If you want to try some new learning methods, you’d better select those that are ________ for yourself.

A. normalB. enjoyableC. properD. available


I was doing my homework when suddenly the power ___________ in my neighbourhood.

A. went outB. worked outC. turned outD. figured out


Miss Li, who ________ as a secretary for 5 years in our company, is now a sales manager in RT-Mart.

A. servesB. is servingC. has servedD. served


Our class teacher has a gift for creating an atmosphere for us students ________ allows us  to communicate freely with each other.

A. whichB. whereC. whatD. who


I don’t suppose The Flowers of War by Zhang Yimou is popular among teenagers,  ___________?

A. do IB. isn’t itC. don’t youD. is it


As we should know, animals are not necessarily ________ lower form of life than ________ man.

A. a; theB. the; theC. a; /D. /; /



Today’s World


Celebrity Story

Sports and Health


假如你是李华,请你根据以下提示用英语给Mr.Black写E-mail, 主要内容包括:








Dear Mr.Black,

I am glad that there will be some new columns in our English website.____________________________________________________________________


Best wishes.


Li Hua









A discussion about hiking had been held in our class. Some students think that hiking during vacations can make people feel healthier, fresher or more harmonious with the nature. They find themselves deep attracted by the beauty of nature. They can also be relaxing by walking in deep mountains. But nowadays some hikers even begin to explore the places people have ever been to, and accidents have happened now and then because a poor knowledge of hiking. Some hikers even lost their life. The other students in our class think it not safe to organize so dangerous activities. They make suggestions what laws should be passed and hikers should be trained before they attend the activities.



It’s time to go back to school! Both Chinese and American students are getting ready __1.___ the first day of school. But they are not doing it___2.___ the same way.

    Most Chinese schools start on the same day in September, ___3.___ US schools don’t. Classes can begin any time between August and September. Each school gets to decide __4.___ their classes will start. Except for first-year students, every year most Chinese students see the same teachers and classmates. US students, however, see some big _5.___ (change).

    In American high schools, subjects ___6.__ (divide) into different levels. Students can make their choices about favorite teachers and courses __7.__ (base) on their abilities and interests. This means that every year, US students go to different classrooms for all of their different classes.

Also, students of your age in the US go to school a few days early __8.__ (pick) their own schedule. Then they get a big welcome or orientation (迎新会). For first-year students, the first day of school also means they can get __9._ own lockers (储物柜). Elementary school students in the US have to share lockers with their classmates. But once they make it to junior high, they ___10._ (final) have their own place to store bags and coats!



A woman in a(n)    suit stepped in."Hi, Libby." she said.Wow, what a      ! The first time she came to the cafe two years ago, she had no money to pay.     many customers, she volunteered to wash dishes and     . Look at her now: confident and hopeful. Wasn't this what we'd hoped for?

    In 2003, we'd    this crazy dream: start a restaurant with a donation box instead of a cash register(收款台). Right away we hit hurdles(阻碍) " There is no such thing as a       lunch," one potential landlord(房东)sniffed. I met brokers, bankers and suppliers, only to watch them     , shaking their heads. No bank would lend us the money to open a restaurant with no     . The only fund we could get was our individual retirement account.     we rented space from a landlord on Colfax Street.We put flyers (传单) around the neighborhood, asked friends to     the word, and held our breath.

    Word traveled fast,     stories in the papers and on TV. Soon we had more than 50customers a day.A few ate without paying or    an hour of work. But most gave what they could,     it was just a dollar. Those with money gave, and then more.One of our customers left a    for 500 dollars. Another bought 1000 dollars in gift certificates.     another donated a truck so we could transport    from suppliers.

   People came here partly for what our cafe   —SAME: So A11 May Eat, We     everyone with dignity (尊严). We hoped to develop a sense of community---so that we might    one another. The woman in business suit was one of them. Our     to open the cafe was worth it.

