_______, 2000 people visited the castle on the first day it was open to the public.


The Chinese people _______ tea and Belgians love beer.


People will soon ________ you if you behave in that bad way.


The photographer fell sick and has been in bed ________.


It takes ________ one day for us to complete the project.


They a______ (争辩)that they needed more time to finish the project.


Ive been writing this report o_________ ( 有时) during the last two weeks, but it has to be handed in tomorrow.


An a________ between the employers and employees was finally worked out.


The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total b____ that you are better than anyone else on the sports field.


With a smile on his face, he seems to be having a d______ chat with the boss.


Since having my son, I have found that I am always lucky enough to be surrounded by people willing to help.

When he was eight weeks old, I had a(n) ________ to meet with a TV producer in New York City to talk about my career. It was Monday. Could I, a young mother with a newborn, _________ from my home outside Boston to meet him on Wednesday? It was a ________ chance. So I said yes.

Honestly, it was ________. My son hated being in the car seat and ate very ________ during the long ride. ________we spent a comfortable Tuesday night at my parents’ house in Connecticut, which is halfway between Boston and New York. When we ________New York, I handed my son over to my friend from college. A dad himself, he ________him in a coffee shop during my________. Everything went fine thanks to his help.

When my son was four months old, my best friend was going through a difficult time. So I decided to fly to Florida to ________her. Without my husband, who had to work, I was ________to fly with the baby. But I figured it couldn’t be ________than driving to New York when he was a newborn, and I had gotten through that.

________, people I met on our trip were endlessly________. On the flight down, the airline worker got me an extra________because the flight wasn’t full. A nice lady sitting close to us ________him while I went to the bathroom. Taxi drivers helped me fasten his car seat and loaded the awkward pushchair in their trunks. To________my son, my friend borrowed a lot of toys. We spent four ________days in Florida.

If you want an opportunity to see the ________in people, try taking a b aby on a trip. In my experience, when face-to-face, most people sincerely want to ________each other.

1.A. wish    B. trip    C. appointment    D. opportunity

2.A. walk    B. drive    C. fly    D. ship

3.A. reasonable    B. realistic    C. rare    D. slight

4.A. exciting    B. boring    C. tough    D. plain

5.A. quickly    B. hurriedly    C. rudely    D. frequently

6.A. And    B. But    C. As    D. So

7.A. touched    B. visited    C. left    D. missed

8.A. hunted for    B. looked after    C. laughed at    D. called on

9.A. working    B. meeting    C. showing    D. preparing

10.A. accept    B. save    C. wake    D. comfort

11.A. upset    B. puzzled    C. nervous    D. surprised

12.A. easier    B. worse    C. longer    D. later

13.A. Amazingly    B. Strangely    C. Amusingly    D. Instantly

14.A. useful    B. hopeful    C. cheerful    D. helpful

15.A. cup    B. seat    C. blanket    D. meal

16.A. taught    B. moved    C. watched    D. loved

17.A. please    B. attract    C. know    D. support

18.A. busy    B. wonderful    C. safe    D. quiet

19.A. good    B. fun    C. secret    D. smile

20.A. get hold of    B. catch up with    C. take care of    D. make friends with


根据短文内容, 从短文中的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。(共5小题, 每小题2分, 满分10分)

Some jobs require employees to work night shifts. Working the night shifts often means better money, but that also comes negative side effects.

The human body is naturally inclined(倾向于)to work during the day and sleep at night. 1. Your body will be able to fully adjust to this new style of rest and work. However, according to the National Sleep Foundation, constant exhaustion(疲倦) may be part of the lifestyle of working the night shift.

In addition to exhaustion from working the night shift, sleep disturbances can occur, even when your body has the opportunity to get some shut-eye during the day. 2. Instead of getting a full eight hours of sleep, which is what most people need, it’s typical for night shift workers to only take a long nap after their shift.

