For many adolescents, “screen time” is almost a full-time job that could lead to obesity, diabetes and other health issues, a Canadian researcher says.

Adolescents now spend an average of six hours a day in front of some type of screen, whether it’s a television or computer screen or one of the many portable devices now popular with young people, studies done by Dr. Ian Michael Janssen show. “They spend more hours daily in front of a screen than they do in a classroom in a given year,” said Janssen, a researcher at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. The result is a rise in obesity rates among adolescents. Unfortunately, fixing the problem isn’t as easy as simply cutting down screen time, Janssen cautions. “Decreasing screen time will not automatically increase physical activity levels,” said Janssen, Some active kids also spend a lot of time in front of television and computer screens, and some kids who have low screen times also have low levels of physical activity, he points out.

As well, screen time is not necessarily bad, Janssen said. “The tricky part is that children today need to be using computers,” he said. Computers are required for schoolwork, and technological skills are important for future job prospects. The quality of screen time matters too, along with the quantity---consider the negative health messages found in food advertising during children’s shows, he said. Ideally, children should aim for no more than two hours of recreational screen time a day.

Janssen’s real worry about the rise in childhood obesity rates is not that there are now rare cases of type 2 diabetes in kids, where once there were none, hut the health problems these children are likely to face in the future as adults, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

1.Which one doesn’t belong to “screen time” according to the passage?

A. Watching TV.    B. Surfing the Internet.

C. Seeing a film on an MP4.    D. Making a telephone call.

2.In Janssen’s opinion, kids had better          to keep healthy.

A. lose weight.    B. decrease screen time

C. take physical activities    D. go on a diet

3.What’s the researcher’s attitude towards “screen time of adolescents" ?

A. Concerned.    B. Passive.

C. Positive.    D. Frightened.

4.We can learn from the passage that          .

A. many of the people having full-time jobs suffer from obesity and diabetes.[

B. decreasing screen time can’t really solve the problem

C. children today most use computers to finish their school work

D. a new type of obesity in kids becomes Janssen’s real worry


I was standing in the checkout line behind a woman who looked to be in her 60s. When it was her turn to pay, the cashier greeted her by name and asked her how she was doing.

The woman looked down, shook her head and said,“Not so good. My husband just lost his job and my son is up to his old tricks again. The truth is, l don't know how I’m going to get through the holidays.”

Then she gave the cashier food stamps (食品券).

My heart ached. I wanted to help but didn’t know how. Should I offer to pay for her groceries, ask for her husband’s resume?

As I walked into the parking lot, I spotted the woman returning her shopping cart. I remembered something in my purse that I thought could help her. It wasn't a handful of cash or an offer of a job for her husband, but maybe it would make her life better.    My heart pounded (狂跳) as I approached the woman.

“Excuse me,” I said, my voice trembling a bit, “I couldn’t help overhearing what you said to the cashier. It sounds like you’re going through a really hard time right now. I’m so sorry. I’d like to give you something.”

I handed her the small card from my purse.

When the woman read the card’s only two words, she began to cry. And through her tears, she said, “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

I was a little startled by her reply. Having never done anything like this before, I didn’t know what kind of reaction I might receive. All I could think to say was, “Oh my. Would it  be OK to give you a hug?”

After we embraced, I walked back to my car-and began to cry too.

The words on the card?

“You Matter.”

A few weeks earlier, a colleague gave me a similar card as encouragement for a project I was working on. When I read the card, I felt a warm glow spread inside of me. Deeply touched, I came home and ordered my own box of You Matter cards and started sharing them.

1.Which of the following is TRUE according to the first three paragraphs?

A. The woman and her family were having a tough lime.

B. The cashier helped the woman by giving her some food for free.

C. The woman’s family mainly depends on her son.

D. The author wondered why the cashier was familiar with the woman.

2.The woman cried when she got the card, probably because         .

A. it could solve her present problem

B. she could use it to buy food

C. it greatly encouraged her

D. it could land her husband a job

3.The underlined word “startled”in Paragraph 10 probably means        .

A. interested    B. grateful

C. ashamed    D. astonished[

4.From the article, we can tell that the author is      .

A. a knowledgeable person    B. a kind-hearted person

C. a horrible person    D. a confident person


Theme Parks on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast theme parks come in all shapes and sizes and whether you like roller coasters or patting furry animals,you’re sure to find something.

Dream world

It is home to the greatest number of traditional theme park rides on the coast with all the kid friendly rides, roller coasters, water slides, bumper cars and more gravity defying than you could want. If there’s the most perfect theme park you’re after, Dreamworld is the one for you.

Contact Information:

Phone: +61755881111

Address: Dreamworld Parkway Coomera Queensland 4209

Movie World

Movie World is the only movie-related theme park in Australia. With one of the best roller coasters on the coast and a good handful of movies related to rides, you’ll experience a fun-filled adventure with some famous scenes in the films of Hollywood.

