A lady and her husband stepped off the train in Boston. They walked without an appointment into the outer office of Harvard’s president. But they were stopped by his secretary and kept waiting. For hours, the secretary took no notice of them, hoping that the couple would finally become disappointed and go away. But they didn’t. The secretary finally decided to disturb the president, though unwillingly.

A few minutes later, the president walked towards the couple with a cold face. The lady told him, “We had a son that attended Harvard for one year. He loved Harvard. He was happy here. But about a year ago, he was accidentally killed. My husband and I would like to set up a memorial (纪念物) to him, somewhere on campus.”

The president wasn’t moved. Instead, he was shocked. “Madam,” he said, “we can’t put up a statue for every person who studied at Harvard and died. If we did, this people would look like a cemetery (墓地).” “Oh, no,” the lady explained quickly, “We don’t want to put up a statue. We would like to give a building to Harvard. “The president rolled his eyes and glanced at the couple and then exclaimed, “A building! Do you have any idea how much a building costs? We have spent over $ 7,500,000 on the campus building at Harvard.” For a moment the lady was silent. The president was pleased, because he could get rid of them now. Then the lady turned to her husband and said quietly. “Is that all it costs to start a university? Why don’t we just start our own?” Her husband nodded. Since their offer was turned down. Mr, and Mrs Stanford traveled to California where they founded the University that bears their name, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer cared about.

1.According to the first paragraph, we know that ______.

A. the headmaster knew the couple would come to his office

B. the couple saw the president very smoothly

C. the secretary was willing to help the couple

D. the couple didn’t become disappointed

2.What was the purpose of the couple when they came to see the president?

A. They wanted to tell their son’s story.

B. They loved the school.

C. They wanted to do something to honor his son.

D. They were invited three.

3.After the couple were refused, what did they do?

A. They were very angry.    B. They said nothing.

C. They built a university.    D. They donated over $7,500,000 to the school.
















The person who touched me most is an unknown lady. I study in a city school but lives in a village 15 kilometers away. One afternoon, I receive a call from my family saying my mom was serious ill. I hurried to the bus station, only find the last bus had left. Feel anxious, I decided to walk home. On the way a car stopped and the driver asked me that I needed help. Worried about being cheated, I said anything. But she was such sincere that I finally accepted her offer. When we reached my village, it was dark. Seeing her car out of the sight. I was in tear. Whenever I think of her, I always feel grateful.


It was a short flight from Shanghai to Xi’an. Xi’an is one of the four great ancient capitals of China1.over 3,100 years of history. Its ancient walls date from the Ming Dynasty and are the best2.(preserve) in the world. There are bicycles for people to hire. It is 3.(amaze) to ride along the walls to survey this fascinating city.

The tang Dynasty Music and Dance show is not to be missed, but my favorite is an art gallery, 4.we can enjoy some beautiful artwork and learn how to write Chinese characters.

Most tourists make5.way to Xi’an to see the life-size terracotta warriors(兵马俑) and we were no 6. (difference). The collection, which shows the armies of the first Emperor of China, 7.(remain) hidden until 1974 when they were discovered by a farmer sinking a well. Walking among the statues is forbidden unless you are a VIPbut there are plenty of souvenir8.(shop) in which tourists can buy the replicas(复制品) of them.

All too soon if was time9.(leave). I really enjoyed my stay in Xi’an. It is indeed a place of interest worth 10. second visit.


My father, Danny Thomas, was a famous comedian, singer, actor, and producer with many fans. When I was a child I _______him. Once, my father made a(n) _______with Margaret O’Brien and he often took me to the set. I also wanted to be a movie star. Ten years later, at age seventeen, I got my_______.

I played the lead in Gigi. However, the_________of finally being a real actress was painfully short-lived. All the interviews and all the reviews_______my father.

Would I be as good as my father? Was I as gifted, as funny? Would I be as popular? I was extremely _______.

I loved my father, but my _______was just him.

“Daddy,” I began, “please don’t be _______when I tell you this. I want to change my_______. I love you but I don’t want to be a Thomas anymore.”

I tried not to ________during the long silence. And then he said, “I raised you to be a thoroughbred(优秀的赛马). When thoroughbreds run, they wear blinders to keep their eyes focused straight ________with no disturbance, no other horses. They hear the crowd but they don’t________. They just run their own race. That’s what you have to do. Don’t listen to anyone ________you to me or to anyone else. You just run your own race.”

The next night ________the crowd filed into the theater, the state manager ________me a white box with a red ribbon. I opened it up and inside was a pair of old horse blinders with a little note that ________, “Run your own race, Baby.”

Run your own race, Baby. Dad could have said it a dozen other ways: “Be________”: “Don’t be influenced by others.” But it wouldn’t have been the same. He chose the right words at the right time. And all ________ my life, I’ve been able to come to the point by asking myself. “Am I running my race or ________else’s?”

I thank my father for all his words that continue to live in my ________.

