Summer is the perfect time to relax. As you plan for your trip, here are some tips on how to protect yourself. 1.

Fight against the mosquitoes in the hot spots.

There are many mosquito-borne illnesses in tropical regions, which are traditionally vacation hot spots. Therefore, mosquito repellent(驱蚊剂)that contains DEET should be an essential item in your travel bag.


In lesser-developed countries there is less equipment for clean water and public health. If you can't avoid unhealthful water, make sure you bring along a tea or coffee—making pot that will boil water for you. You’d better buy a case or two of water and check that all bottle caps are sealed to assure the bottled water isn't just a refilled bottle of dirty tap water.

Always protect your feet.

It's best to wear slippers in the shower, but if you must be barefoot, put a towel down on the floor.3.You should never walk barefoot in any area of a foreign country, including your hotel room.

Be sure to eat safe fruits.

4. They may have been washed in the same water, or wiped with the same rag used to clean work surfaces in kitchens. The best advice is to bring your own peeler(削皮器)so that you know that something clean has been applied to the fruit.

Enjoy the smell of roadside stands, not the food.

Unless the food is piping hot when served, it’s best to stay away from roadside stands, no matter how good the smell of the food might be. If you are concerned about whether a restaurant is clean, order the food to go. 5.

A.Don't trust the local water

B.Any fruit served fresh may be polluted

C.Look out for any water not served in a bottle

D.The boxes may be cleaner than the plate or fork on the table

E.You should know how to keep yourself away from dirty fruits

F.They are necessary to avoid coming back with a major illness from your trip

G.Parasites(寄生虫)can enter the skin of your feet and travel to different parts of the body


    Recently there was a major discovery in the scientific research—the mapping of all DNA in a human gene is complete. Several years ago, it seems an impossible task for scientist to accomplish. All this progress in science leads us to believe that the day when human being will be cloned is not far away. Human cloning has always been a topic of argument in terms of morality (道德) or religion.

Taking a look at why cloning might be beneficial, among many cases, it is arguable that parents who are known to be at risk of passing a genetic limitation to a child could make use of cloning. Moreover, cloning would enable women who can't get pregnant to have children of their own.

Cloning humans would also mean that organs could be cloned, so it would be a source of perfect transfer organs. This surely would be greatly beneficial to millions of unfortunate people around the world who are expected to lose their lives due to organ problems. It is also arguable that a ban on cloning may be unlawful and would rob people of the right to reproduce and limit the freedom of scientists.

However, arguments against cloning are also on a perfectly practical side. Primarily, I believe that cloning would step in the normal "cycle" of life. There would be a large number of same genes, which reduce the chances of evolution, since it may be difficult for living creatures to naturally adapt to the ever-changing environment, which will result in ultimate disappearance. Furthermore, cloning would make the uniqueness that each one of us possesses disappear. Thus, leading to creation of genetically engineered groups of people for specific purposes and, chances are that those individuals would be regarded as "objects" rather than people in the society.

Scientists couldn't surely guarantee that the first cloned humans will be normal. Thus this could result in introduction of additional limitations in the human "gene-pool".

Regarding such arguable topics in "black or white" approach seems very innocent. We should try to look at all "shades" of it. I believe that cloning is only legal if its purpose is for cloning organs; not humans. Then we could regard this as for "saving life" instead of "creating life". It is believed that cloning humans is morally and socially unacceptable.

1.What's the author's opinion on cloning?

A.Cloning should be entirely banned.

B.Cloning should be used in creating life.

C.Cloning will take away the right to reproduce.

D.Cloning is acceptable if it is used for cloning organs.

2.Which of the following shows the structure of the passage?

A. B.

C. D.

3.Where is the text probably from?

A.A story book. B.A magazine.

C.A science fiction. D.A novel.


Getting rid of dirt, in the opinion of most people, is a good thing However, there is nothing fixed about attitudes to dirt.

In the early 16th century, people thought that dirt on the skin was a means to block out disease, as medical opinion had it that washing off dirt with hot water could open up the skin and let ills in. A particular danger was thought to lie in public baths. By 1538, the French king had closed the bath houses in his kingdom. So did the king of England in 1546. Thus began a long time when the rich and the poor in Europe lived with dirt in a friendly way. Henry IV, king of France, was famously dirty. Upon learning that a nobleman had taken a bath, the king ordered that, to avoid the attack of disease, the nobleman should not go out.

