Each student in our class ________ homework every day.

A. is doing    B. doing    C. do    D. does


________ people come to the meeting. ________ the people ________ about 50.

A. A number of, The number of, are    B. The number of, A number of, is

C. The number of, The number of, are    D. A number of, The number of, is


---Did you play football last Friday?


A. No, we don’t.    B. No, we didn’t.    C. No, we aren’t.    D. Yes, we are.


I often watch my sister ________ in the bedroom. Look, she ________ in her room.

A. dances, is dancing    B. dancing, dances    C. dance, is dancing    D. dance, dances


---________?---It was cloudy.

A. How is the weather    B. What is the weather like

C. How was the weather like    D. How was the weather


---Let’s go and see a movie.

---Great! The TV shows are too ________.

A. cheap    B. interesting    C. exciting    D. boring


Jim doesn’t like beef, potatoes ________ cabbages.

A. or    B. and    C. but    D. /


We all had fun ________ in the supermarket ________ a sunny morning.

A. shop, on    B. shopping, in    C. shopping, on    D. shopping, /


Tom often ________ us interesting stories.

A. talks    B. tells    C. speaks    D. says


Koalas ________ from Australia and pandas ________ from China.

A. are, comes    B. comes, are    C. is, are    D. come, are


The teacher is standing ________ the blackboard.

A. in front of    B. in the front of    C. at front    D. in front


There ________ two bottles of juice and some milk in the fridge.

A. is    B. are    C. have    D. has


---What ________ useful book it is!

---Yeah, it tells us how to play ________ piano.

A. an, the    B. a, /    C. a, the    D. an, /


假如你是心理专家Mike, 你收到了中学生John的一封来信。他在信中说他很喜欢打篮球,但父母担心打篮球会影响他的学习而不让他打,为此他经常和父母争吵。他很烦恼,不知道该怎么办。请你根据提示给John 写一封回信。词数80左右。






Do you want to be happy? 1. They will help you become a happy person.

★Be thankful. There are so many things to be thankful for. 2. Thank your parents for preparing meals for you ; thank the school bus driver for driving you home safely and thank the mailman for bringing you your letters every day. By doing this you will feel happy.

3. For example, read a good book , listen to your favorite music or spend time with your close friends. Don’t spend too much time worrying about the future, such as going to college or getting a good job.

4. You may forget about your trouble by joining in some activities like singing, dancing or swimming.★Help others. Many people feel happy after helping others 5. You can help a friend with his or her studies. You can read books for the children in your neighborhood. You can also be a volunteer to help the old or the disabled.


In northern Scotland there is a long, deep lake called Loch Ness. More than 200 meters deep, it is the largest lake in the UK.People say a big monster lives in its dark, cold waters. It weighs more than 1,000 kilos and is at least ten meters long. Some people say it has a head like a horse. Others say it looks 1ike a snake. Many people travel to Loch Ness to look for this strange monster, but only a few people have seen it. At least, they say they have seen it.

The Loch Ness Monster is a famous legend. The first story about a monster in Loch Ness was told over 500 years ago, but the legend of the monster spread widely only in the twentieth century. In 1933, a husband and wife reported that they saw a big monster in the middle of the lake. Since then, a number of people have said that they have seen a monster in Loch Ness. Several people have taken photos, but at least one of them was a hoax. During the 1960s, a team was formed to look for the monster. They took many photos and made movies, but they were never able to find a monster.

There is no real fact that a monster lives in Loch Ness, but there is also no fact that one doesn’t live.One thing is true about Loch Ness : there are a lot of tourists there.

1.In northern           there is a long,deep lake called Loch Ness.

A. Scotland    B. Hong Kong    C. Rome    D. Paris

2.What do people say about the monster in Loch Ness ?

A. It weighs about 100 kilos.    B. It is one meter long

C. It has a tail like a horse.    D. It looks like a snake.

3.Why was a team formed during the 1960s ?

A. To kill the monster.    B. To look for the monster.

C. To catch the monster.    D. To sell the monster.

4.What is the passage mainly about ?

A. People that saw a monster.    B. A trip to Loch Ness.

C. A legend about a monster.    D. A team that took photos.


Weather can influence people’s intelligence. A report in 1983 showed that IQ of a group of students was very high when a very strong wind came, but after the strong wind, their IQ was 10% lower. That wind could help people have higher intelligence. Very hot weather, on the other hand, can make it lower. A recent report shows that students in many schools of the US often get lower marks in exams in the hot months of the year (July and August).

Weather also has a strong influence on people’s feelings. Winter may be a bad time for thin people. They might feel unhappy during cold days. But fat people may have a hard time in hot summer.

Low air pressure may make people forgetful. People leave more bags on buses and in shops on low-pressure days. People feel best at a temperature of about 18℃.

Are you feeling sad, tired, forgetful, or unhappy today? It may be the weather’s problem.

1.What influences people’s intelligence according to the first paragraph ?

A. Education.    B. Diet.    C. Health.    D. Weather

2.Students in many schools of America get lower marks in exams because they take exams         .

A. in hot months    B. in cold months    C. with bad feelings    D. in windy months

3.How may a thin person feel during cold days ?

A. Happy.    B. Sad.    C. Hot.    D. Warm.

4.Which of the following is NOT true ?

A. A report in 1983 showed that weather could influence people’s intelligence.

B. On low-pressure days, people can’t remember things well.

C. Hot summer is a hard time for fat people.

D. Weather has nothing to do with people’s feelings.


It takes much time to learn a language. There are many reasons to learn a language.


When you move to a different country or region, learning the local language will help you to communicate with the local community. Even if many local people speak your language, it’s important to learn their language. It will also give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking.


