Make the Most of What You Have Got

For Nick Vujicic, life was going to be difficult from the day he was born. When Nick arrived into this world, he_______ everyone. He was not like the other babies and it was __________ obvious to his parents and to the doctors in the hospital.

There was no__________or answers for his condition. Nick was born without any limbs—that is he was born without any arms or legs. But despite being physically________, he was mentally________ and the rest of his body was functioning fine.

Life was not easy for Nick when he was young.________ he had loving parents, Nick would find school hard as he would often be looked down upon by the other children and at the young age of 10, he considered_________his life by drowning himself in a bathtub. These dark thoughts were__________by his negative attitude to being disabled and at the time, he thought that he would never be able to do________by himself, that he would never have a job and that he would always have to_________on his parents for help.

Nick was wrong. As an adult, Nick is a successful public speaker and is famous for his motivational_________which focus on life with a disability(残疾), hope and finding meaning in life worldwide . He________so many people with the story of his life, how he has________so many difficulties and most importantly how he is happy every day.

Despite having no arms or legs, Nick lives ________ , even finding ways to do almost________things like brushing his teeth on his own and swimming. He has to work harder than a full bodied person and he achieves his goals.

At the first impression, you may look at Nick and feel__________. You may feel sad that this man has no arms or legs and you might feel his _________and upset that he could find everyday situations difficult. But we should____

Nick, as he is extremely positive and he gets on with life. He____________every day and makes the best of what he has: a positive attitude, a creative mind and a powerful _________. He also has a very kind and very beautiful wife and they are truly happy and in love.

1.A. shocked    B. pleased    C. inspired    D. accepted

2.A. nervously    B. painfully    C. hopefully    D. cautiously

3.A. surprise    B. worry    C. explanation    D. apology

4.A. active    B. sick    C. disabled    D. abused

5.A. disturbed    B. challenged    C. calm    D. normal

6.A. Since    B. If    C. Although    D. Unless

7.A. changing    B. ending    C. risking    D. sharing

8.A. expressed    B. collected    C. given    D. driven

9.A. something    B. nothing    C. everything    D. anything

10.A. call    B. rely    C. cheat    D. look

11.A. lessons    B. poems    C. speeches    D. posters

12.A. convinces    B. touches    C. puzzles    D. judges

13.A. faced    B. created    C. met    D. overcome

14.A. independently    B. comfortably    C. hopelessly    D. lonely

15.A. impossible    B. dangerous    C. crazy    D. regretful

16.A. pain    B. guilt    C. panic    D. pity

17.A. annoyance    B. selfishness    C. courage    D. confidence

18.A. encourage    B. admire    C. comfort    D. correct

19.A. cries    B. shouts    C. smiles    D. struggles

20.A. voice    B. body    C. family    D. position


April 22nd every year marks the start of Earth Day, a day that is celebrated every year to raise awareness(意识)about our home planet and how we can save it from being damaged. 1.

1. Green up your home

This is one of the most common things that people do whenever Earth Day rolls around, that is , switch off their lights. 2.Conserve (节约)energy by switching off all power of electricity points whenever they are not on use. In addition, take out all the plugs(插头) from plug points even after switching them off.

2. 3.

Cars, being the greatest source of air pollution, can be left at home this weekend. 4.Other greener choices are carpooling, riding a bike or you can also walk if you want a healthier choice and if your workplace is not that far away from your home.

3. Be a little dirty

No, we don’t mean it ‘that way’. We simply mean to say, don’t take a bath. Yes, saving water is super important. A day or two without a bath won’t harm you, but it will certainly do a lot of good for our planet. A daily shower isn’t a matter of health; it’s a matter of comfort. 5.

The future of our planet is in your hands!

A. Traveling by public transport is a better choice.

B. Showering every day can wash away the natural oils that our skin and hair need.

C. Below, we have made a list of things you can do to celebrate Earth Day.

D. Do something every day that will improve your surroundings to make the planet a better place to live.

E. Leave your cars at home.

F. However, this is not something you should do just for a day or for only an hour.

G. Started in the year 1970, Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 190 countries each year.


Ever since Donald Trump was elected the next president of the US, the entire Trump family has been put under a microscope(显微镜).

In China, the spotlight has been mainly focused on Trump and his daughter Ivanka. She is described on WeChat as an extremely influential role model with stunning beauty, a successful career, and a happy family.

She leads a dream life that a million girls would kill for. Yes, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But she got where she is by herself.

There’s always going to be articles that say people born into wealthy families are better looking and have a better family background than you, but these people do work harder than you.

Are you a loser if you were raised in an ordinary family? Should you feel guilty that you sleep eight hours a day because Ivanka sleeps five? If you just want to keep a stable(稳定的) nine-to-five job, does it mean you are not ambitious? How about if you don’t work out or eat healthy, does that mean you will not find your Mr. or Miss Right?

There is a tendency in media nowadays to encourage elitism(精英主义).They are trying to brainwash young people into thinking that they should invest(投资)a large amount of time and money in bodybuilding and appearance. They encourage lifestyle makeovers: wine tasting classes and expensive trips overseas. They make you believe that if you do as they say, you can improve the quality of your life and join the elites (社会精英).

But what’s the downside of being ordinary? Do you really need to go to the gym five days a week? Do you need to take hundreds of selfies(自拍) and Photoshop the selected ones to post on WeChat? Do you really need to break your neck and sacrifice to earn your first pot of gold only to worry constantly about how to enter high society later?

Don’t let the idea of elitism get to you. Everybody has a right to the life they want. Human beings should not be judged as a success or failure based on whether they are a part of the elite or not. As long as you lead a happy and comfortable life, why bother to chase after other people’s shadows? Choose your own life path and go for it.

1.Why does Ivanka become a hit online in the writer’s opinion?

A. She lives such a dream life that a million girls would like to kill her.

B. She gets what she has through personal efforts despite rich origin.

C. She has a better family background than ordinary people.

D. She is a role model frequently seen among ordinary people.

2.Which of the following are considered as a life belonging to the elites?

①Polish and post carefully- selected selfies on WeChat.

②Break your neck to earn your first pot of gold.

③Spare no effort to improve physical appearance.

④Sign up for wine tasting classes and oversea trips.

A. ③④

B. ②④

C. ②③

D. ①④

3.It can be inferred from the text that ____________.

A. Ivanka sleeping five hours a day makes the majority of people guilty.

B. Keeping a stable nine-to- five job will be thought of as a loser.

C. Improving the quality of life will help you enter high society.

D. Joining the elites is what more and more people dream of nowadays.

4.Which attitude towards life would the writer probably agree with?

