SM Card Cutter

Change regular SM cards to smaller SIM cards.

Did you know you can cut a regular size phone SIM card to a smaller size SM card and it will still work?This tool will help you do it.Just stick a SIM card in it,press it down like a stapler(订书机).A perfectly shaped smaller SIM is there.I've used it many times when swapping SIMs from one phone to another.

03/7/17-Mark Frauenfelder

Profi Cheese Slicer

Uses a thin wire to slice up to medium-hard cheeses in four inch sections.

I may own every cheese slicer ever made.I prefer a wire type cheese cutter so I can cut slices that work well on a piece of bread and sandwich.

This cheese slicer is great for both tasks.It even has adjustable tension on the two cutting wires.A point of information: I did break a wire cutting a very hard piece of cheese with black pepper.Good news,the wire is replaceable,and I was able to purchase new wires to fix it.Maybe best to use on softer cheeses.Lessons learned.But, highly recommended for every other use except for those extremely hard cheeses.

03/6/17-Kent Bames

Ash Bucket(桶子)

Bucket with lid keeps your fireplace(壁炉)clear of ashes.

I purchased this ash bucket recommended by my friend and have found it invaluable.Previously I had an old bucket that got left outside and usually filled up with rain and became a mess to clean.This ash bucket has a raised bottom and thermal insulation(隔热层)to prevent any accidental hot coals in your ash to damage your floor or cause a fire.You can store this bucket indoors since the lid is nice and tight.

03/3/17-Seth Wilson

1.What can SIM Card Cutter do?

A. Cut up a SM Card.    B. Help store more information.

C. Delete the information.    D. Make a SIM card smaller shape.

2.What kind of food is Profi Cheese Slicer most suitable for?

A. Cheese slices with cracked black pepper.    B. Very dry sandwich.

C. Medium-soft cheeses.    D. Extremely hard cheeses.

3.Which is one of the characters about the Ash Bucket?

A. It is waterproof.    B. It is fire resistant.

C. It is useful outdoors.    D. It is of no value.


假如你是李明,你的外国朋友Tom 来信说他的健康出现了小问题-体重增加了,向你征求一些关于如何保持健康的建议。现在你给Tom 回封信,告诉他应该如何保持健康。

要点包括:1. 注意饮食 2. 加强锻炼 3.保证睡眠 4.保持好心情






增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号( ^), 并在此符号下面写出该加的词。

删除:把多余的词用斜线( \)划掉。

修改: 在错的词下划一横线, 并在该词下面写出修改后的词。


2、只允许修改十处, 多者(从第11处起) 不计分。

Festivals have much origins, some religious, some seasonal, and some for special people or events. Some of the festivals are hold to honor those who are dead. Some are in memory of famous people. In China, the Dragon Boat Festival honor the famous ancient poet, Qu Yuan. The Spring Festival is the most energy and important one, when people look forward to the end of winter and the coming of spring. Some Western countries have very excited carnivals, that usually take the place 40 days before Easter. These carnivals might included parades, dancing in the streets day and night, loudly music and colorful clothing of all kinds. Festivals let us enjoy life, be proud in our customs and forget our work for a little while


The play “The Million Pound Bank Note” is based on a short story 1.(write) by Mark Twain, who was brought up in Hannibal, Missouri, and is best known 2. his novels, such as The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. The story happened in 3. summer of 1903, and Henry Adams, an 4. (America) businessman had some bad luck to be carried out to sea by a strong wind. However, he was 5. (spot) and rescued at sea luckily by a Britain ship and landed in London, where he found himself without money, friends 6. a job. But he had to earn his living, which could account for (解释...的原因) his 7. (appear). One day when he was wandering on the pavement and didn’t know 8. to do, he heard somebody 9. (call) him. Then he was led to two brothers 10. made a bet and gave him an envelope with a large sum of money in it .


David was a Senior High School student, who was so crazy to attract girls. He spent 10 hours a day  ____  more than 200 selfies (自拍) trying to find the  ___one.

  He would take 10 photos of ____ before he washed and would go ____class secretly three times every hour. At 16, he dropped out of school ____ he could throw himself into his addiction (上瘾) , and he ate____ . He did not leave his house for six months, and when he failed to take the perfect picture, he tried to ____  himself by taking an overdose (过度用药). His mother, Penny,  ___  to save him, and forced him to ask for help after his addiction had become_____.

  The 19-year-old, believed to be Britain's first selfie _____, is now under special treatment ___. He has not taken a picture of himself in seven months and has  ___ that achieving perfection is ______ . He told the Sunday Mirror,“I was constantly  ____ the perfect selfie and when I realized I couldn’t, I wanted to die. I  _______ my friends, my education, my health and almost my life. The only thing I _____ about was having my phone with me so that I could satisfy the desire for a picture of myself at any time of the day.” He expressed his  ____ to the doctors and said their help kept him ____  and called on others to ask for help  _____ they ended up in hospital.

   One psychologist at a clinic ____ David was treated said the addiction to taking selfies has now become a mental illness.

