—How did you like Nick's performance last night?

—To be honest,his singing didn't ________to me much.

A. appeal    B. belong

C. refer    D. occur


I'd prefer to ________my judgement until I find all the evidence.

A. show    B. express

C. pass    D. reserve


—Why do you choose to work in an international travel agency?

—Well,you know,English is my ________.So it is my best choice.

A. strength    B. talent

C. ability    D. skill


It's surprising that your brother ________Russian so quickly—he hasn't lived there very long.

A. picked up    B. looked up

C. put up    D. made up


—Thank God you're safe!

—I stepped back,just ________to avoid the racing car.

A. in time    B. in case

C. in need    D. in vain


In order to find the missing child,villagers ________all they can over the past five hours.

A. did    B. do

C. had done    D. have been doing


—Alvin,are you coming with us?

—I'd love to,but something unexpected ________.

A. has come up    B. was coming up

C. had come up    D. would come up


—Look!Somebody ________the sofa.

—Well,it wasn't me.I didn't do it.

A. is cleaning    B. was cleaning

C. has cleaned    D. had cleaned


—I remember you were a talented pianist at college.Can you play the piano for me?

—Sorry,I ________the piano for years.

A. don't play    B. wasn't playing

C. haven't played    D. hadn't played


假定你是李华,正在一所英国学校学习暑期课程,遇到一些困难,希望得到学校辅导中心(Learning Center)的帮助。根据学校规定,你需书面预约,请按下列要点写一封信:













Look forward to your reply.


Li Hua



I visited my aunt in a countryside near the city last week. I was surprised to see that great changes had been taken place in the countryside. Take my aunt's family for example. They supply preciously trees and flowers to the stores in the cities and have over ten workers working for themselves. Their family's income reached as much 100,000 yuan last year. Not only did they have a house, a car and computers, they can also afford a trip abroad every year. When asking what else they needed most, they said that they wanted to learn a few English so that they could do business with foreigners directly. To their delighted, my cousin can use he has learned from university to help them with overseas trade.


What would you do if you failed? Many people may choose to give up1. the surest way to success is to keep your direction and stick 2. your goal .On your way to success, you must keep your 3.(direct).It is just like a lamp, guiding you in darkness and 4. (help) you overcome obstacles on your way.5. you will easily get  6. (lose) or hesitate to go ahead .Directions mean objectives .You can get nowhere 7. an objective in life .You can try to write your objective on paper and make some plans to achieve 8..Only in this way will you know how to arrange your time and to spend your time 9. (proper).And you should also have a belief 10. you are sure to succeed as long as you keep your direction all the time.



1.I ’d  hold on  ________  that house for the time being; house prices are rising sharply at the moment.

2.I was told that there were about 50 foreign students studying Chinese in the school,most of ________ were from Germany.

3.I do believe________ equality of opportunity.

4.My teaching style is similar________ that of most other teachers.

5.All the students were ________favor of  my idea that we should go for a picnic the next week.

6.________ all my homework unfinished,I am not allowed to go online to play games.

7.I’ll let you borrow it ___________condition that you lend me your bicycle in return.

8.Many famous people set______ their own My Space Page where they could respond to their fans.

9.Do you suffer _________ headaches?

10.They are trying to Increase profits _______ 10 percent.



1.With all his attention ___________ (fix) on the painting, he didn’t notice me come in..

2.The bowls never needed ___________ (wash), as the boys cleaned them with their spoons, trying to eat every bit of soup.

3.They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house__________(rebuild)

4.The patient___________ (send) to another hospital before we got there.

5.Food supplies in the flood –stricken area___________ (run) out. we must act immediately before there is nothing left.

6.The question___________ (discuss) now at the meeting is very important..

7.The government is taking _______________( measure) to bring down the prices of houses.

8.___________ (transport) goods by train can reduce pollution.

9.Great attention must be paid to ________ (develop) welfare, especially in the poor area.

10.The fires burned for three days, __________ (destroy) a total of 25, 000 buildings.



1.Police say they will not give up until they find _____________ (证据).

2.People often use sunflowers as the _______________of strength. (象征)

3.He has gone to be ___________ for a new coat. (测量)

4.__________ (face) with difficulties, she didn’t choose to give up.

5.In my opinion, what he told us just now about the affair simply doesn’t make any s_______ .

6.Luckily, the bullet n __________ missed the captain by an inch.

