A child rights campaigner and a child education activist will share the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee1.(announce) the two winners on Friday.They are Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and India's Kailash Satyarthi.The Nobel committee said they2.(award) the prize for "their struggle against the suppression(压制)of children".It added that the committee considers3.important “for a Hindu and a Muslim,an Indian and a Pakistani,to join in4.common struggle against extremism(极端主义)”.

Malala Yousafzai becomes the5.(young) winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.She is only 17 years old. She had been pushing for girls' education in Pakistan for several years6.Taliban gunmen shot her in the head in 2012. Doctors in Pakistan and Britain treated Malala.She has recovered and7.(continue) to fight for women's rights.

Kailash Satyarthi has been leading a8.(peace) movement to end abuse(虐待)of children for financial gain. He also has assisted in the9.(develop) of important international agreements10.(intend) to protect children's rights.


My mom died when I was two years old. She died in an accident when ______ to visit her parents. I was in the backseat, and wasn’t ______. I don’t remember anything about her. The only few things I know are from the ______ my dad tells me. I ______ with only my dad and myself. I love my dad, but sometimes it was ______ like being in elementary school when Mother’s Day was coming, kids would decorate cards, and so on. Then to make it ______ there was “Tea Party with Mom” day for 2nd and 3rd grade when kids and their ______ would come during the school day and have ______ and snacks... except my dad would let me ______ those days, and we would do something ______ together like going to Disneyland. I never exactly felt ______ even though I didn’t have a mom.

My dad worked very hard. My mom died right as he ______ from Harvard Law, and he tried to be both a good ______ and a great dad, but also he tried to play both ______ as dad and mom. I remember all the other girls in my 2nd grade class had hair braided (辫子), and I ______ that too. So my dad would braid my hair every morning before ______. It makes me smile just to ______ it.

I think about not having mother occasionally, and ______ it does bother me, like the ______ that on Mother’s Day my dad and I visit my mom’s grave, and bring her ______ yellow roses.

Maybe I don’t have exactly what I want, but I have what I need.

1.A. walking    B. flying    C. running    D. driving

2.A. saved    B. deserted    C. hurt    D. interrupted

3.A. stories    B. decisions    C. experiences    D. adventures

4.A. set off    B. grew up    C. pulled up    D. settled down

5.A. useless    B. impossible    C. dangerous    D. difficult

6.A. worse    B. less    C. closer    D. slower

7.A. friends    B. moms    C. classmates    D. neighbors

8.A. meal    B. lunch    C. beer    D. tea

9.A. spend    B. forget    C. end    D. name

10.A. easy    B. important    C. fun    D. similar

11.A. brought up    B. shown off    C. lifted up    D. left out

12.A. returned    B. failed    C. graduated    D. stopped

13.A. lawyer    B. guide    C. actor    D. businessman

14.A. games    B. roles    C. tapes    D. tricks

15.A. wanted    B. understood    C. started    D. accepted

16.A. weekends    B. lunch    C. school    D. games

17.A. turn to    B. ask for    C. look for    D. think about

18.A. always    B. sometimes    C. recently    D. again

19.A. schedule    B. plan    C. fact    D. thought

20.A. favorite    B. available    C. actual    D. common


Good friends always make life seem so much easier and better.1.I know that there is absolutely no need to give out definitions of a true friend or list out qualities that are synonymous,since the answers are subjective.


It is one of the most beautiful aspects.2.Be it one of the dullest days of your life while you are killing time doing absolutely nothing,or be it one of your most memorable moments like your graduation or your birthday,friends are always with you.


If you look hideous(难看的)in the dress you bought last week,a true friend will always tell you so!Honesty is needed in any relationship.3.They are ready to give you a taste of the bitter truth,but they'll help you cope with it! Often,there comes a time when two friends are competing for the same thing,a true friend will never let a competition affect the friendship.


Often when you are feeling low or depressed,you will never have to explain it to your friend that you are feeling low.4.Understanding without words is the perfect level of a good relationship.


You need to have patience to understand your friend inside out.The mood swings,sign language,codes,etc. Friends are all this and much more.5.They are a comforting shoulder to lean on,a patient ear to listen to you,and most importantly,a warm and loving hug to embrace you!

A.They are a helping hand.

B.A true friend knows when you are unhappy.

C.No matter what,friends always stick together!

D.True friends are always two steps behind you.

E.True friends never hesitate to speak up their minds.

F.Ask yourself what makes a good friend even if you doubt the ability to one yourself.

G.In our busy lives,at times when we feel down and upset, it is our friends who come through.


When we say older people shrink,we don't mean they become tiny enough to fit in your pocket!We just mean that it's common for older people to become a little shorter over time.This kind of shrinking can't be stopped, although people can slow this process.But why does shrinking happen at all?

Because of gravity,cushions between the bones in the spine(脊骨)get compressed(压缩),which makes a person lose a little height and become shorter.

Another reason why some older people shrink is because of osteoporosis(骨质疏松).Osteoporosis occurs when bone is broken down and not enough new bone material is made.Over time,bone is said to be lost.Bones become smaller and weaker and can easily break if someone with osteoporosis is injured.

