______ did you play tennis? For two hours.

A. How long            B. How soon

C. When                 D. How often


Would you mind lending me your bike?

______. Here you are.

A. Yes, I would           B. Not at all

C. No, I dont           D. Of course


We dont know what to do, ______.

A. also        B. too      C. as well    D. either


People will get annoyed if someone ______ in line.

A. cuts      B. cut    C. will cut    D. is cutting


The story was so ______ that we were all ______ in it.

A. interested; interesting 

B. interesting; interested

C. interested; interested 

D. interesting; interesting


He has been collecting shells ______ three and a half years.

A. since      B. for    C. when  D. at 


Its polite to ______.

A. speak loudly in public

B. smoke on the bus

C. drop litter everywhere

D. say Thank you when someone helps you


Practice a lot, and youll ______ learn English well.

A. can     B. are able to     C. could   D. be able to


I think its ______ for him to finish the work.

A. enough easy           B. easy enough

C. enough easily        D. easily enough


There are many other ways to learn English ______ singing English songs.

A. besideB. except C. besides  D. over


Ill try to ______ who did it.

A. find      B. look for    C. see   D. find out


Anne got a snow globe ______ penguins ______ her tenth birthday.

A. has; on          B. about; in

C. with; on        D. with; at


I dont think there _______ an important meeting tomorrow.

A. has      B. will have       C. will be     D. have


We didnt know anything about it _______ you told us what happened.

A. if  B. becauseC. until D. after


—What shall we do this Sunday?

Why ______ to the zoo?

A. not to go         B. not go

C. dont go          D. not you go


Toms father is ill in ______ hospital. Hes looking after him.

A. / B. the C. an D. a













1. 迷恋动漫,会花很多时间在这上面;

2. 父母对你不满意,要求你放弃这个爱好;




注意1. 短文须包括以上内容要点,要求语句通顺、意思连贯;

2. 不要标题;词数100个左右。

Dear Sigmund,

My name is Liu Xing. I’m a Grade 9 student in No 2 Middle School.





I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes!


Liu Xing





_____________________________________________ _

2.我们承担不起犯任何错误 .



__________________________________________  ____


___________________________________________  ___


__________________________________________   ____




Teenagers are very busy at school now and often forget to think about their diets and sports. The truth is that healthy eating and regular exercise are t 1. ways to keep fit. D 2. your teenage years it is important to give your body enough e 3. it needs. Young girls need about 2200 calories a day. Usually boys need a bit m 4. many doctors suggest 2800 calories for teenage b 5.. 50% of your calories should come from rice bread vegetables and fruit. You also need to drink a lot of water 6 to 8 glasses a day. D6. enough water will improve your dry skin and give you healthy body. Physical a 7. such as playing basketball and swimming are something that can help to make you look good feel good and be healthy. Experts (专家) suggest that teenagers spend at l 8. 30 minutes exercising a day five times a week. After you exercise a bit your body produces something that makes you feel  r 9. and comfortable. It can even help you sleep better at night and let you p10. more attention when you study.




Making a public speech is the thing that most people don’t want to do. The reason is that we are all afraid of making mistakes in front of others. The more important the speech is the more frightened we will be. But forget it now. Public speaking is easy. It’s just a simple talking Although I’m a shy man I’ve been making speeches and talking on radio and television for more than 30 years. Anybody who can talk can speak in public. Here are some of the lessons I have learned

Keep your speech simple. Your audience can’t take all of your main ideas and they can only remember one or two of them not ten or twenty. So you should prepare one or two of your main ideas very well. But if you can’t express what you want to say then your speech will not be paid attention to. And if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to say your audience won’t either.

Organize your speech well. No matter how long or short your speech is you have to organize your speech—how you are going to open or begin what main points you want to make and how you’re going to close or end. A strong close is usually very important and critical(关键的) the last thing you say is what your audience will most likely remember. If not they will be confused.

Keep your speech not long. The standard length of a speech is usually 12 minutes. Most people can’t put their minds in one thing for too long time which will make them tired and lose their interest. If you pay no attention to your audience’s reaction(反应),the audience will get bored. Of course your speech will fail.

Following these suggestions above you can make a good speech in public and you will be an excellent speaker I think.

Title How to make a    1. speech




Keep it simple

You should think about your idea well enough

   2.  one or two of your main ideas well.

If you have a 3. idea of what you want to say your audience will have too.

Organize it well.

You should get your speech well   4. 

Know very well about the

  5.  main points and ending of the speech

If you don’t the    6. will be confused.

