Choosing the right job is probably one of the most important decisions we have to make in life, and it is frequently one of the hardest decisions we have to make. One important question that you might ask yourself is: “How do I get a good job?”

1.. There are people who can answer an insignificant advertisement in the local paper and land the best job in the world; others write to all sorts of places all over the country, and never seem to get a reply at all. Still others believe that the in person, door-to-door approach is by far the best way to get a job; and then there are those who, through no active decision of their own, just seem to be in the right place at the right time. 2.. He used to spend a lot of his free time down by the sea watching the tall ships, but never thinking that he might one day sail one of them. His father was a farmer, and being a sailor could never be anything for the boy but an idle dream. One day, on his usual wandering, he heard the captain of the ship complaining that he could not sail because one member of his crew was sick. Without stopping to think, the lad(少年)offered to take his place. 3.

4.. If the lad had gone home to ponder(考虑) his decision for a week, he may have missed his chance. It is one thing to be offered an opportunity; it is another thing to take it and use it well.  Sometimes we hear stories about people who break all the rules and still seem to land plum jobs(美差). When you go for a job interview or fill out an application, you are expected to say nice things about the company to which you are applying. 5..  And within a year this person had become general manger of the company.

A.This story also illustrates the importance of seizing an opportunity when it presents itself.

B. People find jobs in a variety of ways.

C. It’s almost impossible to find a good job by answering advertisement in newspapers

D. Take for example the young man who wanted to be a sailor.

E. But there was one person who landed an excellent job by telling the interviewer all the company’s faults.

F. He spent the rest of his life happily sailing the ships he had always loved.

G. It is very important to seize an opportunity when it presents itself.


During the cold winter days, there are some interesting festivals in the world. Look at the following ones.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Place: China

Time: January 5 to February 5

People build incredible things out of ice and snow, decorating them with lights.

The Carnival of Venice

Place: Italy

Time: between February and March

One of the most beautiful festivals in the world, people wear masks and elaborate costumes to hide differences among classes, and there an, contests for the best costumes.

Holi Festival

Place: India

Time: late February/March, on, the last full moon day

and Sikhs, in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka celebrate the main day of this incredibly fun 16 -day festival by throwing colored powder and water at each other.

Sundance Film Festival

Place: Utah, the US

Time: end of February

The largest independent film festival in the US. Watch both feature films and shorts. You need to buy a ticket.

1.Which of the following festivals can’t be celebrated at the end of February?

A. Sundance Film Festival.    B. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.

C. Holi Festival.    D. The Carnival of Venice.

2.If you want to watch wonderful films y you may go to          .

A. India    B. China

C. America    D. Italy

3.If you go to Europe, which festival can you celebrate?

A. Sundance Film Festival.    B. Holi Festival.

C. The Carnival Venice.    D. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.


The Swedish Academy’s mid-October announcement regarding literature seldom fails to cause second-guessing.

Bob Dylan was awarded the big prize this morning, and my social media has been alive with indignation ever since. The Nobel did not go to those excellent novelists but to a songwriter. Some of those same people are still protesting that last year it was warded to Svetlana Alexievich, a “journalist”. They have decided, for whatever reasons, that song lyrics(歌词) are not literature.

And people are upset because Bob Dylan is the voice of some generation other than theirs, because he works in a popular style, because he does not work in this minute’s popular style, because he appeared on a car commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, because his songwriting skills dropped off he was famous long ago, after all.

You may not think of Dylan as a poet, but Dylan created a climate in which lyrics were taken seriously. And Dylan accomplished something that few novelists or poets or for that matter songwriters have managed to do in our time: he changed the time he lived. Through words, with music, he affected the opinions and ambitions of hundreds of millions of people all over the world.The Nobel Prize in Literature cannot ever be all things to all people, and while this year’s award failed to accomplish various possible objectives, it was not in any way misapplied.

1.What does the underlined word “indignation” in Paragraph 2 probably mean?

A. Curiosity.    B. Happiness.

C. Excitement.    D. Anger.

2.Why are people upset about Dylan’s being awarded?

A. He failed to represent any generation.


B. He didn’t have good songwriting skills.

C. He played badly in the Super Bowl.

D. He is not popular any longer.

3.Paragraph 4 mainly focuses on Dylan’s _________.

A. style    B. influence

C. efforts    D. ambitions

4.Which can serve as the title of the passage?

A. No dish suits all tastes

B. Great minds think alike

C. Misfortune may be actual blessing

D. Judge not according to the appearance


My daughter Kelly is a cautious person. She needs to warm up to situations, and is hesitant(犹豫的) to try new things. When with close friends, she becomes a leader who laughs loudly and chants. But when that comfort zone is not around her, she is shy and nervous.

This has been challenging for me at times. “Shy” is not a word that I think has ever been used to describe me. But this has been a year of firsts for my girl that has filled her with a new sense of confidence. This year she moved to lap lane (习泳区) in swimming where she was preparing for a swim team. This year she learned to ride a bike without training wheels. And this year she completed her first kids’ triathlon (三项全能).

On Saturday, with a thunderstorm coming soon and my son’s birthday party later in the day, we all went out in the dark of the morning for Kelly to participate in her first triathlon. We practiced transitions from swim to bike to run with her, we got all the equipment she'd need, and we kept talking about the race. But as we waited the two hours for the older kids to finish before her turn, she held my leg a little harder and told me she loved me a few too many times. She was nervous but trying to keep it together.

And then it was her turn. From the second she jumped into the water, my heart soared. My daughter transformed into the most confident human being I had ever seen. She dominated (主宰) that swim, crushed that bike ride and ran to the finish with the biggest smile on her face.

I can honestly say that I never felt so proud of someone in my entire life. It wasn’t because she did a sport or anything like that. It was because she was afraid of something and conquered that fear with confidence and a fire I hadn't seen before.

