My elder brother,Steve,in the____of my father who died when I was six,gave me important lessons in____that helped me grow into an adult.For example,Steve taught me to face the____of my behavior.Once when I returned in ____from a Saturday baseball game,it was Steve who____the time to ask me what happened.When I____that my baseball had flown through Mrs.Holt's basement window,____the glass with a crash,Steve encouraged me to apologize to her.After all,I____not have played in the path between buildings.____my knees knocked as I explained to Mrs.Holt.I____to pay for the window if she would return my ball.

I also learned from Steve that____property is a sacred(神圣的)thing.After I found,a silver pen in my fifth-grade classroom,I wanted to____it,but Steve explained that it might be important to____else in spite of the fact that it had little value.He reminded me of____I'd hate to lose the small dog my father gave me to someone else.I returned the pen to my teacher,Mrs.David.

Yet of all the____Steve gave me,his respect for____is the most vivid in my mind.When I was twelve,I killed an old brown sparrow in the park with a BB gun.____with my accuracy,I screamed to Steve to come from the house to have a look.I shall never forget the____he stood for a long moment and stared at the bird."Did it____you first, Mark?"he asked.I didn't know what to answer.I really felt terrible then,but that moment____out as the most important lesson my brother taught me.

1.A. charge    B. absence    C. respect    D. presence

2.A. memories    B. truth    C. values    D. honesty

3.A. advantages    B. reasons    C. realities    D. results

4.A. surprise    B. tears    C. joy    D. smiles

5.A. took    B. spent    C. cost    D. paid

6.A. insisted    B. introduced    C. declared    D. explained

7.A. injuring    B. damaging    C. breaking    D. destroying

8.A. could    B. must    C. would    D. should

9.A. Since    B. Although    C. Because    D. Unless

10.A. refused    B. offered    C. afforded    D. managed

11.A. personal    B. valuable    C. public    D. whole

12.A. save    B. keep    C. pick    D. return

13.A. no one    B. everyone    C. someone    D. anyone

14.A. why    B. when    C. how    D. what

15.A. information    B. descriptions    C. opinions    D. instructions

16.A. life    B. people    C. family    D. things

17.A. Proud    B. Encouraged    C. Relaxed    D. Excited

18.A. way    B. time    C. place    D. scene

19.A. affect    B. interrupt    C. hurt    D. fight

20.A. stands    B. reaches    C. turns    D. holds


Imagine looking out of your window and seeing a whale swim by.That's the sight that surprises New York City residents recently.In the past years,humpback whales have been spotted in the two rivers surrounding the island of Manhattan,the Hudson River and the East River.1.

Experts say that river cleanup efforts have improved water quality and led to an increase in the number of fish there.Fish are on the humpback's menu.2.The sighting is also an encouraging sign that conservation efforts are helping humpback whales come back.In 1973,the species was listed as the endangered.Now scientists say humpback whales are making a comeback.

By the middle of the 20th century,hunting whales for profit had nearly wiped out many whale species.In 1973, the U.S. set up the Endangered Species Act.People were no longer allowed to hunt them in the U.S. waters.In 1982, the International Whaling is illegal worldwide.3.Last September,it was announced that nine groups of humpback whales are no longer endangered.Four groups are still endangered and a fifth is threatened.

4.The number of them is growing particularly faster in the Southern Hemisphere like Tasman Sea and Coral Sea.And the number of humpback whales in Hawaii has made an amazing recovery.In 1966,there were fewer than 1,500 humpbacks there.Today there are about 10,000.But humpbacks in other parts of the world are still struggling.

5.“We still have a lot of work to do,”says Angela Somma,head of NOAAS Fisheries’ endangered Species division.“But with the right protection,the number of humpback whales should continue to grow.

A.Those efforts to save whales are paying off.

B.People are frightened when seeing whales in the river.

C.Last year,one even swam past where the mayor lives.

D.Today there are about 100,000 humpback whales worldwide.

E.The extra food in the rivers is mainly what’s attracting the whales.

F.Scientists have carried out further research on the number of the whales.

G.Scientists say that the focus needs to be on the whales that are still struggling.


In the early times,the music industry was terrified of taping,thinking that customers would just copy music,or record from the radio.But that never really happened,at least not enough to cause any real hardship to anyone in the music business.

The same argument arose over technologies like miniDisc and recordable CDs.But the thing that terrified the music industry more than anything else was the arrival of services like Napster,which allowed people to share music over the Internet without costing them anything.The music industry was shocked: it saw people exchanging digital copies that didn’t degrade(降级)with each transfer,something that kept tapes from being a huge threat.

But it wasn't the Internet that killed the music industry.In fact,everything is still looking optimistic for many musicians.Taylor Swift has had a good year,and her latest album is likely to be making her very wealthy indeed.And that won’t change in all likelihood,not for Swift,and not for those who come after her.There is always going to be public demand for music.

However,the technology will simply destroy the record company.The reason is simple.Record companies are a man in the middle that simply doesn’t need to exist anymore.The same way we buy our flights directly did get our shopping online and have things delivered from Amazon instead of going to a local shop.We have always been willing to enjoy cost reductions at the expense of the middleman and the record companies are that kind of middleman.

What does the record industry offer?Well,surprisingly little these days.It used to be the case that record companies would go and find new talents.Of course this still happens,but more likely is that an artist will be discovered by the public through YouTube,or even from friends on Facebook or Twitter.Record companies also used to have an important role in producing the music.But countless artists are making their own way through software or any of the other amazing music development apps,without any help from the record companies.

1.Why didn’t tape copying become a serious danger to the music industry?

A. It was hard to transfer.

B. It was strictly controlled.

C. It didn’t save much money.

D. It was replaced by miniDisc and recordable CDs.

2.The example of Taylor Swift is fused to prove that______.

A. the demand for music is on the increase due to the Internet

B. the sales of albums are badly affected by the Internet

C. the Internet doesn’t have a destructive effect on the music industry

D. the musicians make a great fortune via the Internet

3.The record companies will suffer most because________.