Though the belief in the merit(优点) of dirt was long-lived, dirt has no longer been regarded as a nice neighbor ever since the 18th century. Scientifically speaking, cleaning away dirt is good to health. Clean water supply and hand washing are practical means of preventing disease. Yet, it seems that standards of cleanliness have moved beyond science since World War II. Advertisements repeatedly sell the idea: clothes need to be whiter than white, cloths ever softer, surfaces to shine. Has the hate for dirt, however, gone too far?

Attitudes to dirt still differ hugely nowadays. Many first-time parents nervously try to warn their children off touching dirt, which might be responsible for the spread of disease. On the contrary, Mary Ruebush, an American immunologist(免疫学家), encourages children to play in the dirt to build up a strong immune system. And the latter position is gaining some ground.

1.The kings of France and England in the 16th century closed bath houses because         .

A. they lived healthily in a dirty environment

B. they thought bath houses were too dirty to stay in

C. they considered bathing as cause of skin disease

D. They believed disease could be spread in public baths

2.Which of the following best describes Henry IV’s attitude to bathing?

A. Curious    B. Afraid    C. Approving    D. Uninterested

3.How does the passage mainly develop?

A. By following the order of time.    B. By making comparison.

C. By providing examples    D. By following the order of importance.

4.What is the author’s purpose in writing the passages?

A. To call attention to the danger of dirt.

B. To introduce the history of dirt.

C. To present the change of views on dirt.

D. To stress the role of dirt.


    Technology makes listening to holiday music easier than ever. There are endless sources to help you find your favorite Christmas tunes and many other songs. People have explored how to listen to holiday music with high-tech devices.

Apple Music

This is the first year you can use Apple Music to listen to holiday songs. Apple Music has more than 30 million songs and is available in over 100 countries.

Tell voice assistant Siri to "play holiday music" to open the music program on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Apple Music app is available in the Google Play store, but not with a voice assistant.

For the first three months, you can use it for free. After that, users have to pay a subscription fee.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is also in the holiday spirit. Go to the Google Play Music Holiday page and search for "holiday music."

Google Play Music is available for free if you don't mind the advertisements. If you do, buy a paid subscription to avoid them. Google Play Music offers more than 30 million songs from 58 countries.

Tune In Radio

Listen to radio stations with Tune In Radio. This is an online service and offers stations from all seven continents in the world, including Antarctica. Tune In Radio is available on your computer and is free to online users. In the United States, Britain and Canada, a paid subscription gives you more stations without advertisements.

1.What can we learn about Apple Music?

A.It is a new tool to listen to holiday music.

B.It is popular in over 100 countries.

C.It can only be used for three months.

D.It can only be used after the subscription .

2.According to the passage, Google Play Music _________. favored by young people B.can always be used for free

C.has the largest number of songs D.doesn't allow any advertisement

3.We can learn that Tune In Radio _________.

A.have over 30 million songs available on our mobile device

C.offers stations from around the world expensive in America and Canada


He went out of the room with few clothes on, only         rather cold. feel B.feel C.feeling D.felt


Mother wanted to be a good provider, a role she ______ since her marriage to Father.

A.shoulders B.shouldered shouldering D.has been shouldering


_________ that Tom got inside the room to see what was going on.

A.So strangely did he feel B.So strangely he felt

C.So strange did he feel D.So strange he felt


I have had my bike ________, and I’m going to get somebody ________ my radio tomorrow.; to repair B.repairing; to be repaired

C.repaired; to repair repair; repairing


________ good, the food was sold out soon.

A.Tasting B.Tasted C.Being tasted D.Taste


After five days’ climbing in the mountain, they reached ____ they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of.

A.that B.where C.which D.what


The question occurred to me ____ the book was worth reading.

A.what B.whether C.which D.if


Several villages were________from the outside world,for all roads to those villages were destroyed.

A.cut up B.cut out C.cut off D.cut through


The majority of the office equipment, as well as two windows, ________ repaired yesterday.

A.were B.was C.are


Later ________ word came that Dolly ________ sheep had become seriously ill.

