1.Yet Antarctica is full of wildlife, which has a___________ to its extreme conditions.

2.The meeting is intended to p__________ an understanding of different countries in Asia.

3.I expressed the great thanks for your help in seeking the lost child on b________ of my family.

4.It’s a new country, hoping for diplomatic r____________ from the international community.

5.The koala is u__________ to Australia, which can’t be found in other countries.

6.The plan is designed to ___________ (激发) employees to work more efficiently.

7.The government is ___________ (呼吁) to the public to save water.

8.She’s completely ___________ (迷恋) with the handsome boy.

9.According to a rough ____________ (估计), at least 5, 000 people were killed.

10.Such events only increased the ____________ (不赞成) of France’s princely neighbours.


__________, your article is of greater value than his.

A.All things considered B.All things considering

C.All things are considered D.All things are considering


They demanded that the right to vote ___________ to every adult.

A.was given B.was giving C.be giving D.be given


_________  my heart still beats, I will go on working for the people.

A.As soon as B.As far as C.As long as D.As much as


Hardly _________ the knock when I opened the door.

A.have I heard B.had I heard C.did I hear D.do I hear


Bai women wear white and red costumes, _______ the men wear white shirts and long wide trousers.

A.while B.but C.because D.so


— How did ________ feel to run 3,000 meters at the sports meeting?

—Terrible! Especially when I saw I was left so far ________ by others.

A.that; alone B.it; alone C.that; behind D.it; behind


Mr. Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one ______ .

A.blamed B.blaming C.to blame D.to be blamed


Try to discourage him ________ driving too fast, as it’s extremely dangerous.

A.from B.into C.to D.for


He shouts when he gets angry, _________ is often the case.

A.which B.that C.when D.as


We had lots of good applicants for the job, but one _________ from the rest.

A.made out B.stood out C.picked out D.figured out


    Everyone should go to his or her 50th high school reunion. There was a time I thought I’d never go even if the opportunity _________. But now I feel _________ for people who don’t go.

I went to the _________ of my high school on a Saturday evening, and I am glad I did. It was a gift to recognize some _________ classmates right away — and to be recognized. _________, we had name tags and our _________ photos on our clothing to help identify us. I recognized one woman immediately!

The most memorable and moving experience of the night was _________ by a schoolmate and neighbor to whom I was once close. Unfortunately, we had a falling out in the high school. I never saw her after _________, but this time, I saw her name on a place setting. At first, I feared that I would _________ her. But my better self won over, and I __________ her out. I kept looking until I got a __________ on my shoulder. There she was __________. We hugged as if nothing had ever __________ and exchanged affectionate words. When the party __________, my old-new friend walked towards me, __________ me again and wished me well. I returned her good wishes. All the bad __________ melted into thin air.

I am grateful I had this __________ to reunite with old classmates. After all, we are almost __________ the final lap of our lifelong journeys. Some classmates had already left this __________, and their names were deleted from the list. Sometimes we have to walk back into the past because time does heal old wounds. We’re not the __________ people. We are better people.

1.A.put down B.came up C.get through D.take off

2.A.sorry B.relieved C.upset D.enthusiastic

3.A.event B.reunion C.ceremony D.campaign

4.A.latter B.former C.present D.future

5.A.Unluckily B.Unwillingly C.Normally D.Thankfully

6.A.old B.recent C.fancy D.new

7.A.delivered B.provided C.committed D.ruined

8.A.graduation B.separation C.marriage D.departure

9.A.stare at B.turn to C.run into D.rely on

10.A.let B.drove C.sought D.helped

11.A.hand B.blow C.kiss D.tap

12.A.walking B.talking C.smiling D.laughing

13.A.happened B.changed C.existed D.mentioned

14.A.began B.ended C.continued D.lasted

15.A.encouraged B.approached C.hugged D.patted

16.A.words B.apologies C.excuses D.memories

17.A.qualification B.situation C.courage D.chance

18.A.missing B.operating C.nearing D.wasting

19.A.world B.city C.school D.class

20.A.important B.bad C.merciful D.same


Run! Lunch-Delivery Men!

It’s lunch time, and Guo Ziyang is on a mission: deliver seven hot meal orders in an hour.

