—— _______ did you go on vacation?

——I went to summer camp.

A. What    B. Where    C. How    D. When



1.What about _______ (go) to the mountains?

2.Bob _______ (visit) his aunt last Sunday.

3.They took many _________ (photo) in Beijing.

4.Hainan Island is a ________ ( wonder ) place to visit.

5.They ________ (see) many interesting animals in the zoo last weekend.



1.How is the book?             It is ___________(精彩的).

2.Yesterday I stayed at home and didn't go _______(任何地方).

3.If you know__________(任何人)else who collects them, please tell me.

4.A friendly waiter taught me a _________(很少) words of Italian.

5.________(大多数)of the people singing were women.



1.——你去哪里度假了?  ——我去山区了。

——Where______ you______ ______ ______?  ——I_________ to the mountains


Did you do_______ ________last month?

3.一你和其他人去的吗?  ——是的,我和我妈妈去的。

——Did you go with_______?  ——Yes, I went with my mother.

4.——你看到黄果树瀑布了吗?  ——是的。我看到了。它令人惊叹!

—— ______ you ________ Huangguoshu Waterfall?

——Yes , I ______. It was_______


I just ______ ______ _______ _______ of the time to read and relax


1.summer camp                     A.去海滩

2.stay at home                      B.参观博物馆

3.go on vacation                    C.去度假

4.visit museums                     D.待在家里

5.go to the beach                    E.夏令营

6.quite a few                       F.相当多








Mr. and Mrs. Brown lived in a big city, and one summer they went to the countrv for their vacation. They enjoyed it very much, because it was a quiet, clean place.

One day they went for a walk early in the morning and saw an old man. He lived on a farm, and he was sitting alone in the warm sun in front of his house. Mr. Brown asked him, "Do you like living in a quiet place?”

The old man said, “Yes, I do. ”

Mr. Brown said, "What are the good things about it?"

The old man answered, “Well, everybody knows each other. People often come and see me, and I often go and see them. And there are lots of children here. ”

Mr. Brown said, "That's interesting. And what are the bad things?"

The old man thought for a minute and said, "Well, the same things, really. "

1.Where did Mr. and Mrs. Brown live?

A. In the city    B. In the country    C. In town    D. In the school

2.Why did they like the country?

A. Because it was far    B. Because they had a farm in the country

C. Because it was quiet and clean.    D. Because it was near.

3.Was the old man Mr. Brown's uncle?

A. Yes, he was.    B. No, he wasn't.    C. J think so.    D. Yes, he is.

4.What did the old man think were the good things about the country?

A. Everybody knew each other.    B. Everybody didn't know each other.

C. It was clean and quiet.    D. It was far.

5.Did the old man think the good things and the bad things in the country were the same?

A. No, he did.    B. No, he didn't.    C. Yes, he didn't.    D. Yes, he did.



Nancy 1. to China on vacation 2. her parents. They visited a lot of famous 3. such as Beijing,Guangzhou and Shanghai. She 4. in Beijing for a week. She 5. the Palace Museum,the Great Wall,Tian'anmen Square and the Summer Palace. They 6. went to the zoos and the parks. It 7. cloudy,but not rainy,so it was not too hot. They 8. a great time in China. Nancy learned a lot 9. Chinese history. She said,“It is interesting to visit China. I 10. China very much.”


We feel like____some food and drink because well invite some friends____in a party.

A. buying;to join    B. to buy;joining    C. buying;join


The Smiths have decided ________ a house near the sea.

A. buy    B. bought    C. buying    D. to buy


Rio(里约) will become the most amazing city    the Olympic Gaines in August.

A. instead of    B. because of    C. as a result


..﹣Why are you late for school today?

﹣I’m sorry.I didn’t catch the early bus and I had to _____ the next one.

A.wait for B.ask for C.care for


-Did Billy and Anna find a way out at last?

-Yes, they _____ a plan and did it.

A. were working out         B. worked out

C. are working out           D. have worked out


There's ________ umbrella behind the door. It's made of silk.

A. a    B. an    C. the



1.They had an English party last Sunday.(改为否定句)

They ________ ________ an English party last Sunday.

2.We all love this city because it has delicious food.(改为同义句)

We all love this city ________ ________ its delicious food.

3.He often went to school bv bicycle last term.(改为同义句)

He often ________ his bicycle ________ school last term.

4.The weather was hot and wet on Monday.(对画线部分提问)

________ ________ the weather on Monday?

5.Tina was so careless that she made lots of mistakes in the exam.(改为同义句)

Tina wasn't ________ ________ to make lots of mistakes in the exam.


The little boy isn’t __________ to reach the apple on the desk.

A. enough tall    B. enough short

C. tall enough    D. short enough


We ________ what our life will be like in the future.

A. think    B. wonder    C. hope    D. believe


Tom decided ________ volleyball on Sunday morning.

A. to play    B. play    C. played    D. playing


——Do You enjoy traveling by air?    ——No,it's ________ expensive.

A. too much    B. too many    C. many too    D. much too


It is twenty degrees ________ zero today. Put more clothes.

A. above    B. below    C. over    D. under



1.We were all wet because we didn't take an u________.

2.There are more tall ________(高楼)in our citv this year.

3.Can you give me somcthing to eat? I'm very h________.

