For this months Young World magazine, I interviewed 19-year-old Asian pop star Candy Wang. Candy told me that she used to be really shy and took up singing to deal with her  1.  (shy). Now shes not only shy anymore and enjoys  2. (sing)in front of crowds.

I asked Candy how life was different after she became famous. She explained that there are many good things, like being able  3.  (travel)and meet new people all the time. I didnt use to be popular in school, but now I get tons of attention everywhere I go. 4.  (however), too much attention can also be a bad thing. I always have to worry about how appear to others, and I never dare to be  5.  (care) about what I say or do. And I have much  6.  (little) private time now because there are always guards around me.

What does Candy have to say to all   7.  (that) young people who want to become famous?Well,she begins  8.  (slow),you have to be prepared to give up your normal life.You can never imagine how difficult the road to success is. Many times I  9.  (think) about giving up, but I fought on. You really require a lot of talent and hard  10.  (work) to succeed. Only a very small number of people make it to the top.



Friends are important in our life, because no one wants to be lonely. However, some people have difficulty in making friends and they often feel lonely.    2.   According to new study from Chicago University, the reason is that this kind of people have brain(脑)different from common people. And they often feel unsafe when facing stranger.

Does that mean they have no way to become happy again?   3.   Scientists of this study have thought up ways to help these people deal with their loneliness. They provided four step for getting out loneliness.

   4.   Its not enough for people just to get in touch with others online. Thats because most people dont show their true selves there, said Dr. Cacioppo, one of this studys scientists. Another step is to get an action plan. Asactions speak louder than words, people need to be active to communicate with others. They also need to meet people with the same interests. Also, they should try to expect the best from each activity.    5.  Who knows what good things are waiting for us?


A. People who feel lonely

B. The first step is to accept social invitations even if you dont want to go.

C. after all, tomorrow is another day.

D. Whats the reason behind that?

E. Why dont we like them?

F. New ways to deal with loneliness

G. No, dont worry.


Alice spends her summer vacations walking back into history. Alice is 15 and she is a guide who shows visitors around the Fort(城堡)Delaware Museum in New York. This year, I spun wool(纺毛线)on a spinning wheel. Last year, I was a candle maker. My first year, I cared for the garden and looked after the animals. All the jobs Ive had at the fort have been really fun.

Fort Delaware is a living-history museum that shows how life was in frontier(边远地区)America in the mid-1700s. Reading about history cant compare to experiencing it for yourself, says Alice.

The experience begins as soon as visitors enter the fort. The smell of wood smoke fills the air. Women in petticoats (long skirts) and men in knee breeches(knee-length shorts) are busy with their chores. The guides show visitors how the settles(移民)would have carried out everyday work. Kids are surprised when I tell them that one of their jobs would have been to make candles, says another guide, 16-year-old Jane. They dont realize that kids back then had to work hard. She also shows visitors how to play with toys and games.

They are playing historical parts, so the guides cant wear shorts or T-shirts when the weather is hot. But the clothes of the past can easily change modern kids into people from 18th century. The clothing felt strange at first, but it does make it easier to get into characters, says Jane.

Working at the fort has helped Jane to appreciate her life even more. Alice agrees, The fort has taught me how hard life was and how much work there was every day. We are so lucky with everything we have now. Life wasnt always this easy.


1.Fort Delaware in New York is a     museum.

A. living-history       B. toy      C. candle      D. clothing

2.Alice has been to the Fort Delaware Museum at least     .

A. once      B. twice      C. three times      D. four times

3.Which of the following is TRUE about the life in frontier America in the mid-1700s?

A. People couldnt make fire.

B. Kids played with toys and games all day long.

C. People could use a spinning wheel.

D. Kids didnt feed the animals.

4.Why do modern kids have to wear the strange clothing while playing historical parts?

A. Because wearing the strange clothing makes kids fun.

B. Because it is easier for kids to get into characters.

C. Because kids like wearing the strange clothing.

D. Because the weather is hot.

5.The main idea of this passage is that     .

A. all the jobs Alice has had at the fort have been really fun

B. how hard life was and how much work there was in the past

C. reading about history can compare to experiencing it for yourself

D. we are so lucky with everything we have now, and then we must appreciate them


If you love reading books, you must know about the book The Little Prince. Its a famous novel written by a French writer. As one of the best-selling books in history, it has been sold as many as 200 million copies in 253 languages and dialects(方言). Now, around seventy years after the birth of the book, an American director has found a way to make it into a 3D animated film.

The book tells the story of a pilot, called The Aviator, who crashes(撞击)into the desert and meets a young prince there. However, in the film, the story starts years after the crash when The Aviator is much older. He has got a new neighbor called The Little Girl, whose mother wants her to get ready to enter the grown-up world. Slowly, the Aviator shares his story with The Little Girl by writing it down and sending her a page at a time. The pages are complete with the pictures in the book, speaking about his time in the desert and taking The Little Girl to an amazing world where anything is possible.