He dashes into a downtown high­rise, carrying a plastic container of hot beef noodles. There is no time to wait for the right elevator. He hops into the first one that opens, jumps out at the last stop and begins running up the stairs. After a quick handoff to the customer, he races down 20 flights. 1. Across China’s biggest cities, the scene has become as familiar as crowded subways. 2. Meals appear with just a few taps on a smartphone. With the major delivery services offering similar pricing strategies and food choices, the burden of competition has fallen largely on the speed of the delivery people, popularly known as Waimai Xiaoge, or “Brother Takeaway”.

Guo said he wolfs down four or five steamed buns before starting work every morning. “You’ll need the energy for various delivery missions,” he said. “Sometimes, the buildings you deliver to don’t have elevators.3. Then, you have to climb ten flights of stairs.”

Guo works around Shanghai’s central business district. He joined Ele. me only last year. 4. With a food­warmer box tied to his scooter, Guo tears through traffic, rushes past pedestrians and avoid bumps that might spill soup dishes. In less than two hours, he has made stops at a hospital, a hair salon, a hotel room and several high­rises. Six orders an hour is the norm for the lunchtime rush, but Guo said he is sometimes called upon to deliver ten meals. “5. You just have to apologize.” he said.

Nevertheless, Guo said he thrives on deadline pressure. “I’m the kind of person who likes challenging work,” he added.

A.That’s really difficult, and if you arrive late, customers get angry.

B.One order down, six to go.

C.The tradition of going out for a meal has been under pressure from the fast pace of urban life.

D.Sometimes, the elevators are crowded and take a long time.

E.Sometimes, people ask them to pick up cigarettes, alcohol and other items, which they aren’t supposed to do.

F.The arrival of food­delivery apps has transformed the country’s lunchtime culture.

G.But he has memorized the layouts of all the buildings in his area.


    An advance in electronic publishing could make the ebook you are reading seem as dated as a silent film. Publishers hope to explore the growing success of ebooks by releasing versions with added soundtracks and musical accompaniments.

The noises in the first multimedia books released in Britain on Friday include rain hitting a window in a Sherlock Holmes tale. When the plot of a book reaches the most exciting part, background scores will create tension. In America, works by Shakespeare and Jane Austen have already been released with music and background noise so that, for example, readers can hear tea cups clinking in Mr. Darcy’s garden as they read Pride and Prejudice.

Supporters argue that sound effects are the next logical development for ebooks and will add excitement for younger readers. Critics, however, will argue that the noise will ruin the simple pleasure of having the imagination stimulated by reading.

Caroline Michel, chief executive of the literary agency, said the new generation of computer-literate readers was used to multiple sensory input. She said, “Young people have split computer screens where they may be watching television and replying to an email at the same time. If that’s what the market wants then we should respond to the market.”

Booktrack’s sound effects work by estimating the user’s reading speed. Each time you “turn” a page, the software reassesses where you have reached in the text and times the sounds to switch on accordingly. If the soundtrack becomes out of synch (同步), a click on any word will reset it.

Some authors fear that a soundtrack could destroy the peace and quiet of libraries and ruin the pleasure of reading. David Nicholls, author of One Day, the bestseller now released as a film, said, “This sounds like the opposite of reading. I have enough trouble reading an ebook because I’m constantly distracted by emails.

Stuart MacBride, the crime writer whose novel Shatter the Bones was an ebook bestseller, sells 18% of his books as electronic downloads. He said, “If I’m reading, I will do the noise in my head. I don't need someone to tell me what tea cups clinking sounds like. That would irritate me.”

1.What’s the passage mainly about?

A.Opinions about ebooks with soundtracks.

B.Response to the need of the book market.

C.Reasons for traditional ebooks becoming outdated.

D.Suggestions on encouraging readers’ imagination.

2.What do publishers expect an ebook soundtrack to do?

A.Help to release an ebook as a film.

B.Make readers improve reading speed.

C.Add tension at a book’s exciting point.

D.Get readers familiar with the background.

3.What does the underlined sentences mean in Paragraph 6 ?

A.David enjoyed the pleasure of reading an ebook in the library.

B.Soundtrack would affect David’s concentration on reading an ebook.

C.David was constantly fascinated by checking emails when reading an ebook.