All day I would find myself just looking over at her and smiling. She might be wearing the finalist medal but I felt like I won that day. I won the chance to see my girl shine.   Shine on, sweet baby.

1.Kelly is nervous when     .

A. boys are around her    B. she changes into a leader

C. she is away from her mom    D. situations are new to her

2.We can know from Paragraph 3      .

A. the race began in the early morning

B. the whole family gave Kelly support

C. Kelly was eager for her turn in the race

D. Kelly prepared for her brother’s birthday party

3.Seeing Kelly’s performance in the race, the author felt     .

A. excited and proud    B. anxious and uneasy

C. worried and hesitant    D. curious and concerned

4.In the ending paragraphs the author “felt like I won that day” because Kelly     .

A. overcame the fear    B. expressed love to her

C. won the gold medal    D. took part in the sport


I could feel the judging eyes of my family burning a hole into the back of my head as I picked up my phone. All of a sudden, the chattering in the living room died and all I could hear was the sound of the turkey sizzling (发出嘶嘶声) in the oven.

“Look at her! She’s been on her phone all day long! It’s all your fault! Children will never respect elders if they are not taught how to behave! ” my grandmother shouted.

I was very shocked and angry! I opened my mouth to say something, but words failed me and I just sat down quietly on the chair like a mouse in its trap. I thought “Here we go again.” I truly love my family and I would do anything for them. I also know that they would do anything for me as well. However, there are moments that make me feel like they are just stuck with me. They all agree on one thing: technology is wrecking me.

If I am going to be treated like a child or completely ignored, I will most likely not enjoy your company, and I feel like this applies to (适用于) the majority of the people. So I sometimes simply shut myself in my room and listened to the voices coming from the living room, thinking: They all grew up in a world so different that it amazes me how they have actually gotten this far. They did not have phones or any type of advanced technology, which is both good and bad. Bad because they had almost no type of fast communication, and good because they were forced to interact (互动) with one another, which is something today’s society is lacking in. However, maybe if they made an effort to be aware of how things work nowadays, they would not be so against everything.

1.What happened when the author picked up her smart phone?

A. Her family laughed at her.    B. Her family kept silent.

C. She felt like having headache.    D. She smelt something burning.

2.The underlined word in the third paragraph probably means ________.

A. punishing    B. encouraging

C. ruining    D. saving

3.We can infer from the passage that the author felt it hard ________.

A. to do something to please her family

B. to satisfy her family’s high expectation

C. to get along with her family in some way

D. to move out or break away from her family

4.The author uses the last paragraph to show that ________.

A. it is important to strengthen understanding among the family

B. it is necessary to treat each other well in the family

C. it is hard for the older people to accept the advanced technology

D. it is her duty to provide her family with a happier life in the future



1. 基本情况。

2. 主要主张:仁,义,序。

3. 重要影响。


1. 词数100左右;文中不能透露真实姓名及学校。

2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

3. 可适当增加细节使行文连贯。

Dear Jim,

It’s great to hear from you. I feel proud knowing your interest in school of Ju in the ancient Chinese history.





Li Hua


文中共有10处语言错误, 每句最多两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加删除或修改。




注意:1. 每处错误及修改仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处, 多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Dear Jack,

I was sorry to hear that you are suffering from short-sightedness.

To be frank, almost eight students out ten in my class have to wear glasses to live a normal school life, include me. Many factors contribute to this phenomenon. First, us Chinese students who live under a great burden of examinations. We have to fight our way in life with millions of peers. Second, most of us with short-sightedness don’t have a good habit of using our eye, due to neither lack of knowledge of protecting eyes or carelessness.

In this case, I strong recommend that you not use your computer for such long a time any more. However, you should change your habit of reading in bed. Hopefully, your short-sightedness can be corrected by wearing proper glasses.

All in all, don’t worry. It’s no big deal!

Yours, sincerely

Li Hua


The Goodness of Life

Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for which to be’s goodness can at times be overshadowed, it is never outweighed. There is goodness to life 2. cannot be denied.

There is no limit 3. the goodness of life. It grows more abundant with each new encounter. The more you experience and appreciate the goodness of life, the more there is to be lived.

Even when the cold winds blow and the world seems to 4.(cover) by foggy shadows, the goodness of life lives on. Open your eyes, open your heart,  5. you will see that goodness is everywhere.

Though the goodness of life seems at times 6.(suffer) setbacks, it always endures. For in the darkest moment it becomes 7.(vivid) clear that life is a 8.(price) treasure. And so the goodness of life is made even 9.(strong) by the very things that would oppose it.

Time and time again when you fear it is gone forever you find that the goodness of life is only a moment away. Around next corner, inside every moment, the goodness of life is there to surprise and delight you.

Take a moment to let the goodness of life 10.(touch) your spirit and calm your thoughts. Then, share your good fortune with others.


The Johnson family from England believe they are lucky to be alive after surviving an incredible incident off the coast of Australia. The Johnsons had been _______ that they might see some whales when they were_______ a yacht — a large expensive boat for a 10-day sailing _______ around the Whitsunday Islands. _______, they had no idea just how _______ their viewing would be. Two hours into their journey a nine-meter-long humpback whale_______ out of the ocean and crashed into their boat before returning to the water.

Mark Johnson, the eldest son, was sailing the yacht when he heard a loud noise. He_______ thought the yacht had hit a rock. However, when he looked up, he saw the whale _______ down the deck of the boat. He told the reporters, “ We were staring into its right eye. It was a very _______ moment. The eye was about the _______ of a dinner plate. It was huge.”

_______ for the Johnson family, no one was hurt, but the yacht suffered _____damage. The whale had ruined the pole and ropes which hold the _______and so the family was left _______ at sea, 10 miles from the shore. The_______ equipment was also damaged, but fortunately they had a cell phone and were able to call for help.