A. Life is like a dogsled team. If you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

B. Life is not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.

C. There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way.

D. The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.


Whether rich or poor, parents who have books in the home increase the level of education their children will attain, according to a 20-year study led by Mariah Evans.

For years, educators have thought the strongest predictor(预示物) of attaining high levels of education was having parents who were highly educated. But, the study showed that the difference between being raised in a bookless home compared to being raised in a home with a 500-book library has as great an effect on the level of education a child will attain as the difference between having parents who are barely literate (有文化的) and having parents who have a university education.

Being a sociologist, Evans was particularly interested to find that children of lesser-educated parents benefit the most from having books in the home. What kinds of investments should we make to help these kids get ahead? The results of this study indicate that getting some books into their homes is an inexpensive way that we can help these children succeed. Evans said, "Even a little bit goes a long way. Having as few as 20 books in the home still has a significant impact on motivating a child to a higher level of education, and the more books you add, the greater benefit the children get.”

The researchers were struck by the strong effect having books in the home had on children's educational attainment even above and beyond such factors as education level of the parents, the father's occupation or the economic level of the country.

Having books in the home is twice as important as the father's education level, and more important than whether a child was brought up in a developing country or a developed country. Surprisingly, the difference in educational attainment for children born in developed country and children born in developing country was just 2 years, less than two-thirds of the effect that having 500 or more books in the home had on children.

1.In the past educators held a point of view that ______ .

A. children whose family had a library would possibly attain high levels of education

B. children who were born in poor families studied harder than those in rich families

C. children whose parents are highly educated would attain high levels of education

D. parents’ level of education had nothing to do with their children’s levels of education

2.What does the underlined word “motivating” in Paragraph 3 mean?

A. Making somebody want to do something.

B. Helping somebody to finish something

C. Making somebody pretend to do something.

D. Preventing somebody from achieving something.

3.Which of the following has the most important effect on the level of education a child will gain?

A. The economic level of the country.

B. The father’s occupation.

C. Education levels of parents.

D. Having books in the home.

4.Which is the following is NOT TRUE?

A. Getting books into homes is good investment parents can make.

B. Children who get a higher level of education must have many books in their homes.

C. Reading books is good for the development of children.

D. Books in home have a great effect on children’s education levels.


Jennifer Lawrence, 25, is known for being down -to- earth and likable—she ordered McDonald’s on the red carpet at the Oscars.

And when she described her anger and disappointment at the fact that women are not equal to men in Hollywood, Lawrence “continued to make America fall in love with her”, said Business Insider.

Earlier this year, an E-mail from film company Sony Pictures showed that Lawrence and Amy Adams made less money for American Hustle(2013) than their male(男性) co-stars, even though both women played major roles in the movie.

In an article published in Lenny Letter, a popular e-mail newsletter, Lawrence wrote “I’m trying to find the ‘adorable(可爱的) way to state my opinion and still be likable’!”

Lawrence joins a long list of actresses, including Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett, who have spoken up about Hollywood’s pay gap.

According to Forbes, the 10 highest paid movie actors in 2015, led by Robert Downey Jr, made $431 million.But the 10 highest paid movie actresses, led by Lawrence, only made about $218 million. The pay gap comes partly from the low number of actresses. According to a report in August, only 28.1 percent of characters in 2014’s 100 top grossing(高票房的) films were female(女性) and of them, only 21 percent had a female lead or co-lead character.

“People with more experience are paid more,” Nancy Dubue, the president CEO of A+E Networks, told Variety, “The problem is that the industry still gives too many men that experience.”

The pay gap is a problem that affects the whole US, The White House reported that women earn 78 cents to every dollar a man gets there.

“This is what made Lawrence’s piece powerful: it showed that women still experience pay inequality everywhere-whether you’re Hollywood’s top talent or you work in a retail store,” commented CNN.

As Lawrence points out, it’s not just about less payment for women; it’s also about women making sure that their pay shows their value.

1.According to Business Insider, Americans_____ Lawrence after she expressed her anger at Hollywood’s pay gap.

A. dislike.    B. like

C. doubt                               D.            forgive

2.From the passage we can infer that_____.

A. men earn more money for the same job than women because they are better than women

B. Lawrence is the leader of the 10 highest_ paid movie actresses

C. a great many actresses have spoken up about Hollywood’s pay gap

D. a White House report points out that men make twice as much money as women

3.The writer’s purpose of writing this passage is____.

A. to inform

B. to advise

C. to persuade

D. to argue

4.The best title of the passage can be____.

A. More Experience, More Pay

B. Asking for Fair Pay

C. Speaking up for Hollywood

D. Higher value, Higher Pay


Do you like animals? If you do, you can go to visit the following zoos around America.

Denver Zoo, Colorado

The zoo covers 80 acres in all. It houses species from all over the world, including bears, elephants, giraffes, birds, monkeys and fish. The zoo is laid out in a large circle, with animals both inside and outside the circle. It houses 4,125 animals.

Riverbanks Zoo, South Carolina

It covers 170 acres. The zoo is the beautiful home of over 2,000 animals, including African elephants, kangaroos and koalas. Also, Riverbanks Zoo has a 70-acre botanical(植物的)garden with more than 4,200 species of native and foreign plants.

Zoo Miami, Florida

It is the largest and oldest zoo in Florida. Zoo Miami is also the only tropical(热带的)zoo in the United States. There are four main sections in the zoo: Asia, Africa, Amazon and Beyond, and Australia. Don’t miss a ride on the air-conditioned monorail(单轨列车). It is a convenient and comfortable way to move between sections. And it also provides an amazing view of the zoo.

Fort Worth Zoo, Texas

The zoo has been named as a top zoo in the nation by Family Life magazine, The LA Times, and USA Today, and it made the list of top zoos in the South by Southern Living magazine. The zoo now is home to 5,000 native and foreign animals.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

America’s only mountainside zoo spans 140 acres and has a collection of more than 750 animals, representing nearly 150 different species. Don’t miss the wildly popular giraffe-feeding activity.

1.Riverbanks Zoo would most probably attract those who__________.

A. want to visit a tropical zoo

B. love both animals and plants

C. want a ride on a monorail

D. love the giraffe-feeding activity

2.Which of the following zoos has the most animals?

A. Denver Zoo.

B. Riverbanks Zoo.

C. Fort Worth Zoo.

D. Colorado Springs.

3.What makes Colorado Springs special?

