I wrote a business plan the other day. I gave it to my husband for suggestions. After reading it, he said, “I don't think this is up to your usual standards.” I said, “I need more information. What doesn't work?” He said he wasn't sure. I then took the letter and reread it.

He asked, “How about if I look at it again and make notes between the space?” I agreed. A half hour later I looked at his notes and told him he didn't understand the situation and what I really wanted to express. He shrugged (耸肩) and said OK. I took the letter and went back to my computer and again revised it. As I was writing, I could see my letter improving based on his suggestions. When I finished, I proudly handed the letter back to my husband. He read it for the third time and said, “It's still not right but I couldn't exactly say.” I was a little annoyed and then told him I was the writer and I had seen some goofy(愚蠢的) letters he sent out. But I picked up my letter and went back to the computer.

After an hour of revisions, I went back to my husband apologetically with the letter in my hand. I told him I was sorry for what I'd said and asked if he would please read the letter again because I did value his contribution. Being a very patient and kind­hearted fellow, he once again read my letter and declared that it was fine.

This all leads me to the following: when you ask for advice on a project, be appreciative and grateful. Understand that the advice and suggestions you get may be negative. Understand that it may mean more work for you. And keep in mind that the final responsibility for the project is still yours. So be modest and thankful even if he or she has noted some problems.

1.Why did the author give her business plan to her husband at first?

A. To show off her excellent work.

B. To have him type it on the computer.

C. To ask him to make some changes from all details.

D. To ask him to give her some advice.

2.We can infer from the passage that the author's husband was________.

A. selfish, proud and determined

B. good at expressing himself

C. honest, kind and patient

D. humorous, active and careful

3.The author wants to tell us that if you ask for suggestions, ________.

A. do accept all suggestions from the givers

B. don't get upset if some are negative

C. do keep silent before taking action

D. do be grateful and confident


Busy healthcare providers in need of Basic Life Support CPR (心肺复苏术) classes can now register to take them on Saturday mornings through CPR Certification Houston.

American Heart Association Certified BLS CPR for Healthcare Providers classes are available on Saturday mornings at CPR Certification Houston, 1121 Delano St, Houston, Texas, 77003. Booking information can be obtained by calling (281) 377­8918. These classes offer more convenience to nurses, emergency medical technicians,  teachers and others in need of AHA BLS CPR/AED certification who struggle to fit the class into their busy schedules.

CPR Certification Houston is recognized by the American Heart Association. CPR Certification Houston's Basic Life Support CPR and AED for adults, children and infants classes are the exact CPR certification that nurses and other healthcare providers need.

Students learn how to perform CPR on infants, children and adults as well as fibrillation (心房颤动) and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED体外自动除颤器). The same class is offered to everyone including non­healthcare providers like nannies and personal trainers. That way they can ensure that they are as qualified and as confident in saving lives as possible no matter where they work.

The company strives to provide the Houston community with the best quality CPR for the best possible price. Its goal is to leave a positive footprint in its community and to make a difference to the number of lives that get saved every day.

Private group lessons and first aid classes are also available.

CPR Certification Houston is located at 1121 Delano St, Houston, Texas, 77003. Call 281­377­8918 to register.


Doug Jones

Address: 1121 Delano St, Houston, Texas 77003

Phone: 281­377­8918



1.What can people do by connecting 281­377­8918?

A. Get certain certification.

B. Order BLS CPR classes.

C. Find out class providers' schedules.

D. Know about the information of classes.

2.Who are BLS CPR classes intended for?

A. Busy people.    B. Elderly teachers.

C. Serious patients.    D. School students.

3.Why are the CPR classes offered to everyone?

A. To train medical interns.    B. To promote their popularity.

C. To perform CPR for patients.    D. To help them deal with emergency.

4.What is CPR Certification Houston special for?

A. Free CPR classes.    B. AEDs sold to patients.

C. Its help to the Houston community.    D. Classes for people with heart diseases.







参考词汇:Beijing Opera 京剧;quintessence 精华,精粹;ornate 华丽的

Dear Peter,




Li Hua



增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号 (∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。





When I was in Junior Middle School, I once quarrel with my favorite teacher Mr. Yang because he criticized me strictly. Before that, I was so ashamed that I had no courages to see him again. To my surprised, Mr. Yang found me or apologized to me for his sharp words the next day. He had said he could understand why I was so angry at that moment. Mr. Yang also hoped I could understand that he was so strict with me if he thought I should have behaved better. How he had said made me very touching. Therefore, I was determined to let him down any longer.


Most heavy teens’ attempts1.(lose) don’t work, but a new study shows a big secret of those who do succeed.

They do it more2. their own sake rather than to impress their peers or please their parents.

“Most parents have the view that their teens are 3.(large) influenced by other people’s perceptions of them,” said Chad Jensen, 4. psychologist at Brigham Young University. “Our 5.(finding) suggest that teens have motivations that are more intrinsic. One implication is 6. parents should help to focus their teen on healthy behaviours for the sake of being healthy more than for social acceptance.

Jensen and his students at BYU looked in depth at the success stories of 40 formerly overweight teens. On average the participants shed 30 pounds, 7.(move) them from the obese to the normal weight category. They also maintained their healthier weight for a full year. More than 60 percent8. (describe) their health as the primary motive. About 43 percent identified peer acceptance as a factor.

