Last August, I flew to Columbia, Missouri to continue my education at the University of Missouri. At first I thought I was brave to deal with any 41 in a foreign country. 42 during my first semester here, I always felt so 43 . Being silent was my 44 to interact with Americans. Although I wanted to make   45 , I didn’t know how to approach them. I was afraid that they wouldn’t understand my English and I   46 to be careful not to make anyone angry. Therefore, I always 47 others to talk to me.

In fact, I found that a lot of American students are 48 me. They also don’t know how to interact with international students, so they choose not to be 49 . Obviously, two passive persons 50 have a chance to communicate with each other. And that’s why people from the same country like to 51 themselves from others. They feel more 52 with their own people and they are used to their own ways of behaving. 53 , they build barriers (障碍) for themselves.

However, I 54 to approach Americans gradually. Since I had the 55 to come to this country, I told myself, there was no reason for me to be 56 of approaching and communicating with Americans. When I showed kindness to them, most of them 57 my kindness. I found Americans are actually fun and 58 . Now I am glad that I’ve made some good American friends here. I try hard to 59 my attitudes and my world has become brighter. Being an open-minded and brave person makes my life more joyful. I was 60 , but I found my way.

1.A. fightB. challengeC. decisionD. mistake

2.A. ForB. SoC. ButD. Or

3.A. anxiousB. happyC. lonelyD. lazy

4.A. dutyB. wayC. taskD. advice

5.A. plansB. achievementsC. jokesD. friends

6.A. forgotB. refusedC. rememberedD. wanted

7.A. sent forB. waited forC. called onD. depended on

8.A. likeB. againstC. besideD. behind

9.A. activeB. politeC. friendlyD. kind

10.A. alwaysB. usuallyC. neverD. sometimes

11.A. protectB. freeC. separateD. save

12.A. specialB. comfortableC. successfulD. busy

13.A. At firstB. At presentC. By the wayD. In the end

14.A. fearedB. helpedC. pretendedD. started

15.A. timeB. moneyC. courageD. power

16.A. afraidB. proudC. gladD. fond

17.A. hatedB. wastedC. spreadD. repaid

18.A. hard-workingB. easy-going

C. self-centeredD. broken-hearted

19.A. holdB. takeC. explainD. change

20.A. lostB. hurtC. bornD. late



What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating fast food?

Many people do not have time to eat home-cooked food. 1. There’re more than 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States itself, and over 8,000 KFCs in 80 countries. In most cities, it is not difficult to find hamburgers and pizza.

Advantages of fast food

2. Eating fast food helps working people and students to get back to work as quickly as possible. Besides, many love the look, smell and taste of it. Perhaps the greatest advantage is the price. 3. If one lives alone, then it is cheaper to buy a meal at the supermarket than cook it at home.

Disadvantages of fast food

The greatest disadvantage of fast food is the bad effect that it has on one’s health. Many people feel that fast food is unhealthy because it contains a lot of artificial ingredients (人造成分). Some even think that it is addictive (上瘾的) because of these ingredients. 4. Fast food may lead to obesity in the American population.

5. I believe that it can be a good thing, as long as people do not eat it too often, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and also do plenty of exercise to keep in shape.

A. Fast food does raise health concerns.

B. It is often cheaper than other kinds of restaurant food.

C. In short, fast food has both advantages and disadvantages.

D. Fast food probably makes people much fatter than before.

E. More and more fruit and vegetables are offered in fast food.

F. The most evident advantage of fast food is that it saves time.

G. Because of our non-stop modern lifestyle, fast food is popular almost everywhere.


Reach for the stars at the Euro Space Center. Find out everything you need to know about space — from the origins of the universe (宇宙) to the future space exploration plans. Light, sound and special effects help to bring your space journey to life. Throughout your tour, our specially trained guides will answer your questions and provide you with any information you require.

Begin your tour with our exhibition about the planets, then move on to the Space Laboratory and see some of the experiments carried out in space. Visit our international space station, where you can climb into our full-scale Space Shuttle model and experience life on board as an astronaut (宇航员).

You will know all about space by now and to help you further, our Space Center astronaut will tell you about how young people train as astronauts in our own training school. Finally, you can watch our amazing Space Show in our IMAX cinema, which will help you understand everything you have learned during your visit better.

Outside we have an outdoor exhibition including a giant solar system, full-size rocket models and outdoor games. Don’t worry if it rains — much of this is under cover.

After that, why not visit our restaurant Resto Space for food and drink on a space theme (主题)? And don’t forget our Space Shop, offering you a lot of gifts to take home.

The Euro Space Center is open every day during school holidays, and also during other times except Mondays. Opening times are 10:00-5:00. For entrance fees, call our booking service on + 32-61-650133. Or you can email us for up-to-date entry information at info@eurospacecenter.be.

1.Anyone who goes to the Euro Space Center will ________.

A. visit there for free

B. become a true astronaut

C. feel as if he was in space

D. do any space experiments he wants

2.In the Space Shuttle, visitors can ________.

A. enjoy food and drink

B. watch an amazing space show

C. learn about space experiments

D. know how astronauts live in space

3.On school day Mondays, the Euro Space Center ________.

A. will be open all day long

B. will be open only for 5 hours

C. will be closed for the whole day

D. will have a space show in the IMAX cinema

4.What’s the best title for the text?

A. Learn to be an astronaut

B. Welcome to Space Shop

C. Come and take a space walk

D. Show your talent for science


A newspaper, a publication usually issued on a daily or weekly basis, has the main function of reporting news. Many newspapers also furnish their readers with other pieces of useful information, such as weather reports, television schedules, and stock prices. They provide commentary (评论) on politics, economics, and arts and culture. In nearly all cases and in varying degrees, newspapers depend on commercial advertising for their income.