A. Being the largest zoo in the US.

B. Being named as a top zoo in the US.

C. Having the largest number of animals.

D. Being the only mountainside zoo in the US


一位名叫Jack Smith的美国朋友到你校参观,现由你代表同学用英语致欢迎词,包括下列内容:


介绍Mr. Smith:纽约一所中学的校长;教育、教学经验丰富。本次来访想了解中国中学生英语学习情况和计算机教学情况;

请大家畅所欲言;请Mr. Smith讲话。










Three years ago, I became a student in an ordinary school. Disappointing as I felt at the shabby campus and the poorly-equipped classroom, I find the teachers patient and considerate. Besides, I enjoyed the friend atmosphere in class. I decided to make the best for it. I worked hardly and got along well with teachers and classmates. Whenever I had difficulties, they were always available. Soon, I became one of the top student in my class, what greatly increased my confidence and I got more motivated.

My experiencee tells me that it is not what you are given but that how you use it that determine who you are.


The 2,298-kilometer Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway 1. (official) opened to passengers on December 26,2012. It is the world’s longest high-speed rail route. The 2. (design)speed of the track is 350 kilometers, though speeds during the initial period of operation will be limited to about 300 km/h. The new route cuts the travel time between Beijing and Guangzhou 3.almost two thirds, from 22 hours to roughly 8 hours .On December 1, 2012,not long before the opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, the Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway, 4. first high-speed line ever to cross land that lies frozen for almost half a year, began operations, 5. allows passengers to appreciate the view off the coast from Dalian in the morning, 6. the winter snowscape of frosty Harbin in the afternoon . At present the total 7. (long) of high-speed lines in China 8.(reach) 9,349 km. With four main lines 9. (run) east-west and four north-south, the country’s high-speed train network is the world’s largest. China plans to expand 10. high-speed railway network to 50,000 km by 2020, to cover almost all large and medium-sized cities.


Somebody Loves You

One miserable rainy night, a man named Mark decided to end his life. In his mid-fifties, Mark had never been married, ____ the joy of having children or spent holidays with his family. Wet and unhappy, he walked along the streets, feeling as if there was ____ in the entire world that cared whether he lived or died. ____, I was sitting in my room watching the rain hit my window. When I heard the doorbell ring, I jumped from my chair and ____ out. But my mother was already at the door. Opening it, she found herself face-to-face with a very dirty-looking man with tears streaming down his face. My mother, overcome by ____,invited the man inside, and he sat with my parents in our living room.

___,I walked secretly downstairs so that I could get a better look. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but the ____ of the man, holding his head in his hands and crying, made my chest ache. I raced back upstairs to my room and  ___ my hand into my money jar. Pulling out my only half-dollar coin, I ran back downstairs.

When I_____ the door of the living room, I walked right in. The three adults looked at me in ___ as I quickly made my way over the stranger. I put the half-dollar in his hand and told him that I wanted him to have it. Then I gave him a _____, turned and ran as fast as I could out of the room and back upstairs. I felt excited but happy.

Downstairs, Mark sat quietly with his head ____. Tears streamed down his face as he tightly held that coin. Finally looking up at my parents, he said, "It’s ____  that I thought nobody cared. For the last twenty years, I have been so ____ . That is the first hug I have ever got. It’s hard to believe that somebody _____

Mark's life changed that night. When he left our house, he was ____ to live instead of die._____we never saw Mark again, we received letters from him every once in a while, letting us know that he was doing fine.

My life changed that night, too, as I witnessed the huge healing power of ____.even if it’s only a gift of fifty cents.

Before Mark left, my parents asked him why he had knocked on our door. Mark said that ___ he'd walked along the streets that rainy night, helpless and ready to ___, he had noticed a sticker on the car. It read: SOMEBODY LOVES YOU.

1.A. believed    B. noticed    C. experienced    D. understood

2.A. everybody    B. somebody    C. anybody    D. nobody

3.A. Later    B. First    C. Afterwards    D. Meanwhile

4.A. looked    B. raced    C. spoke    D. broke

5.A. pity    B. anxiety    C. guilty    D. fear

6.A. Worried    B. Curious    C. Puzzled    D. Annoyed

7.A. sense    B. thought    C. sight    D. look

8.A. shook    B. put    C. pushed    D. forced

9.A. answered    B. fixed    C. found    D. reached

10.A. anger    B. delight    C. peace    D. surprise

11.A. hug    B. kiss    C. smile    D. handshake

12.A. held    B. turned    C. bowed    D. raised

13.A. just    B. still    C. also    D. even

14.A. anxious    B. stressed    C. lonely    D. bored

15.A. cares    B. gets    C. makes    D. knows

16.A. lucky    B. proud    C. hesitant    D. ready

17.A. Since    B. When    C. Although    D. Unless

18.A. receiving    B. giving    C. loving    D. taking

19.A. if    B. as    C. until    D. before

20.A. die    B. cry    C. leave    D. Regret


With the development of society,it is common that many people are rushing all the way and all day,tired and subhealthy. 1. She described all the things she had to do—one was to make her bed—from the moment she woke up until she flew out of the door for work.I suggested she experiment by not making her bed for two weeks.She was shocked,probably thinking I’d been brought up by wolves in a forest.2.

Two weeks later she went into my office merrily.She had left her bed unmade for the first time in 42 years—and nothing bad had happened.“And you know what?”she said.“I don’t dry my dishes anymore,either.”

3. One was discovering that she had choices in her life that she had never seen before.The other was giving herself permission to be less than perfect.This story shows an important principle about managing time:No one can do it a11.Each of us has to make choices and accept trade-offs(利弊权衡).The problem is that many people choose in ways that put themselves and their health last. They take better care of their houses and cars than they do of themselves. 4.

So what is the solution? There’s an easy way.Decide what you want in your life,and put that first.On a daily basis,that should include regular meals,enough sleep and time with your family.Exercise,leisure,friendships and hobbies should also be regular aspects of life.5.The choice is yours:whatever makes you feel good about yourself and your life.Take a nap.Take a walk.Take time to play the piano.Stop bringing your briefcase home from the office.Stop keeping your house as clean as your mother kept hers.Fill more of your time with want-to-dos instead of have-to-dos.

A.Most people do not take time to relax themselves.

B.The point is to do something for yourself every day.

C.A patient came to see me about the stress in her life.

D.This woman had made two major breakthroughs.

E.Above all,you needn’t do anything for yourself regularly.

F.They put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own.

G.However,she went along with my idea.


Cheerleading is the fastest growing girls' sport, yet more than half of Americans do not believe it is a sport. Actually, competitive cheerleading is a sport.

