Five biggest career mistakes young workers make

When you begin to dive into the working world, there are a few common mistakes you should try to avoid.


Whether it is asking for a raise or just voicing an opinion, it is important to stand up for yourself in the office. As long as you do it in a respectful and professional way, your colleagues will be impressed by your confidence.

Goofing off(混日子)

You may think no one is looking at what you are doing all day, but the fact is your computer screen can be seen by all who pass by.2.

Even though your boss may seem relaxed, he is not going to appreciate an employee who seems to care more about his friend’s status updates than his actual work.

Dressing inappropriately

One thing that can either help or hurt you is how you present yourself. If you dress too casually, you could be sending the wrong message to your coworkers. Just because you have it doesn’t mean the office is the place to wear it. 3.

Being late for work

You could be the hardest worker in the office or do extra work at home, but if you are consistently late for work, you give off the impression that you are lazy.4.Your professional reputation is a vital part of getting ahead in your industry and being late for work might be unimportant, but could result in all your hard work being gradually ignored.

Acting too confidently

It is a common problem with young professionals. It is sometimes hard for recent college graduates to change from top-of-the-food-chain seniors to professional “freshmen.” 5.In addition, you must know your place in the company.

A.If you want to be taken seriously, dress seriously.

B.Talking unprofessionally.

C.So it is important to limit the amount of time you spend on non-work-related sites.

D.Being afraid to speak up.

E.Sometimes, it can be difficult to be taken seriously as a young professional.

F.Now that you are out of the college, you must remember to be modest.

G.People notice who stays late and who comes in early and will form an opinion about you.


    “No matter where you are or what time it is there’s something going on at a Hard Rock Cafe. All over the world our cafes not only serve great food, but they serve up great music.” Hard Rock Cafes around the world symbolize the timeless energy, originality and unifying (团结的) spirit that have helped to shape rock music over the last century.

Founded by two Americans, the first Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) opened its doors to the public on June 14, 1971, in London. Today, HRC has become a global phenomenon with more than 180 cafes in different countries.

HRC has also become the world’s leading collector and exhibitor of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia. It all started when Eric Clapton, a regular at the first HRC, asked the staff if they could hang his guitar on the wall to mark his favourite stool (凳子) as “his spot”. They did and one week later, a package from Pete Townshend arrived with a guitar and a note with the message, “Mine’s as good as his! Love, Pete.”

Ever since then, Hard Rock Cafes have been collecting pieces of rock memorabilia and covering their walls with them. Their collection is rotated from restaurant to restaurant and provides the world’s most comprehensive “visual history” of rock ‘n’ roll. These treasures include an awe-inspiring collection of classic guitars and other instruments, posters, music, etc.

Throughout its history, HRC has been governed by a special service philosophy: “Love All — Serve All.” Since it was established, HRC has taken part in a wide variety of humane activities around the world. Following its idea of being more than just a restaurant, HRC tries to connect its business and its passion to make the earth a safer, healthier and better place to live.

All in all, Hard Rock Cafe International is an entertainment company that continues to successfully expand the Hard Rock brand through countless music-related activities.

1.What is the purpose of the first paragraph?

A. To explain why HRC is a success.

B. To show the characteristics of HRC.

C. To describe the excellent service of HRC.

D. To introduce what you can share in a HRC.

2.Why did Pete send his guitar to the first HRC in London?

A. He wanted to occupy a seat.

B. He wanted to pay his bill with it.

C. He wanted his guitar to be assessed.

D. He wanted his guitar to be put on its wall.

3.What do we know about the HRC’s collection?

A. It is related to rock ‘n’ roll.

B. It is housed in the first HRC.

C. It was advocated by Eric Clapton.

D. It was financed by regular customers.

4.What does the HRC’s service philosophy imply?

A. HRC welcomes everyone to the cafe.

B. HRC is operated for a charitable purpose.

C. HRC offers various activities to its customers.

D. HRC provides the best service at the lowest price.


    Alice Moore is a teenager entrepreneur(创业者), who in May 2015 set up her business AilieCandy. By the time she was 13, her company was worth millions of dollars with the invention of a super-sweet treat that could save kids’ teeth, instead of destroying them.

It all began when Moore visited a bank with her dad. On the outing, she was offered a candy bar. However, her dad reminded her that sugary treats were bad for her teeth. But Moore was sick of missing out on candies. So she desired to get round the warning, “Why can’t I make a healthy candy that’s good for my teeth so that my parents can’t say no to it?” With that in mind, Moore asked her dad if she could start her own candy company. He recommended that she do some research and talk to dentists about what a healthier candy would contain.

