He hadn’t been asked to the party and was feeling _______________.

A. left out B. broken downC. got overD. cut off


Having studied in a medical college for 5 years, Lucy __________ her job as a doctor in her hometown.

A. set outB. took overC. took up D. set up



____1.____The Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio did the study. It was published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. The study found a sixty-three percent increase in the number of people treated for rock climbing injuries in American hospitals.

The study said forty thousand people were treated in emergency rooms. _____2.___ The ankle was the most common body part to be injured.

_____3.______The average age was twenty-six. Fifty-six percent of the injuries were to people twenty to thirty-nine years old. Women made up twenty-nine percent of the injured population. That is more than that in past rock climbing studies.

_____4._____ But many people think it is worth it. John Bachar said rock climbing felt like being on another planet. Dean Fidelman says it is a continual challenge and a beautiful form of movement. And, for Sarah Bowman, she has just started her way up the rocks.

Dean Fidelman said that he believes a climber's ego(自我价值感) can be his worst enemy on a rock. ____5.____

A. Like many other sports, rock climbing can be dangerous.

B. Climbers in the study were from ages two to seventy-four.

C. The most common injuries were broken bones and sprains in legs and feet.

D. They try to move as silently up the wall as they can.

E. A recent study shows a sharp increase in rock climbing injuries between 1990 and 2007.

F. There’s no other sport where you’re really going up and down.

G. He said rock climbing is a high risk sport in which many people overestimate their abilities and underestimate the rock.


A small group of people around the world have started implanting(移植) microchips to link the body and the computer.

Mr. Donelson and three friends, who had driven 100 miles from their homes in Loockport, New York, to have the implants put in by Dr. Jesse Villemaire, whom they had persuaded to do the work, are part of a small group, about 30 people around the world, who have independently put in microchips into their bodies, according to Web-based reports.

At a shop William Donelson was having a four-millimeter-wide needle put into his left hand. “I’m set,”he said with a deep breath. He watched as the needle pierced(刺穿) the fleshy webbing between his thumb and a microchip was set under his skin. At last he would be able to do what he had long imagined: strengthen his body’s powers through technology.

By putting the chip inside—a radio frequency identification device (RFID)—Mr. Donelson would have at his fingertips the same magic that makes safety gates open with a knock of a card, and bridge and tunnel traffic flow smoothly with an E-Zpass. With a wave of his hand he plans to connect with his computer, open doors and unlock his car.

Implanting the chip was relatively simple task but very meaningful to Mr. Doneselson, a 21-year-old computer networking student so interested in the link between technology and the body that he has data-input jacks(数据输入插空) inside his body. They might lead to an imagined future when people can be connected directly into computers. His new chip is enclosed in a glass container no bigger than a piece of rice and has a small memory where he has stored the words “Technology”.

Some doctors have done the piercing in people’s homes, and others have implanted chips in their offices after patients signed forms showing the fact that long-term studies have not been done on their safety. Piercers treat the implants much like any other medical operation steps, instructing people to keep the site dry, and advising them that swelling and redness should last a week.

1.With a RFID implanted, which of the following will Mr. Donelson be able to do?

A. Make a safety gate open with a knock of a card.

B. Make bridge and tunnel traffic flow smoothly with an E-Zpass.

C. Open doors and unlock his car with a wave of his hand.

D. Turn his body and brain directly into computers.

2. The underlined word “they” in paragraph 5 refer to “___________”.

A. glass containers

B. implanted computer chips

C. data input jacks

D. computer and networking students

3. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

A. High Tech, Under the Skin

B. A Needle, So Magic

C. Donelson, a Powerful Man

D. Data-input Jacks, Inside the Body

4.We can conclude from the passage that __________________.

A. Mr. Donelson has made a large sum of money by the piercing.

B. the Piercers are people working in the computer field

C. the piercing has no side effect and it will make people intelligent

D. the long term effects of these implants are not yet known

5.What will happen to the site on the body after the operation?

A. There will be swelling and redness.

B. The site will be dry.

C. Nothing will happen at all.

D. The pain will remain for a week.


In 1905, as part of his Special Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein published the point that a large amount of energy could be released from a small amount of matter. This was expressed by equation E = me 2(energy = mass times the speed of light squared). But bombs were not what Einstein had in mind when he published this equation.

In 1929, he publicly declared that if a war broke out he would “refused to do war service, direct or indirect…” His position would change in 1933, as the result of Adolf Hitler’s coming into power in Germany.

Einstein’s greatest role in the invention of the atomic bomb was signing a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt urging that the bomb be built because some physicists feared that Germany might be working on an atomic bomb. Among those concerned were physicists Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner. But Szilard and Wigner had no influence with those in power. So in July 1939 they explained the problem to someone who did: Albert Einstein. After talking with Einstein, in August 1939 Szilard wrote a letter to President Roosevelt with Einstein’s signature on it, which was delivered to Roosevelt in October 1939.

