In Germany there are different kinds of high schools. Some prepare students for workers, others prepare them for college. All schools are great places for making friends and learning German.

Short days

Most high schools in Germany begin at about 8:00 a.m. and end at about 3:30 p.m. This means your morning will be busy with classes. You will have time to do homework and take part in private(私人的) clubs after school.

Formal setting

In Germany, teachers and students’ relationship is more formal than you might be used to. Teachers are respected and students must use the formal “Sie(德语:您)” when talking to teachers.

Getting to school

Most students take public transport to school or ride a bicycle. Some areas have school buses. It is not common for parents to drive students to school.

Private clubs

In many countries, schools offer official sports and after-school activities. This is less common in Germany. After-school activities are usually organized through private clubs. There are clubs for things like soccer, dance, choir, theatre and almost everything else. Once you are in Germany, ask around at school and talk to other students to find out what private clubs are in your area and meet your interests.

Different states, different schools

Each of Germany’s 16 states has its own slightly different school systems. The school system in Brandenburg will be a little different from the system in Bavaria for example. Where you live, your knowledge level and your age will decide what school you can attend.

1.For high school students in Germany, which is NOT the common transport to school?

A. Parents’ cars    B. School buses

C. Public transport    D. Students’ bicycles

2.From the passage, we can learn that in Germany _______.

A. all kinds of high schools are for college

B. students can join private clubs to meet their interests

C. students can take part in after-school activities from 8:00 a. m .to 3:30 p.m.

D. age is not important for attending schools

3.What can be the best title for this article?

A. German High Schools    B. German Public Transport

C. German Private Clubs    D. German College Systems

























The person who touched me most is an unknown lady. I study in a city school but lives in a village 15 kilometers away. One afternoon, I receive a call from my family saying my mom was serious ill. I hurried to the bus station, only find the last bus had left. Feel anxious, I decided to walk home. On the way a car stopped and the driver asked me that I needed help. Worried about being cheated, I said anything. But she was such sincere that I finally accepted her offer. When we reached my village, it was dark. Seeing her car out of the sight. I was in tear. Whenever I think of her, I always feel grateful.


Keeping a diary in English is one of the effective ways to improve our English writing ability.

Compared with other forms of writing, it is shorter and takes 1. (little) time. It can help us to develop the habit of thinking in English. If we persist in this practice, gradually we’ll learn how  2.(express)ourselves in English. In keeping a diary in English, we certainly run up against many  3. (difficult). In the first place, it often happens that we have trouble in  4.(find) appropriate words and phrases to give expression to our mind. Secondly, there  5.(be) many idiomatic ways of saying things in Chinese. And it is 6. (extreme) hard for us to put them into English properly.

As far as I am  7.(concern), my suggestion is  8. we should always have a notebook and a Chinese-English dictionary within easy reach. Whenever something beats us, we can first put it down in our notebook and then consult our dictionary. We can also ask our English teacher  9. help, if necessary. In short, I believe that it is of great use to keep a diary in English for  10. development of our writing skills.


Shirley Allen loved to sing and play the piano.She studied music in college and her_______was to become a concert pianist or blues singer. Everything _______when she was 20 years old. She became sick with what doctors thought was typhoid fever(伤寒) and she almost died. Doctors gave her medicine to help her get well, but the medicine _______her to become_______deaf. She could no longer hear the music which she had always _______

Shirley would never give up playing the piano, _______she did decide to change _______. She transferred to Gallaudet University and studied English. In 1964 Shirley graduated from Gallaudet and looked for_______.

For three years, Shirley worked as a clerk in Washington, D.C._______, in 1967 she was asked to work at Gallaudet University as a dorm supervisor(宿舍监管员). Shirley supervised young women who lived in the university during the school year. She also taught English. Somehow she found time to________school at Howard University in Washington, D.C.In 1972, Shirley received her M.A. degree.

This________woman became the first black deaf female in the world to receive her Ph. D.She made________in 1992 ________ she received the highest degree in education from the University of Rochester in New York.