1.A. dinner   B. evening   C. business   D. summer

2.A. change        B. beauty      C. fool        D. fun

3.A. With       B. Like       C. Besides      D. Towards

4.A. wait          B. sing      C. perform      D. sweep

5.A. lived        B. hatched     C. ignored        D. achieved

6.A. packed   B. delicious        C. free          D. delivered

7.A. crowd together   B. flood in         C. walk away         D. turn up

8.A. staff support     B. regular customers   C. lunch boxes       D. cash register

9.A. Unfortunately    B. Finally            C. Interestingly      D. Illegally

10.A. analyze      B. read             C. spread            D. approve

11.A. thanks to     B. apart from       C. ahead of           D. according to

12.A. regretting    B. gaining          C. donating           D. balancing

13.A. only when       B. and forever         C. so that            D. even if

14.A. reward          B. check             C. bill             D. list

15.A. Still            B. Instead            C. Otherwise       D. Thus

16.A. lunch           B. customers          C. dish           D. produce

17.A. stood for        B. applied for         C. benefited from      D. depended on

18.A. respect        B. like           C. watch      D. treat

19.A. protect          B. trust              C. help             D. treasure

20.A. goal           B. struggle           C. management       D. style


The beauty of confidence is that it is possible to learn it, no matter who you are! Follow these simple steps to be confident.

    Consider your strengths and success.__ 1.___. When have you helped others? What are you good at? When have you taken pride in yourself ? What are you working hard for? If you have difficulty thinking of your strengths and success, ask your family members or a close friend.

    Have goals. Sitting around and doing nothing will make you feel worse. Start with a small goal.__ 2.___.   You’ll get more confidence achieving a small goal. Once you’ve achieved many smaller goals, you can set bigger goals.

    ___3.__. Failure is the mother of success. When you fail, view it as a learning experience. Often we have to fail on our own to gain experience. By failing, you have at least taken a chance.

    Pick a role model. Pick a role model that is always confident and always learn from them. Study their action, their manners of speaking and how they communicate with others. __4.__. However, it’s a great place to start.

    Smile. Confident people smile often, and without much reason. ___5.___. It tells the people around you that you’re comfortable in yourself and enjoying your time.

A. Of course you don’t want to spend your entire life copying someone else.

B. If possible, write them down so that you can look back at them later.

C. Start projecting a more powerful you today.

D. Smiling is a friendly and open gesture.

E. Otherwise, you’ll get discouraged.

F. After reaching a goal, reward yourself.

G. Learn from failure.



Livescribe Echo Smartpen, $79.99

This pen not only records audio, but also records whatever the user writes and even draws. This translates to almost two hours of full audio, or 32000 pages of written text. When using a Livescribe notebook, a college or high school student can easily edit notes without the disturbance of a laptop or tablet. This is perfect for the classrooms that don’t allow the use of electronics. Best of all, it allows users to quickly deliver their notes to a computer or laptop.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard, $107.53

It is a great choice for those who own many different devices and want to use a keyboard over the ones that come with the device. It works on tablets, PCs and even smartphones. It offers four different settings for each device, so changing from one to the other is as easy as turning a knob (把手). It even has a cradle(支架)to hold a tablet at the perfect angle, so typing is much easier and faster.

ILUV Syren Pro, $ 93.84

It is weather resistant and has a powerful sound engine that works in a full 360 degrees. This allows it to be used outdoors, next to pools and in other activities that are too risky to use other speakers. It offers Bluetooth support and works with iPhones, iPads and many other devices. With its top-mounted(顶部安装的) controls and wireless capabilities, it can be operated remotely.

Cobra JumPak $92.88

It can not only charge phones, but also do the same for most cars. It contains a built-in LED flashlight and a 7500mAh battery, as well as a USB port for charging phones. Best of all, it can be stored inside a backpack, so it is perfect for emergency situation and can even be stored in car console(控制台).

1.Which device will a high school student choose to use in the classrooms ?

A. Livescribe Echo Smartpen 

B. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

C. ILUV Syren Pro

D. Cobra JumPak

2.Which of the following is the benefit about the ILUV Syren Pro ?