Germany has invaded Poland the previous month; the time was ripe for action. That October research of a-bomb began but proceeded slowly because the invention of the atomic bomb seemed distant and unlikely. In April 1940 an Einstein letter, ghost-written by Szilard, pressed the researchers on the need for “greater speed”.

As the realization of nuclear weapons grew near, Einstein looked beyond the current war to future problems that such weapons could bring. He wrote to his friend about his fear about the future use of the a-bomb.

The atomic bombings of Japan occurred three months after Germany gave in.

In November 1954, five months before his death, Einstein summarized his feelings about his role in the creation of the atomic bomb: “I made one great mistake in my life… when I signed a letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made; but there was some justification---- the danger that the Germans would make them”.

1.What can we learn about Szilard and Wigner?

A. They were not as influential as Einstein.

B. They were responsible for the invention of nuclear weapons

C. They had cheated their friend Albert Einstein.

D. They had an intention to destroy the world.

2. Einstein realized his mistake of ___________.

A. co-operating with his workmates

B. inventing the atomic bomb

C. publishing his equation

D. signing the letter to President Roosevelt

3. We can conclude that Einstein ___________.

A. was important in the development of atomic bomb

B. was not involved in the invention of atomic bomb

C. directly participated in the invention of the atomic bomb

D. helped with the invention of atomic bomb

4. Why did Einstein suggest making atom bombs?

A. Because President Roosevelt asked to do so.

B. Because it was likely that Hitler would make them.

C. Because it was not in favor of President Roosevelt.

D. Because it was not necessary to do so.

5.The best title for the passage would be __________.

A. A Story of Albert Einstein

B. Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb

C. It was Unfair for Einstein

D. How the Atomic Bomb was Invented


假设你是遵义航天高级中学的学生会主席李华,为了解决中学生中存在的心理问题,你校决定举办一场讲座,请你给遵义师范学院的教授Mr. Smith 写封电子邮件,邀请他来你校作一场这样的讲座。主要告诉他该讲座的:


时间 :11月19日下午2:00-4:00





参考词汇:心理问题:mental problem

Dear Smith,

  I’m Li Hua, chairman of the students union of Zunyi Aerospace Middle School.




                                                             Best wishes!

                                                             Yours sincerely,

                                                              Li Hua







修改:在错的词下划一横线( ____ ),并在该词下面写出修改的词。




Hi, Joe. I have read about your situation. This is common for everyone to have arguments or even quarrels with friends. So take it easy, and find the way out.

You may follow my suggestions. First, try to find out that who did wrong and cause the arguments. If it is you, be brave enough to say sorry for your friend. And unless it is your friend, you shouldn’t be too hard on him or her either. Instead, try to taking it easy and be kind. Second, give yourself and your friend some times to calm down, as it is not necessary to solve the arguments immediate.  

Good luck, best wishes for you!


WangKun and his sister had dreamed 1.___ taking a great trip since middle school. After 2._____ (graduate) from college, they 3.______ (final) got a chance to make their dream come true. His sister thought of the idea to cycle along the Mekong River from4.____it begins to where it ends. They 5._____ bought expensive bikes. They also got their cousins 6._____ (interest) in cycling. WangWei 7._____ (insist) that she organize the trip properly. When she heard that the source of Mekong River is in Qinghai Province, she wouldn't change her mind. She even felt excited 8.___ she knew that their journey would begin at 9.____ altitude of more than 5,000 meters. Before the trip they found a large atlas in the library 10.____ from the atlas they knew clearly about the Mekong River.



Hiding     the loose dusty curtain, a/an    packed up his overcoat into the suitcase. He planned to leave home at dusk     there was thunder and lightning outdoors. He had got to do this because he was tired of his     nagging about his     study and did not want to     it any longer. He couldn’t get along     with English and disliked joining  in English classes because he thought his teacher ignored him     purpose.    ,  his score in each exam never    over 60.

His partner was     about him very much. She understood exactly       he was suffering from, but     disagreed with his idea.      calm him down and settle his problem, she talked with him face to face and     a series of learning tips with him. The items she set    helped him find the    to study English well. The teenager was grateful and got great     from his friend’s words.

Now, he has recovered from being     and has fallen in love with English. What an important part friends     in our life!

1.A. in front of     B. beside         C. behind          D. besides

2.A. teenager       B. small child     C. adult           D. baby

3.A. if             B. although       C. as             D. because

4.A. teacher’s       B. partner’s       C. classmates’      D. parents’

5.A. English       B. Chinese       C. maths          D. physics

6.A go through      B. get through     C. go over         D. take over

7.A. nice           B. badly          C. well           D. good

8.A. to            B. at             C. on           D. with

9.A. As the result    B. As a result    C. As a result of     D. As result

10.A. added up      B. added to      C. added          D. added up to[

11.A .happy         B. concerned     C. sorry           D. excited

12.A. which         B. what         C. where          D. that

13.A. frequently     B. gradually    C. fluently         D. totally

14.A. In order that    B. So that     C. So as to         D. in order to

15.A. communicated  B. gave        C. taught          D. asked

16.A. down         B. up           C. off            D. out

17.A. highway       B. way         C. confidence      D. ability

18.A. strength       B. force         C. power         D. energy

19.A. satisfied       B. surprised      C. excited       D. frustrated

20.A. make          B. take         C. play          D. prefer


You know that you have everything to be thankful for:a loving family,a pretty good job,and a healthy working body.Still,you keep feeling that what you have just isn’t enough.Sure,you can be happier by making some life changes. 1.  It will make you more likely to start enjoying that sunshine instead of complaining(抱怨)about sunburn.