Dr. Shirley Jeanne Allen has traveled many roads and ________many rainbows searching for her dream. With courage and________, she never gave up.

1.A. job    B. interest    C. duty    D. dream

2.A. disappeared    B. changed    C. stopped    D. ended

3.A. allowed    B. caused    C. encouraged    D. enabled

4.A. almost    B. actually    C. totally    D. gradually

5.A. loved    B. played    C. performed    D. remembered

6.A. and    B. so    C. but    D. even if

7.A. career    B. interest    C. life    D. attitude

8.A. information    B. help    C. an assistant    D. a job

9.A. However    B. Then    C. Therefore    D. Besides

10.A. attend    B. observe    C. describe    D. advertise

11.A. amazing    B. strict    C. wealthy    D. beautiful

12.A. progress    B. excuses    C. suggestions    D. history

13.A. after    B. while    C. until    D. when

14.A. found    B. watched    C. followed    D. appreciated

15.A. intelligence    B. determination    C. strength    D. pride


Maybe you often have arguments with your parents about clothes, homework, friends and many other personal things.1.Most teenagers must be sorry or even frightened when their parents fight. They might think their parents don't love each other any more and that it would result in divorce.

2.They might disagree about important things like jobs or major family decisions. They might even disagree about little things that don’t seem important at all—Like what’s for dinner or what time someone gets home. Maybe sometimes parents can feel so strongly about their differences that it may lead to arguments. However, these arguments are often over quickly.3.

As a family member, you should find out what it really means when your parents fight. When your parents get upset with each other, they might cry or say things they don’t really mean. Most people lose their cool now and then, so if your parents arc fighting, don’t worry too much about it.4.

If your parents' fight really bothers you, you might find it hard to sleep or go to school.5.They may not even realize how upset you are until you tell them how their arguments affect you. You can also tell other relatives, a teacher or a friend.

Just remember that no family is perfect and arguments are common in every family.

A. Try to find a good way to solve it.

B. Parents might fight over small things

C. You should never argue with your parents.

D. But what’s going on when your parents fight with each other?

E. In fact, it is normal for parents to disagree and argue from time to time.

F. If this happens, try talking to one or both of your parents about their behavior.

G. Parent may apologize and make up and the family gets back into its usual way.


Hotel rooms come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Despite differences m decoration and price, one thing most hotels have in common is a set of rules. Failure to obey these rules can result in fees or fines to cover hotel room damages, removal from the hotel or possibly even arrest.


Some hotels are completely non-smoking. Some hotels designate smoking and non-smoking rooms. If you smoke in a non-smoking room, you will likely be fined hundreds of dollars and possibly asked to leave.

Number of Guests

Most regular hotel rooms are designed for two adults. If you have more than two people staying in the room, the hotel will likely charge an additional fee for each extra guest, though some hotels let children stay free. Do not put more than four adults in the room unless the hotels policy permits that many people. Or you might be fined or removed from the hotel

Hotel Reservations Requirements

Most hotels require a major credit card to reserve the room. You can pay cash at the end of your stay, but do not be surprised if there is a temporary charge on your card for a few days after your stay. Most hotels authorize a security deposit on your card to cover any possible damages to the room. Once the hotel confirms that the room is undamaged and that you do not break any hotel policies, your security deposit will be refunded.

Breaking the Law

You cannot break the law in your hotel room, just as you cannot break the law in your own home or in public. Do not do drugs or commit any other criminal act in the hotel room. If you do, you will likely be arrested.


Most hotels have a noise policy you must obey. If you are being too loud you will usually get a warning. If the noise continues and more complaints are issued, you will likely be kicked out of the hotel, regardless of what time it is.

1.What is the main purpose of this passage?

A. To advertise the hotel rooms

B. To show some rules of hotel rooms

C. To warn the customers

D. To offer some tips of living in hotel rooms

2.You will NOT be asked to leave the hotel, if you       .

A. make too much noise continually

B. smoke without permission

C. have one extra guest to stay

D. break the law

3.Why is there a temporary charge on your card for a few days after your stay?