D.Soundtrack would destroy the content and characters of the story.

4.What do we know about Stuart MacBride?

A.He was a person who was easy to get irritated.

B.He didn’t like the clinking sounds of tea cups.

C.He was the most famous writer about crime stories.

D.He imagined sounds about the story when reading.


    If you’ve spent any amount of time boating, fishing, or bird-watching at lakes and rivers, you have most likely seen fishes jumping out of the water. I have seen it many times. Certainly, fishes will exit water in desperate attempts to escape enemies. Dolphins take advantage of the behavior, forming a circle and catching the frightened fishes in midair. But just as we may run fast from fun or from fear, different emotions might motivate fishes to jump.

Mobula rays (蝠鲼) aren’t motivated by fear when they throw their impressive bodies — up to a seventeen-foot wingspan (the distance from the end of one wing to the end of the other) and a ton in weight — skyward in leap of up to ten feet. They do it in schools of hundreds. They usually land on their bellies, but sometimes they land on their backs. Some scientists think it might be a way of removing parasites (寄生虫). But I think that the rays are enjoying themselves.

In the clear waters of Florida’s Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge, I watched several schools of fifty or more mullets(鲻鱼) moving in beautiful formation. Their well-built bodies were most evident when they leaped from the water. Most of the time I saw one or two leaps by a fish, but one made a series of seven. They usually land on their sides. Each jump was about a foot clear of the water and two to three feet in length.

Nobody knows for sure why the fish leaps. One idea is that they do it to take in oxygen. The idea is supported by the fact that mullets leap more when the water is lower in oxygen, but is challenged by the likelihood that jumping costs more energy than is gained by breathing air. It is hard to imagine they will feel any fresher when back in water.

Might these fishes also be leaping for fun? There is some new evidence. Gordon M. Burghardt recently published accounts of a dozen types of fishes leaping repeatedly, sometimes over floating objects — sticks, plants, sunning turtle — for no clear reason other than entertainment.

1.What can we say about the dolphins in Paragraph 1?

A.They have great escaping skills. B.They are easily frightened.

C.They are very clever. D.They love jumping.

2.What do the ray and the mullet have in common when jumping?

A.Both do it in groups. B.Both land on their bellies.

C.Both jump many feet out of water. D.Both make leaps one after the other.

3.What’s the author’s attitude towards the idea mentioned in Paragraph 4?

A.Anxious. B.Indifferent.

C.Approving. D.Questionable.

4.Why do fishes leap according to Gordon?

A.To remove parasites. B.To amuse themselves.

C.To take in more oxygen. D.To escape enemies.


    One of the most important things that has happened to me occurred long before I was aware of it. As the story goes, I was three days old and Mom was singing “The Name Game” song to me: “Christine- Bo-Bean-Banana-Fanna-Fo-Feen.” By day four, I was given a new name — Christine-Bo-Bean, or just Bo-Bean to my mother. Now, I am Bo to her and close friends.

Why is this nickname so important to me? I once read a book with a passage about True Names which explains that when a person’s true name is spoken, she has a distinct aura (光环) around her. Although I have been Bo to my mother all my life, I recently discovered that my true name is not on my birth certificate; it’s the name that is as unique and memorable as I am.

People usually know me as Christine. They still see me as a quiet, bookish child. They don’t know who I am now. My most recent hopes, fears, goals, dreams and opinions escape their notice; it is easier to think of me as I was. In their minds, they have a box labeled “Christine” in which I fit neatly, and as Christine, I was content with the perfect packaging.

Those who call me Bo or Bo-Bean really know me. They remember who I was and realize I have changed. Bo is a tight squeeze in the old “Christine” boxes. The Bo I am is ever-changing, ever-growing and ever-learning.

When I was Christine, I was quiet, and easily scared. I feared groups, meeting new people and sharing my opinions. I was more comfortable with a book than my best friend. As Christine, I thought everyone was better than I was.

As Bo, I still love my books, but I want to discuss them. As Bo, my dream is to live where I can experience new things and meet new people. I dream about being alone on a stage lit by a single spotlight; I have that confidence now. I am equal to those I once saw as better than me.

A name shouldn’t make such a difference, but sometimes, when a person finds his or her True Name, they develop a new shine visible to friends, family and especially themselves.