1.A. hated    B. adored    C. feared    D. avoided

2.A. movie    B. album    C. record    D. interview

3.A. position    B. award    C. degree    D. chance

4.A. affection    B. anxiety    C. excitement    D. bitterness

5.A. focused on    B. relied on    C. appealed to    D. attended to

6.A. calm    B. upset    C. touched    D. guilty

7.A. belief    B. limit    C. model    D. problem

8.A. puzzled    B. injured    C. hurt    D. confused

9.A. role    B. name    C. school    D. major

10.A. cry    B. smile    C. scream    D. laugh

11.A. ahead    B. around    C. about    D. aside

12.A. hesitate    B. move    C. shout    D. listen

13.A. leading    B. comparing    C. tying    D. introducing

14.A. until    B. though    C. as    D. since

15.A. delivered    B. handed    C. dropped    D. pressed

16.A. wrote    B. showed    C. printed    D. read

17.A. grateful    B. modest    C. independent    D. considerate

18.A. toward    B. beyond    C. through    D. behind

19.A. somebody    B. anybody    C. nobody    D. everybody

20.A. recognition    B. dream    C. experience    D. heart


Conflict Resolution(解决)

Conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. After all, two people can’t be expected to agree on everything all the time. 1.

Conflicts may be resolved in positive or negative ways. When they’re handled in a positive way, they provide an opportunity to strengthen the bond. 2. The following is a practical five-step process for conflict resolution.

Agree that you disagree. Make clear the issue that is causing the disagreement. Answer the question “What is this disagreement about?”

Take turns talking and listening. Use talking and listening skills to have a conversation about the problem. 3. Each person should also have an opportunity to listen to the other person’s point of view.

Restate what you hear. Reflect what the other person says to figure out his or her thought and feelings.4.

Come up with a solution. Think of ideas that may solve the problem. You both should agree on the solution you choose.

5. If you are unable or unwilling to reach a solution, contact an unbiased(无偏见的)person who can offer objective and practical suggestions.

A. Get outside help if you need it.

B. State your point of view to others.

C. Ask questions if you don’t understand.

D. But when mismanaged, they can damage a relationship.

E. Each person should have an opportunity to say what he thinks.

F. Learning how to resolve conflicts helps relationships run more smoothly.

G. And when handled in a respectful way, they contribute to the relationship.


When people find out that I am a journalist, they often ask me: What do you think about the future of newspapers?

I tell them that I think the future of communications is moving online. People expect me to be fearful for the future of print. After all, in some people’s minds I wouldn’t be able to build a career in journalism if it all moves online. However, strangely enough, I’m actually comforted by the fact that online journalism is becoming usual. I am a blogger who has always been able to find a home for my writing online.

Since I began writing blogs, I have become aware of how many people you can reach with online writing. Compare this to the newspapers circulation base, and you will have a strong reason for online journalism.

In her successful blog post titled The Job I have spent the last year learning is not the one I will have, author Jenny Surane states, “Print is an expensive product to love. And general managers, publishers and editors must now figure out a profitable way to get their news into readers’ heads,” She goes on to state that people don’t feel like picking up a newspaper now and would rather scroll(滚屏) through their Twitter feed, and get new from many different sources.

If print is dying, then a new form of communicating information is being born. The need for information has not died. If anything, it has increased. What has died, rather, is the way in which information is presented.

Now more than ever, in this age of information, there is a desire for stories on the same topic from different points of view. The printing industry can keep pace with the need of providing a variety of sources, if it chooses to.

Now more than ever, in this age of information, there is a desire for stories on the same topic from different points of view. The printing industry can keep pace with the need of providing a variety of sources, if it chooses to.

Is the future of print grim? Maybe. But is the future of journalism of communicating information to people, grim as well? Definitely not.

1.According to Paragraph 2, the author feels ________.

A. confident about the future of his career

B. worried about the future of print

C. tired of being a newspaper journalist

D. embarrassed about online writing

2.What information is conveyed in Jenny’s blog post?

A. Twitter is not very popular.

B. It is hard to manage online journalism.

C. Print still has its own advantages.

D. People have more options to get information.

3.What does the underlined word “grim” in the last paragraph probably mean?

A. Promising    B. Depressing

C. Unforgiving    D. Encouraging

4.What is the author’s purpose in writing the text?

A. To explore the future of journalism.

B. To analyze the cause of print decline.

C. To explain the bright future of a journalist.

D. To introduce a successful blog post about print.


As the train started to move, I looked around in the car from my seat. Small bags hung from the luggage shelves, swinging from side to side along with the moving of the train. The lights were weak. The smells of oils, sweat, tobacco, socks and toilets filled the car. The window curtains seemed to have been picked up from a garbage can. Black and yellow marks dotted them. The wooden edge of the window by my seat had come. Black and yellow marks dotted them. The wooden edge of the window by my seat had come off and was oily like a butcher’s counter. Brown and dry apple bites, bread bits and melon seeds mixed with beer out of the can lay on the small table in front of me, so was a used newspaper beside one used chopstick.

I looked down. Five or six passengers sat on the floor, and one child even lay under a seat, sticking his feet out. Moving around the car would become a disaster. Even a brilliant ballet dancer on her tiptoe might find it hard to put her feet on. Most of those sitting on the floor were asleep, or half-sleep. From time to time they opened their eyes, taking a look at their luggage, and moved their bodies to keep their territory (领地) inviolate.

There were also noses. There was laughter and arguments of four men in their poker game. Two women, standing beside quarreled. A boy, excited, blew his whistles hard. An old lady seemed to lecture her grandson, who tore a hole in his trousers.

