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Most American families are smaller than the families in other 1. Children in the US will 2. their parents’ homes. When they grow up, they usually live 3. from their parents because they want to 4.good jobs. They often 5. to their parents or telephone them. And they often go to 6.their parents on holiday. Parents usually let their children choose their 7. jobs. Americans think it 8. for young people to decide on their lives by themselves. Children are asked to do some work around their houses. And in many families, Children are 9. for doing some housework so that they can learn 10. to make money for their own use.


It is said that more than four million people die each year from smoking. That number is frightening.

Yet people around the world continue to smoke. In the United States, about forty-seven-million adults smoke. This year, more than 430,000 Americans died of diseases which have something to do with smoking. The American Cancer Society(美国癌症协会)says smoking harms the body greatly. It warns that smoking even a number of cigarettes is dangerous.

It’s (1)  ______________________________(戒烟是不容易的。)However, doctors say you probably will live longer if you do stop smoking. You will feel better and look better. You also will protect the health of family members who breathe your smoke.

There is not one right way to stop smoking, doctors say. Any wa y can help. You can take long walks or spend time in places where smoking is not allowed. Also, you can eat a small piece of fruit or vegetable instead of having a cigarette. (64)The sooner you stop smoking, the more you’ll reduce (减少) your chances of getting cancer and other diseases.

Stop smoking before smoking stops you!


1.How many people die from smoking each year?


2.What does the American Cancer Society say about smoking?











My parents want me to be a doctor but I’m not ________ ______ it.


I made a study plan for myself at the ________ ________ the new term.


Tom is a kind boy. He is always ________ ________ help others.


Everyone should _______ a part _______  protecting animals.


In fact, I don’t ________ ________ him.



1.It’s ________ (danger) to get close to the tiger.

2.Our teacher often tells us, “Nothing is ________ (possible) if you put your heart into it.”

3.In some countries, people think thirteen is an ________(lucky) number and they don’t like it.

4.Zhou Xingchi is my favorite actor and I like all his ________(comedy).

5.It’s time for us to put the plan into ________ (act).

6.Lang Lang is a famous ________ (piano) from China.

7.I’m going to ________ (improve) my English by watching English movies.

8.I’m going to practice ________(play) basketball every day.

9.She’s going to take ______ (act) lessons.

10.The little girl doesn’t want _____ (grow) up.



1.Don’t take what he said seriously. It was just a j________.

2.Guo Jingming is f________ as a writer. Lots of people like him.

3.I don’t know what will h________ if I tell him the news.

4.Planting more trees is good for the e______.

5.You must understand the importance of e_______.


Caroline’s mom was good at making soup. She made it often. She made chicken soup. She made tomato soup. She made vegetable soup. But Caroline hated them all. She wouldn’t eat any soup. She thought soup was terrible.

Caroline’s mom wanted Caroline to eat soup because she thought it was healthy. One day Caroline’s mom got an idea. She let Caroline make her own soup. They made some hot water first. Then Caroline put in some vegetables she liked. She put in some salt and pepper (食盐和胡椒粉), too.

“I like spaghetti (意大利面),” Caroline said. “Can I put in spaghetti?”

“Yes,” Caroline’s mother said.

They put spaghetti into the soup. Caroline thought it looked funny.

Caroline let the soup cook for a few minutes. When the soup was ready, she couldn’t wait to taste it. It was wonderful! Caroline shared the soup with her family.

Everyone loved it!

“Soup is not so bad,” Caroline said. “Maybe I should try some other kinds of soup next time.” Caroline’s mom was so glad to hear that.

1.The underline word “hated” means “________” in English.

A. enjoyed    B. disliked    C. tried    D. wanted

2.Caroline’s mom often made soup because _______.

A. she couldn’t make other food

B. soup was her favorite

C. soup was easy to make

D. soup was good for health

3.Caroline’s mom got a good idea to _______.

A. make her daughter love cooking

B. teach her daughter how to cook

C. change her daughter’s attitude (态度) to soup

D. make her daughter cook for herself

4.Caroline’s soup did not have ________.

A. chicken    B. vegetables    C. salt and pepper    D. spaghetti

5.Where does this passage probably come from?

