—What are you going to do this weekend?

—I’m not sure. I_____________ go to visit my friend.

A. must    B. need    C. might    D. can


—What do you think__________ game shows?

—I can’t stand them. They are very_______________.

A. to; boring    B. of; wonderful

C. to; wonderful    D. of; boring


__________ are you always staying up so late these days?

To prepare for my final exam.

A. How    B. Why    C. When    D. Where


—Tu Youyou is the first Chinese scientist to get the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

—That’s great. We should ___________ her and work hard from now on.

A.learn to         B.learn from

C.learn for        D.learn about


What do you think of the news?

—I don’t mind ___________.

A. them    B. they    C. its    D. it


unlucky, culture, become, main, reason

1.Chinese__________ has a long history and it’s very popular in the world now.

2.He was so_________ because he didn’t pass the driving test.

3.—When did she__________ a movie star?

—Two years ago.

4.The________ road is very busy every day.

5.Why didn’t you finish your homework? Please tell me the_________.



1.Li Tao says he can learn a lot____________ his computer teacher.

2.—Would you like to watch a movie____________ TV tonight?

—I’d love to, but I have to finish my homework first.

3.Don’t mind what other people think___________ you.

4.Dumplings are famous_________ Chinese culture.

5._______the 1990s, television became a part of people’s everyday life.


Tom and I are good friends. Tom is an English boy, but I am a Chinese girl. He is 12 and I am 13. We are in the same(相同的)class.

Tom is a basketball fan(迷).He joins our school ②篮球俱乐部.He plays basketball ______________.He always says to me, “Let’s play basketball.”But I can’t play basketball. It is difficult (困难的). Tom teaches me to play basketball, and I teach him to play computer games. Now, I can play basketball and Tom can play computer games.



A. 中国    B. 汉语

C. 中国的    D. 中国人



A. everyday    B. everydays

C. every day    D. every days






I have three good friends. We like sports very much. My favorite sport is basketball. I have three balls. I think playing basketball is interesting. Jim and Tim think it is boring to play basketball. Their favorite sport is soccer. They play soccer every afternoon. They have four balls. Mary is a nice girl. Her favorite sport is volleyball. She plays it very well. It’s relaxing for her to play volleyball. But she has only one ball. Sports are good for us.

1.What’s Jim and Tim’s favorite sport?

A. Basketball.    B. Soccer.

C. Volleyball.    D. Baseball.

2.What’s Mary’s favorite sport?

A. Soccer.    B. Volleyball.

C. Basketball.    D. Baseball.

3.Who has only one ball?

A. I.    B. Mary.    C. Tim.    D. Jim.

4.Does Mary think it’s boring to play soccer?

A. Yes, she does.    B. No, she doesn’t.

C. We don’t know.    D. No, she don’t.

5.How many balls do I have?

A. Two.    B. Four.    C. One.    D. Three.


—Let’s play computer games.

—That__________ good.

A. looks    B. watches    C. sounds    D. listens to


—Your English is very good.—______.

A. You’re right    B. Thank you

C. You are OK    D. Don't say so


—Do you have a TV?


A. Yes, it is.

B. Yes, we are.

C. Yes,we have.

D. Yes, we do.


Peter's father often watches basketball games          TV.

A. in    B. on    C. at    D. of


—Where’s Mary?


A. not know    B. am not know

C. don’t know    D. know not




We _________ ____________ at school _________friends.



—Let’s play baseball.

—That ______________ ______________.


We ___________ ____________every evening.


Jane __________ ____________every day.


My brother and I are _________ __________ ___________ ___________.


          Bill            two ping-pong balls?

A. Do; have    B. Does; have

C. Do; has    D. Does; has


—What are the girls doing?

—They are playing            basketball now.

A. a    B. an    C. the    D. /


—Let’s watch TV.


A. I don’t like it

B. That’s a good idea

C. Yes, I do

D. No, I don’t


—________you have soccer balls?

—Yes, I do. And I have two baseballs.

A. Does    B. Are    C. Do    D. Can


—Does Jack ________ a TV?

—Yes. He often ____________sports programs on          TV.

A. has; watches; /

B. have; watches; /

C. have; watches; an

D. has; watches; an



1.My sister___________ (not have) a soccer ball.

2.Bruce only________ (watch) sports on TV!

3.Michael__________ (have) a computer.

4.Let’s _________(go) to play soccer.

5.Does your father _____________ (play) sports every day?

6.We can see some _________________(basketball) in the classroom.



1.They often play basketball___________ school.

2.I always go to school___________ my classmates.

3.We are classmates. We are____________ the same class!

4.I only watch football games___________ TV.

5.I love soccer. It’s easy___________ me.



1.Jim likes playing basketball,while(而)Mike likes playing v__________.

2.It is very ___________(无聊的).I don’t like it.

3.—Does he have a bat?

—Yes,he__________(仅仅)has one.

4.It’s____________(容易的)for us to play basketball well.

5.Don’t be_________(迟到的)for class.





2.relaxing ___________







What do they look like?

Where do they live?

What do they eat?

What can they do?

Why do some of them have to be protected?

How can we protect them?





