In England recently three foreign gentlemen came to a bus stop and waited. About five minutes later, the bus they wanted came along. They were just going to get on when suddenly there was a loud noise behind them. People rushed onto the bus and tried to push them out of the way. Someone shouted at them. The bus conductor came rushing down the stairs to see what all the trouble was about. The three foreigners seem all at sea and looked embarrassed. No one had told them about the British custom of lining up for a bus that the first person who arrives at the bus stop is the first person to get on the bus.

Learning the language of a country isn't enough. If you want to have a pleasant visit, find out as much as possible about the manners and customs of your host country. You will probably be surprised just how different they can be from your own. A visitor to India would do well to remember that people there consider it impolite to use the left hand for passing food at table. The left hand is supposed to be used for washing yourself. Also in India, you might see a man shaking his head at another to show that he doesn't agree. But in many parts of India a shake of the head means agreement. Nodding your head when you are given a drink in Bulgaria will most probably leave you thirsty .

In that country, you shake your head to mean 'yes'— a nod means 'no'. At a meal in countries on the Arabic Peninsula, you will find that your glass is repeated refilled as soon as you drink up. If you think that you have had enough, you should take the cup or glasses in your hand and give it a little shake from side to side or place your hand over the top.

In Europe it is quite usual to cross your legs when you are sitting talking to someone even at an important meeting. Doing this in Thailand, however, could bring about trouble. Also, you should try to avoid touching the head of an adult ——it's just not done in Thailand.

1.The British people tried to push the three gentlemen out of the way, because the gentlemen _______.

A. were foreigners                   B. didn't have tickets

C. made a loud noise                 D. didn't line up for the bus

2.According to the article, if you want to have a pleasant journey in a foreign country, you should _________.

A. learn the language of the country

B. understand the manners and customs of the country

C. have enough time and money

D. make friends with the people there

3.In India it is considered impolite ___________.

A. to use the right hand for passing food at table.

B. to pass food with the left hand.

C. to eat food with your hands.

D. to help yourself at table.

4.To cross one's legs at an important meeting in Europe is _______.

A. a common habit        B. an important manner

C. a serious trouble     D. a bad manner


Many of the world's famous cities are known by some special names. Paris is known as the "City of Light". Hong Kong is the "Wall Street of Asia". One small city in Pennsylvania may be the sweetest place on Earth. That is town of Hershey, which is known as the "Chocolate Town". It is named after Milton Hershey, the founder of the largest chocolate factory in the world.

Milton Hershey built his first candy factory in the early 1900s. At the time, Hershey was developing a technique for milk chocolate. Eventually he succeeded. Hershey was also the first to produce individually wrapped chocolate bars. His factory grew and produced more and more types of chocolate. To this day, Hershey's chocolate factory is the largest in the world. Hershey used his success to give back to the community. He built a town around the factory for his employees. He gave streets fun names like Chocolate Avenue. He built schools, parks and shops. This generous man gave millions of dollars to charity. He built an amusement park with rides, trains for children and a swimming pool. Over the years, the town grew. People from near and far came to visit this special town, whose beauty and fame continue to attract lots of tourists. Every year close to three million tourists visit the Chocolate Town.

Today visitors to the city can enjoy a variety of attractions and activities. The Hershey chocolate factory offers tours. Visitors can learn all about chocolate and how it is made. A gift shop sells all kinds of chocolate and toys made to look like chocolate. Even if you don't buy a souvenir, there is one thing that is impossible to forget: the wonderful aroma of fresh chocolate everywhere. In this special place even the streetlights are shaped like chocolate.

Another attraction is the Hershey Hotel. It has an unusual mineral spring where guests can enjoy a variety of special treatments. The treatments all have one thing in common: chocolate.

1.What’s the best title for the passage?

A. Milton Hershey           B. The Chocolate Town

C. World's Famous Cities    D. Pennsylvania Chocolates

2.What was Milton Hershey developing when he built his first factory?