A. A cookbook.    B. A science magazine.

C. A storybook.    D. A sports newspaper.


It was Saturday morning. Kate got up early and had breakfast quickly. She was so excited. She was going to the zoo with her family today! There was a new kind of animal in the zoo. It was called sloth (树懒) and it was from South America. Kate never saw a sloth before. She could not wait to see it.

When Kate and her family got to the zoo, there were already lots of people around the sloth. The sloth was staying in a tree! It looked so cute! Kate looked at the animal for about ten minutes, and then she asked, “Are you sure it is alive (活的), Dad? I don’t see it moving at all.” “Of course it is alive,” her father said. “But a sloth can only move really slowly.”

Kate’s family went to see some other animals. Then they went back to the sloth after lunch. Kate looked at the sloth carefully. It was really at a different place, near the place where it stayed in the morning. “You are really lazy, Mr. Sloth,” Kate said. “I think you should do more exercise. It is good for your health.”

1.Kate’s family went to the zoo on _______.

A. Saturday morning    B. Saturday afternoon

C. Sunday morning    D. Sunday afternoon

2.Kate was excited to go to the zoo because ________.

A. she never went to the zoo before

B. the sloth was her favorite animal

C. the zoo had all kinds of animals

D. the zoo had a new kind of animal

3.Kate thought the sloth was ________ when she saw it for the first time.

A. smart    B. lovely    C. lazy    D. scary

4.Kate told the sloth to ________ to keep healthy.

A. move slowly    B. eat more    C. exercise more    D. sleep more

5.We learn from the passage that ________.

A. Kate is from South America    B. Kate often does exercise

C. the sloth moves very slowly    D. the sloth is not healthy


One sunny Sunday morning, Alex and Emma were playing football in the park. Their dad was sitting on a chair, reading a newspaper.

Then Emma stopped and walked to Alex. “It’s too hot,” she told him. “I think I need a sun hat.” “Me too!” Alex agreed.

Emma looked at her dad’s newspaper and said, “I have an idea.” She asked Dad for two sheets of newspaper and made each of them into a hat. Then she put one on Alex’s head and the other on hers. “The hat is great!” Alex said.

They sat down next to Dad and watched everyone in the park. Then the wind began to blow. Some people started flying kites. “I wish I had a kite,” Alex said. “Or a plane!” Emma said. She took off their hats and made them into two planes.

They played with their planes until they heard thunder (雷声). “Oh, it’s time to go home now,” Emma said. “Or all of us will get wet even if I make each of us a paper umbrella!”

1.Alex and Emma played in the park with their ________.

A. father    B. mother    C. friends    D. teacher

2.Alex and Emma stopped playing football because ________.

A. they thought it was boring    B. they lost their football

C. the weather was hot    D. they felt hungry

3.When the wind began to blow, Alex and Emma ________.

A. started flying kites

B. decided to go home

C. made two paper planes to play with

D. started playing football again

4.The underlined phrase “even if” probably means “________” in Chinese.

A. 如果    B. 即使    C. 既然    D. 因为

5.We can infer (推断) from the passage that ________.

A. Alex and Emma do not like reading newspapers

B. Alex and Emma live near the park

C. Alex and Emma are both good at playing football

D. Alex and Emma didn’t take umbrellas with them


Miss Li enjoys cooking and she often watches some cooking programs on TV.

1.You can’t watch The Chef’s Choice on________.

A. CCTV-1    B. CCTV-4    C. CCTV-7    D. CCTV-10

2.The Chef’s Choice is shown_________.

A. every day    B. on weekends

C. five times a week    D. once a week

3.What food does Chef Nic introduce?

A. Chinese food.    B. Traditional food.

C. English food.    D. Food around the world.

4.It’s 21:20. What program is Miss Li probably watching?

A. The Chef’s Choice.    B. Chef Nic.

C. The Taste.    D. American Food.

5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Xie Tingfeng is the host of The Chef’s Choice.

B. Famous stars often appear in The Taste.

C. The Taste tries to find food for the Spring Festival.

D. Chef Nic is shown three times every week.


In 2045, I will live in a smart house. It won’t be very __, because the earth will be more crowded in thirty years, and there won’t be much room for me to __ my house. But it will be comfortable and full __ smart furniture (家具). In the morning, my bed will “stand up” and wake me up. __ I don’t need an alarm clock. After I take a shower and then go into the __, my breakfast is already ready.__ cooks it? My smart table does.