In another interview, nearly all of the teens emphasized that it was their own9. (decide) to lose weight. According to teens, parents provided the most help simply by modeling healthy behaviours and 10.(provide) healthier options for meals and snacks.


My heart beat with that feeling, like blood to my body as my fingers flew across the piano keys. As the piece neared the end, I ____ up to take my final bow. For a second, the room was ________. Yet, even in that one second, I had enough time to ____ whether I had done perfectly. Then, ____ , the applause (掌声) came.

“Thank you… so much,” I said, _____ to the person standing on my other side. Olga, my piano teacher for six years, smiled back at me. “You’ve been an ____ student all these years,” she said, “I hope that whatever you do, you never stop ______.”

I leaned forward, ____ I would keep playing because I loved piano, and hugged her.

As it ______, the promises weren’t as meaningful as I’d hoped. Right after the_____, I kept up my strict practicing schedule every day. ____, it began slipping away from me. The reason I had stopped taking ____ was because of my busy schedule with homework. Not long after, I stopped practicing altogether. It was ____ not to have to stress about piano anymore. But something was ______ inside of me I was empty inside.

One day I met Michelle, who had also taken piano lessons from Olga.

“Are you ____ taking lessons from Olga?” she asked.

“Actually I just quit a while ago,” I replied.

“That’s a ____,” she responded, “I remember your performance a year ago; it was ____.”

Two days after talking to Michelle, I was at a ____ what to do. I moved slowly into the living room unconsciously, but in fact I knew ____ what I was doing.

As the music ____, a familiar feeling rose inside me.

1.A. showed    B. sat    C. stood    D. looked

2.A. light    B. quiet    C. colorful    D. nervous

3.A. expect    B. remind    C. know    D. doubt

4.A. immediately    B. successfully    C. hopefully    D. suddenly

5.A. turning    B. waving    C. running    D. pointing

6.A. easy-going    B. imaginative    C. amazing    D. honest

7.A. practicing    B. learning    C. competing    D. gaining

8.A. telling    B. promising    C. admitting    D. speaking

9.A. carried on    B. brought up    C. turned out    D. taken in

10.A. performance    B. final    C. presentation    D. play

11.A. Soon    B. Besides    C. Thus    D. Instead

12.A. lectures    B. parts    C. lessons    D. pieces

13.A. disappointing    B. pleasing    C. inspiring    D. puzzling

14.A. beating    B. rising    C. changing    D. shinning

15.A. still    B. even    C. much    D. yet

16.A. shame    B. relief    C. pleasure    D. deal

17.A. challenging    B. breathtaking    C. demanding    D. embarrassing

18.A. time    B. heart    C. dream     D. loss

19.A. normally    B. exactly    C. unclearly    D. badly

20.A. ended    B. hit    C. covered    D. spread


1.Sometimes they try to get out of a class to escape a teacher they don’t like. Here is some advice to solve this problem.

Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this teacher?” Even if you don’t worship (崇拜) his or her personality or lectures, dig deep until you find a subject in which he or she is very knowledgeable. Focus on that part of the teacher’s personality, and use him or her as a tool for learning. Not only will you gain more knowledge in that subject, but a closer relationship with your teacher may help you understand one another better.2.

Talk to students who are doing well in the class and ask them for tips, tools, and a plan of action to get along with the teacher better.3.

If you still can’t get along, make an appointment with the school guidance counselor (辅导员). He or she will offer many tips and suggestions for you to get out of difficult teacher relationships.4.That means they can help you and your teachers get rid of the bad impression on each other.

5.Your parents can meet with your teacher and try to work it out.

Teachers are there for more than just homework, and they know about more than just their subject matter. They can help you learn how to function as an adult and a lifelong learner.

Undoubtedly, these will be a few teachers along the way who you will always remember and  who might change your life forever.

A. If your relationship problems can’t be solved in school, then it’s time to tell your parents or guardians.

B. If you’re too shy to talk to another student, study his or her actions and behavior in the classroom and try to follow that lead.

C. Students don’t always get along well with their teachers.

D. There must be something good in every teacher for you to learn from.

E. Students find it easy to get along well with their teachers.

F. Sometimes a guidance counselor can act as a mediator between you and the teacher.

G. Guidance counselors have the right to blame teachers.


Does handwriting matter? Not very much, according to many educators. However, scientists say it is far too soon to declare handwriting is not important. New evidence suggests that the link between handwriting and educational development is deep.

Children not only learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand, but they are also better able to create ideas and remember information. In other words, it’s not only what we write that matters ---- but how.

A study led by Karin James, a psychologist at Indiana University, gave support to that view. A group of children, who had not learned to read and write, were offered a letter or a shape on a card and asked to copy it in one of three ways: draw the image on a page but with a dotted outline(虚线), draw it on a piece of blank white paper, or type it on a computer. Then the researchers put the children in a brain scanner and showed them the image again.

It was found that when children had drawn a letter freehand without a dotted outline or a computer, the activity in three areas of the brain were increased. These three areas work actively in adults when they read and write. By contrast, children who chose the other two ways showed no such effect. Dr. James attributes the differences to the process of free handwriting: not only must we first plan and take action in a way but we are also likely to produce a result that is variable. Those are not necessary when we have an outline.

It’s time for educators to change their mind and pay more attention to children’s handwriting.

1.What do scientists mean by saying “it is far too soon to declare handwriting is not important”?

A. Handwriting is not very important to children.

B. Handwriting should not be ignored at present.

C. Handwriting has nothing to do with education.

D. Handwriting can not be learned in a short time.

2.What does “that view” in Para. 3 refer to?