7.There are many s__________________ between my first-born son and my brother, both of whom like swimming and eating dumplings.

8.Reasons for joining a club at school r_________ from making more friends to keeping us busy after school.

9.How many people can the hall a__________?

10.—Why did you  r_______?

—I was offered a better position at IBM


I wouldn't have picked up that dusty card without seeing those big words: DON'TFORGET.I was ________….

Don't forget what? Under the words were three numbered items. l. Snow peas. 2. Shakespeare. 3. Sadira  Kirmani. What was my name doing on someone's list? Yesterday was my first day here. Since Mrs. Allison_______me, nobody except the boy with glasses spoke to me and asked if he could have my cake at lunch. I tried to  _______on the[ lessons, but my mind went _____.Snow peas, Shakespeare, and me?  "Sadira." I ____when Mrs. Allison called my name. "It's time to line up for_____.” As I moved through the line, I heard a girl with braces ask,  "What's that?",_______at a pan. "Snow peas," the lady answered. "I'll try some snow peas," the boy behind me______.

Snow peas!  Number. 1 on the list. After lunch, Mrs. Allison ______ hat it was "rhyme time." The boy who'd asked for snow peas stood up.  "OK, Wyatt." Mrs. Allison nodded. "To be or not to be…’”Wyatt began.

When he______,  Mrs. Allison added,  "Shakespeare wrote sonnets, a special kind of______.” Shakespeare?  Number 2 on the  list. I started to_______ , wondering  what would happen next.

After school, I sat alone on the bus. It was quite a while before I  ______Wyatt. He smiled in a _____way, saying¨1 wanted to talk to you. I almost forgot."

“Forgot what'?"

“You're number 3 on my list."

So now I _______what was going on.  "My mom's ______ .I'm supposed to try three new things  every  day." continued Wyatt.

That night, I made my own ____.l.Try the spinach quiche.2.Offer my______to the boy with glasses.3.Say______to the girl with braces. Then I smiled before adding one more _____: Thank Wyatt.

1.A. Enthusiastic    B. Grateful    C. Curious    D. optimistic

2.A. introduced    B. encouraged    C. recommended    D. dismissed

3.A. Bring    B. Carry    C. rely      D. concentrate

4.A. weak    B. blank    C. excited    D. pale

5.A. shouted    B. laughed    C. jumped    D. greeted

6.A. class    B. supper    C. sports    D. lunch

7.A. pointing    B. glaring    C. knocking    D. coming

8.A. worked out    B. checked out    C. shouted out    D. figured out

9.A. predicted    B. announced    C. responded    D. reported

10.A. finished    B. copied    C. prepared    D. returned

11.A. theatre    B. novel    C. article    D. poetry

12.A. disappoint    B. panic    C. calm    D. annoy

13.A. knew    B. Remembered    C. understood    D. noticed

14.A. strict    B. Friendly    C. sad    D. voluntary

15.A. pointed out    B. referred to    C. found out    D. appealed to.

16.A. idea    B. Invitation    C. command    D. preference

17.A. meal    B. List    C. rhyme    D. cake

18.A. card    B. Peas    C. dessert    D. homework

19.A. please    B. Sorry    C. goodbye    D. hello

20.A. number               B. Entry    C. person    D. word


Taking good notes is a time-saving skill that will help you to become a batter student in several ways.1. Second, your notes are excellent materials to refer to when you are studying for a test. Third, note-taking offers variety to your study time and helps you to hold your interest.

You will want to take notes during classroom discussions and while reading a textbook or doing research for a report.2. Whenever or however you take notes, keep in mind that note-taking is a selective process.3.

The following methods may work best for you.

●Read the text quickly to find the main facts and ideas in it.

●Carefully read the text and watch for words that can show main points and supporting facts.

● Write your notes in your own words.


● Note any questions or ideas you may have about what was said or written.

As you take notes, you may want to use your own shorthand(速记). When you do, be sure that you understand your symbols and that you use them all the time.5.

A. Use words, not complete sentences.

B. There are three practical note-taking methods.

C. You must write your notes on separate paper.

D. Otherwise, you may not be able to read your notes later.

AB. you will also want to develop your own method for taking notes.

AC. That means you must first decide what is important enough to include in your notes.

AD. First, the simple act of writing something down makes it easier for you to understand and remember   it.


Some people bring out the best in you in a way that you might never have fully realized on your own. My mom was one of those people.