A. Public structure.

B. An amusement park.

C. A technique for milk chocolate.

D. Attractions for the community.

3.The underlined word "aroma" in Paragraph 3 probably means "_________".

A. attraction    B. fame   C. type        D. smell

4.What can we know about Milton Hershey?

A. He disliked cooking.

B. He wanted to be famous.

C. He cared about his employees.

D. He didn't pay his employees very well.


This column is part of a series on websites that are useful for English language learning.

Activities for ESL Students

Includes various types of tests, exercises and puzzles designed to help people studying English as a second language(ESL).The activities include grammar, vocabulary and idiom tests at easy, medium and difficult levels. The specially designed Chinese-English vocabulary tests can help Chinese memorize English words.

http://a4esl. org/

Interesting Things for ESL Students

Contains a comprehensive list of audio clips(听力剪辑)from the Special English programs of Voice of America(VOA).The list covers news of all kinds on VOA. The listening and vocabulary exercises and the word list designed with the clips will help English learners improve listening ability and increase vocabulary.


This site provides a list of radio or TV channels offering English news clips. It includes the BBC radio program clips from England, CNN and ABC news clips from the US, and other news clips from other English-speaking countries. Click on the links and you will be taken to channels where you can listen to clips. This is a good way to practice listening.

Listen to English

Offers a large number of materials for English learners to practice listening. The materials include business English, English literature, history, movies, and politics. Students can improve their English while enjoying the beauty of the English of literature, songs, movies, and news in different countries.

http://eleaston.corn/listen, html

1.If you want to test how well you are learning English, which website can you enter?


B. http://www. many

C. http://www.

D. http://eleaston. com/listen. html

2.According to this passage, you had better listen to clips of _____ programs to learn more English words.

A. VOA            B. BBC        C. CNN           D. ABC

3.How many of the four websites can you use to improve your English as well as to learn about recent news?

A. One.      B. Two.      C. Three.         D. Four.



John was traveling by ship to Europe when a terrible storm came. A great leak was filling the ship with water. No matter how hard the sailors and passengers worked at the pumps, the water was still rising. The ship was sinking fast. There seemed to be no hope. But the captain told them not to give up hope. He said that there was hope so long as the ship remained above water. He promised that if they didn’t give up hope, he would land them safely. The captain’s powerful will moved them all. In the end he did land them safely.

After they landed, John found the captain to show his appreciation. But to his surprise, the captain said to him that he was the boy of 30 years ago who bought a geography book in his bookstore. John suddenly thought of the boy. At that time the boy didn’t have enough money, but he had gone from shop to shop and believed he could get what he wanted. Finally, he made it. Now , it was the same willpower of him that saved the lives of all the passengers.
















I had lunch last week with a high-ranking business woman for a fortune 500 company. I asked her what tips she would give to someone early in their career. Without hesitation she jumped right into four keys to her professional climb:

Know your business. Never get satisfaction with your industry or your position. In most cases, the knowledge you hold now is not good enough to stand the test of time. Thus, you must keep working to stay on top of what’s new and what’s coming down the pipeline. This is what really counts, especially early in a professional career, as many entry level associates(同事) are content to be gainfully employed.

Pick careers with care. Again, early in your career it is easy to run after the job that offers the most money. In the case of a life-long career money cannot answer all things. If you are going to be an entrepreneur(企业家) then you’ll probably start with a budget of zero. Yet, if you have the discipline, working for yourself could be the best choice you’ve ever made.

If you are going to work for a company you have to do your homework. If you find a company that consists with your values and produces a product that you 100% believe in, then you’ll have an easy time giving that organization your all.

Be personable(有风度的). If everyone hates to be around you at the office, it’s time to check your attitude. We’ve all heard at least one anecdote(轶事) about a great thinker with great skills who drove coworkers crazy. Someway, somehow many of the brightest and best lack the “people skills” to advance beyond an entry-level position.

In short, you must have the interpersonal(人与人之间的) insight(洞察力) to interact(互动) with internal(内部的) and external(外部的) contacts. If not, you may find that you are unimportant once someone with soft-skills joins the organization. Why? People have to buy you before they ever buy the product you’re selling.

