Why should we protect animals?

If not, they will die out.

A. disappear      B. remain          C. leave


The world’s population is increasing fast.

A. showing       B. giving          C. growing


--- What have you decided to be?

--- A scientist.

A. thought of 

B. made up your mind 

C. gone on



目前中学生学习任务重,压力大,而丰富多彩的业余生活,有利于开拓视野,调节身心,提高学习效率。请以“My Spare Time”为题写一篇作文谈谈你的业余生活,如看书、看电视、玩电脑、做运动、做家务等。




My Spare Time

I am a middle school student. Though I ’m busy with my lessons my spare time is still colorful.










The bus driver 24-years-old Wang Ping stopped the bus without 1. thinking twice. He got off and asked the woman what was happening. 2.   She said that the man have a heart problem and should go to the hospital. 3.Mr. Wang knew he had to act quick. He told the passengers that he must 4.take the man to the hospital. He hoped most or all of the passengers to5.get off and wait for the next bus. But to his surprised they all agreed 6. to go with him. Some passengers helped Mr. Wang to move the man in the bus. 7.Thanks to Mr. Wang and the passengers the doctors saved the man on time. 8. “It’s sad that many people don’t want to help the others because they don’t 9. want any trouble.” says one passenger. “But the driver didn’t think about himself.He only thought about save a life.” 10.




1.He was reading in the library when the rainstorm came.

    he was reading in the library the rainstorm   .

2.The box is too heavy for the kid to carry it.

The box is heavythe kid can’t carry it.

3.He will go to bed after his mother comes back.

He ___________go to bed ___________his mother comes back.

4.You can’t take out a book from the library.

___________ ___________ out a book from the library.

5.Sally can’t pass the exam if she doesn’t work hard.

Sally can’t pass the exam ___________she ___________hard.





A 1.__________

B I was flying a kite.

A 2.____________

B By the river. A lot of children were flying kites there too.

A It blew yesterday didn’t it?  

B 3._____________ It was good weather for flying a kite.

A 4._____________

B Zhang Lei and Liu Hua. They both bought two new kites and got there earlier than I did.

A Did you enjoy yourselves yesterday?

B 5.__________



Most people want to be happy but few know how to find happiness. Money and success alone do not bring lasting happiness. Aristotle a Greek thinker said"Happiness depends on ourselves."In other words we make our own happiness. Here are some opinions to help you be Thappier.

he first opinion of happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life. Too often we spend so much time thinking about the future for example getting into college or getting a good job —that we can not enjoy the present. You should enjoy life’s simple happiness such as reading a good book listening to your favorite music or spending time with close friends. People who have several close friends often live happier and healthier lives.

Another opinion to living a happy life is to be active and have hobbies. When you are dancing or playing sports you can forget your problems and time. Many people experience this dancing or playing a sport such as swimming. You can forget about your problems and only think about the activity.

Finally many people find happiness in helping others. Studies show that people feel good when they spend their time helping others. If you want to feel happier do good things for someone. You can help a friend with his or her studies go shopping to buy food for an elderly person or simply help out around the house by washing the dishes.

1.The best title of the passage is ________.

A. Money Makes You Happy

B. The Opinions of Happiness

C. Ideas for Helping Other People to Be Happy 

2.The second paragraph tells us that ________.

A. the more friends you have the happier you will be

B. we shouldn’t think about our future

C. happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life

3.The passage gives us ________ pieces of advice on happiness.

A. two B. three  C. four

4.The writer thinks that ________.

A. everyone knows how to live a happier life

B. it’s wrong to spend time on work

C. doing good things for someone can make you happier

5.Which of the following is not mentioned(未提及到) in the passage?

A. Reading a good book.

B. Traveling to a foreign country.

C. Playing a sport.


People use their mouths for many things. They eat talk shout and sing. They smile and they kiss. In the English language there are many expressions using the word mouth. But some of them are not so nice. For example if you say bad things about a person the person might protest(抗议 反对) and say "Do not bad mouth me."

