Can you communicate       your best friend?

A. for    B. at    C. of    D. with


-___ __ you ____ _ your drawing?

-Not yet. It will be done in a few minutes.

A. Did, finish    B. Will, finish    C. Do, finish    D. Have, finished



1.The astronauts have travelled to the planet.(改为否定句)

The astronauts________ _______to the planet.

2.We have already started to explore other planets.(改为一般疑问句)

________you________to explore other planets?

3.I think we should look for another hotel to live in.(改为否定句)

I_______ _______we________look for another hotel to live in.

4.John reached Paris yesterday.(同义句转换)

John______ _______Paris yesterday.

5.Her mother has been to Hong Kong several times.(对画线部分提问)

________ _______her mother been to several times?




space travel,have been to,work hard,a group of,by spaceship


1.I_______the Summer Palace before.

2._______and you’ll make it.

3.I'm going to have________to Mars one day.

4.You can travel far enough_________

5.________people have seen a UFO already.



1.H________,they haven’t found the missing boy.

2.N________of the students except Jim is in the know of the exam.

3.We can use s_______energy to do many things today.

4.He found it i_______to make her change her mind.

5.I have very happy n______to share with you.













继续工作go on working


《第九交响曲》The Ninth Symphony


Tony:Hello, Anna! May I ask your some questions?

Anna:Sure, please.


Anna:I was born on 14th November, 1992.


Anna:I was born in a small town near London.


Anna:We lived there for about nine years. Then we moved to China.


Anna:Because my parents found jobs in Nanjing.


Anna:We came to China about three years ago.

Tony:Do you enjoy living in Nanjing?

Anna:Yes, we do.



1.Father bought me a new bike. (改为同义句)

Father bought _______ _______ ________ ________ ________me.

2.Frank read an interesting book about history. (一般疑问句)

_______ Frank _______ an interesting book about history?

3.He’s cleaning his rooms. (就划线部分提问)

________ he _______?

4.When Amy was twenty, he worked as a teacher in a school. (改为同义句)

Amy worked as a teacher in a school _______ ________ ________ ______ twenty.

5.Thomas spent RMB 10 on this book. (改为否定句)

Thomas_______ _______ RMB 10 on this book.




Emma __________ the guitar every day. But he _________ ___________ yesterday.


---When _______ he _______? ---_______ 1980.


When he ______ the classroom, he ______ a watch on the ground.


Why _______ you _______ TV last night?


Sarah and I_________last winter.



1.I am a little ______ ( tall ) this year than last year.

2.There are ________ ( much ) teachers in our school than in their school.

3.Look! How carefully they _______ ( listen )!

4.My mother tells us _______ ( not play ) in the street.

5.______ you _______ ( meet ) your friend Tom on the way to school yesterday?



1.New Year's Day is on J_________ 1st.

2.----What do you want to be when you grow up, Tom?

-----I want to be an a________, because I like plays.

3.Shakespeare wrote many famous p_________ and plays.

4.----When did your parents m_______?

-----In 1986.

5.The Greens m_______ to china, because Mr Green found a job in china.


Many young people in China know about Celine Dion, a famous Canadian pop singer. She sang the song “My heart will go on” for Titanic (《泰坦尼克号》).

Celine Dion’s hometown was in Montreal Quebec, Canada. She was the youngest of the fourteen children in a musical family. Her large family form(组成) a singing group. They traveled and played folk music(民间音乐). They were famous in their hometown. Celine’s mother wrote her first song for her, and she reocorded it with her brother when she was tweleve years old. Then a local rock manager named Rene Angelil was interested in them. (A)He asked Mrs Dion taking her two children to come to his office. Later he gave strong support (支持) for Celine. (B) in 1994, they were married.

As a singing star, Celine Dion won many prizes (奖) and soon became popular all over the world. She sang at the opening of (在……的开幕式上) the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, in the USA. In 1997, she made the whole world hit (使全世界为之一震) with the song “My heart will go on.”


(1)Many ____ people know about Celine Dion.

(2)Celine’s parents and large family formed a ____.


Celine Dion won many prizes and soon became popular in the world.