Why the whale jumped onto the yacht is a _______but the family thinks that maybe the boat had not _______ sailed between the whale and its baby calf. Perhaps the whale was trying to_______ its calf when it jumped, hit the yacht by chance.

Whatever the reason, people are completely _______ that this incident happened. There is over 135 million square miles of ocean, so what are the _______ of a whale jumping onto a 30-foot-long yacht? The chance of something like this happening is small, but it just shows that life is full of surprises.

1.A. explained    B. learned    C. told    D. taught

2.A. hiring    B. running    C. taking    D. driving

3.A. competition    B. game    C. trail    D. trip

4.A. Moreover    B. Nevertheless    C. Worthwhile    D. However

5.A. wide    B. close    C. vivid    D. tense

6.A. swam    B. leapt    C. slipped    D. stretched

7.A. suddenly    B. occasionally    C. immediately    D. accidentally

8.A. shooting    B. jumping    C. falling    D. sliding

9.A. exciting    B. surprising    C. frightening    D. astonishing

10.A. size    B. sample    C. range    D. scale

11.A. Certainly    B. Luckily    C. Definitely    D. Possibly

12.A. severe    B. extreme    C. actual    D. special

13.A. boat    B. beach    C. sail    D. journey

14.A. by all means    B. in no time    C. from then on    D. with no way

15.A. radio    B. craft    C. edition    D. compass

16.A. problem    B. mystery    C. suspect    D. question

17.A. carefully    B. surely    C. deliberately    D. simply

18.A. see    B. touch    C. tend    D. reach

19.A. amazed    B. worried    C. interested    D. touched

20.A. marvels    B. chances    C. predictions    D. results



1.Dr. Who is of an alien race of aristocratic “time lords” who travel back and forth in time and space between the corners of the universe to stop evil._______

2.All the advantages of Bitcoins make it the most secure way to invest without any worry of the risk.______

3.Bitcoins are produced by computers and can be used by businesses or online services, but can’t be exchanged for traditional currency. _______

4.Made in China 2025 initiative aims to make the country competitive around the world in areas like construction, traditional Chinese culture and education._______

5.The General Provisions bans the illegal collection and use of personal information._______

6.You will be punished less seriously if you injure someone by mistake that you help during an emergency.______

7.Compared with other age groups, young people are less likely to suffer with depression._______

8.Symptoms of depression include sadness, loss of interest and feelings of low self-worth, which may lead to suicide.______

9.In order to take revenge on Cosette’s lover, Valjean stuffed a loaded gun in his pocket, and left for the market district of Paris._______

10.One of the reasons why people didn’t sort their garbage before dumping it was that garbage bins for recyclable waste were not widely available.______


Stop Negative Talk

“I’m so fat,” one of your friends says. The girl next to her joins in, “Well, I hate my hair today.” Without thinking, you respond: “No, you are not fat! I am fat. And my hair is flat and boring.”1.

It is easy for people to engage in self-critical conversations, and once it starts there is often pressure for you to join in.2. Maybe it is because “just talking” feels harmless. But before you know it, those opinions flow out of your conversations and into your life, where they start eating away at your self-respect.

3. When you start talking about yourself in a negative way, you are not only affecting your self-respect, but your friends’! When you criticize yourself, your friends might think you have the same standards for them. You have heard that it is important to treat others the way you want to be treated, but there is also value in treating yourself like you treat your friends. If you wouldn’t criticize your friend for the same thing, chances are that you are being too hard on yourself. So, don’t start it.

But what if someone else starts? For example, your friend feels insecure about how well he played in his soccer game, so he puts himself down: “I suck at soccer.”4. Ask him, “Do you really think that? Why?” Maybe he is actually upset about a comment someone made, or is just getting down on himself over one bad play. Whatever it is, talking through the real issue will help him more than slipping into another negative talk.

It is important to talk to your friend about your insecurities, but make sure you are not talking about them just to put yourself down.5. Instead of just focusing on the negative, talk about what makes you and your friends beautiful and unique—including what you love about your body and what you have accomplished. When you show yourself love, you set yourself as an example, and everyone benefits from you positively.

A. Negative talk affects self-respect.

B. Criticizing yourself helps nobody.

C. But why do we hesitate to praise ourselves?

D. But why is it acceptable to talk so negatively?

E. All it takes is just one comment and the negative talk starts.

F. It is better to resist negative conversations and create more balanced ones.

G. Before everyone puts himself down, see if you can get to the root of the problem.


In June 2016, Huffington Post and Mail Online reported that three-year-old Victoria Wilcher, who had suffered facial scarring, had been kicked out of a KFC because she was frightening customers. Later, KFC announced that no evidence had been found to support the story. This phenomenon is largely a product of the increasing pressure in newsrooms that care more about traffic figures.

Brooke Binkowski, an editor, says that, during her career, she has seen a shift towards less editorial oversight in newsrooms. “Clickbait is king, so newsrooms will uncritically print something unreal. Not all newsrooms are like this, but a lot of them are.”

Asked what the driving factor was, a journalist said, “You’ve an editor breathing down your neck and you have to meet your targets. And there are some young journalists on the market who are inexperienced and who will not do those checks. So much news that is reported online happens online. There is no need to get out and knock on someone’s door. You just sit at your desk and do it.”

Another journalist says, “There is definitely pressure to churn out (粗制滥造) stories in order to get clicks, because they equal money. At my former employer in particular, the pressure was on due to the limited resources. That made the environment quite horrible to work in.”

In a February 2017 report for Digital Journalism, Craig Silverman wrote, “Today the bar for what is worth giving attention to seems to be much lower. Within minutes or hours, a badly sourced report can be changed into a story that is repeated by dozens of news websites, resulting in tens of thousands of shares. Once a certain critical mass is reached, repetition has a powerful effect on belief. The rumor(传闻) becomes true for readers simply by virtue of its ubiquity.”