Suddenly, the train came to a stop. An apple flew away from a hanging bad, bounced off a woman’s shoulder, and hit the head of a man sitting on the floor. Bottles were broken. Swearing, crying and shouting all came into an explosion.

1.Which of the following can best describe the environment on the train?

A. Warm, comfortable but noisy.

B. Messy, dirty and crowded.

C. Quiet, harmonious but smelly.

D. Bright, busy and pleasant.

2.What did the author see on the coach?

A. A ballet dancer standing on the floor.

B. A table shaped like a butcher’s counter.

C. A newspaper and a chopstick lying on the table.

D. The train curtains picked up from a trash can.

3.How does the author develop the passage?

A. By describing real scenes.

B. By following space order.

C. By comparing different behaviors.

D. By following time order.


Every year, billions of kilograms of fresh produce are wasted in the United States. Meanwhile, millions of poor Americans go hungry, without access to healthy and affordable meals.

Evan Lutz is enthusiastic about correcting that social injustice. And he combines that goal with enthusiasm for business, Lutz is CEO and founder of Hungry Harvest, a business which collects and sells “ugly” produce. These are fruits and vegetables that most food companies would throw away. More than six billion pounds are wasted each year due to surface imperfections.

“So I’ll give you an example.” Lutz says, “If you go to a grocery store you will see all the produce lineup shiny, perfect, of the same size and color. But on a farm, everything doesn’t grow the same way. So all that stuff that doesn’t grow the same way often gets thrown out. And what we do is take all that normally gets thrown out because of its odd size or shape, box it up and deliver it to our customers once a week.”

For Evan Lutz, giving back to others came from his upbringing.

“When I was growing up my parents taught me the values of giving back, and giving is a lot more powerful than receiving. We sell produce with a purpose and that doesn’t just mean we reduce food from going to waste. We hire people that were formerly in prison or were formerly injured or sick living in homeless shelters. They really wanted to get back on their feet for a second chance in life.”

Evan Lutz is really happy to be realizing great mission that he thinks can really revolutionize the food industry in America.

1.The social injustice in Paragraph 2 refers to the fact that ________.

A. vegetables and fruits that don’t taste good get wasted

B. much produce gets wasted while many Americans starve

C. grocery stores only sell produce of the same size

D. poor Americans cannot afford healthy food

2.What business does Hungry Harvest mainly do?

A. Deliver food for free.

B. Raise money for the poor.

C. Collect “ugly” produce and sell it.

D. Buy “ugly” produce and process it.

3.Why does Evan Lutz hire those people mentioned in Paragraph 5?

A. To lower labor costs.    B. To increase productivity.

C. To offer them a job.    D. To enjoy a better reputation.

4.What can be a suitable title for the passage?

A. Creating More Jobs for the Less Fortunate

B. Putting Healthy Food on Dinner Table

C. Making Profits from Shiny Produce

D. Giving Unused Produce a Purpose


Amazing Facts About ELF Owls

The elf owl is mostly found in the southwestern parts of the United States and Mexico. During the spring and summer seasons, it moves to Arizona and New Mexico. It returns to Mexico for the winter. The elf owl doesn’t build its own nest. It lives in tree holes.

The elf owl is a yellow bird with dark wings. Its eyes are bright yellow and its feet are large. It is the smallest owl of the species, only about 12.5—14.5 centimeters long. It is also the world’s lightest owl, weighing not more than forty grams. In general, female elf owls weigh more than male ones.

The female usually lays three eggs at a time. After the young elf owls are born, their mother will feed them with worms for up to three to four weeks. After 10 weeks, the young ones are fully grown and ready to take flight.

The elf owls are not aggressive birds. When danger comes, they will fly away in the other direction, rather than staying and facing the danger or their enemies. Besides flying, the elf owl can also walk and climb like a parrot. The elf owl is most active duck, during the night and just before dawn. It can produce many different kinds of sounds. It can live for three to six years in the wild. If they are kept in cages, they can live for ten to fourteen years. The elf owls are now in danger because of the loss of habitat. Cutting down trees will result in lack of places for them to live in.

1.According to the first two paragraphs, the elf owl may ________.

A. live in Mexico in winter

B. have yellow wings

C. have big and dark eyes

D. build its nest in trees

2.What can we learn from the text?

A. The female elf owl lays one egg at a time

B. The elf owl can live no longer than six years

C. The elf owl sleeps at night and searches for food during the daytime

D. The female elf owl provides her young with food for three to four weeks

3.What is a characteristic of the elf owl?

A. It prefers to live in cages.

B. It has a gentle character.

C. It is not good at climbing.

D. It is most active during the day.

4.Where can we most probably find the text?

A. In a science fiction.

B. In a tourist guide.

C. On a shopping website.

D. In a wildlife magazine.


While I was waiting in line at a coffee shop earlier, a woman drove alongside the queue in a mobility scooter (踏板车). There was only a _____ space between the line of people and the tables, which she ___ to drive along. She drove over my foot and did not __ saying nothing at all.

I got annoyed and expected she would have ____, but then I just decided to ____ it and got down to selecting which pastry (点心) to go with my coffee. The lady and I ended up sitting at adjacent (邻近的) tables. She was on the end of a row so that she could park her ____ . After about half an hour, when she had ___ her coffee, she got up and back onto her scooter. It ____ start. She tried to turn the key several times ____ she telephoned the place she purchased it from.

