President Xi Jinping , together with his wife Peng Liyuan , visited USA from April 6 to 7. This is his _______ visit to America .

A. eight    B. the eight    C. eighth    D. the eighth


These good words can touch not only your heart but also   . Let's remember them .

A. I    B. my    C. myself    D. mine


The Belt and Road Initiative(一带一路倡议) will help China improve ___with lots of countries.

A. relationship    B. agreement    C. environment    D. progress


_____UN report says Chinese Mobile Payments (支付)is changing _____ world .

A. An; the    B. A; the    C. An;a    D. A;a





要求:1)80词左右;      2)条理清晰,语句连贯。


child,    bad,    with,    until,    go ,     they,    pupil,    before,    stop,  hand     

It was a fine day in autumn. Some girls and boys were out 1. their teacher. They 2. to a museum. On their way to cross a bridge, they suddenly(突然地) heard a loud shout behind 3.. The teacher told her pupils4. . Then she turned and listened. When she heard the cry“Mad dog!”she knew what was happening.5.she could do anything, she saw a dog running to them.“6.”said the teacher, “keep close to each other. Don’t move or cry.”Then she stood before the children so that the dog would meet her first. The animal came quickly.

At this moment the teacher saw a man. He ran up with a gun(枪) in his 7.. “The children must be kept safe8. the man comes.”Thought the lady. The teacher ran to the dog, facing it bravely. The mad dog snapped(猛咬) at her and she fell down. The man came and killed the animal. The dog had bitten her so 9.

that the brave lady died soon after the doctors arrived. She lost her life for her 10.. When people heard of this, they said,“The brave lady will always be remembered among us!”




They were_______ _______the weather when I came in.

2.I’d like to help homeless people.(改一般疑问句)

________ ________like to help homeless people?

3.Why don’t you forget about it?(同义句转换)

Why ______ ______ about it?

4.He should talk to their friends. (划线部分提问)

_______should he_____ ?

5.I think I could.(改为否定句)

I ______ _____ I could.



1.Make sure he can finish the work_______(he).

2.They are trying their best ________(study)English well.

3.After-school activities are good for children’s________(develop).

4.My parents often make me________(sweep)the floor.

5.Would you mind__________(open)the windows?



1.Kate r________ her bag was still at home.

2.They are always c________their children with other ones.

3.She works as a v_____________ for Green Peace.

4.This is my o___________ book, not yours.

5.There are many d____________ between the two languages.


Ali,who was working a long way from home wanted to send a letter to his wife,1., and he had to work all day,so he could only look for somebody to write his letter late at night .2.,he found the house of a letter writer whose name was Nasreddin.

Nasreddin was already in bed."It is late,"he said. "3."

"I want you to write a letter to my wife , "said Ali.

4.. He thought for a few seconds and then said, "Has the letter got to go far?"

"What does that matter?" answered Ali.

"Well, my writing is so strange that only I can read it, and if I have to travel a long way to read your letter to your wife, it will cost you a lot of money." 5..


A.What do you want?

B.Finally,he found the house of a letter writer whose name was Nasreddin

C.but he could neither read nor write

D.Ali went away quickly.

E.Nasreddin was not pleased



Some advice on Travel

1. Forget fashion (时尚)! Always wear your most comfortable clothes when going on long journeys.

2. Travelling on trains and buses can be boring, so take a good book to read.

3. If you’re going somewhere cold, remember to put on your warm clothes!

4. If you are going somewhere sunny, remember to bring your sun-block (防晒霜) and sunglasses.

5. Always take a camera with you tocapturethose special moments.

6. Be careful with your things whenever you go to a busy place, like a train station. There are many thieves there!

7. Most countries have lower prices for students, so if you are a student, take your student card with you.

8. Always leave a room in your bag and buy presents on the way home.

9. Bus tours often stop at expensive shops along the way, save your money by buying presents at local shops.

10. If you travel abroad (国外), remember to take your passport. Whatever you do, don’t lose it!


1.If you go to Hainan Island for a trip in summer, you should take        with you.

A. some fruit and drink

B. warm clothes and sports shoes

C. sunglasses and sun-block

D. fashionable (时尚的) clothes and a big bag.

2.According to the passage,        is a good way to keep away from boredom (单调) while you’re on a train or a bus.

A. Taking a camera    B. reading a good book

C. listening to music    D. sleeping for some time

3.You must always        while you are at busy places because there are often thieves there.

