Laura and Susie were born on the same day in the same hospital and at the same time. They1. (be) very close friends since they were very little. One bright sunny day, as I2. (walk) home from the shops, I decided to take a short cut  3.the park. All of a sudden I heard a loud scream. It sounded like a child. With fright I dropped my shopping bag and ran in the 4. (direct) of the noise.

As I was getting 5.(close) to the noise I saw two little girls, one of 6. was screaming in pain. The other child was frozen to the spot with a look of terror on her face. As I ran towards them, I quickly realized that I knew the children. One was my daughter Laura and the 7.was her best friend Susie.

I was totally shocked to see the girls there, as they knew they were not allowed to go to the park alone. Obviously the girls 8.(hear) strange noises and then decided to run as fast as they could to get away. While 9.(run), Susie fell over and could not get up.

Susie’s mother and I had another talk with the girls about not wandering off without an adult then. Both of them learnt a 10.(value) lesson.


William Franklin came to my class half a year ago.But from his first day here,he ____ himself in his own world and he never spoke to others.As his teacher,I tried to start a talk with him but _____.It seemed as if he just didn't want to break his _____.

After the Thanksgiving holiday,we received the news of the______Christmas collection of money for the  ____ in our school."Christmas is a season of _____,"I told my students."Some poor students in our school might not have a ____ holiday.By giving a little money,you will help ____ some toys,food and clothing for these needy students.We will ____ the collection tomorrow." 

    The next morning, ____ ,I found out almost everyone had ____ this matter except Willard Franklin.He came up to my desk with his head down. ____ ,he dropped two coins into the small box."I don't need milk for lunch,"he said in a ____ voice.

    After school I couldn't help sharing what had ____ in the morning with our headmaster."I may be wrong,but I ____ Willard might be ready to become part of our class. "I am ____ to hear that," he nodded."And I just received a list of the poor families in our school who most need _____ .Here,take a look at it."

    As I sat down to ____ ,I found Willard Franklin was at the top of the list.At that moment,I felt I really  ___ Willard for the first time:a cold face with a warm heart.From this ____ ,I also learnt that whether rich or poor,every child has a kind heart.

1.A. seated    B. shut    C. tied    D. taught

2.A. failed    B. stopped    C. misunderstood    D. left

3.A. imagination    B. pleasure    C. sadness    D. silence

4.A. weekly    B. daily    C. monthly    D. yearly

5.A. young    B. sick    C. poor    D. honest

6.A. giving    B. enjoying    C. receiving    D. saving

7.A. true    B. happy    C. usual    D. long

8.A. find    B. make    C. buy    D. collect

9.A. prepare    B. finish    C. start    D. continue

10.A. so    B. however    C. then    D. moreover

11.A. discussed    B. forgotten    C. learnt    D. remembered

12.A. Quickly    B. Suddenly    C. Certainly    D. Carefully

13.A. soft    B. loud    C. low    D. deep

14.A. appeared    B. happened    C. arrived    D. remained

15.A. hope    B. wish    C. wonder    D. believe

16.A. glad    B. sorry    C. shocked    D. lucky

17.A. message    B. report    C. research    D. help

18.A. rest    B. read    C. work    D. study

19.A. liked    B. knew    C. met    D. accepted

20.A. result    B. success    C. talk    D. experience


Improve your memory

Some people often complain about their poor memory. Actually there are several ways to keep your memory sharp. This article will show you some simple tips.

1.When you say these things, you begin to plant the thought in your mind and it may become true. Tell yourself you can remember anything as long as you put your mind to the task. You  will see an improvement in your memory.

2.If you have trouble remembering phone numbers or other blocks of numbers, it can be really helpful to try this method. If you remember them in smaller groups, like two or three digits (数字), it will also be much easier to remember the numbers.

Be sure to see a doctor if you are really losing your memory. A poor memory can be a sign that you are in low spirits.3.

Playing games also helps improve your memory. Any type of games that involves(涉及) remembering things is wonderful.4.Try and remember it when you have nothing better to do. A useful tip for anyone interested in games is to often work on solving word puzzles and similar types of games.5.

Not only will your memory probably improve, but you will also have a great deal of fun.

A. Remember numbers in small groups.

B. Stop telling yourself you have a weak memory.

C. Take a right attitude.

D. If you don’t like games, you can go over a list of "to do things".

E. If so, treating it could be the key to getting your memory back.

F. If you don’t know your condition, you cannot treat it!

G. Such games use the same skills needed to remember facts and help keep the mind sharp.


The following is a father's advice to his son or daughter, who has just graduated from high school:

First of all, congratulations on your graduation!Graduation from high school means that a new stage of life is ahead of you.At the beginning of this new stage, I have some advice for you.

Clean your own room and do your own laundry(洗衣物的活). After you have messed up(弄乱)something, you should learn to clean it up yourself.Cleanliness is indeed close to godliness(信奉上帝).

Don't mistake knowledge for wisdom. No matter how much information or knowledge you have gained, you'll never make sound(正确的)judgments if you don't have wisdom. Wisdom comes from imagination and reflection(反省).If you can imagine the possible future outcomes of your present decisions and actions, you can avoid mistakes.And if you can reflect on the mistakes you have made, you can avoid making the same mistakes again and again.Such is wisdom.