A sport is a “physical activity against/with an opponent, governed by rules and conditions under which a winner is declared, and the primary purpose of the competition is a comparison of the relative skills of the participants. "Because cheerleading follows these guidelines, it is a sport.

Competitive cheerleading includes lots of physical activities. Like gymnasts, cheerleaders must learn to tumble (翻滚) . They perform lifts and tosses. This is where the "flied' are thrown in the air, held by "bases" in different positions that require strength and cooperation with other teammates.

Just as basketball and football have guidelines for competitive play, so does competitive cheerleading. The whole routine has to be completed in less than 3 minutes and 15 seconds and the cheerleaders are required to stay within a certain area.

Competitive cheerleaders' goal is to be the best. Just like gymnasts, they are awarded points for difficulty, creativity and sharpness. The more difficult a mount, the sharper the motions, the better the score. Cheerleading is a team sport so without cooperation, first place is out of reach.

Cheerleading is the number-one cause of serious sports injuries to women. Emergency room visits for cheerleading are five times the number of those for any other sport, partially because they do not wear protective gear (特定活动的服装、设别). While many athletes are equipped with hip pads or helmets, smiling cheerleaders are tossed into the air and spiral down into the arms of trusted teammates. The fliers must remain tight at all times so that their bases can catch them safely. Also, because cheerleading is not yet recognized as a sport by many schools, neither proper matting nor high enough ceilings are provided to ensure safety. Instead, the girls use whatever space is available. More recognition of competitive cheerleading as a sport would decrease the number of injuries.

So why do many Americans not think cheerleading is a sport? Some people argue that cheerleaders are just "flirts in skirts" with their only job to entertain the crowd, but cheerleaders today work just as hard as other athletes.

Hopefully, cheerleading will become as well-known a sport as football and basketball, and even appear in the Olympics since cheerleaders are just as athletic and physically fit as those involved in the more accepted sports.

1.What does the underlined word "bases" in Paragraph 3 refer to?

A. Strength and cooperation.

B. Lifts and tosses.

C. Supporting teammates.

D. Physical activities

2.Gymnasts are mentioned in the passage to _________.

A. explain the dangers of cheerleading

B. show their similarities with cheerleaders

C. suggest cheerleaders learn to do gymnastics

D. present the guidelines of gymnastic movements

3.It can be learned from the passage that cheerleading ________

A. is a good sport for all people

B. lacks necessary guidelines to follow

C. is more than a form of entertainment

D. enjoys greater popularity than other sports

4.This passage is written mainly to

A. attract more girls to cheerleading

B. draw people's attention to cheerleading

C. call for more recognition of competitive cheerleading as a sport

D. criticize some Americans who do not think cheerleading as a sport


We Chinese are not big huggers. A handshake or a pat on the shoulder is enough to convey our friendship or affection to one another. So when our newly-acquainted Western friends reach out in preparation for a hug, some of us feel awkward.

Many questions go through our head. Where should I put my arms? Under their armpits (胳肢窝) or around their neck? What distance should I maintain? Should our chests touch?

It’s even more difficult with friends from some European countries. Should I kiss them on the cheek while hugging? Which side? Or is it both cheeks? Which side should I start on?

But it isn’t just people from cultures that emphasize a reservedness in expressing physical intimacy(亲密) who find hugging confusing. Hugs can cause discomfort or even distress in people who value their personal space.

In a recent article for The Wall Street Journal, US psychologist Peggy Drexler said that although the US remains a “medium touch” culture — “more physically demonstrative(公开表露感情的) than Japan, where a bow is the all-purpose hello and goodbye, but less demonstrative than Latin or Eastern European cultures, where hugs are strong and can include a kiss on both cheeks”, Americans do seem to be hugging more.

From politicians to celebrities, hugs are given willy-nilly (不管愿意不愿意的)to friends, strangers and enemies alike; and the public has been quick to pick up the practice. US First Lady Michelle Obama has put her arms around icy foreign leaders like Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the Queen of England, on the latter occasion actually breaking the rule of royal manners.

But not all are grateful to be hugged, even by the most influential and famous. To them, any hug is offensive if it’s not sincere.

Amanda Hess, writing for US magazine Slate, says public figures should stop imposing hugs on everyone they meet. For them, a hug is rarely a gesture of sincere fellowship, compassion or affection. It’s all part of a show. Hugs are falsely close power plays used by public figures to establish their social dominance (统治力)over those in their grasp.

Cecilia Walden, a British journalist writing for The Telegraph who lives in New York, holds the same opinion. “Power-hugging”, as she calls it, is “an offender dressed up as kindness”. It has become a fashion in the US where “bosses are already embracing their staff (either shortly before or after firing them), men and women ,their friends or enemies, in a thousand cheating displays of unity”.

1.From the first four paragraphs, we can see that ___________.

A. we Chinese people don’t know how to hug

B. people from European countries often get puzzled about hugging

C. people in Western countries seldom use hugs to express their physical closeness

D. hugs can bring pressure to people when used improperly

2.The example of US first lady Michelle Obama is given to show that __________.

A. Americans hold a “medium touch” culture

B. public figures know hugging functions well in public

C. she is much liked by American people

D. hugs are forbidden in England

3.“Power-hugging” in the last paragraph actually means that _________.

A. hugs are only used sincerely by some people with power

B. hugging is powerful to bosses in US

C. public figures sometimes use hugging just for a show of power

D. public figures can hug anyone in their grasp freely

4.What can be the best title of this passage?

A. Hugs, vital or not?

B. Hugs, tricky affair?

C. Hugs and public figures

D. Hugs and power


A new study reported in a medical magazine concludes that even smokers who reach their 70s are likely to live longer if they stop smoking. Researchers say that they have got some of the strongest evidence (证据) that it's never too late to stop smoking.

The study was based on a five-year follow-up of 7, 178 people over the age of 65 who lived in Boston, New Haven and Washington counties in Iowa. The report showed former smokers ran about the same risk of death from heart disease as those who never smoked. Women who stopped smoking faced about the same cancer-death risk as those who never smoked, but men who gave up smoking still had a 50% higher risk. The men's extra risk of cancer largely disappeared if they had not smoked for more than 20 years. The discovery does not agree with the widely-known belief that by the time smokers reach old age, their habit has already hurt them, and those who continue to live healthily are probably immune (有免疫力的) to the dangers of cigarettes.

1.The conclusion of the new study is that _________.

