Do I have to bring my camera tomorrow afternoon?

I think so. We _______ the Botanical Garden then.

A. will be visiting         B. are visiting    

C. have visited          D. visit


—It’s amazing that Beijing and Zhangjiakou have won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics!

—Sure it is! The government ________ have made great efforts!

A. could          B. should   

C. might          D. must















1. It was suggested that the meeting ________(hold)the next day.

2. George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he _______(focus)  more on its


3. —Don’t you think it’s necessary that he should not be sent to Miami, but to New York?

  —I agree, but the problem is ________ he has refused to.

4. The teacher demanded that our homework ________(finish)before eleven.

5. I wish I ________(be)clever enough to work out the abstract geometry problem.

6. Bob would have helped us yesterday, ________ he was busy.

7. If it weren’t ________(rain)so hard, we’d go to town.

8. Grace doesn’t want to move to New York because she thinks ________she were to live there, she wouldn’t be

  able to see her parents very often.

9. How I wish every family ________ a large house with a beautiful garden.

10. —Would you like to work in my company?

   —Sorry, I’d rather stay here, but I’d rather my brother ________ (go)to your company.




1. He is a person who is always unhappy with a d________ heart.

2. These sorrows are more than f________ and blood can bear.

3. —Did you get a ticket?

  —No, I ________to, but there wasn’t any left.

4. This report is filled with uncertainty; you must be more s________ in your statement.

5. The present situation is very complex, so I think it will take me some time to ________ out  its reality.

6. Some patients are ________(对……过敏) to this medicine, so there is a test before they take it.

7. Tom is good at all his subjects especially English,so he is  ________(典型的) of a high grades’ student.

8. When the pop star appeared in the street in the ________(本人), all the visitors were excited, cheering.

9. I recognized her as soon as I met her at the airport though we hadn’t seen each other for ages and she had

  changed a great _______(大量) .

10. Tom devotes most of their time to studying rather than playing computer games,so he has a________(喜爱)

  for study.



阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

In recent years many TV shows have become extremely popular among Chinese audience. Those programs, ranging from talent or dating shows to reality shows 1 (receive) both commercial success and public attention.

Their popularity is 2 (main) based on simple facts. First, they care 3 social concerns. Second, without exception, they explore a perfect balance between the international forms and Chinese expressions.

Despite apparent highlights, much room 4 (leave) for improvement. Above all, commercial interests often outweigh 5 (education) purposes, causing many complaints about the 6 (bearable) advertisements. In addition, some sharp remarks, 7 they are eye-catching, may have misleading effects on the youth.

In my opinion, such shows should shoulder more responsibility instead of merely 8 (entertain) the public. 9 is expected, these programs should be positive in their forms as well as functions. Meanwhile, the 10 (medium) should also safeguard the values of our society.




The most successful people all have certain habits in their daily routines. 1 Forming a new good habit can be a struggle, but it is well worth the effort. Here are the four steps you can follow to form good habits.

Set your goal. Before you can begin to work on your new habit, it is worthwhile to consider your goal. 2 Make sure that your goal is specific, measurable and realistic to increase your chances of success.

3   Having good habits that are in line with the goals can improve your chances of attaining your goals. After you have set your goal and worked out all of the specifics of achieving that goal, identify a habit that is part of achieving that goal. Consider what good habit would help you accomplish that goal.

Consider your motivation. Once you have identified your goal and the new habit you need to accomplish this goal, take some time to consider your motivation. 4 Good motivation can be the difference between success and failure in terms of forming a new habit. So take your time to consider your motivation.

Give yourself time. Forming a new habit can take a long time. Some people can form a new habit in as little as a few weeks, while other people will take several months. As you work to form your new habit, just keep in mind that it may be a while before it comes true. 5

A. Identify ways to achieve goals.

B. Find the habit you want to form.

C. Good habits are sure to make you a success.

D. These habits help contribute to their success.

E. Figure out exactly what you hope to accomplish.

F. Try to be patient with yourself as you form your new habit.

G. Your motivation is the reason you want to form this new habit.



A long-term American study shows the importance of early education for poor children. The study is known as the Abecedarian Project. It involved more than one-hundred young children from poor families in North Carolina.