I can’t always be Bo. Sometimes exposing myself is still scary and I feel too nervous; I want to hide in those old boxes. Mostly, however, I am ready for the world. So, just call me Bo.

1.When was the author given a nickname?

A.When she was three years old.

B.On the fourth day after she was born.

C.On the arrival of some close friends.

D.When mom first sang “ The Name Game”.

2.What do the people know about the author as Christine?

A.They think the author is active and crazy.

B.They care about the author’s most recent feelings.

C.They don’t realize the author has changed.

D.They don’t know the author has a new name.

3.What kind of person was the author in the past?

A.She showed no interest in reading.

B.She took pleasure in finding new things.

C.She loved reading and sharing books with friends.

D.She lacked confidence and preferred to be alone.

4.What can be a suitable title for the text?

A.Bo — the True Name

B.A Unique Name

C.Remember the Past

D.The Meaning of Nickname


Auckland University Online Education — What to Expect

Most Auckland University AU online programs are 100 percent online so that students do not come to the school campus. Instead, AU has designed a media-rich, easy-to-use learning environment through a Learning Management System LMS.

• Discipline (纪律)

With disciplined work habits, you are likely to succeed as an online student. It is up to you to log on to your course and meet your own deadlines.

• Time Management

In order to earn competitive grades, plan on spending a minimum of 20-25 hours a week on each course. AU courses operate on a seven-week schedule, with start dates in January, March, May, July, September and November. Students are able to complete two courses per semester by taking one seven-week course at a time.

• Professional Connections

Many of the AU faculty (教员)who teach online have connections to industry, so the online learning environment ensures access to diverse expertise and practice. It includes an extensive network of professionals in a variety of industries.

“I work as an IT manager. And right from the very beginning, every class I took was relevant to what I was doing at work. The wide range of courses gave me a strong foundation for my career development.”

—Jim Heilman, Computer Information Systems graduate

• Technology

It goes without saying that technology plays a vital role in online learning. You will need a high-speed Internet connection and basic computer skills. For specifics, please click here to visit our Technology page.

1.How long does it take to complete one course?

A.Seven weeks. B.One semester.

C.Several months. D.At least 20-25 hours.

2.What is the purpose of mentioning Jim Heilman?

A.To recognize an excellent graduate.

B.To set a good example to other learners.

C.To prove benefits of professional connections.

D.To show effective methods of online learning.

3.Where is the text probably taken from?

A.A course brochure. B.A college website.

C.An academic magazine. D.An online advertisement.


假定你是学校英语社团负责人李华,你们社团打算排练英语短剧参加学校下个月举办的艺术节活动。请用英语给你校外教Mr. Johnson写封电子邮件,请他给予指导。内容包括:







Dear Mr. Johnson,



Li Hua


假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下 作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单 词的增加、删除或修改。

增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号( ),并在其下面写出该加的词。






Miss White is our English teacher. She always impresses us deep with her lively English classes. One day when the first bell ring, our monitor said, "Our English teacher is said to have an operation today. Whoever will give us the lesson has not been decided yet. " The class fell silent at his word. In fact, we were afraid of that Miss White would no longer be with us. Just at that moment, Miss White entered the classroom, look tired and pale. " I'll be missing you badly," she said at a low voice. "My operation will be put off till tomorrow though I don't want you to miss a single class. ” She went on, “A new teacher will take my place tomorrow I'll come back as soon as possible. "Hearing this, we were both moved to tears. What a good teacher she is!


阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式, 并将答案填写在答题卡相应的位置上。

Li Jiaqi, a star in live-streaming (网络直播),knows how 1. draw the audience's attention. Each time, he introduces a new item and then promotes (推 销)it directly, "Buy it — just buy it! It looks super, super, super good!" ---a sales pitch the online influencer is famous for.

Compared with Taylor Swift's headline show at 2019's Double Eleven evening party, Li's live-stream appeared 2.( simple) , but he probably had a greater influence on last year's festival. In the month 3.( follow) the shopping festival, Li's promotion 4.( drive) over one billion yuan in sales on Taobao Live.