Working night shifts can also cause social and relational problems. Because many social events happen during the evening, people who work the shift miss out on important relationship-building opportunities. 3. When husbands or wives rarely see one another or rarely go to bed together, this will affect their communication and their marriage life.

    4. Exhaustion, sleep problems, personal and relational issues and other health issues, over time, can lead to depression if not taken care of properly.

    5. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you can avoid these problems by working with others during your shifts, taking naps during your shifts and setting up a support group with other employees to discuss the problems you’re facing.

A. Working night shifts can help us a lot.

B. So working the night shift will take an adjustment.

C. Doctor and nurses often work night shifts to care for their patients.

D. In the long run, this can be harmful to relationships, especially marriage.

E. What’s worse, depression is likely to occur with all of these factors.

F. Of course, you can do something to reduce the side effects of working night shifts.

G. Many people have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep during daytime hours.


The next time your friends roll their eyes when youre snapping a selfie (自拍照) or taking a photo of your dessert, tell them that photographing everyday things can actually make people happier.

    In a study of more than 2,000 people, researchers found that people who took photos of their experiences, whether they were walking through a museum or going on a city bus tour, had a better time overall compared with those who didn’t.

    During each of the study’s nine experiments, people were asked to either take photos or give up photography during an everyday activity, such as eating a meal. In nearly every experiment, the group that took photos showed higher levels of enjoyment.

    The finding might not sound terribly surprising. After all, Facebook members upload about 2 billion photos daily, and Instagram users upload about 80 million photos every day. But some people argue that taking photographs can distract (分散注意力) themselves from enjoying an experience while its happening.

    The new research shows that it isn’t the case and that photography does increase a person’s enjoyment, because it increases his or her engagement in the activity. For example, in one experiment, people toured a museum while wearing glasses that tracked their eye movements. The group that took photos spent more time looking at the artifacts than those who didn’t.

    However, photos are sometimes a drag. For instance, if the camera is difficult to carry, it might not bring enjoyment to a person. And in some cases, photography can make situations unpleasant. For example, when people in the study took a virtual safari (游猎) and watched some lions attacking a water buffalo, the people who took photos of the bloody event were reported to have a lower enjoyment of the activity than those who didnt, the researchers said.

1.Why does taking photos increase enjoyment?

A. People can share their photos on Facebook.    B. People have more time to look at the objects to be photographed.

C. Some photos may end up as valuable artifacts.    D. Photography gets people more involved in the activity.

2.What can we infer from the last paragraph?

A. Photography sometimes can be dangerous.

B. Photography requires more courage to do.

C. Photography is an unpleasant process.

D. Photography isn’t fun all the time.

3.Which of the following is closest to the main idea of the text?

A. Photography helps you appreciate people around you.

B. Snapping a selfie is a symbol of self-confidence.

C. Taking photos doesn’t ruin your experience.

D. The photo-taking process is a mental choice.


Time, wars and natural disasters have a bad effect on the artistic and cultural objects in the world. More than 1,000 years ago, a fire destroyed the  Library of Alexandria in Egypt. In 1755, an earthquake destroyed Ribeira Palace in Lisbon, Portugal, along with artworks inside. In modern times, the Taliban destroyed the huge Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan.

    As we all know, museums play an important part in our daily liv es. They store evidence of culture and history and exhibit great works. A major goal of most museums in the world is to make sure that important historical objects do not disappear forever. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, holds 1,250 pieces of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. These objects have inspired artists and historians for many years. So the museum is working to make a complete and permanent (永久的) record of the artworks.

    The project is an effort of both the museum and the scientists from Indiana University in the United States. The team is using technology to create digital copies (数字复制品) of Uffizi’s ancient sculptures.

    The process is called photogrammetry (摄影制图法). At one time, this process was slow and expensive. But not anymore, said Professor Robert Frischer. He said photogrammetry is now much faster and cheaper. Now they can gather the 3-D data on a life-size sculpture in half an hour and they can process the data just in a couple of hours.