1.A. taking    B. having    C. making    D. getting

2.A. beautiful    B. perfect    C. good    D. comfortable

3.A. others    B. his teacher    C. himself    D. the classroom

4.A. out of    B. into    C. inside    D. away

5.A. as if    B. even though    C. in case    D. so that

6.A. more    B. nothing    C. everything    D. less

7.A. surprise    B. kill    C. calm    D. thank

8.A. decided    B. managed    C. failed    D. succeeded

9.A. beyond control    B. under control    C. in order    D. out of date

10.A. winner    B. loser    C. addict    D. killer

11.A. at home    B. in hospital    C. at school    D. at work

12.A. realized    B. expected    C. imagined    D. recognized

13.A. necessary    B. possible    C. impossible    D. unpleasant

14.A. in need of    B. in search of    C. in want of    D. in favor of

15.A. missed    B. left    C. got    D. lost

16.A. talked    B. worried    C. dreamed    D. cared

17.A. happiness    B. thanks    C. regret    D. sadness

18.A. wise    B. wealthy    C. alive    D. patient

19.A. before    B. until    C. while    D. after

20.A. when    B. which    C. where    D. how


Good Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
As we all know, good sleep is needed for good health..1.Your immune(免疫) system is built up. Don't short cheat(亏待,欺骗) yourself of the sleep you need. Here are some of an expert's tips for getting a good night's sleep.

2. Pull down the shades. Let no light of any kind in. Before you go to sleep, ask your family not to turn on a light. Light breaks the sleep rhythm. Once broken, it's hard to get the sleep clock running right. As a result, you will not sleep well. You will wake up tired.

A hot bath just before bed is good. 3.You are at peace. This starts the desire for sleep.

During the day, do some exercise. Even jogging(慢跑) will show good results. How about a good long walk? 4.You will find that toward evening you will get that nice, tired feeling. Sleep then will come easily. Added to this, exercise is good for your health.

5. Open the shades or blinds. Let the sun in. Open the windows. Let the fresh air in. This sun and air get imprinted (刻上记号)on your brain. The rhythm of being awake gets started. Your body clock is set for the day. That clock will let you know when it is the right time to go to sleep.

A. It makes you relax.

B. Make sure your room is dark.

C. If so, you will soon fall asleep.

D. This will get your body to work.

E. Here is what to do when you get up.

F. During sleep, your body repairs itself.

G. Strong light has a bad effect on your sleep.


Reading can be a social activity. Think of the people who belong to book groups. They choose books to read and then meet to discuss them. Now the website turns the page on the traditional idea of a book group.

Members go on the site and register the books they own and would like to share. BookCrossing provides an identification number to stick inside the book. Then the person leaves it in a public place, hoping that the book will have an adventure, traveling far and wide with each new reader who finds it.

Bruce Pederson, the managing director of BookCrossing, says, “The two things that change your life are the people you meet and books you read. BookCrossing combines both.”

Members leave books on park benches and buses, in train stations and coffee shops. Whoever finds their book will go to the site and record where they found it.

People who find a book can also leave a journal entry describing what they thought of it. E-mails are then sent to the BookCrossers to keep them updated about where their books have been found. Bruce Peterson says the idea is for people not to be selfish by keeping a book to gather dust on a shelf at home.

BookCrossing is part of a trend among people who want to get back to the “real” and not the virtual(虚拟). The site now has more than one million members in more than one hundred thirty-five countries.

1.Why does the author mention book groups in the first paragraph?

A. To explain what they are.

B. To introduce BookCrossing.

C. To stress the importance of reading.

D. To encourage readers to share their ideas.

2.What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2refer to?

A. The book.    B. An adventure.

C. A public place.    D. The identification number.

3.What will a BookCrosser do with a book after reading it?

A. Meet other readers to discuss it.    B. Pass it on to another reader.

C. Keep it safe in his bookcase.    D. Mail it back to its owner.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. Online Reading: A Virtual Tour

B. Electronic Books: A new Trend

C. A Book Group Brings Tradition Back

D. A Website Links People through Books


Steve and Yaser first met in their chemistry class at an American university. Yaser was an international student from Jordan. He was excited to get to know an American. He wanted to learn more about American culture. Yaser hoped that he and Steve would become good friends. At first, Steve seemed very friendly. He always greeted Yaser warmly before class. Sometimes he offered to study with Yaser. He even invited Yaser to have lunch with him.

But after the term was over, Steve seemed more distant. The two former(以前的) classmates didn’t see each other very much at school. One day Yaser decided to call Steve. Steve didn’t seem very interested in talking to him.. Yaser was hurt by Steve’s change of attitude. “Steve said we were friends,” Yaser complained. “And I thought friends were friends forever.” Yaser is a little confused.

He is an outsider(局外人) to American culture. He doesn’t understand the way Americans view friendship. Americans use the word “friend” in a very general way. They may call both casual acquaintances(熟人) and close companions(伙伴) “friends”. Americans have school friends, work friends, sports friends and neighborhood friends. These friendships are based on common interests.

American society changes rapidly. Studies show that one out of five American families moves every year. American friendships develop quickly, and they may change just as quickly. People from the United States may at first seem friendly. Americans often chat easily with strangers. They exchange information about their families, hobbies and work. They may smile warmly and say, “Have a nice day.” or “see you later.” schoolmates may say, “Let’s get together sometime.” But American friendliness is not always an offer of true friendship.