I will spend the daytime in my office. But I can still know what is __ in my house. Is there__ visiting me? Does my dog do well alone at home? I can watch all of these on my phone.

When I arrive home in the evening, the lights will “know” I’m back and they will___ themselves. I __ I will have such a cool house. Do you think so?

1.A. tidy    B. popular    C. cheap    D. big

2.A. mind    B. build    C. buy    D. improve

3.A. by    B. in    C. of    D. to

4.A. So    B. But    C. Or    D. Though

5.A. classroom    B. living room    C. kitchen    D. office

6.A. Who    B. How    C. When    D. Why

7.A. sleeping    B. happening    C. iving    D. playing

8.A. everyone    B. no one    C. someone    D. anyone

9.A. put on    B. turn on    C. take up    D. put up

10.A. agree    B. seem    C. choose    D. believe











参考词汇:aim v. & n. 目标;

confidence n.信心

Boys and girls, the final exams are coming. _____________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _  With these done, I believe we can be successful in the exams.


Mary is 1. eight-year-old girl. Every day she washes clothes, looks after2.(she) younger sister and works 3.(hardly) on the farm. Mary wants to go to school, but her mother needs her help at home. So Mary stays at home instead of 4. (go) to school.

Do you want to help Mary? Well, join Save the Children, please! Just 6 yuan a day, you can 5. (helpful) a child like Mary. With your help, children like Mary will be able 6. (have) enough food and have chances to go to school.

Save The Children is an organization to help poor children like Mary. It has been in service since 1932. The money from kind people will 7. (use) to build schools, hospitals and other necessary 8.(build)

9. you are a volunteer, there are many wonderful things waiting for you — letters from the children, their photos and subject reports. Now, if you are interested10. the application form, and then you can donate some money. In this way, you can help a child like Mary!


To many students, joining social media “circles” (朋友圈) is now more important than making new friends in real life. And it’s easy. If you have a mobile phone, you can download many things such as Sina Weibo, QQ and WeChat.

“I love to check my friends’ updates (更新). I also enjoy news and humor shared on social media,” said Wang Wei, 14, from a middle school in Shenzhen. While enjoying these, Wang distances himself from real life. “I love playing the plane-shooting game on WeChat, but have no interest in playing chess with my classmates,” said Wang.

Deng Yunyun, 14, from Xuhui Middle School in Shanghai, said that social media has influenced their normal life. Last month, his school held a basketball match, and a student hurt his leg. Instead of giving him some help, students were busy with updating WeChat blogs about the accident. “I think they need to learn to balance their real and online lives, and what worries parents and teachers a lot is safety.” said Deng.

“Many students are happy to tell their interests and personal information to their social media ‘friends’. And this could bring them danger,” said Miss Wang, a teacher from a Shenzhen middle school. “For example, the use of WeChat’s shake-shake allows users to connect to other users nearby. Also police warn about the risks of making friends in this way.”

“Be careful. Do not use the locating function (定位功能) at any moment, do not give your name, and do not post the photos of your community,” said Wang.

1.According to the passage, the following separate the students from the real life EXCEPT ________.

A. reading news shared on social media

B. playing some kinds of games on WeChat

C. being busy with updating WeChat blogs

D. staying at home to watch TV programs

2.Why did nobody offer help when a student hurt his leg?

A. Because his classmates were busy sharing their updates.

B. Because his classmates didn’t regard him as their friend.

C. Because he didn’t belong to their social media “circles”.

D. Because there were few students there at that moment.

3.The underlined word “this” in the fourth paragraph refers to ________.

A. the use of WeChat’s shake-shake

B. having no interest in playing chess with friends

C. paying too much attention to their social media “circles”

D. sharing personal information with their social media ‘friends’

4.What is the main idea of the passage?

A. The use of WeChat’s shake-shake adds risks of making friends online.

B. Warn students not to use WeChat’s locating function in case of danger.

C. WeChat separates students from real life and also may bring them danger.

D. Joining social media “circles” is more important than making friends in real life.


Many people believe the human race is divided into two groups. There are cat people, and there are dog people. Friends often ask me if I am a cat person or a dog person. I don’t know. Let’s have a discussion first.

Cat people adore cats because they are beautiful and independent. Cats don’t need much care. They go out for a walk by themselves, and don’t need baths. Cat lovers say that dogs are dirty and very dependent on people.