With her dad’s permission, she spent the next two years researching online and conducting trials to get a recipe that was both tasty and tooth-friendly. She also approached dentists to learn more about teeth cleaning. Consequently, she succeeded in making a kind of candy only using natural sweeteners, which can reduce oral bacteria.

Moore then used her savings to get her business off the ground. Afterwards, she and her father secured their first business meeting with a supermarket owner, who finally agreed to sell Moore’s product—CanCandy.

As CanCandy’s success grows, so does Moore’s credibility as a young entrepreneur. Moore is enthusiastic about the candy she created, and she’s also positive about what the future might bring. She hopes that every kid can have a clean mouth and a broad smile.

Meanwhile, with her parents’ help, Moore is generally able to live a normal teenage life. Although she founded her company early on in life, she wasn’t driven primarily by profit. Moore wants to use her unique talent to help others find their smiles. She donates 10% of AilicCandy’s profits to Big Smiles. With her talent and determination, it appears that the sky could be the limit for Alice Moore.

1.How did Moore react to her dad’s warning?

A.She argued with him. B.She tried to find a way out.

C.She paid no attention. D.She chose to consult dentists.

2.What is special about CanCandy?

A.It is beneficial to dental health. B.It is free of sweeteners.

C.It is sweeter than other candies. D.It is produced to a dentists’ recipe.

3.What does Moore expect from her business?

A.To earn more money. B.To help others find smiles.

C.To make herself stand out. D.To beat other candy companies.

4.What can we learn from Alice Moore’s story?

A.Fame is a great thirst of the young.

B.A youth is to be regarded with respect.

C.Positive thinking and action result in success.

D.Success means getting personal desires satisfied


    We were standing at the top of a church tower. My father had brought me to this spot in a small town not far from our home in Rome. I wondered why.

“Look down, Elsa,”father said. I gathered all my courage and looked down. I saw the square in the center of the village. And I saw the crisscross (十字形) of twisting, turning streets leading to the square.“See, my dear,”father said gently.“There is more than one way to the square. Life is like that. If you can’t get to the place where you want to go by one road, try another.”

Now I understood why I was there. Earlier that day I had begged my mother to do something about the awful(糟糕的) lunches that were served at school. But she refused because she could not believe the lunches were as bad as I said.

When I turned to father for help, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he brought me to this high tower to give me a lesson. By the time we reached home, I had a plan.

At school the next day, I secretly poured my luncheon(午餐)soup into a bottle and brought it home. Then I asked our cook to serve it to mother at dinner. The plan worked perfectly. She swallowed one spoonful and sputtered(喷溅出)“The cook must have gone mad”Quickly I told her what I had done, and Mother stated firmly that she would take up the matter of lunches at school the next day!

In the years that followed I often remembered the lesson father taught me. I began to work as a fashion designer two years ago. I wouldn’t stop working until I tried every possible means to my goal. Father’s wise words always remind me that there is more than one way to the square.

1.The author's father took her to the top of a church tower to _____.

A.inspire her to find out another way to solve her problem

B.enjoy the beautiful scenery of the whole town

C.find out how many ways lead to the square her forget some unpleasant things earlier that day

2.What did the author want her mother to do earlier that day?

A.Do something delicious for lunch. B.Taste her awful lunch.

C.Dismiss the mad cook. D.Speak to the school about lunch.

3.The underlined sentence in the fifth paragraph suggests that__________________.

A.the cook agreed to serve the soup to the writer’s mother.

B.the author’s mother was angry with the cook.

C.her father persuaded her mother successfully.

D.the method the author thought of was effective.

4.By sharing her own experiences, the author tries to tell us ____________. bad the lunch of her school is wise her father is

C.when one road is blocked, try another D.about the church tower near her home


    Are you a fan of social media(媒体)? Well, you must know this news: There are some hot social media dogs who probably have way more followers than you. Here are some of them.


Boo has been called the “World’s Cutest Dog” and has over 17 million fans on the social networking website Facebook alone. The Pomeranian has appeared on the TV program “Good Morning America "lots of times. There are Boo toys, Boo notebooks and other things for sale in stores. You can also find Boo on social networking websites Twitter and Instagram.


Monty is a dog with a lot to say, usually through several messages on Twitter per day. Monty, a shepherd dog, discusses how his owner treats him badly with things like baths, and notes interesting things he sees on walks in the country (like dead sheep). At just under 4,000 Twitter followers, he isn't the dog with the largest following, but Monty is one very active social media dog.

