—______ that he managed to get the book?

— Oh, his sister helped him.

A. Where was it      B. What was it       C. How was it            D. Why was it



 Tom has been out of work for two years, so he has difficulty______.

A. earning living B. earning his living C. to earn livings  D. to earn his living



 After living in the city for 10 years he returned to the small village ______ he grew up as a child.

  A. which     B. where       C. that      D. when



The professor has ______ 11-year-old boy who has______ gift for dancing.

A. a; a           B. an; the      C. an; a         D. the; 不填


第二节:阅读表达(共 5小题,每小题3分,满分15分)


To forgive (宽恕) may be great, but no one ever said it was easy. When someone has deeply hurt you, it can be very difficult to let go of your complaint. But forgiveness is possible — and it can be surprisingly beneficial to your physical and mental health.

So how do you start forgiveness? Try following these steps:

Calm yourself. To calm your anger, try a simple stress-management technique. “Take a couple of breaths and think of something that gives you pleasure: a beautiful scene in nature, someone you love,” Luskin says.

Don’t wait for an apology. “Many times the person who hurt you has no intention of apologizing,” Luskin says. “They may have wanted to hurt you or they just don’t see things the same way. So if you ______________________, you could be waiting an awfully long time.”

Take the control away from your offender. Mentally replaying your hurt gives power to the person who cause you pain. “Instead of focusing on your wounded feelings, learn to look for the love, beauty and kindness around you,” Luskin says.

Try to see things from the other person's perspective. If you understand that person, you may realize that he or she was acting out of ignorance, fear — even love. To gain perspective, you may want to write a letter to yourself from your offender’s point of view.

Don’t forget to forgive yourself. “For some people, forgiving

themselves is the biggest challenge,” Luskin says. “But it can rob

you of your self–confidence if you don’t forgive yourself.”

81. What is the best title of the passage? (Please answer within 10 words.)


82. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one?

If you always keep your hurt in mind, you will encourage the person who hurt you.



83. Please fill in the blank in the 4th paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence.(Please answer within 8 words.)


84. Which advice is the most difficult for you to follow? Why? (Please answer within 30 words.)



85. Translate the underlined sentence in the last but one paragraph into Chinese.




第Ⅱ卷(共 55 分)

第四部分:书面表达 (共三节,满分 55 分)



After two days’ travel, the girls began to realize that Canada is quite empty. At school, they had learned that most Canadians live   71   a few hundred kilometres of the USA border, and Canada’s population   72   only slightly over thirty million, but now they were amazed   73   see such an empty country. They went through a wheat-growing province and saw farms   74   covered thousands of acres.   75   dinner, they were back in an urban area, the busy port city of Thunder Bay at the   76   of the Great Lakes. The girls were surprised at the   77   that ocean ships can sail up the Great Lakes. Because of the Great Lakes, they learned, Canada has more fresh water   78   any other country in the world. In fact, it has one-third of the world’s total   79  water, and   80  of it is in the Great Lakes.


I was about to have a shower______ the telephone rang at the bedroom.



C.at the time



—Shall we go out for dinner tonight?


A.You are right

B.It must be funny

C.That sounds great

D.Have a nice time


Only when I left my parents for Italy ______ how much I loved them.

A.I realized

B.I had realized

C.had I realized

D.did I realize


Dogs have a very good ______ of smell and are often used to search for survivors in an earthquake.






I’ll never forget the day ______ I was born.

A.in which


C.on that












81.His family was watching TV when I came in.___________

82.Nothing but cars are sold in the shop.___________

83.He lives happy life.________

84.Because of he is ill,he can’t join us in the game.

85.Do you hear some girls sing in the next room now?___________

86.I never think the film is moved._____________

87.Some of us will fail, nor wil they.__________

88.He seems that he’s finished the work on time._________

89.I’m looking forward to see you again.__________

90.Now people get a lot of informationgs from the Internet._____________



71.Lead a …._______过着….的生活       72.move ______离开,起程,出发

73.  struggle______ 为…..而斗争          74.search______寻找

75.up_____now直到现在                       76.star________担任主角,主演

77. major________主修                                   78.________general总的来说

79.Be familiar______对….熟悉               80.come_______实现



61.WTO stands for World Trade ______________(组织).

62.  How do you account for your _________(行为)on that night?

63.In tree years he will _______(毕业) from BeijingUniversity.

64.She is __________(满意) with her son’s progress.

65.It’s kind of you to help the ____________(无家可归的) tramp.

66.He’s an __________(突出的,杰出的)example of a hardworking pupil.

