With the summer holiday just around the corner, it seems like everybody is busy planning their vacations. Here are some tips that can help you enjoy your holiday without emptying your pocket:

Travel off-season

Go to your desired destination while the demand is low and take advantage of huge discounts. During the peak season, the hotel and flight prices increase quickly, and you’ll likely spend more of your vacation time standing in line due to the rush of tourists.   1. 


Websites can help you find discount hotel rooms. Look for places that do not charge extra for children if they use the existing bedding. Stay with the locals. If you and your family are going to stay for a longer period, renting a small apartment is a good choice.

Eat like a local

   Why eat at big chain restaurants when you can experience something new?  3.   During your family trip, try new food where the locals eat. This will not just save money, but also provide you with a new and different experience. For smaller meals and snacks, avoid restaurants and try street food or other takeout.

Don’t hesitate to bargain

Tourist- heavy places are known for overcharging for just about everything. Clothes, travel goodies, souvenirs, etc. are very expensive at these places.   4.   Bargain hard to get the best price.

Choose local transportation

5.   Instead, take buses, railways or subways, which are always cheaper. If you are planning to stay for a while, you can consider renting a car. Hiring a car is much easier than carrying your bags everywhere if you are moving around a lot.

A. Save on hotels.

B. Surf the Internet while traveling.

C. Therefore, avoid buying anything there.

D. So it’s best to find out when the off-season starts.

E. Planning your meals is another way to reduce your travel costs.

F. For this reason, you shouldn’t feel ashamed to ask for bargains.

G .As a tourist, avoid taking taxis whenever possible, since they are expensive.



China is starting to blacklist poorly-behaved tourists as it seeks to rescue the image of its citizens as holidaymakers.

According to a regulation by the China National Tourism Administration (NTA) that entered effect this week, tourists will be blacklisted for offences including acting antisocially on public transport, damaging private or public property, disrespecting local customs, damaging historical exhibits on purpose or engaging in gambling or pornographic activities. Records will be kept in a two-tired system: provincial-level tourism authorities are responsible for cases under their jurisdiction(管辖区域)while the NTA will be in charge of a nationwide register. People will be .blacklisted for two years after they offend, according to the regulation.            

The NTA said tourism authorities will inform blacklisted tourists and “propose correction measures in order to mitigate the negative impact”. It also said that tourism authorities reserve the right to report such violations to public security, customs and transport authorities as well as the central bank’s individual credit department.

The regulation comes amid (在……之中) growing concern about the ill manners of Chinese tourists both at home and abroad. In 2013, a Chinese tourist wrote his name on a relief carving in Luxor, Egypt. In December, a Chinese passenger threw a cup of hot instant noodles at a flight attendant on an international flight. Chinese tourists have been fined or put into prison for carrying prohibited items or purchasing wild animal products.

1.The underlined word “mitigate” in the third paragraph probably means ________.

A. neglect   B. relieve      C. deepens      D. prevents

2.According to the passage, the main purpose of the regulation is to ________.

A. punish the Chinese poorly-behaved tourists

B. suggest correct measures to the Chinese poorly-behaved tourists

C. showcase the authority of the China National Tourism Administration (NTA)

D. better the image of Chinese citizens as holidaymakers

3.The main method the author uses to develop the last paragraph is ________.

A. providing explanations

B. offering analyses   

C. giving examples

D. making comparisons 

4.The text is most likely to appear in ________.

A. a newspaper              B. a tourist guide      

C. a travel brochure         D. a geography textbook


Guided Walking Week April 2016

Dates: April 30th-May 7th 2016

Location: Abdet, Costa Blanca

A week of guided walking in the mountains around Abdet. Highlights include the climbing of Valencia’s highest summit (Sierra de Aitana), traveling completely around the impressive Puig Campana, and several explorations in the Sierra de Aitana. Ancient trails lead through spectacular canyons(峡谷) to abandoned settlements situated high in the mountains. You will discover the snow trader routes which lead from the incredible snow holes high in the mountains down to the villages and towns on the coast. These years, golden eagles have made a return to this area, and you may also see other animals—wild goats, foxes, wild pigs and red squirrels.

As part of the week you are invited to help clear some local walking paths. This involves clearing collapsed walls and rocks, cutting back fallen trees. This is of course optional and is just for half a day, it’s actually great fun!

Price:  $499 


Accommodation in the beautiful mountain village of Abdet

All food-good home cooking

Beer, wine, soft drinks

Snacks and post walk treats

Packed lunches & drinks(except café/bar visits)

Expert guiding

Photos/Videos of your days in the mountains

Airport pick-up/return $25 each way(fly to Alicante)

Single room supplement $75

To book or get further information, please contact info@abdet.com.

1. What will you find during the guided walking?

A. Climbing Sierra de Aitana is the most exciting

B. Ancient trails have changed into highways.

C. The environment in Abdet is getting better.

D. Traders live in incredible snow holes.

2. What may you enjoy if you pay $499?

A. Packed lunches including bar visits.

B. Good home cooking breakfast only.

C. Bus stop pick-up/return each way.

D. Pictures and professional guiding

3.What do the details presented in the ad suggest?

A. Clearing walking paths is a must   

B. People can book the walking online.

C. Accommodation conditions are tough.

D. The walking ends on April 30th 2016


Before I studied psychology, I used to think that people would laugh when funny things occurred. While I was right about that, I discovered there are lots of other psychological factors that make people laugh other than the funny part of a joke. When someone laughs at a joke, there will usually be more than one reason that makes him laugh—and the more reasons there are, the more powerful the joke will be.

I was attending a stand-up comedy show in Egypt, and when the man started to make fun of pedestrians crossing streets, everyone laughed their hearts out. The main reason those people strongly laughed was that almost all of them felt angry towards pedestrians who crossed streets carelessly. The joke wasn’t only funny, it also made the audience feel that they were right about being angry at those pedestrians. That is, people were laughing both because of the funny joke and because of the happiness experienced as a result of the psychological support they got.

The better a joke makes a person feel, and the more it includes other psychological factors, the more the person will like it. For example, if you envy one of your friends, and someone tells a joke that is funny and, at the same time, makes your friend seem stupid, then you will probably laugh at it louder than if you weren’t jealous of him.