   Live in the present.

    The people who are the happiest with their lives are able to enjoy and hug the present moment. 2. Focus on what the day will bring you instead of what happened yesterday or what you’ll be able to change about tomorrow. 3.

    Though your life may not be perfect in the moment,there are surely some things that you can be very grateful for,whether it’s your loving family,your amazing friends,your health,your cool new job,or your amazing home.You probably don’t have all of these things but surely there are a few things you can remind yourself to be grateful for every single day.

    Stop comparing yourself to others.

    Stop thinking about how big your neighbor’s house is,how great your friend Jack’s job is,or how perfect your best friend’s relationship is.You’ll never get anywhere if you compare yourself to others. 4.   

   Hang out with people who are satisfied with their lives.

    Surround yourself with people who are good influences.They will show you that there are all kinds of ways to be happy,and will maybe even give you some tips for how to walk to difficult situations.5.   They are more likely to come up with some reasons to be unhappy.

A.Be grateful for what you have.

B.What if there is a major obstacle (障碍)standing in your way?

C.Take some time to enjoy exactly what you’re doing right now.

D.The easiest way to be satisfied with your life is to adjust yourself positively.

E.Avoid people looking for reasons to be upset with their life.

F.But if you drop comparing completely,you’ll only be doing yourself a favor.

G.Get regular exercise with friends every day.


In high school, all Canadian students take part in a very exciting event. It is "Take Your Children to Work Day". Students will have a chance to work with their parents. My day took place in my mom's work, the York Region Police Department.

  When I arrived, a coach was teaching the officers basic combat(格斗)skills. Everyone tried their best to practice. I could see them sweating and panting (喘气).

The most exciting part of my visit was a stop at the 911 Communication Center. 911 is the same as 110,119 and 120 in China. Every 911 call in the city is answered here. When I entered the center, I stood beside a call dispatcher (分派人员)arid watched him dealing-with the calls.

  Suddenly, the phone rang, he picked it up and a woman cried for help. There was a robbery in her house. The call dispatcher told her, "Please calm down and move to the safe place quietly. Don't fight with them. Just let them take what they want. Please make sure you are not hurt. We are sending officers there."

   He followed the call and found the address. The call dispatcher chose the five closest police cars from the satellite map and clicked(敲键盘) to send the policemen.  I saw the police cars from the satellite map were quickly moving to the woman's house. Five minutes later, they arrived .I asked the call dispatcher why he sent five cars. He said, "There are different levels of emergencies. Robbery is a high priority (优先),so we have to send five cars." The day was interesting. I leaned how the different departments worked together. The officers were very friendly and admirable.

1.What's the best title for the article?

A. An exciting day at a Police Department.

B. Robbery is a high priority.

C. How the police saved the woman.

D. The 911 Communication Center.

2.What is the correct time line according to the article?

a. A woman cried for help on the phone.

b. A coach was teaching the policemen combat skills.

c. The writer visited the 911 Communication Center.

d. The police quickly arrived at the woman's house.

A. b-c-d-a         B. b-c-a-d

C. c-b-a-d         D. c-d-a-b

3.What would the woman probably do after dialing 911?

A. Fight bravely against the robbers.

B. Find a safe place to hide.

C. Ask the robbers not to hurt her or take anything away from her house.

D. Ask her neighbors to help her catch the robbers.


Who taught you to speak English? Your parents, while you were a young child? Your teachers at school ? Perhaps even the BBC as a grown-up. Whoever it was, somehow you have developed an understanding of what is rapidly becoming a truly global language.

There are now about 376 million people who speak English as their first language and about the same number who have learnt it besides their mother tongue. It is said there are one billion people learning English now and about 80% of the information on the Internet is in English.

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Should we celebrate the fact that more and more of us can communicate, using a common language, across countries and cultures? Or should we worry about the dangers of “mono-culturalism", a world in which we all speak the same language, eat the same food and listen to the same music?

Does it matter if an increasing number of people speak the same language? On the contrary (相反),I would have thought——although I have never accepted the argument that if only we all understood each other better, there would be fewer wars. Ask the people of India (where many of them speak at least some English) and Pakistan (the same situation with India)…

If we all speak English, will we then all start eating McDonald's burgers? Surely not. If English becomes more dominant (占主导地位的), it will kill other languages? I doubt it. When I travel in Africa or Asia, I am always surprised by how many people can speak not only their own language but also one or more other related languages, as well as English and perhaps some French or German as well.