A. one can plan to give up smoking at any age for the sake (理由) of one's health

B. it's late to stop smoking when one is getting old

C. it's no use for young people stopping smoking

D. smokers over the age of 70 are expected to live longer

2.A former smoker is a person who _________.

A. smokes once in a while

B. is going to give up smoking

C. used to smoke

D. smokes a lot

3.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the passage?

A. Women who stop smoking face about the same cancer-death risk as non-smokers.

B. Men who stop smoking are facing the same risk of death from cancer as non-smokers.

C. Women who stop smoking face about the same cancer-death risk as men who gave up smoking 20 years ago.

D. Men who stop smoking face about the same risk of death from heart trouble as non-smokers.


When Jane put out the idea of homeschooling to her parents, the first reaction they gave was, “You are cutting the child off the world.” “Did the child really get cut off or did the child socialize better?”

The moment we hear of homeschooling, we think the child will have no opportunities to interact with their peers. However, in my friend’s opinion, we forget that when attending a regular school, the child is not into socializing all the while. The child is restricted to so many other activities. Studies take a major role in a child’s life. The child hardly has the time to interact at school.

The child might be meeting and studying along with many peers; however, how many kids interact with all the kids in a class? But in homeschooling system, as my friend mentioned, the kid has all the time and can plan his day accordingly. During the day the child studies just like other school-going kids but with no burden of homework and project work, the child has so much free time in the evening as to effectively interact and play with peers. The quality time the child spends in education is really impressive.

Homeschooled kids have the opportunity to socialize more often as they have a lot of time in their hands. They can also make socializing a regular habit. Just as my friend said, her child goes to a neighboring park almost every day and has a set of friends who go there daily. Other children get back home to finish off homework and project work whereas her child who is already through with studies gets the opportunity to spend time with family members.

When I heard this, I really felt how lucky the child was. Definitely the child had a better opportunity to socialize when compared with my kid. However, I might not consider homeschooling for my kid, as I am so used to the conventional schooling system and feel regular schooling the safest bet.

1.The author’s purpose in writing the passage is to _________.

A. express his views on homeschooling

B. explain what homeschooling is

C. share his ways of teaching his children

D. promote homeschooling

2.What is the biggest advantage of homeschooled children?

A. They will become braver.

B. They can be more popular.

C. They can socialize better.

D. They will know how to arrange time.

3.What do we know about homeschooled children?

A. They don’t interact with their peers often.

B. They have more spare time to play.

C. They are restricted to certain activities

D. They can’t gain enough knowledge.

4.How does the passage mainly develop?

A. By following the order of importance.

B. By following the order of time.

C. By making comparisons.

D. By presenting data.



If you take a look at the best-selling books in the UK these days, it is almost certain that there will be a lot of autobiographies (自传) in that list. Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and actor Michael J Fox have all written them. An autobiography is the story of a person’s life, written by that person. It is usually a very famous person who might tell us all about their childhood, how they became famous and any other interesting things that have happened in their lives.

Traditionally, someone would write an autobiography when they were older because they had had a long, successful life. However, these days there are many magazines with stories and photos of the stars which sell very well. Reality TV shows are extremely popular and lots of people become famous very easily just from being on the TV rather than being able to sing or act well. As a result, people become famous very quickly and as soon as they are famous, a lot of money can be made from writing an autobiography, even if they are very young.

So now you can find an autobiography from almost everyone who is in the public eye. Even though we can follow the lives of the stars very closely on TV or in magazines nowadays, we maybe don’t know how they live their lives from day to day. Autobiographies often give the information we never knew about the stars. The British public are very curious to find out more so they are very eager to read autobiographies.

Not every star wants to write though. Sometimes stars employ writers to write their life stories for them. The writer will interview the stars, listen to everything they want to say, record interviews and then write books based on their words. David Beckham did this with his book My Side.

Not everyone likes to read books regularly but they might like to read about the lives of stars. Autobiographies are helping to get more British people reading books. About 100 million autobiographies are sold in Britain every year. More stars depend on them for extra income and as more of these books appear in the shops, more people are sure to keep buying them.













1. 求助的原因;

2. 对杂志的要求;

3. 费用。


1. 词数80左右。

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。









Alex and Donna Voutsinas are like many couples; they met at work, fell in love and were preparing for the coming 1. (marry). Days before their wedding, the couple was looking at old family 2. (photo) when Donna came across a picture of herself as a child 3. vacation at Disney and showed it to her boyfriend.

But Alex was more interested in the man 4. (walk) in the background behind Donna’s smiling family and the character Mr. Smee from Disney’s “Peter Pan.” Alex recognized the man in the background because it was his father, 5. was pushing a stroller (婴儿车) during their own family trip to Disney.

Decades before they met as adults, the couple 6. (cross) paths at Disney as kids.

“Just 7. (be) in the same picture with my wife when we were 8. (basic) babies, it’s unbelievable,” Alex Voutsinas said. The chance meeting is more unbelievable because the two families lived countries apart. 9. the photo was taken, Donna’s family was living in Florida and Alex’s family called Montreal home. “I was glad he asked me to marry him before the picture,” Donna said, “because I know that it’s because he loves me and 10. because he thought it was meant to be, it was fate.”


As a high school coach, I did all I could to help my boys win their games. I cheered as hard for ________ as they did. A dramatic ________, however, following a game in which I was a referee, changed my ________ on victories and defeats.

It was a league championship basketball game between New Rochelle and Yonkers High. New Rochelle was ________ by Dan O’Brien, Yonkers by Les Beck. The gym was ________, and the noise made it impossible to hear. The game was well played and ________ competed. Yonkers was ________ by one point as I ________ at the clock and discovered there were but 10 seconds left to play. New Rochelle,________ the ball, passed off and shot. The ball ________ around the rim (篮筐边沿) and off. The fans ________. New Rochelle recovered the ball, and tapped it in for what looked like victory. The noise was ________.

I looked at the clock and saw that the game was over. I hadn’t heard the final buzzer (终场哨) because of the noise. I ________ with the other official, but he could not help me. So, I ________ the timekeeper, a young man of 17 or so. He said, “Sir, the buzzer ________ before the final tap-in was made.” Yonkers won!

I had to tell O'Brien the sad news. His face ________. The young timekeeper came up and said, “I’m sorry, Dad. The ________ ran out before the final basket.”________, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, O’Brien’s face lit up. He said, “That’s okay, Joe. You did what you had to. I’m ________ of you.” The two of them then walked off the ________ together, the coach’s arm around his son’s shoulder.