In short, we don’t laugh only when we hear something funny; we also laugh when we experience some kind of happiness that results from the other psychological factors involved in the joke. I strongly discourage making fun of anyone or belittling someone to make someone else laugh. All I want to explain is that if your joke supports a person’s emotions, he will certainly like it a lot.

1. What did the author find out after studying psychology?

A. Only good jokes make people laugh   

B. Many factors lead to people laughing.       

C. Funny things can make people laugh 

D. Laughter can make people healthy.

2.Why did the audience laugh loud at the pedestrians?

A. They played a trick on the pedestrians.

B. The pedestrians behaved in a funny way.

C. They could feel the pedestrians’ happiness.

D. Their emotion was approved of by the show.

3.What does the underlined word “belittling” probably mean?

A. Annoy     B. Blame     C. Look down on    D. Make up to

4. What is the author’s attitude towards those who take pleasure in making fun of others?

A defensive   B indifferent   C negative         D casual


Six volunteers are about to find out what it would be like to live on Mars without ever leaving the Earth. Three men and three women will spend eight months living in a special place on the side of a volcano in Hawaii. They are part of an experiment that is designed to mimic(模仿)life on Mars. Their mission began on October 15, 2014. NASA says it could send astronauts to Mars as early as the 2030s. The mission would take more than two years, so NASA needs to know how people would react to living in a small group, isolated from the rest of the world, for such a long time. Some people may become depressed or bored living under those conditions. By studying people living in similar conditions here on Eares NASA hopes to learn how to choose the most suitable people for a space mission, and how to help them get along.

They will live in a two-story building. The ground floor is about 86 square meters, roughly the size of a small two-bedroom apartment. It includes shared areas like kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laboratory and an exercise room. The upstairs is less than half the size of the downstairs. It contains another bathroom and six small bedrooms. The building is located in an abandoned quarry(采石场)about 2,400 meters up the side of Mauna Loa, the second biggest volcano in the world. It is constantly monitored for signs of volcanic activity. NASA chose the location because the appearance looks very similar to Mars.

To make it more like being on Mars in the future, they are only able to communicate by email during the experiment. Meanwhile, there will be a 20-minute delay between the time when a message is sent and that when it is received. When they go outside, they will have to suit up in full spacesuits, just as if they were on Mars.

The commander is Martha Lenio, a 34-year-old Canadian. During the mission, she will run experiments on growing food. The other members have backgrounds in physics and so on. None of them are astronauts.

1.When will the six volunteers end their mission about mimicking life on Mars?

A. On June 15, 2015.          B. On October 15, 2015.

C. On October 15, 2030.        D. On June 15, 2032.

2.What’s the main purpose of the experiment?

A. To monitor signs of volcanic activity. 

B. To prepare for a space mission to Mars.

C. To train the six people to become astronauts.

D. To study the difference between men and women.

3.Mauna Loa was chosen as the experimental site because ___________.

A. it is located near a rocket base     

B. other people can hardly find the location

C. its landscape is so much like that of Mars

D. it is a safe place to conduct the experiment

4. What can be inferred from the passage?

A. Martha is a famous expert on agriculture.

B. The six volunteers will be sent to Mars in 2030.

C. All the experimental activities are done in doors.

D. It takes about 40 minutes to get a reply to an email.





1. 注意合理饮食:多吃鱼,豆类等有营养的食品及新鲜蔬菜和水果,不要吃太多的肉和甜食;

2. 多参加体育锻炼;

3. 保证充足睡眠,不要熬夜,每天至少睡8个小时。




Dear Cindy








Li Hua




增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(满分5 manfen5.com),并在其下面写出该加的词



注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。


Last week, my teacher told us about our schools speech contest, which topic was my hero”. I thought of my grandpa would be my perfect topic. Then I carefully prepared for contest. A couple of weeks later, after the first round I was choosing to be one of the seven finalists! The final was held soon. I was the sixth to giving the speech. After I finished it, I saw the audience discussing and wondering what they were saying. After the last person finished, the judge made their final decisions and announced that I have won the first prize. The audience were going wildly, clapping and cheering! I was extremely happy. It was such exciting a moment that I will always remember it.



1.This is the agreement s_______ (签署) by the two countries.

2.The post office lies o_______(在……对面) our school.

3.I shook hands and e_______ (交流) ideas with the manager.

4.The exhibition hall is decorated with many t________ (传统的) Chinese paintings.

5.The room m________ (测量) 10 meters across is large enough for a single man to live in.

6.Its important that we should set r_______(切合实际的) goals.

7.We are now working closely together, p_______ (政治地) and economically.

8.There is not any room for a________ (争辩) on that point.

9.The South Korean television series The descendants of the Sun reached a wide a________(观众).

10.These are good c_______ (渠道) through which you can make your voice heard.




Some time ago, a light passenger plane flew 1.  course(航线) and thus crashed in the mountains and the pilot   2. (kill). The only passengers, a young woman and her two baby daughters, were unhurt. It was the middle of winter. Snow   3. (lie) thick on the ground. The woman knew that the nearest village was kilometers away and she was not strong enough 4.  (carry) her baby daughters there. When it grew dark, she turned the suit-case into a bed, where the children,   5.  (cover) with all the clothes she could find, could be protected from the wind. During the night, it got   6.  (terrible) cold. The woman kept as near as she could to the children and even tried to get into the case herself, but it was too small. Early next morning, she heard planes   7. (fly) overhead and wondered how she could send a signal. Then she had an idea. She wrote the letters SOS in the snow. Luckily, a pilot saw 8.  signal and sent a message by radio to the nearest town. It was not long 9.  a helicopter arrived on the scene to save the 10.  (survive) of the plane crash.



One day I was riding on a crowded bus downtown to go to work when it rained suddenly. The windows of the bus were soon _________  and we couldn’t see the outside. Everyone was in low spirits. I was sitting next to a man in a business suit and I paid little attention _________  we both got off at the same stop and walked to the same news-stand(报刊亭) to get a morning _________ .

The man   _________  the stand was obviously having a bad day. He was  _________  and unsmil¬ing as we bought our papers, which only  _________ more gloom (郁闷) to my day. The business¬man   _________  my eyes and smiled brightly,  _________  the news-stand owner for the paper and for being open on such a morning to _________ we were able to get our papers.

As we went away, I asked this man why he was so  _________  to the newsman when he didn’t respond to his  _________ of thanks and friendliness.The businessman smiled at me and said, “Why would I let someone else _________  what I say and what I feel?”

