—Do you have a(n)______? —No, I don’t. I am only 11 years old.

       A. key             B.ID card            C. orange       D. pencil


Here are some ______. Do you like ______?

A. orange; it       B. oranges; them     C. orange; them   D. oranges; it


Let her ________ the book there.

A.bring B. brings   C. taking   D. take


–Mike, your jacket is very (非常) beautiful (漂亮).  ---___________.          

A. Where?       B. No.           C. Thank you.        D.Ok


The movie 《蓝精灵》is an _______ movie. Many people like it so much..

      A. good            B. boring           C. relaxing         D. interesting


Tom likes _______and ________.

A.potatos; bananas                          B. hamburger; broccoli

C. carrots; strawberries                    D. ice cream; pear


         ?— S-U-E, Sue.

A. Do you know Sue                      B. Can you spell your name

C. Is it your name                      D. How do you spell your name



A.UN                B. RMB          C.CCTV     D.UK


下列各组字母中含有相同读音的一组是 ____.

A. I, Y                 B. A, I        C.H, L         D. J, P



Dear Tom,

   Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party._____________________________________________________





1. ---What are your favorite       (节目)?

---Animal World and Chinese Cooking.

2.Can you come to my house ______(讨论) the science report?

3.Her lifestyle is much better than  ______ ( 我的 ).

4.Are you ______(担心) about your Chinese? We can help you.

5. Here’s an article about means of ______ ( 交通 ) in Xi’an.

6. It’s _______( 必要的) to learn English well.

7. Thanks a lot for ______ ( 邀请 ) me to the party.

8.Don’t get ______(使紧张) out. You should listen to some music.

9.Tina is_______(擅长运动的)than Mary.

10.I think _______(去观光旅行)in Thailand is a good activity.


根据要求进行句型转换,每空一词。(本题有10空格, 每空0.5分,共5分)

1.It takes about half an hour to reach Beijing by plane. ( 对划线部分提问 )

    does it   to reach Beijing by plane?

2.I believe they are visiting us this Sunday.( 改为否定句 )

      I    believe they   visiting us this Sunday.

3.--Can you go to the mall with me this week? ( 作肯定回答 )


4.It took me two hours to finish the project yesterday.( 改同义句)

I    two hours    the project yesterday.



Introduction  to  invitations(邀请活动简介)

Invitations are important. In the west, people often give invitations to their friends. Most invitations are for dinner or a birthday party.

   When people accept(接受)an invitation to a dinner or party, they usually ask what they can bring. They often take flowers, chocolates, or other presents. People usually take a birthday present to a birthday party.

After a dinner or birthday party , most people telephone the host(主人)to say “thank you”. Some people write a short thank-you note or send an e-mail to the host.


A. Mary and James enjoy the party together.      

B. James accepts the invitation.

C. James writes a thank-you note.              

D. James brings a birthday present.

E. Mary invites her friend James to her birthday party.

 E     1.____      2. ____    3.____  4 .____

任务B:请你帮James 给Mary 写一句表示感谢的话。

5.                                   .


A young father was visiting an old neighbor. They were standing in the old man’s garden, and talking about children. The young man said,“How strict should parents be with their children?”

   The old man pointed to(指着)a string (细绳) between a big strong tree and a thin young one.

  “Please untie (解开) that string.” said the old man. “But first pull the string tight so that(以便于)the young tree is straight again.” The young man did so. He untied the string and only found that the young tree bent(弯)over to one side.

  Then the old man said,“There, it is the same with children. You must be strict with them. But sometimes you must untie the string to see how they are getting on. If they are not yet able to stand alone,you must tie the string tight again. But when you find that they are ready to stand alone,you can take the string away.”

1.The story is about ____________.

      A. how to take care of young trees    

B. how strict parents should be with their children

C. how the young father should get on with his old neighbor

2. The young man untied the string ________________.

      A. in order to throw it away     

B. so that both of the trees wouldn’t grow straight

      C. and found that the young tree bent over to one side

3.When could the string be taken away?

      A. When the old man left.      

B. When the young man untied it next time.

      C. When the young tree grew strong enough.

4. At last the old man told the young man ________________.

      A. that he should be strict with his children if they could not 

stand alone

      B. that he should always be strict with his children

      C. that he should be hard on his children

5.We learn that the big strong tree and the thin young one are like _________.

A. the young father and the old neighbor      

B. parents and their children

       C. the old neighbor and the children of young father


An old lady went to the shop last Sunday. She passed a bank and saw a car near the door. A man got out of it and went into the bank. She looked into the car. The keys were in the lock(锁).

  The old lady took the keys and followed the man into the bank. The man took a gun(枪)out of the pocket and said to the clerk, “Give me all the money.” But the old lady didn’t see this. She went to the man and put the keys in his hand and said, “Young man, you are foolish. Never leave your keys in your car. Someone is going to steal it. ” The man looked at the old lady for a few seconds. Then he looked at the clerk. He took the keys, ran out of the bank, got into his car and drove away quickly without any money.

1. Last Sunday, an old woman ______.

A. had nothing to do       B. went out for a walk 

C. went to buy something    D. went to see the man

2.The man got off his car and went into _____.