Newspaper publishers estimate that nearly six out of ten adults in the United States and Canada read a newspaper every day, and seven out of ten read a paper each weekend. By the time they see a newspaper; most people have already heard about breaking news stories on television or on the radio. Readers rely on newspapers to provide detailed background information and analysis (分析) which television and radio rarely offer. Newspapers not only inform readers that an event has happened but also help readers understand what led to the event and how it will affect the world.

The staff of a large newspaper works under the constant pressure of deadlines to bring news to readers as quickly as their minds, bodies and the technology they use permit. Reporters, photographers, artists, and editors compile (编写) articles and graphics — sometimes in just a few hours. Page designers combine articles, photos, advertisements, and eye-catching headlines into page layouts (版面), then rush their work to the printer. Printing technicians may work through the night operating printing presses that can print out more than 60,000 copies per hour.

1.What does the second paragraph mainly tell us?

A. How many people read newspapers.

B. Why many people read newspapers.

C. How a newspaper comes into being.

D. How newspapers affect us.

2.According to the passage, why do people read newspapers?

A. People want to know what happened.

B. Newspapers are cheaper than any other news medium.

C. Newspapers are more convenient than any other news medium.

D. Newspaper can supply us with more detailed information.

3.The underlined word in Paragraph 1 means "________".

A. offerB. reviewC. foundD. produce

4.According to the passage, what affects the pace of a newspaper's publication?

A. The editors.

B. The printers.

C. The newspapers’ human resources and technology.

D. The reporters.


Since the time when the Romans first settled on the Danube River and built one of their most important central European forts (堡垒), Vindobona, the city we now know as Vienna, has played a very important role in European history. Austria grew up around the city and developed into a strong empire (帝国). The capital became a famous place during the rule of the Habsburg dynasty.

Today, Vienna is one of the most popular tourist spots in Austria as well as a major center of modern business and culture. Many different cultures have fused their cultural identities to produce the amazing Viennese culture. It is said that the most beautiful German is spoken in this old city.

A city of music, cafes, waltzes, parks, cakes, and wine — that's Vienna. Famous composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert made Vienna into a city of music. Vienna also has a lot to offer in art and architecture. Yet the bars and clubs make a trip to Vienna an unforgettable experience. Vienna's cooking diversity is also impressive. Dumpling soup, tender boiled beef and apple rolls are typical Austrian dishes.

The face of the city has changed time and again due to war, victory, defeat, the death of an empire and the birth of a republic, foreign occupation (占领), and the passage of time. Fortunately, the Viennese character —a strict devotion to the good life — has remained solid.

1.What can we know about Vienna in the past?

A. It used to be a business center.

B. People there had beautiful voices.

C. Austria developed around this city.

D. There were some forts in this city.

2.What does the underlined word "fused" in Paragraph 2 mean?

A. Melted.B. Learned.C. Referred.D. Protected.

3.Which of the following items about Vienna are mentioned in this passage?

①music    ②culture   ③weather   ④history   ⑤food    ⑥government     ⑦art

A. ①④⑤⑥B. ②④⑤⑦C. ④⑤⑥⑦D. ②③④⑤















参考词汇:快速公交系统 BRT

高架桥 overpass

Dear Editor,


I’m writing to you about the road construction which is taking place in our city.




Li Hua



Dear Sir,

I’m glad to learn that part-time assistants were wanted in your studio and I’d like to have a try. I’m a student who is graduated from high school soon. Before attending the college, I’ll have a long holiday and I’m determined to make the best of them. Since childhood, I have developed a strong interest in storytelling and watching films. My teacher thinks high of my performance in the language class, when I have also acquired a good knowledge of American movie industry. Except that, I am monitor of my class and thus have gained many experience in management.

I will undertake full responsibility and spare no effort to do my share of work. I am fully convinced that through communication with the staffs, I can get some valuable work experience as well as develop my social skills.

I’m looking forward to receiving your reply soon. Thank you for your consider.


Li Hua



Enough sleep is important to health. The amount of sleep 1.(need) depends on the age of the person and the conditions in2.sleep takes place. The young may need more sleep than3.old, but usually eight hours are enough for the health of grown-ups. Some can do with4.than this amount, but others may need more. Every person knows his own need. 5. is then a matter of good judgment to satisfy his need. Sleep should always be enough to make one bring back his6. (strong) and get ready for a day’s work.

Fresh air is necessary to sound sleep. So it is not without reason for some people to think that it is practicable to sleep 7. the open air. A bath at bedtime, 8. hot nor cool but of body temperature, may be helpful 9. sleep. Sleep-producing drug should never be taken except when10. (suggest) by a doctor.


In Twain, many people know what a “motorpool” means. It is     known as a place for the maintenance(维修) of official business and government cars.     it is a place for vehicle maintenance.

More than ten years ago I came to America on business and I took advantage of the      to visit my friend. My friend drove a car to      me at the airport, and took me to his home. Out of the     , my friend drove his car into the innermost     , which had a sign“carpool only”. I     what “carpool”meant. I felt doubted whether he was going to a motorpool.     I thought myself clever in asking:

“Is there anything wrong with the car?”

“Nothing.     ?”said he.

“Well then, why are you going to carpool?”I     .

My friend couldn’t help     and told me that “carpool” refers to the lane that only the cars with two or more      can drive in. I felt rather      on hearing that.

After dinner, my friend’s neighbour came over to ask whether he     “carpool” the next day.      ,”my friend said“I will accompany my friend to go shopping tomorrow.” I was      again, wondering why he could not“carpool”with him since we had “carpooled” today. My friend explained to me again that the “carpool” that his neighbour     meant they in turn drove the car to work so as to save     . The first“carpool”is a noun,     the second“carpool”is a verb. It is really40for newcomers in America to understand it in a short time.

