The sweater looks nice. I'l1 it.

A. take    B. takes    C. taking    D. to take


—___ are the pants?

—They are 180______.

A. HOW many;yuan    B. Whose;yuans

C. How much;yuan    D. Where;yuans


Monday,May 7th

I had so much fun in Beijing last weekend with my parents and my brother.

We went to Beijing by train on Friday night and got there on the morning of Saturday. We went to Tian’anmen Square first. There were many people there. We watched the national flag (国旗)go up. Then we went to the Palace Museum. My parents liked it very much, but I thought it was kind of boring. After that,we visited the Great Wall.When we got to the Great Wall,it started to rain. The rain made the mountains look very beautiful. We played on the Great Wall and took some photos. On Sunday morning,we visited a Beijing hutong. Then after buying some things in Wangfujing Street in the afternoon, we went back home. We really enjoyed ourselves.



1.How was their weekend?


2.What did they do on Sunday morning?


3.They took the bus to get to Beijing.

4.The writer liked the Palace Museum very much.




My parents and I spent a few weeks in London last year. We went there in autumn. We think it is the best time to1.England.The weather is usually very good2.there aren’t too many visitors in October. We stayed3.a small village (村庄)in the West End. We had most of our sightseeing (观光 ) on foot. We went to see all the4.places. We went shopping and5.  too much money. A lot of people6.English food is awful.We don't think7..In fact,we 8.our vacation so much. So go there again this year. We will10.our umbrellas,too. We will use them sometimes.


A:Hi,Lucy.How was your National Day?

B:Very boring. 1.


B:Yes,I went to the zoo with my parents. What about you,Tom?

A:I went to New York.

B:Sounds great! How did you get there?


B:Who did you go with?

A:I went there with my friends.

B:What place did you visit there?


B:Did you take any photos?

A:Of course. The photos are really beautiful.

B:Can I have a look at them?

A:5.I will show them to you later.

B:Thank you.

A. Of course.

B.I just stayed at home most of the time.

C.By plane.

D.What did you do?

E.I visited the Fifth Avenue and the Empire Building.

F.Did you do anything special?

G.I’m not sure.



1.Everyone had a good time there.(改为一般疑问句

______ everyone ______ a good time there?

2.Mary studied Chinese in Beijing.(对画线部分提问

______  ______ Mary ______ Chinese?

3.She bought something interesting for her friend.(改为一般疑问句

______ she buy ______ interesting for her friend?

4.He bought nothing in the shop.(改为同义句

He ______ buy ______ in the shop.

5.I went to Beijing during my holiday.(对画线部分提问

______  ______  you ______ during your holiday?




I didn’t ______  ______  ______  ______ my father yesterday.



—Where did you go ______  ______ ?

—I went to Wuxi.


He stayed in Shantou for ______  ______  ______  ______ on summer vacation.


They ______  ______  ______,so I stopped them.


______  ______ you go on vacation ______ ?


- What about doing _      for the homeless people?

- Good idea!

A. anything helpful

B. something helpful

C. helpful something


—What a nice model plane!

Thanks. I made it with 3-D printer by______.

A. me  B. him  C. itself  D. myself


I have       friends,so I feel sad.

A. few    B. a few    C. little


—Hi,Tony. Who taught you to swim?

      . I learnt it by myself.

A. Somebody    B. Nobody    C. Anybody


Mrs Black       some flowers in the garden yesterday.

A. picks    B. picked    C. is picked


She is in Canada       vacation now.

A. in    B. on    C. at    D. to


It       that they know what they are doing.

A. hears    B. seems    C. listens    D. tastes


The problem is       difficult       students can solve(解答)it.

A. so;and few    B. so;that little    C. so;that few    D. so;that a little


She looks very ____because she has a ____weekend.

A.bored, bored          B. boring, boring

C. bored, boring        D. boring, bored


---Where      he go on vacation ?  --- He went to the mountains.

A. did      B. is         C. does      D. has



1.He ______ (visit) his grandparents last week.

2.Did Julie buy ______ (something) special yesterday?

3.Kevin ______ (not go) ______ (somewhere) interesting last month.

4.They ______ (take ) quite a few ______ (photo) when they visited Mount Tai.

5.—Did you go with  ______ (someone)?

—Not  ______ (real).



1.Last weekend we had a w___time at Mona's party.

2.The movie is boring.I felt _______厌倦的).

3.She kept many _______日记)last year.

4.I can't find my pen a______. Do you know where it is?

5.There is n______in the box. It’s empty.