1.According to the text , what made Yaser a little confused ?

A. Steve’s inviting him to dinner    B. Steve’s studying with him

C. Steve’s cold attitude    D. Steve’s misunderstanding him

2.In Paragraph 4, what does the underlined word “ they ” refer to ?

A. American families    B. American friendships

C. People from the United States    D. Misunderstandings

3.Why do American friendships develop and change so quickly ?

A. Americans may not only call casual acquaintances but close companion “friends”.

B. American society changes rapidly, and the families move frequently.

C. Americans often seem friendly, and chat easily with strangers at first.

D. Americans think friendship means a strong lifelong relationship between two persons.

4.This text mainly tells us __________.

A. that people should not make friends with Americans.

B. that everyone needs friends.

C. the importance of keeping friendship.

D. how Americans view friendship.


Our neighbour’s son was getting married at an out-of-town church, and my husband and I were invited. We immediately rushed out to a store, and I bought a nice pink dress with a jacket. The dress was a little tight, but I had a month to go before the June 30 wedding and I would lose a few pounds.

June 29 came and, of course, I hadn’t lost a single pound; in fact I had gained two. But I figured a nice new girdle (紧身内衣)would cure everything. So on our way out of the city we stopped once again at the store. I ran in and told the clerk I needed a large-size girdle. The shop assistant found the box with the described girdle marked "LG", and asked if I would like to try it on. “Oh, no, a large will fit just right. I needn’t try it on.”

The next morning was rather hot, so I waited to get dressed until about 45 minutes before time to go. I opened the box only to find a new girdle in a small size. Since it was too late to find another one and the dress wouldn’t fit right without a girdle, a fight broke out in the hotel room between me and the girdle. Have you ever tried to shake 20 pounds of potatoes into a five-pound bag? That’s it. Finally my husband, laughing like crazy, got hold of each side and shook me down into it. At once I put on the pink dress, which didn’t match my red face well, and was ready to go.

Finally we got to the church. I heard one of the people say that they were having a High Mass. I turned to my husband and asked, "What is a High Mass?" He shrugged his shoulders.Unfortunately, I learned that this particular mass would last one hour, twenty-two minutes and eight and one half seconds—the priest (神父) was going to bless everything except my girdle.

1.The author most probably bought a nice pink dress with a jacket__________.

A. 4 weeks later    B. 4 weeks earlier

C. a fortnight earlier    D. a fortnight later

2.What had the author wanted to do with the tight dress ?

A. To make herself thinner    B. To buy a large size girdle

C. To put on some weight    D. To shake herself into it

3.What can we know about the author ?

A. She was very lucky to buy a girdle to go with her dress .

B. She had no choice but to put on the dress without a girdle .

C. She complained to the shop assistant about her carelessness .

D. She managed to put on the girdle with her husband’s help .

4.What would be the best title for the passage ?

A. A Funny Wedding    B. A Wise Decision

C. A Tight Situation    D. A Fierce Fight


Guitar Lessons for Guitar Players

Playing the same things over and over again when you pick up the guitar? Teaching yourself for Years but you hit a wall? Don't know what to do next? Whether you're a total beginner, or an old guitar player, we'll get you working on something you can benefit from. I'm a professional teacher, over 30 students at my studio in downtown Berkeley and several music schools in San Francisco, Alameda, and Mountain View.

No matter what style you're into, I guarantee there are songs by your favorite bands that you could

learn. Call at 510-333-9091 or e-mail at

Dance Classes for Students 2 5 Through Adult

Motion Dance Center in Martinez is now accepting registration (注册) for all fall dance classes. There are classes offered in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip -Hop, Contemporary and Cheerleading. Classes run like the school year Sept through June. Prices are very reasonable at only $45 a month. That's for a one-hour class once a week for a month. This studio is known for their younger child program. We are always looking for talented instructors too. If you want more information call Deena at 925-229-5678.

Qi Gong with Angie

Qi Gong is the perfect activity for anyone, at any age. It combines gentle movement and meditation(冥想), breathing regulation and relaxation. The exercises are designed to reduce stress and anxiety and improve blood and energy circulation (循环) throughout the body, therefore increasing immune (免疫的) function, improving energy levels and sleep.

Thousands of Qi Gong lovers around the world have experienced the extraordinary benefits of this gentle, ancient Chinese exercise form and are healthier and happier for it. Join us to experience the benefits for yourself!

WHEN: Tuesdays from noon to 1pm

WHERE: Halanda Studio 1062 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

COST: $12 per class drop-in (即到即学的) or $45 for a pre-paid set of 4 classes

CONTACT: Angie at , 408-887-6000

1.The purpose of ad 1 is to ________.

A. build a bridge between guitar players

B. look for teachers for several music schools

C. attract guitar players to attend music classes

D. help guitar beginners to improve their techniques

2.Sarah and Jessey decide to attend the dance classes for six months. They each will have to pay ___.

A. $135    B. $270

C. $540.    D. $1,080

3.According to Angie, the Qi Gong exercise is ___________.

