It was her giggling (咯咯的笑) that drew my attention. Note taking really wasn’t all that funny.

Walking over to the offender, I asked for the _________. Frozen, she refused to give it to me. I waited, all attention in the classroom on the quiet _________ between teacher and student. When she finally _________ it over, she whispered, “Okay, but I didn’t draw it.”

It was a hand-drawn _________ of me, teeth blackened and the words “I’m stupid” coming out of my mouth.

I managed to fold it up calmly. My mind, _________, was working angrily as I struggled not to _________. I figure I know the two most likely candidates for drawing the picture. It would do them some _________ to teach them a lesson, and maybe it was high time that I did it!

Thankfully, I was able to keep myself _________.

When there were about six minutes remaining, I showed the class the picture. They were all silent as I told them how _________ this was for me. I told them there must be a reason __________ and now was their chance to write down anything they needed to tell me. Then I let them write silently while I sniffed in the back of the classroom.

As I __________ the notes later, many of them said something like, “I’ve got nothing against you,” or “I’m sorry you were hurt.” Some kids said, “We’re __________ of you.” But two notes, from the girls who I __________ were behind the picture, had a list of issues. I was too __________, too strict…

Reading those, I realize that over the course of this year, instead of __________ my students, I had begun commanding them to __________. Where I thought I was driving them to success, I was __________ driving them away.

I had some apology to do. But the next day in the classroom, one boy and one girl each handed me a card. The one __________ by all the boys expressed sincere regret for the ugly joke. The one from the girls asked for __________.

This was a lesson for both the kids and me. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the __________.

1.A. note    B. advice    C. reason    D. help

2.A. battle    B. competition    C. argument    D. conversation

3.A. took    B. thought    C. turned    D. handed

4.A. statue    B. graph    C. picture    D. poster

5.A. otherwise    B. however    C. therefore    D. besides

6.A. leave    B. cry    C. explain    D. argue

7.A. good    B. harm    C. favor    D. punishment

8.A. amused    B. controlled    C. uninterested    D. relaxed

9.A. meaningful    B. forgetful    C. regretful    D. hurtful

10.A. aside    B. above    C. beneath    D. behind

11.A. wrote    B. finished    C. read    D. collected

12.A. proud    B. fond    C. against    D. ashamed

13.A. figured    B. promised    C. concluded    D. saw

14.A. talkative    B. mean    C. clumsy    D. considerate

15.A. forcing    B. encouraging    C. comforting    D. teaching

16.A. appreciate    B. apologize    C. compromise    D. achieve

17.A. actually    B. normally    C. immediately    D. generally

18.A. decorated    B. offered    C. signed    D. bought

19.A. thankfulness    B. forgiveness    C. compensation    D. communication

20.A. friendship    B. education    C. knowledge    D. future



In high school, it’s important to stay healthy.1. How can you study well if you’re sick? So you should pay attention to your health in order to study well in high school. In order to enjoy good health, you should have some good habits. Here are some tips for you.

Drink water regularly every day. Some students don’t like drinking water. They only drink water when they are extremely thirsty.2. You should drink water regularly so that your body and brain can function well. Avoid sport drinks and soda when you are thirsty. They are not good for your health.

3. Some students don’t eat three meals a day. No matter what happens, you should not skip any meal of the day. Eating regularly helps keep your metabolism(新陈代谢)high and keeps your energy up. It’s especially important to eat a good breakfast every day with protein, carbohydrates(碳水化合物), and fiber to set up your body for the day of activity. If you don’t eat, how can you stay focused in class?

Eat the right foods. Some students eat whatever they can get. This is wrong.4. Choose whole grains like rice and whole wheat flours. Skip muffins, donuts, and other processed foods. Instead, choose whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables.

5. If you do that, you can get distracted. Therefore, you may not pay attention to how much you are eating. You may eat too much. Eating too much harms your health. And you may gain too much weight because of it. Try to eat slowly so your brain sends the right signals to tell your belly that it’s full.

A. Don’t skip meals.

B. This is bad for your health.

C. Eat a good breakfast every day.

D. Avoid eating too much at one time.

E. Don’t watch TV or movies when you eat.

F. If you are unhealthy, you may fall ill easily.

G. You should eat the foods that are good for your body.


Eight days for just¥12,000

DepartsMay—October 2007


● Return flights from 6 China’s airports to Naples

● Return airport to hotel transport

● Seven nights’ accommodation at the 3-star Hotel Nice

● Breakfast

● The service of guides

● Government taxes

Join us for a wonderful holiday in one of the Europe’s most wonderful-Naples in Italy if you want to have a nice time in a beautiful small quiet place. The ancient Romans called the city “happy land” with attractive coastline, colorful towns, splendid views and the warm Mediterranean Sea. Your best choice for a truly memorable holiday!

Choose between the peaceful traditional villages of Sant’ Agata, set on a hillside six miles away from Sorrento, or the more lively and well-known international resort(名胜) town of Sorrento, with wonderful views over the Bay of Naples.

Breathtaking scenery, famous sights and European restaurants everywhere. From the mysterious Isle of Capri to the hunting ruins of Pompeii, and from the unforgettable “Amalfi Drive” to the delightful resorts of Positano. Sorrento and Ravello, the area is a feast for the eyes! Join us, and you won’t be disappointed!

Price based on two tourists sharing a double room at the Hotel Nice. A single room, another ¥ 2,000. A group of ten college students,¥ 10,000 for each.

Like to know more? Telephone New market Air Holidays Lid on: 0845-226-7788 (All calls charged at local rates).

1.All the following are included in the price of ¥ 12,000 EXCEPT ________.

A. transport between the airport and the hotel    B. double rooms for every two tourists

C. the service of guides to tourists    D. telephone calls made by tourists

2.If you don’t like sharing a room with others, you have to pay ________ in all for the trip?