My father died when I was nine months old, making my mom a single mother at the age of eighteen. When I was growing up, we lived a hard life. We had little money, but my mom gave me a lot of love. Each night, she sat me on her lap and spoke the words that would change my life, “ Kemmons, you are certain to be a great man and you can do anything in life if you work hard enough to get it .”

At fourteen, I was hit by a car and the doctors said I would never walk again. Every day, my mother spoke to me in her gentle, loving voice, telling me that no matter what those doctors said, I could walk again if I wanted to badly enough. She drove that message so deep into my heart that I finally believed her. A year later, I returned to school—walking on my own!

When the Great Depression( 大萧条 ) hit, my mom lost her job. Then I left school to support the both of us. At that moment I was determined never to be poor again.

Over the years, I experienced various levels of business success. But the real turning point occurred on a vacation I took with my wife and five kids in 1951. I was dissatisfied with the second-class hotels available for families and was angry that they charged an extra $2 for each child. That was too expensive for the average American family. I told my wife that I was going to open a motel for families that would never charge extra for children. There were plenty of doubters at that time.

Not surprisingly, mom was one of my strongest supporters. She worked behind the desk and designed the room style. As in any business, we experienced a lot of challenges. But with my mother’s words deeply rooted in my soul, I never doubted we would succeed. Fifteen years later, we had the largest hotel system in the world—Holiday Inn. In 1979 my company had 1,759 inns in more than fifty countries with income of $1 billion a year.

You may not have started out life in the best situations. But if you can find a task in life worth working for and believe in yourself, nothing can stop you.

1.what Kemmons’ mom often told him during his childhood was ___________.

A. caring    B. moving

C. encouraging    D. interesting

2.Which of the following describes Kemmons’ mother ?

A. Modest, helpful and hardworking.

B. Loving, supportive and strong-willed.

C. Careful, helpful and beautiful.

D. Strict, sensitive and supportive.

3.Which of the following led to Kemmons’ success according to the passage?

A. Self-confidence, hard work, higher education and a poor family.

B. Mom’s encouragement, clear goals, self-confidence and hard work.

C. Clear goals, mom’s encouragement, a poor family and high education.

D. Mom’s encouragement, a poor family, higher education and opportunities.


To this day, I don’t remember what the argument was about .I just remembered that it was a good one.

I really loved my parents .I gave them no trouble and in turn they helped me a lot. Best of all, I mostly had free use of our second car that I called The Dragon. But sometimes she needed it. And that’s what Mom and I were arguing about as we stood there at the front door of the condo(公寓租房) It was really the only thing she and I ever argued about .

That would explain why we were standing at the front door. I almost never used it because the back door was closer to where the cars were parked. So if I was it the front door, that meant I was coming in front having walked. But I’m not much of a walker .

Whatever we were arguing about, the words got heated enough to attract Dad’s attention, and he wandered over to the front door and stood behind Mom .That was sort of how it worked in our family .Mom was the one who would discipline the children and I don’t remember him ever refusing anything Mom had decided.

So mom and I was arguing and during argument I called my Mom a …No sooner had that word escaped, my  lips but I felt the strong hand of my father against my cheek . It was the only time I can remember my father striking me. We all stood there ,staring at each other . Finally I looked my Dad directly in the eye.” I deserved that ,”I said.

I really believed that. Mom had kept telling me before : “You can choose your actions, but you can’t choose the results of your actions.” We make choices, which affect others, and they react. Recognizing that our choices have consequences is a good lesson that life teaches us.

1.Generally speaking, the author and his parents_____.

A. often had words with each other

B. got along well with each other

C. didn’t respect his mother at all

D. fought each other over the car

2.Who used The Dragon most of the time?

A. The author’s father.

B. The author’s mother

C. The author himself.

D. The author’s brothers.

3.The main purpose of Paragraph 3 is to mean that _______

A. the author hated outdoor activities

B. why the author stood at the front door

C. the author never used his walking machine

D. why the author was not much of a walker

4.What did his father often do when the author’s mother disciplined him?

A. He supported the author’s mother

B. He didn’t care about their argument

C. He worked as a fair judge

D. He had to protect the author


When I was about 10, I was walking down the street with my mother. She stopped to speak to Mr Lee. I knew I could see Mr Lee anytime around the neighborhood, so I just stood there. After we passed him, my mother stopped and said something unforgettable, "You let that be the last time you ever walk by somebody you know without opening your mouth to speak, because even a dog can wag its tail when it passes you on the street." That sentence sounds simple but it made me become who I am.