1.A. honesty    B. devotion    C. victory    D. glory

2.A. conversation    B. incident    C. gesture    D. challenge

3.A. view    B. comment            C. theory    D. impression

4.A. organized    B. represented    C. fancied    D. coached

5.A. crowded    B. cleared    C. quaked    D. arranged

6.A. happily    B. closely    C. smartly    D. randomly

7.A. moving    B. progressing    C. leading    D. shooting

8.A. waved    B. glanced    C. signaled    D. stared

9.A. in possession of    B. in charge of    C. in need of    D. in place of

10.A. stuck    B. fell    C. swung    D. rolled

11.A. laughed    B. jumped    C. yelled    D. danced

12.A. annoying    B. amazing    C. thrilling    D. deafening

13.A. examined    B. watched    C. researched    D. checked

14.A. criticized    B. approached    C. interviewed    D. reminded

15.A. broke down    B. faded away    C. went off    D. carried on

16.A. clouded over    B. softened up    C. sweated over    D. wrinkled up

17.A. audience    B. ball    C. time    D. player

18.A. Certainly    B. Similarly    C. Fortunately    D. Suddenly

19.A. ashamed    B. proud    C. aware    D. fond

20.A. court    B. course    C. track    D. field


Make Your Brain Smarter

You know that eating a proper diet and getting plenty of exercise help make your body healthy and strong. But did you know that there are ways to make your brain healthier and smarter? Studies show that when the brain is forced to do something new, it creates new neural (神经的) pathways. 1.

● Limit your TV viewing.

Watching an average TV show requires very little brain power and brings the same result as neglecting (忽视) physical exercise. 2. If you watch TV, choose something educational and informative.

● Use your non-dominant (非支配的) hand.

If you are right-handed, use your left hand for everyday activities, or use your right hand if you are left-handed. Doing familiar things in a new way will cause your brain to create new neural networks. Brushing our teeth is something we do daily. 3. But maybe we should. Experts suggest that we can force the brain to work by changing things up and working with our non-dominant hand. So the next time you brush your teeth, open the tube, apply your toothpaste and brush with the opposite hand.


Jump in the shower and shut your eyes. Even if you drop the soap---that’s okay. 5.Searching for the soap while feeling the textures (质地) with your eyes closed works. Using your fingers to make fine distinctions between objects or textures can reconnect the brain areas involved in touch, suggests Larry Katz, a professor of neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center and author.

A. Shower with your eyes closed.

B. Smart people rarely follow a set pattern.

C. The more pathways you have, the smarter you will be.

D. Use your different senses.

E. We really don’t put that much thought into it.

F. Put your brain to best use.

G. Your brain will become weak just as your muscles do.


It’s official. Denmark---as well as being the world’s best country to live in for women with the second-happiest people and one of the best healthcare systems in Europe---has the most contented babies. Or, at least, the ones who cry the least. According to research published in the Journal of Pediatrics, Danish, German and Japanese babies cry the least, while British, Canadian and Italian babies cry the most.

“I’m not surprised,” Danish parenting expert and co-author of The Danish Way of Parenting Jessica Alexander tells me. “The first year of a child’s life is considered so important in Denmark. Danish parents are much less stressed because they get good maternity and paternity leave (孕产假). The atmosphere is much calmer and, if mothers are getting more time off, that goes hand in hand with less stress, more contact, more routines and less crying.” She pauses before throwing in a final tip: “Oh, and Danish babies sleep outdoors a lot.”

In Denmark, a woman is given four weeks pregnancy leave followed by 52 weeks of paid leave that can be shared between parents. And Alexander thinks there is another important reason why Danish babies cry less: breastfeeding. “It’s just the done thing in Denmark,” she says of a country that has the world’s highest breastfeeding rates. “In other countries, there are continual discussions about whether you should or shouldn’t breastfeed. In Denmark, breastfeeding has never gone out of style. And everyone does it for a year.”

For Iben Sandahl, Alexander’s co-author, it comes down to the Danish attitude to life in general. “We are an honest and pure people,” she tells me. “We are surrounded by social support and are less likely to become angry, sad or annoyed when our babies are crying. And we are good at embracing (拥抱) all kinds of feelings, so we aren’t scared. Instead, we try to connect with the babies when they cry. It’s how babies communicate and it’s about trying to understand it.”

1.Which of the following can make a baby cry less?

A. An effective healthcare system.

B. More company from a parent.

C. An energetic busy mother.

D. More chances to meet fellow babies.

2.It can be learned from the text that ________.

A. something in the milk from breastfeeding can keep babies happy.

B. Demark is second to none in protecting its females’ rights.

C. Danish parents’ attitudes to a baby’s first year vary considerably

D. breastfeeding is a common and accepted practice in Denmark

3.When babies cry, Danish parents will probably ________.

A. try to figure out what they want

B. put them outdoors for a good sleep

C. seek social support for guidance

D. wait a moment for them to calm down


It is made from grapes grown without pesticides (杀虫剂) and chemicals, is kind to the environment and rarely causes hangovers (酒后头痛). Sales of organic wine are booming in the UK.

According to the organic food and farming group Soil Association, sales of organic beers, wines and spirits rose by 14.3% last year to reach nearly £ 6 million, driven by the demand from consumers who are increasingly seeking “natural” food.

“It seems that people are rediscovering their link with the environment through organic food. Organic wines also taste better, perhaps due to less use of man-made chemicals.” said Finn Cottle of Soil Association. As well as the benefits of producing grapes without using pesticides, organic wine also contains less sulphur dioxide (二氧化硫), which can contribute towards hangovers.

Supermarkets are increasing supplies on their shelves to meet consumer demand, while the switch to online shopping has also helped, as people are more easily able to find what they are looking for. Vintage Roots is now one of the UK’s biggest online shops of organic wine, while Ocado provides more than 100 different organic wines and Daylesford, best-known for its organic vegetable boxes, has branched out into organic wine and spirits.

The discount supermarket Aldi is set to start its first collection of so-called “green” wines this week, offering eight wines with organic certificates. Aldi expects the wines to appeal to the young shoppers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental influence of the produce that they are buying and consuming.

English organic wine producer Oxney Estate’s Noir Rosé recently won the Waitrose prize for the most outstanding rosé wine at the competition. A spokeswoman for Waitrose said: “Organic wine is a growing trend globally and we have seen sales increase by 16% in the last year”.

1.Sales of organic wine are increasing probably because ________.

A. consumers are now more environmentally aware

B. it offers a very different taste from traditional wine

C. consumers are tired of hangovers after drinking

D. it contains no sulphur dioxide or pesticide

2.What’s the main idea of paragraph 4?