Be willing to move. This is where I got puzzled. She shared how she lived in seven states still working for the same organization.

Much is made of moving in today’s attempts to climb the corporate ladder. As more and more companies extend to have a global reach, it is easy to understand why new opportunities birth in various locations.

Whatever the path, outline in your heart what destination you hope to reach and this will be a key indicator as to which journey will be greatest for you.

Title: The Greatest Journey

Passage Outlines

Supporting Details

Information about a business woman

●She held a high1.    in a fortune 500 company.

●She worked for the same organization 2.      the fact that she lived in seven states.

3.on professional climb

Know your business

●Don’t fix eyes on the financial 4.   in the initial stage.

●Be modest about your performance in the position, for you need to better your knowledge so as not to lag behind.

Pick careers 5.

●Don’t run after well-paying jobs early in your career.

●Work in an ideal company and you are willing to be6.    to that organization.

Be personable

7.     driving coworkers crazy for lack of social skills.

●Try to 8.    others both internally and externally so that no one can shake your foundations in the organization.

Be willing to move

●As an increasing number of companies9.    their business globally, new opportunities arise accordingly.


●With your dreaming destination 10.   in mind, you will be navigated(顺利通过) through the greatest journey.



1.The more careful you are, the better you will do in an exam.

= You ________ be careful _______ when taking an exam.

2.Anther difficulty has appeared, making the situation more complex.

= Anther difficulty has ________  ________ the situation, making it more complex.

3.Mary was desperate to pay off all her debts and had to work day and night.

=Mary was ________  ________ paying off all her debts and had to work day and night

4.The purpose of the project is to improve students’ writing skills as well as enlarge their horizons.

= This project   _____   _____ to improve students’ writing skills as well as enlarge their horizons

5.The man was found guilty of abusing his authority and got a sentence of five years in prison

= Found guilty of abusing his authority, the man was ________  ______ five ______  ______ .



1.Though Jim never said or did anything to hurt anyone, in his heart, however, he had a deep p___________ against black people.

2.Though many honored guests came to the party last night, still some d_________ the invitation for some emergency.

3.The director was fully convinced that this moving story, if a_____ for television, would be a hit.

4. Being p______ is an important quality that a person should possess, so be sure to arrive in time.

5.Shanghai Disneyland, which will open this June, also has fantastic entertainment facilities with  different __________(主题), such as Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.


When one loves one’s Art, no service seems too hard.

Joe was a man with a genius(天才) for art. Delia did things in six octaves(音阶) promisingly.

Joe and Delia became in love with one of the other, or each of the other, as you please, and in a short time were married for (see above), when one loves one’s Art no service seems too hard.

They began housekeeping in a flat. It was a lonesome(无人迹的) flat, but they were happy; for they had their Art, and they had each other.

Joe was learning painting in the class of the great Magister you know his fame. His fees are high; his lessons are light his high-lights have brought him fame. Delia was studying under      Rosenstock you know his reputation as a disturber of the piano keys.

They were mighty(非常地) happy as long as their money lasted.

After a while, Art flagged(减退). Everything going out and nothing coming in, money was lacking to pay Mr. Magister and Rosenstock their prices. When one loves one’s Art, no service seems too hard. So, Delia said she must give music lessons to make the ends meet.

For two or three days she went out looking for pupils. One evening she came home overjoyed.

“Joe, dear,” she said, cheerfully, “I’ve a pupil. And, oh, the loveliest people! General General Pinkney’s daughter Clementina on Seventy-first street.”

“That’s all right for you, Dele,” said Joe, “but how about me? Do you think I’m going to let you work while I play in the regions of high art?

Delia came and hung about his neck.

“Joe, dear, you are silly. You must keep on at your studies. It is not as if I had quit my music and gone to work at something else. While I teach I learn. I am always with my music.”

“All right,” said Joe. “But I may sell some of my pictures as well.”