When we discussed this on Talking Point a couple of years ago, we received a wonderfully poetic email from a listener in Ireland. "The English language is a beautiful language. Maybe it's like a rose," he said. "But who would ever want their garden just full of roses?"

Well, I love roses, and I think they make a beautiful addition to any garden. But the way I see it, just by planting a few roses, you don't necessarily need to pull out everything else. If more and more people want to plant English roses, that's fine by me.

1. By saying "Ask the people of India … and Pakistan" (in Paragraph 4), the author is trying to show that _____.

A. speaking the same language doesn't necessarily bring peace

B. wars can destroy the relationship between two countries

C. English doesn't kill other languages

D. English is widely used in the world

2.What does "rose" in the last two paragraphs stand for?

A. The world        B. Family

C. Language         D. The Earth

3.The author would probably agree that _____.

A. it's very hard to plant many kinds of flowers in a garden

B. it's good for people from other countries to learn English

C. more and more people like to plant roses in their gardens

D. English is easier to learn than other languages

4.This passage is mainly about _____.

A. why English has become a global language

B. how many people in the world speak English

C. how people in the world learn English as a foreign language

D. whether we need to worry about English being a world language


After suffering through many months of unemployment  (失业). my wife and I moved this week from Colorado to Ohio. where she was starting a new job. Not knowing anybody there. we were pretty concerned about how we'd get our entire home unloaded (卸下) without killing ourselves.

     We made a phone call to hire (临时雇用) a couple of college students to help with all the heavy lifting once we got there. But one neighbor after another stopped by to help us. What ? Have we moved to some other country ? Maybe we've died and gone to heaven!    

  Unloading actually became fun and joy because there were so many wonderful new friends to help when we worked. The more people helped. the easier the work became. We were afraid the job might take days for the two of us alone. but it was finished in a few hours. Many total strangers would either walk by the sidewalk or drive by to ask us if we were moving in. Many were happy that this old house that had sat empty for so long was coming to life again. We were invited to an outdoor meal yesterday by neighbors on the same street.

     All the time. my brain was resting on this new sense of hope that people can be so friendly to strangers. Among all the conversation were lots of offers to help each other in all kinds of ways. It's wonderful to live in such a kind little town. I feel so grateful to be here. and wish the rest of the world could see how an entire community can model  (做榜样) what it's like to help each other.

1.The author and his wife moved to Ohio because________.

A. they liked moving from one place to another 

B. they were both out of work in Colorado

C. the students of his wife were living there 

D. his wife had found a new job there

2.From the underlined part , we can learn when offered help , the author felt________.

A. grateful        B. surprised

C. bored           D. crazy

3.We can learn from the passage that the author's neighbors________.

A. thought it hard work to move in

B. were curious about the newcomers

C. were glad that the old house would have its new owner

D. hired two college students to help him

4.According to the passage , which of the following is TRUE?

A. The author has many old friends in Ohio.

B. It took the author and his wife days to get home unloaded.

C. The author and his wife invited the neighbors to a dinner.

D. The author is very satisfied with his new home and new neighbors.

5.It can be inferred from the passage that________.

A. we don't know what is good until we have lost it

B. kindness is the sunshine of social life

C. where there is a will. there is a way 

D. there is no place like home


Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? What about traveling into the future? There’s an easy way to do it. One way you can make a time travel journey is by writing a letter to your future self to be opened in the future. To your future self, the letter will be a visit from the past. 

  What can be gained by writing a letter to yourself? Depends on how good your letter is. You have the chance to say something to your future self. What would you want to say? You’ll be able to talk to yourself 5,10,15 years down the road. There may be instructions for your future self, or you may have goals that you will want to reach.

There are a lot of things you could include in your letter or letters to yourself. The more you include, the better the letter will be to you. Be creative with what you put in your letter. Include a picture of yourself or family to show the period from which the letter came.

You can store your letter in many different ways. You can give your letter to a friend or family member to keep and mail to you. If you can get others to take part, have them write letters to themselves as well and ask someone to be the letter holder until it’s time to send the letters. You can also use a service online to store your letter and e-mail it to you. Ready to write to yourself two and a half years down the road?

1.How can you travel into the future?

A.By traveling back in time. 

B.By paying a visit to the future

C.By opening a letter from the past.

D.By writing a letter to your future self.

2.If you want to gain more in the future, you should_________.

A.have the chance to say something to your future self

B.talk to yourself 5, 10, 15 years down the road

C.write more about instructions for your future self

D.include as many things as possible in your letter

3.Why do you put a picture in your letter?

A.To check up on your goals. 

B.To share your feelings with your family.

C.To show the time when the letter was written.

D.To find out your thoughts and feelings now.









Dear Lin Tao,

Im sorry to hear that youre having trouble with your schoolwork. _______










Li Hua








    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention, please?