1.A.commonly B.probably C.partly D. simply

2.A.In general B.In particular C.After all D. Above all

3.A.break B.time C.chance D. place

4.A.watch B.help C.meet D. catch

5.A.sight B.airport C.kindness D. plane

6.A.line B.lane C.range D. route

7.A.wondered B.knew C.understood D. learned

8.A.For B.Thus C.Then D. Though

9.A.How B.What C.Why D. Where

10.A.reminded B.responded C.explained D. judged

11.A.thinking B.talking C.laughing D. showing

12.A.passengers B.drivers C.kids D. ladies

13.A.surprised B.excited C.annoyed D. embarrassed

14.A.needed B.could C.should D. would

15.A.Sure B.Sorry C.Pardon D. Good

16.A.upset B.doubtful C.confused D. worried

17.A.used B.insisted C.learned D. provided

18.A. energyB. time C. money D. gas

19.A.as B.so C.while D. for

20.A.interesting B.difficult C.important D. necessary



1. When a starving man gets a meal, he begins to think about an overcoat; when an executive gets a new sports car, visions of country clubs and pleasure beats dance into view.

The many wants of mankind might be regarded as making up several levels. 2..

The first and most basic level of wants involves food. Once this want is satisfied, a second level of wants appears: clothing and some sort of shelter. By the end of World War II these wants were satisfied for a great majority of Americans. 3. It included such items as automobile sand new houses.

By 1957 or 1958 this third level of wants was fairly well satisfied. Then, in the late 1950s a fourth level of wants appeared: the “life-enriching”level. While the other levels involve physical satisfaction-the feeding, comfort, safety, and transportation of the human body-this level stresses mental needs for recognition, achievement and happiness. It includes a variety of goods and services, many of which could be called “luxury” items. Among them are vacation trips, the best medical care, and entertainment. 4.

On this level, a greater percentage of consumer spending goes to services, while on the first three levels more is spent on goods. Will consumers raise their sights to a fifth level of wants as their income increases, or will they continue to demand luxuries and personal services on the fourth level?

A fifth level probably would involve wants that can be achieved best by community action. Consumers may be spending more on taxes to pay for government action against disease, ignorance, crime and prejudice. 5.In this way, we can enjoy more fully the good things on the first four levels.

A.Then a third level appeared.

B.Human wants seem endless.

C.When there is money enough to satisfy one level of wants, another level appears.

D.There are several levels of wants in one’s life.

E.At this stage, we now may seek to ensure the health, safety, and leisure.

F.Also included here are fancy foods and the latest styles in clothing.

G.Different people have different wants on each level.


Art museums are places where people can learn about various cultures .The increasingly popular “design museums” that are opening today ,however ,perform quite a different role .Unlike most art museums ,the design museum shows objects that are easily found by the general public .These museums sometimes even place things like fridges and washing machines in the center of the hall.

People have argued that design museums are often made use of as advertisements for new industrial technology. But their role is not simply a matter of sales—it is the honoring of excellently invented products. The difference between the window of a department store and the showcase in a design museum is that the first tries to sell you something ,while the second tells you the success of a sale.

One advantage of design museums is that they are places where people feel familiar with the exhibits .Unlike the average art museum visitors ,design museum visitors seldom feel frightened or puzzled .This is partly because design museums clearly show how and why mass-produced products work and look as they do ,and how design has improved the quality of our lives .Art museum exhibits ,on the other hand ,would most probably fill visitors with a feeling that there is something between their understanding.

In recent years ,several new design museums have opened their door ,Each of these museums has tried to satisfy the public’s growing interest in the field with new ideas .London’s Design Museum ,for example ,shows a collection of mass-produced objects from Zippo lighters to electric typewriters to a group of Italian fish-tins .The choices open to design museums seem far less strict than those to art museums ,and visitors may also sense the humorous part of our society while walking around such exhibits as interesting and unusually attractive toys collected in our everyday life.

1.Showcases in design museums are different from store windows because they.

A.show more technologically advanced products

B.help increase the sales of products

C.show why the products have sold well

D.attract more people than store windows do

2.The author believes that most design museum visitors .

A.do not admire mass-produced products

B.are puzzled with technological exhibits

C.dislike exhibits in art museums

D.know the exhibits very well

3.The choices open to design museums .

A.are not as strict as those to art museums

B.are not aimed to interest the public

C.may fail to bring some pleasure to visitors

D.often contain precious exhibits


English Teacher Needed

We are one of the biggest English Teacher agency in China, we refer lots of foreign teacher/employee to university or company daily.We provide this service to teacher for free.

What you need to do is log on our website www.languageteaching.com.cn and register, we will put your resume(简历) on Chinese website except contact details.There are thousand potential clients who will view your information daily, once they choose you we will contact with you.For any more details you also can send email to admin@languageteaching.com.cn

Part Time English Tutor wanted

We are looking for a part time English teacher, the teacher should come from U.S.A, Canada, UK, New Zealand or Australia.We would like to have 2 lessons a week, 2 hours each lesson.Please send me your Resume with photo if you are interested, email: admin@languageteaching.com.cn

Private English Tutor Wanted

Senior Chinese manager is looking for a one-on-one English tutor for several hours per week.He would like to learn British pronunciation, so UK nationals will be preferred.Tutors should be fairly flexible to suit his busy schedule and be of professional appearance.Pay is to be discussed directly and will be very high for the right candidate.Teaching experience is not a must.

If interested, please send an email with your background information, pay expectations and a recent picture to dhanyatk@hotmail.com.

CALLING – Teacher/Librarian!