A.a; a B.the; the C./; the D./; /


假定你是李华,你的好友印度留学生Ajay来信, 邀请你在本周末与他一起去本地的博物馆看印度文化展。请用英语回信,内容包括:














The reasons why I expect to studying in your university are as follows. The first thing that occur to me is its excellence in finance, which I am interested in it as my major. Varieties of strengths allow me the courage apply for admission. Firstly, good social skills and strong organizing ability are that I have acquired in high school thanks for the experience of serving as monitor. I have learned to keep the good balance between work and study. I also get the award of Outstanding Student Leader last year. Besides. I have several hobbysuch as dancing, playing erhu , and playing badminton.

I will feel great honored if I can be admitted.



Around 200 more warriors from ancient China’s Terracotta Army (兵马俑)have been unearthed at the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The discovery was made during the 1. (late) round of excavations}(挖掘)of No. 1 Pit in an area covering 400 square meters.

Shen Maosheng, who led the dig, said most of the newly found warriors can be divided into two groups. One group is carrying poles, while 2. other carries bows.

The Terracotta Army, 3. (build) around 2,200 years ago, was intended to protect Emperor Qin Shi Huang in his afterlife. The army, 4. consists of about 130 chariots over 500 horses8000 soldierswas gathered in three main pits near to the emperor ‘s tomb.

It was first discovered in 1974 by farmers 5. (dig) in northwest China. The tomb is believed6.(cover) around 38 square miles and, along7. the Terracotta Army, contains a large grave of laborers and craftsmen. The8.(construct) is believed to have taken around 30 years to complete.

Archaeologists started a new excavation at No. 1 Pit in 2009. The 200 new warriors 9. (find) as a result of this effort. 10. (scientist) are still working to understand how this vast army was created.


A parent’s hopes for 2030

When 2010 arrived, my son was only a year old—tiny._______the master of a few basic words, but still mostly the baby we'd _______into the world.

Now my baby has grown into an _______—tall, strong,stout, and smart, a(n) _______ of Akira Kurosawa samurai movies.

A _______from now, in 2030, he will be an adult. I expect the next 10 years to fly by, and be filled with _______. As 2020 begins. I am thinking about the kind of world my son will_______ and experience. I _______ for him, and for all the young people of his age. So I have several  _______for the world my son and his generation will live in

I hope we finally get__________about climate change. Polar ice is melting. The oceans are __________ . The question is __________whether we can stop climate changebut whether we ‘re willing and able to do anything to __________ it.

I’m not sure what a warming planet will__________ for my son's life. I suspect it means he  will live in a world where nations and groups __________  limited resources like clean water and food, which means that the danger of climate change won't come just from rising oceans, but from other humans competing for control over what’s __________

The world is always going to be full of __________about how to solve the challenges we face. I hopetoothat my son’s generation learns to __________justice—but to do so with big heart and humilityrecognizing our common humanity(人性)even with people who __________ us.

The world of 2030 won’t __________ itself. We are creating it now, so my final wish is that we build the kind of world we actually want our children to live in.

1.A.special B.generous C.intelligent D.dependent

2.A.welcomed B.raised C.grown D.congratulated

3.A.athlete B.adolescent C.artist

4.A.director C.lover D.reader

5.A.month B.century C.year D.decade

6.A.questions B.experience C.danger D.change

7.A.create B.notice C.face D.shake

8.A.worry B.sacrifice C.provide D.arrange

9.A.plans B.methods C.hopes D.choices

10.A.particular B.serious C.optimistic D.enthusiastic

11.A.drying B.rising C.growing D.cooling

12.A.for sure usual longer D.till now

13.A.slow B.record C.complete D.oppose

14.A.mean B.obtain C.share

15.A.pick up B.fight     over C.turn    down D.take part

16.A.finished B.continued C.started D.left

17.A.aims B.examples C.disagreements D.results

18.A.escape D.affect

19.A.differ from B.agree with C.refer to for

20.A.blame B.admire C.prove


    Sales motivation is about being able to get yourself or your sales team to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. It’s the ability to get yourself to take action whether you feel like it or not. In sales, one of the toughest aspects is having to deal with constant rejection. 1.

2. Guess what the lowest paid profession in the world is? That’s rightalso sales. Anyone can get a  jobs that pays on salary or by the hour and make a certain secure amount of money every month but it takes a certain type of person to be able to control the amount he or she earns each year. The profession of sales is not for the weak minded person.

Mental toughness in sales is about the ability to have 99 people say “No” to you and still be fully confident that the 100th person will say “Yes”. How many people do you think can go in and talk to the 100th potential client with the same enthusiasm and excitement that he or she had with their prospect? 3.