As a new way of shopping, live-streaming has proved successful,5. has led more companies to use online influencers to promote their products . The rise of commercial live-streaming is partly based on convenience. Any product 6. be bought during live-streams with just a couple of taps and swipes . Without the advantage, 7. ( customer) may give up an item if its description does not provide enough information.

A convincing live-streamer together with limited-time discounts or lucky draws also 8.( account) for its popularity. Those tricks help persuade people to shop through live-streaming.

For now, there is still some doubt 9. live-streamers can really take responsibility for their broadcasts or not. However, buyers are quick to make judgements. " I don't plan to stop watching Li's live-streams. But out of 10.(curious) , I also do my own research instead of shopping immediately," said a Mr. Li, who often does shopping online.


    Inspiration can be a strange thing. You never know when it might ___, and sometimes it can come from the most __ places.

I recently read about an author named Nnedi Okorafor. When she was in college, she had a serious spine disorder (脊椎病).The doctor told her that a simple operation could __ it. But when she woke up from her _____, she found that she couldn't move her legs and was in great pain.

Okorafor got well later. But before she recovered, she saw ___ things in her hospital room. She imagined her ___ as a wild animal that ___ her from the shadows (阴影). But she also imagined a woman who could actually fly. This ____ woman inspired her and helped her __ her pain. "I felt myself become ____," she wrote in her book Broken Places & Outer Spaces: Finding Creativity in the Unexpected.

We __ know where we might find the inspiration to create. As a ____, most of my inspiration comes from other people's music. But I also find ___ in other places. Books, movies and even just moments in everyday life can ___ new creations. For example, I recently watched the movie Blade Runner again. I've seen it plenty of times before ___ it's one of my favorite movies. But this time, for some reason I saw it ___. I decided to make music that could create the same feeling as the ___ It's not completed yet, but the music I'm working on now is deeply __ by the movie's setting and characters.

Anything can ___ us. You just have to be ___ to catch inspiration when it hits.

1.A.pass B.exist C.strike D.help

2.A.attractive B.unexpected C.familiar D.dangerous

3.A.save B.overcome C.control D.treat

4.A.dream B.operation C.shock D.recovery

5.A.terrible B.confusing C.strange D.fortunate

6.A.pain B.sadness C.fear D.anger

7.A.bit B.observed C.discovered D.hunted

8.A.magical B.confident C.violent D.curious

9.A.experience B.stand C.forget D.suffer

10.A.smarter B.busier C.quieter D.greater

11.A.even B.only C.never D.still

12.A.musician B.director C.performer D.writer

13.A.characters B.ideas C.materials D.themes

14.A.lead to B.star in C.focus on D.build up

15.A.although B.unless C.until D.because

16.A.subjectively B.particularly C.differently D.smoothly

17.A.story B.movie C.song D.scene

18.A.limited B.supported C.influenced D.disturbed

19.A.benefit B.impress C.approach D.inspire

20.A.ready B.free C.calm D.careful


Making a Good First Impression

It's important to make a good first impression with people. Whether they're a customer or a potential friend, you want them to think highly of you. If they don't, you're not likely to make much progress moving forward. 1. Before you've even opened your mouth, people have already formed an opinion of you based on your body language. With that in mind, it's a good idea to change how you present yourself to ensure you're not giving off a bad atmosphere.

♦ It's all in the face.

Any honest and fair person is going to be looking at your face when you're talking to them. Of course, that means whatever is going on up there will be picked apart more than anything else you do. 2. In the right circumstances, it will express warmth and show you to be welcoming, something that's unbelievably important for the first impression. Moreover, make sure to keep eye contact as often as possible It shows that you're focusing on them, especially when they're talking.


So many of us close our arms without thinking about itbut that's one of the biggest no-nos when it comes to first impressions. Standing there with your arms folded is going to set you apart from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. 4. This will drive people away from you very quickly and make a poor first impression.

♦ Show your interest.

5. The wrong movements or positions can signal that you don't care what the other person has to say. Fortunately, there are non-verbal cues (暗示)you can make which will show your interest without going overboard. These include things like leaning forward and giving purposeful nods. Small gestures like this show that you're taking part in the conversation and not invested (投入的)in something happening over their shoulder.

A.Open up your body.

B.Stand close to others in conversation.