Keep it   7. 

Your speech should be short enough to attract your audience’s attention and   8. .

Make your speech as short as 9.  .

If you don’t the audience will feel    10. .




1. Wu Wei the young artist has _______________(给…留下印象)the whole country with his creative work.

2. Did you know colours can __________ (影响)our moods

3.With his booksMo Yan has won high __________(赞扬)from home and abroad .

4.When the star (出现) on the stage the fans all screamed excitedly.

5.The Chinese people have lots of______(智慧)and create many wonders.

6.“You’re not children any more so you’d better do it by______  ___ (you).” the father said.

7.The woman is one of the most important ___________(energy) members in the club.

8.I can help you if you have difficulty _______  _(solve) such a problem.

9.To make yourself more ____________(power) you should practice harder.

10.The student’s   (care) made him lose lots of marks in the Maths exam.


Gabriel Garqacia Marquez who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982 passed away at the age of 86 on April 17 2014. The world paused (停顿) to remember the cultural giant. Garcia Marquez was born in Colombia but he spent most of his adult life in Mexico City. As one of the most famous writers he was widely considered as “a giant of 20th- century literature.” Garcia Marquez wrote in a style called “ magical realism(魔幻现实主义).” In such works people live a daily life in a certain period of time in history. But meanwhile magical things happen to them.

Garcia Marquez is best known for his 1967 novel One Hundred Years of Solitude (《百年孤独》) which has sold about 50 million copies. It tells the tale of the small and isolated town of Macondo which was separated from the outside world of its founding and its troubled history over a hundred years. The story is a metaphor(暗喻)for the development of Colombia since the 19 century. As Colombian President Juan Manuel Santons said Garcia Marquez wrote about “the essence(本质) of the Latin American beings.”

1.Garcia Marquez was born in _________.

A.1982 B.1928 C.1967 D.1914

2. The underlined word isolated means________.

A.隔绝的B. 安逸的 C. 喧嚣的 D.繁华的

3. Which of the following is NOT true about Garcia Marquez?

A. He was the writer of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. 

B. He was widely known as “a giant of 20th- century literature.”

C. His novel One Hundred Yearsof Solitude was a great success.  

D. Magical things happened to him during his stay in Mexico City.

4. The writer quotes (引用)from the President to __________.

A. show the deep sadness of the President. 

B. praise Garcia Marquez for his achievement

C. describe the character of Garcia Marquez.

D. explain the writing style of Garcia Marquez. 


If the rose can be said to be a special flower then the apple can be said to be a special fruit. It is very important in American culture. American stories speak of Johnny Appleseed who went throughout America collecting apple seeds and planting apple trees. He had a great love for nature and went through fields and farms adding richness and beauty to the country.

One of the first sayings taught to school children is “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This short saying encourages children to eat fresh fruit to keep healthy. If someone always says good words to a person people will call him an apple polisher”. This however is not a good name. If someone is very dear to us we say that he or she is the “apple of our eye”.

Most people believe that the fruit which Eve gave to Adam was an apple even though the Bible(圣经) never says so. The apple therefore is a deep part of the language and stories of America.

An apple is also delicious. Apples can be cooked in many ways used as a dessert and made into sweet juice.

In many parts of the country during the harvest season a popular activity is to go into an apple garden to pick apples. Washington D. C. and New York are both famous for their apples.

Finally when it’s time to take a vacation to American cities one can always visit New York which is “the biggest apple” of all the American cities.

1. What does the underlined phrase “apple polisher” mean?

A. Something for cutting apples. 

B. A person who likes to please others.

C. A person who is dealing with fruits.

D. A machine for cleaning apples quickly.

2. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a proverb about ____________.

A. cooking          B. medicine

C. shopping         D. health

3. Which of the following is TRUE with apples?

A. Apples are medicine.  

B. Apples are the most important food.

C. New York is famous for its big apples.

D. The Bible says Adam was given an apple.

4. The passage is mainly about___________.

A. stories about the apple  

B. apples in American culture

C. some famous sayings of the apple

D. big cities that is famous for apples


How much pocket money do you get from your parents every month—200 Yuan? Some may need more to buy birthday presents fast food lunches ice cream or cartoon (动画) books.

But for Zhou Li 30 Yuan a month is enough. The only thing she buys is lunch—1.5 Yuan each day. “My favorite is fried potato slices and rice” said Zhou “meat is too expensive for me.”