If your work is about languages, talking to them in their own languages will help you to communicate with them. Knowing languages may also increase your chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion or a transfer overseas, or of going on foreign business trips.

Many English-speaking business people don’t bother to learn other languages because they believe that most of the people they do business with in foreign countries can speak English. The lack of foreign language knowledge puts the English speakers at a disadvantage.


When you go on holiday you can get more information by speaking English. If people don’t understand you, all you have to do is speak slowly and turn up the voice.


Perhaps you enjoy the food and drink of a country or region and make trips there. It is very useful to learn a foreign language.

1.The underlined word “chance” means             .

A. opportunity    B. interest    C. instruction    D. explanation

2.There are            reasons to learn a language in the passage.

A. three    B. four    C. five    D. six

3.What is NOT true according to the passage ?

A. It’s important to learn a foreign language when moving to a different country.

B. Learning a language can give you a better understanding of their culture.

C. If people don’t understand you , you can speak slowly and turn up the voice.

D. It’s not necessary to learn a foreign language if you are English-speaking business people.

4.What’s the main idea of the passage ?

A. Where to learn a language.    B. Why to learn to learn a language.

C. How to learn a language.    D. How many languages to learn.



Name :Paris

Location :in the north of France

Area :105.4 km2

Population :2.2 million

Name :Athens

Location :in the south-east of Greek

Area :412 km2

Population :3.8 million

It’s warm in winter and there is little rain in summer.

Name :Amsterdam

Location:in the north-west of Holland

Area :219 km2

Population :0.75 million

It’s a city of art, with over 40 museums, including Van Gogh Museum.

















1.The area of  Paris is about            .

A. 105.4 km2    B. 219 km2    C. 412 km2    D. 1,000 km2

2.Athens is in the            of Greek.

A. north    B. south-east    C. north-west    D. south-west

3.Van Gogh Museum is in            .

A. Paris    B. Athens    C. Amsterdam    D. Cambridge


On weekends, everyone is at home but each is doing their own things. It’s 1. to get everyone together and do something as a family. What should parents do? Here are some suggestions.

Exercise outside

Let children 2. their bikes or just hang out in the open air. You can also just 3. a walk together with other family members. It is great exercise. And it is good for 4. .

Play a game

Games should depend on the kid’s ages. For elder kids, the father can 5. chess with them. If your kids are 6. , a game of memory is perfect. If you can’t play the games, you can always draw7. on cards and make up your own game.

Go out for supper

Going out for supper not only gives mom a break, but also offers a lot more time to 8. about the past week together.

Make a photo album

Go through all those old 9. that are just lying around and get them into a book. 10. you have a few kids, let each one do a page of their own. It can be as simple as sticking them in a book.

Hope you enjoy these ideas and will enjoy doing these activities with your family!


Two frogs lived in a village. One day they wanted to go and see the big ______ that was about ten miles away.

They talked about it ______ a long time, and ______ they decided to see the city.

It was a hot day, and they soon ______ to feel tired. They ______ went a little way when one said to the other, “We must be nearly there. Can you ______ the city?”

“No, ”said the other frog, “but if I climb on your ______ I might be able to see it.”

______ he climbed up on the back of _______frog to see the city.

When the frog ______ his head, his eyes could only see what was ______ , and not what was in front. “Can you see the city ?” asked the other frog. “Yes,” answered the frog that climbed up. “I ______ see it. It looks just ______ our village. ”

So the frogs decided ______ the city, and went back home.

The two frogs ______ the others in village, “The city was just like our village.”

1.A. village    B. city    C. house    D. country

2.A. in    B. to    C. at    D. for

3.A. at first    B. next    C. at last    D. just

4.A. began    B. wanted    C. tried    D. had

5.A. never    B. always    C. only    D. ever

6.A. look at    B. see    C. listen to    D. h

7.A. head    B. leg    C. back    D. put off

8.A. So    B. But    C. Although    D. hear

9.A. other    B. the other    C. others    D. neck

10.A. turn off    B. turn up    C. put up    D. Because

11.A. front    B. beside    C. under    D. behind

12.A. may    B. have to    C. can    D. must

13.A. like    B. for    C. at    D. as

14.A. not visit    B. visit    C. not to visit    D. to visit

15.A. said    B. spoke    C. talked    D. told


(2014广东)—I wonder whether Brazil will win the match later tonight.

Go to bed first.I will wake you up as soon as the match________



C.will start

D.is starting



I have a lot of trouble________the newspaper.

A.What’s wrong;reading

B.What’s the matter;to read

C.What’s matter;reading

D.What’s the wrong;to read


—What should I give my sister on her birthday?

            give her a dress?

A. Why don’t    B. Why not    C. Why not you    D. Why to


—Which basketball player do you like better, Kobe or Jordan?

            of them. Yao Ming is my favorite.

A. Neither    B. None    C. All    D. Either


The girl with two cats     in the yard when the earthquake happened.

   A. was playing   B. is playing   C. are playing   D. were playing


— Could you please take out the rubbish?


A. Not at all.    B. You’re welcome.    C. No way.    D. No problem.


After dinner, he used to            football, but now he gets used to            .

A. play; walk    B. playing; walking    C. play; walking    D. playing; walk


— Do you know who taught             English?

—Nobody. He learned it by             .

A. his; himself    B. his; him    C. him; himself    D. he; him


在科技日新月异的今天,我们的生活时刻发生着变化。若干年后,我们的生活将会是什么样子?假如下面是你对未来生活的预测,请根据表格内容写一篇题为Life in the future的短文,向大家介绍你所预测的未来生活。





全年气候温和,没有太冷 太热的天气。










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