Sales is truly one of the few professions where a person with no educational background, with no talent or skilIs, can become one of the highest paidmost respected people around. What it really take isn't brains, or a nice expensive suit, or even knowing the right people to begin with. 4. It's that sales person who will not stop making cold calls until he/she gets the amount of appointments necessary to achieve his/her goal.

5. If you are in sales, then you can literally change your entire life around, from poverty and broke, to wealthy and fulfilled. If you are in a leadership position, realize that you have the opportunity to help change people’s lives. Learn everything you can about motivation and there will be no limits to what you can achieve.

A.Not many at all.

B.Sales can be a life changing profession.

C.This is why most people fail to be a success in the field of sales.

D.The ability to inspire confidence in your team will make you a true leader.

E.Sales happens to be the number one highest paid profession in the world.

F.Here are some videos that may help take your sales career to the next level.

G.What it takes to be successful in sales is a burning desire to be the best at it.


    Giant, krill-eating whales could grow even bigger if the size and availability of their prey (猎物)could keep upa new study finds.

Whales are the heaviest animals to have ever lived on our planet. These marine giants evolved from dog-sized four-legged land creatures and grew nearly 10,000 times bigger in the past 50 million years or so, according to Nicholas Pyenson, head of fossil marine mammals at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Creatures benefit from having a bigger size in a number of different ways, whether it’s not getting eaten by smaller creatures or having the ability to keep warm and travel great distances more efficiently. Still, some whale species are bigger than others, and they do have some limits to their size.

To find out what these limits are researcher attached multisensor equipment to many types of whales. The researcher also assessed prey type and quantity using different methods. For baleen whale preythey used acoustic(声学的) equipment to test the density (密度)of krill patches. For toothed whales, they looked at the size and quantity of squid(鱿鱼)beaks and otoliths (parts of the inner ear) found in the stomachs of beached whales.

Putting all the data together, they could determine how much energy the whales were likely to get back from the food. For toothed whales, the limiting factor seems to be the size of their prey. Sperm whales were found to feed mostly on medium-sized squid—possibly because there aren’t as many giant squid in the ocean. Baleen whales, like blue whales swallow massive mouthfuls of krill or other small creature. But these small creatures only appear in large concentrations for a few months per year in some areas ,which may be the limiting factor for the growth of the largest whales.

A researcher said that it ‘s not completely clear that baleen whales have finished growing. “Perhaps several million years into the future we’ ll see something even larger than a blue whale.”

1.What can we infer from the second paragraph?

A.Whales kept growing during evolution.

B.Whales evolved from dogs on the land.

C.Whales used to be four-legged fish.

D.The number of krill-eating whales would keep up.

2.How do whales benefit from their size?

A.They are more expert at traveling.

B.They can produce energy more easily.

C.They have better chances to survive.

D.They can be eaten by smaller creatures.

3.How did the researchers carry out the study?

A.Testing the density of whales with acoustic equipment.

B.Using different methods for different types of whales.

C.Calculating the amount of food in baleen whales’ stomachs.

D.Assessing the type and quantity of different whales.

4.What may stop whales from growing even bigger?

A.The amount of food.

B.The availability of equipment.

C.The size of their stomachs.

D.The concentrations of the whales.


    In the futurewe may not need to rely on human donations for life-saving skin grafts(移植).

That’s the goal of Xeno Therapeutics, a biotech non-profit organization. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the group’s initial application for temporary skin grafts removed from genetically modified(基因改良)pigs. This means that they can start testing pig skin grafts on people who have experienced severe burns.

Skinthe body’s largest organplays an important role in blocking pathogens(病原体) from reaching our organs inside. It also helps the body keep a constant temperature. People with severe skin damage are at a high risk of developing deadly infections as a result of changes in temperature.

At the moment, the only skin grafts available in the US come from the dead people who have agreed to be organ donors, or patients who have gone through surgery to remove skin after large weight loss. These human skins used for grafts are not easy to find.

Xeno Therapeutics, which gets its name from animal-to-human transplants, has raised pigs that have skin remarkably similar to our own. Grafts from these pigs are therefore more likely to hide without being detected by the host's immune system—at least temporarily. The idea is that they could be used for immediate burn treatment, followed human skin graft treatment later.

“I’d say that just like comparing a Coke with Pepsiit would be hard to tell which was the human skin and which was the pig graft” said Xeno Therapeutics CEO Paul Holzer.

