We may meet all kinds of difficulties in the future but we should be confident enough to     any challenge.

A. put on     B. get on      C. take on    D. try on


You can’t imagine how beautiful the mountain is _____you see it with your own eyes.

A. until    B. after   C. while   D. when


She has finished typing but she doesn’t know _______ next.

A. what to do                  B. how to do

C. what should she do          D. how she should do


The kind teacher devoted all her time she had ___________ her students.

A. help               B. to help

C. helping            D. to helping


It’s dangerous to walk across the street carelessly.

You’re right. We can’t be careful while crossing the street.

A. so  B. very C. too  D. more


It’s quite clever ________ you _______ out the problem.

A. for working                 B. for to work

C. of working                  D. of to work


---Tom youplay football in the street. ---Sorry I     do it again. 

A. needn’t won’t

B. mustn’t won’t

C. can’t will

D. won’t can’t


Not only Mr. and Mrs. Green but also their daughter ________ abroad twice.

A. have gone           B. have been

C. has gone            D. has been


Could you tell me ____________ a meeting in Guangzhou next week?

A. whether is there going to be

B. whether there is going to have

C. if there was going to be

D. if there is going to be


He speaks _________English _______ French .Instead he speaks German.

A. neither nor               B. not only but also

C. both and                   D. either or


--Have you got any books on English grammar? I want to borrow______.

--Yes here you are. But you must return it by Friday.

A. one           B. it        C. some         D. that






1. 认真遵守交通规则,时刻牢记安全第一。

2. 有许多交通规则,但最基本的是红灯不能过马路;

3. 请你提出两条有关遵守交通规则方面的建议。





Internet has become part of young people’s life.    1.  report shows that 38% of students often use the internet. Most of them get    2. (use) information on the internet       3.  use the internet to help in their studies. But many students don’t use it     4. a good way. Some play games too much, some visit websites     5. they shouldn’t look at. So bad things may happen    6.students spend too much time on the internet.

7. is important for students to use the internet    8.  (proper). Now we have a textbook, which uses many examples to teach students some good ways to use the internet. It gives useful    9.   (advise).Some students also make friends on the internet. But if you want to have a face-to-face     10.  (meet) with your online friends, let your parents know and meet in a proper place.


It’s back to school time for kids in New Jersey, but it’s not back to bullying time. There is a new anti-bullying law in New Jersey starting this school year.

   New Jersey’s law says bullying is not allowed for any reason. All public school workers, from teachers to headmasters, must be trained in how to prevent bullying. Schools must report any bullying at once, and they will be graded on how well they deal with the problem. New Jersey is one of 47 states with anti-bullying laws for schools. Only Michigan, Montana and South Dakota do not have such a law.

There are many kinds of bullying. It may include laughing at others, calling others names and leaving someone out. It can also be physical. The behavior happens over and over again, and can take place anywhere, from the playground to the Internet. It’s reported that nearly half of all kids will experience bullying in school, and at least 10 percent are bullied regularly.

Each year in October, many people begin to pay attention to bullying and try to do something to stop it. Many schools hold anti-bullying programs.

Will stronger anti-bullying laws change the behavior forever? Ken Trump, president of the National School Safety and Security Services, says no. “State anti-bullying laws do not provide more money, or other support,” he said. Some people note that they had strict anti-bullying policies in place long before the law passed. “The law will not change what we do, because we already take this matter very seriously,” explains Bruce Winkelstein, the headmaster of Brookside School in New Jersey.

  You can do your part by treating others kindly and speaking out against bullying. Kids will make the biggest difference of all.

1.What’s the main purpose of this passage?

A. To introduce the ways to stop school bullying.

B. To talk about the influence of school bullying.

C. To ask people to work together against school bullying.

D. To explain the danger of school bullying

2.How many states don’t have the anti-bullying laws for school?

A. 47.      B. 50.           C. 10.        D. 3.

3.Which of the following behaviors is not bullying?

A. A student laughs at another one online.

B. A student hits another one without any reason.

C. A student asks others not to play with one student.

D. A student plays games with another student.

4.What does the underlined word “anti-bullying” (in paragraph 1) mean?