A. get your thinks ready

B. give your things away

C. look after your things well

D. put your things away

4.If a student wants to buy some presents at lower prices while traveling, he should show        to the shop assistant.

A. his student card    B. his things

C. his passport    D. prices

5.The underlined word “capture” in this passage means “      

A. 控制    B. 抓住    C. 感受    D. 拍摄


Now some women are spending a weekend at Mother’s Camp(营地). There, husbands and children are not allowed. Why would a woman want to take a vacation without her family? Some women say they need time to be alone.

At Mother’s Camp a woman has room to herself. She can sleep, read or watch TV, and no one will bother her. No children will ask,“Mom, what’s for dinner?” No husband will say, “Oh, dear, I can’t find any clean socks.”In fact almost 50% of women in the United States work outside the home. Many of them work full-time and then come home to a second job-taking care of their homes and families. These working women say one of their biggest problems is housework.

In the United States, working wives do about 75% of the housework. Many of their husbands say they want to help. But then they burn the rice or they can’t find the pans. They ask so many questions that their wives decide it is easier to do the job themselves.

Some women go to Mother’s Camp just to get a break from housework. For two days they don’t cook, they don’t clean, they don’t look after their children and husbands. What do they do? They enjoy warm, sunny weather, walking, swimming or boating in a clear blue lake and sing songs around the campfire. They relax away from home. They have a really wonderful vacation at Mother’s Camp.

1.From this passage we can see      in the United States.

A. women want to work outside the home

B. working wives do most of the housework

C. hushands do as much housework as their wives

D. women do not like to stay at home with their families

2.At Mother’s Camp, women can’t        .

A. watch TV    B. read newspapers

C. swirn in the lake    D. bring their husbands and children

3.Why would some mothers like to be alone? Because        .

A. they don’t like their husbands and children

B. they have to work full-time

C. they are too busy to relax themselves

D. they want a new life

4.      is one of the biggest troubles for working wives in the United States.

A. Housework    B. Working outside the home

C. When to take a vacation    D. Looking after their children

5.What’s the best title(标题)for this passage?

A. Busy Working Mothers    B. Welcome to Mother’s Camp

C. Mothers Relax Away from Home    D. Mothers in the US


Attention, Students!  Beach Party Comes!

We will hold an outdoor party in Fulong on July 10.


1. Bike riding or hiking from the Student Centre to the beach
2. A cookout (野炊) on the beach
3. Swimming and sailing competitions

You should

sun cream, sunglasses, hats, swimsuits, hiking shoes, and personal items

for signing up

Friday, June 28


$300 per person(每人)

Meet at the Student Centre at 9:30 am, July 10.


1.Which of the following shouldn’t students bring?

A. Swimsuits.    B. Sunglasses.

C. Food.    D. Hiking shoes.

2.Anita wants to join the party, so she must sign up before ______.

A. June 10    B. June 28

C. July 10    D. July 28

3.Where might you find a poster like this?

A. In a museum.    B. At a store.

C. In a school.    D. At a market.

4.This poster is to ______.

A. tell students not to go to the beach

B. teach students how to cook

C. make money for students

D. invite more students to join the party

5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The party will start at night.

B. Students will have a party at the Student Centre.

C. Each student should pay $300 for the party.

D. Students will meet on the beach at 9:30 am.


Last week, our teacher, Ms Chen, and the whole class went camping in the mountains. When we _________there, Ms Chen began to teach us to start a camp______ . If bears and snakes were close______it , they might get burned and run away. Ms Chen also taught us to______ fish, so we could have more food to eat that night. I really liked the air there because it was so _____and clean. Many stars were up high in the_____and the moon looked so lovely at night. We sat around the fire and Ms Chen told us some stories about her childhood. She was born in a poor ______but she had worked very hard to be successful. Many of us were so touched. I couldn’t ______ the whole night. I was thinking about being a teacher in the future. When I got home, my dad______ me about the camping, “Was it fun?” I told him, “Everything was______. I especially love Ms Chen’s stories. I want to be a teacher in the future.”

1.A. left    B. arrived    C. flew    D. lost

2.A. fire    B. water    C. food    D. milk

3.A. to    B. in    C. on    D. for

4.A. feed    B. sell    C. catch    D. watch

5.A. dirty    B. fresh    C. thin    D. thick

6.A. sun    B. bag    C. sky    D. tree

7.A. room    B. school    C. river    D. family

8.A. sleep    B. eat    C. drink    D. walk

9.A. asked    B. answered    C. told    D. gave

10.A. bad    B. great    C. hard    D. easy


I didn’t know your sister came back_____I met her in the street.