Don't complain.When you take up a job, do your best to carry it out.Don't waste time complaining about it, no matter how difficult and boring it is.

Finally, be an early bird.If you get up earlier than the sun, you can watch it rising up slowly into the sky.And the sight of the rising sun will warm your heart and give you energy for the day ahead.Besides, being an early bird, you have plenty of time to take exercise or do a lot of work.

1.The father wants to give his daughter some advice, because ___

A. the father is a philosopher(哲学家)

B. another period of life lies ahead of him/her

C. he/she does not know how to behave himself/herself

D. the teacher is disappointed at his son's/daughter's performance

2.According to the father, wisdom enables one to ________.

A. avoid one's responsibilities    B. acquire(获得)a lot of knowledge

C. complain about many things    D. evaluate(评价)situations correctly

3.In the opinion of the father, complaining ________.

A. gets you nowhere    B. is a pleasant thing

C. usually leads to success    D. can be appreciated by people

4.The father says that being an early bird makes one ________.

A. sleepy and tired    B. clean and happy

C. hungry and angry    D. energetic and efficient(高效的)


When we talk about stars, especially women stars, it seems that they are always young, pretty and own charming body shapes. But recently a Britain's Got Talent(英国达人)star Susan Boyle has changed our views absolutely.

Simon Cowell, one of the judges of the talent show spoke of his shock over Ms Boyle's voice. "This lady came up, and I'm thinking, 'This will take five seconds and I can go to have a cup of tea'. That changed when she began to sing I Dreamed to Dream from Les Miserables. She knew we were going to have that reaction and just to see that look of satisfaction on her face through -it was one of my favorite moments," Cowell said.

The performance was posted on line and before long, the 47-year-old Scottish woman has been famous all over the world.

Speaking from her home in Scotland, Ms Boyle said that she hasn't thought of changing her appearance. She said that her friend helped her with make-up. "I mean, that's hardly a makeover(改头换面)," she added. Ms Boyle also spoke of the reason she first began to explore her vocal talents, "I was kind of slow at school, so getting like singing was a good way of hiding behind that and thus it built my confidence."

1.Susan Boyle is _________

A. a judge    B. a Scottish woman

C. a beautiful woman    D. a reporter

2.Susan Boyle had a look of satisfaction on her face when she was singing because______.

A. she was confident of her singing

B. she was satisfied with the judges

C. she was pretty and in good shape

D. she sang the song I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables

3.According to the passage, which is NOT true?

A. It was the vocal talents that built Susan's confidence

B. Susan Boyle was not good at her lesson when at school.

C. Susan Boyle became famous because of her appearance.

D. Simon Cowell didn't think Susan Boyle a good singer at the first sight.

4.What can we learn from Susan Boyle's success

A. It's never too old to learn.

B. It's easier to succeed at the age of 47.

C. If you are not able to study well, to be a singer instead.

D. If you have a dream, try to make it come true!


Do you want to be productive(富有成效的)at work or at home? Here's what you should do.

Turn off television

I used to tell myself that I needed a break. So, when the kids slept I turned on the cable and watched whatever program that caught my fancy. Often, I found myself not watching, just channel-surfing. And I didn’t end up watching a full program. I decided one day to just give up on TV as it made me sleep late and woke up exhausted(疲惫的).

If you want to be productive, cut off TV. You are better off reading a book. Without TV, I have managed to finish many books which I have bought but never read.

Limit Internet Use

The other big distraction that can make you sleep late is the Internet. Probably because you will be checking your emails, updating your blog, watching YouTube, etc. Try limiting the use of it at home, or switch it to the morning session.

Nowadays, I check all my personal emails early in the morning. When I get into work, I find myself less tempted to check personal emails.

Know Your Priorities(优先考虑的事)

Really, it is all about the choices you make and the priorities you have. If you know it is competitive out there in the world, how can you be a better worker than the person who is also aiming for the position above you?

Rest Early, Rise Early

You want to be productive? Rise early, read more books, have more energy, be more focused and set standards for others to catch up. It’s as simple as that.

1.The passage aims to give advice on how to ________.

A. take better care of our kids at home.

B. balance our work and energy well.

C. divide time between work and family.

D. compete against others for a better position.

2.What does the author mainly use to support her theory?

A. Ancient wisdom    B. Internet information

C. Popular beliefs    D. Personal experience

3.The author used to be in the habit of _________.

A. changing channels frequently when watching TV.

B. checking all her personal emails in the morning.

C. watching her favorite TV programs with her kids.

D. reading the books immediately after she bought them.


Smoking is harmful. But as soon as you quit the habit, everything will be OK, right?


New research has found that even if you give up smoking, the damage it has done to your genes (基因) will stay there for a much longer time.In the research, a team of US scientists studied the blood of 16,000 people. Among them, some were smokers, some used to smoke, and the rest were non-smokers. Scientists compared their genes and found that more than 7,000 genes of smokers had changed--a number that is one-third of known human genes.

According to NBC News, both heart disease and cancer are caused by genetic changes. Some people may have had the changes when they were born, but most people get them in their day-to-day lives while doing things like smoking.

When you stop smoking, a lot of these genes will return to normal within five years.