A. a police station        B. the post office  

C. the shop              D. the bank

3. The old lady saw ______ on the car.  

A. a gun   B. a bag   C. a lot of money    D. the keys

4. The old lady ______.

 A. knew the man       B. thought the man was a thief  

C. didn’t know the man  D. wanted to catch the thief

5.When she gave the young man his keys, he ____.

 A. took them and ran into the bank    

B. thanked her very much

 C. was very surprised 

D. said nothing and went to the police station


When we look at the moon through a telescope(望远镜), we can see lines and circles(圆形物). People used to(过去常常) think that this was the moon’s face and that there was a man in the moon! This is not true. There is no man in the moon.

  What do we know about the moon? First of all, the moon is much smaller than the earth. Days and nights on the moon are very long. One day on the moon is as long as two weeks on the earth. One night is also as long as two weeks on the earth. In the daytime the moon is very hot and at night is very cold.

1.On the moon ____________.

      A. there is a man             B. there is a woman 

C. there are a lot of people     D. there is no man

2.Now we know _____________________.

      A. some facts about the moon  B. nothing about the moon

      C. little about the moon   D. few facts about the moon

3.Which of the following is true?

      A. The moon is bigger than the earth. 

B. The earth is much bigger than the moon.

      C. The moon is as big as the earth.  

D. The earth isn’t as big as the moon.  

4. One day on the moon is as long as ______________.

      A. seven days on the earth   B. fourteen days on the earth.

      C. 240 hours on the earth   D. two years on the earth

5.The moon is very hot _____________.

A. all the time           B. during the night 

C. in the daytime        D. at night and in the daytime


Mrs. Ball had a son. His name was Mick. She  26 him very much and as(因为)he was not a  27 child, she was always afraid that he might  28 ill.  29 she usually took him to see the best  30  in the town four times a year and asked the doctor to look  31 the son.

   During one of these  32 , the doctor gave Mick all kinds of tests(检查) and then said to him, “Do you have any trouble with your nose or ears ?” Mick  33 for a second and then answered, “Yes, I  34 _.”

  Mrs. Ball was very  35 . “But I’m sure you have  36 told me that, Mick!” she said worriedly. “Oh, really?” said the doctor  37 . “And what trouble do you have  38 your nose and ears, my boy?” “Well,” answered Mick. “I always have trouble with them when I’m  39 my sweater off,  40  the collar (领子) is very tight (紧的).”

1.A.loved   B.hated  C.missed  D.cared

2.A.rich    B.clever  C.strong  D.happy

3.A.is      B.are   C.be    D.were

4.A.Which  B.Of    C.But   D.So

5.A.player   B.teacher  C.doctor  D.1awyer  

6.A.after    B.over    C.for    D.at

7.A.talkers  B.times   C.visitors  D.stays

8.A.waited   B.thought  C.stood   D.looked

9.A.did     B.do     C.does   D.doing

10.A.excited   B.interested C.pleased   D.surprised

11.A.already  B.just    C.never   D.always

12.A.angrily  B.seriously C.happily  D.hardly

13.A.for      B.at     C.of      D.with

14.A.turning  B.taking  C.keeping   D.putting

15.A.because   B.but   C.although D.till


My sister is ____ more outgoing than me. 

A. more      B. most     C. a little    D. little


---_________is it from our school to the subway station? 

--- About 8 miles.

     A. How long B. How far  C. How often D. How much


-- Who's singing in the next room?  

--- It ____ be her . She went to New York yesterday evening

     A. can't           B. must          C. shouldn't         D. can


Do you know _____?    

A. where does Nina live      B. where Nina lives 

C. where is Nina live          D. where does Nina lives


It _____ me more than one hour to read the book yesterday.

     A. take      B. takes    C. to take   D. took  


-- I'm going to Hainan with my aunt next week.  

 --- _______!

A. Have a good time     B. That’s OK  

C. Congratulations           D. Please go


Mary is ____ than her sister .

A. funnier  B. fun  C. more funnier  D. funny


--What’s the matter with your mother?

---She ______ a sore throat.

     A. has   B. is   C. becomes    D. have


--_________ do you go to visit your friends?   

--Twice a month .

     A. How often   B. When  C. What time D. How many


I don’t like _____ away for too long. 

A. go      B. goes       C. going       D. am going



Alan Brown,男孩,14岁,703班学生。他喜欢玩电脑、做运动。他非常喜欢打篮球,他有5个篮球,但他没有足球。他还有一条黑白相间的狗叫Eddie , 他们是好朋友。要求:1.用词准确;  2. 语句通顺;  3. 表达清楚;  4. 50个词左右。



Peter: I lost a gold watch. If you find it, call me at 680-7432.

Jim:  I found a computer game. My phone number is 512-8843.

Henry: I lost a set of keys. Who found them, please call 476-3539.

Sam:  I found a notebook with the name “Kenvin Clark”. My phone number is 555-0287.





1. Listening to music is very ________(relax).

2.Bob Green has a d_        . Her name is Alice Green.

3.That _________(听起来) boring.

4.Your ____________      (词典) are on the desk.

5.We have some _________(俱乐部) in our school.

6.Do you have a great sports _________(collect).

7.This is____  (she) pencil case.

8. My parents like _______(watch) TV very much.

9.Mary often ________(play) soccer with her friends.


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