My sister-in-law, Sharon, recently had a good year for tomatoes. She and her family had _______ and canned so many that they’d begun to feel their skin turn slightly _______. That’s when she decided it was time to share her blessings(福气). She started calling everyone she knew. When that _______, she began asking everyone in the neighborhood like a _______, eventually finding a neighbor delighted to have the tomatoes. “Feel free to take _______ you want,” Sharon told her. Later that day, Sharon found that her garden had indeed been _______. She felt happy that she could help someone and that the food didn’t go to _______.

A few days later, Sharon _______ the door. There was the neighbor, holding a hot loaf(条) of some kind of sweet bread. The neighbor smiled pleasantly: “I wanted to thank you for all of the tomatoes, and I have to _______ that I took a few other things and hoped you wouldn’t mind.”

Sharon couldn’t think of ________ else in her garden that had been worth harvesting and said so. “Oh, but you ________,” the neighbor said. “You had some of the prettiest zucchini(西葫芦) I’ve ________ seen.”

Sharon was ________. Zucchini in her garden? They hadn’t even planted any zucchini. But her neighbor ________ that there really were bright-green zucchini in Sharon’s garden. Sharon’s curiosity ________ the better of her and she had to go see where the zucchini had grown. The two of them walked together into the backyard. When the neighbor pointed at the long green ________, Sharon smiled. “Well, ________, those are cucumbers that we never harvested, because they got too big, soft and bitter for eating or canning.”

The neighbor looked at Sharon, ________ written all over her face. She gulped(大口吸气) a few times, and then, smiling, ________ out the bread, part of a batch(批) she had shared all over the neighborhood. “I brought you a nice loaf of ________ bread. I hope you like it.”

1.A. bought    B. grown    C. eaten    D. sold

2.A. red    B. yellow    C. dark    D. pale

3.A. worked    B. happened    C. stopped    D. failed

4.A. housewife    B. politician    C. friend    D. farmer

5.A. whichever    B. whatever    C. wherever    D. whenever

6.A. harvested    B. stolen    C. damaged    D. cleared

7.A. shop    B. factory    C. waste    D. soil

8.A. closed    B. repaired    C. left    D. answered

9.A. expect    B. suggest    C. require    D. admit

10.A. nothing    B. anything    C. something    D. everything

11.A. could    B. did    C. should    D. do

12.A. ever    B. never    C. always    D. seldom

13.A. embarrassed    B. pleased    C. confused    D. satisfied

14.A. apologized    B. demanded    C. replied    D. insisted

15.A. took    B. made    C. got    D. kept

16.A. flowers    B. vegetables    C. fields    D. gardens

17.A. obviously    B. actually    C. naturally    D. separately

18.A. shock    B. delight    C. excitement    D. fright

19.A. gave    B. pulled    C. pointed    D. held

20.A. tomato    B. zucchini    C. cucumber    D. vegetable


-Would you mind me opening the window, sir?

-_______. I’m feeling a bit chilly.

A. By all means    B. Not in the least

C. I’m afraid not    D. I’d rather you didn’t


I consider _______ an honour to be allowed to view this artist’s private art collection.

A. that    B. what

C. it    D. this


We can’t always _______ the traditions handed down to us from the past.

A. grasp    B. replace

C. ruin    D. observe


Ice dancing is for couples _______ a woman and a man skating together.

A. consisted of    B. having been consisted of

C. to consist of    D. consisting of


It’s usually a common _______ that journal websites offer readers their free online editions of articles and other information.

A. sense    B. interest

C. phrase    D. practice


近年来,微信(Wechat)成为了人们日常生活中必不可少的通讯工具,尤其在春节期间,“微信抢红包热”(Red envelop fever)风靡全国。请对这一现象写一篇100词左右的短文,内容包括以下几点:



In recent years,Wechat is becoming increasingly popular.__________________________________________
















Dear Mr.Zhang,

We have held a discussion whether it is good or not for a top student to share a desk with a slower student.Some are for the idea.It is well known that everyone had strengths as well as weaknesses.Although slower students are not good at lessons,they might do good in another fields.In addition,top students can help slower ones with their lessons, which benefit them too.However,others don't hold the same view.They think some slower ones are always making the trouble,such as break school rules.Besides,slower students often ask top students question,which affects our studies.

In my opinion,I support the idea so we can make progress together.


