Would you like ______ the window? It’s too hot in the room.

A. to open    B. opening    C. to close    D. closing


Most of the boys in our class enjoy ______ football games .

A. watch    B. to watch    C. watching    D. watches


There ________ a ruler and two pens on the desk/

         A. are                B. is                 C. be             D. am


—______ you speak Chinese?  —No, I can’t.

A. Do           B. Are

C. Does          D. Can


--- Where ___________ your pen pals from?    --- The United States.

A. does B. doC. is    D. are


My father likes comedies _______ he doesn’t like Mr Bean.

A. and           B. or

C. but           D. so


My brother plays ______ basketball well but he doesn’t play _______ piano well.

A. the, the       B. /, the

C. the, /        D. /, /


He’d like some ________ and ________.

A. beef, tomatoes    B. beefs, tomatoes    C. beef, tomato    D. beefs, tomato








6.follow the rules________________

7.bring good luck to________________

8.take the subway ________________

9.get dressed ________________

10.make a wish _______________



1.The long noodles are the ____________(象征、标志) of long life.

2.Most of the students in our class think math is d  ______ from English.

3._______(星期一) is the second day of a week .

4.He is of __________(中等的) height.

5.I like the restaurant because the food is d_______________.



1.tooth (复数) ___________


3.have (第三人称单数)___________









Last weekend I went to visit my grandma.1.(虽然) her house is far from mine, I still decided to walk there. It was very sunny so I didn’t take my2.(雨伞)However, on the way it began to rain hard. And soon I was all3.(湿的).When I was thinking about what to do next, 4.(幸运地),there came a taxi. I5.(停)it and went into it quickly. When I arrived at my grandma’s house,she was very surprised to see me.

“ Is it 6.(必要的)for you to come here on foot? Why don’t you drive your car here?” She asked,

“Because I want to take more exercise.” I answered. “Why do you come on 7.(这样的)a rainy day?”

“I come to tell you a piece of good news.” “What good news?”

“I 8.(赢)the first prize in the singing 9.(比赛).”

“Congratulations! ’’ said my grandma excitedly, then she10.(给)me a warm blanket to wrap me.



A. What do you think of them?

B. There will be a basketball game at 7:00.

C. I just plan to watch TV at home.

D. Its more eductional.

E. Whats your favourite TV show?

Sam: Hi, Laryy. What do you plan to do ?

Larry: Nothing much. ___1.____

Sam: What do you want to watch?

Larry: Comedies. ____2.___

Sam: I dont really like them. You cant expect to learn much from such programs.

Larry: Thats true. ____3.____

Sam: Talent shows. I think wathing them is a great way to relax.

Larry: But I cant stand them. I love to watch news. ____4.__

Sam:Sure. You can learn a lot from it.

Larry: Oh yeah, ___5.___ Do you want to watch it with me?

Sam: Id love to. Lets go.



1.What do you think of TV shows?(改为同义句)

_________do you__________ TV shows?

2.Does your sister love the game?(改为陈述句)

_________sister__________ the game.

3.My brother likes playing soccer because it’s exciting.(对画线部分提问)

__________ _________your brother___________ playing soccer?

4.I like talk shows best.(对画线部分提问)

_________ ___________ __________TV shows do you like best?

5.You did very well.(改成同义句)

You did a___________ ___________.




What__________ your mother____________ __________ sports shows?


We will____________ __________ _________to realize our dreams.


Mulan__________ __________like a boy and _________her father’s _________to fight in the army.


She can get good grades, and _________ _________ __________ __________

________is that she works hard.


The movie __________her___________ __________ her family, friends and country.


Overseas experience may help make our life        . So why not try to study abroad?

A.   usual         B. useful            C. successful         D. traditional


During the World Cup,a large number of soccer fans fly to Brazil. It has __________ a great place for fans to have fun.

A. made    B. kept    C. become


Han Ming is a helpful boy. He is ready_____________ anything for others.

A. do    B. to do    C. doing    D. does


Try your best _____ with your parents and they will understand your decision.

A. to talk    B. talk    C. to play   D. Play


Mickey mouse is one of the most famous ______ in American ______.

A. symbol culture    B. symbol cultures

C. symbols culture    D. symbols cultures


Would you mind _______________the window? It’s very hot.

A. open    B. opening    C. opens


Books about Tu Youyou last month          .

A. came out    B. comes out

C. come out    D. will come out


---Look, the boss is very angry with Alex.

---Well,he came late again.But that’s no______ to shout at him.

A.problem         B. lesson            C.excuse           D. reason


Where are you going this month?

—We___________ go to Xiamen, but we’re not sure.

A. needn’t    B. might    C. must    D. mustn’t



1.People in the West often think that the number thirteen is _________(luck).

2.We must take an active___________ (act) to save water.

3.I never go to watch the game show because it is _________________ (meaning).

4.He manages over 100 big companies. He is considered to be one of the most____________ ( success) businessmen in China.

5.I think Xi Yangyang isn’t as ______________ (famous) as Mickey Mouse.



1.Jane became rich and _____________(成功的)through her creative work.

2.—Jane and her sister have something in c__________.

—Yeah, they both like music.

3.I was surprised that Dale _________(出现)at my birthday party yesterday evening.

4.China is____________(著名的)for the Great Wall.

5.Dad always tells me not to study only for tests. If that’s all I’m doing, he says, I will soon ______________(失去)interest in learning.

6.Our traditional c___________ like Peking Opera should be passed down.

7.Why don’t you attend the class meeting? Please give me a r_________.

8.Ma Yun has a lot of money. He is really a r______________ man.


A:Hi! What’s your name?

B:My name is Helen.1.

A:I’m Bob. Do you like sports?

B:2.Tennis is my favorite sport.

A:Oh,I like tennis,too. Let’s play tennis.

B:3. Do you have a tennis ball?

A:No,I don’t.4.

B:Where’s his tennis ball?

A:5.Let me get it.

B:OK, You can ask Jack to play with us.


A.Yes, I do.

B.But my brother Jack has a tennis ball.

C.No,he doesn’t.

D.Sounds good.

E.He is in the classroom.

F.What about you?

G.In his classroom.



1.Lucy doesn’t have a tennis ball.(变为肯定句)

Lucy_______ a tennis ball.

2.Bob has a baseball. (变为一般疑问句)

______ Bob _______ a baseball?

3.Jack’s tennis is in his room.(对画线部分提问)

_______ ______Jack’s tennis?

4.We go to play tennis.(改为由let’s引导的祈使句)

_______ ______to play tennis.

5.My sister gets a photo of TFBOYS.(改为否定句)

My sister________ ________a photo of TFBOYS


Shall we play __________ volleyball, Mike?

OK. But we don’t have _________ volleyball here.

A. a , /             B. / , a            C. / , /          D. a ,the


Do you have a soccer ball?

No, I           , but my brother          .

A. do; has    B. does; has

C. don’t; do    D. don’t; does


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