    The images allow the viewer to examine the sculpture from all sides. And when the viewer zooms in (用变焦距镜头放大), the image becomes clearer. The Uffizi hopes to have the collection completed and available on the Internet by 2020.

1.What can we learn about the world’s artworks?

A. Some of them have been destroyed.

B. They were destroyed by accident.

C. They were not protected by humans.

D. Most of them are kept in Afghanistan now.

2.Why do Uffizi Gallery and Indiana University work together?

A. To build the largest museum.

B. To create long-lasting artworks.

C. To introduce some ancient sculpture.

D. To encourage more artists and historians.

3.What can we learn about photogrammetry?

A. It is still expensive.

B. It is a time-saving step now.

C. It does great harm to the artworks.

D. It was invented by Robert Frischer.


If you are looking for something fun and educational  to do in Maryland, why not visit the Maryland Science Center? It is located at 601 Light Street, Baltimore, MD21230. The ticket prices vary depending on ages, groups and the exhibits you choose.


    The Maryland Science Center is basically a museum, but it gives everyone a chance to learn through experience and play, rather than just glance at an exhibit.


    You can learn about various topics, including outer space, the human body, dinosaurs, electricity, marine (海洋的) biology, energy, and much more. You can also take part in the interactive activities, such as racing bubbles, digging for dinosaur fossils, using puzzle pieces to construct cars, and so much more.

    The Davis Planetarium (天文馆)

    At the Davis Planetarium, you can lie back in a chair and look at the stars while still inside the Science Center. The stars will appear on the ceiling of the theatre as you watch them.

    There are different shows to catch at the Davis Planetarium. You can learn about the galaxy and astronomy during the Dark Matters show and learn about the stars and planets during the Sky Live show. The One World One Sky show allows children to explore the stars. The Live from the Sun show will teach you all about the hot sun.

    The Kids Room

    For children, they can’t miss the Kids Room. They will be able to play in a water area, construct dams and water towers, push buttons, ring doorbells, build with blocks and Legos, and more, and definitely they will learn a lot. In addition, there is also an area for kids of two years old and under, where they can crawl, walk and explore safely with soft toys.

1.What do we know about the Maryland Science Center?

A. It charges different prices for parents and children.

B. It is regarded as the most popular museum in Maryland.

C. It is just a museum where there are many famous exhibitions.

D. It is mainly designed for children and their families to play together.

2.Which activity is not included in the Maryland Science Center?

A. Taking part in bubble competition.

B. Learning the structure of human body.

C. Watching famous science fiction films.

D. Gaining knowledge of marine creatures.

3.Which show should you choose if you want to know why the sun shines?

A. The Dark Matters show.

B. The Live from the Sun show.

C. The One World One Sky show.

D. The Sky Live show.

4.Which of the following is TRUE about the Kids Room?

A. It is designed for parents who have children.

B. It provide s a good opportunity for parents to relax.

C. Children there need to be companied by their parents.

D. It is a good place for children to learn and play at the same time.


假设你是李华,某中学学生杂志英语习作专栏正在开展主题为“Why should we learn English?”的征文活动。请你根据所给要点写一篇征文稿。


注意:1、词数不少于60      2、可根据内容适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


















One day I told Mr. Wang, our math teacher, was ill. I was worried about him and went to see him after

the school. When I enter his room, he struggled up to welcome me. I let him lay down again. Mr.

Wang looked pale. I asked about his trouble. He said he was having a bad cold. Then he has a bad

cough. After take some medicine he was getting better. He asked me that we liked the teacher who

took place. When he heard everything was all right, I could see he was pleasing. Finally I asked

him don’t to worry about the work and have a good rest.