A. You can operate it remotely by a long wire.

B. You can use it whatever the weather is.

C. It contains a built-in LED flash light.

D. It is easy to carry and hold.

3.Cobra Jumpak is suitable for ________.

A. a college student having to write long papers.

B. a typist owning many different devices

C. a music lover listening to music in a noisy environment.

D. a person having to use a cellphone for many hours each day.


Most people have some common sense. When we see something suspicious on TV, in the newspaper, or on the Internet, we roll our eyes and wonder how anyone could believe something so stupid. Nevertheless, there are stories that even educated people still believe. These tales may or may not be true, but they leave us wondering whether they are real or not. On National Geographic Channel, these stories are dissected(剖析) in full detail in the series Is It Real.

Thousands of years ago, aliens landed on the Earth. They tampered (破坏) with the evolution of humans and the results of this can be seen practically everywhere. Sound ridiculous? Not to some people. Believe it or not, there are those who believe that alien astronauts had a hand in making the human race what it is today. Travel back in time with Ancient Astronauts and visit our “alien ancestors”.

In the autumn of 1888, Jack the Ripper roamed(漫游) the streets of London’s East End. After his reign(统治) of terror was over, five women had been killed. To this day, the mystery of who killed these ladies remains unsolved. No one knows for sure, but the truth may be revealed on Jack the Ripper.

Vampires(吸血鬼). Just the thought of these fictional beasts is enough to make your blood run cold. While we may think that they only come to life in books and movies, vampires are actually based on real people. Historians, folklorists, scientists and doctors all work together to investigate the plausibility(合理性) of vampires. Take a bite into this juicy mystery on Vampires.

No other channel can offer this type of programming other than National Geographic Channel. In this unique series, they’ve stripped away 12 myths that have stood the test of time to expose the truth and find out the answer to the question—Is it real?

1.What type of person would believe these stories?

A. Those with a fear of ghosts.  

B. Those without any common sense

C. Those including the educated 

D. Only educated people.

2.Who was Jack the Ripper?

A. An infamous actor in London’s East End theater district.

B. The name of a traveler to London’s East End.

C. The name given to an unknown murderer.

D. The serial killer of hundreds of women in the 1800s.

3.The truth about Vampires may be known because ______.

A. a novelist is looking into it

B. different people in different fields are weighing in with it

C. there’s new evidence that can prove their existence

D. National Geographic Channel knows the truth

4.What is the purpose of this series?

A. To uncover the details about a series of murders.

B. To solve well-known crimes.

C. To hide the truth about fairy tales.

D. To analyse stories that people believe.


Reading is the key to success. Apparently every successful person develops a passion for reading. This is because reading is a key element to obtain the information required to understand something. For instance, lawyers have to study and learn every established law on their specific branches. Sometimes the law changes according to people’s needs. A good lawyer has to be informed about the latest news in the court. A doctor has to be informed of the latest advances in medicine.

Reading is very important for all mankind. Everything is relative in this world, especially reading. Reading can open any doors and it can lead you into a path of success. Studies have confirmed that reading to your unborn child is very good. This way your child will develop a passion for reading.

How do you develop a passion for reading? There is only one way you can boost your passion for reading. Let me explain this to you. If you want to learn how to ride a bike, you have to get on the bike as many times as possible until you have learned. It works the same way with reading. If you want to boost your reading, take a book and read it all the way through. When you finish reading your first book, take another book and do the same. Try to read as much as you can. If you are going out, grab a magazine, a book, an article or something to read.

There is a very important factor behind the reading—reading comprehension. It’s what makes you understand the meaning behind the text. Let’s assume that you read a document and you are supposed to explain the meaning of the document. How would you explain the document if you couldn’t capture the message of the author?

1.The first two paragraphs mainly talk about      .

A. the key to success 

B. the importance of reading

C. what reading comprehension is 

D. how to develop a passion for reading

2.We can define reading comprehension as .

