Cyclist Alain Such has been dropped from the Ingotel cycling team for two years after a positive drug test at the Institute of drug Free Sport. “ I was flabbergasted.” Said Didier Garcia, from Team Ingotel. “Alain joined our team last month and we had no idea that he was being examined.”

It’s a story that has become more and more familiar in recent years. Dr. Mohammad Farnood, a leading sports scientist from Cairo, Egypt, said, “ It is thought that some athletes will look for other ways to improve performance in addition to using drugs.”

However, it has not always been against the law. In the Olympics in 1904, Thomas Hicks won the marathon after using drugs in the middle of the race. In fact, the first one didn’t make him feel better for long, so he was given another and, as a result, he fell down soon after finishing and knew nothing. Another one may well have killed him.

Things are very different today. Some scientists are considering the possibilities of using genetic engineering to further develop athletes’ abilities. “If it works with no risk of discovering,” said Dr Farnood, “ then it’s likely to become common practice for athletes.”

Researchers are looking at the possibility of identifying “athletic” genes and correcting weak ones. Put into practice, this would make a person healthier and stronger. Once scientists understand what genes of top athletes look like , it might even become possible to identify “athletic” genes in young people, and then money could be spent on children who have the most promising genes.

“People are beginning to recognize that genetics can in many ways do good to our society, for example in saving lives and in creating better quality food for people.” Dr Farnood says. “ So, is it fair to use genetic engineering in sport? You could ask if it’s fair for some runners to use the latest scientifically developed footwear. The key question is whether it’s available to everyone.”

1.What does the underlined word “ flabbergasted” in Paragraph 1 mean ?

A. Shy .    B. Proud.

C. Excited.    D. Surprised.

2.What happened to Thomas Hicks in 1904 ?

A. He was badly hurt in training.

B. He broke the law when running in a race.

C. He took drugs and almost got killed.

D. He lost the match in the Olympic Games.

3.Who may show the greatest concern about using genetic engineering in sport ?

A. Didier Garcia .

B. Thomas Hicks.

C. Cyclist Alain Such .

D. Dr Mohammad Farnood.

4.What can we learn from Paragraph 5 and 6 ?

A. The possibility of identifying “athletic” genes has become available .

B. It’s not clear whether it is fair to use genetic engineering in sport.

C. The practice of using drugs in sport has a long history.

D. It’s dangerous to use drugs in sport.


In 1917 Orville Wright predicted that "the aeroplane will help peace in many ways –in particular I think it will have a tendency to make war impossible.” Earlier in 1904, American journalist John Walker declared, “As a peace machine, the value of the aeroplane to the world will be beyond computation.” This wasn’t the first grand promise of technology. In that same year Jules Verne announced, “The submarine(潜艇)may be the cause of bringing battle to a stoppage.”

Alfred Nobel, sincerely believe his dynamite(火药) would be a war obstacle: “My dynamite will sooner lead to peace than a thousand world conventions(公约).” Similarly, when Hiran Maxim, inventor of the machine gun, was asked in 1893, “Will this gun not make war more terrible?” he answered, “No, it will make war impossible.” Gugliemo Mareconi, inventor of the radio, told the world in 1912. “The coming of the wireless time will make war impossible, because it will make war ridiculous.” General James Harbord, chairman of the board of RCA in 1925, believed, “Radio will serve to make the concept of Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men a reality.”

David Nye, a historian of technology, adds to the list of inventions imagined as abolishing war forever and leading to universal peace the hot-air balloon, poison gas, land mines and laser guns.

It is not that all these inventions are without benefits—even benefits toward democracy. Rather, it’s the case that each new technology creates more problems than it solves. “Problems are the answers to solutions,” says Brian Arthur.

Most of the new problems in the world are problems created by previous technology. These problems are nearly invisible to us. Every year 1.2 million people die in automobile accidents. The technological transportation system kills more people than cancer. Global warming, environmental poisons, nuclear terrorism, and species loss, are only a few of the many other serious problems troubling people.

If we embrace(拥抱) technology we need to face its costs.

1.What will new inventions do according to the first two paragraphs?

A. They will increase wars.

B. They will lead to peace.

C. They will serve people.

D. They will break conventions.

2.What does the author list so many inventions?

A. To show people’s creativity.

B. To appreciate their benefits.

C. To contradict the original ideas.

D. To prove grand promises.

3.What does the author hope to tell us about new technology through the text?

A. It will experience many tests.

B. It will bring about huge costs in the world.

C. It provides answers to many problems.

D. It presents more problems than it solves.


Finding your feet in a new town can be hard, especially if you’re covered in fur and don’t speak the language. But for pets new to Marlborough, help is at hand.

Marlborough SPCA and the Railway Café, in Blenheim, have joined forces to help welcome pets and their people to the region with a fortnightly morning tea. They hope the morning teas will get tails and tongues wagging as well as giving advice on how to make the move smoother.

Railway Café owner Leanne Harris came up with the innovative plan as a way to help welcome people to the area. Leanne moved to Marlborough from Auckland two years ago and said she initially struggled to find friends and feel part of the community. “Coming from Auckland I thought people would open their doors and that there would be neighbours calling round with cake. I expected people to come to me and, of course, it wasn’t like that. I did get lonely. “I hope to save newcomers having to wait as long as I did to feel part of it all. I would like to welcome them to the town.”

Free platters of sandwiches, cakes and other goodies will be on offer, for the people, while there will be special handmade yoghurt and banana treats for the dogs. The morning teas will take place in the covered area at the back of the popular café beside the railway station off Grove Rd.

Leanne said she was happy to devote both her time and effort into giving back to the community and felt the venture was a great fit with the SPCA.