The internet has become part of young people’s life. 1. report shows that 38% of students often use the internet . Most of them get 2. (use) information on the internet 3. use the internet to help in their studies, but many students don’t use it 4. a good way. Some play games too much, and some visit websites 5. shouldn’t look at. So bad things may happen 6. students spend too much time on the internet.

7. is important for students to use the internet properly. Now we have a textbook, 8. uses many examples to teach students some good ways to use the internet. It gives useful 9.(advise).

Some students also make friends on the internet, but if you want to have a face-to-face 10. (meet) with your online friends, let your parents know and meet in a proper place.




  Do you know how to pick a good book you’ll really like? Here are some tips.
Start With Your Interest.   1. . You can pick something that you love to read, not for school. They can be ancient martial (武术) arts, computers, or fashion design. You name it, there are books about it.
What’s Your Type? Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction (or both)? Fiction books, like novels, can transport you to another world or help you imagine something beyond your own experience. Nonfiction books give you the who, what, when, and why of something.  2.. Many of them read like novels from start to finish.
Read the description. The reviews and quotes on the back and inside covers of many books give you an idea of what the book is about. They can also help you pick future books, too. If you find a book you really like, take a minute to read the quotes and see which authors praised the book.  3.
Find a Family Favorite. Which book did your mother love best when she was at your age?  4.  . Find out and give them a read — then you can share your thoughts about the book.
Finally, you’ll probably enjoy what you’re reading a lot more if you find a quiet place and make time for the book.    5.. You can put on some good music, get yourself some tea and let yourself be carried away by the book. You’ll see that time does fly when you’re reading something you love!
A. How about your brothers and sisters?
B. They tell stories using facts — but that doesn’t mean they’re boring.
C. Reading is a good way to improve your English.
D. Most reading is best enjoyed when you can concentrate (全神贯注) on it.
E. Often, they’ll have similar styles and you might find books you like by those authors, too.
F. So you should read as much as possible when you are free.
G. Reading on your own isn’t like reading for school.


Last weekend, the four members of my family spent an enjoyable holiday at the Magic Kingdom - Disneyland. And one event made our visit seem truly magical.

  We got to the front of the line at Space Mountain, only to find out that our little daughter Gloria couldn’t take her ice-cream on the ride. We were so excited that we all forgot ice-cream was not allowed on the ride.

  Gloria broke into tears and we all had no idea what to do. Then Murphy, one of the staff(员工) members, came    over. She bent down and told Gloria that she would hold the ice-cream for her and give it to her when she finished the ride. Gloria said, "Promise?" Then she gave Murphy her ice-cream, and she completely enjoyed the ride.

  Sure enough, as we walked out the exit, there was Gloria’s new friend with "her" ice-cream.

  Now you and I both know what happened, because we know that an ice-cream won’t last twenty minutes on a summer afternoon in Florida. Murphy knew what time we would get off the ride;

  she went to the nearest shop and bought a brand-new ice-cream thirty seconds before we walked out the exit. Gloria said, "Thank you," but I’m sure she thought it was the same ice-cream.

  We know that someone tried hard to make our visit special. Thanks so much for going above and beyond!

  Your fan,

  Carmen River

1.The family’s visit to the Magic Kingdom was  ________ .

A. helpful    B. awful    C. frightening    D. amazing

2.Before the ride, Gloria cried because  _________ .

A. she couldn’t find her parents in the line

B. she was too little to take the ride

C. she couldn’t take her ice-cream on the ride

D. she had to wait for twenty minutes

3.Murphy was waiting for Gloria  ___________  after the ride.

A. in the ice-cream shop    B. at the exit

C. in the front of the line    D. at the entrance

4.In order to keep the promise, Murphy  __________ .

A. took Gloria to the nearest shop

B. asked her new friend to help Gloria

C. helped Gloria get off the ride

D. bought a new ice-cream for Gloria

5.The underlined word "someone" in the last paragraph refers to (指的是)  _________ .