A. a strong passion for reading   

B. the latest information in reading

C. the most important factor behind the reading

D. something that makes people understand what they read

3.The author develops the passage mainly by         .

A. following the natural time order   

B. presenting opinions and giving examples

C. comparing the opinions of different people

D. presenting a cause and analyzing its effects

4.What do you suppose the following paragraph will talk about ?

A. Popular reading websites.  

B. Famous people who love reading.

C. The importance of reading at school.

D. Ways to improve reading comprehension.


Phil White has just returned from an 18,000-mile, around-the-world bicycle trip. White had two reasons for making this epic journey. First of all, he wanted to use the trip to raise money for charity, which he did. He raised £70,000 for the British charity, Oxfam. White's second reason for making the trip was to break the world record and become the fastest person to cycle around the world. He is still waiting to find out if he has broken the record or not.

White set off from Trafalgar Square, in London, on 19th June 2004 and was back 299 days later. He spent more than l,300 hours in the saddle(车座) and destroyed four sets of tyres and three bike chains. He had the adventure of his life crossing Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. Amazingly, he did all of this with absolutely no support team. No jeep carrying food, water and medicine. No doctor. Nothing! Just a bike and a very, very long road.

The journey was lonely and desperate at times. He also had to fight his way across deserts, through jungles and over mountains. He cycled through heavy rains and temperatures of up to 45 degrees, all to help people in need. There were other dangers along the road. In Iran, he was chased by armed robbers and was lucky to escape with his life and the little money he had. The worst thing that happened to him was having to cycle into a headwind on a road that crosses the south of Australia. For l,000 kilometers he battled against the wind that was constantly pushing him. This part of the trip was slow, hard work and depressing, but he made it in the end. Now Mr. White is back and intends to write a book about his adventures.

1.When Phil White returned from his trip, he________.

A. broke the world record        B. collected money for Oxfam

C. destroyed several bikes        D. travelled about 1 300 hours

2.What does the word "epic" in Paragraph l most probably mean?

A. Very slow but exciting.        B. Very long and difficult.

C. Very smooth but tiring.        D. Very lonely and depressing.

3.During his journey around the world, Phil White _______.

A. fought heroically against robbers in Iran

B. experienced the extremes of heat and cold

C. managed to ride against the wind in Australia

D. had a team of people who travelled with him

4.Which of the following words can best describe Phil White?

A. Imaginative.            B. Independent.

C. Modest.                 D. Determined.












Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important family holiday in America. All the members of a family, no matter where far away they are, will try to get together on that day. The first Thanksgiving in America takes place in October, 1621. In 1620, the group of Englishmen sailed to Massachusetts. They had expected to find a freely place to live in, so they experienced a hard winter. Half of them starved death. The next spring, we began farming. With the help of local Indians, they learned to be plant corn and raise animals. In the autumn, the fields produced a good harvest. Filling with joy and thanks to God, they held a celebration. In 1863, it became a national holiday.



I enjoy doing physical training in my free time. Yesterday, when I was working out at a gym on my lunch hour, I saw   1.  elderly lady there riding on a bike. She couldn’t walk very well, so she had a cane (手杖) near her,   2.  she was still there    3. (work) hard. After I finished my exercising, I told her that I was going to wait for her 4.  she got done and that I would walk her out to her car. It was a little far to her car and it was a   5.  (fog) day yesterday in Missouri. I walked her to the car and opened the car door for her,   6.  won me her big smile and gratitude. I know   7.  is a small thing, but I felt so good inside for helping her.   8.  my help, she could have fallen so easily out in the wet parking lot, and no one would have known she had fallen. I knew she   9. (need) my help, and her smile was enough   10.  (make) my day.


My mom died when I was two years old. She died in an accident when   to visit her parents. I was in the backseat, and I wasn’t   .I don’t remember anything about her. The only few things I know are from the   my dad tells me. I    with only my dad and myself. I love my dad, but sometimes it was , like being in elementary school when Mothers’ day was coming, kids would decorate cards, and so on. To make it , there was“Tea party with mom day for 2nd and 3rd grade when kids and their _ would come during the school day and have _ _and snacks. Except that my dad would let me_ those days, we would do something _ _together like going to Disneyland. I never exactly felt _even though I didn’t have a mom.