A. How we write is as important as what we write.

B. Children read quickly when they write by hand.

C. Children create ideas and remember information.

D. A group of students should know what to write.

3.Which is NOT the children’s task in the experiment?

A. Copy the image on a page but with a dotted outline.

B. Draw the image on a piece of blank white paper.

C. Put a brain scanner and show the image again.

D. Type the image directly on a computer.

4.According to the passage, the author obviously  _______  giving up handwriting.

A. is for    B. is against

C. is responsible for    D. doesn’t care about


“She goes to the movies with her friends! How come I can’t go?”

“You love him more than me!”

“I wish I were an only child!”

Parents have heard them all when more than one child resides under their roof. Although siblings(兄弟姐妹) can be the closest of friends, it’s rare to find a child who gets along perfectly with all of his or her siblings.

Kids aren’t always the most rational of human beings----especially younger children. Sometimes, the smallest issue can turn into a major battle and strain a sibling relationship to the breaking point.

Attention. Children are always vying(竞争) for their parents’ attention. The busier the parents are, the greater demand is for their attention and the less they can focus on each child. When there’s a new baby, it can be hard for the other child (or children) to accept losing his or her position as the centre of attention. Sometimes the parents’ attention is focused on a child who is sick or has special needs. Kids will act out and misbehave to get the attention they want if they feel like they’re being ignored.

Sharing.Most homes don’t have unlimited resources. That means all siblings will unavoidably have to share at least some of their things. Giving up a toy or other favorite possessions to a sibling can be especially hard on young children.

Unique personalities. Your oldest child might be the headstrong one while the youngest is quieter and more introverted. Differences in character can lead to clashes. Age and gender differences can also lead to sibling fighting.

Fairness problems. Children are like little lawyers, always asking fairness and equality and fighting for what they consider are their natural-born rights. A younger sibling might complain that her elder sister goes to a concert and she has to stay home, while the elder sister complains that she has to babysit her little sister instead of going out with her friends. Feeling of unfair treatment and sibling jealousy can lead to hate.

1.The first three sentences are a kind of _______.

A. warning    B. requirements

C. complains    D. doubts

2.From the last paragraph we learn that _______.

A. children don’t like to do things for parents

B. children expect to be treated fairly

C. children have the right to play outside

D. children want to become lawyers

3.The purpose of writing this passage is to _________.

A. introduce the different characters of children

B. require parents to pay equal attention to children

C. give advice on dealing with sibling rivalry

D. explain the root of sibling conflict


Most people say that they do not usually feel confident. But exciting things can happen when we actually believe in ourselves. Here is a man who believed in his own ability even as a boy, and that confidence helped shape his adult life.

At the turn of the last century, a young boy quit school to help with the family expenses. When he was fifteen, he became interested in automobiles(汽车) and worked in a garage. He subscribed to a correspondence course on automobiles and, after a long day in the garage, studied at the kitchen table in the lamplight.

When he felt ready, he walked into the Frayer-Miller Automobile Company of Columbus, Ohio. When Mr. Frayer noticed him, he asked, “Well, what do you want?”

“I just thought I’d tell you I’m coming to work here tomorrow morning,” the boy replied. 

“Oh! Who hired you?”

“Nobody yet, but I’ll be on the job in the morning. If I’m not worth anything, you can fire me.”

Early the next morning the boy returned to the plant. Noticing the floor was thick with metal shavings and accumulated dirt, the boy got a broom and set out to clean the place.

Because of his self-confidence and work ethic, the boy’s future was predictable. He went on to stand out in many fields, including automobile racing, piloting World War I planes and founding one of America’s largest airline companies ---- Eastern Airlines.

People who become more confident habitually encourage themselves. Without confidence, we are not likely to move far in the direction of our dreams. It is important that we always believe in ourselves. In order to reach victory, we must believe in ourselves even when we make mistakes

1.How did the boy learn knowledge concerning automobiles?

A. He attended school in the daytime.

B. He studied hard at home.

C. He read books in the garage where he worked.

D. He turned to some instructors for help.

2.We can learn from the boy’s words that _____.

A. he wanted to show off his competence

B. he looked down upon others

C. he was very generous

D. he believed in himself

3.Due to his efforts and confidence, the boy _____.

A. made World War I planes

B. learned much knowledge in a garage

C. achieved everything in his life

D. set up Eastern Airlines

4.What is the purpose of the passage?

A. To inspire us with self-confidence.

B. To tell us an interesting story.

C. To inspire us to work hard.

D. To stress the importance of realizing our dreams.


Afternoon teapot

Jane Austen Characters Mug

Enjoy lively companions every time you share a cup of tea or coffee with 41 characters from Jane Austen’s six loved novels. All your favorites are here, from Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, to Emma and Mr. Knightley in Emma. Best of all, Jane Austen stands in the middle of her much-loved literary children. Perfect for her fans, and for all who appreciate a large mug with a comfortable grip(把手). From a Scottish family-owned company near Loch Lomond. Our prices: $19.98

Soldiers Bus Stop Mug

Add a small amount of London happiness to your coffee break and teatime! On the Soldiers Bus Stop Mug, Her Majesty’s loyal servants----from Yeomen and Bobbies to the Queen’s Guard----queue for a ride, while a determined English bulldog takes up residence nearby. Our price: $15.98

Kings and Queens Mug

Keep royal company the next time you drink your favorite brew. Playful illustrations describe the essence of all 42 English kings and queens, from William the Conqueror, waving his sword, to Elizabeth II, waving her handbag. Perfect for readers and history lovers, and for all who appreciate a capacious(容量大的) mug with a comfortable grip. From a Scottish family-owned company near Loch Lomond. Our price: $17.98

Shakespear’s Plays Mug

Playful illustrations of Shakespear’s famous characters are the best complement to any tea or coffee. Perfect for readers and Shakespeare lovers, and for all who appreciate a capacious mug with a comfortable grip. From an English family-owned near Loch Lomond. Our price: $16.98

1.Which may you choose if Elizabeth is your favorite character?