Contact Information:

Phone: 0755738485

Address: Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, Queensland 4210

Sea World

With an obvious emphasis on creatures that live in the water. Sea World has a fantastic range of fish, sharks, dolphins, seals, polar bears, and other animals on display in realistically natural environments. Many of the animals will also entertain you in some water shows. It may be the best all-round theme park on the Gold Coast.

Contact Information:

Phone: 0755882222

Address: Sea World Drive, Main Beach, Cold Coast, Queensland 4217

Wet ‘n’ Wild

With nothing but amazing water slides, swimming pools and “dive in movies”,Wet ‘n’ Wild is one of the greatest water parks in Australia, if not the world. In winter everything is heated, so you won’t get cold, and on a hot Gold Coast summer day, you’ll have a hard time finding a better place. Each year the team at Wet ‘n’ Wild come up with new and exciting rides to thrill and chill you.

Contact Information:

Phone: 0755561660

Address: Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210

1.Which of the following about Movie World is TRUE?

A. It is the best all-round theme park on the Gold Coast.

B. It has lots of traditional theme park rides on the coast.

C. It has many amazing water slides and “dive in movies”.

D. It can help visitors know mom movies related to rides.

2.If you want to watch water show of animals, you should dial       .

A. 0755561660    B. 0755882222

C. 0755738485    D. +61755881111

3.If you don’t want to get cold in winter, you can go to         .

A. Dreamworld    B. Movie World

C. Wet ‘n’ Wild    D. Sea World



1. 污染正威胁我们的生存。

2. 地球是我们的家园,我们有责任为我们自己和我们的后代去照顾好它

3. 政府已采取更多的措施去解决这些问题,法律已被通过去制止污染。

4. 坚信我们的家园会变得越来越好。



Protecting the Environment

Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world.













1.He then moved to New York , Which he became very famous. _________________

2.60 percent of the population was killed . ________________

3.Fortunate , He got the first prize. _________________

4.It was a terrified story._________________

5.He said he will do me a favor. _________________




There are 800 tornadoes in the USA each year,_________about 80_______and 1500_________.


___________ __________ ___________  __________that I will study aboard.


It is generally agreed that chairman Mao is the greatest man_______ _______ ________.


______ ________ his book, He didn’t notice his mother came in..


By the time the tornado ended , more than 700 people ______ ______ ________ .


_________ ___________, 830,000 people ___________ _________ __________.


With the ________of society , the ____ of people is becoming higher and higher.


Though I need money for myself ,I ____________ _________ ____________help you.


He_________ ________ __________ the head of the company.


The freeway ________ __________cars.



1.Japan is a country where natural _________________(灾害)happen frequently.

2.Can you name some__________________(热带的)fruits produced in your country?

3.He is an _______________ (有经验的)expert in education.

4.We must try to reduce__________(贫穷) of the African countries

5.Local_________(居民) are very enthusiastic.

6.__________(飓风) will cause huge waves,heavey rain and floods.

7.Last week A buiding was_______(袭击) by thunderstorm and luckily no one was killed.

8.The _____________(暴力)of nature is destroying our human beings.

9.A lot of __________(家具) will be on display in the supermarket

10.We should take _______(措施) to protect our environment.


My husband Val and I had not been getting along well lately. We didn’t argue, but we hardly_______. I knew that one________ was that I often scold him. Unluckily, I looked only at his fault (缺点)and forgot to notice how_______ he had done in everything.

   I really didn’t want to be ______ talking too much, but it seemed as if I couldn’t_______. However , I made up my mind to________. Could I ?

   I decided to try. Each day I would find one thing I liked in_______ and mentioned it to him.

   The first day, again, appeared the greatest problem. I noticed_______ things I didn’t like about Val. Why did he leave his books everywhere in his study instead of putting them______?

How could he wear that________shirt again? And I had a difficult time ______with anything good I could mention.

   I thought and thought._______ he was good sometimes. When something needed repair around the house, Val_______until he discovered what was wrong.______ , I told Val I was glad he was patient _____my fault and said something about the way I often scold him. He smiled a small, weak smile ______ made me angry, “Maybe this isn’t going to work.” I said to myself. But as three weeks continued, finding something good about my husband came_______ . He deals honestly with everyone; he treats our children with________  . Why had I seen so many unpleasant things?

   By the end of the 21 days, I couldn’t believe how easy_______ had become to praise Val. And Val did seem________. In fact, he mentioned that I seemed to have changed a lot.

1.A. exchanged    B. spoke    C. touched    D. communicated

2.A. result    B. problem    C. idea    D. method

3.A. well    B. badly    C. angrily    D. really

4.A. a girl    B. a lady    C. a student    D. a wife

5.A. improve him    B. scold him    C. help myself    D. believe myself

6.A. have a rest    B. have a change    C. take my place    D. have a chance

7.A. my husband    B. myself    C. our children    D. himself

8.A. large amount of    B. few[    C. a small number of    D. quite a few

9.A. in ways    B. in order    C. on the way[    D. out of order[

10.A. clean    B. dirty    C. smart    D. tidy

11.A. making up    B. putting up    C. turning up    D. coming up

12.A. After all    B. In all    C. At all    D. All above

13.A. paid attention    B. took care    C. worked hard    D. was tired

14.A. Next day    B. Someday    C. The next day    D. After a day

15.A. with    B. to    C. for    D. in

16.A. that    B. what    C. who    D. whose

17.A. more difficult    B. more easily    C. more directly    D. ore surprisingly

18.A. kindness    B. pride    C. rudeness    D. fear

19.A. this    B. that    C. it    D. I

20.A. the same    B. different    C. bad    D. active


Are you truly happy? Do you ever know what it means to be happy and what it takes to achieve happiness? 1.The following are a few tips that I follow to create happiness in my life.