I have something important to tell you. Our plan to visit the countryside has to put off till tomorrow because the rain. Now I will introduce their plan for today. we would go to visit a middle school by bus on this morning. A school has a history of 85 years. Then well go to an exhibition of some new invention. I think it will be interested. The bus will wait at the gate of the hotel. We’ll set out at 8:30. Taking everything necessary with you and please get on the bus on time. You are welcome to ask me unless you still have any questions. Thank you for listening.



Friendship is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. _1._ is very difficult to find a better definition(定义) of friendship. A true friend is the person __2.__ can share all our sadness and double all our happiness. In time of trial(尝试), he or she is always at our side to give us his or her help and comfort. Knowing how __3.__ (value) friendship is, we should be very careful with our choice of a friend. We should choose those people with a good character __4.___ our friends, but we must try to avoid ___5.__ (make) friends with a bad man. Besides, we should forgive their mistakes and try to help them as much as possible.

A true friend can always ___6.__ (trust), loved and respected. If you tell a friend your secrets, he or she won’t tell __7.__. Friends share their joys and sorrows. They help each other when they are ___8.__ trouble, and cheer each other up when they are sad. ___9.__ most important thing is that a friend always understands you.

In conclusion, ___10.__ you have made a good friend, don’t forget him or her.



Dear Mom and Dad,

    I’d like you to know that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, such as teaching me, taking care of me ,and loving me.

    I’m writing this thank-you letter , Mom and Dad, because I want you to know what a big    you have truly made in my life. You me so many things about the world and myself. You were the first ones to tell me about the importance of by telling me it was to refuse all my other playmates from using my toys. And to this day,   those toys are long gone, I     to live by the idea of sharing my blessings with the people    me.

    Mom and Dad, you also    me to sympathetic towards the blind old  man. You told me that our pets are there for us to     and not to hurt. And because of those   , I’ve learnt to be .

    Thank you, Mom and Dad. You gave me some of the nicest . Mom, I remember how you would let me sleep in your bed and how you   to bring me my favorite fried chicken and take care of me whenever I was      .Dad, I remember how you worked to make me a playhouse in the yard so my friends and I could happily there.

  I may have   you and your purposes when I was much younger. But now I know that everything you did was for my own   .

  Mom and Dad, I this thank-you letter is enough to let you know how much I you for everything you’ve done for me. 

                                                                              All the love,


1.A. example B. plan    C. discovery   D. difference

2.A. left    B. taught    C. gave    D. showed

3.A. studying B. playing      C. sharing   D. living

4.A. kind  B. wrong    C. natural    D. possible

5.A. because  B. unless    C. before    D. though

6. A. continue B. stop    C. pretend   D. volunteer

7. A. beside  B. like    C. around    D. against

8.A. ordered B. educated   C. allowed   D. begged

9.A. play with B. clean up   C. take away   D. look after

10.A. stories B. lessons   C. promises   D. problems

11.A. caring B. polite    C. happy    D. clever

12.A. presents B. methods   C. memories   D. ideas

13.A. had   B. used    C. refused   D. decided

14.A. sick    B. tired    C. hungry      D. disappointed

15.A. freely B. differently    C. hard    D. deep

16.A. sleep    B. rest    C. play    D. work

17.A. misunderstood    B. ignored   C. forgotten    D. believed

18.A. nature B. pleasure       C. use    D. good

19. A. hope B. discover   C. agree    D. mean

20.A. miss B. appreciate   C. admire    D. reward



  Earthquake can strike without warning. But many injuries and deaths from this kind of natural disaster can be prevented if people follow these safety tips.

  If youre inside a building, stay there! One of the most dangerous things to do in an earthquake is to try to leave a building. 1. Drop to the ground. Get under an object(物体) that is not easily damaged. Hold on to it until the shaking stops. You can also get to a corner formed by two walls with your arms over your hand. If youre in bed when the quake hits, stay there and protect your head with a pillow.

2. Dont take shelter under a tree, streetlights, electric poles or tall buildings. If you are driving, stop as quickly as possible and stay away from overpasses(立交桥), buildings, bridges or anything else that might fall or collapse beneath you. 3.

  If you are trapped in ruins, cover your mouth with a handkerchief or a piece of clothing. Use your cell phone to call for help if possible. Dont shout. 4. Tap() on a pipe or the wall so rescuers can find you.

  Be prepared for aftershocks. 5. However, sometimes they even happen months later. Therefore, if you are not in a safe position(位置) after the first shock, you should move quickly but carefully to a safer place.

ADon’t move about or kick up dust.

BIf you’re outside, go to an open space.

CShouting can cause you to breathe in dust.

DDon’t park your car under a tree or any tall object.

ETake a good hold of your cell phone in the building.

FThey can happen in the first hours after the earthquake.

GMost injuries happen when people inside buildings try to go out.


There are labels(标签) inside all new clothes.The labels tell you how to take care of your clothes.The label for a shirt may tell you to wash it in warm water.A sweater label may tell you to wash in cold water.The label on a coat may say “dry clean only”, for washing may ruin this coat.If you do as the directions (说明) on the label, you can keep your clothes looking their best for a long time.