The non-profit organization has been working to conduct the clinical trials, which will only be testing the grafts’ safety and tolerability in six patients with severe burns. Assuming the results are positive after a month, the grafts will need to pass through two more stages of testing before they can be approved for widespread clinical use.

Several other groups around the world are working to make animal organs suitable for clinical medicine. In Brazil, researchers are exploring using tilapia skin as temporary bandages for burn victims whose skin is regrowing.

1.What’s the aim of Xeno Therapeutics?

A.To make profit from the grafts. B.To apply pig skin on human patients.

C.To modify pigs genetically. D.To test people with severe burns.

2.Why is skin important to human body?

A.It acts as a protective layer for our body. B.It helps us recover from deadly diseases.

C.It prevents itself from being damaged. D.It keeps one’s temperature changing.

3.What is Paul Holzer’s attitudes towards the pig skin grafts?

A.Doubtful. B.Worried.

C.Confident. D.Flexible.

4.What can we know about the grafts?

A.Only skin removed from pigs can be used for grafts.

B.Brazilian doctors have also applied pig skin for grafts.

C.Animal skin has been used on six patients safely.

D.They won't be put to use until they pass test


    Not long ago, my wife and I spent a weekend together without any of our three children. This was the first time we had been alone for more than a few hours since our oldest was born four years ago.

What did we do on our short vacation? My wife read the first hundred or so pages of Tom Jones , a book she has been meaning to read for ages. There was takeout and a nice long walk along the shore of Lake Michigan. Football was watched. But mostly? We slept, without worrying for once about whether a shrill voice might awaken us between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. to demand a glass of water (“Nonot that onethe Tinkerbell cup!’’. We were too relaxed to do anything else.

As parents, we might tell other people that given the chance for even a short child-free break we would love to do some reading or take in a concert. This is not true. The truth is that what most of us really want is a chance not to think about how well we are using our time.

By admitting thisI realize the myth(错误的看法)of the brain-dead parents. Being brain-dead is what a parent like me looks forward to rather than something to be accused of. The novelist Lucy Ellmann recently provided a convenient summary in an interview

You watch people get pregnant and know they’ll be emotionally and intellectually absent for 20 years. Thought, knowledge, adult conversation, and vital political action are all put on hold. With a kiddo, you become a human koala while your old friends continue to have “interests”. They do art and literature and science, you see, not diapers(尿不湿).

When you become responsible for the life of a very small person, nothing is more important than shouldering that responsibility. In that senseparenting is a chance to reconsider the value of an extra 20 minutes in bed or a short phone conversation with an old friend. As to my wife and me, we spent the weekend eating steamed dumplings and drinking wine until we fell asleep.

We value the all-too-rare experience of being brain-dead.

1.What did the author and his wife mainly do on the weekend?

A.They did some reading. B.They had a sound sleep.

C.They had a nice long walk. D.They watched a football match.

2.What do the underlined words “put on hold” in paragraph 5 refer to?

A.In control. B.Forbidden.

C.Abandoned. D.In vain.

3.How does keeping kids change the author’s life?

A.He begins to feel lonely. B.He is no longer responsible.

C.He becomes absent-minded. D.He hardly has his own time.

4.What’s the best title of the passage?

A.Tips for new parents B.Avoiding being brain-dead parents

C.The myth of brain-dead parents D.How to steal time as brain-dead parents


    Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Amusement Park, Gurgaon

Like any other city, Gurgaon has some of the thrilling and exciting water amusement parks. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Amusement Park was established in 1994 which is made for audiences of all age groups and is one of India's first water park resorts. It is the best place for your much-needed rest and relaxation purposes.

Main Attractions

The main attractions include the tornado, pendulum, slides for different age groups, billiard, discotheque, bowling alley, food spots for a picnic. The place also offers both indoor and outdoor adventures. They offer complete entertainment activities that will cater to all your needs.


Park is open every day from 1: a.m. to 8 p.m.

Entry Fee

For children below 3 years. tickets and entry are free.

For 3 to 10 years old childrenthe entry fee is 300 Rupees per person.

For adults, entry fee is 400 Rupees per person.

How to Reach

Wet ‘n’ Wild is just one kilometer inside from the main NH 8. It is located 26 km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The nearest railway station to the park is the Parthi railway station which is 60 km away and the nearest bus stop is at Rampura.

