We should try our best to protect rare animals.

A. change    B. make  beautiful    C. keep … safe


Someone followed us all the way.

A. went after    B. went on    C. went away


Are you nervous before the exam?

A. happy    B. calm    C. worried


垃圾污染环境并危害人类健康。为了有一个好的校园环境,也为了避免校园垃圾污染,作为学生,我们需要行动起来。请你根据下列要点提示,代表Saving the Environment Club 写一封英文倡议书,向全校学生发出倡议。












参考词汇:面side;养成...习惯form the habit of;分类sort,回收利用recycle

Dear fellow students,

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Saving the Environment Club

May24, 2017


I love my family very much. It was the 1. (28) of March. My husband was 2. (enjoy) the day off from work and watching me scurry(疾走) about the house.

I picked 3. his dirty clothes, put away his work shoes, carried out his popcorn bowl which was 4. (use) for night’s football watching, washed the breakfast dishes, wiped the coffee he’d spilled and ironed his shirts. It seemed that everything was 5. unnecessary thing he created for me.

I found that he was thinking 6. (careful). I wondered 7. he was beginning to realize how 8. (importance) I was for him. Maybe he would offer to help. “I will give you a penny if you tell me what you have thought about.” I said.

“I was thinking,” he replied, “that one of the 9. (thing) I like best about you is how you always find ways to keep 10. (you) busy.”


Bicycle sharing systems are also known as yellow bicycle programs, white bicycle programs, public bikes, or free bikes. They are increasingly popular in Europe now. Paris has the world’s largest urban (城市的) cycle rental system.

This is a bike rental station in Paris. The workers are showing how to use a new self-service bike. They say that Paris will become “a green capital of bikes” and they plan to park 20,000 bicycles at 1,600 stations. Paris created this plan to reduce waste gas displacement (废气排气量).

At a rental station, you only have to put your credit card into the machine to rent a bike. It provides French, German, English and Chinese services. If you ride the bike for only 30 minutes to relax, you needn’t pay for it. A two-hour bike rent only costs you 4 euros.

These stations work for 24 hours every day, so a bike is rented for 10 to 14 times a day. In this way there are 200,000 people using bikes a day.

In the past few years, Paris has encouraged its people to ride bikes, but something unhappy has happened now and then. Some people break the traffic rules during rush hours. Some park their bikes everywhere. So how to park their bikes is a problem that Paris will face. But this project is still a helpful way to improve its traffic environment.

1.Bicycle rental system can help Paris become a ______.

A. fashion capital

B. sleepy city

C. green capital of bikes

D. green capital of stations

2.The machine at a bicycle rental system offers ______ language services.

A. two    B. three    C. four    D. five

3.According to the passage, the problem that Paris will deal with is ______.

A. how to encourage its people to ride bikes

B. how to park their bikes

C. how to improve its traffic environment

D. how to obey the traffic rules

4.From the passage we can infer (推断) that the writer ______.

A. thinks bicycle rental systems are great

B. thinks Paris is a bicycle capital

C. doesn’t agree with the idea of bicycle

D. thinks bicycle rental systems are bad


Sometimes people come into your life and you know at once that they were sure to be there. They serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help find out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be: your classmate, neighbor, teacher, long-lost friend or even a real stranger. But you know that every moment they will affect (影响) your life in some serious way.

Sometimes things happen to you. At the time they may seem terrible, painful (痛苦的) and unfair. But later you realize that without getting over those difficulties you would have never realized your further ability and strength. Everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance or with good or bad luck.

The people you meet affect your life, and the successes and failure (失败) you experience, create who you are. Even the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact, they are probably the most poignant and important ones.

Enjoy every day even every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again. Talk to people you have never talked to before, and really listen. You should set your sights high, hold your head up, tell yourself you are a great one and believe in yourself.

You can make your life anything you wish. Create your own life and then go out and live it.

1.The people we meet      .

A. all know where to find us    B. serve us on no purpose

C. won't become our neighbor    D. will change us in some way

2.From the passage, we know that bad things can make us      .

A. terribly meet bad luck    B. realize our further ability

C. find no serious success    D. possibly enjoy every moment

3.The underlined word "poignant" in the passage means "       ".