A. ago    B. when    C. until    D. after


. The girl_______ ice cream in the sofa whiles the boy      paper at the table.

A. was eating; was cutting    B. was eating; cut

C. ate; was cutting    D. eat; cut


—How long can I________this book?

—For a week

A. borrow

B. lend

C. return

D. keep


Could we get_______to drink after the movie?

A. anything    B. something    C. nothing    D. everything


— What are you going to do if it______ tomorrow?

—I haven’t thought about it.

A. doesn’t rain    B. won’t rain    C. doesn’t rain    D. isn’t raining


— I have too much housework to do at home.

—_______ask your husband for help?

A. You can    B. Why don’t    C. Why not    D. How about


Your bedroom is very dirtyPlease________at once

A. clean up it

B. clean it up

C. clean up them

D. clean them up


She finished     the novel and returned it to me in time.

A. read    B. to read    C. reading    D. Reads


She had a _______, so she went to see the dentist.

A. headache    B. stomachache    C. fever    D. toothache


— What’s the matter _____your younger sister?   — She has a cough.

A. for    B. at    C. with    D. On



1.简单介绍描述母亲2母亲为你做的一件事 3你的感受。


Many Chinese students don’t pay much a1. to speaking English at school. They think it necessary  to p 2.speaking English in class, but not out of class. Here is a story to show you how important it is to speak the English language freely in everyday life.

A foreigner once got hungry and went into a r3. in London. He sat down at a table. When the waiter came, he opened his mouth, put his fingers into it and took them out again in order to e 4.that he wanted something to eat, for he could not speak English. The waiter soon b5. a cup of tea. The man shook his head. The waiter then  6.away the tea and brought a cup of coffee. The man again shook his head. He t 7. again and again, but he wasn’t able to make the waiter  u 8.him. Finally another man came in. He spoke English c 9.and fluently. In a few minutes, there  w 10.a large plate of meat and vegetables on the table before him.


“Thank you” is widely used in a modern society. You should say “Thank you” when others help you or say something kind to you. 1. , when someone passes the newspaper on the table to you, when someone opens the door for you, when someone says you have done your work well, when someone says you have bought a nice thing, or your city is very beautiful, you should say “Thank you”.2.,but also between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.

“Excuse me” is also used as often as “Thank you”.3., you should get to know that someone wants to walk past you without touching you. It is not polite to interrupt(打断) others while they are talking. 4., please say “Excuse me”first, and then begin to talk. You should also do so when you want to cough or make any unpleasant noise before others.


A.Let’s say “Thank you”and  “Excuse me” on the right occasion(场合)

B. “Thank you” is used not only between friends

C.We like them very much.

D.If you want to have a word with one of them

E.For example

F.When you hear someone say it behind you


On May 23, Shenzhen introduced tough new rules in order to discourage the “Chinese style of crossing the road”. “Chinese people cross roads without thinking about traffic lights, so long as they are part of a crowd,” said a post on Sina Weibo.

A CCTV news program showed that in only an hour, more than 600 people jumped red lights when crossing a road in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.

Many people say that they jaywalk (乱穿马路) because the red light lasts too long. Such an opinion is supported by a research team at Tongji University.The teamdid research on people’s waiting times at different road crossings for three years. They found that Chinese people would wait for 70 to 90 seconds before they lost their patience. “People are likely to ignore (忽视) the light when the waiting time is longer than they can bear,” said Ni Ying, a member of the research team.

However, a survey on Sina Weibo suggested that people jaywalk mainly because they ignore rules. “I always obey traffic rules. Time is important but safety should come first,” someone wrote on his Weibo.

Many countries give out punishments to jaywalkers. In Singapore, the maximum can be three months in prison. Some Chinese cities have started taking some actions, too. For example, the first three people in a jaywalking group will be fined 50 yuan in Shijiazhuang.

But calling on people to respect rules is more important. To completely solve the problem, everyone should realize the importance of obeying the traffic rules.


1.Which of the following is the “Chinese style road crossing”?

A. To cross a road slowly.

B. To follow the basic traffic rules.

C. To wait for the traffic light to turn green.

D. To cross roads without looking at traffic lights.

2.What does the phrase “the team” in Paragraph 3 refer to?