A. they are in the middle way and block the development of the music industry.

B. the record industry can offer nothing to us

C. people prefer to cut down the expenses at the cost of the record companies

D. the public pa more attention to Facebook or Twitter


As we all know,drinking beers while running can upset the stomach.However,that's all part of the attraction of the Beer Mile,a unique race that has participants competing in running and drinking.The Beer Mile Race started off as a tradition in 1990,when a group of Canadians thought it would be fun to race each other while drinking a few beers.But it has come a long way since then.The Beer Mile Race is now a major sporting event with around 100,000 official competitors,brand name sponsors and so on.In 2015,the first Beer Mile World Classic was held in San Francisco,where all of the record holders from Canada and the United States came together for the competition.But this year,the event was organized in London,in an effort to take in more competitors about the sport outside North America.

The rules of the race are pretty simple: runners have to consume four beers before each of the four 400-meter laps making up the famous Beer Mile.The beers can come in bottles or cans but should not be less than 355ml and must be at least 5% alcohol.The drink like apple juice will not do.Runners must drink the beers within a 10 meter zone before the start/finish line and then they are required to tip the bottle/can over their heads to confirm it is empty.

In the case of vomiting(呕吐)during the race,and yes,there’s quite a bit of that during the Beer.Mile,offenders must complete one more lap at the end of the race.Organizers mention that even in the case of vomiting several times, only one more lap must be completed.

This year,the Elite Men's race was won by Canadian Corey Bellemore,who also set a new world record with a time of 4 minutes and 34 seconds.“I just drink the beers as quickly as I could,hold them down and get the burps(饱嗝)out,”Corey said.“If you can drink a beer in 8 seconds and also run very fast with a feeling of vomiting,then you’ll be fine like me.”

1.What can we know about the Beer Mile Race from Paragraph 1?

A. It was highly admired by drinkers.

B. It was developed very well.

C. It was criticized by many people.

D. It was only held in English speaking countries.

2.The purpose the 2016 Beer Mile held in London was______.

A. to collect more fund for the sport

B. to raise wide awareness about the sport

C. to encourage competitors to put more efforts into it

D. to attract more people worldwide to participate in it

3.What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?

A. The rules of drinking beers.

B. The rules of the Beer Mile Race.

C. The standard of drinking beers.

D. The zones of drinking beers.

4.What is implied in Corey's words in the last paragraph?

A. Everybody can run in the race if they are interested.

B. The speed of drinking beers makes him win.

C. A lot of preparations are needed to win the race.

D. It is not easy for him to win the race.


Nobody should ever be turned away from a church.I've always said that and have believed it,but I had to put it in practice the other night.It was my birthday,and we had a party at church,upstairs in the hall.My son Tim's roommate Garth sang in a great band,the Rooks,and they played for us.They performed wonderfully.

Suddenly I noticed a man I’d never really seen before.He was big,never took off his coat or hat and stood in the middle of the room,looking a bit nervous.A homeless guy had just wandered into my birthday party,I thought.And I kept thinking about the guy who hadn't been invited,I meant to head over to him and politely asked him to leave. Wait a minute,I thought.Should anybody be turned away from God's house?Of course other uncertain thoughts crossed my mind: What if he was here to make trouble?What was under that coat?What if he was a terrorist?But some higher born qualities held sway."Hi,"I said,walking over to him."I'm Rick.This is a birthday party for me. Would you like something to eat?"He nodded his head.I got him a plate of food and told him he was welcome to stay. He nodded.He stayed there in the center of the room,smiling and swaying to the music.After a long time I looked for him again,and he was gone.

I've always loved the parable(寓言)of Luke about the man who gives a big dinner and when no one comes,he sends his servants into the city streets to welcome the poor,homeless,disabled and blind.I don't know who invited this guy but I was glad he was there.I hope he had a good time.

1.What do we know about the homeless man?

A. He left the party alone on account of shame.

B. The author was first doubtful and had meant to make him leave.

C. The author would have refused him if they hadn't been in the church.

D. He was invited to the party by the author's friends.

2.What does the underlined part “held sway” in Paragraph 2 mean?

A. Came about slowly.

B. Became very angry.

C. Ruled or controlled.

D. Calmed down suddenly.

3.What do the author and the man Luke have in common?

A. They are willing to help those in need.

B. They are likely to be rich and popular.

C. They like to hold all kinds of parties.

D. They happened to encounter the same homeless man.

4.Which would be the best title for this passage?

A. My unforgettable birthday party.

B. An unexpected birthday guest.

C. How to show love to others.

D. What I have learnt from Luke.


Stuck in Neutral by Terry Trueman

This novel tells the story of Shawn McDaniel,a 14-year-old boy with brain disease.He is highly intelligent,yet unable to move his muscles anti communicate.Through his first-person description,he remains positive about his life, even when people treat him like his brain is damaged.This short novel forces young readers to think about the assumptions they make about people with disabilities,and also addresses euthanasia(安乐死)and quality of life as relevant social problems.

Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt's New York Times bestselling memoir(回忆录)tells the story of his life growing up as an extremely poor child in Ireland and how he overcame those circumstances.He wrote the story to inspire young readers to make the most of what they have,and call on them to continue trying and overcome any difficulties they may face.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch & Jeffrey Zazlow

In 2006,when he was only 45 years old,Randy Pausch suffered from cancer and learned he had only three to six months to live.Inspired by a professor's inspirational lecture,Pausch co-authored a book named The Last Lecture with Jeffrey Zazlow within a few short months.In spite of his disease,the book,is surprisingly encouraging.It encourages young readers to focus on what's truly important in life.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

This story has become a classic clue to its honest look at the everyday lives of teenagers.Through the eyes of the 15-year-old writer,Charlie,the novel details the daily trails that many teenagers face,but it also deals with social problems like drug abuse.It also focuses on the roles that friendship,family and love play in helping us get through difficult times.

1.What can we know about Shawn McDaniel?