Half of the children attended an all-day program at a high-quality child-care center. The center offered educational, health and social programs. Children took part in games and activities to increase their thinking and language skills and social and emotional development. The program also included health foods for the children.

The children attended the program from when they were a few weeks old until the age of five years. The other group of children did not attend the child-care center. After the age of five, both groups attended public school.

Researchers compared the two groups of children. When they were babies, both groups had similar results in tests for mental and physical skills. However, from the age of eighteen months, the children in the educational child-care program did much better in tests.

The researchers tested the children again when they were twelve and fifteen years old. The tests found that the children who had been in the child-care center continued to have higher average test results. These children did much better on tests of reading and mathematics.

A few years ago, organizers of the Abecedarian Project tested the students again. At the time, each student was twenty-one years old. They were tested for thinking and educational ability, employment, parenting and social skills. The researchers found that the young adults who had the early education still did better in reading and mathematics tests. They were more than two times as likely to be attending college or to have completed college. In addition, the children who received early education were older on average, when their first child was born.

The study offers more evidence that learning during the first months and years of life is important for all later development.

The researchers of the Abecedarian Project believe their study shows a need for lawmakers to spend money on public early education. They believe these kinds of programs could reduce the number of children who do not complete school and are unemployed.

1.The Abecedarian Project has lasted _______.

A. almost one year      B. about five years

C. more than 20 years     D. no more than 15 years

2.Those who had been in the child-care center _______ compared with those who hadn't.

A. have their children at later ages

B. get more help from other people

C. have no parenting or social skills

D. are poorer at reading and mathematics

3. What don't we know about the Abecedarian Project after reading the text?

A. What the children learned at the child-care center.

B. How important early education is for poor children.

C. How many children are involved in the Abecedarian Project.

D. Whether lawmakers will spend money on public early education.

4.The study of the Abecedarian Project shows that early education _______.

A. costs a lot of money

B. leads to a lower birthrate

C. can improve the life of poor children

D. is not important for later development



On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicted that 42% of Americans could be overweight by 2030. Our expanding bodies not only lead to a medical problem, but also endanger personal safety in some situations—in an airplane crash, for example, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

The New York Times’ Christine Negroni reports that engineers and scientists are questioning whether airplane seats are designed to protect overweight travelers. Government standards(标准) for airplane seat strength—first set more than 60 years ago---require that the seats be made for a passenger weighing 170 pounds. Today, the average American man weighs nearly 194 pounds and the average woman 165 pounds. Negroni reports:

“If a heavier person completely fills a seat, the seat is not likely to behave as designed during a crash,” Robert Salzar, the leading scientist at the Center for Applied Biomechanics at the University of Virginia. “The energy that is built into the aircraft seat is likely to be overpowered and the passengers will not be protected properly”.

“Nor would the injury be limited to that passenger only,” Dr. Salzar said. “If a seat or a seat belt fails,”he said, “those people who are seated nearby could not be safe from the uncontrolled movements of the passenger.”

Most complaints(投诉) about airplane seats focus on their lack of comfort and high ticket price, and whether overweight passengers should be made to buy two seats. But The New York Times’ article brings up another reason to feel anxious about flying. Investigators(调查者) got in touch with the airplane seat and seat belt makers, but they refused to talk about the problem. Experts agreed that crash testing should be done. Both airplane seats and seat belts should be tested, they said.

Fortunately, however, according to Nora Marshall, a senior adviser at the National Transportation Safety Board, the board’s investigators have never seen an accident involving a commercial plane in which the weight of a passenger was a problem.

1.What is the article in The New York Times mainly about?

A. The size of airplane seats and seat belts.

B. Safety of overweight airplane passengers.

C. Airplane crashes.

D. A medical problem caused by being overweight.

2. Robert Salzar would probably agree that_________.

A. overweight passengers should buy two seats

B. the government should help produce safer planes

C. standards for airplane seat strength should be raised

D. passengers should know how to protect themselves

3. What does the underlined word “they” in Paragraph 5 refer to?

A. Experts.    

B. Passengers.

C. Investigators.   

D. The airplane seat makers.

4.We can learn from the text that_________.

