My name is Tom. I’m thirteen years old. I like sports very much. I have a basketball and a football at home. They are under my desk. I often(经常)play balls with my friends. I like vegetables. I have tomatoes and carrots for lunch. I like ice-cream, too. My parents are doctors. They like watching soccer games on TV.

Today is my birthday. Mom and Dad get a big cake for me. I like it very much. It’s on the table now. My friends Du Ke and Bai Jie are coming. I’m very happy today.


1.What does Tom like?


2.What does Tom often do with his friends?


3.What does Tom often have for lunch?


4.Does Tom like the cake?


5.Who are coming for his birthday?



Hello, boys and girls! I _________a good friend. ______name is Peter. He is nice, but he ___ much and____ sports. He has ___ big meals every day. ____breakfast, he has five eggs, some meat and milk. He eats two hamburgers, lots of French fries and chicken for lunch. For dinner, he likes chicken ___ ice-cream. Too much food is not______for health. So Peter is very _____ . Now, he wants to _______some weight(重量). Can you help him?

1.A. am    B. has    C. have    D. is

2.A. Her    B. He’s    C. His    D. She’s

3.A. eats    B. want    C. need    D. have

4.A. don’t like    B. isn’ t like    C. doesn’t like    D. aren’t like

5.A. one    B. two    C. three    D. four

6.A. At    B. Of    C. For    D. In

7.A. and    B. but    C. or    D. to

8.A. bad    B. good    C. well    D. hard

9.A. fat    B. thin    C. nice    D. tall

10.A. lose    B. find    C. get    D. use


—Joe, our daughter’s birthday is on next Sunday.

—I want___________ her a computer.

A. give    B. gives    C. to give    D. giving


I like__________ a lot, and my mother usually cooks it in different ways.

A. fish    B. potatoes

C. noodles    D. dumplings


Aunt Li likes________ bananas.

A. eat    B. eating    C. eats    D. ate


---It’s hot today. Have some ________, please.

---No, thakns. I’m not thirsty at all.

A. water    B. potatoes   C. bread    D. cakes


Some salad ______ on the table and some hamburgers__________ in the bag.

A. is; is    B. are; are

C. is; are    D. are; is



1.We have milk for breakfast.(对画线部分提问)

____________ __________you have for breakfast?

2.My mother wants to be fat.(改为否定句)

My mother___________ ___________to be fat.

3.My sister likes eggs.(对画线部分提问)

__________ _________your sister like?

4.They don’t like strawberries.(he作主语改写句子)

He ___________ ___________strawberries.

5.Helen wants to eat an apple.(改为一般疑冋句)

__________Helen_______ to eat an apple?


I think drinking milk is good_________ our health.

A. for    B. to    C. with    D. at


Let’s            some milk.

A. drink    B. Drinks    C. has    D. having


        they eat         food?

—Yes, they do.

A. Do; health    B. Does; healthy

C. Do; healthy    D. Does; health


Tom has many_________ for lunch.

A. chicken    B. salad    C. carrots    D. broccoli


—What do you have_______ lunch?

—Two hamburgers and two bananas.

A. to    B. with    C. for    D. of



1.The baby is very____________ (health).

2.Can you dance_____________ (good)?

3.There are many____________ (star) in the sky.

4.I don’t want____________(be) fat.

5.My brother’s____________(eat) habit is quite good.




Do you like________ _________ ________?


____________ __________ , I like oranges.



1.Do you like to eat v___________ like carrots and tomatoes?

2.The family have d____________ at 6:00 pm.

3.Six t _________ are on the table. They are fresh(新鲜的).

4.C____________ is a kind(种类)of meat.

5.I have three m___________ a day.





relax oneself

learn to look after oneself

be more connected to the teachers

a waste of time

feel tired after it

may have safety problems






We ____________ take part in the school trip. (should/ shouldn’t)

In the English class, we had a discussion on whether Grade Nine students should take part in the school trip. In my opinion, _____________________________________________________



徐欢在英语中遇到了问题。她知道a cat 是猫,但在学习中发现了cat有不同的意义,请你帮她配对cat的习语。

1.Ever since she won that prize, she’s been like a cat ate the cream.

2.She told all the staff they would have to cancel their holidays, and that really set the cat among the pigeons.

3.I had a cat nap during the afternoon so I would be full of energy in the evening.

4.Since they got married, they always have different opinions about the same things, they really havea cat-and-dog life.