And, despite the direction that some newsrooms seem to be heading in, a critical eye is becoming more, not less important, according to the New York Times’ public editor, Margaret Sullivan. “Reporters and editors have to be more careful than ever before. It’s extremely important to question and to use every verification(验证) method available before publication.” Yet those working in newsrooms talk of doubtful stories being tolerated because, in the words of some senior editors, “a click is a click, regardless of the advantage of a story”. And, “if the story does turn out to be false, it’s simply a chance for another bite at the cherry.”

Verification and fact-checking are regularly falling victim to the pressure to bring in the numbers, and if the only result of being caught out is another chance to bring in the clicks, that looks unlikely to change.

1.According to Brooke Binkowski, newsrooms produce false news because _____.

A. clicks matter a lot    B. resources are limited

C. budgets are inadequate    D. journalists lack experience

2.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 5 probably mean?

A. Lies can’t sell without an atom of truth.

B. Rumors are like a flame blown by the wind.

C. You can hear rumors, but you can’t know them.

D. A lie, repeated often enough, will end up as truth.

3.What’s Margaret Sullivan’s attitude towards false news online?

A. Negative.    B. Supportive.

C. Skeptical.    D. Neutral.

4.What is the passage mainly about?

A. Consequences of false stories.    B. Causes of online false news.

C. Incompetence of journalists.    D. A craze to get clicks.



Integrity is the quality of being honest and strong about what you believe to be right. The concept of integrity has played a key role in moral philosophy throughout history and is promoted in all societies because of its importance to social relations. Individual integrity is vital to society, one that enables people to make use of their capacity for critical reflection, does not force people to take up particular roles and does not encourage individuals to betray each other. Besides, societies can be favorable to the development of individual integrity.

Individual integrity can lift up the spirits of the entire society. It can shape the lives of people living in a particular society, the lives of all fellow people and, in its broadest sense, even the destiny(命运) of a nation. By contrast, if those living in the society are corrupt, it could have bad effects, jeopardizing the healthy morality of the society.

On the other hand, a society can be favorable to the development of individual integrity. Society expects and requires integrity. A society consisting of people of integrity, and people who never compromise on their principles, could have a positive mark on the personal development of its members. Being a part of such a morally lively community could serve as a basis for absorbing traits of good character. This could be of a distinct advantage to any individuals in the society.

However, some social structures are of the wrong sort for some individuals to pursue(追求) integrity. If that is the case, we have to ask questions about the moral nature of society first before raising questions about individual integrity. Questions about integrity may turn out to be about what kind of society it is, rather than about the relationship between individual interests and characteristics of a society. The pursuit of adequate individual integrity often depends, not so much on understanding who one is and what one believes and is committed to, but rather understanding what one’s society is and imagining what it could be.

Under no circumstances can we underestimate the importance of human integrity in a society. People, who are honest, trustworthy, compassionate and caring, are the factors decisive in the growth of individuals as well as the development of a society.

1.Individual integrity has been valued in society because ______.

A. it helps develop philosophy

B. it is the basis of critical thinking

C. it is important to social relations

D. it ensures people’s particular roles

2.The underlined word “jeopardizing” in Paragraph 2 probably means ______.

A. strengthening    B. assessing

C. influencing    D. destroying

3.The writer believes that ______.

A. the nature of society is decided by economic development

B. the pursuit of individual integrity changes with time

C. individual integrity depends on what one believes

D. social structures guide the formation of individual integrity

4.Which of the following shows the development of ideas in this passage?

CP: Central Point     P: Point      Sp: Sub-point(次要点)   C:Conclusion

A.     B.

C.     D.


Several weeks ago, a mysterious Christmas card dropped through our mailbox. The envelope was addressed to a man named Raoul, who, I was relatively certain, did not live with us. The envelope wasn't sealed, so I opened it. The inside of the card was blank. Ed, my husband, explained that the card was both from and to the newspaper deliveryman. His name was apparently Raoul, and Raoul wanted a holiday tip. We were meant to put a check inside the card and then drop the envelope in the mail. When your services are finished at 4 a.m., you can't simply hang around, like a hotel bellboy expecting a tip. You have to be direct.

So I wrote a nice holiday greeting to this man who, in my imagination, fires The New York Times from his bike aimed at our front door, causing more noise with mere newsprint than most people manage with sophisticated black market fireworks. With a start, I realized that perhaps the reason for the 4 a.m. wake-up noise was not ordinary rudeness but carefully executed spite: I had not tipped Raoul in Christmas past. I honestly hadn't realized I was supposed to. This was the first time he'd used the card strategy. So I got out my checkbook. Somewhere along the line, holiday tipping went from an optional thank-you for a year of services to a Mafia-style protection racket(收保护费组织).

Several days later, I was bringing our garbage bins back when I noticed an envelope taped to one of the lids. The outside of the envelope said MICKEY. It had to be another tip request, this time from our garbage collector. Unlike Raoul, Mickey hadn't enclosed his own Christmas card from me. In a way, I appreciated the directness. "I know you don't care how merry my Christmas is, and that's fine," the gesture said. "I want $30, or I'll 'forget' to empty your garbage bin some hot summer day." I put a check in the envelope and taped it back to the bin. The next morning, Ed noticed that the envelope was gone, though the trash hadn't yet been picked up: "Someone stole Mickey's tip!" Ed was quite certain. He made me call the bank and cancel the check. But Ed had been wrong. Two weeks later, Mickey left a letter from the bank on our steps. The letter informed Mickey that the check, which he had tried to cash, had been cancelled.

The following Tuesday morning, when Ed saw a truck outside, he ran out with his wallet. "Are you Mickey?" The man looked at him with scorn. "Mickey is the garbage man. I am the recycling." Not only had Ed insulted this man by suggesting that he was a garbage man, but he had obviously neglected to tip him. Ed ran back inside for more funds. Then he noticed that the driver of the truck had been watching the whole incident. He peeled off another twenty and looked around, waving bills in the air. "Anyone else?"