China is the first country in the world to see the film in two versions--in Chinese and English. The film shows The Little Girls life and tells The Little Princes story at the same time in a beautiful way.

Huang Lei, who voices the film together with his 9-year-old daughter, says the film is like a childhood dream which is lost by most adults in this stressed-out society.

The most touching part is that every one of us was a good-natured kid like the Little Prince, and its a pity that this good characteristic(品质)goes away as time flies, he says.


1.The novel The Little Prince was written in the     .

A. 1900s          B. 1940s          C. 1990s          D. 2010s

2.The book The Little Prince is one of the best-selling books in history because     .

A. you must know about it if you love reading books

B .it shows The Little Princes story in a beautiful way

C. it has been sold as many as 200 million copies in 253 languages and dialects

D. the director has made it into a 3D animated film

3.How does The Little Girl get to know the story of The Little Prince?

A. She reads the pages that The Aviator writes and sends to her.

B. Her mother wants her to get ready to enter the grown-up world.

C. The Aviator takes her to an amazing world.

D. She moves home next to The Aviator.

4.What does the underlined wordgood-naturedmean?

A. kink          B. friendly          C. helpful           D. all above

5.According to the passage, which is Huang Leis opinion?

A. He doesnt believe the good characteristic is lost as we grow older in this stressed-out society.

B. He thinks all of us should keep our better nature and never let it disappear.

C. He feels excited because he can see the film in two versions first.

D. He and his daughter voice the film together.


Thang-ga(唐卡)is a special kind of painting .It was found only in Tibet,China. It started from the Tang Dynasty(唐朝). Thang-ga paintings show Tibetan peoples lives. In recent years, Tang-ga paintings have caught the publics attention .At the same time,the Chinese government has also tried hard to protect the art.

The color of Tang-ga paintings looks wonderful and special. Because of the special environment of Tibet and the excellent skills of artists, the paints(颜料) used in Thang-ga are different from other paints. They were made from minerals like gold and silver, as well as some plants. The paints were made by hand and the beautiful colors could last(持续)for hundreds of years.

However, with the development of technology, people now use cheaper and more easily-made chemicals to make Thang-ga paints. The traditional paints used in Thang-ga paintings took a lot of work and they were made in many secret ways. Later people stopped making the paints and forgot about them. So the skills needed to make them were almost lost. The traditional Thang-ga paintings are difficult to find now.


1.Tang-ga is a special and unusual kind of art.

2.Tang-ga was found only in Tibet in the Tang dynasty.

3.The special environment of Tibet and the excellent skills of artists make Tang-ga paints different from other paints.

4.The color of Tang-ga paintings can last for hundreds of years with modern technology.

5.The skills of artists have been already lost, so it is difficult to find the traditional Tang-ga paintings.




One evening a young woman walked on the beach. She     to see the footsteps(足迹) she had left in the sand, but they had already been washed away by the water. When she turned to continue her walk, She was surprised to see an old woman   by a fire.

She walked up to the old woman and asked,”Where did you come from?I didn’t see you here a minute ago.

    answering her question, the old woman said, ”Sit with me, my child. I have something to show you.”

As the young woman sat down beside the fire, the old woman handed her a book. She turned the pages of the book one by one and was     to discover they told the story of her whole life, from the early days of     to the present. But when she turned to the next page, she found it empty. and the rest of the pages in the book were all empty.

Does this mean my life ends tonight?” she asked.

No, my child. It means tonight your life  .”

At that time the old woman took the book into her hands and began to tear(撕掉)each of the pages that had words out of the book. She then threw into the fire until all left were empty pages. She handed the book of empty pages to the young woman.

You see,” she said, “just as the water washed away your footsteps in the sand, your past is forever gone. What you have is here and now. Each moment is the beginning of the rest of your life and you should live it to the fullest, because you won’t live that moment a(an)   time. For your future, you are free to shape it as you wish,   it has not yet been written.”

1.A. turns     B. turned     C. is turning

2.A. sitting     B. to sit      C. sat

3.A. Thanks to B. Instead of     C. As for

4.A. tired     B. sad         C. amazed

5.A. childhood B. adulthood     C. old age

6.A. ends     B. lives         C. begins

7.A. them     B. it             C. her

8.A. hardly     B. lately         C. truly

9.A. other     B. another     C. second

10.A. whether B. because     C. then


Little Tom was in seventh heaven when he got a fashion bicycle for his birthday.

A. disappointed               B. angry

C. upset                     D. happy


Emily got the first place in the Spelling Bee. We all admire her spelling ability.

