Don’t be late_________ class! We must be on time.

A. for    B. to    C. in


Eric has ______ baseball and four baseball ______.

A. one; bat      B. two; bats

C. one; bats      D. two; bat


Let me          the things for you.

A. do    B. to do    C. doing    D. does


go, play, have, soccer, get

1.Li Lin_______ five photos of TFBOYS.

2.1 can spell the word (单词)_________:S-0-C-C-E-R.

3.1 want (想要)to___________ to Beijing. What about you?

4.Yao Ming can _________basketball well.

5.Do you_________ a ball from your father?




__________ ________basketball!


______Cindy_______ a brother?


The song__________ _________.


We were____________ __________ school this morning.


Tom ______ a computer but I_________.


Paul has ________ basketball. Let’s play________ basketball after school!

A. a; the    B. / ; /    C. a; /    D. the; a


—Does Tom _______ a brother?

—No, he _______.

A. have; doesn’t    B. have; hasn’t

C. has; doesn’t    D. has; hasn’t


What a beautiful song! It ___________so sweet.

A. feels    B. sounds    C. tastes    D. smells


Let’s go and ____ .

A. playing soccer  B. play the soccer

C. to play soccer  D. play soccer


It’s eight o’clock. We are late______ school.

A. to    B. at    C. in    D. for



1.______(我们)are in the library.

2.My friend_______(有)two baseball bats.

3.I’m_______(迟到)for school.

4.The ball is under the bed._________(让)me ________(取)it.

5.—Let’s play soccer.




1.—Where’s my_______?

—It’s under the bed.

2.The _________isn’t Mike’s. It’s mine.

3.Let’s play ________this afternoon.

4.This is a __________ball. It’s black and white.

5.I have two ping-pong __________.What about you?


A.They have set the style for clothing, food, manners and many other things.

B.In the mid-19th century, it came into England.

C.Some use the computer.

D.Today cartoons are a part of the daily life of most people.





The word “cartoon” came from Italy. It first referred to the picture before an actual(真实的)drawing on the wall. Since the 1840s, it has also come to mean any drawing that is humorous, satirical(讽刺性的)or showing an opinion. It usually appears in a newspaper or a magazine, with or without a short text.

   2   People of all ages, especially children enjoy all kinds of cartoons in newspapers and magazines, on TV and at the movies. Cartoons not only show their life, but help form it.   3   They have supplied ideas to plays,movies and television series and so on. Names or words from cartoon series have also come into modern languages.

Many cartoonists (漫画家)draw with special pens.  4  Surely, computers are especially effective for the making of animated cartoons. This helps us to enjoy more lively cartoons.





5.From the passage, we know that_______________.

A. few children like cartoons

B. the word “cartoon” came from England

C. all cartoonists use pencils to draw cartoons nowadays

D. people like cartoons because they show and help form the life.



1.Insert (插入)the missing number.















2.Which comes next?

3.—Do we need to buy a map?

—No,but don’t worry. I used to(过去一直)live here, so I know it like the back of my hand.

What does “know it like the back of my hand” mean here? You may answer it in Chinese or English.


4.Find the missing letter.

5.Jack is 15 years old, three times as old as his sister. How old will Jack and his sister be when he is twice as old as his sister?



—Amy, I hear you've got many foreign coins._______ I have a look?

—Of course, I'll fetch them for you.

A.May                 B.Must

C.Should              D.Need


On the top of the hill ______ an ancient tower with a history of more than 1, 000 years.

A. stood           B. ran        C. came         D. lived


The book won’t____ until the end of the year.

A. come out    B. come over    C. come true    D. come on


—Would you mind ______ now? It's already midnight.

—Sorry, I won't.

A. not singing B. not to sing C. don't sing


—Does your aunt only have a piece of bread for supper?

—Yes. She eats a little______________. She looks slimmer than before.

A. to save money    B. to lose weight

C. saving money    D. losing weight


—Whose bike is this?

—I am not sure. It______________ be Mary’s.

A. shall    B. must    C. might


—Hainan ________ its blue sky and fresh air.

—So it is. That’s why more and more visitors spend their holidays here.

A. is weak in          B. is famous for        C. is used to


___________ great news it is! We’ll have a school trip next week.

A. What a    B. What    C. How a    D. How


What’s your plan, Lucy?

—I plan___________ camping with my classmates by the river.

A. go    B. going    C. to go    D. went


—What do you think of soap operas?

A. I don’t watch them    B. My mother likes them

C. I can’t stand them    D. They are bored


We all hope            to our party tomorrow afternoon.

A. him to come    B. him coming

C. he coming    D. he can come


I don’t mind___________ the window. It’s windy and cold outside.

A. to close    B. close

C. closes    D. closing


What do you expect__________ from the book?

A. learning    B. learn

C. to learn    D. to learning


A:Do you often watch TV, Carol?

B:1. But my parents don’t like it.

A:What shows do you like?

B:2. I don’t like talk shows. I think they’re boring. Do you like them?

A:3. Do you like Winner Takes All?

B:Yes,but my favorite game show is Dog Eats Dog.

A:Yes,it’s good.4.

B:Soap operas? They’re awful! I can’t stand them!5.

A:Yes,I like them. They’re really interesting.

A.What do you think of soap operas?

B.Yes, I do. But I like game shows best.

C.Yes, I often watch TV,

D.Do you like them?

E.No, I don’t like watching TV.

F.Well, I like sports shows and sitcoms.

G.Why don’t your parents like it?



1.I think this dress is ugly.(对画线部分提问)

What__________ you__________ __________ this dress?

2.Jeremy Lin is famous for playing basketball.(改为同义句)

Jeremy Lin is famous____________ a basketball___________.

3.She wants to be a famous singer.(对画线部分提问)

_________does she___________ to be?

4.Does your friend love I am a Singer? (改为陈述句)

_________friend__________ I Am a Singer.

5.Chen Kun is my favorite movie star.(改为同义句)

Chen Kun is my favorite_____________ ___________.




I’m very busy. Could you please__________ __________ ___________to go to the party?


The boy____________ _________like a king in the play.


The girl_________ _____________ _________ help others, so we all like her.


I_________ __________ ___________ ____________who did this.


At last, a smile_____________ __________ his father’s face,


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