Sometimes people say something to a friend or family member that they later regret (后悔)because hurts that person's feelings. Or they tell the person something they were not supposed to tell. The speaker might say "I really put my foot in my mouth this time." If this should happen the speaker might feel "down in the mouth." In other words he might feel sad for saying the wrong thing.

Sometimes when one person is speaking he says the same thing that his friend was going to say. When this happens the friend might say "You took the words right out of my mouth!"

Some people have lots of money because they were born into a very rich family. There is an expression for this too. You might say such a person "was born with a silver(银子,银色的) spoon in his mouth."This rich person is the opposite of a person who lives "from hand to mouth." This person is very poor and only has enough money for the most important things in life like food.

1.People can’t use their mouths to ______.

A. smell     B. shout    C.   sing

2.You can say “______!” if you don’t want some people say bad things about you.

A. Down in the mouth

B. Don’t bad mouth me 

C. Put foot in mouth

3.“I really put my foot in my mouth this time” means _______.

A. I have never done this thing

B. I want to do this thing 

C. I regretted I had done the thing

4.When your friend took the words right out of your mouth you can say “_______”.

A. I am very lucky

B. We have the same idea

C. I am very angry   

5.If a person lives from hand to mouth he must be very ______.

A. poor       B. rich     C. happy


Mr. Jenkins liked all kinds of delicious food. As an important officer he was often asked to dinner. The shopkeepers tried their best to fawn on(巴结)him. They knew it was good for their business. Now the officer got fatter and fatter. He could hardly go upstairs at home and had to sleep downstairs. He often felt tired if he walked or did some housework. He was worried about it and had to go to a doctor. “Stop eating much fat and sugar Mr. Jenkins” said the doctor. “Or it will be worse for your health!” It was difficult for the officer to do it. He wouldn’t do as the doctor said. He found something was wrong with his heart a few months later. Now he thought the doctor was right. And he had to be in hospital.

“You must lose weight sir” said the doctor “if you don’t want to die soon!” “Could you tell me a way to lose weight please?” “You must do some exercise first.” “Which exercise?” “To move your head from side to side when you are invited to dinner!”

1.Mr.Jenkins was often asked to dinner because.

A. he liked the delicious food  

B. he was ready to help others

C. he was helpful to their business

2.What did Mr. Jenkins do?

A. An officer.  B. A businessman.  C. A doctor

3.What happened to Mr. Jenkins after being invited?

A. He got fatter and fatter.

B. He hardly went upstairs.

C. Both A and B 

4.It was difficult for Mr. Jenkins to do everything so .

A. he didn’t go to dinner  

B. he went to ask the doctor for help

C. he began to do some exercise

5.Which of the following is true?

A. The doctor told Mr. Jenkins not to go to dinner.

B. The doctor told Mr. Jenkins to move his head.

C. The doctor thought Mr. Jenkins would die.


Do teenagers in small villages do chores at home? How about the teenagers in big cities? Here is a survey. We asked 4000 teenagers in China several questions. Half of them come from big cities like Beijing Shanghai and Guangzhou. The others are from small villages. We made a diagram(图表) of the result of our survey. Let’s have a look at it. We found out that teenagers from small villages do more chores than those from big cities. Maybe it is because they live a harder life. Our advice to parents in big cities is that parents should give their children some chores to do. Doing chores teaches teenagers to take care of themselves.


2000 teenagers in small villages

2000 teenagers in big cities

Take out the trash



Sweep the floor



Make the bed



Do the dishes



Fold the clothes



1.They surveyed ______ teenagers from small villages.

A. 2000B. 3000 C. 4000

2.There are 1000 teenagers from the cities who ______.

A. make the bed 

B. do the dishes  

C. take out the trash

3.Fewer than ______ teenagers in big cities sweep the floor and make the bed.

A. 2000           B. 1000       C. 1500

4.The number of teenagers ______ in big cities is bigger than that in small villages.

A. making the bed  

B. folding the clothes

C. doing the dishes

5.Why did they make the survey?