※ Make a plan for achieving goals that you believe will make you happy. Your moods will very likely increase if you are going after something you value.

※ Surround yourself with happy people. It is easy to begin to think negatively when you are surrounded by people who think that way. 2.

※ When something goes wrong, try to figure out a solution instead of being absorbed in self-pity. Truly happy people don’t allow setbacks to affect their mood because they know that with a little thought they can turn the circumstances back to their favor.

3.These few minutes will give you the opportunity to focus on the positive things in your life and will lead you to continuous happiness.

4. Whether you treat yourself to lunch, take a long, relaxing bath or simply spend a few extra minutes on your appearance, you will be subconsciously (下意识地) putting yourself in a better mood.

※ Finding the humor in situations can also lead to happiness. Find a way to make light of a situation that would otherwise make you happy.

※ Keeping healthy is another way to achieve happiness. 5.

A. What makes one person happy may be very different from what makes someone else happy.

B. On the contrary, if you are around people who are happy, their emotional state will be infectious.

C. Being overweight or not eating nutritious foods can have a negative effect on your mood.

D. These are important questions for anyone who is seeking happiness to ask themselves.

E. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about the things that make you happy.

F. There are some tips in life that lead to happiness.

G. It’s also important to take some time each day to do something nice for yourself.


The Internet and the World Web (网) are great places to be right now. We use the word "place" because so many of the things you can do online are similar to the things you can do wherever people gather together-in homes , schools , libraries , shopping centers , or at family reunions(团聚)or town meetings. The Net allows people to learn shop, find important information, and communicate, whether they're local, global or simply virtual (虚的) .

The Web is useful. You can find old friends online. You can research and book flights, check the weather, find breaking news, find out information about schools and colleges. You can even place an order for books, CDs, computers and cars.

The Internet is also fun. You can write to old friends or check out their web pages, enjoy web - based soap operas, laugh at online jokes, join in a live Net Event, chat with other Internet surfers(漫游者) , check to see if your name appears anywhere on the Web .

Millions of users log on to the Net every day, and it's not just to do research. There's a lot of fun there. That's one reason why it's called web "surfing".

Of course, the first step to using the Web for business or for fun is learning how to work a "web browser"(浏览器). If you're new to computers, it may take a while before you are completely comfortable with your browser. Don't worry. You don't have to be a computer  whiz(专家). The basics of a web browser are very much like the basics of modem computers

—learning how to point and click the mouse, learning how to scroll(滚动) up and down a page of text, and learning how to use pull - down menus. Again, be patient. There's no time limit on web surfing . Give yourself a chance to explore (探索) the browser itself while you explore the Web.

1.The writer compares the Web to ______.

A. places to visit    B. places to gather together in

C. some easy job    D. things you can do online

2.We can learn from the text that the Web is not only ______ but also

A. of great use; of great value    B. of great use; of great enjoyment

C. useful; funny    D. of some use; of a little interest

3.To use the Web, all we have to do is to learn how to_______ .

A. use the computer mouse    B. scroll up and down a page of text

C. use pull- down menus    D. all the above


Seven tips to good table manners

Whether it’s dinner at a friend’s house or a business meeting over lunch, we judge people based on their table manners. But what can you do if your kids do not behave themselves at the dinner tables? The following are seven tips to set your children on the road to good table manners:

●Look for the good. Instead of pointing out(指出) all the things your children do wrong, point out what they do right. Please say, for example, “ I am so proud of yu. It was wonderful the way you served yourself.”

●Don’t turn dinner into an unpleasant “lecture time”. That will turn kids off not only manners, but dinner, and you, too.[

●Check your own example. Don’t show up for dinner in just your underwear (内衣) unless you want your kids to do the same.

●Don’t always consider your kids lazy and dirty ones. Instead, point out the behavior in a tender way. For example: “It’s a good idea to unfold your napkin, so if food falls you won’t dirty your clothes.”

●Teach your kids good manners in the form of a game. One night a week, try to have a formal dinner. Try dressing up, serve a special meal, and expect more formal manners. That will help improve their sense ( 意识) of manners.

● Make kids understand part of the tradition. Invite guests over and let kids help serve them. This helps them indirectly learn about table manners.

●Try dining out once in a while. Fast food restaurants aren’t counted(算在内). Try a nice restaurant and let kids order their own food, pay the bill and give the tip.

1.The passage is mainly written for ____.