Many clothes today must be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is expensive. When buying new clothes, check to see if they will need to be dry cleaned. You will save money if you buy clothes that can be washed.

You can save money if you buy clothes that are well made. Well-made clothes last longer. They look good even after they have been washed many times. Clothes that cost more money are not necessarily(不一定) better made. They do not always fit better. Sometimes less expensive clothes look and fit better than more expensive clothes.

1.If you want to save money, you had better buy clothes that ________.

Adon’t fit youBdon’t last long

Cneed to be dry cleanedDcan be washed

2.The labels inside the clothes tell you ________.

Ahow to keep them looking their best

Bhow to save money

Cwhether they fit you or not

Dwhere to get them dry cleaned

3.The best title for the passage should be ________.

ABuy Less Expensive Clothes

BTaking Enough Money When Shopping

CBeing a Clever Clothes Shopper

DChoosing the Labels inside New Clothes

4.“Well-made clothes last longer” means ________.

A. clothes that are well made will be the last for you to choose

B. clothes that are well made are mostly longer than cheap ones

C. you can wear well-made clothes for a longer time

D. you can wear well-made clothes for a long time if you wear them at last



Do you want to improve the way you study? Do you feel nervous before a test? Many students say that a lack of concentration (paying all attention to something) is their biggest problem. It seriously affects their ability to study, so do their test results. If so, use these tips to help you.

Study Techniques

You should always study in the same place. You shouldn’t sit in a position that you use for another purpose. For example, when you sit on a sofa to study, your brain will think it is time to relax. Don’t watch TV while you are studying. Experts warn that your concentration may be reduced by 50 percent if you attempt to study in this way. Always try to have a white wall in front of you, so there is nothing to distract you. Before sitting down to study, gather together all the equipment you need. Apart from your textbooks, pens, pencils and knives, make sure you have a dictionary. If your study desk or table is needed when you are not studying, store all your equipment in a box beside it.Your eyes will become tired if you try to read a text which is on a flat surface. Position your book at an angle of 30 degrees.Be realistic and don’t try to complete too much in one study period. Finish one thing before beginning another. If you need a break, get up and walk around for a few minutes, but try not to phone a friend or have something to eat.

Test-taking Skills

All your hard work will be for nothing if you are too nervous to take your test. Getting plenty of rest is very important. This means do not study all night before your test! It is a better idea to have a long-term study plan. Try to make a timetable for your study which lasts for a few months.

Exercise is a great way to reduce pressure. Doing some form of exercise every day will also improve your concentration. Eat healthy food too. When you arrive in the examination room, find your seat and sit down. Breathe slowly and deeply. Check the time on the clock during the test, but not too often. Above all, take no notice of everyone else and give the test paper your undivided attention.

1.What is the passage about?

A. Tips on how to improve study.

B. Study techniques.

C. Test-taking skills.

D. Concentration skills.

2.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A. You should study in a different place every day, so you don't get bored.

B. Your concentration will improve if you study and watch TV at the same time.

C. Check the time during the exam at a certain time.

D. Staying up till night and studying is tiring, but you will learn a lot in this way.

3.What can be inferred(推断) from the passage?

A. You shouldn't look at everyone else during the test.

B. You will concentrate more on your study by eating healthy diet.

C. A study desk or table is unnecessary when you are studying.

D. If you feel tired during study, you can contact your friend by phone.



The Post Office in Britain is famous for getting letters and parcels to places to which they should be sent. The problem is that we the public have to observe the rules. For example, we must put a stamp on a letter. If we don’t, the receiver will have to pay double. We often see the sign ALL LETTERS MUST BE CORRECTLY ADDRESSED. These days, this means having to use postcodes. If you didn’t use a postcode, it’s no good complaining that your letter should have arrived sooner. Parcels are a problem because they must be correctly packaged. If Aunt Sophie is going to send you a jar of your favorite jam, she will have to wrap it up well. The most important thing we have to do is to address our letters and parcels legibly(易读) and correctly. This means clear handwriting and correct spelling. What we should do and what we actually do are often miles apart. Recently, the Post Office had to deliver a letter which showed a name followed by the word Arijaba. What is this, do you think? Arabic? Hiodustani(兴都斯坦语)? Wrong both times! Say it out loud and you’ll see it’s just plain English. HARWICH HARBOUR

1.In England _______ if you forget to put on a stamp.

A. nobody can receive your letter

B. you will have to give some money as a punishment

C. you can’t have your letter posted

D. you can still have your letter posted

2.If you didn’t use a postcode, _______.

A. your letter couldn’t arrive soon

B. your letter would be surely lost

C. your letter could not be posted

D. your letter would be sent back at last

3.When we post parcels, we must _______.

A. address them correctly

B. address them clearly

C. package them correctly

D. all of the above

4.From the passage we can see that postmen _______.

