Dear Frank,

Lily and I had a nice trip in Beijing. When we stayed in Beijing, we lived with Li Ming, our Chinese friend, and his family. Have a look at our activities there.

May 9th

We arrived in Beijing.

May 10th

We visited the Great Wall with Li Ming.

May 11th

We visited Tian’anmen Square and Beijing hutongs.

May 12th

We visited the Palace Museum with Li Ming and his sister.

May 13 th

We went shopping in Wangfujing Street and bought some gifts. Lily bought a toy for her brother and a scarf for her sister. I bought a T-shirt for my father and a hat for my mother.

May 14th

We said goodbye to Beijing.


Hope! you will go to China with us next time.



1.Where did Nancy live in Beijing during her trip?

A. In Li Ming’s home.    B. At Frank’s home.    C. At a hotel.    D. At Nancy’s home.

2.How long did Nancy stay in Beijing?

A. 4 days.    B. 6 days.    C. A week.    D. Two weeks.

3.Nancy bought a T-shirt for her      .

A. brother    B. sister    C. father    D. mother

4.What is the passage(文章)?

A. A letter.    B. A story.    C. A menu.    D. A map.

5.What is the passage mainly about?

A. How to have a good trip?    B. Nancy’s trip in Beijing.

C. Where to go shopping in Beijing.    D. Nancy’s pen pal.


Last summer, my family and I went to England and we spent two weeks in Cornwall. It ______ us five hours to get there by car. We _____ in a hotel near a lake. We did a lot of different things there:We went for long walks,played games,went shopping and swam ______ the lake.

I played happily at first, but then something ______ happened (发生). One morning I went to the forest near the hotel by ______. I walked and walked. I watched the birds and took some ______ of them. When I got hungry I wanted to go back to the hotel. ______ I couldn’t find the way back. I tried different ways. However, at last I was _____ in the same place.

“Oh, God! What should I do? I’m so afraid!” I thought. Later it started lo rain. I didn't have a (n) ______ so I was wet and cold.

I ______ to stay under a tree and wailed for my parents. After a few hours they found me. It was dark and I was cold, hungry and scared. I will never go to the forest again.

1.A. got    B. took    C. Showed

2.A. stayed    B. worked    C. studied

3.A. of    B. on    C. in

4.A. interesting    B. boring    C. terrible

5.A. myself    B. yourself    C. Himself

6.A. orders    B. photos    C. Lessons

7.A. And    B. Or    C. But

8.A. still    B. yet    C. once

9.A. swing    B. gift    C. Umbrella

10.A. liked    B. helped    C. decided


Harry has decided __________ an online shop after graduating from school.

A. open    B. to open

C. openedD. opening


____students can answer the question, because it’s very difficult.

A. Little     B. A little         C. Few         D. A few



—Yes. It’s been a long time.

A. Long time no see.    B. How are you?    C. How do you do?    D. Nice to meet you.


He decided _______ a letter to his uncle In New York City.

A. writes    B. to write

C. writing    D. write


—I’m      ,Deng Lan.

—Why not eat some bread or hamburgers? They are both delicious.

A. hungry    B. angry    C. happy    D. lucky


----How do you like the talk show?

----I think it’s      ,but some people think it’s so      .

A. wonderful enough; bored    B. enough wonderful; boring

C. wonderful enough; boring    D. enough wonderful; bored


—Do you have      to say for yourself?

—No,I have      to say.

A. something;everything    B. something;something

C. everything;anything    D. anything;nothing


—When can you come to my party tomorrow?

—I’m not sure,but I’ll      to arrive early.

A. wait    B. forget    C. learn    D. try


—Where would you like to go this summer?

—I’d like to go      .

A. anywhere cool    B. cool anywhere    C. somewhere cool    D. cool somewhere


Emily is glad that she       for her honesty at that meeting.

A. praises    B. praised    C. is praised    D. was praised


Some children wish to be writers some day. They want to write stories or books for people to read. That's good! It's good to write something for people to read! But they should know that they need to be good readers first before they are really good writers. They should read a lot of books, instead(代替) of watching TV and spending a lot of time playing games when they are free.

There is more fun in reading, you want to look for more books to read.