A. Because they don’t want teenagers in China to do chores at home.

B. Because they thought it’ll help teenagers to take good care of themselves to do chores at home.

C. Because they wanted to know if teenagers in China do chores at home.


Mr. and Mrs. Green were very worried about their son Leo. He seemed to be dumb (哑的)    he was normal in every other way. Mr. and Mrs. Green tried everything to get him to  but with no success. When Leo was six years old the best doctors in the town    him carefully but could find nothing wrong. And he seemed to be smart. It was just that he  spoke.

“There might be something wrong with his  ,and he doesn’t know he's able to speak” one doctor said.“But he can read and write…said Mr. Green. “We’ve written him notes telling him that he can speak. “It’s certainly very    ,” another doctor said.  Perhaps he’ll be able to speak some day.   passed. Leo went to university. But he did not say a    word. Then one day Leo was having a meal with his parents. Without any warning he looked up  from his    and said,“Pass me the salt please.

Mr. and Mrs. Green were excited. “You spoke! You spoke!” they cried. “ Why have you    so long to speak?” “I didn’t have anything to say…,he said. “Until now everything was perfect. But you forgot to put salt in potatoes. ”

1.A. because    B. when C. though 

2.A. speak B. walk  C. play   

3.A. taughtB. examined   C. found

4.A. never B. often  C. usually

5.A. back  B. face   C. mind

6.A. unfair B. strangeC. noisy  

7.A. WeeksB. MonthsC. Years

8.A. singleB. right   C. good

9.A. chairB. meal    C. hands  

10.A. sleptB. walked  C. waited


It's not easy being your age and it's normal to have these feelings. Why don't you talk about these feelings     your family? If your parents are having problems you should offer     . Maybe you could do more jobs around the house      they have more time for proper communication. Secondly why don't you sit down and communicate with your brother? You should explain that you don't mind him       all the time. However he should let you watch your favorite show. I hope things will be      for you soon.

1.A. to B. for  C. with

2.A. help    B. to help    C. helping

3.A. in order B. so   C. so that

4.A. watch TV    B. watching TVC. to watch TV

5.A. good   B. well  C. better


—Would you mind cleaning your room?

—.  I'll do it right away.

A. Not at all

B. Yes of course

C. That's all


My parents don’t allow me to watch TV what should I do?

— ____________

A. You could say sorry to them.

B. Hope things work out. 

C. You could sit down and communicate with them.


May I __________ your dictionary Jane?

Sure. But you can’t __________ it to others.

A. borrow borrow

B. borrow lend

C. lend borrow


---We should  the people in Sichuan earthquake-stricken area(地震灾区)

    some food and water .

---I think so.

A. provide…for 

B. provide…with

C. provide…to


His mother often reminds himhomework first.

A. to do  B. doing   C. do


--- When will your aunt leave for Shanghai?

  ---I don’t know,but I’ll call you as soon as she   .

A. leaves B. will leave C. left


---This boy is very clever.


A. So is he  B. So he is  C. He is so  


Mary is in trouble. Let’s try to _____her_____.

A. give… out    B. take…out     C. help…out


He used to ________very late but now he is used to __________ early.

A. get up getting up 

B. getting up get up  

C. getting up getting up


After the death of their parents the sisters _______ well and never argued.

A. got up    B. got on    C. got down


If you don’t go to Tom’s party tomorrow _______.

A. neither do I  

B. neither I do

C. neither will I


She looked _________ when she heard the _________ news.

A. surprised surprised 

B. surprising surprised 

C. surprised surprising


---- We can use QQ to talk with each other on the Internet.

---- Really? Will you please show me _________?

what to use

how to use it

how to use


---- _______________?

---- My car doesn’t work.

A. Why are you here  

B. How do you do

C. What’s wrong


Boysdon’t lose   in playing Angry Birds .It is bad for your eyes to play computer games for a long time.

A. yourself

B. themselves 

C. yourselves


I don' t think you can finish the work by yourself.

A. lonely     B. alone    C. easily


The doctor said “You must give up smoking because of your healthy.”

A. stop to smoke

B. stop smoking 

C. stop to smoking


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