Tel +91-124-4812100



Therefore, if you are thinking about visiting a fun-filled amusement park with your family, then stop now because Wet 'n' Wild is waiting for you! This non-stop fun ride will help you in experiencing a new dimension of thrill.

1.Which of the following is true about Wet 'n' Wild Water Amusement Park?

A.It is a responsible park. B.It has foods for different age groups.

C.It is open all day long. D.It has various entertainment activities.

2.How much should a couple with two kids aged 7 and 2 pay for entry?

A.1600 Rupees. B.1,400 Rupees.

C.1.200 Rupees. D.1,100 Rupees.

3.What's the author’s purpose of writing the text?

A.To persuade. B.To advertise.

C.To entertain. D.To describe.



Data:28 March  From: David  To: LiHua  Subject: Asking for advice

Dear Li Hua

Congratulations on your excellent academic performance in your exams of online courses!Paced with the COVD-19 pandemic,we now have to take online classes just as you did not long ago.So I am writing to ask you for the recipe for effective independent learning as well as the approach to avoiding a lonely life at home.

I’d like to know how you are able to ensure full-concentration while having online classes.Besides,owing to the terrible virus getting-togethers have already been called off.There is no exception to our weekly Chinese cultural activities.You are welcome to recommend some activities for me to take up alone.

I am looking forward to receiving your reply.




1.表达对收到David 来信的喜悦心情;

2.针对 David的请求,给出合理的建议。










Wenchuan quake survivor follows in his hero’s footsteps

Twelve years ago, Cheng Qiang was a 12-year-old boy who held a sign1.(say) ''I want to become an airborne trooper(空中骑兵)when I grow up. ''when he saw airborne troops leave 2.their rescue work in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Now Cheng has become a soldier of the Chinese airborne troops, just3. he said he would.

Looking back on the day when the earthquake happened, Cheng had a lucky escape as he had skipped school and4. (go)swimming in a pond in Shifang,Wenchuan.But the earthquake destroyed his home and took away the5.(life)of his little niece and his classmates.

''We survived but fell into despair, not do, '' he said. Then on the second day of the earthquake came the moment he will never forget-a large number of airbome troops appeared in his hometown, carrying rescue supplies. Later, he knew Huang Jiguang was7. at the troop unit.

Huang Jiguang is a Chinese war hero 8.sacrificed(牺牲)himself in the Battle of Shangganling during9. War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea in 1952. ''Huang and I both come from Deyang, Sichuan province. The airborne troops are just like my family.'' Cheng said. ''So I made up my mind10.(become)one of them who could bring people strength and hope, '' he said.


Do You Have’ Social Jet Lag(社交时差)

People who have different sleep patterns on the weekends than they do during the work week may experience “social jet lag”.1. For every hour of social jet lag, the risk of being overweight or obese rises about 33%,says researcher Till Roenneberg, PhD, a professor at the Institute of Medical Psychology at the University of Munich.

Roenneberg, who created the term, says social jet lag is caused by the shift in sleep schedule that many people experience on their days off, compared to work days.2.

It goes like this: You don’t have to get up for work so you don’t take trouble setting the alarm. That means you get up an hour or two later than you might during the work week.3.

As a result, many people get more sleep on their days off than they do during the week, and they sleep on a slightly different schedule-a schedule that is closer to their body’s natural rhythms.

4. “The behavior looks like most people on a Friday evening fly from Paris to New York or from Los Angeles to Tokyo and on Monday they fly back. Since this looks like almost a travel jet lag situation, we call it social jet lag.” he says.

5.When you arrive in a different place, the sun is coming up and setting at a different time, and your body can reset its own clock to match. With social jet lag, the schedule disturbance is lasting because a person stays in the same place. “They have to live a life almost in a different time zone in comparison to their biological clock,”Ronneberg says.

A.Sleep, he thinks ,should get more respect.

B.He guesses that it affects about two-thirds of the population.

C.A key difference between travel jet lag and social jet lag, however, is light.

D.And depending on what type of person you are, the difference can be significant.

E.Roenneberg explains switching sleep schedules this way feels like changing time zones.

F.A new study shows this shift in sleep schedule is connected with obesity.

G.You may also push your bedtime back so you can go out with friends.


I remember her words,almost as if they were spoken yesterday.