A. Soldiers Bus Stop Mug.

B. Shakespeare’s Plays Mug.

C. Kings and Queens Mug

D. Jane Austen Characters Mug.

2.What can you find on Soldiers Bus Stop Mug?

A. A courting couple.    B. A powerful dog.

C. An English queen.    D. An American character.

3.What do we know about Kings and Queens Mug?

A. It shows Kings Henry VIII.    B. It illustrates Shakespeare.

C. It comes from Italy.    D. It describes Austen.

4.What is the price of Shakespear’s Plays Mug?

A. $15.98    B. $17.98

C. $16.98    D. $19.98



写作要点:1. 鼓励他继续努力,正确看待错误;

2. 给他提出一些学好汉语的建议(至少两条);

3. 邀请他来中国玩。

注意:1. 词数120左右;

2. 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称;

Dear David;







注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

My father and I stayed at the South Lake Hotel for a week when we visit Beijing last month. It is in the city center , but it is easy to go anywhere from the hotel by the subway. We lived in a comfortably double-room with a big bath. What I liked best were the free high-speed Internet connection in the room. I checked my email messages every day. I also shared for my friends many photos taking in Beijing. The food was wonderful with reasonable prices, and we enjoyed several local dish. It is such great hotel that I would introduce them to any friend of mine who is going to Beijing.


In much of Asia, especially the so-called “rice bowl” cultures of China, Japan, Korea, 1.Vietnam, food is usually eaten with chopsticks.

Chopsticks are usually two long, thin pieces of wood or bamboo. They can also be made of plastic, animal bone or metal. Sometimes chopsticks are quite artistic. Truly elegant chopsticks might 2. (make) of gold and silver with Chinese characters. Skilled workers also combine various hardwoods and metal 3. (create) special designs.

The Chinese have used chopsticks for five thousand years. People probably cooked their food in large pots, 4. (use) twigs(树枝)to remove it. Over time, 5. the population grew, people began cutting food into small pieces so it would cook more quickly. Food in small pieces could be eaten easily with twigs which 6.(gradual) turned into chopsticks.

Some people think that the great Chinese scholar Confucius, 7. lived from roughly 551 to 479 B.C., influenced the 8. (develop) of chopsticks. Confucius believed knives would remind people of killings and 9. (be) too violent for use at the table.

Chopsticks are not used everywhere in Asia. In India, for example, most people traditionally eat 10. their hands.


Once there was a millionaire, who got a serious eye irritation(发炎). He got a famous doctor to ______ his eyes. The doctor advised him to ______ bright light for one month so he could recover naturally. Immediately the rich man ______ all his windows and replaced all the bright and colorful curtains with dull cloth. He also ______ all the bright chandeliers(枝形吊灯). In one word, he made all his house ______.

One month later, the doctor paid a visit to the millionaire to ask about the ______ of his eyes. To the doctor’s ______, everything in the house had been made dark and dull. Then the doctor said, “You should have bought a pair of ______ to protect your eye from bright light ______ spending so much money on all these things to make your house darker.”

The same phenomenon(现象) ______ all of us. We often see many ______ in others. We are very ______ to change the attitude and behavior of others which doesn’t ______ our own.

We have many likes and dislikes. ______ other people also have. But we are often interested in imposing(把......强加于) our opinion and thinking on others, ______ we never made any error. Accordingly we want to ______ this world with our own rules and theory.

However, we ______ that other people who share this world equally with us also think in a similar way and ______ us to behave according to their wishes. Then who ______ your thinking? In order to bring about certain change in the people around us, first it is “we” that have to change.

______, any needed change can happen when it starts with us.

1.A. treat    B. open    C. shade    D. test

2.A. enjoy    B. produce    C. provide    D. avoid

3.A. dressed    B. closed    C. cleaned    D. broke

4.A. bought    B. chose    C. removed    D. decorated

5.A. pretty    B. dark    C. nice    D. tidy

6.A. growth    B. function    C. recovery    D. shape

7.A. happiness    B. honor    C. surprise    D. excitement

8.A. shoes    B. trousers    C. gloves    D. sunglasses

9.A. instead of    B. according to    C. in case of    D. in order to

10.A. react to    B. happens to    C. turns to    D. devotes to

11.A. advantages    B. mistakes    C. differences    D. adventures

12.A. sure    B. beneficial    C. able    D. eager

13.A. suit    B. keep    C. feel    D. make

14.A. Luckily    B. Gradually    C. Similarly    D. Finally

15.A. so that    B. even if    C. as if    D. now that

16.A. view    B. lead    C. travel    D. change

17.A. regret    B. think    C. doubt    D. forget

18.A. expect    B. push    C. allow    D. advise

19.A. cares about    B. searches for    C. worries about    D. prepares for

20.A. However    B. Therefore    C. Otherwise    D. Besides


As we all know, sleep is very important and necessary. I would love everyone to develop the following four habits to have better sleep without needing the alarm(闹钟)wake-up call.