A. traditional, gentle and unpopular

B. ancient, positive but complex

C. simple, effective but a little violent

D. traditional, gentle and effective











Dear Kevin,

I know that you are having trouble fitting in at this new school.










Li Hua








Dear Peter,

Our school photography club are going to hold an International High School Student Photography Show. The theme of a show is environmental protection. It will start from June 15th and last three weeks. Any student which is interested in it is welcome to participate. I know you take good pictures but you've always wanted to do something for environmental protection. I remember you show me some photos on that theme the last time when you visited our school. This is sure a good chance for more people see them. If you want to join in, you can send our photos to

Hope to hear of you soon.


Li Hua


In a cage, a tiger said to himself that I would break the cage and return to the real world. The other day 1. tiger, still living in the cage, was moved to another place.

Arriving there, he became a performing tiger of a circus. He2.(feed) with unbelievable food. He became milder and milder. He was trained by a beast trainer3.was skillful in training a wild tiger into a performable tiger.

He said to himself that I had to make changes; now that I was the captive(俘虏)and there was no way4.(run) away, I had better adapt to 5.(I) new life. So he became a kitty-like tiger, pleasing people with extraodinary talents in playing6.rings with fire. He was an adaptable tiger.

For years, he lived with the circus and other performing7.(animal). He said to himself that it's enough. So he was trying to be as lazy as he could. In the trainings, he was unwilling to move. During meal time, he8.(eat) as much as he could. He was 9.(final) kicked out of the circus.

Days later, some wolves were seen 10.(tear) a dead tiger on the broad grassland.


In 2009, Ben's new sister-in-law, Melanie Pace, a professional photographer, photographed a series of gorgeous pictures of the young couple. "Those images represent some of the_______moments in my life," Ben_______on his blog.

However, the couple was soon_______that Ali had a rare form of lung cancer. In 2011, just a year_______their daughter, Olivia, was born, the young mom_______away. Ben continued living with Olivia in the house that he had_______with Ali.

But this year, Ben says he is finally ready to say_______to that house, one so full of_______—both sad and sweet. He knew, _______, that he and Olivia couldn't just move out without marking the occasion in some way. So he called his sister-in-law again, in the hopes that she would________him recreate the photographs he once________with Ali. This time, he would pose(摆好姿势拍照)with 3-year-old Olivia, the other________of his life.

"I was just really looking for a(an) ________to say farewell to the house." Ben told "I did it so I would have something to________for the love and beauty that________that house for a short time in our lives."

"Olivia and I will be able to look at these________and know that for a ________time there was a place where I was the luckiest man in the world, ________just for a little while. And they are________of the great, enduring love he has for both Ali and Olivia. The love is always there and that's what________on." he added.

1.A. hardest    B. saddest    C. happiest    D. busiest

2.A. read    B. wrote    C. spoke    D. saw

3.A. informed    B. said    C. declared    D. announced

4.A. when    B. after    C. before    D. until

5.A. went    B. turned    C. broke    D. passed

6.A. shared    B. dealt    C. talked    D. studied

7.A. hello    B. sorry    C. goodbye    D. pity

8.A. horrors    B. fears    C. pleasures    D. memories

9.A. therefore    B. however    C. still    D. otherwise

10.A. help    B. make    C. have    D. let

11.A. bought    B. saw    C. took    D. brought

12.A. baby    B. lady    C. woman    D. love

13.A. way    B. reason    C. excuse    D. cause

14.A. explain    B. show    C. introduce    D. prove

15.A. added    B. emptied    C. occupied    D. burned

16.A. houses    B. occasions    C. words    D. photos

17.A. long    B. short    C. busy    D. free

18.A. even if    B. as if    C. if only    D. only if

19.A. discussion    B. development    C. improvement    D. celebration

20.A. comes    B. moves    C. goes    D. lives


Finding a new and fun hobby can make you a happier person.Hobbies can be a great way to relieve stress and bring more joy into your life.Specifically when you find a new hobby.Hobbies are for everyone at any age.When you get older,you should not have fewer hobbies.1.You might be looking for a new hobby,but you're not sure what.A new hobby requires finding new interests,which means experimenting to find those interests.

Try new things.To find a new hobby,it will require trying new things.New hobbies won't usually just find you. Don't put things off.You might think to yourself, "I don't like that." If you've never done it,or given it a chance,how can you know?2.

Learn new things.You're never too young or old to learn more in life.If you take the time to learn new things, you'll develop new interests.Let your curiosity run wild,and develop more knowledge over the things you don't know or are familiar with.3.Reading the same sports newspaper every day doesn't count as a new and fun hobby.

Collect things.4.Start collecting them.Maybe you have an interest in coins,or specific jewelry.Think about certain interests that pertain to(关于)what you can collect.If you're a sports fan,then collect sport cards,or jerseys. Simple hobbies aren't always a bad thing.You can collect just about anything.

5.Everyone has a creative side.Some people find different ways of expressing that side to them.It can be writing,drawing,painting,playing a music instrument,photography,dancing,or singing.These can be fun and relaxing hobbies to have that can be a positive way of expressing your emotions.

A.Interact with others.

B.Think of the things that you do like.

C.Learning is not such a bad thing.

