let’s play soccer.   __________. Let’s play ping-pong.

       A. That’s great.    B. That sounds good.    C. That’s boring.   D. Yes, I do.


How is your mother?   She is __________.

       A. very well      B. good               C. a friend       D. tall


Runner eats _____.

A.good  B.nice  C.well  D. nicely


We play ________ basketball after class.

       A. a             B. an                C. the           D. /


Where are his books?     _________ on his bed.

       A. It’s           B. He’s              C. They’re       D. His books are


_________ my computer game?    On  the  chair.

       A. What’s        B. Where’s           C. How’s       D. Who’s


_________ my two sisters. And __________ my brother.

       A. This is, this is   B. These are, this is    C. These are, these are    D. This is, these are


I need my hat, my notebook and a pen. Can you _________ them to me?

       A. have          B. help             C. bring        D. take


Is this his _______?    Yes, it is.

       A. a desk       B. my desk          C. desk        D. the desk


He only watches them _____ TV.

 A.in  B. On  C.At  D.for


I like ________, but my brother likes___________.

       A. broccoli, salad    B. apple, banana    C. oranges, broccolis    D. French fries, salads


Your dress is nice.     ____________.

       A. OK             B. Yes, it is.       C. Thank you.         D. No, it isn’t.


Is the backpack on the desk?    _____________.

       A. No, it is.     B. Yes, it isn’t.     C. Yes, it is.     D. No, it’s no.


These  are  my __________.

       A. mother      B. father          C. parent       D. parents


Is ________ name Bob?   Yes, I’m Bob. 

       A. you         B. your           C. my         D. I


新学期你认识了一个新朋友叫Tina Green,请根据所给内容,作适当发挥后,写一篇关于她的60字左右的介绍短文。(10分)



















No.1 Middle School


9 baseballs   


4 volleyballs


I have a new friend .                                                            







                            1     play sports!

Do you 2 tennis? Do you play  3  ?We have        4        :tennis,baseball,basketball

and     5   .



6ec8aac122bd4f6e     6ec8aac122bd4f6e       6ec8aac122bd4f6e    6ec8aac122bd4f6e      6ec8aac122bd4f6e   

    A             B            C             D              E


1.Lin Yang:I know Yao Ming.He is great.I want to play sports with my friends.But we have no soccer balls,basketballs,volleyballs.

2.Liu Wei:It’s very cold here,but I have only an old sweater(毛衣).It’s my mother’s.I need new clothes.

3.Wang Li and Wang Xia:We are sisters.We don’t have a clock in our home.We don’t know the time to go to schoo1.We don’t want to be late for school,so we get up early.

4.Zheng Lei:Our teachers tell us,books are our friends.I want to read many books and I want to write books.

5.Dai Su:My shoes are broken(破旧). I go to school with very old shoes.



thank   need    run    you    watch


1.—What’s ________ QQ number?  —It’s 23356789.

2. Liu Xiang is a great _____ star, I like him very much.

3.I_________some books.

4. Lucy has some nice ________

5. ________ for your help.



My name is Sonia Hall. My  1.(名字)name is Sonia. Hall is my last name. My 2.    (父母亲)are both doctors. We often eat   3.  (蔬菜) for dinner.  So We are all   4. (健康).I have a nice bedroom.    5.   (哪里)my  6.  (白色的)jacket? Oh,It’s on the dresser. A 7.   (录象)tape and a computer are on my desk, but I don’t often play computer   8.    (游戏).I like   9. (数学)very much, but I think English is a little   10.   (困难)for me. Do you want to be my friends?


Today is Sunday, December 2nd, everyone in Sheep Village (羊村) is very busy. What does he/she do?

6ec8aac122bd4f6eI’m Nuan Yangyang. I write a letter(信) to my friend at one o’clock in the afternoon. Then I do my homework.



6ec8aac122bd4f6eI’m Fei Yangyang. I want to be healthy, so I go to a sports club to play sports in the morning. I go home at three o’clock in the afternoon.



