We are happy ______ you ______ the party for our friends from Canada.

A. invite; to       B. inviting; to

C. to invite; go to D. to invite; to


_____ people come to Wuxi every year. About ______ of them are from the USA.

A. Millions of; three thousands

B. Million of; three thousand

C. Millions of; three thousand

D. Million of; three thousands


My father usually       me        the zoo on Saturday.

A. brings; with B. takes; with   C. takes; to     D. bring; to


There ________ an English party next Sunday.

A. are going to be            B. are going to have

C. is going to be             D. is going to have


Walk ________ the road and turn left _______ Park Road, and you will find the shop ________ your right.

A. down; in; on     B. along; to; in

C. down; into; on   D. on; into; in


Disneyland is a good place ________, so ________ people go there every year.

A. for funny; plenty of          B. in fun; a plenty of

C. to have fun; plenty of        D. to have fun; a plenty of


We could hear the birds ________ in my hometown in the past, ________ now we can’t.

A. to sing; and    B. sing; and

C. to sing; because D. sing; but


-- ________ is it from here to the nearest bus stop?

--It takes about 15 minutes on foot.

A. How long  B. How soon C. How often    D. How far


Her grandpa is _______. She has to look after her _______ grandpa in hospital.

A. sick; ill      B. ill; sick

C. ill; bad      D. bad; sick


--What _______ your cousin like?

--She’s very pretty ________ a film star.

A. does; like    B. is; likes

C. does; likes   D. is; like


There is _______ “s” and _______ “u” in the word “study”.

A. a; an      B. an; a      C. a; a       D. an; an



1.There are a lot of           (长椅) in the park. We can sit there and chat.

2.Don’t you know the new ___________ (经理) names?

3.“Is anybody there?” Jim asked, but nobody ___________ (答复) to him.

4.Do you know any           (信息) about your sister’s school?

5.I went _________ (穿过) the bridge to find a new shop yesterday.


6.Today is my grandma’s __________ (ninety-nine) birthday.

7.My mother tells me not to play on the road. It’s very           (danger).

8.Betty is very           (luck) to win a prize (奖品) like this.

9.We like Li Ming because he listens to the teacher          (care) in class.

10.Your camera is not as expensive as           (she), but it works well, too.



1.A. good        B. wool     C. food     D. foot

2.A. call      B. also     C. talk      D. walk

3.A. palace     B. ago     C. anybody  D. Japan

4.A. bridge      B. hospitall C. video     D. life

5.A. dream      B. beach     C. great    D. wheat

6.A. funny       B. music    C. umbrella D. duck

7.A. laughed     B. needed   C. liked    D. missed

8.A. cloud       B. sound    C. own      D. ground

9.A. north       B. path      C. thousand D. them

10.A. knock     B. zero      C. sofa      D. over



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South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun’s popularity has soared(上升) across Asia. His fame(名声)_1._the role he played in the popular TV drama My love from the Star (《来自星星的你》). In the drama, Kim plays a 400-year-old alien(外星人) and ends up falling in love with a modern-day actress.

This is not the first success for the young star. Since he became a professional actor seven years ago, Kim has won more than 20 _2._ for acting.

Kim’s success is due to his _3._ attitude towards acting. A director once mentioned that the dramas with Kim were all popular. It is because “he always analyzes the script very carefully _4._ he acts out the character.”

As you can see, attitude is everything. Your attitude determines your success!



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The show provides an interesting view on modern family life. In the show, we cans see how young dads are struggling to find the best way to _1. their children.

A father is very important for a family. Psychologists(心理学家)say that a strong fatherly influence is important in a child’s _2._. Fathers teach their children _3._ and give them confidence to try new things. A child learns that if something goes wrong, he or she can _4._ dad to help fix it. The psychologists also say that without a dad, a child runs a greater risk of dropping out of school and getting into trouble.



1.During the six_________, they listened to opinions from tourists and business owners. (month)

2.The couple went past their baby’s room _________ in order not to wake her up. (soft)

3.The ________ grade students visited the History Museum last Monday afternoon. (nine)

4.You needn’t be __________at the news on their coming to visit you, it’s true. (surprise)

5.Bill’s courage is sure to _______ himself to make greater progress in the future. (able)

6.Last week Henry made a ________ to have a trip to Tibet(西藏) with his friends.(decide)

7.Wendy, a _________ woman, is said to have the longest hair in the world. (CanadA.

8.He was so _________ that he took the wrong bus to work this morning. ( care )



1.Middle school students have to get up early on weekdays. (改为一般疑问句)

_________middle school students_________to get up early on weekdays?

2.The old woman hardly stands up because of the stomachache. (改为反意疑问句)

The old woman hardly stands up because of the stomachache, _________ _________?