1.If you eat much food an hour before you go to bed, your body will hate you, because your body needs time to digest while you are still awake.

2.When I hear on TV that people just need 30-minute exercise a week, I think that’s wrong. Every person should get 30-minute exercise every day. When you exercise, your body uses energy and feels tired. You have to recover from the tiredness. 3. The harder you exercise your body, the faster it falls to sleep and the better it sleeps.

Turn the TV off. There are a few shows I still watch, but they will never get in my way of (妨碍) sleep. The bedroom is only for sleeping and rest. 4..

5.A question to ask yourself: If I didn’t have an alarm, what time would I get up? If that time is the time you need to get up, you should probably throw away the alarm. If the time you actually get up is much later than the time you need to get up, make great changes to your way of life and the time you go to sleep. No one should need an alarm.

A. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

B. Don’t eat any food 4 hours before you sleep.

C. Throw away the alarm.

D. Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives.

E. Your body recovers when you are sleeping.

F. Try to get up as early as you can.

G. Take the TV out of your bedroom.


How fit are your teeth? Are you lazy about brushing them? Never fear: An inventor is on the case. An electric toothbrush senses how long and how well you brush, and it lets you track your performance on your phone.

The Kolibree toothbrush was exhibited at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. It senses how it is moved and can send the information to an Android phone or iPhone via a Bluetooth wireless connection.

The toothbrush will be able to teach you to brush right (don’t forget the insides of the teeth!) and make sure you’re brushing long enough. “It’s kind of like having a doctor actually watch your brushing on a day-to-day basis,” says Thomas Serval, the French inventor.

The toothbrush will also be able to talk to other applications(应用) on your phone, so developers could, for example, create a game controlled by your toothbrush. You could score points for beating monsters(怪物) among your teeth. “We try to make it smart but also fun,” Serval says.

Serval says he was inspired by his experience as a father. He would come home from work and ask his kids if they had brushed their teeth. They said “yes,” but Serval would find their toothbrush heads dry. He decided he needed a brush that really told him how well his children brushed.

The company says the Kolibree will go on sale this summer, for $99 to $199, depending on features. The U.S. is the first target market.

Serval says that one day, it’ll be possible to replace the brush on the handle with a brushing unit that also has a camera. The camera can even examine holes in your teeth while you brush.

1.Which is one of the features of the Kolibree toothbrush?

A. It can sense how users brush their teeth.

B. It can track users’ school performance.

C. It can cause users’ fear of seeing a doctor.

D. It can help users find their phones.

2.What can we learn from Serval’s words in Paragraph 3?

A. You will find it enjoyable to see a doctor.

B. You should see your doctor on a day-to-day basis.

C. You can brush with the Kolibree as if guided by a doctor.

D. You’d like a doctor to watch you brush your teeth every day.

3.What is Paragraph 5 mainly about?

A. How Serval found out his kids lied to him.

B. Why Serval thought brushing teeth was necessary.

C. How Serval taught his kids to brush their teeth.

D. What inspired Serval to invent the toothbrush.

4.What can we learn about the future development of the Kolibree?

A. The brush handle will be removed.

B. A mobile phone will be built into it.

C. It will be used to fill holes in teeth.

D. It will be able to check users’ teeth.


Forgiving(原谅) someone who has hurt you or let you down is never an easy thing. Several new studies, however, say that it could have a lot of health benefits. When you think of forgiveness, you probably don’t think of it as being a health or medical problem. Studies from Stanford University, on the other hand, show that something like anger(愤怒) can change your well-being.

When cartoon book characters like the Incredible Hulk get angry, they change colors and often gain special power. In the real world, anger is less obvious and may be more dangerous. That’s why Professor Fred Luskin, founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Project and author of Forgive for Good, say holding on to anger and hatred(仇恨) can harm your physical and mental health. Two new studies seem to show the same idea. The studies find that people who are able to forgive feel less stress, less back pain, and less unhappiness. They also have fewer headaches, lower blood pressure and fewer problems on sleeping.

So it doesn’t matter if your anger is caused by the traffic or other things. Learning to let it go is important. Skills such as deep breath or thought can help. Or just ask yourself if it’s worth hurting yourself by staying angry with someone else.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you simply accept what happened and say it’s OK. Instead, it’s a way of making peace with yourself about what happened in the past.

1.The author of the passage tries to make his opinion clear ___________.

A. by showing his own examples    B. based on his own experience.

C. by using some studies.    D. by introducing some patients.

2.The example of the cartoon book characters in the passage is taken to ________.

A. support the opinion that anger and hatred harm your physical and mental health

B. introduce a famous expert

C. let the readers know the different colors of cartoon faces

D. show how to control one’s temper

3.The underlined phrase “ holding on to” in the passage possibly means_______.

A. taking away    B. keeping up

C. getting rid of    D. learning about


Monthly Talks at London Canal Museum

Our monthly talks start at 19:30 on the first Thursday of each month except August. Admission is at normal charges and you don’t need to book. They end around 21:00.

November 7th

The Canal Pioneers, by Chris Lewis. James Brindley is recognized as one of the leading early canal(运河) engineers. He was also a major player in training others in the art of canal planning and building. Chris Lewis will explain how Brindley made such a positive contribution to the education of that group of early“civil engineers”.

