Michael Evans was standing in line at a Treasurer’s Office in Detroit last August, waiting for his business. At that moment, he heard a _______sound ahead of him. The elderly woman at the window was _______because she couldn’t pay $5,000 in back taxes owed(欠交税款). The cashier _______the woman that her house was soon to be auctioned(拍卖) and she would be left _______

Evans, a successful businessman who happened to hear their dialogue couldn’t _______the idea of this woman losing her home. He _______the window. “I don’t mean to _______,”he said to the cashier, “but_______you can get her house back, I’ll pay for her taxes.”

The woman in tears and the cashier looked at him _______in disbelief. Then, the cashier left for a moment to check the ________and that it was all right for Evans to pay it. Evans ________ to go straight to the bank and come right back with the money. And he did so.

But when he ________,he asked someone else waiting in line to hand the $5,000 check to the cashier. Quietly and secretly, Evans was trying to leave ________.”I don’t want this attention,” he explained. ________paying the elderly woman’s taxes, he did it” for no other________but to make sure the lady was in her house.”

A few weeks after the tax ________, Evans received the Spirit of Detroit Award for his lifetime of generosity. “It was good to see my dad finally get the recognition he deserves. I ________my life after him. When I have kids, I want them to look at me the way I look at my dad and to be________to those in need.” his son says.

Martin Luther King put it best, “Everybody can be great because anybody can ________.” When one of us can ________someone’s pain and can do something to improve the lives of others, we should. It is in giving of ourselves that we enrich our communities and make a better world.

1.A.surprising B.charming C.worrying D.pleasing

2.A.crying B.shouting C.cursing D.whispering

3.A.ordered B.informed C.persuaded D.recommended

4.A.jobless B.homeless C.aimless D.meaningless

5.A.desert B.prove C.tolerate D.challenge

6.A.broke B.closed C.repaired D.approached

7.A.show off B.hang on C.give up D.break in

8.A.if B.unless C.while D.though

9.A.tiredly B.amazedly C.excitedly D.delightedly

10.A.amount B.bonus C.answer D.reality

11.A.refused B.meant C.hesitated D.promised

12.A.escaped B.returned C.announced D.prepared

13.A.unnoticed B.unaffected C.ashamed D.confused

14.A.Due to B.Along with C.As to D.Aside from

15.A.reason B.sense C.doubt D.excuse

16.A.accident B.disaster C.campaign D.incident

17.A.value B.ruin C.enjoy D.model

18.A.selfish B.helpful C.distant D.grateful

19.A.serve B.benefit C.agree D.compete

20.A.reach B.recover C.relieve D.reserve


—How about Amanda’s fresh year in college?

—Very great!You know,she is___________and she got high grades in every subject.

A.a black sheep B.an early bird C.a wet blanket D.a green hand


—Edward, where have you been these days?

—I________to Yan Cheng, an attractive city best known for its wetlands on the Yellow Sea.

A.go B.went C.had gone D.have gone


After several failures, the US leaders are_____ being brought face-to-face with the fact that China today is undefeatable.

A.luckily B.firmly C.gradually D.appropriately


—Jane, why don’t you take a bite of the chocolate?

—Well, I am on diet, if you __________know.

A.must B.shall C.would D.could


In the________of further evidence,the police were unable to solve the murder in a short term.

A.presence B.charge C.control D.absence


Small kindness,if______can make a big difference to shape a better world.

A.exchanged B.simplified C.multiplied D.advertised


—What’s your understanding of success,Robert?

—In my view,success is________preparation and chances meet.

A.how B.why C.what D.where


China,a country with a strong sense of duty,never hesitates to_______to help other countries.

A.reach out B.turn out C.work out D.come out


Nowadays,villagers are proud of their culture and are actively protecting it,_______in turn improves the local tourism.

A.that B.which C.where D.what


The truth is that each and every student is________and therefore,when teaching,we cannot follow the same pattern.

A.unique B.energetic C.superior D.enthusiastic



1.What is the speaker?

A.An animal keeper. B.A zoo manager. C.A park cleaner.

2.What happened that evening?

A.A lion escaped into the zoo.

B.A lion escaped from the zoo.

C.A hurricane blew a lion away.

3.Where was the lion that afternoon?

A.In the zoo. B.In the police station. C.In a lady’s garden.

4.What was the lion doing when the keepers saw it?

A.Eating in the bushes. B.Sleeping in the garden. C.Playing in the park.



1.What did the man do?