We are a small Kindergarten to Grade 6 international school in Beijing.We need a teacher/ librarian.The teacher we are looking for will: - Be a Chinese /English speaking librarian.


Be self-starters, active team players,

Have a positive attitude and love to work with kids

Provide an exciting and innovative library program to students.

If you meet the above qualifications, please send your CV and a current picture to principalinchina@yahoo.com

1.The purpose of the advertisements is________.

A.to start a business

B.to employ English teachers

C.to provide the latest jobs

D.to help people find a suitable job

2.According to the first advertisement, we can learn that_______.

A.English Teacher agency charges teacher for this service

B.you must go online to offer your basic information first

C.you may call to get more information about the job

D.once you call the English Teacher agency, you will get a job

3.In the third advertisement, the private English tutor should________

A.be an English language expert from UK

B.speak American English

C.have rich teaching experience

D.have the ability to deal with changing situations

4.If you didn’t pass the interview for Teacher/Librarian, the probable reason should be that ________.

A.you like working with children

B.you have a strong team spirit

C.you lack teaching experience

D.you can only speak English


Advertising actually has a dual(双重的)function:to sell,as well as to inform.If you stop to think of it,advertisements(ads)provide information of almost everything in our household and immediate environment,from shampoo to fuel for cars.An obvious purpose is to inform consumers of new products and services as well as to remind them of established ones.Performance,price,value for money,quality and reliability are some of the main features mentioned in ads.

Yet there is another important side of advertising that should not be forgotten:choice.A number of ads for different brands of the same product,e.g.toothpaste,shampoo or washing powder allow the consumer to choose.Choice is an important part of buying.

In this busy day and age,there is little time for comparison shopping.To determine which product is the best to buy,and at the most competitive price,consumers these days rely on advertising in its various forms.This saves time and energy and makes shopping easier.

Few can deny that ads benefit the consumer since they encourage healthy competition.When companies compete for the consumer’s dollar,this is good for the purchaser of the product or service.Advertising tends to increase competition since it informs consumers of what is available.One company’s offer will be either matched or bettered by another company in its advertising.

It was unheard of ten years ago to buy products directly using a personal computer,but it has become a matter of course for some people to browse(浏览)the Internet,surfuntil they find an e commerce site and then select the product.Marketing products has been almost turned upside down by new ways of selling and buying.More than at any time in history,the choice of goods is unlimited.The whole world is a customer’s marketplace.For busy people like you and me,advertisements actually do us a favor.

1.What the writer of this passage wants to tell us most is that—————————.

A.advertisements benefit busy people in many ways

B.advertisements encourage more business competitions

C.advertisements provide main features of new products

D.selling and informing are two functions of advertising

2.Which is least discussed in the passage as, one of the important sides of advertising?

A.To inform consumers of new products and services.

B.To provide consumers with chances to choose.

C.To increase healthy competition of companies.

D.To change the way of selling and buying.

3.The“comparison shopping”refers to the behavior of.

A.comparing and buying a product at the lowest price

B.comparing and deciding which is the best to buy

C.relying on advertising and simplifying shopping

D.buying a product at the least competitive price

4.Healthy competition benefits consumers because—————————.

A. it helps companies to compete for the market

B.it gets companies to improve their services

C.it provides them with the best products and services

D.it gives them many chances to choose their products


How would you describe Quincy Jones? Is he an instrumentalist, a composer, an arranger, or a producer? None of these labels can sum up this remarkable man. He has been known for years to people who follow popular music. But his part in the We Are the World VCD and the Hands Across America project made him a national figure.

In addition to these successful efforts, Jones has written the music for many cartoon movies, including The Color Purple, which won 11 Oscar nominations(提名). He also wrote the music for Alex Haley’s Roots, a greatly successful television mini—series. These achievements show his many-sided genius.

Quincy Jones was born on March 14, 1973, in Chicago’s South Side. Ten years later, his family moved to the Seattle area. It was there that he met Ray Charles, who was three years older than ones and who in time would be a world-famous singer. The young musicians performed at small clubs and weddings. Through Charles’s influence, Jones began composing.

When Jones was only 15, his musical talent impressed Lionel Hampton, who invited him to join the Hampton band. Jones was ready to quit school to join, but Hampton’s wife, Gladys, stated her disagreement. Believing that he needed an education, she removed him from the band’s bus. “Get that child out of here,” she yelled, “Let him finish school.”

These experiences made Quincy Jones more determined than ever to success. He finished high school, attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston on a scholarship, and finally did Lionel Hampton’s band. Soon, however, he struck off on his own. The future beckoned(召唤) brightly.

1.Which of the following can best express the main idea of the passage?

A. Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton and Quincy Jones became very close friends.

B. Lionel Hampton played an important rule in the success of Quincy Jones.

C. A college education is very important and necessary in modern music.

D. Quincy Jones had a very lucky, fruitful and successful musical career.

2.Which of the following made Quincy Jones become famous all over the country?

A. His role in the We Are the World VCD and the Hands Across America program.

B. His music for the cartoon film The Color Purple which won 11 Oscar nominations.

C. His meeting with Ray Charles and their performances at small clubs and weddings.

D. His education in the Berklee College of Music in Boston, which is world-class.

3.Whose opinion played an important role in Jones’s school education and college education?

A. Alex Haley’s             B. Lionel Hampton’s

C. Ray Charles’s            D. Hampton’s wife’s

4.Insisting that Quincy Jones get off the bus, Gladys Hampton was actually very _____.