An engineer ______ within five minutes. The place must have been local. I could not

_____ overhearing their conversation, and it turned out she had just____ the scooter that morning. This was her very first outing in it. She felt really ______ about driving it.____, she wasn’t used to its speed, nor its ______, and this combination made it quite _____ to drive it through narrow gaps.

Suddenly, I felt _____ for the lady. It really didn’t ____ me at all that she’d driven over my foot. I had made an assumption, _____, that a person doing that should apologize.

Next time you’re about to _____ someone, pause for a second and remind yourself that people have judged you without knowing what was going on in your mind or your life.

1.A. private    B. vast    C. public    D. narrow

2.A. attempted    B. promised    C. declined    D. guaranteed

3.A. call back    B. give up    C. look back    D. cheer up

4.A. ignored    B. apologized    C. explained    D. forgiven

5.A. dismissed    B. made    C. deserved    D. inspected

6.A. truck    B. bike    C. car    D. scooter

7.A. poured    B. finished    C. ordered    D. purchased

8.A. needn’t    B. shouldn’t    C. wouldn’t    D. mustn’t

9.A. so    B. until    C. unless    D. before

10.A. broke in    B. turned up    C. ran away    D. settleddown

11.A. tolerate    B. allow    C. resist    D. postpone

12.A. collected    B. stolen    C. fixed    D. abandoned

13.A. concerned    B. excited    C. confident    D. nervous

14.A. Doubtfully    B. Certainly    C. Fortunately    D. Surprisingly

15.A. width    B. length    C. weight    D. height

16.A. cool    B. convenient    C. stressful    D. desperate

17.A. pleasure    B. regret    C. appreciation    D. sympathy

18.A. strike    B. bother    C. satisfy    D. motivate

19.A. otherwise    B. therefore    C. however    D. besides

20.A. judge    B. hug    C. persuade    D. tease


Tips of Avoiding the Computer or Internet Addiction

The Internet has been widely used in recent years. It is a convenient way to share information, do business and contact others. 1. Getting rid of the addiction requires discipline and commitment. Here are some steps that may help your kids to overcome the Internet addiction.

First, you should try to find out just how much time your kids are spending online. Track the information for a few weeks and try to separate time spent on homework or research and time spent playing. Compare this to the amount of time spent with friends, at clubs, in activities and for hobbies. 2.

3. In my house, the family computer sits in the living room. At no time is someone allowed to be “behind closed doors” with a computer. Not only does this help honest people stay honest, but it helps to connect to your teens when they are online. Besides, it is easier to monitor your teens’ time online.

4. Don’t speak of the fact that they are online all the time, but try to get to the root cause. Often someone gets online because he/she feels safe there. Talk to your teens about what is going on in their life. If they will not talk to you, then find a way to connect your teens to the people they contact in real life.

Lastly, remember that if an Internet addiction is growing, your kids need help. In many cases, the Internet is a safe place for people with poor self-esteem, negative self-image, or for people who have been hurt. 5.

If there is a problem, and a person needs help, these symptoms will continue to worsen until they get help.

A. If things are out of balance, try to correct them.

B. There are some disadvantages of getting online.

C. Second, move computers out of your children’s rooms.

D. It is a good idea to contact the teacher for help if possible.

E. Also, if your kids spend too much time online, talk to them.

F. Unfortunately, some people develop an addiction to the Internet.

G. It is the same with people with eating disorders or drug addictions.


A warm drink of milk before bed has long been the best choice for those wanting a good night’s sleep. But now a study has found it really does help people nod off — if it is milked from a cow at night.

Researchers have discovered that “night milk” contains more melatonin (褪黑激素), which has been proven to help people feel sleepy and reduce anxiety.

The study, by researchers from Seoul, South Korea, involved mice being fed with dried milk powder made from cows milked both during the day and at night.

Those given night milk, which contained 10 times the amount of melatonin, were less active and less anxious than those fed with the milk collected during daytime, according to the study published in The Journal of Medicinal Food.

Night milk quickened the start of sleep and caused the mice to sleep longer.

While the effect of cows’ milk harvested at different time has not been tested on humans up to now, taking melatonin drugs has been suggested to those who are struggling to fall asleep at night.

Previous studies have also indicated that milk can be excellent for helping sleep because of the calcium content, which helps people to relax.

Milk is also sugar-free and additive-free with nutritionists recommending skimmed milk as the best choice before bed as it is the least fattening. The more fat you take in before bedtime, the greater burden you will put on your body at night.

1.According to the text, the mice fed with daytime milk_______.

A. started sleep more easily    B. were more anxious

C. were less active    D. woke up later

2.Which of the following is true of melatonin according to the text?

A. It’s been tested on mice for ten times.    B. It can make people more energetic.

C. It exists in milk in great amount.    D. It’s used in sleeping drugs.

3.What can be a suitable title for the text?

A. Night Milk and Sleep    B. Fat, Sugar and Health

C. An Experiment on Mice    D. Milk Drinking and Health

4.How does the author support the theme of the text?

A. By giving examples.            B. By stating arguments.

C. By explaining statistical data.    D. By providing research results.


The way you stand can identify whether you will suffer from aches and pains in the back or neck in later life, the British Chiropractic Association has said. Whether you are a “spoon”, “bridge”, “leaning tower” or “flat-back” will determine your risk of having problems later.