A.He stayed up. B.He got up late. C.He lost his shoes.

2.What color is the man’s wallet?

A.Black. B.Orange. C.Brown.

3.Where does the man find his wallet?

A.In his pocket. B.In a drawer. C.On the table.

4.How will the speakers go to the airport?

A.By train. B.By taxi. C.By bus.



1.What does the woman think of mahjong?

A.It is boring. B.It is painful. C.It is attractive.

2.What used to be the man’s hobby?

A.Collecting stamps. B.Playing card games. C.Taking photographs.

3.What will the two speakers do next?

A.Read books. B.Play mahjong games. C.Learn old card games.



1.Where did the man see the ad?

A.In a newspaper. B.On TV. C.On the radio.

2.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A.School teacher and student.

B.House seller and buyer.

C.Newspaper reporter and reader.



1.Where did the woman return from?

A.London. B.Paris. C.Washington.

2.What does the woman say about the city?

A.It’s quite dirty and noisy. B.She dislikes the weather. C.It looks like a country town.


What are the speakers probably talking about?

A.Fred’s fault. B.A careless mistake. C.A car accident.


What will the woman do today?

A.Have lunch with the man.

B.Buy a pair of glasses.

C.See a doctor.


What does the man suggest the woman buy?

A.A red sweater. B.Blue jeans. C.Red jeans.


How is the new apartment?

A.Larger in size. B.Cheaper in price. C.Closer to school.


What did the man think of his flight?

A.Excellent. B.Boring. C.Tiring.



1. 爆发时间;



注意:1.词数 100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;


疫情 epidemic situation

新冠肺炎 the COVID-19

Dear Jack,



Li Hua








The summer holiday is drawing nearly. I feel happy because I will have more time to make good use of. With so many things do, I have made a plan. First, I will keep doing exercises and be health. Second, I’ll go to visit my grandparent. It was them who brought me up. Third, I’ll devote my time to go over the notes. I’ll review that my teachers taught me. Through my hard work, and I’m sure to make many progress. I’m looking forward to having the meaningful holiday.



Betty Ford was born in 1918 in Chicago. Her family moved to Michigan 1. she was young. Betty did everything 2.(careful)and enjoyed music best. After high school, she went to school 3.(learn)more about dancing. Later on, she met a famous 4.(dance), Martha Graham. She joined Graham's troupe(表演团)in New York. After five years, Betty moved back to Machigan 5.started a dancing group there. She taught dancing to children with disabilities. Betty met Gerald Ford in 1947. They got 6.(marry)the next year. Gerald chose to work for Congress(国会)after 7.(wed). Betty took care 8. their children. A short time 9.(late), Nixon gave up his position of the president. As a result, Gerald Ford 10.(elect)president and Betty became the First Lady.


    "Nobody can get out of life alive.Therefore,when you have opportunities,be brave and be thankful."Those were _______words said by 18-year-old Jake Bailey,a cancer patient

Bailey was in the leading _______ of the Students' Union.The young man had planned to speak at his high school's end-of-year ceremony on schedule. _______ just the week before,he received shocking _______that he had a fast-growing form of cancer.Doctors said,without_______,he would only have weeks to live,so they didn't _______ him to take part in the event. But Bailey put on his school uniform along with his _______ face and left his hospital bed to give the inspiring speech to his _______.Without doubt,his appearance _______everyone at the ceremony.Sitting in the wheelchair,he began to ________ his ideas.He expressed that a strong-willed person would not easily ________,no matter how hard life was.

At the speech,Bailey encouraged his schoolmates to ________ their time."The future is truly in our hands.________ about having impractical long-term dreams.Let's be ________to short-term goals."He ________,"We don't know where we might end up,or when we will end up,so work with pride on what is ________ us."

When the senior ________ his speech with the school's ________,"Altiora Peto,"which means"I fight for higher things",the entire room burst into cheers.________ Bailey's message was heard loud and clear. Bailey then closed his eyes and________ the words“Thank you”.