A. have no difficulty in delivering any letters

B. have difficulty in delivering mis-spelt letters

C. won’t deliver any letters with bad handwriting

D. can deliver all letters to their destinations(目的地)



Sport is very popular in England. In other words lots of English people like the idea of sport. A lot watch sport on TV. But the number who take part in sport is quite small. On the whole English people prefer to be fat rather than thin. The most popular sport in England is football. Football is played on Saturday afternoon in most towns and the supporters of a certain team will travel from one end of the country to the other to see their team play. There are four divisions(级别) of the football league. Not surprisingly the best teams are in the first division. But the best supporters are often in the fourth division. You have to be a good supporter to watch the fourth division football!

Many other sports are also played in England, such as golf, in which you try to knock a ball into a hole; basketball, in which you try to get a ball through a net; tennis, in which you try to hit a ball so that your opponent(对手) can not hit it. As you see, if the ball had not been invented, there would have been no sport. Actually, that is not quite true. Athletics(田径) isn’t played with a ball; nor horseracing. Perhaps that is why they are not as popular as football!

1.________ is the most popular sport in England.

A. Basketball.B. Football.C. Golf.D. Tennis.

2.You have to be a good supporter to watch ________ division football.

A. the firstB. the secondC. the thirdD. the fourth

3.Why do many English people not take part in sport?

A. They are too busy.

B. They like watching sport on TV.

C. They would like to be fat.

D. They prefers to be thin.

4.Why are English people interested in sport?

A. They have their football team.

B. The sport games are played on Saturday afternoon.

C. They like the idea of sport.

D. They like the famous players.


假定你是李华,正在一所英国学校学习暑期课程,遇到一些困难,希望得到学校辅导中心(Learning Center)的帮助。根据学校规定,你需书面预约,请按下列要点写一封信:

1.本人简介:2.求助内容;3.约定时间;4.你的联系方式(Email:lihua@1236 com;Phone:12345678)。




Dear Sir/Madam,









Look forward to your reply.


Li Hua






注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

      2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Dear Lucy,

I’m glad to hear that you are interesting in my city. As you read online, great changes have been taken place in our country. It is more convenient to live in the city than before. Private cars were everywhere now. Lots of people shop on Internet, that is especially popular among young people. What’s more, people are paying more attention on their health. You can find more people in the park or in their neighborhood, doing exercises. Even young people are paying lots of attention to their diet. All in all, our city looks very differently. I hope that they will be able to visit my city this summer holiday. I’m looking forward to show you around our city. Best wishes!


Li Hua



1.That was an ____________(令人尴尬的) situation for me.

2.I was most i____________(使印象深刻) with the hardworking students when visiting the school.

3.I would a____________(感激) it if you could do me a favor at the party.

4.The natural ____________(景色) of the island is breathtaking.

5.F____________(幸运地), no one got injured in the accident.

6.They looked at him with a ____________(混合物) of horror, envy, and awe.

7.The famous company mainly c____________(集中注意力) on children’s programes.

8.We are ready to begin a discussion ____________(立刻).

9.They ____________(交换) glances with each other at the breaking news.

10.Betty and Ann are good friends, but they have different ___________(态度) to their jobs.



Long, long ago, a Frenchman traveled to a small Italian town. He was staying with his wife at the best hotel there. One night, he went out for 1._______ walk alone. It was very late and the small street was dark and quiet. Suddenly he felt someone behind him. He turned his head and saw an Italian young man 2._____ quickly walked past him. The man was 3._____(near) out of sight when the Frenchman suddenly found his watch 4._____(go). He thought that it must be the Italian who had taken his watch. He decided to get back the watch.

Soon the Frenchman caught up 5.____ the Italian, but 6._____ of them understood the other’s language. The Frenchman frightened the Italian with his fist and 7._____ (point) to the Italian’s watch. 8._____ the end, the Italian gave up his watch to the Frenchman.

As soon as he returned to the hotel, the Frenchman told his wife 9.______ had happened. He was greatly 10._____(surprise) when his wife pointed to the watch on the table. Then he realized that he had robbed the Italian’s watch by mistake.


Jack Baines is a self-made millionaire, but his beginnings were very lowly. He was the youngest of eight children. His father had a    in a cotton mill (纱厂), but he was often    to work because of poor health. The family couldn’t    to pay the rent or bills, and the children often went   _. After leaving school at the age of 14, Jack was __  what to do when Mr Walker, his old teacher, offered to lend him £100 to start his own _ _.

It was just after the war. Raw materials were not enough, and Jack saw a  _ in scrap metal(废弃金属). He bought bits of metal and stored it in an old garage. When he had built up a large amount, he sold it and    plenty of money.

Jack    working hard. After one year he succeeded in   the £100.

By the time Jack was 30 years old he had   his first million, and he wanted to    this achievement by doing something __ ”. With all his money it was    to build a beautiful home for himself and his parents. In 1959, “Baines Castle” was built in the _  of the Lancashire countryside. It was one of the finest buildings in the country.

Jack has recently sold “Baines Castle” for £500 million,        Jack still can’t get used to    the good life. He can    be found drinking with the locals at the local pub(酒吧).

“I remember being very    as a child, but never    as a child,” says Jack, “and I will never forget where I came from and who I am.”

