Mr. Smith would have come to see you if it had been possible, but he __________ so busy.

  A. was            B. had been             C. has been             D. were


 He had little idea that it was getting so serious, __________?

A. didn’t he        B. did he                    C. wasn’t it          D. was it


 —___________ makes her different from the other students?

—Diligence, I think.

A. How is it that     B. How is that              C. What is it that      D. What is that


 The news came as quite a shock to us, but he seemed to be_________ surprised.

A. simply        B. entirely             C. absolutely           D. hardly


 Not until I went through his paper _________ what rapid progress he had made in writing.

  A. I did find         B. did I find               C. I had found     D. was I found


 The days when he was_________ his best is already a thing of the past.

  A. in              B. on                  C. at              D. with


 It is everybody’s desire that every effort___________ to reduce the pollution in our city.

A. was made       B. be made              C. will be made         D. would be made


 —I did not know you were good friends.

  —You__________. I have known her since she moved here. You were abroad then.

  A. may have      B. needn’t have            C. couldn’t have       D. must have


 Winters in ______ north of China are for_____ most part dry and cold.

A. 不填; a        B. the; 不填                C. 不填; 不填       D. the; the


 —Can I take a week’s holiday, Sir?

—_________; we are too busy at present.

  A. Don’t worry       B. Don’t mention it        C. Forget it            D. No problem


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