C.Show your interest when others are talking.

D.However, there's more to the first impression than what you say.

E.Body language shows whether you're interested in someone or not.

F.It gives people the impression that you're bored and don't want to be there.

G.Make sure that you smile as often as possible if it's acceptable in the situation.


    Even though they're not the most exciting things in the world, plants have attracted us ever since the days of early humans. They may not do any tricks or greet us when we come home at night like a dog would, but that doesn't mean they're any less interesting than animals.

However, just when we thought we knew everything we could about them, a recent study found that plants may have a secret ability that has gone unnoticed all this time.

According to the study by Australian biologist Monica Gagliano, published in the journal Oecologia, plants may be able to "hear” sounds . To come to this conclusion, Gagliano and her team planted pea seedlings (幼苗)in a pair of different Y-shaped pots with two arms. The first pot's arms led to fresh water, while the other's led to either dry soil or a sealed (密封的)plastic tube containing flowing water. Naturally, the first pot's seedlings grew toward the water. What's surprising, however, is that the second pot's seedlings grew toward the sealed water supply but not the soil.

"They just knew the water was there even if the only thing to discover was the sound of it flowing inside the pipe, ” Gagliano told Scientific American . She believes that plants are able to use their leaves to discover sound waves, which make tiny vibrations (振动)as they're produced. This could explain why so many people believe that singing or playing music to their plants helps them grow. “ I had a plant that I used to wash the leaves of once a week and sing to," plant lover Heather Goodall told BBC News. "It grew from being about 2 feet tall to 7 feet tall in just a couple of years."

So, does this mean we should start treating our plants like pets? Not necessarily, although perhaps it does mean we should give them more respect. "I would like to see plants accepted more as the amazing and interesting living beings, and less as just a source of human nutrition," Fatima Cvrckova, a scientist at Charles University in the Czech Republic, told BBC News.

1.What did Gagliano find in their study?

A.Plants can recognize the sound of water.

B.Sound can change the direction plants grow toward.

C.Plants can tell the difference between various sounds.

D.Different plants can discover sounds in different ways.

2.What do plants use to hear sound according to Gagliano?

A.Their roots B.Their flowers

C.Their fruits D.Their leaves

3.Why does the author mention Heather Goodall's example?

A.To show a different way of growing plants.

B.To inspire people to sing to their plants often.

C.To prove that music plays a role in plant growth.

D.To stress the importance of treating plants like pets.

4.What would Cvrckova probably agree with?

A.Plants are just a source of human nutrition.

B.There is still a lot we do not know about plants.

C.Plants are unbelievable and deserve more respect.

D.Most people do not care enough about their plants.


    My husband came across the program from his father's high school graduation 90 years ago. It was the Class of 1928 and their class motto (格言)was, "Build for character, not for fame. "

I'm pretty sure society has done quite the opposite to that one. These days, we have people who are famous for simply being famous. They haven't done anything particularly impressive, but they do take great selfies (自拍照). We are all crazy about fame these days, mainly thanks to social media. All we want is for people to follow us, friend us, like us or share our posts. We are nearly mad about fame.

"Build for character, not for fame. ” is based on the belief that one is looking up and ahead. That's an encouraging idea, especially today, when most of us have our heads down, looking at the screens of our smartphones. Looking ahead and building for character takes thought and intentionality (意向性). One can be intentional in building for fame as well, but fame often relies heavily on the right timing and connections as well as the creation of a base of fans and supporters. Character isn’t decided by the ideas of others. Character is built with self-discipline (自律)and a willingness to learn from difficulties. Character grows inside and needs no praise.

Fame depends on people looking at you, while character is who you are when no one is looking. Fame often comes with jealousy (嫉妒)--a feeling that time is running out or that someone better than you is coming to steal your fans. Character is marked by feeling fulfilled and being generous . There is satisfaction that comes with the reward of achievements, but at the same time, good character willingly holds the door open for others who are also hoping to achieve.

This graduation season, speakers will tell new graduates to get out there and build a better world. The best way is to build character, the kind that runs deep and can carry you through lifers storms. Build character with courage, justice (公正) and strength. Build character by respecting yourself and others . Build character with kindness, hope and love. Build for character and you will build a better world .

1.What does the author think of people nowadays?