Older people—especially women,who generally have smaller and lighter bones to begin with—are more likely to develop osteoporosis.As years go by,a person with osteoporosis can get small breaks in bones that are called compression fractures.These breaks cause collapse of the spine and over time the person with osteoporosis can become hunched over(驼背).

Did you know that every day you shrink a little,too?You aren't as tall at the end of the day as you are at the beginning.That's because as the day goes on,water in the disks of the spine gets compressed due to gravity,making you just a tiny bit shorter.Don't worry,though.Once you get a good night's rest,your body recovers,and the next morning,you're standing tall again!

Smoking and drinking alcohol can make this problem worse.Want to do something right now to build strong bones?I believe what I say will help you.

1.What can we infer from the text?

A. For shrinking,people can do nothing about it.

B. If someone is injured,he will become shorter.

C. Women have smaller and lighter bones than men.

D. We aren't as tall at the end of the day as we are at the beginning.

2.What should we do if we don't want to shrink faster?

A. Reduce gravity.

B. Sleep as long as possible.

C. Be careful not to be hurt by others.

D. Keep away from smoking and drinking alcohol.

3.We can learn from the text about osteoporosis that______.

A. it makes people shorter

B. shorter people usually suffer it

C. women are more likely to develop it

D. once our bone is broken down,it will occur

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. Why do we shrink?

B. How to live a healthy life

C. How can we stop shrinking?

D. Some tips on how to keep healthy


My grandmother often said to me, “You can count the number of your true friends on the fingers of one hand.” For a long time I thought this was true. However, I’ve now discovered my grandmother was only half right. Maybe we do only make a few best friends in our lifetime, but those aren’t the only people that we can call friends. There are many different types. Let me tell you about a few of them.

One type of friends is the type I call the “football mom friend”. My neighbor Sally is a good example. We both have kids who play football in a football club, and someone has to take them to practice and pick them up. Sally and I and two other mothers take turns to do this. We meet sometimes and have tea and talk about what our kids are doing, but those are the only times that we meet each other. I enjoy being with these women, but we don’t do anything else together.

Another type is called the “hobby friend”. That’s the person you share an interest or a hobby with. Michael and Cater, who are brothers, are a good example of this type. We’re all in a bird watching club. Every few weekends the members of the club go on a trip to watch different kinds of birds. There’s nothing romantic about my relationship with Michael and Cater, of course. We just share interest in birds.

Then there’s the “other half of the couple” type of friends. Jim is married to Rose, a friend that I’ve known since college. When Rose married Jim, I realized that I would have to be Jim’s friend if I want to continue to be Rose’s. Jim and I don’t share so many interests, but we do have a friendly relationship.

1.What does the first paragraph tell us about?

A. We should make new friends.

B. We need true friends in our lifetime.

C. We must be friendly to all our friends.

D. We have rarely best friends in our lifetime.

2.Who is the writer’s true friend according to this passage?

A. Sally.    B. Rose.

C. Jim.    D. Michael.

3.What can we learn from the text?

A. The writer herself sometimes takes her kid to the football club.

B. Michael and Cater both fall in love with the writer.

C. Finally the writer agrees with her grandmother.

D. Sally and the writer are close friends.

4.From the last paragraph we learn that       .

A. the writer made friends with Jim only because of Rose

B. Jim was the writer’s good friend at college

C. Rose didn’t want the writer to be a friend of her husband

D. the writer made friends with Rose because of Jim


Amazing Kids!Wild Jungle Writing Contest

Amazing Kids!Magazine is proud to announce that we will be hosting a Wild Jungle Writing Contest this fall! Send us your best jungle-themed stories.This contest is open to grades K-12,with three groups of K-3,4-8,and 9-12.

Three winners from each age group will be chosen to win Amazing Kids!prizes,along with an official certificate verifying their winning entry.All participants will receive a certificate of participation in the contest.

Submit(提交)all entries by NOVEMBER 30 to be considered!Please look below for rules—if your entry does not comply with(与一致)our rules,it will not be considered in the contest!Email editor@amazing-kids.org or more questions about rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are the age limits?

A:This contest is limited to grades K-12,with a K-3,4-8,and 9-12 age group.

Q:How should I format my entry?

A:Stories should be written in English,with submissions of up to 1,200 words.Stories exceeding(超出)this length will not be considered.Please submit your entry as a Microsoft Word document.Also be sure to include all essential information,including your name,grade,address,phone number(s) and e-mail address in the body of the e-mail.

Q:How do I submit my entry?

A:E-mail your submission to editor@amazing-kids.org.Each e-mail submission will receive a return message saying that the essay is received.

Q:Is there just one prize?

A:No.Nine separate prizes will be given out,with a cash value of $ 20 for first place,$15 for second place,and $10 for third place in each age group.Certificates of participation will also be awarded to each participant in the contest.

1.Which of the following stories suits Wild Jungle Writing Contest?

A. A teenager caught a thief in a cave.

B. Three adults lost their way in the jungle.

C. A girl built an online community of her own.

D. A boy met a bear while searching for wood in the forest.

2.The winners will receive______.

A. only some money

B. a cash value of $40

C. only an official certificate

D. prizes and certificates

3.How does a kid know his story gets received?