At work, I used to say hello to the president of the company and ask him how our business was doing. But I also spoke to the people in the cafe? and people who cleaned the buildings, and asked them how their children were doing, for every single person deserves to be accepted, no mater how humble (卑微的)they are. I remember that after a few years of passing by the president, I had the courage to ask him for a chat. We had a great talk. At some point, when I asked him how far he thought I could go in his company, he said that if I wanted to, I could get all the way to his seat.

I've become vice president, but that hasn't changed how I treat people. I speak to people wherever I am. Speaking to people creates a pathway into their world, and it lets them come into mine, too. The day you speak to someone who has his head down and then see him lift it up and smile, you will realize how powerful it is just to open your mouth and say hello.

1.What is the best title of this passage?

A. The Power of Being Talkative

B. My Mother's Influence on Me

C. The Power of Saying Hello

D. My Way to Become Vice-president

2.What can we learn from the second paragraph?

A. The writer didn't say hello to everyone in the company.

B. The writer made a very good impression on the president of the company.

C. The president of the company thought the writer was much better than him.

D. The president of the company actually didn't like the writer at all.

3.For the writer, saying hello to others ________.

A. is a way to get what he wants

B. has become a habit and a way of life

C. is a way to show respect for his mother

D. is important in making him remembered

4.According to Paragraph 3, in the writer's opinion, speaking to others can ________.

A. make our world much better

B. make people much happier every day

C. help people understand each other better

D. help people work much better


The Colony, TX

Median home price: $135,863

Median family income: $89,308

Set on the shores of Lewisville Lake, The Colony is ideal for outdoor types. There’s boating and swimming on the lake, as well as hiking, picnicking and golf in the parklands around it. The Colony also enjoys a wealth of housing options, from one-bedroom apartments to lakeside mansions(大厦),Cute two-bedroom starter homes are available for less than $100,000and nice four-bedrooms can cost as little as $135,000

Gladstone, MO

Median home price :  $96,690

Median family income: $64,745

With the nickname of “Happy Rock”, Gladstone must be a cheerful place to live. Among its charms: This Kansas City suburb recently opened a new community center that has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center and basketball courts. More reasons for residents to smile : A nearby Ford Motor plant is set to expand, which is expected to bring in new jobs. A four-bedroom, 2.5bath house was recently on the market for just $129,000

Irmo, SC

Median home price: $99,000

Median family income : $67,999

This September, Irmo celebrates its 40th annual Okra Strut. The Strut started small, as a fund raiser for a new library ,but now up to 100,000,people attend the two-day event. When the festival first started , Irmo was a sleepy town of just 500.It’s grown rapidly since, with 12,000 residents today. The average three-bedroom 1,300-square-foot home costs about $99,000

Powder Springs, GA

Median home price : $85,000

Median family income: $68,168

Families love Powder Spring’s charming downtown and pleasant quality of life .They also appreciate its reasonable real estate prices : Three-bedroom homes are on the market here for $85,000 and less . Another big draw is McEachern High School, which used to be a college campus. The school is supported by a large endowment , according to city manager Brad Hulsey . “People really want their kids to attend,”he said.

1.Which of the following describes the Colony, TX properly?

A. Modern and magnificent

B. Entertaining and optional

C. Cheap and very attractive

D. Expensive but fashionable

2.If you want to buy a house, you have to spend about $76.00 for every square foot in ______.

A. Powder Springs, GA

B. Irmo, SC

C. Gladstone, MO

D. The Colony, TX

3.By saying, “people really want their kids to attend” , Brad Hulsey means that ______.

A. Parents encourage their kids to go to school

B. people now pay more attention to education

C. kids usually enjoy themselves in Powder Springs

D. people buy the house in Powder Springs for the School

4.Who are most likely to be interested in the passage?

A. Students who are at school

B. Parents who have a low income

C. People who want to buy affordable houses

D. Builders who have just lost their jobs.






注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 开头语已为你写好;

3. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear headmaster,









Li Hua






注意: 1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2.只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分 。

Last weekend, there was art festival in our school. Our headmaster plan to make it a feature of our school. I was so excited, for it was the first time for me to join in it.