Dog people love dogs, because dogs love people. Dog owners believe that dogs make people happy, and people make dogs happy. Dog lovers say cats are too proud. But what influence do cats and dogs have on people? Personally, I believe cat people are arty and independent. They say that cat people pay more attention to personal expressions, and they respect individual differences. Typical dog people love family life: they are warm and friendly people, and they are very loyal to their friends.

In my house I have two cats and a dog. I think I am a cat and dog person. What about you? Do you like dogs or cats?

1.According to the passage, we can know the writer is the person _____.

A. who likes neither dogs nor cats

B. who likes both dogs and cats

C. who only likes dogs

D. who only likes cats

2.What does the third paragraph about?

A. It’s about how to take care of pets.

B. It’s about what dog owners think of dogs.

C. It’s about why people don’t like cats.

D. It’s about what cat owners think of cats.

3.Typically, the people who love dogs are _____.

A. arty    B. independent

C. lazy    D. loyal

4.What’s the best title of the passage?

A. Cat People and Dog People

B. Advantages of Keeping Dogs and Cats

C. Stay Away from Dogs and Cats

D. Get to Know People’s Personality


Beijing rock band Escape Plan will perform at the Shenzhen Concert Hall next Saturday. Escape Plan was formed in 2007 and then signed to Beauty Life Co. In the beginning, their style was based on British pop, but later it turned towards pop with electro, new wave and punk elements (朋克元素).

In 2008, their song “We Get Married in 2008” was chosen to be the theme song of that year’s Midi Festival. Their first album was released on August 8, 2008 and achieved surprising sales.

In 2012, Escape Plan released their another album called “The World” and won the best rock band, best rock album, best rock music and best male rock musician during the 4th Midi Awards Ceremony. In a recent interview, the band said, “The meaning behind the album name is that in the present world, we do not have enough time to see through difficulties. We need to believe in love, sunshine and life in such a busy world.”

In recent years, Escape Plan has been an important guest band at the Midi Festival, Zhangbei Grasslands Music Festival and they were also invited to Summer Sonic in 2011, the largest music festival in Japan.

Time: 8 p.m., June 28

Tickets: 80~380 yuan (half price for students)

Place: Shenzhen Concert Hall

Metro: Longgang or Longhua Line, Children’s Palace Station, Exit C or D

1.The rock band Escape Plan comes from ________.

A. Shenzhen    B. Beijing    C. Britain    D. Japan

2.The song “We Get Married in 2008” was ________.

A. about seeing through life difficulties

B. popular in Summer Sonic in 2011

C. chosen to be the theme song of the Midi Festival in 2008

D. chosen to be the best rock music during the 4th Midi Awards Ceremony

3.Which one is the correct time order about Escape Plan?

a.They became a member of Beauty Life Co..

b.Their another album “The World” was released.

c.They were invited to the largest music festival — Summer Sonic.

d.“We Get Married in 2008” was chosen to be the theme song of the Midi Festival.

e.They won the best rock band, best rock album, best rock music and best male rock musician.

A. a d c b e    B. a d c e b    C. d c a e b    D. d c b a e

4.From the passage we know that Escape Plan ________.

A. seldom change their wonderful music style

B. are invited to all the world famous music festivals

C. are formed by some handsome young men and beautiful girls

D. believe in love, sunshine and life in such a busy world.


Tsunami(海啸)is a natural disaster,which is a Japanese word that means “sea wave”.A tsunami is a huge sea wave that forms mainly in the Pacific Ocean area. People die and property is destroyed when a tsunami hits land. What causes these dangerous sea waves?Sometimes,tsunamis are caused when earthquakes take place underwater. Then,water begins to move up and down from the top of the ocean right down to the bottom. Waves begin to form,and each wave is called a tsunami.

A tsunami is less than one meter high and can move at a speed of almost 800 kilometers per hour while it is far out in the ocean. But the tsunami rises higher and higher and moves more slowly as it comes closer to land.

The weather bureau(气象局)warns people over the radio and television when a tsunami is heading for land. These warnings have helped save many lives.

1.The Japanese word “tsunami” means ______.

A. earthquake    B. sea wave    C. ocean water    D. tornado

2.According to the passage,a tsunami can be caused by ______.

A. an underwater earthquake

B. heavy rains

C. waves hitting land

D. tornado

3.As the tsunami moves toward land,it______.