A. His teacher will tell him of it.

B. The judges will give him a call.

C. He will be informed by an e-mail.

D. The announcement will be posted on the Internet.

4.What is the author's purpose of writing this text?

A. To promote a writing contest.

B. To introduce some ways of writing stories.

C. To make the contest better-known worldwide.

D. To call on more teens to volunteer in the contest.


Have you thought about what determines the way we are as we grow up? Remember the TV program Seven Up! It started following the lives of a group of children in 1963. We first meet them as wide-eyed seven-year-olds and then catch up with them at seven-year intervals (间隔): nervous 14-year-olds, serious 21-year-olds, then grown-ups.

Some of the stories are inspiring, others sad, but what is interesting in almost all the cases is the way in which the children’s early hopes and dreams are shown in their future lives, for example, at seven, Tony is a lively child who says he wants to become a sportsman or a taxi driver. When he grows up, he goes on to do both. Nicki says, “I’d like to find out about the moon.” and goes on to become a space scientist. As a child, soft-spoken Bruce says he wants to help “poor children” and ends up teaching in India.

But if the lives of all the children had followed this pattern, the program would be far less interesting than it actually was. It was the children whose childhood did not prepare them for what was to come that made the program so inspiring. Where did their ideas come from about what they wanted to do when they grew up? Are children influenced by what their parents do, by what they see on television, or by what their teachers say? How great is the effect of a single important event? Many film directors, including Stephen Spielberg, say that an early visit to the cinema was the turning point in their lives. Dr Magaret Me Allister, who has done a lot of research in this area, thinks that the major influences are parents, friends and the wider society.

1.In the TV program Seven Up, we can meet       .

A. different groups of people at different periods of their lives

B. different groups of people at the same period of their lives

C. the same group of people at different periods of their lives

D. the same group of people at the same period of their lives

2.What are the examples in Paragraph 2 meant to show?

A. Many people’s childhood hopes are related to their future jobs.

B. There are many poor children in India who need help.

C. Children have different dreams about their future.

D. A lot of people are very sad in their childhood.

3.Spielberg’s words show that       .

A. going to a movie at an early age helps a child learn about society

B. a single childhood event may decide what one does as a grown-up

C. parents and friends can help a child grow up properly

D. films have more influence on a child than teachers do



要点: 1.活动(如做南瓜灯,玩trick or treat游戏;吃糖果;讲万圣节来历等) ;2.意义;3.感受。

参考词汇:南瓜灯 jack-o’-lantern; 万圣节 Halloween ; 来历origin

Dear Jack,









Best wishes!


Li Hua


My friend Mike have benefited greatly from humor. He is kind but overweight, that brings him a lot of problems. Once one of my classmates laughed him, “ Why are you so fat?” We all stopped to stare at Mike, wonder how he would answer the question. She just said in a calm voice, “ Well, because of my size must be large enough to hold my large heart of love.” Hearing his word, we all burst into laughter. Not only does Mike take the joke, but he also managed to cope with the embarrassed situation. What a important part humor plays in our daily life!



1.建造,修建 ________________________

2.摆脱    _________________________

3.上升  ________________________

4.到目前为止     _________________________

5.交换意见 ________________________

6.应当,理应   _________________________

7.领域  ______________________


9.放的井然有序 _________________

10.做出反应 _________________________



1.If cancers are spotted early, there is a high chance of____________( survive).

2.____________(fortunate), neither of them could swim.

3.Almost 13% of the working population are already____________(employ); in other words, they are out of work.

4.With Christmas____________(approach), big shopping malls are becoming busier.

5.Jerry reached the____________(conclude) that the company was expanding.

6.China Daily has many websites in three languages, ____________(form) Asia’s biggest network of English-language news and information.

7.We prefer to go shopping there because their prices are____________(afford).

8.They provide lots of electrical e____________(设备).

9.There are a number of____________(艺术馆) in the district.

10.The Public Square is an eye-catching sight of the city. There ____________(stand) a stone sculpture of a famous historical figure.


Running a few kilometers each day is good for our health. However, new research says running too much could be bad for us. Running long distances 1. (regular) for many years could make our life 2. (short), not longer. The study is from the Minneapolis Heart Institute. A researcher said too much running can created plague() inside your heart, 3. can lead to heart disease. He wrote that running too much for many years takes away the good things from exercise. He 4. (add) that the risk of heart disease could be 5. same as someone who never exercised.

Researchers looked 6. the health and training of 3,300 runners over the age of 35. 70% of them ran over 30 kilometers a week. Men who ran marathons for 25 years had 62% more plaque in their heart than men who did little 7. no exercise. Another doctor said he felt cheated. He started running marathons in 1967. He used 8. (run) 60 kilometers every week. He said, “I thought I was out there exhausting 9. (me), building an absolutely strong heart.” The doctor advised 10. (exercise) frequently but not to overdo things.


While my father was an officer of the British army in South Africa, we lived in a two-storeyed house. One evening my father and sister and I were sitting together. He was ______ the window. I suddenly ______ that he was turning very pale. I sat ______, for I didn’t want to ______ my sick sister. Soon father said in a ______ voice, “Kate and Joan, a friend of mine ______ here to see me this evening, and I wish to be ______ him. Will you go up to your own room?” We obeyed, went to our room and closed the door.