A. Against the bullying.

B. For the bullying.

C. Without the bullying.

D. With the bullying.

5.Who can play the most important role in anti-bullying?

A. Kids themselves.         B. Lawyers.

C. Parents.                 D. Headmasters.


Most people want to be happy, but few know how to find happiness. Money and success alone do not bring lasting happiness. Aristotle, a Greek thinker, said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” In other words, we make our own happiness. Here are a few suggestions to help you be happier.

The first secret of happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life. Too often, we spend so much time thinking about the future —for example, getting into college or getting a good job —that we fail to enjoy the present. You should enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as reading a good book, listening to your favorite music, or spending time with close friends. People who have several close friends often live happier and healthier lives.

Another secret to living a happy life is to be active, and have hobbies where you forget your problems and time. Many people experience this dancing, or playing a sport, such as swimming. You can forget about your problems, and only think about the activity. Finally, many people find happiness in helping others. Studies show that people feel good when they spend their time helping others. If you want to feel happier, do good things for someone. You can help a friend with his or her studies, go shopping to buy food for an elderly person, or simply help out around the house by washing the dishes.

1.The best title of the passage is ________.

A. Money Makes You Happy 

B. The Secrets of Happiness

C. Ideas for Helping Other People to Be Happy

D. Good Friends Make You Happy

2.The second paragraph tells us that ________.

A. the more friends you have, the happier you will be

B. we shouldn’t think about our future

C. happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life.

D. some people fail to live a happy life

3.The passage gives us ________ pieces of advice on happiness.

A. one    B. two    C. three    D. four

4.The writer thinks that ________.

A. everyone knows how to live a happier life

B. it’s wrong to spend time on work

C. hobbies take up too much time

D. doing good things for someone can make you happier

5.Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage?

A. Reading a good book.

B. Traveling to a foreign country.

C. Playing a sport.

D. Spending time with close friends.


School activities for kids and teens

July is a month of fun-filled activities for kids and teens as long as you know where to find them. When you want some fun activities for July, consider these ideas happening in this month.

Secret of the Dragon

Time     Monday, July 1, 2013,

10:30 am

Cost     Adult: $ 7.40

children (number 15 years): half

Bookings  Phone the booking office:

          3403 2578

Address   Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Note      Secret of the Dragon is a magical story about two children who are taken on a dragon ride to explore the universe.

The Search for Life:

            Are We Alone?

Time    Thursday, July 4, 2013,

2:00 pm

Cost     Adult: $ 14.50

         Children (under 15 years): $ 8.70

Bookings  Phone the booking office:

          3403 7689

Address   Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Note      Are we truly alone in space? Is there any life out there? These are the questions asked in this show.

Magic Class

Time     Friday, July 12, 2013,

         10:00 am

Cost      Free

Bookings  Please call 3403 8470 to book your place.

Address   Centenary Community hub, 171 Dande nong Rd

Note      Would you like to be a magician? Then join David, the magician, to learn about real magic with playing cards, coins, ring ropes and DIY projects and be able to become the life of the party.

Science with Me:

Making your own guitar

Time      Saturday, July 20,

           2013, 3:00 pm

Cost       Free

Bookings   Please phone 3403 1226 to book your place.

Address    10, Egginton Close

Note       Do you want to make a guitar with Katy and her mom? Science with Me is going to be with you. Please remember to bring a piece of wood, a hammer, some rubber bands and some nails with you.

1.Alec is strongly interested in space life. He may go to _______.

A. Magic Class

B. Science with Me

C. Secret of the Dragon

D. The Search for Life

2.John and his 10-year-old son want to watch Secret of the Dragon. How much should they pay?

A. $7.40          B. $11.10         C. $14.80           D. $23.20

3.Rita plans to join Magic Class. She may learn about  _______.

A. real magic        B. making coins

C. magic stories      D. holding parties

4.According to the next, making a guitar needs the things except _______.

A. a piece of wood   B. a hammer

C. some nails        D. ring ropes

5.What do the four activities have in common?