A. He leads a sad life.

B. He likes to chat with people.

C. He is optimistic about his life.

D. He is brain-damaged.

2.What does Frank McCourt write his memoir for?

A. To recall his life.

B. To show his childhood suffering.

C. To show his talents in writing.

D. To influence young readers.

3.What leads Randy Pausch to write the Last Lecture?

A. The importance of following dreams.

B. The inspiration from a lecture.

C. His suffering from cancer.

D. His limited living time.

4.Why has the The Perks of Being a Wall flower become a classic novel?

A. Because it details teenagers’ daily lives honestly.

B. Because it is written by a 15-year-old teenager.

C. Because it focuses on friendship,family and love.

D. Because it deals with social problems like drug abuse.










注意: 1. 词数100左右;

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Wang Qian. __________________________________________________








Yours faithfully,

Wang Qian






注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改 10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分

Dear Jenny,

Welcome to my school! When you arrive, there will be a party for you organizing by my classmates. You may attend to English classes to feel a differently learning style. After that, you can go to your host family that you can experience the Chinese way of life. You can have meals together chatting anything that interests us.

The host family will also show you around some famous scenic spot. You can see people selling kites everywhere because our city was home to kites. There are many kinds of kites to choose from. So isn’t it the good idea to buy some for your friends? Write to me unless you have any questions about the schedule.

Best wishes.


Zhang Ming


We usually rely on Hollywood 1. (hero) to show up on our screens and defeat the bad guys. Yet Wolf Warrior II has proven that a Chinese moviemaker can

2. (entertainment) audiences just as well.

The man in question is Leng Feng, 3.  (play) by Wu Jing, the film’s writer and director. Leng is a 4.  (fear) former special forces soldier of the People’s Liberation Army. During a military rebellion in 5.  African country, Leng almost single-handedly helps Chinese workers and African locals escape the war-torn nation.

In both acting and technical terms, the film is similar 6. a Hollywood blockbuster. It features quality action scenes and stunts(特技),7. (include) gun fights, car chases and an underwater fight.

Wolf Warrior II took a record-breaking 3.4 billion yuan in the first 13 days since its release on July 27. But the 8. (fight) scenes alone don’t explain the movie’s 9. (succeed)--it’s also the patriotism(爱国主义)and spirit of the film projects 10. have deeply impressed Chinese audiences.


I decided to ski to the North Pole. It was after I saw a(n) ______ in a newspaper looking for people to join a team that would ______ 350 miles to the Magnetic North Pole. Back in 1996, a woman from the UK had never ______ this challenge. I wondered what it would be like to ______ in temperatures that cold, so I sent off for the application form.

When the application form ______, it said “Are You Man Enough for the Ultimate Challenge? ” and it was ________ pictures of male explorers. I was angry and decided that women could do it too, so it made me even more ______ to get on the team.

Over 500 individuals _______ for a place in the team, and the selection process included physical and psychological tests designed to _______ the best group. One test was to complete the Sandhurst military assault course, where the UK’s best officers are trained, and it’s not for _______. We had to climb a huge rope ladder, and I stopped at the top because I have a fear of ______. I thought all hope was ______. But two others helped me over, and later I found out that the organizers were not looking for amazing ______, but great team players, and it was this moment _______ had shown them who would look out for others in the team. I had also shown my real self, and in a place like the Arctic, you have to be yourself,_______there is nowhere to hide. These _______ of asking for help and showing your real self are necessary for women to master.

I realized that by being yourself, I could _______. I was chosen for the team, and as a result became the _______ British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole. I realized that I could achieve more than I ever ______ -but more importantly, by sharing my story with others, I could ______ them to take a step into the unknown.

1.A. notice    B. report    C. announcement    D. advertisement

2.A. run    B. ski    C. drive    D. fly

3.A. enjoyed    B. ignored    C. accomplished    D. received

4.A. survive    B. suffer    C. exist    D. hide

5.A. passed    B. arrived    C. fetched    D. appeared

6.A. in memory of    B. kept free of    C. full of    D. made up of

7.A. determined    B. confident    C. excited    D. satisfied

8.A. waited    B. looked    C. competed    D. cared

9.A. train    B. pick    C. develop    D. challenge

10.A. everyone    B. someone    C. anyone    D. no one

11.A. heights    B. silence    C. loss    D. changes

12.A. left    B. missed    C. saved    D. lost

13.A. skiers    B. team    C. individuals    D. men

14.A. when    B. what    C. which    D. that

15.A. as    B. if    C. unless    D. though

16.A. talents    B. qualities    C. lessons    D. experiences

17.A. try    B. fail    C. succeed    D. improve

18.A. excellent    B. first    C. noble    D. extra

19.A. imagined    B. permitted    C. admitted    D. remembered

20.A. allow    B. require    C. promise    D. inspire


Many times we tend to use our hands to explain our needs and thoughts.1.So you must be cautious when using hand gestures in communication.

Hand gestures are a way of communicating with others and conveying your feelings. These gestures are most helpful when one is speaking to someone with no language in common. The meanings of hand gestures in different cultures may translate into different things.2. Former President George W. Bush had to face a major faux pas(失礼) during a visit to Australia. He tried to signal a peace sign by waving the two-finger or V-sign at the crowd.

You may think of this as a simple gesture, but he committed a major error.3.The meaning of this hand gesture in Australia was asking the crowd to screw themselves, a rude expression used to show you’re very angry! 4. Therefore, it is very important to understand the meanings of gestures before you travel to different countries.

5. Those considered as good gestures in one country may be termed as offensive gestures in some countries. So, if you are a frequent flier to different countries, improve your communication skills by learning the meaning of hand gestures.

A. Here is a very common example.

B. Instead of his palm facing outwards, it faced inwards.

C. The great man received warm welcome by the Australians.

D. We communicate not only by words, but by hand gestures as well.

E. A serious error committed by the then most powerful man in the world.

F. But the same hand gesture may mean something quite offensive to a person from a different cultural background.

G. Before you communicate with people in different cultures, you need to understand the meaning of gestures.


Most nations have at least one type of food that people from other countries think is unusual or unethical(不道德的)to eat. In France, people eat horse meat and frog legs. In South Korea and parts of China, restaurants serve dog meat. And in Australia, it’s common to cook kangaroo meat on the barbecue and use emu(鸸鹋)eggs to make pancakes.