December 5th

Ice for the Metropolis, by Malcolm Tucker. Well before the arrival of freezers, there was a demand for ice for food preservation and catering(保存和供应),Malcolm will explain the history of importing(进口) natural ice and the technology of building ice wells, and how London’s ice trade grew.

February 6th

An Update on the Cotswold Canals, by Liz Payne. The Stroudwater Canal is moving towards reopening. The Thames and Severn Canal will take a little longer. We will have a report on the present state of play.

March 6th

Eyots and Aits-Thames Islands, by Miranda Vickers. The Thames has many islands. Miranda has undertaken a review of all of them. She will tell us about those of greatest interest.

Online bookings: www.canalmuseum.org.uk/book

More info: www.canalmuseum.org.uk/whatson

London Canal Museum

12-13 New Wharf Road, London NI 9RT

www.canalmuseum.org.uk   www.canalmuseum.mobi

Tel:020 7713 0836

1.When is the talk on James Brindley?

A. February 6th.    B. November 7th.

C. March 6th.    D. December 5th.

2.What is the topic of the talk in February?

A. An Update on the Cotswold Canals.    B. Ice for the Metropolis.

C. Eyots and Aits-Thames Islands.    D. The Canal Pioneers.

3.Who will give the talk on the islands in the Thames.

A. Liz Payne.    B. Malcolm Tucker.

C. Chris Lewis.    D. Miranda Vickers.




注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;、


Dear Sir/Madame,

I’m Lihua,a senior student who will graduate from Guangdong province this June.












Yours sincerely

Li Hua






注意:1. 没出错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

As winter comes, there are much rain and snow in many parts of our country including our city. It is too cold that an increasing number of students catch a cold. Even worse, some students fell down and hurt them because the icy roads. So we should protect ourselves from cold weather and there are many things what are of help. First, we should put up more clothes when going outside. Then to remember not to run or walk too fast on slippery roads. Luckily, some measures have been taking to prevent us from falling down. For example, some mats have been placed on the step of the teaching building. I hope everyone is safe and health.


The novel behind the popular television drama In the Name of People has sold out in bookstores, 1. online and hard copies, around the nation. 2.(write) by Zhou Meisen and published in January, the 54-chapter novel 3.(focus) on Chinese politics and officialdom(官僚) in the ongoing campaign against corruption(腐败).Audiences to the television version that consists of 55 episodes, have been drawn 4.(watch) the series by the tension, drama and struggle of characters featured. Since the TV 5.(adapt) has been a slow release, many viewers have bought a copy of the 6.(origin) book to get ahead. According to Baidu Index, a majority of readers are between 25 and 39, and those  7.(age) 30 to 39 cover 51 percent of the readership. Yet those 8. haven't got the book may find 9. difficult to buy the paper copy at present. And popularity of the book is 10. many sellers' expectation.


Dandelions(蒲公英) are common weeds that grow in many places around the world. In different _______, dandelions take different shapes. Scientists have long _______ that different habitats led to the creation of _______ species, and that differences in form are actual proof of different species. _______, according to Turesson, it is also possible that a _______ species takes different shapes dependent on the habitats it _______ in. To study this, I have looked at two dandelions growing in different habitats. The one, ________ I will call Dandelion 1, grows in a grass field that lies in the _______. The other Dandelion, Dandelion 2, grows in the shadow, eg _______ the trees or behind a shed. The grass field is hot and _______. The shadow is cool and wet. So, what are the _______ between Dandelion 1 and 2?

Dandelion 1 is dark green, and its ________ are short and quite thick. Most of the leaves lie _______ on the surrounding grass. The flowers are short. Dandelion 2, on the other hand, looks very differently. The leaves are long and ________green, Most leaves stand in a vertical position. The flowers also _______ tall.

Dandelion 2 _______ strong and tall. It is clear that it grows very well in the ______, and that has enough ________ and space to grow into a big plant. Dandelion 1, on the other hand, is small and dark. It seems that the ________ in the grassland make it difficult for this dandelion to grow into a big plant.

________, the conditions in the two different habitats result in different shapes for these dandelions. For Dandelion 1, the sun makes the grass field hot and dry. In order to save water, it grows short and thick leaves.

1.A. houses    B. habitats    C. parks    D. countries

2.A. disagreed    B. provided    C. believed    D. calculated

3.A. new    B. good    C. old    D. bad

4.A. However    B. Therefore    C. Thus    D. Otherwise

5.A. same    B. different    C. strange    D. single

6.A. plants    B. works    C. takes    D. grows

7.A. what    B. which    C. that    D. when

8.A. world    B. mountain    C. sun    D. valley

9.A. under    B. over    C. upon    D. between

10.A. Humid    B. Wet    C. Soft    D. dry

11.A. similarities    B. advantages    C. differences    D. disadvantages

12.A. seeds    B. leaves    C. weeds    D. woods

13.A. flat    B. apart    C. dead    D. logical

14.A. dark    B. bright    C. artificial    D. familiar

15.A. lie    B. break    C. stand    D. perform

16.A. sounds    B. smells    C. feels    D. looks

17.A. swallow    B. shallow    C. shadow    D. shape

18.A. sunshine    B. leaves    C. honey    D. water

19.A. Conditions    B. Occasions    C. Situations    D. preparations

20.A. Fortunately    B. Obviously    C. Consequently    D. Accidentally


While being lost in the woods can be a frightening experience, surviving alone in the wild is generally a matter of common sense, patience, and wisely using the gifts that nature provides.1..