1.A. work    B. job    C. company    D. house

2.A. able    B. glad    C. eager     D. unable

3.A. offer    B. like    C. afford        D. expect

4.A. wrong   B. ill    C. hungry    D. bad

5.A. seeing   B. doubting   C. wondering       D. preparing

6.A. school   B. farm    C. store     D. business

7.A. problem   B. future       C. purpose    D. principle

8.A. spent    B. borrowed   C. wasted        D. earned

9.A. preferred   B. enjoyed   C. promised    D. hated

10.A. paying back   B. making up     C. developing into    D. bringing up

11.A. given   B. taken    C. made     D. lost

12.A. celebrate   B. honor       C. remember    D. recognize

13.A. common      B. simple       C. grand     D. boring

14.A. impossible  B. obvious   C. possible    D. basic

15.A. ground   B. front    C. spot     D. heart

16.A. so    B. and    C. or     D. but

17.A. living   B. sparing   C. using     D. keeping

18.A. never   B. often    C. sometimes       D. seldom

19.A. rich    B. poor    C. healthy    D. well

20.A. unhappy   B. satisfied   C. proud        D. happy



Get a Better Night’s Sleep

You’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, but why do you still find yourself staring at the ceiling? It’s time to listen to what some unexpected experts have to say.

Get the Basic Equipment Right.

There’s really good study on the basic equipment for sleep. 1.  Firstly, most people prefer a mattress (床垫)that is not too hard and not too soft. Secondly, if your mattress is eight to ten years old, you should get a new one. Seventy-two percent of people said they slept better on their new mattress than they did on their old one.


Watching TV at night may seem relaxing. However, it beams light into your eyes, which is a “warning” signal for the brain.   3.   Besides, the cooler white and blue light from a computer screen encourages brain activity and makes your brain difficult to calm down. Download the software at stereopsis.com /flux. It gradually makes your screen less bright at sunset, turning its colors a warmer red one.

Keep you Cool.

One of the best signals from the body to go to sleep is a decrease in body temperature. I suggest sleeping in a very cool environment, about 19℃. A hot bath will increase your skin temperature, which finally decreases your main body temperature.  4. 

Make Sleeping Pets Lie.

Sometimes your dogs might need the noise of machines. Many dogs are sensitive to noises outside, like other dogs barking or neighbors coming home late. A noisy machine will drown out the noises that are keeping your pet up, which keep your pet from waking you.  5.   . If you keep them awake during the day, they’re more likely to sleep at night.

A. Read a book before bed instead.

B. Take a bath a half-hour or so before bedtime.

C. You also learn dogs sleep when they’re bored.

D. The dog is very loyal to his master.

E. It proved two theories.

F. You don’t need a really beautiful mattress.

G. Switch off the Box.


Japan’s youth are losing interest in science and as a result, threatening the nation’s industrial progress. According to Japan Science and Technology Agency, young Japanese are surrounded by high-tech devices(设备), but are not interested in how they work.

Japanese businesses have succeeded partly because they’ve a great many engineers. A drop in interest could lead to a decline(减少) in their numbers and quality. "In the past, the young had a big interest in science and technology," said Hirano, director of the agency’s policy department.

There are two main reasons for the problem. The first is known as "black box syndrome" of modern technology.

Electronic devices depend on tiny silicon chips(芯片), which can only be made in big factories, whose workings can’t be seen by the eyes. The devices, unlike machines of the past driven by gears and wheels, are simply boxes.

Young Japanese, brought up on video games and at home with computers, enjoy using modern technology, but this is a passive interest and different from the interest in how things work. "You need an active interest to get interested in science. This is declining in the young," said Hirano.

About two-thirds of Japanese in their 20s use PCs, twice the number of those in their 50s. But only 40% of those in their 20s say they are interested in news about science and technology, compared to 60% of the 50 to 60 year olds.

"Another reason for it is that life in modern Japan is too comfortable," he said. "A wealthy society reduces people’s desire to modernize and develop their country. To a degree, you can’t avoid this when the fruits of science and technology are fully developed." Similarly, science in Europe and the US has also suffered a lack of interest.

1.Japanese youth’s interest in science is dropping probably because ________.

A. scientists don’t make much money in Japan

B. there are too many scientists in Japan already

C. they’re not interested in how high-tech devices work

D. science is more difficult for young people to learn

2.The underlined word "their" (in Para. 2) refers to ________.

A. Japanese engineers’

B. Japanese businesses’

C. Japan’s young people’s

D. high-tech devices’

3.Why does science meet the same problem in Japan, the US and Europe?

A. People believe they don’t need to develop their science any more.

B. People are satisfied with the comfortable life high-tech devices bring to them.

C. People think high-tech devices destroy the environment.

D. People don’t want to live the modernized life.

4.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Older people are probably more interested in science in Japan.

B. About one-third of Japanese people in their 50s use computers.

C. Japan’s youth live too comfortably to take interest in science.

D. Electronic devices are made of parts that can not be seen at all.


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