A.They're mad about achievements.

B.They want to be famous very much.

C.They're trying to build for character.

D.They like doing everything impressive.

2.What does building for character" require people to do?

A.Connect with others at the right time.

B.Mind their behavior when being looked at.

C.Behave themselves and learn from hardships readily .

D.Look ahead and accept other people's advice willingly.

3.The underlined word "fulfilled" in Paragraph 4 probably means “________".

A.content B.confident

C.famous D.comfortable

4.Why does the author value "building for character”

A.It inspires people to achieve more.

B.It enables us to build a better world.

C.It allows graduates to get a good job.

D.It helps us  again  respect from other people.


    An 82-year-old Chinese female pilot has set a record in the country's airline industry after flying a small plane for 40 minutes in Beijing. Miao Xiaohong, one of China's second batch (一批)of female pilots, controlled the Tecnam P2010 plane to take off, turn, climb, dive and land safely at the Shifosi Airport in Pinggu District of Beijing.

In 1956, Miao Xiaohong, who graduated from a high school in Jinan, won a position in the second batch. She graduated from the flight school in 1958. In the following years, she flew many important missions (任务).In 1963, she undertook a mission to airdrop materials for the flood-stricken areas in Hebei Province. Poor visibility (能见度)prevented her locating the target areas as the clouds were about 100 meters above the ground, but she managed to finish the task.

In 1989, she retired and started her writing career. When she collected materials for her books, she found that many aged pilots in other countries still flew, and she had the idea to return to the sky. To prepare for the flight, she walked 3 ,000 steps every day and moved her arms to meet the requirements for high-altitude flight during the past two months. Different from past flights for missions, this time her goal was to enjoy the flight. She said that it was exciting and fresh. " Seeing the boundless blue sky unfold in front of me, I feel it is very open," she said.

The trainer said that Miao Xiaohong could finish 30 hours of flight to get a license for commercial flight. She said, "My physical condition is good enough to finish the 30-hour flight but it is not so important for me to get such a license. After achieving my dream of returning to the sky, I hope to encourage young women to join the airline industry. I'm 82 years old and I can fly again. You, the young people, can fly and will fly better than me."

1.What can we learn from the airdrop mission carried out by Miao Xiaohong?

A.She was a very brave pilot.

B.She had excellent flying skills.

C.She suffered from poor eyesight.

D.She usually completed hard tasks.

2.What made Miao Xiaohong have the idea of flying a plane at the age of 82?

A.Her deep love for flight.

B.Her wish to set a flying record .

C.The requirements of her books.

D.The influence of other aged pilots .

3.Which of the following words can best describe Miao Xiaohong?

A.Faithful B.Energetic

C.Determined D.Promising

4.What might be the best title for the passage?

A.Returning to the blue sky

B.Coming to join in the flight

C.Managing to finish difficult tasks

D.Improving yourself to set a record


    Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn is a pizza restaurant chain that specializes in American-style pan pizzas. Pizza Inn prices are similar to other large pizza chains except for the fact that they only offer pizzas in medium and large sizes. Pizza Inn offers pizzas in 4 different crusts (酥皮):Thin Crust, New York Pan, Italian Crust and Triple Cheesy Stuffed Crust. The restaurant also offers other kinds of typical Italian food.


Freddy's is a fast casual restaurant chain that specializes in various sandwiches and burgers as well as frozen custard (蛋奶沙司). Freddy's prices are about averages . Besides frozen custard, Freddy's also has a few varieties of beef and chicken burgers and sandwiches . They also have 3 different hot dogs: regular, Chicago-style and chili cheese .

A & W

A & W is a fast-food restaurant chain that is known for their own brand of root beer. A & W prices are competitive with the rest of the fast-food industry. Although A & W sells burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and frozen treats, most people go there for their famous root beer.


Hopdoddy is a fast casual chain specializing in burger and beer combinations. Their burgers are advertised as being made from the freshest ingredients (食材). Hopdoddy prices are higher than those of an average fast-food burger shop. Part of that is simply because of the quality of ingredients used to create the food. Although they are mainly known for their burgers, they also offer various other things such as salads, sides and milkshakes .

1.How is Pizza Inn different from other large pizza chains?