This means your body is trying to heal (治愈) itself of the harmful effects of smoking. But the changes in some of the genes stay for longer. They can stay for as long as 30 years, It’s almost like leaving a footprint on wet cement (水泥)----it will always be there, even when you’ve walked away and when the cement becomes dry.

Although the study results may make people unhappy, there is a bright side: the findings could help scientists invent medicine to treat genetic damage caused by smoking or find ways to tell which people have heart disease or cancer risks.

1.The function of Paragraph 1 is to_________ .

A. introduce the topic of the passage    B. give an example

C. make an argument    D. show the main idea of the passage

2.Most genetic changes happen because of___________ .

A. people’s condition at birth    B. environmental pollution

C. people’s bad living habit    D. heart disease and cancer

3.The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 6 refers to__________ .

A. the footprint    B. the cement

C. the harmful effect    D. the genetic change

4.Which of the following statements is true?

A. The findings are the fruit of more than three years’ research.

B. The findings have prevented more people from starting smoking

C. The findings offer evidence that a damaged gene can heal itself.

D. The findings help to find cures for genetic damage caused by smoking.




2.身高 165 厘米左右,偏瘦;长头发,戴眼镜

3.见面地点和具体时间:学校服务大厅(Service Hall),下周五上午 10:30


1.词数 100 左右;



Dear Jasmine,










Li Hua








Failure comes to us now and then.I suffered painful failure in the exam hold the other day,and it helped me find a new self.Before the exam,I had promised my parents that I will get the best marks in all my subjects.However,I took everything for granted,ignoring my teachers’ advice or paying little attention to my homework.Therefore,I failed two of my favorite subjects,math and physics,what surprised everyone include myself.Looking at back,I realized that it was our overconfidence that led to the failure.Only if we are modest and work hard will we are able to have the chance to achieve our goal.


For thousands of years,poetry has been the favorite type of literature in China.There are many famous poems from different 1. (period) of time in Chinese history,thousands of2. are still read and appreciated today.To promote this cultural heritage,China Central Television (CCTV) has produced a TV show-Chinese Poetry Competition.

In 3.finale(最终集)of the hit show’s second season,Wu Yishu,a 16-year-old girl,came out on top.She wowed the audience when performing in a section 4.(entitle)“Feihualing”.Many of her peers admire her knowledge of poems.One of them said,“The first time I saw her 5.(wear) traditional Han clothing on TV,I 6. (impress) by her classical looks.Besides,she always appears so calm throughout the show,which is very unusual for 7.(she) age.”

The power of poetry lies in shaping one’s view of life and developing one’s inner world.When it comes 8. teaching people about poetry,Li Dingguang,the show’s academic advisor,suggested that teachers should explain more about the 9. (beautiful) of the poetry.Li emphasized that it was important to help students 10.(true) appreciate poetry.


It is 1971.Sally with Josh and Martin,her two brothers,discovers a massive whale stranded (搁浅) on the beach near their home.The three children________their sweaters into the cold sea water and rush back to wet the________ animal.Realizing the urgency,Josh runs for help and people gather to________.Though they do all they can,it becomes clear that their efforts are________Sitting by the whale,Sally tells him he’s ________ and beautiful, and that she will________him no matter what happens next.As Sally talks to him,the animal lets out “a deep_________like the wind off the ocean” and dies.

The Stranded Whale is a ________book for children carrying a(n)________life lesson about accepting the ________ of one's power.

Master storyteller Yolen and illustrator (插画家) Cataldo have________an honest picture of human weakness that is moving.Yolen________sets her story in 1971,when the lack of cell phones would delay the________of both helpers and broadcasters.This adds to the________because so much time is lost.Cataldo's paintings________ gentle and soft colors,providing vast________ views and conveying the children’s helplessness.

The ending is________.Sally expresses the irony to herself when________with a medal by the community. “So,the whale died and we were heroes.”________they have made great efforts to rescue the whale,Sally and her brothers learn that not all living creatures can be saved.This is an important truth for ________.

1.A. squeeze    B. dip    C. throw    D. dive

2.A. dangerous    B. deserted    C. dying    D. deadly

3.A. respond    B. fight    C. witness    D. charge

4.A. worthwhile    B. in vain    C. at loss    D. awarded

5.A. patient    B. considerate    C. strong    D. cautious

6.A. save    B. pity    C. understand    D. miss

7.A. sigh    B. cough    C. scream    D. yawn

8.A. drawing    B. picture    C. reference    D. writing

9.A. easy    B. bitter    C. strict    D. strange

10.A. failures    B. mistakes    C. limits    D. shortcomings

11.A. foresaw    B. made up    C. took up    D. created

12.A. wisely    B. especially    C. randomly    D. usually

13.A. message    B. transfer    C. arrival    D. protection

14.A. sorrow    B. fun    C. excitement    D. tension

15.A. avoid    B. adjust    C. compare    D. employ

16.A. seashore    B. island    C. country    D. outdoor

17.A. touched    B. realistic    C. abstract    D. comforting

18.A. replied    B. provided    C. presented    D. related

19.A. As long as    B. As though    C. If only    D. Even though

20.A. children    B. animals    C. writers    D. illustrators


There is no sound worse than an alarm clock first thing in the morning.Some of us are the type to jolt out of bed with a smile.1. While I have a love-hate relationship with mornings,I have found that there are indeed ways to make mornings a little more bearable.