We then  _________ to go to our own work places. To this day, I still don’t know who that businessman was, or where he worked.  _________ , I know nothing about him. He appeared briefly in my life and disappeared just as _________  . But I’ve never forgotten the words he said and his   _________   which seemed like a ray of light on a gloomy day.

That was a good 25 years   _________  , but the effect this had on my life has lasted. I have learnt that we cannot control people and   _________  we are in, but we can always control our___________ to them. That is, it is within our control and our   _________ to make such positive decisions and thus to make a positive difference.

1.A. closed B. cleaned C. broken D. covered

2.A. after B. since C. until D. unless

3.A. coffee B. suit C. call D. paper

4.A. running B. watching C. holding D. closing

5.A. nervous B. happy C. rude D. excited

6.A. provided B. returned C. added D. experienced

7.A. noticed B. sensed C. caught D. understood

8.A. asking B. praising C. reminding D. thanking

9.A. make clear B. make sure C. make out D. make up

10.A. helpful B. serious C. pleasant D. rude

11.A. conversation B. expression C. explanation D. impression

12.A. control B. understand C. explain D. correct

13.A. attempted B. decided C. guided D. separated

14.A. Thankfully B. Actually C. Luckily D. Usually

15.A. gently B. regularly C. quickly D. quietly

16.A. humor B. smile C. business D. help

17.A. ago B. before C. later D. after

18.A. solutions B. locations C. situations D. possibilities

19.A. words B. temper C. reaction D.weakness

20.A. energy B. secret C. hobby D. power



Do you dream?

Have you ever visited some strange places in your dreams? In fact people have wondered about these strange places for long.   1.  However, they have been valued as necessary to a person’s health and happiness.

Historically, people thought dreams contained messages from God. It was only in the twentieth century that people started to study dreams scientifically, believing that they tell about a person’s character. 2.  He believed that dreams allow a person to express fantasies or fears, which would be socially unacceptable in real life.

The second theory to become popular was Carl Jung’s compensation theory. Jung, a former student of Freud, said that the purpose of a dream is not to hide something, but rather to communicate it to the dreamer.   3. Thus, people who think too highly of themselves may dream about falling; those who think too little of themselves dream of being heroes.

Using more recent research, William Domhoff from the University of California found that dreaming is a mental skill that needs time to develop in humans. 4.  Until they reach the age of five, they can not express very well what their dreams are about. Once people become adults, there is little or no change in their dreams. The dreams of men and women differ. For instance, the characters that appear in the dreams of men are often other men, and often involve physical aggression.

The meaning of dreams continues to be difficult to understand.   5.  If you dream that a loved one is going to die, do not panic. The dream may have meaning, but it does not mean that your loved one is going to die.

A. Dreams make up for what is lacking in waking life.

B. But anyway, people should not take their dreams as reality.

C. It gives scientists chances to better understand human mind.

D. They have been considered as meaningless nighttime journeys.

E. First, there was Sigmund Freud’s theory.

F. They think their mind is trying to tell them something.

G. Children do not dream as much as adults.


Nowadays airfare isn’t getting any cheaper with fuel costs rising every day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find the most affordable fares and also avoid paying as many extra charges as possible when you plan ahead.

Getting the best fare

Fly during the least popular times. Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the slowest days to fly, which means cheaper deals than the rest of the week. You can also find reduced rates on early morning flights, since many people don’t like to get up before the sun to get to the airport. Earlier boarding times can also considerably cut down your chances of getting delayed because of other delayed flights or mechanical issues.

Choose your seat later. Some airlines charge you to pick your seat when you book online, adding even more to the bottom line of your ticket cost. If you show up early on your travel day, you can still have a chance to get suitable seats that others are not willing to pay extra for ahead of time.

Fly on holidays. You already know that summer is the most expensive time to fly, but the days surrounding holidays can also be crazy. Save big if you’re willing to travel on major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Don’t wait until the last-minute to book. Book too early or too late and you could end up paying more than you need to. The best time to book is between three months and six weeks from when you want to travel.


Avoiding extra fees

Avoid the upgrade(升级). It’s not necessary. Sometimes upgrades are free, but mostly you will be charged for seeking a last-minute bump to first class, and the cost can be very high.

Fly carry-on only. Baggage fees vary wildly, but almost all airlines charge them and

charge big. It’s easy to reduce the amount of stuff if you pack less clothes and only travel-sized toiletries. Planning to do a bit of laundry on your trip will also do.

Pack your own snacks. Unless you’re flying internationally, it’s rare your flight comes with a free meal. So put some of your own snacks — homemade muffins, fruit and granola bars all make fantastic travel foods — into your bag and eat a lot better, and cheaper, than other passengers.


1. Which advice can help you get the best fare?

A. Take a flight on Monday or Saturday.

B. Pay the flight fare in advance.

C. Never travel on Christmas Day.

D. Book a ticket two months earlier.

2.If you arrive early on your flying day, you can probably ______.

A. reduce the chances of delaying

B. avoid getting up early

C. get a discount(折扣) on the flight fare

D. have the seats you want

3.Which is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Flying internationally, you may get a free meal.

B. You should always try to avoid upgrading.

C. Planning to do a bit of laundry can help you travel light.

D. Your bill may be larger if you check (托运) your bag.


Do you often feel lonely? What do you do when you feel that way? Hide yourself away and spend your time reading, watching TV or walking around?

You might think that feeling lonely is just like feeling happy, sad or scared that it’s just one of your various moods. That is true. However, if you let yourself be lonely for too long without dealing with it, you could be making a serious mistake.

Doctors have known for some time that feeling lonely is bad for the mind. It can lead to mental health problems such as depression, stress and reduce confidence. “Being lonely means not feeling connected or cared for, but it’s not about being mentally alone,” Lisa Jaremka, scientist from Ohio State University, US, told Live Science in January. And there’s growing evidence that not having friends is connected with physical illness as well.

In 2006, for example, scientists studied 2,800 women who had cancer. They found that those who had few friends or family were five times more likely to die of their disease than women with many social contacts. Also, even healthy people had a better chance of falling ill if they felt left out by others, according to the BBC.

The results have scientists thinking that loneliness might hurt the immune system(免疫系统), which protects the body from diseases.