A. ¥ 12,000    B. ¥ 10,000    C. ¥ 14,000    D. ¥ 2,000

3.In which section of a newspaper can we see the ad?

A. News.    B. Sports.    C. Life.    D. Book review.


You have never seen him,but they're with you every time you fly.They record where you are going,how fast you're traveling and whether everything on your airplane is functioning normally.Their ability to withstand(经受得住)almost any disaster makes them seem like something out of a magic book.They're known as the black box.

When planes fall from the sky,as a Yemeni airliner did on its way to Comoros Islands in the India ocean June 30,2009,the black box is the best bet for identifying what went wrong.So when a French submarine(潜水艇)detected the device's homing signal five days later,the discovery marked a huge step toward determining the cause of a tragedy in which 152 passengers were killed.

In 1958,Australian scientist David Warren developed a flight-memory recorder that would track basic information like altitude and direction.That was the first mode for a black box,which became a requirement on all U.S.commercial flights by 1960.Early models often failed to withstand crashes,however,so in 1965 the device(装置)was completely redesigned and moved to the back of the plane-the area least affected bu impact-from its original position in the landing wells(起落架舱). The same year, the Federal Aviation Authority required that the boxes,which were never actually black,be painted orange or yellow to aid visibility.

Modern airplanes have two black boxes: a voice recorder,which tracks pilots' conversations,and a flight-data recorder,which monitors fuel levels,engine noises and other operating functions that help investigators reconstruct the aircraft's final moments.Placed in an insulated ( 隔绝的) case and surrounded by a quarter-inch-thick panels of stainless steel,the boxes can withstand massive force and temperatures up to 2,000.When in deep water,they're also able to emit signals from depths of 20,000 ft.Experts believe the boxes from Air France Flight 447,which crashed near Brazil on June 1,2009,are in water nearly that deep,but statistics say they're still likely to turn up.In the approximately 20 deep-sea crashes over the past 30 years,only one plane's black boxes were never recovered.

1.In Paragraph 1the author wants to say the black box_________.

A. comes from a comic book    B. is an necessary device on an airplane

C. can prevent disasters    D. can control the function of an airplane

2.From the black box on the Yemeni airliner _________ could be found.

A. the scene of the crash and the degree of the damage    B. the total number of passengers on board

C. homing signals sent by the pilot before the crash    D. data for analyzing the cause of the crash

3.Why was the black box redesigned in 1965?

A. The early models often got damaged in the crash.    B. New materials became available by that time.

C. Too much space was needed for its device.    D. The early models didn't provide the needed data.

4.What do we know about the black boxes from Air France Flight 447?

A. They have stopped sending homing signals.    B. There is an urgent need for them to be reconstructed.

C. There is still a good chance of their being recovered.    D. They were destroyed somewhere near Brazil.


If you feel at present that you don’t have enough friends in your life, one reason may be that you have let yourself become too busy to make time for the relationships you already have. Starting and keeping friendship requires effort and commitment(责任,义务,承诺).

Many of us let our lives become so busy with work and other commitments that we don’t get around to scheduling time for pleasure and renewal(叙旧) with the friends, relatives and acquaintances we already have.

Making the effort to call your friends more regularly and to accept more of the invitations you receive from others can improve your social life in a hurry!

Are there any people you could call right now and be assured of a pleasant welcome? Are there people that you could depend on to help you in time of difficulty? Can you have close talks with them? Do you have fun when you are together? Are you happy to have them in your life?

If you haven’t seen much of them lately, is it because you have become too busy? Have you grown apart? Was there an argument?

If the main reason you haven’t been getting together with the people you already know is because you have gotten too busy, take a good look at how you spend your time. Compare it with your real values and priorities(优先考虑的事)in life. Is your busy lifestyle really bringing you the quality of life that you want?

If you have become too busy for friends, why has this happened? Are you seeking material joys in your life at the expense of relationships with other human beings? Have you allowed your time to be over-committed because you never say “No” to anyone? Do you insist on doing things yourself that could be delegated to others? If so, why? Do you believe that everything depends on you?

Examine whether the way you are now spending your time exactly reflects your deepest values and priorities. Make sure that you schedule enough time for the things that are truly most important to you.

If you really want to keep friends in your life, make a space in your schedule, and a space in your heart for them.

1.In this passage the author mainly discusses ________.

A. how to balance friendship and work    B. how to spend our spare time

C. whether we should keep friendship    D. whether we should invite friends to dinner

2.What does the underlined word “delegated” probably mean?

A. Appointed(分派).    B. Replaced.    C. Reduced.    D. Handled.

3.The reason why you have become too busy for friends may be the following except that ________.

A. you spend too much time seeking material joys in your life

B. you feel it difficult to keep friendship

C. you stick to doing everything all by yourself

D. you never refuse whatever other people ask you to do

4.Which would be the best title for the text?

A. Too busy for Friendship?    B. Too busy with work?

C. How to Spend Your Time    D. How to Make New Friends


I am a 21-year-old boy, and this is my story.

One month after I graduated from high school in 2009, I was coming home from swim practice and was involved in a car accident. I was so seriously injured that I was in a coma(昏迷) for over two months at Prince Georges Hospital.

I died eight times during my coma and I couldn’t talk or communicate when I woke up. Walking was never going to happen again due to all the extreme injuries. Just like my body, my dreams were almost shattered. But I was not going to let my injuries prevent me from living my dreams.

After 14 operations and blood transfusions, I had to learn how to talk, eat, walk, shower and live independently again. When I was out of hospital, I still had to go to outpatient therapy in Waldorf, Maryland. After spending a few months in a wheelchair, I took baby steps to walk on my own. It was a miracle that I could walk again, but I wanted to prove that I could not only walk, but run. When it came true, I wanted to get back in the pool again. After a few lung tests, I was able to go in the pool a little bit each week. After a few months of swim training, I began my freshman year at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and became a proud member of the swim team.