“Volunteering is such an amazing thing to do and it changed things for me completely, and I met some amazing people with similar interests.”

SPCA Op Shop manager Karina Greenall, originally from the United Kingdom, said she also wanted to help. “I can give advice on how to resettle pets, the best parks to go to , where the best walks are and where the vet centers are in town.” There will be volunteering opportunities too for people where they can help out and hopefully make friends too.”

1.How will Marlborough SPCA and the Railway Café help new pets?

A. By offering morning teas.

B. By giving advice to them.

C. By communication with them.

D. By providing accommodation to them.

2.What was Leanne’s plan originally intended for?

A. Saving animals.

B. Helping newcomers.

C. Making more friends.

D. Expanding her business.

3.What had Leanne expected when she first came to Marlborough?

A. To be left alone.

B. To struggle for a living.

C. To be invited to dinner.

D. To feel part of the community.

4.What can be learnt about SPCA Op Shop manager Karina Greenall?

A. She often misses the United Kingdom.

B. She takes interest in the Railway Café.

C. She is enthusiastic about resettling pets.

D. She has organized the voluntary events.


You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way. The popular saying has inspired many people to read or go sightseeing. Here are several books we recommend that you take on your trip.

1. Destination: US

Recommended book: On the Road, 1957, by Jack Kerouac

The book is a globally popular spiritual guide book about youth. The protagonist(主人公) in the book drives across the US continent with several young people and finally reaches Mexico. After the exhausting and exciting trip, the characters in the book begin to realize the meaning of life.

2. Destination: Sahara Desert

Recommended book: The Stories of the Sahara, 1976, by Sanmao

The book describes the author’s simple but adventurous life in the Sahara Desert, which seems a bare and dull place. The vivid natural scenery and life there, along with the author’s romantic emotions will inspire you to explore the mysterious land.

3. Destination: England

Recommended book: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, 2013, by Rachel Joyce

The novel tells a story of a 60-year-old man who lives a boring and unhappy life, until one day, he received his old friend’s letter who got cancer. In deep shock and sorrow, he went out to send his reply letter. By thinking of his life, he walked past one mailbox after another, and finally walked from the Southwest end to the Northeast end of England. 627 miles in 87 days, he walks depending on one belief that “ his friend can survive as long as he walks.”

4. Destination: North Europe

Recommended book: So Slow, So Beautiful, 2015, by Luo Fu

Following a girl’s step to look around North Europe, who has been living there for 10 years. Check out how North Europeans seek their happiness, which more originated from a simple, natural and tranquil mentality.

1.What can be the best title for the text?

A. Either travel or read    B. Books to take with you on vacation

C. Let’s go sightseeing    D. On the way

2.Which book’s character completed his journey with confirm faith?

A. On the Road    B. The Stories of the Sahara

C. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry    D. So Slow, So Beautiful

3.The Stories of the Sahara is special because ___________.

A. the book describes the author’s life

B. the book presents the vivid natural scenery and life there

C. the book describes the mysterious land

D. the book tells a story

4.As for the book On the Road, we can know ___________.

A. the book is the most popular

B. the author of the book is a young person

C. the trip is across the world

D. the trip is exhausting but meaningful










3.参考词汇:课外活动:activities after class

Dear Jack,

I'm really glad to hear from you and know how you are getting along.________________________________








Li Hua





修改:在错的词下划一横线(     ),并在该词下面写出修改后的词。




Many people like eating junk foods, because they thought they are delicious. But in fact, these foods are not healthy. That we need most is a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet mean choosing a wide variety of foods from all the food groups. A balanced diet provides different kinds of nutrition(营养) with our body. We need a balanced diet to keep healthy. Therefore, many people still have unhealthy eating habits, that will do harm to their health. I think is necessary for us to have three meals a day properly. When eat, we should eat different kinks of foods. For an example, we should eat both meat and vegetables to get different kinds of nutrition.

All in all, it’s importantly for us to keep a balanced diet.



Researchers from the University of Michigan have found that astronauts’ brains change shape during spaceflight. It is the first study1.(look) into how the brain changes in space. Researchers looked at high-tech MRI(磁共振成像)pictures of the brains of 26 astronauts who spent time in space. Twelve of the2.(astronaut) spent two weeks on the Space Shuttle, and 14 spent six months on the International Space Station. All of them3.(experience) increases and decreases in the size of 4.(differ) parts of the brain. The longer an astronaut spent in space ,the 5.(big) the size differences were.

The research produced some6.(interest) findings. One was that on gravity means fluids do not drop in the body, 7.there is a shift in the brain’s position inside the skull. The brain becomes either smaller or bigger. The findings could help doctors to treat problems that affect the brain’s function. They could treat people with problems  8.(cause)by long-term bed rest. They could also help those who have a build-up of fluid in the brain, which can lead9.brain damage. We will understand more about 10.neurons(神经元)in the brain connect. The findings will also help future trips to Mars.


When I spent the summer with my Grandpa in Warwick, he sent me to Miss Bee’s store. _______ the counter was Miss Bee. A pair of glasses teetered(摇摇欲坠) on the _______ of her nose, gray hair was _______ on her head.

“Excuse me. I need to get these.” I said. “So?” She pushed her glasses _______ her nose. “There’s no one here except you and me and I’m not your _______. Go get them. If you’re lucky you’ll finish shopping by sundown.” Sundown was five hours _______. I wasn’t sure l would _______ it.

How could I hope to find anything on the packed, jumbled(乱堆的) shelves around me?

I visited Miss Bee several times a week. Sometimes she short-charged me. Other times she overcharged. _______ she sold me a/an _______ newspaper instead of one that was current. Going to the store was more like going into battle.