A quarter of women suffer pain lasting between one and three days starting at the relatively young age of 34, the survey found. While previous indicators have focused on body shapes, with larger-breasted women and “apple” shapes being seen as a warning sign, this new research shows posture (姿势) could be key in preventing back pain.

“Leaning tower” women whose heads lean forward — are most likely to report pain, with almost six in ten with this posture already suffering. Being a “bridge” with an arched back was the second worse posture, followed by a “spoon” position with rounded shoulders but a flat back. And a change in posture can be far less demanding than a crash diet or an exercise programme.

“Flat back” ladies, who keep their backs flat are the most likely to avoid pain with a fifth reporting they have never suffered back or neck aches in their lives. Tim Hutchful, a member of the British Chiropractic Association said, “Rather than worrying about being an ‘apple’ or an ‘hourglass’ , we want people to think about what they look like from the side. The perfect posture should give you a side-on appearance with your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in line. ” People who want to improve their back and neck pain symptoms through a better posture should try imagining they have a plumb line (铅垂线) hanging straight from their ears to ankles —with everything in the middle sitting on the same line. One way to do this is to try standing in a relaxed way and then gently pressing together the abdominal muscles (腹肌).

1.Which posture holds the greatest risk of back pain?

A. “Spoon”.    B. “Bridge”.    C. “Leaning tower”.    D. “Flat back”.

2.What should people care about if they want to avoid back pain?

A. Their exercise.    B. Their body shape.

C. Their daily diet.    D. Their side-on appearance.

3.What does Tim Hutchful recommend?

A. Having an “hourglass” shape.    B. Keeping a “flat back” posture.

C. Building abdominal muscles.    D. Hanging a plumb line from one’s ear.

4.From the text we can infer that ________.

A. previously people blame body shape for back pain

B. we should lean slightly forward to avoid back pain

C. a “bridge” holds less risk of back pain than a “spoon”

D. your side-on appearance determines your body shape


You use her as a shoulder to cry on. She texts you back with casual jokes. But she, Xiaoice, is only a virtual chatbot.

Xiaoice, Microsoft’s latest artificial intelligence robot, was briefly released in 2014, and returned to WeChat in 2015, where she became a big hit. Millions of young Chinese now exchange messages with her daily, The New York Times reported. On WeChat, Xiaoice is an official account. After following it, users can start text-based conversations with Xiaoice.

“Her incredible learning ability was why people loved to talk with Xiaoice,” Liu Jinchang, a researcher at High-tech Research and Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology, told China Daily. Apart from her ability to identify photos and send emojis (表情符号) in conversations, Xiaoice gains 45 percent of her knowledge from interacting with users, China Daily reported.

Chatbot programs first appeared in the mid-1960s in the US. Driven by top tech companies, they are becoming smarter and more common. For instance, IBM’s latest artificial intelligence program served as an academic consultant at Australia’s Deakin University, answering students’ questions about course schedules and financial aid. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have been used as voice assistants who can read news, play music and even make jokes for their users.

These programs are expected to move beyond smartphones, into televisions, cars and living rooms. The New York Times pointed out. However, it may take decades before scientists develop a “Samantha”, the advanced chatbot seen in the fiction film Her. In the film, Samantha sparks a romantic relationship with her user played by US actor Joaquin Phoenix. Many viewers were enthusiastic about this fantasy of virtual soul mates.

1.What does the underlined part in Paragraph Two mean?

A. She became a best seller.    B. She became very powerful.

C. She became a money maker.    D. She became very popular.

2.Which of the following can Xiaoice do?

A. Do housework.    B. Spread messages.

C. Identify various photos.    D. Read news to its users.

3.Which company’s chatbot program can act as an academic consultant?

A. Microsoft.    B. IBM.    C. Apple.    D. Amazon.

4.What can be learned from the last paragraph?

A. Chatbots mainly run on smartphones now.

B. It’ll take decades to apply chatbots to cars.

C. Samantha is played by a US actor in the film.

D. The film Her doesn’t interest many audience.


Welcome to Arundel Castle which is situated in West Sussex, England. The castle has a history of nearly 1000 years and has welcomed visitors traveling from all over the world. Arundel Castle also plays a starring role in many films.

The Gardens

The White Garden is planted with soft white Iceberg Roses, and Snow White Lilies.

The Rose Garden is newly planted with lovely old-fashioned English roses that are at their very best in June and July.

The Organic Kitchen Garden produces a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, pears, cherries and apples.

The Castle Shop

In the Castle Shop, you will discover a wide and interesting range of gift ideas for everyone. It offers gifts and souvenirs designed to appeal to all tastes and pockets. Foods, china, books, and stationery (文具) are all available. Many are sold in this Castle Shop only.

At Arundel Castle we pride ourselves on supporting local suppliers and actively encourage environmentally friendly products.

The Arundel Festival 2014

Saturday 16th to Monday 25th August

The annual Arundel Festival gets bigger and better every year. It is one of the most amazing, diverse and easily accessible arts festivals in the UK, offering a mix of visual arts, music, theatre and street entertainment.


Coaches and mini-buses can drop off at the main Castle entrance in Mill Road and park in the main town car park that is opposite the Castle entrance. Please inform us when making your booking of how many parking permits are required.