D.Find and express the creative side in you.

E.Have an open mind and give things a chance.

F.Otherwise you'll develop more stress and gray hairs.

G.Write down a list of the leisure activities you enjoy.


The weather. It's always a talking-point in Britain. Why is that? Is it something strange about British people? Well it's nice to think that a lot of British people are eccentric(古怪), I mean, the place is famous for it. But really, it's the weather that's the point of note. The UK has some of the most interesting weather in the world.

"Britain does not have a CLIMATE. It just has WEATHER"

In hot countries most of the indoor places that need to be comfortable are air-conditioned, and in cold countries most of the places that need to be comfortable are properly heated. The UK is the exception, since the weather is often interesting and no one really takes heat and cold seriously. So although the weather can be very cold, very hot, very wet, or just wildly confused, it always takes people by surprise.

When it gets to winter and there is actually some SNOW, it always takes the people by surprise. It is frontpage news, and even a few inches of snow brings the country to a standstill. But then, what happens next is even more surprising and catches the folk off guard completely. And who could possibly have predicted it?! IT MELTS! Flooding! What a surprise!

Then in the summer, it gets very hot. If it had been Thailand or Australia, there'd be no problem. It is supposed to be hot, so, there is air conditioning. But in the UK, just total confusion at the sudden hot weather. Shock, health problems, and despite the fact that the country is considered to be where it always rains, summertime brings drought! But do people have cisterns(水箱) and reserve water tanks? Wouldn't it make sense for people to store rainwater in case of drought? Of course it would, but it is a dependency-culture where people have been trained to be dependent on the state, which then means that in emergency people are stuck! Why is the British weather so strange? It is something to do with the combination of an almost Arctic latitude(纬度) combined with being an island and having the Gulf Stream bringing warm weather from the tropics.

Helpful people in the know on geographical meteorology(气象学) have commented that the general situation with the UK weather is even more complex, as many different things contribute to the changeable weather. As well as the North Atlantic drift, there is the fact that the UK is affected by the following major air masses: the tropical maritime(海的)Gulf Stream, the Polar Maritime air from the North, the Arctic Maritime, the Polar Continental, and the Tropical Continental. There's also fast flowing air in Jet Streams. Air goes around in convection currents in Hadley Cells and in Ferrel Cells. Because the British Isles can get weather coming from hot or cold zones, and from land or sea, a changeable hot/cold wet/dry weather is found.

1.What is the British attitude toward heat and cold?

A. Serious.    B. Indifferent.

C. Positive.    D. Careful.

2.How do the British feel when they see snow in winter?

A. Excited.    B. Frightened.

C. Amazed.    D. Disappointed.

3.What happens when the British meet a drought in summer?

A. They have got well-prepared.    B. They get water from the river.

C. They always help each other.    D. They maybe fall into trouble.

4.What is the passage mainly about?

A. Why weather interests the British.    B. Englishmen's attitude to weather.

C. Weather in the United Kingdom.    D. What affects the weather in the UK.


Dubai has become one of the top destinations for tourists. It's considered as the tourism centre in the region. You will find everything you can expect in Dubai ranging from deserts to beautifully built malls. People from around the world visit Dubai for enjoying its wonders.

If you are in Dubai, avoid driving yourself. There are various reasons for this. Firstly, Dubai has strict laws and if you haven't a driving license you might be up the creek. Secondly, Dubai is considered as one of the most dangerous driving places because it has the highest death rates on roads per capital in the world. Thirdly, you might be unaware of destinations. So, avoid driving yourself as much as possible and try to use public transports like taxis, buses and metro trains.

Gulf is hot and the temperature there often reaches above 60 celsius degree especially from April to October. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai, you had better avoid months of extreme hotness and plan your trip in winter so you can fully enjoy the wonders of Dubai without getting worried about weather conditions.

There are different types of hotels ranging from cheap to more expensive ones. So, select one according to your trip budget. However, make sure your hotel is not even close to a construction site. This is because construction in Dubai is being carried out 24 hours non-stop and if you choose a hotel near such a site you might be in trouble because of construction noise. Therefore, always book a room away from such trouble-making places.

In short, for making your trips to Dubai pleasant, you should always prepare beforehand—select the winter weather and book a hotel that's not close to noisy places. You should also try to avoid the things that might create trouble if you like driving by your own without a driving license and without knowing the destination.

1.The underlined words "up the creek" in the second paragraph can be replaced by ________.

A. in use    B. in trouble

C. in training    D. in tune

2.What does the author want to tell us in Paragraph 2?

A. People had better not drive themselves in Dubai.

B. The traffic in Dubai is very busy.

C. It's necessary to have a driving license.

D. The public transports in Dubai are good enough.

3.What season is the best time to visit Dubai?

A. Spring.    B. Summer.

C. Autumn.    D. Winter.

4.Why is it terrible if your hotel is close to a construction site?

A. Because it won't be safe.

B. Because you won't have a good rest.

C. Because it will cost you lots of money.

D. Because it will be too far from the center of the city.


Both of my parents worked full-time when I was a little girl, so my grandmother would stay at our house during the day. We would watch game shows in the living room. Our favorite was The Price is Right. We would call out our answers along with the contestants(选手).