“That bread is only twenty-nine cents!” I corrected her one afternoon. I had watched the numbers change on the cash register(收款机) closely, and Miss Bee had added 35 cents. She didn’t seem ________ that I had caught her ________. She just looked at me and ________ the price.

All summer I learned the hard way to ________ my list. But she still found ways to ________. me into making mistakes. No sooner had I memorized the items’ location on the shelf than Miss Bee ________ the shelves and made me hunt for ________ all over again. The morning I was to ________ to Brooklyn, I stopped in to get a packet of gum.

“All right,” she said. “What did you learn this summer?” She was mean! I pressed my lips together. To my ________, Miss Bee laughed. “I know what you think of me,” she said. “ but when you get older you’ll be glad our paths ________!” Glad I met Miss Bee? The idea was ________.

Now I grow up and I finally understand I really learned a lot from Miss Bee.

1.A. On    B. Under    C. Behind    D. Over

2.A. bottom    B. side    C. tip    D. middle

3.A. piled    B. covered    C. grown    D. worn

4.A. down    B. up    C. out    D. over

5.A. boss    B. guest    C. customer    D. maid

6.A. before    B. away    C. about    D. off

7.A. make    B. depend on    C. see to    D. keep.

8.A. But    B. And    C. Or    D. So

9.A. new    B. bad    C. broken    D. old

10.A. pleased    B. embarrassed    C. excited    D. satisfied

11.A. paying more    B. charging more    C. charging less    D. paying less

12.A. increased    B. rewarded    C. corrected    D. raised

13.A. add up    B. bring up    C. look up    D. put up

14.A. arguing    B. forcing    C. persuading    D. tricking

15.A. rebuilt    B. rearranged    C. regained    D. reclaimed

16.A. them    B. her    C. it    D. him

17.A. leave    B. start    C. come    D. return

18.A. amazement    B. joy    C. regret    D. disappointment

19.A. led    B. crossed    C. went    D. passed

20.A. reasonable    B. instructive    C. absurd    D. wise


Ebola is a dangerous virus that can cause people to get very sick and even die. The virus is causing the biggest problems in western Africa, where it has spread quickly.1. But it can get worse and cause life-threatening symptoms, such as bleeding and trouble breathing.


Ebola does not spread like colds or the flu because it does not float through the air. Ebola also doesn’t spread through food or water, like some other viruses. Instead, Ebola spreads when someone touches the body fluids (such as spit) of a sick person.


An outbreak is when many people are getting sick with the same illness around the same time. You may have heard of a flu outbreak, which is when lots of people get sick from the same types of flu virus. When an outbreak happens because of a virus, more people could get sick because there is a lot of that virus around.

Where did Ebola come from?

Scientists aren’t sure how the first person gets Ebola at the start of an outbreak. 4.Tropical animals in Africa believed to carry the virus include great apes, chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, fruit bats, porcupines, and forest antelope.

What do kids need to do about Ebola?

Ebola is making many people sick in Africa, but no matter where you live, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands well and often. 5.

A. Why do I need to wash my hands?

B. How do people catch Ebola?

C. Ebola symptoms can start with fever and headache, kind of like the flu.

D. But they think that people may pick up the virus by touching or eating infected animals.

E. It’s very important that infected people get treatment right away.

F. Keeping hands clean can help protect you from common illnesses like colds and the flu.

G. What is an outbreak?


The 2016 Rio Olympic Games have come to an end. Without doubt, many Chinese sports fans sat in front of the TV and cheered our athletes on, hoping that they would get as many gold medals as possible.

But sometimes our desire for gold medals can result in the sadness of failure. When Liu Xiang, China’s track hero, pulled out of the Beijing Olympics due to injury, he greatly disappointed many Chinese sports fans.

But things are different now. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, we saw a healthier and more lenient Chinese attitude toward the sportspeople, fully in line with the Olympic spirit.

China didn’t win any gold medals on the first day. But, instead of criticizing the athletes who failed to finish on top of the podium(领奖台), the majority of fans were happy with their efforts. “Reacting in the right way when an athlete misses out on gold shows the maturity of a person, and is also a challenge for a country to face up to in the process of development,” commented CRI.

Swimmer Fu Yuanhui won fans’ hearts, even if she only won a bronze medal in the 100m backstroke final. Her fans on her Sina Weibo micro blog have increased 100,000 to over 6 million. Many sports fans appreciated her straightforward character and attitude toward competition.

“The warm support from Internet users shows that public attitude toward competitive sport and the Olympics have gotten to a higher level,” said an article in the People’s Daily.

1.From passage 2, what can we know about Liu Xiang?

A. He is still a famous athlete.

B. He didn’t complete his event in the Beijing Olympics.

C. The audience desired him little.

D. He was required to give up the competition.

2.What does the underlined word “lenient” mean in Paragraph 3?

A. unhappy           B. serious

C. complaining        D. tolerant

3.People like Fu Yuanhui because of her ________.

A. kindness to the fans

B. winning a bronze medal      

C. attitude to competition

D. Weibo mirco blog    

4.What does the author mainly want to tell us in this passage?

A. Learning how to face up to challenge.

B. Winning gold medals is important.

C. Changing attitude to athletes is a must.

D. Getting as many gold medals as possible.


Hummingbirds(蜂鸟) are one of nature’s most energetic fliers and the only birds to hover(盘旋) in the air by relying on their strength alone.

Now scientists have found that it is the ratio(比值) of the bird’s wing length to its width that makes them so efficient. The discovery is helping experts compete with 42 million years of natural selection to build helicopters that are increasingly efficient.