4.My friend is ________(等候)for me at home now.

5.——What does your uncle do?    ——He is a ________(商人).




It was sunny and hot,so we ________ ________ go to the beach near our hotel.


1 wonder ________ ________ was like here in the past.


________ a ________ a day makes!


We waited over an hour for the train ________ there were _______ ________ people.


________ ________ the bad weather, we couldn't see anything ________.


1.arrlve in                                  A.又过了两个小时

2.because of…                              B.等候

3.feel like…                                C.步行走向山顶

4.walk up to the top                          D.到达

5.wait for                                  E.感受到

6.another two hours                          F.因为……











From:kevin@163.com                                     To:asost@sina.com

Subject:Trip                                               Date;May 5,2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am writing this e-mail to tell you my trip in Beijing.








Last summer vacation I went to Taiwan with my parents.Taiwan is really beautiful! The weather is always warm and humid because the sea is around Taiwan.In the north,it’s cold in winter,but in the south,it is still warm in winter and you can enjoy sunshine every day.The typhoon(台风)season is from June to October.

There are many mountains in Taiwan.(A)A-li Mountain is one of the biggest mountain there.We went to climb A-1i Mountain one afternoon.There are many trees in the forest there. They are very tall and many of them are really old.

Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural lake in Taiwan.In the lake there are many kinds of fishes.

(B)We also went to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine.There are many kinds of food in the small towns near the sea.Dumplings with shrimp(虾) in them are my favorite.

Taiwan, a beautiful island,I love it! I took many photos there .Would you love to see them?


1.The writer spent the summer vacation with             .


2.The trees in the forest in A-li Mountain are        .

A. tall and old B. shortC. newD. short and old






(1)What’s the weather like in Taiwan?


(2)Where did the writer spend his/her vacation?



A.Did you have any fun?

B.Long time no see.

C.It was great.

D.How long did you stay there?

E.And I tasted some ewe’s milk (羊奶).

F.I didn’t like it.

G.Where did you go?

Ben:Hi, Linda. How was your summer holiday?

Linda:Hi,Ben.1.I went on vacation.

Ben:Really? 2.

Linda:I went to Inner Mongolia with my family.

Ben:Sounds great. 3.

Linda:Yes,I did. I rode horses,played and danced with the local (当地的)people.



Ben:How did you like that?

Linda:In fact(事实上),it tastes terrible. 5.





She _____  _____ travel to Shanghai next week.



—Did you buy _____  _____ ?

—No,I _____  _____ .


We _____ quite a _____ photos on our vacation.


We didn't go to Huangshan for vacation _____  _____ the bad weather.


Please be quiet, everyone. I have _____  _____ to tell you.



1.I bought something special for my parents, but nothing for _____ ( I ).

2.She _____ (stay) at home last night.

3.Her mother enjoys _____ (dance)very much.

4.What _____ (activity) do you do after class?

5.We didn’t do _____ (something) special last weekend.



1.Tom was old e____ to work and make money.

2.Frank,take off  your  w______ (湿的) jacket so you don't catch a cold.

3.The food tasted great because l was _____ (饿).

4.Will you go _____ (任何) interesting on vacation this summer?

5.Please find out some _____ (不同) between the two pictures.


Hi, Kevin. Long time no see.

Last Saturday, our class had a trip. We wanted to do something exciting. 1. That day, the weather was great, sunny but not hot. We started at eight. On the way, we talked and sang. Soon, we arrived. Wow! 2. I couldn't wait to climb to the top. I wondered what the top was like. About an hour later, I stopped to have a rest. I looked back. Oh, my friend Alice was about 100 meters behind me. She seemed to be very tired. 3. At about eleven, we got to the top. On it, we ate some food and drank some water. 4. There I bought something for my sister but nothing for myself in the gift shop.  5.


A.It was really a wonderful mountain.

B.So,we got up early that morning.

C.I waited for her and asked her to follow me.

D.In the evening I wrote a diary about the trip.

E.I felt the food was never delicious like that.

F.So,we decided to go to the mountain near our city.


Last Saturday was Children's Day. I went to the nature zoo with my mother. The weather was fine. There were many people there and everyone was happy.

I saw many animals in the zoo, like elephants, tigers, lions, giraffes, monkeys and some other animals. My mother and I liked the elephants very much,because they were very friendly. We gave them some bananas to eat and they liked them very much. The giraffes were very tall, and they were a little quiet. The lions and the tigers were kind of scary, but they wore beautiful. I think the monkeys were cute and clever. People always gave them some fruit to eat. They were very happy. I liked them best.

In fact, all the animals are our friends. We must love and help them.

1.How did the writer spend (度过)Children’s Day?

A. He went to the mountains.    B. He visited the museum.

C. He went to the zoo.    D. He went to the movies.

2.How was the weather last Saturday?

A. It was fine.    B. It was cloudy.    C. It was windy.    D. It was rainy.

3.The writer gave some      to the elephants.

A. grass    B. water    C. cakes    D. bananas

4.How did the writer like the giraffes?

A. They were clever.    B. They were quiet.    C. They were beautiful.    D. They were scary.

5.What kind of animals did the writer like best?

A. The elephants.    B. The tigers.    C. The giraffes.    D. The monkeys.


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