The kangaroo and emu are native to Australia. Both animals are important to the national image of Australia and appear on the Australian coat of arms. They’re also central figures in the history of the indigenous(土生土长的)Australian Aboriginals(土著人). However, Aboriginal tribes still hunt these animals for their meat, fur and fat.

Today, Australian people continue to eat these animals. One of the reasons people eat kangaroo meat is that it’s high in protein and low in fat, so eating kangaroo is a good option for anyone on a diet. It’s also cheaper to eat kangaroo meat than other red meats. Because of this, a lot of university students choose to buy kangaroo meat. BBC News also reported that Australian scientists believe that eating kangaroo meat is good for the environment--kangaroos have different digestive systems than cows and sheep, meaning they produce less methane(甲烷),the second biggest contributor to global warming.

While emu meat is high in iron and vitamin C, most people don’t think it tastes good. For this reason, they prefer emu eggs. One egg is large enough to make seven omelettes(煎蛋). And while it’s illegal to collect emu eggs from the wild, they can be bought from emu farms. Rather than cracking the beautiful dark shell, it’s better to drain it by putting a small hole at each end and blowing. Afterwards, you can even carve a design into the eggshell.

1.The author mentioned the meat-eating customs of different countries at the beginning of the article to __________.

A. present different cultures’ meat-eating preferences

B. suggest that people try to understand other countries’ diets

C. introduce the consumption of kangaroo meat and emu eggs in Australia

D. compare different eating habits among different countries

2.According to the article, the kangaroo __________.

A. is not considered precious in Australia

B. is considered healthy and environmentally friendly to eat

C. faces extinction due to hunting by Aboriginal tribes

D. contains large amounts of iron and vitamins in its meat

3.Which of the following statements is TRUE about emu eggs?

A. Emu eggs taste terrible but are nutritious.

B. The shells of emu eggs are not difficult to break.

C. It’s common for Australians to collect emu eggs from the wild.

D. Emu egg shells can be used to create art.


A new tool of communication called the “drift diary” is doing the rounds among    young college graduates.

The “drift diary”, like those ancient paper messages put into a bottle left to drift on the high seas to reach hundreds of miles away, connects lonely hearts.

The “drift diary” was first started by a Beijing woman, who goes by the Net name Little S, in 2007. It has become the preferred tool of communication among youngsters afraid to reveal their innermost self to peers, but wanting to share their lives with others.

The way it works is that the initiator(发起人)of the diary mentions it on popular  Internet forums such as Tianya and Douban. Those wanting to react or otherwise add to the diary then send their real names and addresses to the initiator via e-mails or text messages.

The numbers in one group are usually restricted to between 30 and 50. The diary then passes on to another by express delivery or personal handover. The diary writers are mostly anonymous but if they wish to reveal their identity they can do so by posting their contact information at the end of their postings.

The diary writers add not just words but also decorate the plain notebooks with cartoons, drawings or even dress it up with a ribbon or a new cover. Interesting experiences, travel journals, the simple joys of everyday living or sweet recollections of childhood, all find a place in these diaries. Most often, though, the writers set down their frustrations and predicaments.

It usually takes one year for a diary to return to the initiator. The last recorder is the luckiest one, with access to all previous entries, while others can request photocopies of these from the diary’s initiator.

1.The popularity of “drift diary” among youngsters is because __________.

A. they hate using the Internet

B. they like to show themselves to peers

C. they want to share their lives with strangers

D. they find it fashionable to be a diary writer

2.Which one shows the correct way a drift diary works?

① The diary then passes on between the recorders.

② The diary returns to the initiator.

③ The initiator of the diary makes a summon online.

④ Participants request photocopies of the diary from the diary’s initiator.

⑤ Those who want to participate in the program get in touch with the initiator.

A. ③⑤①④②.    B. ③⑤①②④.

C. ④⑤①②③.    D. ①③⑤②④.

3.The underlined word “predicament” probably means__________.

A. successful experiences    B. sense of achievement

C. difficult situations    D. favorable conditions

4.Which of the following can be used as the best title for the passage?

A. Drift Diary--A New Tool of Communication

B. How a Drift Diary Works

C. Share Your Lives with Strangers

D. The Diary That Passes on


Learning any language is hard, but learning English can be especially challenging. Why? Because native speakers use the language in ways that textbooks could never describe. In particular, words that British people use cause many language students to scratch their heads.

Here’s an example: You overhear a Briton calling someone a “wazzock”. But what exactly is a wazzock? This word, in fact, means a foolish person, although there’s nothing about it that would help you guess that. There are many strange terms like this in British English – the Oxford English Dictionary would be much smaller without these peculiar (古怪的) usages filling its pages.

How can these odd words be explained? Part of the answer is the British sense of humor. Britons don’t like to take things too seriously, and this is evident through many British words and phrases. For example, to “spend a penny” means to use the bathroom. It refers to the days when people had to pay a penny to use a public toilet.

In an interview for the BBC’s website, British linguist David Crystal suggested there may be historical reasons for the sheer number of odd words and phrases in British English. He thinks that they began in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This was a great age for the theater, when Shakespeare and other writers worked hard to keep up with the demand for new plays. The theater’s popularity also created an incentive (刺激) to invent new words.

With this in mind, perhaps Shakespeare and his peers are to blame for unusual British words such as “codswallop” and “balderdash” – which both, ironically, mean “nonsense”.

While these strange words may be confusing to non-native speakers, they certainly make studying English a lot more interesting.

1.According to the text, why may non-native speakers find it hard to learn English?

A. Dictionaries don’t explain odd usages of many words.

B. A great many strange words make no sense to them.

C. The English textbooks they study are usually out of date.

D. They are unable to understand the humor in conversations.

2.With the example of “spend a penny”, the author intends to _________.