A. airplane seat makers have taken action now

B. there are few complaints about airplane seats

C. those seated near the overweight may suffer , too

D. only a small number of airplane accidents result from the overweight

5. what is the best title for the text?

A. Why do passengers Feel Anxious about Flying?

B. Will 42% of Americans Be Overweight by 2030?

C. When Will the Overweight Enjoy Their Flight?

D. Are Airplane Seats Safe Enough for the Overweight?



1.We all know that Tom is in possession of the big company.

    →We all know that the big company is________ ________ ________ ________Tom.

2.Mary met her old classmate by accident when she did shopping in America.

   →Mary met her old classmate________ ________when she did shopping in America.

3.I think you’d better not move to America because your friendship means a lot to me.

   →I think you’d better not move to America because your friendship means________ ________ ________to


4.He couldn’t go there.For one thing,he is very busy;for another,he has no money.

   →He couldn’t go there.On the one hand,he is very busy;________ ________ ________ ________,he has no


5.The members of the government focused on the pollution problem.

   →The members of the government________ ________the pollution problem.


Out ___________ when the fire burst forth.

A. rushed they          B. did they rush

C. the children rushed        D. rushed the children


It was the training          he had as a young man            made him such a good engineer.

A. what, that          B. that, what   

C. that, which          D. which, that


He will be punished by law because he made no _______at all to save the dying boy.

A. remark    B. attempt    C. sign   D. action


My parents strongly _________ my _________ to go to college out of Beijing, because they don't like my being

   far away from them.

A. enjoy; wish          B. oppose; attempt

C. advocate; effort         D. object; desire


As a matter of fact,________of people seem to prefer watching games to playing games.

A. a great deal          B. a great many

C. the majority         D. the number


The general manager thought _______ of these problems before he made the final decision.

A. a good many         B. a great deal  

C. lots           D. a plenty


—My best friend James and I have exactly the same taste for action movie.


A. Congratulations         B. Sounds brilliant

C. All the best         D. What a coincidence


However hard I tried, I just couldn’t ______them of the truth of my story.

A. remind B. convince   C. rid    D. inform


Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still ________ the traditional customs.

A. expand B. possess   C. observe   D. behave


Jane opened the window to _____ a little air and sunshine.

A. admit   B. admire    C. adapt    D. adopt


You do not have to count all the nuts. Just ________ how many there are.

A. aim   B. change    C. estimate   D. join


You should keep an eye _______ him, for I have lost faith _________ him.

A. in; on   B. on; in    C. at; at    D. on; for


Choose one skill and use specific reasons and examples, with nothing _______ going on, to support your choice.

A. typical  B. particular   C. abstract D. convincing


It is typical _______ him to be late for meeting, _____makes us very angry.

A. ofas   B. foras   C. ofwhich D. forwhich


Nowadays it is ______ of a young generation to take it for granted that parents should meet whatever they desire.

A. typical   B. critical   C. special   D. universal



1. The old servant has served the family________(faith) for thirty years.

2. Nobody believed his________(predict) then but later it turned out to be true.

3. The rain was very heavy and________(consequent) the land was flooded.

4. Please take all your personal ________(possess) with you when leaving the bus.

5. The local government has taken some effective measures,________(aim) at cutting down the cost during the

  tough economy.

6. Scientists are________(convince) of the positive effect of laughter on physical and mental health.

7. The humans are destroying nature day by day,________,of course,will cause punishment from it sooner or


8. It’s not surprising to hear him shouting at his son;it’s typical ________ him to be rude.




1. I’m sure she will pass the exam; I’ve got great f ________ in her.

2. He has also founded an organization a________ at helping AIDS children.

3.David had prepared carefully for the chemistry exam, as he wanted to be sure of passing it at the first a________.

4.—Perhaps we should give up.

—I agree with you. Nobody can p ________ the change of situation.

5.All schools in our province a________ new English textbooks to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading

and writing abilities three years ago.

6.It’s the most ________(可笑的)thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I can’t help laughing.

7. What a(n) ________(巧合) it is that they were born in the same year and on the same day!

8. —Ivan gave up playing the piano eventually.