1.A.inspiring B.ridiculous C.convenient D.amazing

2.A.site B.position C.charge D.location

3.A.Therefore B.Instead C.Besides D.However

4.A.disaster B.attack C.news D.pain

5.A.treatment B.method C.solution D.problem

6.A.persuade B.predict C.permit D.provide

7.A.concerned B.frightened C.satisfied D.determined

8.A.friends B.students C.schoolmates D.roommates

9.A.shocked B.stressed C.amused D.influenced

10.A.explain B.share C.display D.change

11.A.run out B.give in C.pick up D.cut down

12.A.treasure B.gain C.explore D.achieve

13.A.Talk B.Forget C.Care D.Dream

14.A.connected B.limited C.admitted D.devoted

15.A.sighed B.commanded C.continued D.reacted

16.A.in place of B.in charge of C.in front of D.in terms of

17.A.replaced B.removed C.began D.ended

18.A.motto B.principle C.rule D.faith

19.A.Thankfully B.Fortunately C.Eventually D.Obviously

20.A.blew B.mouthed C.recorded D.complained


    Are you stressed out,scared or worried all the time? Do you avoid going to certain places, seeing friends or doing certain things because of your worries?Do your worries keep you awake at night?1.

Anxiety is a normal part of life2. There are lots of reasons for this.One main reason is after stressful thing which has happened in your life.So if you are involved in a car crash,it's quite likely that you will be more worried than other people around cars and driving.

3. If your parents suffer from anxiety,then you are more likely to be anxious too. This is probably partly due to genetics,and partly because of how things are when you're growing up.

Even though people don't talk about it much,anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems.4.

5.These include talking therapies(疗法)and drugs.

A.Being anxious also probably runs in families.

B.This can make you feel separated and lonely.

C.If you've answered yes,you may be suffering from anxiety.

D.Those suffering from anxiety need others' understanding badly.

E.Everybody has a certain degree of anxiety in certain situations.

F.The good news is there are lots of excellent treatments available for anxiety.

G.About 1 in 4 people will have an anxiety problem at some time in their life.


    Joe and his wife moved to a new farm with their three sons. A nearby farmer told Joe that there was gold in the soil of his new land. Joe believed and told his sons about it.

His sons actually began digging for gold in the land. Once they finished one piece they would start another. They began to realize that digging for gold was fun! Seeing that, Joe thought he would plant some crops where the dirt had been turned thoroughly. He planted com, tomatoes, and potatoes. His sons continued to dig through the soil, determined to find gold.

As each different crop became ready to be harvested, Joe started to realize that there was more than he and his family could ever eat. One of Joe 's neighbors suggested that he set up a vegetable stand. Joe and his wife did that very thing. This process went on for three years and Joe and his wife became quite rich from it. They were even able to send their sons off to college.

Remember at the beginning of the story Joe was told by his new neighbor that there was gold in the land? Well, the truth is, Joe' s understanding of the English language was less than perfect. His new neighbor friend actually told him that his land had rich soil.

Go out and believe that there is gold in all your challenges so that you can be inspired to pursue(追求)all that you need. The fate will never give up on you, if you never give up on yourself.

1.What made Joe believe that there was actual gold in his land?

A.His desire to send his sons to college. B.His dream to become wealthy.

C.His poor understanding of English. D.His trust in his neighbor.

2.Joe's three sons took digging for gold as

A.a pleasure B.a challenge

C.a lie D.a dream

3.How did Joe deal with his too many crops?

A.By leaving them in the land

B.By selling them to others.

C.By giving them away to neighbors.

D.By exchanging them for gold.

4.The best title for this passage would be

A.Telling a white lie

B.Achieving wealth from land

C.Digging for gold

D.Accepting challenges in life


    Since December,there have been tens of thousands of the COVID-19 cases both in and out of China,caused by a previously unknown virus:novel coronavirus.

What are they?Viruses are considered to be non-living organisms(有机物).They can't reproduce(繁殖) on their own. Instead, they invaded the cells of living organisms to reproduce, spread and take over.But the basic question is,where did viruses first come from? Until now, no clear explanation for their origin exists.

Understanding the origins of viruses means fully understanding the history of their hosts not only humans,but also bacteria,plants and other animals,which is a complicated task. However,there are three main theories to explain the origin of viruses.First,viruses started as independent organisms,then became parasites(寄生者). Second,viruses evolved(进化) from pieces of DNA or RNA that"escaped"from larger organisms.The third one is that viruses co-evolved with their host cells,which means they existed alongside these cells.

For the time being,these are only theories.The technology and proofs we have today cannot be used to test these theories and discover the most plausible explanation.Continuing studies may provide us with clearer answers.Or future studies may find that the answer is even more mysterious than it now appears.

1.What can we learn about viruses from the article?

A.They mainly infect animals and plants.

B.They are really small living organisms.

C.They are more dangerous than bacteria.

D.They can't reproduce unless they find a host cell.