Soon I heard a ______ like that of a door burst in, and then a climb of feet. They were hurrying ______ the narrow stairs. Fearing that there was ______ near, I seized the pistol (手枪) on the table. Then I heard my father cry out, “For God’s sake, child, ______ the door.” I did so. To my scare, I saw, ______ my father’s shoulder; a gorilla (大猩猩), the worst enemy of the soldier in Europe, he was ______ my father. I raised the pistol and fired. The animal fell backwards with an/a ______ loud cry. Father took the still ______ pistol from my hand, and fired another shot, which killed the gorilla.

It happened when father ______ us upstairs because he thought he would be able to ______ the door—which was twenty feet away______ the animal reached it. However, the gorilla was too ______; and this was the cause of the ______ flight (=escape) up the stairs.

1.A. towards    B. opposite    C. inside    D. behind

2.A. knew    B. learned    C. felt    D. noticed

3.A. still    B. concentrated    C. fascinated    D. unhappily

4.A. hurt    B. frighten    C. lose    D. bother

5.A. loud    B. sad    C. calm    D. pleasant

6.A. was    B. comes    C. would be    D. is coming

7.A. friendly to    B. alone with    C. dependent on    D. careful with

8.A. sound    B. cry    C. voice    D. shout

9.A. to    B. down    C. via    D. up

10.A. some difficulty    B. a thief    C. some danger    D. an accident

11.A. open    B. close    C. pull    D. draw

12.A. on    B. above    C. over    D. from

13.A. aiming at    B. marching towards    C. shooting at    D. running into

14.A. exciting    B. exhausting    C. angry    D. natural

15.A. sounding    B. burning    C. frightening    D. smoking

16.A. had taken    B. had sent    C. had driven    D. had forced

17.A. push    B. lock    C. guard    D. defend

18.A. unless    B. when    C. before    D. though

19.A. quick    B. huge    C. heavy    D. disappointing

20.A. anxious    B. embarrassed    C. fearless    D. hurried


Most of us lead unhealthy lives; we spend far too much sitting down. If in addition we are careless about our diets, our bodies soon become loose and fatty and our systems slow moving.

1. I am thinking of such features of modern city life as pollution, noise, rushed meals and stress. But keeping fit is a way to reduce the effects of these evils. The usual suggestion to a person who is looking for a way to keep fit is to take up some sport or other. While it is true that every weekend you will find people playing football and hockey in the local park, they are outnumbered a hundred to one by the people who are simply watching them.

For those who do not particularly enjoy competitive sports — 2. — there are such separate activities as cycling, walking, jogging and swimming. What often happens though is that you do them in such a leisurely way, so slowly, that it is doubtful if you are doing yourself much good, except for the fact that you have at least managed to get up out of your armchair.

Even after you have found a way for keeping in shape, through sport or gymnastics, 3., because, according to the experts, you must also master the art of complete mental and physical relaxation.  4. Yoga, as practiced in the West, is the most widely known and popular of the systems for achieving the necessary state of relaxation. It seems ironical (讽刺性的), though, that as our lives have improved in a material sense we have found it increasingly necessary to go back to forms of activity — 5.— which were the natural way of life of our forefathers.

A. be active and practise Yoga

B. There are some aspects of our unhealthy lives that we cannot avoid.

C. it is especially difficult to do so if you are not good at them

D. physical effort on the one hand and relaxation on the other

E. they spent most of the time outdoors

F. you are still only half way to good health

G. It has to do with deep breathing, emptying your mind of all thoughts, meditation(冥想), and so on.


The stories we share with one another are important. They show wisdom and provide inspiration. They are important to our development. But sometimes people choose not to tell.

Consider the negative effects of not sharing a story in the news: People are wondering if public health officials are holding back too much information about the recent outbreak of Ebola.

There is a danger in holding back stories that ought to be told. Bobette Buster said it like this, “The fact is that history has shown us that stories not told can become like a dangerous genie (妖怪) left in a bottle. When they are finally uncorked, their power to destroy is set free.”

There are a number of reasons why we hide parts of our story: they often show our weaknesses or expose our disadvantages; they require courage and strength to share; and of course, there are some stories that should be kept secret—especially those that embarrass someone else.

Most of us have two selves: the one we display on the outside and the one we actually are on the inside. And the better we get at hiding the stories that show our true selves, the more damage we may be causing to ourselves and to others.

Honesty and openness is important: It proves we are trustworthy. It displays we are human. We are not perfect or better. It highlights the importance of hard work and personal development. Hard work may not allow us to overcome our disadvantages completely. But with hard work, we do not have to be limited to our mistakes.

Does this mean we admit every weakness, every disadvantage, and every secret regret to everybody we meet? No, of course not. There is a time and a place and a certain level of relationship necessary for some stories to be told in an appropriate manner.

1.What’s the function of the example in Paragraph 2?

A. It reflects that people are concerned about the spread of Ebola.

B. It shows the bad effect caused by sharing a story.

C. It proves not sharing a story can cause trouble.

D. It concludes that one should share a story at a proper time.

2.One of the reasons why people are unwilling to share experiences is that _______.