By telling my story, I want to make a positive influence on the world. I am just trying to live each day to the fullest and inspire other people never to give up their dreams no matter how bad a situation is. I remember when I was still in my hospital bed, I would have my mom and dad push me around in my wheelchair to the other rooms to see the other patients and talk to them and their families. I wanted to let them know that everything was going to be okay. Somehow, things would work out for the best.

1.When the car accident happened, the author ________.

A. was a high school student    B. had finished his high school education

C. was a college student    D. was returning home from a swim competition

2.What does the underlined word “shattered” in Paragraph 3 mean?

A. Begun    B. Destroyed    C. Shared    D. Taken

3.It can be inferred that the author ________ after he woke up from his coma.

A. was out of hospital    B. was in surprise

C. faced physical and mental challenges    D. was worried about his lung

4.What does the author mainly want to show in the last paragraph?

A. His purpose of sharing his story.    B. His painful experiences.

C. His influence on students.    D. His great achievements.






Dear Mr Johnson,




Li Hua








Dear Mum and Dad,

In London at last, we are having great time!

To stay in a hotel in an old castle, and we tried to make a reservation. However, that hotel was booked full. So, instead, we get a couple of beds in a dormitory. Stay in a dormitory was a lot of fun because there were lots of people from various place.

If you had come without us, you would have enjoyed Europe either. All of the paintings I’ve seen so far is fantastic. Now I think van Gogh is his favourite artist.

Is there anything specially I can bring you?

Li Ming


Beijing Opera roles require performers to paint1.(they) faces in patterns and colours to represent different character types and2.(quality).

In Beijing Opera, facial painting can be quite complex. However, in the3.(begin), only three colours were used-red, white, and black. Now, many other colours, such4.yellow, purple, blue and green, are used for facial painting.

Red is a colour for brave and loyal characters. Guan Yu, a general from the Three Kingdoms Period (AD 220-280), is a good example of this kind of character. He is famous5.being very loyal to his emperor, Liu Bei.

White highlights bad in human nature. It7.(suggest) dishonesty and betrayal(背叛). One of the typical white-faced characters is Cao Cao, a8.(power) and cruel prime minister from the Three Kingdoms Period.

Black face paint is9.(usual) used for someone who is fierce and violent. One typical example is General Zhang Fei from the classic novel, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

All these different colours are used in Beijing Opera facial painting 10.(provide) a clear picture of each character.


An 18-year-old student at Stanford University was struggling to pay his fees. Not knowing where to turn for money, he came up with a bright_______. He and a friend decided to host a musical concert on campus to_______money for their education.

They_______out to the great pianist Ignacy J. Paderewski. His manager_______a guaranteed fee of $2,000 for the piano recital(独奏会). A deal was_______and the boys began to work to make the concert a_______.

The big day arrived. But_______, they had not managed to sell enough tickets. The total_______was only $ 1,600. Disappointed, they went to Paderewski and explained their plight (困境). They gave him the entire $1,600, plus a _______for the balance $400. They promised to honour the cheque at the________possible. Paderewski tore up the cheque, ________the $1,600 and told the two boys to keep the money they needed for the fees. The boys were________, and thanked him heartedly.

It was a small act of________. But it clearly marked out Paderewski________a great human being.________should he help two people he did not even know? We all________situations like these in our lives. And________of us only think “If I help them, what will happen to me?” The truly________people think, “If I don’t help them, what will happen to them?” They don't do it________something in return. They do it__________they feel it’s the right thing to do.

1.A. time    B. task    C. idea    D. decision

2.A. receive    B. raise    C. borrow    D. donate

3.A. reached    B. turned    C. pointed    D. called

4.A. increased    B. covered    C. considered    D. demanded

5.A. rejected    B. struck    C. cancelled    D. attracted

6.A. success    B. career    C. background    D. performance

7.A. uncertainly    B. unbelievably    C. unfortunately    D. undoubtedly

8.A. cost    B. bill    C. collection    D. allowance

9.A. benefit    B. profit    C. charge    D. cheque

10.A. soonest    B. latest    C. longest    D. farthest

11.A. took    B. counted    C. deposited    D. returned

12.A. pleased    B. surprised    C. frightened    D. interested

13.A. devotion    B. kindness    C. sympathy    D. teamwork

14.A. like    B. for    C. as    D. to

15.A. How    B. Where    C. When    D. Why

16.A. come across    B. deal with    C. adapt to    D. think of

17.A. both    B. few    C. none    D. most

18.A. able    B. rich    C. great    D. famous

19.A. taking    B. expecting    C. offering    D. preparing

20.A. because    B. though    C. before    D. so


Reasons to Take Part in Student Clubs and Organizations

Many college students don’t know what they’re missing by not taking part in the student clubs and organizations that are offered at most colleges and universities. Taking part in one can be a rich and rewarding experience. 1.Check them out and see what’s available. Here are a few reasons why you should take part in student clubs and organizations.

(1)Meet new people.

It can be hard to meet new people in college, especially in your first year. 2. However, in a club, you’ll find yourself in a smaller group of people who likely share your interest.

(2)Help your major.

There are many student clubs and organizations for different majors and departments. Such clubs can be a lot of fun as well as a great academic resource for you. By joining an academic club you will probably have an easier time to know professors in your departments. 3.

(3)Learn important leadership skills.

Student clubs and organizations can be a good way to learn important leadership skills that would look great on job applications. 4. These skills could be event planning, finance management, and so on. Find a club that you love being a part of and if you work hard you might be able to gain such a position.


Lastly, student clubs and organizations can simply be a lot of fun. Make sure to take advantage of student clubs and organizations to make the most out of your time in college!

A. Have fun.

B. Never waste energy.

C. Class sizes can be big.

D. Take advantage of your major.

E. So don't just walk past those tables during clubs week.

F. In a club, you will be able to gain other important skills.

G. And you might even get access to study help and other academic advice.


We know a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of reading a hard-copy book vs reading electronically. The problem is, many of us refuse to listen.