A. a competition to spell words

B. a competition to give speeches

C. a competition to tell stories

D. a competition to sing songs


In order to have more tourists to Yunnan, we need to come up with more     ideas.

A. awful           B. meaningless

C. creative         D. embarrassing


—I am worried about    

—Whatever the result is, dont be too hard on yourself.

A. how have I prepared for my final exams

B. if I can get great grades in the final exams

C. that my school team lost the game because of my fault

D. why did my school team lose the game


—Have you watched the boat races this Dragon Boat Festival?

   —Yes.      wonderful races!

A. What an          B. What a

C. What           D. How


—Dont eat junk food. Its bad for you.

   —     .

A. Sorry, I wont              B. Sure, I will

C. Take it easy                  D. Never mind


Look! A dog     a blind man across the road.

A. leads            B. lead

C. is leading       D. led


—Would you like to see a movie with me tonight?

   —     .I have to do chores.

A. Good luck     B. Lets go

C. No problem     D. Im afraid not



   —Great! Everyone had fun.

A. How was the school trip yesterday 

B. How often do you exercise

C. Did you ride a horse

D. Can you do the dishes


Each couple in China can have two     from January 1st, 2016.

A. boy                B. girl

C. children            D. child


High technology is used in EURO 2016 to     the matches are fair enough in France.

A. make up         B. make sure

C. come out        D. come over


—Jim, are these your keys?

   —     . They are hers.

A. Yes, it is        B. No, it isnt.

C. Yes, they are.     D. No, they arent


—What does your new classmate look like?

    —     .

A. He is from Australia    

B. He is tall and of medium build

C. He is very nice to others

D. He has a pair of blue shoes


It is difficult to remember and write Chinese traditional characters(繁体字),     they are a great part of Chinese culture. We should keep them.

A. but         B. and         C. or         D. until


Shanghai Disneyland opened     June 16th, 2016. We are thirsty to go.

A. in          B. on          C. at          D. of



_1.(欢迎)to my school. It’s very2.(大). There are five buildings in it. In the3.(中间)of the school is a big playground, we often have P.E. lessons on it. In front of the playground is the classroom building4. (带有) twenty classrooms and next to it is the school offices.5.(我们的)teachers work there.6.(在……后面)the playground is the7. (图书馆). There are many books, maps and8.(电脑)in it. The building on the left of that is9.(为)science. There are 4 science labs in the building. Between the science building and the school offices 10. (是) the dinning hall.



A. 用方框中所给词语的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。

really   between   play   capital   have

1.It’s time ________ dinner.

2.Can you tell me the _________ of America?

3.Let’s ________ table tennis this afternoon.

4.I’m ________ tired after shopping.

5.The park is __________ the hotel and the museum.



One Sunday morning Mr Green and his child , Bill ,are in a big shop . Mr Green wants to buy a new blouse for Mrs Green . Bill likes oranges , so his father buys two kilos (公斤)of oranges for him , too . Bill wants to buy some picture—books and colour pencils , too . There are many people in the shop . They are men and women , old and young . They all want to buy something there .

1.Mr Green goes to the shop with________ .

A.Mrs green            B.his son

C.his daughter          D.his father

2.Mr Green wants to buy a new blouse for________ .

A.Bill’s mother        B.Bill

C.his friend            D.other people

3.Bill likes________ .

A.all the things          B.the new blouse


4.Bill wants to buy _________ .

A.some picture—books     B.some colour pencils

C.clothes in the shop    D.A and B

5.The shop is__________ .

A.empty                   B.close

C.full of children        D.full of people



Mary is an American schoolgirl. She is now in Beijing with her parents. She doesn't know Chinese, but she is trying (努力) to study and speak it. She often tries to speak Chinese to her Chinese friends. Sometimes they don't understand (理解) her, because she can't speak Chinese well.

It's Saturday morning. Mary goes out. She is on her way to the park. She is going there to see a flower show (展览). But she doesn't know how to get there. She asks a Chinese boy. The boy can't understand her. Then she takes out a pen and some paper. She draws flowers on it, gives the picture to the boy and says something about it. The boy smiles and then shows (指给) Mary the way to the park.

1.Where does Mary live now? She lives in ____.

A. America                 B. England

C. China                   D. Canada

2. She can speak ____ Chinese.

A. much                     B. a little

C. little                  D. a few

3.She likes ____ Chinese with her ____.

A. speak, parents           B. speaking, friends

C. speaks, girl-friends    D. speaking, teachers

4.Where is she going?

