is, day, women’s, eighth, March.(连词成句)



Julia's birthday is on May 1st. (改为一般疑问句,并作肯否定回答)




_______  _______  ________  _______  are beautiful.


—When is______(Tina) birthday?  —______(she) birthday is May 13th.


September is the __________(nine) month of the year.


Mother's Day is on the_________(第二)Sunday of May.



—I'm 20.

A. How are you?     B. What's your age?      C .How old you are.


The room is _______________________.

A. Bob's and Peter's       B. Bob's and Peter      C. Bob and Peter's


—When is Nancy' s birthday?


A. on May twenty           B. on eleventh July      C. on September 10th


—______is your English teacher?

—He is ___________old.

A. How old, fourty years         B. How old, forty years

C. When, fortieth year           D. How, forty year


The girl is only ____.Today is her _____ birthday.

A. five, five         B. fifth, five

C. fifth, fifth        D. five, fifth



This is my first day in our new school. In the morning, I help my new teacher Mr. Hu put some new English textbooks into a big box. And then I carry it to the classroom. The box is very heavy.

I walk very slowly(慢) with the big heavy box in my arms.  A boy runs very fast to me. He can’t stop(停止). Oh, dear! My box drops (掉) on the floor and there are books everywhere on the floor.

'I’m very sorry.' The boy says again and again. He helps me to pick up(捡起) all the books. He then helps me to carry the books to our classroom.

Who is he? He is my classmate. His name is Jim. He comes to China with his father. He comes from England.

1. In the morning, I help ________to carry the box to our classroom.

A. my parents                B. my new classmate

C. my new teacher             D. my good friend Jim

2.My box drops on the floor because________.

A. I walk very slowly with it

B. I walk very fast with it

C. Jim walks very slowly to me

D. Jim runs very fast and he can’t stop

3.Jim is new. He is ________.

A. an American boy           B. an English boy

C. a teacher                  D. a Chinese boy

4.Later, ________ carry the box of books to our classroom.

A. Jim, Mr.Hu and I          B. Jim and I

C. Mr. Hu and Jim           D. some of my classmates and I

5.Jim and I are _________.

A. the same age              B. in the same bedroom

C. in the same class         D. Mr. Hu’s workmates



Dave Smith is 12. He has a sister. Her name is Sally. She is 8. Dave has a dictionary. It is blue. The dictionary is in his black backpack. He has a computer game and he likes it. Sally has a watch. It is red. She likes it very much. She has a nice pencil box, too. It is white. Her pencil, ruler, eraser and pen are in the pencil box. Her pencil box is in the yellow backpack.

1. How old is Dave’s sister?

A. 6.                 B. 8.

C. 10.                D. 12.

2.What color is Dave’s backpack?

A. Black.            B. Blue.

C. Red.              D. Yellow.

3. How many things are there in Sally’s pencil box?

A. Two.              B. Three.

C. Four.             D. Five

4.Which statement is true(正确的)?

A. Dave is 8 years old.               B. Sally has a computer.

C. Sally’s backpack is black.        D. Dave has a dictionary.



In China, September 10th is a special day. It’s Teachers’ Day. Teachers’ Day began in 1985. It is a great day for all the teachers and also a happy time for us students.  How do we spend Teachers’ Day every year?

On that day, we go to school early in the morning, and put a bunch (束) of flowers on our teacher’s desk to give him or her a big surprise. Some of us help him or her to do some easy work.  And others stand at the school gate to say hello to teachers when they go into the school.

In the afternoon, we have a party. We sing and dance with the teachers.

All of us are very happy. The teachers say that the best reward (奖励,奖赏) for them is to see our great progress(进步).

1.When did Teachers’ Day start?

2.Which country celebrate Teachers’ Day?

3.what do we do on that day ?

4.What is the best reward  for  teachers ?

5.Do we sing and dance with the teachers in the afternoon?



1.There are ten  knives and nine _________ (tomato) on the table.

2.What about         __ some delicious food with us in the restaurant? (eat)

3.It takes me two hours         (do) my homework every day.

4.He knocks on ___________ (neighbour) windows to play jokes.

5.----Whose bedroom is it? ---- It’s ____________. (they)

6.Thank you for_______ (make) the kite for me.

7. Are you good at_______ (run)?

8.The children have fun __________(chat) in the park on Saturday.

9.His grandfather feeds a lot of          (sheep) .

10.—Listen! Who         (sing)in the next room?  —It’s Miss Brown,



Have you ever had this moment: you are talking about name? Don’t worry! In English, there are special names to replace(代替)their real names.

In the US, if you forget someone’s name, you can simply say the name John Doe for a man, or Jane Doe for a woman. For example, ‘Did you see that boy who was running in the rain?’ ‘Ah, yes, poor John Doe.’

Also, in US courts ( 法庭), people also use these names. This is to keep the person’ s identity(身份) a secret. People use the name so often that there was even a comedy film in 1941 called Meet John Doe.

However in the UK, unknown people are called John Smith. This is because John is one of the most common first names in English. And Smith is the most common family name.

So next time you forget someone’s name, you know who to say.

1.What will American people use for a woman if they can’t remember her name?