A. Because the hotels may use the money to pay for possible damages caused by you.

B. Because the hotels want to confirm whether you have money.

C. Because the hotels need a major credit card to pay for the rent.

D. Because the hotels need to authorize a security deposit.


International Robotics Forum(论坛)

Tokyo Big Sight,Tokyo,Japan,December 4-5

The Robotics Society of Japan(RSJ),to provide opportunities for young robot lovers to learn more about industrial and service robots,is going to hold the International Robotics forum that will cooperate with this year's International Robot Exhibition.

The lectures and explanations throughout the Conference will be given in Japanese but will be interpreted into English at the same time.The Conference will offer a great opportunity for senior high school students from all around the world to communicate with each other through robots.Therefore,we look forward to your active participation.

The event will take place two days.On the morning of Day One,Prof.Shin'ichi Yuta of the Shibaura Institute of Technology will give a lecture on basic mobile robotics and learning through robots.This will be followed by a talk by Mr.Kazuhiko Yokoyama of Yasukawa Electric Corporation,who will explain the mechanism and control of robots and also point out the highlights(最精彩的部分)of the International Robot Exhibition.

We will prepare a challenge for all the participants.We will send you themes for robot research.You will study them in advance,and on the afternoon of Day One,you will visit the Tokyo International Exhibition Center and investigate(详细研究)real robots.You will be able to experience fun and excitement of advanced robot technologies.On the morning of Day Two,you will present your study and investigation results.

On the afternoon of Day Two,as the final event,awards will be given by the RSJ to groups that have given outstanding presentations.

We hope that many future robot researchers and engineers will be born today.

1.What's the purpose of the Conference?

A. To present the most outstanding robots to young robot lovers.

B. To cooperate with this year's International Robot Exhibition.

C. To offer opportunities for young robot lovers worldwide to communicate with each other through robots.

D. To give opportunities for young robot lovers to visit the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

2.What language(s) will be given throughout the Conference?

A. Japanese.    B. Chinese.

C. English.    D. Both Japanese and English.

3.The text is most probably taken from       .

A. an International Robot Journal    B. a robot show guide

C. an announcement of a travel agency    D. an advertisement


Calvin Gillian didn’t believe that Norway was the place for an adventurous holiday. However, some friends told him to go there and he loved it.

“I’m an extreme-sports maniac. I’ve traveled to many different countries, but I didn’t expect Norway to be a good place for an extreme holiday. Tourists usually visit Norway because of its old Viking history or to go fishing and boating in the famous fjords(峡湾) to enjoy a relaxing holiday, or to go climbing to enjoy the beauty of nature. But I didn’t go for fishing; I wanted adventure.

“Skiing is the best thing you can do in Norway. Svartisen, the Black Ice glacier(冰川), is wonderful. The ice is not the usual white but a deep blue color, like the sea. However, you have to wear special clothes, because skiing on a million-year-old glacier can be very dangerous.”

“Then, there is Hunderfossen Family Park for Toll Park. You can go water skiing and ice skating. It is certainly a beautiful place but it is more expensive than visiting other parts of Norway.

“I also visited the Homenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo. The view from the top of the ski jump was wonderful and the the ski museum was very interesting. I wanted to try a jump but unfortunately, it’s only for professional ski-jumpers. Anyway, I was very tired and I needed a break, so I went back to my hotel and got some sleep.

“Next year, I am going to take my girlfriend to Norway, too. She is having her holiday in Australia now and she wants to have a different type of adventure for next year.”

1.How did Calvin Gillian feel about his trip?

A. Bored    B. Relaxed

C. Satisfied    D. Disappointed

2.The underlined word “maniac”(in para.2) refers to someone who___.

A. has a strong interest in something    B. has a bad opinion of something

C. expects things to be successful    D. likes to compete with others

3.What did Calvin Gillian do in Norway?

A. Ski-jumping    B. Climbing

C. Fishing    D. Skiing

4.What’s the best title for the text?