A. They are all free.

B. They happen in the same place.

C. They are all weekend activities.

D. They can all be booked by phone.


My friend Karen and I always stay together. Karen is only a few months older than me. I think she is very beautiful. She has long hair and blue eyes. I love Karen so much, because she is such a nice friend. I can share my secrets with her and I am never afraid that she will tell my secrets to others. But I am not such a good friend. I sometimes get angry easily.

  One day, when we were in Grade 4, Karen was going to another friend’s home and asked me to go along with her. But I didn’t want to go to that friend’s home that day. I also didn’t want her to go. Instead, I wanted to go boating with her. However, Karen said she must go to that friend’s home. She said she didn’t want to break her words. I became angry and ran away.

  Later that day, I received a call from Karen’s mother. She told me that Karen had a car accident that day and was in hospital. I immediately ran to the hospital to see if she was OK.

  Luckily, Karen wasn’t seriously hurt. That day, I was afraid that I would lose Karen forever. At that time, I knew how important she was in my life. I decided never to be angry with her again.

1.What do we know about Karen according to the passage? 

A. She had short hair. 

B. She had brown eyes.

C. She became angry easily.

D. She was nice to the writer.

2.That day Karen wanted to _______. 

A. go boating

B. enjoy a car ride

C. buy something

D. visit another friend

3.who told the writer about the car accident that had happened to Karen?

A. Karen’s friend. 

B. Karen’s mother.

C. The writer’s mother.

D. Karen’s friend’s mother.

4.After the writer heard what had happened to Karen that day, she felt _______. 

A. excited      B. bored     C. worried    D. happy

5.What did the writer decide to do? 

A. Stay with Karen all the time.

B. Never be angry with Karen again.

C. Say sorry to Karen in the hospital.

D. Be more careful when walking on the street.




   A good book may be our best friend. It is the same today as it always was, and it will      change. It is the most patient and cheerful friend. It does not     its back upon us when we are sad. It always treats us with the same     . It can amuse us and comfort us.

   People often make friends with the one who is    the same book. There is an old proverb(谚语) — Love me, love my dog.     there is more wisdom in this, “Love me, love my book.” People can think, feel and sympathize(同情)     each other by sharing things about their favorite authors.

   The best books are treasures of good words and golden thoughts. Books     us into the best society. They bring us into the world of the greatest minds. We hear what they said and see what they did. We see the world as if they were really    We laugh with them and     with them. It seems that we have the same feelings. Their experiences become   .

   The great and good do not die, even in this world. The book is a living voice.

1.A. often    B. sometimes    C. never 

2.A. put        B. turn         C. take

3.A. kindness    B. hate            C. sadness

4.A. tired of    B. interested in   C. surprised at

5.A. If           B. Because     C. But

6.A. with        B. on            C. in

7.A. break    B. introduce     C. enter

8.A. dead    B. born      C. alive

9.A. play     B. cry      C. work

10.A. hers       B. yours     C. ours


---Would you like to have another cake?

---_____ I’m full.

A. That’s ok.  

B. You’re welcome.

C. Thank you.


The ______ of a computer is the set of keys that you press in order to do something.

A. mouse      B. keyboard         C. speaker


---Sorry, sir. But is this backpack yours?

---Oh, sorry. I just took it _____. It looks like mine.

A. by accident

B. by chance

C. by mistake


--- You look upset. What’s the matter?

--- Everyone ______ us to win the game, but we lost.

A. expected   B. challenged   C. promised


---Is it _____ for you to go out tonight?

--- Sorry. I have to help my mother with housework tonight.

A. difficult

B. convenient

C. humorous


The ____ of something is the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy it.

A. speed         B. size         C. price


He is one of the most celebrated writers in America.

A. important  

B.  famous

C. humorous


The rivers will become dirtier and dirtier unless we take action to protect them.

A. take measures

B. take care

C. take advice


--- Because of the bad weather, the sports meeting has been cancelled.

--- What a pity!

A. put off    B. called off        C. taken off


A/An _______ is an unusual, exciting or dangerous experience.

A. advantage

B. research

C. adventure


---I felt very nervous before the exam.

---Take it easy. I believe you can do better this time.

A. happy

B. anxious

C. surprised


When you cross the crossroads in the street, you need to guard against accidents.

A. protect yourself from  

B.  suffer from  

C. keep in touch with


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