67.One __________(成年人) and two children ,please.

68.There must be something__________(理解).

69.Work was little_______(吸引力) for him.

70.My ___________(发动机) is always breaking down.


Africa is now facing many problems. People are suffering(遭受) from a shortage(短缺) of food. They do not have enough health care. Deserts (沙漠) are spreading (扩大) in many places.

In Africa millions of people starved (饿) to death, and two thirds of them were children. Harry Belafonte, a famous singer in America, felt sad when he saw a film about the starving people in Africa. He said to himself, "I should do something to help them. What can I do?" He thought of a plan to gather the stars from the music world and make a special record. The money from the record would help the starving people in Africa. Those famous singers and musicians were always very busy. "How can you gather them?" everyone said to Belafonte. But they were willing to come to the event(活动) from all over the country.

Then who wrote the words and music for the record?

During the Christmas holidays in 1984, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie were writing the words and music for the record at Jackson’ s home in Los Angeles. They often talked about the music far into the night. When they finished the music, they called it "We Are the World". On the evening of January 28th, 1985 ,forty -five superstars made a historical(历史性的) recording in a Hollywood studio(演播室)." Everyone should do something active like this, "said Cyndi Lauper. "We have to be the voice," Stevie Wonere said," to help those people that have lost their future. "A sign was put at the door of the studio: "Please cheek your ego (自我) at the door!"

At 10 P.M. they began their work. They finally finished recording at 8 A.M. that morning. Just at that moment Diana Ross sat down with tears in her eyes and said, "I just don’ t want this to end!"

On April 5, more than 800 radio stations all over the world played "We Are The World" at the same time.

53. What did Harry Belafonte think he should do?

A. He thought he should tell other people about it.

B. He thought he should send a lot of food to Africa.

C. He thought he should ask the government to help them.

D. He thought he should do something to help the starving people.

54. Who was he going to make a record with?

A. With Michael Jackson.           B. With the movie stars.

C. With the baseball stars.           D. With the stars from the music.

55. What would help the starving people in Africa?

A. The special record.              B. The money from record.

C. The money from the stars.        D. The money from the government.

56. What did Diana Ross want?

A. She didn’t want to continue such kindness.

B. She wanted to continue doing such kindness.

C. She didn’t want to stop recording.

D. She wanted to have a good rest.


Sometimes people add to what they say even when they don't talk.Gestures are the "silent language" of every culture.We point a finger or move another part of the body to show what we want to say.It is important to know the body language of every country or we may be misunderstood.

In the United States,people greet each other with a handshake in a formal introduction.The handshake must be firm.If the handshake is weak,it is a sign of weakness or unfriendliness.Friends may place a hand on the other's arm or shoulder,some people,usually women,greet a friend with a hug(拥抱).

Space is important to Americans.When two people talk to each other,they usually stand about two and a half feet away and at an angle,so they are not facing each other directly.Americans get uncomfortable when a person stands too close.They will move back to have their space.If Americans touch another person by accident,they say,"Pardon me." or "Excuse me."Americans like to look at the other person in the eyes when they are talking.If you don't do so,it means you are bored,hiding something,or are not interested.But when you stare at someone,it is not polite.

For Americans,thumbs-up;means yes,very good,or well done.Thumbs-down means the opposite.To call a waiter,raise one hand to head level or above.To show you want the check,make a movement with your hands as if you are singing a piece of paper.It is all right to point at things but not at people with the hand and index finger.Americans shake their index finger at children when they scold them and pat them on the head when they admire them.

Learning a culture's body language is sometimes confusing(困惑的).If you don't know what to do,the safest thing to do is to smile.

45.From the first paragraph we can learn that_________.

A.gestures don't mean anything while talking

B.gestures can help us to express ourselves

C.we can learn a language well without body language

D.only American people can use gestures

46.In the United States,people often_________.

A.show their friendship by facing each other directly

B.show their friendship by touching each other

C.say "Pardon me." to each other when they are talking

D.get uncomfortable when you sit close to them

47.If you talk with an American friend,it's polite to_________.

A.look up and down at your friend

B.look at the other person in the eyes

C.hide your opinion

D.look at your watch now and then

48.When your friend gives you the thumbs-up,he,in fact,_________.

A.shows his rudeness to you

B.shows his anger to you

C.expresses his satisfaction to you

D.expresses his worries about you



Maps are our oldest literature(文献),older than books.People think a map was the first thing the human ever wrote to communicate each other.Perhaps one million years ago,with a stick in the mud of a lake bed,the earlier human drew some lines to stand for a lake,a river,a thick forest and some good hunting grounds beyond the forest.