A. 平淡的    B. 明显的    C. 深刻的    D. 艰苦的

4.Which is the best title for the passage?

A. Create Your Own Life    B. Hold Your Head Up

C. People You Meet in Life    D. Things Happen to You


Jinshanling Great Wall

The Great Wall’s Jinshanling section in Chengde, Hebei, is the most beautiful and charming part in the eyes of many photographers.

In spring, it is in the middle of the white apricot blossom (杏花林). During summertime, the Jinshanling section is full of green trees and plants. In autumn, it shows a sunny golden scene with maple (枫树) leaves everywhere on the mountain. And winter puts the Great Wall in a world of pure white snow.

Jiankou Great Wall

For many backpackers, exploring the “wild wall” is a great experience. The wild wall refers to sections that were kept in a natural state and not rebuilt. The Jiankou section is one of the most famous ones. There, the wall is overgrown with plants. Trees stick out from in between the stones. In some places, you have to climb the rocks, pulling your body up with your arms if you can’t find a place to put your feet. This challenging adventure makes visiting the wild wall more fun.

Badaling Great Wall

The Great Wall’s Badaling section began to be repaired in the 1960s. Now it is the busiest part of the Great Wall. Over 400 leaders of countries around the world have visited it, according to Xinhua.

Indian former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was the first foreign leader to visit the Badaling Great Wall, in 1954.

1.As a photographer, you like to visit _________best.

A. Jinshanling Great Wall    B. Jiankou Great Wall

C. Badaling Great Wall    D. above all

2.The underlined word “ones” in the second part means “________”.

A. plants    B. stones    C. rocks    D. sections

3.Indian former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visited the Badaling Great Wall _________.

A. before 1954    B. between 1954 and 1960    C. after 1960    D. after 1960s

4.Which of the following is TRUE about the Great Wall?

A. Exploring the Badaling Great Wall is a great experience.

B. More than 400 leaders have visited the Jiankou Great Wall.

C. You can see a sunny golden scene with maple leaves on the Jinshanling Great Wall in spring.

D. The sectionsling Great Wall is busier than the other parts of the Great Wall.


Students have to take tests. Sometimes, robots do too. Torobo from Japan is one of these robots. Torobo is a robot brain with two arms. It is part of a project called “Can a Robot Get into the University of Tokyo?” A group of Japanese scientists started it in 2011.

To go to the University of Tokyo, Torobo has to take Japan’s national college entrance exam. So in 2013, the robot started to take the test with Japanese students.

Sadly, Torobo has failed the test every year. It couldn’t get a good enough score for the University of Tokyo. This year it was the same.

Torobo has a big database (数据库). So it is good at knowledge and calculations (计算). That’s why it got high scores in physics, history and math.

But Torobo is not good at thinking by itself. So it got poor scores in language and writing.

Scientists started the Torobo project to learn about the intellectual abilities (智能) of machines.

Now after Torobo’s four years of hard work, they may have learned a lot.

1.According to the passage, Torobo is __________.

A. a student    B. a robot    C. a scientist    D. a project

2.Why did Torobo get poor scores in language and writing?

A. It only has a robot brain.

B. It failed the test many times.

C. It is good at knowledge and calculations.

D. It is not good at thinking by itself.

3.Which of the following is not TRUE?

A. Torobo is a robot brain with two arms.

B. Torobo is better at writing than at physics.

C. Torobo is better at math than at writing.

D. Scientists may be studying the intellectual abilities.

4.The passage comes from_______.

A. a newspaper    B. a film    C. an advertisement    D. a novel


Talking to human-like devices (设备) can be great fun – just ask Siri to tell you a joke. But it may also lead to problems.

A recent study by scientists in the US found that human-like devices keep people from finding out normal human interaction when they feel lonely.

During a series of experiments, participants were asked to write about a time when they felt lonely. Participants were then introduced to human-like products. They were also asked to think about their phone in human-like terms.

The results showed that the participants were happy with the comfort they got from the machines and didn’t need to seek out normal human interaction.

But the team also found that there were limits to how far this effect would enlarge.

Researchers believe the results are important for consumers to realize how these types of products could affect their social interaction with real people, especially because so many new products feature interactivity.