A. explain one reason of how some strange phrases were created

B. explain the meaning and background of the phrase

C. show what typical British sense of humour is

D. show British people’s attitude toward strange words

3.According to David Crystal, _________.

A. many of the words that Shakespeare invented were nonsense

B. Shakespeare’s works are boring because of the odd words involved

C. the theatre’s success in the 17th century inspired the birth of many odd words

D. the odd words in Shakespeare’s plays contributed a lot to the theatre’s popularity

4.What is the text mainly about?

A. The development of the British English.

B. Shakespeare’s influence on British English.

C. The origin and meanings of British humour.

D. Some reasons for the large number of odd words in British English.


Protection Publications


Eight softcover edition of leading college text covering all aspects of basic health strategy(策略)for consumers. Includes much information on food fashion and “alternative methods”. Thoroughly referenced. By Stephen Barrett, M. D. , William M. London, Ed. D., Robert S. Baratz, M. D. , D. D. S. , Ph. D. , and Manfred Kroger, Ph. D. 608 pages, $23.00


L. A. Chotkowski, M. D. , FACP, describes discoveries made during his half-century of medical practice. Includes reports of cases; the author’s observations at New York Chiropractic College, a chiropractic office, and a chiropractic lecture; and details of critical reports in the media. Second edition, softcover, 208 pages, $15.


The fundamental guide to protecting your dental health and your pocketbook. Covers preventive care, finding a good dentist, dental restoring, cosmetic dentistry, dental quackery (治疗)and fraud(假牙), and dental insurance programs, including managed care. By Marvin J. Schissel, D. D. S. , and John E. Dodes, D. D. S. Softcover, 284 pages, $10.


The 32-page softcover brochure with special viewpoints by William Jarvis, Ph. D. , suitable for waiting rooms. $1.


To above prices, please add $3 for first book and $1 for each additional book for postage & handling. Foreign countries add $5 per book. Send orders to Quackwatch, P. O. Box 1747, Allen Avenue, NY 18105. The checks must be in US dollars. We cannot process credit card orders. Please use our order form from and include your email address.

1.What do the four books have in common?

A. The means of cover packing.    B. The contents.

C. The prices.    D. The dates of publication.

2.What can you do to search for more information about the books?

A. Buy the brochure.    B. Write to the author.

C. Visit    D. Telephone the sellers.

3.If a Canadian wants to buy all the four books, he should__________.

A. pay $65 in total.    B. pay $69 in all.

C. pay for them by credit card.    D. pay for them in Canadian dollars.

4.For whom is QUACKERY AND YOU intended for?

A. Those who order some medicine.

B. Those who hold special opinions.

C. Those studying the science of medicine.

D. Those waiting to see the doctor.


假定你是李华,你们学校将举办英语演讲比赛(English Speech Contest),请你根据以下要点,以校学生会的名义写一则英语演讲比赛的通知:







We are glad to inform you that________________________________________________________________








The Students’ Union








Dear Shelly,

I am writing to apologize for not watering your lilies while you were away, that caused their death. Now let me explain what happened to me or my family. I was so busy preparing for coming exam that I had no time for other things. Also, my mother had her ankle injuring while she was walking . I had to take good care of her, who stay home alone. That was because I failed to water your favorite plant. I would like to buy some new ones as a compensation for its loss. Please forgive for me.

I sincere hope you can accept my apology.


For many years, I1.(convince) that my suffering was due to my size. I believed that when the weight disappeared, it would take old wounds, hurts and rejections with it.

Many weight-conscious people also mistakenly believe that 2.(change) our bodies will fix everything. Perhaps our worst mistake is believing being thin equals being loved. We dream about will be like when we reach the long-awaited goal. We make every effort 4.(realize) this dream. Then, at last , we find ourselves there. But we often gain back what we have lost. Even so, we continue to believe that next time it will be different. Next time, being thin will finally fulfill its promise of everlasting 5.(happy), self-worth, and, of course, love.

It look me6.long while to know that there was something more for me to learn about beauty. Beauty standards vary7.culture to culture. In Samoa a woman is not considered to be attractive unless she weighs more than 200 pounds. More 8.(important), if it’s joy that we want, why put our energy on the size of our body? Why not look inside? We have to find a way to live comfortably inside our body and make friends with 9.cherish ourselves. When we change our attitudes toward10., the whole world changes.


Two Candles

Tom was a middle﹣aged leather trader whose repeated failure in career made him a depressed man,often__ that he had been cheated by others.One day he told his wife he was so__ with the city that he had to leave.

So his family moved to another city.It was the evening of a weekend.When Tom and his wife were busily__ up their new home,the light__ went out.They had to stop work.Tom was regretful to have forgotten to bring along candles and had to wait__ in a low mood.Just then he heard slight,hesitant__ on his door that sounded clear in the__ night.

"Who's it?"he wondered,since Tom was a__ to this city.And this was the moment he especially hated to be__,so he went to the door and opened it __.At the door was a little girl,shyly asking,"Sir,do you have candles?I'm your neighbor.""No,"answered Tom in anger and shut the door __."What a nuisance (讨厌鬼)!"He complained over it with his wife."No sooner had we settled down than the neighbor came to __ things."

After a while,the door was knocked again.He opened it and found the same girl outside._____this time she was __ two candles,saying,"My grandma told me the new neighbor downstairs might need candles.She _____ me here to give you these."Tom was very__ by what he saw.When he became fully aware,he said,"Thank you and your grandmother.God bless you!"