A. Murphy    B. Disney    C. Gloria    D. Carmen


“When can I get a cell phone?” The answer is when your parents think you need one, though many kids seem to be getting them around age 12 or 13. Some younger kids may have them because their parents see it as a matter of safety and convenience. For example, a kid can call mom and dad when sports practice is over. And a cell phone can give kids almost instant access(快捷通道) to their parents if something goes wrong or they need help. It can give parents quick access to their kids so they can check on them and make sure they’re OK.

If you do get a cell phone, make some rules with your parents, such as how many minutes you’re allowed to spend on the phone, when you can use your phone, when the phone must be turned off, and what you will do if someone calls you too often, and so on.

You’ll also have to learn to take care of the phone in your life. Keep it charged(充电) and store it in the safe place so it doesn’t get lost. And whatever you do, don’t use it in the bathroom. I know someone who dropped her phone in the toilet!

1.Parents buy cell phones for their kids because ___________.

A. they think it is necessary

B. they think their kids are old enough

C. they have asked the author for advice

D. they want to follow their kids wherever they are.

2.The author of the passage ___________.

A. wants to describe how children use cell phones

B. knows nothing about when children can have a cell phone

C. may have done a survey on kids using cell phones

D. has been a teacher for many years

3.Which of the following is true?

A. It is too young for kids of 12 or 13 to get a cell phone.

B. A cell phone is useful for kids and their parents.

C. The author is against the idea of kids to have cell phones.

D. Most kids are considering having cell phones.

4.Who is the passage most probably written by?

A. Parents who have bought phones for their kids.

B. Someone who does cell phone business.

C. A teacher who cares most about school safety.

D. Someone who works for children’s education.

5.Which might not be a rule for kids with a cell phone?

A. Keep it on all the time.

B. Make a call if something goes wrong.

C. Don’t use it in the bathroom.

D. Take care not to lose it.


The earth is our home. We must take care of it. Life today is easier than it was _____ years ago, but it has brought some new problems. One of the biggest problems is pollution. We can see it, smell it, drink it and even hear it.

Man has polluted the _____. The more people, the more pollution. Many years ago, the problem was not so serious because there were not so _____ people. When the land was used up or the river was not clean in a place, man went to _____ place. Now man is slowly polluting the whole world.

_____ pollution is still the most serious, it’s bad for _____ things in the world. Many countries don’t let people burn _____ for air in the houses and factories in the city. Pollution by SO2 is now the most dangerous kind of air pollution. It’s caused by heavy traffic. People say it’s _____ to ride bikes. When you are riding, there is no pollution. But even in developed countries, most people don’t go to work by bike. It’s not because bikes are expensive or people are tired if they ride to work. It’s because the number of cars on the roads becomes larger. So more people _____ their bikes and go to work by car, then things are getting worse and worse. We should have special roads only for bikes and make it ______ difficult and expensive for drivers to take their cars into the city that they will go back to using their bikes.

1.A. hundred    B. hundreds of    C. hundred of    D. hundreds

2.A. moon    B. star    C. earth    D. sun

3.A. lot    B. little    C. many    D. much

4.A. others    B. the others    C. the other    D. another

5.A. Air    B. Food    C. Water    D. Noise

6.A. life    B. live    C. living    D. lives

7.A. something bad    B. bad something    C. something good    D. good something

8.A. least    B. best    C. most    D. worst

9.A. put on    B. look at    C. put away    D. look up

10.A. suite    B. such    C. very    D. so


假如你是李华,你们学校准备在下学期每天安排一节自习课。学校英语社团就此在学 生中做了一项调查。请你根据以下调查结果用英语写一篇发言稿。


1. 陈述调查结果;

2. 谈谈你个人的选择及理由。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头语已为你写好,不计入总词数。

参考词汇:自习课 a period for individual study

Good morning, everyone! Recently a survey has been done in our school about whether it is necessary to set aside a period in each school day for individual study.





Thank you very much for your attention!