When I got older and started going to school, we couldn't watch our game shows regularly. That was okay with me, though, because the one thing I liked better than watching game shows with my grandmother was helping her bake. Watching her in the kitchen was amazing: she never seemed to need the recipes but everything she made tasted delicious.

At first I would just sit in the kitchen and watch, even though I didn't understand what she was doing. As I got older, she let me help with the easy parts, such as measuring the sugar. The day she let me separate the eggs, I felt like I had found complete pleasure.

At last, my parents decided that I could take care of myself, and my grandmother stopped coming over every day. The love of baking, however, stayed with me. I started baking by myself, and even if the cookies ended up burnt sometimes, more often they turned out pretty well. I tried out new recipes, and whenever I got to a thorny part, I would call my grandmother for advice. Sometimes I would call her just to talk, too. I felt like I could talk to her about anything.

My grandmother passed away ten years ago, but I still think of her every day. Last week, I found a recipe book she made for me. It included her recipes for brownies, cookies, and my favorite, lemon pie. As I looked through the pages, I thought I could hear her voice. She was the one who taught me not just about baking, but about life.

1.While helping her grandmother bake, the author ________.

A. missed the game shows    B. refused to go to school

C. showed great interest    D. could take care of herself

2.What does the underlined word "thorny" in Paragraph 4 most probably mean?

A. Basic.    B. Common.

C. Difficult.    D. Special.

3.From the passage we know the author's grandmother ________.

A. lived with her family    B. was very skilled at baking

C. published a recipe book    D. had been on a game show

4.The author's purpose of writing the passage is to ________.

A. remember her grandmother    B. show her good baking skills

C. describe her childhood memories    D. talk about her happy family life


Having a dental fear(牙科恐惧症) is a common problem. Learning to overcome your fear of the dentist is possible with a little determination and guidance. It is worthwhile to overcome the issue as healthy teeth might help you be healthy physically and spiritually.


Admitting you have a fear is the first step in overcoming dental fear. When you acknowledge your fear, you can start the process. Dentistry has come a long way over the years. The anesthetics(麻醉) are improved, the techniques are of higher quality and dental offices have a better understanding of these issues you are concerned and all these can help you overcome it.


Speak to family and friends about your fear. Be open and honest about your issues and get feedback from them regarding their dental experiences. You can contact your local Dental Society and express your concerns. Another good approach is to simply call dental offices and get useful information from the front office staff.

First visit

Most dental offices schedule your first visit by a dental assistant. This gives you a chance to ease into the situation. Do not hesitate to express your fear and hesitation. Pay attention to what the assistant says. It can be very useful and it can gently guide you to a new attitude towards dentists.

Relaxation techniques

There are many things you can do to relax yourself. Slow, steady, deep breaths are keys to relax properly. Another aid in relaxation is to bring your iPod to play some relaxing music while you are in the dental chair. Music is a wonderful tool to use and is a helpful distraction.

Facing your fear and making the first dental appointment are necessary for your health. Ignoring your dental health because of your fear will only worsen the issues and cause you to have serious dental problems.

1.We can learn from the first paragraph that ________.

A. few people might have the dental fear

B. it's impossible to overcome the dental fear

C. it's meaningful to overcome the dental fear

D. it's not necessary to pay attention to dental health

2.You can start the process of overcoming dental fear after ________.

A. admitting your dental fear

B. asking advice from other people

C. learning something about dental health

D. making an appointment with a good dentist

3.What should you do when you first visit a dentist?

A. Ask someone to accompany you.

B. Listen carefully to the assistant's advice.

C. Avoid telling your fear and hesitation.

D. Avoid showing any attitude towards the dentists.









How to learn English well



















A day I happened to find a chatting room on the internet, where people were chatting on English. I tried to chat with some of them. To my surprised, I found the fact that the spoken English of some junior students were better than mine. I asked them for an advice and they told me to practise more on QQ. What I wish I could speak English as good as these fellows! Therefore, every day after that I would spend one hour practise my spoken English on QQ. Day by day I learned many good and use words and expression. With time going by, I found that I could even communicate with some college students freely.


I am taught by many teachers in my school. Every subject has a 1. (differ)teacher, but I like my math teacher 2. (well).Her name is Lakshmi but we usually call her Ma’am. She is our class teacher too.

Ma’am 3. (join) us last term. She is very kind and her4.of teaching is so interesting and simple that we all can understand what is being taught and how it could be done. Most5.(important), Ma’am teachers math with lots of patience.6. we do not understand a problem, she will spend extra time7.(guide) us until we understand it. And we can go to her at any time during school hours for help.

She also helps us with activities at school. When there is some kind of programs, she will be there 8.(help) us to get ready for the show. Even when we go on picnics, she takes good care of9..

To me, Ma’am is not only 10.  good teacher, but also our best friend. I love Ma’am and I wish her a happy life.


After their business trip,John and Mary returned,eager to see their lovely children. As they drove into their hometown feeling glad to be back,they noticed ______,and they went off their usual route to see what it was. They found a ______ in flames. Mary said,“Oh,well,it isn’t our fire,let’s go home.”