A. story-sharing highlights the importance of hard work

B. people are used to exposing their weaknesses

C. people sometimes have no courage to share their stories

D. some stories make themselves feel uneasy

3.Which is close in meaning to the underlined word “uncorked” in Paragraph 3?

A. freed    B. broken

C. finished    D. untouched

4.The writer aims to persuade us to _______.

A. be open to people close to you by sharing some secrets

B. share stories appropriately for the good of others and ourselves

C. remove the dangers that can be caused by untold stories

D. realize the importance of being honest when making friends


It is hardly surprising that clothing manufacturers (生产商)follow certain uniform standards for various

features(特征)of clothes. What seems strange, however, is that the standard adopted for women is the opposite of the one for men. Take a look at the way your clothes button. Men’s clothes tend to button from the right, and women’s from the left. Considering most of the world’s population—men and women—are right-handed,the men’s standard would appear to make more sense for women. So why do women's clothes button from the left ?

History really seems to matter here. Buttons first appeared only on the clothes of the rich in the 17th century, when rich women were dressed by servants. For the mostly right-handed servants, having women's shirts button from the left would be easier. On the other hand, having men’s shirts button from the right made sense, too. Most men dressed themselves, and a sword drawn from the left with the right hand would be less likely to get caught in the shirt.

Today women are seldom dressed by servants, but buttoning from the left is still the standard for them. Is it interesting? Actually, a standard, once set, resists change. At a time when all women’s shirts buttoned from the left, it would have been risky for any single manufacturer to offer women’s shirts that buttoned from the right. After all, women had grown so used to shirts which buttoned from the left and would have to develop new habits and skills to switch. Besides, some women might have found it socially awkward to appear in public wearing shirts that buttoned from the right, since anyone who noticed that would believe they were wearing men’s shirts.

1.What is surprising about the standard of the clothing industry?

A. It has been followed by the industry for over 400 years.

B. It is different for men’s clothing and women’s.

C. It works better with men than with women.

D. It fails to consider right-handed people.

2.What do we know about the rich men in the 17th century?

A. They tended to wear clothes without buttons.

B. They were interested in historical matters.

C. They were mostly dressed by servants.

D. They drew their swords from the left.

3.Women’s clothes still button from the left today because________.

A. adopting men’s style is improper for women    B. manufacturers should follow standards

C. modern women dress themselves    D. customs are hard to change

4.The passage is mainly developed by________.

A. analyzing causes    B. making comparisons

C. examining differences    D. following the time order


Eight days for just¥12,000

Departs: May-October 2017


 Return flights from 6 China’s airports to Naples

 Return airport to hotel transport

 Seven nights’accommodation at the 3-star Hotel Nice


 The service of guides

 Government taxes

Join us for a wonderful holiday in one of the Europe’s most wonderful-Naples in Italy if you want to have a nice time in a beautiful small quiet place. The ancient Romans called the city “happy land” with attractive coastline, colorful towns, splendid views and the warm Mediterranean Sea. Your best choice for a truly memorable holiday!

Choose between the peaceful traditional villages of Sant’ Agata, set on a hillside six miles away from Sorrento, or the more lively and well-known international resort town of Sorrento, with wonderful views over the Bay of Naples.

Breathtaking scenery, famous sights and European restaurants everywhere. From the mysterious Isle of Capri to the hunting ruins (废墟) of Pompeii, and from the unforgettable “Amalfi Drive” to the delightful resorts (景点) of Positano, Sorrento and Ravello, the area is a feast for the eyes! Join us, and you won’t  be disappointed!

Price based on two tourists sharing a double room at the Hotel Nice. A single room, another¥2,000. A group of ten college students,¥10,000 for each.

Like to know more? Telephone Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd on: 0845-226-7788 (All calls charged at local rates).

1.All the following are included in the price of ¥12,000 EXCEPT  ___________.

A. transport between the airport and the hotel

B. telephone calls made by tourists

C. the service of guides to tourists

D. double rooms for every two tourists

2.If you don’t  like sharing a room with others, you have to pay ___________.

A. ¥12,000    B. ¥10,000

C. ¥2,000    D. ¥14,000

3.If you like to visit historical sites, which of the following is your best choice?

A. Amalfi    B. Sant’ Agata

C. Pompeii    D. Sorrento


I could feel the judging eyes of my family burning a hole into the back of my head as I picked up my phone. All of a sudden, the chattering in the living room died and all I could hear was the sound of the turkey sizzling (发出嘶嘶声) in the oven.

“Look at her! She’s been on her phone all day long! It’s all your fault! Children will never respect elders if they are not taught how to behave! ” my grandmother shouted.

I was very shocked and angry! I opened my mouth to say something, but words failed me and I just sat down quietly on the chair like a mouse in its trap. I thought “Here we go again.” I truly love my family and I would do anything for them. I also know that they would do anything for me as well. However, there are moments that make me feel that they are just stuck with me. They all agree on one thing: technology is wrecking me.