(1)How many people were there in Celine’s big family?


(2)Who gave Celine Dion strong support?



In 1942, Stephen William Hawking was born in Oxford, England. His parents’ house wasn’t in Oxford. It was in the north of London. But at that time, people thought Oxford was a safer place to have babies because of the Second World War (第二次世界大战). Stephen’s father was a good doctor. His mother didn’t work. In 1950, when Hawking was eight years old, his family moved to St. Albans, a town about 20 miles north of London. At eleven, Stephen went to St. Albans School, and then went to Oxford University in 1959. There he wanted to study maths, but maths was not available (可得到的) at University. So he studied physics(物理). In 1988, Stephen’s greatest work (著作) A Brief history of Time was published (出版). And the people all over the world began to know the greatest physics —Stephen William Hawking.

1.Stephen William Hawking was born in ____in 1942.

A. New York    B. London    C. St. Albans    D. Oxford, England

2.Stephen’s father was ____ but his mother didn’t have a job.

A. a good teacher    B. not a doctor    C. not a teacher    D. a good doctor

3.Stephen’s family moved to ____ and he went to school when he was ____.

A. St. Albans, eight years old    B. St. Blbans, ten years old

C. Oxford, eight years old    D. Oxford, ten years old

4.Stephen went to St. Albans School when he was ____ years old.

A. ten    B. eleven    C. nine    D. welve

5.Stephen became a famous person for his book A Brief history of Time______.

A. in 1942    B. in 1950    C. in 1959    D. in 1988


J.K. Rowling is the writer of Harry Potter. It is one of the best-sellers (畅销书) all over the world. She was born in Bristol on July 31st, 1965. She has one sister. She is two years older than her sister. They loved listening to their father’s bedtime stories. They loved the stories about magical (魔幻的) world best. Rowling wrote her first story when she was six years old.

In 1992, Rowling began to write the first book about Harry Potter. In 1997, she finished the book. It was a great success. And film came out in November, 2001. Now Harry Potter series (系列) are popular. In this series. Harry is only an ordinary (普通) boy: polite, friendly, brave(勇敢) and clever. So when children read about Harry, they also want to be like him. That’s why Harry Potter series are so popular.

J.K. Rowling is very happy with the success. She says she will go on writing children’s books.

1.J.K. Rowling is the ____ of Harry Potter.

A. reporter    B. student    C. singer    D. writer

2.She was born in Bristol on ____ 31st, ____.

A. June, 1965    B. July, 1992    C. July, 1965    D. June, 1997

3.Rowling wrote her first story at the age of ____.

A. 12    B. 9    C. 11    D. 6

4.In 1997, Rowling ____.

A. began to write the first book Harry Potter

B. finished the book Harry Potter

C. began writing the first story

D. began to write children’s books

5.Rowling’s sister is ____ than her.

A. younger    B. older    C. three years older    D. two years older


Last Saturday evening, Li Lin 's family went to see her grandparents. They had dumplings for supper that evening. There was meat and vegetables inside the dumplings. The dumplings were delicious. But Li Ming didn't have and because he didn't like eating dumplings. He had some noodles with chicken. He liked chicken very much, but he didn't like meat at all. That evening they had a nice meal. After supper they had some fruit. Grandfather and Grandmother had bananas. Father and Mother had oranges. The children had pears. What a good time they had!

1.How many people are there in the family? There are ______.

A. two    B. three    C. four    D. six

2.We can say that Li Ming is Li Lin 's ______.

A. brother    B. friend    C. sister    D. mother

3.Li Ming had ______ for supper.

A. pears    B. noodles    C. meat    D. dumplings

4.What kind of fruit did the children have after supper? ______.

A. Pears    B. Bananas    C. Oranges    D. Apples

5.Father and Mother had ______ for supper.

A. oranges    B. meat    C. dumplings    D. noodles


Tom did not like doing his homework,because he liked to do some___ things after school.And his teacher always____a lot of mistakes in his homework.