Don’t get me wrong: Digital reading has some real advantages. Ask people what they like most about reading on digital screens, and you hear over and again about convenience. More points for digital reading: e-books tend to be cheaper. There’s also the environmental argument. Think of the trees!

Yet the soundness of this case is arguable. The earth metals to build e-readers are not just rare but highly poisonous. And think about all that energy needed to run servers and cooling fans. And remember, trees are a renewable resource.

Then, there’s the appeal of a hard copy. Many people prefer print when reading both for pleasure and for school or work. Drawing examples from my own research, some of the reasons arc aesthetic(美学的). Others involve a sense of accomplishment, ease of annotation (“I can write on the pages”), and navigation (“easy to locate where I was”). Meanwhile, I hear abundant complaints about eye strain(干涩) and headaches when using screens.

Much of what students liked about reading print involved their minds. They say “it’s easier to focus.” Some also acknowledged they took more time with printed text and read more carefully.

But what makes the failure of electronic reading is concentration. More than 92 percent of those I surveyed said they concentrate best when reading a hard copy. When a digital device has an Internet connection, its hard to resist the temptation(诱惑).

So if digital interruptions don’t threaten your enjoyment or understanding of a text, then medium may not matter. Casual reading like David Baldacci? If you break to check sports scores, little harm done. But just don’t expect to understand Joyce’s novels this way.

1.What is an advantage of reading a hard-copy book?

A. It is cheaper.    B. It is easier to carry around.

C. It helps people think deeper.    D. It provides instant information.

2.What's the biggest problem of reading digitally?

A. Environmental concern.    B. Physical discomfort.

C. Concentration.    D. Internet connection.

3.What’s the author’s attitude towards e-reading?

A. Supportive.    B. Disapproving.    C. Optimistic.    D. Unconcerned.

4.How is the passage mainly developed?

A. By analyzing possible reasons.    B. By providing typical examples.

C. By listing practical suggestions.    D. By presenting direct comparisons.


It was an old apartment building, in which many parts are made of wood. Regardless of the warning of firemen, the residents wouldn’t move out because they were poor and had nowhere to go.

One night, the building was on fire. The residents began to run for their lives. When half of the population had got themselves out, the wooden staircases broke down. The remaining residents rushed to the roof of the third floor, which had not been touched by the flames yet, waiting for the firemen to rescue them. Firemen did arrive in a short while. But the fire engines and ladders could not reach the building as the alley was too narrow to allow the passage. The situation was critical, since the fire might burn the roof at any moment. The firemen placed a few cushions on the floor, and got some quills from the nearby houses to add to the pile. Then they asked the people on the burning building to jump on the pile after they had shown how. A man jumped down, bottom touching the pile, uninjured. Another person jumped down, uninjured...They jumped one after another, all safe.

Finally, Singermary became the only remaining one on the roof, hesitating while the fire was swallowing the roof soon. People shouted: “Jump, jump!”Singermary jumped, but she jumped head down with open arms. People were amazed and greatly shocked. How could she do such a jump? It was a suicide gesture! Fortunately, the cushions were very thick. She did not die, but injured seriously, saying with what strength she got: “Please take me to hospital! ”She was pregnant, and she had jumped head down in order to keep the child safe. That was mother’s love! People were deeply moved.

1.When did the wooden staircase break down?

A. After half of the residents ran out.    B. Before the residents discovered the fire.

C. Immediately the firemen arrived.    D. The moment the fire started.

2.Why couldn’t the firemen put out the fire?

A. The cushions blocked the way.    B. The fire engines were too old.

C. The building was made of wood.    D. The alley was not wide enough.

3.Why did Singermary jump in a different way?

A. To reduce the danger.    B. To cover her fright.

C. To protect her child.    D. To shock her neighbours.

4.What would be the best title for the passage?

A. Harmony of Neighbourhood    B. Mother’s Love

C. Heroic Firemen    D. An Urgent Rescue


An old lady was walking with her basket down the middle of a street in Petrograd to the great confusion of the traffic and with no small danger to herself. It was pointed out to her that the pavement was the place for pedestrians, but she replied: “I’m going to walk where I like. We’ve got liberty now.” It did not occur to the dear old lady that if liberty entitled(授权)the pedestrian to walk down the middle of the road, then the end of such liberty would be universal chaos. Everybody would be getting in everybody else’s way and nobody would get anywhere. Individual liberty would have become social chaos.

There is a danger of the world getting liberty-drunk in these days like the old lady, and it is just as well to remind ourselves of what the rule of the road means .It means that in order that the liberties of all may be preserved, the liberties of everybody must be limited. When the policeman steps into the middle of the road and puts out his hand, he is the symbol not of tyranny(暴政), but of liberty.

Liberty is not a personal affair only, but a social contract(契约). In matters which do not touch anybody else’s liberty, of course, I may be as free as 1 like. If I go down the street dressed strangely, who shall say me no? We have a whole kingdom in which we rule alone and can do what we choose. But directly we step out of that kingdom, our personal liberty of action becomes qualified by other people’s liberty.

We all tend to forget this. A reasonable consideration for the rights or feelings of others is the base of social conduct.

1.What does the first paragraph serve as?

A. A background.    B. An introduction.    C. A comment.    D. An explanation.

2.Which is an example of getting liberty-drunk?

A. Park anywhere you like.    B. Walk along the pavement.

C. Wear whatever you like.    D. Make loud noises in the wild.

3.What might the author have stated his “rule of the road” (Paragraph 2) as?

A. Follow the orders of policemen.    B. Do what you like in private.

C. Never walk in the middle of the road.    D. Do not behave inconsiderately in public.

4.What does the underlined word “qualified” (Paragraph 3) mean?