1.What can you do when visiting the castle?

A. See how the local gifts are being made.

B. Get old-fashioned English roses as gifts.

C. Buy eco-friendly products in the Castle Shop.

D. Get seasonal fruits and vegetables free of charge.

2.How long does the Arundel Festival last this year?

A. 10 days.    B. One week.    C. 16 days.    D. One month.

3.Where can you park the coach?

A. In Mill Road.    B. In the main town car park.

C. Inside the Castle.    D. At the main Castle entrance.


假设你是李华,你校的英文报纸最近开设了“我最喜欢的校园活动(My Favorite Campus activity)” 专栏,请你给你的美国朋友Tom写一封电子邮件,向他约稿,介绍他最喜欢的校园活动。要点如下:

1. 专栏内容介绍

2. 向Tom约稿




Dear Tom,











On behalf for our school, I would like to express our warmly welcome to you. We are lucky to have us here in the middle of our English Week activities. As scheduled, we had English Talent Show today. The purpose of this programme is develop our interest in English learning and practical abilities in listening and spoken. The programme consists of the following activities: recitation, singing, word spelling, story told and so on. The Show will begin at two o'clock this afternoon at the Student Center. Dear guests, you are welcome to take a part in our activities. I hope we students will benefit great from your presence. I sincerely hope you a pleasant time with us. Thank you.


Dear Sir,

I’m a student of Senior 3. I am writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve had about 1.to board in the school or at home.

Many of our parents and teachers ask us to board in the school. They say it will be very 2. (convenience) for us to ask questions whenever necessary. Besides, they think 3. (board) will make 4.possible to make full use of our time in the evening, and that we can also develop the ability 5.(look) after ourselves and be independent.

However, we students have our own thoughts. On our way to school 6. back home, we can get7.relax). It is quiet at home and we can study8.efficient). What’s more, staying at home in the evening, we are free to learn9.we think we’re not good at.

In my own opinion, I think it is a good idea to stay at home in the evening. When we stay at home, we can arrange our time to study certain subjects and develop some other interests. As we are leaving home to stay in college quite soon, we should value the time10.we can spend with our parents.


Li Hua


假如你是李华,3月1日在英国某网站购买了一本英文原版小说Pride and Prejudice。收到货后,你发现书封面破损并存在缺页现象,请你就此向网站客服写封电子邮件投诉。



Dear Sir or Madam

I'm sorry to trouble you but                                                                   




                                                                  Yours sincerely,

                                                                       Li Hua








Nowadays there are some students use cellphones to copy teachers’ lecture notes. They think that taking notes with cellphones instead of by the hand can save time, that can be used in studies.

    In my opinion, cellphones are either good nor bad. It depend on how we use it. We should make properly use of cellphones. Cellphones are much easy for us to copy notes and more convenient to search what we need. However, we should remember that cellphones in the classroom can lead to lazy.


Today we are going to celebrate the coming of winter with an adventure story.

Our story begins on a distant mountaintop. It is in the coldest part of winter, with the wind1. (howl) outside. Snow mixed with freezing rain has wiped out the 2. (safe) of the roads for travel. Even walking outside is dangerous. So, the four chandlers of our story, as well as a small group of other travelling bird-watchers, 3. (stick) indoors at the Ice Castle Inn. 4. the name suggests, the inn, located at a remote mountaintop, is an old castle that is now a vacation spot for bird-watchers.

These four people are total 5.(strange). The only thing they have in common is a 6. (share) interest on snow birds. But for now, they all have to postpone their plans 7. the winter storm passes. What they don’t know is that the 8. (violence) storm outside is just the tip of the iceberg. More danger exists, but they cannot see 9..

As the days go by, the snow only falls harder 10. the Ice Castle Inn. The land line phones no longer work. Neither do cell phones. No rescue vehicles have come to clear the roads. They are truly snowed in.


It's not unusual to be caught in your life. When you get caught in a moment, you should remember that somewhere out there, someone always comes along with a pocket full of_______.

Yesterday I spent all my coins and dollar _______ on little deeds I had _______ breakfast because I got up late. Because of the mad rush, I forgot my _______.When 1 was on my way to _______ my lunch, a person in need asked me if I could _______ him some cash, so I decided to lend him first.

So, then later in the evening, I was heading home _______waiting for dinner. _______, I got a call from my mum saying that she was to work _______and wouldn't be able to prepare dinner for me.________there was no food in the house. I told my mum not to worry ________ I would surely find myself something to cat.

While I was still________ this sudden set of changes in my food options for the day. I passed a young man with a broad smile ________ samples(样品) of cookies at a supermarket, he gave me a packet and said. "How about you ________some more for school tomorrow ________ that. I returned a warm ________ to him and opened up my bag. He gladly filled it with 20 packets. I was ________.

Whether you call it luck or fortune, I ________wanted to say that somewhere out there somebody came along carrying a pocket of hope in his ________ and shared a piece of it with me! Somebody out there will one day do________ for you!