Mentally plan out your day.

One way to combat the morning blues is to mentally plan out your day right when you wake up to prepare yourself for the day.Give yourself at least one little thing to look forward to each day.2.


Meditation (冥想) will clear your mind and relax your body.Even just ten minutes of focused mental thought can completely clear your mind.3. Of all of them,I like Headspace best,which provides 10-minute sessions that leave you feeling relaxed,and ready to have a great day!4.

People say “look good,feel good.” If you have your outfit ready in advance,you are more likely to feel confident and mentally prepared for the day.Whether it’s a pair of jeans or a sweater,pick out clothes that you feel great in.

Go with a friend or classmate to breakfast,school,etc.

5. Sharing the first moments of the day with others will fuel your mind and let you ease into your day. Also,having a regimented (受管制的) morning routine with others will help ensure that you are on-time for school and that you have a reason to get up in the morning.

A.Put on your clothes for the night.

B.Lay out your clothes the night before.

C.Others love to exercise in the morning.

D.Mornings are best when you have good company.

E.However,for others,mornings are the worst enemy.

F.It can even be a cookie of your favorite taste on the lunch break.

G..It’s easy with the availability of apps and YouTube guided exercises out there.


Following the crowd may not always be in a person’s best interest.But new research suggests that teens who go along with their friends may end up healthier as adults.

Scientists have known that close friendships help boost health.That’s true for both teens and adults.The finding inspired Joseph Allen,a psychologist at the University of Virginia,and his team to study whether experiences during teen years would influence adult health.So they followed 171 teens,starting when the kids were just 13.They interviewed each one every year for five years,and also spoke to these teens’ closest friends,who provided additional information about the quality of their friendships.The same 171 people were interviewed again at ages 25,26 and 27. This time,the questions surveyed each person’s overall health.When the researchers analyzed the data they found a strong connection between a teen’s behavior and adult health.Teens who had close friends grew up to be the healthier adults.Whether teens held back their feelings or expressed them to a close friends also influenced later health.Those who held back were more likely to be sick as adults.The connection held up even after the scientists accounted for other possible influences on health.Weight,family income and drug use were all examined.So were mental health issues,such as anxiety and depression.And in these people,such other factors did not explain adult health as well as teen friendships did.

Going along with the crowd may have benefits,says Allen,but there are also drawbacks.Teens who are more independent tend to do better at school and work.And peer pressure may lead some kids to engage in risky behavior, such as smoking,drinking or using drugs.Dealing with it is an ongoing challenge,Allen acknowledges.“Finding the right balance is the key.Teens shouldn’t lose heart for not finding this easy.”And,he adds,“Parents need to be understanding about the pressures teens face.”

1.Where can you probably read this passage?

A. Science fiction    B. Health column

C. Fashion magazine    D. Entertainment newspaper

2.We can learn from Allen’s study that _________.

A. many other factors have a greater influence on adult health than teen friendships

B. mental health issues have nothing to do with adult health

C. the same 171 teens were interviewed each year from 13 to 27

D. the teens who couldn’t express themselves grew up to be unhealthier

3.According to what Allen said,we can know that _________.

A. in order to do better at school,teens should not follow the crowd

B. though it’s challenging for teens to deal with peer pressure,they should not give up

C. teens will engage in smoking,drinking or using drugs when facing peer pressure

D. parents should understand their teens and stop them going with friends

4.What can be inferred from the passage?

A. There is nothing bad for teens to follow the crowd.

B. Close friendships are the most important for people’s health.

C. Teen friendships may turn out healthier adults.

D. Adult health is only influenced by teen friendships.


The popular TV program Readers has prompted more people in China to practice reading aloud in booths (亭) set up in big cities across the country.

As the latest TV show to help people's love for literature recover,CCTV program Readers invites people from all walks of life to read aloud their favorite poems,essays and books,or even personal letters they wrote to their loved ones.Just as the weekly show has been well-received,its reading booths,equipped with professional recording devices and cameras,have become instant hits.

A crowd of more than 200 people were pictured lining up outside the Shanghai Library at 11 am on March 4 – the first day of the booth's opening to the public in Shanghai.The deadline for registrations was brought forward to 2 pm instead of the scheduled 5:30 pm,as the number of waiting readers continued to grow.Some waited more than nine hours for a try-out in the booth,according to library management.

"There is an old photo in the late 1970s capturing people lining up outside the Shanghai Library before it opens. If that was a spring of reading in Shanghai,now I think another spring has arrived again," library manager Zhou Deming,told the Shanghai-based The Paper.

The reading booth is the only one of its kind in the city of economic center at the moment,but more are expected to be put into use in the coming months,according to the library's website.

The Readers program has also led to booths in other cities including Beijing,Hangzhou,Guangzhou and Xi'an to appeal to more people to read and share their life stories.

With the recent boom of culture-themed TV shows such as Readers and Chinese Poetry Competition,some are optimistic that this will help the country love literature and reading again in general.

1.CCTV program Readers aims to _________ .