Zhou 14 is a Junior 1 student at Hongzhi Experimental School in Beijing. Her parents are migrant workers (外来务工人员). They came to Beijing from a village in Luohe of Henan two years ago. Her father now works as a cleaner and earns 500 yuan every month. Her mother has no job.

Every day Zhou gets up at 5 30 a.m. and rides 20 minutes to school. She studies hard and even reads books during break time. Her favorite subject is computer. “I’m learning typing now. I hope to be the fastest in my class.” said Zhou. Like many teens Zhou has a lot of homework. It usually takes her at least one hour to do it every day. But that is not all her work. She helps her mom cook. On weekends she helps wash clothes. “I could cook when I was eight. Father said sometimes I cooked better than mom!”

Zhou said she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. “I watched TV and found that there were many people with AIDS in Henan. Some are kids. They need help.” said Zhou. But she is afraid of having to leave school. “I hope I will always be in school” said Zhou. “Dad works hard to make money. I promise him I will study hard to be a good student at present and a good doctor in the future.”

1.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The girl’s parents are both cleaners.

B. Her parents gave her 30 Yuan to buy books.

C. She goes to school by bike.

D. Now she types fastest in her class.

2.Zhou Li spends _____ on her homework every day.

A.20 minutes            B. at least one hour

C. half an hour         D. two hours

3.Her wish is to be a doctor because _____.

A. she wants to help the people with SARS

B. she wants to help the people with AIDS

C. she wants to make her parents healthier

D. she wants to help the poor kids

4.The best title of the passage should be “_____”.

A. A Girl from a Village

B.A Hard but Hopeful Life

C. How to Spend Pocket Money 

D.A Girl’s School Life


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1. How long will the Yangzhou Colourful Group Tour last?

A. Two days           B. Four days

C. Five days          D. Eight days

2. Mrs Li is planning to take the 4-Day Qingdao Private Tour with her two daughters. How much will they pay?

A.¥1590      B.¥1650     C.¥2007      D.¥47400

3. If you want to take the 8-Day London Private Tour you should call ________.

A. 800-817-7223           B. 800-810-6288

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When I was three years old just before my sister was born,my mom asked me what we should name the new baby.I said,“Let’s call ______Gravy(肉汁)!”

    You know,we pour gravy over meat and it tastes good! My parents found my_____ interesting,but named the new baby Caroline instead.

    Having a sister ____ my  life.When my sister and I played together,we____ got into fights and got angry with each other if we did_____wrong.It sometimes drove our parents crazy.____ at the same time we learned to share our things. We also learned to forgive each other when we got_____.

    In North America,there are many kinds of families,but______ families have a boy and a girl. Of course some have three or more.In China most children______have brothers or sisters and they have to learn those things in other ways,which is more _____.

    When I______ away to university my sister_____me she wished I still lived at______. She wasn’t used to getting all the attention from my parents.But Chinese children  get all the attention for all their life!

    Some middle school______in China wish they had a brother or sister. If you are one of them I___a good idea for you Treat your friends and classmates as your brothers and sisters!

1.A. her   B. him  C. me D. them

2.A. news  B. idea C. 1essonD. story

3.A. beganB. saw  C. changed     D. enjoyed

4.A. never  B. againC. seldom     D. often

5.A. somethingB. everything    C. anything    D. nothing

6.A. But  B. So  C. Or D. Though

7.A. angry  B. excited C. hungry     D. worried

8.A. few   B. several C. all D. most

9.A. shouldn’t B. don’tC. needn’t     D. wouldn’t

10.A. beautifulB. difficult C. carefulD. friendly

11.A. took  B. put  C. movedD. came

12.A. asked B. answered     C. toldD. warned

13.A. home B. work C. schoolD. family

14.A. students B. teachersC. workers     D. loves

15.A. give  B. have C. 1earn D. make


—You won the first prize in the last Physics competition once again.

—___________. I made several mistakes.

A. Congratulations              B. It doesn’t matter

C. Don’t mention it           D. You must be joking


Aren’t you getting bored with watching the chat show all day?

—____________. I like Zhou Libo he has a good sense of humour.

A. Yes I am                   B.  No I am

C. No I’m not                D. Yes I’m not.


Reading is the best way to kill time on the train.

_____________. I never go travelling without a book.

A. You are joking           B. That’s true

C. I disagree               D. It sounds like fun


--- It’s reported that many people were hurt in Kunming Terrorist Attacks (恐怖事件)on March 1st.

--- _______ bad news!

A. What   B. How    C. What a    D. How a


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