Had we consulted the website of the Emily Post Institute, this embarrassing break of etiquette (礼节) could have been avoided. Under "trash/recycling collectors" in the institute's Holiday Tipping Guidelines, it says: "$10 to $30 each." You may or may not wish to know that your hairdresser, mailman and UPS guy all expect a holiday tip.

1.The newspaper deliveryman put a blank card inside the envelope because____.

A. he wanted the couple to pay for the newspaper

B. he forgot to write a few words on it

C. he used it to ask for a Christmas tip

D. he was afraid of asking for a tip in person

2.According to the passage, the author felt ______to give Raoul a holiday tip.

A. excited    B. happy

C. embarrassed    D. forced

3.Which of the following is true about Mickey, the garbage collector?

A. He wrote a letter to the couple afterwards.

B. He failed to collect the money from the bank.

C. He wanted the couple to send him a Christmas card.

D. He collected both the check and the garbage that day.

4.Ed's encounter with the recycling team shows that____.

A. Ed was desperate to correct his mistake

B. Ed only wanted to give money to Raoul

C. Ed was unwilling to tip the truck driver

D. Ed no longer wanted to give them money


Wanted, Someone for a Kiss

We’re looking for producers to join us in the second of London 100FM. You’ll work on the station’s music programs. Music production experience in radio is necessary, along with rich knowledge of modern dance music. Please apply in writing to Producer Vacancies, Kiss100.

Father Christmas

We’re looking for a very special person preferably over 40, to fill our Father Christmas suit.

Working days: Every Saturday from November 24 to December 15 and every day from December17 to December24 except Sunday, 10:30—16:00

Excellent pay.

Please contact the Enterprise Shopping Center, Station Parade,  East Bourne.

Accountants Assistant

When you join the team in our Revenue Administration Unit, you will be providing assistance within all parts of the Revenue Division, dealing with post and other general duties. If you are educated to GCSE grade C level we would like to talk to you. This position is equally suitable for a school leaver or somebody who has office experience.

Wealden District Council

Software Trainer

If you are aged 24-45 and have experience in teaching and training, you could be the person we are looking for. You should be good at the computer and have some experience in programme writing. You will be allowed to make our decision, and to design courses as well as present them. Pay upwards of £15,000 for the right person. Please apply by sending your CV (简历) to Mrs R. Oglivie, Palmlace Limited.

1.We learn from the ads that the Enterprise Shopping Centre needs a person who _____.

A. is aged between 24 and 40    B. may do some training work

C. should deal with general duties    D. can work for about a month

2.Which position is open to recent school graduates?

A. Producer, London Kiss.    B. Father Christmas.

C. Accountants Assistant    D. Software Trainer

3.What kind of person would probably apply to Palmace Limited?

A. One with GCSE grade C level.

B. One with some office experience.

C. One having good computer knowledge

D. One trained in producing music programs.



1. 表示歉意;

2. 重新约定。


1. 词数100左右。

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。














注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

I’d like to share an unforgettable experience to you. With the College Entrance Examination drawing near, I felt increasing anxious. As a result, I couldn’t absorbed in study. Felt discouraged, I nearly lost heart. Then Miss Zhang had the face-to-face talk with me. She said, “In our life we all have some moment when we can’t achieve what we want. It was natural. You should turn them into motivation.” Her words were a great encouragement to me. After that, I worked even harder and was admitted to my most favorite university at last.

Optimistic attitude is that really matters. It can make us bravely enough to face challenges.


Kiyoto Saito is trying to change people’s opinion of agricultural work through his unusual attire(打扮). Whether he’s driving a standing in the fields, Kiyoto is always wearing an elegant suit.

Kiyoto’s family has been planting rice for around 400 years, but as a teenager he 2.(find) the tradition boring and moved to the city. He returned to his native town two years ago,3.(determine) to get involved in the family business.

4. idea of wearing a suit in the fields started as a joke. One day, his brother joked about farming in an elegant suit, but Kyioto took it5.(serious). He viewed the idea as the perfect way to change public opinion of agricultural work. “Most people think of farmers6.‘dirty all day’. I want youngsters to think ‘farming looks fun’” he said.

At first no one seemed7.(understand) him. Even his family was surprised by his8.(choose) of farming attire. His grandfather worried 9.(do) farm work in a suit would be dangerous.

Now Kiyoto is famous and has been invited on various television shows. He also has a blog where he regularly10.(post) his farming experiences and photos of himself all dressed up.


My dad always collected coins. He would walk to his long-time bankers and______they put at least some new coins aside for him______coins were issued. He gave them to every______member. It gradually became a special family______to get coins from Dad.

When my dad died, I felt a sense of______. My father and I had been so close. I was lost without his______ and support. I wondered if I would ______feel my dad around me again, watching over me. It was right after Hurricane Katrina. At the end of a motivational meeting, I felt so ______as I looked at these devoted volunteers. To my surprise, when I glanced at the ______, I saw a coin from the state where my dad was_____ and raised.

Later, I went to the bank to ______ a check. The bank manager, who had known me, called me into her office, showing me the coins for all the states my dad had ______.

Ever since that time, I have always______coins at the most extraordinary times, when I needed support the most.______, nowadays when I need emotional support during a tough time, a coin will always ______in a strange place.

Now every time a coin appears in our house, one of my______ says, “Oh, it’s Grandpa! ”We all feel a sense of ______ every time a single coin turns up in a (n) ______ place. We have all accepted it as a ______ of love, guidance and support from Dad — and ______ coin makes us smile.