A. John Doe.            B. Jane Doe.

C. John Smith.         D. Jane Smith

2.In US courts, people also use those special names because _____.

A. it is not necessary to use real names

B. they become popular because of a comedy film

C. it is a good way to keep the person’s identity unknown

D. it is necessary to use real names

3. Why there was even a comedy film in 1941 called Meet John Doe?

A. Because people use the name so often.

B. Because people don’t often use the name.

C. Because the name sounds great.

D. Because people never use the name.

4.In UK, they can call unknown people _____________.

A. John Doe.            B. Jane Doe.

C. John Smith.          D. Jane Smith

5. The story mainly talks about ____.

A. why people sometimes can’t remember others’ names

B. the name people say when they can’t remember someone’s real name

C. differences of name use between the UK and the US

D. when people can call people’s names



May 10th is Meg’s birthday. She gets a gift. It is a new coat from her sister. The coat is very beautiful and she feels very happy.

One day, Meg finds that a button(纽扣) of her coat is lost. She looks for the button everywhere, but she can’t find it. The next day, she doesn’t wear that coat to school and feels sad all day. After school, she goes to the clothes shops and wants to buy that kind of clothes. But she feels disappointed.

Meg tells her sister about that, her sister says, “We can change all the buttons. Then the buttons will be the same.” The coat is beautiful again and Meg feels happy again.

1.Meg’s sister buys         for her on her birthday.

A. some buttons           B. a new coat

C. a new bike             D. some flowers

2.How does Meg feel when she doesn’t wear that coat?

A. She feels happy.         B. She feels sad.

C. She feels excited.       D. She feels bored.

3.What does Meg’s sister do at the end of the story?

A. She changes all the buttons of the coat.

B. She buys another coat again.

C. She buys a button in the clothes store.

D. She goes to the clothes store and changes the coat.

4.Where does the underline word “disappointed’ mean in Chinese?

A. 兴奋的              B. 失望的

C. 难过的               D. 高兴的

5.What’s the best title for the passage?

A. A lost button          B. A lost coat

C. A kind sister         D. A clothes store



Welcome to the zoo

Opening:  Monday to Friday

10:00 am-6:00 pm

Saturday to Sunday

9:00 am-8:00 pm



Ages 13~15:   $7.50

Ages 4~12:    $5.00

Under 4:      Free(免费的)

Try out Train Ride for$2.00 one person


1.What time does the zoo open on Wednesdays?

A. At 8:00 pm       B. At 9:00 am

C. At 6:00 pm        D. At 10:00 am.

2.What time does it close on Saturdays?

A. At 8:00 pm      B. At 9:00 am

C. At 6:00 pm        D. At 10:00 am.

3.How many days in a week does the zoo open?

A. I don’t know .    B. Five days.

C. Seven days.        D. Six days.

4.Peter is ten years old. How much does he pay(付钱)to go to the zoo?

A. Free.             B. $7.50.

C. $10.00.           D. $5.00.

5.Mrs Chen and her son Bob go to the zoo. Bob is three years old. How much do they pay to go to the zoo?

A. Free.             B. $7.50.

C. $10.00.           D. $5.00.




Jenny is twenty years old. She is ___________ actress. She always gets up at seven o’clock. She has breakfast at seven thirty. She   ________ many good friends. Every Saturday afternoon they come to her house to play with her. They drink coffee, and eat some _____________ delicious food. They also play tennis or computer games. At six o’clock ________ the evening, they have a big dinner together. At nine o’clock, Jenny watches movies on TV, or reads some books and newspapers. She usually goes ____________ bed at ten. She says health is the most important thing in the life.

1.A. the         B. a                C. an                 D. /

2.A. have      B. has              C. having              D. to have

3.A. other     B. others           C. the other           D. the others

4.A. at         B. in               C. on                  D. to

5.A. in         B. at               C. to                  D. With


I usually get up _______ 6:00 _______ the morning.

A. at; in               B. on; at

C. in; at              D. at, at


- How many        are there in your classroom?

- There are twenty.

A. boy                 B. boys

C. boies                 D. photoes


- ­         my pencil-box. It’s nice.

A. See                  B. Look after

C. Look for             D. Look at


His brother is _________ years old. This Monday is his _________ birthday.

A. twelve; twelve         B. twelfth; twelfth

C. twelfth; twelve         D. twelve; twelfth


There are _____months in a year. _____ month is December.

A. twelfth, Twelfth              B. twelve , Twelve

C. twelfth , The twelfth         D. twelve , The twelfth


Tom’s brother’s birthday is ___________ November 25th.

A. on                B. in

C. at               D. for


I’m ________ years old and it’s my _______ birthday today.

A. fifteen, fifteen              B. fifteen, fifteenth

C. fifteenth, fifteen            D. fifteenth, fifteenth


_________is the seventh month of the year.

A. January           B. June

C. July               D. September


___________ October 1st, we have an art festival.

A. In                   B. On

C. With               D. At


—Today(今天)is Alan’s birthday.

—Oh, Really? ____________, Alan!

A. Happy birthday           B. Happy New Year

C. Thank you               D. You’re right


seventh, is, my, on, birthday, October.(连词成句)



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