2.Which of the following might explain the origin of viruses?

A.They evolved along with their host cells.

B.They evolved from the DNA or RNA in animals.

C.They evolved from the fossils of large organisms.

D.They evolved from parasites to independent organisms.

3.The underlined word"plausible"in the last paragraph probably means______.

A.creative B.reasonable

C.common D.unbelievable

4.What can we conclude from the article?

A.The author is confident about future virus research.

B.Viruses will become more like bacteria as they evolve.

C.Viruses live longer in human host cells than in animals.

D.It may take a long time to understand the origin of viruses.


    One summer night, the whole family of Irene was asleep with the windows open. It was very quiet when there was a loud noise from the stable(马厩).Irene woke up from her sweet dream,and the noise continued.Then she heard a horse running fast towards the house.The next thing she saw was her horse,Thunder,standing outside of her window,neighing(嘶叫) and shaking his head.She knew something was wrong.Irene quickly got everyone out of the house before the earthquake hit.Thunder saved her life.

As amazing as this story is,it is not as uncommon as you may hear of the story of Doris and her cat Maggie.One night,Doris was in a deep sleep when she was woken by her cat Maggie.Maggie was meowing wildly outside Doris's bedroom and throwing herself against the closed bedroom door.When Doris opened her eyes,she saw her bedroom full of smoke.As she escaped her house,she saw a fire was burning in her kitchen.Even though Maggie could have escaped the house through a cat door,she wouldn't leave Doris.

There are also stories of wild animals coming to the rescue of humans.Once,Lyndon was surfing with his friend when he was attacked by a four-meter shark.During the attack,a group of dolphins came to his rescue by forming protective ring around Lyndon until be could get safely to shore.Without the help of the dolphins,there is little chance that Lyndon could have escaped.

No one is sure why animals have so often come to our rescue.However,it is clear that most of us haven't realized their kindness.It is important that we care for them as much as we can.

1.What was Irene doing before the earthquake hit?

A.She was sleeping soundly.

B.She was opening the windows.

C.She was visiting her neighbors.

D.She was getting her horse out of the stable.

2.Why did Maggie throw herself against the door?

A.She was afraid of smoke.

B.She wanted to get out of the room.

C.She was trying to wake up her owner.

D.She felt bored and was playing by herself.

3.What do we know about Maggie and Thunder?

A.They were shy and quiet.

B.They were brave and devoted.

C.They often made noise at night.

D.They saved their owners some times.

4.What can we know from the article?

A.It is clear why animals often save humans.

B.Humans haven't realized animals' s kindness

C.Humans have a good relationship with animals.

D.Animals can often come to the rescue of humans.


A Guide to the University


The TWU Cafeteria is open 7a.m.to 8p.m..It serves snacks,drinks,ice cream bars and meals.You can pay with cash or your ID cards.You can add meal money to your ID cards at the Front Desk.Even if you do not buy your food in the cafeteria,you can use the tables to eat your lunch,to have meetings and to study.

If you are on campus in the evening or late at night,you can buy snacks,fast food,and drinks in the Lower Cafe located in the bottom level of the Douglas Centre.This area is often used for entertainment such s concerts,games or TV watching.


The Globe,located in the bottom level of McMillan Hall,is available for relaxing,studying, cooking,and eating.Monthly activities are held here for all international students.Hours are 10 a.m.to 10 p.m.,closed on Sundays.


Located on the top floor of Douglas Hall,the Wellness Centre is committed to(致力于)physical,emotional and social health.A doctor and nurse is available if you have health questions or need immediate medical help or personal advice.The cost of this is included in your medical insurance.Hours are Monday to Friday,9:00 a.m.to noon and 1:00 to 4:50 p.m..

Academic Support

All students have access to the Writing Centre on the upper floor of Douglas Hall.Here, qualified volunteers will work with you on written work,grammar,vocabulary,and other academic skills.This service is free.

1.What can you do in the TWU Cafeteria?

A.Do homework and watch TV.

B.Buy drinks and enjoy concerts.

C.Have meals and meet with friends.

D.Add money to your ID and play chess.

2.Where and when can you cook your own food?

A.The Globe,Friday.

B.The Lower Cafe,Sunday.

C.The TWU Cafeteria,Friday.

D.The McMillan Hall,Sunday.

3.The Guide tells us that the Wellness Centre______.

A.is open six days a week

B.offers services free of charge

C.trains students in medical care

D.gives advice on mental health


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