Could you tell me ________________? I want to call her now.

   A. where was Cathy   B. what Cathy’s telephone number is   C. how Cathy was  



---Where are your parents?

   ---They ______ to England.

   A. have gone        B. have been       C. had gone



The building is so old that it should be ______ at once .

   A. sold out          B. broken down    C. pulled down



Many advertisements ______ teenagers.

   A. are used for       B are filled with    C are aimed at



More than 100 workers _______ from the Wangjialing Coal Mine last year.

   A. saved            B. are saved       C. were saved



---I think that cats are the most important animals in China because many people have them as pets.

   ---_____. I feel that pandas are more important because there aren’t very many of them left.

   A. I agree with you.   B. I disagree.      C. I think so.



_______ we have learned about 2000 English words.

   A. At first         B. After all          C. So far



Can you tell me _____ there are any good museums in the city?

   A. if             B. unless            C. although



E-mail English _____ uses two types of words.

   A. mainly         B. strongly          C. gradually



The water in the lakes and rivers in Shandong becomes ______ because of the dry weather .

   A. less and less     B. more and more    C. fewer and fewer



David ______ his friend’s invitation in order to stay at home and have a good rest.

   A. expected        B. refused          C. received



I think zoos can provide homes ______many endangered animals.

   A. for             B. with            C. to



---How do you feel about people who keep you waiting ?

   ---They make me ______ .

   A. annoying        B. annoyed        C. excited


If you want to buy some medicine, you can go to a ______.

   A. cafe            B. restaurant       C. drugstore


People in Japan are supposed to bow when _____ meet for the first time.

   A. them           B. they           C. their



do exercise every day;   sleep for 9 hours every night;    eat a balanced diet;

eat healthy food;        not eat unhealthy food等  


                             My Lifestyle





林华的英语老师今天布置了一份问卷调查,假如你是林华的一个被调查者,请把你的回答放到相应问题前的序号内, 其中有一个答案是多余的。

A. Once a week.   B. For nine hours C.  By bike.   

D. Go shopping.   E. France.       F. Playing basketball




1.What do you usually do on weekends?       

2.Where are you going for winter vacation?           

3. How often do you watch TV?           

4.How do you usually go to school?               

5.What’s your favorite exercise?           


Are you a _____1.___(健康的) child? Bob, a 14-year-old boy, is very unhealthy. He likes to ____2.____(乘坐) his father’s car to school. Sometimes he goes to school by __3._(地铁).  He does exercise only __4.__( 一次) a week. He likes eating ___5.__(垃圾) food very much. This week his parents are in Paris on ___6._____(度假). So he eats lots of unhealthy food every day. Now Bob is badly__7.___(生病的) in hospital. The doctor says, “ You should ___8.___(经常)do exercise, and have a good _9.(饮食) habits. It’s ___10.____(重要的) for your health. 


A young American doctor was sleeping when suddenly his doorbell began to ring. It was already midnight, but what could the doctor do? He had to get up, put on his coat and go downstairs.

When he opened the door, he saw a man standing with a hat in his hand. “How do you do?” said the man,“ Can you come at once to a place out of town? It’s quite far but you have a car and I can show you the way.”

“Certainly,” said the doctor, “I’m quite ready. I can come at once.” After a few minutes the car was standing at the front door, the man got into the doctor’s car, and they drove off.

They drove on for a long time. Then the man said, “Here we are. This is my home. Now I can pay you and you can go back to town.”

“I must see the patient. How can I go back without seeing the patient?”

“There is no patient,” explained the man. “Nobody is ill. I live here, you see, and one must get home from a town, mustn’t he? There are no taxis this time of the night, but a doctor often makes night calls, so excuse me. Here is money. Thank you, doctor. Good night.”

1.The doctor ____ when the doorbell started to ring.

A. was sleeping upstairs    B. was sleeping downstairs

C. was working upstairs    D. was working downstairs

2. The man asked the doctor _____.

A. to go out for a walk   B. to go to a place out of town

C. to see a patient       D. to go for a vacation

3.They left _____.

A. on foot        B. by bike   C. by bus    D. by car

4.What the man wanted to do was only _____.

A. to fool the doctor         B. to give the doctor money

C. to get home in the doctor’s car     D to invite the doctor to his home

5.The doctor must be ______ when he heard the man’s words.

A. happy          B. angry       C. sad      D cry


Please look at the Flight Timetable and choose the right answers.