David Lentink, an assistant professor at Stanford University in California, tested wings from 12 different species of hummingbirds, which he sourced from museums. He placed them on a machine used to test the aerodynamics(气力学) of the helicopter blades(桨叶). Professor Lentink’s team used the same machine to test the blades from an advanced micro-helicopter used by the UK’s army. They found that the micro-helicopter’s blades are as efficient at hovering as the average hummingbirds.

But while the micro-helicopter’s blades kept pace with the average hummingbird wings, they could not keep up with the most efficient hummingbird’s wing. The wings of Anna’s hummingbird were found to be about 27 percent more efficient than the man-made micro- helicopter’s blades.

While Professor Lentink wasn’t surprised at nature’s superiority, he said that helicopter blades have come a long way. “The technology is at the level of an average hummingbird,” he said. “A helicopter is really the most efficient hovering device that we can build. The best hummingbirds are still better, but I think it’s amazing that we’re getting closer. It’s not easy to match their performance, but if we build better wings with better shapes, we might match hummingbirds.”

Professor Lentink said that we don’t know how hummingbirds maintain their flight in a strong wind, how they navigate(确定方向) through branches, or how they change direction so quickly. He thinks that great steps could be made by studying wing aspect ratios-the ratio of wing length to wing width. Understanding these abilities and characteristics could be a benefit for robotics and will be the focus of future experiments.

1.What did the scientists find about hummingbirds?

A. Their wings are long and wide

B. They can hover in the air for a long time

C. The ratio of their wing length to wing width is very important

D. They are the most energetic flier in nature

2.Which is the right order of Professor Lentink’s research?

①Tested wings from different species of hummingbirds

②Got resources from museums

③Analyzed the results and drew a conclusion

④Tested the blades from a micro-helicopter

A. ①②③④    B. ②①③④

C. ②④①③    D. ②①④③

3.According to Professor Lentink, what will be the focus of future experiments?

A. To know how hummingbirds can fly in a strong wind

B. To know how hummingbirds change direction so quickly

C. To develop a new kind of helicopter

D. To study the secrets of hummingbirds


I’m part of the Roots & Shoots program founded by Dr. Jane Goodall. The program is intended to make and promote positive changes in the world. As Dr. Goodall says, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

In Bulgaria, where I live, homeless dogs are everywhere. Many people here turn a blind eye to them. But I cannot ignore the life of a street dog whenever I see one wandering in the street, looking for something to eat. That’s why I’m no longer a food waster. When I see wasted food, I always think of a hungry dog climbing to garbage bins, searching for food that people have thrown there. When eating in a restaurant, I’m not afraid to take leftover food to feed stray cats or dogs.

A week ago, I saw a homeless dog around the garbage bins. Immediately I knelt down, spoke to her softly and ran my hands over her. I could see that she had had puppies. I couldn’t imagine how she could have been able to care for them. Hours earlier, I’d bagged up a plate of leftover fish. As I unwrapped it, she wagged her tail and sniffed at it. She ate all the fish in no time.

It’s sad, isn’t it? I can’t understand why many of us waste so much and think little of it. These homeless animals have taught me that food is precious. Even when I don’t have leftovers with me, I’ll take the time to get something from the grocery store to feed them.

I know my power is small, so I hope that next time you see wasted food, do turn it into worthy food. You have the power to save a life!

1.The author uses what Dr. Goodall says to show__________.

A. how we can develop our business

B. why it is important to be great

C. why the program is popular globally

D. how we can change the world positively

2.What can be concluded from the text?

A. There are few homeless dogs where the author lives

B. The author takes homeless dogs home and raises them

C. Seeing homeless dogs makes the author never waste food

D. People throw food into garbage bins to feed homeless dogs

3.The author took the leftover fish with him to____________.

A. feed a homeless dog he met

B. eat it when he was hungry

C. look for more homeless animals

D. set an example to those who throw away food

4.The author wrote the text to ask us to__________.

A. value our food    B. treat dogs as our friends

C. save wasted food for homeless dogs    D. raise homeless dogs and cats


Teens For Planet Earth

This is a social networking site for teenagers who want to get involved in protecting our planet. They can connect with other green-minded teens, choose a project or create their own. Teens For Planet Earth encourages young folks to get busy in their own communities. They offer guidance on local projects with categories such as habitats, animals, water and education. Awards are given to active members.


At Meez, teens can create their own avatars(头像), rooms and virtual pets. It is a social community of creative people that combines avatars, virtual worlds and games. Meez offers contests and chat as well as homework help, a fashion central and a writers’ corner. A chat area for younger teens is available. Other areas are music, geek(极客)central, art and sports.


Cyberteens is another cool site that celebrates the teen years. Here teenagers can find community, games, and news. There is a link called “creativity” where teens can share their poems, stories, photos and artwork. The “cool links” section offers a huge variety of options to the curious teens. This site also has surveys and helps with jobs and school work. is a resource site for teens and high school students. Its social network has over 900,000 members. Members earn points to win prizes just by browsing and they offer several multi-player games. Points are used to buy items at auction(拍卖会). is filled with useful information and articles.

1.What is Teens For Planet Earth aimed to?

A. Set up a project.

B. Give awards to teens.

C. Get young folks busy.

D. Give advice on local projects.

2.Which website offers assistance in jobs?

A. Teens For Planet Earth.    B. Meez.    C. Cyberteens.    D.

3.What makes special among these websites?

A. It has the most members.

B. Teens can read articles on it.

C. It offers help on school work.

D. Teens can make purchases on it.

4.What can we infer about the websites mentioned in the text?