A.Its prices are lower.

B.It doesn't offer small pizzas .

C.Its pizzas are more delicious .

D.It doesn't serve frozen treats.

2.What is the most popular in A & W?

A.Root beer. B.Burgers.

C.Hot dogs. D.Sandwiches.

3.Why are Hopdoddy burgers more expensive?

A.They are unique in taste.

B.They are combined with beer.

C.They are made in limited numbers.

D.They are made from high-quality ingredients .



1. 自我介绍;

2. 个人优势;

3. 相关经验;

注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Sir or Madam



Li Hua








Dear Bill,

How time flies!I went back to school and begin my lesson last month.It will be ten months before I attend the College Entrance Examination,that makes me worried.I failed pass the English test last term because of I had difficulty with it.I will never give up and determine to give myself the second chance to pass them.I will ask my teachers and friends for advices on how to improve it and work out a detailed plan.Besides,I will make fully use of time.Do you have any good ideas?Tell me or I will be grateful to you.

I'm looking forward to hear from you.


Li Hua



The USA is a land of immigrants. Between 1815 1. 1914, the world witnessed the greatest peaceful migration in its history: 35 million people, mostly Europeans, left their homelands to start new lives in America. Why did these people risk everything by 2. (leave) their homes and families?

First, what forced emigrants 3. (make) the decision to leave? One major cause for European farmers to leave was the rise in population, 4. in turn led to land hunger. Another was politics. There was an increased taxation and the 5. (grow) of armies, and many young men fled eastern Europe to avoid being forced to join the army.

Physical hunger provided another pressing reason. Following the collapse (衰退) of the economy of southern Italy in the 1860s, hundreds of thousands decided to start a new life in America. Religion also encouraged millions to leave the Old World.

In short, people 6. (choose) to leave their homes for social, economic and 7.(religion) reasons. As a result, by 1890 among a total population of 63 million, there were more than nine million foreign-born 8. (America).

But what were the attractions? First of all, there was the promise of land that was so scarce in Europe. Next, factories were calling for workers, and pay conditions were much better 9. back home. Men 10. (need) to open up the West and build the long railroads, and new towns needed settlers to live in and to develop business. There was the space for people to practice their faith in peace.


    When I was in primary school, I got into a major argument with a boy in my class. I can't _______ what it was about, but I have never forgotten the _______ I learned that day.

I was _______ that I was right and he was wrong but he strongly believed that I was wrong and he was right. Our _______ decided to teach us a very important lesson and _______ a good idea. She ________ both of us up to the front of the class and placed him on one side of her desk and me on ________. In the middle of her desk was a large, round object. I could ________ see that it was black. She asked the boy what ________ the object was. "White," he answered in a ________ voice. I couldn't believe he said the object was white, ________ it was obviously black! Another ________ started between my classmate and me, this _______ about the color of the object.

The teacher told me to go to stand where the boy was standing and told him to come to stand where I had been. We changed ________, and now she asked me what the color of the object was. I ________ answer, "White." It was then ________ I realized I was wrong. In fact, it was an object with two _________ colored sides, and from his side it was white, ________ from my side was the color black.

My teacher taught me a very important lesson that day: You must ________ yourself in the other person's shoes and look at the ________ through their eyes in order to truly understand their view.

1.A.think B.remember C.forget D.determine

2.A.class B.speech C.text D.lesson

3.A.convinced B.informed C.warned D.regretted

4.A.doctor B.parent C.partner D.teacher

5.A.kept up with B.went on with C.came up with D.got along with

6.A.woke B.brought C.advised D.came

7.A.the other B.other C.another D.others

8.A.clearly B.happily C.casually D.cautiously

9.A.height B.colour C.size D.shape

10.A.sweet B.loud C.fearful D.grateful

11.A.for B.unless C.if D.although

12.A.match B.fight C.argument D.conversation

13.A.day B.time C.chance D.month

14.A.desks B.seats C.attitudes D.places

15.A.hoped to B.needed to C.had to D.was able to

16.A.when B.before C.that D.since

17.A.loosely B.frequently C.differently D.surprisingly

18.A.or B.and C.but D.so

19.A.sit B.live C.lie D.put

20.A.performance B.movement C.effort D.situation


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