“If someone notices they are talking more to Siri lately, maybe that has something to do with feeling lonely,” Olson said. “From that point of view, it’s important to be aware of it.”

The study could also help companies design products that can increase the well-being of people who feel lonely, without losing normal social interaction.

“Maybe it is more about improving our current relationships,” Olson said, “such as taking a break from screens and focusing on developing your real personal connections.”

1.Who did the recent study?

A. The human-like devices.

B. The normal human interaction.

C. The scientists in the US.

D. The human-like producers.

2.What’s the Chinese meaning of the underlined word “participants” in Paragraph Three?

A. 指挥者    B. 参与者    C. 协调者    D. 疏导者

3.What should people do during the series of experiments?

A. They should tell a joke.

B. They were asked to think about their phone.

C. They were introduced to human-like products.

D. They were asked to find out the well-being of people.

4.What’s the advantage of the recent study?

A. Companies will design more products.

B. People will spend more time talking to Siri.

C. People will never feel lonely.

D. People will improve their current relationships.


Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

If only we could answer that question as quickly as the magic mirror in Snow White, since there is ______ a fixed definition of beauty.

But People has been trying to ______ that tough question since 1990. And this year’s top choice was 49-year-old US actress Julia Roberts. This was her ______ time to win the title.

While Roberts is perhaps not the perfect choice in everyone’s mind. People has its own ______, and it’s not just about her looks. The beauty of Roberts also ______ in her confidence and smarts and good humor.

The choice for 2014 was Nyong’o. She ______ feel very “unbeautiful”. She even prayed to God that she could wake up one day ______ lighter skin - something that, as an African girl, she would never have. But that was ______ 2014 when Nyong’o impressed the world with her Oscar-winning performance in the movie 12 Years a Slave.

“I think happiness is what makes you ______.” Barrymore told People. “If somebody walks into the room and they’re gorgeous (美艳的) and sexy, it’s really fun to look at. But if someone makes you laugh and feel good, that’s a whole other level of beauty.”

Perhaps this is what Australian writer Markus Zusak meant ______ he wrote in one of his books: “Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.”

1.A. never    B. usually    C. often

2.A. accept    B. answer    C. catch

3.A. nineth    B. five    C. fifth

4.A. conversations    B. questions    C. reasons

5.A. forms    B. lies    C. focuses

6.A. used to    B. had to    C. would like

7.A. with    B. in    C. together

8.A. up    B. at    C. until

9.A. pretty    B. sad    C. proud

10.A. before    B. after    C. when


---Sir, would you please give me some suggestions?

---Well, you should _____ making the same mistake if you want to improve yourself a lot.

A. consider    B. avoid    C. remember


---Have you got the ______ from our new neighbour?

---Certainly. What about going to that party together tonight?

A. instruction    B. invitation    C. instrument


---The policemen sent Jack to ______ two months ago.

He deserved it. You know, he killed two men by accident.

A. prison    B. church    C. university


---Do you think you are ______ enough to fight with a tiger?

---No. Actually, I am afraid of all animals, even a small ant.

A. rich    B. brave    C. healthy


If people _____ with each other about something, they have the same opinion about it .

A. discuss    B. agree    C. quarrel


---The boys look so happy and excited.

---Right. They think it is a ______ to play the piano with Lang Lang on the stage.

A. regret    B. pity    C. pleasure


---Can you ______ the question in a few minutes?

---Sure. I will find the answer to it at once.

A. raise    B. solve    C. ask


---Is it polite to laugh at that boy who has no arms?

---No. Instead, we should help him when he is in trouble.

A. make fun of    B. play with    C. learn from


---Where can we find the same type of the latest book?

---Maybe you can ask the website Amazon for help.

A. quality    B. price    C. kind


---Thanks a lot for your help.

---You are welcome. Actually, I managed to fix it without difficulty.

A. easily    B. carefully    C. secretly


---Could I take a seat next to you?

---Sorry, it is not available. My daughter is coming to the cafe.

A. stand up    B. sit up    C. sit down


---What should I do not to let my parents down?

---Try your best and work hard!

A. make my parents disappointed

B. make my parents frightened

C. make my parents worried


---Look, all baskets are filled with the fresh pears in ten minutes.

---Wow, our children did a good job.