Hoping to prove this theory, Jaremka and her research team put volunteers(志愿者) through a stress test. During the test, volunteers were asked to make an unprepared speech in front of a group of stony-faced people. The researchers found that volunteers who said they were lonely in their daily lives felt more stress during the test. And their blood samples showed that all the stress had managed to cause harmful changes to their immune system.

“Loneliness has been thought of in many ways as a chronic stressor(慢性增压器) — a socially painful situation that can last for quite a long time, ” explained Jaremka, who led the study.

The number of people suffering from loneliness is increasing all over the world. However, solving the problem is easier said than done. It won’t work to just “tell anyone to go out and find someone to love you”, said Jaremka. “We need to create support networks.”

1.If people feel lonely for a long time, ________.

A. they won’t feel happy anymore

B. they are more mentally harmed than physically

C. they will find the feeling goes away by itself

D. they are more likely to fall ill

2.What was the purpose of the stress test carried out by Jaremka’s team?

A. To find out how people fight diseases.

B. To prove loneliness hurts people’s immune systems.

C. To find out the relationship between loneliness and stress.

D. To see how people’s emotions change when they give unprepared speeches.

3.What made scientists think loneliness might make the body worse at fighting diseases?

A. Growing evidence of mental problems related to loneliness.

B. Some research results about the relationship between cancer and loneliness.

C. Some studies showing that people suffering from loneliness fell ill or died more easily than those who didn’t.

D. The result of a test where volunteers were asked to make an unprepared speech.

4.We can conclude from the article that ________.

A. loneliness has become the No. 1 killer in the world

B. loneliness is increasing due to advanced technologies

C. websites must be set up to help people deal with loneliness

D. much more work needs to be done to fight loneliness


Love it or hate it, there is no escape from Internet slang(俚语).

This is especially true among young people in some English-speaking countries such as Australia, the UK and the US. These days, if they haven’t caught up with the latest popular Internet slang, chances are that they often feel behind the times.

Take these posts by The Washington Post for example: “David Bowie dying is totes tradge” and “When Cookie hugged Jamal, it made me totes emosh.

What on earth do these mean? Well, “totes” is a short form of the adverb “totally”. Likewise, “tradge” means “tragic” and “emosh” means “emotional”.

It seems that, for millennials (those born between the early 1980s and late 1990s), typing in this abbreviated form is not only time-saving but also in.

Many millennial slang words are formed by what linguists(语言学家) call the practice of  “totesing” the systematic abbreviation of words, according to a recent article in The Washington Post.

Some people think that millennial slang affects the English language negatively. However, Melbourne University linguist Rosey Billington doesn’t agree.

“When you are able to use language in a creative way, you show you are linguistically knowledgeable because you know the language rules well enough to use words in a different way. Billington told News.com.au.

Her view is supported by two linguists, Lauren Spradlin and Taylor Jones, from the City University of New York and the University of Pennsylvania respectively. The two believe that totes-speak is a highly-organized system that can only be used by speakers who have mastered English pronunciation.

The ability to break apart syllables(音节) and mix different sounds together is key. “Totesing is about sounds, and it follows the sometimes-complex sound system of English,” Jones told The Washington Post. “Totesing is considered random by some people, but its not true. Instead, it has strict rules to follow. You need to be very fluent in the English language to be able to understand totes-speak. ”

满分5 manfen5.com


1.How does the author explain the meaning of totesing?

A. With comparisons.

B. Through examples.

C. By listing facts.

D. By analyzing causes and effects.

2.What is Lauren Spradlin’s attitude toward the practice of totesing?

A. Worried.       B. Indifferent(漠不关心的).

C. Positive.      D. Doubtful.

3.The underlined wordrandom” in the last paragraph probably means _______.

A. complex        B. organized

C. irregular      D. meaningless

4.What is the main idea of this passage?

A. The reasons why totesing is popular among the young.

B. The ways that the young use in totesing.

C. The popularity of totesing and linguists’ attitude to it.

D. The definition(定义) and practice of totesing.


One evening after dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Tisich called a family meeting. —Weve had to make a difficult decision, Mr. Tisich announced. —You see, your mother has been offered a post as co-director of a television station in Chicago. Unfortunately, the station is not here. After thinking long and hard about it, weve concluded that the right decision is to move to Chicago.

Marc looked shocked, while his sister Rachel breathlessly started asking when theyd be moving. —Its surprising, but exciting! she said. Marc simply said, —We cant go—I cant leave all my friends. Id rather stay here and live with Tommy Lyons!

The Tisichs hoped that by the time they moved in August, Marc would grow more used to the idea of leaving. However, he showed no signs of accepting the news, refusing to pack his belongings.

When the morning of the move arrived, Marc was nowhere to be found. His parents called Tommy Lyons house, but Mrs. Lyons said she hadnt seen Marc. Mrs. Tisich became increasingly concerned, while her husband felt angry with their son for behaving so irresponsibly.

What they didnt know was that Marc had started walking over to Tommys house, with a faint idea of hiding in Lyonss attic(阁楼) for a few days. But something happened on the way as Marc walked past all the familiar landscape of the neighborhood: the fence that he and his mother painted, the tree that he and his sister used to climb, and the park where he and his father often took evening walks together. How much would these mean without his family? Who make them special in the first place? Marc didnt take the time to answer that question but instead hurried back to his house, wondering if there were any moving cartons(纸板箱) the right size to hold his record collection.

1.The conflict(分歧) in this story was caused by_______.

A. Marcs disagreement with his parents about their move

B. a quarrel between Tommy Lyons and Marc

C. Marc and Rachels different tempers(脾气)

D. Mr. and Mrs. Tisichs words of Marcs irresponsibility

2.Hearing the decision to move to Chicago, Marc and Rachel both felt _______.

A. angry and upset

B. surprised

C. anxious for more details

D. worried about packing

3.The reason for Marcs going home was that _______.

A. he did not want to be left behind

B. he wished to be a more responsible person

C. he hoped to reach an agreement with his parents

D. he realized his family was very important to him

4.What would most likely happen next?