Li Hua



1.Mother always tells me not to_________ _________ _________(瞧不起)anyone,even if he is not well educated.

2.I hope Tom will_________ _________(表现得规矩点)at the party to be held next Sunday.

3.Every morning my grandfather spends 45 minutes doing physical exercises to_________ _________(增强)his health.

4.The magician performed many magic tricks to_________ _________ _________(娱乐观众).

5.In the past,they were too_________ _________(太穷了)to afford a holiday.



1.Could you ten me whether there is a c_________between smoking and lung cancer?

2.The condition prevents the blood from_________(循环)freely.

3._________(因此),we must treasure the time.

4.I would always keep my distance from drinkers on social_________(场合).

5.Liu Wei,the famous armless piano player,has succeeded in having a(n)_________(杰出的)career.


Thousands of people were attracted to a 2-meter-wide lane in Tongcheng, Anhui province this spring festival. Although1.was impossible to count the exact number, at least 5,000 people visited it each day.

This narrow lane, 2.(call)Liuchi Lane in Chinese, won greater popularity after the story behind it was broadcast on a CCTV show. At first glance it may seem unimportant, but to those3.know its history, Liuchi Lane means much more than its4. (appear). In the early Qing Dynasty it served5.the boundary between Zhang family and Wu family. They quarreled6.(fierce)over which family had the right to build a wall on the dividing line. After 7.(fail) to make a compromise, the Zhangs turned to Zhang Ying, a family member of Zhangs and also a top official in the emperor’s court. To 8.(they)surprise, Zhang Ying did not provide the support they needed. He called for his family to step back I meter from the boundary. Seeing that, the Wus 9. (agree)to move back another meter, thus Liuchi lane was born.

In reality, the story of Liuchi Lane is not only about how to get along with others, 10.also a guideline for all the officials in China.


One day I was walking to the mailbox with my dad,when I saw something drop from a tree.I couldn't____what it was,so I kept my eyes on the spot as we came near.It was a baby bird,which had fallen from its nest.It had long, awkward wings and feet,and____that fought to stay open.It was____,so I sat next to it watching while my dad got the mail.I____its nest and mother,____what would happen to it.

My dad said we had to____it;there was nothing we could do.He said if the bird mother smelled any traces(踪迹)of____,she wouldn't go near the____again.

As we began to walk away,a woman____."Did it fall out of a nest?"she asked.

"Yeah."I answered.

"It____a lot.Not much we can do,"she said."Try not to think about it when you go to sleep tonight."

I walked____the mailbox the next day.The baby bird lay____in the grass.

I realize that "Try not to think about it" is the____of many people towards things which____to provide them with perfect excuses____not bothering.The woman wasn't being____;she was actually quite nice.But when everyone says "there's____I can do—just try not to think about it,"where will we finally____?When billions of people____try not to think about it when they go to bed at night,there might be millions of fallen birds lying dead and____in the grass the next morning.

1.A. say    B. talk    C. speak    D. tell

2.A. eyes    B. arms    C. feathers    D. claws

3.A. bored    B. stupid    C. lovely    D. clever

4.A. turned back    B. stared at    C. pointed to    D. looked for

5.A. suggesting    B. deciding    C. wondering    D. finding

6.A. help    B. leave    C. catch    D. kill

7.A. children    B. humans    C. animals    D. insects

8.A. tree    B. grass    C. baby    D. person

9.A. returned    B. interrupted    C. approached    D. left

10.A. happens    B. cries    C. suffers    D. changes

11.A. from    B. beyond    C. past    D. into

12.A. asleep    B. dead    C. still    D. alive

13.A. attitude    B. feeling    C. consideration    D. understanding

14.A. fail    B. prove    C. refuse    D. seem

15.A. from    B. of    C. about    D. for

16.A. cruel    B. kind    C. silly    D. friendly

17.A. something    B. nothing    C. everything    D. anything

18.A. start out    B. come from    C. settle down    D. end up

19.A. possibly    B. simply    C. particularly    D. luckily

20.A. forgotten    B. buried    C. eaten    D. remembered


Advantages of playing badminton

Playing badminton can be a fantastic sport.1..What's more.Playing badminton has many health benefits for your entire body.

Build a strong body

You get to run up and down the court.You jump up high and bend down low when playing.Your movement has to be flexible,with good hand-eye coordination(协调).The movements give your legs good exercise.At the same time,swinging the racket exercises your arms,shoulders,stomach and back.Before you know it,your entire body will benefit from better coordination.2..