A. They provide game platforms.

B. They benefit teens in their social life.

C. They award outstanding teens.

D. They offer various study guidance.


国际文化交流中心将组织一次由各国学生参加的“和平·友谊”夏令营活动,要求报名者提交个人英文简介。假设你是李华,请根据下列有关信息向“the Peace & Friendship Summer Camp”写一封申请信:

Name: 18

School: the High School Attached to Hunan Normal University

Character: be fond of music and taking photos,like meeting new people,love nature and peace

Aim: make friends,learn about different cultures













During adolescence, 1.很多青少年感到孤独. Life never seems to be going fast enough, but in other ways, life seems to be rushing too fast. Everything seems different, yet the same, day by day.

Although it may be difficult to believe, these feelings are common for teenagers. These can be thought of as ‘growing pains’—2.青少年面临的那些困难as they grow to adults.

3.Teenagers can easily become confused with the changing world inside and outside. They also go through great physical changes, such as growing taller and their voices getting deeper. 4.Along with these physical changes, there come many psychological changes, too. But girls and boys tend to be different in this regard.

When it comes to society, teenagers struggle to be independent.5.They may badly want and need their parents' love, yet feel distant; they may want to be in a group, yet desire independence.

Fortunately, these growing pains do not last long. Everything will turn out right at last.






1.Go to a British school for one year was a very enjoyable experience.


2.By the 1920s, he had become a explorer, searching for some tombs.


3.I regretted to taking those weight-loss pills a few days ago.


4.If you eat proper and exercise regularly, you will feel great.


5.He says that he is a music fan and he often plays the piano.



Colin, my older brother and I have been quite busy1.(plan) our holiday. We can't wait to go to Africa first.

The most exciting thing we are going to do 2.(be) to travel by camel through the Sahara Desert. I think 3. will be uncomfortable to sit on a camel for 6 days. After the trip, we'll go white-water rafting. It is dangerous so you have to wear special clothes, a helmet4.a life jacket. Our next destination is Kenya, 5.we'll live with the local people in their villages, and eat and drink whatever they do, 6.(include) cow's blood. During the day, we'll try to get close to some big animals to take some really good 7.(photo). The animals are dangerous so our guides will have guns with us 8.(scare) them away if they came too close. When we climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, we will make sure that we will get enough rest after sunset because mountain climbing can be very 9.(tire) and many people feel sick as the air gets 10.(thin).

I hope everything goes well!


My name is Sam Adamson. I have an interesting job. I don't treat sick people. I _______ animals, such as cats, dogs, and even pigs. I work in an animal clinic.

Most of the time, I am quite_______. I don't have time to go on vacation, but recently I had a _______ to stay in Paris for a week. I was excited, but everything became _______ when I first got there.

On my first day there, I decided to take a walk around the city. Half an hour later, I couldn't _______ the way back. I was lost! Since I couldn't speak French, I had to _______English.I stopped a teenager and asked him the way_______English. To my surprise, he _______his head and walked away. Then a young lady did the same thing. It seemed that everyone refused to help me. At last, an old man told me the _______and explained why I couldn't get help. He said that most French people don't like answering tourists' questions in English. ________, I still think that the people I stopped were very rude. Maybe I should begin to learn French.

1.A. look after    B. look for    C. look into    D. look at

2.A. busy    B. important    C. happy    D. comfortable

3.A. plan    B. time    C. chance    D. right

4.A. joke    B. question    C. mistake    D. mess

5.A. decide    B. find    C. get    D. search

6.A. learn    B. teach    C. use    D. say

7.A. of    B. in    C. on    D. at

8.A. shook    B. nodded    C. turned    D. moved

9.A. plan    B. place    C. method    D. way

10.A. Besides    B. Additionally    C. However    D. Though


Most students have had an experience of putting off things that must be done before a certain time. Here are some ways to help you reduce this age-old practice.


In order to achieve a particular result, you should constantly set and update goals. It can be beneficial to mark all deadlines in a planner and think about how much time you need to meet them all. What is more, make a daily schedule in order to reach necessary goals before going to bed.


Sometimes you may consider some work or class pointless and not useful to your further studies. However, when these thoughts arise, remind yourself what the final goal of your schooling is. Remind yourself why you wanted to go to school and take this program in the first place.


The most common things that take your attention away are those found on the Internet-social media sites, and videos. If you do not need the Internet to do your work, turn it off so that you are not receiving notices while completing your work.

Have something to look forward to.

Being productive for all hours of every day does not work, so plan time to go out with friends or do something relaxing. This way, while you are working, you can keep in mind that once you are finished your work you can go out and not worry about your assignments.

A. Reward yourself.

B. Turn off the Internet.

C. Set goals.

D. Remind yourself of what you are doing.


Everyone needs friends. There is an old saying, "Friends are God's way of taking care of us." But how do you find real friendship and keep it?

The American writer Sally Seamans tells young students some smart ways to find friends. Sally says finding friendship is just like planting a tree. You plant the seed and take care of it to make it grow.

First, you should choose a friend. What makes a good friend? It is not because a person has money or good looks. A good friend should be kind and patient. For example, if you have a bad day, a good friend should listen to your complaints and do his or her best to help. To make a friend, you cannot be too shy. You should make each other happy and share your lives.

But things cannot always be happy. Even the best friends have fights. What should you do when you have a fight with your friend? You have to talk to him or her. When there is no one around, have an honest talk. If he or she doesn't want to talk, you could write a letter.

There are three steps to being friends again: Tell him or her how you are feeling; say what your friend has done wrong, and explain why you did this or that. Remember that friendship is the most important thing in your life.

1.Sally wants to tell students the ways to ________.