But John ______ closer and screamed,“That home belongs to Fred Jones who works at the plant. He wouldn’t be ______ works yet,maybe there is something we could do.” “It has nothing to do with us,”Mary ______.

But John drove up and stopped and they were both horror-stricken to see the whole house in ______.A woman on the lawn was screaming,“The children!Get the children!”John ______ her by the shoulder saying,“Get a hold of yourself and tell us where the children are!”“In the ______,”cried the woman,“down the hall and to the left.”

In spite of Mary’s disagreement,John ______ for the basement which was full of smoke and ______ hot. He found the door and two children._____ he left ,he could hear some more sobbing .He _____ the two badly frightened children into ______ arms and started back asking how many more children were down there. They told him ______ more and Mary grasped his arm and screamed,“John!Don’t go back!It’s ______!That house will fall down any second.”

______ he ran into the smoke-filled hallway and at last he found both children. As he climbed up the _____ stairs,the thought went through his mind that there was something strangely _____ about the little bodies next to him,and at last when they came out into the _____ and fresh air,he found that he had just _______ his own children.

The baby-sister had left them at this home while she did some shopping.

1.A. direction    B. mistake    C. danger    D. smoke

2.A. home    B. plant    C. store    D. kitchen

3.A. ran    B. walked    C. drove    D. rode

4.A. at    B. off    C. to    D. on

5.A. whispered    B. nodded    C. disagreed    D. required

6.A. ruins    B. pieces    C. flames    D. silence

7.A. pushed    B. seized    C. greeted    D. stopped

8.A. basement    B. department    C. house    D. hall

9.A. went    B. reached    C. asked    D. rushed

10.A. heavily    B. slightly    C. partly    D. terribly

11.A. If    B. As    C. Since    D. Unless

12.A. comforted    B. delivered    C. recognized    D. protected

13.A. cheering    B. freezing    C. waiting    D. suffering

14.A. many    B. several    C. three    D. two

15.A. dangerous    B. foolish    C. practical    D. painful

16.A. Therefore    B. So    C. Instead    D. But

17.A. wide    B. endless    C. final    D. dirty

18.A. particular    B. interesting    C. familiar    D. fortunate

19.A. car    B. sunlight    C. crowd    D. moonlight

20.A. rescued    B. found    C. lost    D. missed


When I was 16 years old, a boy gave me an important gift. 1..It was the early autumn of my first year at a junior high school, and my old school was far away. 2.. I was very lonely, and afraid to make friends with anyone.

Every time I listened to other students talking and laughing, I felt my heart break. I couldn’t talk about anyone with my problems. And I didn’t want my parents to worry about me.[

Then one day, my classmates talked happily with their friends, but I sat at my desk unhappily as usual. 3. I didn’t know who he was. He passed me and then turned back. He looked at me, with a smile on his face.

Suddenly, I felt the touch of something bright and friendly. It made me feel happy, lively and warm 4. I started to talk with other students and made friends. Day by day, I became closer to everyone in my class. The boy with the lucky smile has become my best friend now!  5. I believe that the world is what you think it is. If you think it lonely, you might always be alone. So  smile at the world and it will smile back.

A. At that moment, a boy entered the classroom.

B. He’s living in Australia now and he loves it.

C. It doesn‘t matter because all the dark days have gone.

D. It was a smile.

E. That smile changed my life.

F. It’s practically impossible to make friends here.

G. As a result, no one knew who I was.


Reading is very important to help you learn English. To learn as much as you can from reading, you need to read different kinds of English. This book provides not only different kinds of English but also a good way to check your reading ability.

There are four parts in the book:

Part 1 is Messages: In this part somebody wants to send information in writing to somebody else. There is a test on timetables and a test on text messages.

Part 2 is People: In this part all the tests are about people. For example, there is an informal letter between friends. There is formal ( 正式的) English in biography ( 传记). There is a job application as a model to help with your writing, as welt as testing your reading.

Part 3 is Places: In this part, too many different kinds of English are shown, some informal and some formal. There is the informal English of a holiday postcard. There is also the formal English in a letter of complaint.

Part 4 is Things: You will find some descriptive writing in this part. There are descriptions of clothes and of a computer.

You can do these tests in any order you like, or you can do all the tests with a formal or informal text. I enjoyed writing this book and I hope you enjoy using it,

1.We can find the introduction to a product in ______,

A. Part 1    B. Part2

C. Part 3    D. Part 4

2.Which of the following is most probably written in informal English?

A. A letter of complain    B. A computer handbook.

C. A letter to a friend.    D. A story of a president.

3.The passage is most probably written for _____.

A. test designers    B. students

C. test-takers    D. teachers


Many teenagers feel that the most important people in their lives are their friends. They believe that their family members, especially their parents, don’t know them as well their friends do. In large families, it is often for brothers and sisters to fight with each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice. It is very important for teenagers to have one good friend or many friends. Even when they are not with their friends, they usually spend a lot of time talking among themselves on the phone. This communication is very important in children’s growing up, because friend can discuss something difficult to say to their family members.

However, parents often try to choose their children’s friends for them. Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends. The question of “choice” is an interesting one. Have you ever thought of the following questions?

Who choose your friends?