1.A. point out    B. talk about    C. look at    D. make sure

2.A. because    B. when    C. since    D. until

3.A. club    B. bank    C. family    D. team

4.A. principle    B. tradition    C. discovery    D. memory

5.A. relief    B. duty    C. guilt    D. emptiness

6.A. promise    B. belief    C. guidance    D. expectation

7.A. ever    B. just    C. already    D. even

8.A. nervous    B. anxious    C. disappointed    D. grateful

9.A. ceiling    B. floor    C. playground    D. wall

10.A. played    B. saved    C. born    D. chosen

11.A. write    B. post    C. cash    D. print

12.A. shared    B. ordered    C. received    D. collected

13.A. found    B. counted    C. dropped    D. collected

14.A. Unluckily    B. Gradually    C. Amazingly    D. Obviously

15.A. break out    B. end up    C. fade away    D. show up

16.A. students    B. colleagues    C. kids    D. friends

17.A. comfort    B. achievement    C. pride    D. loss

18.A. unexpected    B. fixed    C. similar    D. distant

19.A. support    B. message    C. result    D. record

20.A. another    B. every    C. either    D. other


Thank You Notes: The Essential Life Lessons

There is no greater gift for any of us to give our friends and family than the gift of gratitude. 1.Take a quiet moment to think about the blessings of the season and write a thank you note to everyone who made it special for you. There are some life lessons from thank you notes.

2.Even a child can make some lines on paper, help pick out a pretty stamp, and lick the envelope. This helps create a sense of ownership, confidence, and contribution.

Thank you notes strengthen communication skills. Wherever you are, no skill matters more than the ability to communicate clearly and sincerely. It conveys reliability, confidence and thoughtfulness.3.

Thank you notes remind you about what matters.4. But when we write a thank you note we have to locate within ourselves some way to be grateful and find some way to express it. We do not find happiness in what we get. We find happiness in being grateful for what we have.

5. Not, “Thank you for the sweater. It is cool.” but “Thanks for the sweater!” Not, “Thanks for the game,” but “We had a blast playing that game.”

I think you will soon discover that the more thank you notes you send, the more you become aware of how much there is to be grateful for, and how good it feels to let people know you appreciate them.

A. Everyone can write a thank you note.

B. Maybe the gift was thoughtless.

C. And that can begin with thank you notes.

D. Thank you notes must have specific details.

E. There is no other way to convey this message.

F. You can even write to people you do not know.

G. Those are the qualities that inspire people to trust and respect you.


A “smart drug” taken by students to improve their performance really does work, scientists have found.

The drug modafinil(莫达非尼) is currently used to treat sleep disorder, but it is widely used off-label by students to help them revise for exams or focus on long essays.

Until now, there has been a lack of clear evidence over whether it can actually boost concentration and alertness. But a new analysis of the research revealed it does improve planning and decision making, flexibility, learning and memory, and even creativity.

The findings raise serious ethical(处方的,道德的) questions about whether modafinil should be “classified, tolerated or condemned”, scientists said.

Professor Guy Goodwin, President of the European College said: “It’s the first real example of a ‘smart drug’, which can genuinely help, for example, with exam preparation.”

Previous ethical discussions around smart drugs assumed major effects of the drugs before it was clear that there were any, he added.

He continued “If correct, the present update means the ethical debate is real: how should we classify, tolerate or condemn a drug that improves human performance?”[

A fifth of university students across the country claim to have taken smart drugs, according to surveys by student newspaper The Tab.

And the use of modafinil is most widespread at Oxford University, where a quarter of students have reported to have used it.

Over the years, universities have discussed how best to respond to the use of smart drugs, and some have suggested Olympic-style doping tests for students sitting exams.

Professor Goodwin said there should be a society-wide debate on how modafinil should be licenced and regulated, as well as what universities should do about its use.

He said: “Regulation has been and remains uncertain. We cannot know either if demand for modafinil in the same societies will actually be significant, whether society will be more accepting and how regulation will then be framed.”

1.Who are likely to turn to the “smart drug” modafinil?

A. Children who lack strength.

B. Students who have poor memory.

C. Old people who have poor sight.

D. Patients who have a heart disease.

2.Why does the writer refer to the students of Oxford University?

A. To show smart drugs enjoy popularity among college students.

B. To prove Oxford University students suffer from a heavy load.

C. To tell us smarts drugs use have spread to England.

D. To explain why Oxford University students are clever.

3.What is the topic of passage?

A. “Smart drugs” also have side effects.

B. Students are addicted to “smart drugs”.

C. A “Smart drug” raises ethical questions.

D. A more effective “smart drags” should be developed.

4.What does Professor Goodwin think of ‘smart drug’ modafinil?

A. Modafinil used as a ‘smart drug’ should be forbidden.

B. Regulation on modafinil remains to be discussed.

C. Our society should accept the use of modafinil.

D. Regulation on modafinil being used as a “smart drug” is necessary.


In December, after her third fall in a few months, Doris Carpenter was admitted to Rochdale infirmary(养老院). Carpenter, 84, lives alone, but she is increasingly unsteady on her feet, and if she falls, she hasn’t the strength to get up again. Previously, a call to 111 would call nursing staff who could put her back into a chair, but it was increasingly clear she wasn’t coping, and needed more support.

This isn’t like any old hospital, however. Today Carpenter isn’t in bed but sitting in a chair, dressed in her own clothes, a fat Dan Brown book in front of her. “You don’t feel like you’re in hospital,” she says.

Two side rooms have been furnished with small groups of tables and chairs, with bright tablecloths. Those patients who are able can help themselves to food at mealtimes and sit with others to eat, or go to the library to select another page-turner. A physiotherapist helps Carpenter with her painful back, and is working to help improve her confidence on stairs.

Previously, an elderly person in Carpenter’s condition would most likely have ended up in an acute hospital ward(病房).

There, very frequently, people of her age would get stuck, and many would go downhill fast.

“They come into hospital, and our model in the NHS is to put them to bed,” says Steve Taylor, the divisional director for community services. “Put your pyjamas on, you stay in that bed, we will feed you and toilet you.”

Shockingly quickly, he says, patients can lose what abilities they previously had. “And then, when it comes time to discharge you, you can no longer walk.”