1.A. Hope    B. chance    C. luck    D. food

2.A. Checks    B. cash    C. bills    D. change

3.A. Had    B. skipped    C. left    D. taken

4.A. bag    B. keys    C. purse    D. lunch

5.A. Serve    B. cook    C. buy    D. prepare

6.A. give    B. spare    C. pay    D. show

7.A. disappointedly    B. gratefully    C. anxiously    D. willingly

8.A. However    B. Therefore    C. Besides    D. Instead

9.A. Well    B. late    C. hard    D. alone

10.A. Since    B. As if    C. When    D. Even though

11.A. because    B. so    C. before    D. after

12.A. processing    B. introducing    C. nuking    D. seeking

13.A. finding out    B. handing out    C. putting up    D. using up

14.A. adopting    B. exchanging    C. supplying    D. taking

15.A. Contrary to    B. Opposed to    C. Owing to    D. In response to

16.A. smile    B. welcome    C. laughing    D. affection

17.A. confused    B. worried    C. excited    D. puzzled

18.A. seriously    B. nearly    C. normally    D. simply

19.A. coat    B. mind    C. heart    D. packet

20.A. a lot    B. the same    C. much    D. some



Maybe you often have arguments with your parents about clothes, homework, friends and many other personal things.1.Most teenagers must be sorry or even frightened when their parents fight. They might think their parents don't love each other any more and that it would result in divorce.

2.They might disagree about important things like jobs or major family decisions. They might even disagree about little things that don’t seem important at all—Like what’s for dinner or what time someone gets home. Maybe sometimes parents can feel so strongly about their differences that it may lead to arguments. However, these arguments are often over quickly.3.

As a family member, you should find out what it really means when your parents fight. When your parents get upset with each other, they might cry or say things they don’t really mean. Most people lose their cool now and then, so if your parents arc fighting, don’t worry too much about it.4.

If your parents' fight really bothers you, you might find it hard to sleep or go to school.5.They may not even realize how upset you are until you tell them how their arguments affect you. You can also tell other relatives, a teacher or a friend.

Just remember that no family is perfect and arguments are common in every family.

A. Try to find a good way to solve it.

B. Parents might fight over small things

C. You should never argue with your parents.

D. But what’s going on when your parents fight with each other?

E. In fact, it is normal for parents to disagree and argue from time to time.

F. If this happens, try talking to one or both of your parents about their behavior.

G. Parent may apologize and make up and the family gets back into its usual way.


2015 was an extremely dangerous year for journalists. 69 media representatives lost their lives around the world. 28 of them were killed by Islamic terrorist groups close to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. 8 journalists were killed in January, when the office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked in Paris.

    The Committee to Protect Journalists(CPJ) has reported that Syria was the most dangerous place for journalists in 2015. 13 reporters were killed in a state that has been suffering from civil war. Sudan, Bangladesh and Brazil are among other countries in which journalists were killed. Many of them were sent to cover civil wars, corruption and human rights issues.

    In addition, several journalists were kidnapped(绑架) and are still being held in prison. The most typical is a Washington Post journalist who has been imprisoned in Iran for over one and a half years On Wednesday he will spend his 527th day in prison, taken away not only freedom but also justice. At the end of 2015, 199 journalists were held in prison in 28 countries around the world, including Egypt and Turkey.

    Media experts believe that criminals and militant(激进的) organizations are becoming more and more threatening towards journalists. In the past vehicles that were marked with a PRESS sign got more protection and were not targeted. Although western countries are strongly against it when something happens to journalists, there is often nothing they can do about it. Warring sides sometimes use kidnapped journalists to get media attention.

1.How many journalists died during the attack on Charlie Hebdo?

A. 8.    B. 13.    C. 69.    D. 119.

2.Which of the following is True according to the text?

A. Most journalists were killed in Sudan.

B. A committee has been found to protect journalists.

C. The Washington Post journalist was kidnapped three years ago.

D. Western countries work well in protecting journalists.

3.Why did people mark a PRESS sign on their cars?

A. To be better protected.    B. To draw media attention.

C. To show their anger.    D. To call for help.

4.What may be the best title for the text?

A. Fighting for Terrorist Groups    B. Keeping off the Killings

C. A Dangerous Year for Journalists    D. Dangerous Places for Journalists


The world’s longest 3rd deepest railway underground passage, the Gotthard Base Tunnel, opened on 1 June 2016 after many years of construction. Trains can travel at speeds of up to 250 km an hour through the 57 km long tunnel. It took 17 years to complete and cost $12 billion. A total of 2,600 workers involved in building the tunnel had to excavate more than 28 million tons of rocks. Nine people died during the construction. The engineering milestone will bring southern Germany and northern Italy closer together.

    Gattardino shuttle trains will be running between the two endpoints of the tunnel and make a stop at Sedrun, a mountain station in the middle. 65 passenger and 240 freight(货物) trains are expected to travel through the tunnel every day. The Gotthard Base Tunnel will reduce the time it takes trains to pass through the Alps, which have been a natural barrier to travel. In the past traders and merchants had to use mountain passes to travel from north to south. The first Gotthard rail tunnel opened in 1882, but as time went on, it could not handle the growing traffic.

    In the 1990s, Swiss citizens approved of a government plan to build a new tunnel. The main purpose of the Gotthard Base Tunnel is to increase local transport capacity(容量) through the Alpine barrier, especially for freight. This not only significantly reduces the danger of deadly road crashes involving trucks, but also reduces the environmental damage caused by the ever-increasing amount of freight carried by heavy trucks. The new tunnel is expected to reduce road traffic crossing the Alps as more and more truck companies will put their freight on Swiss trains.