Do your research first. Don't just trek off into the wilderness; get a solid understanding of your surroundings first. Studying a map of the area where you're going -- and making sure to bring it with you -- will increase your chances of not getting lost tremendously. Educate yourself about the flora and fauna of the area you are exploring. 2..

3.. A cell phone with a spare battery or a portable CB radio can be your best, quickest means of rescue if you are truly lost or injured. A cell signal may only be obtainable only from a hill or tree, but is better than nothing. Serious hikers may even consider investing in a personal locator beacon such as the SPOT Messenger for extended, precarious, or very remote, treks.

Don't panic if you’re lost. Panic is more dangerous than almost anything else, because it interferes with the operation of your single best, most useful and versatile survival tool: your mind. The moment you realize that you are lost, before you do anything else, stop.4.. Before you act, follow the idea of STOP: S = sit down T = think O = observe your surroundings P = prepare for survival by gathering materials.

Signal your location. Make noise by whistling, shouting, singing, or banging rocks together. 5. . If you're in a mountain meadow, make three piles of dark leaves or branches in a triangle. In sandy areas, make a large triangle in the sand. Three of anything in the wilderness is a standard distress signal.

A. Bring a means of communication.

B. If you can, mark your location in such a way that it's visible from the air.

C. Knowledge of the local plants and animals can save your life

D. If you want to know how to survive in the woods, just follow these steps.

E. Starvation won't be a big problem.

F. Take a deep breath and stay calm.

G. Having strength in numbers will help you survive.


Many scholarships require that you write an essay in order to be considered for the prize money. However, if you are the sort of person that has a headache whenever you have to complete a writing assignment, this may not be the best news. Luckily for you, there is no reason to fear the scholarship essay. The following tips could help you conquer this not-so-easy aspect of the scholarship application process.

You should always outline your essays. This does not just apply to the scholarship essays, either. An outline helps lend focus to your thoughts and helps you create a picture of the “whole” that the essay will become. Judges cannot to stand when your writing is loose, lacks coherence(连贯性)or when you fail to connect your main points together. They want to see that you can support your argument well with clear and brief examples and that these examples do, in fact, relate to the topic at hand.

If you have a choice in the topic you get to write about, always try to select something you are personally interested in. Don't write what you think the judges want to hear. This will only amount in an essay that reads like someone else’s, which is not a great way to make yourself stand out.

If you feel bored with the topic, then your essay will be boring as well. Make sure your idea follow a clear and a logical path. This means they are connected well and the transitions(过渡) easily flow from one idea to the next. Likewise, try to stay away from the obvious or the sad story. Yes, college will be a life-changing experience, but can you think of an interesting reason why this is so? And yes, it is terrible that you lost a family member at a young age, but what does it have to do with winning this scholarship? Judges can smell sad stories from a mile away, so only pull at the heartstrings(动人心弦) if you have a proper reason for doing so.

1.When writing a scholarship essay, an outline is necessary because it helps you_____.

A. focus on the details of the essay

B. think more about the scholarship

C. make a picture of the whole essay

D. support your argument well

2.Your essay will be appreciated by judges if it _______.

A. turns out to be loose

B. is short of coherence

C. is unable to connect to the main points

D. supports your argument with brief examples

3.What is the author’s opinion on choosing the topic for a scholarship essay?

A. The essay should include the obvious or the sad story.

B. You must keep your mind clear and logical.

C. You had better try to put an interesting story in it.

D. Try to say as much as you can about your family.

4.The intended readers of the passage are probably________.

A. college students    B. judges in colleges

C. essay readers    D. company leaders


A decade-long study, also the first major research into air pollution and disease has shown that living near a main road increases the risk of dementia(痴呆). The study of 6.6 million people found that one in 10 dementia deaths in people living within 50 metres of a busy road was due to waste gas and noise. 

Air pollution is already known to contribute to the deaths of around 40,000 people in Britain each year by worsening breathing and heart conditions, while previous research showed emissions (排放物) can cause brain shrinkage. But the new study by Canadian public health scientists is the first to find a link between living close to heavy traffic and the increasing of dementia, a discovery described as "believable" and "impressive" by British experts. 

Dr Hong Chen said. "Our study suggests that busy roads could be a source of environmental stressors that could give rise to the onset of dementia. Population growth and urbanization has placed many people close to heavy traffic, and with widespread exposure to heavy traffic and growing rates of dementia, even a modest effect from near-road exposure could cause a large public health burden.  More research to understanding this link is needed, particularly into the effects of different aspects of traffic, such as air pollutants and noise."

In the new study, the team tracked all adults aged between 20 and 85 living in Ontario for more than a decade from 2001 to 2012. They used postcodes to determine how close people lived to a main road and analyzed medical records to see if they went on to develop dementia, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis(多发性硬化). 

While there was no correlation between living near a road and Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis, dementia risk reduced as people lived further from a main road, with a 7 percent higher risk in developing dementia among those living within 50 metres; a 4 percent higher risk at 50-100 metres and a 2 percent higher risk at 101-200 metres. After 200 metres there was no increase. Researchers believe that noise of traffic may also play a role in the raised risk as well as other urban pollution, which is often present near busy roads.

1.What can we know about Canadian's new study?