A. find friends    B. plant trees

C. get happy    D. keep fit

2.What makes good friends?

A. A good friend should be lovely and cool.

B. A good friend should be kind and patient.

C. A good friend should have lots of money.

D. A good friend should have good looks.

3.According to the text, you can ________ your friend after a fight.

A. buy a present for    B. never say a word to

C. have dinner with    D. write a letter to

4.What is the best title of the text?

A. The development and maintenance of friendship

B. The good friends around you

C. The trouble of growing up

D. The keeping of friendship


China is a land of bicycles.At least it was back in 1992 when I traveled the country.Back then everyone seemed to be riding a bicycle.Cars were fare.Yet since my arrival in Beijing last year,I've found there are millions of cars. However,bicycles are still popular nowadays.People still use their bicycles to get around.For many,it's the most convenient and cheapest way to travel today.

It's rush quickly through crossroads,move skillfully through traffic,and ride even on sidewalks(人行道). Bicycles allow people the freedom to move about,which cars just can't provide.Eager to be part of this aspect of Chinese culture,I decided to buy a bicycle.Immediately I got my new bike I jumped up on the seat and started home.

My first ride home was orderly(守秩序的).To be safe, I stayed with a "pack" of bikers while cars on the streets came running swiftly out of nowhere at times.I didn't want to get hit.So I took the ride carefully.Crossing the streets was the biggest problem.It was a lot like crossing a major highway back in the United States.The streets here were wide,so crossing took time,skill and a little bit of luck.

I finally made it home.The feeling on the bicycle was amazing.The air hitting my face and going through my hair was wonderful.I was sitting on top of the world as I passed by places and people.Biking made me feel alive.

1.According to the author,why are bicycles still popular in China today?

A. Because they are traditional and safe.

B. Because they are convenient and inexpensive.

C. Because they are colorful and available.

D. Because they are fast and environment friendly.

2.The author decided to buy a bicycle because he intended_______.

A. to ride it for fun    B. to use it for transport

C. to experience the culture    D. to improve his riding skills

3.How did the author feel about his street crossing?

A. It was boring.    B. It was difficult.

C. It was lively.    D. It was wonderful.

4.Which of the following best describes the author's biking experience?

A. The author enjoyed showing off his biking skills.

B. The author was annoyed by the air while riding.

C. The author was praised by the other bikers.

D. The author took great pleasure in biking.


Do you want to set aside some time for what you like and have fun? Here are some good choices:

City Water Skiing Center

We are in the heart of the city and give you an easy chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of water skiing. We offer one lesson every hour between 8 a.m and 11 a.m. A fun way to get a lot of exercise quickly and then stay fit.

Horse Riding School

Our experienced teachers provide one-on-one instruction that makes learning to ride a horse safe and easy. We are located on a large farm where you will be able to get to enjoy lots of fresh air and the beauty of nature. Open 7 days a week between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Ballroom Dancing Society

The dancing society is organizing a special course for new members. No experience is necessary and if you don't have your own partner we will arrange one for you. Have fun learning to dance and making new friends in class and at our many social events. Classes are from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Monday and Thursday.

Ron's Boxing Gym

We don't just teach you how to box; we teach you how to keep fit for the rest of your life. Our training involves many different activities such as running, skipping and lifting weight, as well as—of course—actual boxing. Once a month we also organize practice fights for members of the same sex and weight. Open from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

1.If you only have time to go during your workday lunch hour, you should choose ________.

A. Horse Riding school    B. Ballroom Dancing Society

C. Ron's Boxing Gym    D. City Water Skiing Center

2.What do we know about Ballroom Dancing Society's course?

A. Dancing experience is necessary to take the course.

B. One must sign up for the course with his or her own partner.

C. The course can help enrich one's social life.

D. The course is taught only on weekends.

3.According to the text, one gets different training exercises in ________.

A. Horse Riding school    B. Ballroom Dancing Society

C. Ron's Boxing Gym    D. City water Skiing Center

4.This text is most probably a(n) ________.

A. news    B. story

C. advertisement    D. report








Good afternoon,dear friends!My name is Li Hua.I am honoured to have a chance to run for the president of the English Speech Association._________________________________________________________________










Thank you!








Li Hui,my friend in high school,has dreamed becoming a cartoon artist since she was young. To her disappointed,her parents don't agree with her decision at first Therefore,Li Hui would not change her mind.She worked hardly to perfect her skills.Just before he finished high school,the chance came:the famous art school was holding a cartoon drawing competition The first three winners would be given a scholarship to study drawing there. Li Hui told herself not to missing the chance.She readily entered the competition and came second. She is now a student in that school and I feel certain what her dream would come true.


Some residents of rural Human still believe in old-style Spring Festival celebrations but fear that traditions may be lost1.they're protected,Liu Xiangrui reports.

Spring Festival,2.(celebrate)from the first to the 15th day of the first lunar month,is undoubtedly the most3. (significance)cultural event in a year for Chinese.

Like in other parts of the country,preparations for the festival start early every year,with food4.(play)a key role.In rural Yueyang,for instance,such delicacies as tofu and smoked pork are prepared a month or two 5. advance. Then,there are specific days for certain activities.People offer prayers to the Kitchen God on the 23rd of the last lunar month,so that he puts in a good word about the host family when he6.return)to heaven to file an"annual report"the next day.

The festival is celebrated by putting up7.decorate)in house,lighting firecrackers,worshipping ancestors and staying up late on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

The night before the year begins is the highlight of the festival8.those working in faraway cities try to rush home9.catch)the family reunion dinner.Some families have unique menus for this special meal Fish,which symbolizes prosperity in Chinese culture,is10.must


I was siting n the surgical waiting area at the hospital waiting for word of my wife's operation The small room was filled with other families and friends,who were_____waiting to hear how their loved ones were doing.