6ec8aac122bd4f6eI’m Lan Yangyang. I have lunch in a restaurant(饭店). But the food isn’t good, I don’t like it.



6ec8aac122bd4f6eI’m Mei Yangyang. I go to a clothes store at nine in the morning. The clothes there are beautiful, so I buy a nice skirt.



6ec8aac122bd4f6eI’m Xi Yangyang. I take the bus to the English club at ten thirteen in the morning. There I help two kids(孩子) learn to speak English.


1.Nuan Yangyang writes to a friend at ______.

          A.9:00 am    B. 1:00 am    C. 3:00pm    D. 1:00 pm

2.Fei Yangyang may be ______ at 3:12 pm.

          A. at school    B. in a sports club    C. on the bus    D. at home

3.Xi Yangyang can ______ very well.

          A. sing    B. dance    C.play soocer   D. speak English

4. Which of the following sentences is RIGHT(正确)?

A. Nuan Yangyang does homework on Sunday afternoon.

B. Lan Yangyang doesn’t eat lunch in a restaurant on December 2nd.

C. Fei Yangyang has a nice skirt.

D. There are no kids in the English club.





Hello, friend!

My name is Rose. I’m an English girl. I’m twelve. I’m from London. Now I’m in Sydney. Do you know Sydney? It’s a big city in Australia(澳大利亚). I’m in No.1 Middle school. I’m in Class Two, Grade One.

   There are forty students in our class--21 girls and 19 boys. My teachers are nice to me. I like drawing and running. My family are in Sydney, too. My father is a doctor. My mother is a worker in a shop. They’re busy(忙)  

I like China. Please write to me soon.                      

Yours ,                                                                       Rose

1.Is Rose English or Australian?

A. Yes, she is.        B. No, she isn’t.    C.She’s English.       D. She’s Australian.

2.How many students are there in Class Two?   

A. 40.                B. 21.             C. 19.               D. 50.

3.Where is Sydney?

A. It’s in China.     B. It’s in England.    C. It’s in Australia.       D. It’s in America.





1.There are _______notices in the Lost And Found.

           A. 3            B. 4                C.              D. 5

2.Linda lost____.

A a ruler       B. a set of keys        C. a watch      D. a pencil case

3.You lost your watch. Who should you call?

A .Jenny           B. Sam           C. Mike         D. Linda


Look at this picture. This is a photo   31  my family. There are  32  people in the picture. They are my   33  , my mother, my brother, my sister and me. My father   34    very happy every day. My mother is near my father. The __35    beside (在……旁边) my mother is my brother. He 36   play sports. The little girl near my mother is my   37  .   38  is very smart and cute. Everyone likes   39     very much. Who is   40  boy in the middle (在中间)? Ah! It is me. I love my family very much.

1. A. for            B. on           C. of               D.in

2. A.seven         B.six            C.five             D. three

3.A. mother      B.father            C. grandfather       D.grandmother

4. A. are            B. am           C. is               D.does

5. A.girl       B. boy              C. son              D.man

6. A. likes         B. don’t          C. doesn’t           D. like

7.A.brother       B. sister          C. son              D.cousin

8. A. He             B. She          C. They             D. It

9. A.her             B.she            C. she’s             D.he

10.A. a          B. these             C. the              D.an


---: Would you like some hamburgers?

---: ______________ .I am full. I can’t eat any more.

A. Yes, please        B. Sure   C. No, thanks       D. Not at all.


— ________ your mother watch TV every day?

        — ________ . She doesn’t like watching TV.

  A. Do; No, she doesn’t                    B. Does; No, she doesn’t  

C. Do; Yes, she does                      D. Does; Yes, she does


Mum,          my teacher, Mr Wang.

A. he is             B. it is         C. that is        D. this is


Which one means “Don’t park your cars” in the following pictures?




I _____a girl,and Tony______a boy, we(我们)____friends.

A.is; am,; are        B.am;is;are          C.am; are; are     D. am;are ;are


—Is Mary         friend?—No,        isn’t.

A. your, it           B. her,it              C. his, she        D. your, he


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