Then one day,his maths teacher___ at Tom’s homework and saw that he got all his answers right.He was very____and surprised(惊奇).The next morning before class,he called Tom____his desk and____to him,“You got all your homework right this time.Did your father help you?”Sometimes Tom’s father helped him with his homework,___ this time he didn’t help Tom because he ___at home.So Tom answered,“No,Sir.He was busy last night,so I____to do it ___.”

1.A. others    B. another    C. the other    D. other

2.A. made    B. found    C. looked at    D. looked

3.A. laughed    B. knocked    C. looked    D. saw

4.A. please    B. pleased    C. pleasure    D. sad

5.A. to    B. for    C. in    D. at

6.A. talked    B. asked    C. told    D. said

7.A. and    B. but    C. so    D. or

8.A. isn’t    B. won’t be    C. wasn’t    D. can’t be

9.A. wanted    B. mustn’t    C. liked    D. had

10.A. itself    B. of them    C. myself    D. himself


She decided ____ an English teacher when she finished school.

A. being    B. becoming    C. be    D. to be


We can see his books ____ English and ____ many other languages.

A. in, in    B. with, with    C. in, with    D. with, in


My mother ___ here last Saturday. She ____in Nanjing. She ____back now.

A. isn’t, is, is    B. wasn’t, is, was    C. wasn’t, was, is    D. was, wasn’t, is


—How ____ do you have?

—I have only one.

A. many daughter    B. much child    C. much fish    D. many brother


—Did you ____ your homework?

—No, I didn’t ____ it this afternoon.

A. finish, did    B. finish, will do    C. finished, will do    D. finish, do


Liu Xiang is one of ____ in China.

A. the most famous runner    B. most famous runner    C. most famous runners    D. the most famous runners


Most people still enjoy ____ the plays written (写) by Shakespeare.

A. watching    B. watched    C. to watch    D. to watching


John ___ a girl called Anna ____ October 1st last year.

A. married, on    B. married, in    C. married with, in    D. married to, on


Did you see any pears ____ the tree?

A. in    B. at    C. on    D. of


Children are very happy on June the first because it is _____.

A. Teachers’ Day    B. Children’s Day    C. Women’s Day    D. New Year’s Day




At birth

Weighs 100 kilos

Weighs 0.1to 0.2 kilos

Eats 10kilos of food a day

No teeth

Black and white


150cm tall

15cm long





Dear Lisa,

I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling   1.  . I think you should   2.   yourself by listening   3.  some music before going to bed, and  have a good   4.  .  You can also join clubs to make more  5. . I hope you will have a good time in China.




Television is good. You’d like to watch it all day and all night. But too much TV is a very bad thing. Scientists found that kids who watch too much TV may have more trouble learning to read. They can’t focus (集中)on their books.

Kids learn language skills best by reading, talking and playing with others. If they spend too much time watching TV, they’ll have less time  for those things.

Watching too much TV is bad for people’s health. People don’t move much while watching TV. What’s more, they may eat a lot of food while watching. This can make them fat. We call these people couch potatoes.

Fighting on TV is a big problem for kids. Young people are good at following(模仿).Scientists have found that those who watch a lot of fighting shows are more likely to fight.


1.Why may the kids who watch too much TV have more trouble learning to read?


2.How can kids learn language skills best?


3.What do we call these people who eat a lot of food while watching?


4.Is watching too much TV a bad thing?


5.How many bad things are in the passage if we watch too much TV?



Lucy and Lily had a good time last Sunday.They got up very early.After breakfast they went to a park.In the park, they saw a lot of flowers.Lucy wanted to pick one of them.But Lily stopped her.Then they went to the river. By the river they found a small boat.They got into (进入) the boat and started boating on the river.Two hours later, they left the boat and began to climb the hill near the river.They reached the top at half past eleven.There they Had their lunch.What did they have for lunch? Eggs, bread and some oranges.In the afternoon, they went home.Their mother asked them, “Did you enjoy yourselves?”“Yes, very much.”They answered.


1.Lucy and Lily went to a park last Saturday.

2.In the park, Lucy picked some flowers.

3.They had lunch before they started to climb the hill.

4.They had eggs, bread and some oranges for lunch.

5.They had lunch in the boat


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