A. Calvin Gillian’s Holiday Countries    B. Travel in Different Countries

C. Historical Places in Norway    D. A Norwegian Adventure


Jim talked for about half an hour yesterday. Never ______ him talk so much.

A. I heard    B. did I hear

C. I had heard    D. had I heard


Jane is good, kind, hardworking and very clever. _______, I can't speak too highly of her.

A. As a result    B. By the way

C. In a word    D. On the contrary


The corn powder with two other things _______ water to make all kinds of food.

A. are mixed with    B. is mixed with

C. are mixed by    D. is mixed by


________ his age, he still leads an active life.

A. Though    B. Because of

C. In spite of    D. In addition


       I was in trouble,he would come to help me out.

A. Next time    B. The first time

C. All the time    D. Every time


—How many new words are there in ________ lesson?

—There are only ________.

A. five; fifth    B. fifth; five

C. the fifth; the five    D. the fifth; five


—I’m still working on my project.

—Oh, you’ll miss the deadline. Time is ______.

A. running out    B. trying out

C. letting out    D. looking out


— What does the sign over there say?

— No person ______ enter the area without the official permission.

A. Shall    B. may

C. must    D. will


________ more time, we are sure to finish the task in time.

A. Given    B. To give

C. Giving    D. Give


The teacher demanded that the exam _____ before eleven.

A. must finish    B. would be finished

C. be finished    D. must be finished


He lost his way in the forest, but he managed to get through it ______.

A. completely   B. eventually   C. quickly       D. automatically


Although I can walk about, there is still a _____ pain in my leg.

A. weak    B. soft

C. gentle    D. slight


I made ________ a rule to exercise every day.

A. it    B. that

C. which    D. what


The head office of the bank is in Beijing, but it has ______ all over the country.

A. companies    B. branches

C. organizations    D. businesses


—Have you heard that 10 people were killed in the accident last night?

—Yes, ________ news came as ________ shock to me.

A. the, the    B. a, the

C. a, a    D. the, a




1. 词数100左右;

2. 可适当增加细节使行文连贯;

3. 开头已经给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Mr. Smith,

I’ve read your advertisement for an assistant teacher for a children’s winter camp.








Li Hua








I like riding my bike.Though it is not very new,but it is my best friend.I find very convenient to go anywhere with a bike.Riding gives me not only exercises but also pleasure.I use my bike most in summer when the weather is warm and dry.It can be very unpleasant in winter that it is cold and wind is blowing heavily.It can also be very dangerously.Of course I will be very careful in my bike.In fact,accidents are not the only problem.One day I went to school and come back to find the front wheel was missed.Worse still,it was the long walk to the repairer's shop.


I was walking around in a Big Bazar store doing a shopping,when I saw a cashier talking to a boy aged 5 or 6 years old,"I'm sorry,____you don't have enough money to buy this doll."Then the little boy turned to me and asked, "Uncle,are you sure I don't have enough money?"

I____his cash and replied,"Yes,my dear."But he was still holding the doll in his hand.____,I walked toward him and asked him who he wished to give this doll to."It's the doll that my sister loves most.I want to____her for her birthday.I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there."His eyes were so____while saying this.

"My sister has gone to be with God.Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too,so I thought that she could take the doll with her,"My heart nearly____."I hope my sister won't ____me."

Then he looked down again at the____with sad eyes.I quickly____my wallet and said to the boy."Shall we check again,just____you do have enough money for the doll?"He agreed with hopeful eyes.I added some of my money to his____being seen.There was enough for the doll and even some____money.

The little boy said,"Thank you God for giving me enough money!"Then he added,"I also wanted to buy a while rose for my mommy."

I finished my shopping in a totally different____from when I started.I couldn't get the little boy____.Then I remembered a local newspaper article two days ago,which____a drunk man in a truck,who hit a car____by a young woman and a little girl.The little girl died____,and the mother was left in a critical state.

I couldn't stop myself.I bought a bunch of white roses and went to the funeral home.The____that the little boy had for his mother and his sister is____,to this day,hard to imagine but____me a lot.