A. Limited.    B. Ruined.    C. Improved.    D. Educated.


At a click of mouse consumers can purchase the goods and service they need at online shops. What they have to do is waiting for the goods sent to their homes. We shall all be grateful to the pioneers of online shopping for bringing us such convenience.

Michael Aldrichthe UK

Online shopping was invented and pioneered by Michael Aldrich in the UK. In 1979 he connected a television via a telephone line to a real-time multi-user transaction(交易)processing computer. He sold mainly Business-to-Business systems. There were a number of significant world firsts with new applications in several business fields.

Jeff Bezosthe USA

Jeff Bezos defined online shopping and rewrote the rules of commerce. Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web server and browser(浏览器)in 1990. In 1994, Jeff Bezos read an article about how the World Wide Web was growing by 2,300 percent a year. He knew he had to tap into such a great potential for commerce. On July 6, 1995, Bezos launched, which operated out of the garage of his two bedroom home in suburban Seattle, Washington. With almost no publicity, sales took off immediately. The company has now expanded into dozens of product categories, forcing the worlds biggest retailer(零售商)to rethink their business models, and finally changing the way people shop.

Jack MaChina

As a child, Jack Ma was bad at maths but fascinated by English. He travelled to the United States in 1995 as a translator to help a Chinese firm recover payment. The attempt failed. But a friend in Seattle showed Ma the Internet, and an idea began brewing.

In 1999, Mr Ma gathered 17 friends and founded Alibaba in his apartment in Hangzhou. Alibaba’s model was simple: allow small and medium-sized Chinese companies to find global buyers they would otherwise only be able to meet at trade shows. It works brilliantly. Alibaba’s sales are now more than those of eBay and Amazon combined.

1.What made a success?

A. Business-to-Business systems.    B. The World Wide Web server and browser

C. Commercial publicity.    D. Help from retailers.

2.How did Jack Ma have the idea of founding Alibaba?

A. A translator helped him.    B. A Chinese firm inspired him.

C. lie was introduced to the Internet.    D. lie was funded by some companies.

3.What do the pioneers have in common?

A. They have improved computers.

B. They have sold goods worldwide.

C. They have enlarged product categories.

D. They have contributed to online shopping.










Dear Lucy,





Best wishes!


Li Hua









I visited my aunt in the countryside near the city last week. I was surprising to see that great changes had been taken place in the countryside. Take my aunt’s family for example. We supply precious flower to the stores in the city and have over ten workers working for them. Their family’s income reached as much 100,000 yuan last year. Not only did they have a house, a car and computers, they can also afford a trip abroad every year. When asking what else they needed most, they said that they wanted to learn a few English so that they could do business with foreigners directly. To their delighted, my cousin can use that he has learned from the university to help them with overseas trade.



Music festivals are popular across Africa. But this seems something few would have imagined possible in Goma. For years, the city1. (link) to wars. The young people were tired of years of2.(violent), and a youth group set out to organize a music festival 3. peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They decided to hold the event in the 4. (east) city of Goma.

Their first attempt in 2013 was cancelled 5. Goma came under attack. But last year,

25,000 people came to the city to hear their favorite artists play. And this year, some of Africa’s top musicians decided to attend.

The crowd cheered 6. Habib Koite arrived for his performance. The smoke machines fired up. Some people stood one behind another, 7. (form) a line. Thousands of other people ate, drank and danced in the dust.

Vianney Bisimwa was one of the 8. (organizer) of the festival. He says he and other young people wanted to change the image of Goma.

Although the country is known for wars, it is also famous for 9.(it) music. Many local artists sing openly about the conflict. Vianney Bisimwa says this gives people10. chance to express their feelings.


I have recently been reflecting on the secret of our online success. This website has now been in _______ for over twelve years and when my eldest son Jeremy _______ the idea, I wasn’t sure that at the age of 69, I would be able to _______ sufficient interest, or maintain the output of readable material _______to fill the pages!

Now I am delighted to say that at 80, my enthusiasm remains and with the _______ from a number of friends in the storytelling and magic communities, I am now _______ the next level. I must at this point say a big “Thank you!” to our web host Ken Evoy at Site Build it! He has supported us from the very beginning with _______ help and advice and much of the _______ for our success goes to him.

My intention from the start was to _______ a magazine style presentation that was entertaining, and user-friendly. The name ‘The Storytelling Resource Centre’ has kept me ________ and on my toes!

Out of curiosity, we ________ the Alexa Traffic Ratings website. We discovered to our amazement and ________ that we were among the top 1%of websites ________ worldwide! This was almost ________due to Site Build It! and the advice we receive from them.

Those of you who have been ________ visitors over the last few years will have noticed that were-organised the pages with the web host’s ________. The success was immediate! We ________ to receive up-to-the-minute advice from them and we are now one of the most visited storytelling websites! ________, Site Built it! hosts a wonderful forum where everyone is welcomed.

YOUR OWN website, then give yourself a real chance to If you are looking to create or ________, make ________ money! You won’t be disappointed!

1.A. danger    B. existence    C. dilemma    D. power

2.A. considered    B. confused    C. followed    D. suggested

3.A. grow    B. arouse    C. keep    D. catch

4.A. required    B. designed    C. passed    D. supported

5.A. advertisement    B. attraction    C. promotion    D. encouragement

6.A. coming up with    B. getting away with    C. looking forward to    D. holding fast to

7.A. voluntary    B. valuable    C. individual    D. medical

8.A. focus    B. reason    C. credit    D. part

9.A. produce    B. direct    C. communicate    D. ensure

10.A. disappointed    B. discouraged    C. amused    D. motivated

11.A. approached    B. accessed    C. received    D. connected

12.A. delight    B. surprise    C. sorrow    D. anger

13.A. troubled    B. built    C. visited    D. hosted

14.A. heavily    B. entirely    C. slightly    D. seriously

15.A. seasonal    B. casual    C. rare    D. regular

16.A. information    B. direction    C. intention    D. education

17.A. start    B. refuse    C. continue    D. offer

18.A. In addition    B. In advance    C. For free    D. For example

19.A. edit    B. comfort    C. transform    D. improve

20.A. easy    B. pocket    C. serious    D. business



For generations, people have dreamed of traveling to Mars to explore Earth’s closest planetary neighbor. The American Space Agency, NASA, and other space agencies have announced plans to send people to the Red Planet.1..

