are a group of young children who are perhaps a bit noisy at times,but on the whole are

well behaved and pleasant to be with.

Ah Keong

We are a noisy group, and that is what our teachers say about us.This is largely because of Ah Keong.He is the noisiest of us all because he lives with his family of ten children.It seems that he cannot talk softly.Actually he does not talk, he shouts.


Padma is a quiet boy who sits next to me. He is so soft that one would think that he is a girl .This is not so. No one dares to call himgirl, for he is a member of the school karate club.


Doris is such a model student that all the teachers love her, She sits right in front of the teachers table.We all love her because she is kind and helpful. Every day, she makes sure that the teachers have enough chalk and the classroom is clean.


Every class has a clown(小丑)。 Our class has jack. He is naughty and always playing tricks on others. He puts tails on the boys pants and frogs in the girls desks. So when we hear someone crying, we know that Jack has played a trick again.

1.Ah Keong is the noisiest because    

A. he lives with his family of ten children

B. he is always playing tricks on others

C. he sits in front of the teacher s table

D. he is in the school karate club

2.What is Padma like

A. Noisy.  B. Naughty.  C. Quiet.  D. Helpful.

3.Who is a model student

A. Jack.   B. Doris.   C. Padma.   D. Ah Keong.




                                        Friends or Exams

        Tina had two exams that day. Physics was first and she hard physics,it was her worst       . Her friend Lily had promised to help her study for the physics exam. But for two weeks,Lily didnt answer any of her calls or messages. Tina was disappointed and angry.

        While taking the exam,Tina found it difficult to answer question number five. She looked up and was surprised to see Lily holding her   under the table and reading from it. Lily would get a good grade by cheating. It wasn t fair!Tina felt really angry at Lily and even thought about telling the teacher. But what would everyone else think of her? Just then,Mr. Reed started to collect the exam papers. Oh no,Tina hadn t it and she was going to fail again!

    At lunch time,Tina wanted to talk to Lily but couldn t find her. Tina thought about the teacher, but everyone would hate her if she did that“It wasn t fair!”she thought Just then,Mr. Reed walked past her table“Mr. Reed”Tina him.

    That afternoon,Tina was sitting behind Lily in the history exam. Lily didn t take her phone out. Maybe she didn t need to cheat at history. Tina felt a little that she had told Mr. Reed.

But it was too late now. Tina was on the last question when she saw Lily holding her phone under the table. Without thinking,Tina looked up and nodded to Mr. Reed. Lily was looking at her phone and didn t hear Mr. Reed as he walked   up to her table. Mr. Reed picked up Lily s exam paper, pointed to the door and told her to go outside. Everyone was staring at Lily and Tina felt really sorry now.

    When Tina was leaving school,Lily stopped her“Tina,I m really sorry I didn t answer your calls,but my family is having a time. My dad had a heart attack and he s in hospital. He had a big operation today and I was very worried. I knew it was stupid,but I was reading from my mom to see how it was going. Mr. Reed caught me. He thought I was cheating. But he and understands me now. I m sorry I didn t tell you what was happening. I know you re a good friend. Will you forgive me?"

1.A. month    B. subject      C. market       D. name

2.A. book      B. dictionary    C. camera       D. phone

3.A. finished    B. forgotten    C. collected     D. built

4.A. telling     B. asking       C. leaving     D. watching

5.A. saved      B. supported    C. stopped    D. served

6.A. wonderful  B. useful        C. harmful   D. regretful

7.A. lazily      B. weakly      C. silently      D. patiently

8.A. terrible    B. simple       C. boring      D. comfortable

9.A. instructions B. papers       C. signs       D. messages

10.A. refuses    B. believes      C. criticizes    D. praises


一Do you know       for vacation?

一Next month.

A. when Mr. Cooper will leave  

B. when Mr. Cooper left

C. when will Mr. Cooper leave  

D. when did Mr. Cooper leave


Many green parks      in our city last year.

A. build   B. built   C. were built  D. are built


John      in Beijing for five yeas already.

A. lives   B. will live   C. is living   D. has lived


一What does David often do at weekends

      一He often      mountains with his friends.

A. climbs   B. climbed   C. will climb   D. is climbing


      I use your eraser?

一Certainly. Here you are.

A. Must   B. May   C. Would   D. Need


      is your favorite star?

一Ning Zetao,the swimmer.

A. How   B. What   C. Where   D. Who


He cut the orange into pieces      put them into the bowl.

A. and   B. but   C. or   D. so


一Which skirt do you like      ,the blue one or the white one?

一The blue one.

A. well   B. better   C. best   D. the best


I used to get up early       the morning.

A. of   B. at   C. in   D. on


Helen is our new teacher and she teaches      science.

A. you   B. us   C. them   D. him


Write a passage of at least 60 words about the topic "How to Celebrate Graduation."(以“如何庆祝毕业”为题写一篇不少于60词的短文,标点符号不占格。)

Situation:临近毕业,班里的同学们打算举行一次毕业庆祝活动,他们在讨论征集庆祝活动的建议。以"How to Celebrate Graduation"为题写一篇英语短文,谈谈你的建议并陈述理由。



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