There was a young boy siting quietly in the_____He held a small box of ____in one hand and a tablet(写字板)in the other Every so often he'd place the tablet on his lap and draw something.As the hours passed I began to see the room almost_____And there was a strange silence.

"Daddy,when is Mommy going home?"the young boy asked,breaking the ____

"Tomorrow."his father replied The boy picked up his crayons(蜡笔)and_____something on the tablet.

I_____him as he moved his feet back and forth,looking up at the ceiling and then toward the sunshine-filled window.When's____Daddy?"he asked. His father ___him over to sit by him."Come,___here next to me."he said with a gentle tone in his voice_____his things,the little boy walked slowly to his father's side from the comer.The man_____out and held his son by his shoulder.

There are three days in life Yesterday today and tomorrow.One is over and done,one we live in,the other we ____We cant live in yesterday, but if we are happy enough today. we will be even happier tomorrow."he said in an attempt to_____the boy.

The little boy looked at him for a moment and said."If Mommy is going home tomorrow.I'll be_____So.I want it to be tomorrow already.Daddy"

Now hanging on every word of this_____I leaned forward to hear his response.It was_____

“Son,the one great thing about today is once it_____it is already almost tomorrow.”

I thought about how_____it was.Even in my adult life,I still live waiting for what tomorrow may __.

Now I know that it is already“almost tomorrow”.

1.A. patiently    B. happily    C. peacefully    D. eagerly

2.A. chair    B. distance    C. comer    D. shadow

3.A. gifts    B. crayons    C. chalks    D. toys

4.A. dark    B. empty    C. full    D. clean

5.A. promise    B. rule    C. record    D. silence

6.A. wrote    B. printed    C. drew    D. expressed

7.A. followed    B. found    C. caught    D. watched

8.A. today    B. yesterday    C. tomorrow    D. future

9.A. knocked    B. ordered    C. pulled    D. called

10.A. stand    B. lie    C. sit    D. sleep

11.A. saving    B. forgetting    C. gathering    D. choosing

12.A. reached    B. took    C. set    D. got

13.A. spend    B. waste    C. expect    D. kill

14.A. frighten    B. wan    C. persuade    D. satisfy

15.A. better    B. calmer    C. smarter    D. happier

16.A. story    B. conversation    C. opinion    D. discussion

17.A. perfect    B. silly    C. active    D. humorous

18.A. ends    B. passes    C. starts    D. lasts

19.A. sincere    B. important    C. interesting    D. meaningful

20.A. happen    B. come    C. need    D. Bring


Tips on buying outdoor solar lights(太阳能灯)

As solar lighting is becoming useful for homes,many different such outdoor lights can now be found in supermarkets.Here are some helpful tips for customers.

Does your area receive enough direct lighting?

1.So you shouldn't even give it a thought if you live in an area that doesn't get much sunlight.These lights need direct sunlight,or they just won't work very well.2.

The expensive one usually means good quality Choosing the cheapest ones will result in many problems.For once,it's best to buy more expensive lights of high quality.3.At least you should know the difference between a $10 light and a $45 light.

Buy lights that require less installation(安装)

Most solar lights are simply driven into the shouldn't deal with the difficulty in installing a system that involves anything more than that.4.You don't need to buy lights that require half an hour each to plant into the ground because that's just a waste of time.

Make sure the lights can store enough energy.

Different solar lights can store different amounts of energy5.Therefore,you should choose lights that are able to store enough energy to last for a few hours or more,at least those that will last from nightfall throughout most of the night and part of the morning.

A.They should take a few minutes each to get into the ground

B.Without sunlight,solar lighting is useless.

C.It means some will stay lit longer than the others

D.Buy many solar lights instead of just one or two.

E.Choose something a bit more expensive for once.

F.That doesn't mean you have to spend all your money.

G.Solar lights are becoming more and more popular.


A recent study by Citi Retail Services found that a growing number of people are embracing digital wallets or e-wallets,due in large part to their convenience and ease of use.

E-wallets have been called the future of real-world payment technology.With major players like Alipay,WeChat and Apple Pay becoming popular,it seems to be a safe bet that a change in consumer payment technology is coming soon.

CNN reporter Paul Ripley experienced a day in Beijing without his wallet."In China's largest cities,you can definitely survive without carrying a pocket full of cash and credit cards-as long as you've got your smartphone."He paid for breakfast by scanning a QR code on the window of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.All he had to do was to enter a password and the transaction was complete.

Unlike the situations in the US and other countries,"China doesn't have a really money-making credit card system,so Chinese people just skipped credit cards and went straight to mobile payments."Gu Yu,co-founder of the new payment app Mileslife,told CNN.He also pointed out the advantages of mobile payments."No coins or bills that can be lost or stolen.electronic receipts,the ease of keeping rack of spending-and of course,no wallet taking up space."he said.

However,if we want to make e-wallets a mainstream trend a lot of things will have to change over the coming years.Perhaps one of the most important things that need to be changed is how people regard e-wallets.Linda Barrabee,research director for NPD Connected Intelligence, said in a statement."In order to promote on-the-go consumer transactions and commerce,wireless carriers,credit card companies,and e-commerce companies need to make sure the process is convenient,simple,and secure for consumers."

1.More consumers tend to use e-wallets because they are       .

A. fashionable    B. enjoyable

C. handy    D. economic

2.Paul Ripley's example is used mainly to show that       .