My dad worked very hard. My mom died right as he_ _ from Harvard law, and he tried to be both a good_ _and a great dad, but also he tried to play both _ _as dad and mom. I remember all the other girls in my 2nd grade class had hair braided (辫子), and I _that too. So my dad would braid my hair every morning before . It makes me smile just to___it.

I think about not having mother occasionally, and_ __it does bother me ,like the _ _that on Mothers’ day my dad and I visit my moms’ grave , and bring her _ _yellow roses .

Maybe I don’t have exactly what I want, but I have what I need.

1.A. walking      B. flying           C. running         D. driving

2.A. saved         B. deserted        C. hurt             D. interrupted

3.A. stories        B. decisions       C. experiences     D. adventures

4.A. set off        B. grew up        C. pulled up         D. settled down

5.A. useless      B. impossible      C. dangerous      D. difficult

6.A. worse        B. less          C. closer           D. slower

7.A. friends      B. moms          C. classmates        D. neighbors

8.A. meal         B. lunch          C. beer             D. tea

9.A. spend        B. forget          C. end             D. name

10.A. easy        B. important       C. fun              D. similar

11.A. brought up  B. shown off       C. lifted up        D. left out

12.A. returned    B. failed           C. graduated        D. stopped

13.A. lawyer      B. guide           C. actor            D. businessman

14.A. games       B. roles           C. tapes            D. tricks

15.A. wanted      B. understood      C. started          D. accepted

16.A. weekends    B. lunch           C. school           D. games

17.A. turn to       B. ask for          C. look for         D. think about

18.A. always      B. sometimes       C. recently         D. again

19.A. schedule    B. plan            C. fact             D. thought

20.A. favorite    B. available        C. actual           D. common


Handwriting can make or break the first impression. If your handwriting is difficult for others to read, you will sometimes feel embarrassed. 1.  . It needs lots of practice to improve your handwriting.

2.  . Try each of them out on a piece of paper by signing your name. Find out which type of pen you can write best with. You may be amazed at the change in your handwriting just by changing to another pen.

3. . Do not just do what feels comfortable because that is just your old bad habit coming back into play. Try to hold the pen lightly and don’t press too hard.

Use your chosen pen to write Os on some pieces of lined paper. Write until you have filled up all the lines. Be careful with each O that you write.  4. . Practice writing Os as much as possible. Remember : practice makes perfect. You may practice for weeks or months if you need to.  5. .

As your handwriting shows signs of improvement , go ahead and keep on practicing by writing more words.

A. Gather different types of pens.

B. Practice holding your pen in different ways.

C. However , a bad writing habit is hard to break.

D. Choose a type of pen with which you write best.

E. It won’t help if you write a lot of careless Os on the paper.

F. Two to three months’ practice is enough to get good handwriting.

G. After you are confident in your Os, do the same thing with your name.


The spread of Western eating habits around the world is bad for human health and for the environment. Those findings come from a new report in the journal Nature.

David Tilman is a professor at the University of Minnesota. In the study, he examined information from 100 nations to show what people ate and how diet affected health. Mr. Tilman noted a movement beginning in the 1960s. He found that as nations industrialized(工业化), population increased and earnings rose. More people began to adopt what has been called the Western diet. The Western diet is high in sugar, fat, oil and meat. By eating these foods, people began to get fatter and sicker.

“The food, let us say, in the 15 richest nations of the world, right now contains about 400 or 500 extra calories(热量) a day that are eaten beyond what people need, and that leads people to gain weight.”

David Tillman says overweight people are at greater risk for diseases like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Diabetes is shooting to very high rates in the United States and across Europe. Heart disease is a major cause of death in the Western nations. Unfortunately when people become industrialized, if they adopt this Western diet, they are going to have these same health problems.