时光荏苒,转眼大家已经步入九年级。回想过去两年的初中生活,你是否觉得自己改变了许多?请你根据以下提示,以“Some Changes in My Life”为题写一篇英语短文,谈一谈自从上初中后,你在哪些方面发生了变化。





Some Changes in My Life

How time flies! It has been two years since I went to the middle school.                





My grandma picks me up after school. She takes care of me while my parents are at work. 66.奶奶总是对我的家庭作业感兴趣。

Today, I had to use the computer to do my homework. First, I looked for information about how ants find food on the Internet. And then I dealt with information and wrote a report. I thought my report was good and would have a high score. Grandma said, “67.You are really good at using computers. I am proud of you.” She also told me how computers have changed everything. “The influence of computer is great. Computers have even changed the way kids do homework, ” she said. Grandma told me that when she was a girl, people seldom used computers 68.因为他们家里没有计算机。

“Well, how did you look up information? ” I asked Grandma. 69.She told me that she went to the library and read books about the information she needed to learn.

When my parents come home,I will be excited to tell them what Grandma said.

70.Things sure have changed since Grandma was a girl!







Mom and Dad are two of the most important persons in your life. Over your lifetime, they may influence you more than anyone else you will meet. So if your mom loves to read, you just might grow up carrying a book wherever you go, just as she does. But parents do a lot more than just pass on their hobbies. Moms and Dads need to care for their kids the minute their kids are born. Most parents will do this as long as they live.

Here are some ways you can stay close, get along well, and build a strong relationship with your parents.

Spend time together. Instead of playing computer games or watching TV, ask your mom and dad to play with you. Go outside together, or do some reading.

Be kind. Little things might mean a lot to your mom or dad. You can brighten a parent's day with a hug, a card, or a joke. It's also lovely when a kid cleans up his or her room without being asked. And if you try not to fight with your brothers or sisters, your parents will be so happy!

Do your best at whatever you do. You don't have to be perfect, but when you do your best, you make your parents proud. It makes them happy to see how you're turning into a good kid. Why? Because it lets them know they're doing a good job.

1.Who may influence you more than anyone else you will meet according to the passage?


2.Will your parents be happy if you try not to fight with your brothers or sisters?


3.How can you brighten your parent’s day?


4.In how many ways can you stay close, get along well, and build a strong relationship with your parents?


5.What does the underlined part in the last paragraph mean?



Here is a page from a magazine called Future. Read the following information about things that may happen in twenty years.

Cars will run on solar power (太阳能) and will be much cleaner and safer. For example, if you are too close to another car or if you are driving dangerously, your car will slow down or stop by itself.

New cities will have to be built in the sea. Some cities on water will have two levels(层). People will live on the upper level, the lower level will be used for traffic, shops and factories.

Biotechnology(生物技术) will make food better and healthier. Plants without insects or illnesses(病虫害) will be developed. The taste of fruit and vegetables will be better and food will be kept longer.

Many new ways to cure(治愈) illnesses will be found. People will use products of genetic engineering(基因产品) to cure more illnesses. However, some new illnesses will appear.


To happen in 1. years. 


To run on solar power; to be much 2..

New cities

To be 3. in the sea.


To make food better and healthier, plants will have no insects or illnesses. The 4. of fruit and vegetables will be better and better.


To be cured, some new illnesses will appear, some people have to find new 5. to cure new illnesses.




Most young boys don't like growing flowers or watering them. 1.

Angus has a special illness and his IQ (智商) is lower than a normal boy. 2. Now, he spends hours in the garden looking after flowers. “Before working in the garden, it was difficult for Angus to concentrate (集中注意力) in class and sometimes he didn't want to go to school, ” said his mother Elizabeth. “3. We can see Angus is able to work in a garden in the future, ” Angus's teacher said.

4. In the past, soldiers in Egypt treated their mental problems after war by working in the garden. Even now, some doctors advise people to work in the garden to have good health. And doctors also advise young people like Angus to work in the garden.

There are hundreds of children in Britain with a special illness like Angus. 5. When working in the garden, the children have a chance to learn a lot of important skills, such as how to take care of plants. Besides, the children become more confident after working in the garden because they are able to do one thing well.


A.Six months ago, he started learning how to grow flowers.

B.A research shows that working in the garden improves mental (精神的) health.

C.But for 16­year­old Angus, working in the garden isn't just a hobby—it has changed his life.

D.Their lives have been changed by working in the garden.

E.He likes playing basketball.

F.Now he can't wait to go to school and he is happy every day.