Have a good heart

Playing badminton can actually lower your blood pressure,and reduce your chances of heart disease.3..Your body will be better defended against enlarged arteries(动脉)that can cause deadly heart attacks.Whether you are suffering from high blood pressure or simply trying it,playing badminton is a great sport.

Enjoy a colorful social life

Gyms often host leagues,tournaments,and parties.4..So don't just watch a television program about losing fat. Get out there and socialize in an organized badminton league.

Make a Slim figure

5..Hundreds of unwanted fat can be burned off with all of the physical movements involved with the sport. Whether you are on the sand at the local beach,or inside a gym,playing badminton can be an enjoyable weight loss exercise.

A.You can even grow stronger and more attractive

B.Playing the game,you can make your heart stronger

C.To people of different ages it is also an easy light exercise

D.It is important to drink plenty of water when playing the sport

E.You can find a badminton court in public parks or some gyms

F.They provide chances for you to meet friends,or other people with similar interests

G.Of course,one of the most welcome benefits of playing badminton is always quick weight loss


Researchers in China and the United States have developed a new cataract(白内障)treatment with cells that has restored vision in babies in a trial and may eventually be used in adults.

The treatment- by doctors and staff members at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Sichuan and Sun Yat-sen universities in China-was published in March 9 edition of the scientific journal Nature.

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens(晶体)of an eye. Typical cataract operation involves the removal of the cloudy lens and the insertion of an artificial one. The new operation has been tested in animals and during a small, human trial. It resulted in fewer complications(并发症)than the current harmful operation, and in regrown lenses with superior visual function in all 12 of the baby cataract patients who received the procedure.

A congenital cataract- lens clouding that occurs at birth or shortly after- is important cause of blindness in children. In the new research, Kand Zhang, head of ophthalmic genetics at US San Diego’s Shiley Eye Institute, and his colleagues relied on the regrown potential of endogenous(同源的)stem cells.

According to Zhang, endogenous stem cells are different from other stem cells that are typically grown in a laboratory, transplanted into a patient, and can have risks of immune(免疫的)rejection, infection or cancers. Zhang told CBS News, “We invented a new operation to make a very small opening at the side of a cataractous lens bag, remove the cataract inside, allow the opening to heal, and promote potential lens stem cells to regrow an entirely new lens with vision.”

The human trial involved 12 babies under the age of 2 who were treated with the new method, while 25 babies received thee standard operation care.. The latter group experienced a higher incidence of pos- operation danger, early- onset eye high blood pressure and increased lens clouding. The scientists reported fewer complications and faster healing among the 12 babies who has the new procedure.

1.What is the text mainly about?

A. The concept of the cataract

B. A new cataract treatment with stem cells

C. Bad effects of post-operation in the cataract

D. The reasons why the cataract comes into being

2.Which of the following best describe the new cataract treatment according to the passage?

A. Convenient    B. Comfortable

C. Cheap    D. Safe

3.What can we learn about the new cataract treatment?

A. It has more risks

B. It may be used widely

C. It has been put into practice widely

D. It can only restore vision in babies

4.What does the underlined word “congenital” in the fourth paragraph mean?

A. Born    B. Strange

C. Serious    D. Dangerous.


Last year,around Labor Day,I read a " Happy Ad" in our local newspaper.There was a lady in a local nursing home for the aged,who was celebrating her 90th birthday and her family wanted everyone to know about it.It said that if you wanted to drop her a line,here was her address.So I did.I found a birthday card and dropped her a short note,wishing her a happy birthday.

A week or so later,someone knocked at my front door.I opened the door and found a middle-aged man standing on my doorstep.He introduced himself as the son of this woman to whom I had sent the card.He explained that he just wanted to drop by in person and thank me for sending such a nice card to his mom.Apparently,like many older folks,she did not receive much mail and was quite excited to receive mine.I just didn't know what to say.I told him it was my pleasure and that I hoped his mom had enjoyed her birthday.

That year,I did not send out any Christmas cards,except to this lovely old lady in the nursing home.I just told her that I was thinking about her and hoped that she had a nice holiday.I sent her a holiday card and also a couple of notes in between.I just thought she might like to have someone write to her,to get some mails.