A. professional B. cruel C. kindD. selfish


假如你是高一年级新生李华。开学之初,你的英语老师Mr Wu希望了解每位同学的英语学习情况,并征求教学建议。请按以下要点用英语给她写一封信。

1.对英语学习的认识;                2.自己英语学习存在的主要问题;


注意:1.词数100左右;  2.信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Mr  Wu,

        I’m very happy to have you as our English teacher.         ______________________________________________


                                                  Li Hua



增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧), 并在此符号下面写出该加的词。

删除:把多余的词用斜线( \)划掉。

修改: 在错的词下划一横线, 并在该词下面写出修改后的词。


       2、只允许修改十处, 多者(从第11处起) 不计分。

Every morning Steve goes to work by the train. As he has a long trip, he always buys a newspaper. It helps make the time passing more quickly. One Tuesday morning, he turned to the sports page. He wants to read the report about a important football match the night before. The report was very interesting that he forgot to get off at his station. He did not know it unless he saw the sea. He got off at next station, and had to wait a long time for a train to go back. Therefore, he arrived late at the office, that made his boss very angry. When Sieve told to him why he was late, “Work is very important than football!” He shouted.


My name is Wang Kun. Since middle school, my sister and I 1.__________ (dream) about taking a great bike trip. After graduating 2._________ college, we finally got the chance to do it. It was my sister, Wang Wei, 3.__________ first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. Our cousins live near the Lancang River which4._____________ (call) the Mekong River in other countries. My sister soon got 5.__________ interested in 6.____________ (cycle) too. Then she began to organize the trip and insisted that we start from the source of the river in Qinghai province 7.___________ the air is hard to breathe. I doubted her decision but she gave me a 8._____________ (determine) look. I know her9._________ (good). Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. Finally, I gave 10._________ to her.



Having said good-bye to his parents, Alvin, with his wife and one-year-old son, set off back home. Still        Alvin and Clare talked and laughed happily. And even little Alax     from time to time. The family were        their trip.

  But three hours later things began to           . It was starting to snow. Alvin sped up the car,       to arrive home before dark. But it was too dangerous to drive fast now because it was snowing more and more heavily. So Alvin had to         down. The snow on the       was getting deeper and deeper until it was hard to         on it. Their car slipped(滑落)off the highway and got caught in the deep snow and the engine refused to start again.

  “The snow doesn't seem to       . Shall we stay in the car waiting to be frozen(冻)to death or walk ahead   the snow?”Alvin asked. Clare said she    to walk. So they got out of the car with their Alex and began walking. But something   was to come. Soon they lost their       and had to walk aimlessly(无目标的)on and on.

   Night came. They were not        of the dark. But they feared that poor Alax would die of cold. However, their faith(坚信)to keep Alax       filled them with courage, warmth and strength. They slept and rested in turn and then continued their       . They had fallen down many times but each time true love encouraged them to rise to their      again.

One, two, three, …seven days passed. On the eighth day,       at last came from Alvin's parents, the police and local people. But the young         had to have their feet cut off because of the bad frost-bites (冻伤). Fortunately, there was        seriously wrong with little Alax.

1. A. excited     B. sorry    C. worried   D. anxious

2. A. cried          B. shouted   C. smiled    D. coughed

3. A. taking   B. having    C. enjoying   D. starting

4.A. happen      B. change    C. come    D. finish

5.A. deciding   B. phoning   C. thinking   D. hoping

6.A. get   B. slow    C. go    D. look

7.A. land   B. highway   C. field    D. car

8.A. walk   B. depend   C. stay    D. wait

9.A. fall   B. end    C. continue   D. feel

10.A. with    B. on    C. through   D. at

11.A. liked   B. preferred   C. decided   D. wished

12.A. better   B. dangerous   C. sad    D. worse

13.A. hope   B. luck    C. way    D. money

14.A. certain  B. afraid    C. sure    D. sorry

15.A. happy   B. silent    C. alive    D. dead

16.A. walk   B. drive    C. work       D. hope

17.A. heads   B. eyes    C. hands    D. feet

18.A. danger  B. help    C. luck    D. news

19.A. husband  B. wife    C. couple    D. baby

20.A. everything  B. anything   C. something   D. nothing


There was once a lonely girl who wanted love very much. One day while she was

walking in the woods, she found two birds.         1.       She took care of them withlove and the birds grew strong. Every morning they greeted her with a beautiful song.

The girl felt great love for the birds. She wanted their singing to last forever.

    ___2._____The larger and stronger of the two birds flew out of the cage. The girl watched worriedly as he flew above her. She was so afraid that he would fly away and she would never see him. So as he flew close, she caught him quickly. She felt very happy.    3.   Her love had killed him. She noticed the other bird standing at the door of the cage. She could feel his great need for freedom and his need to fly into the clear, blue sky.     4. The bird flew around her once, twice, three times. The girl looked happily at the bird’s enjoyment. Her heart did no longer care about her loss.   5.   Suddenly the bird flew closer and landed softly on her hand. It sang the sweetest song she had ever heard.

The fastest way to lose love is to hold on too tight; the best way to keep love is to

give it wings!

A. One day the girl left the door to the cage open. 

B. She lifted him from the cage and freed him. 

C. She took them home and put them in a small cage. 

D. The birds were so beautiful that she loved them very much. 

E. She wanted the bird to be happy.

F. She realized her mistake.  

G. However, when she opened her hand, she found the bird had died.


Have you ever wondered why birds sing? Maybe you thought that they were just happy. After all, you probably sing or whistle(吹口哨) when you are happy.

Some scientists believe that birds do sing some of time just because they are happy. However, they sing most of the time for a very different reason. Their singing is actually a warning to other birds to stay out of their territory.

Do you know what a “territory” is? A territory is an area that an animal, usually the male, claims as its own. Only he and his family are welcome there. No other families of the same species(物种) are welcome. Your yard and house are your territory where only your family and friends are welcome. If a stranger should enter your territory and threaten you, you might shout. Probably this would be enough to frighten him away.