This is probably the biggest challenge facing the NHS – the problem of an older population, the long years of illness that many of us will face and a fragile social care system underpinning it all.

1.What’s the main idea of the first paragraph?

A. Carpenter often falls at home.

B. No one looks after Carpenter.

C. There is something wrong with Carpenter’s legs.

D. Carpenter is in such poor condition that she had to go to hospital.

2.How might Carpenters feel living in the new hospital?

A. Lonely.    B. Desperate.

C. Relaxed.    D. Curious.

3.In which section of a newspaper can you find this text?

A. Society.    B. Technology.

C. Family.    D. Medicine.


Ask any American what he/she is doing on Sunday, February 7 and the answer is likely to be either hosting or attending a Super Bowl Party. Played for the title of the National Football League Champion, Super Bowl is the most watched annual television program in the United States.

That's because Super Bowl which is celebrating its Golden Anniversary this year, is more than just a 60-minute football game—it is a well-designed production that features half-time performances, fireworks shows and television ads that people discuss for days.

But most important of all, it is the day to set aside all diets and enjoy foods one would normally avoid or at least not consume at the same time. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest food consumption days in the U.S. — Second only to Thanksgiving.

The noshing will start early in the day, long before matches begin and continue long after the 2016 NFL Champions have retired to celebrate.

As a result, it is estimated that on Sunday, the nation will consume 1.2 million pounds of potato chips, 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips, 3.8 million pounds of popcorn and 3 million pounds of nuts.

When the real hunger pains start to hit, they will seek out comfort foods. Not surprisingly, pizza tops the list. Chicken wings are also very popular. It is estimated that almost 1.3 billion wings will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Other favorites include bacon, hot dogs and burgers.

But the food consumption is not without consequences. Data released indicates that antacid (解酸药) sales increase by 20% on the Monday following the big game. Additionally, over seven million Americans call in sick. It is no wonder that fans have been urging the government to declare Super Bowl Monday a holiday.

1.Why does Super Bowl become the most popular television program?

A. It is the longest football game.

B. It is hosted by famous film stars.

C. It contains the most wonderful ads.

D. It involves in various performances.

2.Which can replace the underlined word “noshing” in Paragraph 4?

A. playing    B. eating

C. competing    D. resting

3.Which comfort food is consumed the most?

A. Hot dogs.    B. Pizza.

C. Nuts.    D. Chicken wings.

4.What bad result might Super Bowl Sunday lead to?

A. Lots of food is wasted.

B. Public disorder is caused.

C. Some people have an upset stomach.

D. Many people lose their work.



Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

These three short plays by Suzan Lori-Parks are the start of an ambitious attempt to retell the story of the American civil war. The focus is on a slave promised his freedom by his master if he joins in the fight against the Union. Steve Toussaint and Jimmy Akingbola head the cast, and Jo Bonney is in charge.

• 15 September to 4 October, Royal Court, London. Box office: 020-7565 5000.

A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer

Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel consider our attitudes to cancer and the language we employ to deal with it through the stories of five people. This is an all-singing, all-dancing affair with music by Tom Parkinson, wiping off the pink charity ribbons to look at the realities of diagnosis(诊断)and what it means for the wider family.

• 20-24 September, Home, Manchester. Box office: 0161-200 1500.

The Nest

Every parent wants the best for their baby. Kurt and Martha are prepared to work hard to ensure theirs has everything he needs, even if that means Kurt taking on extra work. Franz Xaver Kroetz’s extraordinary play about the damage that profit causes to individuals and the environment gets a new translation from Conor McPherson.

• 15-22 October, Lyric, Belfast. Box office: 028-9038 1081.

The Red Barn

David Hare’s new play is based on La Main, a psychological thriller by the great Georges Simenon. The story concerns two couples who, on their way back from a party, struggle through the snow. The play is directed by Robert Icke, and the cast is headed by Mark Strong and Hope Davis.

• 6-20 October, Lyttelton, London. Box office: 020-7452 3000.

1.What do we know about Father Comes Home from the Wars?

A. It is set in the USA.

B. It is put on throughout September.

C. It tells of the hardship slaves suffered.

D. It is the first play to describe the cruelty of war.

2.When can you see the play directed by Robert Icke?

A. 19 September.    B. 3 October.

C. 10 October.    D. 21October.

3.In which play can we feel parents’ love for children?

A. The Nest

B. The Red Barn

C. Father Comes Home from the Wars

D. A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer

4.What do the plays mentioned in the text have in common?

A. They are all comedies.    B. They are put on in autumn.

C. They are highly thought of.    D. They are works of the same writer.


最近一段时间,共享单车在城市的大街小巷随处可见,它给人们带来便利的同时,各种问题及不文明现象也随之而来。请你根据所见所闻,说说自己的看法并提出建议,以“Bike Sharing”为题写一篇英语短文。

















Last summer,Li Hua and his classmates made a trip to London.On his arrival at the airport,it was raining heavy.So they took a bus to the hotel,where was not far from the airport.The next day, they can’t wait to see the wonderful place of interest in London.They first went to the Elizabeth Tower, a symbol of United Kingdom.The guide told them the tower had been appeared in many films.Then they visit the British Museum.To their great surprise,they found many Chinese artworks displayed there.Felt very proud,they took a lot of photos but they really had great fun.


Naples is known for being the birthplace of Margherita pizza.1.the chefs in the city tried to break records2.their excellent skills. A group of chefs3.attempt) to make the longest pizza in the world.

The pizza measured two kilometers, for4.the chefs used 2,000 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes and 2,000 kg of cheese. The pizza was made in 18 hours by more than 60 chefs,5.(weigh) five tons.

The 6.(large) pizza on record had a total surface area of 1,261.65 square meters. The pizza7.(name) Octavia respect for the first Roman emperor Octavian.