Mrs.Mabel Price,our high school teacher in that little town of Westminster,in Western Maryland,said,

“You belong in college,and I’m going to do everything I can to get you there.” For me,college was something out of the question,something on a far distant planet,something only those people who had special rights did.I said,”I can’t go to college because I don’t have the money. There’s no way I could afford it.I’m going to join the army.”

Even though I was graduating at the top of my class in that small town,and enjoyed the experience of learning and thinking,I was used to a long tradition of experience in my family.We were people of limited means,and three of my four older brothers had gone off to join the army.

“Being an army man is a perfectly respectable way of life,”she said,”but you have a gift that can make a difference in the world.I want you to continue your education.I think I can get you into Johns Hopkins University.And I’m working on the money.”Finally,I was off to college.

One day I was walking from the parking lot to my first class,talking with my friend and classmate,and we passed by a group of men who were digging a deep ditch(沟渠)Suddenly,I knew why I was in college. She was right-I had been given a gift that could take me to wonderful places.I decided then and there that I preferred to make my living with my brain rather than my back.I had been given a choice they didn’t have:an education.

Some years ago,as I reflected on the experience for many times,it occurred to me:”Maybe I could locate Mrs.Price.Maybe she’s still living in Westminster.I could go back there and visit her,bring her a gift,and really let her know how much I’m thankful for what she had done for me.”

So,I began to search online for information about where she might be.I soon discovered an article about her death,published in the Baltimore Sun and dated October 8,2001.

I suppose the lesson for me in this story-or one of the lessons-is this:If you love someone;if you thank them;if you’re grateful to them-tell them now.One day it will be too late.

Well...anyway...Mrs.Price,wherever you are-thank you.

1.What problem did the author have when finishing high school?

A.He had no right to go to college. B.He couldn’t afford to go to college.

C.He had to follow his teacher’s advice. D.He had no choice but to join the army.

2.We can infer from Paragraph 5 that

A.the author studied so hard in college B.the author looked down upon the workers

C.the author mistook Mrs.Price when young D.the author realized the importance of knowledge

3.Years later,the author tried to find Mrs.Price because he wanted give her a hand give her money back express his thanks to her share his successful story

4.Which of the following best describes Mrs.Price as a teacher?

A.Selfish but friendly. B.Mean but active. C.Warm-hearted and helpful. D.Kind and brave.

5.What can be a suitable title for the passage?

A.Be yourself B.Thank you,Mrs.Price C.Hold on D.Goodbye,Mrs.Price


    Speaking in an interview, Naveen Jain, founder of a space exploration company called Moon Express, said that he believes moon travel is just a decade away. And his company, which is the first private firm to get approval from the U.S. government to carry out the project of moon travel, wants to play a role in helping people get to the moon surface.

''I believe in the next ten years, there is going to be gentlemen on their knees asking their sweethearts, honey, will you go to the moon with me for honey moon?'' Jain said in the interview.

Many people in the technology and scientific communities are crazy about space exploration. Space presents an unprecedented(史无前例的)number of chances for scientific and human advancement. Companies, big and small, are determining how they can create technologies that would allow people to explore space, the moon, and even Mars. Other companies are eyeing ways to play a role in space travel.

The key of that gold rush has been the declining cost of actually getting to space. Jain said that while it once cost billions of dollars to go to the moon, his company's unmanned space flight next year will cost just 7 million. As costs continue to decline(减少),he believes that within the next decade, getting to the moon will cost just $10,000.Better yet, it'll take just four hours to get there.

Still, Mars is the final prize. And even Jain, whose company will focus on moon travel, said that ''Mars is certainly the right place to be finally. '' When asked if he'd like to stage space fights to Mars, Jain said ''of course'', adding that he believes Moon Express could partner with Elon Musk's SpaceX to make that happen.

''Elon will build the rocket and we do the travelers,'' Jain said of a theoretical partnership. ''Generally, he lays the cables and we do the last mile.''

SpaceX and Musk have not said whether they would work alongside Jain and Moon Express. Either way, it looks like hopping from the moon to Mars (and back) might be just a part of our lives.

1.We can learn about moon travel from the passage that will take less time and money is already available for all

C.few people are interested in it

D.its future is not bright at all

2.What does the author mean by saying ''Mars is the final prize''?

A.Mars is the final destination difficult but valuable to reach.

B.Mars is the final destination expensive but easy to reach.

C.Mars is the first destination to choose for space travelers.

D.Mars is the last destination to choose for space travelers.

3.What can we learn from the passage?

