—Could you tell me ________?

—Yesit will start at ten.

A. when will the meeting begin

B. when the meeting will begin

C. where the meeting begins

D. where does the meeting begin



1.I exercise to keep healthy by________(run)every morning.

2.I had got a cold.I felt myself________(grow)colder.

3.Keep________(read)the story and you will remember it.

4.One way_________(work)out the problem is to speak as much as possible.

5.You need to eat more vegetables to stay_________(health).






1.--Oh,I can’t decide________of the three books I should buy.

-I think this one,Who Moved My Cheese,is the most interesting

2.--Can you tell me_______the film will begin?

--At 8:10.

3.--Do you know_________your friend is so unhappy?

--Perhaps because he is missing his old school.

4.--Could you tell me_______the man in front of the car is?

--Sorry,I don’t know,either.

5.--Will David come to the birthday party?

--I am not interested in_______he’ll come or not.





3.你想为你的老师和同学点播“Yesterday Once More”,以表示对他们的感谢。

Dear Miss Zhao.






Do you like listening to the radio?I did when I1.(be)young.I grew up with the radio.

I remember my grandparents2.(have)a small black radio when I was a little child.Every day at 6:00 pm we began3.(listen)to stories and had supper.There was a very long story,but we could only hear a small part of it just 304.(minute)

every day.It might5.(take)a few months6.(finish)all of the story.We listened to the story every night and never got tired of it.But as I grew older,I seemed 

7.(be)interested in TV.So I wanted8.(watch)news reports on TV.Now I don’t want to listen to the radio any more.However,my grandparents still enjoy9. (listen)to it.We have to have the radio and TV on at the same time.I watch TV and they listen to10.(they)stories on the radio.


(B) 阅读短文,根据短文内容回答问题.(必须使用完整语句作答)

   Henry Jackson is a reporter of a national newspaper. I talked to him recently and have found something interesting about him. Henry went to our school and is now a reporter for a

national newspaper. He decided to be a reporter when he was14. He started writing articles for

the school newspaper at the age of 15. He became the editor of the paper when he was 17. He

went to university and wrote for the university newspaper. Then he got a job with a small

newspaper. After about two years,he started working for a national newspaper. He has worked for them for four years now.

     Henry liked our school.He thinks that successful people know what they want to do when they are quite young.

1.What does Henry Jackson do?  _______________________________________

2.How old was Henry Jackson when he decided to be a reporter?


3.How long did Henry Jackson work for the small newspaper?


4.When did Henry Jackson start writing articles?


5.Did he go to the university?



One afternoon, Kate and her brother Bob went out to play.Kate was eight, and Bob was ten.“Let’s go to the bridge and we can see fish in the river.” said Kate.

“I don’t know…” Bob said.“Mum told us, ‘don’t go on the bridge.’ She said it’s dangerous.”

Kate said, “I am not afraid.Are you?”

They walked onto the bridge and began looking for fish in the river.The bridge was a train bridge.Trains went over the bridge three times a day.

The children were standing in the middle of the bridge when they heard a loud noise.“A train is coming!” Bob shouted.“Run!” He ran to the end of the bridge.He was safe.

Kate ran, too, but she fell.The train was coming fast.Kate ran towards Bob.She fell again right on the train tracks(铁轨).There was no time to leave.She had to lie down between the tracks.A few seconds later, the train went over the girl, but she was not hurt at all.She stood up and said to Bob, “Don’t tell Mum! Don’t tell Mum!”

At last their mother found out about the story.She was angry because they went on the bridge.But she was happy that Kate was all right.

1.Bob and Kate were     .

A. twins    B. brothers

C. sisters    D. brother and sister

2.One afternoon they went to the bridge to see     .

A. their mother    B. fish

C. the train    D. the river

3.When the train came, the children were     .

A. in the middle of the bridge

B. at the end of the bridge

C. on their way to the bridge

D. away from the bridge

4.Where was Kate when the train was going over her?

A. She fell again right on the train tracks(铁轨).

B. Kate ran towards Bob.

C. She had to lie down between the tracks.

D. She stood up and cried.

5.When their mother knew about the story, she was     .

A. happy    B. angry

C. sorry    D. both angry and happy


Welcome to Student Success,the radio programme that helps students study.This morning we will talk with Jenny,John and Anna,the three top students in English from No.1 High School,about how they study.

Jenny:I study by reading the textbook every night.I make lists of words I don’t know.Then I make flashcards(抽示卡)from the lists and go over them.I like to study by myself at home.It’s quiet there.