A. British experts think highly of it.

B. It brings benefits to dementia patients.

C. It shows that air production is very serious.

D. It shows that air pollution can cause brain shrinkage.

2.What Dr Hong Chen said showed that______.

A. people are diagnosed with dementia mainly due to air pollution

B. widespread exposure to traffic will reduce the risk of having dementia

C. the link between living near roads and having dementia was not obvious

D. busy roads could be a source of environmental stressors that caused dementia to increase

3.What does the underlined the word ‘correlation’ mean?

A. Change.    B. Improvement.

C. Association.    D. Secret

4.What can be inferred from the last paragraph?

A. Living near a main road adds to the risk of noise.

B. Living beyond 300 metres of a main road is safe for people.

C. Living within 200 metres of a main road has a lower risk of having dementia.

D. The further people live away from heavy traffic, the smaller the risk of having dementia.


Wilkie Collins was born in London in 1824 and his first novel -- a historical romance called“Anatonia” -- was published when he was 26. Shortly after this he met Charles Dickens, and they formed a close friendship that lasted for ten years and influenced both men's writing. Collins went on to publish 25 novels as well as many short stories, plays and works of non-fiction. However, he is most well known for the two mystery novels “The Woman in White” and “The Moonstone”.

Collins published both mysteries as serials in All the Year Round. When it appeared in the magazine in 1860, “The Woman in White” was so popular that it became the subject of a song and a play. It even influenced fashion, and many women started to dress in white. Eight years later “The Moonstone” was published and earned Collins the title "the father of the modern English detective novel". T S Elliot, another famous writer, said that The Moonstone was the "first and greatest of English detective novels", and it is still admired by modern crime writers today.

An author of many mysteries, Dorothy L Sayers considered “The Moonstone” to be "probably the finest detective story ever written", and many people agree with her. There are several reasons why they think so. One is that Collins uses different characters to tell each section of the story. The characters have very different personalities and voices, which are interesting and often amusing. There are also several features of the plot which started trends in mystery writing. For example, many detective stories are set in a country house, where the theft must have been committed by one of the people in the house. The character of a famous detective with an unusual appearance and habits occurs in many books, and an innocent person is often under suspicion at first. A number of modern films have also used the idea of a cursed jewel stolen from a religious statue. And of course, in The Moonstone and most other good mystery novels, the person who at first seems the least likely to be the criminal turns out to be guilty.

1.Anatonia was published in ________.

A. 1824    B. 1850

C. 1860    D. 1868

2.All the Year Round was a title of ____.

A. one of Wilkie Collins’ books    B. one of Charles Dickens’ books

C. a story of a magazine    D. a magazine

3.Collins is known as the father of the modern English detective novel because_______.

A. he was older than the other detective story writers.

B. his son was also a famous detective story writer.

C. many aspects of his writing are copied by other detective story writers.

D. the Moonstone is the most popular detective story.


Saturday, 22 April , 2017

We are currently on a camp-site near Calais, on our way to the UK, and it is pouring with rain. As if gods want to prepare us for the UK at all costs. As if we don't know what rain is... Our ferry to the green isles will leave tomorrow at 10.30 and despite the rain, I am really looking forward to it.

It has taken us a while to get here, as we already left El Chorro on 4 April. After rushing through Spain in two days, however, we came to an inevitable slow-down when we entered France. Inevitable, as France has simply too much to offer for us. So as soon as we crossed the Pyrenees, our driving sequence became something like driving a few kilometres, visiting a castle, driving a few kilometres, taking pictures of a nice church, driving a few kilometres, having a quick peek at a fleas market, driving a few kilometres, visiting a museum etc. When we entered Brittany the real sightseeing started, in Vannes, in Lorient, in Brest and then on to Normandy: Le Mont St Michel, Bayeux and finally, finally the D-Day beaches. I always wanted to visit these, for obvious reasons I would say, but my father, realistic as he was, calculated the chances that it would rain a considerable amount of days of a three-week holiday and always decided against it. But a few days ago I finally stepped onto Gold Beach (where the Brits landed) and I was greeted by the Norman sun. A beautiful day.

1.It was _____ when the writer was on his way to the UK.

A. pouring    B. foggy

C. snowy    D. sunny

2.According to the passage, the Pyrenees must be a place in_____.

A. Spain    B. France

C. Netherland    D. Normandy

3.Which of the following statement is NOT true?

A. They spent 2 days in Spain traveling.

B. The writer thought France has a lot of places to visit.

C. The writer thought the real sightseeing was in E1 Chorro, and in Brest.

D. The writer’s father was a realistic person.

4.The passage probably comes from _______.

A. a travel journal    B. a science fiction

C. a news report    D. a film review







参考词汇:harmonious 和谐的       environment 环境      attractive 吸引人的;迷人的。


Dear Tom,

I’m writing to tell you something about the harmonious school activity, which makes many changes on our campus.



Li Ming








Time flies! It is almost a year when I came to study in No. 1 Middle School. I remember when I first come to the school, everything was new to me. Now I have used to everything here and like my school very much. Asked how I like it so much. I’d like to let you to know I have good teachers as well as a good atmosphere to study in. My school has a long history. Three years ago, it celebrated their 100th anniversary. In recent years, great changes have taken place. Each classroom has been equipped with new multimedia equipments, which makes it possible for teachers to teach efficiently and students to learn easy. In the years to come, a new branch school will be on construction in the western area of the city, which is said to be completing by September in 2018, when it will have a better condition to welcome more students to receive a good education.


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