A. A CCTV news program.

B. A research group at Tongji University.

C. A post on Sina Weibo.

D. A daily newspaper.

3.How long will Chinese people wait for to cross the road before they lose patience?

A. About five minutes.

B. Less than one minute.

C. Less than one and a half minutes.

D. More than ten minutes.

4.Why do people jaywalk according to the survey on SinaWeibo?

A. Because people don’t pay much attention to rules.

B. Because there are too many people on the road.

C. Because the red light lasts too long.

D. Because people have less patience.

5.The writer suggests that we should __________ to solve the problem of jaywalking.

A. punish the jaywalkers

B. reduce (减少) the time of red lights

C. ignore the traffic rules

D. call on people to obey the traffic rules


Our factories and homes burn coal and oil. Every year we have forest fires somewhere. Many scientists believe that the weather is changing.

The earth will perhaps be warmed by about 7℃ at the South Pole() and the North Pole. The ice will be melt(融化). The sea level(平面) will rise by about 7 meters. As a result, water will cover cities like London, Tokyo and New York. Some ports(港口) and towns along the coasts will disappear under water.

Some other scientists think that the dust, smoke and pollution from coal, wood and oil fires will block out(封闭) the ultraviolet rays(紫外线). Then the earth will become colder and great sheets of ice will cover Europe and North America.

When chemicals in the air mix with rain, we have acid() rain. Acid rain can bring us great harm. It destroys(破坏) forests and kills life in lakes and rivers.

People are beginning to see how serious the problem is. They find it important to work with nature instead of against it. They are trying to save the earth in many different ways. But one of the most important things to do is to make people understand that saving the earth is saving ourselves.


1.Some scientists believe that.

A. the earth is growing warmer

B. we have to burn down the forests every year

C. we can find oil in our forests

D. we need coal in our forests

2.Ice at the poles willif the earth gets warmer.

A. become thicker by seven meters

B. cover cities like London and Tokyo

C. raise the sea level by 7 degrees

D. become water and make the sea rise

3.Acid rain can.

A. bring great changes in our weather

B. kill pests(害虫) in lakes and forests

C. kill the fish in rivers and lakes

D. cover Europe and North America

4.What can we learn from the third paragraph?

A. The dust together with pollution from coal, wood and oil fires will bring us more heat from the sun.

B. The ultraviolet rays will come more because of the dust and pollution from fires.

C. According to the scientists, the change in weather hardly has anything to do with the pollution.

D. As a result of the dust and pollution from coal, wood and oil fires, the earth will become colder.

5.Which sentence is TRUE?

A. The weather is changing just because of the acid rain.

B. People have come to know the importance of working with nature.

C. All the scientists agree that our earth is sure to become warmer and warmer.

D. The sea level will rise if the earth gets colder.


A man often traveled around and he couldn’t buy the seat tickets on the train for his most tours.But he could always find a seat to sit on. His workmates asked him how he could find the seats by accident. “The method is very simple,just your patience.”smiled the man. His workmates were puzzled.

One day, one of his workmates was on business with him.The train car was so crowed that they couldn’t even find a place to stand on. “Let’s find seats to sit on,” said the man. “Find seats? Just a joke?” said his workmate.”Just follow me,” said the man.

They pushed their way through the crowds.The workmate wanted to give up , but the man insisted (坚持). At last,in the 7th car they found two empty seats .They sat there happily at once. The workmate asked,“How do you know there are seats here?”The man answered ,“I didn’t know it at all.But I know most of the passengers are easily cheated by one or two cars of crowed phenomena(现象). Even though they know there are seats, they don’t want to crowd among the groups.They think it’s not worth doing that.”

The method seemed not to be clever enough,but it works. For us, patience will let us have a “seat ticket”life forever.

1.The man was ____to find seats in the train car.

A. clever    B. warm-hearted    C. hard-working    D. patient

2.How did the workmate feel when the man told him to find seats to sit on?

A. Surprise    B. Happy    C. Excited    D.

3.Where did they find two empty seats?

A. In the 2th car    B. In the 4th car    C. In the 6th car    D. In the 7th car

4.Which is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The man thought his workmate was foolish.

B. The man knew there must be empty seats on the train.

C. The man didn’t buy tickets when he traveled on the train.

D. The man thought it was worth looking for the empty seats.

5.What is the best title for the passage?

A. A tiring trip.    B. A“seat ticket”life forever.

C. A clever man and his workmate.    D. A way to find empty seats.


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