Before you decide(决定) to be a good writer, you'd better say to yourself, "I must read more and more!"


1.This article mainly tells us that ________.

A. some children wish to be writers some day

B. it is good to write something for people to read

C. reading can be helpful for us to become a good writer

D. writers like to read more books for fun

2.Some children want to be writers ________.

A. because they want to be good readers

B. to write stories or books for people to read

C. to find good work some day

D. to get more money to keep a family

3.It's good for children ________.

A. to do a lot of reading

B. to watch TV in the evening

C. to have wishes only

D. to be good writers right now

4.Reading can ________.

A. help you to be a good player

B. help you write well

C. make you work better

D. make you watch more TV at home

5.From the passage we know that ________.

A. all children like to be writers

B. people like to read for children

C. all writers are children

D. children need to read more and more book


A.Would you like to go there with me?

B.My father is going to paint the wall

C.I think I can forget about all the hard work

D.Would you like to say something about it?

E.what are you going to do this Sunday?

F.I’m going to visit my uncle.

G.Mr. Brown will give us the lesson at four in the afternoon

M:Well, Linda, we’re coming to the end of this week. I almost can’t wait for the holiday.

W:Me,too. Tom, 1.

M:I’m going to climb the hills with my classmates.

2. and have a good rest. How about you?

W:3.You know he has a big farm in the countryside.

M:It’s great. Do you often go to see him?

W:Yes. Once I am free, I will go there. The air is so fresh and everything is so quiet and clean. Will you be free next weekend?4.

M:I’d love to,but I’m afraid I won’t have time. 5.and repair the roof of our house. I have to help him.

W:I see. Maybe you won't be free until summer vacation.


A(n)____can use his drawings to tell about beautiful mountains, the blue sea and many other things.

A. actor    B. scientist    C. artist    D. doctor


Not everyone__________ hamburgers.

A. like    B. likes    C. to like    D. liking


—What’s your plan for the new term?

—I__________ a foreign language.

A. will be learn

B. am going to learn

C. learning


The boy has to practice_________ piano every day.

A. play the    B. playing the

C. play    D. playing


I want to be a scientist like Tu Youyou when I ________ in the future.

A. grow up            B. wake up             C. stay up


My uncle is        engineer and my aunt is         cook.

A. a; a    B. an; /    C. an; a    D. an; an


—What are you going to be when you grow up?

—I’m going to be a        . Flying in the sky is my dream.

A. driver    B. cook    C. pianist    D. pilot


There are many computers in the office. Make sure _______the door before you leave.

A. you will lock    B. locking

C. for locking    D. you lock


Frank kept on             outside the room during all the meeting.

A. stand    B. standing    C. stood    D. to stand


          are you going to be a volleyball player?

—I’m going to play volleyball every day.

A. What    B. How    C. Where    D. When


The girl_______ a nurse when she grows up.

A. is    B. want to be

C. is going to    D. is going to be


Lily is sure about           there before 8:30.

A. get    B. gets    C. getting    D. to get



1.Grace likes playing the ___________. She wants to be a ___________.(violin)

2.Mother isn’t a _________. But she can___________delicious food for us. (cook)

3.My brother is a ___________. Every day he _________to work.(drive)

4.The old ______________tells us how to learn ____________well. (science)

5.Be sure _____________(buy)some flowers for her.



1.I want to be an_____________(工程师),so I must study math well.

2.His sister is a__________(医生).She works in the hospital.

3.—Do you know Li Yundi, a famous p__________?

—Of course. He plays the piano very well.

4.The man wants to be a_________(飞行员)when he grows up.

5.He cooks very well and he is a c____________.




What do you_________ _________ __________ when you ________ ________?


___________ __________ you ________ _________ _________ that?


I _________ _________ _________ _________ computer science.


My parents want me to be a doctor, but_______ _______ ________ _______that.


Just make sure you_________ ________ __________.



1.长大;成熟;成长 ___________________________________ sure about _____________________________________

3.确保;查明 _______________________________________

4.a computer programmer ____________________________

5.名篮球运动员 _________________________________

6.keep on writing stories _____________________________

7.尽某人的最大努力 _______________________________


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