A diet bad for human beings, it seems, is also bad for the environment. As the world’s population grows, experts say more forests and areas will become farmland for crops or grasslands for raising cattle. These areas will be needed to meet the increasing demand for food.

Mr. Tilman calls the link between diet, the environment and human health, “a dilemma”, a situation where it is very difficult to decide what to do. He says one possible solution is leaving the Western diet behind.

1.Why did people get fatter in the 1960s?

A. They ate foods high in calories.

B. They adopted a western lifestyle.

C. They set aside little time for exercise.

D. They had a better life and became lazier.

2.According to the text, overweight people may suffer the following diseases EXCEPT_______.

A. diabetes       B. skin disease

C. cancers       D. heart disease

3.What is the purpose of the author in writing this passage?

A. To tell people effective ways to keep healthy.

B. To call on people to give up the Western diet.

C. To show the problems industrialized nations are facing.

D. To draw people’s attention to environmental protection.


Traveling without a map in different countries,I find out about different “styles” of directions every time I ask “How can I get to the post office?”

Foreign tourists are often confused in Japan because most streets there don’t have name signs:in Japan,people use landmarks in their directions instead of street names.For example,the Japanese will say to travelers,“Go straight down to the corner.Turn left at the big hotel and go past a fruit market.The post office is across from the bus stop.”

People in Los Angeles,the US,have no idea of distance on the map:they measure distance by time,not miles.“How far away is the post office?” you ask.“Oh,” they answer,“it’s about five minutes from here. You don’t understand completely,“Yes,but how many miles away is it,please?” To this question you won’t get an answer,because most probably they don’t know it themselves.

People in Greece sometimes do not even try to give directions because tourists seldom understand the Greek language.Instead,a Greek will often say,“ Follow me. Then he’ll lead you through the streets of the city to the post office.

Sometimes a person doesn’t know the answer to your question.What happens in the situation? A New Yorker might say,“Sorry, I have no idea.”But in Yucatan,Mexico,no one answers “I don’t know. People there believe that “I don’t” is impolite.They usually give an answer,but often a wrong one.So a tourist can get lost very easily in Yucatan!

However,one thing will help you everywhere in the world.It’s body language.

1.Which of the following is probably an example of Japanese directions?

A.“Go south two miles.Turn west and then go another mile.”

B.“Turn right at the hospital and go past a school.”

C.“The post office is about five minutes from here.”

D.“The post office is at Street Kamira.”

2.Why don’t people in Los Angeles give directions in miles?

A.They use landmarks in their directions instead of distance.

B.They prefer to lead you the way.

C.They often have no idea of distance measured by miles.

D.They prefer to use body language.

3.How do Greeks give directions?

A.Using street names

B.Using landmarks

C.Leading people the way

D.Giving people a wrong direction

4.Where is Yucatan?

A.In the USA     B.In Japan     C.In Greece D.In Mexico


At thirteen, I was diagnosed(诊断)with kind of attention disorder. It made school difficult for me. When everyone else in the class was focusing on tasks, I could not.

In my first literature class, Mrs. Smith asked us to read a story and then write on it, all within 45 minutes. I raised my hand right away and said, “Mrs. Smith, you see, the doctor said I have attention problems. I might not be able to do it.”

She glanced down at me through her glasses, “you are no different from your classmates, young man.”

I tried, but I didn’t finish the reading when the bell rang. I had to take it home.

In the quietness of my bedroom, the story suddenly all became clear to me. It was about a blind person, Louis Braille. He lived in a time when the blind couldn’t get much education. But Louis didn’t give up. Instead, he invented a reading system of raised dots (), which opened up a whole new world of knowledge to the blind.

Wasn’t I the “blind” in my class, being made to learn like the “sighted” students? My thoughts spilled out and my pen started to dance. I completed the task within 40 minutes. Indeed, I was no different from others; I just needed a quieter place. If Louis could find his way out of his problems, why should I ever give up?