According to tradition, the Margherita pizza was first baked in Naples for the Bourbon Queen Regina Margherita by8.local chef in 1889. He used tomato, mozzarella and hasil to represent the 9.(colour) of the Italian flag, before naming his culinary(烹饪的)10.(create) after the Queen-Pizza Margherita.


Please Beat Me

I once had the opportunity to meet Dan Miller, an Amish neighbor of mu dad. He told me that years ago my dad had______to him that his apple trees looked beautiful but weren’t producing any apples. After listening______, Dan told my dad to go home, grab a hammer and give his trees a severe beating around the________He said they needed to have something to______them up-that life had been too______and they needed a challenge to come alive. While this seemed contrary  ____the careful fertilizing, watering and nurturing my dad had been giving his prized trees, he   ____the wisdom of his Amish neighbor.

The next year the trees produced so heavily that my dad saw branches______under the weight of the number of apples. With a little research I now find that this is a______approach. We know that roses,_______left to themselves, will grow leaves but few_______ The best way to get them to produce what they are______to do is to cut them back severely and annually ____ growing roots.

Is there a_______in this for us? Every day I hear from people who have had all the______—famous university degrees, fine homes, cars and positions. And they suspect the easy life they’ve been given is keeping them from the_______of adventure that would release the best version of themselves.

Are you taking the “______” route in life to avoid the stresses and challenges that are trying to release your biggest______?

And no, you probably don’t need to find someone to______you or to create a stressful situation in your life. I know that in mine, those things have just______consistently. But I hope I’m getting smarter in seeing “What does this make possible?”

1.A. complained    B. suggested    C. explained    D. reported

2.A. angrily    B. gladly    C. anxiously    D. carefully

3.A. root    B. trunk    C. branch    D. field

4.A. cut    B. bring    C. wake    D. send

5.A. easy    B. long    C. hard    D. busy

6.A. with    B. to    C. for    D. in

7.A. proved    B. doubted    C. trusted    D. learned

8.A. hanging    B. waving    C. flying    D. breaking

9.A. crazy    B. mysterious    C. strange    D. common

10.A. if    B. because    C. unless    D. though

11.A. fruits    B. roses    C. grasses    D. bushes

12.A. approved    B. scheduled    C. expected    D. exposed

13.A. put down    B. dig up    C. pull out    D. cut off

14.A. lesson    B. skill    C. secret    D. fact

15.A. chances    B. advantages    C. results    D. concerns

16.A. course    B. price    C. challenge    D. danger

17.A. rough    B. short    C. familiar    D. safe

18.A. harvest    B. courage    C. emotion    D. knowledge

19.A. comfort    B. support    C. love    D. beat

20.A. sorted out    B. left out    C. shown up    D. set down


This habit was picked from my teacher back in 1988. Back then it seemed trivial(琐碎)and not likely to make any significant influence on my life.1.

The habit that has made the greatest influence on my life is scheduling. In my mind, it is the tiny daily habit that indeed can be life-changing. Scheduling is not just about the ordering of tasks throughout the day. 2.If you are able to design the right schedule and follow it, you are able to gain massive rewards for your work.

3.However, everything is likely to boil down to the most precious asset(财富), namely time. If you are able to master your time and follow the schedule, you will not lose any minute doing things that do not matter or add no value. The tiny daily habit of scheduling your day is important. In the short term, it might seem boring and inefficient. 4.It can provide you with the greatest opportunity possible.


A. Master your time

B. Only time will tell.

C. Forming tiny daily habit is not an easy task for us.

D. However, a few years later I realized its true power.

E. It is about the proper allocation and usage of your time and effort.

F. One can endlessly argue about the things that have the biggest value in our lives.

G. However, in the long run, the habit of scheduling your tasks and plans will pay off.


Nisha Pradhan is worried. The recent college graduate just turns 21 and plans to live on her own. But she’s afraid she won’t be able to stay safe. That’s because she isn’t able to smell.

Back home, her family do her smelling for her. She’s moved in with them for now, but she’s looking for a place of her own. “Now that I’m searching for ways or place to live as an independent person, I find that the sense of smell is important to how we live our lives,” Pradhan says.

She says when she was a child she liked to eat and ate a lot. But there came a point where she lost interest in food.

“One of the first things that people notice whenever they have a smell problem is that food doesn’t taste right any-more,” says Beverly Cowart, a researcher. That’s because eating and smell go hand in hand. How food tastes often relies on what we smell. “When you lose your sense of smell, your whole sense of food flavor s changed and reduced,” Cowart says, “You can still taste the basic tastes. What you’re missing are the small distinctions.”

“When I go out to eat I have often found that that food is very tasteless to me. I never feel full,” she says. “I think a lot of us today like to pretend to be food lovers and we all like to talk about ‘Oh, I think this could use a little bit more flavor,’ or ‘I think this has a hint of meat,’ I can’t really participate in those conversations,” she says.

Pradam thinks her smell loss also may have affected her memory. Pradhan may be on to something, according to biologist Paul Moore. “When smell signals come in, you feel about them first. And then you think about it and then the memory is laid down. So without the feel part, the thinking about its part doesn’t come. And that means no new smell memory gets created.”

1.What problem does Pradhan meet with at present?

A. That she has no sense of smell.

B. That she doesn’t have her own house.

C. That she lacks life skills to live alone.

D. That she is too nervous to live alone.

2.What can we infer from what Beverly Cowart said?

A. People with a smell problem have no food tastes.

B. Lack of smell sense makes eating a dull experience.

C. Different food tastes the same for people of smell loss.

D. People feel hungry easily for lack of smell sense.

3.When eating out, Pradhan_______.

A. has a sense of being full quickly    B. often has a good appetite

C. pretends to have good smell sense    D. feels left out sometimes

4.What does the underlined sentence mean?

A. Pradhan may be crazy.    B. Pradhan may be foolish.

C. Pradhan may be right.    D. Pradhan may be forgettable.


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