Nowadays many people drive instead of taking a bus or walking to work. It causes more traffic jam: and accidents. As the student, what can we do to guarantee our safe? First of all, the traffic rules must be strict obeyed. When we cross streets, wait until the traffic light turn green. Next, don't forget walk on the pavement. Finally, I think it very dangerously to wear headphones while walking or cycling. Since we can't pay enough attention on the traffic around us, so accidents may happen. Taking good care of ourselves and don't let our parents worry about us.



Qiang Shuping was so busy making cloth shoes1. she didn’t even rest during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The woman from Baipu county, Jiangsu province,2. (make) shoes since she was 19 years old, and this year marks her 31st year making cloth shoes.

She spends the entire day in her tiny studio, which 3. (measure) less than 10 square meters altogether, filled with cloth shoes in 4. (variety) stages of completion.

Nowadays, many stores make cloth shoes 5. (use) machines, but Qiang sticks to the technique of making shoes entirely6. hand. She says the shoes7. (produce) by machine are not of the same quality as handmade ones. The handmade cloth shoes are more durable (耐用的) and comfortable, 8. (soft), and absorb sweat better.

Some people buy cloth shoes out of nostalgia (怀旧), while others trust 9. (they) quality. Making shoes isn't a profitable job, but Qiang still insists as she wants to preserve the craft and pass it down to the younger generation.

Handmade cloth shoes are also called qian ceng di (shoes with a thousand layers), 10. can date back to the ancient Zhou Dynasty (1050—221 BC). In 2009, the making technique of qian ceng di was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.


I retired from my family business four years ago. But I've never been _____ of a challenge. I've sailed around the world before. And I've decided to fly east from Western Australia in a _____.

For the last two years I have trained hard, spending 150 hours______ with my ground team. When the big day came, thousands of people gathered to______ the launch. It was a______ start, with a smooth and steady takeoff. I was______ but still had some doubts—I was flying into the ______ I couldn't guarantee I'd see my friends and family again.

The capsule where I stayed was designed to _____ if I landed in water, but I was not sure whether I could _____ the cruelty of the Ocean. _____, I kept watching the weather, communicating with my land team and _____ altitude to achieve the perfect speed and direction.

On my fifth day, I was terrified to notice I was losing oxygen.______, I managed to save my life by adjusting the pressure in the oxygen cylinder (氧气筒) to stop the oxygen escaping.

I know it was vital to stay______ to control the flight, altitude and my oxygen flow, so I held a spoon between two fingers—If I______, it would fall and wake me up. I never questioned why I was doing this. It is such a unique _____ to see our beautiful planet from high above.

Seeing the coast of Australia again on my 11th day was a huge _____. I knew my journey was nearly over. It was to be a new world record. I could see my team______ below as I flew over.

This _____ really pushed me to my limits, but it hasn't______ me. Next year, I want to fly even higher to break another______ for the hot-air balloon flight

1.A. shy    B. skeptical    C. fond    D. confident

2.A. plane    B. helicopter    C. wing suit    D. hot-air balloon

3.A. debating    B. preparing    C. carving    D. traveling

4.A. welcome    B. inspect    C. delay    D. witness

5.A. perfect    B. false    C. poor    D. fresh

6.A. amused    B. puzzled    C. excited    D. frightened

7.A. future    B. unknown    C. shelter    D. reality

8.A. digest    B. recycle    C. float    D. fly

9.A. survive    B. show    C. evaluate    D. comment

10.A. Finally    B. However    C. Therefore    D. Besides

11.A. losing    B. ignoring    C. proving    D. adjusting

12.A. Strangely    B. Luckily    C. Normally    D. Conveniently

13.A. calm    B. awake    C. patient    D. relaxed

14.A. looked around    B. carried on    C. dropped off    D. turned up

15.A. experience    B. excuse    C. dream    D. tradition

16.A. loss    B. disaster    C. burden    D. relief

17.A. exercising    B. celebrating    C. escaping    D. quarreling

18.A. challenge    B. accident    C. race    D. failure

19.A. interested    B. confused    C. annoyed    D. discouraged

20.A. promise    B. balance    C. record    D. barrier



Empathy, the Key to Being Kind

In science class, your teacher tells everyone to find a partner for a project. Out of the comer of your eye, you notice one girl sitting alone and not making eye contact with anyone. You think about asking her to be your partner, but you're afraid people will think you're uncool. You don't reach out. 1.