A. Marc would bring his records over to the Lyonss house.

B. Mr. and Mrs. Tisich would call the police.

C. Mr. and Mrs. Tisich would start searching for Marc.

D. Marc would join his family for house moving.


阅读下面短文, 根据其内容写一篇60词左右的内容概要。

With global warming and melting ice, it isn’t easy being a polar bear anymore. Some studies have predicted that polar bears could die out by the end of the century. The good news is not all researchers think the bears are absolutely disappearing. Scientists at the American Museum of Natural History(AMNH) have published a new paper indicating that things might not be as bad for polar bears as some scientists expect.

To understand the reason for the researchers’ cautious optimism, we must first understand the factors that are threatening the polar bear’s existence. Polar bears consume a diet of mainly young seals. In order to hunt these seals, polar bears need to rest at the top of sea ice---the same ice that is increasingly melting for most of the year thanks to climate change. In another 50 years, experts expect that the Arctic will be too warm for sea ice to form for half of the year, leaving polar bears without a reliable food source and in serious danger of starvation.

As it turns out, alternative food sources for the polar bears aren’t completely out of the question. For as long as biologists have tailed after the animals, they’ve seen polar bears eating animals found on land like caribou(驯鹿) and snow geese---as well as the snow geese’s eggs.

Can polar bears actually survive off these alternative food sources for long periods of time? To figure this out, researchers calculated the nutrients that a caribou and snow geese diet would provide. They found that even adult male polar bears would be able to obtain more calories than would burn in hunting these meals. Moreover, the food would provide the food lecessary to avoid starvation during the summer months.

Unfortunately, not all polar bears have tended to seek food on land. That said, the researchers expect that necessity would push more polar bears to hunt on land to avoid starvation. They also expect that the bears could learn from their fellow bears how to hunt on land until the practice becomes second nature.









阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于3个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

Many people travel during the holiday season but do not make sure that their houses and homes ___1.___(protect). Crimes go up ____2.____(rapid) during the winter an summer holiday seasons. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you go on holiday.

Always give ___3.____(strange) the feeling that you are at home. Have the snow __4.___( clean ) off your stairs or out of your driveway during the winter season. You might ask someone to park his/her car in ___5.___(you) driveway.

Tell your newspaper deliverer that you are not at home. ____6.__(have) a pile of newspapers and other mail on your doorsteps tells people that you are not at home, so you could also have a neighbor  ___7.____ a relative get your mail every day.

Fix a timer(定时器) in some of your rooms ____8._turns lights on and __9.____ during different time of the day. Some TVs also come with a timer that you could set to be turned on during certain time. Have motion(运动) sensitive lights outside your house that keep thieves away ____10.___ you are not at home.



阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的四个选项(ABCD), 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

Until I was 13, I assumed I was just like everyone else. But one day I read a piece of paper in my dad’s briefcase that ________ everything. That’s when I saw the words: “Simone is said to have Asperger syndrome.”

I screamed at my dad, “Tell me what it is!” He _______ that I have a mild form of brain disorders, which was a problem that shapes the way I interact with other people. I wasn’t sure exactly what he _______, but it didn’t matter. I just wanted to try to ________ my shock and go back to the way things were before I knew.

But even though I wouldn’t ________ acknowledge the news, Asperger’s still destroyed my confidence and made me ________ and isolated. I felt like an outcast(被抛弃者)---not just because Asperger’s made it hard for me to make friends, but because now I had this _______ . I just wanted to be like everyone else. ________, at 16, I said to myself, “Enough! You can’t run and hide from it, girl. Just face it.”

It’s funny, the first time I thought something was _______ was not because of what I couldn’t do ---- it was because of what i could do. In the sixth grade, while other kids were _______ with spelling, I was like a human spell-checker! I’ve also had a photographic memory, and _______ I call my “super powers”---extrasensory hearing and acute awareness: I can ______ phone numbers people dial just by the sound the buttons make when pressed or _______ hear one sour note in an entire symphony! And I can ________ pay attention to two things at once.

Don’t get me wrong. Asperger’s can be very confusing. For years I felt like a butterfly ________ in its cocoon(), waiting to emerge. It took years of work with a psychologist to ________ the difficulty of making friends.

I’m not going to let Asperger’s create ________ for me. That’ why I am happy to have found out about and faced my _______. Asperger’s is a metaphor(象征) for life: We all have _______ , but the key is to be able to have the ______ to face what’s bad about them and still find what’s good.

1.A. prevented    B. changed      C. determined    D. improved

2.A. explained    B. realized     C. apologized     D. suspected

3.A. meant       B. predicted     C. concerned     D. doubted

4.A. admit         B. subscribe     C. recognize      D. ignore

5.A. appropriately B. consciously  C. previously     D. automatically

6.A. anxious       B. stressed      C. lonely        D. ashamed

7.A. sign          B. symbol       C. label         D. signal

8.A. Consequently B. Gradually    C. Fortunately   D. Eventually

9.A. unusual       B. specific     C. uncomfortable  D. awkward

10.A. combining   B. exchanging  C.struggling      D. dealing

11.A. that         B. what         C. whom          D. which

12.A. figure out B. pick out      C. try out       D. make out

13.A. even        B. still        C. ever           D. just

14.A. sensitively B. fully        C. flexibly      D. firmly

15.A. absorbed     B. buried       C. engaged       D. trapped

16.A. get over     B. knock down    C. take up       D.go through

17.A. surprises   B. limitations   C. opportunities D.experiences

18.A. failure     B. desperation   C. disability     D. suffering

19.A. talents     B. dreams        C. challenges     D. aims

20.A. ambition    B. courage      C. right         D. attempt


根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。

Too many of us are waiting too long to live our best lives. We keep putting everything off until tomorrow. Then, before we know it, we find ourselves asking, "How did it get so late so soon?"

So we’d better make today the beginning of our new life. Take time to realize what we want and need. Take time to love, laugh, cry, and learn. ____1.___ Here are five things we should start doing today:

Accept ourselves. The secret to happiness and success is the acceptance of ourselves. We will never become who we want to be if we rely on everyone else to qualify us. __2.____ So always go with ourselves, never against ourselves. Be who we were created to be and we will set the world on fire.

Make ourselves a priority. To tell the truth, there are only a few people in this world who will stay 100% true to us, so we should stay true to ourselves. Put our own needs into the list of things to do.

___3.____ Don’t sit back and let things happen to us. Go out and make things happen. We are what we do, not what we say we’ll do. Stop saying "I wish" and start saying "I will". Turn our dreams into plans.