A. Smartphone payments are available in every part of China now.

B. Life in Beijing has become the most advanced in the world

C. You can buy anything you want using mobile payments in Beijing.

D. Mobile payments are popular in large cities in China like Beijing

3.Which of the following statement is NOT rue according to the passage?

A. There will be no more cash or credit card payments in the near future.

B. Digital-wallets will save up much space in your bag when you go out.

C. How people consider digital wallets will influence the popularity of digital wallet

D. The Chinese credit card system has partly caused the popularity of digital wallets

4.What is the last paragraph mainly about?

A. E-wallets is much safer and more convenient than traditional payments.

B. There is still a long way to make e-wallets become the main trend in our life.

C. E-wallets will be definitely a mainstream trend in our life.

D. E-commerce companies will make great profits by using e-wallets in the future.


Whats your dream vacation?Watching wildlife in Kenya?Boating down the Amazon?Sunbathing in Malaysia? New chances are opening up all the time to explore the world.So we visit travel agents,compare packages and prices, and pay our money.

We know what our vacation costs us.But do we know what it might cost someone else?It's true that many poorer countries now depend on tourism for foreign income.Unfortunately,though.tourism often harms the local people more than it helps them

It might cost their homes and lands.In Myanmar.5.200 people were forced to leave their homes among the pagodas(佛塔)in Bagan so that tourists could visit the pagodas.

Tourism might also cost the local people their livelihood(生计)and dignity(尊严).Local workers often find only jobs with slim salaries in the tourist industry.And most of the profits(利润)do not help the local economy. Instead,profits return to the tour operators in wealthier countries,When the Maasai people in Tanzania were driven(驱赶)from their lands,some moved to city slums.Others now make a little money selling souvenirs or posing(摆姿势)for photos.

Problems like these were observed more than 20 years ago.But now some non-government organizations,tour operators and local governments are working together to begin correcting them.Tourists,too,are putting on the pressure.

The result is responsible tourism,or ethical tourism.Ethical tourism has people at its heart.New international agreements and codes of conduct(行为准则)can help protect the people's lands homes,economies and cultures.The beginnings are small,though,and the problems are complex.

But take heart.The good news is that everyone,including us,can play a part to help the local people in the places we visit Tour operators and companies can help by making sure that local people work in good conditions and earn reasonable wages.

They can make it a point to use only locally owned hotel restaurants and guide services.They can share profits fairly to help the local economy And they can involve the local people in planning and managing tourism.

What can tourists do?First,we can ask tour companies to provide information about the conditions of local citizens.We can then make our choices and tell them why.And while we're abroad,we can:

Buy local foods and products,not imported ones.

Pay a fair price for goods and services and not bargain for the cheapest price.

Avoid flaunting wealth.

Ask before talking photographs of people.They are not just part of the landscape!

Let's enjoy our vacation and make sure others do,too.

1.What is probably the best title for the article?

A. Vacations Cost More Than You Think

B. Tourism Causes Bad Effects

C. Vacations Bring a Lot of Fun

D. Tourism Calls for Good Behavior

2.Which of the following is not mentioned?

A. Local people were well paid to leave their lands

B. Tourists may stay in hotels opened by local people.

C. Local people are mainly provided with low-paying work

D. Tourists could bargain with local people for a reasonable price

3.The underlined phrase "take heart" means "       ".

A. take care    B. pay attention.

C. cheer up    D. calm down

4.According to the passage,the writer thinks       .

A. tourism is not a promising(有前途的)industry

B. dream vacations should be spent abroad

C. tourists should respect local customs and culture

D. the problems caused by tourism are easy to settle


It's a Saturday morning,and I am eager to fly away.My husband and I will meet up with our son on the other side of the country to learn and explore together.Sitting now at the airport gate,my husband wanders away to stretch his legs.Moments later,he returns and whispers in my ear.I rise and follow him around the comer toward a large window facing the landing area.

On the road,Marines stand straight and the plane door is open.A white hearse(灵车)is parked nearby.A man and a soldier stand on either side of a woman,supporting her and waiting for what is to come.Airport personnel stand in reverent stillness.A few people place their hands over their hearts,as I have done.We're joined in witness,sending respect to an honorable soldier whose name we'll never know.

The woman looks heartbroken.She cries,knowing she will never hear "Mom”from her son. She'll never feel his tender embrace or enjoy his sweet peck on her cheeks.Another man's face is twisted because of the grief.His son,the tiny boy he no doubt wrestled playfully,the teen he probably taught to drive,and the son he stood so proudly by,now lives only in his memory.

Those behind the glass stay silent,reflecting on this loss,as the family and soldiers leave.Some of us women, with sorrowful expressions,move slowly away,sharing a mother's profound grief Soon,each of us will fly off in planes and return to an ordinary life made extraordinary by this soldier's this family's sacrifice and by this love shared by all that look out of the window

1.Why dd the author's husband leave when she was siting at the gate?

A. Because he wanted to meet his son.

B. Because he wanted to feel more comfortable by walking around.

C. Because there was something unusual happening.

D. Because he wanted to enjoy beautiful scenery.

2.How did the author feel about the scene of the landing area?

A. Sorrowful and respectful.    B. Surprised and interested

C. Curious and thrilled.    D. Frightened and worried.

3.What can we infer from the passage?

A. The author came to the airport in order to attend the ceremony.

B. The honorable soldier liked wrestling as a boy.

C. The author thought highly of the soldier and his family

D. The people at the airport all in deep sorrow due to the incident.

4.What is the best title for the passage?

A. I saw heartbroken parents at the airport.

B. Soldier's courage moved us at the airport

C. Showing respect to an honorable soldier.

D. A fallen soldier reunited with his family.


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