As a child, I was really afraid of the dark and of getting lost. These fears were very real and caused me some uncomfortable moments.

Maybe it was the strange way things looked and sounded in my own room at night that scared me so much. There was never complete darkness, but always a street light or car lights, which made clothes on the back of a chair take on the shape of a wild animal. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the curtains(窗帘) seem to move when there was no wind. A very low sound in the dark would seem a hundred times louder than in the day. My imagination(想象) would run wild,and my heart would beat fast. I would lie very still so that the “enemy(敌人)” would not discover me.

Another of my childhood fears was that I would get lost, especially on the way home from school. Every morning I got on the school bus right near my home. That was no problem. After school, though, when all the buses were lined up along the street, I was afraid that I would get on the wrong one and be taken to some other strange places. On school or family trips to a park or a museum, I wouldn't let the leaders out of my sight.

Perhaps one of the worst fears of all I had as a child was that of not being liked or accepted by others. Being popular was so important to me then, and the fear of not being liked was a serious one.

One of the processes(过程) of growing up is being able to realize and overcome our fears. Understanding the things that scared us as children helps us achieve greater success later in life.

1.The author had _____ kind(s) of fears when he was a child.

A. one    B. two    C. three

2._____ would scare the author at night.

A. Street lights and car lights

B. Wild animals and enemies

C. Strange sights and sounds

3.When the author went to some other places on school or family trips, he would _____.

A. walk away without others    B. take a bus by himself    C. follow others closely

4.Which of the following would be possibly true when the author was a child?

A. He was usually popular among people.

B. He was always the leader of the others.

C. He always got poor grades.

5.The underlined word “overcome” means “________” in Chinese.

A. 接受    B. 忍受    C. 克服


I am a middle school student. My name is Wang Jing. My grandfather is 70 years old now. He often says life has changed a lot. It becomes better and better. I ask him what life was like when he was a child. The following was what he said.

When he was a child, he used to feel hungry. There didn't use to be enough food for him to eat. He has two brothers and two sisters. His parents were both farmers. They were very poor and couldn't let their children eat as much as possible. As for clothes, they didn't use to have enough clothes. They didn't use to buy new clothes. The younger brothers and sister often wore their elder brothers' and sister's clothes. My grandfather is the youngest. Only he went to school and had a job in the city. His brothers and sisters didn't get an education and live in the countryside now. Now my grandfather has retired and lives a happy life. He can eat any food that he wants. He can buy clothes that he wants to buy. He says he is much happier than before. He often asks me to study hard. He says if I work hard, I can have a good future.

1.Wang Jing's grandfather could get enough food when he was a child.

2.Her grandfather's parents has five children.

3.Her grandfather used to wear his mother's clothes.

4.Her grandfather's brothers and sisters couldn't go to school because they were poor.

5.Wang Jing's grandfather is unhappy now.


When I was younger, I ______ afraid of and hate dogs. If a dog was close to me, I would move away as ______ as possible, or go to ______ side of the street.

But later on my sister bought a puppy called Cathy, and I had to live with a dog in my house. My sister told me to pet the dog. She was small and looked nice and loving, ______ I wasn't so scared, and I did it. The puppy did not attack (袭击) me. That's when I ______ I really liked this puppy!

I started taking care of her, feeding her, taking her out for walks, and taking her to the vet's (兽医站) for check­ups. Slowly I started to find ______. Now, I love her so much, and I would do anything for her.

My friends are still ______ why I am no longer afraid of dogs. It was a long time, but I did it. I make up my mind to ______ being afraid. I ______ my fear and the challenge and I overcome them. You can, too! Is there anything you are afraid of? You have the power to beat it! Think about it and see if you can ______ a way to face your fear. Take a chance! It could change your life.

1.A. used to be    B. use to    C. used being    D. used be

2.A. slowly    B. slow    C. fast

3.A. other    B. the other    C. others

4.A. and    B. but    C. so    D. or

5.A. realized    B. hoped    C. regarded

6.A. anger    B. happiness    C. love

7.A. surprised    B. excited    C. afraid

8.A. begin    B. stop    C. lose    D. interest

9.A. get    B. raise    C. face

10.A. come up with    B. deal with    C. compare with


—I have no idea _____.

—Oh, she is Mr. Smith's daughter.

A. where she comes from    B. if she lives here    C. who she is


A number of people _____ watching the show in the park. The number of them _____ about 600.

A. is, is    B. are, are    C. are, is


All of Chinese are _____ Li Na.

A. pride of    B. proud of    C. pride in


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