John:I study best with my friends.We get together in the park after school.Sometimes we use flashcards.At other times, we practise talking in English.It helps me a lot.

Anna:I ask my teacher for help.She always gives me tapes to listen to.Sometimes I read aloud to help practise pronunciation.And I listen to radio programmes like this one,too!You can say that I learn by listening.   

So they have three different ways to study and they all work.Our next programme is about language learning.

1.Students Success is a       

A. book about how to learn English

B. television programme

C. radio programme

D. DVD about language study

2.Jenny likes to study         

A. in the park    B. in the library

C. with her friends    D. by herself

3.        studies English by practising talking in English.

A. Jenny    B. John    C. Anna    D. The reporter

4.Anna’s teacher always gives her      to help her study English.

A. books    B. tapes    C. CDs    D. cards

5.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. The three students are all weak in English.

B. The three students are all high school students.

C. Jenny reads the textbook every night.

D. Both Jenny and John use flashcards to learn English.


I am a reporter from Beijing TV station.I want to know What people like to ______.So I interviewed 100 people about it.Here is the______

Twenty people like to watch CCTV’s programmes,______the news channel,because they can know the______news in the world.About ten people prefer CCTV-3 programmes,because they______music and dancing very much.About fifteen people say that they like to watch the______channel.They can enjoy the most exciting movies at home.They______think it is the cheapest way to enjoy movies.Some old people

say they like operas most,_____,Beijing Opera,so they like to watch the opera channel.About five people______that they don’t mind which channel to watch.

So if our TV station wants to have a larger______,we should try to make the best programme.

1.A. sing    B. look    C. watch    D. hear

2.A. result    B. why    C. reason    D. cause

3.A. specially    B. especially    C. quickly    D. luckily

4.A. newest    B. fastest    C. worst    D. latest

5.A. dislike    B. study    C. love    D. work

6.A. sports    B. movie    C. song    D. news

7.A. also    B. too    C. either    D. yet

8.A. as well    B. because of    C. look like    D. for example

9.A. tell    B. say    C. speak    D. talk

10.A. reporters    B. readers    C. audience    D. presenters


This is my first time to come to Ji’nan.Can you        me        Daming Lake?

A. show,around    B. take,over

C. look,around    D. get,around


The boy is         the ant on the ground.

A. looking up at    B. looking down at

C. looking like    D. looking down


The man makes a living         teaching.

A. without    B. with    C. by    D. use


---- Could you tell me ______? I must find him

---- SorryI don’t knowBut he was here just now

A. where Tom was    B. where has Tom gone

C. where Tom is    D. where can I find Tom


It’s dangerous       a close look at the tiger in the zoo.

A. for us taking    B. of us to take    C. of us taking    D. for us to take


This morning my mother asked me         

A. why he is not here    B. how did my brother do it

C. what time is it    D. what my sister did over the weekend


His mother told him that the light       faster than the sound.

A. travels    B. travelled    C. travel    D. will travel


I hope          tomorrow.

A. him come    B. he can come    C. him to come    D. he come


David, get up early, ________then you’ll catch the early bus.

A. but    B. and    C. after    D. or


       a teacher,Mr Wang thinks it’s very important to teach the students how to learn.

A. From    B. With    C. As    D. Of


The president will give a report to the public        on Sunday.

A. in a person    B. in person

C. on a person    D. on person


This time I don't know if I      the exam.If I       the exam,I’ll have a great vacation.

A. pass,pass    B. pass,will pass

C. will pass,pass    D. will pass,will pass


He coughed day and night.His wife asked him       smoking.

A. giving up    B. going on    C. to give up    D. to go on


My brother could swim        the age of six.

A. at    B. on    C. in    D. with


--Don’t you want to go fishing?

--        .I want to stay at home alone.

A. Yes,I do    B. No,I don’t    C. Yes,I don’t    D. No,I do



Dear Lin Lin,

I am feeling unhappy these days. I don't know why I get angry so easily now. I shouted at my parents last week and had a fight with my best friend yesterday. What should I do?Could you give me some advice?

I look forward to hearing from you.




提示词:forgive v. 原谅 solve v. 解决



It took me about 2 months to plan my daughter’s birthday party. She was three years old. I got many ideas from the Internet that I thought I could use for the party. I had sleepless nights because I wanted this to be the best birthday. I looked for a place to have our party. Luckily, I found Monte Verde Park. It is a very beautiful park. After booking it, we started to buy gifts for all the kids. We went to LA for good prices. I had 40 gifts in my room for a month and I wanted to give them all away. I bought two beautiful skirts for my daughter. I also bought red cards at Tall Mouse. I then sent them to my daughter’s friends. I invited them to my daughter’s third birthday party on September 25th at 6:30 p.m. at Monte Verde Park. They could eat cake and have a good time.