Empathy is being able to understand and actually feel what someone else is feeling. For some people, this comes naturally; for others, it takes a bit more work. 2. When you practice being empathetic, it gets easier to make kindness a part of your everyday life. If you can understand why people are feeling down, you'll want to help them. Here are some ideas that can help you.

3. Someone not being able to find a group in class might not seem like a big deal—but part of being kind is noticing when someone seems sad, hurt or uncomfortable. After all, you have to notice how people feel in order to feel empathy and want to help them!

When you're trying to make kindness second nature, really getting other people's feelings is important 4. Think about a time when you felt that way. Didn't you wish someone would reach out to you? If someone had offered you a few words of comfort, wouldn't it have made you feel so much happier?

So, when you find people around you who are feeling down next time, do not hesitate to put yourself in their shoes and reach out to them with a kind gesture. 5. There is always a time when you expect others to relate to you and feel what you feel.

A. And your kindness will be finally rewarded.

B. But empathy is super important to being kind.

C. Be open to learning more about what you don't understand.

D. One way to practice empathy is to pay attention to the people around you.

E. However, you never know showing empathy may make all the difference to her.

F. You don't have to have a similar background to someone else to feel empathy for them.

G. Whenever you find someone might be feeling lonely or sad, put yourself in his shoes.


Bees play a vital role in the world. Unfortunately, bees are dying by the second.

The main purpose of bees is to make honey. Honey, shockingly, does not exist for human consumption, it is essential to the insects. Honeybees store honey in their hives (蜂巢) in order for the bees to have energy for their flight muscles and for heating the hive during the winter period. They collect pollen (花粉) which supplies protein for young bees to grow.

According to Honey, com, the increased production and quality of agricultural crops as a result of honey bee pollination is valued &t more than1 $14/ 6 billion per year. These insects are responsible for over 70 of the fruits and vegetables we eat today, including apples, grapes, coffee, beans, and broccoli.

So if they are so valuable to agriculture, why do they keep dying off? A key suspect seems to be pesticides (农药). Honeybees who are exposed to pesticides result in the damage to their neurological (神经的) functions, specifically memory or behavior. And that's why the majority of worker bees disappear and leave behind a queen, plenty of food and a few nurse bees to care for the remaining immature bees and the queen. There are several other causes to the decline of bees, including the destruction of natural habitat, like woodlands, forests, and other habitats for bees. Climate change is also a factor in the decline of the wild bee population.

Actually, there are a variety of methods to help the bee population grow. One way is to start your own organic garden by planting bee-friendly plants. Pesticides are used in both industrial practices and even in your home, so it is best to find organic seeds and weed killers.

1.Why do honeybees store honey in their hives?

A. To provide enough honey for human to consume.

B. To draw protein out of honey for young bees.

C. To help attract other insects and make hives stronger.

D. To strengthen bee muscles and heat hives in winter.

2.Apples and beans are mentioned in the third paragraph to show that _.

A. bees supply human beings with basic food

B. bees mainly live on these agricultural crops

C. bees are of great importance to fruits and vegetables

D. bees can bring in more money for famers every year

3.What is most likely to cause the worker bees to leave their hives behind?

A. The lack of food.

B. The abuse of pesticides.

C. The fighting among bees.

D. The destruction of the habitats.

4.What would the author probably discuss in the paragraph that follows?