Early in the morning, I saw such many people come to our school, made it so lively. The students gave a warm welcome to the guest. I walked around or appreciated the paintings. All of the works were from the students and I was very impressed by it. There were also some handcrafts, that were so creative. Though they were busy with their study most of the time, some students still managed to develop their hobbies. I should learn to them and develop a hobby as well as.


The Tower Bridge is one of the twenty-seven bridges over the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, from1.the Tower Bridge got its name. It is a symbol of London.

It is recorded that the Tower Bridge2.(build) in 1894 and now it is one of  the3.(famous) bridges in the world. It’s interesting that its middle part can be raised4.(let) big ships pass. It used to be raised about 50 times a day, but now it is raised only 4 to 5 times a week. If you are lucky enough to see the bridge with its two arms open high in the air, you’ll never forget it.

People often think the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge are5.the same age.6.in fact, the Tower of London was built 1000 years ago, while the latter only7.(have) a history of over 100 years.

The Tower Bridge was first painted chocolate brown. Later, it was painted red, white and blue. Its picture also appeared in the opening of the Summer Olympic Games8.(hold) in London in 2012.So come to visit the famous bridge. You’ll9.(sure) have a wonderful experience and it’ll leave you a lasting10.(impress).


Recently, I questioned the work I was doing. I found myself wondering whether all my time and effort was______. Will my new business provide the income I need? Is my service good enough for others to want to______my products? These are only a few of the______that ran through my mind. With every question, my self-confidence were_______! As my doubts swirled(纷乱)in my mind, I could feel my attitude changing. I doubted whether it is really worth the_______or not.

Realizing that these______thoughts were affecting my attitude, I went to the website to read quotes on______.I found I did not have a category of “self-confidence”. I then searched the wow4u website and found______quotes on self-confidence. So I______establishing a category on self-confidence.

As I worked on the web page, my self-confidence was being______.I could feel my outlook changing, and gave myself a(n)______adjustment. Many times in my life I have found the quotes have______changed my outlook. The quotes I was reading reassured(使消除疑虑)me, and provided me with the______to realize that what I was doing in fact what I______to do. Like everything else in life, it takes time;_____does not happen overnight. Then my attitude has become_______

As I was reading a quote from Rosalyn Carter, “If you_____whether you can accomplish something, then you can’t accomplish it. You have to have confidence in your______, and then be______enough to follow through,” I realized I do have confidence in my ability, but what I was______was the persistence and determination to follow it through!

1.A. limited    B. endless    C. small    D. worthwhile

2.A. do    B. purchase    C. refuse    D. quit

3.A. jobs    B. chances    C. suggestions    D. questions

4.A. decreasing    B. forming    C. improving    D. continuing

5.A. trust    B. effect    C. effort    D. praise

6.A. negative    B. proper    C. normal    D. final

7.A. dream    B. career    C. self-control    D. self-confidence

8.A. honest    B. wonderful    C. strict    D. comfortable

9.A. ended up    B. gave up    C. made up    D. put up

10.A. tested    B. ignored    C. restored    D. forgotten

11.A. life    B. work    C. study    D. attitude

12.A. hardly    B. actually    C. slightly    D. normally

13.A. wealth    B. promise    C. condition    D. motivation

14.A. loved    B. disliked    C. advised    D. remembered

15.A. honor    B. tragedy    C. success    D. friendship

16.A. angry    B. positive    C. patient    D. nervous

17.A. know    B. wonder    C. doubt    D. check

18.A. ability    B. knowledge    C. experience    D. background

19.A. clever    B. skilled    C. tough    D. curious

20.A. considering    B. lacking    C. expecting    D. gaining


We usually don’t mind when people call us by positive nicknames.1.But when people call us by cruel nicknames, it can be difficult to get them to stop. So what should you do?

Ask your friends to stop. Maybe you tripped(绊倒)over your feet a few times, and your friends started calling you klutz, thinking that you don’t really mind.2.

Leave a nicknames behind. Sometimes, life gives us a chance to start fresh3.If you’re moving from elementary school to middle school, let your friends know that don’t want to go by your old nickname.

Ignore those who call you by a nickname. If the kids calling you by a bad nickname aren’t your friends, you should do your best to ignore them.4.It may be hard to pretend that it doesn’t hurt, but if you get angry or obviously upset, it will just encourage them to use the nickname all the time.