Do the work. We can’t underestimate(低估) a person who always works hard. Be that person. __4.___ Always remember that the task ahead of us is never greater than the strength within us. Do what’s right, not what’s easy. Our dreams are worth it.

____5.____ We can’t force things to happen; we can only drive ourselves trying crazily. There’s a time and place for everything. So don’t force what’s not yet supposed to fit into our life. When it’s meant to be, it will be. Work hard, and be patient.

A. Take positive action.

B. Enjoy every moment of life.

C. Life is shorter than it often seems.

D. Everyone has a different way of life.

E. Accept ourselves just the way we are.

F. Allow life to happen like it’s supposed to.

G. In life, we don’t get what we wish for; we get what we work for.


Some 30,000 years ago, artists who lived in caves in Europe painted pictures of the animals around them: panthers, hyenas, rhinos, cave lions, mammoths and other creatures which have been extinct for a long time. The paintings were highly realistic. Some even showed movement.

The artwork, more than a thousand drawings, is considered the oldest group of human cave drawings which have ever been discovered. They were preserved because the cave was sealed---closed off--for more or less 23,000 years.

Fast forward to December 18, 1994, a group of French cave scientists were exploring caves in southern France. Jean Marie Chauvet, who led the group then, describes the process of discovering the cave paintings. “At that time I was in the front, Eliette just walked behind me, Christian behind. Eliette said she saw two marks with red ochre and she said, ‘They came here.’ And at this very moment everything began. The drawings and everything linked to the parietal art(壁画). That is where it is tarted.”

Cave art expert Jean Clotttes reviewed the paintings. “I was amazed at the number of paintings there were and paintings of their quality and particularly in front of the panel of the horses.”

Scientific analysis confirmed the prehistoric date of the artwork. Studies showed the drawings were created tens of thousands of years ago, before human history was written. The United Nations’ cultural agency UNESCO lists the cave as a World Heritage Site. They say that the drawings form a remarkable expression of early human artistic creation of grand excellence and variety.

The Chauvet Cave has been named after the explorer who first entered it. However, its environment and drawings are too fragile to be visited by human beings. So the cave is closed, and only people there for scientific purposes can go inside and see the artwork.

However, French authorities asked experts to create an exact copy of the cave, called Pont d’Arc Cavern. The copy, which we also called replica, cost more than 59 million dollars to build. It opened at the end of April in France.

Pascal Terrasse is the president of the cavern. He says everyone will be able to experience the thrill of looking at drawings made by the first humans in Europe. He says the place is magic because it is done so well. Authorities say they think as many as 400,000 people will be allowed to visit Pont d’Arc Cavern every year.

1.According to Jean Clottes’ words in Paragraph 4, the paintings in the cave were        .

A.abstract  B. superior   C. creative  D. inspiring

2.Which of the follow statements is TRUE about the Chauvet Cave?

A.It was closed off for more than 30,000 years.

B.It is thought to be the origin of modern parietal art.

C.The environment and artwork there are very easy to damage.

D.The majority of drawings there are about the extinct animals.

3.The purpose of creating Pndt d’Arc Cavern is to         .

A.show admiration for the earliest artists in Europe

B.arouse visitors’ awareness of protecting ancient art

C.offer visitors chances to view the wonderful artwork

D.collect money for the perseverance of the Chauvet Cave


In a Station of the Metro

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.

This is the only Ezra Pound poem that many people will read in their lives. Why? One obvious reason is that it’s just two lines long. The poem, which can be understood as “A man sees a bunch of faces in the subway and thinks they look like flowers on a tree branch,” is an exercise in shortness. Pound wrote it after having a spiritual experience in a Paris metro (subway) station.

In 1916, the US poet originally thought he could best describe his vision in a painting. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a painter. So he wrote a thirty-line poem, which he didn’t like. He dropped the long version in the waste bin. Six months later, he wrote a shorter poem, but didn’t like that one either. Finally, a full year after the experience, he had been reading short Japanese poems called haikus, and he figured he would try this style. The result, which was published in 1913, is one of the most famous and influential works in modern poetry.

This poem is one of the monuments (纪念物) of the 20th-century artistic movement known as “Imagism”. Basically, Pound and his friends thought that images (意象) weren’t just decoration: they were the highest form of speech. By finding the right image, the poet can express the true, spiritual reality of a thing, which is more important than using a bunch of adjectives to describe its physical appearance. Thus, “In a Station of the Metro” is a poem that consists of one image expressed with absolute (绝对的) exactness and nothing else.

To the imagists, the best way to describe an experience is not to use more and more words; the best way is to find exactly the right words. Have you ever told a beloved one that “words can’t express” how much you love them? Well, Pound would say that you’re just being lazy. In his view, words can express anything, even if it takes an entire year to find the right ones.

1.In the short poem, Ezra Pound         .

A. tells us one of his painful experiences

B. compares the passengers’ faces to flowers

C. describes a man walking among the crowd

D. shows a wet, black tree branch in a metro station

2.According to the text, “In a Station of the Metro” was         .

A. based on one of Pound’s paintings

B. first discovered in a waste bin

C. influenced by haikus

D. completed in 1916

3.Pound and his friends         .

A. stressed the importance of using adjectives

B. were good at describing abstract images

C. decorated their poems with pictures

D. used images to express their ideas


The ocean is always movingwaves break on the surface, sea levels rise and fall with the tides, and currents flow below the surface. Although it looks as if the water in a wave is moving across the surface of the ocean, it is not. The water is actually moving up and down. This is why an object on top of a wave will bob up and down, but not move forward.

When a wave reaches the shore, however, the water does move forward. It surges(前进 )onto the shore. This is because the “bottom” of the wave drags on the sand and the “top” continues on, crashing onto the shore. This crashing water is called the surf. Most waves are caused by wind blowing across the ocean's surface. The size of a wave depends on how fast and how far the wind blows over the surface and on the depth of the wave. Small winds can cause ripples, while strong winds create large hurricane waves.

Along most shorelines. water levels rise and fall twice a day. These changes, called tides. are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon. The ocean surface lifts, or bulges(凸出), in two places: on the side of Earth that faces the Moon and on the side of Earth that faces away from the Moon. Both bulges cause a high tide on nearby shorelines. At the same time that the high tides occur, low tides occur between the two bulges.