A. UK supermarkets welcome organic wine and spirits.

B. Online shopping promotes the sales of organic wine.

C. There’re not enough supplies of organic wine in the UK.

D. Supermarkets should go online to sell more wine.

3.“Waitrose” in the last paragraph is probably ________.[

A. a wine producer    B. an organic wine

C. a wine competition    D. a news agency

4.The writing purpose of the text is to ________.

A. persuade readers to go green while drinking

B. compare organic wine and traditional wine

C. share with readers wines without hangovers

D. introduce a new consuming trend in the UK


On 29 May last year, I was doing my swim training for a half Ironman race in the bay near my home.

I was finishing my first loop () when I felt jaws coming around my body and a sharp pain. The water was dark, so I couldn’t see anything. It just came out of nowhere and then it was gone in a flash. I knew it was something really big and assumed it was a shark. I panicked, but knew I needed to get out of the water. I was kicking wildly in case it came back. There was a lifeguard boat close by, so I waved my arms in the air and screamed for help. It got to me within 20 seconds. At that point I didn’t feel anything; adrenaline (肾上腺素) had taken over. The lifeguards held me under the arms and pulled me up out of the water. Then the pain kicked in and it was pretty hard to bear. Some muscle had been bitten off my right arm. I felt a lot of warm, gushing blood.

My chest felt heavy, as if someone had put their foot on it, and I was having trouble breathing. It was extremely painful. When I got to the hospital, I told the nurses to put me to sleep because of the pain. I just wanted them to fix me.

I woke up after surgery four hours later. My doctor was amazed when I managed to move my fingers: the bite just missed a major nerve. My right lung had been damaged; I had several broken bones and a nerve in my leg was cut, so I have reduced feeling at the top of my leg. The shark also bit through my upper back muscle.

Local experts determined that the shark was probably 9-10 feet long. It was young, about seven years old. It just attacked me, left and didn’t come back because it figured I wasn’t food.

1.The writer mentions Adrenaline in Paragraph 2 to ________.

A. explain why she didn’t feel pain at that time

B. offer a possible reason the shark attacked her

C. show how dangerous the situation was then

D. describe the suffering a shark bite could cause

2.The writer of the text can be best described as ________.

A. grateful    B. confident

C. tough    D. aggressive

3.Which of the following might be the best title for the text?

A. A Shark from Nowhere

B. Surviving a Shark Attack

C. A Race against Time

D. No Panic over Sharks at Sea


假设你是周亮,即将从华光中学毕业。你得知某英文报社正在征文,题为“If I am a teacher, I will…”。请你给该报社投稿,内容包括:




















As I am in high school now, I have classes from Monday to Friday, but I am busy with my study and have less time to play. My life in class is busy. On the one hand, I need to finish my homework, this is the first thing I need to do. Just when I finish my homework will I go to play with my friends happy. On the other hand, I will ask my friends to go out for the fun or I will just stay at my bedroom playing computer game. I am so satisfied with me, because I study hard and play hard. As a student, I need to study. At the same time, I also need enjoy my life.


The idea of Pygmalion effect is known as “self­fulfilling prophecy (预言)”, which 1. (base) on a story by Ovid about Pygmalion, a sculptor and prince of Cyprus, 2. created an ivory statue of his ideal woman. The statue which he called Galatea was 3. beautiful that he immediately fell in love with it. He begged the goddess Aphrodite to breathe life into the statue and make 4. (she) his own. Aphrodite granted Pygmalion his wish. 5. statue came to life and the couple married and lived happily ever after.

There were a few 6. (success) experiments carried based on this, and the most famous is the one on the students of a UK based school. In the study the pupils were rated randomly, 7. (range) from excellent to poor in the beginning of the year. These ratings were then handed over to their teachers.

At the end of the year high corelation was found between actual 8. (perform) and rating. The reason was that the teachers boosted the excellent rated pupils all the time to perform better and also that they trusted them to do better.

This concept was later used in a movie 9. (call) My Fair Lady, where Professor Higgins transformed a flower girl to win the beauty contest. Though this was done 10. (win) a bet, Professor Higgins always showed trust in the flower girl to become the duchess.


My greatest inspiration is not from a world­known figure, but from the perseverance of a 6­year­old boy.

Today, most students are ______ at the beach. I am not among them. ______, I have devoted the whole day to making sure this event runs wonderfully.

After an entire day of ______, I am standing at the stage handing out prizes to their lucky recipients. Among the golfers are musicians, lawyers and doctors, all of whom ______ for one common cause: Ryan. He looked up at me with his sparkling eyes and smiles. This is his ______ of thanking me for devoting this ______ to helping him. Then, though, I realized he should not thank me, ______ I should thank him.

My cousin, Ryan, ______ with autism (自闭症) five years ago, didn't know what his future would mean ______ it. But Ryan works hard, trying to make the smallest ______ every day. I try to put a little bit of Ryan into my ______. Whenever faced with what seems impossible, I ______ how he is making progress every day. In the past six years, I have learned ______ is necessary to achieve my goals, and that what seems out of my reach may not be so ______.

Ryan has taught me another important lesson: people should not be judged by what they cannot ______. So far I've witnessed acts of cruelty against those who are ______ on a daily basis. Ryan is a prime ______ of how people who may be different are still as worthy as others. Since his diagnosis, I have ______ judging people and tried to get others around me to do the same. Ryan would never ______ somebody because he doesn't like the way he/she looks or dresses. He welcomes all people into his life, and I ______ myself because I have learned to do the same.

1.A. enjoying    B. behaving    C. introducing    D. practising

2.A. Thus    B. However    C. Besides    D. Instead

3.A. swimming    B. studying    C. golfing    D. performing

4.A. asked    B. trained    C. thanked    D. gathered

5.A. way    B. proof    C. need    D. dream

6.A. day    B. trip    C. prize    D. standard

7.A. or    B. for    C. but    D. though

8.A. connected    B. compared    C. assisted    D. diagnosed

9.A. apart from    B. because of    C. despite    D. like

10.A. arrangement    B. devotion    C. progress    D. preparation

11.A. home    B. life    C. schedule    D. pleasure

12.A. work out    B. point out    C. approve of    D. think of

13.A. intelligence    B. assistance    C. education    D. perseverance

14.A. far    B. common    C. special    D. simple

15.A. tell    B. control    C. share    D. imagine

16.A. determined    B. important    C. different    D. devoted

17.A. force    B. target    C. example    D. trend

18.A. admitted    B. stopped    C. enjoyed    D. appreciated

19.A. dislike    B. accept    C. forgive    D. understand

20.A. pride    B. reward    C. criticize    D. experience


The book A Big Fat Crisis: The Hidden Forces Behind Obesity Epidemicand How We Can End It by Deborah Cohen, a senior natural scientist, is very popular now. 1. But according to this book, the following are some misunderstandings of obesity or being overweight.