At that moment he suddenly realized what caused his __ in life.It was his __ and harshness (刻薄) with other people.The person who had cheated him in life was __ nobody else but himself,for his life had been darkened by his unsympathetic __

1.A. complaining    B. telling    C. hoping    D. pretending

2.A. inspired    B. disappointed    C. embarrassed    D. impressed

3.A. building    B. turning    C. coming    D. tidying

4.A. horribly    B. accidentally    C. suddenly    D. slowly

5.A. anxiously    B. doubtfully    C. hopefully    D. helplessly

6.A. steps    B. words    C. knocks    D. noises

7.A. dark    B. quiet    C. cold    D. sleepless

8.A. newcomer    B. traveller    C. guest    D. settler

9.A. called    B. disturbed    C. watched    D. offered

10.A. surprisingly    B. delightedly    C. impatiently    D. willingly

11.A. gently    B. kindly    C. politely    D. violently

12.A. lend    B. sell    C. fetch    D. borrow

13.A. And    B. But    C. So    D. For

14.A. holding    B. hiding    C. blowing    D. lighting

15.A. advised    B. encouraged    C. sent    D. forced

16.A. frightened    B. pleased    C. puzzled    D. Surprised

17.A. failure    B. dissatisfaction    C. complaint    D. determination

18.A. responsibility    B. coldness    C. apology    D. concept

19.A. doubtfully    B. hardly    C. actually    D. finally

20.A. mind    B. opinion    C. behavior    D. look



You go to a store to buy food for a party. But when you get to the cash register, there are no plastic bags for the things you buy. If you live in San Francisco, this situation might not surprise you. 1.    Many cities and towns around the United States may ban plastic bags. 2.    Instead, they’d like people to use their own cloth bags when they shop. 3.    They say they wouldn’t buy as much if they couldn’t get a free bag. Store owners don’t want to lose business. So they want to keep offering plastic bags.

Stores should be banned from using plastic bags. Here’s why:

All those plastic bags fill up garbage dumps (垃圾站). That hurts the environment.

People can use cloth bags instead. 4.   

Stores should not be banned from using plastic bags. Here’s why:

People might buy less if stores don’t offer plastic shopping bags. Some stores might go out of business.

Some people reuse plastic shopping bags for things like garbage. If they don’t get them for free, they’ll have to buy some.

5.    That could get expensive.

A. These bags don’t get thrown away until they’ve been used many times.

B. There should always be a choice.

C. If shoppers forgot a cloth bag, they would have to buy one.

D. But many people don’t want to buy their own cloth bags.

E. Many people throw them away after using them.

F. That city has banned most plastic shopping bags from stores.

G. They hope that shoppers won’t use paper bags either.


They may have text,email,Facebook and Twitter,but young people are still lonelier than any other age group.The Loneliness in New Zealand Report,published by Statistics New Zealand,shows under 30s are more likely to feel lonely than older people because loneliness decreases with age.Loneliness and poor mental health were strongly related across all ages.Young people were not as likely to feel lonely because of financial hardship,but among older people,lack of money was a significant influence on loneliness.Women were more likely to feel lonely than men.

Philip Walker,spokesman for the General Social Survey,said because it was relatively new it was hard to know whether loneliness among young people was a new trend.But overseas research has found that levels of loneliness in youth today are growing.

Mr.Walker said the finding needed more exploration,including looking at the role of technology and social media."It could be that people's expectations of connection have gone up,so we expect increased levels of connection,"he said."While technology like cell phones could help young people stay connected,on the other hand for those who do get bullied(欺辱),especially bullied online,it's quite isolating.A lot of the time potentially it is a big contributor to loneliness."

Figures from online dating website FindSomeone also confirmed more young people were looking for love.Manager Rick Davies,said younger dating hopefuls were the fastest growing group on the site.

Mr.Davies noted that since the report data was collected in 2010there had been huge growth in smart phones,which meant people were online even more.He believed online tools,such as Skype,could help people stay connected."People can keep in touch with a wide range of friends from all over the world much more easily now.It's like you're sitting in your living room having a chat with them."

Bemardine Reid,operations committee chairwoman for Samaritans,which operates a free helpline,said many of their calls came from people who were lonely."It might be that they've got some problem,just like all the things people would normally talk to a friend about,but people who are alone lack those normal contacts."

The Statistics New Zealand report also showed people who didn't have face﹣to﹣face contact with family and friends were more likely to feel lonely,as were those who lived alone.

1.Which of the following may Mr.Walker agree with?

A. High technology may become a reason for loneliness.

B. People shouldn't use the Internet to get to know strangers.

C. It's hard for people to get enough connection online as expected.

D. Social media should play an important role in helping lonely people.

2.It can be inferred from the passage that  .

A. FindSomeone is a website where you can find old friends

B. without technology,young people would not feel lonely

C. high technology results in the older being lonely

D. those cheated or hurt online tend to feel lonely

3.From the last two paragraphs,we can conclude that  .

A. Internet can keep people free from loneliness

B. people chatting a lot online tend to be optimistic

C. people living alone tend to have more connection online

D. people communicating less in the real world risk loneliness

4.What is the best title of the passage?

A. Loneliness Around You

B. Young People Online

C. Young but Lonely

D. E﹣times and Young People.


If you’re ever reading a book or watching a movie and get the distinct feeling you’ve come across the story before — or even better, can predict exactly what's going to happen next — there could be a good reason for that.

Researchers from the Computational Story Laboratory at the University of Vermont studied the complete text of some 1,737 fiction works available on Project Gutenberg, an online collection of more than 50,000 digital books in the public area. They discovered that English literature consists of just six kinds of emotional arcs (情感弧线) that make up nearly all of the most well-known stories. By analysing the sentiment (情感) of language used in these texts, the researchers were able to show the emotional ups and downs for the stories as a whole. They discovered that negative words like “poverty”, “dead”, and “punishment” dragged the emotion down, while positive terms like “love”, “peace”, and “friend” brought it up.

According to the researchers, those six core (核心的) emotional arcs are:

“Rags to riches” (An ongoing emotional rise)

“Tragedy, or riches to rags” (An ongoing emotional fall)

“Man in a hole” (A fall followed by a rise)

“Icarus” (A rise followed by a fall)

“Cinderella” (Rise–fall–rise)

“Oedipus” (Fall–rise–fall)

Interestingly, based on download statistics from Project Gutenberg, the researchers say the most popular stories are ones that use more complex emotional arcs, with the “Cinderella” and “Oedipus” arcs registering the most downloads. Also popular are works that combine these core arcs together in new ways within one story, such as two “Man in a hole” arcs stuck together, or the “Cinderella” arc coupled with a tragic ending.