1.How long did the writer spend planning her daughter's birthday party?


2.What gift did the writer buy for her daughter?


3.Who did the writer invite to her daughter’s third birthday party?


4.When and where did they have the party?


5.What did they eat at the party?



You don’t have to feel terrible all the time on school days. Your school days can be some of your happiest time! Yes, it is possible. Let me tell you what you should do.

On every weekend, take a piece of paper and write down the title “ My Schedule (计划)”.Under it, you write the days of the week. Next to the days you can write what you should do. You should give yourself enough time for study and some time for activities you like to do.

In class, you have to listen to the teachers carefully. Also, try to answer the questions he asks in class and talk about your ideas. You will be someone interesting for the teachers and someone special for your classmates.

Try to make friends with your classmates. If they don’t like to make friends with you, it’s fine. Notice if there is someone whom you feel you can be friends with.

If you want to do something or you feel bad these days, you can discuss it with the friend you trust. It is very helpful to have a best friend who can reach for your hand and touch your heart.

Invite your friends to your home or ask them if they’d like to hang out with you. Other times,do homework with them in the same time or place. You could give them ideas and they may have helpful thoughts that would help both of you.

1.When does the writer advise students to write down the schedule?

A. On Monday.    B. On Tuesday.    C. On Friday.    D. On Sunday.

2.The schedule should be ________.

A. for study and activities    B. full of subjects

C. full of activities    D. made with your friends

3.What should you do in class?

A. Think about your ideas.

B. Try to answer the teachers’ questions.

C. Help your classmate with his studies.

D. Discuss your problems with your friends quietly.

4.What does the underlined word “helpful” mean in Chinese?

A. 遥远的    B. 有益的    C. 真实的    D. 无意义的

5.What is the best title for the passage?

A. How to Study at School    B. How to Make Friends

C. How to Be Happy on School Days    D. How to Get Good Grades



Dear Paul,

I haven’t seen you for a long time and I miss you very much. Now I’m writing to you to ask for your help. My doctor is a woman and I feel nervous about it,especially when I have to wear nothing at the doctor’s office. What should I do? I’m afraid to see the doctor even if I have a bad cold. Is there something wrong with me?

Please help me. I’m looking forward to your reply.


Dear Peter,

I'm happy to hear from you and I miss you,too.

As for (关于) your trouble, there is no need to worry about it. Little kids often run around wearing nothing and feel natural about it. But as you get older, you care more about your body and want to have your own room. So it’s normal to feel shy when taking off your clothes at the doctor’s office. But your doctor does need to examine (检查) you to make sure if you are healthy.

To make you more comfortable, you can ask your mom or dad to come into the examine room with you. You can also ask for a gown (长袍).Most doctors’ offices have these gowns for patients. So just relax, and your doctor can examine you better to keep you in good health.




1.Why does Peter feel nervous when he sees a woman doctor?

A. Because he has no money.    B. Because he has a bad cold.

C. Because he wears nothing.    D. Because he was a little boy.

2.When the boy gets ________, he will care more about his body.

A. stronger    B. taller    C. older    D. fatter

3.Why does the doctor ask the boy to take off his clothes?

A. To ask him to take a shower.    B. To examine him.

C. To make sure his clothes are clean.    D. To make him feel nervous.

4.How many pieces of advice does Paul give Peter?

A. Two.    B. Three.    C. Four.    D. Five.

5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Paul is afraid to see a man doctor.

B. All the patients have to wear nothing when they see the doctor.

C. Little boys run around with nothing and they don't care about it.

D. All doctors’ offices have gowns for patients.




The teacher doesn’t allow us________ ________ late for class.


You should say sorry________ her ________ the phone.


Ann can’t________ ________ the math problem.


Mary________ ________well with her parents.


________ she was wrong,it’s not a big ________.



1.My parents don’t allow me __________ (hang) out with friends on weekends.

2.Firstly, close your eyes. __________ (second), don’t talk to each other.

3.We can’t tell (辨别) the _________ (different) of the twins(双胞胎).

4.If you have different ideas, you should _________ (communication) with them in time.

5.Doctors say too much pressure isn’t good for a kid’s __________ (develop).


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