Do you choose your friends or your friends choose you?

Have you got a good friend your parents don’t like?

1.Many teenagers think their _______ know them better than their parents do.

A. friends    B. teachers

C. brothers and sisters    D. classmates

2.When teenagers stay alone, the usual way of communication is to _________.

A. go to their friends

B. talk with their parents

C. have a discussion with their family

D. talk with their friends on the phone

3.Which of the following sentences is TRUE?

A. Parents should like everything their children enjoy

B. In all families, children can choose everything they like.

C. Parents should try their best to understand their children better.[

D. Teenagers can only go to their friends for help.

4.The main idea of this passage is that ___________.

A. Teenagers need friends

B. Friends can give good advice

C. Parents often choose their children’s friends for them

D. Good friends can communicate with each other




For Children

Museum: Children’s Museum, Sundays, 89 North Street, 67641235

Story time: Children’s Library, 106 Green Street, Wednesdays during 9:30 a.m -5:00p.m. 66599624

Sports: Soccer Club, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 16 Yangtze Road, 96725643

Basketball Club, Wednesdays and Fridays, 79071632

Cinema: New films for children, 99 Brick Road, 69001354



Useful Phone Numbers

Fast Food Restaurant: 66387901

Hospital: 68787451

Visitor Information Center: 800-120-9847

Taxi: 79210583

Visitor Hotel Information: 800-739-7302


1.It’s Friday afternoon,you can go to_______ .

A. visit the museum    B. play soccer

C. play basketball    D. read children’s stories

2.If children want to watch new films,they should go to________.

A. 16 Yangtze Road    B. 89 North Main Street

C. 106 Green Street    D. 99 Brick Road

3.If you dial (拨号)66387901,you can __________.

A. ask for some hotel information    B. do some shopping

C. have a good story time    D. order fast food in a restaurant

4.You can not get any information about________ from the two notices.

A. looking for a hotel    B. doing eye exercises

C. eating fast food    D. taking a taxi


Mr. and Mrs.White had two sons and three daughters.One Sunday,Mrs. White said to her husband,“The children don’t have any lessons today,and you’re free too.There’s a new funfair(游乐场)in the park.Let’s all go there to play. ”

Her husband said,“1 want to finish some work today. ” “Oh, forget it.Go there and make our children happy.That’s the most important work.” Mrs. White said.

So Mr. and Mrs. White took their children to the funfair.Mr. White was forty-five years old, but he enjoyed the funfair more than his children. He hurried from one thing to another,and ate lots of sweets. One of the children said to her mother,“Dad is just like a small child,isn’t he, Mom?” Mrs. White didn’t want to follow her husband around any more at that time and answered,“He is even worse than a small child,Mary,because he might spend more money than a small child.”

1.There were ________ children in the White family.

A. two    B. three

C. four    D. five

2.One Sunday,Mr.and Mrs. White wanted to go to _______ with their children.

A. school    B. work

C. a funfair    D. a shop.

3.From the story we know Mrs.White________ when Mary asked her the question.

A. was still excited to play    B. was a little angry with Mr. White

C. looked for Mr.White everywhere    D. ate a lot of sweets

4.Of all he family members,_________ enjoyed playing there most that Sunday.

A. Mr.White    B. Mrs.White

C. Mary    D. the boys







Mr. Zhang,

I’m writing to you to share my opinions about the problem of heavy traffic every day after school at our gate.




Li Jin


Be careful what you say around your dog. It might understand more than you think.

A border collie named Rico recognizes the names of about 200 objects, say researchers in Germany. The dog also appears to be able to learn new words as easily as a 3-year-old child. Its word-learning skills are as good as those of a parrot or chimpanzee(黑猩猩).

In one experiment, the researchers took all 200 items that Rico is supposed to know and divided them into 20 groups of 10 objects. Then the owner told the dog to go and fetch one of the items and bring it back. In four tests, Rico got 37 out of 40 commands right. As the dog couldn't see anyone to get clues, the scientists believe Rico must understand the meanings of certain words.

In another experiment, the scientists took one toy that Rico had never seen before and put it in a room with seven toys whose names the dog already knew. The owner then told Rico to fetch the object, using a word the dog had never heard before.

The correct object was chosen in seven out of l0 tests, suggesting that the dog had worked out the answer by process of elimination(排除法). A month later, Rico remembered half of the new names, which is even more impressive.

Rico is thought to be smarter than the average dog. For one thing, Rico is a border collie, a breed (品种) known for its mental abilities. In addition, the 9-year-old dog has been trained to fetch toys by their names since the age of nine months.

It's hard to know if all dogs understand at least some of the words we say. Even if they do, they can't talk back. Still, it wouldn't hurt to sweet-talk your dog every now and then. You might just get a big, wet kiss in return!

1.What’s the best title of the passage? (No more than 15 words)


2.What do the underlined words “a border collie” in Paragraph 2 refer to? (No more than 12 words)


3.Why does Rico seem smarter than the average dog? (No more than 15 words)


4.What does the writer advise us to do by saying “it wouldn’t hurt to sweet-talk…”? (No more than 10 words)


5.Would you like to keep a dog as a pet? Why? (No more than 25 words)



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