I didn’t expect anything when I handed in my paper to Mrs. Smith, so it was quite a surprise when it came back to me the next day with an “A” on it. At the bottom of the paper were these words: “ See what you can do when you keep trying?”

1.The author didn’t finish the reading in class because                  .

A.He was new to the class   

B.He was tired of literature

C.He had an attention disorder 

D.He wanted to take the task home

2.What do we know about Louis Braille from the passage?

A.He made a great invention.  

B.He had good sight.

C.He gave up reading.

D.He learned a lot from school.

3.What was Mrs. Smith’s attitude to the author at the end of the story?

A.Angry.            B.Impatient.

C.Sympathetic.      D.Encouraging.

4.What is the main idea of the passage?

A.The disabled should be treated with respect.

B.A teacher can open up a new world to students.

C.Everyone needs a hand when faced with challenges.

D.One can find his way out of difficulties with efforts.



4-Day Classic Beijing Tour

The 4-day classic Beijing tour is designed for tourists who come to visit China for the first time. It covers the most popular and typical places in Beijing, fully displaying the scenery, culture, history, local lifestyles and features, food and drinks, business, etc. for you.

Day 1:Arrival in Beijing

Your guide meets you at Capital Airport, and helps you check in at your hotel.

Enjoy Beijing Duck as welcome dinner.

Accommodation: Beijing downtown

Day 2:The Great Wall & the Summer Palace

Start your day at the most famous part of the Great Wall, the Badaling Great Wall. Leave the downtown for the Great Wall at 8 am. Since it is a long drive to the Great Wall (about 2 hours’ riding) have a break at the Jade Museum on the way. Lunch will be enjoyed in a local restaurant. In the early afternoon come back to the city and have a sightseeing tour of the Summer Palace.

Recommended Activity: Beijing Opera Show (Liyuan Theatre, 19:30-21:10 every evening)

Accommodation: Beijing downtown

Day 3:Beijing city sightseeing & Local experience

Your guide meets you at the hotel at 8 am and set out for the day’s touring: Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City.

After visiting the two sites, have a break and get ready for lunch.

Hutong visit: see some traditional arts of the old Beijing, such as paper cutting and kite making, and visit a local family.

Accommodation: Beijing downtown

Day 4:Beijing Olympic sites

Visit the Olympic sites: Bird’s Nest, Water Cube and Olympic Park, witnessing the fast developing modern China. Enjoy some free time after visiting the sites.

After lunch, it is shopping time and then the tour is over.

1.This advertisement is aimed at ________.

A. foreigners who are new to China  

B. experts who study history and cities

C. kids who were born in other cities 

D. people who are interested in touring

2.If a tourist wants to enjoy Beijing Opera, he should ________.

A. go to Liyuan Theatre in the evening 

B. visit the Summer Palace on the first day

C. go sightseeing in Beijing Hutong   

D. live and eat downtown in Beijing

3.On which day can tourists enjoy the city’s traditional arts and local lifestyle?

A. Day 4.         B. Day 3.          C. Day 2.          D. Day 1.

4.To make the advertisement work, what should be added?

A. Age requirement.                B. The hotel’s address.

C. Contact information.            D. The guide’s name.


We should do what we can ______ peoples hard work pays off.

A. be sure                B. being sure

C. making sure           D. to make sure


Lucy has a great sense of humor and always keeps her colleagues    with her stories.

A. amused         B. amusing

C. to amuse       D. to be amused


In some parts of London, missing a bus means _______ for another hour.

A. waiting       B. being waited

C. to wait        D. to be waiting


According to the driver’s explanation, it was not his carelessness but the bad road conditions that _________ for the accident.

A. was to blame                   B. was to be blamed

C. were to be blamed             D. were to blame


The professor tried his best to make the students__________what he was saying but he found it hard to make himself ___________.

A. understand; understand

B. understand; understood

C. understood; understood

D. understood; understand


_____ the yard, I found it _____ with lots of _____ leaves.

A. Entering; covering; fallen 

B. Having entered; covered; falling

C. Entering; covering; falling

D. Entering; covered; fallen


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