She passed away a couple of months ago.I never met this lady,but I did keep her and her family in my thoughts. I dropped them a line of sympathy.I hope that my few little notes were enough to brighten a couple of her days here on earth.

1.The old lady lived      .

A. at her son's home    B. at her own home

C. in a senior citizen's home    D. in a center of the local newspaper

2.From the text,we can know that      .

A. the son of this old lady opened the door to meet the author

B. the lovely old lady received many birthday cards at the age of 90

C. the family wanted the author to celebrate the old lady's 90th birthday

D. the author sent another card with notes to the old lady on Christmas Day

3.What is the passage mainly about?

A. A moving story of an old lady.

B. A worthy deed from the caring author.

C. A happy advertisement about the family.

D. A perfect plan from the considerate son.


What is success? I am not going to try to explain success. I think a precise meaning is impossible! Is it winning a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games or winning Wimbledon, or being awarded a Nobel Prize? What else? I believe personal success could be anything at all- it does not have to involve public recognition. Who is more successful? A millionaire who is unhappy, or an unnoticed person, who has led a simple, quiet, sincere and happy life? The simplest definition of success, I think, is “to set out to do something and to succeed in doing it.

The first step on the road to success starts with belief. Believe you can succeed and you will. Achieving success in whatever endeavor(努力)you choose may be the goal of life; because it gives you freedom from worry. Could that be?

Success means different things to every one of us. Some people believe it is measured in financial term; others believe it is helping others rather than helping themselves. However, most people are motivated to a great extend by public recognition. How many people are really happy? How many people are really doing what they want to with their lives? Incidentally, to imagine makes us different from animals.

Most important of all, I believe success is a matter of personal growth. If every day you are developing or growing just a millimeter, I believe one is successful. Just being a slightly better person each day for me is success. I’ve got a very long way to go them!

Finally, always remember success is a process and is not simply a matter of arriving at a destination. It’s the journey that really matters. Success is what you become in the often very difficult and dangerous journey down the river of life.

1.What is personal success according to the author?

A. Winning public recognition

B. Being an unhappy millionaire

C. Something impossible to define simply

D. Succeeding in doing what you want

2.Which plays an important role in your success?

A. Intelligence    B. Confidence

C. Wealth    D. Kindness

3.According to he text, humans are different from animals in_______.

A. belief    B. freedom

C. imagination    D. success

4.What can be the best title for the text?

A. What is success    B. No true success

C. How to be successful    D. Success is reaching a destination


Lying in Victoria,Australia,Phillip Island Nature Park is a beautiful seaside holiday destination.Phillip Island provides a relaxing,adventurous and memorable costal holiday.Full of family attractions,friendly wildlife,sheltered swimming spots and beautiful beaches and bays,it really is hard to find a reason not to take a holiday.

Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Heritage Farm

A trip to Phillip Island wouldn't be complete without visiting the Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Heritage Farm.This amazing native wildlife attraction provides the opportunity to experience wild koalas in their natural environment.You will also enjoy very impressive water views,ancient buildings and lovely gardens. Perfect for a family day out!

Penguin Parade

The Penguin Parade on Phillip Island is Australia's most popular wildlife attraction.Every sunset,wild little penguins appear from the sea and walk across the beach to their sand holes.Here you can experience this natural view that you will find nowhere else in the world.


CLOSING TIME: Varies.Closed on Christmas Day

3 Parks Pass

This ticket gives you entry to the Penguin Parade at Phillip Island Nature Park,as well as entry to the Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

All tickets will have 12 months validity(有效期)from time of buying.

Tickets will be delivered to your email box within 60 minutes of buying.Please print out all tickets and take them along with you to the attraction.

1.What can be enjoyed in Phillip Island Nature Park?         .

A. Fierce wildlife.

B. Charming beaches.

C. Outdoor swimming spots.

D. Various modem buildings.

2.According to the passage,Penguin Parade      .

A. opens at 10 a.m.every day

B. is opened to us all year around

C. is the most popular wildlife attraction

D. provides the chance to see wild penguins

3.In the Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Heritage Farm we can appreciate      .

A. wild koalas and penguins

B. water views and penguins'holes

C. wild koalas and lovely gardens

D. wild penguins and ancient buildings

4.If you buy a 3 Parks Pass online,      .