Flight No. Departure  Arrival   From    To        Stop

CA907   07:45      12:10   Beijing  Moscow   Chengdu

CA981   01:58      18:35   Beijing  New York  Shanghai

CA158   10:20      23:10   Beijing  London    Chengdu

CA149   11:35      22:10   Beijing  Sydney    Hong Kong

CA923   12:35      17:10   Beijing  Moscow   /

CA167   13:15      02:40   Beijing  Paris      Moscow

CA147   15:55      10:15   Beijing  Sydney    Guangzhou

CA949   17:25      07:35   Beijing  Paris      Shanghai

CA173   19:20      01:50   Beijing  Moscow   Urumqi

CA937   21:25      08:10   Beijing  London    Hong Kong


1.You’ll go to Australia. You can only take        

     when you reach Beijing Airport at eleven forty.

     A.CA923                    B.CA149               C. CA147              D. CA167

2.f you spend fourteen hours and ten minutes going to France, you must stay in        on the way.

A. Hong Kong              B. Shanghai          C. Moscow      D. Chengdu

3.It will take you     to reach England if you stop in Hong Kong.

A. nine hours and twenty             B. ten hours and thirty-five

C. twelve  hours and fifty           D. ten hours and forty-five

4.You may         in Beijing if you want to go to America.

A. take one plane                   B. take two planes     

C. take three plane           D. not take any planes

5.How many planes may you take in Beijing if you want to go to Australia?

A. One                 B. Two           C. Three              D. Four.


All students need to have good study habits(习惯). When you have good study habits, you can learn things quickly. You also remember them easily. Do you like to study in the living-room? This is not a good place because it is usually

too noisy. You need to study in a quiet place, like your bedroom. A quiet

place will help you only think about one thing, and you will learn better.

Before you begin to study, do not forget to clean your desk. A good desk

light is important, too. You are feeling tired easily if there is not enough(足够的) light.

1.When you have good study habits, you will __________.

   A. learn things quickly   B. remember things easily    C. both A and B

2.The living-room is not a good place for study because it is too ____.

   A. quiet               B. noisy               C. clean

3.You are feeling tired easily if the light is __________.

   A. good               B. enough               C. bad

4.You should remember to ___________ before you study.

   A. tidy the room        B. clean the desk        C. turn on the light

5.The best title(标题) for this passage is __________.

   A. Good Study Habits    B. How to Study    C. Desk Light is important


One Saturday morning, John and his mother went    31    a shoe shop    3

John a pair of new shoes. Mrs. Lee put her bag on a chair    33   she

looked at some shoes. She could not see    34  she liked and went away.

Suddenly(突然) she said, “Oh, my bag, someone    35    it away!” All the

other people in the shop stopped    36    and looked at her. John ran after

the man at once(立刻). A few minutes    37   , John came back with 38  .

He    39    it to his mother. She opened the bag and had a look in    40.

Then she said,“ Oh, god, nothing is lost.”

1.A. by           B. on         C. to             D. at

2.A. to buy        B. to give      C. to know        D. to take

3.A. although      B. so          C. but            D. when

4.A. some         B. a           C. any shoes       D. any bags

5.A. went         B. had         C. took            D. came

6.A. sitting        B. thinking     C. talking          D. eating

7.A. before        B. later        C. next            D. after

8.A. the bag       B. the shoes     C. the man         D. his son

9.A. give         B. buy          C. take            D. gave

10.A. one          B. it            C. them           D. her


--Sally is ill in hospital.


A. Excuse me              B. Oh, I don’t know 

C. I’m sorry to hear that      D. What’s wrong


 I hope there is __________with my eyes.

A.  wrong nothing      B.  nothing  wrong

C. anything  wrong      D. wrong something


 Smoking ________ your health. 

A. is bad for   B. is good for   C. is good to   D. is bad to 


-----__________    ----By bus.

A. How does he go to work?   B. Why does he go to work?

C. When does she go to work?  D. Where does he work?


Why not think about ______ to  Greece?

     A. went      B. going        C. to go       D. goes


Who is ___________ student in our class?    

A. best      B. the good     C. the best    D. good


I don’t like milk, but mother wants me ______. 

 A. drink     B. drinking    C. to drinking    D. to drink


Here _____the results of the student activity survey at Green High School.  

A. be       B. am       C. is      D. are


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