The teacher thinks ____ chores ____ necessary for every student.

A. do; are    B. doing; is    C. does; are    D. to do; is


There were many young children ____ in the factories in the past.

A. work    B. working    C. works    D. to work


The police tried to protect the foreign officers ____ personal injury.

A. to    B. at    C. from    D. in


Traveling by train is ____ exciting than a rushed trip by air.

A. much    B. a little    C. much more    D. little


—Some of the animals ____ the pollution.

—Right.  The government will find ways to solve the problem.

A. die to    B. die in    C. die of    D. die from


Bill jumped ____ than any other player at the sports meeting.

A. tall    B. taller    C. high    D. higher


What do you think of the film you saw yesterday?

Oh! It’s one of ____ films I’ve ever seen.

A. interesting           B. more interesting

C. most interesting       D. the most interesting


The man jumped into the river quickly and the main reason was ____ his drowning son.

A. to save    B. saving    C. save    D. to saving



1. 位于云南省西部。

2. 大理因其风、花、雪、月而出名。除此之外,大理的苍山、洱海以及崇圣寺三塔(Three Pagodas Temples)也很有名气。

3. 崇圣寺三塔有1000多年的历史,已成为大理的象征;苍山常年被雪覆盖(cap);洱海是云南省最大的淡水湖之一,其形状真的像一个耳朵。

4. 大理三分之一以上居民是白族,他们有自己的特色美食(如乳扇milk fan)及服装。

Have you ever been to Dali? It’s a beautiful place to have fun for all kinds of people. ____________________________________________________________________







—I have ______ ______ to the new library.

______ ______ I.


I ______ never ______ a funny story like this.


Tom’s father is very busy and isn’t at home ______ ______ ______.


On the one hand the house is too small. ______ ______ ______ ______, it is too far from the school.


My mother often ______ me ______ ______ every day.



1.—Where is Mr. Brown?

—He ____ (go)to the library. He will come back in an hour.

2.The worker ____ (plant)many trees the day before yesterday.

3.We ____ (learn)English for more than two years.

4.She had some problems ____ (get)on with her classmates last term.

5.Hainan Island is a good place ____ (take)winter holidays.



1.It isn’t s____ to play soccer on the road.

2.My friend has c____ a lot of coins(硬币).

3.Look at the white ____ (狐狸). It’s so beautiful.

4.My grandparents live in a small but ____ (安宁的)town.

5.Everyone thought their performance was ____ (完美的).


Techeng Island(特呈岛)lies in the southeast of Zhanjiang. The villagers there used to make a living by fishing. But now, most of them make much money by doing business. They believe that their island is a gift from nature and they give thanks to it every day. In 2003, President Hu Jintao came to visit the island and pointed out that the government of Zhanjiang should take the island into a “civilized new eco-tourism island”(文明生态旅游新海岛). Since then, the island has opened a new page in history.

Today, the island has become a popular place for tourists. It takes you about 15 minutes to get there by boat from Maxie Pier(码头)near Haibin Park. But it is a just 8-minute boat ride from Zhanjiang Port Pier. In the resort(度假村), you can not only enjoy the fantastic sights but also have a lot of interesting things to do, like walking on the beach, visiting the museum and enjoying the delicious seafood. The best way to relax yourself is to enjoy the hot springs(温泉)there. Welcome to Techeng Island! It’s a place to be!

1.How did the villagers in Techeng Island make a living in the past?

A. By doing business.    B. By enjoying the fantastic sights.

C. By fishing.    D. By giving thanks to nature.

2.When has the island opened a new page in history?

A. In 2003.    B. Since 2003.    C. Nobody knows.    D. In the past.

3.How long does it take to get there by boat from Zhanjiang Port Pier?

A. 8 minutes.    B. 15 minutes.    C. A long time.    D. 23 minutes.

4.The hot springs can help you ____.

A. enjoy the sights    B. relax yourself

C. eat seafood    D. visit the museum

5.Techeng Island is a place that ____.

A. lies in the west of Zhanjiang    B. all the villagers live a poor life

C. young people may find boring    D. tourists like to visit



The first Disneyland in Europe was opened in France in 1992. At first, it was known___“Euro-Disney”. But it was renamed “Disneyland Paris” in 1994. It is now one of the most successful Disney theme___in the world with up to 70, 000___a day during the warm summer months.

The park has five different sections(部分)called “lands”. Each land has its own unusual and exciting features(特点). The five different lands are called Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. After___the lands, you can have a meal in one of the many restaurants in the park or you can meet___and Donald Duck. ___not visit Disney Village? In Disney Village you can relax and___the beautiful scenery, go shopping or visit a nightclub. For people who would like to stay for more than one day, there are seven___. The Newport Bay Club is one of these hotels and is, in fact, the___hotel in Western Europe.

We know that you will love Disneyland because it has____for everyone. Book your trip of a lifetime now!

1.A. for    B. as    C. with    D. at

2.A. places    B. gardens    C. museums    D. parks

3.A. children    B. visitors    C. players    D. men

4.A. living    B. staying    C. working    D. visiting

5.A. Superman    B. Walt Disney    C. Tom and Jerry    D. Mickey Mouse

6.A. What    B. How    C. When    D. Why

7.A. enjoy    B. watch    C. hear    D. receive

8.A. houses    B. hotels    C. places    D. homes

9.A. small    B. larger    C. largest    D. smaller

10.A. something    B. everything    C. anything    D. nothing


____ you like swimming, fishing ____ boating, you’ll have fun in the water park.

A. Whether; or    B. If; or    C. Either; or    D. Both; and


The man fears ____ in the river because he can’t swim.