5.Remember that if you have a bad nickname now, you probably won’t be stuck with it. Just look at Elvis Presley! When he first started singing on stage, he wiggled(摆动)his hips so much that cruel critics and the audience nicknamed him Elvis The Pelvis. He never stopped wiggling. People soon found it impossible to ignore his talent and began to call him The King of Rock & Roll.

A. If it does bother you, tell them.

B. Believe that things will change.

C. If the kids refuse to stop, talk to your teacher.

D. It feels good when these nicknames are repeated.

E. Although words can be hurtful, they can’t change who you really are.

F. The chance can be a good time to get rid of a nickname that you don’t like.

G. If you act like they aren’t hurting you, they’ll eventually get bored and stop.


As we all know ,trees are important to our life. They provide us with food, wood and most importantly, oxygen. Now there is one more thing we can add to this list—blocking out harmful bacteria in water.

The discovery was made by some scientists and high school students who were seeking for a natural water filter(过滤器)—one that could help people in developing countries that don’t have access to modern water systems.

The researchers, led by Rohit Karnik, a professor ,decided to turn to trees for help because they were able to allow liquid to flow through while blocking out air bubbles(气泡).

They began by cutting 1.5-inch-wide sections of tree bark from the branch of a white pine tree. The researchers then tested the wood’s filtering ability by pouring water containing red dye particles(染料颗粒)of different sizes through. To their surprise, they found it was effective in trapping all the particles. Encouraged, the team did another experiment, this time with water containing bacteria. Sure enough, the bark held back 99%of the bacteria, allowing only 1% to flow through.

Mr. Karnik said the bark was able to filter water containing much smaller particles. This means that it can be used to get rid of most of the bacteria. However, what troubles them is that tree bark cannot hold back viruses, which tend to be much smaller.

Though the experiment is successful, we must remember one thing—the bark only works when damp. This means that before this natural filter can be put to practical use, the researchers will have to figure out how to keep the bark damp, or find a way to keep the bark’s great filtering ability even when it’s dry.

But the study is not done. The researchers plan on testing other types of trees, including those flowering trees. They think those may be more effective in trapping smaller particles and even viruses.

1.How will the discovery affect the world?

A. No harmful bacteria will be found in water.

B. There will be no water pollution around the world.

C. More pine trees will be planted around the world.

D. Clean water will be more accessible in developing countries.

2.What problem troubles the researchers when using the trees bark as a water filter?

A. Viruses cannot be prevented.

B. Tree bark should be wet.

C. It’s hard to remove air bubbles.

D. Not all bacteria can be held back.

3.Why does the team plan to do other experiments?

A. To find other natural water filters.

B. To improve the filtering ability of other trees.

C. To find a way to keep the bark wet.

D. To test the filtering ability of other trees.

4.In which column of a newspaper can we read this text?

A. Culture.    B. Science.

C. Lifestyle.    D. Society.


There is a common ,usually round object that you can see every day and it appears in many expressions—buttons! Buttons, which are made of metal or plastic, are found on all sorts of clothing. They fasten or connect one piece of clothing to another to make sure your clothes don’t fall off.

To be cute as a button is an old saying, which means to be attractive or sweet, but in a small way. Babies are often described as cute as a button. Language experts don’t know why. But they do say the expression dates from the late 1860s.

Here is another expression associated with button: button-down. People often wear button-down shirts to the office. Button-down as an adjective means to be conservative. People described as button-down stay as close as possible to the normal way of dressing and behaving.

When buttoning a button, you slip it into a buttonhole. A buttonhole traps the button. So, to buttonhole someone means you have trapped him in a spoken conversation. Now, let’s say you find yourself buttonholed in a conversation at a party. Someone just keeps talking and talking and talking! Finally, you can’t stand it any longer. You tell him to button it! This is a direct, but a little rude way of saying “Stop talking!”Button your lip is another equally rude way to stop a person who talks too much.

Another kind of difficult person is someone who pushes one’s buttons. To push one’s buttons means to know how to get that person annoyed or upset. People who like to push other people’s buttons usually do it for selfish reasons.

1.What do you think of someone who wears a button-down shirt to the office?

A. Crazy.    B. Traditional.

C. Funny.    D. Fashionable.

2.What will you probably say to get rid of a long and boring talk?

A. Be cute as a button.

B. Push your button.

C. Button your lip.

D. Be button-down.

3.How does the fourth paragraph mainly develop?