In the United States, some volunteers are learning how people will react to months of separation from other humans on a Mars base.2. But actually, they are living in Hawaii. The project is called HI-SEAS. NASA has provided financial support for the work.

Six people are living on a make-believe Mars Base. They are isolated high on top of Mauna Loa, a volcanic mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii, whose environment is as close to Mars as we can find on Earth. 3. When measured from its base, deep in the ocean, Mauna Loa is the second largest mountain in our solar system. Because it is so high, the land is not warm or rich with plants, like the rest of Hawaii. Visually, it is very similar to what you see on Mars. They can walk across red lava rock from the volcano and see the wonderful volcanic material. There is really no visible plant life or animal life.

The six member HI-SEAS crew is mostly self-sufficient. They take care of themselves.4.

But the individuals bringing those supplies cannot communicate with volunteers inside the base. The current crew has been living in the base since October, and will stay until June. Crew members communicate with the outside world through e-mail and blogs. They also produce videos on the YouTube website.5.

Food and supplies are brought to them.

A. But such a manned mission is years away.

B. Mars has the largest volcanic mountain in the solar system.

C. They are spending eight months in an area that looks much like the surface of Mars.

D. Mauna Loa is 2,500 meters above sea level.

E. Conditions on the surface of Mars are closer to the conditions on Earth.

F. For now, on a mountaintop in Hawaii, volunteers are getting a taste of life on a future Mars base.

G. Food and supplies are brought to them.


Some of those who oppose smoking in movies have just seen the future, and they are not happy about it.

Having caught up with James Cameron’s3-D science fiction thriller, “Avatar,” over the holidays, Stanton A. Glantz, director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, said his Smoke Free Movies initiative(倡议) would soon come out swinging with an informational campaign aimed at what he saw as the movie’s pro-smoking message.

“This is like someone just put a bunch of plutonium(钚) in the water supply,” Mr. Glantz said in a telephone interview last week. He was referring to scenes in which an environmental scientist played by Sigourney Weaverdrags lovingly on a cigarette as she works to save the moon Pandora sometime in the 22nd century., which monitors tobacco mentions in films, gave “Avatar” a rating: A “black lung.” Still, this movie is not the only holiday picture to earn that distinction, which indicates unacceptable depictions(描绘) of tobacco.

“Sherlock Holmes” and “The Blind Side,” which were distributed by Warner Brothers; “Nine,” from the Weinstein Company; “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”from Sony Pictures; and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” also from Fox, were similarly rated with a “black lung” for tobacco use.

In a statement sent by e-mail over the weekend, Mr. Cameron said he had never intended Ms. Weaver’s character, Grace Augustine, to be “a role model” for teenagers. “She’s rude, she swears, she drinks, she smokes,” wrote Mr. Cameron. “Also, from a character perspective, we were showing that Grace doesn’t care about her human body, only her avatar body, which again is a negative comment about people in our real world living too much in their avatars, meaning online and in video games.”

Speaking as an artist, Mr. Cameron said: “I don’t believe in the dogmatic(教条的) idea that no one in a movie should smoke. Movies should reflect reality…I do agree that young role-model characters should not smoke in movies, especially in a way which suggests that it makes them cooler or more accepted by their peers.”

For the record, apart from the 3-D tobacco use, Mr. Glantz said he found “Avatar” to be “a great movie.”

1.What would be the best title for the text?

A. “Avatar” Made by James Cameron Becomes the Latest Hit Again

B. A discussion about the Role-model for Young People

C. ‘Avatar’ Joins Holiday Movies That Fail an Antismoking Test

D. A Campaign against Smoking

2.What is Warner Brothers?

A. A rating administration.    B. A research center.

C. A film.    D. A film company.

3.What is the tone of the text?

A. Doubtful.    B. Objective    C. Subjective.    D. Sensitive.


Recently,an American doctor in Liberia has been tested positive for the Ebola virus.Dr.Rick Sacra,a Christian missionary(传教士)wasn’t treating people with Ebola,but he’s in the country that’s been hardest hit by the latest Ebola outbreak.And that’s one of five things to know about this virus.It’s killed thousands in West Africa.Second point,it`s a fever.Other symptoms are muscle pain,vomiting and bleeding.It`s spread through direct contact with blood and body fluids.

There’s no cure for this disease.About half of those who’ve gotten it have died.Quick treatment with fluids,vitamins and medicines seems to help in some cases.Now,there’s an experimental drug being used on some victims.Quantities are extremely limited,and its effectiveness isn’t proven.Some who’ve gotten it have survived,while some have died.

This outbreak,the worst so far has been largely limited to West Africa.You`re about to see how Ebola has turned parts of Liberia in the ghost towns.Half the population here have either died or fled.Many didn’t even stop to carry their belongings.A lot of houses were abandoned.Gazali Johnson told us he lost his eight months pregnant sister,his brother,niece and many others.Too many to name.

From Zango we go further into the jungle.Through a quarantine(隔离)gate into nearby Bakuda.Some 8,000 people live here,but no one has been allowed to leave.This community has been completely isolated.Of the over 1,000 death from Ebola in Liberia,20 percent have died right here,in this town.The town chief tells us that they worried if the virus doesn’t kill them,hunger and disease

will.This is what it`s like across Lofa,locked in,afraid and alone.

1.What symptom will a person with Ebola have?