A.Moon Express is certainly an ideal partner for SpaceX.

B.SpaceX hasn't decided to cooperate with Moon Express.

C.Moon Express and SpaceX used to be close partners.

D.SpaceX has been successful in moon travel exploration.

4.The passage above is most probably taken from the ______section of a newspaper.

A.entertainment D.literature


    When you work out a carbon footprint(碳足迹)a lot of factors are taken into consideration. For example, driving to the grocery store bums a certain amount of fuel, and fossil fuels are the primary sources of greenhouse gases. But that grocery store is powered by electricity, and its employees probably drive to work, so the store has its own carbon footprint. In addition, the products that the store sells were all shipped there, so that must also be factored into the total carbon footprint. Beyond that, the fruits. Vegetables, and meats that the store sells were all grown or raised on farms-a process that produces methane(甲烷)which has a greenhouse effect 25 times greater than CO. All of those elements must be combined to understand the full carbon footprint of a given activity.

Although adding up one's own carbon footprint can be difficult, online calculators can do some of the work for you,giving a rough estimate(估算)of your carbon footprint based on the size of your household, the efficiency of your machines, how much you drive or fly, what you eat, and how much you recycle

This isn't perfect, but it is a good way to measure your activities so you can know roughly how much CO2 they produce and take steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Methods of reducing your carbon footprint include driving more efficient vehicles (or making sure that your current vehicles are properly maintained), taking public transportation, using energy efficient machines, building your home with special materials to reduce heating and air conditioning costs. consuming food that doesn't require as much transportation, and eating less meat which has a higher carbon footprint than fruits and vegetables. People and companies can also offset some of their CO2, emissions(排放)by purchasing carbon credits, the money from which can go into projects such as planting trees or investing in renewable energy.

1.By giving the example of the grocery store, the author wants to tell us that____

A.driving to the store burns a certain amount of fuel

B.the greenhouse effect of methane is greater than that of CO2

C.the fossil fuels are the primary sources of greenhouse gases

D.many factors need to be considered when figuring out a carbon footprint

2.Which of the following best explains the underlined word ''offset'' in the last paragraph?

A.make up for

B.make sense of

C.take control of

D.catch up with

3.The passage is mainly about____

A.whether it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint

B.what we can do to figure out the carbon footprint to estimate and reduce the carbon footprint

D.why we should reduce the carbon footprint


What’s on in the city?

AFLW match-GWS GIANTS v Brisbane Lions

Friday 16 March from 7.05 pm

Blacktown International Sportspark,Eastern Road,Rooty Hill

GWS Giants are back in Blacktown and competition is fierce to see who will win the 2018 championship.FREE event.

Shelter-movie screening

Monday 19 March from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm

Max Webber Library,corner Flushcombe Road and Alpha Street,Blacktown

Come and enjoy this FREE short film of”Shelter”.An inspirational action drama about a boy who is struggling through his adolescence,school bullying and cultural shock,in the end he succeeded and became a adviser to others.You will also meet the film’s producer and lead actor during Q&A session.Bookings are necessary.

Dungeons and Dragons 5”Edition

Tuesday 20 March from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Dennis Johnson Library,corner Stanhope Parkway and Sentry Drive,Stanhope Gardens

Join our beginner friendly table and the quest for glory against the evils of the Forgotten Realms. Roleplaying games are a great way to learn teamwork and communication skills.They promote literacy, build up confidence,and develop community spirit.Open to ages 11-15 only.Bookings are necessary.

Tech Savvy Seniors-Introduction to Transport Apps

Thursday 22 March from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre,405 Crown St,Surry llills

Benefit from being online and connected no matter where you live, how old you are or what your interests are.Tech Savvy Seniors gives older people the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to use technology for socializing,accessing important services or conducting personal business.Bookings are necessary.

1.What is Dungeons and Dragons 5”Edition according to the passage?

A.A roleplaying game. B.A literature book. C.A beginner’s course. D.A documentary film.

2.Which of the following events is free but necessary to book in advance?

A.AFLW match-GWS GIANTS v Brisbane Lions.

B.Shelter-movie screening.

C.Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

D.Tech Savvy Seniors-Introduction to Transport Apps.

3.An old man not knowing how to use Transport Apps may go to the lecture at

A.Blacktown International Sportspark

B.Max Webber Library

C.Dennis Johnson Library

D.Surry Hills Library and Community Centre


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