If so, you have actually frightened the stranger away without having to fight him. A bird does the same thing. But he expects an outsider almost any time, especially at nesting(筑巢) season. So he is screaming all the time, whether he can see an outsider or not. This screaming is what we call a bird’s song, and it is usually enough to keep an outsider away.

Birds sing loudest in the spring when they are trying to attract a mate(配偶)and warn others not to enter the territory of theirs.

You can see that birds have a language all their own. Most of it has something to do with attracting mates and setting up territories.

1. Some scientists believe that most of the time birds singing is actually ______.

A. an expression of happiness        B. a way of warning

C. an expression of anger            D. a way of greeting

2.What is a bird’s “territory”?

A. A place where families of other species are not accepted.

B. A place where a bird may shout at the top of its voice.

C. An area for which birds fight against each other.

D. An area which a bird considers to be its own.

3. Why do birds keep on singing at nesting season?

A. Because they want to invite more friends.

B. Because their singing helps keep outsiders away.

C. Because they want to find outsiders around.

D. Because their singing helps get rid of their fears.


Dear Guests


     Now we are updating (更新) our information folders in the rooms in order to help you during your stay. Please notice the following:

     Phone number:

     Reception(接待处): Dial 7

     Housekeeping: Dial 4

     Apartment-to-Apartment: dial the apartment number ( except 1st floor apartments: dial the apartment number followed by the #key)

     Outside line: dial 0, wait for dial tone, and then the number required.

     Please keep your key with you at all times. The main doors to the apartments are locked from about 10:30 pm ~ 07:00 am, and you will need to swipe (刷卡) your key to gain access (通道) to the apartment.

If in the event of the fire alarm(警报) sounding please stay calm. If evacuation ( 疏散 ) is necessary, please go to the fire exits. DO NOT USE LIFTS. Remember to take your valuables and key with you. When you go down, please gather at the Wishing Tree and the Corner of Sussex and Hay Street and either the Fire Brigade. A staff(职员)member or Hotel security(安全)will issue necessary instructions. For future details on this, please dial 7.








    Please see reception for any advice on tours and Sydney's attention, and please dial 7 if you want any further information.

     We hope your stay with us is an enjoyable one.

     Kind regards,

                                                    Paul Williams

                                             Guest Services Manager

1. How can you dial from your room in Pacific to Room 115 on the 1st floor?

A. Just dial 115.

B. Dial 6, then 115.

C. Dial 115 and press the # key. 

D. Press the # key, and then dial 115.

2. If you want to go back to your room in Pacific at 11:45 pm, you can _______.

A. dial 0, and phone the reception 

B. open the main door with your key

C. call the reception for help

D. use the lifts

3. If a fire broke out in Pacific, guests should _______.

A. dial 7 and wait for the hotel security

B. take their keys and leave Pacific by lifts

C. leave Pacific through the fire exits

D. be together with the Fire Brigade

4.This letter most probably appears in ______.

A. a guest' s room  

B. the official guide 

C. a manager’ s office 

D. at the train station


The American believe that anybody can become President of the United States. In a recent Hollyhood comedy(喜剧), that is exactly what happens.

     Dave Kovic, played by Kevin Kline, is a kind-hearted man who runs a business that finds people jobs. He leads a typical(典型的) American way of life, except for one thing— he looks exactly like the President, Bill Mitchell. In fact, the only thing that makes him different from the nation’s leader is that he is very nice!

     The president has started using look-alikes during some public appearance. Dave is offered a chance to “serve his country” by becoming one. However, things go wrong. The President becomes very ill and Dave ends up acting as the President forever.

     Director Ivan Reitman, who made the popular and successful comedies like Twins, Ghostbusters and Legal Eagles, could have gone for easy laughs by making fun of the American government. Instead, Dave is an attractive comedy about an ordinary man in extraordinary situations. Kevin Kline gives a double performance as Dave and the President, and Sigourney Weaver is at her best as his First Lady. The love story that develops between her role and Dave is a real classic(经典).

    The film is 100% American. However, if you’ve ever felt that anybody could do a better job running the country than the people in power, then you’ll enjoy Dave!

1. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To tell the reader about the American government 

B. To discuss the Americans’ ideas about the President

C. To make a comparison(对比) between Dave and other film. 

D. To introduce a new film to the reader.

2.Who plays the role of the President in the film?

A. Sigourney Weaver             B. Kevin Kline

C. Bill Mitchell                 D. Ivan Reitman

3.The underlined word “one” in the 3rd paragraph refers to __________.

A. the President               B. the director  

C. an actor                   D. a look-alike

4. Which of the following is best supported by the text?

A. The author makes fun of the President. 

B. The author thinks highly of the film

C. The author is a fan of Hollywood comedies.

D. The author wishes to become the American President.


In today’s world, English is the most wildly used language. It is our duty to learn English in the new situation of the reform and opening to the outside world. How can we master the English language? I’d like to give you some good advice.

First, get interested in it. I enjoy listening to foreign friends talking when I was a child. At the same time I watched the English program Follow Me on TV. From then on, I kept on learning English. The more I learned, the more progress I made.

Second, practice makes perfect. Many people study English very hard, but they are very shy to speak it in public, for they are afraid of making mistakes. Remember you have to make a mistake before you can correct it. A native English speaker makes mistakes sometimes, too.

Third, the beginners should be encouraged to pay attention to idioms. The English language has many idioms. For example, you should say “ He is as strong as a cow.”