Sutter and Colusa "Lucy" Brown

These dogs aren’t just social media dogs---they are actually" government officials". The dogs belong to California governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. and his wife. Sutter, a Pembroke Welsh corgi, is the “first dog ”and Lucy, a “ borgie” is the “deputy(代理) first dog” of California. Lucy and Sutter Brown have over 16,000 Facebook fans.


Tuna is a “chiweenie”---a mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund---who was rescued (解救)after he was left on the side of the road. His new mom not only fell in love with him and decided to keep him forever, she also turned the little dog into a popular dog on Instagram. Tuna has 1.6 million Instagram followers.

1.Which dog can you see on a notebook?

A.Monty B.Sutter

C.Boo D.Tuna

2.In what way are Sutter and Lucy special?

A.They are lovely. B.They are active.

C.They are treated very badly. D.They are connected to the government.

3.What do we know about Tuna’s early life?

A.It was happy. B.It was sad

C.It was boring. D.It was interesting.


    I was an unlucky nurse who had to work on Christmas Day. It was always_______in the emergency room on this day; so I was not expecting any patients. When I was complaining about _________ on such a beautiful festival, five people showed up at my desk—a pale woman and four small children.

"Are you all sick?" I asked in a (an)_________way because they seemed all right.

"Yes," the women answered _________ and lowered her head.

But when they started to present their problems, things got a little vague. Two of the children had headaches, _______ the headaches weren’t accompanied by the normal body language such as holding the head. Two children had earaches, but neither of them could tell me _________ ear in pain. The mother complained of a cough but seemed to be _______.

Something was wrong, but I didn’t say anything but explained that it might take a while _________a doctor could meet them. “Take your _______, please.” the mother responded. Then, I checked their charts ----no address. Suddenly I knew they were homeless and the hospital was ____________.

I looked out at the family, gathering together under by the Christmas tree, smiling and ______________with each other sweetly. Quietly, I went back to nurses’ station and told them that we had a homeless____________ in the waiting room. It was just like God sending us a ____________on Christmas Day. The nurses’ station suddenly came back to______________. All the nurses went into action, just as we did when there was a real ______________emergency. But this one was a “Christmas emergency”.

We ____________our meals for our Christmas “patients”. We also put together oranges and apples ______________presents. Usually we just tried to______________the physical needs of our patients. But today, we worked hard to exceed(超越) the needs of a family who only ______________a warm place on Christmas Day.

Later, when the family was leaving, the four-year-old came back, gave me a____________, "Thanks for being our angels today." she whispered in my ear.

1.A.noisy B.quiet C.bright D.dark

2.A.studying B.talking C.playing D.working

3.A.expecting B.unbelieving C.forgetting D.accepting

4.A.excitedly B.surprisingly C.strongly D.weakly

5.A.or C.but D.and

6.A.which B.what D.why

7.A.explaining B.understanding C.pretending D.promoting

8.A.before B.unless C.after D.when B.breath C.time D.break

10.A.cold B.warm C.big D.small

11.A.quarreling B.fighting C.competing D.chatting B.mother C.girl D.boy

13.A.job B.luck

15.A.medical B.physical C.political D.history

16.A.made out B.took out C.turned out D.put out B.for C.on

18.A.cut C.increase D.miss

19.A.built B.escaped C.refused D.wanted

20.A.cake B.bag C.visit D.kiss


—It ________ be John who is in the office.

—No, it ________ be him. I saw him off at the airport half an hour ago.

A. can’t; can’t B. must; can’t

C. must; mustn’t D. may; mustn’t


He was allowed to go swimming _______ he kept near the other boys.

A.on condition that far as C.even if though


As John Lennon once said, life is ________ happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

A.Which B.that

C.what D.where


The country life he was used to _____ greatly since 1992.

A.change B.has changed

C.changing D.have changed


Helen had to shout ________ above the sound of the music.

A.making herself hear make herself hear

C.making herself heard make herself heard


During the holiday I bought a CD player, _____ was rather reasonable.

A.its price B.of which price

C.the prices of which D.whose price


Oh! It’s 9 o’clock! I know________ is no possibility ________ I can catch up with the train.

A.there; that; that C.there; whether; if


Statistics show that men have _____ as women do for every mile they drive

A.serious accidents as twice many B.twice as many serious accidents

C.twice serious accidents as many D.serious accidents as many twice


Two-thirds of the coins dug up on the island ________ from the year 275AD to 221BC. C.dates D.are dated


The boss __________ during working hours and all the workers __________ in that company.