A. you must use it within a year

B. you must print it out in 60 minutes

C. you can have it delivered to your house

D. you can take your family along to the park








提示词:不文明的 uncivilized
















Last year, during the summer holiday, I found part-time job, worked in a toothbrush factory at night. Not until I experienced it did I realized that it was no easy job.I went to work when my parents were going to bed. On the morning, when my parents were going to work, I came to home to sleep. This backward schedule was very tough for me that I often felt tiring. But I am glad that I had this unforgettable experience. Not only is it fun to “rise and shine” along with the moon or stars, but also I had learned to appreciate the hard work of those which are working while the rest of us are sleeping.


Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant 1. (feel) frustrated because no customers had come to his restaurant ever since he got up early in the morning. What was the matter? His restaurant should be full of people 2. (usual) by now. He thought something terrible 3. have happened and he wanted to find out why. He hurried out and 4. (follow) Li Chang, 5. was one of his regular customers, into a newly-opened restaurant. He was surprised 6. (find) that the owner named Yong Hui was serving slimming foods to make people thin. 7. (curious) drove Wang Peng inside to take a close look at the menu. He was 8. (amaze) at what he saw. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away 9. telling people lies, so he went to the library to do some research. After a lot of reading, he realized that Yong Hui’s food would make people become tired quickly 10. it had far too little fat. Arriving home, Wang Peng made a new sign. The competition between the two restaurants was on!


When I was a kid, most of my friends could stay home from school due to a stomachache or a fever but not me. I had to be lying in order to ______ home. My parents used to say that they were teaching me how to have a ______ work ethic (职业道德). I didn’t see the ______ until last week.

I was on the train and sat behind a young man who was ______ to his friend about his life. His dream in life was to make movies but he wouldn’t ______ it because he had no clue if he could make enough money and he didn’t want to ______ time because it probably would take months or years to make it ______. He then admitted to thinking about becoming a(n) ______ because he thought he could easily make six figures within one year. His ______ agreed because as he put it, “I have no ______ to work long hours and not make much money. Besides, defending cases in court is good because you can make a lot of money and only work short hours.”

Many people these days don’t ______ that when things seem to happen immediately, it is only because a lot of ______, determination and time have ______ into it. It wasn’t due to some unbelievable ______. Someone once told me that you may know ______ someone is an expert in his given field or not by how easy he makes it look. The ______ it looks, the more hours go into it.

There is no excuse for ______. In the television show Fame, the dancer teacher told her students, “If you want fame, fame ______ and here’s how you start paying for it, in sweat.” Every time I watch that show, my dad would state how ______ she was because in order to ______ you have to work hard. He would go on and on about how bad it is to be lazy.

1.A. leave    B. stay    C. get    D. call

2.A. reliable    B. different    C. good    D. new

3.A. answer    B. evidence    C. result    D. connection

4.A. explaining    B. complaining    C. writing    D. lying

5.A. read    B. follow    C. appreciate    D. change

6.A. share    B. get    C. save    D. waste

7.A. big    B. important    C. strong    D. proper

8.A. expert    B. artist    C. editor    D. lawyer

9.A. companion    B. teacher    C. parent    D. brother

10.A. choice    B. time    C. desire    D. chance

11.A. convey    B. ensure    C. show    D. realize

12.A. potential    B. pressure    C. effort    D. intelligence

13.A. put    B. gone    C. broken    D. reached

14.A. event    B. accident    C. story    D. speed

15.A. because    B. why    C. whether    D. when

16.A. easier    B. lighter    C. better    D. harder

17.A. sorrow    B. laziness    C. despair    D. envy

18.A. splits    B. arises    C. works    D. costs

19.A. natural    B. beautiful    C. right    D. kind

20.A. succeed    B. develop    C. finish    D. rest


How to change the world

You want to change the world, but you aren’t sure where to start. First, remember that changing the world can mean so many different things.

Understand what's wrong.

1.The world is such a big place, so you won't be able to change much if you don't understand what's going on out there. Try to learn about what is happening both home and abroad.

Know that change doesn't come overnight.

2.Try to live your values each day, even if you don't see much appreciable change on a day-to-day level. Work hard and don't give up.
    Start small.

Find ways to make a difference every day. It may feel as though you are just one tiny part of a huge system. At first, you almost certainly will be. Be patient.3.. Try to put your activism into practice and make it a reality.


Write letters to newspapers; post an article, video, or idea on the internet; wear a T-shirt. If you think that it is important and worthy of attention, try to raise awareness(意识) by telling as many people as you can.