1.A. and    B. because    C. so    D. but

2.A. counted    B. got    C. looked at    D. stared at

3.A. Gradually    B. Finally    C. Actually    D. Occasionally

4.A. bring    B. deliver    C. send    D. gift

5.A. excited    B. sad    C. disappointed    D. anxious

6.A. stopped    B. delighted    C. jumped    D. beat

7.A. leave    B. forgive    C. forget    D. hate

8.A. doll    B. picture    C. cashier    D. floor

9.A. looked for    B. found out    C. figured out    D. reached for

10.A. even if    B. as if    C. in case    D. so that

11.A. beyond    B. without    C. by    D. from

12.A. spare    B. abundant    C. available    D. small

13.A. position    B. occasion    C. stage    D. state

14.A. out of control    B. out of place    C. out of mind    D. out of order

15.A. told    B. commented    C. mentioned    D. advertised

16.A. occupied    B. used    C. driven    D. owned

17.A. just now    B. right away    C. ever since    D. long before

18.A. love    B. care    C. warmth    D. mercy

19.A. already    B. still    C. never    D. ever

20.A. bores    B. attracts    C. satisfies    D. impresses


How to Enjoy Life As a Teen

The "best years of your life"?Maybe not,but you can learn to make the most of your high school days.

Learn to appreciate small things.Whether it's having a computer,having friends,having a good supply of food,a bed to sleep on,family that loves you,having a decent education or simply being born in this world,value it.1.Be happy,and life will reward you.Remember that these are the last few years you will be able to enjoy yourself without having to worry about the responsibility of an adult,but make sure you prepare yourself for when you do become one. When you actually become an adult,you'll learn to love that responsibility and you probably never want to go back.

Choose your friends wisely. Unlike what many articles state,you don't have to be popular and have a gazillion friends to be happy.2.Try to have friends that like you who you are,not just because you are wearing a certain brand of shoes or something like that.These are people who shop at the same store as you; not someone who will sympathize with you when your dog dies.

Keep your grades up.3.This also sets you up to get into a college you want to go to,which in turn prepares you for a career you will enjoy,improving your quality of life in the future.You'll get cheap car insurance as well if you have at least a B or A average.

4.Participating in clubs,activities,and sports increases your chances of meeting new friends.While you only need 4 or 5 close friends,that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to meet new people.Participating gives you something to do instead of sitting bored at home and wallowing in self-pity.

Work at a job you can enjoy.Working is a great way co gain experience and to meet other people.5.This will look great on your resume.If you can't find work,especially in this hard economic time,volunteer or make your own job.

A.Be sociable.

B.Remember the point of life is for you to enjoy it.

C.Find a hobby that is meaningful or practical.

D.In fact,many of the "friends" you have when you are popular are not true friends.

E.When you do get out of college, interviewing companies will look at your previous work experience.

F.Even though you want to enjoy your teen life as best as possible,don't idle away your time in school.

G.There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work pay off in the form of A's and B's (but mainly A's).


Over the last week,a "poisonous kale(甘蓝菜)" theory has been going widespread after an article warned that the vegetable was associated with a variety of medical conditions.It's time to separate fear from fact on the health benefits of kale.

As a member of the cabbage family,kale is low in calories and rich in nutrients and minerals,especially vitamin A,C and K.Consumed for thousands of years,it's been a health plus for millions of eaters throughout the world.

However,numerous web articles have reported on some evidence offered by a medicine researcher.The researcher found that thallium(铊)was detected in a few people who were heavy consumers of kale.Thallium is a heavy metal often found in trace amounts(微量)in soil and minerals.His conclusion was that these medical conditions were connected to the impact that trace amounts of thallium detected in some kale samples had on the body.

I don't think the conclusion is based on a strict scientific basis.It's essential to point out that the original report was in a web magazine,not a scientific journal which is subject to peer review by other scientists.A scientific review includes a careful evaluation of how the findings and conclusions were made.Certain factors are critical before an evidence-based conclusion can be made,such as: how many people were in a study;how well controlled were other factors;how much kale was consumed and for how long;how much thallium was in the kale.

