The boy is     , so he pass the exam easily.

A. hard-working    B. handsome    C. cool    D. friendly


Lily was very sad about her dog’s __________.

A. die    B. death    C. dying    D. died


He can’t go to school today          his illness.

A. because    B. because of    C. but    D. and


---How often do the students play sports? ---          .

A. Since last night    B. For two hours    C. A month ago    D. Once a day


– How was your last summer vacation?

– __________.I did quite a lot of homework at home.

A. It was wonderful    B. It was fantastic    C. It was boring    D. It was interesting


Mr. Lee _________ some books for his son yesterday.

A. buys    B. brought    C. brings    D. bought


__________ Jane is only five years old, she can play the piano well.

A. Because    B. So    C. But    D. Although


–Does Tara work as _______ as Tina?

–Yes, she does.

A. hard    B. hardly    C. harder    D. the hardest


I don't have enough time _____ breakfast on school days.

A. eating    B. eat    C. to eat    D. ate


I think friends are like books—you don’t need a lot of them ____________ they’re good.

A. care about    B. feel like    C. because of    D. as long as


I think friend isn’t necessary to be the same _______ you, so my best friend Larry is quite different _______ me.

A. for, at    B. as, from    C. to, with    D. at, in


________ of my parents are teachers.

A. All    B. Both    C. Also    D. Either


---What did you do yesterday evening ,Gina?  ---I          TV at home.

A. watch    B. watched    C. am watching    D. will watch


Eric spends at least one hour _________ his grandpa every day.

A. with    B. for    C. on    D. in


Nelly sings __________ than Sally.

A. more clearly    B. more clear    C. clearer    D. the clearest


John has a good habit, he never ___________ late at night.

A. gets up    B. stays up    C. puts up    D. looks up


Which girl is ___________ in your class, Anna or Linda?

A. outgoing    B. much outgoing    C. more outgoing    D. he most outgoing


– _________ do you use the Internet?

– I use it every day.

A. How many    B. How often    C. How much    D. How long


–Is there __________ in our school’s newspaper?

–Yes, two American students will come to our school.

A. something new    B. everything new    C. nothing new    D. anything new



1.Tim ___________(break) his arm last month.

2.My sister is ____________(funny) than me.

3.Cindy always exercises ____________(two) a week.

4.The cartoon “Xi Yangyang and Hui Tailang” makes me ____________(relax).

5.Did you enjoy ____________(you) at Tina’s birthday party, my children?



1.We took quite a _________ photos in Jingyue Park last summer.

2.I’m __________. Would you please give me some food to eat?

3.I like to help my mom with ____________such as doing the dishes.

4.A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your ___________.

5.I don’t like movies. So I hardly ________ go to the movies.


What will our life be like by the year 2100? It’s difficult for US1.(imagine).People2.(live)on the earth for so many years.It is becoming more and more crowded and polluted.Maybe people will live on the other planet Mars.Astronauts  3.(not be)to Mars yet so far.Let’s imagine what our life will be like on Mars.I think life on Mars will be better than4.(those)on the earth in many ways.People will have more space.Robots will do most of work,so people will have more time for5.(hobby).What’s more,there will be no school on Mars.Every student will have a computer at home.They can study,do their homework and take exams online.


Why not ____ your teacher for help when you can't finish _____ the story by yourself?

A. to ask; write    B. to ask; to write

C. ask; writing    D. asking; to write


_________ volunteers will give out leaflets to ask people to protect the wetlands.

A. Two hundreds    B. Hundreds of    C. Two hundred of    D. Hundred of


English isn’t as        as Chinese.

A. easy    B. easily    C. easier    D. easiest


I’ve never________to the Great Wall.

A. been    B. gone    C. seen    D. come


—Have you mended your shoes, Bob—Yes, I ____ them twenty minutes ago

A. have mended    B. had mended    C. mended    D. mend


——How many of you have seen the film?


A. No one    B. None    C. Nobody    D. Nothing


She        found her lost money,so she is very happy.

A. have just    B. just have    C. has just    D. just has


The story lets me find it very interesting       the game like that.

A. play    B. to play    C. playing    D. played


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