A. kids    B. parents

C. hosts    D. guests

2.Which of the following should parents do to help their kids learn good table manners?

A. Try dining out in fast food restaurants once in a while

B. Point out what’s wrong with the kids’ behavior at dinner.

C. Keep telling the kids how to behave themselves at dinner.

D. Improve kids’ sense of manners by having a formal dinner at times.

3.The kids should do the following EXCEPT _____.

A. going to a formal dinner in underwear    B. helping parents to serve the guests

C. ordering their own food and paying the bill    D. unfolding the napkin to keep their clothes  clean

4.The underlined part “turn kids off” in the second tip probably mean “_____”

A. make kids pleased with    B. make kids interested in

C. make kids tired of    D. make kids fond of


Calculus Book for sale!

Thomas’ Calculus --- Weir, Hass& Giordano 11th edition (版本)

Brand new, never been used but I will let it go for used price. Bookstore sold at $ 150. Call me and let me hear your offer.

Tel: 773—885—6604

Reading is good for you, people!!

Why don’t more people read today? I have so many great books for sale. If you are interested in any of these GOOD BOOK DEALS, e-mail me or call me at 650—759—7174 to pick them up.

--- All the Days of My Life (So Far), by Alison Sweeney $5

--- All Our Yesterdays, by Robert B. Parker $1

--- The Meaning of Everything, by Simon Winchester $5

--- Exploring Language, by Gary Grosgrain $5

--- The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint- Expiry $1

--- Jack at Sea, by Philippe Dupasquier$1

“The Children’s Classics” Book Set (一套) ---$200

This is a book set that I’d love to keep, but just don’t have any extra room on my already crowded bookshelf. It is an old, traditional set. The set is in excellent condition (状况). There are nine titles in the set (see list below). I honestly have no idea what this set is worth, but I’ve been told I should sell the set for well over $ 200, so make me an offer and we’ll see what we can do. Please e-mail me if you are interested: lucia

Book Titles

---Arabian Nights (276 pgs) --- Robin Hood (278 pgs)

---Black Beauty (276pgs)    --- Tom Sawyer (272pgs)

---Treasure Island (270pgs) ---Heidi (278pgs)

--- Alice in Wonderland (276pgs)

--- Andersen’s Fairy Tales (278pgs)

--- King Arthur (274pgs)

1.What does the underlined part “let it go” mean?

A. throw the book away    B. sell the book

C. send the book to somebody    D. buy the book from the a bookstore

2.If you have $10, how many different books can you buy from GOOD BOOK DEALS at


A. Two    B. Three

C. Four    D. Five

3.Why will the owner sell “The Children’s Classics”

A. He thinks it too old    B. He has bought a new set

C. He has read it for many times    D. His bookshelf is too full to hold it.

4.If you are interested in Tom Sawyer, you can ____.

A. e-mail Lucia 1134@    B. visit the owner in person

C. call 773-885-6604    D. call 650-759-7174


Long, long ago there were a lot of donkeys. The donkeys worked hard every day. They had no time to play or to relax, but they never felt appreciated (得到赏识的)  for the work they did.

One day two donkeys got bored. They wanted to live a comfortable life, so the donkeys went to see a wise old man. They told him their problem. The wise old man agreed they worked too hard, and he wanted to help the donkeys. “I have an idea,” he said.

“What is your idea?” asked the donkeys.

“I will paint you and no one will know you are donkeys,” said the man.

The man went off to find some paint and he returned in just a matter of minutes. He had two pots of paints. One pot was filled with white paint, and the other black paint.

The old man first painted them white, and then painted stripes(斑纹 ) over the white paint. When he finished, the donkeys did not look like donkeys at all. “You no longer look like donkeys,” the old man said. “Everyone will be fooled (欺骗). I will call you something else, zebras( 斑马).”

The zebras went to a field to eat grass. Now they did not have to work.

Soon, other donkeys saw the zebras. They asked the zebras where they came from. When the zebras told the donkeys their secret, the donkeys all rushed to see the old man.

“Please make us into zebras, too,” they pleaded.  So the wise old man painted more donkeys. As he did, more and more donkeys came.

The old man could not paint fast enough. Soon the donkeys became impatient(不耐烦的). They began to kick about, and they knocked over the paint pots.

There was no more paint. The painted donkeys ran off to become zebras. The unpainted donkeys, because of their impatience, had to return to work.

1.The two donkeys went to see a wise old man in order to _____.

A. become patient    B. ask him for help

C. change into zebras    D. have a rest

2.What does the underlined word “pleaded” (in Paragraph9) mean?

A. relaxed    B. knocked

C. agreed    D. begged

3.What finally happened to the impatient donkeys?

A. They looked for another wise man to paint them

B. They were still donkeys working hard all the time.

C. They won praise for the work they did.

D. They hated the zebras and fought with them

4.What can we infer from the passage?