It made so much sense that people took it for magic(魔术),they expressed the world in a picture.There was something so real about this new thing called "map" that it helped us believe we could get there.It not only strengthened belief that good hunting existed beyond the forest,but it strongly suggested that the future existed;it was a place we could go to and be there tomorrow.What a comfort.On maps all paths lead somewhere.

41.Which of the following statements is true?

A.Maps can't be used to communicate each other.

B.Maps have the same long history as books.

C.No matter how hard you study them,maps don't make any sense.

D.None of the above is true.

42.The earlier human used lines drawn in the mud to express_________.

A.the whole world                              B.real places

C.strong belief                                          D.great comfort

43.Now people regard some lines drawn by the earlier human as _________.

A.the beginning of maps           B.the chanting form of maps

C.real maps                      D.a part of maps

44.It can be concluded that _________.

A.maps are the most useful way of communicating each other

B.the first map showed somewhere far away

C.the first map showed somewhere very near

D.the first map showed all directions



Everybody knows Charlie Chaplin,a world-famous funny actor.People 21have laughed at Charlie Chaplin’s films 22 tears run down their faces.From his very first 23 they know what will happen. The little man is always with black moustache,wide-open eyes,round black hat and ___24 too large for his feet.He’ll25 through snow,and fall from windows.He’ll fight men who are twice his 26 ,fall in love with women,who 27 notice him and try to hug(拥抱)them.

The poor man that Charlie Chaplin 28 in dozens of films makes all kinds of stupid mistakes.He is always in 29 ,but he never 30 .He dreams of becoming a great man.Even people who 31 understand English can 32 Chaplin’s films,because they are mostly 33___.It isn’t what he 34 that makes people laugh.His comedy(喜剧)doesn’t depend on words.It depends on little 35 which mean the 36 thing to people all over the world.

Chaplin raises his thick eyebrows or rolls his eyes.He hides behind a fat lady or under a table to escape from his 37 .He dresses well and pretends to be a 38 and important man. It is all so hopeless and 39 that he makes us laugh.This is the 40 of Chaplin’s huge success.

21.A.here                       B.everywhere     C.abroad                         D.who

22.A.if                     B.once          C.because                         D.until

23.A.disappearance        B.appearance     C.words                           D.emotions

24.A.trousers                B.stocks         C.shoes                            D.hands

25.A.sleep                    B.sit            C.play                             D.struggle

26.A.length                  B.size           C.greatness                      D.width 

27.A.hardly                  B.deeply         C.widely                         D.luckily

28.A.played                  B.recognized     C.loved                               D.fooled

29.A.joy                       B.excitement     C.sorrow                          D.trouble

30.A.comes down          B.gets away      C.goes back                        D.gives up

31.A.don’t                    B.can           C.do                                D.may

32.A.understand            B.watch         C.enjoy                                   D.see

33.A.frightening           B.silent          C.pleasant                       D.moving

34.A.plays                    B.acts          C.expects                         D.says

35.A.actions                 B.expressions   C.stories                          D.words

36.A.some                    B.different    C.same                                D.bitter

37.A.enimies                B.own        C.characters                         D.films

38.A.poor                     B.sad             C.rich                                 D.beautiful

39.A.possible                B.impossible    C.instructive                        D.tired

40.A.way                            B.beginning   C.theory                              D.secret


---What is your favorite______of sports clothing?







---Lucy was Lily’s sister?

---________she reminded me so much of  Lily.

A.No doubt

B.No wonder

C.of course

D.No problem


“I can’t do anything with it,”said Bob,__________at the colour TV set.


B.to look


D.having looked


I don’t think________possible to finish so much work within so short a time.






He got a new job in a restaurant and he ________it.

A.is content to

B.is content with




He is famous______a writera________his novels.

A.as ,because


C.as, for

D.for ,as


.Mr Smith was __________to hear the _______news that he won the first prize.

A.astonishing ,astonished





He stopped _______christmas cards a few yesrs ago,so he received almost none.

A.to send



D.to be sending


The guide then led us to a(n)________bridge behind the palace.

A.Chinese old stone

B.old stone Chinese

C.Chinese stone old

D.old Chinese stone


_______our English teacher,our English has been greatly improved.

A.Thanks to

B.Thank for

C.But for

D.Except for


.I want to buy a rope which is _____________this one.

A.twice as longer as

B.as twice long as

C.twice the length of

D.as twice as


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