A. picks up more speed

B. becomes far less dangerous

C. rises higher and higher

D. rises lower and lower

4.According to this passage,______.

A. a tsunami can’t cause lots of trouble

B. people can save their lives when a tsunami is coming

C. the warning from the weather bureau can help people save their lives

D. no one can escape when a tsunami is coming


Shlander is a man from space. He thinks the people and things on the earth are very strange. He is now writing a letter to his friend at home. Here is part of his letter. Read it and answer the questions.

Now I am in a strange world. It is very nice. There are many new things here. There are many earth monsters here, too. The earth monsters look very funny. They have just one head, two arms and two legs. They have thin black strings on their heads. Some earth monsters have brown or yellow strings. The earth monsters have a hole in their face. Every day, they put nice things and balls from the trees into the hole. They put water into the hole, too. The earth monsters do not walk very fast. They move from place to pace in tin boxes.

At night, the earth monsters like to look at a square window box. This box has very small earth monsters in it.

1.Shlander thinks the people and things on the earth are very ________.

A. strange    B. nice    C. different    D. beautiful

2.Shlander thinks man on the earth is ________.

A. a monkey    B. an earth monster    C. a tin box    D. a strange world

3.The earth monster doesn’t have ________.

A. heads, arms and legs    B. brown or yellow strings on its head

C. a hole on its face    D. a swing on its body

4.The earth monsters don’t put ________ on their holes.

A. nice things    B. balls    C. fire    D. water


One Saturday afternoon, Sarah went to buy something for her sister and herself. As Sarah was coming out of a __, a young lady walked towards her. She said she was Miss Green — a good friend of Sarah’s sister’s. Sarah __ her. Then she called a taxi to send Sarah home. She told the driver where he should go. Sarah was __ that it was not in the direction of her home.“Why?” Sarah asked. The lady smiled.

When they came to a quiet road, a big rough man __ on the road. He stopped the taxi driver, knocked him down, tied him and threw him out of the taxi. At the same time, Miss Green took out a knife and __ Sarah. She asked Sarah to keep __. The man then started the taxi. “Oh, God! I’m being kidnapped (绑架),” Sarah said to herself.

She tried to escape, but not succeeded. Suddenly an __ came to her. She took out a lipstick (口红) from her pocket, wrote “SOS” on the window, and covered the word with her __. A few minutes later, a police car passed and the policemen saw the __. When the kidnappers saw the policemen, they stopped the taxi, jumped into the grass, and ran away.

The policemen then picked up Sarah and sent her home. When her parents knew what had happened, they were greatly surprised. But they were also __ because their daughter had finally come back safely.

1.A. school    B. taxi    C. shop

2.A. knew    B. believed    C. thanked

3.A. pleased    B. excited    C. surprised

4.A. drove    B. climbed    C. appeared

5.A. frightened    B. played    C. helped

6.A. healthy    B. alive    C. quiet

7.A. idea    B. answer    C. interest

8.A. fingers    B. back    C. dress

9.A. picture    B. map    C. sign

10.A. worried    B. happy    C. afraid


—Could you please ________ some information about the students’ health?

—Of course, it’s my pleasure.

A. pollute    B. provide    C. catch


—Hurry up, we must be the first to ________ the pop star.


A. interview    B. attend    C. complete


A/An ________ means ability to to do something well.

A. skill    B. advantage    C. machine


—Why are you walking to school?

—Because the bus didn’t ________ on the way.

A. complete    B. catch    C. work


—What are you going to do this weekend?

—I want to go to the countryside to ________ the fresh air.

A. take    B. breathe    C. provide


—Your watch is so beautiful. It must be expensive.

—Not at all. I only ________ ¥20 on it.

A. spent    B. took    C. paid


What a waste to throw the new bike ________!

A. in    B. at    C. away


There’s no space for your luggage.

A. car    B. man    C. room


This work of art is quite amazing.

A. surprising    B. disappointing    C. tiring


---Thanks a lot for your help.

---You are welcome. Actually, I managed to fix it without difficulty.

A. easily    B. carefully    C. secretly


I could hardly hear her at the back.

A. always    B. almost not    C. often


---What should I do not to let my parents down?

---Try your best and work hard!

A. make my parents disappointed

B. make my parents frightened

C. make my parents worried


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