Consider a career.

Think about which sort of job might put you in the best position to change the world. 5.There are a lot of ways to get paid for adding value to the world. Start researching to find jobs in fields that feel valuable.

A. Read the news.

B. Spread the word.

C. All things begin small

D. Remember that you don’t need to do it alone

E. You could be a teacher, a reporter, or something else.

F. There are other, less public ways to show your support!

G. Don’t expect to change the world with one big heroic act.


Two men were sitting together in a plane. They were on a long journey. One of the men was a businessman. The other was a farmer. They sat without talking for a while, then the farmer said, “Let’s do something to pass the time.”

“What do you want to do?” the businessman asked. “We can ask each other riddles.” The farmer said, “you star.” “Let’s make the rules first,” the businessman said. “That’s not fair. You are a businessman with much knowledge. You know more things than I do. I am just a farmer.”

“That’s true.” The businessman said. “What do you want we should do?” “If you don’t know the answer to a riddle, you pay me $100. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll pay you $50.” The farmer said. The businessman thought about this, then he said, “OK. That’s fair. Who will go first?”

“I will,” The farmer said. “Here is my riddle. What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies?” The business man repeated the riddle, “What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies? Mm, that’s a good one. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer.” He gave the farmer $100, then said, “Tell me the answer. What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies?” “I don’t know.” The farmer said and gave him $50.

1.The story happened______.                 .

A. on a farm    B. in a shop

C. before a long plane journey    D. between two passengers

2.What does the word “riddle” mean in this story?

A. A difficult question to find the answer to

B. Something to help to make rules

C. Something to win money

D. a kind of game in doing business

3.Why did the businessman agree to give more money if he lost?

A. He made much more money than the farmer

B. He thought he knew more than the farmer

C. He was interested in making riddles

D. He was better at playing riddle games

4.The farmer________.             .

A. enjoyed himself on his long journey

B. didn’t want to pay even one dollar

C. spent all his money on the plane ticket

D. won fifty dollars by playing the riddle game


In an effort to discourage people from using plastics, scientists have been hard at work inventing alternative packaging products.

The idea of using seaweed(海草) to make eco-friendly water bottles has been around for a few years. Recently, Ari Jonsson took his invention—a water bottle made from red seaweed—to show off at a festival. The bottles will only hold their shape as long as they are filled. As soon as these bottles are empty they will begin to break down, though they would be perfectly safe to eat. Ari Jonsson's bottles are a step closer to a widely used alternative to the current plastic ones.

The eatable water container is not the only product to add to our image of the future. Narayana Pessapaty has also created eatable spoons. After the success of his spoons, Mr. Pessapaty is ready to expand and introduce forks and chopsticks to his menu. His aim is to largely reduce the amount of plastic waste, which is a huge problem for waste sites all over the world. It is a product that may take up to 500 years to break down, and recycling companies worldwide are struggling to deal with it.

Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, this new packaging is also cheap to produce and therefore cheap to buy. Even better is the fact that similar eatable cutlery can be made at home, possibly a science project for children or just fun with friends. Why not experiment and create your own recipes?

1.Why do scientists invent alternative packaging products?

A. To make people's life more convenient.

B. To show off their inventive talents.

C. To change the way we picnic outside.

D. To reduce the amount of plastic waste.

2.What makes Art Jonsson's water bottles eco-friendly?

A. They can be made at home.

B. They are cheap to produce and buy.

C. They will hold their shape when they are filled.

D. They will break down themselves when empty.

3.What do Ari and Narayana's inventions have in common?

A. They are convenient to carry.

B. They are safe to eat.

C. They can be used for a short time.

D. They are heavier than plastics.

4.What can be inferred from this passage?

A. Home-made eatable cutlery is likely to be popular.

B. Eatable cutlery will completely replace plastics in the near future.

C. No recycling companies can break down plastic waste.

D. It's unsafe for individuals to invent eatable cutlery at home.


I had dressed quite nicely for my first day as a student at St. Anne's College of Further Education. In celebration of this new beginning, I had changed my unusual clothes to formal clothing.

Like many young people my age, I was under the impression that the best way to show your personality was by wearing the kind of clothing that my mother considered was not fit to be seen in public. But for my first day as a student I had made an effort to look what my mother called ‘respectable’.