A. teach people what to read

B. attract people’s attention to CCTV

C. invite people to read aloud in the booth

D. arouse people’s fresh enthusiasm for reading

2.We can learn from Paragraph 3 that _________ .

A. Some people waited for a long time to read in the booth

B. March 4 was the first day of the opening of Shanghai Library

C. On March 4,200 people read in the booth

D. The time for registrations was lengthened for three and a half hours

3.The passage mainly tells us that _________ .

A. Many people line up to read aloud in reading booths

B. More reading booths will be set up in the future

C. Readers has become popular all over China

D. Readers has inspired more people to read aloud in reading booths


When I was a boy we used to live across the road from a big hill with huge oak trees growing out of it.When winter arrived,thick,heavy snow would fall,and my two brothers would grab their sleds heading over to the hill for a day of fun.I remember watching them with envy because I was still too small to go sledding.Finally,one winter I was considered big enough and joined my brothers as they carried their sleds up the long hill and prepared to ride down it.

The first few trips I rode with one of my brothers and had the time of my life.It was so exhilarating when the wind whipped across my face as I flew down the hillside on the wooden sled.Near the end of the day I was overjoyed too when my oldest brother decided to let me try riding the sled all by myself.I climbed on it full of excitement and lay on my stomach.Then with one big push my brother sent me down the snowy hillside.I was doing pretty well too until I hit an old stump hidden by the snow and went off course,straight towards one of those big oak trees.My heart pounded in my chest and I could hear myself screaming.At the last possible second I rolled off and the sled crashed into the tree.I could hear my brothers running down the hill yelling,“You have to steer(操控)! You have to steer!”

Sadly,that wasn’t the last time I failed to steer when some obstacle knocked me off course in my life.Many times problems,troubles,and my own failures have sent me crashing into the trees of anger,frustration,and despair.I am still learning that life isn’t always safe sledding.I am sti l learning that it is up to me to steer myself back to love,back to kindness,back to goodness,and back to God.

Life is a trip,but no one ever said it was a smooth ride.Steer well then.Steer straight.Steer your soul towards the light and the love we are all meant for.

1.What do we know about the author when he was very young?

A. He lived on a big hill with huge oak trees on it.

B. He was frightened to go sledding with his brothers.

C. He longed to go sledding with his brothers.

D. He carried his brothers’ sleds as they went sledding.

2.Which of the following can replace the underlined word “exhilarating” in Paragraph 2?

A. delightful    B. Terrifying    C. ordinary    D. violent

3.Why did the author fall off his sled?

A. Because his sled crashed in an oak tree.

B. Because he lost control of his sled.

C. Because his brother pushed it so hard.

D. Because the hillside was snowy.

4.What does the author mean to tell us?

A. Losing control of a sled can be dangerous.

B. Courage and determination can change one’s life.

C. Life can be controlled by one himself.

D. Life is a mystery full of coincidences.


Artificial intelligence,or AI,has been applied in a wide range of fields to perform specific tasks,including education,finance,heavy industry,transportation,and so on.


There are a number of companies that create robots to teach subjects to children ranging from biology to computer science,though such tools have not become widespread yet.Advancements in natural language processing, combined with machine learning,have also enabled automatic grading of assignments.AI has also led to an explosion in popularity of MOOCs,or Massive Open Online Courses,which allows students from around the world to take classes online.


Use of AI in banking can be tracked back to 1987.Banks use artificial intelligence systems to organize operations,maintain book-keeping,invest in stocks,and manage properties.Also,systems are being developed,like Arria,to translate complex data into simple and personable language.There are also wallets,like Wallet AI,which monitor an individual's spending habits and provides ways to improve them.

Heavy industry

Robots have become common in many industries and are often given jobs that are considered dangerous to humans.Robots have proven effective in jobs that are very repetitive which may lead to mistakes or accidents due to failure in concentration and other jobs which humans may find degrading.


Today's cars can have AI-based driver assist features such as self-parking and advanced cruise controls.AI in transportation is expected to provide safe,efficient,and reliable transportation while minimizing the impact on the environment and communities.

Toys and games

Companies like Mattel have been creating AI-enabled toys for kids as young as age three.Using proprietary AI engines and speech recognition tools,they are able to understand conversations,give intelligent responses and learn quickly.AI has also been applied to video games,for example video game bots,which are designed to stand in as opponents where humans aren't available or desired.

1.Which is true about AI and education?

A. Robots have been widely used to teach children.

B. AI has been used to grade students’ homework.

C. AI has enabled more students to receive education at school.

D. Education was the first field where AI was used.

2.Which can be inferred from the passage?

A. Arria can help people understand complex data.

B. Wallet AI can help people make more money.

C. Robots’ jobs are considered dangerous to humans.

D. Robots can help people concentrate.

3.From the last two paragraphs we can know that_______.

A. Today’s drivers needn’t learn to park their cars

B. AI ensures safe,efficient,and reliable transportation

C. AI-enabled toys is designed to improve kids’ intelligence

D. Video game bots can fight against you in video games

4.What is the passage mainly about ?