1.Which of the following can replace the underlined word “excavate” in Paragraph 1?

A. bury    B. wash    C. weigh    D. remove

2.What is the main purpose of building the tunnel through the Alps?

A. To allow more trains to pass through.    B. To enlarge the mountain passes.

C. To control the growing road traffic.    D. To reduce the cost of truck companies.

3.What can we learn from the text?

A. Gottardino shuttle trains will run through the tunnel without stopping.

B. More passenger trains will travel through the tunnel than freight trains.

C. Constructing the tunnel can be hard and dangerous.

D. There is only one rail tunnel running through the Alps.

4.Where is the text probably taken from?

A. A travel guide.    B. A fiction story.    C. A fashion magazine.    D. A news report.


More and more people, especially in developed countries, arc becoming older. In the United States there are currently over 40 million people aged 65 and over, more than 10 million are over 85. Caring for these senior citizens is becoming a necessity, and a big industry.

    Traditionally, care for the elderly has taken place in an extended family, where grandparents live at home and are helped by other family members. However, as more and more young people enter the work force full time they cannot care for their parents or grandparents any more. There are more than 10,000 organizations that provide care for the elderly. More than 1,000 were founded last year alone. Ordinary people quit their jobs and start private care centers, where they offer senior citizens their services.

    One of the most difficult aspects of such an organization is finding the right people to do the job. Caring for the elderly is not an easy task. It requires skill and patience. Among daily tasks are preparing meals, washing older people, or simply keeping them company. Many care workers quit because they find it very depressing(令人沮丧的). It is important to help the elderly stay mobile as long as possible. When they cannot walk or climb stairs they need more help: thus costs become higher. Care workers concentrate on exercises to help them stay mobile. In many cases assisted living replaces round-the-clock health care. Elderly people need help with some daily tasks but can mostly live on their own. It also costs less than full nursing care.

    While wealthy Americans turn to private care centers, those who are poorer cannot pay for the services because Medicare does not cover it. Not all countries offer health care provided by the state. In Asia and Africa, for example, older people are cared for by family members.

1.Why are more and more private care centers started?

A. Many people can't find other jobs.    B. Caring for the elderly is an easy task.

C. Many young people take full time jobs.    D. Care workers can get well paid.

2.Who pays for the service in the care center?

A. Medicare.    B. The state.    C. The family.    D. Care centers.

3.What is the third paragraph in the text mainly about?

A. Reasons to start a care center.    B. Skills that care workers need.

C. Costs for nursing care.    D. Difficulties in running a care centre.

4.How many daily tasks for nursing care are mentioned in the text?

A. Three.    B. Four.    C. Five.    D. Six.


Here’s the news from BBC. Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, sends her wishes to those who celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year at Chinese New Year Reception 2017.

"I would like to start by welcoming everybody here to Number 10 Downing Street my office but also my home. And it’s wonderful to see so many people here and to see the building so beautifully decorated, actually, for Chinese New Year. And I'm delighted that Chinese New Year is an annual celebration in this house just as it is across Britain and across the world.

Today is the beginning of the Year of the Rooster, more specifically, the Year of the Fire Rooster, which I’m told comes every 60 years. Our ambition is to make Britain a country where whoever you are, whatever your background, you can go as far as your talents will take you. And I think that in the British Chinese community, we have an excellent example. Ever since the first Chinese settlers came to this country, in the port cities of Liverpool, Cardiff and London, you’ve been a model of integration(融入) and success. Chinese enterprises, from food to finance, manufacturing to the arts, is a successful support of the British economy.

We want to follow that example, to ensure that whoever they are, they're able to reach their potential.

So as we end the Year of the Fire Monkey, a year in which I was born, let us welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster, approach it with that openness, confidence, hard work and leadership, build that Global Britain, growing our relationship and our strategic(战略的) partnership with China as we do so. And let me wish you and your families a very happy and healthy New Year."

1.Why did Theresa May deliver the speech?

A. To honor some successful oversea Chinese.

B. To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

C. To forecast the Year of the Fire Rooster.

D. To welcome students studying in England.

2.What can we infer from the text?

A. All oversea Chinese celebrate the New Year.

B. The Year of the Rooster comes before the Year of the Monkey.

C. Chinese enterprises make great contributions to the British economy.

D. Everyone can reach their potential in England.

3.What’s Theresa May’s attitude towards Chinese working in England?

A. Appreciative.    B. Negative.    C. Casual.    D. Ambiguous.



1. 个人优势(如性格、语言能力等)。

2. 辅导计划




3. 信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入词数。


蓝天希望小学Lantian Hope School  小学生pupil

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Li Hua from Class One, Senior Two. _________________________________________________






Yours Sincerely,

Li Hua


Dear Editor,

I'm a middle school student name Li Ming. I'm writing to tell you something. Recently I noticed many of my classmates often go to the cyber cafe near our school. I went there too in the other day. I was surprising to see many students playing computer games, watching films or chat. Some students were even talking about love affairs online. On my opinion, cyber cafes should be a place which we can find much useful information. The Internet should be a window to the outside world rather than place for games. The Internet is good if we make good use of him. Otherwise, it will give us great harm. So the local government should take measure to make sure that students use cyber cafes positively.


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