The next few weeks, they both busied themselves with their own business and brought back a ten, a five, a two and a one all legal tender notes and laid them beside each others’ earnings.

One Saturday evening Joe reached home first. He spread his $18 on the table and washed what seemed to be a great deal of dark paint from his hands.

Half an hour later Delia arrived, her right hand tied up in a shapeless bundle(束) of wraps and bandages(绷带).

“How is this?” asked Joe. Delia laughed, but not very joyously. “Clementina,” she explained, “insisted upon a Welsh rabbit(一种奶酪) after her lesson. In serving the rabbit she spilled a great lot of it, boiling hot, over my wrist. Nothing serious, dear.”

“What time this afternoon did you burn your hand, Dele?”

“Five o’clock, I think,” said Dele. “The iron I mean the rabbit came off the fire about that time.”

“Sit down here a moment, Dele,” said Joe. “What have you been doing for the last few weeks, Dele?” he asked.

She braved it for a moment or two with an eye full of love and stubbornness, but at last down went her head and out came the truth and tears.

“I couldn’t get any pupils,” she wept. “I got a place ironing shirts in that big Twenty-fourth street laundry(洗衣店). A girl in the laundry set down a hot iron(熨斗) on my hand this afternoon. I think I did very well to make up both General Pinkney and Clementina. What made you ever suspect that I wasn’t giving music lessons?”

“I didn’t,” said Joe, “until tonight. And I wouldn’t have then, only I sent up this cotton waste and oil from the engine-room this afternoon for a girl upstairs who had her hand burned with a smoothing-iron. I’ve been firing the engine in that laundry for the last few weeks.”

“And then you didn’t …” said Delia

And then they both looked at each other and laughed, and Joe began:

“When one loves one’s Art no service seems …”

But Delia stopped him with her hand on his lips. “No,” she said – “just ‘When one loves.’”

1.What can we know about the couple from the story?

A. They both became famous for their talents in art.

B. They turned out to be working at the same laundry.

C . Art helped them out of the poverty they were faced with.

D. Studying from famous teachers contributed most to their poverty.

2.What qualities of the couple’s are best conveyed in the story?

A. intelligent and economical

B. faithful and romantic

C. considerate and giving

D. hardworking and loyal

3.Which of the following does NOT give readers a clue(线索) that the couple were telling white lies?

A. Delia said she must give music lessons to make the ends meet.

B. Joe washed what seemed to be a great deal of dark paint from his hands.

C. Delia’s right wrist was tied up in a shapeless bundle of wraps and bandages.

D. “The iron – I mean the rabbit came off the fire about that time” said Dele.

4.Why does the author repeat “When one loves one’s Art no service seems too hard.”?

A. To reveal the theme of the story.

B. To explain the author’s writing purpose.

C. To indicate the sad mood of the story.

D. To assist with the development of the story.

5.What can serve as the best title of this story?

A. A Service of Love      B. A Service of Art

C. No Art No Love         D. The Love for Art


The term “Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution was the production of goods with machines like steam engines, which was followed by the second industrial revolution that introduced mass production with the help of electric power, followed by the digital revolution —the use of electronics and IT in production.

Industry 4.0 is a high-tech project, which promotes the computerization of manufacturing (制造业). The basic principle of Industry 4.0 is that by connecting machines, work pieces and systems, we are creating intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other automatically. The goal is the Smart Factory, which adapts well and uses resources efficiently as well as linking customers and business partners with great intelligence. Technological bases are the Internet systems and advanced factories. Experts believe that Industry 4.0 could be a reality in about 10 to 20 years.

So, what effects does this change have on the classic manufacturing? According to an expert, “it is highly likely that the world of production will become more and more networked until everything is connected with everything else.” Networks and processes have so far been limited to one factory. But in the time of Industry 4.0, the boundaries (界限) of individual factories will most likely no longer exist. Instead, they will be lifted in order to inter-connect multiple factories or even geographical regions.