A. By giving examples.

B. By making contrasts.

C. By listing figures.

D. By analyzing cause and effect.

4.What does the underlined phrase in paragraph mean?[

A. Shouts loudly.

B. Learns of one’s secret.

C. Gets someone to lose his temper.

D. Argues with someone.


“Go to get help, quick!”I ordered my six-year-old brother Nicholas. Nicholas ran away, when I slipped onto the ice.

I moved towards the hole where the three boys fell. I reached my hand in but felt nothing. I put my face in to see if I could see anything, but I saw nothing .So I decided to go in.”Ah!”I screamed as I fell in the cold water. I saw Conner face down in the water. I caught him by the arm and pushed him to the surface. He lost his consciousness. I went down again with two hockey sticks(曲棍球球棍)this time, I saw Wilson searching for something to hold. I quickly swam to him, and he caught hold of my hand. When we finally came to the surface, Wilson became unconscious too. Morgan was left. I didn’t see him. I was about to give up when I saw him about fifteen feet away. I caught him, but his foot was caught in some weed. I managed to pull his leg free. I grabbed the hockey stick, but I was out of breath. I hit the ice with the stick with all my strength. Finally, it broke. I never thought I’d see the sun again! I brought Morgan to the surface, where firefighters had already saved Wilson and Conner.

The next thing I knew was that I was in hospital.“Hi, my boy, you could have died,” cried my mom.“Hi, mom,” I said.“They were going to die if I didn’t help them, and the nearest help was about a mile away. How are the boys?” “Everyone is OK. You are our hero,” said my father.

I won the Hero prize from my town for saving the boys. Now we are all best friends.

1.What did the author’s father think of his son?

A. Terrible.    B. Normal.

C. Respectable.    D. Creative.

2.What did the author do when he couldn’t see the boys from the hole?

A. He asked Nicholas to ask for help.

B. He called firefighters at once.

C. He struck the ice with hockey sticks.

D. He jumped into the water without hesitation.

3.What’s the best title of the passage?

A. An admirable hero.

B. Look before you leap.

C. Handling emergencies calmly.

D. How to save drowning people.


Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People

By Quinton Crawford

Price:$3.00        Words:2,800

Language: English

This is a two-story children’s book. Story 1:Moochie visits children on every continent to learn a little of their languages. Story 2:Moochie travels through human history to find people in times of peace. Kids can learn greetings in over nine languages from around the world in the book.

Jokes Series 4(Fruits)

By BodhaGuru Learing

Price: Free         Words:21,320

Language: English

This is a book on funny jokes for children and is a colorful picture book. It has many jokes on fruit. Fruit keeps us healthy and now it has come to make us laugh. Let us laugh with funny jokes on fruit.

Three Wolves

By Chris Sheerin

Price:$4.99        Words:50,440

Language: British English

Two officers secretly enter Yellowstone National Park and steal a female wolf from her den(兽穴).Little do those men realize, however, that the female wolf is highly valued by her pack(一群),and that they will do anything to find her.

Three Wolves is told not through the eyes of man, but through wolves. It is a story of hope and courage, of dreams and superstitions(迷信),in which you might at last be persuaded that wolves know more about nature than man.

The Officer’s Whistle

By Matthew Howorth

Price:$3.20        Words:24,540

Language: English

Simon is in his last year at prep school(预科学校)and always seems to be in trouble. He finds a feeling of comfort in history lessons .When doing a homework task,he finds an old box dug out by his father.It holds secrets of a relative who fought in World War I . Looking through it, Simon discovers the story of Tom Beal, who applied to fight in 1914 and finds an old whistle. What story does it hold?

1.What makes the book Joke Series 4(Fruits)different from the other three?

A. It’s written in a different language.

B. Readers don’t have to pay to get it.

C. Its main characters are not humans.

D. It’s the only book written for children.

2.What can we learn through Three Wolves?

A. Wildlife protection

B. The beauty of nature

C. Nature through wolves’ eyes

D. Basic facts about Yellowstone.

3.What can we know about Simon in The Officer’s whistle?

A. He learns about Tom Beal from his father.

B. He has a great interest in history lessons.

C. He does homework with the help of his father.

D. He discovers the whistle mystery with Tom Beal.

4.In which book can readers learn foreign language?

A. Three Wolves.

B. Joke Series 4(Fruits).

C. The Officer’s Whistle.

D. Moocie the Soochie Visits the Peace People.


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