5.What’s the matter --- cat got your tongue (舌头)?

A. sleep for a short time

B. too shy to say anything

C. often argue with each other

D. very pleased or satisfied with yourself

E. do something that is likely to cause trouble


In one’s life, one usually has little understanding of oneself. When you succeed, you may be very proud. When you 1., you may lose heart. If you don’t get a thorough understanding of yourself, you may miss lots of 2.(chance) in life.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself is to know well 3.yourself. You may know your strong points and weak 4.(one). You may hope for a wonderful future, but be sure not to expect too much because not all dreams can 5.(realize). You may be confident enough to meet challenges, but first you should know what to do.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself, you should have a real sense of self-appreciation. Maybe you think you are not a tall tree 6.just small grass, as long as you get full confidence, you are sure to face any trouble.

To get a thorough understanding of yourself also look after yourself. When you are angry, find a quiet place so that you won’t be hurt. When you are sad, tell your friends about it to 8.the mood into a good one. When you are tired, get a good sleep. If you don’t take good care of yourself, you won’t be able to stay away from 9.(ill).

So if you get a thorough understanding of yourself, you 10.(get) a full control of yourself and find your life full of color.


seem   process   area   wide   pack

Pam: China is famous for tea, right?

Liu Jun: Yes, both in the past and now.

Pam: Where is tea produced in China?

Liu Jun: Well, in many different 1.. For example, Anxi and Hangzhou are 2.known for their tea.

Pam: How is tea produced?

Liu Jun: Well, as far as I know, tea plants are grown on the sides of mountains. When the leaves are ready, they are picked by hand and then are sent for 3..

Pam: What happens next?

Liu Jun: The tea is 4.and sent to many different countries and places around China.

Pam: It 5.that many people all over the world drink Chinese tea.

Liu Jun: Yes, people say that tea is good for both health and business!


What is the greatest thing in the world? It is a smile. A smile can start a 1.(友谊) and make us feel warm and joyful.

Last year when I 2.(进入) a new school as a middle school student, I had no friends and felt 3.(孤独的).

One day, when running in the playground, I was tripped by a stone and fell onto the ground. I tried to stand up but couldn’t because my knee 4.(受伤) badly. I felt so bad but then a hand came into my sight. As I looked up, I saw a big smile. It was from my new classmate Leo. I grabbed the hand without thinking 5.(两次) and stood up. From then on, Leo and I became good friends.

6.(然而), even best friends argue sometimes. Leo and I are no exception. Last week after arguing, I went home. That night after calming down I 7.(后悔) my bad temper. But I was embarrassed to talk to Leo. After sending an emoji of a smile to Leo’s mobile phone, I waited and was 8.(担忧的) Leo would never talk to me again. Then I heard the ring of a video chat and when I accepted the chat, I saw a face with a big smile on the screen. I was really 9.(感动的).

You can see how great the power of a smile is. Try to give other people a smile every time and you will 10.(改善) the world!



Supermarkets only sell food before its “sell-by” date. So where does food past its “sell-by” date go? The answer is in the trash bin. Besides shops, people also cast away a lot of food when they buy too much and can’t eat it up. To stop food waste, people have come up with great ideas. Take a look and try to join the action!

Set up food banks. When we have extra money, we save it in banks. This idea made people think. Could they set up “banks” for food? The world’s first food bank started in the US in 1967. Many other countries, including China, have caught up with this great idea. For example, Shanghai has recently made a “share fridge”. It stores cakes and canned food donated (捐赠) from nearby markets and restaurants. It’s free for anyone to enjoy.

Pay as you feel. The Real Junk Food Project is a company in the UK. It says that food past its “sell-by” date could still be OK to eat. So they collect it from supermarkets, and put it on shelves (货架) in special cafes. There, the food has no price label (标签). You can give as much money as you want. If you don’t want to spend money, you can help do some work there. There are now 125 Real Junk Food cafes worldwide. And the number is growing quickly.

Buy less. When there’s no food bank around, what can we do to help stop food waste? In two words: Buy less. Dining halls in more than half of US colleges are going tray-less (无托盘). It makes it harder for students to take too much. This small change brings a big difference. It reduces food waste by 25 to 30 percent, and saves water and energy because there are no trays to wash.

1.The underlined words “cast away” in Paragraph 1 probably means _____.