3.Mr. Wang’s son will be back from Australia in a few weeks. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ will Mr. Wang’s son be back from Australia?

4.Eddie speaks English best in his school. (保持句意不变)

Nobody else in his school ________ English as _________ as Eddie.

5.High levels of PM2.5 mainly causes the air pollution in China. (改为被动语态)

The air pollution in China ________mainly _________by high levels of PM2.5.

6.Is there enough food left in the box ? George asked his mum.  (合并成一句)

George asked his mum _______ there _______ enough food left in the box.

7.Something, Jack, trip, his, to, interesting, know, friend’s, about, wants  (合并成一句)

_______________________        _____________________________________



Write a passage of at least 60 words on the topic “A difficult choice I had to make.”(以“一个艰难的选择”为题写一篇不少于60个词的短文,标点符号不占格。)


Using the following points as a reference.(以下问题供参考)

1. Have you ever had a difficult choice to make?

2. What made it so difficult for you?

3. What was your final decision?

4. Do you think it is a right decision?



Meng Meihui,14,from Dongying, Shandong, loved reading certain pieces of work. But she paid particular attention to her classmate’s every composition, just to find her faults.

“Everyone said she was better at writing than me. I didn’t believe it. I wanted to beat her,”Meng said. Meng was caught by the green-eyed monster-jealousy(嫉妒)

Jealousy is _____among students. Most people may feel a little bit unhappy when others are better than them. It’s natural. However, if students don’t change theirs mindset(思维方式)and deal with it well, jealousy can bring out many problems.

Su Lulu, 14, from Xiamen, Fujian, said those who are too jealous of others might lose _____easily.“Few people like those who always try to find faults in others,” Su said. “A popular student should be open-minded.”

Besides affecting students’ interpersonal(人际间的)relationships, jealousy may also limit students’ development.

Meng said that during that time, she paid too much attention to her competitor(竞争者)and_______to improve herself. “It was tiring and useless,” she said.

Luckily, Meng_____ realized the problem. She stopped her silly behavior and focused on her own progress.

Wang Xiao, a psychology(心理学)teacher at Huangshi Foreign Language School, Hubei, agreed with Meng’s practice. Wang said the best way to deal with jealousy is to turn it into motivation(动力)

“___those who are better than you and focus on yourself, Wang said. “It’s more important to improve yourself than to be better than others.”

Wang also suggested that students be confident about themselves. “Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages. Don’t _______your disadvantages with others’ advantages,” he said.

1.A.unusal          B.perfect      C.common         D.useful

2.A.friends         B.jobs        C.weight         D.lives

3.A.happened       B.forgot       C.promised      D.started

4.A.soon          B.almost       C.never          D.still

5.A.Compete with   B.Dream of     C.Learn from    D.Depend on

6.A.talk           B.share        C.help           D.compare



In a famous story, a young boy called Ali Baba says “Open Sesame” and a door to treasures is opened before him. Ma Yun drew inspiration from this and founded Alibaba.com.

Over 14 years, Alibaba.com has become China’s largest e-commerce (电子商务) website. E-commerce is the 1.a   of buying and selling goods and services and doing other business activities using a computer and the Internet. However, the founder chose to leave and to discover new areas of business. On May 28, Ma became chairman of Cainiao Network Technology Co., Ltd.The company will set up China Smart Logistics (物流) Network. Its goal is to deliver packages (运送包裹) to people anywhere in the country2. w   24 hours.

The 48-year-old businessman, who is short and thin and often wears oversized suits, always had he courage to dream big and try new things.

Ma got the idea or starting a business career in 1995. He was then working for a US trading company as a translator, when he was introduced to the Internet. He 3.s  the word "beer" and saw that no data came up about Chinese products(产品).

Ma had an idea: why not build a large Internet market to connect(连接)consumers and companies from all over the world and do business 4.o   ?

That is how Alibaba began. His company grew quickly. But that doesn't mean 5.e   went well. Alibaba had a difficult time in 2000, when many Internet companies failed. Ma was successful because he6.m     to attract investment(投资)in his company.

But there is a deeper7. r    for Ma's success: his attitude. "You deserve (值得) to live your dream," said. "Everyone thought I was daydreaming when I started. But the most important thing is that we believed in our dream from day one, to today and tomorrow Of course we made many mistakes, but we never gave up hope."


He was just an ordinary postman. Day after day, he shuttled(穿梭) back and forth across the village. For him, life

was without waves.