A. The latest progress in AI.    B. AI is of great use.

C. Some applications of AI.    D. AI is used in all fields.


1 上课认真听讲,做好笔记,课后及时复习
2 词汇是基础,每天早上花半个小时的时间背诵单词,朗读课文
3 课外多与同学用英语交流,提高听力和口语能力


Dear Wang Mei,
I am very glad to have receive your E-mail._____________________________________________







Best wishes


Li Hua








When I was 8, my uncle sent I a T­shirt from American as my birthday present. On morning of my birthday, I wear the T ­shirt and walked to the market. On the way, some big boys laughed at me.I became very nervously, so I walked faster, but more and more boys laughed at me late. I turned back and ran from my home. I asked my mother,“Why did the boys laugh at me?” My mother looked at my T­shirts with a smile but asked,“Are you lonely?” Suddenly, I had realized why the boys were laughing at me. The message on my T­shirt was “I am lonely”.


Rachel and her husband, Jason, 1.were both experienced climbers, were on a climbing holiday in Switzerland.When they were 3,000 metres up in the mountains, there was 2. storm.The wind was 3. (extreme) strong and the snow was two metres deep.They couldn’t move.Rachel had her mobile phone with her, so she sent a text message to five friends in the UK 4. (get) their help.

About four hours later, one of her friends, Martha, responded 5.. her with a text message.Martha said she had phoned the police in Switzerland and that they had got in touch with the mountain rescue team.

But the weather was so bad 6.. the helicopter (直升飞机) couldn’t get to the two climbers.The rescue team sent a message to Rachel, 7. (say):“So sorry Rachel. We tried.Wind is too strong.Have to wait till morning.Take care.Be strong.”Rachel   felt 8. (hope) and thought they were going to die as it was freezing, -15 ℃.However, Jason encouraged her, telling her not to give up.

Next morning the storm 9. (pass) and the helicopter arrived to take them off the mountain. After the accident, they cared for each other with greater 10. (devote).


It was a rainy morning and the children, mainly boys with various learning difficulties, refused to settle for the start of the lesson. As an inexperienced teacher, I tried every means to get them to be ______, but in vain. my panic was rising and I could feel my heart beating wildly. This was the ______ of my job as a music teacher, I thought -- teaching was not for me. Then I had an idea. Hoping that no one would notice that I was ______ inside, I threw my voice as far as it would reach: "Put your heads on the desks and close your ______! We are going on a journey."

____, the children fell silent. "Now what should I do?" I thought to myself. Reaching over to my collection of CDs, I blindly took one out, put it in the machine and played it.

Obediently (顺从地), my class lay their heads on their desk, closed their eyes and _____. When the music started, the room as filled with the most beautiful tones and musical colors I could have ever imagined. All the children were ______. When the music finished, I asked them all to raise their _______ slowly so that we could share our musical journey.

At this point, when all the children were willing to share their experiences, I began to learn how to ______. The music allow me to learn that teaching is about sharing and respect, tears and smiles, the knowing and the ______ and most of all, an understanding of each other. This was the power that music in the classroom could have.

1.A. glad    B. safe    C. kind    D. quiet

2.A. end    B. aim    C. rule    D. plan

3.A. guessing    B. shaking    C. responding    D. laughing

4.A. eyes    B. mouths    C. books    D. doors

5.A. Punctually    B. Importantly    C. Amazingly    D. Obviously

6.A. slept    B. nodded    C. waited    D. continued

7.A. talking    B. singing    C. dancing    D. listening

8.A. legs    B. heads    C. arms    D. shoulders

9.A. teach    B. imagine    C. play    D. understand

10.A. unprepared    B. unspoken    C. unknown    D. unforgotten


Once there was a very poor villager.He found it difficult even to support his family. 1. He walked about in the streets, but he did not get a job.One day, he met a rich businessman, who gave him the job of cleaning the office.The villager began his work and he even started reading and writing in his spare time.

One day,the businessman saw that the villager was writing something.He said,“You can also read and write!Your handwriting is very good.”2.The villager began to do this job as best as he could.

Later,the businessman learnt that the villager was good at accounting, and he made him his shop accountant(会计).The other accountants were very jealous of the villager’s abilities.They told the businessman that the villager had a small room where he hid the money stolen from him. 3.

One day,they had their chance.They saw the villager going into “that” room. 4. When they came back and opened the door, there was nothing in that room except an ordinary box.

The villager was ordered to open the box with his own hands.And there was only a pair of dirty shoes and some old clothes. 5.At the same time, he was so angry with the jealous accountants that he fired (解雇) them at once.The villager was made the only accountant for his office.

A.He came to a big city hoping to find a job.

B.They closed the door behind him and ran to the businessman.

C.So the businessman decided to give the villager a good lesson.

D.Seeing this, the businessman was moved by what he had seen.

E.So the villager was given the work of writing business letters for him.

F.The villager wished that some kind people might give him a good job.

G.But the businessman refused to believe them unless he had seen it with his own eyes.


As the father of a student, I have experienced first hand what a great teacher is. My son was in the 4th grade last year, and he had a teacher called Miss Green. I believe that when he is an adult he will surely look back on her as the best teacher he has ever had.