1. The writer wants to tell us ____________. 

A. the importance of learning English

B. the new situation of the reform and opening to the outside world

C. some good ideas on how to master English  

D. the wide use of the English language

2. If we want to learn English, we must first __________.

A. show interest in it

B. enjoy listening to it

C. watch English program on TV

D. practice speaking it

3. When we are learning English, ____________.

A. remember the mistakes and correct them 

B. try not to make any mistakes

C. avoid mistakes before making them

D. don’t be afraid of making mistakes

4. The underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 means “_______________.”

A. Remember to make a mistake before you can correct it

B. You are sure to make a mistake before you can correct it

C. Remember you have to make a mistake and then correct it

D. You’ll make a mistake after you can correct it




2.反对者15% 理由…….


注意:1.参考词汇 military training军训

      2. 词数100左右;

Dear editor,

I’m writing to tell you something about the discussion on whether it is necessary for senior one students to take the one-week military training.


















It has been a long time since I did anything good for the environment. Feeling responsible to protect the environment, I decided to take the action again. I told my idea to my friends and we planned to plant tree on the hill in the countryside. We came to the foot of the hill and selected a place where looked suitably and settled down. We spend a few hours digging holes and placing the young seedlings. Then we wrote our wishes on cards one to one and buried it deep down the roots of the trees. We also took a lot of pictures. We were such busy that we didn’t realize that it was time to go back. I felt really glad that we made difference to the environment.



   Have you ever told a story about someone but forgotten his or her name? Not 1._____ (worry)! In English, we have special names to replace it, so your story doesn’t come to a sudden stop.

   In the US, if a name has been forgotten, 2.______ (simple) say the name John Doe for a man, or Jane Doe for a woman. You can use these names for any situation where someone’s name is 3.______ (miss). For example: “Did you see that guy who got wet 4._____ the rain?” “Ah yes, poor John Doe.”

   But 5.______ exactly is John Doe? The name is not real. It first appeared around

6. ______ 14th century in English courts. It was used to protect the identity of certain people. Today, it is not used in England. Yet John Doe and Jane Doe are names used in legal courts in the US.7.______ are used when the identity of a person must not 8._____ (give) away.

   However in England, unknown people are called John Smith. This is 9.______ John has always been one of the most common first 10._____ (name) in English. And Smith is the most common family name. So next time you forget someone’s name, you know what to say.



    Thanks to the magic of the Internet, booking your yearly trip is just a few clicks away. But you may throw money away when you travel. Here are some of the most common travel mistakes that waste your money and what you can do to fix them.

1.Not having travel insurance

      1.  But if Something bad does happen while you’re traveling and you aren’t covered(给……保险), you’ll be left paying thousands of dollars.

What you should do:   2.  It only costs a few dollars a day and it offered through many of the credit card companies.

2. Mismanaging your money

Whether it’s by using traveler’s checks, or getting cash before you go,you don’t look for the best rates.

What you should do:  3.  Check if your bank has a partner ATM network in the country you’re visiting and it may cost you nothing to take out local cash.

3. Booking too early

    People get excited about their trip and, to make it real,book their flight right away.   4.  Both area mistake.

    What you should do:Book your flight about two to three months in advance to secure the lowest fares.

4. Asking where to eat the wrong way

    Even if you’re doing the smart thing and asking locals,“Where should I eat?”you’re asking the question in a wrong way.   5.  .

What you should do:It seems simple but asking,“Where do you eat?”means a world of difference. Instead of guessing what you might like, a local can direct you to a place he likes to visit

A.Get travel insurance!

B.Or they forget and wait until the last minute.

C.Use the ATM for cash and a credit card for all your shopping.

D.A lot of people think“I’m just going away for a short time.I’ll be fine.”

E.Call a hotel to see if they will have a lower rate than what you find online.

F.You will be sent to restaurants that loca1s think tourists would want to visit.

G.Visit the tourism board when you arrive as they are experts on your location.


Is pricing a plane ticket based on the passenger's weight fair? If you're taking an international flight on Samoa Air today, your fare will be based on your weight, along with that of your luggage. The cost is 93 cents to $1.06 for each kilogram.

The average American woman weighs 75.5 kilograms, far from the ideal weight for her average height. Her ticket on Samoa Air, at the $1 a kilogram rate, would cost $75.50. But let's be honest here. Since the average American woman is overweight, the ticket will cost her more.

Samoa Air Chief Executive Chris Langton said, “Planes are run by weight and not by seat. The plane can only carry a certain amount of weight and that weight needs to be paid.”He believes other airlines should adopt the policy.

It’ s not a new idea. I remember a newspaper columnist years ago who put forth the idea that the heavier among us should pay more for their seats on planes, trains and buses. Who hasn’ t been squeezed into a middle seat between two plus-sized folks on a flight? It’ s happened to me; one time my married seatmates had purposefully chosen their seats to have more space until a sold-out flight put me between them. Not one of my better flying experiences.

What if such a policy is adopted by some airlines in the United States? Could such pricing provide a much-needed motivation for Americans to reduce body weight? I hope so. But, as we know, more than one-third of us are obese and another third are overweight. The high probability is that the heavy customers will not suddenly lose weight or stop flying, but will instead choose a different airline, simply moving the supposed problem elsewhere.

There's no doubt that the heavier will suffer more discrimination (歧视). Discrimination against the overweight in the United States has increased by 66 percent over the last decade —“and is comparable to rates of racial discrimination, especially among women,”wrote Yale University researcher Rebecca M. Puhl. Your weight can affect your salary, your chances for employment, how others view you and even, now, your air fares.

“If the policy succeeds it may encourage the spread of body discrimination across different industries and the wider culture,” said one British editorial writer. He holds that it is companies' duty to provide equipment that meet the needs of their customers.

And we'll see how effective it is as a business model.