A. put away    B. take away    C. give away    D. throw away

2.Which of the following is true according to the article?

A. People need to pay for food from “share fridge”.

B. Dining without trays helps to reduce food waste and save water.

C. Fifty percent of American restaurants are going tray-less.

D. The food in the Real Junk Food Project is free for anyone.

3.How does the writer organize the writing?

A.     B.     C.     D.

4.What’s the main purpose of the writing?

A. To show how important the food bank is.

B. To introduce some ways of stopping food waste.

C. To ask people to buy food past its “sell-by” date.

D. To discuss where the food past its “sell-by” date goes.


Bobby was preparing to go to bed one night when he heard a shrill screech(尖叫) coming from the barn(牲口棚) outside. What could be making such a loud noise so late in the evening? He had trouble falling asleep and turned all night long dreaming about the noisy monster in the barn. When Bobby woke the next morning, he ran to the barn to discover what caused the loud noise last night. Bobby was baffled. He could not figure out what would make such a noise. That evening after dinner, Bobby gathered his courage, held a flashlight and headed out to the barn.

“Where are you going?” Bobby’s father asked as Bobby made his way through the kitchen to the back door.

“I am going to find the monster in the barn that was making such a noise last night,” Bobby replied bravely.

“If you are going to look for a monster, you might need some help,” Bobby’s dad responded as he walked with Bobby out to the barn.

“What did this monster sound like?” Bobby’s dad asked.

“It was a screeching noise,” Bobby said, “and it was coming from the barn. I know it!” Bobby’s dad began to smile as they went near the barn, and he took the flashlight from Bobby. Shining the flashlight up at the roof of the barn, Bobby and his dad saw a small brown owl in the roof.

“It was only a barn owl that you heard last night,” Bobby’s dad said. “They are active in the night so that is why you only heard him at night. He must have been hunting.”

Bobby was relieved that it wasn’t really a monster. He thanked his dad as they walked back to the house. As they reached the door they heard a loud screech and looked up just in time to see the barn owl flying away into the night sky.

1.The noise Bobby heard the first night was_______________.

A. the barn owl flying    B. the barn owl screeching

C. a monster in the barn    D. the barn owl building a nest

2.What do you think the underlined word “baffled” in Paragraph 5 probably mean?

A. 勇敢    B. 疑惑    C. 自信    D. 害羞

3.This passage is mostly about  _______________.

A. dreaming about the noisy monsters

B. a father and son going hunting in the barn

C. learning about different types of owls

D. discovering the source of a strange sound

4.What would probably be the best title for this passage?

A. The Monster in the Barn    B. The Horse in the Barn

C. Father and Son    D. Bobby’s Dad


On Feb 21, a special Chinese “diplomat (外交官)”, Bao Bao the panda, arrived in China from the United States. Many people in the US found it hard to say goodbye to her and were at the airport to see her leave.

Bao Bao was born at the National Zoo in Washington DC in 2013. Her parents are Tian Tian and Mei Xiang. They went to the US in 2000. “We have watched Bao Bao grow up during the past three years,” said Dennis Kelly, the zoo director. “We’re going to miss her so much.”

In fact, the zoo has been preparing for Bao Bao to leave since the moment she was born. That’s because under the agreement between China and other countries, all the pandas born outside China must return home by the time they are four years old.

The flight took nearly 16 hours. A zookeeper and a doctor were on the plane together with Bao Bao. To make her comfortable, the zoo put bamboo and other snacks on the plane. Now, Bao Bao is at her new home in Chengdu. She will start a new life there.

Back to 1972, China first sent two pandas to the US as gifts. Right now, four zoos in the US have pandas from China. The pandas play an important role in the friendship between the two countries.

Of course the US is not the only country with pandas. There were 44 pandas living in different countries around the world last year, reported Xinhua.

1.The people in the US _________ when Bao Bao left the US.

A. didn’t mind her at all    B. missed her so much

C. didn’t want to say goodbye    D. bought her some gifts

2.What’s the agreement about the pandas between China and other countries?

A. All pandas born outside China must move to another city after they were born.

B. All pandas born outside China must return to China at the age of four.

C. The country where the pandas were born must offer good living condition for them.

D. The country where the pandas were born must protect them from danger carefully.

3.China sends two pandas to the US _________.

A. to make them comfortable and happy    B. to help them start a new life in US

C. to help the US zoos have more pandas    D. to be a gift and symbol of friendship

4.This passage might come from _________.