If I am going to be treated like a child or completely ignored, I will most likely not enjoy your company, and I feel that this applies to (适用于) the majority of the people. So I sometimes simply shut myself in my room and listened to the voices coming from the living room, thinking: They all grew up in a world so different that it amazes me how they have actually gotten this far. They did not have phones or any type of advanced technology, which is both good and bad. Bad because they had almost no type of fast communication, and good because they were forced to interact (互动) with one another, which is something today’s society is lacking in. However, maybe if they made an effort to be aware of how things work nowadays, they would not be so against everything.

1.What happened when the author picked up her smart phone?

A. Her family laughed at her.    B. Her family kept silent.

C. She felt like having a headache.    D. She smelt something burning.

2.The underlined word in the third paragraph probably means ________.

A. punishing    B. encouraging

C. destroying    D. saving

3.We can infer from the passage that the author felt it hard ________.

A. to do something to please her family

B. to satisfy her family’s high expectation

C. to get along with her family in some ways

D. to move out or break away from her family

4.The author uses the last paragraph to show that ________.

A. it is important to strengthen understanding among the family

B. it is necessary to treat each other well in the family

C. it is hard for the older people to accept the advanced technology

D. it is her duty to provide her family with a happier life in the future










Dear David,

How time flies! It’s been a total week since you left our school.








Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua








I like travelling and my dream of paying a visit for Beijing, the capital city of our country, come true during the National Day holidays this year. On October 1st, I went to Tian’anmen Square with my parents, there we watched a flag-raising ceremony. As I watched the flag rising slowly, I sang a national anthem, to music, feel extremely excited. Then we went to some other famous tourist attraction, like the Great Wall. Standing on the Great Wall, I felt very proudly. I thought the old saying that "He who do not reach the Great Wall is not a true man." Although I was tired, but I really had a good time.


Recently a really strange thing happened in a middle school in China’s Hubei Province. Over 600 students there took part in a “caring for an egg like a baby”1.(active) in which they were asked to keep an egg close at hand for a month2.breaking it.

"It's hard for parents to bring up their children,3.many students just ignore it,” said Liu Kang, the school's director. "They shoule4.(teach) to be grateful to their parents, who have given them life but ask for nothing in return.”

Li Ming is one of the students. His egg didn't break during the month, but he felt5.(exhaust). "I now realize that my parents have had great difficulty6.(bring) me up I’ll do all I can to make their life easier and more7.(comfort) when I grow up,” promised the 13-year-old boy.8.(luck), about 450 students broke their eggs. Yan Yueming broke his egg after just five days, which made him frustrated. He said, "I can't imagine9.sad my parents would be if there was something wrong with me, their 'egg'!" It is time I10.(do) something in return for their love.” said Yan.


Make Good Memories

My husband Bill’s Grandma was in a nursing home when we moved back to Michigan. Grandma had been unable to walk for quite some time: now her eye sight was almost gone.

Over the years Grandma and I had____many cards and letters. I knew how she enjoyed____. in touch with people. Grandma would have me write letters to go in the cards she would send. And she would always have me____what I had written back to her. Grandma didn’t have a problem with hearing then____she was always telling me, “That is not____how I said that!” I would then rewrite whatever I wrote in her exact words.

Since I had some____time before Christmas, I asked Grandma if she would like to send____some Christmas cards. Grandma readily____. I rounded up several different kinds of cards. I knew she had friends and family who all had different____. I would take each card and____in detail the front of the card, then I would read the words inside. After____it over Grandma would tell me who she thought would like____card.

After a while I____and I noticed that we had several nursing home____standing in the doorway. I started to noticed as I read each card, the____on their faces and Grandma’s face, too. Each one had a____smile and a far-away look in their eyes, as they were seeing the scenes in their mind’s eye.

I thought when I went over to do the Christmas____I would be doing Grandma a favor, but it____that she did me a big favor. I will always____this special memory of bringing some Christmas joy and pleasant____to Grandma and her fellow residents.

1.A. exchange    B. changed    C. traded    D. switched

2.A. settling    B. losing    C. staying    D. getting

3.A. write    B. discover    C. translate    D. read

4.A. when    B. because    C. while    D. though

5.A. carefully    B. truthfully    C. specially    D. exactly

6.A. extra    B. flying    C. essential    D. valuable

7.A. for    B. up    C. out    D. away

8.A. acknowledged    B. agreed    C. admitted    D. rejected

9.A. addresses    B. advantages    C. occupations    D. interests

10.A. describe    B. communicate    C. distinguish    D. ignore

11.A. talking    B. turning    C. taking    D. thinking

12.A. another    B. each    C. one    D. other

13.A. looked down    B. looked over    C. looked up    D. looked though

14.A. immigrants    B. visitors    C. patients    D. residents

15.A. attention    B. look    C. glance    D. sight

16.A. gently    B. rough    C. forced    D. whispered

17.A. trees    B. jobs    C. decorations    D. cards

18.A. turned over    B. turned out    C. came out    D. left out

19.A. treasure    B. admire    C. encourage    D. recognize

20.A. stories    B. faces    C. memories    D. letters


How can I fight laziness?

Lazy people will never amount to anything in life. However, laziness can be defeated once a few changes have been made in your mind.