A. Being patient is very important

B. Both donkeys and zebras had to work hard

C. The wise old man was killed by these impatient donkeys.

D. There is always a good way not to work hard









参考词汇:老人福利院 nursing home

A meaningful Social Activity














注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Challenges of life are of great importance in our grow. It reminds me my days when I joined in the military training after I entered senior high school. It was the first time I have lived away from my home, so I found it difficultly to fit in. And the training officer was strict with myself. I once thought I couldn’t be stick to the end. But anyway, I made it. The trials made it easy for me to adapt to my future life, but the difficulties I came across have now become the precious memory in my life.

In short, learning to regard the challenges of life as a stepping stone to future success and make the best of them.


Tea is enjoyed all over the world as a comforting treat. First, choose the type of tea you want to drink. There are various types of tea that offer different health1.(benefit) and flavors. Next, boil a pot of water and pour it over your tea. Allow your tea to soak thoroughly. Add milk and sugar to increase the flavor of bold teas or add honey2.lightly flavored teas if desired.

Green tea is known for3.(it) high level of a cancer-fighting chemical. 4., green tea is high in caffeine and can make you feel anxious and nervous if you drink too much. It is said that oolong tea may promote healthy skin and black tea can5.(great) reduce the risk of breast cancer in younger women. Write tea is helpful in preventing cavities and building the6.(strong) of your teeth. There have been many claims about herbal teas which can do good to health, but there is limited research or 7.(support) data on these claims.

Most teas can8.(buy) and transported in tins of loose tea or in small packages of tea bags. Some people believe that loose leaf teas have a9.(fresh) flavor than tea bags10.others prefer tea bags because they’re much easier to use and carry around.


Though the political field is still ruled by men, we can still see another splendid scene — those women with high heels and makeup are playing an active role on the political stage.

Theresa May — the Iron Lady who cleans up the mess

She is the second female Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader after Margaret Thatcher. The mess left by men is finally for women to clean up. After the worldwide–shocking “Brexit”, Cameron has successfully thrown Theresa into trouble. A remain campaigner as she was, Theresa insists that “Brexit means Brexit”. Since taking office, she has already shown her calmness, humbleness, efficiency and powerful leadership.

Merkel — the unquestioned “Big Sister”

From a PhD in physics to a role on the political stage, she is Merkel, the first female chancellor(总理)in German history. Facing the European migrant crisis, she advocated the policy of “Open the Door” and put forward the slogan “We are able to manage it”. However, the coming of refugees not only caused serious social security problems but also brought terrorism and political tsunami.

Hillary — a woman’s presidential dream

Born in a wealthy business family and graduating from Law School of Yale University, Hillary struggled for thirty years on the US political stage and was once the First Lady, Federal Senator and Secretary of State. She is an outstanding but controversial woman in this day and age, since she is rich in not only political experience but also scandals. Hillary, early 70 years old now, ran for the US president twice, only ending up with a broken dream.

Park Geun-hye — a woman who married the country

In December, 2012, the 60-year-old Park Geun-hye was elected the first female president of South Korea. She once pledged: “I don’t have parents, nor do I have a husband and children, and the country is the only one I wish to serve.” Yet the “confidante(红颜知己)scandal” was undoubtedly a political earthquake for her, ending her presidency and forcing her out of office in March, 2017.

1.What does Theresa May mean by saying Brexit means Brexit?

A. She will carry on Brexit.    B. She will postpone Brexit.

C. She will oppose Brexit.    D. She will think twice about Brexit.

2.Who ran for presidency twice but in vain?

A. Merkel    B. Theresa May

C. Hillary    D. Park Geun-hye

3.What can we infer about the four women?

A. Theresa May is better than the former Prime Minister.

B. Merkel is doubtful about her policy towards the refugees.

C. Hillary is the most successful First Lady.

D. Park Geun-hye was in office for not more than five years.








提示词:不文明的 uncivilized
















Last year, during the summer holiday, I found part-time job, worked in a toothbrush factory at night. Not until I experienced it did I realized that it was no easy job.1 went to work when my parents were going to bed. On the morning, when my parents were going to work, I came to home to sleep. This backward schedule was very tough for me that I often felt tiring. But I am glad that I had this unforgettable experience. Not only is it fun to “rise and shine” along with the moon or stars, but also I had learned to appreciate the hard work of those which are working while the rest of us are sleeping.


Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant 1. (feel) frustrated because no customers had come to his restaurant ever since he got up early in the morning. What was the matter? His restaurant should be full of people 2. (usual) by now. He thought something terrible 3. have happened and he wanted to find out why. He hurried out and 4. (follow) Li Chang, 5. was one of his regular customers, into a newly-opened restaurant. He was surprised 6. (find) that the owner named Yong Hui was serving slimming foods to make people thin. 7. (curious) drove Wang Peng inside to take a close look at the menu. He was 8. (amaze) at what he saw. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away 9. telling people lies, so he went to the library to do some research. After a lot of reading, he realized that Yong Hui’s food would make people become tired quickly 10. it had far too little fat. Arriving home, Wang Peng made a new sign. The competition between the two restaurants was on!


When I was a kid, most of my friends could stay home from school due to a stomachache or a fever but not me. I had to be lying in order to ______ home. My parents used to say that they were teaching me how to have a ______ work ethic (职业道德). I didn’t see the ______ until last week.