1.Readers often feel familiar when reading a new story because stories have similar ______.

A. beginnings    B. endings

C. characters    D. emotional arcs

2.How did researchers carry out their study?

A. By conducting surveys among readers.

B. By reading books borrowed from libraries.

C. By analysing works from an online collection.

D. By interviewing authors of the well-known stories.

3.Which set of works may drag emotion down?

A. Hope, fortune and riches.

B. Disease, murder and war.

C. Smile, health and beauty.

D. Cold, earthquake and spring.

4.According to the last paragraph, which kind of works are most popular among readers?

A. Works with an ongoing emotional rise.

B. Works with an ongoing emotional fall.

C. Works with a rise followed by a fall.

D. Works with more than one rise and fall.


Have you ever thought of quitting your job when you feel exhausted? Maybe most of you would say “yes”. After a particularly busy period at work, I decided to get away from it all by going on a hike in the mountains in southern France.

Before I left, I read an interesting story in a magazine. It read, “Once, while I was riding on a crowded bus, the man sitting next to me threw his cell phone out of the window when his phone rang. I was surprised. He looked at me, shrugged (耸耸肩) and looked away. I had no idea whether it was his or stolen or whether he even knew what a cell phone was or not, but he clearly wanted to be free of it, because it clearly troubled him.”

Billions of people across the world use cell phones. Though cell phones are a wonderful way for communication, they often do the exact opposite. Using cell phones can increase stress within families and friends.

So when I recently returned home, I got rid of my cell phone. Now I go outside without taking my phone with me. I’ve noticed things in my neighborhood I never noticed before, such as gardens. I’ve met new people, started conversations with neighbors I didn’t speak to before and talked with some of my friends face to face instead of chatting over the phone.

Instead of keeping me off from the world, stopping using my cell phone has helped me get even closer to my family and friends.

1.According to the story, the man on the bus threw away his cell phone because       .

A. it didn’t work properly

B. it was stolen from someone else

C. he didn’t like the phone’s style

D. he didn’t want to be bothered by it

2.We can learn from the passage that cell phones       .

A. are too expensive for many people

B. are of no use to the author

C. can also get people into trouble

D. can make life more interesting

3.What can we learn about the author?

A. He wants to own a garden now.

B. He always chatted with his neighbors.

C. He used to take his cell phone when going outside.

D. He once threw away his cell phone.

4.The main purpose of the passage is to       .

A. tell us not to let cell phones control our lives

B. encourage others to hike with him in France

C. share his experiences in France with us

D. teach us how to get along with neighbors


Preparations are underway around the world for Chinese New Year (Feb 19) and celebrations in China will be mirrored across the planet wherever the Chinese Diaspora (华侨) calls home. Here are some Chinatowns for those outside of China wishing to mark the day.


Although it may not be as large or as long-built as others, having only become a center for the Chinese community during the 1950s, London's Chinatown is a perfectly formed little firework that knows how to see in the year with a bang. Decorated with red lanterns (灯笼), previous years have seen shows with acrobatics (杂技), martial arts (武术), dance and opera nearby.

San Francisco

San Francisco's Chinatown is perhaps the most famous in the United States. The city was the main entry-point for Chinese who had crossed the Pacific to the USA during the early 19th      century. Between the Grant Avenue and the Stockton Street, this historic area is a local treasure, attracting more visitors per year than the Golden Gate Bridge.


With a more than 100-year-old history, the Thai capital's Chinatown contains complex streets offering all kinds of tasty treats, clothes, toys and antiques. Sunday market days are such a good time to get the full atmosphere of the neighborhood. The area is also known for its gold dealers, whose shops line the road.


Found in Port Louis, this Mauritian Chinatown shows the island nation's rich multicultural diversity. Established in the early years of the 20th century by settlers from China, its tiny            shops and restaurants serve locals and visitors. During the Chinese Spring Festival, the most exciting sight is the Dragon Dances on Rue Royale when Chinese musicians and dancers perform the traditional Lion dances through the streets.

1.According to the text, which of the following has the longest history?

A. London's Chinatown.

B. Bangkok's Chinatown.

C. Mauritius's Chinatown.

D. San Francisco's Chinatown.

2.What's special about Bangkok's Chinatown?

A. It is crowded with Chinese restaurants.

B. It is well-known for its gold business.

C. It was the major entrance for the Chinese.

D. It is where you can enjoy fireworks.

3. If you want to enjoy the Dragon Dances, you can go to ____.

A. Rue Royale in Port Louis, Mauritius

B. the Sunday market in Bangkok

C. the Grant Avenue in San Francisco

D. the Chinese community in London









Dear Mr.David,

How is everything going?___________________________________________________________________















It is my son's birthday two days ago.As I didn't buy any gift for him,I offered him with $10 as a birthday gift. Last evening he used it take his cousin out for ice cream.It turned out that these two kids were the last one in the shop for the day.But the lady at the register who wanted to cash out quickly told them their ice cream was freely! They were too exciting to hear it.Then I asked my son why he did with the money.To my joyful,he replied that he gave it to the homeless man.


As a listening child,I often heard1.(old) people say:"What dreams I had!"and"If only I had my life to live over."I2.(understand) that these men and women had missed the fullness of life somehow.

But I wasn't going to miss it,I decided at the age of fourteen.In a slightly3.(use) copy book,I made a full list of what I wanted from life.I would be devoted to4.(realize) them one by one.5.,as years went by,I was middle aged and alone.My children had left to make their own full life somewhere.I,too,didn't realize even half the amount 6.what I had planned.One rainy night,I went to the bookstore to get a paperback book to read7.(me) to sleep on.I picked up an Emile Zola book,8.reminded me of something I had read long ago: Zola had said,“To have a child,to plant a tree,to write a book.”That,he said,was a full life!A great stillness grew about me as I realized I had a child,I'd planted a tree,and in fact,I'd even written a book.