—It’s just ________ (典型的) of him to spend all that money on the equipment and then lose interest halfway through the course.

9. It remains a(n) ________(有争议的) question whether middle school children should be allowed to use mobile

phones at school.

10.You can’t legally take ________ (所有) of the goods until two months after the contract is signed.










参考词汇:开发 explore  旅游业 tourism


1. 不可逐条翻译;

2. 可适当增加细节;

3. 书写要流利、规范;

4. 文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。

Recently, citizens in our city have had a heated debate on whether we should explore the cultural site, which was discovered in our city. _____________________________________________________________________















A taboo (禁忌) is a social action that is not allowed. Every culture in the world has    1   (it) own taboos. The breaking of a taboo sometimes makes people feel    2   (comfort). I learned this through my own experience.

Last weekend, Wang Lin and I showed two    3   (foreign) around our city. Mr. Singh was from India and Mr. White from the USA. When I    4   (hold) out my left hand to shake hands with Mr. Singh, he seemed to be unhappy. Mr. White,    5   , was quite casual. He said hello to me with a big smile and a wave of his hand.

In the evening, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. I noticed that Mr. Singh didn’t touch the beef and Mr. White seemed not    6   (like) chickens’ claws. During the meal, Wang Lin said sorry to Mr. Singh and continued    7   (explain) that we didn’t know it was a taboo in India to shake one’s left hand. Mr. Singh explained that    8   oxen are sacred (神圣的) in India, people don’t eat beef there. Mr. White joined in and said that    9   was not usual in the USA for people to eat chickens’ claws. He went on to say that __10___ (America) don’t usually get into each other’s personal space. Isn’t it a good lesson that needs remembering?




One day, a boy was playing in a garden. He was running after butterflies and trying to catch them. He was very __1__ to see the colorful flowers, too. Then he saw a frog skipping and __2__. As he ran behind the frog, it went into the pond. A cow was eating grass in the garden. He saw how the cow was__3__ grass. A fly then came there and buzzed over the __4__. It swung its tail to make the fly move away. The child clapped and __5__.

The boy was enjoying the beauty of nature. He said,Nature is __6__. Its beauty attracts everyone.

When he saw a squirrel, he ran after it and __7__ near the bed of roses. He tried to pick some of the roses, but a thorn __8__ his finger. It was very painful. The boy started __9__ and ran to his mother who was in the __10__.

His mother asked him,What is the matter?The boy said, The thorn of the rose __11__ my finger while I was picking it and now I feel __12__ pain. His mother said,That was your __13__. You should not have tried to pick the flower. The flowers are meant to be __14__ and not to be picked. Besides, natural beauty should never be __15__. We should help to protect nature.The son said,I will __16__ remember what you have just told me, Mom.The mother said,Let me know what you have __17__ today. Her son explained,We should protect __18__ living beings, whether animals or __19__. We should never harm them. We should not harm nature. __20__ we do, it may harm us in the long run, too.

1.A. angry         B. bored     C. worried     D. happy

2.A. falling    B. flying     C. jumping     D. running

3.A. washing     B. chewing    C. cleaning     D. damaging

4.A. butterfly     B. boy     C. frog      D. cow

5.A. moved      B. stared     C. laughed     D. escaped

6.A. friendly      B. wonderful    C. different     D. boring

7.A. reached      B. appeared    C. existed     D. drove

8.A. cost      B. changed    C. hurt      D. caught

9.A. checking     B. walking    C. shaking     D. crying

10.A. hospital     B. office     C. house     D. school

11.A. ate      B. pierced    C. tore      D. pulled

12.A. great      B. strange    C. common     D. new

13.A. choice      B. surprise    C. place      D. mistake

14.A. watered    B. planted    C. seen      D. borrowed

15.A. improved    B. harmed    C. reduced     D. forgotten

16.A. always     B. never     C. sometimes    D. hardly

17.A. liked     B. given     C. learnt      D. watched

18.A. no      B. few     C. some      D. all

19.A .gardens     B. plants     C. water      D. stones

20.A. If       B. Though    C. Still      D. So


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