I was on the train and sat behind a young man who was ______ to his friend about his life. His dream in life was to make movies but he wouldn’t ______ it because he had no clue if he could make enough money and he didn’t want to ______ time because it probably would take months or years to make it ______. He then admitted to thinking about becoming a(n) ______ because he thought he could easily make six figures within one year. His ______ agreed because as he put it, “I have no ______ to work long hours and not make much money. Besides, defending cases in court is good because you can make a lot of money and only work short hours.”

Many people these days don’t ______ that when things seem to happen immediately, it is only because a lot of ______, determination and time have ______ into it. It wasn’t due to some unbelievable ______. Someone once told me that you may know ______ someone is an expert in his given field or not by how easy he makes it look. The ______ it looks, the more hours go into it.

There is no excuse for ______. In the television show Fame, the dancer teacher told her students, “If you want fame, fame ______ and here’s how you start paying for it, in sweat.” Every time I watch that show, my dad would state how ______ she was because in order to ______ you have to work hard. He would go on and on about how bad it is to be lazy.

1.A. leave    B. stay    C. get    D. call

2.A. reliable    B. different    C. good    D. new

3.A. answer    B. evidence    C. result    D. connection

4.A. explaining    B. complaining    C. writing    D. lying

5.A. read    B. follow    C. appreciate    D. change

6.A. share    B. get    C. save    D. waste

7.A. big    B. important    C. strong    D. proper

8.A. expert    B. artist    C. editor    D. lawyer

9.A. companion    B. teacher    C. parent    D. brother

10.A. choice    B. time    C. desire    D. chance

11.A. convey    B. ensure    C. show    D. realize

12.A. potential    B. pressure    C. effort    D. intelligence

13.A. put    B. gone    C. broken    D. reached

14.A. event    B. accident    C. story    D. speed

15.A. because    B. why    C. whether    D. when

16.A. easier    B. lighter    C. better    D. harder

17.A. sorrow    B. laziness    C. despair    D. envy

18.A. splits    B. arises    C. works    D. costs

19.A. natural    B. beautiful    C. right    D. kind

20.A. succeed    B. develop    C. finish    D. rest


How to change the world

You want to change the world, but you aren’t sure where to start. First, remember that changing the world can mean so many different things.

Understand what's wrong.

1.The world is such a big place, so you won't be able to change much if you don't understand what's going on out there. Try to learn about what is happening both home and abroad.

Know that change doesn't come overnight.

2.Try to live your values each day, even if you don't see much appreciable change on a day-to-day level. Work hard and don't give up.
    Start small.

Find ways to make a difference every day. It may feel as though you are just one tiny part of a huge system. At first, you almost certainly will be. Be patient.3.. Try to put your activism into practice and make it a reality.


Write letters to newspapers; post an article, video, or idea on the internet; wear a T-shirt. If you think that it is important and worthy of attention, try to raise awareness(意识) by telling as many people as you can.

Consider a career.

Think about which sort of job might put you in the best position to change the world. 5.There are a lot of ways to get paid for adding value to the world. Start researching to find jobs in fields that feel valuable.

A. Read the news.

B. Spread the word.

C. All things begin small

D. Remember that you don’t need to do it alone

E. You could be a teacher, a reporter, or something else.

F. There are other, less public ways to show your support!

G. Don’t expect to change the world with one big heroic act.


Two men were sitting together in a plane. They were on a long journey. One of the men was a businessman. The other was a farmer. They sat without talking for a while, then the farmer said, “Let’s do something to pass the time.”

“What do you want to do?” the businessman asked. “We can ask each other riddles.” The farmer said, “you star.” “Let’s make the rules first,” the businessman said. “That’s not fair. Your are a businessman with much knowledge. You know more things than I do. I am just a farmer.”

“That’s true.” The businessman said. “What do you want we should do?” “If you don’t know the answer to a riddle, you pay me $100. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll pay you $50.” The farmer said. The businessman thought about this, then he said, “OK. That’s fair. Who will go first?”

“I will,” The farmer said. “Here is my riddle. What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies?” The business man repeated the riddle, “What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies? Mm, that’s a good one. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer.” He gave the farmer $100, then said, “Tell me the answer. What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies?” “I don’t know.” The farmer said and gave him $50.

1.The story happened______.                 .

A. on a farm    B. in a shop

C. before a long plane journey    D. between two passengers

2.What does the word “riddle” mean in this story?

A. A difficult question to find the answer to

B. Something to help to make rules

C. Something to win money

D. a kind of game in doing business

3.Why did the businessman agree to give more money if he lost?

A. He made much more money than the farmer

B. He thought he knew more than the farmer

C. He was interested in making riddles

D. He was better at playing riddle games

4.The farmer________.             .

A. enjoyed himself on his long journey

B. didn’t want to pay even one dollar

C. spent all his money on the plane ticket

D. won fifty dollars by playing the riddle game


In an effort to discourage people from using plastics, scientists have been hard at work inventing alternative packaging products.