There were fifteen of us, sitting in the theatre hall, while the head of the drama department, Mr. Wilson, gave us a warm welcoming speech. To my horror (恐惧), he then invited us to say why we had decided to do a drama course. I had no idea what I would say. The truth was that although I had a taste for unusual clothing, I was painfully shy.

My worry grew as it came closer to my turn. One by one, the new students excitedly explained their reasons. Then it was the turn of a girl who I hadn't really noticed until that moment because I was too busy thinking about what I would say. ‘My name’s Tracy and I'm from Blackburn’, she said, and then added no further information.

Everyone smiled politely in silence but I was impressed at her bravery in saying almost nothing even under pressure (压力). I relaxed, knowing that you could get away with saying so little about yourself. It gave me confidence.

After Mr. Wilson at long last let us out of the hall to go to lunch, I managed to find the courage to go up to Tracy. She looked very unfriendly. Taking a deep breath, I introduced myself. To my surprise, she looked up at me and gave me a very bright, sweet smile. That was twenty-seven years ago, and although we never did become famous stars, we're still best friends.

1.Why did the author dress nicely for her first day at college?

A. She felt a need to dress properly.

B. She wanted to fit in with the other students.

C. She was under pressure from her mother.

D. She wanted to look like a great star.

2.Why did the author feel nervous?

A. Because she had never spoken in public

B. Because it was her turn to start first

C. Because she didn't know what to talk about

D. Because the other students were so excited

3.What does the underlined word "It" in Paragraph 5 refer to?

A. Tracy also seemed extremely worried.

B. Tracy hadn't said very much.

C. The other students reacted politely to Tracy.

D. All attention was on Tracy.


Yuoki, a restaurant in Germany, is not your everyday all-you-can-eat buffet (自助餐). For starters, there isn't an actual buffet to fill your plate. Instead, customers are seated at a table and provided with iPads which they can use to order up to five small dishes every ten minutes. They can eat as much as they want for 120 minutes, but having the food served at short intervals (间隔) allows diners to constantly assess how hungry they are and order accordingly, preventing food waste. Also, the owner, Luan Guoyu, believes, “our eyes are bigger than our stomach”, so not being able to see the cooked food at the buffet    prevents people from ordering more food than they can actually eat.

But Luan Guoyu's most effective way of fighting food waste, and the    one    that has attracted media attention, is his €1 ($1.15) fine for food still left on the plate. “It’s called ‘ all-you-can-eat’ ” he says, adding that the extra charge is not meant to increase his income, but to act as a warning against wasting food.

Luan Guoyu's system is unique in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, but not in Germany. Okinii, a Japanese-style restaurant in Dusseldorf, has also been charging customer, the same € 1 tax for unfinished food on their plates since 2013.

With so many people living on the edge of their nations, and food waste becoming a serious problem in developed countries, it will be interesting to see if more restaurants will start carrying out the “eat up or pay up” policy. Even if they give the money from this fine to charity, it would still help them to save money in dealing with waste, so it's a win for everyone.

1.What does the underlined word “assess” in Paragraph 1 probably mean?

A. Doubt.    B. Realize.

C. Judge.    D. Compare.

2.What will Luan Guoyu do when people can’t finish the food on their plates?

A. He will charge them extra money.

B. He will advise them to eat up the food.

C. He will ask them to take the food away.

D. He will warn them to order less food next time.

3.What is the text mainly about?

A. Various German restaurants.

B. The seriousness of food waste.

C. Secrets of managing a restaurant.

D. Special ways to fight food waste.

4.What does the author think of the “eat up or pay up” policy?

A. Unfair.    B. Funny.

C. Reasonable.    D. Doubtful.








Last Friday afternoon, our class was invited an old craftsman to teach us how to making dough figurines (面人). When the craftsman came into the classroom, we gave him warm welcome and two boys helped him with the tool box. First , he shows us the basic steps and skills of making dough figurines . We stood around him or watched attentively. Then we started to have a try himself. The old man walked around and helped us patient. Finally, we put the figurines we made on the table and took pictures with the old craftsman. Looking on the figurines, we were all very exciting. We hope we can have more activity of this kind!


As is known to all, we live in a world of germs(细菌). It is impossible to avoid exposure. Genetic makeups may give some people 1. advantage over others. However, it does not stop people from becoming sick.