Tides are also affected by the pull of the Sun, although the effect of the Sun is not as great as the effect of the Moon. When the Moon and Sun are lined up with Earth, the combined pull is the strongest, causing the highest high tides and the lowest low tides. These very high and very low tides are called spring tides. Weaker tides, called neap tides, happen when the Moon and the Sun are at right angles to Earth. High tides alternate with low tides. Along most shorelines, a high tide or low tide occurs about every six hours.

1.The word “alternate” in the last paragraph means         .

A. appear suddenly

B. bob up and down

C. change or become quickly

D. happen or follow one after another

2.The best title for the passage is        .

A. The Moving Ocean       B. Tides and Waves

C. Ocean and Earth        D. Waves and Currents



The Internet has become part of young people’s life. A report    1.  (show) that 38% of students often use the Internet . Most of them get     2.     (use) information on the Internet     3.     use the Internet to help in their studies. But many students don’t use it     4.   a good way. Some play games too much, and some visit websites    5.  shouldn’t look at. So bad things may happen 6.     students spend too much time on the Internet.   7. is important for students to use the Internet properly. Now we have a textbook,    8.    uses many examples to teach students some good ways to use the Internet. It gives them useful ad9.       face-to-face meeting with your online friends, let your parents    10.   (know) and meet in a proper place.



阅读下面短文,从短文后面各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C D)中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

Jim and his brother lived on the 80th level. When coming home one day, to their _________, the lifts were not working and they had to _________the stairs.

After reaching the 20th level, breathless and tired, they decided to_________their bags and come back for them the next day. They climbed_________. When they got to the 40th level, Jim’s brother started to _________. However, they_________to climb the flights of steps, arguing all the way to the 60th floor.

They then _________that they only had 20 levels more to climb and decided to stop arguing and continue climbing_________. They reached their home at long last. Each stood calmly before the door and waited for the other to_________the door. And they realized that the_________ were in their bags which were left on the 20th floor.

This story is a reflection (反映) of our life. When _________, many of us are asked to do as our parents and teachers expect. We _________ get to do the things that we really like and love and are under too much pressure (压力) _________ by the age of 20, we get tired and decide to_________ this load (负担).

Once _________ of/ about the pressure, we work harder to realize our dreams. But by the time we reach 40 years old, we find it _________ to realize them and begin to feel unsatisfied and complain, and _________them. Reaching 60, we realize that we have_________ cause for complaint anymore, and we begin to walk the final stage with_________.

So follow your dreams and_________for them carefully, never complain and lose your key, and your dreams will come true one day.

1.A. shame      B. surprise         C. happiness        D. disappointment

2.A. clean       B. replace          C. fix               D. climb

3.A. pack        B. leave            C. carry             D. find

4.A. over        B. down            C. on                D. out

5.A. rest       B. complain       C. work              D. explain

6.A. continued  B. refused          C. forgot           D. demanded

7.A. realized   B. advised       C. hoped             D. agreed

8.A. in order    B. in peace         C. in turn          D. in time

9.A. lock        B. answer          C. close            D. open

10.A. tickets   B. books            C. keys              D. phones

11.A. lonely     B. sick             C. successful      D. young

12.A. always     B. rarely           C. again             D. finally

13.A. only if    B. so that         C. even if          D. as if

14.A. take up   B. set up          C. give up          D. put up

15.A. free      B. tired           C. worried          D. concerned

16.A. hard       B. interesting      C. strange          D. easy

17.A. accept    B. avoid           C. share             D. lose

18.A. much       B. all              C. little          D. some

19.A. regret     B. pleasure         C. fear              D. danger

20.A. look      B. ask             C. wait              D. prepare



Today is a perfect day that can leave you with good memories you may someday share with your friends. Here’s how:

1._____ You can see or do something a million times, but you can only see or do it for the first time once. As a result, first time experiences usually leave a deep mark in our minds for the rest of our lives. So try to experience something different and you’ll have more memories!

Work on something that’s great to you. 2.____ Life is short. Today is the day to take action.

Smile and notice whats right. Everything that happens in life is neither good nor bad.

3._____ And no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should. Either you succeed or you learn something.

Be true to yourself. The only shoes you can wear are your own. If you aren’t being yourself, you aren’t truly living. 4.____

Make a new friend. People are interesting creatures (生物), and no two people are exactly alike. 5._____ Find out what makes them different. Theyll likely open your eyes to wonderful ideas. And you never know, they just might change your life.

Be present.  Be here now. Remember, right now is the only dear moment to you.  Right now is life.  Don’t miss it.

A. Learn a new skill.

B. Try something new.

C. It just depends on your opinion.

D. So meet someone new today.

E. And in fact, you’re only existing.

F. Pay close attention to what you’re doing.

G. Make yourself busy with something meaningful.


Glastonbury Festival, one of the pioneer festivals, is famous not only for its amazing bands, but also for its wonderful performances in many fields surrounding (围绕) the stages. It attracts over 130,000 people every year, who join in the three-day party to celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Glastonbury Festival has been held on Worthy Farm in Somerset since 1970. This year, all sorts of singers and bands were there, from the likes of Beyoncé, Jessie J, to my favorite Paolo Nutini, who I really wish I could have met!

We drove straight in to one of the muddiest (泥泞的) Glastonbury Festivals ever! We came to our camp site, carrying enough clothes for a weekend of extreme weather conditions, and spent an hour or so putting up the tent. On the second day it began to rain and didn’t stop for the rest of the day. We sat in the tent waiting for it to stop, and after several hours we realized that it wouldn’t. When the need for food became too strong we put on boots and raincoats and made our way across many muddy fields.

There is something for everyone at the festival — my favourite place is the Circus Field, which is full of interactive (互动的) performances. Also, I love the Kidz Field, where famous CBBC stars perform, and where you can get your face painted then run around on a climbing frame (框架) with dragons.

1.According to the text, Glastonbury Festival is actually a _____.

A. harvest festival

B. music festival

C. film festival

D. flower festival

2.What attracted the author most at this year’s festival?

A. Paolo Nutini.

B. CBBC stars.

C. The food sold in the festival.

D. The performance in the Circus Field.

3.Which of the following about Glastonbury Festival is NOT true?