A. a newspaper    B. a poster    C. a story book    D. a guide book



1.From the passage, we can find that gazpacho soup _________.

A. has a soft taste and is easy to make    B. is best served in warm bowls

C. is best known as a wintertime soup    D. has been made for many years in Spain

2.How many ingredients do we need to make the soup?

A. 6    B. 8    C. 10    D. 12

3.The best way to describe gazpacho soup from the recipe above would be a kind of _________.

A. fruit soup    B. vegetarian soup    C. meaty soup    D. fish soup


The night before my son was to leave for Paris in France, I couldn’t go to sleep in bed. I was trying to figure out something to say. But _____came to my mind. Maybe, I thought, it wasn’t _____to say anything.

What does it matter in a life-time _____a father never tells a son what he really thinks of him? But as I stood before Daniel, I knew that it did matter. My father and I _____each other. Yet, I always felt sorry that I never heard him put his feelings into _____and never had the memory of that moment. Now, I could feel so nervous. Why is it so _____to tell a son something from my heart? My mouth turned ____, and I knew I would be able to say only a few words clearly.

“Daniel,” I said, “if I could have picked, I would have picked you.”

That’s all I could say. I wasn't sure if he understood what I ____. Then he came toward me and threw _____arms around me. For a moment, I felt all the people in the world ____, and there was only Daniel and me in our home by the sea, though his girlfriend stood aside.

He was saying something, but my eyes misted(变模糊) over, and I couldn’t understand what he was saying. All I was clear about was the stubble(胡茬) on his chin as his ____pressed against mine. And then, the moment ____. I went to work, and Daniel left a few hours later with his ____.

That was seven weeks ago, and nowadays I _____him when walking along the beach on weekends. Thousands of miles away, somewhere in France, he might be _____across a busy street, walking through a musty hallway of the Louvre. What I had said to Daniel was changeless and awful. It was nothing. And yet, it was everything.

1.A. anything    B. nothing    C. something    D. everything

2.A. necessary    B. interesting    C. surprising    D. careful

3.A. before    B. that    C. if    D. because

4.A. learned    B. loved    C. hated    D. played

5.A. books    B. articles    C. letters    D. words

6.A. easy    B. moved    C. hard    D. sad

7.A. dry    B. wet    C. warm    D. cool

8.A. asked    B. needed    C. wanted    D. meant

9.A. his    B. her    C. my    D. our

10.A. left    B. came    C. died    D. disappeared

11.A. back    B. face    C. eyes    D. hands

12.A. ended    B. lasted    C. started    D. began

13.A. mother    B. father    C. girlfriend    D. sister

14.A. talk about    B. think about    C. argue about    D. complain about

15.A. jumping    B. hurrying    C. working    D. passing


Look at this girl in the picture; she is_____ good friend._____ name is Lily. She is_____. She is thirteen. My ___ is Han Mei. I’m a Chinese girl. I am one year younger than Lily. We are in the same_____.

Lily likes collecting sports things. She _____ a great sports collection. Look! These are her things. She has 10 tennis rackets, 8 baseballs, 6 basketballs, 12 soccer balls ____18 volleyballs. And she ____sports. Her brother, David, likes soccer. He plays _____every day with his friends. It’s really __________.

1.A. I    B. me    C. my    D. mine

2.A. She    B. Her    C. My    D. His

3.A. an English girl    B. English girl    C. a English    D. England

4.A. friend    B. father    C. mother    D. name

5.A. school    B. family    C. friends    D. photo

6.A. is    B. are    C. has    D. have

7.A. and    B. or    C. but    D. /

8.A. like    B. likes    C. is like    D. liking

9.A. soccer    B. basketball    C. baseball    D. ping-pong

10.A. boring    B. difficult    C. relaxing    D. bad



A: Do you have an English book?


A: Let's read it.


A: Well, let's play computer games.

B: That sounds great. 3.

A: It's in my room.

B: 4.

A: Yes, I do.

B:Where are they?



A. They are in the bookcase.

B,  Where is it?

C. Yes, I do.

D. Do you have any computer games?

E. No, that sounds boring.

F. Where is your computer?

G. No, I don't.



—Let’s play tennis. —_________.

A. Yes, I do    B. No, I don’t.

C. That sounds good    D. I have fun


Can you help            with English?

A. we    B. our    C. us    D. my


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