The idea of using seaweed(海草) to make eco-friendly water bottles has been around for a few years. Recently, Ari Jonsson took his invention—a water bottle made from red seaweed—to show off at a festival. The bottles will only hold their shape as long as they are filled. As soon as these bottles are empty they will begin to break down, though they would be perfectly safe to eat. Ari Jonsson's bottles are a step closer to a widely used alternative to the current plastic ones.

The eatable water container is not the only product to add to our image of the future. Narayana Pessapaty has also created eatable spoons. After the success of his spoons, Mr. Pessapaty is ready to expand and introduce forks and chopsticks to his menu. His aim is to largely reduce the amount of plastic waste, which is a huge problem for waste sites all over the world, It is a product that may take up t0 500 years to break down, and recycling companies worldwide are struggling to deal with it.

Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, this new packaging is also cheap to produce and therefore cheap to buy. Even better is the fact that similar eatable cutlery can be made at home, possibly a science project for children or just fun with friends. Why not experiment and create your own recipes?

1.Why do scientists invent alternative packaging products?

A. To make people's life more convenient.

B. To show off their inventive talents.

C. To change the way we picnic outside.

D. To reduce the amount of plastic waste.

2.What makes Art Jonsson's water bottles eco-friendly?

A. They can be made at home.

B. They are cheap to produce and buy.

C. They will hold their shape when they are filled.

D. They will break down themselves when empty.

3.What do Ari and Narayana's inventions have in common?

A. They are convenient to carry.

B. They are safe to eat.

C. They can be used for a short time.

D. They are heavier than plastics.

4.What can be inferred from this passage?

A. Home-made eatable cutlery is likely to be popular.

B. Eatable cutlery will completely replace plastics in the near future.

C. No recycling companies can break down plastic waste.

D. It's unsafe for individuals to invent eatable cutlery at home.


I had dressed quite nicely for my first day as a student at St. Anne's College of Further Education. In celebration of this new beginning, I had changed my unusual clothes to formal clothing.

Like many young people my age, I was under the impression that the best way to show your personality was by wearing the kind of clothing that my mother considered was not fit to be seen in public. But for my first day as a student I had made an effort to look what my mother called ‘respectable’.

There were fifteen of us, sitting in the theatre hall, while the head of the drama department, Mr. Wilson, gave us a warm welcoming speech. To my horror (恐惧), he then invited us to say why we had decided to do a drama course. I had no idea what I would say. The truth was that although I had a taste for unusual clothing, I was painfully shy.

My worry grew as it came closer to my turn. One by one, the new students excitedly explained their reasons. Then it was the turn of a girl who I hadn't really noticed until that moment because I was too busy thinking about what I would say. ‘My name’s Tracy and I'm from Blackburn’, she said, and then added no further information.

Everyone smiled politely in silence but I was impressed at her bravery in saying almost nothing even under pressure (压力). I relaxed, knowing that you could get away with saying so little about yourself. It gave me confidence.

After Mr. Wilson at long last let us out of the hall to go to lunch, I managed to find the courage to go up to Tracy. She looked very unfriendly. Taking a deep breath, I introduced myself. To my surprise, she looked up at me and gave me a very bright, sweet smile. That was twenty-seven years ago, and although we never did become famous stars, we're still best friends.

1.Why did the author dress nicely for her first day at college?

A. She felt a need to dress properly.

B. She wanted to fit in with the other students.

C. She was under pressure from her mother.

D. She wanted to look like a great star.

2.Why did the author feel nervous?

A. Because she had never spoken in public

B. Because it was her turn to start first

C. Because she didn't know what to talk about

D. Because the other students were so excited

3.What does the underlined word "It" in Paragraph 5 refer to?

A. Tracy also seemed extremely worried.

B. Tracy hadn't said very much.

C. The other students reacted politely to Tracy.

D. All attention was on Tracy.


Yuoki, a restaurant in Germany, is not your everyday all-you-can-eat buffet (自助餐). For starters, there isn't an actual buffet to fill your plate. Instead, customers are seated at a table and provided with iPads which they can use to order up to five small dishes every ten minutes. They can eat as much as they want for 120 minutes, but having the food served at short intervals (间隔) allows diners to constantly assess how hungry they are and order accordingly, preventing food waste. Also, the owner, Luan Guoyu, believes, “our eyes are bigger than our stomach”, so not being able to see the cooked food at the buffet    prevents people from ordering more food than they can actually eat.

But Luan Guoyu's most effective way of fighting food waste, and the    one    that has attracted media attention, is his €1 ($1.15) fine for food still left on the plate. “It’s called ‘ all-you-can-eat’ ” he says, adding that the extra charge is not meant to increase his income, but to act as a warning against wasting food.

Luan Guoyu's system is unique in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, but not in Germany. Okinii, a Japanese-style restaurant in Dusseldorf, has also been charging customer, the same € 1 tax for unfinished food on their plates since 2013.