My son has attention deficit disorder(注意力缺损症) that makes it a little more difficult for him to learn.She was able to change her teaching methods for him so that he could keep up with the rest of the class. As a result, he got straight As on many subjects. She regarded her class as a family and they even had their own class song. She would often have them sing it to encourage them and develop a team spirit for them. When she saw that they were no longer listening carefully to what she was teaching, she would have       them close their textbooks, stand up all around the room and throw around a small football. This helped them clear their minds and then focus_on the lesson again.Besides, she was quick to reply to any phone calls or emails from us and got rid of our worries about children quickly.

When my son went to the 5th grade this year, we happened to pass her classroom.When she saw my son, her face lit up and she came out and hugged him.She generally loves all of the children in her classroom and that love really shows.I can only pray that my son will continue to get teachers just like her for the rest of his school years.

1.Which of the following is NOT true about Miss Green?

A. She regarded the students as members of a family.

B. She had special ways to help students study.

C. She was good at teaching football and music.

D. She usually made a quick reply to parents’emails.

2.We can learn from the text that ________.

A. Miss Green was the best teacher at the school

B. all the students in the school liked Miss Green

C. Miss Green didn’t teach the writer’s son in the 5th grade

D. the writer’s son had many teachers like Miss Green

3.In the text, the writer mainly tells us ________.

A. what his son studied at school

B. his son once had a good teacher

C. how to be a good and popular teacher

D. a teacher who liked playing with students


In choosing a friend, one should be very careful. A good friend can help you study. You can have fun together and make each other happy. Sometimes you will meet fair­weather friends. They will be with you as long as you have money or luck,but when you are down, they will run away. How do I know when I have found a good friend? I look for certain qualities of character,especially understanding, honesty and reliability(信任).

Above all else, I look for understanding in a friend. A good friend tries to understand how another person is feeling. He is not quick to judge. Instead, he tries to learn from others. He puts himself in the other person’s place, and he tries to think of ways to be helpful. He is also a good listener.

At the same time, however, a good friend is honest. He does not look for faults in others. He notices their good points. In short, a friend will try to understand me and accept me.

Another quality of a friend is reliability. I can always depend on a good friend. If he tells me he will meet me somewhere at a certain time, I can be sure that he will be there. If I need a favor,he will do his best to help me. If I am in trouble, he will not run away from me.

There is a fourth quality that makes a friend special. A special friend is someone with whom we can have fun. We should enjoy our lives, and we would enjoy our friendship. That is why I especially like friends who are fun to be with. A good friend likes the same things I like. We share experience and learn from each other. A good friend has a good sense of humor too. He likes to laugh with me. That is how we share in the joy of being friends. And I know that he is looking for the same quality in me.

When I meet someone who is reliable, honest, and understanding,I know I’ve found a friend!

1.Which of the following qualities the writer thinks is the most important in choosing a friend?

A. Understanding.    B. Honesty.

C. Reliability.    D. A sense of humor.

2.If you have fair­weather friends, ________.

A. they will give you all that they have when you need help

B. you will be refused when you get into trouble

C. you can be sure that you get real friends

D. you will become rich

3.How many qualities does the writer mention in the passage?

A. Three.    B. Four.

C. Five.    D. Six.


To help the environment, many Americans have made the change from paper and plastic bags to reusable shopping bags.But a report by a Florida newspaper says that reusable shopping bags sold by some supermarkets have high levels of lead(), which can be dangerous to humans, especially young children.Now, there’s a call for a rethink about the use of reusable shopping bags.

“When our families go to the store looking for safe and healthy foods, the last thing they should be worrying about is a bag,”Charles Schumer, a government official said.“Quick and complete research will allow everyone to make right decisions.”

The newspaper bought more than a dozen bags sold at Publix supermarkets from Florida supermarkets to test them for lead.The results showed that certain bags had lead levels that worried health officials.Some bags had enough lead in them to be considered dangerous waste if people were to throw the bags out with other rubbish.Lead in the bags is not likely to move onto food.But over time, paint (油漆) on the bags can break off and the bags can wear out.When this happens, lead can be freed.

The affected (受影响的) bags were found in Florida.But Publix has more than 1,000 stores across America.Publix says that its bags don’t break any laws about lead levels, but that they have asked the makers of the bags to reduce(降低) the lead levels in them.

The bags with the highest levels of lead had beautiful designs and many pictures.Plain reusable bags without them are found to have little lead.People worried about lead levels in reusable bags can turn to cloth.Paper bags are also a good choice, since paper can be reused.

1.What worries people now is that reusable shopping bags ________.

A. can’t be reused

B. can be a danger to people

C. are a waste of money

D. are as bad as paper bags

2.The underlined word “them” in Paragraph 3 refers to “________”.

A. bags    B. foods

C. supermarkets    D. officials

3.Lead in shopping bags will probably come out when ________.

A. food is put in them

B. they are thrown away

C. they are put with other rubbish

D. the paint is separated from them

4.What’s the best title for the text?

A. The return of paper bags

B. Time to invent greener shopping bags

C. The safety of shopping bags

D. Look out for reusable shopping bags



Volunteers Wanted

Our annual English Festival, which will be held on June 15-17, 2017, is now looking for 20 student volunteers to provide service for Talent Show, Speech Contest, and English Debate. If you are interested, please send an application email at your earliest convenience to Ms Chen at


1. 表明写作意图;

2. 陈述应征目的;

3. 说明应征条件(性格,能力等)。


1. 邮件词数不少于100字;

2. 开头和结尾部分已写好,不计入总词数;

3. 可根据情节增加细节,使行文连贯;

4. 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。

Dear Ms Chen,

I’m Li Hua, a student from Class 3, Senior 2. ______________________________________________








Looking forward to your reply.