A. play    B. plays    C. to play    D. playing


I ____ a tour guide for 7 months.

A. became    B. was    C. have been    D. have become


—Have you ever met a group of ____ on the bus?

—Yes, I have.

A. Germen    B. Germans    C. German    D. Germens


____ people have lost their lives in this earthquake.

A. Thousands    B. Thousand of    C. Thousands of    D. Ten thousands


—Hello! Could I speak to Lily?

—Sorry, she is not in. She ____ Shanghai.

A. have been to    B. have gone to    C. has been to    D. has gone to


Laura bought this house ____ because it is close to the school.

A. especially    B. finally    C. simply    D. recently


____ you come, you can see beautiful flowers in our school yard.

A. Whatever    B. Wherever    C. Whenever    D. Whoever


Don’t talk loudly, or you will ____ the baby.

A. wake up    B. get up    C. put up    D. give up


—I have never been to Tibet. What about you, Tina?

—Me ____.

A. too    B. also    C. either    D. neither





初中的生活即将结束,丰富多彩的学校活动给你留下了许多美好的回忆。根据提示请选择一次你最喜欢的活动进行描述。 game 

2.New Year’s party 

3.sports meeting trip




My junior school life is coming to an end.I had a lot of sweet memories.





In Canada and the United States, people enjoy entertaining(请客) at home. They often invite friends over for a meal, a party or just for coffee and conversation.

Here are the kinds of things people say when they invite someone to their homes:

"Would you like to come over for dinner this Saturday night?" "Hey, we're having a party on Friday. Can you come?"

To reply to an invitation, either say thank you and accept, or say you're sorry and give an excuse. "Thanks, I’d love to. What time would you like me to come?" or "Oh, sorry. I've tickets for a movie. "

Sometimes, however, people use expressions that sound like invitations but which are not real invitations. For example; "Please come over for a drink sometime. " "Why not get together for a party sometime?" " Why don't you come over and see us sometime soon?"

They are really just polite ways of ending a conversation. They are not real invitations because they don't mention a certain time or date. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly. To reply to expressions like these, people just say "Sure, that would be great!" or "OK. Yes, thanks. "

So next time when you hear what sounds like an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?

Title. 1. ________



Canadians and Americans often invite friends for meals at home.

Because they2.______

Someone says "I've two movie tickets, can you go with me after supper?"

You want to go, and your answer should be "Thanks, 3._____"

Someone invites you to dinner, but doesn't mention the time and date.

You'd better answer "Sure, 4.___. "

Western people use "an unreal invitation" in their daily conversation.

They really mean to be______5.



The rainbow lorikeet is a kind of parrot living in the north-east of Australia. It is the most colorful bird in the world. It has green, orange, blue, red, yellow, purple and grey colors on its body.

Rainbow lorikeets are small. They are usually 11 to 12 inches long and weigh 120g to 140g.It is said that they can live for over 20 years in the wild.

They usually live in groups. At night, they sleep in the trees in a big group. But during the daytime, they move in much smaller groups. Late in the evening, you can sometimes see a larger group flying back home.

These birds spend a lot of time eating. They usually eat trees, flowers, nuts and fruits. Sometimes they eat insects. They can get water from the leaves they eat or drink water directly.

Rainbow lorikeets usually start to have families when they are around two years old. When they have birds, both the parents help to feed them.

1.How many colors do rainbow lorikeets have?


2.How long can rainbow lorikeets live in the wild?

3.What do rainbow lorikeets eat?

4.Who usually feed (a) the baby birds?

5.What is the best title for the article?





care  unless  wonder  way  another  make  take  deep  show  afraid  so  happy

It seems that Americans are much happier to help strangers than Chinese. Once I walked on the street and tried to find my1. to my hotel. I stopped and2. out my map and began searching for the right way. Then a lady came to me with a friendly smile.1 was3. if l was in her way. The lady asked," Do you need any help ? I can4. you the way." I was very surprised. In China, most people won't give you a hand 5. you ask. I said yes to her. She carefully explained the direction to me.1 was6.moved by her warm attitude.

After experiencing7. many things like that in the US,I thought about the situation in China. My teacher in China told me that several years ago he went to8. city by himself. After a whole day's hard work at a factory, he bought a pancake at a stall(摊位).9.he later found out that it had gone bad. Since then, he has been very10.    to buy food at the little stalls.

    Chinese people are more vigilant(警惕的)to strangers because they are afraid to get hurt. But many American people believe that if you love others first, you will be loved, I think we should learn. from this attitude.



Tom is seventeen years old now.113He has dreamed of becoming a successful businessman for quite a long time.He hopes his dream will come true in the future. John is interested in computer technology. He spends much of his free time on computers. Bill Gates is his hero. He would like to learn from Bill Gates. Mary often asks herself what she will be in the future.114She wants to understand herself and the world around her better.She needs something to help her make a right plan to be successful.




( A )根据所给中文完成句子翻译,并将其答案写在答题卡的相应位置上。


Today many young people ____________________the famous singers.


He _____________________________________ classes last term.


We are sure to beat them______________________.


This old building should __________________________.


As teachers, we should ________________________ our students.








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