(题文)I think the film Roman Holiday is worth           a second time.

A. to watch    B. watch    C. watching    D. being watched


Stop smoking, Paul! You          yourself if you keep smoking like that!

A. will kill    B. have killed    C. kill    D. killed










要求: 1.词数60--80,信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。


参考词汇:① design – 设计 /   meaningful – 有意义的 /   junk food – 垃圾食品

Dear Mike,

I’d like to invite you to come to my birthday party. ___________________________________







prevent  /  treat   /  take place  /  attend  /  deal with   /  regret

1.Don’t ________ this serious matter as a joke.

2.He is going to Shanghai to ________ a meeting next week.

3.They think the stones can ________ illness and keep people healthy.

4.Candy told me she used to be really shy and took up singing to ______ her shyness.

5.The tea trade from China to western countries didn’t ________ in the 18th century.


Two years ago, my family moved to a new city and I had to study in a new school. As I had few friends there, I felt lonely. Then I met Tony. The first time I saw him, he was standing in the center of a group of students, telling jokes. The children around laughed from time to time. Tony knew about my problem. He asked me to play basketball with his friends and helped me with my studies. We soon became good friends.

About a year ago, however, Toney’s father was killed in an accident. As a result, his family had to move to a small house, Tony changed into a different person. He became silent and he even lost his interest in studies. Several times, I invited him to go out and play basketball with me, but he refused. I wanted to help him, but didn’t know what to do.

Then something strange happened in my class, two classmates lost the money in their schoolbags.

Last Friday, just before the P.E. lesson, I went back to the classroom to get my running shoes I would use. The door was half open, I went in. To my astonishment, I saw Tony was searching one of my classmates’ schoolbags. I was shocked…

1.What kind of boy was Tony at the beginning of the story?

A. He was a clever boy    B. He was a poor boy

C. He was a popular boy    D. He was a shy boy

2.Why did the writer become friends with Tony?

A. Because Tony helped him do his homework.    B. Because Tony was kind to him

C. Because Tony liked playing basketball    D. Because Tony told jokes

3.What caused the change of Tony ?

A. His father’s accident    B. His strange character

C. The move his family    D. The lose of his interest in playing with his friends

4.How did writer feel when he saw Tony’s change?

A. He felt angry    B. He felt surprise    C. He felt unhappy    D. He felt worried

5.Why was Tony searching one of my classmates’ schoolbags? Because he wanted to ________.

A. look for some food    B. put the things in order

C. help clean the schoolbag    D. find money and take it away.


Take a look at the following ads! You may find some useful information you need here!

1.If you want to have a piano lesson, you may_____.

A. call Susan at 7328059    B. surf the website: www.music.com.au

C. telephone Mr. White at 5132683    D. write an E-mail to sdgt@ 163.com

2.Who is the owner of the lost cat?

A. Mr. White.    B. David.    C. Larry    D. Susan.

3.If you want the job as a guide, you should_____.

A. know the city very well    B. be an experienced driver

C. be a beautiful girl    D. be more than 30 years old.

4.Which information about the apartment is NOT mentioned(提到)above?

A. It has a beautiful view.    B. It has three floors.

C. It has three bedrooms.    D. It has two bathrooms.

5.How can you get in touch with the owner of the apartment for more information?

A. By making a phone call.    B. By going to visit it.

C. By sending an e-mail.    D. By surfing the website.


She was a beautiful girl with red hair. She had been shopping with her mom in Wal-Mart. It was pouring outside. We all stood there under the awning (雨篷). Her______was so sweet, “Mom, let's run through the rain,” she said.

“What?” Mom asked. “Let's run through the rain!”

“No, honey, we’ll wait______it slows down a bit,” Mom replied.

The child waited for about,_____ minute and repeated, “ Mom, let's run through the rain.”

“We’ll get soaked (淋透) if we _______.” Mom said.

“No, we won't, Mom. That's not______ you said this morning.” The young girl said as she tugged at her mom’s arm.

“This morning? When did I say we could run through the rain and not get wet?”

“Don't you remember? When you were _______to Daddy about his cancer , you said, ‘we can get through______!’

The crowd became silent. Nothing could______ but the rain. No one came or left in the next few minutes. Mom thought for______minutes about what she would say.

“Honey, you arc right. Let’s run through the rain. ______ we’ll just need to get a wash.” Mom said. Then off they ran. People all stood watching, smiling and laughing as they rushed ______the cars and through the puddles (水坑).

They held their_______ bags over their heads. They got wet all over. But they were followed by some people who laughed like children all the way to their cars.

People can take away your money and_______. But no one can _______ even memories… So don't forget_______ time to make memories every day.