How is an Industry 4.0 factory different from a today’s factory? In current industry environment, providing high-end quality service or product with the least cost is the key to success. Factories are trying to increase their profit as much as possible. In the time of Industry 4.0, various data sources are available to provide worthwhile information about different aspects of the factory. Using data for understanding the current condition and checking faults and failures is a natural thing. The sharing of information around the clock and around the globe will enable these connected systems to manage themselves independently, work more efficiently and identify any errors quickly.

The good news is that Europe is much better prepared for the Industry 4.0 revolution than one might think. Europe will position itself as a pioneer in the fourth revolution. Industry 4.0 is a project in the high-tech strategy of the German government. Meanwhile, in the U.S., some companies are also working hard on it. But the success of industry depends on whether business and politics can work together. It’s not only politics that needs to help open the door for Industry 4.0. Every company is advised to seize the new digital opportunities.

1.What marks the coming of Industry 4.0?

A. Steam engines.          B. Mass production.

C. Intelligent networks.    D. Use of electronics.

2.Industry 4.0 will probably result in ________ in the world of manufacturing.

A. everything connected with everything else

B. production limited to an individual factory

C. networks and processes no longer existing

D. classic factories stopping their competition

3.What’s the meaning of the underlined part in Para. 4?

A. Sharing information of the world time.

B. Global news broadcast at any time.

C. Spreading news widely on the hour.

D. Instant worldwide information exchange

4. The writer’s attitude toward Industry 4.0 can best be described as ________.

A. negative        B. supportive

C. doubtful         D. cautious


Well, more and more companies are beginning to create products and services for teenagers. The Disney Company sells the Hannah Montans television show, music, film and merchandise(商品) to teenagers and their parents. You can get everything from branded lunchboxes and mobile phone covers, to monthly fan magazines and clothing. The High School Musical series of films is also intended for a teenage audience. So, it’s all about sales, which tells us teenagers must have more money, freedom and influence upon their parents than they’ve ever had before.

UK teenagers never used to be worried about spending money on clothes and fashion accessories(附加物). That’s changed. Now, they are much more fashion conscious and concerned about their image. In a world of television programmes that promise overnight success and fame at a young age (for example, the shows Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol), some people think it’s extremely important to look fashionable.

So what does teenage fashion look like? Well, it’s quite horrible really, but then I’m a bit too old to appreciate it, I suppose. It’s lots of brightly coloured materials, particularly pink, and usually plain, not patterned. There are plenty of bows, necklaces and bracelets(手镯), too. It’s all very cute(可爱的), if that’s your taste.

Surely none of the above is a good thing, is it? Can it really be healthy for us to encourage kids to be like adults at such a young age? Are we stealing childhoods in return for a bit of profit? Well, the UK government is certainly concerned, and for that reason has strict laws preventing companies from explicitly(明确地) marketing their products and services at children.

Even the rest of UK society is concerned. Now that people are aware of the problem, there is a popular backlash(强烈反应) against the exploitation(利用) of children by commercial marketing.

1.It can be inferred from the passage that the teenagers nowadays         .

A. often ask their parents to buy things for them

B. always have more than enough money on their clothes

C. can’t enjoy their childhood though they are rich in material

D. are satisfied with their material life and worry about nothing

2.The author of the passage          .

A. supports teenage fashion quite a lot

B. is fond of brightly colored materials that are to his taste

C. thinks it illegal to make profits by selling things to kids

D. is strongly against marketing products and services at children

3. The passage is mainly about           .

A. British teenagers who are interested in fashions

B.UK companies targeting products at children

C. a social problem concerning teenagers in the UK

D. products that aim at young people in England


A poem starts with a thought, an idea, or an emotion felt from the heart.Poems can be happy or sad, deep-thinking or even humorous.The choice is up to you and your imagination as to what you will create.

Your first step is to write down the idea or thought that you have and you want to turn into a poem.Next, you should turn the thought into a free verse(自由诗体)poem.Free verse poems are much easier to write as there are no steadfast rules to write them.Some free verse doesn’t even have any rhyme or meter.