1.If you're obese, blame your genes.

2. Yet, between 1980 and 2000, the number of Americans who are obese has doubled—too quickly for genetic factors to be responsible. At restaurants, a dollar puts more calories on our plates than ever before, because restaurant meals usually have more calories than what we prepare at home, so people who eat out more frequently have higher rates of obesity than those who eat out less.

2.If you're obese, you lack self­control.

Research shows that if we are faced with too much information, we have a tendency to make poor choices on diet. 3. Even, the most vigilant(警觉的)people may not be good controllers of themselves.


Although the US Department of Agriculture estimates that fewer than 5 per cent of Americans live in the “food deserts”, about 65 per cent of the nation's population is obese. For most of us, obesity is not related to access to more fresh fruits and vegetables, but to the choices we make in supermarkets.

4.The problem is not that we eat too much, but that we don't exercise.

Michelle Obama's “Let's Move” campaign is based on the idea that if kids exercise more, childhood obesity rates will decrease. 5. In fact, although a drop in work­related physical activity may explain up to 100 fewer calories burned, leisure physical activity appears to have increased.

A.Lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables is a cause of obesity.

B.Obesity rates have increased.

C.Fresh fruits and vegetables we choose in a supermarket are related to obesity.

D.But there was no obvious decrease in physical activity levels as obesity rates climbed in the 1980s and 1990s.

E.People hold different views on obesity.

F.People benefit a lot from physical activities.

G.Our world has become so rich in food that we can be led to consume too much in ways we can't understand.


There are thousands of film and music festivals in and out of Austin, but there is nothing like ATX. Our focus is on the celebration of the medium: looking back at its history, where it is now, and where it is headed. Our weekend consists of screenings and events where participants can hear from actors, writers, directors, involved in all stages of bringing their favourite series to the small screen.

We have the function of a traditional film festival with screenings followed by Q&As from creators; and a series of events including parties, social media events, and “super secret happy hours”. Unlike traditional festivals, however, we celebrate the history of the medium as well as the future. Since we arrange 50% for the biggest television fans and 50% for those working or wanting to work in the industry, our panels (专家小组) range in topics from “behind the scenes” looks at your favourite series, to more technical topics on where the medium and how technology is headed. Eventually, ATX Television Festival has the goal of serving both the community and industry professionals equally by giving them the opportunity to discuss and celebrate all aspects of TV together.

Austin is approximately in the middle of America, making travel from East or West coast  more convenient. Austin TV production has a long history. We love our city and try to be part of our community by showing small businesses, local food, and working with arts organizations like Texas Film Commission, and Austin Film Festival—though we are not the “Austin Television Festival”. We are a national event that works with our members coming from all over the world.

Co­founders Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson have spent a decade in a variety of areas of the entertainment industry—from film & television production to working within the network & studio systems. Combining their knowledge, along with numerous good industry professionals that make up the Advisory Board, they are introducing a one­of­a­kind festival experience.

1.What is special about ATX?

A. The films are performed there alive.

B. Actors compete there for better films.

C. Audiences can enjoy more than films there.

D. Audiences can choose their favorite films to see.

2.What do panels do at ATX?

A. They play roles in the films.

B. They monitor the creation of the films

C. They see how audiences react to their films.

D. They offer a technological perspective of films.

3.What does the author mean by “we are not the ‘Austin Television Festival’” in paragraph 3?

A. The festival is celebrated nationwide.

B. The audiences are mainly from abroad.

C. The locals are uninterested in the event.

D. People can enjoy the festival worldwide.

4.What may be the best title of the passage?

A. Films in ATX    B. Trip to Austin

C. ATX Television Festival    D. Festivals in Austin


Bendable wings covered with overlapping (重叠部分) pieces looking like fish scales could be used to build more controllable, fuel­efficient aircraft, a new study finds.

Nowadays, conventional aircraft typically rely on ailerons (副翼) to help control the way the planes tilt (倾斜) as they fly. However, when the Wright brothers flew the first airplane, Flyer 1, over a century ago, they used no ailerons but wires that pulled and stretched the wood­and­canvas wings, to control the plane.

“Scientists have long sought to develop aircraft that can change their wings during flight, just as birds can. However, most previous attempts have failed because they relied on heavy mechanical control structures within the wings. These structures were also complex and unreliable,” said Neil Gershenfeld, a physicist and director of the Centre for Bits and Atoms at MIT.

The new wing consists of a system of tiny, strong and lightweight modules (组件). The shape of the wing can be changed uniformly along its length using two small motors, which apply a twisting pressure to each wingtip. These wings are covered in “skins” of overlapping strips of flexible material like fish scales. These strips move across each other as the wings change themselves, providing a smooth outer surface, the researchers explained.

Wind tunnel tests of these wings showed that they at least matched the aerodynamic (气动) properties of conventional wings, at about one­tenth the weight. “Initial tests using remotely piloted aircraft made with these wings have shown great promise,” said Benjamin Jenett, a graduate student at the Centre for Bits and Atoms at MIT.

The new modular structures the scientists developed could be manufactured quickly in mass quantities and then installed by teams of small robots. These modular structures also can be disassembled more easily, making repairs simpler.

“Still, the first aircraft built using this strategy will not be a passenger jet,” Gershenfeld said. “Instead, the technology will likely first be tested on unmanned aircrafts, leading to aircrafts flying for a long time, to help deliver Internet access or medicine to remote villages.”

1.Why is the Wright brothers' airplane mentioned in the text?

A. To show the history of aircrafts.

B. To show the development of wings.

C. To show the need to improve planes.

D. To show the structure of conventional planes.

2.What makes planes fly like birds when they tilt?

A. Their ailerons.    B. Wires and pulleys.

C. Changeable wings.    D. Mechanical control structures.

3.What is Paragraph 4 mainly about?

A. The shape of the new wings.

B. The purpose of the overlapping strips.

C. The working principle of the new wings.

D. The result of wind­tunnel tests of these wings.

4.What does the underlined word “disassemble” mean in Paragraph 6?

A. Replace.    B. Analyze.

C. Put away.    D. Take apart.


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