All of us have been a victim of an 2.(ill) at some point in our lives. Moreover, it is likely that we 3.(get) sick again in the future. Our best chances of avoiding sickness 4.(be) by exercising and employing good 5.(habit).

While good hygiene and exercise serve as obvious advice to most people, eating 6.(healthy) is not always obvious. If you cannot define “healthy”, then your immune system will be happy 7.(tell) you. The immune system is the foundation of our health. It works for us every day to keep us well. Ask 8.(you): “Are you making its job easier 9. harder?”

Like any system, the immune system is not different. It has a tolerance too. If you eat unhealthily, your immune system will make you aware of it.

Take a step in the right direction 10. including some healthy food in your diet.


Falling off a box car and landing on my head, I lost my sight when I was four years old. Now I am thirty-two. I can _________ remember the brightness of sunshine. It would be wonderful to see again, _________a tragedy can do strange things to people.

It _________ to me that I might not have come to love life as I do now if I hadn’t been blind. My parents and my teacher saw something _________ me , and they made me want to __________ against blindness.

The hardest _________ I had to learn was to believe in myself. If I hadn’t been able to do that, I would have ________ down and become a chair rocker for the rest of my life. When I say _________in myself I am not talking about _________ the kind of self-confidence that _________ me down an unfamiliar staircase (楼梯)alone. But I mean something bigger than that : an assurance that I am a real positive person _________ imperfections.

It took me years to obtain this ________ . It had to start with the ________ . Once a man gave me an indoor _________ . “ I can’t use this.” I said. “ Take it with you,” he ________ me , “ and roll it around.” The _________ stuck in my head. “ Roll it around !” By rolling the ball I could hear where it went. This gave me an idea how to achieve a goal I had thought _________ . At the School for the Blind I ________ a new kind of baseball called ground ball. All my life I have set a series of goals and then tried to reach them, one at a time. I had to learn my _________ . I would fail sometimes anyway but on the average I made _________ .

1.A. randomly    B. abruptly    C. roughly    D. completely

2.A. so    B. but    C. thus    D. and

3.A. occurred    B. referred    C. brought    D. turned

4.A. of    B. for    C. to    D. in

5.A. get    B. fight    C. find    D. drop

6.A. method    B. experience    C. lesson    D. manner

7.A. broken    B. put    C. settled    D. lay

8.A. courage    B. ambition    C. belief    D. power

9.A. firmly    B. simply    C. fairly    D. slightly

10.A. stops    B. helps    C. finds    D. gives

11.A. despite    B. besides    C. without    D. unlike

12.A. description    B. existence    C. intelligence    D. recognition

13.A. intelligence    B. incident    C. trouble    D. determination

14.A. chair    B. baseball    C. game    D. design

15.A. urged    B. blamed    C. greeted    D. teased

16.A. goals    B. words    C. baseballs    D. ideas

17.A. valuable    B. reasonable    C. impossible    D. unbearable

18.A. discovered    B. equipped    C. formed    D. invented

19.A. limitations    B. Advantages    C. puzzles    D. personalities

20.A. sense    B. progress    C. mistakes    D. friends[


Tired of traditional running? Well, maybe it’s time to try using your hands instead. That’s what Shaun McCarty and other Australians are doing — running on all fours. 1.

McCarthy, who comes from Melbourne, Australia, said he’s the one behind the term “crunning.” “It’s not crawling, it’s not running.” he said. “Crunning is a better workout than running. It puts more of an emphasis(着重)on the body than traditional running does. 2.

McCarthy thinks that he gets much more exhausted after crunning, so he believes it must burn more calories than running.

3. Some believe crunning could result in bad shoulder injuries or broken noses.

But McCarthy is not worried. Many Melbourne residents have been seen running around on all fours. 4.In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, crawling, a much slower version of crunning, has been a favourite activity for many years. According to some people there, the exercise is believed to date back two thousand years to the Han Dynasty.

5. Then McCarthy advises you to buy some good shoes, hand gloves and most important of all, a face mask!

A. Ready to give crunning a try?

B. As it turns out, they are not the only ones.

C. Crunning seems more difficult than traditional running.

D. It really exercises your legs and shoulders at the same time.

E. It’s part of the Internet’s latest fitness activities: “Crunning.”

F. However, many are not sure if it is the right exercise for humans.

G. He warns, however, that he can’t say whether crunning is potentially harmful.


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