A. Headache.    B. Bone pain.    C. Bleeding.    D. Heart attack.

2.What can we infer from Paragraph 2?

A. The new drug has no effect on this disease.

B. Once people get Ebola,they will finally die.

C. A new drug has been widely used in hospitals.

D. Some quick treatment may save people’s lives.

3.What is mainly talked about in Paragraph 3?

A. The damage caused by Ebola.

B. The town abandoned by people.

C. The reason for people’s leaving.

D. The story told by Gazali Johnson.

4.According to Paragraph 4,what can we know about the community?

A. It is the largest community in Liberia.

B. It is greatly hit by the outbreak of Ebola.

C. The town chief is confident about their future.

D. People in the community can help each other.


People always feel headache about academic writing.Jennifer Ahern-Dodson provides some suggestions with some students and teachers.She asks about their earlier writing experiences.Were they negative or positive?She advises that you are not alone if you have had problems with your writing.She says everyone struggles with writing.

“Writing is hard.All writers struggle at some point.And even if writing has come easily for you,at some point in your work as a student,that eventually you’re going to hit a roadblock.So it’s really important to take a moment to think about their past writing experiences.And when the writing was going well,what was happening?When the writing wasn’t going well,what was happening?”

She says most people’s negative writing experiences happened because a very specific formula is required for a paper including an exact length.”And so they primarily focus on,and worry about,what the final product has to look like,like how many pages for a research essay?Or if it is in the second or third language,you know,punctuation and grammar,like whether it gets communicated in the right language.

Another problem can arise when the need to do well on a paper is extremely important.“ a timed essay exam,or a college application essay,or a research paper that is at the end of the semester,and it’s tied to the entire grade for the class.So worrying about what will happen if they don’t do well–get bad grades,don’t get into college–creates,of course,significant anxiety.And that can make it harder to get the writing done.”

Then she and the people she’s helping move to more positive projects.She says usually when writing comes easily,the writers feel they have something important to say.The teacher advises thinking about who your audience is,and what it is that you really want to say to them.

1.What does Jennifer Ahern-Dodson think of academic writing?

A. It is made up of past experiences.    B. It has positive effects.

C. It is hard for everyone.    D. It makes people think.

2.Which can best explain the underlined words“hit a roadblock”in Paragraph 2?

A. Have an accident.    B. Meet into trouble.

C. Break some record.    D. Graduate from school.

3.What can be the problem with academic writing?

A. Research subjects.    B. Required styles.

C. A certain formula.    D. Lack of patience.

4.According to Jennifer,how can we improve writing?

A. By stopping worrying.    B. By thinking positively.

C. By focusing on the subject.    D. By thinking about audience.


This year marks 45 years since Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon,taking“one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.”Overall,12 American astronauts have walked on the lunar landscape,the last doing so in 1972.

Enthusiasm for space travel has always increased and decreased.In 2010,President Barack Obama cut funds for a NASA mission that would haveput humans back on the moonby 2020.“I understand that some believe that we should attempt a return to the surface of the Moon first,as previously planned.But I just have to say here:We’ve been there before,”said Obama.NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has alsothrown cold wateron the idea of a return mission to the moon.

But others believe there are benefits to going back to the moon.“It’s the closest future body to us,making it the least challenging to explore all the planets,moons and asteroids(小行星)in our solar system,”wrote Gene R.Grushfrom NASA Johnson Space Center.Richard Vondrak,deputy(代理的)director of the Solar System Exploration Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center,said,“Astronauts can accomplish scientific exploration that is beyond the capability of robotic explorers.”

And then there’s the private sector.In the last few years,several private companies have launched rockets of their own,ending the public sector’s monopoly(垄断)on space flight.Meanwhile,Buzz Aldrin,the second person to walk on the moon,believes that there’s amuch better goalfor exploration:Mars.“We’ve walked on the moon,so we understand it better than anything else,”Aldrinsaid.“We’ve got to start thinking of long-term investments.”

1.What can we know about Neil Armstrong’s walking on the moon?

A. He stepped on the moon in 1972.    B. It is highly thought of in the world.

C. It took astronauts 45 years to do that.    D. He did it together with 11 astronauts.

2.What can we learn about Gene R.Grush?

A. He hopes to use robots to explore the moon.

B. He thinks the moon is the easiest to explore.

C. He thinks we should explore all the stars.

D. He’s the deputy director of NASA.

3.Who supports exploring the Mars?

A. Charles Bolden.    B. Richard Vondrak.    C. Buzz Aldrin.    D. President Obama

4.What can be the best title of the text?

A. Should we go back to the moon?    B. How can we return to the moon?

C. What can we find in the universe?    D. Should we do a research on space?





Dear Peter,




Li Hua








When I was a little girl, my family were very poor. My parents were workers but couldn't afford to buy toys for me. As a result, my dolls looked a lot differently from that bought from toy stores. My dolls were home-made. The first doll I owned was made of a glass Coca-Cola bottle. I was so excited to make a doll by my own. Soon I became a collector of empty Coca-Cola bottles although I saw each bottle as possible baby doll at that time. People who worked in the store sell Coca-Cola could see me pick up empty bottles almost every day. Those home-made toys had brought me a lot of happy.



Sammy Armstrong was driving to his office1.he noticed a car was stuck on railroad tracks.Then he2.   (hear)a train whistle.Sammy threw down his sunglasses and keys and ran toward the car.3.elderly man,Jean Papich,eighty-four,sat in the drivers seat,4.(turn) the key and hitting the gas.His wife,Marion,seventy-eight,was looking5.(nervous) at him.Then Sammy walked to the back of the car and pushed it forward,but his boots slipped on the warm asphalt(沥青).He could see the train approaching fast.

