My birthday is February third.(对划线部分提问)

______  ______  your birthday?


There are twelve ___________(month) in a year.


There are only twenty—eight or twenty—nine days in F____________.


Teachers' Day is on ______________  _______________(9月10日).


September is the ___________(nine) month of the year.


—When is Children 's Day?—It's in _________.

A. March             B. July

C. June              D. April


January is the first month of the year, and December is _____________.

A. twelve           B. twelveth

C. twelfth          D. the twelfth


My father's birthday is ___January, and my mother's birthday is    ______March 5th .

A. in ,on            B. /,in

C. on,/              D. /,/


—________ is his birthday?—It's on November 2nd .

A. Where            B. When

C. What             D. How


—When is your birthday?—My birthday is on______________.

A. July seventh     B. June nineth     C. twelfth January



Lingling lives with Ms Smart . Her bag is 1.________. Ms Smart thinks Lingling cant take it back to China. So Ms Smart 2._________ (buy) a new one for her tomorrow.

At the department store, there 3._________ many bags. Lingling likes a black one. Because its nice and big, but its heavy. Ms Smart likes a green one. Because it has two pockets and its 4.___________. But Lingling thinks(认为) its too small. At this time(这时), the sales assistant shows a blue one to them. It is big and light. They all 5._______ it. In the end(最后), they take it.




   Many years ago, I lived in a village. My parents 1.________(be) both farmers. They worked in the fields all day. I 2.___________(study) hard every day. I wanted to see more people in the cities. Ten years later, I 3._________(go) to college. After graduation, I stayed in Beijing. I still 4.________(work) hard. Every day I ate noodles and 5.________(drink) water. I am not rich, but I’m happy. Because there is hope everywhere.



This is a mini bookstore.

There are ten books about sports. They are on Shelf A. There are nine books about History. They are on Shelf B. There are eleven books about games. They are on Shelf C. There are fifteen books about English. They are on Shelf D.

How many books are there on Shelf A,B,C and D? Do you know?


1. Ten books about sports             A  Shelf D

2.Nine books about History            B  Shelf C

3.Eleven books about games           C  Shelf A

4.Fifteen books about English          D  Shelf B

5.How many books are there in all(一共)? 

A. forty    B. thirty-five     C. forty-five   D. forty-one



1.didn’t   have   We   years  enough  many   ago. food



2.grandma  learnt  My  English.     



3.Lingling Yesterday breakfast. for eggs had                   


4.CDs   Where  about   are   the   animals?

                                                       ___________    __

                                              _ _________________________   blue   The   too   for   T-shirt   big you.


                                    __________         _________________


Its a kind of fruit. Its round, green and ______. What is it? Yes, Its a watermelon.

A. big            B. small         C. lovely


The blue bag is big. And it has got four wheels, so its very ______ for you.

A. heavy         B. hard         C. easy


An old lady said, I didnt have a television _____ a radio.

A. to              B. or          C. and


-- Please bring back the book in two weeks time.

-- Yes, I ______.  

A. can             B. am           C. will


-- What did you have for lunch?  

-- I ______ fish and _______ milk.

A. drank, ate         B. ate, drank          C. ate, ate


-- What ______ she ______ for dinner?

-- She had fish and chips.

A. did, have          B. does, have           C. did, had


Five years ago, Longlong walked to school. Now, he ______ to school by school bus.

A. went            B. goes             C. go


-- Why is your grandma wearing these clothes?  

-- Because she was a ___________..

A. drive             B. dancer           C. dance


-- What did Tim do before(以前)?

   -- He _____________.

A. is a driver            B. is a dancer          C. danced


-- Amy, what did you do at home three days ago?   -- I ______.

A. learnt English      B. climbed a hill         C. watch TV



                Ⅰ栏                                                     Ⅱ栏

1.Where were you four months ago?            A I can find them in the dictionary.

2.What did he do yesterday?                   B Im going to eat dumplings.

3.What are you going to eat tonight?             C I was at home.

4.Is this shirt too big for the monkey?            D He read book.

5.Where can you find out about English words?      E Yes, it is.  



1.Ten years ago, Mr. Li ___________ (be) a teacher.

2.Yesterday she ____________ (have) an English breakfast.

3.Grandpa is retired. Listen! Welcome to Beijing. He _____________ (learn) English very hard now.

4.On TV last night, an old lady __________ (talk) about her life many years ago.

5.You can ___________ (find) a CD-ROM in the library.



1.(   )Yes, of course.

2.1Excuse me. Can I borrow this book?

3.   Let me see. Oh, sorry. This book is from Shelf C. You can only read it here.

4. 5 )Can I borrow this one?

5.   )May I have your library card, please?

6.9I see. Thank you.

7.(   )Yes. Here you are.

8.(   )For a month.

9.7How long can I keep it?



1.How about now in China?

A China is changing!       B Thanking for talking to me.

2.Ive got an email from Lingling.

A I miss Chinese food.     B What does it say?     

3.Look, Lingling. Heres our new computer.

A Mmm, its very nice..    B Its easy with a computer.

4.Can I have your library card, please?

A Look! Here they are.     B Yes. Here you are.

5.Lingling, your bag is broke. Ill buy you a new one.

A Thank you very much.             B Oh, sorry.



1.A warm           B play         C quarter

2.A book            B hair           C chair 

3.A class          B pass         C boy

4.A where           B bee          C bear

5.A high            B night          C girl



1.\ei\   A saw            B rain

2.\a:\    A star             B all

3.\єə\   A bread            B their

4.\əu\   A die             B boat

5.\i:\   A teacher         B autumn


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