A. It started in 1970.

B. It lasts three days.

C. It is usually held on rainy days.

D. It celebrates the longest day of the year.


Justin Bieber used to be an ordinary Canadian boy, but his life totally changed in 2008. With his great musical talent, this seventeen-year-old boy has become a superstar in the music industry.

Justin Drew Bieber was born in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario and was raised by his single mother. Bieber learned to play musical instruments when he was very young. In 2007, he took part in a local singing competition in his hometown, and he did it just for fun. He never took singing lessons before but surprisingly he placed second in the competition. Then, with the help of his mother, he uploaded (上传) videos of him singing on a website and they successfully attracted the attention of thousands of viewers. His videos got popular through word of mouth and some of them have received up to 10,000,000 views.

Justin Bieber would have never gotten a career in the music business without his videos. Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive (主管) of So So Def Recordings, had watched Bieber’s videos and he was impressed by the boy’s talent. Braun then contacted Bieber and he flew the boy into Atlanta seven months after the first video was posted. Bieber showed his talent in singing as well as his ability in playing musical instruments. He then got a record deal.

In 2009, Justin Bieber released (发行) his first single “One Time” while he was recording the debut album (首张专辑). The single “One Time” tells a story about love. This song had success not only in Canada and the US, but also in the international market. Then he released his debut album “My World 2.0” in 2010 and the song “Baby” became the lead single. This album successfully entered the Top Ten Charts in seven countries. In June 2010, he started his first world tour in Hartford, Connecticut. One month later, he started recording his second album.

1.Justin Bieber’s career in music began to take off when _____.

A. he met with Scooter Braun

B. he released his debut album

C. he won second place in a competition

D. his singing videos were uploaded to a website

2.It can be inferred from the text that Justin Bieber _____.

A. owed his success to good luck

B. showed a gift for music when he was young

C. is the youngest superstar ever in the music industry

D. released his debut album with the help of Scooter Braun

3.What do we learn about Justin Bieber’s “One Time” according to the text?

A. It is about love and was released in 2010.

B. It attracted the world’s attention after released.

C. It successfully entered the Top Ten Charts in seven countries.

D. It is the lead single of his debut album “My World 2.0”.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. Justin Bieber’s journey to success

B. Lucky boy Justin Bieber

C. What made Justin Bieber a singer?

D. Secrets of Justin Bieber’s success


Elephants might be the most well-known and well-loved animal in African wildlife. But conservation (保护) of the African elephant faces special difficulties. While the elephant population is half of what it was 40 years ago, some areas of Africa have more elephants than populated areas can support. That’s why AWF scientists are studying elephant behavior, protecting habitats and finding ways for humans to live peacefully with elephants in Africa.

Years ago, over hunting and the ivory trade were the biggest threats to elephants survival. Luckily, ivory bans (禁令), hunting rules and protected areas protect elephants from these dangers today.

The 21st century brings a different challenge to elephant conservation —land-use. Elephants walk across borders and outside parks and other protected areas. So they often destroy crops, causing conflicts (冲突) between local farmers and these big animals.

Successful conservation strategies (策略) must allow elephants to walk freely in their natural habitats while reducing conflicts between elephants and local people.

AWF researchers are searching for a way to give both elephants and people the space they need. The AWF is collecting information on elephant habitats and behavior. The information they gather will help to develop the widest possible space for elephants.

The AWF is helping elephants by protecting their habitats. And they also work with local farmers to improve their life in order to encourage them to protect rather than destroy elephants.

1.The first paragraph of the text is mainly to tell readers _____.

A. African elephants are endangered now

B. there remains a lot to do to protect African elephants

C. African elephants are popular animals

D. the number of African elephants has increased over the years

2.What is the biggest difficulty in protecting African elephants now?

A. They are still being killed.

B. Their habitats are being destroyed.

C. They don’t have enough food.

D. They can’t live in peace with farmers.

3.To protect elephants, the AWF does all the following EXCEPT _____.

A. keeping elephants

B. protecting elephants’ habitats

C. doing research on elephants

D. helping farmers improve their life

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. African elephants conservation

B. Living with African elephants

C. African elephants’ situation

D. African elephants being endangered


Computer technology is still developing rapidly. The computer of the future will continue to increase in value and performance while decreasing in cost. It will become smaller, but faster and more powerful.

It is possible to make some guesses about what the future of the computer will look like, based upon the types of technologies that are being developed now. A lot of progress has already been made in some of these new technologies, but some are still in their earliest stages and may not be ready for use for years. Two of the most interesting areas of computing that are currently being developed are quantum computing (量子计算) and nanotechnology (纳米技术).

Quantum computing is one possibility for the future of the computer that could make computers run far faster than even the quickest computers do today. Quantum computers could be able to do what modern supercomputers are unable to do by using transistors that are able to take on many states at the same time.

Nanotechnology could also change the face of computing, by creating computers that could be very powerful, though they are tiny in size. These computers could be incorporated (并入) into everyday objects, including electrical appliances (电器), clothes and even the human body. We will be able to use computers in new and unimaginable ways. They will become a part of our lives rather than simply being a box that is used only for specific purposes, such as work.

Quantum computing and nanotechnology will be able to play new roles, which will make us live greener lives, as well as enjoy better health and happier lives.

1.Which of the following can NOT describe the computer of the future properly?

A. Much smaller.

B. Much faster.

C. More powerful.

D. Less valuable.

2.According to the text, quantum computing _____.

A. has been put in use so far

B. can make computers run by themselves

C. can reduce the cost of computers

D. will work by using transistors

3.We can learn from the text that nanotechnology will _____.

A. create much smaller computers

B. be used in electrical appliances and clothing

C. change the structure of computers

D. make computers just serve specific purposes

4.The text is mainly about _____.

A. what nanotechnology is

B. what quantum computing is

C. what the future of the computer is

D. what future computers can bring us



目前,学校存在少数学生考试作弊现象。某英文杂志社拟就此现象向中学生征文。标题是“My Opinion in Cheating in Examination”。请根据下列提示用英语写一篇征文稿。内容要点如下:







注意: 1.短文必须包括所有内容要求,可适当发挥。

2. 短文标题与开头已为你写好,不计入总词数


4. 参考词汇 :作弊 cheat (v)勤奋diligent违反校规 goes against the school rules 禁止forbid(forbidden过去分词)  惩罚punish

My Opinion on Cheating in Examination

At present, some students have picked up a bad habit--- cheating in examination.



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