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One day, he was delivering mail as usual. When he looked up in the sky, he suddenly lost his balance. It was a little stone that tripped him up(绊倒). He observed the stone that had embarrassed(难堪) him, finding it strange but beautiful. In his eyes, this stone was like a lost jewel(宝石) covered with dust. The postman then placed the stone in his bag carefully. Because of this stone’s arrival, his day was lightened. He suddenly had a bold thought—I can build a castle with such beautiful stones. How magnificent it will be!

His ordinary life started to be different since then. He still delivered mail, but he collected every stone he could find along the way. All those dusty stones, in his eyes, glittered like diamonds.

Gradually, his small bag couldn’t hold his stones anymore and he needed to use a wheelbarrow to carry them. People didn’t understand what happened when they saw the postman delivering letters with a wheelbarrow full of stones.

After collecting enough stones, he started to build his castle. During the daytime, he passed along the dreams of others; and during the nighttime, he built his own dream. No one was willing to join in. But the postman was unmoved, still happily building his castle. Because he knew, the dream and the castle only belonged to him.

After 20 years of working day and night, the postman’s dream castle was finally completed. It was a magnificent castle just as he had imagined. It was a miracle arising from the ordinary.

This is a real story. The postman’s name is Xue Waller. The stone castle has become a famous tourist attraction in France, which is called“ ideal palace of Ferdinand Cheval.”At the entrance of the stone castle, there is a sentence—“I want to know how far a dream stone can go.”

1.The postman felt embarrassed because he _______.

A.lost his balance

B.lost his bag

C.delivered mail

D.found a stone

2.The postman’s own dream was to _______

A.collect stones

B.deliver mail

C.find diamonds

D.build his castle

3.The underlined word “glittered” in the third paragraph may mean ________.





4.Which of the following is not true?

A.A little stone tripped the postman up while he was delivering mail as usual.

B.The postman collected every stone he would find along the way.

C.The postman built his castle with the help of his family and friends.

D.The postman spent twenty years building his stone castle.

5.The postman named Xue Waller was ________.





6.From the passage we can learn that ________.

A.The postman had a colourful life before the accident in which he lost his balance.

B.The postman gave up his job in order to built his stone castle.

C.The stone that tripped the postman up was a real jewel.

D.Though people didn’t understand him, the postman continued his dream —building a castle.



What is it like being a film star? What is it like n front of the camera? Students from Steamboat Spring Middle School in the US could tell you exactly what it’s like. They recently got a taste of the life of a star.

A local movie company wanted to produce a film. All the actors in this film were to be students. Fourteen students were chosen from the school. The film, called Ruby vs Wolfgang, was based on the story of little Red Riding Hood(小红帽). It came with a twist(改变), however—the story was told from the perspective(看法) of the wolf.

Zoe Walsh, a seventh-grader, signed up to do behind- the- scenes work. But she soon found herself in front of the camera instead. She played a strange middle school student in the film.

“It is just for fun,” she told the Steamboat Today. “Just pretending that you’re someone else.”

But there were also difficulties. It was very cold during shooting. Students had to put up with snow and icy wind.

Lack(缺乏) of experience was another problem. The director Michael Staley said he tried to “help each student bring out the wolf —or Whatever animal they representing—in themselves”

Erus Harrington, an eighth—grader, said he played a “nice, silly British guy”. He learned the British accent(口音) all at home.

“I just a kind of taught myself how to do it by watching videos,” he said “It makes me feel good after I do it because I’m proud of myself.”

The students will watch themselves on the big screen for the first time during the film festival at a local high school in May.

“I’m probably going to laugh at myself,” said Zach, the brother of Zoe.

1.Fourteen students were chosen as actors in this film, weren’t they?

2.Who did Walsh play in the film?

3.What were the two main problems for the actors?

4.How did Harrington learn the British accent?

5.Where will the students see the film acted by themselves on the big screen for the first time ?

6.What do the students think of being a film star after they got a taste of the life of a star according to the passage? (At least two different opinions)


_________ surprised he was to see his stolen bicycle again at the gate of the park.


C.What aD.What an


Five-star hotels provide better services than some small hotels. You _______ even use free WIFI there.


C.ought toD.used to


We’re heard much _______ about the missing plane, but we still don’t know where it is.




________ came to my house just now because there was a box of fruit in the doorway(门口).




To make her son enter a key high school, the mother is very strict ______ him.



—Oh, it tastes quite good. May I have _________ cup of coffee?—OK. Here you are.


C.the otherD.others


Edward doesn’t like his car. He thinks ________ is more modern than his.



Shirley is glad she’ll take_________ eight-day trip to Italy.



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