Now, rewrite your thoughts into lines.Now is the time to look at your lines and remember that the poem should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, just like a story, a book, or a movie.

Reread your poem several times and listen to the words and to the rhythm of each line.Now is the time to shorten or lengthen each line in order to create a smooth-sounding poem.Even though it is a free verse poem, you can choose to make each line rhyme with the next line if you want to.

Now go back and reread your poem again. Check for proper punctuation(标点)as well as for the proper spelling of each word. Think up a suitable title for your poem. It would be a good idea to set your poem aside for a while and then return to it later.

Then, reread it again with a fresh mind and make some necessary changes.

If you decided to continue writing poetry, it would be a good idea to investigate(研究) some books about creating poetry, and to attend some local workshops. Check out the available resources on the Internet as well as what is available at your local public library.

1.The underlined word steadfast in Paragraph 2 is similar in meaning to______.

A.advanced    B.strict     C.changeable   D.reliable

2.In the author’s opinion, what is the right order of writing a good poem?

a.Turn an idea or thought into a poem.

b.Check for proper spelling and think up a title.

c.Rewrite your thoughts into 1ines.

d.Reread it and try to make your poem sound smooth.

e.Reread it again with a fresh mind.

f.  Write down the idea or thought.

A.a-f-d-b-c-e   B.a-f-c-d-e-b

C.f-a-d-c-e-b   D.f-a-c-d-b-e

3.What can we infer from the end of the passage?

A.There is still a lot to learn about writing good poems.

B.Poems must depend on the Internet, workshops and libraries.

C.Writing poems is meaningful but rather difficult.

D. Not all people can succeed in writing poems.


请阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

Human growth is a process of experimentation, trial, and error eventually leading to wisdom. Each time you choose to trust yourself and take action, you can never quite be certain how the situation will _____  .

Sometimes you are victorious, and sometimes you become disappointed. The _____  experiments, however, are no less valuable than the experiments that finally prove successful; in fact, you   _____ learn more from your “failures” than you do from your   _____ . If you have made what you think to be a mistake or failed to live up to your own   _____ , you will most likely put up a barrier between your essence (本质) and the part of you that is the alleged (声称的) wrong-doer.

However, viewing past actions as   _____  implies guilt and blame, and it is not possible to learn anything meaning while you are engaged in blaming.    _____  , forgiveness is required when you are severely judging yourself. Forgiveness is the act of erasing an _____  debt. There are four kinds of forgiveness.

The first is beginner forgiveness for yourself.

The second of forgiveness is beginner forgiveness for another.

The third kind of forgiveness is _____  forgiveness of yourself. This is for serious misbehaviors, the ones you carry with deep_____  . When you do something that violates your own values and principles, you create a gap between your standards and your actual _____ .

In such a case, you need to work very hard at _____  yourself for these deeds so that you can close this gap. This does not _____ that you should rush to forgive yourself or shouldn’t feel regret, _____  taking pleasure in these feelings for a prolonged(延长)period of time is not healthy.

The _____ and perhaps most difficult one is the advanced forgiveness of another.

At some time of our life, you may have been severely wronged or hurt by another person to such a degree that forgiveness seems _____ .

However, harboring(心怀)anger and revenge(复仇) fantasies only keeps you _____ in victimhood(受害状态). Under such a circumstance, you should force yourself to see the bigger picture. By doing so, you will be able to   _____ the focus away from the anger and resentment(愤恨).

It is only through forgiveness that you can erase wrongdoing and _____ the memory. When you can _____ release the situation, you may come to see it as a necessary part of your growth.