A. forbids smoking; are forbidden to smoke    B. forbids to smoke; are forbidden to smoke

C. forbids smoking; forbid from smoking    D. forbids to smoke; are forbidden from smoking



1.Social stresses may occur because of the population explosion or problems __________ __________(引起) mass migration movements which are made relatively easy nowadays by modern means of transport.

2.Is there any possibility of the film ________ _________ ________(参加选拔)in Paris International Festival?

3.__________ __________(入迷,沉浸) playing online games, the boy almost forgot everythingwhich made her parents very angry and disappointed.

4.___________ ___________ _____________(在任何情况下都不)should we seek temporary economic development at the expense of the environment and resources.

5.It is believed that a job interview___________ ___________ __________(有利于) both  the interviewer and the interviewee, through which the interviewer can find a suitable person and the interviewee can find a suitable job if both of them make the best of the job interview.

6.As China is the second-largest economy ________over 30 percent _________(有助于,促 ) global growth since 2008, policies(政策) made in the 19th CPC’s National Congress concerned the world.

7.There are many flights to Dalian, and the city has connections with most large cities in China,  but you need to ________ _________ ________ (预定)a week in advance before you go.

8.It was late in an autumn night when the moon had ________ ________(消失) while the sun was still beneath the horizon, leaving a dark blue sky to be seen.


Try ________ she might, Sue couldn't get the door open.(2011·全国Ⅰ)

A. if B. when C. sine D. as


It was__ he said__ disappointed me.

A.thatwhat B.whatthat C.whatwhat D.thatthat


Not until _________ in the college entrance exam _________ that he had wasted much time using his mobile phone to surf the Internet and play games.

A.had he failed; he realized B.he had failed; did he realize

C.he had failed; he realized D.did he fail; did he realize


Only after his death _______ considered correct.

A.his theory was B.was his theory C.did his theory D.had his theory


It was President Xi Jinping ______ visited the navy troops on April 19 and advocated that naval force ______.

A.who; be strengthened B.that; would be strengthened

C.who; to be strengthened D.that; must be strengthened


No sooner____ begun to speak than I sensed that something was wrong.

A.has he B.he had C.he has D.had he


It is what you think about not what you have or what you are doing ______ makes you happy or unhappy.

A.what B.that C.whether D.when


—________ makes your son feel depressed recently?

—Being rejected by all the universities he has applied to.

A.What it is that B.How is it that

C.What is it that D.How it is that


At the foot of the mountain ______ where he once lived.

A.lies a village B.a village lies C.does a village lie D.lie a village


Only after his death _______ considered correct.

A.his theory was B.was his theory C.did his theory D.had his theory


假定你是李华,得知某英文报社就如何关爱老年人征集想法。请给编辑写一封信, 内容包括:






Dear Editor,



Li Hua






注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

On Aug. 21, I was writing a composition titling “My Hero/Heroine”. I stuck at the beginning, trying to find out what would be my hero/heroine.

Attracted by the cheers from the living room, I opened the door only to find my parents were watching the volleyball matches of women’s final. Then I decided to take the break and joined in them. The score was quite closely between China and its opponent.

To our delight, China won in the end. We couldn’t help feel proud as Chinese! The volleyball players had trained so hard before and fight till the last minute. Without doubt, they were not only my heroines, and the heroines of China! I started to write my composition.



Many people agree that going to museums 1. (be) a good way of learning about ancient treasures. However, others may find it boring to spend hours there. Therefore, how to make museums and their lifeless collections more attractive is a tough question worth 2. (attach) importance to. Luckily, National Treasure, a TV program 3. began to air on Dec. 3, 2017, throws light 4. ways to inspire interest in museums and their collections.

Aiming to make ancient relics to come alive, the program presents treasures through different artistic methods including lots of dramatic 5. (perform) and storytelling, which explain the history behind each cultural relic 6. (complete), so that audiences can not only understand how to appreciate the beauty of cultural relics, but also know the civilization 7. the spirit of Chinese culture. In fact, such programs that promote traditional ancient relics 8. (become) popular in recent years. For example, a 2016 documentary featuring the Forbidden City’s cultural relics and their restorers, urged lots of college students 9. (apply) to work as volunteers there. It is universally accepted that National Treasure has been 10. (success) in encouraging more people to visit museums by touching their hearts.


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