1.. Many people lack sleep constantly, since they stay up too late and get up too early to prepare for work. These people have little motivation once they arrive home. Laziness works hand in hand with a lack of motivation and a tendency to put off things. By adjusting your sleep schedule to provide a few more hours of meaningful rest, you can fight laziness throughout the day.

Another way to fight laziness is to change your mind from passive to active.2..Others take a more proactive(积极主动的) approach, viewing each task as a challenge they must overcome alone. Laziness sets in when you no longer feel in charge of your own life.

Some people fight laziness by removing the temptations(诱惑) that surround them. A television in the living room may provide entertainment, but watching too much TV often contributes to laziness. Create a reward system for yourself, just as parents do for a child to promote responsibility.3..

4.. Spouses(配偶) and children may all have different energy levels, but laziness can be spread if not dealt with immediately. To fight household laziness, set an example, be the first to collect and wash dishes after a meal. Others in the home may eventually follow your example and perform their own task. It is difficult to practice laziness when you are surrounded by motivated people.

Finally, taking exercise regularly can help you fight laziness.5., thus enabling you to have more energy and help lift your spirits.

A. Complete a few tasks and reward yourself with what you enjoy, such as a good dinner or a film

B. Laziness can also be a lasting problem at home

C. One way to fight laziness is to get enough sleep

D. Knowing how to fight laziness is important

E. Some people treat their lives as if they were pushed from task to task

F. With strong determination, you will be able to achieve your goal.

G. Enough exercise and a balanced diet can help you to develop a healthy lifestyle


These days a green building means more than just the color of the paint. Green buildings can also refer to environmentally friendly houses, factories, and offices.

Green building means "reducing the effect of the building on the land", Taryn Holowka of the U.S. Green Building Council(评议会) in Washington, D.C., said. According to Holowka, building account for 65 percent of total U.S. electricity use.

But green building can reduce energy and water use. Also, the building are often located near public transportation such as buses and subways, so that people can drive their cars less. That could be good for the environment, because cars use lots of gas and give off pollution. Green building are often built on developed land, so that the buildings don't destroy forests.

Marty Dettling is project manager for a building that puts these ideas into action. The Solaire has been called the country's first green high-rise building. According to Dettling, "We've reduced our energy use by one-third and our water by 50 percent."

The Solaire cuts energy in past by using solar power. "On the face of the building we have solar panels(光板) which change the sun's energy into electricity," Dettling explained.

The Solaire also has lights that automatically turn off when people leave the room. In addition, the building has lots of windows, allowing people to use the sun for light during the day. The Solaire cuts water by reusing it.

Not everyone is eager to move into a green building, however. Some people think that things like solar panels cost more money than more traditional energy sources. Anyhow, Holowka said, "It's going to be big."

1.A green building means     .

A. a building that uses no electricity    B. a building occupying

C. a building that saves energy and water    D. a green-colored building

2.A green building is often built on an area of land     .

A. which has already been for buildings

B. which has thick forests around

C. where people of high income live

D. where traveling around by car is most convenient

3.When Holowka says in the last paragraph, "It's going to be big", she means that green buildings     .

A. will be more comfortable

B. will become popular in future

C. will be more environmentally friend

D. will take the place of traditional building

4.Which is the main idea of the passage?

A. Dettling designed the first green building in the U.S.

B. The Solaire serves as a model of high building

C. Green buildings help save environment

D. Energy shortage calls for buildings of new design


Have you ever run into a careless cell phone user on the street? Perhaps they were busy talking, texting or checking updates on WeChat without looking at what was going on around them. As the number of this new “species” of human has kept rising, they have been given a new name-phubbers(低头族).

Recently, a cartoon created by students from China Central Academy of Fine Arts put this group of people under the spotlight. In the short film, phubbers with various social identities bury themselves in their phones. A doctor plays with his cell phone while letting his patient die, a pretty woman takes selfie(自拍) in front of a car accident site, and a father loses his child without knowing about it while using his mobile phone. A chain of similar events eventually leads to the destruction of the world.

Although the ending sounds overstated, the damage phubbing can bring is real.

Your health is the first to bear the effect and result of it. “Constantly bending your head to check your cell phone could damage your neck,” Guangming Daily quoted doctors as saying, “the neck is like a rope that breaks after long-term stretching.” Also, staring at cell phones for long periods of time will damage your eyesight gradually, according to the report.

But that’s not all. Being a phubber could also damage your social skills and drive you away from your friends and family. At reunions with family or friends, many people tend to stick to their cell phones while others are chatting happily with each other and this creates a strange atmosphere, Qilu Evening News reported.

It can also cost you your life. There have been lots of reports on phubbers who fell to their death, suffered accidents, and were robbed of their cell phones in broad daylight.

1.For what purpose does the author give the example of a cartoon in Para.2?

A. To warn doctors against using cell phones while treating patients

B. To inform people of the bad effects of phubbing

C. To indicate the world will finally be destroyed by phubbers

D. To advertise the cartoon made by students

2.Which of the following is NOT a risk a phubber may have?

A. He will cause the destruction of the world

B. His neck and eyesight will be gradually harmed

C. He might get separated from his friends and family

D. His social skills could be affected

3.Which of the following may be the author’s attitude towards phubbing?