The Monkey King is wonderful because he helps weak people. He is not just a normal monkey. In fact, he sometimes does not even 1. like a monkey! This is because he can 2. seventy-two changes to his shape and size, turning himself 3. different animals and objects. But 4. he can hide his tail, he cannot be a man. To fight bad people, the Monkey King never gives 5.. With a magic stick, the clever Monkey King keeps fighting to help the weak and he is a big hero in people’s eyes.



What do you know about the Northern European country of Finland(芬兰)? You may have heard of the Northern Lights(极光)and Nokia? Today Finland is also a world leader in making mobile games. The popular games Angry Birds and Clash of clans(部落冲突)are both from Finnish companies.

Finland is not a very big country. How can it make so many world-class games?

Innovation(改革,创新)might be the first reason. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Finland this month. He spoke very highly of the innovation of the country. Finland gives money to help start-up companies. It even builds technology bases for them. There are now around 290 game companies in Finland.

Finnish mobile games also stand out(突出,超群) because of the country’s special Northern European art style. The style is mainly about being simple. It’s a tradition of Finnish design. You many also see it in clothes, furniture and even buildings. In the game Angry Birds, the birds and pigs look very simple but cute at the same time. They easily interest the players.


1.Where are the popular games Angry Birds and Clash of clans from?


2.What might be the first reason why Finland can make so many world-class games?


3.Who visited Finland this month?


4.How many game companies are there in Finland now?


5.Why do Finnish mobile games also stand out?



This story comes from Nagaland in Northeast India. The Nagas say that, many years ago, the moon lived close to the earth near their village and made friends with the people there. One day, an old woman was cleaning her house. She hit the moon with her brush when she was not looking. The moon began to cry in pain. The children laughed at the crying moon and started to throw stones at it.

Only one little girl felt sad because the children were hurting the moon. She told the children to stop but they did not listen. Soon the moon decided to go and live far away from the earth in the sky so the children from the village could not find it. The moon turned its face away from the earth so the children could not see it.

The little girl was sad and sang a song to make the moon return. This was why, every month, the sky was dark except when the moon turned its face to the earth again to listen to the little girl singing.




The Nagas believe the moon 1..

A. but now it lives far away

The children threw stones at the moon 2..

B. the night’s sky shone bright

In the beginning, the moon lived close to the earth 3..

C. to make the moon come back to the earth

Every month, when the moon turned and showed its full face to the earth, 4..

D. ran away because it was afraid

The girl sang her song 5..

E. because they thought it was funny




A new library opened last month in Norway. But it may be a little hard for you to visit. It is 150 meters under the ground. It is inside an old mine(矿井)on the island of Svalbard. The island is about 1,000 km from the North Pole(北极).

The library is called The World Arctic Archive. In fact, it’s not made for people to visit. It is to protect the world’s most important books from natural disasters(自然灾害)and wars,reported the Daily Mail. Some people also call it the “doomsday(世界末日)library’.

According to the company that built the library, Svalbard was the best place to build it. “Deep in the permafrost(永冻土层), it’s about minus 10 degrees,” the company told The Verge. “In this environment, the books can last for more than 500 years.”

So far, three countries-Norway, Mexico and Brazil have put books in the library. The Brazilian Constitution(宪法)is one of the books.


1.A new library opened last week in Norway.

2.The new library is inside a new mine on the island of Svalbard.

3.In fact, the library is made for people to visit.

4.The books can last for more than 500 years in this environment.

5.So far, three countries have put books in the library.


There is a park called Tokyo Disney Sea just next to Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. The park was open to the public on September 4, 2001. Its main theme is stories of the sea. And it has about the same area as Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disney Sea has seven harbors(海港). Let’s introduce some of them. As you enter the park, right in front of you is Mediterranean(地中海的)Harbor. It is like an old harbor in southern Europe. Moving around to the left, you arrive at American Waterfront. There you can experience New York from the early twentieth century. The Tokyo Disney Sea Electric Railway takes you from here to Port Discovery. It is famous for old and amazing buildings. Next to Port Discovery is Lost River Delta. There is one of the park’s most popular attractions—the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.

An eighth-grade boy who has been to Tokyo Disney Sea is most interested in Lost River Delta. “Riding in a car around fast was amazing. It felt that I was really in the movie world, ”he said. The fun of Tokyo Disney Sea is not just in the rides. One visitor said, “There are a lot of things you can only eat at Tokyo Disney Sea, and they all taste good. I want to come again. ”


1.Tokyo Disney Sea is          .

A. much smaller than Tokyo Disneyland    B. far from Tokyo Disneyland

C. a public place in Europe    D. a park of sea theme

2.The Mediterranean Harbor is in          style.

A. Japanese    B. European    C. American    D. Asian

3.American Waterfront is supposed to be the         attraction to visit after people enter the park.

A. first    B. second    C. third    D. last

4.One of the park’s most popular attractions is at          .

A. Mediterranean Harbor    B. American Waterfront

C. Port Discovery    D. Lost River Delta

5.What is Tokyo Disney Sea famous for?

A. Cars and sea    B. Beaches and drinks

C. Rides and food    D. Temple of the Crystal Skull


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