1.A. sound    B. voice    C. noise.    D. mouth

2.A. when    B. how    C. before    D. until

3.A. other    B. the other    C. another    D. others

4.A. do    B. did    C. will do    D. had done

5.A. how    B. what    C. which    D. whether

6.A. saying    B. speaking    C. talking    D. telling

7.A. something    B. nothing    C. some things    D. anything

8.A. heard    B. be heard    C. hear    D. listened

9.A. a few    B. few    C. a little    D. little

10.A. May be    B. Maybe    C. May    D. Might be

11.A. pass    B. passed    C. passing    D. past

12.A. shop    B. shops    C. shopping    D. shopped

13.A. health    B. healthy    C. healthily    D. unhealthy

14.A. bring    B. take    C. get    D. fetch

15.A. making    B. make    C. made    D. to make


– Do you know ________?          – Sorry, I don’t have a watch

A. whose watch this is    B. what time it is    C. whose watch is this    D. what time is it


– Look at the sign “No Smoking” on the wall.

– Sorry, I’ll ______ my cigarette(香烟) at once.

A. put up    B. put out    C. put on    D. put off


Don’t _______ all the soap. Leave me some to wash with.

A. look up    B. make up    C. use up    D. put up


– What a nice camera!          – Yeah. It _______ Beijing and my father bought it for me.

A. is made by    B. is made in    C. is made of    D. is made from


Not only he but also I _______ an English teacher in this school.

A. am    B. is    C. are    D. be


– Did you ______ to play the piano on weekends?

– Yes, I did. But now I only play it on Sunday night.

A. used    B. is used    C. be used    D. use


– What’s today’s talk about ?

– It’s about how to be polite when we ______ requests.

A. make    B. have    C. ask    D. take


It ______ me five days to finish reading the novel. It’s really interesting.

A. pays    B. takes    C. spends    D. cost


The poor man has been _______ for five years.

A. die    B. died    C. dead    D. death


– Look Peter is playing basketball on the playground.

– It ______ be Peter. He has gone to Beijing.

A. may not    B. can’t    C. mustn’t    D. might not


A strange thing happened _______ her last night, so she goes to her friend’s home tonight.

A. At    B. for    C. with    D. to


----Are Mr. and Mrs. Wang living alone in the house?

----Yes, altough they have three sons,    of them live with their parents.

A. neihter    B. both    C. all    D. none


Tina prefers bananas to oranges. She likes the sweet ______.

A. mouth    B. taste    C. touch    D. feelings


– When will you leave this afternoon?

– I won’t go _______ he comes back.

A. when    B. why    C. while    D. until


--Let's go swimming. --_________.

A. It's a pleasure.    B. You are welcome.

C. It's a good idea.    D. Thanks a lot.










1.Tina has visited the Great Wall,doesn't she?

A   B                  C

2.Have you ever hear of the interesting story?

A         B          C

3.Is there something special on today's newspaper?

A        B              C

4.More than three quarters of the students in our school comes from the countryside.

A           B                             C

5.The library is closed to the bus stop,so you can walk there.

A                 B        C


Boys and girls, this summer vacation is the time for you to take your mind off homework and prepare yourself for the future.

Take regular exercise.You've worked hard most of the time.Therefore, you need to join in outdoor activities, which can bring your whole body into action.You can improve your body by doing different kinds of exercise such as swimming, jogging and mountain climbing.

Learn some basic life skills.One day, you will live alone.你不再依赖于你的家人。 So, you should learn to cook, wash and other practical skills.

Go for a journey.Travel to places of interest.In this way, you'll understand cultures that are different from that of your hometown.Beautiful_sights_can_also_make_you_relaxed.

Enjoy family time.Don't always sit in front of a computer.It's great fun for family members to sit around the table, discussing sports, clothes or other common topics.

If you follow the advice above, your summer vacation will be full of joy and meaning.

We wish you a wonderful time!

1.Can doing different kinds of exercise improve your body?


2.How many pieces of advice are mentioned in the passage above?


3.What's the main idea of the passage?







In Singapore, many middle school students spend a lot of time on their studies.People think good schooling is a ticket to success in their future.So, many of these students try their best to get good marks in their exams.They have a lot of homework every day and exams are usually difficult.Sometimes, some of them have to go to remedial classes after school.

There are many after school activities:sports and games, music and dance, hiking and rock climbing, etc.They are also very happy to do community service (社区服务).

In their free time, most students like to listen to pop music.Hollywood blockbusters (好莱坞大片),Hong Kong and Singapore movies are very popular among them.Some of them also spend their free time surfing the Internet, emailing their friends and playing computer games.

They sometimes go to cafes, fast food restaurants, shopping centers and big bookstores.

So, it looks like the life as a middle school student in Singapore is not easy but it is rich and colorful.

1.Students in Singapore think if they want to have a good future they will ________.

A. get good schooling    B. do after class activities    C. do much homework

2.The underlined word “remedial” means “________” in Chinese.

A. 额外的    B. 补习的    C. 业余的

3.Which of the following is NOT an activity the students do in their free time?

A. Listening to pop music.    B. Doing their homework.    C. Going to shopping centers.

4.Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. All of the students go to remedial classes after school in Singapore.

B. The middle school students' life in Singapore is hard but interesting.

C. Only a few students like to surf the Internet in their free time.

5.The best title for the text is ________.