A. famous for    B. connected to    C. full of


---Why did the audient stand up to cheer together?

---Because they were happy with the boy’s performance.

A. proud of    B. angry with    C. pleased with


---Do you think my answer is correct?

---Sure.That’s exactly the same with mine, which is true.

A. right    B. false    C. interesting


幸福是什么?是一本有趣的书,是远方朋友的问候,是爸爸妈妈的笑容,是……。不同的人有不同的快乐和幸福。请你以“My Happiness”为题,写一篇短文谈谈你的看法。





My Happiness

If you ask me what happiness is, it’s easy to answer. Different people have different opinions. As for me, __________________________________________________________________________



W:Do you know the girl in red under the tree?


A. We've known each other since we were kids.

B. Could I ask her some questions?

C. You mean the girl reading a book?

D. But I don’t know her.

E. Could you introduce me to her?

F. She is always ready to help others.

G. Then let's talk to her when she stops reading.


W:Right. Do you know her?

M :Of course. She's Lily. 2.

W:Is she easy to get along with?

M:Yes. She is kind.  3.So she is very popular with the people around her.

W:I want to make friends with her. 4.

M:Certainly. But I don't want to disturb her now. She seems to lose herself in the book.

W:OK. 5.

M:All right.


Computers are good tools. The Internet is also good. 1.They can’t stop. Doctors say this is a new sickness. They call this sickness Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD).

2.They spend hours chatting to their friends or playing online games. Many people with IAD spend more time on the Internet than with family or friends. 3.

Do you have IAD? Think about these questions: How many hours a day are you online? Is it a lot or a little? When you are not online, are you thinking about playing a computer game or checking your messages? 4.Do you get angry when you can’t play a game?

5.Dr. Ivan Goldberg and Dr. Kimberly S.Young have some ideas. First, ask yourself “Why am I online a lot?” Then try to take a break. For example, use the computer or play games twice a week, not every day. In this way, you can have a good social life with other friends.


A.When you are online, do you forget the time?

B.If you have IAD, what can you do?

C.But some people spend too much time online.

D.We can learn much from the internet.

E.Some people with IAD even give up their jobs!

F.Spending too much time online is bad for our health.

G.People with IAD are online a lot.



“No man is an island” is a well-known line from John Donne’s Devotion. It was written more than three hundred years ago. Even now people still agree with him. No one can live a completely lonely life. Without other people, life will become empty and sad. We all need to have friends.

For some of us, although making friends is not difficult, feeling shy, we may not want to make the first move. It is also difficult at times to keep the friends we already have.

There are many books about friendship, but Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, written in 1936, is the most famous. This “how to” book about getting along with other people became a best seller. It was later put into 28 languages.

Dale Carnegie’s advice seems to be simple, but can his advice help you? Do you need to change the way you act? Here is the list of advice from his book:

Be friendly and polite.

Always greet with a smile. Begin with “Excuse me” or “Would you please” when you want to ask somebody. Remember to say “Thank you” and try to be as helpful as you can.

Go out of your way to be nice.

Find some time to do special things for other people. Making some soup for a sick neighbor may seem like a little thing to you, but it will make your neighbor feel a lot better.

Remember names.

They say that the sweetest music to a person’s ears is the sound of his or her own name.

Be open-minded.

Try to understand other people’s ways and ideas and learn something from them.

Listen patiently.

When someone is talking to you, look at him or her, listen carefully and say something when necessary.

1.What does the underlined sentence “No one can live a completely lonely life.” mean?

A. No one can live a hard life.    B. No one can live without difficulty.

C. No one can live alone.    D. No one can live on an island.

2.Why do some of us find it not easy to make friends?

A. Because we are afraid of making bad friends.

B. Because we are shy to take the first action.

C. Because we feel sure that we already have enough friends.

D. Because we feel worried that we won’t be able to keep our friends.

3.Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. John Donne learned something from Dale Carnegie.

B. Friends are always friends.

C. Few people bought Carnegie’s book.

D. The writer of this passage agrees with John Donne and Dale Carnegie.

4.What does the writer mainly want to tell us?

A. How to Make Friends.

B. A Famous book about friendship.

C. Friendship is the first.

D. Something about John Donne and Dale Carnegie.


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