Eventually,I came to a clear9.(conclude),and it one: To live,to struggle,to be in love with life is fulfillment.


I was on vacation with my husband,my brother,his wife and daughter.We were not____with the area and got on a bus,thinking it would be a nice way to see the downtown's old town area.Well,____talking with the bus driver,we didn't find that we were.on the neighborhood route(线路)which____school children and delivers people to various ____places.That was a route of over about two hours.That was a surprise and a concern because we____our vehicle in a____parking area and it was going to end.

We shared this with the bus driver only to let her know we were not from the area and____for getting on her bus by mistake.Then she surprised us____further saying,“I get off shift(换班)after a few more blocks,and if you don't____taking my company car,I'd be happy to take you____to your vehicle before the time end.”The bus driver received permission from her____,so we gratefully said yes to her____.

She went out of her way to take us back to our vehicle____her shift was over and it wasn't on her route to home either.We were____and grateful for her kindness.____,because she shared some of her____about the school-age children she sometimes had on the bus route,I offered her a few____on how to quiet the children with a skill that would make the ride safer for them____for her.She was so____.It was a wonderful____of kindness!

1.A. similar    B. familiar    C. known    D. learnt

2.A. until    B. before    C. after    D. when

3.A. picks out    B. puts up    C. picks up    D. puts off

4.A. downtown    B. district    C. attraction    D. neighborhood

5.A. had stopped    B. had parked    C. had ridden    D. had driven

6.A. timed    B. timing    C. timely    D. timeless

7.A. thanked    B. praised    C. apologized    D. admitted

8.A. on    B. in    C. with    D. by

9.A. mind    B. like    C. appreciate    D. enjoy

10.A. up    B. back    C. down    D. over

11.A. teacher    B. children    C. passenger    D. manager

12.A. instruction    B. offer    C. invitation    D. requirement

13.A. after    B. because    C. though    D. whether

14.A. satisfied    B. astonished    C. exhausted    D. touched

15.A. In fact    B. In other words    C. In return    D. As a result

16.A. concerns    B. attitudes    C. behaviors    D. discipline

17.A. tips    B. advice    C. ways    D. approaches

18.A. disappointed    B. amused    C. grateful    D. excited

19.A. as good as    B. as fine as    C. as nice as    D. as well as

20.A. expression    B. exchange    C. explanation    D. expansion


It is necessary for us to improve our problem-solving abilities.If you don't properly understand the problem, your solutions may be ineffective or fail entirely.1.For example,is there one problem or actually several?Can you restate the problem in your own words?By spending time with the problem you will better understand it and be equipped to generate(产生)solutions.

2.Collect data,ask people or experts connected to the problem,look for resources online,in print,or elsewhere. Once you have data,organize it.Try to do this by rewording or summarizing it.Perhaps you could even map it out in a chart.You may not need to bother with this step for simple problems,but it will be essential for those of a more complex one.

The first step in finding a solution is to look at data that you have gathered about the problem and to analyze its importance.3.Start with the raw data.Sometimes,information will need to be broken into smaller,more manageable parts or to be ranked for its importance.

4..You might do this on a limited,trial scale at first to test the results.Or,you might go all in.Keep in mind that unpredictable problems which you did not plan can arise at this stage.

Keep in mind that problem-solving works in a cycle.It will generate a number of different solutions that each should not be ignored.5.If not,then you must look for another solution and start the process over again.So make small changes if necessary.

A.If you fix the problem,you have found a suitable solution.

B.Once you have chosen the best solution,put it into practice.

C.You should focus on the problem and your problem-solving process.

D.Gather as many acts as you can about the problem to get a clear picture of it.

E.A hobby is another way that you can continue to improve your problem solving skills.

F.To define the problem clearly,you will have to ask questions and look at different angles.

G.When analyzing,you will look for links and relationships for better understanding the overall situation.


Before the invention of hair dryer,vacuum cleaners were being used for the purpose of drying and styling hair. The early vacuum cleaners could draw in air as well as blowing air.So,towards the end of the 19th century,women used to dry their hair by using a vacuum cleaner.

In 1890,a French salon owner Alexander F.Godefroy invented the first hair dryer.It blew warm air.However,it was not widely used,mainly because of its large size.

The first convenient hand-held hair dryer used at home came up in 1920.It weighed over 2 lbs.However,it only produced 100 watts of power,which was not enough to dry the hair.After almost ten years came the gas-heated dryers that were widely used in barber shops.However,these dryers produced heat that was harmful to hair and the air from them made people sick,so they were soon gone.

Around the 1940s and 1950s,the helmet(头盔)style electric dryers came into being.Curly hairstyles were popular during that time.Therefore,women used curlers and sat under the dryers to set their curls.Later,the curly style began to drop,and so did the popularity of the helmet style electric dryer.

In the late 1950s,the first workable hair dryer was made.It had a hand-held dryer.It used only 300-400 watts. Ever since the 1950s,hand-held dryers have experienced many changes,in order to become quieter,lighter and smaller.However,how it works largely remains the same.The modem technology has made improvements to the hair dryer,reducing the heat damage to a person's hair.For producing shinier,smoother and healthier hair,dryers have been included with negative ion(负离子)technology that dries hair faster and with less heat.

1.What do we learn about the hair dryer invented by Alexander F.Godefroy?

A. It looked like a vacuum cleaner.    B. It was once very popular.

C. It was inconvenient to use.    D. It blew too hot air.

2.What was the disadvantage of the hair dryer invented in 1920?

A. It needed too much power.    B. It couldn't be held by hand.

C. It was not easy to be carried around.    D. It couldn't dry hair effectively.

3.What was the main purpose of including negative ion in dryers?

A. To reduce the sizes of hair dryers.    B. To make hair dryers more beautiful.

C. To produce better hair in a beautiful way.    D. To save more power and time for users.


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