1. In Paragraph 3, Chris Langton _____.

A. explained the reasons for the ticket policy  

B. showed the difficulties of the ticket policy

C. expressed his doubt about the ticket policy 

D. discussed the advantages of the ticket policy

2.If some American airlines adopt the ticket policy_____.

A. they will possibly lose a lot of customers

B. there will be less overweight people

C. people will use other forms of transportation

D. the problem of overweight planes will be partly solved

3. The author mentions Puhl's study to show_____.

A. women are less likely to suffer discrimination

B. racial discrimination is getting worse nowadays

C. the ticket policy will have little influence on the obese

D. the ticket policy will make body discrimination more serious

4.Which best describes the British editorial writer's attitude to Samoa Air's policy?

A. Optimistic.            B. Defensive.

C. Disapproving.          D. Casual.


Humans have launched themselves into the outer space. They’ve landed on the moon. They’ve built habitable space stations that orbit the Earth. The next giant leap for mankind is to reach another planet – specifically, Mars.

   The problem is that it’s no easy task. The planet is 586 times further away from the Earth than the moon, and it’ll take around 180 to 220 days to reach Mars, depending on where each planet is in its orbit. Such long periods in space have suggested many potential health problems, including hormonal changes, skin conditions, and muscle and bone deterioration (损耗).

   Here’s where some furry friends come in. A wide range of animals have been in space, from fruit flies and spiders to cats, and dogs. Such experiments began as far back as the late 1940s in first tests to see if living things could withstand the extreme g-force (重力) of a rocket launch.

   Mice continue to play a very important part in space experiments, mainly because the animals make excellent test subjects. They’re small, which makes them inexpensive and easy to care for. In addition, their size and short life span make it possible to do the equivalent of several human years of tests in a much shorter time. Finally, because mice are mammals, they share many common characteristics with humans in terms of genetics, biology and behavior.

   Astromice have hit the headlines recently, as a team of scientists led by Betty Nusgens, professor of biology at the University of Liege in Belgium, found that the mice suffered a 15 percent thinning of their skin after 91 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

   This experiment was part of a wider NASA mission (任务) called the Mice Drawer System (MDS). The Italian Space Agency developed the facility, which allows six mice to be housed, monitored, and automatically fed and watered aboard the ISS, among which three survived during the mission.

  The mice have participated in 20 separate experiments, to study such effects as osteoporosis (骨质疏松症), anemia (贫血) and heart health.

   Results for the 20 experiments are coming in gradually. But it’s clear that mice continue to play an important role in the ongoing quest to conquer the final frontier.

1.We can infer from Paragraphs 2-3 that ______.

A. Mars is the farthest planet away from Earth discovered so far

B. the journey to Mars could put humans’ health at risk

C. it was in the late 1940s that animals were first sent to the ISS

D. animals that have been sent into space have mostly survived

2.The underlined word “withstand” in Para.3 means _________.

A.set up       B. hold up

C. work out    D. come across

3.According to Betty Nusgens and her team, the mice aboard the ISS ______.

A. suffered the loss of part of their skin

B. all survived for the duration of the mission

C. were fed and watered by the astronauts

D. participated in 20 experiments that made great breakthroughs

4. The main purpose of the article is to _____.

A. describe the role mice play in scientific research

B. report on the results of the Mice Drawer System

C. analyze how mice could pave the way to Mars

D. change people’s traditional attitudes toward mice


I was in my first year of college, making friends and enjoying life, but then my whole world turned upside down. I had a heart attack. It felt like someone was stabbing (刺) me in the chest with a knife over and over again.

   After three months of rest I went back to college, but then things took a turn for the worse. I was staying at my Nana’s house and woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible pain in my chest. I knew I was having a heart attack again.

   I couldn’t even shout for help. Luckily my grandpa was going to the toilet and heard me falling out of bed. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be here.

   The two holes in my heart were causing the problems and I needed an operation immediately to repair them. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t go well and they only managed to repair one of the holes.

   When I woke up from the operation, I had a really dry mouth and couldn’t wait to have something to eat and drink. The biggest shock of all came when I was told that I needed a heart transplant and was put on the register. The doctors were stunned at how quickly heart failure came on it usually takes years, but it took my heart less than six months to get to that stage. My whole world came crashing down, but I stayed strong. It was a choice between crying every day and getting on with my life.

   As time went on, life became even harder. I hated feeling weak all the time and needing help with everything. It got to the point where I thought I would never get a new heart. I was diagnosed with depression.

   Even though I thought that Christmas 2008 would be my last, I really enjoyed it and even had a good New Year. Everyone was crying for me when the clock struck midnight and they told me to keep fighting.

   A week later, I got a call from the doctors saying they’d found a suitable donor (捐赠人). My wish came true and thankfully the operation went well. I spent four hours in surgery where they took out my old heart and put a new one in. When I woke up I burst out crying. I had a second chance at life.

1. What happened when the author was having his second heart attack?

A. He felt less pain than he had during the previous one.

B. He realized what it was and shouted for help in time.

C. He narrowly escaped death thanks to his grandfather.

D. He decided to have an operation to repair the two holes in his heart.

2.When the author learned that he needed a heart transplant, he ______.

A. couldn’t help crying every day

B. chose to continue to fight for his life

C. felt so depressed that he tried to kill himself

D. was so anxious that his heart failure developed very quickly

3. At the beginning of 2009, the author ______.

A. was convinced that the past Christmas had been his last

B. felt blessed and grateful for his second chance at life

C. received a heart transplant but the operation didn’t go well

D. felt hopeless all the time and was diagnosed with depression

4.Which one would be the best title for the text?

A. Choices matter

B. Rebuilding my world

C. Waiting for a new heart

D. The most special Christmas


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