A. Supportive    B. Optimistic

C. Opposed    D. Objective

4.What may the passage talk about next?

A. Advice on how to use a cell phone

B. People addicted to phubbing

C. Consequences of phubbing

D. Measures to reduce the risks of phubbing


I wish there would be a way to describe China in simple terms but that’s impossible. For the most part Chinese people are friendly, easy-going and optimistic. They are curious and unusually patient and they are also the hardest-working people I have ever met.

In China, family is everything. In my English classes when the students were asked what they would do if they only had a few hours to live, most students told me how they would spend their last few hours with their families and parents. Many times the subjects in the classes center on families and friends. I teach many students a year, talking to them freely.

The cost of living here is very low compared with that of the US. The city of Xiang Fan I live in isn’t large and I live better. Non-imported(非出口的) foods are very cheap, so are clothing and articles of everyday use. The cost of public transportation is very low, too. Chinese value education. However, it is reported that many children can’t afford the expenses of schooling and are forced to leave school in some poor area in China. But they organized Project Hope many years age. It creates conditions for the poor children to go back to school. In my opinion, Project Hope is of great importance to the development of the rural education.

When we read news of China in the west, rarely, if ever, will we see anything mentioned of the positive changes China has gone through. While it is true that economic miracles have not reached many areas of China, but we also have the same problems.

When I am asked which country I consider better, China or the US, my answer has always been the same, “We are not worse or better than each other, we are only different.”

1.What does the author think of Chinese people?

A. He thinks most Chinese people hardly work

B. He praises most Chinese people a lot

C. He thinks most Chinese people are proud

D. He dislikes most Chinese people

2.What are not cheap in China in the author’s opinion?

A. Clothes and shoes made in China    B. Public transportation tickets

C. Imported foods    D. Local foods

3.We can infer from the passage that the author thinks     .

A. the progress of China is seldom reported in the US

B. China’s economic miracles have appeared everywhere

C. the westerners have got to know China well

D. the education in rural areas is never cared about in China


The Healthy Habits Survey(调查) shows that only about one third of American seniors have correct habits. Here are some finding and expert advice.

1. How many times did you brush your teeth yesterday?

Finding: A full 33% of seniors brush their teeth only once a day.

Step: Remove the 300 types of bacteria in your mouth each morning with a battery-operated toothbrush. Brush gently for 2 minutes, at least twice a day.

2. How many times did you wash your hands or bathe yesterday?

Finding: Seniors, on average, bathe fewer than 3 days a week. And nearly 30%wash their hands only 4 times a day---half of the number doctors recommend.

Step: We touch our faces around 3,000 times a day---often inviting germs(病菌) to enter our mouth, nose, and eyes. Use toilet paper to avoid touching the door handle. And, most important, wash your hands often with hot running water and soap for 20 seconds.

3. How often do you think about fighting germs?

Finding: Seniors are not fighting germs as well as they should.

Step: Be aware of germs. Do you know it is not your toilet but your kitchen sponge(海绵) that can carry more germs than anything else? To kill these germs, keep your sponge in the microwave for 10 seconds.

1.What is found out about American seniors?

A. Most of them have good habits

B. Nearly 30%of them bathe three days a week

C. About one third of them brush their teeth only once a day

D. All of them are fighting germs better than expected

2.Doctors suggest that people should wash their hands     .

A. twice a day    B. eight times a day

C. four times a day    D. three times a day

3.Which of the following is true according to the text?

A. A kitchen sponge can carry more germs than a toilet

B. There are less than 300 types of bacteria in the mouth

C. We should keep from touching our faces

D. We should wash our hands before touching a door handle

4.The text probably comes from     .

A. a guide book    B. an official document

C. a book review    D. a popular magazine







参考词汇:挑战challenge [n.] 具有挑战性的challenging [adj.]

压力 pressure [n.]

Dear Bob,

I’m glad to hear from you. Thank you for your kind letter. Let me tell you something about my new school life.










Li Hua







Dear editor,

I am a student from a key school. Therefore, I find myself tiring of studying all these days, which worries me a lot of. Though I often got high marks in exams, I don't like it at all. I often think all the subject will become useless while I grow up except English. So I am eager to learn and practice English in my spare time. But I have to spend most of my time solve problems in maths, and chemistry to prepare for the college entrance examination. I also can't afford live up to my parents' high expectations. How do you think I should do with this situation?


Li Yue



1.The air in the countryside is fresher than ______ in the city.

2.The beach is within walking ______ (distant) of my house.

3.I’d appreciate ______ if my cellphone could be fixed as soon as possible.

4.Most of the experts ______ (invite) to the meeting are from top universities.

5.The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ______ (lay) for a meal to be cooked.

6.He is sleeping with the door ______ (close) but with the window ______ (open).

7.We were not allowed ______ (refer) to our notes while ______ (take) the exam.

8.I ______ (be) friends with him since we ______ (join) the reading club.

9.______ the end of the road there is a library.

10.The girl ______ (leave) a good impression ______ her roommates the first time they met.

11.She took a friendly attitude ______ the strange visitor.


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