Yours truly,

Li Hua







2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

Science is developing rapidly. A kind of little cars may someday take place of today’s big ones. If people drive such cars in the future, there would be less pollution in the air. There will be more spaces for parking cars in cities. The streets will be less crowd. And driving will be safe as these little cars can go only 65 km per hour. The future cars will be fine for getting round a city, so they will not be useful for long trips. Little cars w ill go 200 km before needing to stop for more gases. If big cars are still used along with the small ones, two sets of roads will be needed in the future. Some roads will be used for the big fast cars and another roads will be needed for the slow small ones. It is said that three so little cars can fit in with the space now needed for one car of the usual size.



1.Unfortunately, the doctors don’t know how to make me better, but I am outgoing and have learned to _____ _____ my disability.


2.I have a very busy life with no time to sit around ______ ______ ____ myself.


3.The first thing I ______ _______ _____was all the vivid colors surrounding me—purples, reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens.


4.I’ve been so_______ ______work that I haven’t had time for social activities.

我一直忙于学习, 以致于没有时间去搞社交活动。



1.Daily exercises are said to be of great b__________to human health.

2.His carelessness and lack of working experience lead to the ____________. (辞职)

3.It’s considered polite to express our s___________for others’ loss and sufferings.

4.You may find that just giving orders will produce the_________(希望得到)effect.

5.She was in great pain after w____________the car accident killing her family.

6.Wandering around the streets, she felt___________(抛弃)by the entire world.

7.Protecting the environment should be a worldwide movement that requires everyone’s p__________(参与).

8.Mr. Thomas received an award for his generous d___________ to the relief organization.

9.A____________as one of the greatest test scientists, Hawking has made lots of major discoveries.

10.It’s highly__________(建议)that we should finish the project before the deadline.


Each week New York-based hairstylist Mark Bustos tries to make a small difference in people’s lives 1. giving haircuts to homeless people.

During the week, Mark Bustos works in his high-class salon, but each Sunday, he walks around the city asking people 2. they’d like a haircut. He then gives them a stylish haircut -- 3. same kind he would give to any paying customers, except that these are done for free for those who are homeless or cannot afford a haircut 4.(them).

Mark’s work began in 2012 when visiting family in the Philippines. Instead of just 5.(take) a typical, relaxing vacation, he decided to give poor local children haircuts. “I felt so happy doing it that I’ve continued since returning,” Mark explains.

Changing someone’s appearance can have a huge impact on their life. Remember the homeless retired soldier who received a make-over? He found a job, 6.(rent) a house and quit drinking alcohol afterwards. 7.(simple) change how a person looks and give them a huge increase in 8. (confident).

Mark Bustos proves that there are many ways 9.(give), and that you can easily use your 10.(person) abilities to make a difference in somebody’s life.


I was holding an apple seed in my hand, hoping it would become a beautiful big tree some day-- a tree that could grow thousands of apples in its lifetime. Thousands of apples, each ______ several seeds, each able to grow a new ______, which again could produce thousands of apples. ______ wasn’t the world filled with apple trees?

It is a rule of nature that ______ of these seeds grow. Most never ______ or are destroyed early in their ______.

And it comes to my mind that it’s quite often so with people’s ______ as well. Wonderful ideas come to our minds ______ they die too soon. We don’t ______ them as we should. And then one day we ______ what happens to our dreams — why do they ______ come true?

The seeds of your dreams did not ______ grow. Planting an apple tree might ______ many tries. But if you ______ on sowing the seeds of your dream, one day you would ______. And after that others would ______ you were lucky to be ______ — when in fact you probably failed more ______ than you like to count. But you were ______ at failing — you learned, you adapted, and then with your new knowledge you tried again. And again. And again. And one day success was ______.

1.A. containing    B. changing    C. supplying    D. raising

2.A. seed    B. tree    C. leaf    D. branch

3.A. How    B. When    C. Why    D. Where

4.A. only a few    B. a great number    C. fewer    D. more

5.A. damaged    B. go    C. end    D. do

6.A. growth    B. youth    C. seeding    D. adult

7.A. dreams    B. ideas    C. feelings    D. behaviors

8.A. and    B. but    C. or    D. so

9.A. realize    B. fill    C. protect    D. enjoy

10.A. fear    B. consider    C. doubt    D. wonder

11.A. always    B. nearly    C. never    D. usually

12.A. freely    B. automatically    C. constantly    D. separately

13.A. pay    B. spend    C. cost    D. take

14.A. got    B. took    C. put    D. kept

15.A. succeed    B. fail    C. stop    D. continue

16.A. hope    B. tell    C. suggest    D. comment

17.A. cheerful    B. successful    C. delighted    D. encouraged

18.A. quickly    B. often    C. slowly    D. soon

19.A. annoyed    B. surprised    C. good    D. bad

20.A. mine    B. theirs    C. yours    D. its


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