1.I play sports every day. That____________( sound) interesting.

2.We_____________(not have) ping-pong balls under the desks.

3.Is this_________(you) soccer?

4.Let’s watch___________(they) on TV.

5.My sister loves ________( sport ), but she doesn’t play them.



1.It’s e_______ to play ping-pong.

2.Mary and I are in Class Five. We are c________.

3.Do you play computer games a______ school?

4.We are in the s______ school.

5.Tom is in PEP Middle School. He is a good s________.



People call it “the first(第一)sport in the world”. There are two teams ()in the football field during a game. Each team has eleven players.


There is a big net (网)in the middle of the court (球场). Each player has a racket (球拍)in his hand. Two or four players can play it together.

Golf (高尔夫球)

Golf comes from Scotland.

It means green,oxygen,light and foot. People play it on the outdoor grass(草地).They hit ( 打)the white balls into the small holes()with a stick(棍子).


America is the hometown (家乡) of basketball. This sport is famous for NBA. There are two teams with ten players on the basketball court. They can’t run with the ball in their hands.

1.The first sport in the world is_________.

A. basketball    B. football

C. tennis    D. golf

2.____is a very popular sport in America.

A. Basketball    B. Football    C. Tennis    D. Golf

3.People use a stick to hit the white balls. The sport is          .

A. football    B. golf    C. tennis    D. basketball

4.There are_______ players in a football game.

A. 20    B. 22    C. 2    D. 4

5.People needn’t run in the________ game.

A. football    B. basketball

C. golf    D. tennis


Tony is my uncle’s son. His home is in New York. He likes sports. He plays tennis every day. He likes to go to baseball games and watch soccer games on TV. He has 25 tennis balls. He has a soccer ball, too.

My name is Tom. My home is in China. I like CDs very much because I like music. I have 400 CDs. I like watching TV, too. But I don’t like sports. I only watch volleyball games on TV. I don’t play sports,and I don’t have any balls.

1.Tony and Tom are          .

A. sisters    B. brothers    C. cousins    D. friends

2.What does Tony play every day?

A. He plays tennis every day.

B. He plays baseball every day.

C. He plays soccer every day.

D. He plays volleyball every day.

3.Tony has______    ball(s)

A. 25    B. 26    C. 40    D. 1

4.What does Tom like?

A. He likes English.

B. He likes playing sports.

C. He likes red shirts.

D. He likes music.

5.Which one is right?

A. Tony and Tom are in the same city.

B. Tony watches volleyball games on TV.

C. Tom likes CDs.

D. Tony has 25 soccer balls.


Hello! I’m ____. I’m an English boy. I _____ two sisters. ____are Sonia and Linda. Sonia has a great sports collection. She has a soccer ball, three volleyballs _____four basketballs. But she_____ play sports—she only_____ them on TV. Linda has a sports collection,_____.She has two tennis balls and_____ baseball. And she has many ping­pong balls_____her schoolbag(书包).She______ ping­pong every day.

1.A. Lucy    B. Alan    C. Sonia    D. Lily

2.A. have    B. do    C. has    D. does

3.A. He    B. She    C. They    D. It

4.A. and    B. but    C. to    D. of

5.A. isn't    B. aren't    C. don't    D. doesn't

6.A. look    B. watch    C. looks    D. watches

7.A. please    B. too    C. there    D. here

8.A. three    B. two    C. a    D. an

9.A. with    B. of    C. on    D. in

10.A. plays    B. play    C. sound    D. needs


Do you know the song Where has the time gone (《时间去哪儿了》)?

—Sure. It _______ beautiful. I like it a lot.

A. smells    B. Tastes    C. sounds    D. looks


Mr. Zhang teaches______Chinese. We like ________class very much.

A. my ; her    B. me; his

C. our; his    D. us; his


Do you like basketball, Tom?

—No,I don’t. It’s________ for me.

A. difficult    B. interesting    C. easy    D. fun


My sister          some tapes but she________ a CD.

A. has; has

B. have; don’t have

C. has; doesn’t have


—Does Vince        a tennis ball?

—No,he doesn’t. But he_________ a baseball.

A. have;have

B. has;have

C. have;has

D. has; has


—Does Potter like playing computer games?

—No, he __________. He only likes reading books.

A. isn’t    B. don’t

C. doesn’t    D. didn’t


We play soccer           friends after school.

A. with    B. at    C. in    D. after


_______your brother have a basketball?

—Yes, but an old one.

A. Are    B. Is    C. Does    D. Do


What about            soccer?

—That______ great!

A. play; sounds    B. playing; sound

C. playing; sounds    D. play; sound


Let’s play computer games.


A. Thank you

B. You’re good

C. That sound interesting

D. That sounds interesting


Peter’s parents often watch basketball games________ TV.

A. in    B. on    C. at    D. to


—Do you know Yao Ming?

—Yes,he is a________ player.

A. soccer    B. baseball    C. ping-pong    D. basketball


—Let’s play basketball.

—No, _______.

A. it’s boring    B. it’s interesting

C. it’s good    D. it’s fun


Ping-pong is easy _       her.

A. at    B. for    C. to


I have          basketball. Let’s play_______ basketball.


A. a; a    B. a; /    C. an; the



Welcome to Fenghua Clothing Sale. These T-shirts are just $ 5 each ...








1.How much are the tomatoes?     A.It’s $17

2.What is five and eight?          B.Yes, please.

3.How much is the bag?          C.They are only 2 dollars.

4.Do you want seven or seventeen pencils?    D.Seventeen.

5.Can I help you?               E.Thirteen.








1.Green, yellow, black and red are all c______.

2.A_____ the boys like sports.

3.Come and see for y_______ at Xingfu Clothes Store.

4.–What’s the p_________ of this bird?   –It’s 100 yuan.

5.The white pants are too s _______ for Jim, but the black pants are too long for him.


A B    C   D   E F  G

1.sweater ______

2.shorts ________

3.socks ______

4.hat ______

5.pants ________

6.T-shirt ______

7.shoes ______


Twenty and thirty is       .

A. twenty    B. thirty    C. forty    D. fifty


We have sweaters ________ all colors ________ ¥50 each.

A. in, at    B. at, in    C. in, in    D. at, at


The store ________ school things ________ the students.

A. sell, to    B. buy, from    C. sells, to    D. buys, from


Do you need bags _________ sports or school?

A. to    B. at    C. with    D. for


My mother ________ me a new bag every year.

A. buy    B. buys    C. sell    D. sells


The coat is too short. I need a __________one.

A. long    B. red    C. big    D. cheap


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