A. Another way to save bees.

B. Other tips for choosing seeds.

C. More methods to plant green organic fruits.

D. Causes of the decline in the wild bee population.


Crossing your legs is an extremely common habit; most people don't even notice that they're doing it when they sit down. While you may find it comfortable to sit with one knee crossed over the other, it might be causing health problems that you are not aware of.

A study published in Blood Pressure Monitoring stated that sitting with your legs crossed can increase your blood pressure. The reason for this is that the blood in your legs has to work against gravity to be pumped back to your heart and that crossing one leg over the other increases resistance, making it even harder for the blood to circulate. This causes your body to increase your blood pressure to push the blood back to the heart. You won't feel any immediate effects, but repeated, drawn-out increases in blood pressure can cause long-term health issues. So, planning to sit for a long period of time? Don't keep your legs crossed.

Crossing your legs at the knee can also cause pressure on the major nerve in your leg that passes just below your knee and along the outside of your leg, explains Richard Graves, a medical expert. This pressure can cause numbness and temporary paralysis (麻痹) of some of the muscles in your foot and leg, preventing you from being able to raise your ankle—what we know as that “pins and needles” sensation. While the feeling of discomfort may only last a minute or two, repeatedly crossing your legs until they feel numb can cause permanent nerve damage.

So next time you sit down, try to get yourself in the habit of sitting with both of your feet on the floor. Not only will it help your posture and stability, but it will also save your health in the long run.

1.What can we learn about crossing one's legs?

A. It is a very bad social habit.

B. It is usually practiced deliberately.

C. It can do harm to people's health.

D. It can make others feel uncomfortable.

2.According to the study, sitting with your legs crossed can______.

A. affect your blood pressure

B. resist gravity effectively

C. lead to heart attacks easily

D. improve the function of legs

3.In the third paragraph "pins and needles" probably means______.

A. slight sharp pains

B. being a little nervous

C. serious muscle injuries

D. being highly flexible

4.What is the main purpose of the text?

A. To compare common habits.

B. To give readers some advice.

C. To evaluate effects of an experiment.

D. To introduce research methods.


Susan Brownwell Anthony was a lady ahead of her time. She fought for women's rights long before it became a popular issue.

Susan was born on February 15, 1820, in Adams, Massachusetts. At that time, women had few rights. They could not own property. Money earned by a married woman belonged to her husband. Major decisions regarding children were made by the fathers. Women could not vote.

At the age of 15, Susan became a schoolteacher. She taught for 15 years. Then she began organizing women's groups to promote causes that were important to women. She helped gain better educational rights for women. She helped give married women possession of their earnings.

After the Civil War, Susan became very involved in the Woman's Suffrage Movement. After years of lecturing, writing, and appealing by Susan and other women, some parts of the United States changed their laws to give women the right to vote. The first state was Wyoming in 1869. Other areas and states gradually followed Wyoming's decision. It was not until 1920 that the U. S. Constitution was changed to give all women voting rights.

Susan Brownwell Anthony died in 1906 at the age of 86. She was elected to the American Hall of Fame in 1950. She was the first American woman to have a likeness (肖像) of her face on a coin. It was the T979 Susan Brwonwell Anthony dollar.

1.What was the situation of American women like when Susan was born?

A. They had a low social status.

B. They could vote after getting married.

C. They managed money for their husbands.

D. They were responsible for decision-making.

2.What is the third paragraph mainly about?

A. Susan's teaching experiences.

B. Susan's educational background.

C. Susan's efforts to abolish slavery.

D. Susan's fighting for women's causes.

3.What does the word "decision" in the fourth paragraph refer to?

A. Promoting the social movement.

B. Changing the US Constitution.

C. Giving women voting rights.

D. Uniting other areas and states.

4.What may be the best title for the text?

A. The first American woman to invent coins

B. The problem of women rights in the US

C. The most popular women organizations

D. A pioneer in fighting for women's rights


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