1.A. turn up      B. turn out     C. break up     D. break out

2.A. important      B. engaged       C. failed        D. successful

3.A. obviously      B. necessarily   C. continuously  D. usually

4.A. success        B. failure       C. fault         D. benefit

5.A. ability        B. expectations  C. belief        D. experiences

6.A. mistakes      B. victories     C. experiments  D. fantasies

7.A. Still          B. Therefore     C. Instead      D. However

8.A. abnormal       B. original     C. emotional     D. unusual

9.A. ordinary     B. advanced     C. alternative   D. certain

10.A. wisdom        B. mercy         C. injury        D. shame

11.A. thought      B. approach     C. behavior      D. purpose

12.A. punishing    B. forgiving    C. blaming       D. praising

13.A. mean         B. prove        C. reflect      D. represent

14.A. and           B. or            C. but          D. so

15.A. uncertain    B. previous      C. next          D. last

16.A. unbelievable B. unavoidable   C. impossible  D. valuable

17.A. trapped      B. located      C. lost          D. occupied

18.A. drive        B. drag          C. put          D. shift

19.A. keep          B. refresh       C. weaken       D. clean

20.A. naturally    B. finally       C. definitely   D. initially


—I’ve got to line up at the restaurant for a meal.

—_____? You can order food at Meituan on your phone.

A. So what         A. How come     C. Why bother     D. Why not


I could have finished my self-reflection last weekend, but the math classes and exercises _____ all my spare time.

A. take up         B. took up

C. had taken up     D. had been taking up


The singer’s flight was _____ due to bad weather, resulting in the show _____.

A. put out; to be canceled

B. put aside; to be canceled

C. put off; being canceled

D. put away; being canceled


    ______ , it was difficult for the stubborn young man to seek a perfect job.

A. After graduating from university

B. After he graduated from university

C. Having graduated from university

D. Since he graduated from university


Kobe Bryant, ________ the Los Angeles Lakers uniform for 20 years, played his last game on April 14 and said good-bye to his fans at the end of the season.

A.wore               B.wearing have worn       D.having worn


The story is about an old villager and his sons living in West China, _________ travelling beyond the mountain in their life.

A. none of them       B. none of whom

C. neither of them     D. neither of whom


On the one side of the road grass should be planted, and ______________.

A. on the other are flowers

B. on the other flowers planted

C. on the other flowers

D. on the other are planted flowers


In no place in China      Rugao     _____ a long life span”, the official said proudly when showing the guests around the city.

A. other than; one can enjoy

B. other than; can one enjoy

C. rather than; one can enjoy

D. rather than; can enjoy one


I’m afraid there might have been 1000 audience in the concert last night, _____?

A. am not I         B. aren’t I

C. mightn’t there  D. weren’t there


—Dad, I have been appointed as manager of our company, but I’m worried about it.

—Why worry? Increased responsibility can often ______ your best qualities.

A. bring up      B. bring about

C. bring out      D. bring in


In history, the Romany split into different groups and developed their own language, _______ there are now approximately sixty varieties.

A. by which  B. of which      C. by whom     D. of whom


_____ the government recovers the vehicle purchase tax and the oil prices go up continuously, the sales of the vehicle in China are still increasing every year.

A. When   B. Once   C. Since   D. While


China understands the situation and needs of underdeveloped countries on the issue of climate change and urges developed countries to support them ______ technology and finance.

A. in terms of      B. in spite of

C. owing to         D. regardless of


The word “ungelivable”, based on Chinese, which has become a big hit online very quickly, ___________ a message that Chinese can also serve as an addition to English vocabulary.

A. acknowledges     B. assesses        C. declares        D. conveys


Anyone ______ be a victim of road accidents if he doesn't observe traffic regulations.

A. should         B. must           C. can            D. need


How come a man has to face the risk of being deliberately harmed by the person he offers help to?If this is the price of helping others, I think few_______ any good deed.

A. not dare do           B. dare not to

C. should dare to do     D. would dare to do


By 2025, when the number of consumers worldwide has reached 4.2 billion, people with high income will be, for the first time, more than_______ struggling to meet basic needs.

A. one              B. that            C. ones           D. those


Speaking in an inspection in Yunnan Province, Xi Jinping said authorities must _______ poverty removal efforts to support the building of a rich and successful country.

A. abandon       B. allocate        C. accelerate     D. appreciate


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