A. To a new school.        B. To see her friends.

C. To a farm.             D. To see some flowers.

5. How does she ask the way to the flower show?

A. She asks the way in Chinese.

B. She asks the way with a sigh (标志).

C. She draws a picture to ask the way.

D. She doesn't ask any people.


任务型阅读  阅读下列短文,完成所给的问题。

Today is Saturday. It is Children’s Day, I get up very early. I go to school at about six. Our school is very clean and beautiful. Birds in the trees sing all the time. Every student wears a white coat. Girls wears beautiful skirts. We sing and dance, run and jump. We look like happy birds.

Our party begins at half past seven. First, we listen to our teachers, and then the programme(节目) begins. Many people sing together on the stage(舞台) . They sing and dance very well. All the teachers and students like watching and listening to them. After the party we play games in the classroom . All of us enjoy the day very much.

1.What day is it today?


2.When does the party begin?


3.What do the children do after the party?


4.Do the children have a good time?


5.What does  the  school  look like?




1.Excuse me, is this eraser __________ /jɔ:z/?

2.Look! He puts(放) the bag on his __________ /hed/.

3.--- Where’s my baseball?     --- I don’t __________ /nəʊ/. You can ask mum.

4.Three and five is e__________.

5.I like English. How a__________ you?

6.Tu Youyou is a scientist(科学家). Youyou is her f__________ name.

7.The white __________ (模型) plane is my little brother’s.

8.--- How are your __________ (父母) ?     --- They are fine, thanks.

9.In the __________ (下一张) picture are some nice girls.

10.Tony isn’t at home, and he is in the __________ (图书馆).



假设你是 Mary,下面是你的好朋友Tom的相关信息,请仔细阅读后,以“My good friend”为题,写一篇60词左右的短文,在英语课上介绍自己的好朋友。











Kate White is my friend. She has a big     . There are     people in her family. Her     name is James. He is a doctor. Her grandmother’s name is Alice. She is a teacher. They have a     and a daughter. They are Thomas and Cindy. Thomas is Kate’s     and he is a policeman. Kate’s mother is Jenny and she is a nurse. Kate is 13     she is a middle school student.     studies (学习) in No. 19 Middle School. Kate     a little brother. Her brother’s     is Jimmy. Jimmy is three. Coco is     dog. It’s very cute(可爱的). The     of it is white. Cindy is Kate’s   __  and Charles is Cindy’s husband (丈夫).     teachers. They have a little boy.     name is Tommy. Tommy is Kate’s     . Kate loves her family very much.

1.A. room            B. box          C. ball            D. family

2.A. seven            B. eight      C. nine             D. ten

3.A. father’s      B. father      C. grandfather’s   D. grandfather

4.A. son            B. cousin       C. brother         D. sister

5.A. father          B. uncle        C. friend           D. teacher

6.A. but              B. and          C. so               D. well

7.A. We               B. It            C. Her             D. She

8.A. says             B. does         C. sees            D. has

9.A. baseball        B. name         C. girl            D. bag

10.A. their           B. its          C. an               D. the

11.A. day            B. watch        C. game             D. color

12.A. aunt            B. mother        C. grandma          D. sister

13.A. She’s          B. They’re      C. He’s            D. Their

14.A. His             B. He’s         C. Her              D. She’s

15.A. classmate       B. uncle        C. brother          D. cousin



I have many teachers now and I love them all, but I think I love my English teacher, Sophia, best.

Sophia is from the UK. But she loves Chongqing very much. She thinks Chongqing is great. She loves Chongqing food. Do you know what she likes for breakfast? Bread and milk? No, she doesn’t. She only has noodles(面条). Hot pot(火锅)is her favorite and she always eats it on Saturday and Sunday. Sophia has a daughter and a son. Her daughter’s name is May. Her son’s name is Jack. They are 8 years old. They go to the same school. They like hot pot, too. They are all in Chongqing now.

We have English from Monday to Friday. So Sophia is very busy. But she is always nice and happy. All my classmates like her and her classes very much. She often plays English games and sings English songs with us. When we have questions, we like to ask her for help.

Now I think I can do well in English because I have the best English teacher, Sophia.

1.My English teacher Sophia is in ___________ now.

A. the UK               B. Beijing

C. the USA            D. Chongqing

2.For breakfast, Sophia only has ____________.

A. noodles               B. bread

C. hot pot             D. eggs

3.___________ like(s) hot pot very much.

A. May                   B. Jack

C. Sophia               D. May, Jack and Sophia

4.From the passage, we know _____________.

A. I like Sophia, but she isn’t my favorite teacher

B. Sophia’s daughter and son don’t go to the same school

C. we have English classes from Monday to Friday

D. we can’t ask Sophia for help because she is very busy

5.The best title(标题)can be “_____________”.

A. Sophia’s Family              B. My Favorite Teacher

C. Sophia, an English Star        D. Sophia and I


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