It is a fact that kale and other vegetables can absorb thallium from the soil.But the ability for a plant to absorb traces of a chemical does not automatically make it harmful to your health.And even finding measurable amounts of thallium in someone's body doesn't imply that the thallium is causing an ill health effect,according to the CDC.

But we can still learn a lesson from this.Plants grow in soil.Growers must continue to be careful in monitoring the quality of their soil.And what about consumers?Eat your kale—and include lots of other colorful fruits and vegetables.As with all things in nature,variety is key for good health.

1.What do you know about kale?

A. It is high in fat.    B. It is low in calories.

C. It is poor m nutrients.    D. It is rich in protein.

2.The medicine researcher made a conclusion that      .

A. these medical conditions were related to thallium

B. trace amounts of thallium had little effect on the body

C. thallium was found in trace amounts in the minerals

D. kale had a lot of health benefits on human bodies

3.According to the writer,the original report m a web magazine is      .

A. scientific    B. essential

C. unreliable    D. popular

4.The writer thinks that kale is      .

A. safe to consume    B. poisonous to eat

C. hard to conserve    D. terrible to smell


On the day the tornado hit,there was no indication that severe weather was on its way—the sky was blue and the sun bad been out.The first alert my husband,Jimmy,67,and I,65,got came around 9 p.m.,from some scrolling text on the TV Jimmy was watching.He ran upstairs to find me in our third-floor bedroom,and we changed the channel from the presidential primary debate I had been watching to our local Pensacola,Florida,station.

No sooner had we found coverage of the tornado than it was on top of us.It was the loudest thing I have ever heard.The bones of the house shook,and the power went out.The wind began to roar through the house,most likely through blown-out windows and the door to our garage.We had three flights of steps to navigate to get to the relative safety of the first floor,because the cupboard down there is underneath a brick staircase.

I didn't know how or if we would make it down the steps.It felt as if there were no floor underneath me as the wind lifted me off my feet.I tried to move forward,but this intense pressure held me in place.

As we reached the last flight of steps,our front door blew out.Pieces of glass that looked like crushed ice flew everywhere.Suddenly,a three-foot-long tree branch crashed into the door frame.It flew over our heads,missing us by inches.Had we been one step up,it would have hit us.

By the time I reached the cupboard,the tornado had been over us for about a minute.Jimmy pushed me down to the cupboard floor,but he couldn't get inside himself because of the wind.I held Jimmy's arm and tried to bring Jimmy with it.My knees were full of glass,but at that moment,I felt no pain.If I had let go,Jimmy would have flown right out the back of the house and into the bay.

All of a sudden,Jimmy lifted off his feet like people in tornadoes do in the movies.I thought he was gone.And then everything stopped.He landed on his feet.In those first quiet moments,I couldn't believe it was over,Jimmy said he'd go outside to check."No,"I said."Don't leave me.Don't leave me."

Our neighbor says the storm lasted four minutes.In that time,four of the twelve town houses in our unit were completely destroyed.Of the houses left standing,ours suffered the most damage.Amazingly,none of us were severely injured.

1.What does the underlined word coverage mean?

A. power    B. description

C. arrival    D. delay

2.Which of the following sentences is NOT true about the passage?

A. There was not any symbol of the tornado's coming.

B. A three-foot-long tree branch hit the couple.

C. Both of the couple couldn't get into the cupboard floor.

D. Jimmy didn't fly right out the back of the house.

3.Why didn't the wife feel pain?

A. Because she didn't get any hurt when the storm hit.

B. Because she was too scared to feel pain.

C. Because she devoted all her strength to holding on to her husband.

D. Because she had reached the cupboard and she was safe.

4.The author wrote the passage to      .

A. share with us her experience of surviving a tornado

B. warn us of the danger caused by tornados

C. show us how to fight against a tornado

D. tell us how to protect us from dangerous tornados


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