A. How to get good marks in Singapore    B. The free time activities in Singapore

C. The students' life in Singapore


Fun Vacation Place for Kids

Old Orchard Beach

The great amusement park's rides and games can keep your kids busy and happy at Old Orchard Beach.It also has a lot of great beach food.

Hilton Waikoloa Village

This is a fun place when you're looking out for a short vacation with your kids.You can enjoy beautiful nature and feed birds.And the most interesting activity is that your kids can play with friendly dolphins(海豚).

Hershey Park

Known as the “Chocolate Town”in the US,Hershey Park is a theme park with sixty rides.The young kids can enjoy interesting water rides,family rides and live concerts in the park.

Snowbird Resort

Snowbird Resort allows families to enjoy different kinds of activities in the winter months,such as skiing (滑雪) and ice skating.It holds live concerts all year round.For kids,Snowbird Resort organizes ski schools and special camps.



1.Old Orchard Beach doesn't have ________.

A. rides    B. games    C. dolphins

2.In Hilton Waikoloa Village,the most interesting activity is ________.

A. go skating    B. feeding birds    C. playing with dolphins

3.How many vacation places have live concerts?

A. One.    B. Two.    C. Three.

4.If Eric wants to go to a special camp in December,he may be interested in ________.

A. Snowbird Resort    B. Hilton Waikoloa Village    C. Old Orchard Beach

5.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Old Orchard Beach is a theme park.

B. Kids can spend a long holiday in Hilton Waikoloa Village.

C. In Hersheypark,there are 60 rides.


Life is like the four seasons.Now I am very old, but when I was young, it was the spring of my life.I was born, I played a lot, and then I started school.I learned many new things.Like a flower, I grew bigger every day.There were happy days and sorrowful days:some days the sun shone, and some days it didn't.

In my twenties, I had a good job.I was strong and happy.Then I married and had a child.In those days, I didn't have much time to think.Every day I was busy and worked very hard.And so, I started to get some white hairs.The summer of my life passed quickly.

Then the days got shorter.Leaves fell from the trees.My child was a university student, and then an engineer.My home was much quieter.I started walking more slowly.One day I stopped working.I had more time.I understood this was my autumn, a beautiful time when the trees change color and give us delicious fruits.

But the days kept getting shorter and colder.Winter has come.I am older and weaker.I know I do not have many days left, but I will enjoy them to the end.

1.The writer started walking more slowly in the ________ of his life.

A. spring    B. summer    C. autumn

2.According to the passage, how old is he during the summer of his life?

A. 33.    B. 62.    C. 87.

3.What does the underlined word “sorrowful” mean in this passage?

A. Sad.    B. Exciting.    C. Wonderful.

4.Which of the following is true?

A. The writer was an engineer.    B. The writer had a garden with flowers.

C. The writer now is old and weak, but still he enjoys his life.

5.The best title of the passage can be “________”.

A. Four Seasons    B. Four Seasons in My Life    C. Four Seasons in a Year



情景七选五 请阅读下面一段对话,根据其情景,从方框内七个选项中选出能填入对话的五个选项。

A.Have you ever been there?

B.When did you go there last time?

C.I plan to learn to swim.

D.I'd like to go somewhere cool.

E.How do you want to go there?

F.I've been there three times.

G.Have you decided where to go?

A:Hi, James! The summer vacation is coming! What are you going to do during the vacation?

B:I'm going to travel.1.

A:Sounds great! 2.

B:Not yet.I want to go to a place that I've never been to.Any advice?

A:I think Qinhuangdao is a good place.It's quite cool there in summer.

B:Thanks for your advice.3.

A:Yes,I have.

B:How many times have you been there?

A:4. I'm sure you will like it.

B:OK.I'll go to Qinhuangdao.What's your plan for the summer vacation?


B:It'll be great fun.


When I was 16 years old,I made my first visit to the United States.It wasn't the first time I had been ______.Like most English children,I learned French at school and I had often been to France.______ I was used to speaking a foreign language to people who did not understand ______.But when I went to America,I was really looking forward to having a nice easy holiday without any ______ problems.

How wrong I was! The misunderstanding began at the airport.I was looking for a ______ telephone to give my American friend Danny a ring.So I asked an old man, “I want to give my friend a ring.Could you help me? ” “Well,that's ______.” he answered in surprise.“You look very ______.Are you getting married?” “Oh,No,” I replied.“I just want to give a ring to tell him I've arrived.Could you tell me ______ there's a phone box near here?” “Oh!Sorry,” he said,“There's a phone downstairs.”

When we met up,Danny ______ the misunderstanding to me.“Don't worry! I met such problems at first.There are lots of words which the Americans ______ differently in meaning from English people.But most of the time the English and American people understand each other well! You'll soon get used to all the funny things they say.”

1.A. out    B. abroad    C. outside

2.A. But    B. So    C. And

3.A. English    B. French    C. Russian

4.A. lesson    B. money    C. language

5.A. cheap    B. popular    C. public

6.A. good    B. strange    C. funny

7.A. young    B. smart    C. little

8.A. where    B. what    C. if

9.A. described    B. explained    C. talked

10.A. write    B. speak    C. use


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