With so many people living on the edge of their nations, and food waste becoming a serious problem in developed countries, it will be interesting to see if more restaurants will start carrying out the “eat up or pay up” policy. Even if they give the money from this fine to charity, it would still help them to save money in dealing with waste, so it's a win for everyone.

1.What does the underlined word “assess” in Paragraph 1 probably mean?

A. Doubt.    B. Realize.

C. Judge.    D.      Compare.

2.What will Luan Guoyu do when people can’t finish the food on their plates?

A. He will charge them extra money.

B. He will advise them to eat up the food.

C. He will ask them to take the food away.

D. He will warn them to order less food next time.

3.What is the text mainly about?

A. Various German restaurants.

B. The seriousness of food waste.

C. Secrets of managing a restaurant.

D. Special ways to fight food waste.

4.What does the author think of the “eat up or pay up” policy?

A. Unfair.    B. Funny.

C. Reasonable.    D. Doubtful.


   假如你叫李华,是一位高中生。随着科技的发展,iPod 已成为中学生的新宠。用iPod既可听音乐,阅读纯文本电子书,又可玩电子游戏。请你用英语给某报社写一封信,谈谈中学生使用iPod的情况。信的内容须包括以下几点:




注意:1. 词数:100左右  

2. 信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Editor ,

      Im a senior high school student , named Li Hua .________________________________________________________________








                                                      Yours sincerely ,







注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Dear Sue ,

How time flies. It is a month that you stayed with us. We all miss you and are very grateful to what you did for us when we were together.

We had an English speech contest the others day and I won the first prize, which again remind me of all your kind help. Do you still remember the tree what was planted by us together on the hill behind the school? Yesterday we went there and got it water. The tree you planted yourselves is growing well and whole class decided to name it Sue wood. Will you come back to see Sue wood?

How is everything with you later? We hope to know more about you and your American students. Hope to keep in close touch with.

All the best

Liu Hua


It is difficult for parents of nearly every family to teach their children1.(be) responsible for housework, but with one of the following2.(suggestion), you really can get your children to help at home.

If you give your children the impression that they can never do3.quite right, then they will regard themselves as unfit or unable person.4.children believe they can succeed, they will never become totally independent.

My daughter Carla's fifth grade's teacher5.(make) every child in her class feel special. When students received less than a perfect test score, she would point out6.they had mastered and declared firmly they could learn what they 7.(miss).

You can use the same technique when you evaluate your child's work at home. Don't always scold and you should give lots of praise 8. (48). Talk about what he has done right, not about what he hasn't done. If your child completes a difficult task, promise him a Sunday trip or a ball game. 9.(learn) is a process of trying and failing and trying, and succeeding. If you teach your children not to fear a mistake or failure, they will learn10.(fast) and achieve success at last.


Scott and his companions were terribly disappointed. When they got to the South Pole, they found the Norwegians(挪威人)had _________ them in the race to be the first ever to reach it. After _______ the British flag at the Pole, they took a photograph of themselves ________ they started the 950-mile journey back.

The journey was unexpectedly ________ and the joy and excitement about the Pole had gone out of them. The sun hardly _________. The snow storms always made it impossible to sight the stones they had _________ to mark their way home. To make things _________. Evans, whom they had all thought of _________ the strongest of the five, fell badly into a deep hole in the ice. Having ________ along for several days, he suddenly fell down and died.

The four who were _______ pushed on at the best speed they could _________. Captain Oates had been suffering for some time from his _______ fact; at night his feet swelled(肿胀) so large that he could _________ put his boots on the next morning, and he walked bravely although he was in great ________ . He knew his slowness was making it less likely that  _________ could save themselves. He asked them to leave him behind in his sleeping-bag, but they refused, and helped him ______   a few more miles, until it was time to put up the ______  for another night.

The following morning, _________ the other three were still in their sleeping-bags, he said. “I am just going outside and may be  _________ some time.” He was never seen again. He had walked out _________ into the snow storm, hoping that his death would help his companions.

1.A. hit    B. fought    C. won    D. beaten

2.A. growing    B. putting    C. planting    D. laying

3.A. after    B. until    C. while    D. before

4.A. safe    B. fast    C. short    D. slow

5.A. rose    B. set    C. appeared    D. disappeared

6.A. taken up    B. cut up    C. set up    D. picked up

7.A. easier    B. better    C. bitter    D. worse

8.A. to    B. upon    C. as    D. in

9.A. battled    B. struggled    C. speeded    D. waited

10.A. left    B. lost    C. defeated    D. saved

11.A. manage    B. try    C. employ    D. find

12.A. ached    B. frozen    C. harden    D. harmed

13.A. hardly    B. never    C. seldom    D. nearly

14.A. pain    B. fear    C. trouble    D. danger

15.A. all others    B. some others    C. others    D. the others

16.A. away    B. with    C. off    D. on

17.A. bed    B. tent    C. blanket    D. sleeping-bag

18.A. while    B. since    C. for    D. once

19.A. missed    B. separated    C. passed    D. gone

20.A. patiently    B. lonely    C. alone    D. worriedly


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