6.might be easier to push the car backward,Sammy thought.He ran around to the front of the vehicle and shouted at Jean7.(put) the car in neutral(空挡).Sammy could feel the ground trembling under his feet.He put his boots against the tracks and pushed forcefully.Finally,the car rolled off the tracks.When Sammy looked up,the train was just a couple of8.(foot)away.Sammy,9.(shock) and speechless,went back to work as crowd gathered at the scene.

Weeks later,Marion called to thank Sammy.He responded,“I just did10.I believe is the right thing to do as an average citizen."


Heaviest snow in half a century hit the south of the country. It snowed continuously for half a month, _______the railways, highways, and runways in the airfields. Ice wrapped and paralyzed(使瘫痪)the power and communication system. Many people were_______in railway stations, bus stations and airports, and_______in cars, buses and trains. Governments and people did everything they could to fight the snow_______, resulting in the good news that no one was killed from_______and hunger. Gradually, trapped people all went back home_______. While fighting the snow, people forgot their_______until a moving story of a swallow couple was widely_______on the Internet.

Being hungry and cold, the swallow couple tried to fly_______people's home to warm themselves, but every house was closed________. They jumped and flapped their wings to________the attention of the people inside the house, but failed. The wife’s body was________, she could not move any longer. The husband came near and wrapped his wife with his wings. He lost his________soon because of his opened wings. The couple died in the end.

The next morning, the housemaster went to the balcony to________his flowers because of concern and saw a________swallow outside the window pane. Touching it, he found that they were two________together. Moved to tears, he took them in, giving them some________, but in vain. He found a small cardboard box, laid them in and________them in the back garden.

In my hometown, in the countryside, a swallow family lives in the________of my house. I wonder if they will come back this spring________they did.

1.A. protecting    B. maintaining    C. blocking    D. keeping

2.A. restricted    B. stuck    C. surrounded    D. persuaded

3.A. even    B. still    C. yet    D. nevertheless

4.A. disturbance    B. occurrence    C. incident    D. disaster

5.A. cold    B. disease    C. poverty    D. thirsty

6.A. merrily    B. safely    C. excitedly    D. exhaustedly

7.A. family    B. distant relatives    C. parents    D. animal friends

8.A. broadcast    B. written    C. spread    D. identified

9.A. into    B. through    C. beyond    D. across

10.A. tightly    B. early    C. secretly    D. quickly

11.A. pay    B. attract    C. resist    D. keep

12.A. injured    B. lifted    C. frozen    D. broken

13.A. heat    B. strength    C. direction    D. eyesight

14.A. water    B. plant    C. dig    D. check

15.A. dead    B. drunk    C. lively    D. lovely

16.A. touching    B. embracing    C. living    D. lying

17.A. warmth    B. food    C. kindness    D. fruit

18.A. left    B. sheltered    C. buried    D. threw

19.A. roof    B. basement    C. window    D. wall

20.A. when    B. as    C. unless    D. if



Thinking about a career in public safety or law enforcement? Statistics show that these careers are growing, have great benefits,and can be very rewarding.1.But there are hundreds of public safety jobs to think about-everything from police officer who protect people to driver's license examiners who test driving skills.

For example,Angela Bloom is an animal control worker for the city.She and her co-workers pick up animals that are lost,sick,or dangerous.2.For this job,being in good physical condition is important and a high school diploma is required.It may be necessary for candidates to have received on-the-job training and hold certification.

3.He looks for health problems in places where people prepare and serve food.There are many kinds of jobs for inspectors.For example,public safety inspectors look for safety violations or dangerous workplaces and fire inspectors look for problems in buildings that could cause fires.4.A college degree is often necessary. Actually, applicants with a bachelor's or master's degree,related experience or training in a foreign language may have the best job prospects.

5.For those interested in working in this dynamic and rewarding field,a wide variety of options are available.So remember,if you like working with the public,and are looking for a good job,a career in public safety might be perfect for you.

A.Martin Lee is a health inspector.

B.You can come and apply for the degree.

C.They also investigate reports of animal abuse.

D.These are only a few of the job options available.

E.Problems solving skills are important for these jobs.

F.Their job is to find a person to adopt the homeless animals.

G.Police officer and firefighter are two of the most popular safety jobs in this field.


Want to boost the chance of your story being published in Reader's Digest and win $25,000? Here are a few of our favorite entries so far in our "Your life: The Reader's Digest Version" contest. After reading these, head over to Facebook and submit your own story about a special moment or lesson that shaped your life.

"There's Always a John" By Darla Boyd

My first year of teaching, there was a kid named John in my class. John was difficult to control and he nearly drove me crazy. While talking about him one day, an old teacher put his hand on my shoulder and said, "There will always be a John. Your job is to learn to discover what makes him different and help him succeed." The next year, there was indeed another John. But that advice taught me that there is something to appreciate in everyone.

"An Early Key Lesson" By Elaine West

Before I began my first teaching job, my mother, a teacher of 30 years, gave me a very special gift, five simple words that have had an effect on my entire life." Make friends with the janitor(门卫)." Her wisdom taught me the respect for all types of characters and continues to enrich my life to this day. Just five little words but what an impact they can have when you take them to heart.

“Raising Mommy” By Jan Davis

Being a mother can always present challenges and rewards. Someone told me early that children will teach you everything you need to know. Being a mother is being raised. Our children become our advisers. Their dreams become our professors, as we are taking notes carefully. The sounds of their laughter and smiles are a great reward to us. Their tears remind us that it is okay to fail, and that we should wipe the tears away and try again.

1.What did Elaine West's mother advise her to do?

A. Don't treat students differently.    B. Respect people from different backgrounds.

C. Don't judge people by appearance.    D. Take care of janitors.

2.From the last paragraph, we can infer that ________.

A. a mother improves herself greatly in parenting

B. a mother should be given more care

C. children should realize the dreams of their parents

D. being a mother has more challenges than rewards

3.The text is most probably a(n) ________.

A. poster about a lecture    B. ad for three new books

C. introduction to a contest    D. notice inviting contributions


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